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Tuesflay Morning Maroh 14.
Woat ] * r Report-
( Tha following observations are taken at
the name moment ot time at nil the sta
tions named. )
WW DsrAMMClir , U. B. 8tO it , 8 RVIC , J
OtfAni , March 13,1832. (1:46 ( p. m. ) f
The BS'C of tlckots for Ojenr Wilde
will otwn 'WoJnefcUy morning at thi
operA hotitc ,
John ff. Philhln loft for the east
f Sundy for a month's vltlt at his old homi
The 'trial of Henry Stert , charged w
four IndiotmcnU with ilUposlng nf 'th
nrdent without n license , wai taken v\ \
in district court ynstorday.
The presence of the ROTornor nl
other state olHcials has mido tits Withnel
housa n cooler of nltroction for politician
froirvall over the htatc.
The Siert liquor cnso WM called jet
terduf , hut the ilofcndhnt not ltln
liresent the phcrirt was nnierej to htlni
him-in under arrest at 1:30 p. m ,
Wado's candy store now op n. ' Choic
liand-mftdo Creams and Caramels special
'tiro ; 1401 Dodge otrcct. Oomo and sc
-us. W6ht3-2t
tflvo drunka were dispojeU of ii
iJudK * Benoko'H court ycstonlay , nil c
whom paid. Thice disturbers < > f th
( pcaoo went over Iho hill.
Ed. Tuttle became rnixed'Up consider
ahly OB poor wlilnky Stndny nni
proceeded to domollth all the windov
, vglass he could conveniently 'reach. Hi
' was accordingly h mled in ,
Fanny Davenport uppenri at KoytlV
"Wednesday night in the "School forSc.m
dol. " Fanny is the only lady in the
world who owns a gUis dre 7 , and BIO has
one ao fine that it looks Hkosatin sprinkled
with diamond dust.
A sergeant of ono of the militia coin-
> panics was kno-kwl down on'Tenth street
. about noonyo'torday. lie heoame involved
in nn altercation with a byetatrler nnd an-
'other man hit him. The serf-cant
i attempted to draw his revolver , but was
restrained by the crowd.
James and Charles Whitney , . the
well-known base balllnta , left for Boiton
-Sunday , where James h s n Beacon's
. ngagem nt M pitcher for the' Boston
i Hue Doll club. The latter wlll'be ' romem-
i'Jha curre jiftcher who created
uch a furore list Reason IB the east byhia
'WOBdflif ill'delivery ; s * '
Koitler hall , in whlcU thi'meetlng * of ,
aboring men have beenrecea yhelii ,
* - paciouiT "Blructufb "antj "Vary oora4-
modiousand convbint ! in its appoint
ments. It h a gaod stage , which is fitted
with appropriate scenery. The hall is
brilliantly lighted and well ventilated ,
and a capital place for either social , dra
? / ; matic or literary entertainments.
-Tbo Waboah Syatom to bo Divided
Detwoon the Union 'Poclflo
and Missouri Pacific.
The Intcat railroad gossip ia
tho'Wabash BJsi cm is to bo cut-in
LnlvcB , and ono part 'Consolidated
with the Union Pacific and the other
with the Missouri Pacific combina
tions. According to the report lho
' Union ) Pacific has already or will no-
. qulro the old St. Louis , Kansas 'Oily
. & Northern system , which compriaoa
a line from St. Louis to Kansas City ,
. another to Omaha , a third to St. ( Too ,
And a fourth to Ottumwa , aggregating
considerably over ono thousand milos.
( Under the laws of Missouri - thoVft -
bash and the Miisnuri Pacific cannot
rbo coiisolidati-d. The reason < fnr this
is jn the fact ; that tlio Missouri iPuoiDo
.and the trans-MissinHppi portion of
the Wabash are parnllul roada. Tho'
report soya G uld and his frinnds m
the'Union Pnoifio hnvo unitcd'to overcome -
come thu only-obstacle in Iho way of
n consolidation of the Wabaah with
the Missouri 1'ncifi'i
i Grand Hally of Sunday SchoolWork -
. ore.
.1 There will bo fceld in the Firot M ,
. IE. church of this ity n Sunday school
I" convention , conducted by Dr. J. iH.
< Vincent | beginning on Wednesday
Droning , March 1C , and continuing
-till Friday evening. This will afford
all Sunday school workers a rare op
portunity of gottit'g the benefit of :
Dr. Vincent's instructions in the im
portant work connected with the Sun
day school. Bo stands at the head
ofSunday cchool workers in the
Methodist .church , and it second to
uono in any denomination. Ho ia an
eloquent speaker and a genial , warm *
hearted Christian genUman. The
.clergy and Sunday school worker * of
the city are most cordially iavited to
Attend these meetings. All the Chris
tian people are included in this invi
tation. Rev. A. JL Gillett , " of Wis
consin , is associated with the doctor ,
-and will bo present. Ho will umko
the opening address on ) Vednoaday
evening. Subject : "Tho Bund y
ohoel a national defense. " Free to
If Attain had had a game of "Fifteen
placed In bis hand at ai eirly period of
hu existence , the whole course of history
inly lit have been matt rUlly alt red for the
better , and H bill unnesx , fnd'irrtttin ,
Mck'headiche ordyni psla were UIIEOOWU ,
"flpuma ' Iu > Eoou would nnt be neJed.
J"ricu ( X ) ctuts , trial bottlu 10 cent. .
I ( i
The Blood of an Innocent MM
Shod Without Oaueo.
Goo. P. Armstrong Dipo Fron
the Effeota of Bayonet
The Coroner Summons a Jurj
to Investigate the Oaeo.
The Day fc the Damp a Verj
Quiet 'Ono.
