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The Campaign Opened in ttc
Capital City ,
A Sound Bit of Advice to tbo
Leaders of the Move
The Grand Army Reception to
Qen Merrill and Re
union Tents.
Other Notoi from the Dig BM
Oerrwr ° Dt'crice ' f f The Ptc.
LINCOLV , March 21. The first gun
of the approaching temperance c. m
paign in this tate has been Tired hon ,
in Lincoln , nnd the conflict is ex
pected to ipread rapidly over tin
noinliborii'C countiea. Lincoln is the
conlir fmni which the ngitation al-
wajBfttarts. The warfare upon the
liquor interest B hero took the form o
uigent rcinonsirnnccB acainat the re
newal of any of the existing licenjeo
for the coming jenr.
but that two or throi of the drinking
places in this city might bo closed \ \ \
to the benefit of the peace of the
place , but the nnjority of thorn are
about as orderly and reputable ns
such places over cm bo. The press
ure brought to boir upon the city
council has boon BO groit that all ol
the license potitionera have withdrawn
their req'tesU ' for n , and in
their ale id apphcUioua have boui
made by a nnmner of unknown p r-
ties who are desirous of cirryint' on
the buiintps at the old stand i. While
the touiperanco loaders art ) so
in an effirt to suppress
the saloon interests they had bitter
turn their attention to the fact that
there M a rich gambling housekeeper
hero , John Sheody by titino , who has
pouo on unmolejtod for year , while
the smaller ami poorer of his profov
eionil brethren hwo boin summoned
out of tntvn forthwith by our jealous
p dice. The Kiinpraision of the mon-
Btor evil would be a finn feather for
the reformers to adorn their cipswith.
Pnimituint men are not wanting here
who boldly declare that the chief of
p > lice connives at the mifdaeda of this
spirting nlpniPiit , nnd that gimblers
and prostitutes consider Lincoln
for their operations on this very ac
Speaking of the temperance cam
paign , them is every indication that it
is to bo a lively ono. The more lo-
quicious of the temperance lotdera
assort that they will put up a full
etato ticket of their own. In such an
event Finch , who is now out of the
sta'o , wi 1 bo the candidate for gov
ernor. Such talk as this seems ab
surd , and no doubt such an undertak
ing would meet with overwhelming
defeat , mainly from the fact that the
Id party lineo hold the people too
If the qursHon were to bo closely
drawn between
in this state the fi ht would bo a close
and bitter ono.
The O. A. R. holds its pow-wow
this afternoon and evening , the occa
sion for the coh bration bi ing the re-
contion given 10 General Merrill.
Adj'itant-Oenoral ' and Embrv's can
didate for G ivcni'ir , Aloxuidor , will
f bo on hand getting the wires in work
ing order.
The last nf Lincoln's small pox pa
tients died yistfrd-y and the county
ie now fn e frnm the loathsome dia
caro. Warm wi ather being close at
hand , it is hardly probable that any
more cases will occi.r.
A ti lutjram fr.mi Washington to the
adjutant general announces that the
Btiiato has
Innding ix hundred tentn to the BO'-
diors for their reunion at Grand Island
next August.
The colfbrated Atkins divorce case ,
which ha boo'i in court here f > r the
Jnat four yearn , WAS decided by JiulL'tt
Pound in favor of the defendant ,
Mrs , Atkins , granting her § 5,000 permanent -
manent alimony , and S2 0)0 ! UWJOI'H
fees. The thick-headed husband will
appeal to the Miprt'ine court ,
_ Wolf hunting is becoming a rocng-
niVed paotimo hereabouts. On Sun
day ono of our loral spurts ran a big ,
gray fellow ppvtral milea with lua
hounds , but failed to catch him.
The Bullion Mall Carrier Lost In the
Mountains and Chased
by Wolves.
Wood nivcr ( Idaho ) Gazette.
Thursday afternoon Qoorgo Hen-
ninghouat ) . n short , thick set Gorman ,
who is employed to carry the mail
between Bullion and Hailey at auuh
times as the road is impassable for
to.uns , Ibft Hailey with a sack of mail
wen-lung about neventy pounds , for
Bullion c.unp , which is seven milts
almost duo nest of this city. As
IlmininyhoiMo started down Bullion
streut toward the river , niounti d on
Biiowshoes and the s-ick of mail swung
over his nhouldor , ho remarked , "A
heavy suow storm is approaching and
I must make huato or I'll ' lose the
way. " The course taken from Hailey
to Bullion by anuwdhnea is over the
mountains , and the well worn trail is
easily followed except during or just
after a storm , whun fresh snow oblit
erates the tracks made by the shoes.
Honninirhouao had gone as far a
the road which turns off to the Warm
springs , about two miles , when a
blinding storm get in blowing almost
A gale. All signs of the road and
tr H wcro aoon obliterated , and as
the oullino nf the mountains weie not
dis inguishablo through the descend
ing snow wnd 8l0st LlHnniiighniiso was
f > tctd to go considerable by gunss.
