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Bon Hill's Month Eogalning It
Usefulness ,
Congressman Alien , of Mis
pouri , Liable to Die Dur
ing the Week.
The Survivors of the Mexican
ani Indian Wars to be
- Well Provided For.
Tne Senate Committee on Ap
propriations Nosing Into
Some ot James * Work.
M iioellanoaiui Notes of a Nations
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , March 12. Senator
Ben Hill was able to como down to
dinner to-day and relished his food.
Congressman Allen , of Missouri , is
still very low but is without pain to
day. His physicians think ho cannel
survive the week.
The committee on pensions ozpoct
to submit to the house this week a
substitute for numerous bills to pen
sion survivors of the Mexican ana Indian -
dian wars.
The senate appropriations commit
tee are giving the closest scrutiny to
the postoffico appropriation bill and
\ are calling upon the department for
special information from all its dis
patches. Ono matter receiving spec
ial attention is an order by the late
Postmaster General James for ro-
weighing mails during a contract year
on the Pennsylvania road by which
the cost to the government for trans
portation was materially advanced ,
Lord Geo. F. Montaigue , third sec
retary of the British legation , died
" suddenly at his rooms , corner of
Fourteenth and I streets to-day. Ho
was quito young and unmarried.
Representative George R. Black , of
the Georgia district , was taken sud
denly ill and has grown rapidly worse.
Ho is not expected to survive the
XT if. , t ? ' 8EBQEANT MAS % N.
1 , There is a report current to-night
that the trial of Mason will be de
clared void through irregularities of
the proceedings , the prisoner having
boon arraigned before the court was
sworn. Petitions are in circulation
for executive clemency in considera
tion of the harshness of the sentence ,
and it is said members of the court
martial will sign it. Inquiry at the
arsenal to-night about Mason was mot
by the curt repy [ from Major Graham
that no information could be given.
CHICAGO , March 12. Petitions'are
being signed praying for the pardon
' of Sergeant Mason.
The latra legislature.
Special toTmsBEE
' DBS MOINES , March 11. The ap
priation bills were finished up to-day
The senate passed the house bit
authorizing cities to donate land
railroad companies for shops , depots
etc. , but owing to a clerical error th
vote was reconsidered and the bil
sent to the house for correction.
The whole day in the house wa tf
spent in discussing the joint reso
lution from the senate instructing niwl
Iowa congressmen to vote against an wl
increase of the tariff on steel blooms be
and wire , the question being on the Ti th
adoption of the report of the ways Jane th
moans committee that it bo indefinitely - lid
* nitoly postponed. Potter , of Harrison anwe
son , spoke three hours m opposition , ex
The committee showed the white no
feather und failed to support their
own report , ami the resolutions were
modifiodadoptod and sent back to the Nat
senate , M.
Roioorans' Removal , va
National Associated I'rosi. o
INDIANAPOLIH March ' In ammo
, 12. rela
tion to the removal of General Rose- mo
crans from the command pf the army XJI >
of the Cumberland the Times of this ice
city will say to.morow that in Septem ak
ber , 1803 , just after the battle of
Ohickomauga , the late Gov. 0. P. Mor
ton received a .telegram from Secre Nat
tary Stan ton stating that lie would
pass through Indianapolis on a special He
train and asking Morton to moot him pol
at the depot. Morton did so and in idhr
the interview which took place Stnn- hr
ton told Morton he was on his way he
south to removeRosecrnns ; tnatRose- Cai
cruns had telegraphed President Lin es
coln that his army was routed , that it Ha
was useless to try to put down the re
bellion and advising an armistico. t
Stanton said this was the cause of the Nat
intended removal of Rosecrans. Gov ,
Morton was greatly depressed by the Ari
interview and related the circumstance to
of it to his private secretary , W. R. f
Holloway , who is now editor of the 1U (
Times. ender
Child Abducted byjtho Mother.
National AsuoclaUd Pies- . * orri
PLANO , ILLS.J March 11. A bold
case of kidnapping occurred hero lost
night. About a year ago Mr. and
Mrs Walter Atkins , of Newark , 111. ,
ceased to live happily together and bin
the wife applied for a divorce. The rom
husband not appearing against her , nr
it was granted , but the custody of tl
an only child 3 years old was given to he
the father , which has since made its nit
home with the grandmother , Mrs. tcs
Harriett AtVins , of this place. At 8
o'clock , during- the absence of the
entire family oxcont the old lady , who
is in feeble condition , a couple drew
up under the pretense of wanting to
buy chickens , but taking in the situa
tion as quick as a flash snatched the
child who was clad in its night robe
from the bosom of its doting grand
mother and fled. The old lady ran
out info the street crying frantically
and saon aroused the neighbors. Thi
telegraph was resorted to and usoc
freely , but no clue has yet boon
reached. Mrs. Atkins afterwards
married George Wobstorof Sandwich
III. , and made her homo at Amboy
in this state. Her maiden name wai
Ida Hatch and she formerly lived a
Marino Intelligence.
