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The Anti-Polygamy Bill Passed
by the Honso ,
After Borne Delay tbo Republi
cans Allow tbe Domicrata
to Offer Amendments.
But Vote Down Every One of
Them and Pass the Bill
Other Business That Was
Transacted m Congress
MlioollAnoonR Notes or a National
National AfKOpUtrrt I'roiw. *
WASHINGTON , MardiVUf-jMr. Harrison
risen reported a. resolution fronrjho
military committee , appropriating an
additional SUXJLOUO for the relief of
Bufiorora l > y iho Mississippi floods.
Passed. * * " * '
Mr. Call epfiljo in support of the
resolution to fconveno a congress of
North , South and Central American
states lor a bettor understanding be *
tweou them 5f the international ques
tion , jr
After Mr. Gall concluded tjio post-
oflioo appropriation bill wds token up
and several minor amendments of the
senatn committee agreed to.
.Adjourned at 4:30 : p. m. " *
The republicans urged thoi'passago
of the nnti-poljgamy bill as passed by
the senate , the democrats requesting
delay to amend which was finally al
Mr. Reagan offered an .amendment ;
requiring conviction for bigamy -or
polygamy before persons nro prevent
ed from holding office. Lost * * *
Mr. Mills moved to strike out the
returning bo.ird principle. Lost.
Mr. Mills also moved to strike out
disqualification of polygamists from
voting. Lost.
After speeches in opposition by
Messrs' . Springer , Morrison , Kunna ,
Sineloton ( til ) , Singleton ( Miss. ) .
Tucker , Muldroiv and Converse , the
anti-po y amyb'll was passed as it came
from thu senate by a vote of 190 to
43. „ ; '
The members voting against the
bill were Messrs. Armfiold , Athorton ,
Belmont , BlanchnrJ , Buckner , C.i-
bell , JO.ild ell , Carlisle , Chapman ,
Convene , Cook , Cox ( Sj 0. ) , Cravens ,
Dibrall ) Evans , * Garrison , Gunter ,
Herbert , Herndon , Hewitt ( N. Y. ) ,
HorboVt , Hooker , House , Jones
( Tex. ) , ' Konna , Knott , Manning ,
McMillan , Mills , Morev , Phistor ,
Reagan , Robertson , Shackeltou , I
liK c SioslSton Ilt : ; xntmipsoir
( Ky ) , Tillman , Tucker , 'Upson ,
Waruet , Wellborn , Williams ( Ala.l
The house then took up the Chi
nese bill , and substituting the bill
passed in the senate it was made
special order for the day.
Preceding consideration of it , Mr.
rnudo in favor of the
Oalkuns a speech
, . , , * . * ' . * * r
bill. * , - k- ' .
A resolution was passed aak'ing'the
aecretiry of the number of .per
sons in the Mississippi V.illoy requir
ing and .receiving aid from the gov
ernment. * . *
Adjourned at 5 p. m.
National Associated 1'rcss.
WASHINGTON , March 14. The com
mittee to audit the expenses of the
illness nnd funeral of the late Presi
dent Garfiuld mot to-nighfc and con
sidered auvoral claims , but reached no
j. '
Judge Blatchford has finally ac
cepted the nomination as associate
judge of the supreme court.
'Tho senate committee on foreign
affoira has agreed to favorably report
John Russell Young's nomination as
minister to China , and 0. A , Logan's
minister to Chili.
* The comptroller of the currency has
calledfor a statement from national
banks pf the condition of their afl'ura
at the close of business on Saturday ,
the Ityh inat.
Tho. democratic senators in caucus
to-day appointed th < i following cam
paign ( committee : Senators Davis ,
Farley. Williams ( \V. Va. ) , Harris ,
Gormo'n , MoPhorson , and Coke The
committee made progress on the rivur
and harbor bill to-nighi.
Congressman Black's condition to
night u such as to hold out hope of
The IHoaiB Apportloameat Bill--
Otker 'Work of tbo Two Bodlev.
SpecliUl-patcb to Tin Ilm.
Dia , MOINKS , March 14 , The heuso
this morning passed the congressional
district bill as follows ;
First district Washington , LouiBa ,
Jefforaon , Henry , Des MoinosVan
Buren , Lee ,
Second district Jones , Jackson ,
Clinton , Cedar , Sott , Muscitino.
Third district Dubuque , Delaware ,
* Blackhawk Gruhdy Butler
Buchanan , , , -
\ lor , Bremor.
