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Commission Bill Being Dis
oussed in the House ,
The Liability of Its Being
< Adopted Still a Matter
' of Doubt.
The President Not to Touch the
Chinese Bill Before Fri
day's Cabinet Meeting.
The Nomination of Teller to bo
Secretary Again Postponed
Till Next Week.
nClncollanoooa Notoi of n National
KUtonal Associated Proa * .
WASHINGTON , March 29.Mr. . Dock-
roll presented a resolution of the St.
Louis land league concerning Amori-
coma in Irish j uls.
The bill establishing the eastern ju
diciary circuit of Kentucky passed. '
The Indian appropriation bill was
taken up.
Mr. Miller presented n bill to es
tablish an assay offho at Dead wood.
Mr. Oockroll offered a resolution
directing the secretary of state to aacer
tain if American citizens aio impris
oned in Ireland and why , and what
tops for their release have boon taken
by the government.
Mr. Pendl ton reported from the
committee on civil service reform his
own bill for reform m the civil aor
Mr Pugh offered a resolution that
it ia the first duty of congress to re-
vcrao and readjust the tariff this ses
sion and that the power of congreaa to
lory taxes was for revenue power only
and not oonstruablo aa a po * or to re
strict importations. Ho added a third
resolution that.congress should make
a free list that would embrace all
articles not made or produced in this
country , and gave notice ho would
call it up at an early day.
Consideration of the Indian appro
priation bill was continued till 4:15
p. m. , when executive eossion follow ,
ed and the senate adjourned at 4:50 :
p. m.
The senate to-day confirmed as post
master , Harry F. Griscomb , at Chattanooga -
tanooga , Teiin ; Mitthow H. Fulton ,
at Bucyrus , Ohio ; Frank L.Evestover ,
at B ly City , Mich. ; John Anderson ,
at Paris , Tonn.
Mr. Stephens presented resolutions
inquiring into the speaker's conduct
in removing the house stenographer ,
H. G. Hnys , and appointing Daw ort
without furnishing the house hia rea
" son , as nquired by the rules , pud in
I ) / * structing the judiciary committee to
ft/ inquire into and report. Stephens
presented a letter of Hays' domindiiig
1 the reasons for removal , and Koifor'a
reply , saying that ho would receive
noithtr public nor private persona to
give hia reasons. Stephens aakod
unanimous consent to speak on the
resolutions , but was shut off by Mr.
Robesonobjecting , andtho | resolutions
were referred.
Bills were favorably reported , per
nutting exchange of gold for gold
bond ? , for the sale of the Cherokuo
reservation in Arkansas , making St.
Louis and K insas City ports of de
livery , for f'o aurvey ot the ship
canal across the state of Michigan ,
abolishing all internal revenue tuxes
except those on liquors and tobacco ,
nd reducing those.
The house at 1:15 : p. m. went into
into committee of the whole on the
tariff commission bill , Mr. Carlisle re
suming his speech.
Keifer privately eaid ho removed
Hajs because lie had employment
outside as agent of the Associated
Press and that employment made it
impossible for him to pigpnrly attend
to the duties of house repuuer ; be
sides , the rule orders employ s of tlio
house to have the approval of the
speaker , and Hays' mis appointed
before Keifor became speaker.
The bill paying tun claims for losses
by the depredations in the White
river must-aero of 1879 passed ,
The senate amendment to the bill
pensioning Mrs. Gartield , including
widowa of other presidents , was con
curred in.
Bills were passed granting the right
of way to the Polatka & Indian river
railroad over public lands and provid
ing tor settlement of estates of de
ceased Indians in Kinaatj.
Mr. Errott follovvoJ , favoring the
bill , holding that a commission of ex
ports and me nbors could do the work
bettor than u commitieo of congress
or the two bodies of congress thorn-
Mr. RuBsell ( MJ is , ) , tpoko in sup
port of the bill favoring a protective
The army appropriation bill was re
ported from tl.o committee , stightly
A communication was received from
the president , transmitting statements
of the secretary of the interior on
lands granted to railroads and un
earned by thorn ; IXHO a communica
tion from the secretary of the interior
urging legislation to prevent trespass
ing on Indian reservation. The former
was in response to a resolution of in
quiry by Mr , Cobb ( ind , ) , who lias u
, bill pending repealing the laws grant
ing public lauds to railroad companies
whore the lands have not boon earned
by the compamuB in accordance with
the act making the grants ,
declaring their right in the lands
forfeited and the lands subject
to sale as other public lands , the not
pro-seeds to bo distributed among the
several states and the District of Co
lumbia , in proportion to the number
of children iu each , to become a por-
mauoht'sohoal fund. The report ia
very voluminous , giving the provis
ion pf the various grant * ; the amount
of land granted ; the amount cleared ;
whore located , etc. The following
table gives the number of acre *
granted and the number patented 01
deeded to the companies by the gov
ernment , they having , in the opinion
of the Interior Department , earned
fiuch portions by the constructions ol
portions of their roads , which they
have boon given title to. The full
amounts granted thorn in the land
qrants arc not included in
the report , the resolution of in
quiry , only asking for those which
have not earned the full amount of the
urants. The lollowing table ahowe
the amount of land granted and the
amount patented to the roads :
Acre * Acres
lltmd Or.mtcil
by Acts. Pdtent'd
Northern I'jHflc , . , . , 48/2l l4
Atlaiit.c A PftclHc 40n ) , M filG9(01
Southern I'm Ida 851 , SO
tinpon I'ciitml
California Oicu-nn 2,180 I2i 1,337,919
New Orleans Pacific . . . . . . . K3.SII
tnfcaHupirlor & Mississippi PW.2- !
