Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 03, 1882, Page 8, Image 8

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Monday Morning April 3
The moon Is full.
The Rteamcr lied Cloud h hourly ex-
peeled nt tMi i > oint.
Vralrlc fires lit up Uio hoi iron with a
ghastly glare last night.
Tha remnlrn of Hilly Doyle wore In
terreil yesterday in the DouglM Co. cem
The ulrret car track , from Hutifcom
I'ark In ! has been laid to wlthintwo Mock
of St. Mary' * Avonuo.
Land ftgcnt Judd , of the U. 1" . 1m
gone down IntoMhsourlto bring up a big
party of settler * for Montana.
"Hazel Ktrke" ! s certain to attract ni
imicenso house next Monday evening
Oet your seat * without delay.
A row occurred on Tenth Htrcct Ini
evening , In which one of the parties was
downed and kicked , No nncsts.
TheMadinon'Sitiarothentrecom.iny | | )
who appeno it Dnyd's to-night , are regls
teredat the Crclfihton mid Metropo'ltan
The winter term of the public school
ended 1'riday nfternoon , nnd n ncok'H
vacation It to be given to the flshool chll
The remains of MH. Hll/alietli Hume
arrlieil Saturday night fioin the cant , uni
.were Interred from the family residence nt
'J p. in , yesterday.
J'artles Interested In the re-location ol
county roads No'a. 181 , 182,18 J nnd 185
will remember that they will bu heard nt
2 p. in. , April Uh.
Delay In semiring your seatfl for "Ha
aelKlrke" will result In your Inconven
ienca nnd perhaps disappointment , by being
ing unable to gain admission.
How many sufforln-j maidens In this
town will be comforted by "Hazel KlrkoV
cxpciicnce and ultimate happiness , as will
be protrayed next Monday oventrg.
Andres' Bazur , 1038 Famnm , agent
for the Universal Fashion Company's Per-
feet Patterns. Spring stylus now ready.
New ld M. Catalogued free. tncli27-0t
Fresh COWB for Sale Two extra 'fine
thorough-bred Jersey COWH ; two extra fine
common oowa , kind and gentle. Graham
P. Browne , Nebraska il'oultry gYnnig ,
> Ve t Omaha. wcd-sat&'wcd
The overland train from the west
yesterday brought In thrca empty coauhes
and a baggage car , extra , from the wcstto
accommodate the anticipated rush of
travelers thU week.
Yesterday woi n gala day , the urilen-
did weather , almost as warm as June , en
ticing evcrj body out of doors. A great
crowd thronged to Hanncom 1'ark , which
was crowded all the afternoon.
Wo have had no time or opaco to ex
plain why THE BISK proposej to nssei t iti
rights through the courts in the matter of
publishing the applications for HCOIIHCS to
sell liquor in the city , but wo w 111 do no
after the election.
-i Kegular meeting of Capitol LoJge ,
No. II , A. P. & A. M. , this evening ,
April 3rd. A full attendance Is desired ,
by order W. M.
, Tha city jail wan full last night , th'r-
t en Defenders being run In between Sat-
ririiaywsht and Sunday night. In this
y numberwe'ro three Slocumbu , three dls-
fciirbers' the peace , one bearer of con
cealed weapons and six unadulterated
tramps. It was n hard crowd.
Three hundred and ten foreign'r arrived -
rived during thcj month of March to set
tle in.Nebrnska. . On Saturday aui Sunday -
day , the first t\vo dnyg of the month ,
over one hundred persons arrived , indi
cating that the immigration this month
will be much larger thnn last.
In the police owrt Saturday there
was quite a batch of offender * . Throd
arrests had been made for disturbing the
peace , of which one paid , one was com
mitted , nnd one discharge ! ] . One plain
drunk was sent to jail. Two men , found
Bleeping in a box car nnd bnulod up ns
tramps , were discharged , one nioving to
be an employe of the road , uud the other
n uew arrival seeking work on Iho lino.
Billy Doyle , n man well known to the
portlng fraternity of this city , and Couu
ell Blulle , died in the city jail Friday
at the ngo of about thirty years. & .lle was
Huujcct to epllcpth 11U and while struj
l.'llng'.throuah ono of [ .these vwas taken to
the jnll in a carriage and , died about mid
night * Ilia remains were taken to Coroner
\ \ , ' * . ner Jacobs' nnd nn Inquest was deoinei
nnncessnry. Doylt'a mcthei U now living
at Onawa , Iowa , and the news of her sou'
death in the papria will bo the first Inti
matton she receives of Ills melancholy
f-Tbo city physician visited the cam )
tit Florence G'ut-ofl on Hnturdiiy nnd
found that there hnd been but ono pcuuln
case of small pox there , a daughter o
Ulckacl Grillin. IhU case was concealed
for some time , nnd the whole camp mor
or less exposed to the contagion. 1'h
work has been completely broken up , bu
five men remaining where thcra wcr
previously clslity-five. The luporlntund
' int ; , Mr. James P. Vincent , left lout evening
ing for Onawa , Iowa , and will return to
morrow ,
The case which called Coioner Jacob
to Hlkliorn on Saturday turns out to b
decidedly mysterious. The alleged corps
was alleged to have died at Bell Creek
to have lain behind a store four days before
fore It was coflinod , und then taken t
'Klkhorn to ba "waked" and buried. Tb
corpse was that of n iemalo coiiuin o
Hamuel Keating , and the lightucss of th
box bald to contain it gave rise to the be
lief that in reality there was nobody 1
the coffin t all , lleports of foul plity nr
freely circulated , and It is claimed tlm
the woman had some money which mad
it nn object to get her out of the wa >
Coroner Jacobs will probably order an It
Profit , 81,200.