I Fourth district Clayton , Fayetto ,
I Ohickasaw , Floyd , Mitchell , Howard ,
\ Winneshiek.
f Fifth district Kossuth , Whine-
Ibago , Worth , Hancock , Cerro Gordo ,
jHumboldt , Wright , Franklin , Web-
lor , Hamilton , Ilardin , Boone , Story.
v Sixth district Marshall , Tarns ,
teuton , Linn , Iowa , Johnson.
Seventh district Jasper , Powe-
shick , "Mahftska , Kookuk , Monroe ,
Wapollo , Davis.
Eighth district Adafr , Madison ,
Warren , Marion , Clarke , Lucu , Ring-
gold , Decatur , Wayne , Appanoose. ,
Ninth district PottawattamioCass ,
Mills , Montgomery , Adams , Union ,
Fremont , Page , Taylor.
Tenth district Monona , Crawford ,
Carroll , Qroono , Harrison , Shelby ,
Audubon , Outline , Dalits , Polk.
Eleventh district Lyon , Oscoola ,
Dickinson , Emmett , Koasuth , Sionr ,
O'Brien , Cloy , Polo Alto , Plymouth ,
Cherokee , Buena Vista , Pocahont'as ,
Woodbury , Ida , Sac , Calhoun. .
Tlio tenth district is 210 miles long.
There is a deadlock 'between the
houses on this bill , and nei r house
is disposed to recede. , _ 'a * |
The house passodT'l'jSBjeriato bill
i HP ( * "t\
fixing the time of thb MBhu .election
in the odd numbered. ftw'm 0 ° ' ° '
bor , and in the oven humbore-d years
'in November ; also the bill fixing the
titno of the special election on the
prohibition amendment Juno 27th ,
In the senate the bill regulating
civil practice in district and' circuit
courts passed ; also thoVul requiring
railroads to fence their track along
improved lands. f
The governor has commissioued
Egbert E. Ayleswortll judge ! of the
superior court at Council Bluff * .
* ' * " * *
" * A Fnmil jFataltw
National Assoclnted Tc-w 5p N
SHENANJIOAH , Pa. , March 14. By
the parting of a rope.onHho breaker
plane at Indian Ridge colliery , of the
Philadelphia & Reading Ooal and
Iron company , a 15-year-old son of
ex- Chief of Police Monoghau was in
stantly killed by a car striking him as
it ran back. Frank Manning , about
the same ago , was also so badly in
jured that ho will die. ' This is the
second son of Monoghau killed at the ,
same colliery within a year. Ex- '
Chief of Police Monoghan is in jail
serving out a term of seven years for
participation in Molly Maguire mur
ders , and the two boys worB the only
support of their mother.
Organizing Against Unscrupulous
M'llors. (
National Associated Frees.
ST. PAUL , March 14. There is a
serious uprising of farmers against
the Minneapolis Millers' association" ;
the most important organization of the
kind in the new northwest. Re pro- '
gentativo farmers of Dakota , Good- ;
hue and Rico counties met at North ;
field and after a long and fierce dis
cussion adopted resolutions denounc
ing the Millers' association as a scheme
to swindle farmers. A permanent or
ganization was then effected by the
election of L. W. Lyman president ,
J. F. Kelly secretary and John Alex
ander treasurer. The secretary yjas
instructed to correspond with a v
jtp forming similarorginizatjons ;
other to'w'ns'iind" " counties ThruVu
the state. _ _
National Associated free * .
WINNEPEO , Man. , March 14. The
damage by yesterday's fire now foots
'up § 100,000 ; insurance about $23-
000. 'the principal losers are Stirs-
can & 'Co. , § l5,00j JMrs" Wolr ,
S ,000 ; Emprey , $3,000 ; Hagrave ,
88,000 ; McFarland , Toffd , Halle and
'Fater , $3,000 each.
MIDWAY , Ky. , March 14. J. L.
Cugar'u largo warehouse tilled with
grain , belonging to Cogar and several
farmers , was' burned last evening.
Loss , § 20,000 ; insurance , $15,000.
SYHAOUHU , Mirch 14. Fire broke
out in RulUon block in Mexico , a vil-
lugo near hero , thh morning , _ and
uprcading rapidly threatened the whole
business part of the town. Total loss ,
about § 50,000 ; mostly covered by in-
Smell Pox.
National Associated 1'romi.
WAI-UINOTON , D. 0. , March 14.
The eighth case of small pox was dis
covered hero to-day , and all have
been sent to the hospital and every
precaution takun to prevent a spread
of the disease.
Si'uisariELn , III. , March 14.--Re-
porta to the state board of health to
day attito that the cases of small pox
at Platono heretofore reported have
teuninatod fatally.
A new cajo is reported from Penn ,
Shelby county.