Ila < ti8 ! & Dakott. . . . . . . 1.293,40 Sl'JTC
Sou t him Mlnnis IA. . 1,787M'3 4 277
Rlotix Lilt A : Ht. I'AUl 487,210 J07.DIO
Wciti n WlfcoiBtn. , . 1 03 MK > 8I2.SH )
Nonhern Wlnonsln 1,403 4fi2 ( 4tf87
WnwiiuMn Central. , . . . 1 , OP,0 I 157.M4
St. Vincent K tenn on ' 117J3t
Pctiolt * Jlll ntil < co. . . . 'attjii )
Port Huron & Milwaukee. . 312,831 10,408
Jickxon , Lntisln ? tt Northern
orn Control of Michlgin. , , ic,2un 741,001
437 2c < 5
Ontario & Short Line 2S2. < 1C7 fiS4
Mttle Kock & Ft. Sml b Il7i,4 !
Votth Louisiana % Tcxa , . J,77' ' , '
Poilna. Rome $ Dalton. , . . 041,2 6 4 7,215
A. , il. k W. I 1I7 , OV I9ln
Pcnso oh fc OroicK . , ,77fi 670
Florida. Atlantic a 0. . . . 2 > ,3gl
Con .t'lO'inesifo . . . . 140im 87.7C
Mobile ft Olrarl 859 621 1X14,145
Mr. Carlisle closed hia spcocli a
2:10 : , and was followed by Mr. Spoor
( Go. ) , who opposed the bill , saying
that the country and the people wor
Buffering from.tho present tdr.ff Bya-
torn , and should bo relieved by the
immediate action of congress , and nol
bo delayed by the long action of the
commission bill proposed. Ho devoted
voted much time to denunciation ol
the revenue act , saying thatata bur-
dona were unnecessarily heavy in
their requirements , and that thia gen
eration waa bearing a burden properly
belonging to that which IB to follow.
Ho referred , especially , to the effocta
) f the revenue laws in the south , de-
louncinr : them as burdensome and
in just to the people of thataoctinn ,
illoging that moat of the so-called
sapturo of illicit distilleries in the
louth are founded on distorted state-
nonta of facts and in many cages were
> ut rages on the people concerned.
The tariff bill wont over and the
louse adjourned.
iatlonal Aiwxiated from
WASHINGTON , March 20. Postman-
, er General Howe has recommended
o the house appropriation committed
; hat pofltmastorfl of the fourth cla s be
flowed to act as disbursing officers
mder certain restrictions. This will
lave money in printing * and signing ol
Hoferripg to Trqscott's complaint of
; he premature publication of liis cor
espondence , the Post of to-morrow
vill say. editorially : "A Rentlomun
.vho . is entirely familiar -with the
Peru-Chili controversy and who takes
; roit interest in South American
iff lira , declares that the instructions
; o Trescott were made against the mosl
sarnest and repeated protests ol
3laint > ; that the president had prom-
sod Blaine the instructions should
lot ba made public and that he iiftor-
vards yielded to Frolinghiiyaon's de-
mind for their publication ; that
Jlaino told the president that prema-
uro publication would lead to failure
) f the misaion and that Troscott'a last
'equest ' before leaving was tint no
loinmunieation to him or from him
hould bo given to the press until
iter his return from South America ,
lenco Trescott'a complaint to Fre-
inghuyaon for violating the under-
tanding under which ho sot out upon
lis mission. It is highly probable
hat the whole subject will be invest- !
ated by the house committee on for-
ign affaire. "
Tbo Sue and Fox Indiana conferred
rith Secretary Kirkwood to-day ro-
arding removal to Indian territory ,
ut came to no conclusion and another
onfcronco will bo had to-morrow.
The InuHt ) committee on conimorco
card Mr. llopan , who will conclude
o-monow ,
IJopreHontativo lilack's phyaician
nys that his patient is somewhat im-
roved and says that now , while there
i some hope of recovery , his disease
i of such n character that ho will bo
holly crippled in the lownr limbs.
The president is deluged with ad-
ice personally and by mail as to his
uty on the Ohinojo bill , but will not
ot before the cabinet meeting Fiiday ,
'acilio coast members tire confident
0 will sign it ,
The general impression ia that Tel-
ir and Chandler's names will bo Hunt
) early next week.
