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1116 Farnham Street ,
Most Respectfully An
nounce to the Ladies of
Omaha , and the Public
Generally that Our Stock
is now Complete in all De
partments and Now Ready
for Business.
By Offering Good Goods
at the Closest Possible
Figures , Attentive and
Courteous Treatment tea
a . We Hope to Merit
Our Share of Patronage.
All .are Most Respect
fully Invited.
United States Depository
first National Bank ,
- OMAHA. -
Oor. 13th and Famam Sta.
OrKtnlzod M * National Bnnl : Aiiiruat 20 , Ibtt
rupiTAT , - t2nnnnr >
IJn ll < U'fit.
Koiri.Tzs. Vice I't i > ) rt < ii >
F ( ( . Dxvn , Ctuhl.i.
A. J. iMrtiroM ,
ItJ l.iok toe \\vi \ rlepoDlu with" "
Hl UQtl.
tout * tlnio certl&raton Iwarlni ; InMirenl.
Drawn ilmfts on ttorj Pnuicuca and prlnchM
dtlos of tbu United tJUtoo , t.\3o \ London. Dubfln
tdlnbunrh an 1 the prtnelpal eltlea o ( thecontl
cf E'iror"1
Pay Taxes , Bent Houses , Etc.
lor TOO WIST TO Birr an BAU
0 OIBc * Boom B , Orelch'on lukrt Onb-
Uooa 1 , Crelghton'Block , FKtcenth Btrwt.
Business traniaoted same aa tliat
of an incorporated bank.
Acoouuti lieit in ourveno or old
abject to sight check without xio-
Certifloatos of deposit i snoU par
able in three , six and twelve
mouths , bearing interest , or on de
mand wlthont interest.
Advance ! inado to oustomors on
approved securities at market rates
of interest ,
/ The interest * of customers are
closely guarded , and every facility
compatible with principles of
* ouud bankins freely extended .
Draw viffbt drafts on England ,
Ireland , Scotland , and all carts of
.Europe ,
S U Earape&n pucaga UoltoU-
Bewailing the Condition of Lo ,
I the Poor Indian *
Senator Hoar Would Like to
See the Aborigines Bet
ter Oarsd For.
Lively Discussion in the Houeo
Over the Proposed Tariff
Commits ion Dill
Oflicial Notification of the Now
Inspection of Pork
by France.
MUcolluunonn Noton of a National
Nullcnftl Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , March 80. The bill
passed , authorizing the Rccrotnry of
the treasury to ascertain and report
the Amount expended in the itidobt-
ness aaaumod by Kansas in repelling
invasions and suppressing Indian Iios-
The bill retiring brevet Major Gen
eral Moigs , with rank nnd pay of a re
tired oflisor of the rank of major gen
eral , passed.
The bill for appraisement and ual
of lota in Peru , 111. , passed.
Mr. Williams introduced a bill t
regulate the importation uf cattli
from Canada.
The chair presented the ro om
moudatiou of the secretary of war fo
840,000 for the completion of For
Lewis , Colorado.
The bill for the relief of Capt. Eugene
gone Wells , placing him on the retired
list , passed.
The Indian appropriation bill wao
Mr. Hoar , in a set speech , favored
better attention to the education of
Indiana to fit them to maintain themselves
solves without the continued assistance
anco of the government , and urgnd a
change in the administration of affairs
to remove the stigma of mismanage
ment and dishonor which hitherto
had attached to their treatment. Ho
dwelt at length with three essential
elements in the solution of the prob
lem : First , the capacity of the In
diana for education , civilization and
citizenship ; second , what it oosta the
government to educate them ; third ,
what it costs to feed them. On al
these points he urged careful , judi
cious treatment to make them L'ood
and uteful citizens.
Mr. Plumb , in the course of a long
speech , urged that Now England was
as much to blame as any other section
for the condition of the Indians , and
declared that t < o ted man was simply
a provisional race , to raako wny for
the Anglo-Saxon. Money had been
given to niany Indians far beyond
treaty obligations , and the Indian
problocr will rbnciu unchaiicjod uuti
the Indiana disappear.
Adjourned at 5:50 : p. in.
A motion to take up the Utah elee
tion case was voted down.