One death is reported from Homer ,
Willsjcounty , and one from Lomont ,
Cook county. No now cases in Le-
mont ,
One case occurred in Springfield to
day. .
Shocking Tragedy.
National Associated 1'resa.
CHIOAQO , March 14. A ahocking
tragedy was perpetrated yesterday at
Lisbon. A boy 12 years old was shot
twice in the head and his head was
nearly severed from his body by an
axe in the hands of A mun named
Gordon Lprd , who some time ago
adopted him as his son. After kill
ing the boy Lord cut his own throat
with a razor. Lord's wife is absent
from homo and her whereabouts are
unknown. There is a growing suspi
cion that she has been murdered and
the body concealed.
Tka Oarfleld-OhaSo Letter.
National Auoclated Fiona ,
CHICAGO , March 14. A special to
the Chicago Herald from Washington
says J. R. Slmckcra states that ho fur.
niahod Dana , of the New York Sun ,
a copy of the Garfiold-Chaso letter
which is now among Chasct's literary
remains in Shuckm' possession , as
Chase's biographer. Shuckers declares
the letter genuine. _
Elopeiuont of a Mlnlitor's Wife-
Nitlontl Auociated Picas.
FORT WAYNE , Ind. , March 14 _
MM. Helen Beck , the hand/iomo / wife
of Rev. H. M. Peck , Methodist
minister , eloped with James G. Brock-
euridge , postal route agent on the
Wabash , St. Louis fc PacUio railway.
More Supplies Needed for the
Mcrins South ,
-i -
Arkansas , Mississippi , and
Louisiana Mostly a Vast
Son of Water.
The People Starving , and Aid
May Not Beach Thorn
* in
The Actiye Measures Boiug
Taken to Help Them fy
the Government.
Notes of the Disinter From n Nnm-
"bor of Point * .
Nation * ! A Of latod Trcsn.
LITTLE ROOK , March 14. At Ar-
knnsas City nnd points nnnror here
the river and waters on overflowed
lands have fallen about an inch dur
ing the last 24 hours , but this raises
little hope in the minds of the suf
ferers , as a steady decline is not as-
suredft The situation is s'ill reported
terrible. The news received is mostly
additional particulnrs to the gloomy
outline. At Osccnla is n Vast floor of
water extending 60 miles to the in
terior. People are destitute , and the
loss of stock is universal. On the
upper St. Francis river they were
mostly nowsottlerBand those who did
not escape to high ground are living
on rafts and on top ofcabina. The
'bulk of property beinj > 'cattlo and the
mcrcilcBS , flood having swept those
away , th.0 ngod as well as the little
ones cry out for bread. Aid is being
Hunt to them , but to some it may not
re'ach in time.
VICKSBOUO , Miss. , March 14. Four
.offtho most substantial lovccs in
'Tonsas Parish , La. , broke yesterday.
Tlioy protected a number of the most
valuable plantations in the stato. The
Jevpo broke and submerged also at'
TMilkikald and Bond. There is creat
fear hero of a run off through Giant's
canal , which mieht sweep the Delta
away and cause Vickburg to bo
abandoned as a river town. Sunflower
county is overflowed completely , also
Lake , Washington , Deer Crook and
WASHINGTON. March 14. The
eoretary of war is informed by the
.Louisiana commission that they can
supply 11,000 persons fifteen days
with curtailed rations. More are need
ed at once. The destitute districts
are increasing. The secretary of war
directed Capt. White , New Orleans ,
to purchase 100,000 rations for the
.Tho'secretary of war this afternoon
sent 3 a dispatch to Gen. Beckwith , at
St. Louis directing them to send army
officers to various points in Louisiana
to confer with certain citizens .nnd as
certain a'ld report the amount ; of suf
fering and assistance required. A
detailed report thus far , made by
Capt. Lane , was received to-day It
confirms published statements regard
ing the extreme suffering in Louis
iana and Arkansas.
Gov. Cullom. f Illinois , in a tele
gram to the decretory this evening ,
says the mavor ot Shawneetonn in
forms him 500 persons needhelp there
on account of floods. ' The secretary
ueiit 10,000 rations to that point.
MEMPHIS , March 14. Colonel Alex
Yerger , a prominent citizen of Roso-
dale , the capital ot Bolivar county ,
Miss. , hns'arrived with a number of
other citizens. All were flooded out.
Every house in the place is washed
away , excnpt Verger's and ono other ,
both of which have throe feet of water
on the ground floors. Elder Williams ,
a respected colored citizen , was
drowned on Sunday while attempting
to EOSOUO two colored girls , whoso
canoe had capsized and thrown them
into the water. After a manful
struggle ho succeeded in rescuing ono ,
but the other was drowned. All cattle -
tlo in that and the neighboring county
are drowned , and mules ana horses
are either drowned or dying of starva
tion. All the white people have loft.
