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Satur lay Morning March 26.J
Wcoth r Report.
( Tha following observations are taken ftt
the same moment ot time At nil the sta
tions named. )
ft'IB Dmnimtur. U. S'dtoiib BHIVICT , I
OMAHA , March II , 1832. (1:15p. m. ) f
Hirer 6 foci S Incho abox e high water matk.
The Millatd hotel i to bo ready fn
opening by June 10th ,
The Frederick Wrtrde tmrty left fo
Jcs Moines yesterday.
Strawberries in March. Om&lm ban
them from New Orlc xns ,
Frederick Warde expects to return to
Omaha in October ntxt.
Ono wee' : moie of March. The lion
will have to show up noon or not all.
f -Flnoit line of ladieV hand-bags at
axes , jut in. tf ,
The Green Tree Birberihop has re
moved ncrow the ntreot from the old fitand.
Dr. Ohwlos , Dentist , 1314 Faniam
Herbert l avltt , the deputy county
clerk , ia on the tick list.
Thetteamcr Sherman is on HB way
from St. Lmis to up river po'nls.
- The infant chKd of John A. Milter
was burl , d at 3 p. m. yesterday.
Wright , Jones and Thompson were
each fined 810 in police court yesterday
afternoon for cruelty t > n home ,
foe great dlitinguishini ; feature of
Uedding'iilluasUSfil.a U its power to re
duce iufUmmation.
One plain dmnk was Bent to jail by
Judge Boneko yesrorday , and a dlaturbtr
of the I.OHCO had his trial act tor D p. m.3
The bund of Contractor KubinsoL for
grading Farn&m street wus filed in the
county clerk's c ( Bee yesterday and the
contract closed.
Joiw Taylor , uho held the position
of clerk in the county clerk's office , haa
gone lo Denver , an 1 hU place Is filled by
Mr. Jamei W. VanderberK.
Tno elegant inudnl xlvtn in u prize at
tbe commencement exercieod of the Omaha
medical college was manufactured at Mr ,
John B.Mimor'rf jewelry stoic.
John Hush and Mike Quintan , two
little boyH , werd Arrested Thursday for
iitealiug a $0 revolver from the 99 ent
tore. They will be tried to-morrow.
The funeral of Patrick Connolly will
ta * place to-day nt 9 a. in , , fr m resi
dence , corner Seventeenth and Webster.
Friends of the family are cordially in-
vittd to attend. <
t he bccretary of the Omaha Protec
tive L.bor Union , Thos. J. Conway , do-
rim to acknowledge In this manner tlio
receipt of $35 contributed by the ria -
teren of Omaha on Wednesday evening to
the members of the Union.
State agents are wanted fur Hawthorns'
Centennial Kxoeleior Hoof Paint , for Col
orado , Nevada , Kansas , Dakota , Montana ,
Utah , Idaho and adjacent territory. The
reputation of this paint is national and ita
inventors , the Hawthorns , are now to be
found at the Witbnell Houte.
Five hundred dollars cash will buy the
titock and fixtures of the Michigan Tobac
co Store , 1417 Douglas street. BuMncsa
good , rent low. Satisfactory reasons given
for gelling. mar4-tf
LOHT A pocket-book on Farntxra
btreot , It contained currency , pension
dtafta and dial la on tbe Seward Bank. A
total bf abe tt 9200. finder will pleiue return -
turn the same to Tootle , Mtul & Co. , nnd
be rewarded , inar22 iit
A lurge eotlon of the plastering on the
ceiling of the main hall in the old court
house btl'dli ' gtook a tumble this worniug.
It is time folks were getting out or the old
shell will collapse entirely the first tLing
they know.
SeveDty.five gentlemen unil ladles of
Omaha , and a batalllon of regular loldlers
from Fort Omalu , will participate in the
production of "Tuo Union Spy , " under
the immediate nuperviclon of.Coi. K , u ,
"A man In Council Bluffs ordered
Bult f cl ithca of a local tailor. They
were t bo clone on Friday. When ho
oillcJ for thnn they were finished nnd
done up In A neat package ! The mnn'n
hnlr turned ruddtnly white. "
f -u" , Clmiiunn | , foreman for Wood ,
Uincrolt ft Othe Mhsouii Pacific con.
tractors , came In from Pnp lllon ynoterday
for-fifteen laborers to work on tlio grading
at $1.75 and $2 psr day , He found hi *
men nnd returned on the noon train ,
Tim BUK desires to correct an error
which crept into its report of the com
mencement exercises of tbe medical col
lege , Mies Arbuckle , one of the students
of the college , made thu presentation of
bouqueU to the senior clasd , nut on her
own behalf , but on behalf of tbe junior
It appears that Chat. O'Connor , the
man who kicked up tuch a row a ( the City
Hotel the other night , was not au bad a
man aa represented. He had just got paid
off for some work done en the Omaha and
St. Paul road and was taking a little fare
well spree with his Omaha friends urn. be
cluluis that somewhere in tbe course of his
rounds be WAS "doped. " Mr. O'Connor '
was aent up for twenty , five days and as I e
lias A homeitead iu Holt county , which he
will lose if be doea not get there next
week , lili friend * are trying to tret the
County Commissioner * to remit hla ten *
fence. It is probable that they will uuc-
Wanted A houeo of 5 or 0 rooms
by April let. Apply 1517 Farnam
] atreet. F , J , McShane. rn23
Central Hall Filled With an
Enthuei-ietio Crowd.
