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t I H ( I I
Iho Anti-Mongolian Bill Passed
by tlio Houso.
.Limiting the Influx of the Rice
and Bat Eating Rous
A Very Decided Response to
the Appeal of the
Pacific Ooast.
Shiphord Resumes His Testi
mony and Brings in Senator
Biuir's Name.
Miioolbuiconi NotM of a Nntional
KatlonM At ! > clito < 11'resi
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , March 23.
Mr. Guorgo reported from the committee
mittoo on agriculture the original bil
to inako tlio department of agriculture
an executive department.
The life saving service bill came up
and salaries were fixed at 81800 for
superintendents iu the lake districts.
Mr. Brown's proposition to mak
salaries of station loopotaGOOinsteac
of $300 was lost.
Mr. Fryo made a strong protoclioi
speech in reply to Messrs. Beck anc
Williams. The latter , in a sheri
speech , answered the criticism on his
Mr. Vance offered an additiona
section , that in the selection of com
missioners representation bo given to
each interested agent and manufac
turer in proportion to the capital iu
Tested and the number of persons en
gaged therein. It was agreed to take
a vote to-morrow , when Messrs. Milloi
( N. Y ) and Sherman will speak on the
At 3:35 : p. m. the scnato wont into
executive session and at 5:25 : p. m.
The Indian appropriation , bill was
reported , with amendments , m the
executive session.
A. L Morrison , of Illinois , was
confirmed marshal of New Mexico ,
and Enos J. Ponnybackor collector of
customs for North Carolina.
The session was protracted by a
fight over the nomination of Cooper
for internal revenue collector of the
Sixth North Carolina district. The
vote stood 22 ayes to 24 nays on con
formation. The democrats and David
Davis voted "no" and Messrs. Logan
and Cameron withheld their votes. A
motion to reconsider was resisted and
filibustering threatened and began.
Finally the senate adjourned while the
motion to reconsider the rejection was
, ponding. " - ,
' " ' ' ' t % ' '
'Watmoagh'and-Se'abnry w'ero n
taken up.
The house resumed consideration'of
the Chinese bill at 10 a. m.
Messrs Morse and Joyce opposed ,
the first contending it was un-Ameri
can and uncommercial , the latter that
it violated the treaty.
Messrs , Dunnell and Orth also op
posed the bill , the former on the
ground of violation of the treaty with
China , the latter it wan contrary to
the spirit of the constitutional amend-
Mr. Rosocrans , being ill , was ac
corded permission to have his views in
support of the bill printed.
The speaker appointed Dawson , ot
Iowa , a stenographer of the house ,
vice Hayrs , removed.
1 hu committee on ways and moans
reported favorably the bill permitting
whisky to remain in bond an un
limited period , limiting wastage to
thirteen gallons a barrel.
Messrs. Sherman , Hazlcton and
Pachico favored the an.i-Cliincsa bill
bec.tuso California understood the
subject best and asked it.
Mr. Townshond , of Illinois , sup
ported it because it was a democratic
Mr. Robinson , of Massachusetts ,
spoke against the bill after correcting
the report that Ohincao shoemakers
had been driven out of Massachusetts ,
Ho proceeded to indicate the various
amendments { o reduce the time to
ten yuan ) and omit the section mak
ing it apply to Bkillcd laboiora , Ho
did not think it was nemairy to
cliantre the passport system , n aug-
ROBUdbyMr. Kisaon , but hold tJuit
limitation of immigr.Uion to twenty
jcura wuiild be a practical uolauin of
the treaty
Mr. Camion , of Illinois , spoku in
support of the bill , llo uM few on
the floor would absolutely oppose it ,
and ho did not think the amendment
improved it.
Mr. Page closed the debate appoU-
inp to the republican p.vrty , with
which ho had worked for years in the
house , in support of the principles on
bills as declared in its platform and
the sentiments of the late president.
The vote on the amendment roduo-
ing the time to ton yoais stood , 100
yeas , 131 nays ; that on the amendment -
ment reducing the time to fifteen
yeara , 8 ? to 99. All other amend ,
ments wore then voted down'in their
order and the bill
, passed 177 yeas
to G5 nays.
The nays were Messrs. Anderson ,
Barr , Bragg , Briggs , Bruwno , Buck ,
Camp , Gaudier , Carpenter , Chase ,
Crape , Cullen , Dawes , Dcering , Ding-
ley , Dunnell , Divight , Farwoll ( la. ) ,
Grout , Hall , Uardonburg , Hammond
( N. .Y ) , Harris ( Mass. ) , Ilaskoll ,
Hawk , Henderson , Hepburn , Hooker ,
Humphrey , Jacobs , Jones ( N. J. ) ,
Joyce , Kasson , Lord , McCoid , Morse ,
Norcross. Orth , Parker , Ranney ,
Rico ( Mass. ) , Rico ( Ohio ) , Richard ,
sou , Ritchie , Robinson ( Mass. ) , RUB.