"To sum it up , six long years o
bed-riddon eickness , costing § 200 po
year , total 81'JOO-all of tins oxpoiu
was atopped by thrco bottles of llo
"Bittora , taken by my wife. She 1m
done her own housework for a yea
ainco , without the loss of a day , and
want everybody to know it , for the !
benefit. N , E , Farmer ,
J !
L i
They Desert the Hrascall ( ) o
the Second Ward in
a Body.
The Party of Law and Order
Show a Full Hand.
A Remarkable Demonstration
By the Workingmen'a
They Do Not Propose to Bo Bam
boozlotl by Anybody.
The call for n mass mooting of the
workinginon of Omaha , nt the
Academy of Music on Saturday even
in' . ' , mot with n general response , am
it wan evident early in the day thiv
the liotiso would bo packed , llascnl
nnd the Ktn'uht party had it nil cut
nnd dried to ratify n star chamber
ticket , but the great body of the
workingmen did not propoao to have
such n sot of tnon foisted upon them ,
and expressed openly their intention
of attending and in an orderly way
expressing their disapproval of the
It is evident that the Xlascall party
ntcndcd to raise n row if they were
ntorforcd with from the fact that
Manager llalbort was given the fol-
owing bond of
which might result from a conilct
which the good BOHEO nnd manlincs !
of the real workingmen's party did not
allow to take place :
In consideration of obtaining from
f. S. Hnlbert the Acatlomy of Music
at a reduced piico , I hereby ngroo to
issutno charge of said Academy of
llnsio th Saturday evening , April 1 ,
882 , and bo responsible for any dam-
go to same , and to return it nt the
loao of the ovoninp'a occupation of
amo in as good order as it was ro-
civcd in , and make good any damngo
; may receive during the evening.
Signed ) I. S. ILibCALL.
At nn early hour the Academy of
ilusic wan crowded to its utmost
apacity. A couple of men stood at
10 door and inspected all who ap-
ilicd for admittance , rcjcctinc nuch as
voro supposed to bo in opposition to
! io Hascall-Knight party.
Admittance to the stage was cuard-
d even more closely , and Mr. E.
tosowatcr , who was an invited guest ,
nd the reporter of THE BEE wore not
nly refused admission but , on asking
'or ' the president of the International
jabor union , Mr. P. Murphy , wcro
nformod that ho was not present ,
rlicn , as a matter of fact , ho was
After some delay on the part of the
lanagcrs the meeting was called to
irdor by Mr. S. S. Van Duron , who
ntroducod Mr. P. F. Murphy as the
rat speaker.
In . the course of a short
leech Mr. Murphy said that ho sup
posed this was a political mooting and
i workingman's meeting. Ho hoped
mt whatever they did would bear
riticism , nnd Unit they would bo
rdorly and dignified. Of course they
wore all sorry that a diflbronco of
pinion had lately nrison , but ho
liought that there had boon very
ttlo difference of opinion among the
nass of the workingmen of Omaha ,
'lie great mass of the inon had been
ittonding to their business , but a few
md boon about creating a division.
Regardless of what a few had been
ayini } , ho thought the movement all
vor the country wai looking up , and
mt success appeared in the ascon-
uut. If they did not succeed in all
lioir wishes at present , they would in
lie near future. There was
.0 discard the party , and ho was sorry
o say that this sanio spirit cared very
ittlo about principle. All they looked
o was the man. For his part ho
arod little about the man , ho looked
at principles *
Mr. William Turtle boimr called
or , rose nnd made a few remarks.
To said while ho was not at all ] > psto < J
n politics , ho would deposit his ballot
vitli whatever the laboring classes
ootc in hand that evening , und ho
Tould try to use what influence ho
mtl to causa others to do the same.
Loud chcera. ]
Mr. Straight , the candidate for the
council in the Sixth , rose and said ho
would bo proud of the honor to bo
elected to the city council , and if
elected ho would do his best. His
creed was honest work and fair pay.
Ho bollovpiHn thaj , " "d the only way
to eocuie it is to have harmony among
the wcrkingmon. The workingmen
should stand together and vote us a
unit. Ho cautioned them
NOT TO 11E 11ULU > 0/F.D
by any few men who may make up
ofiioora round town as in the past.
At this juncture in the proceedings
Mr. E. Ilosowator rose and said tha
before the programme waa put througl
ho desired to ttay a few words.