Richard , T , Moniok , prominent.
aunsol for Mr. Tildon before the commission , has been relined -
lined in place of lirewator , who will ,
owovor , as attorney general , take
art in the atar route cases.
The house post oflico coramittto
vrood to a bill to increase the postal
rder limit from 950 to $100 and pro-
ide money cards for small sums ,
Folu'er will make another bond call
1 a few days ,
The democratic oxtoutivo congrei-
onal campaign committee consists
F Rosecrans ( Gala. ) , Flower ( N. Y ) ,
Lindall ( Pa ) , Lofovre (0. ( ) , Oobb
[ ml. ) , Thompson ( Ky. ) , and Jonou
\rk. )
Tlio ladies' Garfield memorial hos-
ital iaorganued , with Windompresi-
Fatal TSoilor Zlzploiloit.
iUon I As oclat d Vita.
LEXINGTON , 0. , March 29. ,
ho bailer of a portable Haw mill , bo-
inginct to Reuben Dutro , exploded
-doy , instantly killing one man and
lortalljr wounding four others.
StatMUnfc Concerning the flood !
by a Prominent Planter ,
The Destitution is Not as Gen
Aral ao People are Apt
to Believe.
And the Planters Can and Are
Getting Beady to Put in
the Usual Crops.
A Good Deal of the Complain
ing is Done by the
Chronic Croakers.
And They rvro Goliic B&oh to Thol
XV ivtti'Relatives iu the State * .
National At aoclatad Prrw.
LITTLB ROOK , March 29. In an in
terview to-day Gen. D. U. Reynold * ,
a leading citizen and planter of Chtco
county , said the condition of affitira
there had been greatly exaggerated.
There was a bigovotflow ana much
destitution but little that the citizens
of the county could not relievo. Tim
planting of crops has commenced and
nearly aa much land aa usual will bo
cultivated. The waters nro every
where steadily receding aud the spin ( a
of the people are on the increase. Ho
expect * the entire county will bo fcvo
from flood watar very soon. Every
body ia hopeful. Government aid
waa volojmr. but all who
now want to work cnu got
it. Gen. Rcynoldi , who ia well ao
rjuaintod with the overflowed district *
in this state , Mississippi and Louisi
ana , thinks the ollects will not bo aa
disastrous aa represented. Capitalists
from Boston and elsewhere are avail
ing themselves of the opportunities
to purchase lands in the overflowed
districts at unusually low prices. Many
small farmers in the flooded portions
af St. FrancisandothorcountieHhaving
everything swept away , are prep vring
bo return to the states they came from ,
[ f no further rise occurs Gen. Rey
nolds thinks thia state will come out
all right.
Marine Intolllceaoo
National Associated Prem. <
March 29.-Bailod-
NKW YOKK , - -
The Amatordum for Rotterdam , the
Qallia for Liverpool , the Franco for
S wro , the Elbe for Bremen.
Arrived The Geizer from ( Jppen-
tiagon , the Canada from London , the
Westphalia from Hamburg.
LIVERPOOL , March 29. Arrived
rtio Alaska and the I uly from Now
LONDON , March 29. Arrived The
Greece , f rotn Now York.
SOUTHAMPTON , March 29 Passed
The Oiler from New York for lire-
men , the Hermann from Baltimore
for Bremen.
Gr isoowj March 29 Sailed On
the L'8th , the State of Nevada for
Now York.
LONDON , March 29. Sailed On
the 2Gth , the State of Indiana for
Now York.
Mnrdoroil By a Dranlion Man.
S'atlonil Au&ociated I'rora
ST. Louis , March 29. Alexander
P. Wingato , of Lexington , Ky. , was
shot iu the bowels and killed this
uorning , at 1:35 : , ou an Ohio & Mis
liesippi train , between Sharpsvilloand
Modora. Hia assassin was an un
known man who was crazed by drink
md had no provocation for the shoot-
ng. After th 'tragedy the man jumped
rom the train while it waa going at a
ate of forty mileo an hour , landid
lafply , walked half a mile to a cretfk ,
itrippcd himself naked , and jumped
n to the stream , where his dead body
vos found thin morning. The clothes
vero found hanging on a bridge and
iontained $90 in cash , a gold watch ,
md express receipts for § 100 , sent
rotn El Paeo , Texas , to Now Salem ,
) hio , and a quart bottle of ginger
> randy alntit half full. Hoth bodies
vero brought to this city and an 111-
jucit will bo held to-morrow.