The .Militia in Their Quarten
in the Old Ohuroh.
The 31mblem < of Peace and th <
Spirit of War.
A.'fipoolnl Grand Jury to
Walsh * ina Ills Comradoo.
All night "Sunday night there won
tcmorstnat . Geo. P. Armstrong
. wTio wos'bnyonoted during the troubl
at the du up on Sunday evening wa
< ! oad or in a dying condition. Thi
wna Ron or ally nccreditod ns ruin in
ouly. A Bur. reporter called at tin
militin hmvicks about 11 p. m. , am
mitdo inquiries of the cunrds but wa
given to understand that Armstrong
liad not-been in the bnrrack * , ns reported
ported , and that nothing was knowi
of nny cno having received any aorioui
Yesterday , however , It wai
lenrnod that the wound had bocn si
flovero aa to provo fatal nnd that thi
body-was in the handa of the coroner
The facts , ns nearly ns they could bi
ascertained proved to bo about as fol
lows ;
After the disturbance preceding
dress parade , ns described above. Mr ,
Armstrong slnrlod to cross Ei htl
slreel , which hnd just boon cleared bj
the militia. The two or thrco preceding
coding collisions between the tniiitit
nnd citizens had aroused the feeling !
of both parties. On reaching about
the center of tlio street the old mar
wai slopped by n uunrd , who ordered
him back , at the name time pointing
liis bayonet at him , as waa done with
all who crossed. This probiblj
aroused cither the fear or anger of the
deceased and ho aiezed the gun cither
to wrest it from the soldier or ta
avert it from his body. Ho then
turned to luavo , and what followed ia
not positively known. Ono witness
Bays thnt n militiaman clubbed his
musket nnd felled him to the ground.
A wound on his forehead Booms
to boar out the theory
thnt ho fell on _ hia face.
The sarao witness Bays that the next
ho saw was the butt of n musket in the
air , ns if'the guard WAS bayoneting
the prostrate man. His oldtat BOH ,
Qeo. D. Armstrong , wns standing
near by and ran to his father's rescue ,
but waa driven back as stated above ,
by one of the guards leveling his
Bockodimusket at the crowd. Arm
strong waa then assisted to his feet
md led by the guards inside the yard
about the old church and
into' ' the south wing of the
brick building. Ho expired inside .of
fifteen jnlnutes after the _ occurronco.-
' ' ' '
It'waBele'omoid'b'eBT not to make the
natter public for fear of a disturbance
md nothing was known to his family
sr others for Bomo time after of the
sequel to the encounter. About 9
> 'clock Ilia youngest aon , Wm. E.
Armstrong , relurned homo and learn
ing of Iho" affair , wont wilh George to
iho barracks , which tl y reached
through the kind assistance of a block
watchman. They were not permitted
to BOO their fatnor , but were informed
' .hat ho hnd boon hurt nnd waa asleep.
In the monntimo Coroner Jacobs
md been notified , nnd nb'out 11:30 :
vent down to remove the remains to
ils undertaking ; rooms. When the
; wo sons RMV the wagon nrrivo Iho i-x-
ont of their loss nt once flashed upon
hum. The body wna removed to the
loronor'a rooms nnd but few know of
ilio death of the victim until yoj-
onlay morning.
At 10 o'clock the jury was empan-
: elh > d and aworn in. It consisted of
ho following well-known citizens and
luaincss inons
W. J. Kennedy , 0. B. Rustin ,
Jhsrlei H. Goodrich , F. J. McSlwne ,
iV. H. Sharp , nnd Dick McOormick.
After viewing the body it wns con-
iderod advisable to hold a post mor-
om , and accordingly an adjournment
raa taken until 3 p. m. The crowd
rhioh hnd assembled were permitted
0 pass through and view the re
tains ,
The bodybore but two
sars which w ro apparent to
casual observer. Onu of those
us upon Iho fort'hend and Boomed to
nvo been received by n fall upon aomo
Dugh object. Thu other was the
lain mark of n bayonet wound which
imu up under the loft nrm , growing
as distinct as it approached the loft
roast. It would appear that the dead
inn was pierced buttvoon the shoulders
1 tlio back , und thnt the bayonet
used through ui a diagonal direction
i u point bulwoen the arm and loft
jpplu , probably piercing the heait or
ings , and causing death by internal
Dinorrhago. HUclothing was salur-
od with blood. The faoo were a
dm and peaceful * vpresaiou as if ho
id only fallen asleep.
The deceased WM citing sixty yoirs
' ago , and had boon in Omaha since
507 , He waa a copperamith and
leet-iron worker by tradn , and
orkod at dtflorent tiuioBcn the Union
acijfio shop * and in iho Willow
? ringa distillery , being jui engineer
thu hitter place for some timo. Of
to he ha * not worked at anything ,
ho had three full-grown boja who
tinted him in his declining yeara.
o loaves n widow and the three boya.
f the latter George D , Armstrong is
the employ of the United States
press company , Thomas P. Arm-
rony is a fireman at the U. P , trans-
r , and William E. Armstrong is an
iployo of The Omaha Post , and wiu
r many years employed in TUB BKK
&lr. Armstrong was a nuiet and
itTonsiyo old nun , and had a great
my warm friends throughout the
fo arrest was made yesterday j
the man who did the stabbing was
not , known , and it was thought bcs
l < * make no move until the coroner'
jury had returned its verdict. It ii
stated that thcro are several person
who can positively identify the mat
if they see him , ono of these boinj
Mr. Henry Dohle , the shoeman , wh
is credited with having drawn
revolver in the defense of the o1 <
man after ho had been struck down
There are conflicting expressions c
opinions , some alleging that it wa
'down right murder and others , o1
pocially these who witnessed thj at
fair , claiming that it was the natuti
result ] of the conduct of the tahri
which precipitated n row , of whicha )
innocent man was , as usual , the ur
fortunnto victim. There ia no deut
but that the crowd was unnccessaril
aggravating and insulting an
while all know that Mi
Armstrong had no conncctio
with the disorderly proceedings , it i
an unfortunate fact that ho attempto
to cross the street at a moment jui
succeeding the collision between th
crowd and the militia.