National Aisoclatod Prom.
NEW FORK , March 11. Sailed
The Germanic and the Egypt for
Liverpool , the Persian Momarch and
thn California for London , the Fur-
nossia for Glasgow , the Nodorland for
Arrived Thp Nevada from Glas
HULL -Sailed The Sorrento for
Now York.
LONDON , March 11. Sailed The
Egyptian Monarch for Now York.
ROTTERDAM , March * 12. Sailed
On the llth , the Maas for Now York.
HAVRE , March 12. Sailed The
Wioland from Hamburg for Now
ANTWERP , March 12. Sailed The
Vaderland for Now York. '
SOUTHAMPTON , March 12. Sailed
The Baltimore from Bremen for Now
BREMEN , March 12. Sailed- The
ETulsburg for New York.
Arrived The Ohio from Baltimore.
HAMBURG , March 12. Sailed The
Vandalia for New York.
QCJEENSTOWN , March 12. Sailed
The Gallia and iho Nevada for Now
Editorial Courtesy.
National Associated Press.
NASHVILLE , Tenn. , March 11. A
pccial to the World from Knoxville
ays the Chronicle , the republican
iaily of that place , contained an arti-
lo this morning charging the Daily
tribune with publishing sensational
articles und lying out of them. Bo-
; ween 0 and 7 o clock this evening
'as. M. Wallaceeditor of the Tribune ,
mot Wm. Reub , editor of the Chron-
clo , and demanded an explanation.
Reub struck Wallace with a heavy
ano and Wallace drew a pistol and fired
hroe shots which did not take effect.
Valluco was justifiable in shooting at
loub , and all but'a few republicans
[ link so. A warrant has been" sworn
out by W F. Gardloy ( colored ) for
Valloce's ariost. Ho will give him-
lolf'up. Public sentiment is strongly
n favor of Wallace , and no case of
iny consequence will bo made against
Elopement of Two Slaters.
atlonal Associated Pton.
NEW YORK , March 11. Mrs. Ed
ward Schonck , wife of a carriage
naker , married one year , hoa eloped
rom her homo at Port Washington , m
j. I. , with a man , name unknown ,
ho left homo on Monday , saying
lie , was going on a visit. The elope
ment was discovered to-day. Her
ister , Mrs. G. W. Fleet , wife of an
ther carriage maker , also of Port
Voshington , Ipft homo on Thursday ,
saying she wns going on a visit. It
was discpvorcd to-day that she had
eloped with John Mackoy , Jr. , a
well known Newport oyster dealer ,
whoso wife has been dead live months.
Both women have children , the for
mer one and the latter thrco , and
the families of both belong to good
Alleged Resuscitation.
National Associated 1'roen.
BELLEVILLE , Ont. , March 11. Con { s
siderable excitement was created last
night by a report that Mrs. Brown ,
who died on Monday last and whoso
body has been placed in the vault a TJ
the cemetery , had returned to life. ison
Two persons who had scon the face ol on
the deceased through the glass coflir
wore of the opinion that it flushed is
ind paled in turns. A medical man isBO
ma sent for in haste lost night and at
ixamined the body in which ho found scl
signs of life. tie :
to ;
Fresh Water Fishermen. toWi
rational Associated .
Prera. COl
OTTAWA I , March 11. Mr. Gullott , of >
. P. , is of the opinion that fresh
rater fishermen have as much right
bounty as those down by the sea , Na
on Monday will ask tiio govern
ment if it is their intention to applya odi
ortion of the . $150,000 bounty to to
iconsed fishermen of fresh water bui
ikes as well as the sea fishermen. $81
Killed HI. Wife
atlonal Associated I'reai. ist
INDIANAPOLIS , March 12 , Isaac
ledricks.a brakeman on the Indiana- ill
iclis & 8 . Louis road , and who ro- on
ides near Terre Haute , shot his wife on
tirough the head and again through
body , killing her instantly , oal
lause , jealousy , liodrioks was ar- nig
osted and placed in jail at Terre
auto. Ho is a desperate character ,
Crow Children to bo Civillaed- 1
atlonal Associated Prou.
