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Or , Manager COUNCIL Council , BbUKFB BlufTs , Circulation IOWA , COUNCIL BLUFFS , JOW.A , M KCJU & 18821s * - 20 - Cents $10.00 per per "We ek
OfUcoi Room Flvo , Everett's Block ,
H. W. TILTON , City Editor.
An Explanation ,
Wo regret that nt n late hour In the
morning the Council Bluffs report had
not reached this oflico. It has dbubt-
loss been miscarried , An attempt to
communicate with Tun BEE oflioo in
Council bluffs by telephone was also
unsuccessful. Ilenco Tin : BBK is
obliged to tender this apology to its
readers for the absence of the usual
'Council Bluffo department.
low * Wyomln ? Coal handled only by
W. Kodefor , No. 20 Pearl St. Flltf '
Some fine Norman and Ulyd wdalo
tnlllonsfir enlo , at brick barn , oppopito
i Ojjclen house , It
The Iowa OnpitnL
tpoeial dlpntch to Till Dux.
DBS MOINES , March 7. Republicans -
cans are celebrating the victory of the
election of Capt. P. V. Gary mayor
yesterday by the largest majority over
given in the city 1,114-by firing
cannon and a torchlight procession.
The senate to-day passed the bill per
manently ] locating the upromo court
at the capital audto , hold five terms a
year ; also adopted the amendment to
the constitution for woman nuflrago
by a vote of 27 to 18. The resolution
'had already passed the house.
In the house the bill from the senate -
ate changing the name of the asylum
for fooblo-mindod children and in
creasing the support fund , passed.
The bill providing for an additional
circuit court in counties containing
cities having a population of 20,000
passed ; also the bill regulating coal
National Associated trou
DES MOINES , March 7. Returns
from a largo number of municipalities
indicate that at the elections hold yes
terday the temperance element showed
unexpected gamswhich indicates the
probable success of the prohibitory
amendment at the special election to
co mo.
Yinton Baptists dedicated a neat
$9,000 church.
The Baptists of Davenport cleared
$375 by last week's fair.
Henry Ward Booohor lectures in
Iowa City on March 9th.
The Iowa land league meets in state
convention in Dubuque on the 17th
anat. ' '
Sioux City was roused by a thunder
and lightning storm Saturday morn
The farmers of .the first district will
try to organize an alliance at Burling
ton on the 17th inst.
The Keokuk college of physicians
and surgeons has just completed its
forty-seventh session. ,
The 0. & N. W. railway company
Js building its Calliope branch at the
rate of a mile a day toward that city.
The Southwestern Iowa croamory-
inon and dairymen will hold a conven
tion at Evcrson's opera house , Wash
ington , on March 22d.
Sioux City saloon keepers have crone
back on mutilated coin. IItilf dollars
with holes in them pass current at 30
cents , and smaller change in proper
Shenandoah felt pretty big last
week and employed a man to take the
census of the town. Total popula
tion , 1,984.
Oscar Wilde mot with a cold re
ception at Dubuque on the occasion
of nia lecture in that city. The audi
ence did not number over two hun
Atlantic is agitating the question of
putting in water works. The system
that they think of adopting is that
known * s the Holly system , which , it
is claimed , will furnish the city until
it has a population of 20,000 ,
The expenditures for the city of
Clinton for the last municipal year t
amounted to 832,708.82 , attainat $23 ,
21.54 for the years 1C80-1. The
city last year expended $ ,403,80 for
1 '
I aeworsand drainaj-o , against $1,3G340
the year bolero.
At the next fall meeting of the Du
"bUquo fair association , a purse of $2 , .
COO will bo awarded the finest trained
And best appearing military company.
f rcJm any part of the country , and
91,000 , to the best cornet band in the
t United States. The meeting begins
Monday , August 28th , and continues
one week. The purses referred to
will doubtless bo sufficient to crowd
the city with militiamen and bands.
Sinn of the Father * Vlitlod on the
Physician * sav that ecrofuloui taint
cannot be eradicated ; we deny It "in
toto. " If vou go through a thorough
course of Burdock Blood Ulttorn , your
blood will get M Pure as you can wish.
Price 1.00 , trial ! ze 10 cents , mtfdlw
If you are suffering with low and
depressed epirits. loss of appetite , gen
eral debility , disordered blood , weak
( constitution , headache , or nny disease
.of a bilious nature , by all means pro-
euro a bottle of Electric Bitters , Vou
twill be surprised to see the rapid im
provement that will follow ; you will
bo inspired with now lifo ; ntrongth
and activity will return ; pain and inisi
ry will cease , and henceforth you
rill rejoice'in the praise of Electric
Bitters , Sold at fit' r * " * bottle by
Jsh & McMnhon. G
The Wrangle in the Senate
Over the Amendment.
