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The Omaha Bee
Published erery morning , except Snnda ;
Kb6 onljr Monday morning dallj- .
Dn Vw $10.00 I Three Memth . $3. <
Btx Months. 5.001 Ono . . LI
TUT ? WKKKLY BEB , pnblMied e
try Wednesday.
Ons Year. . . . . .92.00 I Three Months. . (
Six Months. . . . 1.001 One . '
attaint relating to New * and Editorial ma
era ulioukl Ixj nddresoed to the Enrron c
L&tlors and Remittance * should ho tu
MNY , OMAHA. Draft * , Check * and Pos
office Ordcifl to l > o made payable to tli
odcr of the Coniwny.
Nr.nnABKA is done with boy gororn
WHEN this cruel war is over am
the militia can march homo again.
TUB Democratic parly in Omnhi
nd Douglas county have given u |
the ghost. Bayonet rule killed it.
OflOAn WILDB should call on Dr
Millor. The biggest sunflower ii
America is planted in the oditoria
chair of the Herald.
Wuhavtm'tyot heard that Qovornoi
Long , of MaBsachussotts , has calloc
on the prcaidont for federal troops ti
uppro s the Ltwronco insurrection.
Tint troops have nearly all turned
their backs on Omaha , and tlm song ,
"When Johnny Gomes Mnrchtnj.
Homo , " is being sung in many house <
IOWA rotes on Juno 27th upon the
qucs'ton ' of adopting the prohibitory
amendment. It is safe to wager that
the vote will bo the heaviest polled
for years in the Havvkoyo state.
TUB board of education wants the
people of Omaha to vote them author
ity to expend $15,000 on now school
buildings during the present year ,
and they publish the notice in the
roadurluss Republican.
KANSAS CITY has completed her as-
BsoBsmont , the total returns footing up
$24,178,770. A correct valuation of
Omalm'a propoaty , on the same basis
would give a taxiblo property to the
raluo of fully $15,000,000.
ATTENTION is called to the registra
tion notices printed in another portion
of TUB BEB. The coraing city oleo
tion ought to call out a heavy vole
Every voter should BOO to it that hi
name is registered.
NEW York'a railroad commissio
bill is said to stand inoro than an eve
chance of passage through the legiala
turo. The onti-monopoly leaguo'wil
deserve a largo portion of the credi
for the measure.
THE shrinkage in the values of stock
exchange securities since the beginin
of the year in estimated nt 8800,000 ,
000. The increase of the stock gam
bier's pile can bo estimated by Mr ,
Gould'a recent little exhibition.
cently boon lecturing at Kearney and
other Nebraska.townn on "Genius ; iti
Uses and Abuses. " The best use
General Thayer can make of genius ji
to wrestle with some of the living is
sues of the day.
JATT GOULD has boon making a lit
tie investment * in Now York real es
tate. Last week he became the owner
of sixteen lota on Twenty-third and
Twonty-fourth streets for the trifling
urn of $1,000,000. This represents
bout one year's good shearing of
Wall street lambs.
. Mr. Tildon is Rlad that the labor
not * at Omaha have boon quelled.
Ho says that The Omaha Herald
Jmsntupoken the English language
beautifully for moral daya. Denver
The beautiful English of The Her
Jd is diffused among a very select
circle of snobocrata , and its circulation
will soon bo exclusive enough to suit
the most outhetio taste.
CoMPiiiNTB of tho'oxceaaive cost of
living in Omaha arc well founded.
Provision" of all kinds are exorbitantly
high. Thia ia especially the caae
with all farm produce and vegetable.
- The roBBon ia uot difficult to find. If
Douglas county were aottlod ai
thickly aa Waahington or Oaaa coun
4lo the pricoa of theio articles would
take A rery aurpriaing drop. Aa fine
Canning land * aa can bo found ia the
tate lie unoccupied within a r&diua ol
ten miloa from Omaha , within two
hours' drive of the beat market in the
tate. They can be bought aa cheaply
. Jta improved landa in other settled
cottons of the state. Devoted to
fruit , vegetable and poultry ralainjr ,
the" Investment would pay hand
somely , Taxoa in Douglaa county are
reasonable and facilities for trans-
portatiou uncqnalled. What ikia
county nooda juat now more than
anything eao i * an influx of ten tiiou *
jand farmer * and nardonera.
Numerous bills are now pending i
congress authorizing the conatnictio
of railroad and wagon bridges acroi
the great western rivers. Many <
these projected bridges may never r
built while others will doubtlcts I
erected to accomodato the growing di
mands of commerce , It ia manifest )
the duty of congress to enact son ;
general law prescribing thocondilior
under which bridges shall bo bui
across the navigable rivers of th
west. Such an act would do nwa
with all special legislation and aiTor
to all localities nnd all parties cqur
privileges and facilities for traffic
At the same time it is also th
duty of congrcts to prevent th
obstruction of the ravigablo river
by bridges that do not afford propo
facilities for ' .ho passngo of boats ,
With n view of aiding congress i
practical legislation on thu impor
tant subject the St. Louia merchant
exchange have had a bill prepared b ;
a committee of experienced river en
gincora , whioh waa recommended t
congress at a meeting hold by th
merchants of St. Louis las
w jck. This proposed bill a
drafted is entitled "an act t <
authorize the construction of bridge ;
across the Missouri river between it
mouth and the mouth of the Dakott
and James river , and across thi
Mississippi river between the port o
St. Paul , in the state of 'Minnesota
and the port of Natchez , in the atati
Mississippi , and across the Illinoii
river between ita mouth and Peoria
in the state of Illinois , and to pro
scribe the character , location and di
monsiona of the same.