Vooidont to tbo "Frying Dutch
man. "
iatloiml AxMdattkl I'riwa
ST. PAUL , Minn. , March 29. The
apress truiri on the Minnesota & St.
jouis road called the "
, commonly "fly-
tig Dutchmm , " had an extreme iwr-
ow oBcapo from catastrophe at a Into
lour last n glit. On entering a cut a
hort distance this side of Hosting *
ho ran into a boulder weighing a ton
k'hich has accidentally detached itself
rom the overhanging cliff , and lay
.cross thu track , The boulder wits
lartially pushed aside by the con
atelier , but the engine was badly
iscd up , the journalH of every car
irokon , and the baggage car derailed.
Irakeman EUorlrook jumped from
ho train and Mas bruised. No ono
Ise was hurt. The oacape from a
ilungo into the river bordered on the
ninioulous. Passougura were delayed
hroo hours.
to a Mail Rofcbery.
fatlonal AtwoclaUxl „ 1'rcw.
ST. PAUL , March 29 ; W. W. Day ,
if Janpavillo , Wis , , was brought to
his city by the postal authorities ,
hitrged with being accessory to the
nail robbery committed by Austin
"obdell on the7th last. , on the route
> etweon Janearillo and Alma City.
) ay wa $ sub-contractor of the route ,
nd know Tobdell cut the pouch. Ho
ook money from Tobdoll , keeping it
ii hia possession twenty-four houis
iaforo reporting thu uaino , thus al-
Dwing the latter to escape. Day
raivod an examination , and in do-
inilt of $1,000 b ill was committed to
ail to awuit the next turn of the dis-
rict court.
A Crazy Worann ,
rational Ansodatod Prcw.
PINK ttLvvn , Ark. , March 29 ,
( Irs , Ballard , of Lincoln , Lincoln
ounty , after a row with her husband ,
ook their ohiliUiio , Huron and oloren
years old , and an infant to R pond
She broke the nock of the two eldest
throw the bodio § into the water ant
then drowned herself.
Minoari Trb
N Uon J AraodAtod FTfM
KAKSAS CITT , March 29. Dic
Little , ono of the leaden of the Jamoi
gang of robbers , hai boon in the handi
of the officers hero for eomo lima and
the pant operations of the whole ganp
are known. They were all engaged
in the Winston robbery of the Rock
Island train and it was Jewc Joraoa
who killed Conductor Westfall. They
were also engaged in tliO robbery of
I ho Uhicoqo A Alton train at Blue
Out , SoitU-mbor 7th. Since then it i
b liuved Jesio James haft killed Wood
Hito , brother of Jeff Hito , who
was recently nent to the pon-
iUmtiary for participation in the
Winston robbery. Full particu
lars cumot now bo fjivrn , John
Lnnd , who is now in jail in Independ
ence , gives the names of the follow
ing parties M participants in the Blue
Cut robbery : Jcsso ami Frank James ,
Jim CummingB , Ed Miller , and Dick
Little , of the old James boys' KAIIR ;
John and Win. Bulger , Cred Chap.
man , Frank Armstrong , Charles Don.
dorf and John Mottn , all of the
Cracker Neck neighborhood in this
county. John llolU was the tele-
urnph operator ac Qlondala. The
trinl of Motls , the Bugler brothers
and Ciod Chapman will bo in at Inde
pendence to-morrow if a jury is se
cured. John Land is the principal
witness for the prosecution.
National Attaoclated Preo *
HINDSBORO , 111. , March 29. A destructive -
structivo confl igration originated iu
, W. Helm's dry gooda store , spread
ing to Abe Miller's store , then to
Stork & Hearns' drug store and hard
ware atoro , then to Taylor & Simpion'A
dry good store , completely dt'itroyiog
the houses invaded. LOFBOS - Helm ,
50,000 ; Taylor & Simpson , $8,000 ;
Stork & Hearns , $4,000 ; smaller
lessen , $1,000. Insurance about ouo-
TOBONTO , March 29. John 'Olmer
& Co.'s pianino ; mill at Saho , the
foundry and a car manufactory corn-
pan J'B premises were destroyed b ;
tire this morning. Losa $00,000.
e. . . . _ . _ . - - , . _ . ; T. y. , - , . , . , . . . ,
Killed \VTillo Drnnk.
National Awoclated I'rum.
KANHAB CITY. March 20. Eugene
Chilton was murdered on Tuesday
night last by Tiiomas Eddington near
Independence , this county. 0'iilton
waa spending the evening with Ed-
dineton's daughter. Ho had a flisk
of whisky witti him and became intoxi
cated. In that condition ho quarrelled
with Eddington and attempted to
shoot the latter , but was prevented
by the daughter The father procured
a pistol , put Chilton out ot the house
and fired at him. Chilton was hoard
to exclaim : "lam shot , " but ran
away. The next morning his body
was found lying in the road where ho
had died.
toinlt ofan Old Fena/ /
Associated Pfc , _ '
Jasporfhist evening Gilbert Shopshiro
ohca and instantly killed John Ryder
and his son George and put , a bullet
through the arm of Dave , another of
Rydor'a sons. The tragedy is the sequel
quol of a feud between the families
tor years The trouble grow out ol
the alleged criminal intimacy between
Shopshire's wife and Jim Ryder , son
of John and brother of George.