WASHINGTON , March 12 , Agent
irmstiong 'of the Crow Agency , Mo
lontana , has asked and the secretary the
the interior has granted the ro- the
uost that one hundred Crow child- We
bo distributed among the resi- ofwil
onts of Ohio who have requested rill
the purpose of educating them and . ion
ringing thorn up. ask
New Planet , tax
itlonal'Auoclated Picsu.
WASHINGTON , March 12 , The
mithsonian institute has received Nat
Prof. Forester , of Berlin , the 1
unouncymont of a discovery by Palisa ihc
Berlin Friday night of a planet of ; 01
13th magnitude , in 11 hours , 10 the
linutes right ascension , and 18 min- 10 ,
north with a daily motion of 4 Mo
The Difficulties of the Chicago
EollingJUls ,
Secret Mooting of Two Thous
and Members of tbo Chicago
cage Trades' Union.
Resolutions Adopted Concern
ing a Number of Import
ant Matters.
Conflict Between Striking and
Non-Striking Tailors of
Hamilton , Ont.
The Pennsylvania Minors' Union
to be Roorgoulrod.
National Associated 1'rcn ,
CHICAGO , HI. , March 11. A secret
mooting of over two thousand mem
bers of the trades' union , mostly cm-
ployocs of the South Chicago rolling
mills , was hold last night and ex
tended till 1 o'clock this morning.
The mooting was hold under the aus
pices of the labor league. The moot
ing was addressed by John Hope Hod-
nott , who advised the men to oompro-
mise and abstain from violence. Resolutions -
olutions endorsing the building ot the
National Labor League railway wore
passed and also ono that wo have con
fidence in the honor , honesty and ca
pacity of Chester A. Arthur , president
of the United States , and wo respect
fully request him to recognize the
United Labor League of Now York ,
Brooklyn , Boston , Chicago , San Fran-
: isco and Now Orleans in the distri-
Dution of the official patronage of the
country. Resolutions wore also
adopted requesting the central coun-
iil of the labor league to remove the
icadquartora of the league from Wash-
ngton to Chicago. A committee of
en was appointed on consolidation of
ixisb'ng trades into the United Labor
joa uo of America and the same com
mittee to act as a committee of com
promise and meet the officers of the
: ompany at Mr. Hodnott's office to cf-
oct a peaceful solution of the existing
lifficulty between the company and
ho men. The presidents of the vari
ous unions were present and favored
an amalgamation of all labor unions as
.ho best means of preventing labor up
HAMILTON , Unt < , MoVch 11 tyio
striking tailors ot Banford , Vail &
lo.'a establishment ; ' became violent
ind endeavored to prevent "goods
> oing taknn from the building by
hose willing to work at the present
iricea. Several blows were ex-
ihangod. Some of the striken ; have
[ ivon way but the majority still hold
WILKISBARSE , Pa. , March 11. The
miners and laborers of this vicinity to-
lay chose representatives to a confer-
nco to bo held in Pittston on Satur- cl
ay next for the purpose of roorguniz-
ng the old Minors' union and consid-
ring the propriety of making de
mands for n 20 per cent increase of
watcs. The selection of ropresonta-
ivos was general in the other parts of
juzernd and Lackawannacountiosand
ho conference will bo largely at-
Small Fox.
National At soclitcd Press. '
SPBINGKIELD , 111. , March 12. In
formation .at the ollico of the state
board of health is to the effect that
small pox now exists only in seven or
pight places in the state. The diseases
reported extinct at Cable , Mercer
county , after a long solgo. The only
now cases reported in the last two B
days are two at Elwin , Mason county. vi
There are fiva cases in Springfield. It sa
believed the disease will soon bo tli
oradictod from the state. at
LINCOLN , Neb , March 12. There ca
a case of small pox seven mile * oc
southeast ! of this city. . The victim is uc
tramp and has taken possession of a
school house , to the great constorna-
ion of the neighborhood , all efforts
dislodge him having proved in vain.
Word was sent to the city for the
-ounty comnmsionor to take charge
< ho caso. "
National Associated I'ress ve
ELYIUA , 0. , March 11. The Moth-
idist church and the utoro belonging Si'
Gilbert Fluids , at Urigga' ' Corner ,
mrnod lost night. Loss on the church ,
800 ; no insurance. Loss on the Na
tore largo and insurance small.