M ftcnlculft intr the Istanconvcr which
tie had traversed ho turned off the
reid toi ( teen , ascended tin bleaV
wild mountains to the north , and
must hive followed the precise course
of the unfortunate Allen who pcrishec
on a similar trip a few weeks ago.
Upon reaching tbo hiithost point no
familiar land mark mot his vision anil
not daring to descend without hiring
sure of the way , ho wandered about
for hours in nrarch of aoino clue t <
his whereabout' , Night sot in coir
ft'id dreary , and , aa ho waa about to
give up horn exhnu ) ion and lay down
to rest , the dismal howl of n wolf waS
borne to his car. Roused by thin
ominous sound , fear leant strength to
his weary inu elt-p , and ho started
along the ridge ho know not whith
er. Soon other wolves wore hoard ,
and from the distinctness of tin
eotindn , h know thny musl' have
ocentetl him and were on hi * trail ,
Now thorouahly awakened toK'gcnso
of danger , ho hurried forwardjwdd-
1y ] ) conng out in thn datkneos , hop
ing to see the friet dly light of- seine
rancher's 01 minot's c.ibiu. Nearer
came his pursuera and ns no
liyh' n ] pared the howlinsj , snarling
tienda upon his track sucmc.d to be
sounding his h knoll. Soon hit
could their loud hroathing and
the pit , pat , pit of their many foot
ns they cime awiftly over thornzon (
snow. With his ejea stiring Iwild'y '
into the great black , blankiboforu
him , and the perspiration UBUIIIL'
from every pore liku riin ho hnstoned
forward. At last ho felt instinctively
that thn gatnu w.u up , thai his pur
suers wore upon him , and as lib was
about to halt and face thenla wolf
sprang upon the heel of his HIIOW-
shoo and throw him In his great
fn'clit ho had not thought of dropping
his heavy burden of mill , but as ho
fell it was hurled many jarda
aw ly and immediately o * tihon by
the fiinishing wolves. T.ikjni ; ad-
Mintage of the moment Hennhehuuso
struck' licjlu , and drafting some pv
wr from his pocket , act lire to them ,
ind the glare of the ( limes frightened
the wolves. This gave him time to
noiiiit hi-i shoos , and turning thorn
Iowa the stoop innuntiin side , ho flow
'orward with the speed of tho- wind ,
cnowing nothing of the coumo before
lim , whether it led to safety or over
a precipice hundreds of fool in depth
An angry snirl told him that the uni
uals were airain up > n hii track. In
about twenty seconds ho p'aced half .1
nile between himself and pursue a
ind na ho rode out into the valley he
joliuld a light only a short distinct ;
die id. Screaming for help ho push
ed on and wis HOOII met by tlio in-
nates of Yirgil Lnmb'd cabin. As
they , came up to him he fainted from
exhaustion und was carried in and
oared for by Mr. und Mrs. Lamb.
The wolves c ime close to the cabin ,
jut after a few howla they retraced
their steps anddisappeur@d in tl.o
darkness. We learn that Honning-
louie ia ull ri ht- again , except a little
ore OBS of the muscles from ovur ex-
> rtion. He aflirms , however , if he
jacks any more mail for Uncle Sam
n thtso parts it will be done during
National Astociuttd I' . e ? .
KANSAS CITY , March 21. - From
all over Kantaa come reports of the
nest flittering diameter itv relation
o the crop | roHpeots , AVheat is at
east a month in advance of the Boa-
on. and never looked better The
unusually mild winter and frequent
rain-r have iven plants an opportu-
lity to spread and strengthen their
roots , and now us the weather crows
wunn the blades are pushini ; rapidly ,
living promiue of a plentiful harvest
Tuch of the spring train has be'en
own and a largo breadth of corn
ground p'owed , and in some instances
corn baa been planted , file fruit
iroapocis are most encouraging , und
inless unlooked for cold apells occur
hero is every reason to expect a
ruit crop BO al undant us to cumpon-
ate in a good degree a * , least tor the
almost total failnro ot last year.
n Nohrnuka during the wrok ending
March 18 , 1882 , fumuhid by Willum
Van Yluck , of the poatoflice depart
ment :
Norn , Washington county , to Vuco-
m ; West's Mill , Snward county , to
VDillor , .Irfierson county , Alexander
Noon ; Furt Ojlhoun , Wsliiimton
ounry , Mies Nettie Khidc ; Iain ,
iminders rnunly , Solomon Nintltn ;
ohnson , Nt'iinhi conn y , John T.
liishi } Pi inviuw , Pinrcu county , 0.
f. Frost j Rivertun. Fr.uiklin county ,
A. J. Bonjainin ; Yucoma , Washiiig-
oi\ county , II. Dillro'o.
Iowa and Noliraaka Patents.