Great bitterness has grown out of the
trial of the case in court.
Mexican Matters.
National Aiwocla'cd Proas.
Oirv OK MEXICO , March 29. The
authorities havu determined to raioo
by the issuing of bonds $18,000,000 ,
to effect city improvements by the in
troduction of a system of water
[ ) ipes , relaying pavements of streets
md building of slaughter houses , to
be conducted under the management
uf the city authorities.
Forman's calendar atone , which haa
remained for 100 years on the outside
rf thu cathrcdral , in to bo removed to
the national muboum.
lix-Govuriior Mono *
Natloual Anso.mroo ivi-on.
NbW Yonic , March 29. Franklin
J. Moses , ex-governor of South Onro-
Una , Was ancstod to-day on the charge
of HwiudlifK FrooborV. . Smith , a
piano manul icturer , to whom ho rep
resented himself as a brother of Gov ,
Uolquit , of Georgia , out of 875 There
ire quite a number of similar chargee
igdinst him , and during the day ho
A as i Jontifiod by several of his vie-
, \me \ , To-moirow they will appear
ig.iinst him in the Tombs court ,
National AmiocUtca I'ruiui
KANHAH CITV , March 29.- William
Stock , who shot Mike Monolian in a
mloon in WtBt Kantas City last night ,
iras captured thm evening in Kansas
iVbout ono thoucand of Monolian'o
'rionds assembled and attempted to
ynch the prisoner , but the ofllcors
lucceuded in grabbing him and ledged
lim in jail , where ho is now safely
iboe tSmdo Out of a Negro' * Hide.
National A CLtatod fiutn.
MILWAUKUK , March 29. Quito a
> roozo has been occasioned hero by u
liapatch that a prominent physician
laily wears H pair of ahoos from the
lido of the negro Samuel Btornborjr ,
vho was not long ago hanged near
Ubany , N. Y. Stcrnbon , ' willed his
kin to the physician's father , an at- '
ornoy , for defending him.
Sarceant MUIOQ'V Wife.
Uthnal AluuciaUid ITOM.
WASHINGTON , March 29. The Mrs ,
itaaon fund amounts to nearly 81,000 ,
She ia out in u card of thanks and
ays where further donations may bo
out ,
MinUter Lowell.
Utloaal Awoclatod 1'rBoA.
ALBANV , N. Y. , March 29. In the
louse J , J , Costello offurod a resolution
or the recall of Minister Lowell be-
IMIBO of his indifference concerning
! ri American inbjocU.
The Hightmare that Haunts th
English Mind
Protest Against the Construe
tton of the Great Engi
neering Schomo.
Rumor that the British Gov
wnmont Will Puh a Stop
to Work on It.
Gorman Army Ofllcers Continue -
tinue Sending Challenges to
General Skobelbif.
News that Came
Over tlio C.vblo.
Natlnnil Aniodatod I'rtm
I/ONBOK , March J10 A protoat i ,
published in the morning papers
i < g\iiiHt the coiiati notion of the chan
nel tunnel. It U allied by a number
of peers , conservative and liberal
members of thu house of commons ,
.Messrs. Tennyaon , Browning , Her
bert Spencer and several other
authors , Generals Simmons , Have
lock and many other prominent
military Rontlomim , numerous finan
ciers and several journalist ! , . It ia
reported thn government intends to
put a atop to thu work.
BBULIN March --Kxtoneivo
, - - pc
troloutn wells have boon discovered at
Linden , a tuburb of the city of Han-
The police of this city broke up a
secret meeting of social democrats
uid arrestt'd twenty-seven of tLem.
Several. German oflicera hrvo out
iliallongen to Gun. SkobolelT to fight
MADBIU , March 29. A dowonstra
: ion occurred throughout Catalonl
igainst the French treaty.
Industrial taxuiaatorn have oora-
monccd a general lock-out , which af.
ftcts several hundred thousand opera-
lives iu Barcelonia. There boa been
torioua rioting.
KOJIK , March 29 Italy has BUI-
peudod diplomatic relations with the
bloiro u o > government on account i f
their declining to render satisfaction
tor the ill treatment of two Italians
by the police.
LONDON , March 29. A Vionnadis
patch says the powers have agreed to
antrust settlement of the Egyptian
question to England and Franco.
A dispatch from Moutono nUtna a
balloon , in attempting to cross the
Mediterranean , fell into the oua. The
( uronauti were rescued.
TJoatlm Cnxuod by tbo Blizzard *
'l Aflfo laj < l Pi Das.
Sr. PAUL , Marchi 29. The rccont
blizzard went very aexoro on tlio 'Wiuo-
iij & St. . Potcr roaJd InDakotrs' nd
pressed by the poowle end the ruili-0ar
authorities , in the vicinity of Wnjc r-
town , Rodiiold and Ordway , are just
coming to light. Many livoi wrre
doubtless lost on the prairies which
are not known. The 'following is defi
nite information : A lieutenant , name
unknown , from Fort Siasoton , Dak. ,
en his way homo to Germany on a
furlough , started in company with a
stage driver named Howard to tuko
thu cars at Watortown ; both perished.