Thereupon the chairman jumped up
and called Mr , Itotiowator to order. I
Mr , Ilosowator wanted to make a
speech ho could do so after the pro
gramme had been put through. [ Loui
crieH wore then raised from every par
of the house for Ilosowater. ]
Mr , Rosewater continued speaking
and said ho had boon invited to spoal
at the meeting and they had closei
the doors on him ,
Some ono in the hall sprang to hi
foot and said ; "If Mr , Hosowato
cornea hero with a gang of hoodlum
to interrupt this mooting ho will fnu
ho has made a mistake. "
Amid considerable uproar Mr. Rose
water proceeded to point out tha
was simply gotten up to fasten upo
them a disgraceful fight at tha polls
The chairman jumped up aud sail
if this interruption was to oontinu
ho would adjourn the mooting.
Mr. Ilosowater replied that if th
mooting was caljod for the purpose o
creating dissontion among the work
ingmon they had bettor leave tha
hall , llo had boon battling forth
people for the last thirteen years am
ho asked that harmony prevail.
Mr * Ilosowater then started t
Icaro the hall when the entire asaom
blago amounting to about eight huu
drcd persons simultaneously nrot
and left their Boats , with the excep
Jion of about thirty. The chairmai
made frantic efforts to persuade them
to stop , but hia oflortb wcro iinavai !
ing. The brass band which had been
engaged for the occasion also troopo
Teaco having been restored amonc
the chosen few who remained , Mr
Hascall dplircrcd an harangue. I !
said that if there wcro but three senai
bio people loft in that hall ho pro
posed to say what ho had to say. He
not'ND TO oo ox
the side of law nnd decency. It wa
very easy to got up a ( sensation am
take people from a hall. Mr. Hose
water had taken the o men out of the
meeting because ho could not run it.
It seemed to him that the fight hac
been loft to himself , but ho was goin ;
to fight it out , While ho admittec
Lhnt Ilosowator had quite n newsy
paper and often said very good thingi
in it , still ho regarded him as a big
; r crank than Guiteau was nnd r
giror crank than Fonda over darcc
to bo. Ho urged them not to bo discouraged
couragod and above all things ho
cautioned them against associating or
ike they had seen thcro that oven-
ng.Mr. . O'Koofo roio , and said thai
\lr. \ lloaotvatcr had upset the mcot-
np.Ho denounced Tlosowatcr and
Walsh in unmeasured torins , and said
hat next Tuesday Walsh would find
.hat ho cannot rule in this city , nor
should he over rule as long as ho remained
mainod in it.
During the delivery of those
speeches there were several interrup
tions , and quite a number of the few
who had remained left.
The chairman said that as there np
> carcd to bo another meeting going
on outside , they had better adjourn ,
vhich they accordingly did.
In the meantime the audience
rhich had left the hall at the begin-
ing of the meeting assembled on the
.root in front of the Academy ,
vhero a temporary platform waa con
ducted of store boxes. *
President Walsh madoa short speech
ntroducing Mr. Rosewater , who pro-
oedod tc apeak at some length upon
natters of interest.
Jilt. 3103EWATEU.
Mr. Ilosowator said ho had boon in-
itod to speak at die Academy of
lusic , and had desired to appeal to
sorkingmon for unity , and ho found
limsolf locked out , and when ho had
iquired for Mr. Murphy , the prcsi-
ont of the International Labor union ,
o was told by some of Hascall's
; rikors , who were at the atago door ,
iat Murphy was not there. When
ip entered the Academy ho found , to
lis surprise , that Hascall had posted
, \vo of hia henchmen at the door to
ivido the working people into black
icop and white. Thaso who wore
10 badge ol the Labor Union wore
rowded to the rear and packed like
ardmos , while men who wore sup-
losed to bo friendly to Hascall and his
liquo wore politely shown frhnt seats.
'hero was no design nor desire to
> reak up the mooting , but since free
peech was suppressed and the cut-
id-dried programme , gotten up for
10 purpose ot foisting
nd notorious frauds upon working-
nen , it was best to lot these parties
tavo the hall to themselves ,
'ho fact that the entire audience
md loft the hall demonstrated ihat
10 working people cf Oroahu had mi
Empathy with this part of trickery ,
'ncse parties that presumed to rep-
oaent mechanics and labor unions
voro in reality men picked by Hascall
nd .Hornborger and represented needy -
> ody but themselves. This Hat call
s pretty well known in Omaha. His
ecord as a public man ia corrupt and
isroputablo. Six weeks ago , while
n Washington , the speaker had ro-
oived a letter from his associate edit-
r that Hascall had in his absenoa
ailed at the oflico and sought to bribe
lini for the purpose of suppressing re-
unfavorable to the
who wore on trial then nt Lincoln.
Ilascall loft fifty dollars for this pur-
poao. That money is still at the of
lice , in n sealed onvolopo. After being -
ing requested to call for it several
times , Ilascall did call and said ho
did not want the money. Ho
was told that unless it waa
taken out of here before long
it would be given to some ohnrity.