The following patents have been
ssuod to low a and Nebraska inven-
ornlast week ;
W. Ireland , Oak Springs , nnd ( I.
W. Bowen , Centreville , tru a-bridie.
W. W. Watkins , Bellevue , cir.
F , Sanderson , Friend , rotary cloth-
M ry L WhaU < y , Lincoln , coverinz
ho slot of cable-roads ,
The Elder's Onto Still In Donlit
ST. PAUL , Minn , March 21. The
jury in the case of Elder Atwater ,
tried at Menominee , Wis. , for adul
tery with Miss Kate Northrup , re
tired at 4:30 : yesterday afternoon and
came into court this evening stating
they were unable to agree upon a ver
dict , nine bung for acquittal and
three for conviction , The roiult was
what had boon expected , very few be
lieving a verdict could bo found.
Calicos , rauslina , etc , , at Wiig &
\Voatberg' , oor. I0th and Jackson.
Dovernment Belief Being Rap
idly Distributed.
Number ot Families Slowly
Dying of Starvation
and DisoAsu.
Proopeot of the Water Going
Off in a Couple of
And thn Ontlnok Brialttrnine far
thoAfillotod People.
Sutlnrml Ai" ct t d I'ren.
MFMPHM , Tcnn. , March 21. The
steamer Gen , Bernard parsed down
to day with 50,000 rations for the
oYciflow nufT rers. 'I ho oflicorH rppnrt
havini ; found nine fnmi'it ' s nt a land *
inc forty miles nbovo on the Arkanais
aidtt , all without a mouthful to cat
and slowly stnrviuir to death. One of
the children had j ist died of pneu
monia and another of scarlet fever ,
which has broken out atnoni ; th < in.
None. ha l any money to buy supplies ,
and the Bernard furnished t\o
rela of bread and other supplies. At
some places cattle wire si en in the
second stories of houses.
The water fell eighteen inches at
Opceolrt , nine miles ahovo , and two
foot .U Coutiril Bend , fifty milea be-
low. The 11 iod here in about ovir.
The water is uonerilly receding and
dry l.uid is beginning to bo vUib'o all
the way to Aikannas City , 300 miles
south It ia expicted jho water will
run off in tun days aulBoicntly to allow
The western edn of the flooded
country in the St. Frnnois river b it-
toni is bfitig rapidly relieved. vThu
steamer Pan * C. Brown , just passed
up , reports havine moved uuvural dea
tituto fnmtlios to ilicot of Hifoty , and
ilso much stuck. ' I'ITSOIIS on hoard
BHW five corp es of white men floating
in the river , three being together in
an eddy of the current. >
LITTLE KOCK. Ark. , March 21. \
special to the Uemnciat aa\s : Tor re IIP ,
at the mouth ot the Wliitu rivoi ,
civu'J in hist night. All the busiiifcn
louses and aaloms in t > wn , which
wore in my , tumbled into the river.
Terrene ia a cnalmi * point fur Misdin
si | pi and other stenmere. The coil
Bulges tire safe. IVrreno was built
iftor Napoleon , nt the mouth of the
Ai leans is river , t imhlod into the Mis
sissippi 12 or 13 years ago.
Tnere u he ivy rain a orm here
ast night , .tnd all points along the
ArkunctiH river heard from. It is not
ikely , ho ever , to ulfect the liver.
The rheris fulling an inch ovurj
BIX hours. '
At Arkansas City , Col. Wot'd oni
tfonorul maiiauer of the Little Hock ,
Miosiisippi River and Texas rmlwuy.
ias ? ent a , l < igo force of men to rti-
piir the snbmoreod portion of his
toad , and fxpeola to run trains to
Arkansas City by Saturday night.
The Man In Petticoats Fails to
Perf rm His Promi oa of
Marriage to Miss Prest.y.
He Tnlio * n Sad don FJlght from
Swoctbcait , Iisncllord and
SThoro have boon some soncational
developmentH miHo in the oi e of the
anticipated nwrriauo of Charles II.
Miller , the main nuequeiador , and
Miss Nettie M Pmshy , reported in
the Tribune of yesterday. Alillcr ib
a gay youth from Chicago , who ha- *
loon livit g in Denver tor the paM in f male ntiiro He liai worked
n the houses of many of the inortt
prominent citizens in the capacity of
i cliainhorraaid , cook or irl ,
ind in the experience is BuppoHtd to
lave had numeroUR thrilling ud wn-
urea. Ho mot , Ms ; < 1'ronhy hil
working at Mr. Fiith's , on Cipitol
lill , arid the intimacy which vpranp ;
up roaul'od in lovoand promiwed mar-
luge. The couple > ont to Contrul
3'ty , Miller retHining his femaln ha.