A Mrs. Long and son Aiboit , aged 19 ,
living near Krausorburi ; , started with
a team to visit a sick neighbor on the
prairie ; both wore found dead throe
miles northwest of Goodwin , Dak.
On Monday twelve land explorer ? ,
riding ponies , left Aberdeen for Water-
town , and have not since been heard
from , but two of their ponies have
been found A few days more will
probably develop additional cases of
from the storm.
Southern Military.
National A v . ( la-oil t rceii.
BinK HOCK , March 29. The Qua
liatv Guards , of this city , have decided
to contest at the intor-tUte military
Jrill at Indianapolis in .Inly next ,
provided the olhir thrto noted . ,0111
[ mnk'Bof the south the Clnqknuaws ,
> f Memphis , thu I'ortur IMlea , of
NuBhvillo , and the Orescent Cuys , of
Now UrlnuiiD will be present. If
; hese latter do n H appnnr at Indian
ipolis the Qualm AHull go to Boston ,
ind there meet the famous Uliiclm-
iawH , and dutermiuo the clmmpion-
ihip of the Houth and the country
Dronzo Gunn For Monument.
Oongrefis began to enact lawn twelve
> r lifteen yuuis a o giving condemned
ironx.o or iron cann n to various n.suo
liations , to bo UHed in the eruption of
loldiera' monumunts or in casting sta-
uts ia honor of distinguished t'ener-
ils ot tlio cival war. A largo number
if billa which gavu away cannon have
> con introduced arc on the calendar.
V bill of this sort in behalf of a mon-
imcnt to President Gartiold was in-
roduood , but the comuiittoo decided
0 give a sum of money instead of the
; una. Congressmen and the people
yho urge them to introduce BUCII > > ila |
mght to know the real condition of
he supply of useless cannon , The
; ovornment haa now only 281 con
temned bronze guns , of which 217
> ro iu the aiBenals and 04 in the fotta
L'hero are , liowtvtr , 04G other broi z
| uns , aorviccnble but obsolete. An
if these bronico gm a can bo USD
n manufactures ol the ordnancu do ,
lartmont. They are worth 10 cuito
t pound , or about $1110,000. Thcry
ire also 774 cost-iron guns , which ard
lithur unaervlcoablo or of obsulut-
nodoland 98 guns of stt'ol or wrotigho
roa in tlio aamo condition , Thcat
: an not ho utilized in nnuiufacturd by
ho ordinance dopartment. The iron
; uns are worth 1. } cents a pound , or
ibout $05,000 , aud the wrought iron
md atool guns 10 conta a pound , or
plO.OOO , Bixteon lawn were enacted
1 1870 , and many others amco that
tmo , providing for the contribution
pf guns , but the guns have not ye
ooon delivered. Ono of thoao lawi
baaaod 12 yoara ago , gave CO guns fo
iho West Point monument ; another
8 guns to bo placed around the monument
mont in memory of Gen. Lyon. B ,
uther laws of that year , an indofinit
number of Rims were given away fo
UBO in making an fauoatrian monument
ment in memory of Gen , ItawlinBam
an iiidcflnlto number were given tc
'ho Lincoln Monument association
In obedience to ( his law 12 suns have
been delivered , and application IIM
boon mode for 240 more , or nearly
300,000 pounda of bronze. Under a
similar law only 35 guns have yet boon
31 VCM to bo used by the Gettysburg
ll > ttlo-lield Memorial association.
Among the many associations whicl
ire etii'tlcd to guns under lawn passed
> inco 1870 are thono in Providence , It.
I ; Udstford and Lcdyard , Conn. ;
lorcey City , N. J. , and Syracuse ,
N. i.
ntnucrioN or THK NAVY.
The experience uf Senator McPherson -
son , who WIIB cliaiimin of the aonatn
committee an naval nlTuirs while the
U'luocnxta wore in power , haa led him
o believe that the naval establish-
nont can bo reduced with benefit to
ho acrvlco , and a largo Hiving to the
government. Ho line , therefore , pro-
< arod a bill which he will pri'sontty
ntroducu. The proiimblo doclarra
hat there are now in the several staff
orpa more olllccra than are nccdoJ ,
r u ill bo needed in future. It nl , o
cclarea that the government ouu'ht
ot to maintain , nt a largo annual 01-
leiiao , nine navy-vards , and etations
n Atlantic and gulf aeabo.irda. Some
> f tin BO am characterized as worao
Imn uaolusa , and others , it is said ,
lould be catnbliahed aa ponnanent
iitttutions , and put in condition of
Iliooncy neccasary for o > in&truction
tid ropaira of vcteola of the United
( at os.