The curious part ot this ia that at the
very time that this bribery wan at
tempted The Republican had an article
against the star route swindlers ono
day commending Furay , and the next
day they tool ; it all back and made
out that the transaction waa using dis
reputable moansto onnvict the parties
indicted. In "Tho Herald" otlico an
article that had been written against
; ho star route swindlers wan suppress
cd and another inserted by order o
Dr , Miller in support of the indictee
The query is , how many fifty dollar
bills did Ilascall and his pals leave a
"Tho Republican" and "Herald1
The speaker held in his hand docu
menU that
and other parties on that ticket from
the confidence of this people in an ;
position ot public trust. For nearl"
six months ho had in his olllco th'
correspondence of Dr , Gushing will
the Holly Water company , which dis
closed a conspiracy in which Dr. Mil
lor , Hascall and other parties word
involved , to rob this community aw
force upon them n gigantic fraud
And yet , Hascall has the impudonc
to come now to the tax-payers am
citizens of Omaha and ask for thoi
The Hascall clique have endorsed
McQavock , who is also endorsed b'
Thucaton and his citizebs ; audacros
the street lioro wo see n saloon down
Blairs and u gambling hell upstairs
but wo are told the man who runs tha
house is a good man for workingmen
to support , ( Laughter , )
The speaker commended the work
mtf people for their disposition to dia
appoint those who charged thorn witl
designing to put jollow dogsaud damn
rascals in the city government. They
in common with all business men , am
all tax-payera , were interested in put
ting forward , men who would give us
municipal administration. Ho wen
so far oven as to say that if the workingmen
ingmon had made no mistake in their
nominations , to vote for the best men.
They had nominated some very gooc
men. however. Mr. Thrano from
the Firat ward was a reputable mo
chanio , and Fred Belim was a man
that had everybody's confidence. Mr.
Bushman is a business man again s
whom no ono can Bay a word.
In closing ho alluded to the fad
that while in common with all good
citizens ho deplored the trouble on
tha dump ho rejoiced to know thai
Omaha workingmen had behaved so
well since then , it is charged that
this strike had political aims , but ho
know that this was fulso. The po
litical outcome has only been forced
since the military occupation , and
when the people who have been so
alarmed got to their sober senses they
will see that they have
Ho hoped the agitation would ccnso
after the election , and contractors
and builders would boolo to make
arrangements to give gvjd wages and
prevent further striken during the
building season. [ Loud and pro
longed cheering. ]
At the conclusion of Mr. Rose-
water's remarks there were loud calla
who responded by saving that ho did
not know of any prcater honor that
could bo bestowed upon him than for
these gentlemen to come here and
tioxvl for him in the way they haddono
on this particular occasion. Ho was
not running for oflico and ho had no
particular views to advocate , but ho
wanted to Pay that ho had a good ,
strong loft arm , and that loft arm had
always been used in behalf of tlio
working man. Ho had always pos-
icsscd a half a dollar , and no work-
nginan over caino to him in need but
wliat ho got it. Ho was entirely with
, ho workingmen in their struggle for
and he dusired to Bay publicly that ho
) clieved the action that had been
uken by the officials of Omaha waa
luite unwarranted. When they
> rought the bayonets hero they
> roughb something that should never
tavo been brought here. If at the
lump Mayor Boyd hod said , "I
rant ono thousand ot you men to pro-
cct the peace of Omaha , " ho beliovcd
hey would have responded to a man ,
L'ho workingmen of Omalmhavo their
tvivcs and families here , and all their
nterests are centered in the city ,
'ould a man bo found in thn crowd
loforo him that wanted bloodshed ?
Cries of "Not one ! " ) If ho asked for
i thousand workingmen he could got
hem , and with 'them ho would pro-
oct Mayor Boyd and the city ot
) maha , and he knew the men would
tand by him. ( Loud and prolonged
heering. ) They had taken a wise
ourso , nnd during all the labor
roubles and so long as they pursued
hia course the citizens would stand
ay them until the troubles wore
Mr. Walsh then made u few obser-
ations urging the laboring men to
land shoulder to shoulder on this oc-
asion and in the end they would
ichievo a grand victory.
miL- *
--"Hazel K'rke" ' .
- - to-nijht. ;
-Tho county court opens this morning
vlth fifty-two cases on the docket.
-A. Polander en route to St. Paul ,
linn. , waa fleeced out of 8400 in ( gold on
aturday , at the IT. P. transfer , by eon-
idonce men , on the strength of a bogus
0,000 gold bond.
Bishop Clarksori will adminhter con-
irnmlion in St. Luke's , PInUsmouh , on
Vpril 3 ; ia St. Stephen's church , Ash-
! nd , on Tuesday night , April 4 , and in
Drownell hall on Thursday night , April ( J.7
- The opening of the Swedish Evan-
cllcal Lutheran church waa held laft
Ight with impressive services. Rev. 0.
kogsbcry , of Chicago , preached ; Her.
lallncr , of Saundera county , Nebraska ;
lev. J. A. 1. " ultman , of this city , partici
--The Christian church , having pur-
based the lot on the south-west corner of
twentieth and Faroum streets , have de-
Ided to build a church edifice thereon.
Vrohltcct Darrow has furnished prelimi
nary plans for the edifice , which will be
af frame with brick cusemenU designed
ifter the latest style of church architect-
ire , and will be an or lament to the city.
The eitimutidcost is between S3,000 and
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leddinx llmsirx SaheiH its power to
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What n , Successful Star Ha9 Done
and What nn Enterprising Man
ager la Doing His Latest
Mr. William R. Ilaydon , the man
ager of Thos. W. Kecno , who is now
recognized from ono side of the coun
try to the other as ono of the great
representatives of legitimate acting
in this country , was Saturday me
by n representative of this paper.