nlinitnta. 'i'lim wan in Siptemher
a t rinr A year l.itor they returned
o thia city and t-toppad at ( hu Lin-
dull , ruiiHterii ( g uiicl living in the
n nu room ai touiiiii. From the
jiiiilell tlio Dociiliiir pur w < * nt to the
iruiiflvsick , and there rmniiiiPd a
cnuplo of dajs. A elmmbHrirmid
rhoh ! oxistid , and cnininuniuie.d Mio
Act to the < < IIlc . Miller u il .Mis *
? roshy loft poromptorily. The r
lanii'H jot Htand nppoMtondub' of § 1(1 (
out the hnoks of the hou o 'I'liua tlie
couple Hoparitud , and oaoh no.'opted
a position us torvunr. Muanwhilii Uio
ntimacy continuid : Ihny met c'an-
destiuely , and corresponded ulmoit
About a month ago Milh > r and MH !
? ns by went to the Lindull in'iin , mid
existered in the sdino miiiiiur u i thuy
iad bofore. They piid only a fuw
lollara of the accumulating bill , and
hree days since
oa\ingalarge and well filled trunk
n their rooms. Mr. August Flies
* uppo ed that the two were couniim in
repnsented , and mvor innuioed that
xn impostor had buen tmturttincd 111
the couple until ho yestord'iy'n '
expose of the C.IBO in the Tiilinnu. It
was therein yivnn us MtlUrV sUtu *
nunt that ho had rictus in Chicago in
bunk and real oatito. Miller stood
/nod for the Lnuloll bill , which wis
570. Mr , Frieze inum.diately ob-
lained the services nf Djtect've ' Chan.
Hawley in the morning and laid in
wait for Miller at the First National
bank , where it was presumed ho
would call to have cashed an alleged
To return to the detail * , which led
to tlio atrar-Bo love , it appears that
Miss Presby believed that Miller was
wealthy ns ho roprosrtitcd. She
placed the utmost confidence in every
thing that ho naid nnd promised. In
the marrisgo ho anticipated an oasj ,
happy homo. Her oonfidonco won
undoubtedly misplaced , and ( ho , it
would sot in , is the gioat sufToror in
the affair
The couple have awaited the arrival
of $000 for several dtiyn , Miller repre
senting that the draft for that amount
on his bank account was on route , He
had the draft on Thursday , it appears ,
but for an obvious reason could not
get it casliod , Yesterday morning
Mist Prvsby Went to the bank to as *
certain why the money was not forth
coming , nnd only then learned
She returned to whore thry were
rooming , nt 174 Twelfth street , Went
Denver , only to find that in her ah-
Konco tlio lover and intended husband
had incontinently skinned out.
Then there was a weeping and n
wailing. Also a pulling ot hair that
Oth Ho mi ht well copy in his mur
derous disposition of the fair DOMU !
inonn. Only the lovo-disappointuil
maidmi aid all the hair-pulling. Slut
threatened to commit all sorts of dan
gerous deeds , including n bntli in the
Plttto and the taking of a dose ol
plain morphine. While thus the
liimentt d her folly , cursed the deeor-
tiou i f her lover and
the detective arrived withpaptrs inn
suit for attachment for the Lindell
hotel bill.
Meanwhile Miller had wandered in
to the heart of West Denver and ob
tained a female app-rol. Hu sent
word to hia lady to meet him on the
nandy ba ik of the Platto. Captiin
Han ley was present when the mis-
.sonBIT arrived from Miller , and , to.
guther with a constable , nco nnpaiiied
the lady to the supposed sylvan ro-
Miller was not found , however , that
it to say , not tanuibly tound. When
iho east bank of the river was reached
a human object was seen on the oppo
site aide , niving a hat in ' the left
hand. The creature was pursued
until it , she or lit1 , disappeared so
myiitiriously that not even a tiail
could bo found. Mi n Proeby'nnnoun- '
cod in writing home her intention to
rtuictdo , but Ihu officers instated that
who return to the city with them ,
which she did.
At last report Miss Prrsby had gjun
out into the streets Mich iho deter
mination to die. /
It is truly u strange case , The a ) ,
leged matt u an oddly constructed her
National Amorlati I l'rei > .
'WABUINOTIIN , Maich 21 Mr. Xlor-
van niaou iiBpofch on the tunll com-
mitision bill , p inting nuttho neci'usi'y
for reti-ion and ln'pliiiz . 'lliat ' debate
would lead to that usult.
The bill amending the act to pro
vide for the ralu of the remainder of
the reservation of the confederate
Otoo and Minonri Indians in Nt-
liraakaMid KUIBIIH wis | iiu e.d.
Adjourned at 4:55 : p. in.
The Chinese bill ramu up in recular
order , and Mr. McCtuiu nrguud that
the duiiao p ipulatiou of Ohiuii ren
dered u teiuhncy to migrate danger-
OIH , and ilia' tlio Puoidc coast wai en
titled to be heard.
Mr. Riyno opposed ( he bill , argu
ing that t'lii ' Hunt of American labor
in" ' I'O protuutod.