The proposed bill is very length ;
and wo can only point to the principa
features that apply to the bridging ol
the section of country in whioh we
ire looted or with which wo have
: ommorcal ! relations. The bill pro-
icribcs in detail the conditions under
vhicli all bridges crossing the great
vestern rivers shall bo erected and
naintaincd. It provides that all low
iridpoa ever the Missouri and Missis
sippi rivers authorized by this net bo
< o located that n good channel
an bo kept and maintained
or the passage of boats
it all navigable stages of water , and
hat the channel shall bo made easily
iccossiblo by boats at all such stages ,
.lid the 'draw or pivot spans shall bo
ocatod over the channel in such a
nannor that ono or both of the open-
ngs can bo conveniently and safely
cached by boats at all navigable
tagos of Water ; and that ono opening
t least of a draw or pivot span shall
o ever the beat and most convrnicnt
hannel of the river , for all classes of
Ivor trafllc , at any stage of water.
That in case the approaches to
raw-span opening , channoUspansor
aft passages in bridais authorized by
tiia act are found to bj dangerous or
ifiioult of access by any important
lass of river t radio , the secretary of
ar may , upon the recommondati n
f a board of engineers , appointed as
eroinaftor prescribed in this act , or-
er the construction of such sheer
oems as will obviate the difficulty.
That any person , company or cor-
oration authorized to construct a
ridtro ever the Missouri , Mississippi
Illinois rivers shall , before com
oncing work , give notice for two
ooks of such intention by publica
on in papers1 having a wide circula
on in the cities of St. Louis , St
3soph , Kansas City and Omaha , con
irning bridges to bo built ever thi
[ iaaouri river ; and in news
ipors published and having
ido circulation in the cities
St. Louis , Quinoy , Pcorin , lllionis
ookuk , Davenport and Dubuque
iwa , and St. Paul , Minnesota , for
idgos over the Misaissippi river
IOYO St. Louia or Illinois rivor.
And that any such person , company
corporation shall before commona
g work on any such bridge submit
the secretary of war for
s examination a doafcn and
awiugs of the bridge anders
ors , and map ot the location ,
ring for the spice of at least ono
lie above and one mile below the
oposod location , the topography ole
o banks of the river , the shoreline !
high and low water , the direction
id soundings showing accurately
e bed of the atroam , the locution ol
iy other bridge or bridges , and
oh other information as may
i required for a full and
tisfaotory understanding of the
bjoot , and if the 8oore
ry of war is satisfied that the pro-
sions of the law have boon complied
th in regard to location , thu build-
DC of the pier * may bo at once com-
sliced ; but if it shall appear that
uditlonii proscribed by the act can
't ' be compiled with at the location
lore it is diuired to construct the
"dge , the secretary of war shall' ,
ler considering any remonstrances
tall a board of experienced ongi-
ors to examine the 08,0 , and may
their recommendation authorize
oh modifications in the require-
inta as to location , piers and num-
r of high spans as will permit the
lation and construction of the
fr has cost the government some-
ing more than five millions of dol-
lars ( o keep the Indians in subjectio
since the Modoc war , in 1872. Thi
sum represents only the actual oj
pondituro during campaigns. T
this ought to bo added the costs <
maintaining the army west ot th
Mississippi ! whoso principal duty i
looking after these wards of the ROI
ernmont , and which will nverau
some $23,000,000 a year in ndditlot
The Indians are very exponsiv
wards at nny price.
The trial of Crow Dog for the mui
dor of Spotted Tail is now in proprci
at Deadwood , and much interest i
naturally manifested in the rcsull
Knotted Tail , chief of thoBtulo Siotn
was murdered at Rosebud Agency o
the 5th of August , 1881 , and the goi ;
oral belief among people on the rosoi
vntlon is that ho was the victim of
murderous conspiracy.
A largo number of Indians hav
boon cited to Deadwood as witnesac
to establish the claim of the dofonc
that Crow Dot ; acted on the first la\
of nature , eelf-prosorvatlon. Th
prosecution on the other hand is road ,
to provo that the shooting of Spottci
Tail waa a cold-blooded murder as
part of a conpiricy led by Crow DOJ
to make Black Crow chief of th
Hrulo Sioux. There was also th
hint of a scandal in connection wit ]
the crime , the exact nature of whicl
ras never disclosed. The assassins
tion was cowardly , Crow Dog gottin ]
the drop on his chief and firing with
out warning. The shot was a dondl ;
ono , and Spotted Tail did no live Ion )
enough to shod any light on the mys
tery. The assassination caused grea
excitement at the time , and but fo
the prompt arrest of Crow Dog as thi
murderer and Black Crow as an accessory
cossory before < ho fact the conspiracy
which had led to the murder migh
have led to the inauguration of a reigi
of terror nniong the Brulcs am
trouble at the ngcncy.
By thia dociaivo action the tendency
of the Indians to centralize power ir
the person of a chief who was bittorlj
opposed to the policy of the govern
ment to civilize the Sioux , was frus
trated. Thu crisis at the ngcncv
passed with the prompt arrest and im
prisonment of the murderous con-
Spotted Tail was hated by the do
ligning men of the tribe for Iris
'riondly relations with the whites ,
ind his death was deeply deplored at
ho agency and throughout that ace
ion , which , together with the
latural prejudice against the cowardly
ict 'of nsaiiBhiiitttion accounts in n
noasuro for the. interest manifested in
ho trial of iiia murdorrr.
WIIEM Omaha was dependent nn-
irely for fire protection on the water
lupply from oystcrns and wells , there
was some excuse for exact ing high in-
mranca rates. But now that we
mvo an ample and constant supply
rom our water worta , insurance rut a
n Omaha should not bo highr * than
hey are in. any other western city ,
n fact , they should not bo as high
.a they are in most citict , because
ur streets are very wide and the ris
rom destructive fires comparative !
mall. Wo remember very distinct !
hat our local insurance agents prom
icd a great reduction in fire rate
ust as BOOH as our water works woul (
10 completed. Although the wato
rorks have , as yet , net keen officially
ocoptod , they hove been in goo (
rorking operation since November
ut not a word has been hoard from
ho insurance agents.