"No , " said Mr. Hnydon , "Keeno
has not exceeded my expectations.
When I made a contract with him
two years ago I was confident that at
once ho would become a favorite as a
star. It was with mo a plain business
qucston. I had watched otton the ef
fect of his acting upon an audience
and that was enough for mo. "
"But has Keene boon popular from
the start has ho drawn audiences
since ho began as largo as ho is draw
ing now ? "
"It is a difficult thing to make people
ple who know the fluctuations of the
dramatic business believe that during
Keono's entire stellar career , ho has
never played to a week of losing busi
ness. The audiences of this season
are scarcely larger than thosu of last ,
but the profits will bo much larger. "
"Is not this a very extraordinary
record for a star ? "
"No tragedian in the history of the
stage has become so suddenly popular
is Kcono. "
"How do you account for it ? " *
"Well , ho acts with a vigor and vt
.ality and an originality that gives to
n's Shakcnporian roles novelty. Then
to is an earnest and energetic actor , is
.horoughly trained in all his business ,
and is a careful and an intelligent stu
dent. "
"Does ho study nnich now ? "
"One would imagine " said Hayden ,
"that Keene now haying attained his
popularity would become less studious
han ho was at first ; but this is not
ho caso. Every day of his lifo ho do-
otos three or four hours to study.
Io has always some new character
under way. "
"What roles docs ho intend to add
o his repertoire } "
"Ho is studying King Lear and
jouis XI. Probably ho will add theme
o his repertoire next year. "
"I hear , " said th reporter , "that
rou have become the lessee of the
> rand opera houao m Chicago ? "
"Yes , responded Mr. Hay don ;
'with Mr. W. J. Davis 1 have secured
v ton years' lease of that property.
3y the terms of the lease wo take poa-
ession of the house ono year from
next month. "
"There is some dispute over the
ease , isn't there i"
"The dispute amounts to nothing at
11 , The present lessee thinks that
ho proprietor of the property has no
ight to rent it to whoever ho pleases.
? ho landlord thinks he has , and ho
made a lease with us openly. ' *
"What policy do you intend to pur-
uo'in the Grand opera housof"
"That I haven't yet fully deter-
mined. Probably , however , we will
un it on the combination plan. "
"There that intended
was a rumor you
tended to have a circusof your own
.his season. "
"I am not prepared , " responded
Hr. Hayden , "to say anything upon
hat subject. "
Grateful "Women.
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eeling of lassitude or despondency ,
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, ors. [ Courant.
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'Jo per yard.
Crighton Block 10th street.
All kinds of jewelry Made and re-
paired at Edholm & Erickson's , opp ]
the P. O
Choice Butter and Egos always at
m30-3t WAI. GENTLEMAN'S. '
All kinds of jewelry made and re
paired at Edholm & Gricgson's , opp.
the P. O.
G. A. Linquis't , Merchant Tailor ,
removed to 1200 yarnham street ,
where ho is fitted up iu the most
modern style , receiving a largo and
choice selection of spring goods , among
which are special novelties , m-2-in
Protect your eyes by using only
"Diamond Crown Spectacles and
Eyeglasses. "
All kinds of jewelry made and re
paired at Edholm & Erickson'fl , opp.
the P. 0.
Wanted To trade good gentle
driving pony for larger horse and pay
difference in cash.
cash.W. . J. WjiLSHANS ,
8th and Farnam.
- - -
.All kinds of jewelry made and repaired -
paired at Edholm & Erickson's , opp.
the P. P. _
Landreth's Garden Seeds.
Blue Grass.
Red Top.
Rod Clover.
White Clover.
Wholesale and retail at
A Hinall boy about three years old.
wearing dark blue dress and rod
stockings , giving his name as Charley
( Rose ? ) , and stating 1hat his father is
making bread , has been strayed from
home , delivered at police headquar
ters , where parents may call for him.
Large stock"of BarceloU received
to-day at Edholm & Erickaon's , opp
that every lady in Omaha will bo
kind enough just to call nt Ringer's
and see their immense stock of hats ,
bonnets , flowers , fcarthers , laces , rib-
bonsf etc.
Our paices will interest yr"i as they
are fully ono-thiad leas than other
houses charge for the same goods ,
having first class goods ami the best
trimmer in the city , and the lowest
Wo expect nn immense trade.
KINOKK , 115 15th St.
Jewelry iu general , King and Brace
lets in particular , of now and handsome -
some styles can be found at Hubcr-
mann's in gaettt abundance , cor. 13th
Douglas ,
All kinds of jewelry made and re
paired at Edholm & Erickson's , opp.
h9 P. O.
IU LUAn MUnc. .
ONEV TO LOAN Call at Law Otneo of I .
M L. Tuoran BoouiB Crelschton nioek.
0OffA AAATO LOAA At 8 per c ntln.
33/iOU UUlterwt In 8um .o ( f-i.t'W ) nd
upward * , for 3 to S yean , on Drst-clasi city and
farm property. I'.ums IliAt , Kauri and LOAM
Aoinor , Ifth and Lkjuclts Sti.