Several hundiod colored people are
huddled on patches of the unbroken
levee , living in government touts and
on government rations.
After ( ivo days of interrupted travel
on account of washouts a throuuh
train going east on the Memphis &
Chattanooga tail way leaves at f > this
morning , and a through train south
on the Mississippi & Tennessee loft at
noon to-day.
SPHINOKIELU , III. , March 14. In
formation has been ruceivod by tin )
uovornor from the mayor of Shawnoo-
town , accompanied by a request for
aid , atttting that 500 people in Galla-
tin county are destitute in consequence
quence of the overflow. The gover
nor telegraphed the secretary of war
for 10,000 rations , and appointed * a
commission at Stiawncetown to ro
coivc nnd distribute them.
ST. Louis , March 14. Gen. Beck
with has ordered the steamer Barnard
and the tug Cliff to report at once to
transport rations to sufferers in the
south. The war department has
ordered the largest vessel at Little
Rock to proceed to Memphis for a
similar purpose. Ton thousand ra
tions were sent this evening to Col
umbus , Ky. , and ten thousand will
bo sent to Shawnootown , 111. The
steamer Anita will ascend the Ynzoo
to distribute stores.
Nitro Glycerine Factory Blown
National Awoclatod FICHU.
BuApraiD , Pa. , March 14. Hand's
glycerine factory was blown up this
afternoon. Powder loft on the stove
exploded with a lot of nitro glycerine
in kegs. Tho. factory was blown to
atoms , but no ono was hurt ,
Railway Matter * : '
Ktllonil AtaocUUd ft tag.
AWBTIN , Texas , March 14.-Tho
comptroller to-day sent out notifica
tion to all railway and steamboat com-
panies in this state toaotllo ( heir quar-
toily taxes under penalty of suit be-
1 ig instituted. This tax is in thd na
ture of an occupation tax , attherate
of 1 per cent , on gross receipts from
passenger traffic.
Sr. LOOM. March 14. Th-j ntock-
holders of the St. Louis & San Francisco -
cisco road hold their annual mooting
to-day , and after consideration of the
reports which hare already boon pub *
linhod , elected the following officers :
0. P. Huntntton ! , Lolond Stanford ,
Jay Gould , Hussoll Sago , Jesse Soliij.
man , E. J. Winilow , J. D. Fimh , W ,
F. Buckley , O. S.Hatch , W. Jffekcr-
son , \V. L. Frost , Charles W. Rogers
nnd R ; S.-JIayes. The election of of-
fiflora willbo hold in Now York ,
The Miaipuri Pacific elected the
following director * : Jay Gould , R ,
S. Hayes , T. T. Eckort , SidnoyDil >
Ion , J. S. Lowroy , Samuel Shothar ,
John T. Parry , R. 0. Kerns , Henry
Whalon , Fred L. Amos. R , J. took-
land , A. G , Marquani nnd Rscll
Sao. The , board of directorwill )
meet on Saturday foe organization.
The Wabaah utockholdcrB 'olcctod
Messrs. Solon Humphreys. Charles
Ridgoloy , George L. Dunlan. J F.
Joy and Sidney Dillon < v board ef di
rectors to servo threeyears. . f
VICTOIUA , B. 0 , ( March H.A'po ' -
tition wni presented to the logiajfijure
yesterday asking n private bill to ena
ble n compnnv to build n line of' rail
way from Esquimalt to Nanaimo
within four yearn , The promoters nni
L. M. Clements , of the Atlantic it
Pacific railway ; Dennis Jordan Leland -
land Stanford , J. M. Col6mAn innd
three Victoria merchants , W , R ,
Clark , J. H , Turner and'T.'lJarlo.
The petit ion was referred to thijt pri
vate bills committee. , jjL
Which is io be Construed in
* fflf
Different Ways , f ,
The Anxiety Concerning tbo 'flailing
of an Extra Session of the Ingls-
laturo What Rodistrlctlfie
May Do. ; ,
Correspondence of The Uco.
LINCOLN , March 14. Avastfnhount
of talk has been-wasted here lately in
the discussion of , the ponsibilttyof the
governor calling the legislatnre to
gether in special session. Nobody
socnis to know definitely what , the
prospect * are. An appeal to sundry
state officials for information oa this
subject has evoked but ono general
response : "You know whntaNanco
is ; when ho gets ready to signify Inn
intentions ho will do so. ' ' ' A certain
amount of reticence in tile chief nx-
ecutivo is doubtless ijoramendabie ,
but in the present instance this re
ticence 13 carried altogether ted far.