IcreUnd Lttdor ,
During the famous railroad strike
f 1877 the federal government was
Mod upon to send troops to Poim
plvania and West Virginia. The
imo thing has just boon done in No
raska upon the requisition of Govor
or Nance. It is befitting that law
ud order should bo ac all times main
lined , and in all parts of the county ,
ut the growing practice of calling foi
idural troops to repress local disturb-
ucoB , or overawe a fuw people dis-
OBod to bo riotous , in exceedingly
uostionublo. The stutes have their
vm militia and possess the necessary
louna of defending themselves except
i case of an overwhelming rebellion.
Vo can readily conceive that cisca
tn arise , like that of the Dorr
'bullion in Rhode Island , when the
; doral government may property in-
ufuro to save the legitimate author- !
os from overthrow , but the use of
idoral troops in u state when the
teal authorities are competent to
Dal with the cause of trouble can
tarcely bo justified. It was an ao-
aowledgment of weakness on the
trt of Pennsylvania and West Vir
inia , aa it is now on the part of
'vbraaka , to call for federal troopa ,
obraska has a militia force of her
irn auffioiently strong to dial with
te Omaha strikers , and thu governor
lould have relied uwn this f < rca to
reserve the peace. During th
ining troubles in this state , Gover-
> r Foster nev r thought of callingfor
dorml aid. He relied upon civil
ithoriticB and the state militia to
presa all aggressiveness , and theme
mo course should ba punued by
her Btatos. This matter of appeal-
g to the federal government for
oops whenever a littfa local disturb-
ice occurs ought to bo cheeked. If ,
waver , it is loft to grow into a
kbit , it will become necessary by and
to enlarge the regular army to thu
tent of a hundred thousand or
are , Let the states bo made to de >
nd on their own militia , and lot the
fulur army be confined to its leghi-
itu duties. This course of prosed-
o is in keeping with the spirit of
our institutions , and will bo general !
approved by the people.
Sun -Diego had her monthly eftrthnuik
on the llth.
Nearly $3,000 have I to1f b en etptndc
In books for the uulventlty library.
Thn town f Alnmula hns been ar.po . :
tiont i. $ lO,259.r 2 of the state school futu
Nearly every newspaper In Californl
ilcumnces the new Fcheme udopted inH/v
I'runcl co fr gambling in wheat.
Chinatown , at Dut : h Flat , which WK
rrcently de-tmyei by fire , Is hebg n
built as fast as lumber cm be procured.
Ono hundred thousand white fish an
five thon.i. ml eastern trout -wero > hippe
last eek from the -tate fish h tchtry n
San I.enndro to Ii ke Tnhoe.
Daniel Whillnpr , nn ' 'ostrich sharp ,
proposes to the ticople of San llcrnnnJIn
tluit if thev will tubfcribo $20 , ( X ) h
will put up 95',000 ' fctart an ostr.c
Oil matters at Ncwhnll are programta
nntiittacturity. Mid Inruo amounts i
money nro helnff expended in the devplor
incntofthe initnstry , with coirespt-ndm
A couple who e dnmestin infcllcltio lei
them to procure n divorcu In Los Ancole
littly wo o married ng ilti just txrentj.f u
hoiiru olter the marital honds had beei
A Paclhc ptper mnkes the a'nrm
log nurgci > tlon tli at the clitna e < > i Cull
forula is chancing , the weather nppfarin ;
to grow colJer every winter. The prtsen
winter lm no reconla.l pxnllel there
Ith r for the low degree of tcmncr.itnrt
attached or th < 9 number of d y8 of frost.
The Central Pao Co Itallroad company
has endouvorod by law cults to pievcn
the collection of taxes by ( ho sever *
coun leu in theeUte , on the asss-nmentB o
the at&te b ard of equa Izatinn. The snpc
rlorcourtha * just decided that the tax-i
must be paid or the ro.vls sjli ) . Thi
mount Inrolvnd is nearly 81,000,000.
Shou'd the river levees again bee me en
ilaogeted by (1 ( 'oda , it IH piopi.pcd to havi
% bout towed up and down to windward o
Ihe levee , with c nv t ( bn 8 full of oi !
mowing a.trn , Knough uil would heal
lowed to csi'opo fr ini the baza to spread
over the whole tiuif.tco of the water OL
the north nidn f the liveeOil so r IK
tributed would , it is l < elieved , keep tin
water comparatively unooth and protect
.ho ombAnknient from the destructive ac-
.Ion of the waves.
A epeclnl correspondent , who accom
panied the cnulncern who nro running the
In j f tl'O Tucson & Gulf of California
ra. Iroad , writer the party have run
across a wonderful mineral country
and in Myn'n district , aliout seventy
nlles west of Tccson. ' 1 he rrglon is unexplored -
explored , aud ii revealiug dully vn-t
tdtjos of mineral of pi vtr and copper
fne party have located n lane ; number
> f claims alnng the line of their route.
Jiof. Vim Burcn , who aucompaiiiea tlie
xpedition inlneralogiat , t-aya it i < the
mo-it extraordinary mineral Btctlmi he ha
ver Been. The qu ntity of ininenil on
heimrfaco is deicribed wonderful.
The Norti cm Pacific lito hot- ecu
'nrtland and Kalriut wai permanently
ouuted Itst w .ek ,
A coircij otid cut from Yakinia City , W.
