Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 03, 1882, Page 3, Image 3

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    JD.AILY J3.UE : MONDAY APRIL 3 , i882.
010 Farnham , bet Oth and lOlh Street * .
O' copy 1 year , In < 1ri ic ( nostv' ld ) $10.00
0 months " "
snntli " " 3.00
Leave Om&rn fiU'cnRcr No. S , S:30n. : m. Ac-
1 ommoiliitlon No. 4 , 1:0 : ( p. m
Airhc Onitthft PaMoneor No. 1,8:20 : p. m.
Acctc srdMlon No , 3 , 10M : > & . in.
omtu BAST on eotrtn JOOHD.
0. , B. Is Q. 7:10 : . m. 3:40 : p. m.
C. & N. W. . 7:40 : a. m. 3:40 : p. m.
0. , R. I. b P. . 7:10 : iv. ro. S:40 : p. in.
K. 0. , fit. J. L C. B. , leaves at b it. tn. and fiSO :
Jim. AtrhcsitBt. Loulaat 6SOU : , m. n4 5:5J :
m.W. , St. L. ft P. , lc vo at 3 ft. m. and StO : p.
Arrives & St. Louis at (3:10 ( . tn. and 7SO :
WIST OR rotrrnwKTs.
n. fe U. In Nob. , Through Ejr > ri ? , 8:60 : ft. m ,
n. & It , Lincoln Kxprcss ( MO 11. m.
U P. OMithml KxprcKi , 12:16 : p. m.
0 , h It. V. lor Lincoln , 11:4S : . m.
O. .t R V. for Osccola , 0:43 : a , m ,
17. P freight No. B , t:30 : a. m.
O. P ! reicht No. 9 , 8:20 : a. m.
U. P. freight No. 13 , 2Wp. : m ,
U. P. fruIgM No. 7 , 0:10 : p. m. emigrant ,
-P. ) Dinvcr express , 7:35 : 11. m.
U. P. frelrtit Nn 11. 11-30 p. in.
U , P. l > cn\ct freight , 8:25 : p. m.
O B. fc Q 1:00 c. . in. 7:25 : p m.
C. t N. W. , BS5 : . m. 7s:5 : : p. m.
C. R. I. M'.9 : iv. tn. 9.03 p. m.
u , C. , St. Joe & 0 I ! . , itlOa. lu. 6lBp.
0. A R. V , frnm Lincoln lOS : p. m ,
U , P. 1'aclac Kxr > TM 3:55 : p. iiu
II & M. In Neb , , Throuzh Kxpress 4:1B : p tn.
K. & It , Lincoln K < c | > n" 9:40 : a IE.
C. P. Domcr cxiirois , 7:3fl a. m.
U. P. Freight No. M StO : 11. rn/1
U.JP. No. 0 6 : 0 D. ia. Ernie * nl.
U. P. freight No. 14 , 15:15 : p. ra.
U. P , No. 8 BM : ) p. in.
U. P. No. 12 1:46 : a. m.
U , P. Denver freight , 1:10 : i. m. ]
0 , & R , T. mixed , ur. * : ! & p. m ,
Loivn Omaha nt B:00 , n.OO , 10:00 : and 11:00 :
p m. ; 1 0 2:00. il.OO , 4:00 : and 6:00 : p. m.
tcavu Council BluIJa etJlXB , 0:25. : 10:25 : and
1:15 : a. m. ; 1:25 : , 2:25 : , SOT , 1:25 : anil 6:21" p. m.
BuiJayB The dummy Ic-nca Omntia at B:00
ind 11:00 : . ro. ! 2:00 : , 1:00 : and li-.OO p. m. Leaves
Council Eluffj at 0:26 : and 11:15 . m. ; 2:26 : , 4:25 :
kQd C:25 : p. in.
Throagh and local raa'cngcr tralna between
Omaha and Council Ilu0s. Ioa\ Omaha 0:15 : ,
7:16 , 8:60 : a.m. ; 8:40 : , 5:45 : , 0:00 : p. m. ArrUo
Omaha 7 : W , 11:35 , 11:45 : a. in. ; 6:40 : , 7:05 , 7:15 ,
1 10 p. ui. _
Opening ann Clotlnz of Mpllt. |
a. m. p. m. a. m. p. m.
OhtcigoftW. W 11.00 ' 0:00 : 5:30 : " 2:10 :
Chicago , K I. & PaclUc.11:00 : 0:00 : 0:30 : 2:10 :
Chicago. B. & Q. . . . . .11:00 : 0:00 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Wabash 12:30 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Sioux City and Pacific. . 9:00 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Union Paclfl : 4:00 : 11:40 :
Omaha & R. V 4:00 11:40 :
I.ft M. In Neb 1:00 8:10 :
Omaha & Sioux City. . . . 6:00 : 7:30 :
n. & M. Lincoln 10:21 : 0:00 :
U. P. Lincoln , Sunday. . . 1:20 : 11:00 :
J. P. Denver Exp 9:00 : 0:30 :
O. , Sioux city & St. P. . . 11:00 : sio
Local mnlla for State cf lena leave hut once a
dayvli : 6:00a.m. :
Offlco open Sunday ] from 12 m. to 1 p. m.
TITOS. K HALT , p i.
Business Directory , "
Abstract and Real Lttato.
JOHN L. McCAQUK , opposite Post Office.
W. R. BAKTLnTT 317 South 13th Street.
Architect ! .
Room 11. Crclgbton Bloc ! : .
A. T. LA.RQE Jr. , lloom 2 , Cielehton Block.
Boots nnd Ohoei.
ITIne Eoota aud Shoos. A good assortment
home work on hand , corner 1-th and Ilarnoy.
XHOS. ERICKSON , B. K. cor. IBth and Douglas.
I OS 10th street , manufactures to order good work
at fair prices. Rcoalriar done.
Bed SprlnRi. &
F .LAimtltKK Mc.nulacturer. 1617 Doarlaiet. ?
Uooki , News and Stationery.
J. I. FRUEHAUF 1016 Famhara Btreeb.
Duttornnd ERC .
MoaUANH a SCHROEDKR , the oldest n. and B.
honao In NebrasLa entabllnhed 1S7D Omaha.
1IU3. A. KYAN , ult
conthwcsi corner ICthaml Dodic. the
IJoet Uoard for the Honey.
Sfktljfactlon Guaranteed , lev
VcdfatMl HoutB. oil
\ Board by the Day , Week or Month. ull
Good Terms for Cash.
Hinl Unoma Supplied. in
UarrloRcs and Road
VTM BNYDER , llth and Harney Streoto.
Clothing Uought.