It seems as though thoalmost ; univer
sal demand made upon the | governor
by thet state proas and the people JIG n-
erally ought to load him tq'dcclaro
his intentions. The sronerallnffjronco
drawn from his actions * ta niat he
is very reluctant , personally , to have
the legislature meet. Notwithstanding
many disclaimers which have boon is
sued from his lipi of late regarding
any further political aspirations which
ho may have , it is orotty well boltovod
hereabouts that the gpvernor has a
congressional , yearning deep down in
his anatomy , and that he ,
take his chances , for a nomination at
largo , whore ho might en mo in on his
second wind as a compromise. Tilts'
belief is natural on his part for the
reason that if the districts were to bo
formed as now Eoems probable , there
would bo very little chance for him to
secure f , nomination. The governor ,
however , does not seem to take into
consideration the fact that the anti-
monopolists might happen to control
the next republican stiito con vent idn ,
nnd in that case diminish his chances1
to zero. If political aspirations still
perplex him , ho had bettor gratify the
wishes of the people by convening
the legislature and taking his chances
on this action The movement in
favor of an extra session is
very strong in the western portion of
the state , where the people seem to
feel that they are in danger of being
loft out in the cold if candidates are
nominated at largo. Apparently the
inhabitants of the Republican Valley
sown io expect that a district contain
ing about ton counties and fifty thou
sand people is to bo carved out for
their npecial benefit. The prospects
ore that there will be a multitude of
apportionment bills introduced , if the
legislature moots. The ono meeting
most favorable here is that ono whjah
throws Douglas and Lincastor counties
together in one district. Lincoln
statesmen nrguo that by tin's shoving
Omaha off in ono corner the influence
of the metropolis will bo largely
crippled , and the salt basin candidate
will walk off with the persimmons.
The number of intellectual prodigies
lieroabutswhoarogetting themselves
intrimforaflighttothenHtionalcapita ) ,
is immpiuo. Half ths Lancaster bar
are making preparations to more next
The State Journal company is con
siderably exorcised over the prospect
of a vigorous opposition daily being
started horo. A lively republican
newspaper could come in here and
make effective competition , and the
prospects seem to bo that such will bo
the case. Jacob North and two asso
ciates are to run the now oflice , but a
Chicago journalist is spoken of as being -
ing the probable founder of the now
Matters at the state house are
quiet , pending the absence of the gov
ernor and secretary of state nt the scat
of war. The few employes left on
duty humbly beg of you to see that
they are not hurt during their BO-
journ in Omaha. AHOUS.
His Daddy Wouldn't rot Him
N'fctloiul Awaclatod Frew ,
INDIAKAPOUH , March 14. At mid'
night Eugene Stephenson , aged 22 ,
who had boon visiting his sweetheart ,
immediately after a party hot himsell
through the heart. His parents for
bade his marriage ,
Bosnian Insurgents Claiming
Defeat of Austrian ,
Collapse ot a Colliery in Eng
land Imperiling a Number
of Minors.
Dr , LntUBon , the American
Murderer , Found Guilty
nnd Sentenced to
Germany Still Grunting Over
the Speeches of the
Doughty Skoboleff.
MiHOolIimootu News thnt Onmo
Over tbo Cabin.
N'atlonitt Associated l'n s
LONDON , March 15. A dispatch
from Vienna eayn the Bosnian insur
gents clnim the difo t of the Ana-
trians on Saturday at Ytinkon , 250 of
whom were killed. They also claim
to huve defeated the Austrian troops
at Markoudo , capturing two guns and
a quantity of war material.
VIBNNA , March 14. A dispatch
from Cellinji says the Montenegrin
government is mobilizing forces under
pretense of strengthening the cordon
of Montenegrin troops on the frontier
of Herzegovina for the purpose ot
preventing insurgents from retreating
into Montenegrin territory.
LONDON , March 14. A shaft of the
Lumlcy colliery , near Durham , col
lapsed this morning , and 150 miners
were imprisoned in the pit , the supply
of air being cut off. The situation in
critical and the work of reopening
pr < grossed slowly , but all were res
In the case of Dr. l < amaon , the
jury this afternoon , after an absence
of thirty-five minutes returned a
verdict of guilty aud ho was sen
tenced to death.
BiiHLix , March 14. Semi-oflicial
statement published in the Prussian
Ctass Qjzuttc , says that Empuror
WiUirm visited Pnncu Bismarck for
the purpose of discussing the Rus
sian question , which has taken the
place of the lessor Skobelcff question.
