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    iliE OMAHA DAILY BBEi JkFARC.T . 2 ! > 1882
Wednesday Morning March" ' *
Weather Rnport-
( The following observations nre t- " . ?
the Mine moment of time at nil r'
tloni named. ) ,
irARrmrrr. U. R.SM AL Bur ! ? \ \
OMAHA , March 28,1882. ( ! : ' "
lilver 4 fit 10 Inchon above high water mark
fro ti Hignnl stivtlonx nil nvor
th/counlry slu-w n very low buromo'er.
of Imlr has cosonnd
co nppoarlnR In profusion.
The aisowira of the dlllorent wards
meet tliocount * clerk ono tl&y next woelc ,
probably on Weilnosdny.
Sprlnif woither h ngnla eracrRcd
from nbovo nnd the Rtroots ore bocomitiK
quite dusty nnln.
\ndroi' Bnznr , 10A8 Farnnrn , fifjont
for the Unlr wnl Fft hion Cotnpnny'a Perfect
foct Pftttcrns. Spring stylus now rfftdy.
Now Ida ii. Catalogue ! ) frco. mcli'J7-Cl
Another huga tostlon of planter ftll
from the ceiling of the District Court room
ycstc-idfty nnd the plaso looked like It
had experienced nn earthquake.
The fifth nnnual rep > rt of the Omaha
Hoard of Trade is out in pamphlet form
and presontH n neat npponranca. It con
tain * a rait lund of valuable infurinatl m
and htatlstlca and i ft credit to both com
piler and publisher.
Tht rctn ins of Dr. Isaac Kdwarda
were yesterday taken cant to Loaveu *
\rorthInJIana , in charge of hlo two son * ,
N. N. Kdwarda of thi cUy and John Kd-
ward of Mt. Vermn , Iowa. All the rel
a'ivei were present in the city before th
departure of the funeral l nrty.
The quadrennial weighing of mall o
the Omaha nnd Ogdcn railway postolfici
begins on Saturday next , to continue tht
t'ydnyw , Twenty-two weigherH have two :
appointed by Chief O'ork ' Vnn Dorwort ,
all Grand Aimymrn oelectod from a !
partfl of the State.
- J. J. Monoll , f Omaha , bas prcsonot
H . Albib'it lodgp , 1C. of I' , of 0)unci
with a hnnd'omn nwurti nnd Hcab-
bard. The gift was made because St. Al <
ban'd lodge hai purchased morn uniform
and qulpmcnts tlian nny lodge in Omalm
or Counoil Bluffs and because it * is lette
fitted out in every respect ,
* * S. I * . Morre & Co. always come to the
fnmt with their window displayn and to
day tlio broa i front in fairly resplendent.
Fiuo drcBs goods , nill.n , linens and avery
conceivable article H combined in n way to
produce the most harmonious effect. The
lay of Bkill in their dressing window. )
/ shows that an artist's h nd lias bet at
1 / work.1
Am nnat tht va leas rovcrsen thrtbua
Inett-ot the Slaven Ilotol had to contend
agaiimt the past year , there was none BO-
di astrous to it , a the 1 ite "umall pox
care. " Still its over popular proprietor
has been at wuik main lately renovating
its uumoroua apartments , nnd now we find
the house open otico more for the enter
talntnent of gueUa. In fact it in almost
full agatn. We loam from n reliable
aourca that the city physician pronounced
tlie house safe four wockn ago.
ChiiB. MoDonald , the Worth of Omaha ,
has returned.
P. E. Kustls , genernl ticket agent nf tlio
H. & M , , loft for Ciilcago Jcntcrdny.
llolai d It. I'letcltcr , of IJlnlr , left for
Ogden yesterday tobegln weighing mail on
the Onion Pacific nn Saturday , taking the
fmt run In ,
Jnpt. JnmoH H. JfcOIure , > f Vinosune" '
Ind. , is In the city , vi-itlng frlonls. Mr.
McClure IR n Mason In very high standing
and Is cordially welcomed by tlio membora
of the fraternity.
Will Woydruff , the good-looklug trnT-
ellrjg agent of iletcalf k Bros1 well known
lea nnd cigar IIOUFO In this city , was in
from it nuccestful trip on Monday , nnd left
g 'n for about alx weeks' absence In the
Mra. Elisabeth lj. Hume , a well known
resident of Ihia city , left two weeU ago to
visit f i lends in Ontario. Shu wuu tnkan
nick nnd dluiat Hr.intfonl , < m Monday ,
March 27th. The remains uill bo liiouclit
to this city for burial , Funeral notice
0. K Kankin , formerly of the ' Hoard
of Trade" in tbU city , unJ ol Into hi the
employ of Mr. Chih. Gablor , of Fremont -
mont , Is In the city en route to hi * homo
in Chain ) ague , Ills , , where he * has been
Buuin.oneil by tdegrnph , H8 h looking
well and HIM warmly welcomed by his old
friend * here.
TUo N ll Worka Sold. '
At 10 o'clock ft in , yesterday thu
of the property belonging to the
Onmlm Nail Works Company , took
place at the oilico of thu United States
marshal , Deputy Marshal Allen con
ducting the tulo ,
The first bid wiw from the First
National bank , the holder of the
judgment under which tlio sale was
made , and was for ? 14,007.
James Oroighton bid 845,000 and
W. J. Council $15,100 , the pioporty
being knocked down at the last
named figure.
The deed was ordered made out in
the nonio of W. J. Connoll.
Sudden Changes of the Weather O
ten Cause
'Pulmonary , bronchial , and oath-
uiatio troubles. "Drown'a Bronchial
Troches" will pllay irritation which
induces coughing , oftentimes giving
immediate relief , mSO-lvr
Full line of now buttons just
opened at O'Donahue & Downey's.