Speeches by tlio Loaders In the Labo
Caused Resolutions WhlohW
Effect the Election.
Control hall on Fourteenth etrco
was the place of a ( grand labor mat
meeting Inst evening at which tli
Protective Labor union and moot o
the trades unions of the city wcr
largely represented. The Irish Amor
ioan band was in attendance and fur
lushed fine music. President Wnls
called the mooting to order at hal
past seven o'clock and proceeded tt
inako a very logical and comprohonsiv
speech , in which ho reviewed the
chief issues of the strike nnd the po
sition the laboring men nro in. Fion
the first ho urged them to organic
and to porfoot their organization. Hi
then said :
Wo have virtually accomplished ou
object \Vo have not done it nlono bu
by the ustistanco of our brother labo ;
unions. Iboliovothorois to boa niovo
mont in this country which will shako
capital to its foundation. It becomes
our duty to combine nnd resist the
inroads of capital. It is often sail
that capital nnd labor go hand in
hand. Just so long ait grasping capi
tal is allowed to exist , just so lone
will there bo this contest. As long fin J
remain president of this organization ,
so long will I fii ht for thii equal rights
of the Inbonnginon against capital.
The great contest twenty years ago
was caused by slavery. If the men
The tostored slavery had given it up ,
all the lives lost would have been
savodfiirglorious work and production
labor. So it is tvitli the capitalists.
The signs of the times now point to
the fact that they nro fostering capital
too much , nnd that it is crowing to bean
an incubus.
Never wus there such a labor move
ment in the United States as in
Omaha at the present time. The
whole country is looking on. But if
it had not been for the grand co
operation of labor , yon never would
liavo succeeded. All ovoc the city
nnd the ntato the capitalists are ac
ceding to the demands of the laboring
men. It therefore becomes the duty
of every workinginnn to protect him
jolf , and to do that wo must organize.
The slaves had just us much in slavery
days us you hare. I hold that slavery
daya have aono by. I hold that you
must now rise and compel capitalists
to give you a proportionate share of
their profits. If that is communism
or socialism , then I am proud to bo
called n communist and a socialist.
Just as long as thisstatoof afiairs
exists , wo must toll the capi
talists to give us all a
[ air share or proportion. They toll
us wo must not combine or organize.
Why do great corporations in Now
York , or why do the great railroad
companies in Iowa combine 2 Theirs
is combination for gain. There is or
ganization of capital. Why don't
lieso capitalists say to the laboring-
nen , "Wo recognize your rights7"
jut they don't do that. They com-
line among themselves. They lock
up the gram of the country. They
say , "Lot the working people starve
mlesa wo got what wo want. " Now ,
[ wan * the laboring men of this coun-
ry ttfaay , ' 'What do no care for your
lockotbooks ; we care only for our
ivoa and families. " Is there any con-
istency in the pretensions of these
capitalists ? When a year ago they
combined and wouldn't lot a particle
of grain go out , although you might
tarvo for lack of it ? Wow , wo want
o toll them that Wo wi l organize and
nako thorn give us fair wages. If we
anly look to our interests and organ-
zo wo can do this. They tell us ,
'Look at the ballot , but
lon't strike and don't organize. "
) o you know what this moans ? Not
d man has boon nominated in this city
a xcept by capitalists. Then they ex-
oect laboringmon to go up and vote ,
as if they wore lambs being led to the
slaughter. They toll you , "Don't
strike , but makoapoint at the ballot. "
We propose to take them at their
word. Wo propose to nominate men
of our own. Wo will go to the ballot
jox and deposit our ballots for thorn.
Wo propoiio to carry the war into
Another thing the laboring men
hnvo been mot with is partyism. I
was once a strong democrat. I thank
God I've risen above that. The
workingmen of the United States nro
awaktuniR to their interests. They
see that parties are controlled by
monopolies. When cither republican
ism ordumoorncy w inthousieiidiiiioy
tlioso coiporations have controlled
both. All the great crimes of the
country have come from the mixture
of corporations with legislative action.
Wo want men who will work for the
Interests of laboring men alone and
will despise corporations. Look at
your legislature , Kvory not there is
controlled by corporations. The cor
poration Horvunts hure sacrificed every
nteroat of the working men. They
mve done so many times and will do
t again. Talk about political parlies !
Wlntt can you think ot a party which
ma such a leader as Dr. Miller ? It i
m insult to working men who belong
o that party to talk to them about it.
What can you think of such a rnnn ?
[ have been controlled by parties , but
[ um awakened.
Competition is what is sucking the
ifo blood of labor , and the contract
system ia breaking the backs and
ruining the lives of laboringmon.
They cannot bo of any comfort to
heir families , Break down the con
tract system and you can do your
work like men and live like humans.
Labor and capital may bo equal ,
but grasping , grinding capital is not
equal to honest labir. This meeting
was called to have us come together
and talk this thing over. Wo want
to keep up our organization and be
ready tomeotthisgreatenoiny-capital ,
You all know what panics ard
what destitution arise from competi
tion. We propose to co-operate nnd
break ddwn this giant oppression by
controlling the ballot box and electing
our own officers. The woikingmeu
all over the country are pulling to-
cethor. I hope that the next United
Hates president will bo a working-man
nnd identified with the working causa
But especially in Omaha wo want six
councilman in the next city govern
ment. Wo want and will hnvo men
who will protect our interests. Mr.