In conclusion the article says Ger
many fouls no opprehonsion either
military or diplomatic , but at the
same time great watchfulness ia
needed , and tlmt country con rely on
the statesmen , Prince Bismarck , who
has arranged European combinations
to moot rvory danger.
PARIS , March 14. A the ministerial
council hold in this city to-day , Gen ,
Hillot announced 'an insurrection
among the Tunis tribes bordorinor on
Tripoli , and promised speedy repres
sion of the difilcultios.
Brief Tolcgrami-
l AneocUted Proas.
SAN FRANCISCO , March 14. At the
Oakland city election yesterday the
entire republican ticket was olcctod.
H. M. Nowhall , senior member of
the firm tef Nowhall & Co. , iinc-
tionoera , died of erysipelas yesterday.
He came to California 'in 1840 , and
was ono of the leading business men
of this city.
NEW YOIIK , March 14. Augustus
B. Luighton , murderer of his mistrens ,
wan sentenced to hang April 21 , the
same day as Sindrain.
DETIIOIT , March 14. A general or
dcr from the state military depart
ment at Lansing accuptod the resigna
tion of W. 0. Fitzaimmons as colonel
of the First regiment , FitziimmoiiH
was president of the People's bank of
Tecumseh , burstod the bank , skipped
out and loft it in the hands of a ro-
Jap. Minsock , on triHlinthoWayno
circuit court for the murder of James
Carr , of RedforJ , wui acquitted this
morning on the ground of insanity
The grange store at Grand Rapids
has gone into the hands of n receiver.
Assets and liabilities about ovon.
CIIIOAOO , March 14 Rov. O. A.
Burgess , pastor of the First Christian
church of this city , ono of the most
prominent and learned divines in his
denomination , died this morning aflor
a lingering illness. Ho was a native
of Connecticut and during the war
was chaplain of the Seventeenth Illi-
iioi9 infantry ,
NKW YOUK , March 14. In the
United States district court Gun. N.
M. Curtis moved to quash the indict
ment nguiilst him for collecting os-
HesBinunt from federal otOco holders
last fall for the republican state com
mit1 to on the grounds that his name
is not Nehomiah McOurtin as stated
in the indictment but Newton M ,
grain exchange was formed to-day by
momboru of the San Francisco stock
board , and temporary officers were
ilectod. A committee on permanent
irganiration was appointed. The
ules are the eamo as the Ban Fran
cisco stock board. Nuraeroun appli
ations for membership were made.
An address was issued to the farmers
and producers of the state ,
ST , PAUL , Minn , , March 14.
Eight hundred people in Central Il
linois have arranged with the St.
Paul & Manitoba railroad company
fur n trip through the Red river valley -
ley next month.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , March 15. Ann
Ijliza Hermann , the woman in the
poor aiylum in Clark county , began
the sixty-second day of her fust to <
diy.BAY CITY , Mich. , March. 14. Win ,
Michio , a prominent citinon cf Fruioi
township , was murdered by unknowi
parlies while returning homo alon ;
the railroad track. . His head wai
crushed with eorao heavy weapon
Some of his neighbors are suspected
ATLANTA , Qa. , March 14. At <
o'clock this morning United Stater
Deputy Marshal Bob Boston and
posse shot and killed an illicit distil
ler named Jos. Hicks in Urinnell
county. Hicks had resisted arrest ,
Governor Colquitt has decided not
to call a special Boislon of the legisla *
turo to rcdistrict the state , but will
lot Georgia's extra congressman be
olcctcd from the slate at largo.
COLUMBUS , March 14Goo. . Xim-
mormnn , aged 3 , was run over and his
lunt'B crushed by a wagon this after
noon ,
_ The American waterworks associa
tion is in three days' sexsion hero with
a until attendance. The discussions
are of interest to science only.
BOSTON , March 14. A private dis-
pitch received in this city states the
United Slates steamer Tallapoosa is
ashore at Highland Light. |
CINCINNATI , 0. , March 14. The
Cincinnati chamber of commerce by a
vote of 095 to 39 to-day adopted
amendments to the constitution which
abolish the rnlo rotating to firm mom-
bora and atithorizo issuing certificate *
of membership which will bo trans
NAHUVILLU , Teiin. , March 14.
Three children of John Herman bo-
onmo suddenly ill a few days since
with symptoms of poisoning. One
died yesterday , another to-day and
the third is at the point of death.
Mnrino IutoUl | [ < moo.