The houao went into committee of
the whole on the tariff commission
bill , Mr. Duniioll talking in its favor.
Mr. Dunnc'll expressed the opinion
that the proposed commission would
do no more than collect a mass of mat
ter which would delay action
and congress would expire with
out doing anythi g on the tariff
question and the people will say
it did not do its duty , lie thought i't
the duty of the republican party to
the country and referred to the reduc
tion of the | i at iff by the democratic
house which slaugthored itself by
failing to revise and reduce the tariff.
Wo will bo in the same fix. Wo have
jumped into the commission boat and
will sail through , and it remains to bo
seen what the country will say.
Mr. Dunnell was carefully listened
to and warmly applauded by the dem
ocrats at the close.
Mr. Henitt took the floor at 3
o'clock , offering a resolution which ho
said he would ask to bo considered at
the proper time. It recommitted the
bill to the committee , directing it to
report in full a bill placing all raw
material and waste products used in
the manufacture of chemicals that
wore produced in this country ; also
alcohol used in manafacturiug , on the
free list , and substitute specific for ad
valorem duties , baaing these upon the
average dutiable values during past
yearn. No higher rate will be fixed
than necessary to compensate for dif
ference in the cost of labor in the
two countries. The rate of duty , ex
cept upon luxuries , ia not to exceed
50 per cent , of the avprogo dutiable
values. He was surprised at the re
marks of Mr. Kaaaon , which were 10
directly oppotod to his theory , ex
pressed in a speech in 1800
This led to an animated sparring
match between Messrs. Kasson and
Hewitt , the former claiming that the
portion of tbo speech referred to and
read did not represent him , and de
manding the reading of the context ,
upon which Mr. Hewitt announced
that ho would have Mr. Kasson'a
speech of 1800 printed in full in the
Record aa an appendix to his own.
He proceeded with his itrcumonta ,
holding that delay in revision of the
tariff was dangerous , and that the
country now ia prosperous but on the
ragged edge. Unless we make an
outlet for our riches wo shall be over
whelmed with them. What is neces
sary ia a system by which wo can
enter inoro readily the markets of
the world. Ho thought articles
used in manufacturing should
bo admitted free and so lessen
the cost of production and BO let UH
enter the markets of the world by re
duced coat of production. Ho favored
the removal of the tariff on iron. The
Atlantic ocean , ho said , had given u
tariff of ten per cent , on iron , for It
ooaU OA much to transport iron from
Enropo na it docs to dig nnd manu <
fucture it horp. [ Applauio. ] Do favored <
vorod a speciCo rate on cotton goodi
of nbout 25 per oont , ; woolen goods ,
30 per osnt. ; iron and steel manufac
ture , 35 per cont. ; nnd ilk goods 40
per cont. On etcol rolls the proiont
tariff system doca not benefit
the working people , but is mak
ing the rich richer nnd the poor
poorer , nnd should bo removed. He
quoted from the recent statements of
Dr. Lyon Plnyfair , deputy speaker of
the ] 3ritish hnuso I i > f ojmmo B ,
that the United States wa injuring
herself more thnn England by lur
tariff system , nnd predicting whilothu
United States must bccoino the great
est manufacturing country of the
world it would bo greatly and indefi
nitely delayed by this protective tnrill
Without action on the bill the com
mittee rose.
Mr. KinK presented the rrsolutiona
fur investigation of thaoveiilow of the
Mississippi aa to the effect upon the
public health and the damage to pub
lic property nnd lifo from the same
Adjourned at 5:05 : p. in.
National Aiwoti&tcd 1'rom.
WASHINGTON , March.30. The house
committo on territories will probably
report in favor of n government for
Alaska without delegates , nnd the
house committee on commerce unani
mously adopted a resolution declaring
necessary some immediate legislation
for the reputation of inter-state com
During the campaign of 1880 , Wade
Hampton wrote John Sherman n letter -
tor in which ho told him his address
was Charleston , 8. C. Recently an
other article appeared in a Charleston
paper about Hampton. Ho had its
authorship investigated and ascer
tained that it was written by n clerk
in the treasury department named
Kirk. Hampton went to Folgor and
demanded Kirk bo discharged. Fol-
gor sent for Kirk for an explana
tion. Kirk came and complicated
the matter by Baying that
while ho wrote the article ho did BO
at the auggcstion and dictation of
Sherman , who had put him in the
treasury department. Ho admitted
ho had traduced the character of the
senator at the auggcstion of Sherman.