MILBUKV , Vt. , March 11. A fire utl
night destroyed Aikens' block , kcNc
ilasonio block and a boarding house. Nc
the buildings were of wood. Loss wa
first , 910,000 ; on second , $25,000 ; ay
third $3,000 ; first two insured. K" [
FKLIOITY , 0. , March 12. The Bi
elevator at Rural burned last
light. Loss , $4,000. Hal
The ToTiaooo Manafeotarer * . toi
rational AtaodatedPreM. th ;
PHILADELPHIA , March 12. Dole- za
atos from the Philadelphia Tobacco coi
frado association will leave hero on wiYc
londay to attend the convention of Yc
National Tobacco association at
Ebbitt house in Washington , on Na1
Vednesday to consider the reduction
the tax on tobacco and cigars , and SOI
urge that in the event of roduc- boi
or abolition the government bo doi
sked to allow two months in which the
clear off old stock on which the
has boon paid. . _ BIn
Thf Flood * .
National Associated Prew.
WASHINGTON , March 12 , During Nal
past week , at thn request of the
ovornora of Illinois and Louisiana , fin
secretary of war directed that cal
0,000 additional rations bo sent to wo
lound City , 111. , and 100,000 to ho *
foyou la Fouoho , La. , for di - tai
tribution among thn sufferers by the
NASHVILLE , March 11. The river
is stationary. If another riin docs
not occur the water will not rise six
inches higher , All apprehension s of
danger at this point are over.
Congressman King has received u
dispatch from the president of police
of Tonsas parish , La. , tliat there are
at least 10,000 people destitute in that
parish. Appeals for aid are to bo
made to governors of adjoining states.
OAIIIO , 111. , March 12. Major Bon-
ham , commissioned by Secretary Lin
coln to investigate the status of suffer
ers by the floods along the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers , is m the city and
says lie found the region about Charles-
town , Mo. , greatly damaged by the
overflow but that the tuffurora hnd
boon generally relieved by private aid.
Ho found 100 families in Pulask !
county and 200 in Alexander county ,
Illinois , needing assistance "and order
ed 16,000 rations distributed to thorn.
Ho goes to Columbus nn'd Hioktnan ,
Ky. , thcnco to Memphis , to , ascertain
the needs of the floodV , sufferers
thereabouts. * 7 *
Fatal Result of
National Associated Prcuf. . f
PmsBuno. PA. , March * " 11. This
morning Muldoon and McVoy , labor
ers employed at the the Gould tunnel ,
six miles west of Stoubcnville , Ohio ,
ot into n disguto and were separated
> y the foreman. Directly afterwards
the quarrel was renewed. An alterca
tion took place in which BloYoy was
stabbed in the loft breast and died in
twenty minutes. It was not knotvn
until after his death that ho was
stabbed. Muldoon , the murderers
deliberately- walked down the track
and disappeared and has not been
seen since.
A Meteorite. '
National Associated Pros * .
HKLENA , Mont. , March' 12. An
immense Meteorite felllast night
about fifty miles southeast of Fort
Bsinaboino. Its glare lighted the
country for miles around. Four min
utes after striking the earth the re
port washeard in Assinaboinosound- (
ing like the discharge of alheavy uun.
The earth was peroiptibly shaken.
The shock was also felt at Fort Benton -
ton , nearly ono hundred miles south ,
The meteorite has not yoi been found.
Railroad BCattnn.
National Associated Press. '
WINNIPKO , March 12 , The Oregon
& Transcontinental company have
succeeded in the suit brought by Gen.
Hammond on thtiir bohalt Jko obtain
an injunction to , restrain jDrT Schultz
and other Canadiandirectors from interference -
terforonce witli the * plaintiffs , the
Minncs6Jp.4 $ ; Souchnj jfttj railway pf
TUnnitoKi. T & ehiof'jjJiiuce docjarcd
the election of the "American board.
legal and the other void. Two judges
concurred in the judgment , *
Palace Cattle Oar * .
National Associated Prow.
ST. PAUL , March 12. St. Caul's
experiment with the Kitzoo palace
cattle car has boon made and piovos
entirely satisfactory. On Monday
twenty steers of the roughest descrip
tion were shipped at Miles City , Mon
tana . , and brought hero without
change , .arming yesterday. There
was no shrinkage whatever to the
Safe RoTiboJ. ,
National Associated Prou.
