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lostorflay's ' Proceedings in the
Senate and House ,
' -The Anti-Chinese Bill Again
Generally Discussed by
the Former.
' TUost of the Work of the House
Confined to the Intro
duction of Bills.
' Gookling's Decimation of the
Justiceship Sent by a
Special Messenger.
Notes of a National
Yfttlonal Associated 1'ro *
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , March G. Sen
ator Ingalls reported from the judi
ciary committee a bill establishing a
uniform , bankrupt law , which waa
placed on the calendar.
The bill provides that when any
person -without fraud shall bo involv
ed in debts to the amount of $5,000
beyond his means of payment , ho may
petition in equity to the United States
district court to surrender his estate
for the benefit of hia creditors , except
such aa may bo exempt from execution
by the laws of the state wherein ho
lives , and the court shall appoint a
receiver to dispose of his property
among his creditors and the court
-.shall discharge him from all such
-debts and liabilities. It is mida the
duty of the supreme court to make
tauch additional rules in equity as maybe
bo required to carry the act into full
effect and to fix : all fees and costs for
service in bankruptcy proceedings un
der the act.
Senator Vest from the committee
on commerce reported the Eads intor-
oceanic ship railway bill and gave
notice that ho would call it up on
"Wednesday , the 15th inst.
The senate bill providing for the
construction of the Illinois ct Missis-
Bippi canul was introduced by Mr.
Davis ( Ills. ) for Mr. Logan.
Mr. Teller , from the committee on
pensions , reported favorably with an
.amendment the bill granting a pen
sion to Mrs. Garfield.
Consideration of the Chinese bill
was resumed , Senator Slater deliver
ing a prepared-speech in support of its
passage , with proposed amendments.
Senator George also spoke in favor
I of the measure.
After a speech'by Mr. Call , point
ing out the necessity for this legisla
tion. Mr. Brown opposed the measure
on the ground that it would violate
solemn treaty obligations with China.
Mr. Teller said he would vote for
the bill with pleasure , because he saw
410 other way of protecting American
Adjourned at 4:40 : p. m.
The regular order was calling the
.roll on the consular and diplomatic
, , appropriations. Mr. Holman moved
to recommit the bill to the committee
with instructions to strike out all pro-
-viaibus for the appointment of envoys
extraordinary and ministers plenipo
tentiary and substitute consuls to promote -
\ mote commerce ; lost 22 to 72.
Mr. Belford toffered a joint resolu
tion reciting the persecution of Jew a
in Russia , and requesting the presi
dent to submit to the czar country's
friendly assurances , and ask him to
extend to Jews in his empire the same
power for good his lather extended to
-tho Christians in , Roumania. Re
Mr. Dintrloy introduced a bill to
.place American ships in the carrying
trade on a mutual footing with those
of other countries. This bill will
abolish consular charges on foreign
vessels , "make lighthouse dues the
tsarao as charged in their own country ,
charging tonnage on each entry.
Mr. McKee introduced a bill to
print 25,000 copies of'the memorial
addresses of James G. Elaine.
Mr. Kelly introduced a bill to
abolish discriminating duties , also
enlarge the free list , removing duties
-from cassia , cloves , pepper , oil of fig
loaves , chloride of potassium , assa-
footoda and articles of that nature ;
-also to establish a department of pub
lic documents.
Mr. Chandler introduced a bill
fixing the duties of melado tank hot-
-toms molasses and sugar not above
thirteen standard at 25 per cent ad-
valorem ; those above that standard
-at 35 per cont.
Mr. Cornell , by request , intro
duced a bill fixing the duties on
-ayruns , sugars , etc. , at 25 per aent
Mr. Jacobs introduced a bill pro
viding that oleomargarine and all
.substitutes for butter and cheese bo
plainly marked with their names bo-
tore they can bo exported.
Mr. Dibrell introduced a bill to
permit ; farmers to sell their own pro-
auctions of tobacco and productions
of their tenants without license , and
asked immediate consideration.
Messrs. Dibrell , Hatch , Spoor and
White ( Ky. ) supported this bill , and
Messrs. Kelly ( Penn.J , Robinson
( Mass. ) and Buttorworth opposed it.
The discussion became very animated.
Mr , Kelly said ho was as much as anyone
ono in favor of the removal of war
duties , and especially as much so as
the other uido who had made them
necessary ; but he thought the .work
of removing thorn should be done iu
a more intelligent manner.
The bill was defeated.
A resolution was also introduced
to print 100,000 copies of Blaine'a
eulogy on Garfiold. , .