At 7 o'clock ycalordny the B. (
M. put its men nt work again on th
grading having n larger fotco than o
Saturday , probably one hundred an
fifty men. The militia wore the on !
troops on duty until abou
8:30 : when the rngulai
again arrived from Fort Omaha , hni
ing marched down. Thi > y brough
with them the Grilling gun nnd how
itzur , which were stationed , ns o
Saturday , to command the npproac
to the dump. Guards were stntionc
about the grounds and on Harnoy tin
Howard street ns far west as Kintli
with instructions to nllowno crowd t
assemble. Everyone was poi
milled to pass along th
streets but no two or thrco coul
gather together in anybody's nimo ii
the vicinity of tlio work. This waa
wise provision , and hid it been ndopt
cd Boontror had the orders of th
O. P. L. U. been followed , the terri
bio tragedy of last night would hav
have boon averted.
The entire militia force are quar
tered in the old Oatholio church mon
recently utilized as a school house.
BKE reporter was permitted to RI
through the buildings yeatordaj
moming nnd see the cumfortd
bio ( ? ) arrangements. The men fo
the most part had bunked on thi
floor , a few enjoying the luxary of i
wisp of hay to rest their heads , upon ,
The rest had an army blanket bo
tivoon them and the hard fljor. ' !
you think this ia nny fun for UR , " saic
an officer , " > ou nro mistaken. It ia n <
picnic. The most wo could got i !
paid at nil would bo $13 n month , anc
wo can make moro than that by slay
ing at homo and bo comfort' '
ibly lodged and fed be.
side. I am losing $ K
i day by my absence from bushiest
md would like to get nway as soon nc
possible. These boys are all laboring
men , the most of them farmers. Wt
jomo with mi hostility to the people
t > ut in response to a cull which wo are
> bliged to obey. Wo do not-believo
t is the workingmen who assail us
with insults and.hur ) clyds. and Bricks
it us. It ia the doing of ro'ughs and
; huga iwho never do n day'a work
inyway. "
In regard totho , .killing of Sunday
ivoning , they Bay it wna not -inton-
.ional , and do nat know who flid it ,
md would not give the man up if they
lid , aa ho was actirig underjoidtr in
' ' ' " " *
itteirrpHug'to clear'tho'gro'uiiitar
Inaidotho qunrteran tow were sloop-
ncr , others diillim ; and preparing for
tinner , some tenting , and atill other"
nerely lounging about. It was a cu-
iouH sight to see the soldiers
libido the walla whuro the voices of
ho worshiper or echnol children hnd
lorotoforo echoed. The figures aoly-
ug tho. last mateinnthical problem ,
till remained on the blackboard , the
aaps lay stacked in the corners with
ho gunsmuskuta were from thu hooks
uspendcd where little hoods , cloaks
nd overcoats had hung. In the ofii-
iora' qunrtera , the frnmo building
outh of the brick , the picture of
Jopo Leo XIH liutkud clown complac
ently on equid of militia and regulars
nd ofliccrs wlio were consulting on
ho situation nnd minding fraternally
ogothcr. In the back loom of the
amoi building an image of tliuBIi-sacd
Virgin and other church property was
lasaudtith the aims and munitions
f war.
The little wooden cross which aur-
lounted the brick chuich , nnd which
id been bloasud by Bishop O'Gor
inn , wad taken down yesterday
nd taken away by the church uuthori-
es. It hud looked down on
10 Bconcs of the past week ,
10 emblem of peace and
eel will and not a ( bunting ilug
ulding its place above the iimraluill-
ig of troopj , the angry violence of
10 people , and last ot nil. the shed-
ing of innocent blood. When tha
irkncss Buocooding the tragedy had
: von way to the light of morning , it
ns taken down , lo ho no longer a
ockcry to the notions of men.
10 various companies were mua-
irod and muroliod elf under
ms to dinner , companies A ,
nnd < J dining at the
infield house , and the rest at the
? pt restaurant. The regulars reamed -
amed at the grounds and ate their
tions of hotcoileo , etc. , from steam ,
g kettles.
3apt. Scott , of CompanyA.of York ,
isterday received a dispatch from
0 sheriff of his county announcing
at George Flex whom
, Ihe boya aay
is never known to work , had struck ,
d asking him to return with hia
mparAr at once. Oapt. Scott ro-
ted by telegraph that he was ready
compromise on his return by turning
er to the said Flex , all the dirty
jks in the company. He aont tlio
wsago at the sheritTa expense.
Iho announcement was made at the
IBS mooting on Jefferson
nday , that BI , W. Kennedy , fan
ilflaid that ho would take the con !
ct of grading the 11. & Bt , grounds
the Bamo terms of Mr. Stephenson
1 pay the men $1.75 per day und
, ko money out of it. Yesterday
' , Kennedy made the offer to
.authorities , but was
ormod that the B. & jr. pron0sod
io its own work , and did not want
iiiro any one or ro-lot the contraot
Mr. K.ennedy is responsible , finan.
Jy and otherwise , tor any enter-
prino ho undertakes , it will bo sect
that there is no intention of A com
promise on the part of the B. & M.