Eoll , Ryan , Shultz , Skinner , Spooner ,
Stone , Taylor , Thompson ( Iowa ) , Ty
ler , Urner , Updegraff ( Iowa ) , Wads-
woith , Wait , Wulkfp. WarJ , Watnon ,
White , Williams ( \Vi > . ) ,
Adjourned at 6 p. in.
S'atioiml AnTcltt J I'tct * .
WASHINOTCIN , March 23.Sniphon ]
produced a copy of the miftsin ? letter
to the president dated May 20 , 1881.
It was merely a presentation of the
case the same way as presented to
Blaine and llurlbut. Shiphord .ad
mittod the mysterious senator was
Blair of Now Hampshire ; ho also
slated ho had made overtures to an
other member of congress to act as
counsel of the Peruvian company.
The member refused bocaueo the matter -
tor would necessarily come before con
grcss. Shiphord refused to name this
Adjourned until to-morrow.
Mr. Shiphord has the neuralgia.
Mitloiii ) Associated 1'rcwi
WASHINGTON , March 23. General
and Mrs. Grant hold a reception in
the red parlor this afternoon. The
attendance was largo of army and
navy , government officers and their
The anti-polygamy bill has boon
Rear-Admiral J. P.
- Spottd , com
manding tl.o South Atlantic station ,
died on the 9th iuit of uppoplexy at
Falkland Island , Patagonia , and * as
buried there.
The star r6utoa cases are adjourned
until Saturday.
Several important changes will bo
made in the quartermaster general's
department shortly.
The order for Cadet Whittakor'a
dismissal from the service waa issued
Rear Adimiral Scott , retired list , is
lying very low in this city.
Republican senators think Toller's
name will surely bo sent in as necro
taiy of the interior department before
long , but that delay may bo caused by
the arrangement of succession in the
Chairman Harris says that the re
port that the naval committee agreed
to recommend $2,500,000 to complete
monitors is incorrect. Another mem
ber says the rocommondatian was re
considered and the matter is still an
open question. Another admits such
matter was agreed on.
lilqnor on Reservations.
National Associated Press.
ST. PAUL , March 23 Sumo time
ago the United States court con
demned a quantity of brandy intro
duced by Frank Patches into the
northern part of the state. This
judgment was reversed by Judge Me-
Crary in the United States circuit
court here to-day , who held that in
the introduction of liquor no territory
should bp classed as Indian country
unless within the limits of a reserva
tion. The defendant must IIHVO the
benefit of .the doubt.e5istta' in - < , the
case. The decision is important as
settling a much disputed question in
this section.
Th Warlike Evangelists
Again Taking Up Arma.
The Kneo-JJrlll , iho Blood and Fire
Brigade and Sharp Shooting by
Soldiers in the Salvation
Philadelphia Prcsa.
Thisstrange compound of blasphemy
and sensation appeared in the adver
tising columns of several of the city
newspapers last Saturday :
and Germantown avenue. The Sal
vation Army will hold a Real Siilva-
: ion Spree to-morrow , led by Shout-
tig Annie , from Baltimore ; Captain
Pilgrim ; Charlie , the Silvation Won
der ; Captain .Too , Iho Salvation Car-
hunter , and Glory Milt , the Hallelujah
Drummer. Knuo-dnil at 7 a. m. ,
sharp , and at 3 p. m mid 8 p. m. the
blood and flro brigado. Sharp shoot-
ng by the soldiers ,
The Btiiiguiimrg promises contained
n this extraordinary notion , which
contained beaidos that the recently
allayed Salvation Army fever : is
it-am breaking nut in the city , led a
crowd to the scene of action yister-
dnjr afternoon. Salvation market was
easily identified by the presence of
.wo stalwart policemen at its door ,
and the liberal display cf banner * )
n its windows , announcing "Salva-
iou for jou ut 8 o'clock to-
li ht. " Within , upon rude bonolus ,
ho only Beating accommodations of
ho hall , waa seated a mixed company
of 400peoplolargoly made upoflcurioua
ookcw-on , with u liberal sprinkling nf
erioua , devout looking fjcoa , mid
icro and tliuro a roor , dissipated
rretoh whom the strange surroundings
lad awed into reflection. Tliu con-
rasts of dress and nf countenance
roro many and striking.