Girl nlwut 11 to do light lioiuo
WANTED during theday only. Apply at lloo
ollkc. O'Ji-tr
" \"X7"ANTK ' TJ plr.s ( c-aolc and homo girl )
\V In a fam ly of flre. Apply vlth rufer-
cncis , 111 , N. Utli street bctweiM Capital A\o
nd Uodfco. 023 U *
A girl to do Koncral homework
WANTED bo a good washer and Ironcr. Ap
ply sonth-wcjt Lea\cnnoith and 2tst
btroeti. 030-lf
A.VTED A ijlrl ut French'i Coffee House
10th St. j SSC-tf
WAN'T'D Twcnty.flrn ( tlrlsto leirn Clsar
nmllii ( ( . Olrlsfrnm II10 ISjcursotazc
IT f rrtd. ApplVeat & l'rllchtr'8 1UU.1 lloag
asbtrcoc 014-1 *
TtTirANTHD Sitmtton as isuiJcniT. has had
VV BOino ciptrlcnco. .Vldrees J. D Koi >
orSco. Oir.- ! *
Kltht-en girl ab Keliiiko'MCJ -
WANTKO , nth an J Jackoa stu C033t
WANTED Basement In ox. frr board.
Other boirders too. 003 N. IHh stiitt.
\T7ASTED-Iinnjediatcly 20lahoiers , SO
VV teamsters. H. Mannwcllcr , Eoiplojincut
igout near Farnam street. UU'-at
A L'ood man to , lake care of
WANTED nnd imall garden , 22.d arid St.
, la7 a Ao. . U1C-3
WANTED Dining room glrl'stlJho Crelzhton
House. C07-tf
ANTF.D Tlnce good painter. Apply ta
W A. Harmon , corner 16th and Hurt ns.
CO1 *
.ANTED A Iirife Ice box. Aiddrcss
W OCO-1 A. t1\EIN , Asbland.
" \T7NTED Oocd steady man win small cap-
VV ital. Win. E\orett , 1110llainey it.
/ - liy an cxptrlcrocd1 saletmac. A
W/-lNTED In a roicry or pMtielnn > tori' .
lest etnfercnces. Address J. F. ik oIUco.
487-1 *
ANTED A food tallorts ? on cu-tom
W panU. Apply 1220 Fainam. at. 6703
ViKTKD A competent liunditsi. Mrs. H.
W Konntzc , S. 10th street. S76-1 *
A EIR8T-CLAES talesman dcstais a situitlon
CJL where hia scniceu wocla bo required.
iildreisfor ono week , box OKI' Council
owa. mHO-flt
A wainan tuoit JUT ) . McCoy near
WANTED \ crnin out corrall. Must bo a gocd
ono , no other need apply. 365 1 *
A situation In : * bmoqess house
WANTED man who uin Keep books ,
t'olpn ticularok to uha" pcmbon. Salary at
Iretnotio much on cbjecfcoa u place hero
ncrli will be rewarded. Hanyliogood reference
mm preaont employer as to iharactcr and
< \billi > . Address 11. F. this oHa ! . 601-tf
A good Rlrl at rimer Hamilton
WANTED ' ata. , tlilnu'd addition. Bott
wages glen. . 633-U
"VJITANTED To soil a barba-r shop , coed lo-
V7 cation , ( iooJ huslncii , Botlsn.tiry reasons
cp ecllliis : . Inquire at 1178.15th ttrcct , Omaha
Ne'x S37-tf
Family of RoodttanJInx to adopt
WANTEO without any compensation , li-
qulrn at S. Christiansen , Midwife , No. 80030th
Btiiet , between Cuming.ona liurt. 61U-5 *
ANTED Boardeni at tbe Garrleld hocsc ,
M. W. corner 14th MidJackjon Sta.
414 tf
Funding bridge aud school Dondw.
WANTED Clark. BeUevn * . 18-lf
ANTED 4 chlldmn as rxmrderaln a u elect
VV school , at 10th and California St. L. B.
LOOMIS. 767-lf
/ - EOCERS1 BOOKS-WANTED To keep oven-
VJT lugs In return tor trade. P. O. Box t02.
2 unluf linked rooms for man and
WANTED must be loodcrato lit prlco. Ail.
dress H. . Kco offlcx M7-tf
TT\OR KENT Fnrnlshod rooms tultablo feT
Jj houie'kccpUi ; . 'Cor- 18tnand and Clo > li
Htreet. Inquire eE. . T. Smith , 19th n.rth , of
Gracontrcct. C23-4
1710R RENT ily resldonco at head of St.
I ] Marj'a Avenue with lot 110x14(1. ( William
MtCamlllsh. 0-7
\0n \ ItEST First flDOr of a brick home In
1 } erchanicef oral * lien board , 003 north 17th
itroot. Pleasantly located. 024-11
TT OU RENT New house with 10 room * on 18th
lj und \Vebst ral83 > toro room on 2Utand
Cumlni ; st. Infjulra of J. D. Tbomas. B13-1 *
rnO.llENi Unix u u u wUli f > roon > , in
I. lto r & Hill's uocond addition. Intjulro
Ho-mblievn olllce. 010-1 *
IS rents houso'.tots , farms , stores.
rooms etc. OHlce * 15th and DouglM Bt
O'Counoll Iloueo 10th s * between
A FUKNISHED ROOM " 'sTrfi ° "e
A or two Kontlemon , at 1011 South mil M
oiioblocnfrom U. P. Depot. 691-1'
SOU RENT Furnished cotlago COS N. 18th
) it. Rent ju.tly exchanged Icr * > < > " &
OR" RENT Ilindtomdy furnlthid par'or
E andalco erooru.B01 OiM bt. 6WJ-U
RENT On * furnished room 1723 Dou-
EOR & it. 087 11
' of le en toouu.barn , etc ,
House < >
"r1 * J
- . ' " *
E , , 1512 a.