Dunham is one of the councilmeu
who will come to you sometime nnd
n k your support. Then remembtr
that no is the man who ato/pud tie
work on the sewers because ho claims
that they cannot bo worked except by
contract , Lot us look out for
our interests. Let us disregard
partyhm. I don't want any ofiico p6r
would I take an office. Dut I want
good men sent there. Wo propose
now to tnko the ballot box and pul
our men where they will bo supported
by good tousing majorities. Dr. Mil
ler of the Herald , and Mr. Brooks o !
the Ilepublican , have abused us , bul
now the ) come around. I won't vote
for n limn who will not swear that he
will support the laboring man and
will put down the contract nystpm in
MH wiNcmr ,
a well known painter , was called upon
nnd said n few words , declaring him
self over nnd always with the work-
was called upon and said thai
there is such n thing us workingmen
voting and not getting their rights.
Ho said that if a radical reform waste
to bo made the representatives of tlu
county should bo scon nnd a change
in the charter should bo insisted upon
in such a way that the contract sys
tem should be abolished About the
board of public works , too , there
should bo some investigation , There
may be some things which you will
wish to correct. Now is the time to
It is easy enough to toll what is the
matter now. It is a boom in every
thing of n commercial nnd mer
cantile nature. This in what
makes living higher. Consequently
51.75 is low enough fo'r a
laboring man to live upon. Money is
establishing thn status of society. I
nin sorry for this , but I hope it may
ioon bo otherwise. Look well to your
interests. I sincerely hope you will
After music by the band , John
2uinn , Judge Wm. II. Riley , James
Knight , proficient of the Iron Mould
ers' Union , nnd P. W. Murphy were
called upon and each spoke nt length ,
aut space is not sufficient to present
their remarks at this timo.
The following resolutions -voro
unanimously adopted ;
Resolved , That n committee of five
bn appointed by the Omaha Laborers'
Protective union in mass mooting as
sembled at Central hall , to wait upon
the senators and representatives of
the Nebraska state legislature and
urge upon thorn to insert in the pro-
poiod now charter n clause ( providing
all improvements to bo projected by the
city authorities shall bo done only by
the day , nnd not by the villainous
system of contract.
The committee was appointed ns
allows : P. F. Murphy , Daniel
) 'Keofo , Thomas J. Conwny , A. L.
Swigort , James A. Knight , and Pros-
dent Walsh.
The following were also adopted as
ho sense of the meeting :
First. That Jefferson park bo kept
jy the city as a public park forever.
Second. That wo oppose the con-
ract system in all its forma.
Third. That well-paid labor brings
ipaco , harmony and prosperity , and ,
rice versa , cheap labor brings misery ,
rouble nnd poverty to all.
A vote of thanks and three cheers
or the Irish-American band wore
icartily given , and after some uniin-
lortant business the meeting ad-
. Barn and Contents on Capital Bill
About 9 o'clock yesterday an
larm of fire was sounded , and was
tmnd to come from the vicinity of
? wonty-fifth nnd Davenport. The
rays of No. 1 , in whoso district thn
Ire was , responded with the hose
art nnd wore soon on the spot and
it work.
The fire was found to' have broke
out in the second story of a barn bo-
onging to Mr. R. Stevens , the car-
> enter ana contractor , nnd is sup-
losed to have originated from the
stove. The building was used ns n
carpenter shop , nnd of course had
npru or less infiamablo material
jing about.
The tools and n buggy in the lower
story wore saved , but the loss to the
milding and contents , the former en
tirely destroyed , will foot up § GUO , on
which there is an insurance of ? (00.
I'hia is the first fire that has occurred
or several duja , and as such thing *
luvtr travel singly the department
nay look out fur more exercise.
Mexican bonds wore quoted nt the
unprecedented high price of 49 cents
nn thu dollar by the Chicago Times of
March 4th. As those securities draw
J per cent , this will brine them more
nto public favor than they were dur-
ng the recent strife in Mexico ,
The Secretary of the Labor Union
In Jail.
At the time of the arrest of Presi-
ilont Walsh nnd others on warrants
siuod from police court , papers wore
ii worn out for the arrest of Mr. Van
tforman , the secretary of the union ,
nit that gentleman w/ia not to be
ound. ifo turned up all right
fhursday , and eajs ho has never been
sul of the city , but has been at home
> ick ,
Tlio arrest was made by Police
Officer Kirk , acting undur instruo-
ions from Mayor Boyd , and the
charge , as in the other cases , is
'assault with intent to commit mur-
There being no court in session ,
ludge Sava.zo bning out of town , and
he clerk not being allowed to receive
) uil , the piisonur was committed to
the county jail , where ho will prob
ably remain until Monday next unless
ho judge should sooner return. His
irreat nnd incarceration is on iho
strength of the bill found by the grand
ury and not on the original warrant
from Judao Benoko'a court.
The Worklngmen of the Em
pire State and of the
Gold Coast
Unlto in Bonding Sympathetic Words
to Omaha's Bone nnd Slnow.
In addition to the many messages
of sympnthy and good cheer sent to
the Omaha workingmen from nil parts
of the country , the two sots of resolu
tions appended will be interesting ,
not nlono from their intrinsic worth
but ns coming from the opposite
shores of the great union , showing the
extent of the sympathy felt for those
who , at the Gate City , nskod for living
wages nnd refuse to work for less :
At n meeting of the Amalgamated
Trades nnd Labor Union in Now York
city , on March 17 , the following reso
lutions wore adopted , a copy of which
was forwarded to President Walsh , ol
the Protective Labor Union of this
city :
Whereas , A number of working
people iu Omaha , Neb. , oppressud by
grinding corporate monopolists , to
prevent their condition daily becom
ing worse , have resorted to their legal
and almost only means of redressing
grievances , by refusing to work undur
the conditions exacted ; and
Whereas , In the exercise of their
rights the armed forces of the United
States nre being used to overawe nnd
intimidate thu workers into submis
sion ; therefore , bo it
Resolved , That the delegates of the
amalgamated I nidus nnd labor unions
of Now York nnd vicinity , in regular
meeting assembled , deplore and con
demn the use of the force named for
such purposes.