J , HARRIS will pay hiKhcstCaah prlco for eecocd
hiad ciothlnf. Coiner 10th and Farnham ,
Jowo era.
JOHN BAUMCR 1311 Farnham Street.
0. BEBTIIOLD , Rai and Metal.
Lumber Lime and Dement.
FOSTER & GR&Y corner 6th and Douclaa titi.
Lampi nnd Qlaiswaro ,
J. BONNER 1309 Dooclaa St. Good Variety. B1K1
Merchant Tnllorn. croi
a. A. LINDQUEST , froi
Ona of our most popular Merchant Tillora la re BtriF
ceiving the lAldul duuliruu for Hiring and Summer
Ooada for gentlcuieri'e wear. StylUli , durable , thlc :
and prlcea low aa ever 216 13th bet. Dout.&Fani. crcc :
URB , 0. A. R1NOER , Wholesale and Retail , Fan. crc
cy Goods In great \ arloty , Zcphyra , Card Uoard , asp
Doeltry , Qloveg , CoracUi , &c. Cbcapcet Iloneo In T
the Wost. Purcnser3 ! uava 80 pet cent. Order or
by Mall. 115 Fifteenth Street. Btri
foundry. Ind
JOHN V/KARNK & SONS ccr.llth'A Jackaonet ) iand
I am
Hour and Feed , accc
O1IAHACITY MILLS , Eth and Farnbim Eta. , rectA
Wolaluna Broa. , proprliftora. Intr
Urocors. any A
Z. STEVKN3 , 21et between Cumlng ami Ir. r the
T. A. HcHHANE , Corn. 23d and CnmlnsrBtraota. C\CI >
Hurawaio , Iron una Oteol , Omi
OLAN & LANGWOP.Tny , Wholesale , 110 ant1 eald
112 15th street 11
A. UOL1IK3 corner lUh ( and California. any
HarneM , Snddlei , &c. he
D. WEIST 2013th St. hot Farn. & Ilainey. and dro
; ANFIELDIIOU3EGeo. Canfleld.Oth & Farnhaai
DORAN HOUSP , p. II. Cary , 913 Farnham Bt.
SLAVEN'S HOTEL , F , Slaven , 10th Bt
Eouthern Hotel Om. Hamel pth A Loavonwortb
Oruj , Paint * ana Ulli.
KUnt ( & CO. Si
fharmaclstt , Fine Vane Uoode , Cor. Uta and cm :
Dentin ttreeta. agei
W.J.WHITEHOUPK Vholcsato&netiill.lBthat. parl
0. FIELD , S022 Worth Side Cumlng Street reel
PARR. Drugirli.t. loth and Howard BtreeM. Qua Oun
Dentltn. loon
PR. PAUL WlllUnn1 Clock Cor. 16th A Dodse. ell < ) !
ur > uooa fiotiunt , ttc. i an
JOHN H. F. LEUMANN & CO. , ani1
How York Dry Oooda Store. 1810 and 181J Fani- for
ham con
D. 0. Knewold alee boota and nhona Tlh A Parjflo. abli
ruruiture. lvo(6
A V. GROSS. New and Second Hand Fnrnltnro Ulli
od Stuvca , illl DriurUi. Hlfhoat cith price iward
aid for second LBDi xcoet. wltl
.BONNER 130) Dourla it. Fine gooda , Ac the
r rce Work * . II
OUST , FRIES * CO imiUrnoySt , Improve at I
ti Ice liozis , Iicr ar.U Wood Feucea , Offlca
\\.ntt \ ' , Couctiif Vine and Walnut.
OIc r and Tobacco ,
WEST ft FniTSCUKU , mnr.ulMturcmot Cigars ,
ndU I al8 IValoral n Tobaccos , 1S05 Oci Us.
N. F. 7X3KK.V7.KN manufacturer 1416 Farnham
A , Dcnujthnc , pKntf , cut flower ) , lomts , ooqneti
die. N , W. cor. IBtb nd Uoucln streots.
Olvll Enulncert pnd 8urve > or .
Town Burveya , ClradoanJ Sowera e Sj-ntcnu
Uommlttlon Morchnntt ,
JOHN 0. Wit , 143,1411 Dodge Street.
D n.'liKKMKU. rn details see Urge ndveitlM-
tnent In D llv nil WMhlr.
Cornice Worka ,
Western Cornice Works. iUnuhctnrora Iron I
Ccrnlcc , Tin , Iron nnd Hhto Hooding. Orders
Irani any locality promptly executed tu the best
manner. Factory anil Oll'co 1218 Harnoy Bt.
C. Sl'KOltT , Proprietor.
Qtlvanltnl Iron Corrlcos , Window Caps , cl . ,
m nuf cturod and put up In my trnrt of tbo
country. T. SINltOLU 41C Thirteenth street
Crockery ,
/ . BONNER 1S03 DougitJ ttrcct. Good line.
Clothing nnd Furnlthlnr ; Uoods.
OKO. It. I'KTERSON. Aho Hal * , Car * . JBoote ,
Shooa Notions and Cutlery , SOi a , 10th street.
RotrlReratorc , Onnflold't Patent- I
C. F. GOODMAN llth 8t bet. Fain. & Harcor.
Ohow Oaia Mnnufnctory , !
0. J. WILDE ,
Manufacturer and Dealer In all klmli ot Show
Casol , ( JprlKht Cases , 4' . , 1317 Casa St. !
FltANK L. OKUI1AHD , proprietor Omaha
Show Crt'd uiAnuttctory , 818 South 10th street ,
botncon I.ravcnworth and Marcy. All poods
warranted flrnt laM.
ROSKNFKLD. 10th St. . ht. < . f r. * Har
Dealer In Stoves and Tinware , and Manufacturer
of Tin Koofa and all klnclo of CulUIng Work ,
0 < ld Fcllowa' Block.
J. BONNER , 1309 Dontrlaa St. Good ami Cheap.
J. KVANS , Wholoealo and Retail Seed Drills and
Cultlvntora Odd Followa Hall.
Physician * and Surgeon * .
kV. S. OIBP.S , : : . ! > . , Room No , Crc.'ghton
Block , Street
P. S. LEISKN1UNO , 11. D. Maeonlo Block.
C. L. IIAHT , M. D. , Eye and Ear , opp. postoQco
Oculist and Aurist. S. W Uth ana Farnhim Sta
Grand Central Gallery ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
cear Manonlc Hall. Flrat-claea Work and Prompt-
new ( -uarantocp
Plumbing , Qaa and Steam Fitting.
P. W. TARPY A : CO. , 216 12th at , bet Farnham
and Douglas. Worn promptly attended to.
D. riTZPATRICK. 1409 Douglas Street. I
alntlnj ; an nper anr-ing ,
1KNRY A. KQqTKRS. 14t Oodge Street.