The Third Grand Jury Com-
plotob Its Work aud Is
Five Indlctmonta Atalnet Bldnoj
Bmllh , Ono. Against Whleky
Jack , and Othoro Not
Rofttly for Publica
The present toria of diatriot ourl
will doubtless bo long remembered be
cause of its protracted cession , nnd
especially bccnueo of iti triple grand
juries. The grand jury concluded itt
labors yoatorday nftornoon nnd wiu
discharged just bofo a adjournmaiil
of court. Judge Saragn wan vorj
brief in his remarks , saying : " ]
thank you , gentlemen , for your at
tention to the business that has boon
brought before you and have no doubt ,
but that you hnvo di-ichargod it hon
estly nnd conrciontiously. You arc
now discharged sino dio. "
Several indictments wore returned ,
some of which nro not ready for pub
Those given out nra : For ctnbcz-
zlrinont , ngninst Sidney Smith , the
Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine
ngont who was recently arrested in
Little Hock , Ark.
Indictment for larceny ngninat
John Connolly , known us "Whiskey
Jack , " This refers to the hog steal
ing caio , in which Dan Stundon nnd
Connolly wuro implicated. Stun-
don's indictment is probably ono ol
these which nro uot given to the pub
The court was occupied nil of yes
terday in the trial of Henry Siert on
ono of the indictments lound against
him. The argument was concluded
about three o'clock nnd the jury re
tired. A quick verdict wns expected
but the juty did not coma in until
about 7 o'clock. A scaled verdict was
presented which is ionerully thought
to bo that of guilty.
ihe trial of Siort on n second ia-
dictinont will bo begun this morning.
A Small Pax Patlont Appears In the
County Clork's Offlco.
About 9 o'clock this morning a
stranger who wore the garb of n la
boring man and was largo nnd robust
in appearance , entered the oflico of
County Clerk Baumor nnd inquired
for the commissioners. Ho was told
that they were not in and that ho
must ccino again.
The stranger insisted that hia busi-
icsa was urgent. EIo said ho wanted
lomo help from them and must have
t. "I have got the email pox. "
Previous to this startling announce-
nont the five deputies and clerks sat
tyoing the visitor with aomowhat of
ompassion nt his forlorn stato. They
voro nil busy but had time to drop n
ympnthetio tear , figuratively. At the
vord "smallpox" live heads disap-
joarod suddenly and ten pedal cx-
romities attired in brogans of variouB
hopes and aizos , took their places.
Everybody got under the tables ox
opt Deputy Clerk Leavitt , who fell
nto the ouspidoro iu hia haato. A ) ,
ilorris btuck his head out from under
iia desk and Herbert looaed up with
n nahon face and both yollud , "You
it. "
The small pox patient aaw ho had
rented a panic and wisely took his clo-
arturo , muttiirinp na ho went down
troot , "Wull , if that didn't look like
lot of frogs leaping into a pond to
soapo a atone lirod at the crowd , I'm
10 hand at simile. "
The boys alowly crept out and ono
> y ono by ono took a chow from tlio
ommon fund of fine-cut ns ttio best
irovontatlyo nt hand.
The patient was afterward picked
ip by HcCluro , nnd sent to the post
John Haanuan , who was taken to
lie post house Mend ly , died at 10:20 :
. m. , yesterday , probably from lack of
ttention during the early stage ot the
iacnao. Cot. llouck interred the re-
inins at the county farm yostor-
ay. Duyond the fuot that the deBased
Based was from Kentucky , nothing
articular is known about him.
lluns Upon tlio Hall Aorosa
the Contlnont.
Attnuhi'd lo thuuveiliind train from
tocst yustorday afternoon was u
( ijlinv car which hud upon ita bides
10 myntio words , "Palo Alto , " and
hiclins built by the Central Pacific
lilroud. Upon inquiry it wnalearniid
uit the oar was n private ono of Ex-
( ivonior Stanford of Califor ii : , built
y him ozprcably for Jmrso pnBaungora ,
The car inaido is divided into ten
alls , all of which nro padded and
ejnst wide enough to allow the
jrsto lo atnnd , At the end of each
all is an arrangement for obtaining
ater , which in carried in liugo tanks
, either end of the cur , The whole
rangeuiunt ia most comfortable for
10 equincsexcept the narrowness ot
10 stalls which does not allow the
jraes an opportunity to Ho down ,
hero are diliorencea of opinion , how-
. 'or , as to the wisdom of allowing a
nrso to Ho down on u car floor when
10 oar is in motion , nnd the builder
' thU car took the stand up sidu
: it.
The car is under the charge of J.
t Winnia , who is going after Stan-
ird'a blooded stock in the east ,
mong these horses ho will take back
o the atallion Piedmont , from Ulii-
igo , nnd the inaro Happy Dreams
oin Now York. Both of these
orsea can otop below twenty. About
ght brood mures from Albany will
unploto the outfit.
A Farmer's Testimony.
OUESTON , Iowa , May 21 , 1881.
III. H. WAHNEII & Co. Sirs My
ttlo eon has boon cured of weak kid-
uys by tlio use of your Safe Kidney
id Liver Cure. M. 0 , BBTUBH.
Grand Display of Millinery Goods a
Mrs. E. B. Onrtor'8.