Mr. Soranlon ( P. * ) favored the bill
L > ouatt ! c iniinned pro and con
u-itil - shortly before 5 o'clock , whim
ho minority of the o > mmittou on ter-
ritoi o < preset ! oil a report adverse to
the admission of Dtkota us H n'.ute.
At 5 ( > . in. the house udjournud.
l /'J . I'roii' , .
SA.V FIUNCISUO , March 21. ' \i the
Vtirysvillii city olootion ye-tterlay the
roi > iiblic < tnn m.ide a clean swnep
TIICIOII , Arizona , was ucc Mafiily )
illuininiitud by gas last night for the
irbt time ,
The HIIOW blockade in the Sierras
IIUH bifii cleared.
Five hundred and enventy eight
wan cuts IMVO hum ( .worn out nijainst
Sunday law violaUin in this city ,
COLUMBUS , Ohio , March 21Hit -
Biijin mo c < urt nfustd a nmndamiu
it | m/.tiiifi S iit ( < Supt rintoiitloni ol
Ii ptinii rn Mo < ro sought hy the Fi
lelity Mnlniil voinpanv of Philxdul-
) hia , The gionndit of the deuisxin
ivan that the c imnany'H InifiniBS wan
lot in ncooid with tin * Ohio atututi .
SimHo u to JJornoy.
NMlnnal AivioriMnil I'tiKi
KANHXS Cirv , Mo. , March 21.
H t'liutor fV. . 1) iM y Hpttnt to.
lay in the uity mill left tonight fi < i
duw Mexico , liu wuu nrt ! < ) inpiniid
by 0. \Vuoluoith , ( Sioux City ,
kiid J. H liorfi.tll , < > f PuniiHylvanid ,
who are he ivy at'ioUiuUlor-1 in the
groxt LMttlo coinpHiiy iccunUy or-
jimz'-d ' , whichiakiH in thn Durney
ranch nit 1 all the un ck. Mr Dormy
was not disposed to talk much about
Mm titur route buHinoHS , but said tlio
indiotinent found Agaiimt him WIIH
bamid upon oiparto loitiinony which
would ba quickly scattered when the
CH I < c uno t < trial , for which ho will
bo ready whnnever the government id ,
Miirloii Ift ullo co.
* tlnnal A'MKiatul I rc't.
NKW VIIHK , Miro'i 21Billed
The Aluikrt lor Liverpool ,
Auivitl The Unllia uml the , Kng-
lund from Liveip ml.
AMsmtinM , Miirch 21. Sailed
Tim Pttllux for No * ' York.
QI .H OW , Mm oh 21 , Arrived
The KUto of Oeoruia from New
LOBNB , March 21. Bxilod On thn
10th , the State of Florida fioin New
LIVKBI-OOL , March 21. Arrivtd
The Kyypt from Now York.
Celebration in Paris of the
Pardon of Nihilists.
fho Coronation of tbo Czar to
Take Place Enrly in
Bianmrak Busily Eagngod in
Preserving the Peaoo of
Europe no Says.
Miiopllaueoni News that Oatno
Over the Oablo.
Vitlonul Aftsoclitftl 1'rcm.
PAIIH , March 21. At n dinner
uiv n in thia city last evening , at which
i number uf prominent gentlemen
were present , Victor Iluuo , in reply
ing to n toast took occasion to loan )
the czar and in nn emotional rpeech
'hanked him fur the pardon ot live
condemned nihilists.
MADUID , March 21. Cortes WAS
-ponod to-day. Tlio opposi ion do
tided to attack the financial policy of
ho government nnd alto the commor
iiil trraty nilh Franco.
BKHUN , March 21. It is reported
that a deputy of the Prupsian diet ,
| ) rivnte1y apeaking to Prinen Bisnurck
the question of intelim ! nthxiis ol
iho government , wns tuhl by the lit-
tur that all his time and strength were
occupied in ( ireserviiig the peace ot
Europe. Whether or iiut ho would
succeed , the prince did not nay , tut
intimated that the aspect of affairs
was quite serious.
, Sr. PiTKK.snuito , March 21. Tlio
coronation of the czir has been fixed
to take place at an early day in Au
LONDON , March 21. In the housei
of commons la&t evening , during do-
bite on the now rulia of pncoduro ,
thoMarquia > f liariinptDii intimated
that ihe government Mould stindor
full by the cloture pro msila. With
out coming to any conclusion on the
rules further than deUt ing the mat
ter , the huuso adjourned ,
VIENNA , March. 21 umtrian ofli-
c'uilb auto that Europe ui diilouutibta |
nru likely to conveiio u conunaitor
the purpose of settling the Boanian-
Herzignviiiiaii question.
LONDON , Maruh 21. .V inenraice
from the qlluen regal ding the nuptinl
urant from the governniunt to Piince.