Edltnr oflliKr.r.K :
The manager and owner of tin
street car line his considerable to sn ;
just now about the necessity fo
troops to preserve propoity and pu
down the "rioters. " Ilo ia n fine mai
to talk about laborers and rioters. II
pays his drivers gl.GG n day am
makes them work every day in th
year , and onan average of fourtoci
hours n day. If they worked but tei
hours a day , as a laborer does , the ;
would Rot not qutto $1.20 a day
Oapt. Marsh ought to shut up his ba
zoo , or pay his mon higher wages.
NO msTtmiuscE.
The executive committee of th
Omaha Viotectivo Labor Union mo
in secret session early yesterda ;
nnd remained with closed doora unti
nearly noon , Their deliberations wer
not completed and therefore they re
npoctfully requested that no publica
tionlof a portion thereof bo mado. 1
is probaplo that some meditation wil
bo determined upon. It was decide <
o hold a mcoting yesterday ii
Kcssler'a hall , where a roprosontatioi
from each woikingmon's union in tin
city will bo present. Able speaker ;
will bo in attendance , and the meet
ing will doubtless bo very interesting
The committee deliberated at lengtl
over thu unfortunate affair at tin
dump Sunday , where Armstronj
was killed It was iiirilly dolurminuc
to appoint President Walsh ns a committee
mitteo of one to engage legal conn
sol and attend to the investigation o
thu caio , and if it bo dour nod udviaa
bio , to cause the arrest of the soldie :
who bayoneted the deceased.
The moat interesting business o
the committee meeting , however , t (
the public nt present was the rotusur
ing dutunninatipn on the part of thi
members to maintain pence nnd goot
order at all hazards. The lenders ol
the union have resolved upon n purolj
non-combntant campaign , and thej
fool fully capable of controlling tht
union , most of the members of whicl
are peacefully inclined.
o. A. n. DENIAL.
The G. A. R. boya utterly deny the
statement that Furragut Post tendered
its services to suppress the disturb
ance , and say it was a newspaper fab
The committee on arbitration called
on Supt Holdrego to-day , nnd ho re
fused to enter into any negotiations
with them for a settlement uf the dif
It was rumored late yesterday
day that a saloon keeper hod benn
shot by a militia-man , but no con
firmation of thu report could bo .ob
D. A. McGuckin , proprietor of thn
saloon on Tenth , between Furnam
and Harney will not sell liquor to thu
soldiers. Ho tolla them hu wants no
blood money.
The following petition waa yester
day afternoon prusonted in the dis
trict court : "
To the Honornblo DNtrlct Court of the
Third Judicial District of the State of
NeliMska within and ( or the County of
Dongla-viu the said Stated
The.utulerei&rett 'would'rospeclfully
represent to the honorable court that
on the 8th day of March , A. D. 1832 ,
it and within the county of Douglas ,
and state of Nebraska , ono Barney
Shannon and a number of other per-
ions whoao names are now to the un-
iersigned unknown , unlawfully nnd
naliciously assaulted , boat , wounded
md ill-tio.ited Charles Jones , John
Datoman , Goo. Armour , Richard Nor-
on , and others , without any cause or
awful excuse , while they , the aaid
loraoiia aasuulted , wore iu peaceublu
Jisclmrgo of their duties ; that eaid as-
aulta were made with clubu , atonen
md < jlher deadly misslios , and mndo
mder such circuruatuncen 0.1 , hud
loath resulted , it would have been
And tha undersigned further repro-
onta to the court that the peisoim
unking said assaults were aided ,
butted and encourago'd by a combi-
lation of parsons numbering several
lundrod , who at the time of the said
ssaults were personally present and
11 the prosecution of an unlawful en-
[ rnrieo , that of preventing homut
nd peaceable citizens from lub.iring
) r the support of themselves nnd
And the undersigned would further
present to this honorable c.iurt that
lero now exists in the city of Omaha
11 unlawful combination of men
hose avowed object is to prevent
oaceablo citizens from working nt
toil' honest avocations unless thu
ild persona working shall comply
ith the conditions which tha said
ulanful combination may p-cRcribp.
hat they set the law at defl nice , and
te said assaults made on the 8th day
' March aforesaid is thu legitimate
id imturnl outgrowth nnd ruault of
10 workings of said unlawful combi-
And said petitioners represent thnt
10 state of tcrrnrism exorcised ovar
wabiding citizens of Omaha by the
trsons constituting said unlawful
mbination is so great that the mu-
cipal authorities of said city of
nahaare powerless , and on thu Oth
, y of March , 1882 , the mayor of
id city waa compelled to call -upon
o executive of the state to assist
o said mayor to protect the lives of
izons and prevent the eaid city
> m being overrun , and that there-
ro ( ho laid governor of the state
rooted the attorney general of the
ito to proceed to the aaid city of
naha , and in conjunction with the
itriot attorney of said district to
co such atepa aa might ba necessary
bring the offenders to justice andre
ro them punished for any violation
the law.
\nd your petitioners further rep
ent that there is now no grand
y in session in this county of
utjlas , and the undersigned there-
o ask that this court order a special
nd jury to inquire into any offenses
ich may have been committed
hint the laws of the state.
0. J , DawoiiTU ,
Attorney General ,
triot Attorney 3d Judicial Dis- al
riot , Nob. 0
'ho ' court granted the prayer of the ta
Honors , and tha following grand II
jurors were summoned lo act : Mil
ton Rogers , W. V. Morse , J. B. Det
wilor , Samuel E. Rogers , A. L
Straiie , Joseph Barker , F. E. Bniloy
Byron Reed , M. Oumings , C. L
Frilschor , Henry Llveseyj Oeorgi
Thrall , E. N. Smith , Joseph Redman
Charles Ohilds nnd W. W. Marsh.