Four DODGE ; Kas. , March 12. The
safe in the oflico of May & Co. , mill
ers , was blown by burglars and robbed
of $1,300. ' It was the work of ex
ports , a tumbler of water in the safe
not being disturbed. Several arrests
pf tramps hare boon made , but 'there
is no cluo. Deeds , mortgages and
stocks not negotiable were sorted out
and loft on a table.
Another of Sam Tildon's Sins-
National Associated Prow.
CHICAGO , March 12. Hon. Sidney
B. Borars , of Now York , ono of the
visiting statesmen sent to Florida to di
save that atato for Tildon , passed diai
through Chicago , and said the recent ai
story floated in rolatian to Elaine's aihi
candidacy for presidency on the dem tlidc
ocratic ticket was originated by Sam dc
uel J. Tildon. in
Narrow Eioape of a Train. in
National Associated Press. of
XENIA , 0. , March 12. Last evening -
ing n misplaced switch precipitated an
engine and baggage car into the river or
the Little Miami bridge. The air diSL
brakes were put down in time to pre SL
sent a severe calamity , The track bu
rvan torn up for fifty foot and the on-
51110 ' completely wrecked.
, Diabolical Work.
Rational Aaioclatfd Press.
OIIIOAOO , March 12 , A diabolical
ittompt was made to wreck the Wau-
accommodation train toi
cegan on the
Northwestern road. A now oak tie rei . . .
vaa placed on a culvert at Belmont [ t
ivenuo , north of Deoring , The on- raj
ino was detained two hours. roi
3arnum and the National Com
rational AeaoclaUd Presi mi
WAKIIINOTON , March 11 , Ex-Sona- hoi
orBarnum , of Connecticut , is hero in a
ho interest of the proposed reorgani
sation of the democratic congressional
iammittoo , Ho was in consultation
rith Representative Flower , of Now am lea
fork , to-day. leaHi
How Small Pox it Spread-
rational AaiocUted ! ' .
WASHINGTON , March 12 , Reprc- stc
oiitativos of the national and Chicago str
lourds of health called on the presi- g"
lout to-day to urge action to prevent toi
introduction of contagooua dis. ay
aaea. They say 00 per cent , of the
mall pox in Chicago is spread by im- all
nigrants , wl
Jumped From u Window. Aimi
latlooal Aauoclatod 1'ruu. miNa
NEW YOKK , March 12During a
this afternoon at Lane Wossor's Na
abiuot factory , Frank Krautz , a
workman , jumped from a window on st
fifth floor to the sidewalk and BUS- Sii
ainod injuries from which ho died , ast
AUnionofPan-SlavlstB and Ni
hilists Possible ,
In Which Event They Can
Override the Gear and Pre
cipitate the War.
The Ourront of Domestic RUB-
oinn Affairs Closely
Watched by the
All Foreigners in Russia Being
Expelled Unless They Can
Show Passports.
Mitoollaaeons NOWB that Oamo
Ovortho Cable.
National Vrcsi Association ,
LONDON , March 11. In the house
of commons last evening Mr. It B.
Blaunorhnssot proposed a resolution
that the state acquire the Irish rail
ways. Mr. Gladstone opposed the
resolution in a brief speech in which
ho said it was absolutely out of the
question that England can undertake
the government of the railways.
The elephant Jumbo was to-day
transferred to a cage which will bo
convoyed to a ship of the Monarch
line to bo transported to America.
MADRID , March 11. Tlio Spanish
police discovered at San Roquo a se
cret storage of arms and ammunition.
San Ro uo is a very ancient city in
Andalusia , seven miles from Gibral
P4n , March 12. The French
sonata last evening rejected by a vote
of 07 to 123 , M. Jules Simon's pro
posal requiring school masters to
teach pupils their duty toward God
and their country.
ST. PETERSBURG , March 11. The
Russian government is oxpollingnll for
eigners . now in the country who are not .
furnished i with proper passports , 800
having , boon sent from Moscow since
Wednesday. . It is thought this stop
is taken as a precautionary moasnro
to < prevent any disturbance at the approaching
preaching execution of the recently
condemned niliDhtu an/Q / is the result
nf Uu'threatcninir ? language used 'by
Yictor , Hugo and others in speeches
denouncing the sentences passed upon
them and warning the czar not to
carry the sentences into oxocution.