A Brief Rovlow of Iinst Weoh'n
Special Correspondence of Tim llr.K.
D s MOI.VKS , March (4. ( The scrv
ate has spent most of the week wrest
ling with the prohibition amendment
to the constitution , which came up on
Monday , on ft joint resolution intro
duced by Senator Nichols , of Benton ,
which roads as follows :
"Whereas , Doubts Invo arisen ante
to whether such proposed amendment
if adopted will prohibit the manufac
ture and sale of intoxicating liquors
absolutely , or whether it will only
prohibit the manufacture for sale as n
beverage , the selling or keeping for
nale as a beverage , permitting the
manufacture and sale for all other pur
poses ; and
Whereas , It is desirable that when
such proposed amendment is submit
ted to the people its construction
should bo as definite and certain as
possible ; therefore ,
Bo it resolved. Tlmt the proposed
imondmont to the constitution to bo
{ nown as section 2G , of article 1 , is
loroby construed to mean that no
loraon shall "manufacture for salo" aa
i beverage : or sell or keep for sale
"as a bovorago" any intoxicating
iquors whatever in this state includ-
ng ale , wine and beer , and that it
lees not nor is it intended to prohib-
t the manufacture and sale for all
other purposes. "
Alter some discussion pro and con ,
t WUB laid over to come up Tuesday
with the amendment proper , as
special. On Tuesday the motion was
nado to consider Nichol's roso-
utipn first , and it was quite
noticeable that the opposition to the
amendment were decidedly in favor
of Nichol'a ' resolutionand they argued
very suspiciously that it was right and
proper that the senate and the
people should know just what was in
tended by the language of the amend -
munt before voting upon it , and it
might make some difference
with them , if the explanation
were not given when as a mat
ter of fact , nothing that could have
boon said or done would have changed
the vote which was decided.inoro than
a month wo. The friends of the
amendment were suspicious of their
deep interest in Nichol'a amendment ,
and did not take much stock in it.
Furthermore they did not feel that
this'goneral assembly had any power
to control the acts of a previous legis
lature. The amendment must betaken
taken precisely as it came from the
hands of the last legislature. After
four hours discussion it was decided
to take up the amendment first , and
then the music began. It was simply
a repetition of the arguments adduced
two years ago , with the politics loft
out. Several amendments wore of
fered by the opponents for dilatory
purposes , but wore as steadily .voted
down , until Thursday evening , when
it was adopted by a vote of 35 to 11 ,
or eight more than it received two
years ago , when the vote was 30 to
The resolution of Senator Nichols
was next in order , when the opposi
tion moved to indefinitely postpone
it , when Senator Nichols very
adroitly asked leave to withdraw it ,
thus taking it out of the power of the
opposition to kill it and thereby make
capital out of it. The request was
discussed two hours , when it was re
ferred to the committee on constitu
tional amendments , whore it will
sloop like the Oapulots. Thus has a
Week of valuable time boon wasted on
what was * foregone conclusion from
the first day of the session , The house
will not give half an hour to it , but
will adopt it so soon as it comes up.
That will end it. It will then go to
the pnoplofor _ acceptance or rejection ,
at a special election to bo called by
the governor hon ho gets ready.
The opponents of the measure will at
tack-it because of its
apparent ; am-
bifjuity , and many who wpuld vote for
it if assured that it absolutely applied
to the sale na a beverage , will vote
against it because of doubt , and it is
possible this doubt will defeat it at
the polls ,
The senate then took up the bill
providing for an increase of the state
tax levy aim-half mill , that there bo
raised money enough to pay the re
mainder ; of the war debt and complete
the capital and passed it.
For Borne time the firm conviction
of'chimtably disposed people of the
state , that the asylum for feeble
minded children has been most shab
bily and niggardly treated , and it is
perhaps true also that the manage
ment lias not boon such as to insure
the good will and confidenoo of the
legislature , but however that may
have been it was 110 defense for neg
lect of one of the most important in
stitutions of the state. The present
legislature is disposed to exorcise n
just appreciation of Us worth.
On Friday the senate passed
a bill appropriating to it 811.000 and
increasing its support fund to $10 per
month , This is really generous treat
ment. There has boon for some time
an antipathy against the name of the
institution. Many did not like the
title "asylum , " and , in deference to
this the senate changed the name to
"institute , " which more nearly indi-
oatps the nature of the institution ,
which is really n boarding school.