\ , atjB that c tile bujcri are otf.ring 320
ler head ( trtt c cault..king land *
htourfb , in luding yearllngi , which U
u-t double the pric j p .id mi this time last
The Oregon Hallway & Navigation com-
i.iny tuny next moiilh will dispatch a
io t frim Cehlo t.i 1'riest R iid , thu
( a I of navigation on the Columbia river ,
vitli a Cnr/o of general merchandise. A
rge warehouse lian bfeu huilt ut the foot
i the lapiilp , and the funiieiM of Yukima
nd Kittilns valltj a i re hauling their bur-
il s of K > * i" and othar { iroduuts for u re-
um tnrgo. If tt > e experiment h uucceo > ful
egulur trlie | wilt be tuadu during the HUIU-
A I'oy who ntdlo n Comestock hoisting
rorks WAD relented on babvoa corpiio by
lie Dl.tirict Cimrt on the ground that thu
aluu of the Bwug wa * uut sulfiLicieut to
Uflituto a public oflensa.
A fight bet < een a wildcat and a bulldog
a announced in a Virginia ( Nevada ) paper ,
ii'i i he niauajjorof the cainiml proclaims
i at nothing will be Bald or doue during
10 feati itio that could offend a won.iiu
o do lento as to be iu the last stages of
The valUy of the Muddy river , in Lin-
o\a \ county , It well ajlit ) ted to growin
: otton. On the Virgin river , tributary
il the Muddy , it does well. All the cm-
; nn fabrics wo n by settlers on the Virgin
r.vcr are woven y the at. George mil :
rrnm cotton raised by the farmers them-
The Nevada Supreme Court lim recently
endeted a decision whioh cnmptls the
3onanz firm to pay $90(00 ( penalty tax
in I ullion from the California and Con.
Virginia mines. The Board of County
3 mmiesioners relrased them from pay-
nent of this penalty , but the court held
hat they had no power to release. Tlie
itorey county treasury will now be fluih
or a while.
It may be of interest to San Franciscans
if "vieilanto times" that the old "Menu-
nental" engine bell , which mimmrnedthe
Vigilance Coimnltteea of the Golden City
o their meeting * , and which rang the
leath-knell of more than one de'per do , is
a use in Truckfo an the flr * bell on the
ugliie liou-e of theTruckre Lumbi-rCum-
ianv It ia just as good as evvr , and no
loubt would if bccaal < < n , requiiel , "ring
ut" the life of any enemy of the public as
eadlly as of yore.
The Montina oittle company will add
, i 00 head of oUtle to its MuHsoIehell
Thirteen hundred head of cattle were
i t week fold In Chestnut valley for the
mg aim of S39,0i,0.
Over 10,1.00 people are working , diieo ly
nd lii'lirtctly ' , in iliis tortituiy untholluu
f the Northern Pacific.
The ownern of the Consolidated Salia >
ury im'l North Star mi ts have been
Ifered ? 100UOO for their properties.
Building improvements in Beaten dur-
ig last ye. r amouute I to 981.400. Those
1 1 outem illation for the present year will
> at $ 40,600.
Forty electric lights bavin ; . ' been iub >
ribed for , the lighting of Helena buei-
BSD hou > e < by electricity U only a quea-
on of A few weeks' timr.
The tide of imn Igratlon to the territory
Lou Luuan Is a bad hole for tbugu , rob-
crt , and uurdtreri.
The cl'v i-onno I of > Sooo' ro hns ordered
lat dance lialln be o os < M ,
M acalero Indiana are to le leuujvo.l
out their reaerv tion fouth of White
iki ; 8100,00 1 appropriated for the pmr
Choyinne revel * in the luxury of strett
The Cheyenne telephone exchanged rx.
scte'l to ba In working order by the first
> y of April. .
When Omaha has a dnjenmore strikes
ey won't make o much futs over It.
'huyenne ' I eader ,
The Fort Stctle soldlen had a fight the
frday. One of them , named Dan * ,
is stabbed and U now iu a critical on -
Cant. Murdoch ha ricked a tit * for the
iw fort on Anhle\ ' Fork , in arcor lance
th order * , and the work of rtniornl hut
ready commenced.
His Ut P , hopi at Kranitou were de- \
stroted by fire latt week. The loin w
foot tip $30,000. The shops will be r
built on A larger gcale.
The rocUl event in l-ararate lait we <
was the marriage of Mr. Walter Sincln
and Mix * Ltielln Stephens. The presen
were liai dsomu i nd numerous.
A t legrnph line has bo-n r-rdered to 1
built from Fort Briefer to Fort Thor
liur h. and Lifut. Young will probab
have It completed by the end of May.
At the Carbon coal minei seventyfi' '
men wo-e discharged. Owing to then
u.ually open winter the demand for coi
in n' ' t more than twenty caw per day.
William Gardner , well known as
Mickjrnlth In Cheyenne , H jr.ijsing nr
his Menila iiRp ct foul pity , an he had
Urxo turn of money in his posse'sion wh < Keen ,
Cutntnh s City hm sent out over 300,0 (
circul < n . ver the country showing th HI
vantages of Wy ming , tiot only in n mil
Ing direction , hut ni the coimtry to con
to for profitable investment for everj bed
Th < ) new offica and warehouse heir
built in Kvnnstoii for the accomniodatt' ]
f the building dcp.rtment of the Unln
Paiihc n hvay Is now 'eoclosfd , and wi
bo finieheil in a week or ten day . It
Mluated near the car shop , nnd Is i. nciot
an I substantial.
Tne decapitation of conductors on th
western division ? of the U. P. f.yst mwi
ns Hweep ng ai in the east. 1 he last , ii
eluded three passenger ncJ five niJ |
conductorii between Larnmioand Ilawiin
and four on the Green Hirer division. O
the Mountain and Cheyenne-Sidney dlvi :
lone , only two conductor * were reiained-
nll the rest either receiving a shoitdli
mls nl or a reqiust to resign , which wai
of course , complied with.