= t.10R KBNT-FurnlalieU loom with Ijpird.
JJModJiu improvement ! . 17I8DoJgest.
T-ioK UKNT llouw No. 110 nnd 1228. 12th
P 8t suitable for restaurantbaa dlnif house.
Alf D.'ioncs. ecu 677-3'
" KENT Handsomely furtlthod liont
FOR" , to rentlcman , moderate rent. Rcf.
orcnco * . 1812 Lodjo t. between ISth and llth
* treeU.
RENT Furnished roomat U07 Howard
EOR 14th and Uth streets south * ld
within 3 block ! Bouth east of pottofflca. 654-tl
furnlthed rooms ona door north lof
NICHLY on I8th rt. 6S3-4'
. - Bous barn and 3 crc of laud.
Inquire 16th and Howard. Eugsno O'NItl.
600 tf
One Urge furnished room , with
SIOHKNT on ttr t floor , outside eulnnce. 180S
Iforul " "
* t.
_ _ _ _ "
T710R UliNT-FurnUhod cottage , .u rooms.
Jj tii9CaliioraU t. Mis. Hall. 621-tt ,
uo Ktfi-At ww >
U rjr' Avenue.
17 OR JIE.NT-X. K. } , fee. C , T. IS , " !
I' Improved Dsiigmn > ttt.tyl nd. 1J rnilM
from KIl. station. ut S1W D j cnport
I.10K Utir store room In bricK uul dinij , > .
h K. corner 10th and Cimilntf. 0. Oood-
man. 1110 rarnhsmPL 503-U
110R RENT Furmsncu nun loom , . E. cor/
1 it-it
i J
furnished rooin * t--
TTIOR RENT ! - - ,
( j chants' E hanKON. K. car. Mtb nd jWj-
street * . ? l _ .
-filOR iinNT NleMy furnished rooms wither
lj without boarJ. H K > nnble prlCM. 201S
* *
Cft ? t.
t.lORNALB tiood team , wagon and Jurntii
JJ 1C30 Ssiith lOih street. S. It , wlll' ' ' .
SAIK House arittno full lots all Im
plements nearly noUcst locatloi m
to * it , only9X00 , half down , luUrce .on tlmelIf
dcslrtd. Inquire of ( J. Fulhnan tth and Dorcw
street. 1.
SALi : llotiso of 4 or 5 rofms and cor
FOR lot on IDth and Mason 81.COO. McCieuo
1UUY Thorcnlibrcd Jersey Bull t-o. 332
Lj "M. 3. H. B. " , winner tf prize f t State
Fair. Stands for ecrrico t Nebraska 1'oullry
Yard ) , West Omaha. Graham t1. Browne ,
585-1 m
-T710HS\LB-Hloti In N.jW. part of city on
JL1 fishily location. 82CO to 8250 each , on
monthly paj mcnti. JU'oguc , opp. nojtoillco.
. loU farms an < * '
> E.MIS BO Is houie ,
) Olficc. 16th and Douglas Stu.
171 Jll SALK Ono sccosd-lund 25harso power
Jj engine , peed ai'o tvioS horsetiouer ,
and two Uifiorso jXcr mijlnes , now , Bllcrs
of a I aizo , now , Inqulrn Oman'x Tourdryan
Michlnu Co.U. P. Hy. bet 17t' Md 18lh omahi
. 60Mm
[ AUlt -llousothrccrooms nrd h lf lot.on
Jj 20th street north of Crook , WWcith. On
month y pijincnts $1COO. Mtn L. JtcCx lie ,
opswsltc postolllcc. KB-tf
tULE. FIne fimlly maror jountf and
FOR . not 42t , Council Bluff g. la. 24-3
SAI i : Houao and loS on cay t h ? > T
Apply nt BU Wn'nnt btroti ! ot con Bth and
theoU South of U. P. depot , also entire
household goods.
710H SALE Saloon stocn ruid ftxturesand
I. ' IPHHO given , good location. Kiifjulra ol L.
II. Spencer , northeast corner llth nnd itarnoy.
-Al.K Fit o arris of lind on
JHtott , with Hiio rc denco , l ni mid other
ti's. Price 82,600 : terms ca y.
W. n. Ikirtlott ,
S.M.E A neu-houco and lot.5tll and
JlUlt ) \ . - > 8 St. Inquire to A. Bouniau , 28th
and 1'arnham sts. C13-lni *
I710K SAUC A l'laioU orfno" ) , in excellent
lj o.nJion ; * eryche p. Inquire 01 ihUotllca.