Shoo Btorot.
Phillip Lanf > 1320 Farnham St. bet. 13th & llth.
Second Hand Store.
PERKINQ & LEAR , 1110 Douxlas St. New and
Second Hand Furniture , House VurutshlngGooda ,
4c. . bonht and gold on narrow marrlna.
Ualoon > .
la too new brick block on Douglaa Street , baa
Just opened a moat elegant BCCJ Hull.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
every day.
Caledonia " J FALCONER 07910th Street. I
CUAS. RIEWE , 101U Farnham bet 10th & lltd.
00 Cent Storea ,
P. 0. BAOEUS 1205 Farnham St. , Fancy Goods
Forlovjlnca special tax for the construction Cli
and repair of sldownllci1.
Bec itord'alned by the City Council of the city
of Omaha. Co
: I.N 1. That rcvrral the sura set opposite Clt
to trio following described prcmtaoa to-\\it :
Lot 1 , block ID , $22 03. Cu
Lot 3. block 49. $17 82. Ck
Lot 11. blocl : 11 , Sbinn'i addition , $12.05.
Lot I 12 , block 1 * , Shlnn's addition , $2 00. Clc
Lot 15 , block 1 , Armstrongs addition , $33 13. Co
Lot W. 44ft 8 , block 2071 , $2260. Ou
Susan Rich , lot 18 , section 15 , T 15 R 13 , $20 40
James O. Blatter , lot 10 EOC. 16 , T15K13 Co
2 CO. CoCo
Anna H [ McCormick , lot 22 , see. 15 T 15 R 13
Ella A. Arnjld , lot 23 , soc. 15 , T15 K 13 , Cu
C' . F. Goodman , lot 7 , ECC. 27 T 15 R 13 $20034.
Total . ? 12527. Cri
Bclntr the cott and expi uses. opprn > od by the Cu
City Council for the construction and repair. ) of
the sidewalks in front rf and adjoining eald Ola
prcmlicsby Charles dnrdlncr In purnuanco of a Ola
car-tract entered into by the City of Onmtii Ola
ulth Charlcn Gardiner and afccr thu failure of
ounuc thereof to do the same , after duo no Coi
tici , bu and the simo are hereby respectively
levied and ' assessed a alnEt each ot saldto' Do
lot-f and'prcmlrcs , pa } able to the cltyTrcasurcr
\\ithln thirty (30) ( ) dajtt from this Uato. D.v
tics. This ordinance shall take cllcct and bo Du
force from an. : cftci Its passage. Do'
Prps't. City Council Dai
Passed 1 March 21 , 1882. Do
Attest : Da'
.T. J. L. C. JEWETT , Doi
City Clork. DilDo
Approved , J. JG , BOTH ,
Mayor of Omaha. Do
The nliovo mentioned taxes will become dclln Dei
iicnl on April , 21t 1SS2 , niter will h lUtenjj-n- Do
: of ten per cent , will bo added , togcthrr with
Interest at tha rate ot : nu per c'nr. per month , Dir
uyablo In advanco. TRUMAN DUCK , Doi
66 Ci.y Treasurer.
Pronosnls for Pavin IE Strootn in the Du
City of Omaha , Ifoaraslin. Doi
Scaled prodosalo will bo received by the under. Det
iiXliud until Saturdty , April 15th , 1S82,12 o'clock Doi
noon , for the pa ilng of Dougloa etrcu and the
.TOSH btrccts bctuecn p u 'laa and rurnhaiii Doi
'roin Dili to ICth ttreets , Including 9th and 10th
Flrdt , For a foundation rf concrete 0 Inches In
lilckncs8 with a superstructure compofol of a Elg
rcnsotod cedar block H inches In length set with Ehi
uptmlt ar d sind.
Second , Tor a founditlon of concrete 0 Inchcn
thiclinoES with a cuiicrstriictmo composed of Eiu !
Demote i plno plank 8 lucfles lu length , not with EBB
ijphMt ! and sand.
Third , For ft foundation of clran corrie pand Elli
gravel ' 12 inches In thlcknens with n super Elr-
itructuro composed of cedar block H IiuliiM in
enctli and net less than i nor moro than bluchea
diameter to lie net with asphalt and han't , ihe Ekl
or gravel for foundation to ho thorougilly Eyt
aniniod or rolled. All \\oiktolodonoiu
iccordancu with specifications nnd under thu d | . Eile
ectlon of the city unglnccr , Eati
Al o , the city will consider proposals for pav.
with Klm blocks or any other material , or '
other mode of construction. Fog
All proposals orbldd thall bo oecompanlcd by Flai
nauica of proposed Burctlos , who , In tha Fit
\cnt of contract being awarded '
enter into a band with the city of Fin
maha for the truuand faithful performance cf Fox
contract. '
IhoUty council the
reserves right to reject
and all bl Is. I ' os
Kmclopci containing propoaal.i o * bids nhall Ful
marked " 1'ropoealn for l'a > ini ; Douglas Street '
Cross Strtulu in the City of Omaha , " and ad- Fits
; od to tha undersigned. Fro
J , J. L. O. JEWITIT , '
, , March 10th , 1832. Clty'cicrit , I '
U. S. IKIU'N Exn'ICB. ) Fly
, t AKO'A. [ '
Maran , 0 h 18)2 )
Sealed pr'iwals , IrdorMd , In dupllcatifor the Fid
rectloa of aa jndian Doirdinir fc'choj < t this '
igency , In accordance with jilans and upcciflca- Fafj '
< on file , ulta the Chief Quartcrmastc-r , De- Fre
lartmcnt ol the 1'lttto , Oimiha , Nco. , arid dl- For
ccttd to the undo rlgncd , care of thu Chief
jaartcrnmster , Ucfartmeni of the 1'iatte , Voaa
Jiuaha , Neb , , \\ill uu received until 12 o'clock
, on Monday , May l > t. 1S3Z. IrafT
cutract to bo rewarded to the lowest leipon- fioc
ilbloblddrr , vubjuct tothu appioial of thu do-
artmcntof tha Inteilor. Ora
1'ropoials mutt fctato longlh of llino required Oisi
coinplctln cf building , alter approval rf
xmtNct , etui must be accompanied by a certified Gih
heck uuon borao United States Depository pay- Gill
to the order of the umlt-iglgncd for o least Ore I
( % ) tier cent ol the amount of the pro
al , which iheck thall bo forfeited to iho Irosa
Jnltcd Sti'cs In case any bidder jorchlng the Gra
, shall fall to execute promptly a contract
( rood and cutllclont uurctlif , oK-ordlrg to
terms of Ida bid. otherwise to bo returned Gill
the bid ler. Gor
Jlaln building Is to bo tuo story 0x40 , ad.