CommUstonerMears , of tfceUtelndlani
ban icilgned.
The Km Grande railway company no-
operate 1CC2 miles of roaJ.
A IXMUR agent of an eastern art inures
swindled the F. F.'a of Denver to the ci
tent of $3 n head.
The capacity of the Colorado Spring
gas works will bo largely increased aurin
the coming summer.
Ues-emer , near Pueblo , boasts that n
ntox eating liquors are sold within th
units of it corporation.
It is estimated that 8100,000 hnn beei
sunk In the vaiiety thow business at Lead
ville in the past two years.
An extensive stock owner ot Creole
las rec-nlly pnrchjs d 3,000 head of c.U
le ia Washhuton territory , and will driv
.hem . overland to C loradj.
The syt-tem ot irr'gation ' ef the future a
applied to Colotaf-'o will be that of arte
tun W'lld. By this niann r thousands o
acres of land can ho reclaimed which not
Lan be vuedouly fir atcclt grazing.
Denver boasts of another sensation Ii
h shape of 82i'OCO worth of g Id and til
vcr found in the foundation of the olc
melting works , 1 catel at the corner 01
Lawrence and Eighth ktiootc , We t Den
Grand Forks is to have a telephone
The young ladi'B of Bismarck are e tab
ahiiu a public lilrary.
A telephone company hive established
in exchange at Spenrfuh.
Deadwoo'l was never in 1 etter ci ndition
< i fi ht fire than at present ,
W ter works are to be bcilt in BU'
narck the couiiug reason ,
The Siducy stage oompiny have IOH !
wenty-fuur l.orces from pinkeye.
Tlie property owners of Furgo have to
pa > S3.0CO a jcar lur the electric ligut.
A mau who paid $3,000 for n farm near
Jrand For n la t year , baa ref uncd 825.-
00 for it this year.
A half interest in ten pUcer clnima on
Je.idwiod gulch w recantly sold for fi
ionsiderai ion of $12,000.
Gilmer , Salt bury & C . bar * secured
he mail contract fr.iin Pit rro to Rapid
Jity , to go into effect July 1.
A company hai Veen foimed in Denver ,
with n caplu.1 of $1CO,00 ( ' ' , tu develop
mining property ne. > r Deidwoort.
The luiBii O < H men of For o have sub-
iciibed 523,000 tow nii a foundry which
K to tm loy from lOOlo 20 > hands.
A oem | any of Kni < li hmen have baught
30,100 acre * of land near Ja'i.ejto ' n , aud
jropo-e to break up 6,000 tcre thii ) year ,
Deadwood has appointed a committee
otakeactn ui of tlm Black Hills coun-
leu to ba U4t.d as an argument in favor of
A bill has been drawn and forwarde 1 tc
Delegate Pettigrew , authorizing the Black
Jills counties toot hund * in aid of rail-
oad conbtructlon.
The Pembina Pioneer is responsible for
he it itiiinent , that a piece of real estate
n that town jumped from 88,000 to $10-
00 in value in one day.
WASHINQTON , March 21. The re-
> ort that Senator Teller is to bo giv-
n a cabinet position is denied. The
lopular rumor ii Chandler for the
tavv and Ohaffeo for the interior. '
Cabinet action in the Whittaker
aso waa that the finding of the court
10 sot aside owing to certain irrogu-
artioa , and he bp released from ar-
eat , but diamiased the service on
ocommondation of the academy
The president has had many calia
nd hosts of petition to pardon Sor-
cant Mason.
The Northern Billiard.
atlonkl Atooclatod Prow.
ST. PAUL , March 21. Reports from
lie pending blizzjrd show it to bo
instantly growing more fierce in
liaractor. The Manitoba trains are
now bound one at Buiton and the
tlier at Fergus Falls , Minnesota ,
'ho ' drifts in the road are enor-
toua , and increasing hourly. Trains
n the Northern Pacific , between Furgo
nd Bismarck , are snow bound , two
eights being stuck in a drift near
'alloy City , and thu west-bound
1880 ! ) ijor stuck behind another
'eight train between Jamestown * nd
alloy City. Snow-plows and hov-
era ro hard at work , but the blow-
ig wind piles the snow back as fast
t removed.
A dispatch from Gloncoo , Minn. ,
.yi thu Ilustinus & Dakota road is
miplotoly blocked up at Rush City ,
[ inn. Moro snow ia falling in
iia storm than during the whole
inter. It is over ten feet dep itt
rainnd. Tnii i't the Hr t hlockido
the ncdsou unci totiito jutt as rail-
ad men and tha traveling public
ire feeling themselves safe from vox-
ions stoppages , which ia their re n-
r winter diet in the northwest. Dp
this time Wisconsin has entirely
caped , there being no detention of
tins between bore and Ohloxgo.
Foulibliig m. Rooreaat Striker.
tlonal A ooci ted Ptott.
CoNNELLsviLLi , P . , Jfaroh 21.
in rwidunce of Jus. Hickey , watch-
in at the Etruecau works , waa vis-
id thia evening by a gang of rufliane
10 pelted the house with atonei ,
caking windowi aud damaging the
oporty. The causa of the attack
i > that a yuung man who boarded
th Hickey joined the striken at
the Phoenix Iron company'a works nr
went out with them , but aftorwan
returned to wotk.