Resolved , That wo hereby call upon
the president of the United States to
withdraw the troops from Omaha and
not permit them to bo used nn they
now are , throwing the whole weight
ot influence of the entire country on
thb side of the employers.
Resolved , That a copy of those res
olutions bo sent to'ltHo president of
the United Statoa and to the uovornor
of Nebraska.
JAMKS LYNUH , President.
CHAS. H. EDKRIIAIIT , Secretary.
At n special mooting of the San
Francisco Trades' assembly , hold for
the purpose of taking into considera
tion the matters connected with the
strike in Omaha , the following reso
lutions were adopted :
Whereas , The strike at Omaha of
laborers in the employ of the Bur
lington & Missouri railroad and
Smelting nnd Refining companiea , as
being the last resort left them of enForcing -
Forcing compliance n ith their just and
moderate demand to receive an addi
tional moiety of the products of their
industry ; and
Whereas Those corporations , pleth-
me with tlio fruits of unpaid labor ,
lave sought and found other laborers ,
whose debased condition compels
; hem to bo used as the instruments to
degrade those on strike ; and
Whereas , The governor of Nebraska
and the president of the United States ,
with unseemly readinesshave , ordered
Toopa to that city to overawe and in
timidate American citizens in the ox-
erciao of their legitimate rights , and
odor in palliation of this prompt tie-
lance of Republican liberty the excus *
of preserving Jnw and order ; and/
Whereas , The acts of said governor
and president have had the effect of
jxaaperoting the people ; that life has
boon sacrificed to tbeir unjustifiable
imitationof the conduct of the mon-
archiej of Europe. Therefore , be it
now Resolved , By the Trades Assembly
of San Francisco , Cal , , that our warm
est sympathies ore hereby tendered to
the laborers on strike nt Omaha , and
: o all others everywhere who seek
: o enjoy , if only in a partial degree ,
the result of their toil ; that the irro-
} ressiblo conflict botwconlaborandcap-
.tal can only cease when tholaborerahall
bo possessed with what ho produces ;
that while wo deplore the nets of those
laborers at present employed by those
corporations as degrading to them
selves and tending to degrade others ,
yet wo view it as a portion of the vile
ind unjust system of competition
which must finally end , if persisted
in , in general degradation to all ; that
wo reprobate the ncta of the president
ot the United Statoa and the governor
of Nebraska as more in keeping with
the ruthlessness characteristic of the
autocracy rather than as the perform
ance of the duties of the people' ser
vants ; that wo invite nil American
citizens to ponder on these executive
acts , nnd discover in them daring en
croachments upon individual rights
und upon our form of government.
The cxprcseion of sympathy in the
resolution was on motion extended in
the men who had been imprisoned in
Pinunclal Itoport of the Board of
Education for tno Past Year.
Thu following ia a copy of the an
nual report of the secretary of the
School lloardi showing the condition
of finances in school matters for the
your ending , March , 1882 ;
To caali rec'd from levy of 1872 $ B2 70
" ? 1873 2.3 27
" 1874 , 79 98
' " 1876. 05 21
" " 1870. 88 45
' " 187/ . 188 72
" 1878. C30 71
' 187'J. 1,424 27
18bO. 40Mil 60
" " 1881. 700 3
I'inej and licenses. . . . . . . . . . . 31,419 34
State apportionment. . . , , , . . . . 9,281 14
Miscellaneous and tuition 529 59
L'Vom school district No. 50. . . 42 fli
Kalatuo on hand MarcliSI , 1881 298 53
Total 9M2050
By rash ptid
iup rluteiUcnt nod teachers.$43,780 55
Janitors 8,937 tO
Fuel. . . . . . . . . . , 4,198 42
Uoolr. p. in tins and stationery , , 433 24
Supplies , 41507
Insurance , , , . 1,70300
Interest 18,000 CO
Construction 4,98885
Furniture " , , . . 1,6 > 2S5
[ tent . . : . . . . . ; . ; . . . . , . , , , COG 71
improvement 1,111 7' ' '
Uepalw. . . .I ; 2,07935
Miscellaneous 4333
TnkliR census . " . . . . lOOOl
Secretary's salary TCCCi
Legal nervloe. , , . . 50 ( X
Sidewalk tax. . . , , 3560
Total ? 8tr,2l42
Tramferod t > sinkingfui.d . . . 9 7/7 C #
Total ? 91,24910
nn hand. . . . , 17140
ToUl 891,420 00
Kxn. 1 > y fchool High 8 3,421 00
" Central 10,115 9J
" North 10,519 22
" South. . , ' . 5,48053
" Knst 7,212 92
" NewUaFMi. . . . . 11,334 09
" Old Can GUO 18
" Hnrtman 2,62731
" West 1,97234
" Johnnon 103145
" IlaAcall . . . 67027
" Lake Ad 339 96
' Hoard rooi.t. . . 60100
" Superin't. . . . . . 2,4 0 00
" Interest 15,00000
" Miscellaneous. . 1,085 5fl
" Sinking fund. . 9,72708
Total , § 91,249 in
Caen on bond per Secretary's books-
Warrant No. 1770 817140
I By Louis Bradford
not pro-en tod. , $4 75
" 'No. Chicago -
" go umber Co. . . 1 81
" No. 7813 , l.y J. T.