lltlons to be ono story 32x100 , of lumber , I Gro
For further Information address undersigned GUI
I'lno tldgo Agcnrv , Dakota- Goc
it d3vr U. 8 Indian Agent. Gro
Abncy Chas Alilstrom Peter
Adnir W S Ahlstraml S
Abernnthy Chns Ahtnatisoii John
Alilstratul Ed Anderson Andrew
Alnnaiison . J A Aycr.l 1J
( Armstrong 0 D Andurson John ] '
Anderson N V Andoraon L M
Andorsoii.Lars Atkins II
Aeonstoin Gotliob Anderson Andrew
Abromcit'l Andurson K W
Andctson Ulu Anderson 0 P
Asliburn Hub't Anderson J F
Andersen N T Anderson D 0
Antlios Gen Arvedson John
Anderson N T Austin Sain'l
iVndorsin C Althauso Gornrd
Armor W B Ailiswortli F S
Brandt John Uovrer Chan
Uurko Gustavo Dertclsen 0
Uirkott 0 I' Dallard Thos
IJrawlcy Jliehaol Uocaon 1'liil II
Bjorkland ATfrcti liurrlinH'i
Hcnn Jno Brucgur Chris
Blnck D 0 Bodwcll B F
Basing Gco Ihiohlcr Miuh'l
Barry Jlich'l Bcrginnn Chns
Ballard FV Blnck Jos
Bruekcr G F Banks Thos
Brndluy Frank Botz M
Blond 0 N Brown W II
Black D D Bell Adam A
Barbour Joseph Bird 11
Benson John L Bronncn Frank
Biirgstrom S J Barrett Edmund
Benson B Boll J T
1)B Henry Burna John
Boll John W Bird Chai
Boycr Peter Bpoison Peter C
Banks J W Bislng John
BurRstrom Aug Bohno Auq
Bed , well FP Ucranek John
Busch Fritz Bergtnin Jlax
Buck P BI 3Jonn Gco
Baush ] ; Jncob Buck J
Bolihnan Gee IBnxdy John
Buchanan A G Bocknmn Joseph
Blumborg August Borgquist T P
Bryan John Dimlerup Julius
BiB n Jolin M Dcrgreif
Bailott ; Joseph Bandhauor F W
Brandcs Chaa Burke Oliver E
Brown II M Basaett A N
Boatty . Joe T Briggs A F
Berry < John D I3oylo T
Bang Hans P Burns Thoa
Boiaen Anton Bohlovcr Jao
Brown Ed Bull H D
Brecht Fred Burns C E
Brown Jaa N Bruno lions
Barnes L P Bleick Adolph
Bolivor Jacob G Baumann John
Boloy J W Brundborg Peter III
Brown T A
Co Chas M Cliristophorson J
Ca J B Casey Thos
Callahan E B Callahan Jas Jol
Callahan H P Casey Oliristophor Joi
Co S D Cooper Ed 0 Jol
Ca B H Collins Timothy Jus
Christiansen Jan Christiansen Lars Jo
Christiansen Jno Christiansen Jno-2 Jui
Coleman A M Convalin. Fr Jol
Cluisttanaen Andr Coloshavvll L Jol
Cady E H Camm Thos JO
Olark W E Connors Pat Jol
Connors Michael Cotvloy W Joi
Carrier C S Cook M D Jo
Cloburn W CuerJP Jol
Cummings Wm Corrigan Timothy Jol
Christiansen JacobCoppa Henry Jol
Olark Jas T Christiansen M Jol
Collins Dan Collins 0 W Jol
dark A B Cunningham Auto Jot
Junnincham Dan Cassoles Abraham Joi
Slatk W E Coflin Chas M Jac
L/lark M Coulter Jerome Jol
Donnor : John Connor E Jei
Dumminga A R Cummings llobt Jac
Dorrydon : Timothy Challis JJ ? Jei
Donnora Jas Croolpy Chaa
Ctarrikan James Cunningham M Ke
Dumings W A Castlea Andrew Ke
Sutler Frank Cuir Wm C Ka
jriglor Jas Case L H Kn
DunninghamS ; L Gogan Domonlck Ka
31ark 0 W Cox John T Ko
Jlarkins Thos Camp \YIII Ko
father 0 D Consonlius Gou Ku
3orrigan SI Conioii Nicholas Kei
Doyio John Dennison P F Ke
DavittPat Diodorioli Saul Kla
Duncan Manco TDaley P II Kei
Dovcrick Robert Dioturich Herman Kir
Daemon Alex Davis Jas Kis
Dolor ! S A Davis J S Ku
Davia 0 M Darrow G M IvO
Decker Oliver G Darrow II H Kai
Dillon Itodmon Pinneen John Kef
Doyle Jas Doheny Lawrence Koi
Dennis J II Danks M 0 KOI
Dolan ! .T U IDavidnon Ohns Kai
Dinan Dan DuckerholTJohn E Kol
Dorfliniror Chas Davidson John E Ke
Daley ] Ilugli Dickey John A Kva
Duncan : G W DumpcrtValentine Kn
Donnelly G F Dougherty T , T Kai
Davis D A Dillon Patrick Krt
eamond Pat Doyle Peter Kei [
onnollyW Daud H A Kei
ell Win Kui
Idon A 0 Eriling E 0 Lac
llguttor Morris Epperaon S 0 Lou
Ihronfibrt Henry England Chaa Lin
Idward M G Engstrom Albert Lig
nowald Jas C Edatrom John Luc
Ewing Jai P Lir
John Edwards Jos Lin
Ilpin Dan Erathfm Lou
Iriclcnon Jens Ealingor Martin Lor
Ikland Aug Enawald Lawr'co E Lar
lydon Fred Ellia Perry Lar
Illsassor Chria 0 Elanaser Jacob Livi
Istollo Lo B Elmisaor G F Lar
'ogarty John Farrer L P Lar
'lancry Peter Frost John Lin
'itzgorald John Ford John Lin
'lam John Foley P D Lati
Stephen Frick Andrew
Jninoa P Foley HJich Lov
'ostcrVm Frey Larson Lou
'uller F 0 Freeman Andrew
'itznatriok Wm Fiaher J 0 Loii
'rouorickaon M Fiala Faclay Lar
'oraborg Ghaa Furnosa Edgar
'pearly D F Foil Albert Leu
'iahcr Bernard Foley Michael Luti
'reao E J French E U Lav
'lynn Wm F Flach Goo U Lyj
Isaac Fiahor Au # E Lov
'ioklor Gee Forbes A H Lov
'agan Jainea Fiiflua TJ Lar .