National Aiooclata ) l-rem
ICAN8A8 CITY , Jfarch 21. A. Vai
devundor , n well-known farmer i
Grundy county , Mo. , hung himself i
his houeo on Monday.
ll fore you btgin your hcav
spring work nftor a winter of relaxi
tion , jour system needs cloinsing nti
streiigtlieniiiK to prevent an attack <
Ague , Hilioua or Spring Fever , (
some other Spring sieknoss that wi
untU you for n season's work. Yo
will save time , much sickness in
vroat expense if you will use ono bn
ti ! > of Hop Hitters in your fnmil
thii month. Don't wait. Durlinf
ton Hnwkeyu. marJ7il2w
"Oddities of Southern life ,
By Henry Watterson ,
Rdilar of Iht Louinille Couritr-Journa
Th Most Successful Remedy ever
ereil , mltlsc rum In Its effects and d ei ni
blis er. ItKAD PROOF UKbUW. Alt ) aicollct
far human flesh ,
Wast'lniitonvllle , Ohio , June 17 , 1831. Di
II. J. K .ioiLL , t Co. : ( lentHevtlnffj our n
ritlsemtnt In Turl field and Kirm , ol 301
Kend.l.'n Spt\ln ( 'urc , a d having ; a alunb
and s etdr h TM which hod bren I vmo Irot
ipailn lor lklteen month' , I cent o you for
bottle by express , which I nix wee * * remavt
II UmeneM and ei-larKrment an I n l\rga pli |
from another home , and both hones are to-as
ound at exit ? . The one b.ttlu mns oorlhi
e one hundred dolUm.
y ° * ' , II. A. nitRTOWIT , W. D.
Bond for Ill-utrate i clietUr Rlrm pocltli
proof. Prlcelt. Al Drui-irlitt hire It or ia
kellrfor jou. Dr. n , J. Kendall & Co' , Prc
prletors , Enosbnrih Falls , Yt
d-wly _ *
JAMLSi : BOYD. Proprietor.
R. L. 3IAlt3Hlluslnoi Manager.
Wednesday and Thursday
March 22d and 23. Enjjfcment of Mr.
Supported by 11E.VUV AVKLINO , Loinard S
Outran ] , .lames H. Currant O. W. illakc , w. 8
Marlon M ss s Union I1 Clif OILIII ] Kl , I.F.NC
I I..MOI1U , and other nrtlsMif ixiu lonce , undc
tlietiianai.cinintot.Mr JOHN J. LOI.LIN.-J.
Wodnosilay Nl lif , March 224
J\ . Sheridan Knowltt'ii Oraiu > rwo > iy ,
"V ac E5.C5-3C-nar2i. TOTS.
Trajcay ,
.t5Tje.iti oa dale Monil.iy , Marcli. 20th.
inon tu w en
Proposals forP vlnc ; Strootn in tlto
City of Omalin , Mobratha.
Scaled jirodiBa's U1 be received by the under
Binod until Saturday , April 16th,188 , lil o'clock
no m , tor the pa Ingot IMuylM street nnd the
cross p-treets between I ) ujrlas and Farnhain
trom 9ih to lOJi ttn\t-i , Iccludliiif Oih and 16th
First , For a foundation i f concrete 0 Inches In
LhlcKtiem with a Buperatcucturo oompOMl if a
( .reodotol cedar block 8 Intbea In length set wltl
a phalt a d sand.
Second , For a found tion of concrete 0 Inches
Iu thlckno-8 nlth a feuperatructuto lomportcd 01
crco < otd I pine plank 8 tLCaes in length , set < * lth
ui halt and Baud.
Thir ' , For a foundation of ci an coiT-xi s'nd
or gravel 12 luchui In thlckrew ) with a super
Btructaro conipofol cf ctdar block 8 Inclioi In
length and not lots than 4 nor n ore than & Inches
In dlnmcter tobo net wuh , ptiilt and a n ' . Iho
Band or gravel fcr foumlat ou to b.thorou' dty
am moil or tolled. All tbo work to totonu In
accirdanco with aceclHrotiuns and i ndcr the dl
rectlon ol the olty engineer.
Al'o , the city will uir s dtr proposals for pav
ing with El L. blocks or any other material , or
unymhcr mode of construction.
All pioposils or bldi Khali be occompanlrd 1 > \
thu nanisa of proposed buretle' , who , in the
event ol contract boini ; t.wnidoil
Hll enter Into a bond with the city cf
Omalii for the true and faithful performance of
snld contract.
Tlio city cour ell resjrvea the rlsht to reject
any a il all bUa.
tnvelopes co'ftalnlng propo nls o Mill shall
bo marked "Proposals for Paving Doughs Street
ind Crosa Streets In th' City of Omaha , " ad-
IrcsaeJ to tbo UHdsriigned.
J. J. L. C. JFWBIT ,
" nahi , March 10th , 1832. City Clem.
mar)3-30t )
Iy ! tlrtue of the authority vested in rre , I ,
lameK E. Iloui , Major of thi : City of Omaha , do
acroby proclaim to the q < alifled totem of the
My of Omiha and of the lestectivo wards
Lboreof , that au unnuil city election niil be held
.n eald citt on Tuesday , April 4th , 1862 , for the
iUctlonof the followlof ntlicers , viz : Bin wrd
lounillinen , one from ward , each 10 servo
'or the term of two y ara. Three members of
joard of rducatlon , ea < h to servo for the term
if two years. At such time , In accord * ce nlth
t resolution of the City Council , th ro will bo
lul.mitied to lliequihllod ruteri of aa d city the
ollowlng qucntto i : fhall the city ICSMJ Jefler-
ion square for the erect oa of a builii | > g to bo
iseil as a market ho .ao and city hall ?
The polU at mid annual city ehctlon will be
> p n at 8 i.'clock a. m , and be kept open from
Ait hour until 7 o'clock p. m. , and i o Icrger ,
indnt the t allot lay places In the reipectlve
vardu , \ iz :
First Ward Felix Slarcn's grocery ( tore ,
Pi nth strett near Ixav. nrforth ttreet.
> -rcond Ward Walton * hotel , Leavenworth
trcet , betvricn Ihlrtoeiith and Fourteenth
Third Ward Dr. II } d ' * olHce , touthwcst
oincr Twelf h and OaugUj ttriets.