Shortly after 3 o'clogk , noise with
out caused all eyes to turn toward
ho door-way , through which there
ininodiatoly strode , at a brisk gait ,
a short , thick-set man of thirty , in
cap and uniform , chouting a'salva-
ion army song ut the top of his
oico , Ho was followed by a Btrangr
[ Jing procession of twouty-fivo men ,
vomon and boys , bearing aloft a red
lag , and each vicing with the leader
n power of lung , but with little at-
empt at agreement in tune. Mount-
ng the platform , where scats had
> eon reserved for thorn , the army
mtered upon the "Bproo" of the af-
prnoon by singing from the ealva-
ion army song book a hymn with the
efrain ,
"Then a noldier I ulmll be
Happy In Eternity , "
11 which many of the audience joined ,
standing-upon the front of the plat-
orm during the singing , and marking
imo with the most violent arm gym-
rustics , were Iho four loaning war
riurs of the "blood and fire brigado.
Captain Irons , Captain Light , Captnii
Pilgrim and Shouting Annio. Th
l.nt named are women of nbou
fifty jcatfl , both of swarthy com
plcxion , evidently iuurod to at
the atmocphetic variations of out-doo :
campaigns. In speaking , they cxhib
Jted almost maaculino poncr in voici
and ge&turo. Captains Irons nut
Light arc both undersized , but goo (
shunters , and prone to violent haiu
gymnastics. Captain Irons is recklessly
lossly frco with his "h's. " and when
ho speaks the other Captain stands a
his side , supporting him with smile
and voluble "amons" and "hallolu
jahs. "
After the opening hymn , knco-dril
was gene through with , each of tin
leaders praying with unction , Ihei
companions punctuating their utter
aticos with sighs and groans , center
lions of face nnd body and ngonizo (
intorjoctioiiB. The songs , however
gave fulKir vent to those noisy pro
penalties which are a largo pirt of tin
Outfit of these enthusiasts. The nerds
while not alwaya distinguished by tha
delicacy which might bo looked for ii
spiritual song , are wonderfully direc
and never forgot to rhyme. Hero if
n couplet that was aung with mud
fervor ;
"Sty old compiut n , faro you well ;
1 will not go with joU tolhell. "
Another favorite hymn had this reference
eronce to the gentleman below :
"Tha devil nnd mo wo can't ngrc ? ,
For I hate him nnd hu hntea me. "
This vindictive spirit cropped ou
in another song , beginning :
' 'Wo'll rll the old chnript along ,
But we won't lung on Lehiud , "
And then continuing :
'If tha devil's in the way we'll roll it o\or
him. "
These worn sung with the swayiiif
of the body , stamping of foot anc
clapping of hands , and that p cculii
delirium of ccstacy characteristic or
the colored brethren. Occasionally ,
Shouting Annie would clacp Captair
Irons' hand , and others , catching the
infection , would proceed to congratu
late their neighbors in a promiscuous
fashion. Sandwiched between the
songs were impassioned exhortations
based on the Bontimonts just sung.
Captain Pilgrim and Shouting Anir'o
were most vehement in their appeals ,
charging up and down the platform ,
throwing their hands aloft , and anon
casting themselves into their chairs
and burying their faces in their
hands. At intervals they stopped
short and broke in upon some familiar
hymn and thus the services alter
nated. "I'll Meet My Saintrd
Mother Over Thero" was sung over
and over again , finally moving many
of the audience ' to tears the only pa
thetic touch 'in iho whole scene.
When the now recruits ot the army
wore called to rise and give testimony ,
ono poor follow told how glad ho was
that the salvation army had como
around. Ho didn't go home with a
black eye on Saturday night any 'moro.
rf.h"othor , Captain 'Joe , the'cinlvaCion
carpenter , had boon gathered in by
the army. "I don't suppose , " said
ho , "there ever was a worse man in
Philadelphia than mo. " "Never killed
anybody , did you , Joe' " interrupted
a voice from the audience , "fto , I
never killed anybody , but I was an
awful drunkard , and no drunkard can
inherit the Kingdom of Heaven , " an
swered Joe ,
"Praise the Lord ! " shouted Shout
ing Annie , and immediately impro
vised :
"The nn'oon-keepers ' thoy're a-cryinjrout
'Cause the Salration Army la a-goin
about. "
A young girl on the platform tasti
fied : ' 'I mean to go to heaven , and I
don't ' caru what the people say ; they (
can drag you to hell , but they can t
drag you out. " "Amen , " "Praiso
God , " "Hallelujah , " came from all
over the platform , and then the en
thusiasm found rent in the strain :
"I tumbler ! in the fountain
And He wnshedmy idns away. "
Two young men Blattered into the
hall at this point and begin inter
rupting the speakers with maudlini ?
blasphemy "God bless those young
men , " said Shouting Annie , immedi
ately starting up a aong , Presently
the young men subsided into u
drunken s'upor ' , only to awake moro
belligerent and demonstrative than
ever. Ono of them attempted to embrace -
brace Captain TIOOB , but found himself -
self in the fit rom ; nrms of a policeman
who hurried him oif to the atation
The inevitable collection came oirly
in the proceedings. Shouting Annie
passed the lint around among the
n.oii with an appealing , "
you got anything for the Lori , l.idH I"
The harvest of cash was scant , and
piincipally copper.