'redrickaou Jens Foator John Lati
'orboa Rubnn Facklor John J Lar
Gee B GraiTj II Mel
loodman 0 F Green tfohn II Mei
Irapp Wm Gillo Fred Mai
iisoko Ilonuan Gilday Frank Moi
lilmoro ilonry P Gannon D Mel
J M Guthard John Mic
rooms Gee Green \V E Ma ]
A G Goddard S M Mai
Irampa Joe Grady Mich Mai
Irubaugh Wm Galligan J J Mai
lillmoro Ellia Goodman G E Mai
lunalor Andrew Gntzsch Henry | Moi
Iroba Fred Gorman John Mai
Sunn A 8 Gillon Patrick Mai
loodyenr Ezra Grabor Andrew Moi
irocox Thoa Gartland Francis Mnl
( J
Hosier 1 James Huntnigton 1 ! G
HansenP.V ] Hughes W E
Hnag Jacob Hnnaun Andrew
llerizniann JF LID Hopkins Harry
Hustings Patrick Hardinu Win H
HartoWinF Henry J A
Hanson Mark Hickstoin Fiilz
Heller John Holler Joe
Hanson Bertram Hutted 0 0
llnnaon M 1 lower lVk r
Hanscn Julius Hanson Goo
Hanson Hans Hansen Jens
H I loaly John Hamilton John
Hanting Win Haimnn Paul
Harmon A .1 Harmon L A
Harmon Eugene L Harmon A S
HirtMiclmpl He HVrn Peter
Honsicksor R H oilman Gee
Uauson W 0 0 Hniiu'l Gnat
Ilnniputt Frank Ho iu John
iiu maun Chas llnrmon Wm
Higgins Gco Uobim A , t
Hnyatron John llnrl Win
Hiss N K Hibbatd WmlJ
Helm Chas llaannan G H
Hansen ; Olof
Ilochstrnsser Hackott , Antony
Hanscn : Peter Hnniann w F
Hamann F H Ho &n Pat
Uoromann D ' Hanson Christ
llallonbock Wm Unneon Uaamtis
Hctikley . Win Hobbioll 0
Hollonback Frnnk Ur.nsun Jens
Uaarmann C F Helm John
Hanson Chris F Ilnncon Chris
Ilodin Chas Hi-nmii Allicrt
Hoinehey ( Pat lluiiderson Jaa
Hanscn Jesa Ilui'hcaP w
Hormiah J It Hcnsen l'1erd
LIoovci1 D.ivid Hic'.a ( Joe N
Uayca H P Hsiitinan Jncob
Ilogonaen John Hi'ysn Wm
llomclius Clias H.iysThos
Uerlicka Jacob Hnvell John
Hinx Peter Ilnrnuy C W
Hunt G .i HolstS W
Holland Thoa llcnningson H
Hanscn Wm Hrnri\l "
Uamersclilag Wm Hannnn Patrick
Iloldcn John Huron James
Haaso August Haluiul Nuhon
Uaycs J A Htilchinsoullll
Uenningson II Howe Charles
Halquiat Otto
nglolmrfc ! B E Her E II
Johnston ; Mi Johnson T A 1
Tohnson Ma nns Jenkins F A
renkinann K G Joot-onsen S
Johnson John Jonsun G R
lonson P H Johnson S P
Fohnaon Peter JohnsonAndrow-1
Justus W 0 Johnson Jacob
Johnson ! N Johnson John A
Funscn Jeim Johnson T A
Johnson J A 1 Jensen Nils
rohnson B Johnson J A 2
renny L M Johnson Chas Pi
Fohnaon J W Johnson S J'
Fonson J R Johnson Christ
Johnson ! Robert Jonsoii Anton
Fohnson Androw-2 Johnson Nile
Fohnson AS _ , , Johnson Bonpt PoPe
Fohnson Douglas' Johnson Frank PoPe
Fohnson A Jess Claua Po
rohnson A L Johnson Enos Pfl
Fones Clias F Johnson Isaac Pr
Fonea D P Jelcn Vacloavo Pe
lackson Henry G Jones A L Pu
rohnson Arthur Johnson T A 2 Po
Fcnson Jacob Jameson Henry Pe
rackson James Johnson Nelu P Pe
Fensen Anton PC
vempf Aug Koiser Aug Pi
vearncy Jaa Kearney Martin Pr
vaasch F J Kin 0 H PI
vnott John Kroisaman Ed Pu
vaufmnn Chaa Kountzo Herman Pe
Cent Josiah Kimball
Thoa L Pa
Coppera Mich Kill Peter Pii
tuemmell Fred Kaatnor Tlioa Pit
Celly Paf Klint Christ Pu
Crtiio John Kennolly John 1
Cellner ! A F Kemmorling B Qu
Claa Fredk Kirk Cornelius Qu
Ccmmsut Antan Knupp Mich Qu
Cirkland John Kidder JIC Qu
Lisaono Ricli Kuca Albert
Cucern V Krauao Fred Re
Coster ! Henry A Kroba Ernst RaRe
Cast Simon Kirlcland W J Ro
earnoy Franlc Keck John Ito
Lonneily Jolin 2 Knapp F 0 Ro
ornahan J B Kiichon Win G Ry
atiBchcit Ohas Kelley M artin Re
olb Joseph Klodo Joseph Ro
eefo Timothy Kostor Ohaa M Ro
vauso Theodore Kane M SJ
rumel Gee Koyea G II
Kaufman Henry Knodoll Henry Rii
rcxck Joe Kccham Lewis Ry
eiley W A Kroulick Jos Ro
Kennedy Pat Kootter Fred W Re
unz Fred 0 Knoodaon Samuel lie
iacoy J H Lewis E D Ito
ionz Max Larison Potor-1 Ru
iindsoy John Livin Mich Ro
ago Henry Larson Hana Ru
iucas II R Larson Nela-1 Rii
iiraon Ole Lindburg Fr Ro
lindholm L Lind John Ro
jong Ebnor K Liddoman Barney
loronzon W F Laokstrom John Scl
kiraon Christian Laraon Anton Slu
arson , Lira Laraon A G Soi
livermore S B Laraon Petor-1 Sin
laraon Abraham Larson L 0 Ste
laraon Nils P Laraon G P Sw
larson T A Laraon J P Sot
lineel ! Gustavo Lommo Chas St
linahan Thos Linhart Herman Sni
lambcrtsonJ W-l Lambortson Peter Sui
iQwis E D Laing Robert Hal
rowery T J Linahan J A Sti
longproy L T Larson E Sw
laMaiteis M F Leary P J Shi
iciniiiK Herbert Livingston B F Sti
large Peter R Lappin T Sol
landenborger Fr Laibol Leonard Sw
lUinioux Lewis LaChappcl Alex Hni
ludwick George Lathrop N T Spi
iawlor M arlin Libber Max Scl
lynch : P J Lahnca David Sol
iQwis U L Laraon Nilf-2 Sti
lovujoy II W Larson S J Scl
.araen Jena LowiH 11 L Scl
landon E Lovolaoo George Su
, Peter Scl
langon Lawrence M oyora R M Siv
Fred Matkol J E Shi
Icriclo Goo C Murphy Wm Soi
lalonoy Jainea Mitchell Benj Sui
loran Cornoliua Marquott David Slti
Ictcalf J M Mullen Michael Scl
lichaoleen Peter Morrison R C Spi
lalono Thou Mfidson Peter Sin
ladeon B F Mnollura D 0 Str
lartin Peter BlathiuHcn Aug F Stc
fallen M- Mathiuaon Hana Sui
lafcs Chns DIaurer Eugcno Sir