Leopohl in hit , approiiohiiig mairiago
with Princ Bs liuleni of Waldeck ,
was read iu both houses this after
nooii , and will be called up for con
sideration on Tl u siay ! next.
The United States ovornmonh has
adhered to the Uuiiev.i Rod Gross
convention. _
The Qro t Bjthotic Lecture nt
Boyd'a Last
The opera house wis filled with a
cultivated and intolliuont audience
last nixht to sec and hear Oictr Wilde ,
, \io \ ojlobratud diaoipb oFjoitholiuani ,
who has been attracting so much at
tention throughout the country dur
ing the pist fo-v w.oki Promptly at
eight o'clock Mr. Wilde appeared and
was heartily r.-otod with applause.
He was droieod very oxiiuisituly but
withal bocoininyly.
In opening the leoturo , ho said that
n oveiy great country there ia pro
duced every ytar a certain amount nf
iirtiHiiu work , and that ho i-hoiilil
fiunk | of tlio moil and women who
iiavo thn power and the knowledge
ind the faculty to priduco it.
The beautiful ol lifo which wo oill
ut IB not for us to learn or
c'too.'o ' IM wo will , but it is
i very necessity of our lives
1'ho great dilliulty yon have to con
tend with in America if you want to
produce uny art at all ia not a luck of
intorcHt in nrt , not a luck of love for
art , but that you do nut hold the
ImnJiordftamim in the tiuht ponition
tnd do not recognizu him _ ua ) ou
nhimld. You num ruinnUte him into
IIIH nulil poiition and until jon do so
irt will bo Luiih'ntd to the few. Thia
lit the riaion I contend thut you un
not a practical puuplu.
'I Jio Hpoiker liero denciibed his ini-
uriHaioim > f many Amei lean IIOUMIJ ,
iiudly deidnmd , unnnuetl with p ior
riihlo , lilhd witli hoiiibk iktid dibli"ii-
nut fitriiiturj , orinuiKMiioii with vul-
gir paper upon the walls and
vu'gtr ' carpets upon Die il or.
Wo do not want to bo lo 1 iiatr.y
ty a r-hillow opposition to wlntl in
beautiful. The woilc of boiuty slioivu
that the mull who did it is a man and
tot a machine. D < > not tiiink you
can ( 'ot any good woik done from in y
if the handicraft unites you huvo
good mid b a t ul d B'gnu. ' The bout
iiuaonin you utn have is not the
muaeuui founded by.tho geologist or
, /oologist , but tlio museum of the
tine urtH , of discing and dosorativu
art WJiat you need in America ia u
aohnolof dmign. It il not enough to
live in healthyourroundmsg , but yon
mint have an art school. D. not sk
vour dy-i ner to for > oti
bi'iiutilnl honw and thun
lice him in a clitary , uninviting ,
. iinml room in which to do it mid
from winch ho will derive nn iiiBpir.i-
linii. Ait n quire' * u dour , htalthy
utmosphiro , h .iihy | and joynuu stir-
rounding * . 'J ho liundicnitu man mid
thd ar mt ant inseparable. Pait them
aii'l you rob b-ith.
\No roM'ioiu'o mauhinery whun it
relieves man from labor which is ig
noble. The steam engine nd the
th P'U/HH ' uro only buiotioiiJ to civil-
it i turn in the manner in which they
uro used ,
Tho.Jupineno ttrtini , in placing i
i'liaUipray ' ( f flowurs or u bird h
flight upon hl fan or icreen under
stands first where to place them l < -
oleaBo the eye. The American yotinir
lady dccoratoa her coup tureen with
n beautiful moonlight scene
nnd her soup plates with a prica of
sunset tcoiics. Her desire for the
beautiful is right , but her material in
wrong. Thia ia incongruity in art.
The speaker clrsud with nn appo l
to his audience to regard the beautiful
in art aa they would regard the beau
tiful in nnturo. The establishment
of art school ? , in which true taste nnd
sympathy of color and form should bo
tatixht , would tend lo elevate , purify
and 01 en produce pure thought nnd
correct morals. Beauty waa the
essence of goodness , and its cultiva
tion in art would make in indeed n
great and intellectual nation.
Preparations for Tina Grand Spectac
ular Drama ,
For several weeks past Col. E. B.
Temple , the author of the great mil-
itaty allegorical drama , "Tho Union
Spy , and who hat been ongtged in
the work of producing it in all pnrta
uf tlio North formany yearn , has boon
in Omaha making propiirations to
{ ivu it at Bo d'H opeia house , undur
the auspices of Cnster Post O. A. U. ,
if this city. A caiuful selection of
i ho c.iHtu been nude , and d.til }
wild nightly znhiarstln resorted to , to
niitku the rendition perfect in every
detail. All the stage and tcunio
iccesiiorius are brought in
to play , miniature gun bo its
lave bt'Lii made bomb sheila maiui-
'actured and to make the battle scones
nero reiilixtic , it dt-tuil * > f rogulnin
rein Fort Omaha Invvo beun kindly
> ennitiotl to lakopirt. It is putting
i mild to say that no such | . > < if ct and
drilling u driiniu has over licenplaytd
xforo an Omiiha audit net ) . Col.
rumple is not only a anliur and an
luther , but a remaikably line actor ,
ind h-j baa the i-epuluilon of being the
jeht man in the country at handling
amiiti urs.