This tnakca the third grand jur ;
called for this term , a state of thin/ /
probably without n precedent in tin
rocorda of any court of Nebraska.
A meeting of the employes of thi
smelting works who struck , waa hole
yesterday aftorneon at 2 o'clock n
Kcsslor's hall. About two hundroc
were present. A resolution was drawr
up on the part of the smelting workt
employes , elating that if the officer !
of the company would bo willing tr
raise the pay of mon receiving lesi
than $1,70 per day to that sum , nnd
further , if they would raise the pay ol
the men running the furnaces 25centt
pur diem , that they would bo glad tc
resume work immediately. The rose
lut ions will bo presented to tin
officers to-day , but it is doubtful ii
the conditions will bo favorably ro <
n well attended mooting of the Lv
borers'Proteclivo union was heldnl
Ihti same hall. President Walsh presided
sided , and in opening the meeting
made , in some respects , the best
speech of the many ublo impromptu
fiT'irtu ho has produced since the
movement began. Among olhor
tilings , ho said that ho considered
Mnyor Boyd indirectly responsible foi
the crime committed last cvcnintr ,
when Armstrong was killed. Hotel-
psrnphud for military assistance when
in reality ho hnd made no effort to
miiintain order , do did not per
sonally appear upon the scene
of notion when ho should
have been there , nnd when his
presence would hnvo prevented any
violence. What have the militia been
brought to Omaha for ? To take the
lifo of a defenseless old nun , ono of
the oldest inhabitants of the city ?
Men nro not safe in the streets , nnd
no mun can walk Eighth streetn pub
lic hightvay , safely , if the militin are
allowed to use their weapons without
restraint. If no ono else would take
steps to have the man who oayonoted
Armstrong nnd killed him arrested
and punished , the speaker assured the
meeting that ho would do it himself ,
and , if the man's company would not
give him up , ho would cell to his as-
ustnnco thu residents of the city to
buck him up. If Mayor.Boyd hnd
called upon the union ho would have
ibtained assistance in m.iintaim'ne ;
aw and order. Why waa ho not at
the dump on Wednesday lost , nnd
showing by his presence that ho was
desirous of ineetintr public excitement
with firmnesa and calmness 1 Wo
lave passed n resolution condemning
hu militia , but it does no good. We
must impeach Boyd and Miller , and
heir placta should bo declared vacant.
! propose to stand firm , and I want
ill uf the workingmen of Omaha
.o do the same. Do not fear or waver.
iVhnt ia it if the executive committee
ire aent-to jail ? There nro thousands
of others who are ready to step in andre
ro able 'to fill the positions. In ro-
iurd to Armttrong'a death , to which
ho aoeakor again referred , ho said
hat the verdict of the coroner's jury
must not ba waited for.
At thia juncture the reporter of the
lorald entered the room , nnd was in
cited to "theplatform. One of the
reaaons why the speaker was in the
mil was that ho desired to demand
.ho arrest of the militia man who
) aynnuted Mr. Armstrong , and ho
vnntod also every workingman in and
iiitaidq of the city to turn out on
iVo'lneaday ' and attend the funeral of
he deceased. The speaker hnd been
n fnvorof arbitration , but after thia
tilling ho w a not.
M.ijor W. A. Fonda reaignod hia
lOBition PS u merahur of the executive
ommitteo. In so doing he Raid that
10 had not tha time to both look after
ho union without his own business
uttering irreparably. Another and
lore important reason was that the
ommitteo should bo composed as
H possible of workingmon.
'ho ' resignation wua accepted , and a
oto of thanks extended Major Fonda
jr liia active nnd able part in thu
ork of the c HI HP.
Thomas O'Biiun presented the
nion with a check for $50 , $30 to bo
ned for relict nnd § 20 for the de-
tiiBo of the men arrested. Mr.
'Brion was npixnntcil on n committuo
> nibitrato and c infer with the B. it
John Oarrol Hindu n npeech con-
irniug the condi ion of affiirs. He
so rccnmniondcd arbitrition.
Mr. Knight , of the moulders' union ,
> eke tenderly of thu man who was
lied nnd of hia family. Ilo paid
tut this was no time for hesitation.
Iiey must go ahead nnd success
mild surely crown their efforts.
Birncy Shannon stated thut ho
ishcd to resign from the executive
'innii'teo ' ' , nnd hit ) resignation was
'cordmt'ly ncctp ed.
A r..sjlotioiiviia adopted , to the
lout tbnJ all of the workingmen in
D cit > tnrii out on Wednesday , and
vitn fie Council IJluffd workingmen
o Kniijlit pronoiud lhat the city
uncil bo invited to attend.
The following tijiulicant resolution
is iidofited ;
lloh lived , Thnt the executive com bo ohurjL'ud with all powers to
t in any way necessary for the good
d welfare of the union ,
The secretary , Joseph 0'Mah ney ,
signed , nnd D C. Morrison was
icted secretary , a vote of thanks
ing tendered Mr. O'Mahoney.
It was resolved to have a grand
rude on the occasion of Armstrong's
neral. * *
The meettng adjourned subject to
3 call of the committee.
Shrewdnos dnd Ability.
Qop Bitters , BO freely advertised in
the papers , secular and religious ,
> having a largo sale , and are sup-
inting nil other medicines. There
no denying the virtuoa of the flop
nt , and the proprietors of these
tiers have shown great shruwdnesa
i ability in compounding a Bitters ,
ese virtues are BO pnlpablu to every
3a * observation , [ Examiner and w
roniclo. marl-d2tv
Hospo's. A fine lot of Easter OlI
di of the newest designs now on OlI
i at A. Hospo's Art and Music
Ils. mchll-3t I
By theiiiinlkni'13ur(1ocVh | ! been con-
BidereJ * wo tj ) ftnj n , Iuxotl nt gr.mth ,
ut > l > U&sant smell , etc. , has rendered it tc
those "n t knotting lt virtues" ft mil-
* ance , nnd yet the root hug lontf Icon ac
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Aa a rulp wo do not recommend
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formation to all. Electric bitten are
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edies fail. We know whereof wo
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all. [ Ex. Sold at BO cents a bottle.