"Charlie , the Salvation Wonder , "
pioved to bo n proiocious youngster
of ton yeara. Ho sang , ' Only an
Armor-bearer , " in a bhrill , piping
voice , and them proceeded to exhort
the jioople uith all the earnestness of
a practiced pulpit orator.
At the conclusion of the "Sproo , "
Shouting Annie had a heated argu
ment with a sister who upbraided her
for selling hyinn-bonka find other lit
erature on Sunday. "It's all for the
Lord , " explained Annie , but her
questioner was still unsatisfied , nnd
took her leave of the shouting Bistei ,
with u vague idea that somebody else
was the recipient of thcso Sunday
The Country
Who that has ever lived anytime In the
country Iiut must Imvo lieard of the vlr-
lues of Burdock as a Mow ) purifier , Bun-
noon HLOOD I'ITTFIIH cure ( lyiipopHla ,
billousnecaand all dlsordern aristnt' from
Impure blood or deranged liver or kidnevs.
Price SI.00 , trial bottles 10 cent * .
"Wells' Health Ronowor , " greatest
remedy on earth for impotence , lean
ness , sexual debility , &o. One dollar
at druggist's. ' Depot. 0. F Good
M , (5) ( )
Bursting of the Boiler of a Ferry
Boat ,
Ono Man Blown Oloan Over n
Block and jMaahed Into
An Iminonao Depot Sot on Piro
by the Explosion and
Tota'ly ' Consumed.
Two'Boata Lying Alongside the
Ferry Boat Bunk by
the DebrK
Careerof nn Unlnoky Hoi ; Train
National Associated Prens
PiiiiAU Li'iiiA , March 23. The
boiler of the Btcnin passenger ferry
boat , Henry 0. Pratt , plying between
Philadelphia and the Atlantic depot ,
Walnut street wharf and the depot at
Koghrca Point , Oamden , N. J. , ex
ploded at the wharf. T o of the
crow were blown tojror roof on the
other side cf the street into thn water.
At the end of the street , R block uway ,
un anchor lodged in the telephone
wires. Tlio boiler was lifted and
grazed n second and third story ware
house an Delaware avenue , 200 foul
from the sccno , and in falling denial-
ishod and sunk two tug boats.
The explosion , occurred at pier 8 ,
Delaware avenue. Portions ot the
boiler were flung across the avenue ,
striking Nos. 132 abd 134 , occupied
by Kelly , Lovoll ' & Co , ship olmnd-
lew , and Hugh < Fitzgerildinos ,
destroying the second nnd third
iitorios , and scattering bricks , etc. ,
in all directions. The body of Go * .
Scully , captain of the Pralt , was
thrown over an entire block auainat
wall on the west side of Water
street , a mass of shapeless pulp ,
burning coals wore'thrown from the
tiro-hold on to the roof of the hand-
Borne depot of the Philadelphia &
Atlantic railway , COO by 300 foot ,
covering the pier where the boat lay ,
and burning it to\tho \ ground in an
houas. Coals were also thrown aboard
the steam tug Ella , and she burned
to the water's edge. Five men aboard
the Pratt at the time of the explosion
were killed. The engineer , named
Lyon ; Barney McCann , nged 15 :
George Scluiin , fireman , ' aged 20 ;
Thomas J. Maloney and Patrick
Flanagan ,
The engineer's body cannot bo
found ; it is supposed it wont down in
the hull. Barney McCann was a deck
hand ; Flannigan was fireman nnd Maloney -
loney was captain of a canal boat
which the Pratt won during the day
to have towed downtho river.
AN DNLTJCKY'joO ' | TBAIN. ( - , , ,
CUIOAOO , Jklarr JiyiO r'A' snrios of ,
disastrous accidents occurred last
night ou the Fort Wayne road. A
stock train consisting of thirty cars of
hogs was run into at the Forty Third
street crossing by a Grand Trunk pas
senger train. Fully half the hogg in
the stock train were killed at this
point , though ifot much damage re
sulted , to other property. After the
wreck was cleared the balance of the
stock proceeded south until it reached
Fifty-Fifth street , whore it was run
into by a Fort Wayne passenger train.