BERLIN , March 12. Notwithstand
ing the czar's rebuke to Gen. Sko-
bolofFJ the lattor's speeches and the
refusal of Gon. Ignatiff , who is the
recognized loader of the Pan-Slavonic
partyf continue to occupy the princi
pal part of public interest hero , and
confidence in the peaceful intention of
Russia is by no moans restored on the Ni
strength of'an article published in the
St. Petersburg Now JSoit , " in favor of Cl
GpnJ SkobdlofT and urging a union of 01
tlio "Pan-Slavists and Nihilists , which of
produced a deep impression on Bm- A
poroi' William and was the subject of a
severe comment in court circles here. bi
It isnrguo that were the czar over so dc
strongly inclined toward peace , the ohA
pos-obility it that Pan-Slavism and A
Nihilism working together may pro- ke
ducfj a current which the czir may bo th
impotent to stem. It is further in
osttnatod that three-quarters of the th
ofilpors of the Russian army share the II
very enorgotiobut less comprehensible po
Principles hold by Gon. SkobolefT.
'he ' Austrian authorities , who have
distinctly discouraged a newspaper
war of words , which could only arouse
and mibitter national animosities , hr
have by no moans boon .indifferent to no
the perils indicated by the _ recent ria
demonstrations of Pan Slavonic fool sli
ing as is shown by their recent vigor toi
ous combined attack on the insurgents
Herzegovina and the strengthening Aia
garrisons near the eastern frontiers
the empire.
It is reported that the Gorman government - So
ornment is dissatisfied with the cor-
liaiity of the rocoptiwn given General roi
ikoboloff on his return to St. Peters-
Mass meetings were hold in this
sity to-day Io protest against the to-
icco monopoly bill ,
DUBLIN , March 12 , A pastoral letttn
of the archbishop of Dublin was
cad in all Catholic churches to-day , pr
strom/ly denounces the recent outages - pi' > '
ages and blames them to the "no an
out" decree and also to secret socio- .
ATIIKNB , March 12. The Greek till
ninistry have resigned and the king
summoned M. Tricoupos to form bo
now i ono , lat
AUSTRIA' * sovBuiuau'a VISIT. [
VIENNA , March 12 , The emperor
empress of Austria , will their ind
oading minister , will visit King fri
lumbert at Roino on May G. ind
A strong detachment of Austrians me
itormod and blow up Fort Dragoty , a or 18 .
tronghold of the Crovoskian insur
gents. When on the return march
awards Rosino. the insurgents who up
in wait for thorn attacked the Aus-
nans near Jarkowa , forcing them to
back to a favorable position , rho
vhioh the insurgents stormed. The
\ustriaus lost heavily in the engage- uu
nont. I
tatloial Atioclatod Prcit ,
CINCINNATI , March 12 , Mrs. Jas.
Hophenson , wounded on the steamer It
Sidney by the bursting of a pipe , died
night , She makes the fifth
death ; ton persons were hurt , but
nope others fatally.
ILuinoDsnuRo , Ky. , March 12.
Two boys named Galloway killed
Billy Southern at McOowan's ferry
Friday night. The boys thought
themselves alone with Southern and
shot him , but Amos Craig saw the
shooting. Tlio Galloways gave thorn-
solves up ,
MONTREAL , March 11. Miller , who
escaped from the Alloghany , Penn
sylvania workhouse , started for Pitts-
burg this morning in charge of an
American detective ,
BRADFORD , Pa. , March 12. John
J. McCarthy , now under sentence of
death at Angelica , N. Y. , for the
murder of Patrick Markoy at Rich-
burp , says the reports that ho was
cognizant of the facts in the brutal
murder and outrage of Miss Minnie
Richardson , at Curry , Pa. , eight
years ngo , are maliciously false. Ho
says ho knows nothing of the muodor.
MONTRIAL , March 12. Archbish
op Lynch started for Rome to-day.
NEW YORK , March 12. Mr. Hen
ry Parks , premier of Now South
Wales , nnd daughter sailed on the
Germanic for Europe yesterday.
HAMILTON , O. , March 11. An ox-
ilosioti occurred in the drying kiln of
ho Greenings wire works last night.
Cho walls of the building were blown
out. the roof fell in and the building
ook fire , but it was spcodily citing-
NEW YORK , March 11. The Sio-
inons-Andersonntool company of Pitts-
burg has boon reorganized by some
creditors ! and bondholders , with a cap
ital ' of $1,000,000. Mora than one-
half the bonds are hold by the incorporators -
porators , who , with the Merchants'
and Manufacturers' National bank of
Pittsburg. will control the scheme ,
the bank having bought the works at
the recent sheriff's sale. A charter
has boon applied for.