Folger was not inclined to believe this ,
demanding proof. Kirk produced a
letter written by Sherman , asking him
to write the attack in question. Kirk
will bo discharged and Hampton will
promptly ask the senate to take n
iiaud in the matter. The action of
Hampton towards Sherman on the
lloor of the senate since has been the
subject of comment. It is aaid they
almost got into a personal encounter
in the senate barber shop yesterday.
The secretary of state has cabled
Minister Lowell to ask the Bntibh
government to reprieve Dr. Limson ,
cpnVicted in England of murder , un
til evirlnnco of hereditary insanity can
be nin to England. , ,
' Tlia afato department has received
from Minister Morton newa of the
passage by the chambers in Paris of
the pork bill , which provides for in
spection in France byuxports ap
pointed by the minister of commerce ,
who shall have the right to proscribe
the mode of examination. This last
clause , which was introduced bj
amendment , has in view the ro-ostab-
lislnuont of microscopic examination.
The discussion of thu Chinese bill
lit the cabinet meeting to-morrow will
bo merely informal , ft ia now con
ceded that the bill will be .signed on
Tbo Canadian Pacific.
tfatlonil Associated 1'rcss.
CHICAGO , March 30. A special
from Winnepeg elates that the Oana
Han governmentacting at the request
if the Canadian Pacific railway , will
ipply to parliament for power to
mango the route of the lino. The
: ompany has consolidated the Kicking
Horse inateadof the Yellow Head , the
'ormer route being much more easy of
Eje-Oov. Moses in the Rogues' Gal
Uttonal Ainoelatod Press.
NEW YOUK , March 30. Franklin
5. Moses , ox-governor of South Caro-
ina , was this morning photographed
or the rogue * ' gallery , at police head-
, aa a swindler , and was , by
ustico Smith , in the Tomba police
ourt , committed in default of bailer
or several charges of swindling , the
irincipal one being that of the llth
Steamer Ran In for Repair * .
Ut'oail Auoclakd Preii.
BOSTON , March 30. The steamer
loliver , Now Orloaim to Liverpool ,
rai towed into New London , Conn. ,
o-day , her machinery being disabled.
Dynamite Explosion *
ktlnnul A oclkt a Praia.
GLKNWOOD , Ind. , March 30. Wes-
ay Manloy dried dynamite cartridges
oforo a fire. When about fifty
ounds of powder had thus boon laid
ut , an explosion occurred , completely
rroaking the house. The building
nd furniture were blown to atoms.
"Washouts on the O. P.
latton l Associated Press
RENO , Nov. , March 30. There was
, o through eastern train last night , A
rain woamadoup at ElkMountainJfor
icil travel and pmod Reno on time ,
til trains are delayed by waohoula bo-
ween Elk Mountain and Humboldt
Veils. The washouts are caused by
, ipid melting of snow on the moun-
uina nbout the Humboldt river. In
lany caeca the track has been swept
> mpletoly away ,
Collision with Cowboys.
lUlonal Associated i'rvw ,
SAN FIIANCISOO , March 30. In a
ight yesterday between a ahoritt'a
lease and cowboys , near Tombstone ,
Arizona , ono officer waa killed and two
owboys fatally hurt.
The Ooluon Oity Destroyed
Fire at Memphis ,
Together with Nearly All o
Her Passengers and
Freigh * .
Latest Reports Qivo the Nunv
bor or Lives Loaf at
Loss of An Entire Glrous Out-
flt that wore Being'i'Mns-
portotTm the hoat.
Particulars of TbU Disaster and
Other Fires.
National Amociatod I'rcm
MnJirniH , March 30. The steamer
Golden City burned this morning.