PTIOKS)1 LE c'uotcroolandutury irama
Jj hoiisw. bam 2 uoll and other Improve-
inonts , cost aide of Saundtrs etrcct , near Fort
Omaha. For ptrticulura ndd.cst Ooo. H" . Brew ,
stcr , Oakland , Neb. jQl-tf
TjlOU SALE IIouso with 0 rooniB , barn and
Jj ions leaio of lot on 16tn St. , lor..Jurt ) and
Webster. Inquire at Bdholm k Erh t'rn's.
rjlOR b.lL.E Car load of fie blackcy roulca
Jj broke. Apply of J. W. bklnncr , Coin la ,
> OTS ; SllOcach , 85 down and85 ; per month
US , Airont.
"TJ1O11 BALK 31 residence low on nnd-uoar llitn
Jj otroet. I'ricc ' , S350 to &M > each. Terms
easy. UoCACUE , Apcnt , Opp. Post Oflice.
= a * ;
8Ai.l2 Bicjcle , 4V-lnch Staud .iiOolun.T
FOll . Apply Union Eloiator. 283-tt
"I710R SA&V Orwillexcha er > for Oraaha pro.
Jj I improved sec on of lavd adoln- ]
ln n station on U. P. 11. R. li. DUlKiAM , 1111
FuruIiAiuStt i Omaha. 72(1 ( Suit
ElClFFOK SAl.ll.
O/l A , Ifcur.d'j ofcho ce country Ir .lw Jor sale
OUU i cheap ; also fieah milk ovoty Jjy at
Gioiuy fctorc , corner llth and led < ro ,
47t ] cio *
. FOR SALE T. Murray.
BK10H. llO-tl
l's > iuu cutn ,
25 dawn and $5 per month. CHtSIS , axent ,
.6th and Dcuglaa Sis. _ _
T > AtED HAY At A. H. Sandcr'B Feed Stor
Jj 1013 Harnoy St. _ 9lB-tf
pleto bound booka. ) to take a , 'JENKII.
AOENGSof our Subicriptlon Publlcatijns for >
Dinahannd vicinity. itiiit bo atkjto Invest
8100 lor stock of books. To tha right man we
shill tfCir.ll control of Territory , extra largo
ilii junto , a Ibtof rapid selling hooka , attractive
circulars , and all facilities for as'tro and ? ooJ-
ay.n h ralceaa. 0. W. CAKLETON K O. .
t29 ! 3 Publishers , New York.
A phn lor kitchen a jilition Co oncu
FOUND : * . , having .Mansard roof , trcjulre
. HUGO V To cxchnnaa for phaeton
S1DB.BAR Angel , Bowen 6 ; WIulo Opera House.
C27-7 u
Hoan mare about 4 ytars
O' Ehwt mane , lonirtall and wM'ohlud to ,
jranded on left i lj Icttcr""v.tlthi line througli
cnnlec , FiniUd wl Iploaso lenu lulormttlon at
IBlff.Dodge Bt COB-5'
ITiTvYlNCHKSTEttls prej ] ro l to receUo
iiupila or Instruction innal > tluf. Please N.V. . cor 2Jth St. Marj s vo. 53530 J
Cluster lilaok p raspborrie , _
MAilMOTH dozen , 82.00 p9 p hundred , 810 00. '
pou thousand at < Idle-WlldoPi , < : o. " l.ea\o or
lion * at 1414 Uodgo St. John 0. Willis.
rach-25-ov eat-4t
Soft maple tro-ts fur sale , 10 toll
. feetblffn , ona milo westof ) Fort-
Ctcaalia. Address W. 0. Alnw.-ortfcOmahaN'ob.
470-1 *
NEW C1T ? MAI'S , 10c. ilountid-
Mapa , 82.60. OEO. P. BEMJa.
i _ icalo ) are again In prfcct order. Call on . w
3Ir. Van OimanatstocU jatds , 10th St. , bet. . ' 4V , '
Capitol avenue and Divj-itart St. Plenty ! '
. . . . . . . .
jard room and .t.i.iinr. Bright striw inliale
or bed-ticke. R ESTAIIHOCIH ,
TIANO AND OIlOAi ? Inrtructlon by S'Jsg E
J. S. Parflit , H. ZOtitSt. . below Pierce. 91-tf
And tint clao ublo board , at 2011
KOOMS St. mMm *
AVE UKNT Cbolco of 30 full lota , to k l ( 'i
§ near Crclghtcn College ( or 824 jcr yen17
xtcr L. Thouiaa li liro. . Room 8 , Crek-htoa
Block. VQi-tt
TIONALIBT. 40S Tenth Street , between FirnirfJj
andllarney. Will , with the a'jl of guaidlaa
tplrits , obtain for any ono a Rlaruo at Iho pan t |
and present , and on certain conditions In the fa
| uro. Boot * and Shoes made to ; rdcr. Perfect
- ' - ' rtlon v ' -
Absolutely Pure. '
Tills powder neier varies. A ii.arvel of pu
Ity , Btrcngth and wholesomeueti. More ecioo-
mlcKl thtn the ordinary kinds , tnd cannot bt
told in competition with the multitude oft ow
te t , short wdght. alum or phr sprat * pewdsri.
Bold only In cani. ROTU B * * 1SO l' VPU C ) . ,
M W 'I Bt , Now Yoik '