Alortlincr 200
II No. 179 , by Peter
Matze . . . 150
" Xo.l815by Omaha
foundry. 10 05 $20 14
Cash on hand per Treasurer's re
poit $19154
To cash tranaforre I from gen
eral fund. . . , . $ 9,72783
To ci-sh from interest on bonds
mtinkim ? fund. . . . C30 00
To rash to balance March 31 ,
1881 10,57041
Total $20,928 i 9
By cash by 810,000 bonds llH825i
" . S7.COO . bonds 7,88i ( 67
" 'Imbalance 1,05892
Total $20,92809
Indebtedness April 1 , 1882 -
Bond * 9150,00000
A Change of Complexion
The arroat of u well known citizen ,
charged with renting rooms to notor-
OUH women , will bo remembered , nnd
: ho plea set up in defense thai the les
see of the building , Mr. Morris Ott-
uan , was responsible , as ho had sub-
ot the rooms to the women. This es
tablishment in well known to every
one who over frequented Twelfth
itreot and to many others. At the
Beginning of the operation of the SIo-
cumb law , Mr. Ottman retired from
justness nnd his saloon \vas closed ,
3ut a day or two ago the entire stock
ind property and good will was sold
} y him to John Porsaon & Co. , who
u-uo applied for license under
; ho Slocumb law , and re-open the
> lnco about April 10th. Mr. Porsson
: amo to Omaha about a week ago
rom Colorado to go' into business
lero , and like his Swedish fellow-
countrymen , is a quiet and modest
gentleman , who proposes to make the
) lace a first-class ajid orderly ono.
3e has given the 'dames notice to
quit instanter , and will fire out the
) iano , put in hot lunch table and
iool table , and refit the place entirely ,
lis partner is a well known gentle-
nun of this city , who has had con-
idorable experience in the business ,
and can make it pay if any one. can
The local fiend of the Des Moines
State liegister turns tha failure of Oscar
Tilde to stop in the capital city into an
ntimation that ,0m .h i is a dreamy nort of
place. Ho says : "Oscar Wilde is going to
loss n < i by. He will lecture in Omaha in a
ew days. But we won't try tn stop him.
Our city has n > earthly use for dreamers.
Ye vvill take care of the fine arts after
awhile when we get our streets paved "
MM. Harriet S. Brooks will , thin
evening , deliver a lecture befo e the stu-
loots of Brownoll hall nnd their iriends ,
on "Recent Didcoveries in Botany. " This
eoture has been especially prepared for
; his occisio > . It will be dqvotrd to sev
eral topics , or departments oi botannical
research. Incidentally , the flora of Nt-
iraska will be glanced at , allowing how
nov.-l a id attractive la the field of observa-
ion and Htudy wh ch lies about us in our
own state.
A Pleasant Affair at the Bums Club
Social Also at tbe Boiler Rink.
On Wednesday evening the month-
y social of the Burns Club of Omaha
ook place at Hospo's Hall , being at-
unded by about fifty couples.
A delightful time was onjwyod and
> efore the evening's enjoyment was
over Mr. Knox , onLolulf of the club ,
varied the usual exorcises by nuking
a utat presentation speech ami hiuid-
ng to Mr. James Falconer , the Presi
dent , n massive and magnificently
c irved and engraved gold headed cant' ,
r his invaluable services to thu club
in various ftstivo occasions The in-
eription rends ; "Presented toJamua
Falconer , by the Omaha Burns 0 ub ,
Km. 25 , 1882 , " this being the divto ot
; ho last anniversary and banquet. B
Mr. J. H. Hardy , a famous Scot-
ti h vocalist , who was present , BUIIX
hhvoral aongs that brought down ilio
muse and delighted everybody. Mr. _
Hardy will , wo understand , at no dis
taut day , give n grand concert at Mil-
sonic Hall , when his friends say he
will eclipse anything hoard in this
country for n long time.
A fine exhibition of tnney roller
kiting was given Thursday at the
Oontral Hall rink , by Air. Duncan
Wilson , the champion teller akuter of
Omaha. At the close of the exliibi-
lion Mr. Marshall- presented Mr ,
Wilson with n beautifully engraved
solid silver medal on which were the
> air i of bronze'skates is to bo given to
; ho best gentleman nnd best lady
skater nt a contest to come off some
imo in May.
Free of Cost.
All persons wishing to test the merit ? of
a greit remedy one that will positively
cure Consumption , Coughs , Colds , Asth
ma. Broncbltii , or any atfeotion of throat
ind lungs are requested to call at
jchroter & Becht'n Drug Store and get a
trial bottle of Dr , King's New Discovery
or Consumption , FREX or COST , which will
show you'wliat ft regular dollar-size bottle
will do.
Bargain * in Hosiery at Kurtz's.
Gen. J. C. Cowin left for Sidney yeoter
flay to return Tuesday next.
Sheriff Miller returned yesteiday from
Lincoln , where lie went Thursday with th
three p'idonern convicted at the last terra
of court.