She was the largent atom wheeler on
the waters , being 200 feet long. Thp
The fire was discovered at 4 o'clock
nnd the bat run to ahoro. She Bur
ned a crow of sixty and had thirty-
seven paesongora , whoso namea can.
not bo given aa the books were de
stroyed. Report puts the deaths at
over thirty. The boat loft Now Or
leans on Saturday for Cincinnati. All
of the oflicen of the boat except the
the second engineer wore saved. Miss
Anna Smith , of Massachusetts , is
known to bo lost. Other names of
the lost are Miss Campbell , Mra
Helen Porcival , Mra. LcKorma
and three children , Dr. Monlmn ,
and wife , Miss Luella Clary , of Cin
cinnati ; \V. P. IS to wo , wife and chil
dren , of Stowo'a circus , are believed
to bo loat , together with all the tonfa ,
animals , oto , of the circus.
Stowo'a circus was lost with six'
cages of nniniild. A Buffalo jswam
ashore. The roaring of the animals , ,
the shrieks of the women nnd chil
dren amidst the floating , burning oil ,
was a terrific scone.
The Golden City woa built in 1877i
and valued at $40,000.
MEMPHIS , Match 30. The Btearner ,
Golden City , burned to the water's
odjro , and sank below this city. The
liic originated from a lamp. The
boat struck the foot of Bealo street
and was fastened there for a few mo
menta. She burned herself loose
and floated off , sinking the tug Oriole. )
The fire was amidahip. The women1
and children could not get forward to
DO saved. A few jumped off on a
barge and escaped. The forward
dock waa deserted. All the officers
escaped except the second engineer ,
Robert Kelly , who waa on duty and.
perished at his post ,
MEMPHIS , March 30 The leas of.
lifo by the burning of the steamer
Golden City is now- put at 1C. She
was one of the rapidest steamers on
the river. The names of the lost are
tno 8amoas _ _ given. No additk.W ,
onea are reported. Stowo's circuit 'vTrtJ
onrouto for Cairo , whore the spring
season was to bo opened. A portion
of the show IB at Vickaburg. Among
the circus horses lost wait the
noted "Solim. " Three trick horses
promptly obeyed the call of the keeper
and sprung ashore. A buflulo broke
his halter nnd dflnhed thro e'i ' the
crowd to the bank ; every hair waa
Imniod from his hide. John G. Glen-
roy , of Philadelphia , the animal kccp >
or , was lying asleep under ono of the
cages whoa the fire broke out , anil es
caped by springing on a barge. MM.
Stowo , wife of the proprietor of the
allow , waa lost. She wai formerly
Lizzie Marcellus , one of Barnum'a
greatest attractions. The wreck ia
sunk in twenty feet of water at the
head of President's island.
UUFKALO , March 30. Farthinir
Co.'a distillery was destroyed hydro
last night , caused , it is supposed , by
the explosion of a still. Lost , csti
mated at $40,000.
St. PAUL , Minn. , Marcli 30. A
tire ; > t LoHoour burned EholofTa board
ing l.ouso and saloon , a furniture
atoro , another naloon building and
residence. Misa Fiahbaum , of Sib-
ley county , vi , ho hud been working for
Erholoft' , WHH burned to death. Her
companion i.t the room flayed herself
by jumping from a window.
Sad Care or of a Woman-
Itatlanul Awodated Prom
CHICAGO , March 30. The romaina
of a remarkably handsome woman ,
known aa Mra. lielln Lamb , wore
taken to Masaachusotta yeaterday over
the Like Shoru road , Her death
waa caused by an overdose of mor
phine , thought to bo taken with sui
cidal Intent. The history of the
woman is sad and peculiar. Bho
was a sister of the wife of James
Drutua Booth , a brother of Edwin
Booth. Up to four years ago she
waa a resident of New York. Bo
oming infatuated with the histrbnic
reputation of the Booth family , she
itudiod for the atago , but failed of
luccess , and stopped from the foot-
ighta into a house furnished for her
regardless of expense by ono who had
become intoxicated with her charms.
Shortly thereafter she moved to Chi-
jago , whore she has since lived with
lor sister Agnoa , who has made many
inefFectual attempts to reclaim her ,
ind remained her friend to the last ,
Roiignatlon of a Consul
National AusoUatt-U I'nm.
WASHINGTON , March 30 , E. P.
Urooks has resigned aa consul at Cork
; o aasumo the editorship of thq Pcoria
[ 111. ) Transcript.