Kourlh Ward County Court Homo , noith-
oat corner Six eenti Jit'i Farnam itroeis.
Fifth Ward -IR1 ret' hardware i > tre , north-
rest oirncr Slxleunth and Cal fcrnli ttrtet.
Sixth Ward Ueidrlck's drug st' < re , No. 2006
lumlng street. BO u Ui side , betuoen Twentieth
nd tw nty-first ttieet' .
In witness wheroiif I have hereto set my hand
nd csu-od the coJ : ot said city to be utllicd ,
hU leth day of March , A. 1) . , 1882.
Mayor of the City o' Omaha.
Genius Rewarded ;
on ,
'he ' Story of the Sowing Machine ,
A handsome little pamphlet , blue and g
> ve , with numcrojt engru > lngs , will be
i any , , nlt p ' rallinsr lor it , at any branch
r sub-ottltool The Singer M ufacturWCoin
my , cr w. I bo cent by mall , post mid , to
) V pcnton livingat a distance from our office * .
ThB Singer Manufacturing Oo ,
Hnoipnl Ofllcc , 34 Union Hqtmro.
WILL fll 1 AN ) ) SELL
* D ILL nusmcnos
oomnorn ) ruaBiwrra.
( * y Taxes , Rent Housee , Etc.
' Du'ldlnn ' , Churchen , Ue ldencM.
btotet In TOTJ ttrle.
Attention ptren to Pat < nt Offlc * Drawirp.
nc Room lo'N0 'ehton ' Block , Omaha ,
/ !
For Sale By
178 , IIouco 3 rooms , full lot on Plcroe notit
2uth street , 81,050.
177 , Uouso S rooms , lull lot on Douglas new
80th s- reel , t'OO.
176 , Benuilful residence , full lot on Cast ECO *
19th direct , $12,000.
174 , Two houuiiand i lot on D6tlron r Oth
street , ( l to- ) .
170 , UOUM three room * , two doeeti. tie. , h&U
lot on 2m oar Unu-o Btroet , ? SOO.
172 , Ono and ono-h lf story brick bottm on
tw lots on I > ouglu near 2bth ttrietl,7 < 0.
171 , Honso two rooms , ellciitcrn. eUble , et
lull lot near I'l-rco and ISth > tre t , 6W.
179 , One and one-half story bou e sir room *
ind Wf 11 , hill lot on Convent iroot near Bt.
Marj * e avenue , 81.8W.
No. 170 , llou e ihreo rooms on Clinton > ! rc t
Dear ( hot tower , $325.
No. 109 , Iloiieo unl 83x120 feet lot on
street near Wcbit r streni , K3.6C.O.
No. 108 , IInuB of 11 roou B , lot 33x120 fcrt on
19th n ar Hurt ttrcot , 15,000.
oa 167 , Two story bouse , 0 roomi i eloaeU ,
eood ctl ar , on Ibth ttieoi near 1'opplctoa' *
Nn . ICC , New honfe of 6 roomf , half lot o *
zard n ur IBth street , 11.660.
No. 161 , Ono anil ono half story house 8 rooms
on 18th street i ear Lca\ei north , $3COO.
N 161 , Ono and oni-h > if rtory loune of C
rooms near Ilanscom Park , Jl.COO.
No. 163 Two honnea fi rooms each , closets , cto
on Durt Btroet near 25th , $3,600.
No. 167 , bouic 0 roc ins , full lot on 19th ntrooi
near Lcaenworth , $2,409.
No. 166 , lloueo 4 largn rooms , 2 closota
hall aero on Hurt i-trcoi near Diit on , $1,200.
No , 166 , Two house * , ono of 6 and ono o ! i
room * , on 17th strcut ncarMarcy f300.
No. 161 , Tbrco hotiaii ) , onr of 7 and two nf 5
rooirn each , and corner lot , on Caa4 near lith
street , $5,000.
Nr. 163 , small homo and full lot on Parino
near Kfi t cct , 82,6uO.
No. 161 , One storv ho'iee 6 rooms , on Leaven-
worth no.r 10th , $3,000.
No. 160 , Ho BO th co rooms and lot 02x116
near 26th and F.iri'hnm , 82.000.
No. 148 , New house of eight room § , en 18th
street ti < arf a > cnworth $3,10\
No. 147 , House ol 13 rooms on 18th etroet
near Marcy , $6,1.00.
No. lit ) , Hou-e ol 10 rooms and IjloU on IBth
stro t nonr Marcy , 80,000. .
No. 146 , House tuorge rooms , lot 07x210 too
on shorn nn a\cnuolfltli ( street ) near Nicholiw ,
No 143 , Uouso 7 rooms , barn , on 0tli Itiool
near Loaronwortr , $2,600.
No. 142 , IIoii e 6 roouin , kitchen , etc. , on 16th
street near Nicholas , $ lb75
No. 141 , IIou o S ruoiLa on DougLu Bear S6tb
Jtroot , $ U60.
No. 140 , larce hou e and two lot * , on 2-11 .
near Farnhamsire t , $8,0 0.
No. 139 , H. ue S rooms , lot COilOOl feel ,
Douglag near 27th street , $1,600.
No. . 137 , UOUDU 6 rooii ai d half lot on Oaplto
ivonue near 23d girect , i,300.
No. 136 , HOUPO and hall aero lot on Cumlug
itroot near 24thM. .
No. 131 , llouee 2 rocmi , ' full lot , on lurd
30.n 21-n D rcct. SSOO.
No. 129 , Tw.i houMm ono of 6 And one o ! 4
rooms , on leased lot on Wobtter mar 20th ( Irovt.
(2,600. (
No. 127 Two story 1 ouse 8 roonw , half lot on
yVoli.ttor noiir 19th $3,500.