Everyone , ntlcastovorylndy , knowi
where Mra. E. B. Carter's milliner
store is , on the north side of Farnnn
street , near 13th , and it is at all time
an attractive spot for the fair nox
For several dava past the nalosroon
has boon undergoing repairs whiol
wore but rocoutly completed , and thi
now stock of ( 'ootls opened out for in
Monday Mrs. Carter hold hei
grand opening , nnd the store wai
crowded with ladies of taato and fash
ion nil evening long. The disp1a > woi
a btautiful one , nnd certainly ns fini
as over made in this city. The goodi
wore all superb in style and the ar
rangcmout oxquisito. With the room
brilliantly lighted , n most onchfuiting
scene was presontod.
ftfrs. Carter , assisted by Mra. A ,
E. Keith nnd several young ladiof
woru attentive to every guest , and
gnvo them ample chance to BOO the
rich goods on shelves nnd in coses or
every ido. It would bo impossible
to describe satiflfactorily the many line
articles , but n bripf mention of a fan
of the most noticeable will interns !
our readers.
The handsomest nrliclo in the store
was n close-fitting bonnet in cnmoc
pink , with lovely pink ties in imita
tion brocade lace and shaded fuathorc
from white to pink. The crown and
front wuro trimmed in solid bead work
of pink and white. If anything was
delicately and exquisitely beautiful
this was , It was nn imported bonnel
and the price way up >
Ono of the toniest bonnets was a
"Mother Hubbard , " with pink on-
trich feathers about the entire front ,
falling toward the face. This bonnet
is of French chip , nnd the trimraini >
is mostly on the brim.
Ilats run extremely largo this
spring , and ono of the prettiest in thu
stock was of cream brocade satin ,
with white pearls and cream feathers.
The lining is of bronze nnd flowers to
match. Two magnificent ostrich
plumes fall across the brim toward
the back.
It appears that they don't trim
much on the crown now , either in
hats or bonnets.
The display of lace collars nnd col
Inrottca , is immense , there being eve
thro-I hundred different patterns. Th
stuck of ribbons ia unusually fine aw
in these the "laco effects" is the lates
novelty. In flowers nnd fnncy ar
tides , the line ia not leas complot
nnd among the former the lily urn
sun-flower of the losthotic Oscar Wilde
figure conspicuously.
In connection with this display
Mia. A. E. Keith has the finest dis
play of hair work in town. A hand
some blonde wig with natural curls
nnd puffs attracts great attention , am
work of every kind is equally fine
Ladies can find everything for head
wear here.
Tim growing custom has necessitattx
the addition of a now work room
which will Boon bo connected with the
aiilca room by an electric boll , and the
conveniences for waiting on customers
are perfect. The opening con
tinued last evening and through to
day nnd this evening , anc
ladica will do well to call and BOO the
finest display in the city , under thn
most favorable circumstances.
Another "Gray" Fleeced of Bis Little
All by Depot Sharps.
A young man named Ward was
iofraudod out of $14 at the Union
Pacific depot yesterday by confidence
men. Ward came from the eut yes
terday , having a ticket for Mead.
While ho was waiting about the depot
lie became acquainted with a nice
looking young follow who called hitn-
jolf Randall and who very kindly of
fered to show the stringer a portion
at the town. Young Ward was anx
ious to look at the eights of the Gate
Oity , nnd therefore accompanied hia
now acquaintance willingly.
After wandering about a while they
uraivcd at the corner of llth and
Howard streets , where the so called
llpndull met an acquaintance and the
three walked in together. In a few
moments the acquaintance "tlished
up" n check for $800 purporting to bo
irawn cm the Omaha National Bank ,
tid Diked Randall to change it. The
latter was u.tablo to do that , and ap
pealed to hia friend. The young man
mnouncnd the fact that ho had only
If 14 , which wns all left him from the
imount ho left homo with.
The man who held the check said
hut amount would be enough to meet
lis pressing necessities , nnd ho would
lot turn over the check to Ward until
hey reached the depot , where it
night be cashed , nnd the 814 with n
louplo of doll ill's for the trouble
led noted. Thinking this a pretty
; oed Bimp Ward went down in.o his
cans nnd brought forth the money.
U thu next corner the new-mitdo
icqu.iintancos found it convenient to
into a aalotm r.iul .step out of the
uck door , leaving Ward with the
vorthless check. He naked noino ono
vliero ho could got it cashed and then
liscoveied the client. The confidence
hapn are not yet discovered.
The Nobraaka National.
The old Brash building , which has
eon moved into Twelfth street , ia
tting rapidly fitted up for the tempo-
ary quarters of the now Nebraska
lationnl bank. A firo-proof vault is
loing built , counters nnd railing are
icing put up , now windows nro being
iut in , and the interior ia to bo neat
y frescoed nnd otherwise made at-
ractivo. The now bank buildiut ; is
eon to bo bogun. The plans , which
mvo boon drawn by Dufrouo & Moi >
klBBolm , have boon adopted. The
rent will probably be of iron. Sir ,
fates is now in the vast to nuke ar-
angomonta for such a front , as well
is to gain some ideas from the model
> ank buildings. It ia proposed to
uako the Nebraska national bank
milding very complete and a model
tanking houao iu every respect.
. . i
Five hundred wild goo4o < &t Buffet's ,
I5o each or three for $1 , m27-2t
Two Men Squeeze out Be
tween the Iron Bars.
Other Criminal News and Notes.
There was quito a disturbance nl
the Willow Springs distillery Mon
day , when a gang of five or six fol
lows , all said to bo Htrangurs , applied
to the night watchman for a supply ol
tanglo-foot nnd wore refused. Thoj
took exceptions to what they con-
Bidernd a want of hospitality , and
pitched into the Kuardinn of spiritc
and abused , pounded and otherwise
maltreated him. They broke his nose
nnd used him up shamefully. Officer.