Tsh & MrtMnhnn. ( ? )
The antidotal theory , now admitted fo be
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rhal Poison.
llcv. Chiui. H. Tnjlor , HO Nohlo street , Ilrook-
lyn , N. Y.l "One package cHectcd a radical
cure. "
u"ev.0co. A. Hils , CoblcsUll , Sehoharle. Co. ,
N. Y. ' : It rootorcd mo to my tnlnlstorlal 1
Rev. W , H. Sumner , Frederick. Md. : "
results In six ca c < i in my family. "
> { * 9 EI'ratt. . St. Stephen's Hector
Phi a. : "Quito wonderful ; lot tuo dljtrlbut
your 'Treatl o , "
C'hti. II. Stanhope , Newport , n. I. : "IWM
too deaf " to hoar thechuich bolls ring : hoarlnjf
George W. LambrlRh * , 73 ISId.ll . s'rrot , Haiti-
mcrS' . , " "Suffered 0 yean ! perfectly
Mrs' . H. K. Shcnnoy , 8 22 Satan utreot , St.
Louis : "Tho first natural brenth In 0 years- "
Mrs. J.V. . 1'urcell , Ooldon City. Col : "Ui d
rnly no package ; entirely .urcdj Buffered 24
ycnra. "
Br. F. N. Clark , Dent lit. 8 Jlontprompry ntroot ,
San I " ranclsco : "Suffircd 1& years : perfectly
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DfWei De Meyer's Popular "TREATISE"
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livered by Uriicglsts , or by D , B. Dewov & Co. .
182 Fu ton ftrcct. New York ( r I OO ,
10 LOAN MONb .
O.VKY TO LO.VN-Call at r w Umce of U.
L. Thcma UoomB Cn'lirhton Illoil- .
10 l-OA At M pur CBiitln-
. toreat In aum'.of J2.500 and
ipMards , f or S to 6 years , on first-tiara city and
( arm protwrty. Bams USIL KBIITB nd LOAN
VacMY , lath and Dourlm Sts.
WANTKD A sltuitbn as aocjuntant on
eliiKloordouolo intry bcota by an ex-
icricaTd yoiinif man. Ilcsl of rofcrenciB as to
.hvnctcr at d abll.ty. Address at once. 1' . O.
Sox 463 , City. S87.13 *
vv : ANTED aoailrl. An ly at 10S3 North
10th street. MIW. J. M. COUNSMAN.
ITTANfEO T o furnished roimi lth-board
> V In rrlva o family , within 6 blocks it peat
ifllcc , byge tlcn-an , wile mid .hlld. A'ldrew
! . E. S. hea ollk-o. 3 914'
ITTANTKO 2 competent drew-ma < rj , Mrn.
TT A. Rcu. None otber need app'.y. IBth
, Dd Dodje bts. 403-14
nTA"KTEI ) A min to make picture fnmcs ,
W at Putterton'a. Crclgbtoa HI , rk. 407-14
WANIED-Onrentcr and ciblnct maVer ;
only uood hands need apply , ahop baik
f the < 5raud Con ral. . 3Ji.l3
[ T7 ANTED 2 or3 unfurnished romna l-otwc-n
W 'Jth and 13 b 8t8. ana llarnay and
* a enworlh. References c > en. Addrs 8 W
' . llaffcky , 433 luth St. 412 K *
rtTANTFD Bco d and tvrn furn ehcd rocms
V connecting , wanted by vcntleiuau and
ifo and ton. Address ' -M. T. C' . , " P. ) . Uox
[ 7W"ANTED-T o or throe girls tj Icarn thu
} V drcw-ii klnv but-lnud. Apply to M J
urtlo , 813 Sauuuvru street , North Omana
ANTED-Oood Klrt to cooK , wash and Iron ;
TT reference required , hcss of wars. Ap-
ly at bouthoist toroor of 2jth atd California
TPets. - 3EO-I4
ifonoral housu-
war Ina email iMiillr. GUI , with refer-
itcu , at 25th and Douglas streets mchlltf
.TfANTKU-A . peed ( .Irl f r Reiifral ho-in-
I T work , aUo a niirso ulr | , n thwe t cor.
iriSland HintstreoM. 3
A man to * ork
1321 Dou laj street. 3 4 IS
17 AM ED In pnnic nice prhat- family err
r > boarding houie a furnNlic 1 > nlt 01 rooms
1 one \\Tfu \ room not too far from bu < lne n con'
r , for a manlea ioup e. AdJreu A. JI FunH ,
uo ollice. 3g tf
fV atll rtl.jjcr'd , litli.St. t07-tf
V'ANl'KH A few money mm to Jclii me 10
buy the Ou.ih Ir n a il Nail World ,
ti Hi will lie 8311 under U S. Mamhull snlu , on
e Zstn of thb mo. . th. If. IIKUTUUI.D. 1'rop
iiah. Iron a'ld.Mftai Yard. 33MB
\TAN J : lo Isai-o i home of 6 t' 10 roonu
'V lorono tolhno yc M Mint be lo.oted
twocn Utb and lih | ire ts , aid llarmy
JHBtreets Addrmu A. II. Fituh , 714 North
ih striu' , c'ty. 3Q | tf
\TA VI VD-On thu llr t d .y rf M y , a hou 8 J
of 8 or lUrooim with'iiS ' l'lnc < ii of I'.wt
Hco. Ad < ) ro < s J. liurtln , thU olllcu Imu'J ) i
* / A TiiU TAO itooil ha > nuw luUcriilvudy
T work. K. bTAUII , York , Nuu. 21 Imu'
' ' t uiiiliurf brlilKt uuil nUiuol i.n-Ml .