lonroo J W Moore Wm B-l SU
latliiason John Mori'iaon Wm Stc
lataon John Madneii Peter Stt
lorton John Moou W R Sts
Inttaon P D ' Moore W B-2 Bel
Murphy T Murray J U
Miller John Alarah Charles
Alathiawn Nols Mack C II
Alotzger John Miller Alfred
Atathiason W C Meyers Lonh 1C
Jluthins E R Morris B
Mnhoney Al J Martin F 0
Alurslncy Frank Mills J rimes
Aforcnpt Robt Af aasion Andrew
Masiion Alfred Alolzi Peter
Murpliy Jamc.i Mulvohil Jerry
JMaolandor J P Mullen Henry
Alooro E 5 Mundschonck P
Martin John Alnlvchil John
Alontag Joseph Mtnlpy Thos
Moore S D Murphy Patrick
Alaulandcr Chas Minoguo John
McCarty Pat Ale I high Wm
AleNoil IMt McCarty Cliaa
Alclntyro Chaa McGororn John
McG.uock A McDonald R
AkCallVy Pat AlcArdlo John
McTntyro David McKeona 11 J
AJcMamis G W McCarty Alartin
Alcllugh Jas AlcClnlnTo fc'anutol
AlcKvoy Patrick AIcAuloy .lohn
McCormick P R AlcICilliii David
AlciS'amara Thoa McQuaao James
Alclveo D Jl AIc ( uo Edward
AlcO.uty John M AlcNcil C S
AIcAI.ihon James Murphy Hugh
Alymhaiiflon Goo Al iRsolt John
Alundng IXiniel Alorohonao H
Muyors Emanuul Aloscr Geori o
Minklor Alton Monk Andiow
Moore Thomaa Ahllor Goorgu
Alonfort R T Matliiaien Henry
Afaynntd J W Alarkhnm 0 W
Alula Charles Al { Catty Charles
AluBrido Daniel
Norton J.imos Norlandor Wm
Nelson 0 I ) Novill Frank
Nolnon Loren Novak li'rank
Nowhouso Nelson John
Nelson N 0-1 Nelson Swan
Nelson Paul Noonan Thoa
Nelson Ole NelsCn Peter
Nelson Rasmus Nulson 0 R
Nelson N F Nelson Win
Novasu Janice Ntilnon Sorcn
Nelson N 0-2 Nell John
Nelson N F Novotny Frank
Nuvo Wm Nowcll 0 L
O'lloarn John O'Connor John
O'sullivnn Ed Olson 1'olor 1
Oitruin II J Olson James
O'Bion.Tohn Oncll Charles
Obcrg O car Olaon Swan
Oliman G Olson Hans
Olson 0 Olson Peter 2
Olson John 1 Olson Olof
Olson Jonli 2 Olson Ole
Olson Chas Olaon liana 0
Oliman Frank O'HriotiGco Al Jr
Owens \ P B O'Byrno Patrick
O'Donnoll Patrick Oman Jacob
Olson Nols-2 0'Grady Jerry
O'Toolo Patrick Ovcrton T II
Olacn Nels
P.nnlson Andrew Pickard Eugene
Proctor Wm Pinch Clina
Peterson. N 0 Peltra W T
Pjorron Al F 1'jorren J T
P.ulocl : II ( .i Porter James R
Peterson Gee H Peterson James W
Priea Robt Pizonscham F
Pivonkn F Pomoy Guatavo
Potcr.ion N 1 Paine II E
Po F 0 Peterson F AE
Pe John Peterson Edw
Person Andrew Poteraon Jena
Petersen Robt Power John
Peterson Clirist Proelmaka Jos
Porter A L PflaimnR Will
Pflaigina Win F PoriorV W
Preston Wm Pearson A F
Peterson James Poteraon Peter
Pugnor Martin Pilnty Joe
Peterson Ole Petz John
Pendoraon J H Pearson John 2
Peterson N 2 Petersen Bartol
Peterson N P Pattoraln F G
Peterson Jones Peterson A F
Petora ! A D Powsr W A
Prichard Joseph Ponoyor Win-
PhilhrickEE : Pivoka Yacian
Pope James PoffA R
Peterson N 2 Powers Horace
Patton John Porter J B
Pioronett Tlios A Priehard Joa B
Pickard R II ] Jhilips Win
Purcell Alichaol Pickard Joe A
l'l '
( in
ti\\ \
A ,
Spolliman F A Sexton John
Sponcar G w Shanahan Jerry
Still Chas Schneider Lwia
Swobo John A Scatnons N A
Shaldn F S Swanson Theodore
Shoughnoo Pitl'k ' Shalncr Henry 0
Stables Chns Schroth Chaa B
Soldon Clmi Spooii 0 E
Scott .las N Sobronn F R
Torkolan Peter Thrano 0 G
Tuttle T M C Trahor Wm
Traynor Andrew Tuttle Jas
Traynor John Thomas Alichaol
Thomjinon Nolaou Trinerny C
Tosar John Titui E D
Touploton W A Toy Thos
Thompson F Thomaa Aug E
Thomas E S Trott Jos
Taylor John G Trmnhull Goo I
Travis John Taylor Chas II
Travis Abtior Thompson W Al
Turtle J W Tracey John
Totturmor S Thompson John
Tracoy Win Thompson A
Tiihnago Frank W Tobin David
Tidcman Jolin Tritely Jolin
Thompson Paul Till Nicholas
Umpforton Win rtitott'AugC
Chlicli August
Vandonvoort W 0 Vatidorbeck S J
Vnrperson llonry Arandorwort Paul
Vanoua Jos jr Vanoua Jos sr
VodicaFr Aranoy W H
Van DURCII Uonry Volkmoyor E
Vodica V L
iViltis Goo ID Woodward 0 Al
A'obsterLH U olata Jaa
iVcijif Peter Wagner Fred
iVadson Henry D WittJH
Wood G E Winlmgon Paul
'alatrom Jolin Ware w D
Walker Lanrcelot Willrodt Ohriat
Wilcox w P Winsldw L U
Wilkins Goo Wostman Fred
Woisbroad Goo WortliinglonChas
\VasobaJoB Williams Aug
Wilson U F Watson 0 H
Warner ES Wanner J II
Whalon Owen Woodward R S
Willoford J U Wioborg Aug
iVilling Leopold Walla Jolin
iVagnor Julius Willia 1 A
Willis John N Willis 0 W
Wilcox w S Wallace R A
Welsh Pat Wilde Richard
Weeka N Weeks L P
Whitney Goo SI Winding C J
A'atson E P Wells Fred
iVinthor AInx Wrightor W D
iVarwick Rob Welna Frank
iVnitosido Ben Wolf Joseph
Yard James Wallol Wm
iVall Win M Walker Samuel G
A'illis Gee Widoll C W
iVillis S U Windhoim Ernest
tValsh Edward Woutborg Jolin N u
iVallincton Goo Watkin * A 0
iVard John Wells Harry J
.VullschlegorP . F
foung Hans York Goo
Zimmerman G Xatler Matliiaa
kisser Albert Zoh AUR
Xeskowsy Anton Xang Win
Xessin Win
Sr.vrn or NnintAbiCA , \ rili
Douaws COUNTV. J " *
Tliia is to certify that the nbovo is
a true list of the registered voters of
the First ward , April y , 1882.