Engineer Oliver Hibbard , of the pas
senger train , was killed , and several
cars wpro thrown from- the track.
WluUJ'L.ogs escaped in the first acci-
doirorrro | finifliol up iu the second.
' wontyllhousand dollars' worlh were
killed altogether.
Mexican Noir ,
Ml xico , March 23. Count Joan
ne , Italian minister , committed BUI-
cide by shooting himself with a pistol
financial troubles wore the cause.
L'ho remains wcro buried in the State.
ilis wife belongs to a Baltimore fami-
y. Countess Joannio with her clul-
diflii will return to the United SUtta.
The government hus deposited
8111,82:1 : with Monte do Peedad for
he payment of the nott inat.tllment
> { the Amoucun debt.
Tlio Fourteenth battalion of feder-
il troops Inn been ordered to Loco-
unco , near the Guatemala border
I'hia notion wait ' .ikon hy the ijovrrn-
ilu-iit in order lo bu prepared for any
ainoigoiny may urine in rcgiitd to
he < ettluiiietit of the boundary dis-
> iite between Mixico'and Guatemala ,
uid to give protection to tattlers.
Mans Mooting on tlio It-tali Situa
t'Mloml A 4oclutu 1 1'iiun.
NKW YOUK , March S3. A call
igned by over a hundred leading citi-
OIIH , Bcveral editors and propiiutors
> f a number of leading newspapers ,
udges of com IB , etc. , hivi been ieaued
o the citi/.eiiB of Now York , irrespac-
ivo of political opinions , to moot in
; rand demniutnition ut Cooper insti-
ute on Mondiy evening , April 3d , to
irotest against the arbitrary action of
ho British government in holding in
irisonB a number of men who are citi-
: ena of this republic , aomo of whom
ire unoonviclpd of any crime andjiaTO-
> eeii in confinement for a year or
nero , and demand that our govern-
ncnt extend theeo men the full pro-
ection their allegiance to it guaran
Au Itinerant Prone or | ; uod.
National Aawclutod I'trta.
ROOK , March 23. An itin-
eront preacher and land agent known
as Rov. Paul Bagloy , claiming to have
boon a missionary in China , attempted
od to deliver a lecture on the Chinese
question at Olarksville last night. As
10 lelt the platform ut the close of
.ho lecture a shower of rotten eggs
'ell upon him and spread thomsolvea
ill over him. Ho fled to the depot ,
hid himself in ft freight car and reach
ed this place an odorous , aa well as
ridiculous spootacle. He had remored
none of the vile stuff from hisolothinf
nor person. On setting ofT the trail
ho ruahod to the executive office
"What's thoinattci ? " asked Governor
Churchill. "Look " said
at me , Ror
B.U'ley. The reason for the assault is
not ascertained.
Tlio Flood * .
National Aw > ocli ( < nl I'rcon.
YAHOO CITT , Misi. , March 23.
The City of Yazou came down last
night from above , where it has been
to relieve sufferers. It went up as
hitjli as Sharkoy on the Tallahatchio ,
250 miles above hero. The condition
on the Tallahatchio is much bettor
than on the YaEoo. Above Honey
Island , 217 miles from here , consider
able land is above water , whore much
stock , has been saved , but up to this
point the land is under water and the
IOPS of properly is immense and the
Buffering terrible. The condition of
the people along the river batik is bad
enough ; many are on the point of
starvation , but in the settlements
back of the river the situation is de
plorable in the oxlrmno. On the trip
down tlio steimer picked up five white
families of six persons oach. One of
those had had nn food for thirty
hours. The river is failing at ail
points. It is hoped that the worst is
over. _ _ , _ _
Ohio ivnd the Snnclny Law.
N ttlonM A-HocUU > il 1'rcw
COLUMIIUH , O. , March 23. The
convention called to consider the Sun
day law nnd the closing of r.aloons met
at the city hall this morning with
nearly one thousand uologntes pica-
unt , representing denominations and
pirtics of all flections of the state.
Gen. S. A. Hurst , of Chillicothu , was
made president.
In the aftornoon'Riuh ml Smith , of
Cincinnati , wafl made permanent chair
man and one vice president of each
distriet WH chosen. Resolutions were
idoptcd declaring the necessity' of
moro 8tringtit | laws for Sabbath ob
servance. Tho" reading of a letter
from Theodore Cook , of Cincinnati ,
uid speeches consumed the remainder
jf the session. A doloir.itinn consist-
ng of the chairman r.nd vice presi
dents of the convention convoyed the
resolutions to the scntiti ) In per
sonnel and earnestness the convcn-
.ion was remarkable.