Kaspor nnd Block Watchman Hill
appeared on the scene and captured
thrco of them , lodging them together
in ono cell on the west side of the
city jail. Yestordny when the
jai'or ' went in to inspect the prisoners ,
it was found that the cell wag occu
pied by but ono man who lay upon
the floor asleep. Scattered about him
wore broken fragments of chnirs ,
tables , brooms , etc. , uhilo two of the
iron bars across the window were
bent apart nbout seven inches , nnd
the window Rush , glass and screen on
the outside were in n demolished
slnto. The other two birds had
An ollicor stated to TIIK BRP. re
porter that ho thought these bars
wore previously bunt in this shape ,
but no ono over dreamed that n man
could equaozo out through so narrow
an npcrturo. LIe thinks the chair legs
and seat were used to break the win
dow and that the two mon then slid
out between the rode. The affair hap
pened nbout ! t n. m.
Wm. Morinrity , the crippled deaf
mute who abused the ollicora nnd
others on Farnam street Saturday
nd was givtn twelve hours to lenvo
town , wna picked up attain Monday
in an intoxicated condition , nnd nftor
mother trial conducted by moans of
pencil and paper the ofiendor was sent
to the county jail for fifteen daya on n
bread and wuter diet.
Five tramps lound sleeping in box
o rs wpro hauhd in Monday nnd
dealt with summarily. Two of the
number were sent to jail for six
days on a diet of bread and water , ono
was discharged and the cases of the
remaining two continued until yes
terday afternoon.
One Slocutnb was sent to jail in default -
fault of his fino.
An individual found in Biggin's
faro ba'ik creating a disturbance was
locked up and his case was continued -
tinued for twemty-four hours.
A Chance forSomo Enterprising Firm
to Jump At.
At present , when the erection of so
many now buildings is contemplated ,
the question of the source of supply
for brick for use in the work ia nn ira
porlant ono. Every year the demand
for this class of material becomoa
greater and in numorout cases the im
possibility of obtaining aufficiect
quantities baa seriously embarrassed
the contrnctora and delayed the com
pletion of buildings and other im
provements , auch as sewers , etc.
A gentleman who boa resided in
this vicinity for mnny yeara has called
attention to the existence of an un
limited amount of "tho best clay in
Nebraska for making brick , " about
three miles north of this city. This is
the locality of the old Florence brick
yard , which , in 1850 and 1857 , turned
jut Bomo na fine brick , ho snya , na wna
3vor seen.
There is a Inrgo area of this olny
land which could b * purchased for
ilmoot nothing or leased for a nomi-
ial sum nnd which lies right along
ho line of the Omaha & St. Fnul
railway. Wood for burning the kilns
; ould bo obtained nt much less cost
.ban in the city nnd the man referred
, o assorts that bettor brick thnn any
low in use in Omaha could bo turned
} ut at nt least one-third less expense
, han elsewhere in this region of coun
ty. The owners of the land can give
t clear title and ho thinks that some
ivo firm ought to take hold and utilize
.ho valuable clay deposit.
Free of.Coht.
All perform winning to teat thu ineritu of
i greit remedy .me . that will jxiaitively
ruro Consumption , Coughs Colds , Atth-
im. Bronchitis , or nny allY'Ctiun of throat
mil lunga nro requeatml to call nt
Jchrotor & 15echt's Dru Store nnd got a
.rial . bottla of Dr. KingV New Ditcuverv
or Consumption , niKi ; of coat , which will
how yiu what a rrgulur dollar-nUe belie
vi.l do.
i Large Inoronao In the Number of
Dealers tn vhe City.
Fur Buvornl days past applie.xtiona
or the rjuuwitlof liquor licenses have
icon coining in at the city clerk's of-
ice thick and fust. Monday w a
ho closing day for the filing of the
nine by tho30 who expected to get
huir now documents by April 10th ,
Iiu date of the expiration of nil li-
onnca nt present held by the liquor
lealers. The number of applications
caches eighty , a largo increase over
hat ot three months ago , when the
irot enforcement of the Slocutnb law
rns made.
The following itt a complete list of
ho applicants , na taken from the o fil
ial records :
A. Ililey & Co. , J. W. Murphy &
Jo , , Alex Daemon , Edward Locder ,
fames Falconer , Ilonry Kaufmann ,
fustus Kessler , Michael Wallonz ,
"rank Pivonki , Ilonry HornberKer ,
' . A. Hnmman , 0. B , Schroth , Mrs.
'hillip Koch , Fred Wirth , F. R.
Smith , Jacob Kaufmann , John Frank ,
I'hoa. Oallan , D. L. McGuckin , B. F.
iladson , Sclireiner & Erdman , Ohaa.
'inch , John O'Connoll , Peter Qoos ,
) . Kalmbach , Samuel Boatty , Ed-
rard Mauror , Ohaa. Rasmusaen , Ad-
Una Jnhn , M. W. Kouuody , Edward
Vittig , MoMnhon , "Abort & Co. ,
Iclirotor & Bocht , Mra. J. Baumann ,
) wen McCaffrey , John Svacina , J. G ,
fugont , Kenn&rd Bros. & Go. , Henry
Brummer , Mrs. M A. HiptfiiR , Got !
liob Zinimcrmnnn. J Williboorsc
lliohnrd Wilde , John Powson , Hot
man Smith , H Meytr , B. McQinni
A Co. , Ilonry Pnmll , Honrv Onthofl
H. llasmuMoti , Kivrt Mnii * W. Week
bnoh A Co , Mnx LJ > I/ .In ins Nnsl ;
Matkol A Swobi' , Frotl Stanck , A
tl , Glndntune , Jamoa P , Ewinc
Chna. Kebor , Alfred WollI
Fred Lanu , M. A. MoNnmarn , Join
O. Br.indt , Mr . Amelia Thuno , E ,
Dalloiv , Soron Nelson , F. E. Adams
Felix Slaven. Chas. Josephs , S. C
Baldwin & 0i > . , John Wallace , 0. F ,
Goodman , J , A. Iloedor (2 ( places )
Jnraaa For yth , W. J. Whitehouso
Rdwnrd Deidrioh , John Dwyer , Mrs ,
H. Shannon , Peter Smith , 0. G
At the rnto of 81,000 n year foi
each dealer this will not n very hand
some hum for the school board , ever
counting out th < > st ) who only take
druggists licenses , of whom there arc
comparatively few.