NEW YORK , March 11. The branch
of Pondio & Wnitc , of London , wool
ens , at No. Ill Greene street , is nol-
vont. The main house failed on Frij (
NEW CASTLE , Pa. , March 11. Col.
O. J. Jackaon , a prominent attorney
of the city , announces himself as a
candidate tor congress from the Twen
ty-fourth Pennsylvania district , now
represented by Mr. Shollaborgor.
OTTAWA , Ont. , March 12. The
postal treaty between Canada and the
United States has boon amended so as
to allow Canada poatoflicus to require
prepayment of pontage on third class
.matter printed in the United States
ind mailed in Canada for points in the
United States to evade the postal laws
of the latter country , at a rate equiva
lent to domestic postage chargeable
thereon in the United States.
RoniiKSTKU , March 11. Sherman
B. Wheeler died 'at the city hospital
torday of consumption , Styyearo old.
He was formerly in business hi this
city as a commission broker and grain
dealer. He loaves relatives , but their p
whoroabiuta are unknown , It is n
thought some are in Chicago or 'Mil
waukee and Plymouth , Ind. tlhi
CHICAGO , March 12. Rev. George di
0. Miln , pastor of Unity church , and fa
noted for his recent utterances favoring cl
ing agnosticism- preached his farewell Io
sermon this evening. oi
Claim Jumping ,
NaUona Anodated Preu.
ST. PAUL , March 11. There is excitement -
citomont in the town of Watson , bu
Ohippowa county , over the jumping 1 ,
claims of settlers on railroad lots ,
party named O'Noil purchased quite an
number from the county on which bu
buildings were erected with the un tit
derstanding the settlers could pur SCI
chase when notified by the compatiyjj Cc
crowd gathered in front pf a saloon 01
kept by Joe Molchoir , whom they th
thought interested with O'Noil , broke
the windows and threatened worse
things. The sheriff has ono from po
Montevideo with a posse to kcop the th ;
peace and make arrests. thPe
Indications. _
National AMOcUtoil 1'rcs * . 0)
WASHINGTON , March 13 , For the
lower Missouri Fair weather
valley ; , ab
north winds shifting to east and south ,
rising followed by falling barometer , roi
ilight fall followed by slowly rising 18
temperature. 18no
Dying Miiiouri Gongreiiman. tin
National AeaocUUd Prou.
WASHINGTON , March 11. Con-
jreeanmn Allen is very low to-night.
Jovorul doctors are with him , and the
jravost firnra are entertained as to the
Y. M. O , A. sot
Oenornl Invitation , in
become nc < iua ntoi our work
its stoi'lv growth.
To Yoiwn MKN Desirous ol im- „
irovomoiic viiiritually , socially and " *
hysically , U make our reading rooms 1
various meetings your frequent
osort ; also strangers of good oharac
looking for your proper sphere o
isofulnoss should leave your addrer &
nd where formerly employed w
general aocrotary. it
wok-koepors , mechanics or
aborers , to notify Goo. T. OU80r -
oneral secretary , by postal '
To ALL GOOD PEOPLETo r'onew in
establish your confjdonc0 love
nondslap and zeal m tre Rrand ( work
future dovolopino- ft our g , , .
jiation by adding you , r , , amea to iu
nemborship , or see t -0 jt tjmt you Bond
'Li"1 ) * pwords for A. D.
1882. Woarov'jry grateful for the
nany BUbscrip'.ions ranging from $3
to ? 100 lo' ti a yoar'a work.
* L ? ' fl > MKHAU""t Prosidont.
BalmluGileaa. ei
o (8 ( balm in Gilcasl to heal each
gaplog woundj
TIIOMAH' Ki.hontia OIL , tha remedy Is
found ,
For internal and for outward USD , you n
fieely may apply Hj of
For all pain and Intluiumatlou , you houhl
not fall to try U.
only coatHa trifle , 'tU worth Ita weight
in gold , aiS
Anil by every dealer in the land this aiG <
reuif tly fa sold , Mar-7l-lir G ;
Commissioner Tresoott on a Mis
sion to Pom ,
Armed With Proposals For
Peace as Desired
by Ohili.
Ninety Days to bo Allowed
Him to Find Peruvian
Authority to Sign.
If It. is Not Accomplished in
That Time Ohill Will Con
tinue Occupation.
Report of nn Engagement Between
the Armlet.
National Associated Press.