Illinois Crop Pie < ] inot .
nal Awooi.-vtoil 1'resf
SrniNOFiKLn , March 2L Informa-
ion from nearly all qimrtnre of the
state represent the crop prospect as
unusually flattering , and winter
wheat looks well and plowing is al
ready well advanced. In some parts
of Southern Illinois apprehensions
ire expressed for the fruit crop , but
n general it promines well , except
n the drouth stricken counties.
Farmers report stock in 10 to 20 per
cpnt. bettor condition than at this
.imo last year.
Mall Robber Arrested.
Hitlonal AaaocUUd 1'roM.
MILKH CITY , , M. T. , March 23.
PoBtofllca.Inspector Soybolt nnd Dep
uty Ui.ftoJ r. tuiO5SMl5tiA2i : y *
arrested Hurry Minter at Kurazvillo ,
on the Yollowatono river , for robbing
ho mails. Minter and two others on
the night of February 18th .atolo a
wuch from the stage and obtained a
ot of checks and drafts from the mail.
Minter confessed to forging signatures
on the checks stolon.
Tbo Waboo Nownpapor Raiders-
WAIIOO , Nub , March 20. Sin : I
noticed in your paper of March 17th
a communication from this place con-
cerninet the trial cf the raiders on The
Independent oflice , signed "Ayurs. "
Now Ayers evidently is mistaken as to
the facts in the caso. It ia true that
; ho parties arrested were taken before
Justice Mongol. It is also true that
.hoy swore out a uhaugo of venue and
, ook the cuso before Justice Marsh.
IDxaniinution had before
11111 of one of the parties , and upon
tearing nil the evidence in the case
ind the arguments of the counsel , ho
bund theru wusfiiot prob.iblo cause
'or holding Iho prisoner ti answer for
ho otliiiiee. Jlo WUB , therefore , di -
charged. After discharging him , the
state dismissed the other parties , but
hey wore rcarrestod in \eryHhort
line after being dismissed and
vero tukun before County Judge
lillteson , waived examination ,
uid he put tivo ol them under $800
Hinds to appear before the grand jury
it the next term of district court , and
ho other two ol the p.mius were ab
out in the army of the Missouri ut
It is evident that Ayers had butler
ay down hia pen and go to making
iver pellets it hu can't toll n atraight-
i&tlanal Astoclatwl I'rcm
LieAVKNWouni , Kua , M.ireh 23-
A flour dual explosion occurred at
A 15. ILwms & Co , 'a mill hero today -
day , fpllowod by afiiu that destroyed
hu mill , the elevator adjoining , and
other property. A. B. Havens , Frank
) 'D.iy and Win. Biummor , who wore
n the mill , were badly burned nnd
larrowly escaped with their lives.
The total loss wus $75,000 ; insurance
on the mill , $21,300 ; on the elevator ,
832,100 ; other property , gOOO.
Sttlonal AtuoclaUd I'risd.
ST , PAUL , March 23. The state
senate held its last session to-day ai
a court of impeachment and formally
recorded judgment in tlio case of
Judge Cox of the Ninth district ,
'ound guilty of drunkenness on the
jonch. He is removed from oflico
and disqualified from exorcising judi
cial functions for throe years. Cox
expected just such a termination of
lis trial mid says ho is not cast down ;
lie intends to practice law at Grand
Forks , D. T.
Railway Affair * .
National AnocUtod I'rta.
CHICAGO , March 23 , It U the pro
vailing opinion that the Chicago
Rock Island & Pacific railroad wil
BOOII gain control of the Chicago , 8t
PAII ) , Minneapolis & Omaha road
The purchase of this mad by tin
Rock Jslan explains why Vice Prcsi
dent Cable secured about nil the fcto-ik
of - the Chicago , Portage t Superior
line , nnd also why ho received sucl
strong support from the Chicago ,
St Paul , Minneapolis < t Omaha road ,
which has for a long time been nftoi
the Portage & Superior lino. The
loss of the St. Paul & Omahu will
prove a eorcro blow to the North
western rondj as it was ono of their
most valuable feeders. The loss will
bo immediately made good , however ,
by n now line built by Iho North
western from Elroo to St. Paul. II
tlio sale goes through the Hock Island
ll gain 2,500 , miles of road.
Mnrlno Intelligence.
NKW YOUK , March 23. Sailed
The Suovia or Hamburg , the State
< if Nebraska for Glasgow , the City of
New York for Liverpool.
SOUTHAMPTON , March 23. Arrived
The Strassburg from Baltimore for
Bremen. , March 23. Sailed The
Jnnbroydol for Now York.