E. Al. SrENiiEitn , U.
Register First Ward.
"Wells' IIcallIi Ronowor , " gr"atcst
remedy on earth for impotence , lean On
ness , sexual debility , &c. Ono dollar
at druggist's. Depot , 0 , F , Good-
'an. (5) ( ) '
rne < l by tlion Of
} uur ilutlps nliflit wnrk , to
tlni'itnrit < nnil tnrtt brain
Hop DHtoro , nasttf , uw > Hop B. 811
If jotiB ant
liluictlon or dliHliu u If ynu urr rnur * ttn
lieC or Blnglo , olil wr y ounc. eniri-i Inr ; fron
| ionrlii * Uli or Uiiicululi inir on a bva ft IcJ twi
lie D , ix-ly on Ho p BltttTAr
AVJioorcr yon on- , , hoi
ori n > ur
sLenuicr you fid | >
Hut your HTftcm format func !
nrrda cleaiiflnu- ill : i. , i ihat mtirht
InK or tlinuUitlnif , harn bfcn jir < ; ciitf.i ( [
bv tlnioly 'iw 1)01
tulin Hop fall
O.I. O anil
[ ClMkllltk
* All
nnd Irrualata- plcl
lilo curt * f 01 nmi
{ ioirr/0 , Hooif drurikennp ,
* * bo
Ifvirutnenetl UBU of opium ,
You wl ll Iiu tobacco , or anc
cured If youu j u&rcotlcf. bldi
Hop Ulttorn | )0 )
.0111 IfrruaMdlrnJ w K B k And ? . ll. CL- tlor
luwHilritiil.try NEVER Circular.
Hi It mny nniDITTUA
mivoyour llfo. It hub FAIL n'l-a c . , Ala
navoU hun Haibrtlr'-ilfi Yt
dred Or Aloro tn , Out
[ )
C. SPECHT , the Ne
or :
Proprietor , 27t
1213 Harnoy Street ,
OMAHA , - - - NEB ,
Cornices ,
Dormer Windows , Finials ,
' Metalic 1) I .
Specht'u Patent Sky mil
light. Boll
Patent Adu | tnblo Ratchet Uar nnd un
am Iho fonoral fit-ito Agent ( or UA nbovo
no of good * . or
Oreitlne * ! Oaluitradei , Ver ndn , ( Office and wil'J
Dank RallliiKi , Window and Oeilar '
Guards ; alto
! lish !
Peerion nnd Hill Patent Inilde Ullnd , the
Matter of Ajipllcatlon of Alfred Wool !
lor Liquor Ltcense.
Kotlco h hereby ylvot that Alfrcl Wooll
upon till ) 2Uri day ol .March A.D.U8I , Hlo hi *
upplk-atlon t ] Iliu MM or and C'lty Couni-ll ol
inulu for llcinbj to tell Malt , Ifinlrltuoua and
VliKiUD Ll'iuom at H.W , U'jiiil ai.ilCiiinlnif trtut , Pf
BUth Ward , Omaha , Nob. , ( roiu the llitli iluyof
Airlllb82tutlio Kith day ol Octobir IBS' ' .
II them Imiio objection , rcmrmetr&iu-o orpro- 0
filoil within t o wft-tiu Iroin 'J tli of Jlurch
l > . 1SS2 , the bald llccimo' will lie rniitc-i ,
'AlYlllO F. WcoLf ,
TIIKOMAHA HKK iiowsjiapcr ulll i > u > IU > itha la
aljoyo iiutli'uonco each wi-ck ( orluu ucvka lit
cxpuii o ol the applltunt. 'Iho City ol
OmaluU not to boi-hanul therewith , For
J , J. UC. Jiswrrr ,
21 City Clork. Bo
John G. Jacobs ,
( FoiiQerly of 01 tj4J cobi , ) t
n nny stage
Catarrh ,
Old Sores ,
Pimples ,
B O I LS ,
or nny
Diseas .
Cures When Hot Springs Fail
IfAVimv , Ant ; . , May 2. 1831
Wo htm ciioi In our own town Mho Ihcil at
lot Springs , anilcto II nail v uircil with 8 , 3. S.
P YOU iloulit.coino to icj Uf and Wr.
CUIIK YOUKOIlclmrRa nothlnsr 1 1 Write for
urtlcuhrs nnd copy ol llttlo Ilaok
'o the Unfprtiinito HiiliV'rlnif. _ _
Q l.OOO Kownrcl nil ! bo paid to any
nomtn who will llnd , on annl > > lii ll > 0 bottlej
S S. 11. , ono j'.irtlcloof Slcrcury , lodldo Potaj-
iliiin or nny .Mineral milwtnnco.
Prlco ol Small iilio , 81.00. '
Uirgo elzo J1.7B.