The house on Thursday fought the
Mexican war all over agMn , on a joint
resolution instructing Iowa
congressmen -
men to vote /or a law placing all sur
vivors of that war on the pension list
Bosworth , of lUnggold , tacked on an
amendment excluding ull who served
in the confederate army , and then the
music begun at a lively rate. Neatly
two suasions wore given to the matter ,
when BcBuorth's
amendment was
auoptcd by a largo majority , and the
resolution was then accepted ,
Charley Aldricli's anti-railroad pass
bill came up in the house cm Friday ,
nhcn Charley delivered himself of a
terribly long speech rend from the
pnjrcs of a pamphlet which ho had had
printed for general circulation , and at
adjournmenttho end was not reached.
There is a growing sentiment among
legislators that Charley is not so much
interested in reforming a basis of the
pass system , and purifying the state
officiary from all semblance of cor
ruption , as ho is in enhancing his
chances for political preferment up
in his congressional district , and this
will doubtless result disastrously to
his anti-pass bill.
The bill providing for n gold medal
valued at not lose than $160 to bo
presented to Miss Kato Shelley , the
girl who made such heroic efforts to
save an express passenger train on the
Chicago & Northwestern road from
wreck during the big storm on the
night of the Gtli of last July , has
passed both houses , with but onu dis-
nonting vote , and that in the house.
It is to bo presented by Holmvs , of
Ooono , on tun part of the house , and
Gillette on the part of the senate , s
a tribute from the legislature of ap
preciation of her heroism.
There are indications that the legis
lature will adjourn about the 20th
inst. Farmers will got uneasy when
the ttmo to start the plow comes , and
the crops are vastly more important
in their views than making laws. Like
old Gfdoon Bailey , who came up hero
from Van Duron county in early days ,
they will rise up in a hurry somn day
and want to go homo , and they will
go. Bailey served four sessions in
the sonata. lie never made a speech
in all that time until one day about
the 23d of August , 1858 , ho arose and
c Hod out :
MH. PHEHIDKNT The 8ap has be
gun to drop ; I move wo adjourn to
our farms ,
The motion carried , and the senate
adjourned to the farms.
The sap has begun to "drop , " so
you may expect an exit soon , and
with it will go into oblivion nearly
five hundred bills. But little of im
portance remains to bo done except
pass the appropriation bills and the
senatorial , congressional and repre
sentative apportionment bills. Tlioro
are at least a score of congressional
district bills , and there will bo sonic
time required to perfect one. It is
pretty certain the successful one will
bo so ni ranged that a democratic ma
jority in any district will bo nearly
impossible. The groonbackor nest in
Kdsaon's ' district * will doubtless bo
broken up. ,
There is considerable angling going
on just now for Mark Woodrilfl's
place on the board of railroad com
missioners. His term expires April
2 , and he is not in favor with the ap
pointing power. I learn that Aus
tin , of Marshall ; Kellogg , of Decatur ;
Jim Wilson , of Tamnj Gilbert of
Floyd ; Jenkins , of Clinton ; and Wil
liams of Dubuque , are named. The
farmers would like to BCO Tama Jim
got it , as they fool that they should
bo represented on the board. It is
probable the northeast will got it , but
who the man will bo is past finding
out. The governor keeps a close
mouth. ALT
Their JFood. Their Habits , and Tholr
Commercial Value.
Buffalo Courier.
The alligators ore mostly of the red-
eyed- species , which are noted for
their size and ferocity , and , when mot
on land , are not much disposed totum
out of their course for anything , so
that not many people care to , meet
them in their rambles. An immense
follow , who lay about two-hundred
feet from the shore , allowed us to
paddle within one-hundred foot of
him , so that I had a view of his-vicious
eyes and general ugliness. It was
fully two foot from his nostrils to his
eyes , and ho must have boon nearly or
quite twelve foot long. As wo approached
preached nearer ho settled slowly out
of sight , sinking so cosily as not to
cause1 a ripple upon the almost glassy
surface of the waters , a * lie disap
peared. It seems that these strange
creatures are almost as much nt homo
on laud as in the water and , contrary
to my previous understanding of their
habits , they are frequently found a
mile from any body of water , especial
ly at night , when they wander about
Irom one pond or lake to another.
They are very destructive of stock ,
and are especially fond of hogs , and ,
as ull stock runs at'largo ' in this coun
try , they catch great numbers of
them. Calves and yearlings are also a
favorite diet of these monsters , and
oven full-grown cows and steers are
frequently pulled into the lake by
thorn and devoured. Whenovo'r you
see a bobtail cow in Florida , which is
not infrequently the 05.10 near the nu
merous lakes and ponds , it is safe to
presume that she has been wrestling
with an alligator , and would , if she
could , "a tail unfold. " A gentleman
living about two miles from Loohloosa
lake , told mo that on ono occasion ho
was driving a lot of cattle across a
stream that empties into it , when all
at onoe they commenced running and
bollowiiig , Running forward ho saw
that an immense alligator had seized
a fine yearling , not by the tail , but by
the body , being so largo that ho had
actually grasped the yearling's body
in his mouth , as a pig would an oar of
coin. And although , he could not ,
of course , raise it from the ground ,
he did by his weight and the strength
of his huge jaws crush it to the earth.