Donth Record.
Grace E. Van Camp , wife of C. L ,
Van Camp , died March 27,1882.The
funeral will take plnco 'o-day , the
29tb , from the residence of E E. Es-
ton , South llth street.
Nora , daughter of lUchnrdandKntc
Do Darling , died March 27,1882 , ngcd
three years nnd eight months Funer-
nl from northwest corner of 14th nnd
Loavcnworth streets , Wednesday
morning nt 10 o'clock.
The Tenth Anniversary of the U. P.
The following will bo read with in
tereit not only by railroaad mon , bu t
by mnny others who will recall the
events alluded to. The Nonpareil
of Tuesday morning aays :
Ten ears ago yesterday the first
gai'g of workmen wont to work for
thu Union Pacific company at the
"transfer" in Council Blutfo , nnd ton
years ago yesterday the firut railroad
work was done on the grounds where
the Union Prtcifij passenger nnd
freight depots now stand. The first
gang that act in its work hero was
headed by Oapt. N. T. Spoor , until n
few yenra ngu freight ngent hero of
the company. Ho was sent over from
our neighboring city nnd wns accom
panied by n gnng of eight men. Upon
their arrival in Council .Bluffs they
found it necessary to unload a car o
wool before they could got nn of
fice , converting the car thus
emptied into a "freigh' '
house. " Of the orivinnl eight men
there still remain at the depot W. L
Prntt , cishior , nnd James Kane anc
John McArdlo , who still work for the
Union Pacific , nnd A. Van Order ,
who now works for the C. & N. W. ni
the U. P. freight depot. To-dny , on
the same ground , there nro employed
sixteen ganga of nan , numbering ir
all nbout 240 , nnd the ' 'box cnr oflico1
has boon auporcodod by a two-story
building over 200 feet in lengh , with
covered platforms twice aa long , nnd
an elegant passenger depot 100x12C
feet , and costing over § 200,000 , with
mile after mile of transferring tracks ,
all necessary to handle the business
which ton years ago wna conducted by
eight mon and a box car. For some
of the facts of this interesting railroad
history wo are indebted to James
Kieth , foreman on the platform for
eastern lines.
Circular Relative to the Annual
Meetings of the State Su
I think it well to call the attention
af school ofncorA co the qualifications
} f voters at thu annual mooting. 1 do
not think the subject is well undor-
ilood , owing to some ambiguity in the
language of the law. According to
nay interpretationsupported by thoau-
ihority of the attorney general , every
) no who can take the oath in section 5 ,
pagoa 22 and 23 , can vote. The oath
ind qualifications in section 5 explain
; ho ambiguous word voter in the first
line of section 4.
An to the meaning of the word term
; ( the last annual assessment , " it is
mid that the law makes the assess-
nont on the first day of April , and
.ho act of the assessor is not necessary
o make n legal assessment. To illus-
rate : The law defines what theft is ,
ind it ia necessary that there should
30 arrest nnd conviction before the
'act of theft is established. So the
aw assesses property as it is oh the
1st day of April , nnd the record mndo
iy thu assessor docs not add to or
.ako from the fact that the property
-vas legally assessed on the lat day of
It ia not necessary to keep a poll
jook or any similar machint ry coin-
mm to n general election. 1'ho btl- ;
ma may bo collected iu any coiiven-
unt manner , and the law doea nut to-
piiro that they shall bo preserved uf-
or being counted.
Be sure to bavu everything iu mind
hat should bo attended to nt the un
iitttl mooting. The question of the
mure expenditure of money should
) o tit finitely settled , or else should iu >
) ! uinly given into the hand.i of .he
> oard. If you have coniulencu in
: our board , it is well to allow them
lonsiderablu room for the OXIMCISO of
udgment. If you have no confidence ,
ay definitely how money must bo tx-
mndtul. A little forethought upon
Ilia subject will save much trouble
md bad feeling in tint future.
It ia well to remembtir that if the
iropor report is not umdu in time that
ho district may lose ita share of the
tate apportionment. Do very caro-
ul to have the report correct.
W. W. W. JONKS , Supt.
Everybody who contemplates pur-
basing FUKNITUIIK will titid it to
heir own interest to inspect the im-
nonso atock ut the store of CIIAH.
imvKitiCK , who unquestionably has
ho finest assortment of FUUNITUUK ,
tc. , from the best manufacturer * nnd
ho nowoat styles , aud ALWAYH MAKES
, OWEU MUCKS thnn any other VUHNI-
'DUE dealer in Nobnoaka.
Furniture sold on monthly pay-
nonts at cash prices.
CHAS. SiuvKiuoK ,
1200 , 1108 and 1210 Farnam St.
. at-mando-lmtf
ni27-mon.wodiV - -
Oruickshauk's opening Wednesday
ironing , ni28-2t
Tlio Only Known Real Ctiro.
ONKY TO LOAJJ-Oali at UwOmcoof D ,
li. Thomas Room 8 Crelehton Ulock.