Doitruotivo Tornudo.
fa'.loual At .catut ! ! 1'rwin.
MONTOOMKUY , Ala. , March 30.
I'he tornado which passed ever Lee
sounty on Monday , extended from
: hreo inilca west cf Lachopoka , along
Long Tratchier crook. Houses , barns
ind troea in the track of the storm
( fere leveled. The residence of Mr.
alvia waacomplotely demolished. Mr.
WM fatally injured , John Tay
lor , a hlrtd hand , wiminsUutly killed ,
ind Win. Thorns had his collar-bone
broken. On the Spencer Moore place ,
"X houses were dealroyed ; in ono
tlioro wore six ncgitea. The wind
iftod the house , excepting the floor ,
n4 mr ) . d jt off , leaving the negroes
Ration * for Snffereis.
National Prcm Association.
WASIIIMOTON , March 30. The BOC-
rotary of war sent to-tiny 30,000
rations to Memphis and 20,000 to
riptouvlllo , Teiin. , and the 80,000 ,
rations remaining at St. Louis have
hiMsn ordered to Memphis for distri
bution in Mississippi.
LITTLR HOCK , Murch 30. All dam *
tint's from thu ovoillow nro being re-
caned , Through trains commenced to
run this morning n the Little Rock ,
Mississippi River & Texas railway.
Lur o panus of in on are now nt work
repairing breaks on the Memphis it
Lutlu huck railroad , but it will bo
probably three weeks before through
rains wilt run. Furty-iivo miles of
thu road from Mndisnn to the Missis
sippi river was ovoi flowed , As thu
waters rocmlo builders a d construc
tion trains follow.
NEW OnLKANB , March 30. The
statiincnl that ono hundred nndtwcn
ty persons periahud in n gin houau at
lUlston PJnco , Toimos parish , proves
( o bo \ camml. A gontliinui just in
"roni RnUtpn Place says thuro is no
'oundatlou whatever for the story.
Nasty Bnslnost.
tfitlonal AnoclaUd Ptcsi.
PiTTsriKLi ) , MIIBS , March 30. Ev
erett C. Price , a photographer , has
skipped to Canada , jumping bail , un
der \rhich ho was awaiting oxaiuitu-
1011 for criminal intcicouno with
Jlara D. Stroup , a Philadelphia Jew
ess , having boarded nt the same house
rith her nnd occupied an ad
orning room. Mita Stroup felt
thu diigrnco of his arrest BO
keenly that Bho wont to Albany and it
is claimed suicided nt the Glebe hotel
with belladona. Two ludiea accom
panied Miss Stroup to Albany and
J'rico went on later , claiming to bo n
physician. Ttiero uro suspicions of
abortion und the vrholo niUtr is to bo
sifted. Price has a wife nnd child at
Chicopec who loft him owing to nbuso.
Horrible Death ,
National Aaoctatod Trees
SYIUOVHK , N. Y. , March 30. Fred
licss , aj. ed15 years , mot with n hor-
riblu dci th hero this afternoon , while
at work n Loroot & Blaadel'a box fnc-
tory and planing mill. His clothing
caught in a revolving shaft and ho
waa wlijtlod around with frightful
velocity , HJH hoiul struck the floor
nt every revolution , killing him in
stantly. Befoio the machinery could
bo stopped bjth nrins were pulled out
by the r ota , the right log torn out nt
the hip , and the left foot torn oil * .
Tbo Government Paper Mill.
National AtnocUlftd Pros * .
PiTThPiKLU , Masi. , March 30.
Capt. lligdon and thu treasury girls
who have boon for two wooka inspect
ing tho1 government paper mill at
Cottsvillo. 'have returned to Washing-
-.ic&V wofy Bhoet of paper having boeu
accounted'for ' since the mill opened
Since 1870 the mill has inado all bank
bill and treasury department pupor ,
except revenue stamps. The mill hau
boon closed for lack of uu appropria
tion. It ia thought thut it will bo
opened ngnin in July.
Stages Robljoil.
National A r dated 1'riKri.
DALLAS , Tex. , March 30. The Sai.