Tno play is billed hero for
thruu nights , Monday , Tuos-
Ui.y and Wtdnusday nt.xt for the ben-
ilu of the i tims' and ornhans * lolltif
und , Among the BCOIIOS and inct-
iutits are thn following : A northern
loino in 1801 : war declared ; the
Bjiint of the hou ih ; filing on Purt
iSnmter ; npii < ing uf the north ; recruiting -
cruiting for the war ; owkwaid sijuad
dud ; niaichiiig to the front ; tliumght
jivoimc ; uiand roundf-j contra
band dimci : giand tuview by the gin-
unit ; lebels advaniing on Shiloh ; the
c.iptuiu of the union a , y ; ehargu on
uliil out post ; spy roleaaud ; the skir-
nihli ; grund b.utioscomnigtit ; scune
on the iMitlohtld nf Shiloh ; gunboata
bliellii g the woodp ; horrois of Ander-
aunvillo prison ; home avam ; soldiers'
u urn ; giund tableau ; surrender of
Arrival of P.iajongrora From tbo
Blocked Trains on the Central
Pacific ,
The overland train from the ( rest
ant ovoniiiL' was about four hours late
n arriving at this city. This delay
was caused by the enow blockade on
ho Contrul P.icilio railroad , which
ma prtventid any t ruin a from getting
through to O den until the day be-
ore yeaterday. The first train to pull
hronyh wan cloven hours belli id
schedule time , and the run of the
Jnion Pacific train in which seven
inurs nero made up was quite credit-
The first train through the snow
Iriftn contfinod all the piiBsrngors
r.un three trains which had been
blocked at Iho same point. There
were about 100 h'rtt class possoi gers
tnd about us many who traveled
I'cond class. Among the former was
il. Bur.utt , French consul to1 Sail
' 'ranciaco , who is on his return home
ward. Aruutyot diittinguiahud leal-
mm on iv round-the-world tour wore on
) iiird , und expressed their ideas of
American nnow Llocltadea in no very
oinilimenUry | terms. Among the
iiln r piifBoni'iTrt WUH an old aea cap-
am n nned Voycey , who was on hm
way cai-t ifter n dlsistrous voyage off
he I'.icitio coast , in which ho hiid lost
UH vonool und been obliuod to 11 mt
uliuio vtith liix crew in opuii boaia
All i-xpa-Hsed tlioin o1vea m havint ;
) een yr atly miii'iyed by the delay ,
mt thuio wxa no Bulloring , ar.d they
were limit kindly and courteously
reatud by the riilroad employia.
Vni.tlier ir.tin is still blocked in the
HIIOVV , but it is oxpecled tlnvt its piB-
onj-'urii will got through by to-morrow
irnrxiday , if no more snow fulla to
noro.uti Ihu blockade ,
1'hn birthing Spinners.
Nitloii * ! A aaclat J titta
LAWIIENCK , Mius. , March 21.A
nags meeting of i-pmnors wai hold
aat evening and n union formed , oyor
our hundred signing , It was unani-
noualy voted not to return to work
until aesui unco was given that the
old wages would bo reaiored ,
Superintendent Paikur informed a
cowuiitleo appointed to wait on him the un thorn ii'ii would maiutain
their piwition , but the mills , were
) pen to all who chuao to go to work.
Weavers to iho minibur of six bun
died uUo a hk ld a meeting , and a
c immitteo reported Superintendent
Stone as Bujing thut the inuaogoru di
not o < ire to run the upper mill for a
month. No compiumlso. would bi
miv lo eave on cornoratiou terms , am
those who refused to return tomorrow
row would be discharged.
Peter McCoy , editor of the Catholic
Herald , und other * addroa od tin
muotiiife' , urging calmness and a re
turn to work , but the majority die
ii"t nympathitu with the speaker *
The meeting adjourned till to-Joy t
decide what course to punuo ,
Drouth in Some Placea and
Freshets Elsewhere ,
General Prosperity and In
creased Railroad Building
in Now Zoalind.
Froah Gold Di coverlee Made
in the Province of Now
South Wales.
Sonornl Nnvri from 1hn Sontk
olOo Conntijr.
National Awoclntcit Prt * .
SAN FiuKciNCo , March 21. The
stcamidiipHMlandiii arrived from Syd-
try nndAiukUnd lira morning bring-
up later colonial exchanges.