VfAh't'Klt , Bdlovue , 10-tf
fTANTED 4 children as b-ardcrg In a select uTl
Y school , at lUtti and California St. L. Ii , Tl
IOH HENT-Furnlth d and unfurnished
rooms , noitliwt'bt corner 2Ctli . O ta
uta. 38715'
I Oil IIE.NT To un'urnMie 1 r'onn , cori er
17ti ! and Chicago tt cqUf. Appl ) In le on.
1011 RENT llriuo and barn and 4 acres
cr niid , 1) ) mlliii w s : of pottottluv. i < ) nlro
ISU Davmport strict. > OU. 4
Oil RENT llouiu , 6 rooms clo-em , wo I ,
c'ltorn , ccmaittd cellar. Inquire 1V07 Pa-
Cltreet S05-13 *
. 'R UEhT Mco Urge furni > hed touili front
room , 1W4 Farubain , aboro Ittth. 377-11"
OK HUNT A good n u-e , 11 roonu and
baru , 7 acres of land tnoit y ol fruit and
etables. None but retponslble tei ant need
ly. N. J. tUlTII , 04 10th Ut. 810 tf
OK KENT One front room , furnished ; at
313 N. 17th St. , cast slut , be ! . l > avrnport
I Chicago. Alloipe. . DOS tf
oil RhNf-tofi to > 7i > per ; Urge two-
itory luw brick 11 u e l h an > , wu > h and
I house. Hater and ah modern In iirowuieijU
rfly March * vlh. ii. Toft B , EV Tor. lith
Farnham. 404 ; g
OR RE T-House of 6roomion P.crce ber"
et ! ) and 7th Stv. Inquire of 0. f. lllr
JR IlESJT-Hoiwo on Uth itreet , near How.
"fd. Rent , $20. Apply ut rteitcrn J < evu
cr Uunlon.
Mt nnNT-IIon o of 5 raoint , convcn'ent ro
bu.lnos Knqjlre first hou-e loitaof
Imoll Home.
' ' util , > : * ' WWy 'urnWied witti
board , bath room ai.d gu , at 171Bl odKeBt. ,
* * '
> K RKNT-8uU ol nlc ly furnmhB.1 roouw mlc Ity ,
soutbout uorocr 20th and Datcoport 8U. old
te t
"J-RE TNlcelfurnUhed room. Apply at tS
1S20 Farnbam ot. { \t-V ioa
"nion nEET Store room In VtfV bnlldlnR , JT.
JU K. corner 16th nd Cuuiltijf. 0. K Oood-
nuui , 1110 Futnhim St. 103-t (
11KST lloii o on Hhormkn Mcnna ,
FOR " , with Uble A , ply to N. W Ms
fill , 807 8. l h St. _ 807 tt
KENT Furmsneu iiv mom , N. K. cor.
FOR nd JieXson. 62-tt
1 House off Ighl loom * . Knqtilr *
1 ? J. I'hlpw Hoc , 1518 8. Filth St. 977-tf
RKNT S fiunlfhtd roonn mtt tl l
FOR nX Kxch iueN. K cor. Itlh nJ Dudg >
Of ; RENT Nicely furnished rooms with or
F without board. Reasonable prices. 2011
CataSt. * * " * * _
tLE Fire ere if land , Srtorjr frame
FeilS , bit n 2 wells anJ otier linprore-
m nt , < a t side of Baundi ti itrt-ot , near Furl
Umaha. Call at thu offlee. 401-tt
171CK SALE Homo with rich * roonn , rrllar .
; elste n and well , two full lots. ItcM b r
La'n ' In Omaha. Only (1.70 W. II. Ho'verUon ,
Oth and Hickory St 4CZ IB *
77KR SALE Large houi * , 2 lot * , 01x132 r-achA
JL Inquire 8th ftnd Dorcas , rear C. V. O-mil-
inan's residence. Pen Fullman. _ 33S-4' ! !
ir\OK8AIK-Alotot \ ynung hljrh pnda Nor-
.U .tnitnClfJcaUlv i.Ulllon , just rnrttJ from
Ihe east I nil at lirlck barn , oupoiltj OgiKB
HUUM , Council Uluffj. 876-11
BALE. A'lotot vmine hi h irra > le Nir-
I.1 man CIdcJ lo stallions , J ist nirheJ fror
* " ° * U * * b'tck b ° oiiK > slt Oji
Hini V- fl SKKI.Y ,
marie Of rvnii.fii'v- -
FOR 8AT.E-A very desirable bur-asre hltw
, , . rY0" o"hii , one block oucNido city
llmltB , wlthKOoil lencc , Dome fruit anrl plenty of
> liade trcii. 1'rlcj 81WX ) . Apily to II. Jl ( rln-
ili- , West > maha 3'7 13
1jURSAt.B-Ilou a with 0 roomn , barn end
L1 ony lca o f lut on ISth St. . I et. Hurt anil
IVebslcr. lliqiilro t Eilinlra & L'rlcknon's.
865 tl
IJtOK SALE Cr lovl of f t Mackoy mulei
K broke. Apply of J.V , eklnner. Coin Ia ,
S20-lino *
POIl SALE CHEAP Furniture c mpluto for
liounukfcpl Klorn-ni Mul mfn or emal
ftmlly. Tcrmi u h or good m-curlly , i < ia llur
teat. Bca > on Ica > li < ( ; the city. 3il 10
POil c ALE 1WX > jounp irrarcd U CB In lamb.