John llson , Jieq. , of CrawfonUville
Ind. , nnd Cha . S. Voorhees , son of 17. S
Senator Dan Voorhce , of Indiana , pwwed
through thecityjesterday , en route to Col
fax , Wnihlngton Teiritory , the former be
ing appointed Receiver f the Land Office
there to succeed K , N. Sweet , formerly o
this State.
ei De Meyer's
The antidotal theory , now admitted lo be
the only treatment which -will eradicate Catarrhal -
rhal Potion.
Kov. Chan. It. Taylor , 140 Noble etrect , Brook
lyn , N. Y , : "One package effected a radical
cure. "
Her. Oeo. A. ItoH , Cobleskltl , Bchoharie , Co. ,
N. Y. : ' 'It restored mo to my ministerial !
Kev. W. II. Sumner , Frederick , Md. : "Fne
result * In six cues In my family. "
Jtov. Ceo. ! K. Pratt , St. Stephen's Rector
Thin. : "Quite wonderful ; lot mo dtatrlbut
your Treatl e. "
Cl\-w. II. Stanhope , Newport , R. I , : ' I WM
too dent to hear thechu'ch bell ) ring ; hearing
lestored. "
George W. Umbrlgh' , 73 UluMl street , Haiti-
more , Md. : "Suffered 0 years ; perfectly
cured. "
lira. M. E. Rlicnney , 8022 Sarah Btreet , St.
Louin : "Tho first natural brcith In 0 years- "
Mrs. J.Y. . Purcell , Golden City. Col : "Used
onlyinc package ; entirely tired ; Buffered 24
rear *
Dr. K. N. Clark , Dentist. 8 Montgomery street ,
San Francisco : "Suffered 15 je.irs ; perfect ! )
cured , " etc.
Dr. Wcl ' " "
Do Meyer's Popular "TREATISE"
> n Catar h mailed free. The great Cure la do-
Iverod by Drugglatg , or by D. B. Oewey & Co , ,
IS'2 Fulton direct , New York for I 00 ,
inon-w cd-f ri&sat&n eekenw
M ONKi I'O LOAN Call at Law Otnu. of D.
It. Thomas Konm 8 Crelzhton Block.
0 1'OA At B per ccntln
torost In sums.of 2,600 and
upward ; , for 3 to 5 jean , on drst-cUm city and
rrm property. HEMIH IIHAL ESTATV and Lo n
AOBSCT. IDth and DinvlM Kta
\ \ ; ANTKD A gold ulrl at corner Hamilton
> > and Pier sta. , uhlnu'd addition. Boot
wages given. 638-t
WANTED Situation bj ayounjf man 22 ,
} oars Old as clerk In a Dry Goods or No
tions store. One that has Eorao cxpp Icuce , can
speik Knglish ind German. Call or addrcM B.
C Hollander catc of lurner's Hall Roitinmnt
WANTED Scholars. Lessons glo i In E -
( filch , Gorman , urttng Dim arithmetic ,
terms cheap. Inquroat No 1014 Hurt struct
Omaha. CopvrlKhtUg done at the wune plai' . .
ANTKD T > soli a barber shop , cool location
cation , good buelncs-i , satlsfictrry reasons
( cr ecllli B Inquire nt 117 M. 15th it Out , Omaha
Neb. 537 tl
WANTED-A eood hon cast of 23rd street ,
between Famaruand Dodge. A D. M r-e
14th an 1 Farnam. 632 SO
- two girls as c ok
and chimbtrmald. App'y at 435 F. IGth
Btreet. EOf 25 *
Strone boy 16 to 18 years old to
WANTED In factory. R. C. Stccll & Johnson.
E2524 *
'ANTED Situation In priMito family or
. . grocery store. Can give best of refer
ence , ai-d unae stands how lo take care of her
WW Addrest U. S. , ? . O. city. 626 2I > *
W ANFED-aooi stout girl at the Pc&ndl-
navln Hotel llth street 626-24 *
Girl to d > general housework.
WANTED at 2016 California St. G25 25 *
A good experienced nurse , to
WANTED of Infant. Reference required.
Apply at south-west orncr St. Mary's Ate. near
20th. C28 24
VI7 ANTED To Rent ahoue ofOorCrocms
YY Addre a X. i ; . this office. 616-86 *
A girl for ( jeaeiol housework.
WANTED ' to Mis. D. V. Touzulin , Chicago St.
between 21st and 22nd. 616-21 *
" \T7"ANTED Boy about 16 years old. Apply
YY t the Omaba Shirt Fa.torr. 21421
' Family of good standing to adopt
WANTEL' without any compensation li-
bulrnat S. Christiansen , Midwife , No. 806 16th
stieet , between Cummgand Hurt. 613-6 *
- Men for Railroad work. II.
WANTKD-60 Employmo t Agent , llth et.
n ar 607-24 *
\Tf 7 ANT < D 10U tcaun for Rail rr ad work.
YY $4,00 per da > . II. lift nwcl'tr , Employ
ment Agent llth Bt. near Fnrnhnu. 6oS-2f *
"ITrANTED Situation as book-keeper by a
YY mm with set iraljejriexporlo co Thor-
oiuh'iy undarstai At s ngle ai.u double entry ,
and in a rapid and correct accoutnnt. Adilresj
Book keep/ this olllcu 510-24 *
WAN' I ED A ( or kUchepvjrl - , mtifct
Iu a LOO J took , wunti uiu ironcr , and
a'so a bccond girl want d. Hcfcrance rofjulreJ.
Host of agui < . Apply south ea-t corner ol 2 'th '
Mid California ft * . 618 21
ANTED Flnt cltiss crat und pants
W mnkers. Metcalf Ilros Council II ulb.