Extremely hot weather in reported
nun tlio Covvrn district. Tlui Loch-
un river ia only n chnin of wntcr
Kilo1 * . Grnaj ia diaipptmrini ? . The
Iro'.ight extends over Now South
Wa CB.
Newcastle coal companies ncrco to
chnrgo ten shillings a ton attho pita.
V partial strike of colliers ia an-
Heavy floods arn reported in Tlulloo
iver , Queensland , and frtahcta in
otlnr pl.tco . ! .
Tin1 scarcity of water in the country
lintiiciaof Victoria IB becoming rorjr
erit us. The j-ovornmnnt ordered th
railway dttpmtnont to place rpocial
vator trains on the line for the towns
where tlio scarcity of water in most
elt. In otlur towns centrifugal
> uinps Imvo been created to bring
valor n long distance.
Tlio Mniu cabin uorn s Cook straits ,
Tow Zoslcnd , IH broken.
A Ooulbourn , N. S. , dispatch ,
Vibrnnry 20th , aiiys thn droui/ht con-
innes unabated , and most dire ro-
ulla are looked fur. A he-ivy west-
rly gale blew on Friduy , and fresh
res nro raging on all tides. Thcro
s much Mcknoss.
Advices from Now ZotiUnd apoik
n glutting terms of thit prosperity
lid progress of tint colony. The
government in not building railroads
wt oiiouuh in the north of tlio island ,
tut private enterprise is ub tut to
mild an cxti naion of lira Waikats
nilroad into tlio interior.
Fresh gold diacnvanoi have boon
undo in Now South Wales and
Phylloxera is spreading in Victoria ,
Ithouuh all vines for a radius of
weniy miles around Goelong have
icon destioyed.
Sydney has been proclaimed a clean ,
> ort. No mnro CUPS of mn ° ll-pojc.
The first election iu Sydney under
ho local option law has been held ; of
eight wards , seven have decided that
10 nioro liconno bo grunted flir public
nouses. Quo hns , by a small majori-
y , decided that other licenses may
30 granted without offiinso'to rate
333 ers. In conacquunoe of this vote
n seven wards of the city , there can
ie no more hotels or runewal of li-
cunaen for a period of three years.
) nly 731 votes worn cast against is-
uinp licenses and 280 fur it , n total
of 0,890 votes. The public viewed it
with inditTorenco.
Ton Thousand Head of Cattle to b
Grazed in North Pnrk.
Mr. Haw , of the firm of Evana A
luiis , of. this oily , who'miko cattle
aiding a business , has just inado the
mrohaso of the largo herJ of B.ilch &
J icon , at Larumio City.
This herd which grazes among the
oothills about oightuun milea from ,
jiriunio City , is composed of about
(1,01)0 ( ) ml ho transaction represents
b ut 81:00 : 000.
Moasru. EVUIIH it ITiiaa will put thia
arge herd in the North P.irk thia
uiiuner , whi < ro they have hud a largo
umber grazing during tlio past win-
ur with quite satibfuotory result ,
Ithough the snows during tlio winter
mvo been much heavier tliun might
)0 desired. However , as a conso-
iionco , now the spring fetid is excel-
jnt , and the cattle urn more than
taking up fur their enforced absti-
enou during the winter stimuli.
Tlio p uk la a fine grazing ground
uring iho summer , a fuut Ions ; nppro-
iatod by immense numbers of anto-
opt ) , deer , elk , ito , which have nmJo
t until liito years u favorite hunting
niund , both f > r Indiins and whites ,
lowuver , the experiment of ui.itur-
ng stock there hus been regarded us
t doubtful expediency un il ui.hin
ID paitt two yuira , when it has been
uccounfully done.
allon&l AsBoOatod Hrcas.
NEW YOKK , Maich 21. Dispatches-
received by Bridatroot'a ntato that T.
1. Mala1 ? , banker , ut Freeport , Pa. ,
ias suspended. Ho was ulna iu the
oiil business.
The suBpension of John Rilston &
Op. , b inkers' , ut Eldorlon , Pa. , is an-
lounced , tlio result of the failure of
Ulston , MtQuaid & Co. , banker * , at
JVirview , Pa. *
Snail Fox *
SfcUcnU AnocUUxl Vrow.
iwiNOTiBU ) , III. , March 21. Tha
utato board i i liealth has inform itiun
of one death from small pox in Poim
township , Sdulby counly , and ot a ,
now cast ) of vurioloid anU one of small
i > ox at Q. tincy. There are two mora
ses of uull pox to-day in Spring-
The Country.
Who that ha evw lived anytime In tb
country but must have heard of the lr-
tui > 4 ot Burdock u * a hi od purlfi r. Bo -
DOCK llLOon Lirrana cure dy pepi > ,
| jilluu ne a anil all dlxorderd aristae from
impure Wood i > r deranged liver or kldne ) * .
Pi Ice 1.0J , trial bottlw I'J ' cenU.wchnlw