Antonio stsi ca , hound tnst and wesl
on the El P.iso line , wore rubbud
sixty inilua woat of Antonio laat
night by two mun , supposed to bo
two of the prisoners \vhoufcipod from
the JJondes jail a few days ago. This
is the firat robbery since the recent
sweeping convictions in the federal
Convict Killed.
COUIMIIUH , 0. , Mnreli 30. Samuel
Twine , H six-year convict from Cin
cinnati for burglary , was killed at the
penitentiary , HIM aliiovo caught in
a belt and the body waa whirled about
a wheel.
Chicago' * Now Chamber of Com
National Ajwocintcil l're x
CHICAGO , Maich 30. The work of
excavating for thu foundation of the
now chamber of commerce building on
Laaalla Htreet , waa commenced thia
morning with 100 men.
Killed by it Lunatic. v
HatlonaJ Aoclated I'TMI
DAYTON , 0. , Mutch 30. - John
Drummond , an inmate of th-J Daylou
Insane asylyum , wau found dead in
hia room thia morning. The testi-
innuy showed Drummond , who was
only admitted yesterday , had durini ;
the ! made an attack on Daniel
O'Connoll , hia room-mate , "and the lat
ter in self defcnao choked him to
National AuocIaUxl frees.
KANHAHCITY. March 30. J. W.
Jhoohan , of Belton'a Falls , Vt , , com-
nittod suicide at the Metropolitan
lotol. Ho locked himself in his room
ind swallowed a dose of laudanum ,
When discovered ho had been dead
loveral hours.
GntteauVi Bill of Exceptions.
National Amtoclatud l'iau > .
WABHINOTON , March 30. The Gui-
: eau bill of exceptions waa finished
to-night and signed by Judge Cox.
[ twill bo printed to-morrow , Mr ,
Rood will probably arpuo it alone.
. ,
TT. - - zi.t r rrr
The Train Robbers Trial * .
National Aaioclnted 1'renn.
KANSAH CITST , Mo. , March 30 ,
rhoro are no now developments in
the train robbery cases at Independ-
Bnce , A jury will probably bo ob
tained by to-morrow , when the trials
will proceed ,
Take "BLAOK.DRAUQHT" and you
trill fivrur be bill' " "
The Oloturo Proposal Oarriofl In
the Honso of Commons.
Warlike Preparations Doing
Made on Account of Sko-
belcil's Speech.
Germany Orders a Number of
Torpedo Boats for the
Bnltlc Pleot.
The BpnniBii Qovornmout Im-
Worried by the
Riotu in Barcelona.
The Gouornl N w that Cixuio
Over thn Oablo.
National Associated i'rom.
LONDON , March 31. An exciting
dubatu took plnco in the house of
commons last evening _ ever the cloture -
turo ronolutions , Air. Bright speaking
strongly in favor of the resolutions ,
and Gladstone closing the debate
with nn urgent appeal to his warty to
support the moaauro. Division of
the house was ordered , nnd resulted
in n vote of 310 for the government
proposals to 270 Against. Announce
ment of the result was received with
continued cheers from the liberal sido.
LONDON , March 30. In n ( culling
match on the Thames to-day , Gibson
boat Gookon six lengths.
VIENNA , March 30. Information
received hero from Russia , and through
moat creditable sources , reiterates the
correctness of the report concerning
the speech of Gen. Bkoholcff at the
military club. The speech was deliv
ered in the room of the oHicors of the
yacht clubj which is part of the mili
tary club , in the presence of the Duke
of Loichtonbunj and many officers of
the Proohnrficnski regiment. At the
request of his brother officers Gon.
Skoboloff narrated what had oc
curred in the imperial presence.
Ho maintained the cuir ap
proved his Paris speech , but
feared to express hia approval bo-
oauao Russia at this hour wai so dependent -
pendent on Germany that it was not
Biifj to run the risk of a rupture with
the latter power. This rupture , however -
over , it is believed , is inevitable. It
in perfectly well known hero that
Germany believes a war with Russia
ia curtain to bo fought , at no distant
day. The German general sthtThas
been for weeks carefully studying the
atrategotic doUulu that are necessary
to bu mastered before entering on thi | ,
war. FieldMarshal , Von Hoseko h
said that while war could not
undertaken with assurance of s
until lifter eighteen months futthor
preparation , it could bo begun now
with reasonable hopes of triumph ,
lie thinks before war is declared the
fortresses of Posen and Thorn should
bo greatly strengthened and tlml
Danztich and Konigaburg should bo
nut in a perfect , state of dojonao.