The bill appropriating $100,000 for
Davis island dam in the Ohio river
.Mr. Springerofforod an amendment
to the constitution limiting the worl
of congress to general legislation only ,
but the house rofusad to consider it ,
The huus3 determined to sit 01
Friday evening for consideration ol
private bills only.
The bill to roculato the sale o
portions of the Ute Indian rcsorvn
tion in Colorado , WAS taken up bu
pjnding' dinou'aiou the house at -
o'clock adjourned.
National Associated Pi ess ,
WASHINGTON , March G. Senate
Conkling has declined the supronv
justiceship. The president has madi
the announcement , saying that tin
ox-senator's declination arrived b ;
special messenger this afternoon. Mr
Clafonco H. Seward will bo nomina
ted for the ploco to-morrow.
Conkling's declination occasionoi
little or no surprise horo. The prcsi
dent refuses to make publio the lotl.o
at present. Friends soy the only reason
son given was disinclination to absn
don a lucrative law practice.
National Aseoclatc Frcn
WASHINGTON , March G. The hous
committee on commerce agreed to report
port to the house the bill appropriat
ing $25,000 to enable the secretary o
the navy to furnish cities with ovei
15,000 inhabitants correct titno n
noon of each day.
In regard to the publication of the
notorious Garfield dispatch , sent bj
Whitelaw Reid to John Hay lasl
March , District Attorney Corkhill
says , after a thorough investigation ,
that a copy had already been procured
through great violation of ( faith on the
part of some ono entrusted with the
message or stolen from the wires , but
ho.cannot find anything in the trans
action which would subject the par-
tius to punishment under the law ol
the district.
Five different patentees of cooling
apparatus are contending before the
liouso committee on expenses attend-
inf President Garfield illness for
remuneration for the use of the device -
vice that kept down the temperature
of the room in which ho lay at the
White house.
The secretary of the treasury thie
afternoon decided the } collector oi
customs at San Francisco must dis
miss from the service immediately the
captain and second lieutenants of the
night watch and the entire force oi
night inspectors at that place who
wore on duty when the steamer City
of Tokio arrived from Hong Kong dur
ing the last night watch of January
3 , 1882 , from which vessel nearly a
ton of opium valued at § 20,000 was
landed unmolested. The opium waa
subsequently captured by the San
Francisco police. . Reports to the de
partment states that the policemen
testified that they made the seizure
by accident and after tho' smugglers
were in custody the latter offered the
entire quantity of opiumin addition
to $10,000 to be released. Secretary
Folger decides there must bo collusion
between the customs officers and the
smugglers , hence his treatment of the
Democratic representatives held a
caucus immediately after adjourn
ment of the house , to consider Rood's
proposed amendment to the rules ,
which m effect extends the morning
io"ur indefinitely and gives to the
committee holding the floor the right
; o ask the house to consider and carry
; o final'action any measure the com
mittee may propose , regardless of its
place on the calendar. General Rosa-
: ran's presided , Perry Belmont secre
tary. After about an hour's discus
sion Kenna offered the following ,
which was unanimously adopted :
"Resolved , that in the judgment
of this caucus the amendment
nf the rules of the house of rep
resentatives proposed by the majority
} f the committee on rules is destruo-
; ivo to these just right and necessary
privileges of the minority , which a
democratic majority in former con-
jrestf never denied to former minori
ties , and that wo will resist their
adopted by every parliamentary
[ uetiod at our command
"Resolved , further , That wowill
cheerfully support any amendment to
, ho rules of the house > which tend to
iromoto their improvement , the proper
acilitation of public business , and
ire not destructive to the rights of
; he minority and the people they rep-
rent. "
i No other subject was brought bo-
ore the caucus , which adjourned
subject to call ef the chairman.
Treasurer Gilfillan has ordered that
hereafter all legal tender notes , silver
: ortiucates , oto , shall bo worth for
redemption their full face value when
ever they equal or exceed three-fifths
Df their proportions ; half their face
traluo when equal to half but not
, hroo-fifvhs of their original size ; when
oss they are redeemable only when
accompanied by affidavits that the
missing parts have boon totally de
At 3 p. m. to-day the hauso com
mittee on foreign affairs commenced ,
under instructions of the house , the
nvostigation as to the alleged ab >
gtraction from the state department
of certain correspondence in relation
to Chili and Peru. The only wit
nesses examined were Sowoll A.