NKW YOUK , March 14. Arrived
The Wyoming and the City of Brus
sels from Liverpool , the Gallntoa from
SOUTHAMPTON , Marck 14. Arrived
The Ncokar from Now York for
GLAROOW , March 14.1 Arrived
The SUtoof Indiana from Now York.
LOUNE , March 14. Sailed - On the
12th , the State of Pennsylvania for
"Sow York.
LiVF.nrooL , March 14. Arrived
Pho- Nova Scotia anct the Iowa from
Boston , the Lord Olive from Phila-
ulphin. _
itlonnl Atsadntril 1'ieu.
Hairing , aged 19 , attached to the
nuui consul's ollico , who had been
this count ty six months , blow hin
rains out wilh a revolver.
TOPEKA , Ks. , March 14. Barton
. Bristol , ngod 14 years , living with
is parents , shot himself early this
norning , the bullet passing through
* io heart. He had not boon enjoying
uood health , and in a note lofc to his
mother state ! that there was nothing
'n life worth living for , and therefore
0 was determined to and it. Ho
was a vnry bright lad and well liked
"iy every ono who know him.
Capt Jim Davli' Body.
'utlonrJ Atutodatoil t > rau.
NASHVILLE , March 14. The body
1 Deputy Collector Davis , who was
ssassinated at MoMinnvillo yester
day , was taken to Fayottcvillo to-day
'or interment. G. B. Raum tele
graphed Collector Wm. Woodcock to
day to offer a reward of $300 each /or
he names of the men who killed
_ _
Chicago Iiand Xiongnoa
'atlonat ' Aiioclttod 1'rcsa.
OiiiOAao , March 14. The Eighth
rard and the Patrick Ford land league
his evening adopted resolutions con-
euining the action nf United States
rliniotor Lou-oil , of London , in rufor- ,
nco to Americans imprisoned in Ire *
and. A mass mooting of Irish land
oaguers will bo held to tnko further
V Doom In Matrimony Du'lng tbo
Past Two Weeks.
Joseph Turns , aged 21 , to MissAn-
iio Becheck , aged 10 , both of Omaha.
Win. J. Wood , of Las Vegas , N.
. , aged 29 , to Miss HuttioJ. Briggs ,
if Omaha , aqed 19.
Ole Olonon , of Omaha , need 22 , to
ilits Annie Johnson , of Sarpy county ,
igod 20 ,
Samuel W. Wilson , acred 31 , to
\nna J. Williams , aged 19 , both of
3 in aim.
Rubett Guy , aged 24 , to Miss Em-
na Cluck , aged 10 , both of Florence.
Peter Renlund of Sarpy county ,
igod 27 , to Miss Mary Urin , of
linaha , ugod 20.
ChuH. L. Gay , aged 20 , to Mrs.
itiusa E Sent , ngod . ' 15 , both of
C F. Florj , i f.'tl 2r , IM Miss Cora
I'juhuk1 , nu > i 'VJ , hotu o Unuilia.
0. II. Wilhud , of Dull do , N \ . ,
igod.'H.tMis M. L. Heath Krie , : ;
Chtist I' Soil , of Washington
sounty , : i ed t'S , to Miss Thorssa M.
ilundt , of Dduglas county , aged 10.
Moral Duke ( Gregory , aged 32 , to
. Lizzie Fisher , nged 28 , both of
Olof Olessan , aged 25 , to Miss
liaima Swanson , aged 21 , both of
Squire Willis , of Fort Collins. Col. ,
tgoii 27 , to Mies Lidy Propst , of D v-
mport , Ia. , aged 20.
Andrew Momon , of Oass county ,
[ 11. , aged 31 , to Miss Louisa Bergman ,
if Omaha , aged 20 ,
0 , F. Johnson , of Logan , Ia. , aged
o , to Miss Minnie Johnson , of Gold ,
on City , Cal. , aged 18.
H. B. Fleming , of Weeping Water ,
Neb , , aged 21 , to Miss Bertha E. Shel
ter ) , aged 20 , of anmc town.
James Nevitsot , of Pottawattamiu
county , Ia , , aged 23 , to Miss Anna
Ourran , of Omaha , aged 25
0. F. Johnson , of Page countjj , la. ,
aged 27 , to Miss Louisa Cation , agei
21 of Baruo pluco.
, . i . _ _ j. ni- _ _ . _ j _ .
Kutlonal AxacUted I'rvw.
WAHIIINOTON , March 15. For tin
lower Missouri valley ; Local rain
and partly cloudy weather , souther !
winds , shifting to westerly , and fallln
followed during the night by risin
Konowal of the Disorder ia
Pittsuurg ,
The Striking Iron Men. Moet
a Body of Nori-Unioniatn
and Capture Them.