LOAfi At 8 per centln
SP WU.UUV terert In tuiM.ot (2,600 anc
upwards , for 8 to B years , on Orst-clftna city and
f. rin property. Bums URAL KATAT * nd UAH
AOIUVCT. Uth and UourUg BU
UANTKD A practical painter. SUady cm <
iloyment to the rl < it , party. Call at
Uoom 0 Cre'ghton Block , tttnocn 8 atid 0
o'cljcka. m. 673-68 *
"ANTED 01 1 f rvencral housework. $4
W per week tniuompetentgl l.alsoaimrae
; Irl or second Irl. Apply at southwegt cor.
Cal fornla and Hist Bin. 5M 23"
ANTED Nurse girl 1204 Farman street.
Helcmon'e. it
AN ( ttrn llti ) dcrlriea board nlth
a nice Jewish family. AilJross till Thurs
day of tills cek K. K > lila olllce. 678 8'
ANTK1) A R > od fallorcsi on cu torn
W pant4. Apply 1220 Fa tiain nt. 79 3
ANT'D A com ) o'ent laundress. Mrs. It ,
W Konutzc , S. 10th street. 676-1'
A FIH8i-CIjAES ale Iran rtcs r a situation
, twhcru Iil4 nor Ices ho required.
ditrt s for ono COT Council U ntlj
" wa. iu28-6t"
\TEI ) 0 ocd girl In store. Addrcu
W Trado-man I * . . with rocommenda'lons ,
" \TTANTED-By a practlci ) carticntcr In all
V > lt brancheB , situation aslorcinan. In.
ulre at lluo olllo- . COS 29
W ANTEU-Utnlng ro tn girl at I ha r ro' ' hton
- , , , _ _ , , , *
" \"IJ"ANTED Place where I e.n o.rn my boird
VV board with prUclcro of going to school.
Addrets I < . E. W. Hee olllco. 6fll-2j'
[ \T ANTED A waman cook Sirs. McCoy near
VY nttwpoxcrnmoiitcorrall. Must hoapo.d
ne , no otter need kpply. St& l"
Immediately an experienced
Trimmer ( or R i\lllncrr \ house In Ll'
coln , Neb. 0i 23
\17ANTtD Dy a young man board and room
VV with a stilctly pihate family. Itcfer-
co required and exchanged. Address O. C. A.
IJeo office. 72-23
A situation In a Urn tuna Uouso
WANTED man who can keep ocoks.
Not pa tlcalarar to wha p s t on. S lary at
first no > o much an object as a place where
merit will bo rtwardo-1. ( 'an pivoRood reference
fr m pro-oat omploxer as to character and
ability. Addrc.sM F. thlj olllco. tOI-tf
Two g'.tli . at i aclflc lieu e.
Aslmutlon AH houtcketp-r ly a
WAVTED a child five > ror old. U [ er
cucooxchi > nKfd ; Call or addretoOU r > . 18 list.
6502 t
) Anu-ady , In'ustroui girl to dj
WANTH houu-juork. Apply at 1711 Jack
son strout. 5B2
WANTED To rent from A | nl 10th , n hout-e
of not lens than ilio room ) for a family
of three po'BOnn. Kent rot to txcerd $ ' { > per
month. Address Tenant Boo oUioi ) . 6.l-3 ! > * 3
' To RentKmieu or mant > nd * lfo
W'ANTED room In a prhate family with or
without board. N caai.Brtuitnt. Ct lit rally lo
cattd. Apply to V. this oitke. 517 35 *
- ' 000 at B per cent interest , for
WANTKD-S'2 Al socunty wi 1 bo' given on
business property. Adrrcos Equitable , tare U.
l > . headqu ncrs. 540-23
A good girl at corner Hamilton
WANTED ets. , fhlnn'd addition. Cett
wages given. 533-tl
Scholars. I nsons glvo.i In Er-
WANTED Oerman , wr tinp ana arithmetic ,
terms che p. Inqureat No. 1614 Burl street
Omaha. Copy rlvhtlig done at the same place.
To sell a barber chop , eood 'o-
WANTED , good business , sstUfactcry reasons
fir sellli e Inqulro at 117H. ISth ftrett , Omaha
Neb. 637-tf
A ( oodhouee east of 23rd street ,
WANTED Fainamand Dodge. A D. M reo
' 4th and Farnam. 3230
Family of peed landing to adopt
WANTEl without any compensation I . -
qulrnat H. Cbristlanson , Midwife , No. BOO 16th
Btiect , between Cuinmg anu Hurt. E13-S *
First clues coat and pants
WANTED . MetcaK Bros. Council Dm Its.
TT7"ANTrD Oooil pastry and meal cook
VV at thi Niagara house , Tenth fctroi-t , be
tween Far amaiiit Douelan. Apply imme
diately 464 31'
PANTED-Hoarders at trie Oarlleld hoesc ,
W N. W. cornu 14 th and Jack n 8ta.
414 tf
"ANTED-Oood girl. AD ly at 1088 North
W 16th street. JIK . J. SI. COUS8MAN
. 308 tf
' A gouu ( .m rr geniral house
work , also n nurao girl , northwest c-r-
i 231 and Hurt Btreafi. > 3-U
< I ( .11 Fuc-aiui ! Dridv U'Ii'lir ' Jl uoi.o
" T HHrV l
4 children as b < ardors In a acleot
WiKTED , Bt 16th and California 8t. L.
LOOMIS _ 767-tf
/ 1 IIOCKKS * HOOKS WANTED To keep even-
VjT Ings In return for trade. P. 0. 15 < i C02.