The owner of the animal tried to
make the 'gator lot go his hold by
striking him over the head with his
cow whip. Failing in this ho rode
rapidly back for kis gun and was fol
lowed on his return by his dog. By
this time the 'gator had released his
hold , and the yearling lay in the road
nearly dead. Riding up within twen
ty foot , the gentleman discharged a
heavy load of buckshot at the alliga
tor's head , which only nerved to infuriate
iato the brute and ho
, at once made a
rush for the dog. Thereupon the
gentleman approached until lie could
almost touch the 'gator with the muz-
i\o \ of his gun and discharged the other
barrel at a point just back of the
shoulder , causine the animal to re
treat into the bushes , and ho was found
next morning on the shore of the lake
stiff nnd dead , lie measured fifteen
feet in length.
Alligators nro being hunted veryox
tcnsivoly of late for their teeth and
hides. Their teeth are mounted with
gold nncl made into car-rings , neck
laces , watch-charms , etc. , and are
worth from 81 to ? 5 per pound. The
hides are worth from $1 to 81.50 each ,
croon. Over four-hundred have been
killed in Lochloosa lake nlono. Fire
hunting at night is the most success
fill mode of cap'uring ' them , if not
the rafcst. Two men and a boat are
required. Ono paddles , while the
othorlmsan | immense bull's-oyolantcrn
fastened oil top of his head , the light
of which attracts the 'gators to the
surface and blinds them so that the
boat can bo run right against them.
Then the man nith the lidlit thrusts
the muzzle of a heavy caliber rifle
within six inches of the creature's
head and fires , immediately proceed
ing to haul him aboard , to which ef
fort the 'gator lends what ctronglh ho
has loft ; his great desire on being
mortally hurt is to get out of the water.
And if ho once fuels the boat after
being shot , ho will attempt to climb
in himself if not entirely dead. A
native alligator-hunter whom I mot
on the shore of the kko yesterday ,
told mo that ho had soon as many as
eight gators at ono time during ono
of these night hunts , and that ho
could hoar and fcpl their noses
"plump" against his boat as they
swam rapidly towaid the light , their
oycs being too much dazzled to dis
tinguish the boiit until they rah
against it. On coming so abruptly in
contact with the boat's sides they
would back off a little distance to in
Bows and Arrows.
Now York Herald.
Wo are glad to observe that an in
teresting letter from Gen. M. 0.
Moiga on the question of fire escapes ,
which wo printed last week , is attract
ing well deserved attention. The
fact that BO distinguished a soldier
and student as Gen. Meigs should
give the people the of- his ex
perience is gratifying. The General
the other day discussed the various
substances used for building purposes ,
and expressed the opinion that noth
ing in the long run , would bo as satis
factory for fireproof aa brick. Ho now
takob up another suggestion in favor
of fire engines and hose carriages car
rying rope ladders and bows and ar
rows. "Busy business men , " saya
the General , "look upon this aa child
ish. They remember only the bow
and arrow of their childish sports and
do not give the subject a second
thought. " The General goes on _ to
say that the bow was once a powerful
weapon and its power is as great now
as when , ' 'in the hands of a Kin ?
David , or King Nebuchadnezzar , or
Sesostria , or Cambyses and their sol- ,
diora it decided the fate of kingdoms. . '
The General tells us that ho ha
thrown an arrow from a thirty pound
bow over the Washington Monument ,
and ho believes a fifty pound bow ,
which ia in common use by our arch
ery clubs , would shoot an arrow into
the highest window in Now York and
carry with It a light , strong fishing
line , which would suffice to'haul up a
knotted rope of sufficient strength to
boar the weight of two or three per
sons. Ho therefore suggests that it
would be economy : md wisdom to pro
vide every carriage of the Piro Department
partmont with a coil of fishing line , a
hickory or lance wood bow of fifty
pounds , half a dozen blunt arrows and
a knotted rope , a hundred foot in
length , with a stout iron hook at on *
end The cost of this ia a trifle and
the auggoatiou is worthy of Considera
tion. "It ia , " saya the General , "the
life saving apparatus of our coast
guard on a smaller scale. That throws
a shell across a ship , this an arrow
over a * house , and many moro lives
are imperiled yearly in burning houses
than in wrecked ships. "
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