Then war with Russia would invite
Franco to her rovongo. All defenses
along the French frontier nhould bo
very carefully guarded.
MAIIUIII , March 30. In the cortes
this afternoon the government an
nounced that it had instructed the
authoriticu to forcibly suppress the
manufa turera iigitation in Catalonia.
Notwithstanding this announcement ,
the rioting cuntinucB in Barcelona
mid business ia entirely suspended.
A largo body of workmen paraded the
HtreetB of the latter place to-day , and
in p.iBRing the boxes of the Octroi
guuidHfiri > d nt thorn. Thia uutiun on
the part of the workmen brought on
a number f encounter. ! between
them and the military , during which
no coral persons wu'o wounded and
many arrcstu were made. A pro
clamation of u a tut D of siege is im
BBIILIN , March 30. The German
admiralty has suddenly ordered the
inasterH ut the Bremen ship yard to
cumploto six torpedo boats within four
months. It is intended to station the
boata in the Baltic.
The lower house of thu Prussian
diet haa passed the ecclesiastical law
amendment bill under n compromise
butwoun thu conservatives and cleri
cals. The latter uro highly olatod.
PAHIH , March 30 Mrs. Mackey
denies tiio oniMgumout of her daugh
ter with Princu Phillipo do Bourbon ,
I'lmi'iijh a j mrnnlUt of thin oily P'IO
uxpr fsos Imr contunp' ' for fnrMJ'in-
bun . g bau'ielnifl , .nut sitya ih.iy : iio
11 I..JH not tdlcratuil in Amuiicu
Poatf lllo Robber Arrested ,
National Ajwo.'I.U I'rixw.
EKHTON , Pa , March -Dotoctlvo
3imona arrest id hero to-day a man
named John Heed , charged with robbing -
bing the postoflico nnd store at Nos
[ juohoniing , this stato. Most of the
stolen property was recovered.
"Wells' Health Ronowor , " greatest
remedy on earth for impotence , lean-
ion- ) , sexual debility , feo. One dollar
it druggist's. Depot , 0. F. Good-
on , (5) ( )
Iowa Democrats-
National Associated Prow.
Dr.fl MOINKH , March 30. The dem-
jcrutia stuto convention ia called to
neot on August lOth. The place of
liolding the suinu ia not yet fixed.
A Minister Denies It.
National Awociatod I'tutt ,
CHIUAHO , March 30Rev. . Brooke
Hereford denies that ho lua been
called to All Sainta' church of Now
fJuiitamau En Route to Hnaven.
National Anodated i'rc * ) .
COUHIOANA , Tax. , March 30 , A
Chinaman waahennan of thia city WBB
converted by a revival ia the Mothc
diat hurch and duly bautizod ,
Slarluo Intolllaonow.
National AnxoclMfd Proxi ,
NEW YORK , March 30. Sailed
The Wioland for Hamburg ; the State
of Pennsylvania for Glaagow ; the
City of Montreal for Liverpool.
Arrived The Ethiopia from Glas
gow ; the Canada from Havre ; the
Eutopia from London.
ANTWERP , March 30. Sailed The
Plnntyn for Now York.
Arrived ThoBelgcnland fromNow
HAMBUIHI , March 30. Arrived
The Gollor from New York.
MUcolliiiieonn Toloxami. {
National Arrouatcd l'rc * .
EABTONPft. , , March 30. The Thomas
Iron company purchaacd the Keystone
furnace Chain Dam at a figure cover
ing thu original coat with the cost of
improvement about $15,000. The
furnnco employs COO men and turns
out 7,000 tons of iron annually.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , March 30. The
aafoof Moore , Becker it Co. nt Dcnton.
Minn , , w.\fl blown open and robbed
of $700. No clue.
POIITI.AMI , Mo. , March 30. Mra.