AN1 KU B utifiiru hod rooms for man nnd
wife , unlit bo moderate In price. Ad
ilres * II. , H. o otllcc. it 7-tf
T.IOi : HUNT House of 'lten ioom . him. cio
L1 Kiilr | J. t'hlpiu I'.oe , Iol2 ) . Fifth Ht. _
I , VJK ii K T Fui nUhed loom with board ,
II Moil > in. i < rotenieiiU. 1718 DoJ.-e kt.
l nr RKNT-n wi No. nn.imi 1:2 H. 12th
I1 si. , . , . .uu i i n.-uurantboa d ng hou o.
Ml li. .lonoj. * ll 577-3'
r,10ll JlfcM1 llanJsoinely lur I hed Iiont
i' room , It gentleman , nrdoritrunt , lief-
jrcn et 1312 Dodge tt. between J3th and 1 th
ttrecta , 68 - '
-I UHNISAEDlronTrobinT. rent 3 Farnam
L' "t but ltitli nd 17th t . _ K ] *
170UHKNT-OH 1 t April iext a good busl-
L1 > iom ro-m S2it0 ! mar c.-rntr cl 16th and
J&mel evlU .
1710U IlENT FurnUhod rooms at 1407 Howard
LJ UtweenHth nnd l th BtreH * south side
vithl 3 block * goiitlt fait of ) > oatoince. 554 tf
, IliiNT IUi en in cxchangj for board ,
' with othar lOBrdcrJ , al o front chamber
urnUhtd liOSN , 17th t. P63 tf
pO'KKNT Vnim T. Murray
10 K NT One largo furnlat od roui ) , lth
bjard , on Hrst floor , out * de wuranco U03
iornla ( nt , 615 tl
f\6R FvK7Tl'Vunil hod cuttase , > lx roam * .
| j 2210 California lit M . Hall. 621-tl
, orrent , 1410 Chi-
cage street , between 14th and Uth.
renU hou ilota , farrua , tore8 , ,
BUMIS etc. OIHces 15th and Douirlim SU
JJ Mary' * Atenue. 480tt
Oil UENTN. . E. } , fee. 6. T. 16 , U. 11 , un
lmpro\ Douglas county land. 1J miles
Irom R. K. station. ' Inquire at S118 Davenport
itreet 423-tl
T10R BENT Nicely furoUhed room. Apply at
JJ I4 Fwmhara ot. 11M !
"I710R RFKT St room In brick bafUlnr , W.
L' E. corner 16th and Cumlng. a f ifeod-
man , 1110 Farnh&m St. 203-U
T7IOK HUNT- House on snerm&n , enno ,
Jj rooms , with liable A-plv o N. W We
rill , .107 rt. 12th 507-t' '
i < UK KENT rurnii > nf < i n ii i < o , .N
* > tb nnd J ckgon
S.WH l.iNT / . .IKK
JJ craal.rKichu < oN. E vet. 16tli and
ftfoct * .
TT10K RKNT Nicely famished roanu with ol
JL' without honrd. IltMonnblo price * . 201S
Cv *
SALE-Tearn ol ork hor-te. Will ex.
FOIl ( or colt or cattle , S14 S. 10 h tk ,
674 31 *
SALE 14 lo ! lnN.T. . n M of city on
nightly Iccvion. fjro to ft&O ucb. o
monthly pkymenkt. Ue KRU * , opp. tx toiH .
71/U SALE One nccond-htnd 25 hsrse power
JJ onfflne. jcncd M newM o t 8 howetiowcr , J \
and two IS horse | X > * er engines , now. IDlloraj
of all ntc ! , rcH. Inquire Umahn Fourdty nd
Mtchlno Oo.U , 1' . IIjr. let 17th and 18th om h .
T710R SALK A $300 tide tnr buRgy , used T ry
L1 Illlln . PrlfatVfin II ne lUrn leih nt ,
644 2S1
1710R HALE House three rooms nnd hslf lot.on
JU 20th slrcct north of Creek , $000 eath. On
month y pi ) mcntt 81,000. John L. He3ft ue ,
opposite po tofflce. 63tf
FOR SALE. Fine family marc ; 3011112 and
gentle , tip . 421 Council 111 it 21-1
. la.
J * _ _ ft _ * * vtv JJW. % ti * , V/UUIIVH HI i' a. | U & * - * g
8AIB House end lot on cany term * . I
Apply at 611 Wn'nut street bctwwti 6th and I' '
streets South of U. r. depot , also entire *
household ( foods. Ml-30' *
EOH BALK A good Mock of general mer
chandise , will Invoice between four and
tlvo thousand dollnrs , or will exi htnint lor
land Address , 8. O. Thomas , KMrbury , Neb.
608-30 *
BEMIS so U houses , lots , farms am * ' -
Olllce , 16th and Oouclas Sts.
"IJ1OH HALl > -Uno almost new Organ i heap on
JJ time. Inqulro at 314 South 10th street.
S03-23 *
Tj\OR SALE Salooi stock and fixtures and
U lease RUcn , coed locitlon. Enquire ol L.
H. Spencer , northeast corner llth and ilarney. I
spl 4m tl
[ OI AliK Fltsares of land on rnundos
[ 1 St cct , with fine ri'H dcnco , him and other
Improvement. 1'rico $2f > 00 : terms ca y.
47Mf W. U. Dar ott , Bcnl tstate Agent.
SAI.K A new houto and lot , 26tll nnd
1 Douglas St. Inqulro to A. Ilouman , 90th
and Farnham Is. 418-ltn *
"IT10K MALE A I'll 10 ( U ncta > o ) , in excollenl
JL ; cjnd t on ; > cry chop Inquire at thUofQce.