Addrow HODUIS & KUK ,
SJOdbtwlt Omaha.
POH f-ALE Homo and crrncr ; ot , Uieap
1'rlco. SlWOOOcosh or 61100.01 on timo.
IcCAOUL ; , O.p. ( I'oatOIUcc. 203If ,
SALE 32 reKliJonco lo's on nnd near lOUi
FOH . 1'rlco , 6350 to $ , (0 ( U.h. Tenns
asy. 11 cC Ad UK , Agent , Dip. 1'oft Offlco.
303 tf
* -
[ 710n bAl.h At Hall Iced n.l I , iicar Military
L1 Bridge , 76 tons of No. 1 IxleJ hay. Will be
UU ercd to any pitt of the city Alsi ground
oodat the low ctt cath price.V. . II JIcOoY.
SALE nicycle , If-lrch Staudard Colum-
L' bla. Apply Union Elexator. 03-tf
71OR HALE A No. 1 Kiiaii of Heavy drat *
J horwid. Knqulru ol 0. T. I'aulson , at Peter
009' . v24ll-tf
ilUH SAl.h UUUBOilllU full lot In Kooil loot-
* tlon , cheap , f'rico , i 1250. Easy terms.
CCAQUE , Oip. post clllco. 1EU
TWR SALE HfBt building lot In bhliitfa ad-
: d'tlon , 142 feet.cast front by 120 feet depth.
cCAQUE , Opp postofflco. H tl
T10R SALK OR RENT A grocery store nnd
; butcher shop , doing a good business. In-
Jlrsjitjthls office. _ 912-tf
flOR SALE 2 olre counters and 2 silver platud
1 ' thaw casoa , at Gco. H. Peterson's , 804 South
'thSt. 741-tf
71OK HALK or will oxcha ge lor Omaha pr -
! porty , an Improved cc on of land adloln-
a station on U. P. R. R. M. DUNHAM , 141S
imhara St. , Omaha. 75) Qutl-
pOB SALE A peed xcnyuapoditr | r
f Warranted to drive single or double. inl
lire of Goorga CauHcld , CauUcldJiou.-o.
_ -
i" . ft JlKW Kii lost , coftincnto doroait on
> M / Flmt National Rauk of UniQlii. In the
'gbbrho ' d of 10th AI d Ca tl ar S's , Koih'n
icr Oar en , i-nuth omalm. Iha abo\ rnward
II he i a d at Fir-t National Hunk ami uoquii-
faymunt lia been stopped.
890-13 * EinVARUMAdEHr ,
T.01'J KJTOSALOSS -I warn all saloon- \
X Keepers nncl "liquor dealers not toiull ,
ic , liquor or beer In nny form or any quantity
niv huilu d , 0. E Mihnsteii If not complvnir
this rvquetc I will tw the offender for $700
na/e an quluklv m possible , and any person ,
in , In the r home or other phces , treats him
tiilnk wli | be made ti suffer to the fallout < x-
it uf ( he law MR ? . M. 0. II U1XSTEN.
) mln. March llth , 1S32. 400-16
10R TEN DAYa-I , am offering two gnii
frame io't-kvo buildings , M-o my oilloo
1 1'rB ' on Uith stiojt , to ba removed by April
, will be 8oM ' rpAHQiialily cheap , and part of
iinontou tlmuif don riM.N'ut ( irsilc aflur
li 21st , Jainus F. llorton. 3)0 South HtU.
_ _
T tnxs In return for trade. P. O. Uox MM.
lOOSlrfAnd first chvs UMu b > nrd , at l ll
Cam St. *
j ml liu
_ _
i/ANiKV is unlurnikhc'J rixiniufur uunand
V lfo. nin t be modtiaU , la iirlci' . Ad-
n II. . lite olHco. _
{ SntUCTlOV ON T\Ti-WimEK8-W
are in fruqiiont lee ipt of aiplliatloin for
rutors lihLL , AMKS , 1600 Farnlium ,
Mits Itemlnyion Tpc-\Vrltor. feblS-lm
\VK IlrNI Cliokuof 80 lull lota to IC.IHB
near Croinhton 0"lU-iu for # 20 per jcar.
tier L. Thomas & Uro. , Itoom B , UrcUliton
ik. _ _ 20tf
Ol'ti , m ucuch , $5 down and $5 p.ruioiitli
fcMI" ,
IAM > AMU UnlJAN Iliolriicuun Ly JUM r .
B. farrl t , " .20th ft. , lieliiw I'll HM. '
inth and Buvciipurt t.
UHMailht ) U l' ' MlYitmil Cliroo IIIO'KS uf
IKntolllie. Ingulroat IM'I Del u v-tt
JHTKAlTa JN lUA ON I'ntilu io O
lao ilocorathu ( aliitini ; . ill'-J. i , > l
HUN Kit , room l.Jai'/ili'M 111 Ii i t
AI.BU HAy At A. 11.
1018 llarney ht.
N'ALIST , 493 Truth Htrcst , between Fnrnbara
llainey. Will , with the a'd of ( ruarJIan
itu , obtain for any 0110 a ylanco at thu I > AI
prusont , and on cirtaln conditions In iha fu
HootJt Ami Shooa made to ; rder. I' , rfrot
bsolutely Pureu
i lowlier uf tfr T rc . A nwrul ol pur
rcojjth nd wiiolcnoiuireM , Mora ctxro-
th n th ordlntry Vlndi , and caiinrt W
n comnoUilon tilth t ) < e multitude cl low
hort weight. lnu > or pho phate pc dcre.