't'TT'ANTI D Oord pastry and mtat cook
YV at illilag ra hmixe , Tenth utrc t , bo-
txtein Far unuiht Douglas. Appl > Imino-
iliate'y ' -Nil 31"
" \T7 AMiD Itnuid'r ot ttie Osrtield hooBi ) ,
\ \ W..u > ni , 14thanilJacki'li StJ. '
414 tf
ANIIIO Gco.l . K rl. Ai Ij ftt 10SO North
W 10th strutt MIH. J. JI. COU.v'bSlAN
117ANTKI ) A gumi nn ifr generil hoM8 <
> V \ orl. , &Uq a niirmi k'lfl , north o.U c > r-
iitr231 and Hurt streets 3-3-tf
ill ) Fi.ii'Ilni ; tirn-ann .cliual uoim
17. T. Olark , BJlovuo. S8 tf
'TTTANTED 4 children as hoarders In a select
YY school , at 10th and California St. L. B.
LOOMIS 767-tf
WANTED Situation as bo jk-Hetper , by a
gent'eman , 21 ) oars old , who speikn
Gerumn a id Engllnh. la a very good penir n
and hook-Vceptr ; was ciiga-ed In t-n blng In an
caster i bu'lnem callege ; umgUo be t < , t refer ,
encua. Al oa > ouni { mm 17 yeais old , who Is
a , student of th Davenport Business College ,
will go to work IQ Omaha. Ad J row F. O. , 901
VV. Fourth utre t , Dayeiipari. loma 4M-84 *
' BOQK8 WANTED-To kf ep evenIngs -
GROCERS' return for trade. 1' , O. Box 002.
KENT FurnUbcd cottage , tlx room' .
F 2219 California st , Mis. Hall. 621-tf
. RENT House , 6 rooron , eloaets well ,
cistern , cinientej csllar. IniU ) rt 1-37 I'a-
iiac street. 620-21-
NICELY Jurnibhcd raom for rent. KIO Chi-
A rage ttrctt , but con Kthand 16th.
630 tf
TTlOIt BENT HouoeH rooms , couth end 10th
J } $8 00 1-er luoath , iiuqulre of J , B. Mc-
C'Hguc , opposite postcitlke , 499-11
1 } M ry' Avenue. 480H
T7\OR RENT Forty acrci ol land to rest , time
I ? lulled from court uouio. Boll Jt Amci , 1603
Farnam. 76 24
UK1ST N. E. i , Bee. 6 , T. 16 , R. 11 , un-
FOR > ro\ed Douglas county land. 1) ) miles
Irom R , R , sUtlon , Inquire at 2118 Davenport
UeeU 4 3U
R RE"T Klfelr furnished room. Apply t
Jj 1820 Farnhum St. B1S-U _
T710R REBT Store room in brick building , N.
J } E. corner 16th and Cumlng. 0. F Good ,
man , 1110 F&rnhAm St. 20J-U
IfioR IteNT Houw on i.enuu ,
J rooms , .th ( table A ply t. N. w Me
rill. S07 8 , liilh St 207-tf
RENT Kurnuneu .ion uom , N. K. uir.
FOR and Jnckson 62-tf
TOOK IthWT House of right teems , Lnuulra
J } J. rhlpoa Roe. 1812 tt. Fifth St B77-U
JJ1 0R RKNT S fnrnwh d room * over itel
JL'0R * ' ns , J . V cor. Iflth und
"T710R RENT Klcoly furnished rooms trlth n
JL' without board. Reasonable prices. 2013
OARS St. "
JD 10th and Davenport > t. 996-tf
' 1710" SALE itouse three rooms and h l ( lot.on
JL I0th street north of Creek , 1900 nth , Oa
monthly pajmcntt $1,000. John L. He Civ ue ,
opposite postnfllce , S33-tf
. . RENT House 4 room * , south eno 10 h ,
JS.OO per month. Inquire of J , S. Hc-
Cague , oppoalto } ostofflco. 493-tf
FOR SALE. Fine family mare ; joung and
gentle. Box 421. Council lllnfi ; . U. g -
T710R SAI E House and lot on cany terms.
I ? Apply nt 611 Wa'nut Btreet between 6th and
Oth directs South of U. P. depot , ! * o entire
household goods. 631 30 *
Eon BALK A good stock of general mer-
chancllne. will invoice between four nnd
lire thousand dollnrs , or will exilungi' lor
land Address , 8. O. Thomas , Falrbury , Neb.
606-30 *
TjlOR HALE One almost ntw Organ F heap on
1 } time. Inquire at 314 Houth 10th etroot.
603-28 *
TT10R SALE Salooi stock and fixtures and
U li-ase glvon , treed location. Efiqulro ol L.
H. Spencer , northeast corner llth and jlarncr.
pl 4Sfl U
I71OII SALK Mules and horses at Redman's
JL1 18th street barn. spl 477-27"
rpOR f-AI E FI\cadres ol land on raundeii
Jj St eot , with fine ron dcnco , barn and oth r
lmpro\coent ! < . I'rlco $2,600 : terms oft'y ,
472-tf W. R. Bart ctt , Heal fetnte Agent.