LIMA , March 12. Senor Javins
tfovva , the Chilean commisaionor in
Lima , received on the 4th jnst. , a
telegram from his government official
announcing Mr. Trcscott and Senor
Balmacoda have signed the protocol
for pcaco between Chili and Peru Jn
whicJi the interests of Chili are fully
consulted. It is believed that the
cession of Tarapaca is provided for ,
whilst Ohili withdraws her former
claim for tlio immediate payment of a
war indemnity. Mr. Troscott is said
to bo the bcaror of the protocol to
Peru. When Mr. Trcscott reaches
Lima , according to the understood
terms of the mission ho has accepted
from Chili , ho is to find some ono
whom the Peruvians will accept to
represent the Peruvian rapublio in
such a capacity as to warrant him in
signing the protocol for rtho county
and whoso signature in such represen
tative capacity will bo acceptable to
Chili j | and bo received by international
law as binding on bohuit'ot the coun
try for which the signature should bo
givpn. Ho will have ninety days in
which to so compose the Peruvian
fa quarrels as ovolva such a rop-
ro . If the representative' bo
found and the protocol bo signed ,
than Chili is to at once evacuate Pe
ruvian territory. If ho bo not found ,
at the expiration of the ninety days
then the protocol is to bo null , and
the Chilean occupancy is to bo con
tinued. It is generally allowed both
in Chili and Peru that since Mr. Tros
cott has boon in South America , ho
has thoroughly acquainted himself
with the real situation of affairs and
rendered himself competent , to act
with pucfeot firmness in his mission ,
for doing which ho has allalongshown
u strong natural disposition. , Whethelt'Tiir * -
ho can induce -Peruvians to' join.V V
in choosing a man in the protocol is a I
problem , that , if ho solves it in the
affirmative | will immortalize him in
the republics as tha best friend they
have had in this gonoration. Peru u
divided at present into many military
factions , and has so many chieftains
claiming the ascendancy that the outlook -
look for peace and freedom from for
eign | military docs not scorn encour
LIMA , March 12 , A fight recently
occurred at Pucara , near Huacayo ,
rho Peruvians had 1810 combatants ,
but no artillery , and the Chileans
1,200 ' and five cannon. The Poruyi-
ins had the position , and the Scopita
ind Lima regiments fought valiantly ,
jut the Chileans , after charging three i
.inies , drove them from the hills and
icattorod them ever the country.
Dolonol Dolicanto commanded the
Chileans : , and it is stated positively
.hut Cocorvos in disguise commanded
Peruvians , Cocorves had ap-
jointed Pucara as a rallying point ,
ind meant to gather about himsolt
here a now army , for there were 200
Peruvian officers among the 1,810
vliou the Chileans discovered the
ondozvous V ) and. broke it up. Ono
Chilean officer and throe , Poruvia1
fllcors were killed in that battle , r
ibout 300 common soldiers. " *
outod Peruvians made way to j
Vyacucho , whore Panizo , A Pi' * . , .
quartered < with 1,000 me 'rolIa'a
lot known yet whether Poi / . f ,
hem for another rally or „ J ° Jolnod
Now Efltabllsf
Workmen are'
UUBy Saturday making
erne cl'a"S ° H
m the store room ad-
g Btore of D. W. BKO ,
HoUBO > a room ff0nt.
8 " " iftoonth street and
, ono of
° b"
e looiliiiuis in the city. In-
Jnv.ilop .d . the fact that Mr. It.
JCD , the fa .her of the well known
d Bros. , of this city , is about to
an up a first class hat store hero ,
Jiving rontoi this r om and already
moved into it the stock of
the firm of George S. Doane
Co , , which ho purchased a
few days ago , and will add largely to
as soon as the room is ready to re
ceive any more stock.
Mr. Saxo is a very pleasant and
agreeable gentleman , who was for
thirty years engaged in the hat trade
Vermont. For the past seven
years ho has boon United States con
sul at St. Johns , Canada , being ap
pointed under General Grant's admin
istration Io fill a vacancy caused by
the death of his predecessor. The
past winter ho spent in California ,
whore Mrs. Saxo still remains. The
latter will soon join her husband in
thij city ,
Mr , Saxo proposes to havu a stock
that cannot bo excelled in this west
ern country , and will make his plucu
the headquarters of fashion in the hat
line , llo cornea to Omaha at the
solicitation of his sons , and will prove
most popular addition to our circle
splendid business men ,
Twelve second-hand Show Oases at
auction Saturday , March 18th , at
Solomon's Paint , OH and Window - , ' f
Glass Store , rachlO-2t