Sold by KCNNAHD DUOS. & CO. ,
Ilylrtno of the nulhorlty rested In rncX
Jntiios K. llo\d , .Mayor of the City ol Omaha , do
hereby proclaim to the rpiallflcdotcrs of the
City of Omthn anil ol the ic pcctUo wards
thereof , that an nmmil city election \\lll ho held
In nald cltv on Tuesday , April 4th , 18S2 , for the
election of the folloftliiff olilcerslz : Ulx ward
councltmcn , ono from each ard , each toscrro
lor the term of two y am. Three members ot
lioinl of education , each to er o for the term
oftnoycixrs. At such time , In ce with
a resolution of the City Council , thiro nlll lie
eiihmlttcd to the quillllcd voters of Kd city the
following question ; i-halltho cltv lease Jcffer-
son nqimro for the erect on of n building to bo
iiRi'il aa a market Mouse and city hall ?
The polls at said annual city election will bo
oprli at 8 o'clock a. m. , and bo kept open from
tint : hour until 7 o'clock p. m. , and no longer ,
and at the following phcca In the respect la
watd.i , \r. :
waI First I WArd I'cllx Slavcn's grocery torc ,
Tenth street , near Icav < nnorth ktrect.
Second Ward Wallcnz hotel , I.cax-cnwortli
ntrcct , bct ccn Ihlttccnth and Fourtctnth
Third Ward Dr. Hyde's offlce , southwest
corner Txvolfth and Dauglu streets.
Fourth Ward Co.inty Court House , north-
cant corner Sixteenth nncl Farnam streets.
Fifth Ward Holmes' hardnaro store , north-
cat corner Slxtecntli and Calif ornlt street.
Sixth Ward-DeldrlcVs drujf store , No. EOOf
Cumliijt ttreet , south'sldc , botuecn Tucnilotli
and Thinly-first itrcfits.
niuI witness \\hcreof I have hereto not my hand
and canted the seal of paid ilty to bo afllxcd ,
till ICthday of March , A. D. , 1BS2.
J. E. BOYD ,
Mayor of the City of Omaha.
Mntter of Apidir.iUonof MnrgarettaSiert
for Lirjuor License.
Kotlco Is hereby given that Jlargnroltn SIcrt
rild ! uiwn the 31st day ol March A. U. 1882 , file
hoi application to the Ma ) or and City Council ot
Omaha , for license to roll Malt , Hprlrltuoua and
Vinous Liquor. , at No. 1414 Farnam street , Third
Ward , Omaha , Neb. , from the 13th day of April
1S8I , to the 13th day of July 18h2.
If thcro ha no objection , remonstrance or pro *
test filed within tvorocks from March iSlst.A.
. ISb'J , thouaid llecnto will bo granted.
Ily Henry Elcrt ,
TIIK OMAHA DFR nenapapcrr\vll ! publieh the
ahova notl.o once each ucck for two wcok at
the uxpcnto nf the applicant. The City of
Omaha : is not to bo Ihoranlth.
J. J. li. C. jKftKTT.
City Clork.
OMAHA Nun. 1881. f
Scaled propostli will ho received at the oltlca
Ofm the underslgnod until ( Tuesday April ISth ,
1SS2 12 o'clock noon , for the construction of
sow ore In North Omaha c follows : 1000 feet of
feet brick sow er 72S.fett 5 } feet brick sewer
and 728 of Gj. felt lirlck sewer , located on lurd
ttroct bctxvcen ICth and 17th , and on 17th be
tween ftard and Nicholas , hclnccn 17th and
21s streets , together with all necessary man
holes , lamps-holes , and catch haMng , as per
plans and specifications In the city Engineers
Dlllco. Proposals to bo prepared upon blanks
urniihcd by Iho clly Engineer , lllas will also
received for the construction of a timber out-
embracing the furnl'hlng and driving of
oaK piles moro or less ° ! feet IonIS to 8
lichen , and l.f/O'l ' feet of oak lumber as per plans
i peclUuatlons In the Knginccrs olllett. Work
begin I on or hoforo Juno Ht , and to be com
iilctcd December 1st 1832. Payment ) to bo
naJo monthly In cash warrants , Ifi per cent to
rcscncd I until llnal completion , and accept-
xnco of work by the proper nuthorulcs. AH
to be accompanied by the signature of pro-
loeed eurctlos'.w lie will in event of anardlngof
met enter Into bonds of the < ity for execu
of the work In the mm of 630,000.
J. J. L. C. JI-.UKTT ,
Zv , _ City Clerk.
Matter of Application of Guild & Petre
for Liquor License.
Notlco IB Kivcn that Guild & Poire did ,
UMIII tlio L7h { dixy of Alarcb. A , D. 1882 ,
Jtlx application to tlio mayor and city
ouncil ! of Omaha , for license to sell rnnlt ,
ipirituous , and vinous liquors , nt thu
mthcast conicr.of North Sixteenth and
Oalifornia Btrects , ] ' 'ifth wiinl , Omaha ,
Neb. , from the 10th dnyof Ajiril , 1882 , to
10th day of July , 18S2.
If thcro bo no objection , remonstrance ,
proto-it li ud with n tuo wtoka from the
7tli day of Alhrbli , A. D. 1882 , the Bald
licctuo will bu granted.
Tin : Oir.ufA UKK nowspaiier will publish
above notice oiiro each week for two
.veoka nt thu expense of the applicants.
city of Oinalm ii not to bo charged
.liureuitli. J. J , L , O , JEWKTT ,
_ City Clerk.
Gutter of Application of Horeu Kcilaenfo
Liquor License ,
Tfntico IB hereby given that Sorcn Neil.
, did upon the 2/th / day of Jfarcli , A.
, 18S2 , file his application tn the Mayor
City Council of Omtihn. for licence to
Malt. , Spintuou nnd Vinous Liquors ,
No. 707 and 70U Eleventh treet. Tifth
A'urd , Omaha , Neb , , from the 10th day of
iVprll , 1882 , to the 10th day of July , 1882.
If there be no objection , remonstrance
protebt ] filed within two \ \ eeku from
March 27th , A. D , , 1SS2 , tha saiil license
lo gran ted , SOUE.V KKIIMSS ,
Tin : OMAHA BKK newspaper will nub-
) the above notice once each week for
weeks at the expense of the applicant.
City of Omaha i * not to be charged
therewith , J. J. L , C. JKWBTT ,
_ City Cleric.
DexterL.Tliomas&Bro ,
Pay Taxes , Rent Houses , Etc.
Offlcn Boom 8 , Crel.'h'o
now i opeu to the publb lth a full supply a
Cut Flowers and Plants
Sale. Wo will bo glad to nave the public.
call and ceo uj.
Bouquets or Any Floral Design Made
to Order
City Green Houw , 8. W. Cor 17th Md Web-
, ODO block from 10th itroot cars. Nursery.
struct , oppailto Koit. Jas. Y , Crate , Florui