Rov. A. 8. HciUBton , of the Wfcro-
oaiau mitsion of the A. B. 0. F. M. ,
aa orduiued an ovangoliat at Grii.noll
n Friday evening lost , by a council
f churches of the Congregational
A prominent citizen of Marshall-
town awoke the other night and
iiought ho saw a burglar in the room ,
lo pulled hia revolver outfrom under
ia pillow and taking careful aim ,
mlled the trigger. Ho now haa n bul-
ot hole in hia Sunday pants , which
were hanging on n clothes rack in thu
oom.Mr. . Groavonor Knapp , for several
'ears bnRs of a gang of men in the 0. ,
J & Q machine shops at Creston ,
ma been appointed to the foronnn-
hip of the ootnpany'a locomotivoand
car department at PaciGc .Junction.
Joe Phillips , who has been indicted
at Vinlon for wrecking a train at M >
Vuburg some time ago , haa plead gu >
y of manslaughter in the second r
; reo , and will bo sentenced to tlu < pen >
.qutiary for a term of ton to ti\ only
The Pioneer and Old SeUlora' As-
ociationof D.ea Moiuca county num-
ipff < ' 07 mp.nU > r . Of } ho I'lonoera
six ol the aoisn iHTtheearly data'of
1833 ; aro.iiow liviny ; Iwc/vo / came in
1835 , thirty-four and thirty-ono in the
years following , and fifty-eight in the
year 1837.
As a freight train on the Illinois
Central railroad was rounding a curve
near Dubuque , it struck a man sitting
m the track with a pick-ax in his
lands , striking him in the brva *
breaking his bones , and mangling his
body in a terrible manner. He was
ibout sixty yearn of ago , and was stu
pefied with liquor.
Mrs. Van Pult , well known in news
paper circles in lown , has been ten-
lured a position in the ollico of a man
ufacturing company at Klkhart , Ind , ,
to take charge of the correspondence
: > f the firm , and is BOOH to assume the
lulies of her position.
According to the ( inures given in
the consua report of 1880 , there woio
n thin state 282 villages uiid towim
: ontainiiiK from 200 to fiOO inhabi-
ailt ; 120 towns containim ; from COO
to 1.00019 ; between 1,000 and 2,000 ;
from 2,000 ta 5,000 there were 29
ntios ; between 5,000 and 10,000 there
.vero five cities ; while within our
borders there were three cities ouch
; ontaining over 20,000 people.
Athmtiu has ; i building boom. Now
jiiildingsure being erected inullpartii
) f the city , and this yoir promisoa to
3t ) more lively in that liiu thun any
nevioim year in the history of that
mUirpritii'tf c y
Thonius SpiMi , livm/near Missouri
Valley , waB ilutcrmint > l to t.ikn I > { R
ife. Ho ( in- cut dm t'.ioit ' uit'i ' u
mif md tin n liniij ; lui i .clf b/jump-
ii { ' ll'ii log , luviiit lit > > i t"l 'i rope
i' ' < .1 I ia tri'ii mil | . c il a uooan
D lUiul hiu " ek.
D , D NV ' ' .irver , of I'lio Dubucjuo
leruld has purchased 5,100 asrea pf
and , and a Texas paper-Buys ho will
t ick it with hli top and cattle. J , 0.
iIoXoll , of Waterloo , haa purchased
t,000 acri'a in tlio aamo neighborhood.
L'ho land ia on the line of the Auatin
t Northwestern uillroad.
l Anodated 1'ruu.
WABIIINOTON , D. 0. , March 30 ,
' 'or the Lower Missouri valley ;
' 'air weather , colder northerly winds ,
hifting to warmer past to south , ris-
ng followed by falling barometer.
Prohibition Again Defeated.
latlon&l Anouated l'rc " .
UOHTON , March 29. After u abort
lobato the house of reiircBentatives
ejected the prohibitory liquor bill by
t tiu vote.
Health Ronower , " greatest
umudy on eaith for' impotence , lean-
leas , suxual debility , fco. Ono dollar
it druggiat'a. Depot , C , F , Good-
' on. (5) ( )
Political ,
National Atuociatcd 1'rvtw.
HAKUIBIIUUO , Pa. , March 29. The
next Greenback State convention will
DO hold in this city on May 18th.
The How JoKey Railroad at Their
Old Garno.
An Asaomblymnn Ohargoa an
Attotxpt Waa Made to
Bribe Him.
To Gain His Vote Towards
Carrying a Bill Over the
Governor's Veto.
And Then Help { to Donate the
Jersey City Wnter Front
to the Robbers.
IliTocttinonjFaly Corrobont
nt tlin lnvmtlatl it.