During the Melee Two Polioe-
mon Are Shot by Out- ±
aide Parties.
_ *
Last Night's Expectations Be
ing that the Uoniostfad
Would bo Cleaned Out.
Italior Tronblo in Other
National Awocinlcd 1'rfM.
PAONIXVILL > ; , Pa. , March 14.
Spvoral discharged men of the Phoenix -
nix iron company , wont last night to
the house of n man named Johnson ,
who had taken ono of their places in
the mill , and bombarded the house
with stones. Windows were smashed
Jind rocki fell upon Johnson and wife
while abed. Several other houses
whore men live whom the strikers
term "eoibs" were also attacked. 'The
police were notified to bo"on the look
out for the attacking party.
PiTTHiiuno , March 14. This morn
ing there was a renewal of the trouble
at the Homestead , when the non
union men started to work. They
were mot by a body of the strikers ,
and two of the workmen were struck
down and badly beaten. Two police
officers , named Thomas Patch and
William Motcalf , who started to
quell the disturbance , were fired upon
'by ' persons concealed behind a freight
car and were wounded. Patch re
ceived eight bucksl1" * . in his head ,
and was removed to hm home. Mot-
calf was slightly wounded. Much
excitement prevails.
No dif > turba co U reported at the
Homestead to-night. The Bctsomor
workn have shut down. It is reported
at midnight that a parly of workmen
are organizing in this city to go to
the Homestead and clean the whole
thing out.
A Union Paolflo Switchman Moota
With an Accident.
About 3 p. m. yesterday a scriou * '
though not fatal acoidont occurred in
the Union Pacific yard near the smelt
ing works.
William Hon , a German , ia switch'
man in the lower yard , and at the
time of the accident ho was engaged
in coupling two cars together. As ho
was dropping the pin through the
link ho woa struck by thu brake rod. , ,
which knocked him down. ' He fell *
on his back and thu wheel struck'him ,
running up on the middle of the
body across the right hip , but strange
to say , not breaking any bones , but
merely causing an abrasion of
the skin. Aa he was pushed
off the track his loft foot
wai caught and the bones of the loft
ankle were crushed.
The wounded man was taken to
Dr. Murcnr's hospital , where his in
juries were attended to , and ho was
last night resting easy. Mr. Han will ,
no doubt , bo confined to his bed fo'r
some time , and as ho has a wife and
six children dependent on him for
support , it may bo inferred that it was
u misfortune iu more ways than ono.
St. Patrlclc'o Day.
The anniversary of Ireland's patron
saint will bo quietly celebrated
throughout the country. Gorgeous
processions and martial music have
boon dispensed with in all largo cities ,
and vast sums of money spent in use
less pageants will be put in a moro
beneficial purpose. Omaha inaugur
ated this BonsiDlo reform years ago ,
and each recurring 17th of March has
boon observed as a religious festival.
There will bo no departure from this
custom this year. High mass will
bo celebrated in the Cathedral at 0 a.
m , , followed in the evening by a lec
ture on the "Mission of St. Patrick , "
by Roy. Father Kennedy , parish
priest of Linco'n. The reverend
father it , not only a learned and plo-
fell' . ' ! ] ! > poikor but a patriotic Irish-
mm tvhnsu viowa on the present strug-
uhi in Ir ' vnl iw m > bound up as the
most radical cuii'.d ' wish
The proceeds of the lecture will bo
unod to increase thu number of books
and paporfl and general usefulness of
thojDnion Catholic Library ,
Hop Bittersi-Bo freely advertised in
all the papers , secular and religious ,
are having a larga sale , and are sup
planting all other medicines. There
u no denying the virtues of the Hop
plant , anijl the proprietors of those
Bitters have shown great shrewdness
and ability in compounding a Bitters ,
whose virtues are so palpable to every
one's observation. [ Examiner and
Chronicle. marl-dSw
Tbo Jeaanetto Rescue-
National AuocUto > l I'rcn.
WASHINGTON , March 4. Sec
retary Hunt has received u dispatch
from Hennott at Paris saying ho trans
ferred the steamer Lena to Lieut ,
liarber. The steamer placed at Bou >
1 nott's dispos.ll by the owner needs re
pairs and ho asks that llurbor be au
thorized to lake charge until its ar
rival at Irkutsk. Secretary Hunt is.
sued an order accordingly.
Imputenoy of wind , limb , or func
tion , nervous weakness , xvml eliillty ,
etc. , cured by "Wells' Health llenevrer ,
81. At all' druggUts. Depot , 0 , F
Goodniau , Omalm. ' 3) )