QUEBNSTOWN , March 23.Sailed
The Adriatic for Now York.
LiTKtirooL , March 23. Sailed
The Illinois for Philadelphia.
Now Jonoy Logiilatnru.
N tlon l AmocutoJ I'rrm.
THEN-TON , March 23. The govcr
nor threatens if the legislature ad
journs without providing for state
liimnces , he will call them together
in special session before they got out
of town.
Xntloiml AtHOcIAtcd I'rea * .
FJIANKFORT , Ky. , March 23. El-
IB , the Ashland murderer , tins made
a confession completely exonerating
Noiil and Craft ,
CHICAGO , March 23. A dispatch
was received in the city this morning
announcing the supreme court at Ot-
-nwa had decided the probate court of
3ook county was legally established
and authorizing its continuance.
NAHHVILLB , March 23.A man
lamed Robt. Patton was run over by
a switch engine in the East Nashville
jouiavillo & Nashville railroad yards
and killed. The bouy was out in trfo.
PJIILADKLPIUA , March 23. Rov.
Samuel IInil' , judge of election in the
L'enth ward last February , was arrest
ed on tlio charge of fraud and forgery
of election papers.
jJPnovinnNOK , R. I. , March 23.
inistus H. Cook , broker , has failed.
Twenty thousand dollars of checks
'orgcd by him are il ready discovered.
ATLANTA , Ga. , March 23. At the
coroner's inquiat over the body of
\Vm. Gregory , who waa shot and
killed last night , it was shown that
Win. Davis did the shooting. He
lias been arrested on the charge of
those of Miss Bozwell , who disappeared
pearod mysteriously seventeen years
ago. They were identified by a piece
of jewelry found with thoro. She
was in a delicate condition wnon she
loft , and the bonca of an infant were
found with hers. It is not known
whether she suicided or was mur
CHICAGO , March 23. The mana
gers of the Women's Christian Homo
have leased quarters in Ihis city for
the accommodation of transient visi
tors. It is to fjo known aa the Tran
sient Homo ,
Tlio supreme court in the case of
Rigby vs. the City of Chicago has da-
clarei the city liable for damages to
property covered by the erection of
viaducts , cutting oil * access to streets
that were previously open to traffic.
LrrrLEllocK , March 23. Dr. Zenno
Barnum , of Baltimore , Md. , aged
about 20 , died suddenly at 11 o'clock
thin morning at the Capital hotel , of
heart disease. Ho arrived hero last
night from Hot Springs on his way
homo , He waa accompanied by Dr.
Lockwood , of Baltimore , who takes
charge of tha remains. Ho had been
ill for u long timo.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , March 23. Ar-
ticlcB of incorporation of the Vienna
Mining company , the principal stock
holders of which are Winona capi
talists , were J filed with the eecretary
of state to-day. Capital , $15,000,000 ,
but this includes the old VieniKi , of
Idaho territory , The president mid
board of directors are Col. A. Degrofl' ,
of St. Paul , mid P. L. Ooloman ,
Henry J. O'Neill , S. y. Hyde , A D.
Ellsworth , 0. IT. Herry , B. II. Langly ,
C. S , Boinior and F. A. Johnson , of
Si- PAUL , Minn. , 23- The North
ern Pacific railroad company lui lei
Iho contract for the Snake river
bridge , to coat $750,000 _
Tbo Cblll-Poru Situation.
National Amoclatoil I'tvea.
WASHINGTON , March 23. The Post
to-morrow will publish an interview
with Bluino , which says that the gen
eral result showii in the latest phase
of the Chili-Peruvian question is pre
cisely what he had predicted when
Tresoott's instructions were i evoked ,
Tlio uction of Iho Chilean authorities
tihows that Peru is to bu despoiled and
dobirro'l , mid the profits divided with
English bondholders and speculators ,
The Chilean treasury department asks
Inds for a million tons ot guano from
Peruvian beds , the c.irgo to be paid
fpr in English money at 00 days ; one-
half goes to Chili and one-halt goes
to English bondholders and Chili
binds herself to deposit 50 per cent
of the proceeds ot the guano sales in
the Bank of England , Blaine fur-
Iher says Trescolt was expressly for
bidden by Frelliighuysun lo say i
word about this thing. Naturally
enough when Chili found the Unitoc
States was sura not to Interfere aho
look all she wanted.
Forty joins' ' trial tu proven " BLACK
o bat Urn tntdiciuein
Bussia Expelling the Jews Oat
of Spite ,
Doing Dotormiaod to Allow No
Intreforenco by Outaide
Parties and Protests.
Victoria Before Parliament
Asking for a Marriage For-
tion for Leopold.