Satlonal Awoclalwl frtx
THKNTON , March 29. When th
railroads' JotBoy City water front bill.
imo up in the assembly this after-
10011 , Assemblyman Sliinn nude
luirgcH of bribery , Buying ho wo *
called out by John J. Ununer , keeper
f the Arlington House at Capo May.
nd handed 8500 by a stranger ami
irouiised $500 mnro after his vote
lad been cast in favor of the bill ,
ho party an ) ing the ruling figure
or vote * was $500 , and the bill had
1 ready coat a good deal of money.
Shinn turned the money over to the
ommitteo apwintcd to invcstigiU
! io matter , and at the ncssion ihia
veiling tostiGed to the matter , and
overal witiiosses corroborated Shinn.
nd showed that money ia being uaou
o inluoncovoles ( ] , BO as to override the
[ overnor'a veto , the bill having al-
oady passed the nnnato.
Brief Telreraia * .
attonal Ainociateil Prom.
SAN FKNCiBtx > , March 20. The
nttom i tucers seized fifty pounds pf
piuw found hidden in an air pump in
10 onaiuo room of the steamer City
f Tokio.
GOLU HILL , Nov. , March 20. The
'ollow Jacket pump stopped at 8
'clock yesterday afternoon. The
lullion bulkhead ia BO nearly coin.
ilotcd that it can be nnished before *
ha water rises to 190 feet necessary
o reach it.
CHICAGO , March 29. A car load of
Malaga grapes that were shipped to
) jnver last fall to keep till spring has
arrived hero in good condition. The
air of Colorado being dry * r , fiuit can
> o kept for a long timo. As very few
; ra''i' are to bo had at this season the
ilii | > | > er will realize a good profit out
f t' n cxrorimont.
' -win Alarch 29. The body of
A * I' > | Uo , aged 4& , was found in
1. . , . .j.tir at tb India otrect bridge
toi'1" * 'iiof/l been partially ia-
flan < j fi , Memo tim It is thought
that elio comjmitted
KANKAKB * , III. , , ' . March
Emolinoj.o rominent former
yoatprday by on acclaoiitnl Wow from
a BludiO hanjmor iu the Hand * of hw
son-in-law. I/They / were driving fence
posts , the old gentleman standine on
the ground holding the posts , while
the young man stood in a waguu aud
used n hammer.
DAYTON , O. , March 29. A. K. Gm-
liam , sgud 21 , of Van Wort , Ohio , u
irakcmnn on the Toledo , Dolplios &
[ Turlington road , nas instantly killed
> y falling from the top of n freight
: ar to-day , while in the act of trying
, o save the life of another man. Gra-
mm had intended to quit railroading
ind waa making his final trip.
Frank Yalioker , a saloouist , wan
itruck in the head with n atone by
John Flantiery , on Sunday , during a
row in the foimor'a bar room , ilia
) liyaician aiys ho cannot recover.
Fzanno-y has been arrested. The
'acts have just come to light to-day.
DBTUOIT , March 29. Williams was
innvictod of an attempt to poison
iVm. Allen in tlio Wayne circuit court
hia morning.
The Evening Nou'a Hiiecinl saya a
orrible tragedy occurred at Craw ford ,
i Hpttlement about eight miles south
> f Farwell , yenterday , in which a man
mined Jacob Smith , aged about 05
Miurs , was kilied in a mo-it brutal
naimer by a man named J. Huchor.
"t appears that Smith , who ia a rol
lout of HarriBon , wont to Uuchor'n
vith Mm. IJiinher , who has boon di-
orcid from her luuband and wont to
lia pl.ioii to get her children. Buchor
i liMi'il t" give up thu children. Smith
uti-otii luu\i ) , nhureniion liuohor
iiul , luir with IIH lint mid followed it
ip wall a vfo ( lr < ii nm'lcr , criHliiitr hia
'lotim'tt t.k ill , Hutl Killiui ; him on the
pot. Buclif I-'B hou , who is a lad of
. 't , nayri hi ) father subsequently
jurned the man , and cleared up the
> loody evidence of hh guilt in thu
leer yard ,
CIIICAOO , March 29. The fact has
oakod out to-day that Arthur Heaver ,
) nok-keopor for F. F. Dwight , oom-
nisaion Iiouso , and James Kerz , book
cooper for llpwoll & Ciopaer , also in
ho commission buainenH , decamped
in Monday. Heaver is ahort about
? 500. Kerz wont through the offioe
jifo before leaving , and secured a small
OL Swindling Teller.
taUoaal Asaoclatsd freaa.
INUIANAI'OUH , March 29. A. Muller -
ler , teller of the Central bank , left
the city on Saturday and it now ap
pears ho ia short in his accounts with
the bank 922,000 , and has various
debtu. Last week hesold his property
to his mother for 810,000.
Mtloiuil AiHOUutix ) 1'ii'iu.
NEW YOIIK , March 29. Dispatches
received by Bradstreet from San
Frannisco state that G , Mosgravo &
Bni. , dealers in dry gooda , have assigned -
signed , Liabilitiea ostiinatecl at $100-
i'uko "BLACK-DRAUGHT" and you
will uutt'jb bili