No. 126 , IIoiuu 3 rooms , lot 20x120 feet oa
! 6th 3'rect near Douuliwti76.
No , 125 , Two ttory houxe r/a 12U > near Dodge
itr.otlor.3xOJ feet * 1.2oO.
No. 124 , lAr o house and full block near
Efarnhaai and COD e'rc-ct ' , 88,0 < l
No. 12J. llounn 6 rooms und large lot OB 6 < mn- r
Ian street near BariacLg , it IU ) .
No. I"- , House 0 rooms aim half lot on Web-
ttr near 15 h htr-jet , $1,6IH } .
No. 118 , House 10 rooms , lot 3nxOO feet on
'opltoi menuo near 22d street , $2,960.
No. 117 , Houses rooms , lot 3jxl20 foot , on
Jap tel avenue near 22d $1,600.
No. 114 , Uouso i ) rooms on Douglas near ' 'Oth
trcet , 275D.
ho. 113 , House 2 rooms , lot 03x09 feet on
icar Cuml u ttrcct , $760.
No. 112 , Urlck house 11 rooms and half lot on
) j8D noarl4th street , $2 , > n ) .
No. Ill , House 12 roomslon [ Davenport uca
! 2th etru t , $7,0 0.
No. 110 , Brick house nnd lot 22x182 fee on
fens street near 16th , 3,000. .
o. 1C8 , Largu house on Harney near 16th
trjtS 1,600.
No 109 , Two houses and 36x1 foot lot uo
last near 14th street , $3,600.
No. 107 , Uouso 6 rooms and half lot on liar
icar 17th etr ct , 51,200.
.to. 106. House and lot 61x198feet , lot on 14lh
iear Pierce street , ( GOO.
No. 16 , Two btorv house 8 rooms wlthlj lot
n hewarcl near Siumlers street , 12,800
No. 103 Ono and one ha > f story house 10 rooms
Vebsttr near 16th street , $2,600.
No. 102 , Two bouse * 7 rooms each and } lot OD
4th near Chicago , $1,0 0.
No. 101 , House 3 roonu , cell r , etc. , 1 } lotion
outh avenue near Hacitlc etroe , $1,660.
No. 100 , Douse 4 raomd , cellar , etc. , * half lot
n Izard street near )6ih , $2OUO.
No. 09 , Very larjro hou > e and full lot on Har
oy noarlltn atreet , $9 000.
No. VI , Large houtc of 11 rooms on fihenuan
veuuo near Clark street , make an offer. .43
No. 06 , One and one half s.ory house 7 rooms .
it 210x401 foot , Htablo , etc. , on Uherman aye-
uo near ( Jrice , $7 ( XX ) .
No. 92 , Largo brick house two loU on Daven *
ort street near 19th $18,000.
No. 90 , Large ho > 86 and full lot on Dodc
ear l&ih-tro t , $7,00 > .
No. 89 , Ijtrgehauie 10 rooms hall lot on 20th
ear California struct , (7,600.
No. 88 , I argo houae 10 ar 12 rooms , beautiful
irner lot on Osa n < ar 20th , $7QOO. TfMKrV :
No. 87 , Two ttory I.OLBO 3 rooms 6 acres end
> nd in tiaundors street ntar Uarrackn , (2,000.
No. 86 Two iitoreaanda rtslimie OL leased
all lot.noar Mason and 10th street , $ & 00.
No 84 , Two story lieu o 8 rooms , closets , eta ,
tihfi acres ol ground , on Blunders street near
moha IJ.irrM.kB , $2 600
No. 83 , House ot 9 roors , half lot on Cirltol
. cnuo near 12th street. 82,600.
| No 82 , One and ono ball story > ouse , 6 rooms
ill lot ou Pierce near 20th street , 81.UOO.
No. 81 , 'I'wo 2 story houses , one of 0 and oat
rooms , Chicago Ut. , near 12ih , 3,000.
No. 80 House 4 rooms , closets , etc. , large lot
i Ibth strett mar Whlto Lead works. 11,300.
No. 77,1 arge bouse of 11 rooms , cloeeW , eel.
r , et : . , with 1) ) lot n Parnhom ncarlOth street , -
No. 70 , Ore an 1 one-half story house of 8 rooms ,
100x8. fiet on Cats neir 14th street , 11,500.
No. 76 , llousu 4 rooms and buement flo
Jxl32 fct on llarey neur 8th street. W76.
No. 74 , Large brick bouse and two full lota OB
Menport near 16th street , 16(00.
W0oJ ? 9no a.nd onh f story houw and lot
x82 feet on Joe , non near 12th street , $1,8W
No. 72 , Large brick houno U room * , Jnll lot
i Dave port near 16th street , $5,01.
No. 71 , Large hou o 12 rooms , full lot on Call.
rnla near 20h street. $7,0 < JO.
No 65 , S'ablf andSfullloUon ran bmtresl
ar Baundcrs , < ? ,000.
No. 6 , Two etory frame building , ( tore b l w
J rooms above , un leued lot on Boon a ne
th street , (800
No. (3 ( , Uniisol rooms , buement , etc. , lo *
liiOfeut un loth true ! mat Aall H ,
o. U2 , New bouae 4 roonu one itory , fall lot
Mo. t > S , llouee ol 7 room * , till lot WU w
ar ! l t street , $2.600.
Harney near Slit street , I1.7M.
NO. 61,1 fast bouse 10 rooms , full lot OD Bra
ir 21 t street , $5,000.
* o. 60 , House 3 ro mi , bait lot n D T nport
irXSdttrett , 11,000.
1o 69 , ' Four homeland half lot on Oa f near
hstrvtt2600. .
'o 12 , House 6 room * a d full lot ,
irsetbitrett , IUOO.
16th and Douglas Street , '