A New Vi'Byptian Ministry Pos-
aiDle , to be Decidedly
Mldoollanooai News that , Com *
Over the Ca Wo.
Sotlonul Anoctateil I'ross.
VIENNA , March 23. Nine soldiers
of the Prosbrajaiisky guixrih at St.
Petersburg , always supposed the most
ioynl of all the czar'a ' regiments , have
liooii arrested , with clear proofs of
A. very arbitrary order was promul
gated in St. Petersburg to-day , com-
inanding Jewish apothecaries to re
linquish their business. This order
was isiucd by the chief of police , but
it is understood General IgmtiofT di
rected it should bo promulgated.
Hero the order is construed as a do *
janco of the remonstrances which
mvo boon made by English , Gorman ,
French and Austrian Jews against the
icnecutions to which their coro-
igionists in Russia have been sub-
octod , and a declaration that Russia
till pay no attention to appeals made
.o her by all the rest of the civilized
vorld on this subject. General Igna-
iolF is now the real ruler of Russia ,
and his word overrules every thing.
EconoinofT , president of the council
> f the state of Bulgaria , has tendered
lis resignation , which 1ms not boon
iccopted. The other six members of
, ho council are believed to bo ready
o resign if the president leaves hit
ST. PiSTKiisnuna , March 23. The
zar lias ref lined to sanction Gen. Ig-
natiofTa proposal to expel .Tows from.
villages and small towns in South
LONDON , March 23. A dispatch.
rom Cairo sayx that a chauqo in the
Sgyptian ministry is imminent. The
lew cabinet will probably bo made
In the house of commons this after-
loon the message from the queen re-
; arding the marriage grant to Prince
jeopotd came up' for consideration
and during the discussion that ensued
Hadstono proposed to make the grant
210,000 annually in addition to the
irlnco's present annuity of 15,000 -
ind to empower the queen , to provide
'or Princess Helena , Prince Leopold's
event of the death of the prince.
PAIUB , March 23. Outside brokers
leclara that they will not negotiate
-I. - Bouto'ux shares of the now bank ,
rhioh is to take the plnoo of the
Jnion Gonoralo , and official broken
ay that they will not grant them set-
The Illinois
Jutional Asuotlatod I'/eua.
SriiiKaFiELD , March 23. The leg-
slaturo met hero to-day at noon ,
with a quorum in each house , and
ho governor's mossngo was road.
lesolutlons wore offered and referred
n both houses for the adoption of the
ulos governing the regular session ,
and the legislature adjourned till to-
norrow. _ _
Probable Indian1 Outbreak.
National Awwclatod 1'ruua
WASHINGTON , March 23 , Com-
nandant Randall , at Fort Elliott , ad
vises Indian Commissioner Price that
f the order to Agent Mills bo carried
out an Indian outbreak at Reno la
irobablo. Commissioner Price says
hat as congress has cut down the np-
> ropriation ho has to out down Indian
_ _
Sorffount MUHOH.
National Acaoclatod I'rcsn.
WAHIUNOTON , March 23. The writ
of habeas corpus and cortiurari of Ma-
on will bo presented to the supreme
court to-morrow.
A fortune may bu upent In using inef-
tcttml uiullciiica , when by applying
'JIOMAH' UcLbCTKio OIL a apeeuy ami
ujmw.ioil euro can I > u effected. In cases
f rhumiatUin , lame biclc , bodily allmeuU
r pairs of mery description , It atfonls in-
taut relief. mchSl-lw
The trains , with track material , are
low running on the nov Milwaukee
ino to Coon Rapida , 1G7 miles west
if Marion , At Coon Rapids there
invo boon found splendid gravel beds
hat will make the work of ballasting
oomparativoly easy nnd very fine.
L'hey have had a rock-c"ti3hor at work
it Stone City for some time , which
crushed 100 cars of rock per day , and
nuch track has boon ballasted with
hut. The track is in excellent con-
liton , and the rails are the finest Bes-
senior , The stations aio provided
with nicely built and commodious
mBsonger depots and freight houses ,
ind the platforms are 100 feet in
length at each station , and substantially -
ally built. Each station is ulso pro-
Tided with a dwelling for each suction
Foreman , BO that ho may have a com-
fortiiblo homo. The base of supplies
will bo removed from Marion to Perry
at ouco. The work has progressed
[ inoly , nnd the open weather has boon
ot great value to the company , -
Sioux Oity Journal.
The city council of Dos Moiuoa haa
concluded to purchase ono hundred
acres of ground , on the east side , for
a now cemetery , The laud ii located
two miles north of the capllol , anu
the city pays Dr. J. F , Kennedy 9131
OK acr for il