Daniel Deshon , probably the oldest
person in the state , died hero to-dj.y ,
igud 100 jeara. She wna marriut
Lhrco tinier , and waa never sick until
1870 , when aho had tjpluiid-pneu-
uonia. She had been pnrrtljzcd from
the waist down during the lust sixteen
National Awodatcii 1'tcw.
WASIUNOTON , D. 0. , March 31.
A > r the Lower Missouri valley ;
? air and warmer weather , winds shift-
ng to oaat ami south , lower barome-
Political DulldlnK The Dntvorslty-
Tno Federal Court and Other
pedal Corrnpondene * of Tint uu.
LINCOLN , March 30. The result of
lie city primaries hold yesterday after ,
eon waa about aa had been anticipa-
ed. The Doolittlo ticket carried
very ward , thus again assorting the
1. & M. supremacy in political affaire
n this city. The opposition waa led
> y Kennard , Raymond , Imhoff , and
thora , who are endeavoring to secure
thor railroad conncctiona for this
ity. The total number of votes poll-
d waa over 1,700 , an unusually largo
lumber for a primary election , and
ho Doolittlo tickets had about
n the three wards. The convention
will bo held Saturday afternoon.
0 vernnr Nance haa not issued a
, i' . ' < mi lotpslaturo jot , but ho hua
i IK ju.irly "Arbor Day" proc-
lamn etting Wudncuday , April
10 , . - ! 41 the day for the obser
vance ui thia peculiarly Nubraakan
rito.A two-story brick business block
will bo built immediately upon the
northwest-corner of P. und " leyenth
atroets by'Jamoa Led with. "Tho only'
business building now in course of
construction ia S. 0. Elliott's store on
0. street , between 12th and 13th
That as much building will be done-
hero thia Bummer aa waa luai.
The term of ofiico of Oapt. C. N.
Baird , lltcoivur ot Public Moneys at-
the Lincoln Land oilice , expired lust
November , but he at ill holds the of
fice , nobody having yet been appoint
ed to succeed him. Mr. It.iird is not
an applicant for the position , and is
anxious to get through with it. It ia
believed hero that IXivo Ballcntine ,
stulo aonator from Furnaa county , will
ultimately bo given thu place , lie is
u friend of Van Wyck'a , and has been
ut Lincoln
llOllii Olt LKH.1 ALL WINTKU.
A confidential circular "to the
friends of moral education" haa re
cently been aunt out by thu university
ring , advocating thu elevation of
Prof. Thpmphoii to the chancellor
ship. Thia ia apparently u recogni
tion of the fact that Fairiiuld must
go , although thp transition from Fuir-
liold to Thompson would bo a good
deal like the old voyage from the fry
ing pan to the fire. Thompson ia at
present dean of the agricultural c l-
lego and professor of didactics , a high-
sounding title , meaning nothmtf
ffhatevt r in the present case , and if
made chancellor would complete the
ruin of our newT
J > i > l e Diuicly will bo oil hand Tuea-
day , ApHI'll , to hold the adjourned
term 01 c > nrt. But few CJSUB are to
be tried , llic district attorney ia in
Washington on Luainoas connected
with the atur route trials , It is not
known whether Furay'n indictment
will alter the otatus of those casea
when they next come up or not.
The democrats have not aa yet put
up any city ticket and it ia altogether
unlikely that they will do so. The
probabilities are that a coalition will
bo tonned between the democrats and
the temperance men and diesatisfiod
republicans to run somebody against
Doolittlo. tt - U
J. F , Zodikor , of Franklin county ,
is being spoken of aa a candidate for
secretary of state. Ho ia another of
the G , A. R. boya , Auaus.
The Coal Mining Troubles
National AMcxlalxl 1'reiu.
BALTIHOUE , March 30.A dispatch
from Cumberland saya R.V , Price ,
chief of iho Knighta of Libor , loft today -
day with the president of the Black
Avon coal company for Baltimore , to
confer with the coul companies in ref
erence to thu mining troubles , The
miners were to-day paid in full 05
cents per ton for all coal mined be
tween the lut and 14th last , which
indicates the employment of now men.
Largest stock ot gold and silver
watches and jewelry , and the newest
U always found at Edholin & Eriok-
aoii'n. "