IjUiK S LE Five kcro > .flaud , 'i otory frame
JJ house , burn 2 wolla nnd other linproTe-
uicnts , cast eldo of Saundi M etroot , near Fort
Omalm. For particulars add esi OeV. . Drew-
Btcr , Oakland , Kcb. _ 401-M
T OTS , SirOeach , (5 down and' 5 per month
Jj HKHId , Agunt.
"I71OR SALE House ulth 0 rooms , barn and
, L long lease of lot on Ifitb St. , bet. Hurt and
Webster. Inqulro at Edhnltn & Erlckgon'a.
855 tf
IjlOH MALB Cur load of fac blackcy muloi
JtJ broke Apply of J. W. HUnner. Coin Ia ,
. 826-lmo'
"TTlOll SALE 32 rwldonco loU on and near 16th
JJ street. Price , 3M to $10 each. Tormi
easy. McCAOUE , Agent , Opp. Poet Office.
860 tf
IT10K SALE lllcyclo , 4Mnch Htaodard Coluiu-
JJ bio. Apply Union Elo\atrr. 203-tf
$5 down and $5 per month. KEMIrf , agent ,
16th and Dougioa St9.
TT'oU ' ALil'or uillexclm w for Omahn pr
JJ I Iperly , nn limirorcd sec qn if land adjoin-
inK a station en U. P. 11. U. M. DUNHAM , 1413
Farnham St. , Omaha. j-/'svt
FOU f.'AUf.
Pounds otrno ceconntr } butrvr lor silo
cheap ; also fiosh milk uieij ihj t
Oiccery Ltoru , corner Hth aud Iiu , u
B HICK FOll HAL K-1\ Miuray.UP"
HAY Ai < t. li.Auaor'u H a
BAuiiiO Harney St. i
WANTKD dl covered a new process ol
triple-plating common steel knlrc * and forks ,
irjsa forks and npouns , at one-tenth the cost
if electro-plating ; in nppcamncs equal to new
ilatcd ware , and ( or durability warranted * ' '
rear ( or years. Saves scouring ; BBTCS
cnlvo. Any one c n learn. You can m ke
110 to * 20 a day plating at (1 per dozen. One
nan ban made 672 In three days. There Is
urdly a family but hss knives to plate. We
111 send the full art and Instruct you free OB
ecolptof $1 and guarantee 600 per.cent. profit.
\ddrrss Ik > th culld SIlTW Fate | Co. , 507 flth
ivenue , New York. 5S2-30-
I70UND A plain gold ring with name enC -
C ( graved Inqulre.of F. J Dee ollirc.
ha WINCIiEbTEH Is prepared to ncelvu
puplU or Instruction m pil tin ; . Please
: all atN. W. cor 2 ith St Mary ave. | 56 30
" " " "
Cl eter "lllack""ciip"rasnb rriel.
MAMMOTH dozen , S2.CO per liundred , $10.00-
wr thousand -'Idle-Wilde Place. " Leave
lera ur 1414 Dodge st. John O. M Illls.
mch-25-cv sat-4t
_ _
IK f\\\ irrTmapTe trees I rsaloTlO to 12
40.JJJ feet high , ono mlle west of Fort
> tuaha. Address VV. C. Alnsworth , Omaha.Neb.
470-1 *
_ _ _
SO W1" 1UV | htt" lnterest In an es-
3 > t ) , taolUhcd bu > lne8S , paying 40 per / .
: ent. For further rfonnation apply or addrowi Jk |
V. U. B. Allen , 1110 Furn ui street , Omaha , Ni.b ;
_ 417-tf.
'I1O UUTCIltUSANl ) alOCKMr.N ily mttlo
1 _ scaled are ( gain In perfect order. Call on
ilr. Van Oi man at stock ) a ds , 10th St , bet.
'apltol avenue and Da > cn'art 8' . Plenty of
ard room and stabling , liri ght straw In > > ale
ir bod-ticks. K ESTABIiOOK.
425 U
1ANU AND OKUAN Inecructlon by Mln E
8. Parttit , f. 20th St. . below Pierce. 9t-tf
) iHill-JAud Brst cliwa table buard , at 2011
L t , Caxabt. _ ml 1m *
jMl3' : NEW ( 'irv MAl'a. 10c.jtouuUd
B Maps. ? 2.tO. OI'.O. P.
L ore In fruquei.t rooilpt of a ) < pllcatlona for'
piraton. HELL ti AMES , 1500 Farnbura ,
-ciitn i Ittmlnitton 'type-Writer. ' febl8-apl
TrtVh Ut M cnolcu ot SO full loin to lease
3 ncnr I'reiKhtcn GMIego forC26 tier yari } ]
( cxicr L. Tlioniai & Hro. , Uoom K , Crelnhtc - \ j
ilooK. iiOMf
I.ViiifEll OJ - , i''STKUV AKD COV'.I
' 'OSALIBTi ' 4B 't hstK.t , vivlweuri ViI \
I in.iuej. * th tnu id of kJ
| | K J , obUllI t -ij ' ) l > RlA..Ct : tf tn <
HI : > rfont , anw itM tain coiMltionrf 1 1
ro ' > > n 'nctiiRdi to
- ' " ' Hi . . ' < , nti
Thb ) powder netrarlw. . A m rvel o/
ty. strength and whole om ne s. More eoo
jlc l thin the ordinary Unds , and nonot b
old In competition w.lh the D'nitllude of I" *
oat , short weight , alum or pho ihali < powdrr. .
Bold only In cans , licit * BAIIKO i'oVBW CO. ,
00 W T St. , New York