SALE A new bouso and lot. 26th and
1 Douglas St. Inquire to A. Bouman , SCth
and Famhnm . 418-lm *
IjlUlt SALE A 1'la oi ( ict.i\e-j ) , in excellent
JU c nd ton ; \ory cho.p. Inquire ft" t his ofllco.
k .lull S iLh H\e hcroi of land , 2 otory frnmt
JL' house , barn 2 wells and other Improve
ments , east stdo of Sauncltrs etroct , near Fort
Omaha. Call at this office. 401-tt
Tj OR SALE Largo hotM * , 2 lot ? , 63x'32 each
JL1 Inquire 8th and Dorc.i , i ear C. F. Good
man's residence. Oeo Fullman. 388-24 *
FOR fcrALE House and corner lot , cheap
Prlco , $1000 00 cash or $1100.00 on time.
McOAOUE , Opp. Pout Ollice. 209 tf
"I70R SALE House lth 6 rooms , barn and
J ? long lease of lot on 16th St. , bet Burt and
Webster. Inquire at Ed helm & Erickeon's.
356 tt
| ? OR SALE Car load of fac blackcy mules
JU broke. Apply of J. W. Skinner , Coin Ia , ,
" 170 R SALE 32 residence lots on and near 10th
JC street. Price , $350 to 85EO each. Terms
easy. JlcCAGUE , Agent , Opp , Post Office.
360 tf
T71OK SALE At Hall e feed mill , ncnr Military
JD Bridge , 75 tons of No. 1 baled hay. Will be
drill tred to anj part of the city Also ground
feed at the lowit cath price. W. 11. MoCOY.
_ , 233-lm
P10R SALE-Hlcjcle , 48-ltich Standard Colum-
JJ bia. Applj l-nlonElotalor. 203 tf
TT10R SALE-A No. 1 span of heavy dralt
J ? horses. Enquire ol a. T. PauNon , ' .t I'e'cr
HALK IIouso and full lot In good loot
[ J tlon. cheap. I'ricc. $1260. Easy termit.
McCAOUE , Opp. post cRlct. 15t >
POR SALE Host building lot In Shlnn's al.
t ? dltlon. 142 feet cant front by ISO feet \e\i \ > .
iIcCAQHE , Opp IKJSI > til 14
FOK SALE- nu-o couniorii and it mivur ( . .i , . , .
blmw cases , at Oeo , II. FoU'ruoi.'B , b04 buuih
Oth Ht. 741-tf
rpuit HALE Or will uxchi ae for Uuiaha pr .
i. I Ipotty , an Improved sec en 'f land adjoin'
nK a station on U. P. R. R. M. DUNIIAM , 1411
'arnham St. , Omaha. 72U 8ml
B 203-tf _ KSTABKOOK * Cut.
Pounds of choce country butter forsal
_ cheap ; also frmh milk very diy at V _ ;
I'D Oiocery ttort ) , corner llth and Dodge.
474-lmo *
119 tf
UAY At A. H. Sander's Feed = ' ,
BALED Harney St. _ slrf- "
TEALE'S Celebrated blue gracs posture two
_ > | and one-half tnllesjsouth cast of Fort Col.
oun will li.pen for cells at.d horses at tbe
Id i atcs Yearling per month 60c , ( two year ld
In 75c , three ytarsold and upwards one dallar ,
salt Included. Sf aeon from A pi II 16th to Nor
mber 16th. Special rates to txtra > aluaule
tock. llnvld Neale. 609 24 \
"Sc' mP1 recs f rsale , 10 tcTlS
. feet high , one mile wcet of Fort
Omaha. Address W. G , Alnsworth , Omaha Neb.
_ 470-r
\ W1" bu'r h&1' Interest In an es-
.w taollehed business , pacing 40 per
int. For further nformatlon apply or address
V. C. II. Allen , 11111 Farn m street , Omaha , Nob.
_ ' 447-tf.
HO UUTClltRS AND srOC'KMuN My cattle
L sralcH are cgaln In perfect order. Call on
[ r. Van Oiman at stock jaide , loth St. , bet.
apltol avenue and Da > cn art St. Plenty of
ard rocm and stabling , Bright straw In hale
r bed-ticks. E ESTABKOOK.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 426 tf
3IANO AND ORGAN Instruction by Miss E
. 8. 1'arllit. H. 20th bt. . lielow Pierce.
) OOU1 And flrst class table board , at 2011
. V ) Caga Bt. ml 1m *
_ _
\ ANI fcl ) t unlurniihed rooms for man am )
\ V wife , mutt bo moderate In price. Ad.
rea < H. . 1 > < e olflco. _ 207-tf
are in frequent rec Ipt of appllcaIons for
> < niton , HKLL A. AMES , 1606 Farnbam ,
K > 'nt Uernlngtnn Tjpo-ttrlter. feblB-apl
Q \VE KKNT 01 olco of 80 full lots to lease
J near Cre'ghton College for tie per year.
otter L , Tliomni & Jlro. , Room 6 , Crelzhton
hull. 20Vtt
. \I.L ; KUEhiL
lO.VALlbT , 4 r iisStrtet.OctweonFjrr )
u ! Hainey. n Ith tlie aid of f\ \ , <
ilrlts , obtain ( < ' < > a gl jce at rhr u.v
ji Vfjsi'iit , aim n , t.rin cun iltiooa in ij.v u
iru llrr nn" * j-tl rtadn r/i rdcr ? t < itr-
* 'l"Mcuuii ud
Absolutely Pure.
This powder nmr lw. A m rtel opu
y , strength and wholnsomeneM. More ecrno-
1 1 thin thu ordinary kindi , and nnnrt b
told In competition with tbe multitude ol low
eat , short weight , alum or phosphate powder * .
Bold only In cans. ROTAL 1UIWO Fovnu 0 *
M Wall at. , New York