Urown. chief clerk , and Jno. 0. Has *
well , chief of the bureau of archives
and indexes. Neither gentlemen were
iblo to throw light on the subject
The committee will resume Investiga
tion on Friday and Saturday of this
week. There is a strong inclination
on the part of several members of the
committee to have the proceedings
conducted with open doors and a pro
position to that effect' was madotc-Uay ,
j was . > ot pressed to a decisive vote
It will orobaoly bo nctad on ot tin
rogujnt mooting of the committei
prior to the resumption of the invcstl
Hoi * ! ' * Tronpo Bnrstcd.
National As oclat J Frees.
DETROIT , March G. The Rossi the
atrical party came to an untimely am
unfortunate and here last night nfto :
the close of a wretched engagement
Manager Chizzola informed the com
pany ho could go no further. A load
lug man of the company says Ohizzoli
is two weeks behind on salaries am
has lost over $16,000 on the specula
tion , Rossi paid the expenses of tin
company back to Now Yorkj for whicl
place they left late last night. Th <
bookings ahead were for thoremaindc
of the present month and include *
Burlington , la. , Kookuk , Kansas City
St. Joseph and a few eastern points
National Associated Trow.
WASHINGTON , March G. There wo.
some excitement in connection witl
the Guitoau case because of the sum
moniug of Dr. Gray , of the Utic ;
( N. Y. ) state insane nsylum , wh <
spent the entire day with District Attorney
tornoy Corkhill examining that portion
tion of Scovillo's bill of exception !
which refers to the medical testimony
Reports are to the effect that nov
evidence of insanity has been discov
orod. Scovillo says the argument be
fore the court in bane will probablj
not take place for two months.
A now sensation connected with
Guitoau is regarding a young womsii
signing herself Clara Augusta Davis ,
Hoboken , N. Y. , who wrpto a thirteen
page letter to Guitoau in which she
assured him of her devotion to hit
interest and announced the intention
of gptting him out of jail if mono ;
could accomplish it. The prisoner ro.
plied at once bnt Scovillo secured tlu
letter and prevented its delivery until
ho personally investigated , when , at
ho could find nothing of the young
woman , ho concluded it merely was a
schema to got possession of the auto ,
graph of Guitcau as a souvenir.
Guitoau discovered these facts anc
abusedScovillo , in a most outragoouc
manner. This was the cause of the
recent quarrel between counsel and
Mr. Scovillo bade Guitoau goodbj
at the jail to-day. Scovillo says tin
prisoner said ho was glad ho was going
to leave the case. Ho oxpocta to gc
homo to Chicago to-morrow night oi
Railway Matter * .
National Associated Press.
NKW YORK , March 5. The advisorj
commission appointed to consider tlu
question of differential freight rates
held its first public session for hearing
the views of commercial bodies to-daj
at the produce exchange. A commit
tee from the exchange presented them
selves before that body. There were
present ox-Senator Thurman , of Ohio ,
chairman of the commission ; Elihu B.
Washburne , of Illinois , and Judge
Cooley , of Michigan. The argument
of the special committee of the pro
duce exchange for abrogation of the
differential rates waa presented in detail
tail with figures to support it.
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , March 6. The
supreme court has decided that the
issue of Reading railroad deferrec
bonds is legal by a vpfo'of-4 to 3. -
Explosion of a GatGenerator.
National Associated Press.
WILKESBARBE , Pa. , March 0. The
generator in the gas works in the citj
exploded frith a force sufficient 'tc
shako the city from center to circum
ference. The greater part of the
building and machinery was completely
destroyed. The concussion brokr
windows a quarter of a milo away.
There was nobody in the building at
the time and it is supposed that the
fires were left so carelessly as to over
heat the generator. The company
uses the Lowe process for the manu
facture of gas from koroseno. It is
known as the Wilkosbarre gas-com
pany. The loss will reach $10,000.
Later it is learned that two mon
were in the works at the time of the
explosion , ono of whom waa cut se
riously while the other was uninjured.
Henry Richart , who was passing -tho
works at the time , was struck by a
fragment and seriously hurt. The
company will have no gas in this city
for three weeks. Tno city uses gaso
line in the street lamps.
Manitoba NOWB.
National Frets Association.
WINNIPEG , Man. , March 6. Three
immigrant excursion trains have just
arrived hero in succession bringing
GOO settlers from Ontario who are tak
ing up abode in the northwest. The
city is already crowded and the mys
tery is how the 1,000 per week now
oxpectcd will be accommodated. It is
too early for canvas yet.
The severest blizzard , perhaps ,
over experienced in Manitoba , has
just- concluded after thirty-six hours
duration. The fallof snow was light ,
bat the wind blow at the rate of 40
miles per hour. Trains were block
aded , and telegraph wires demoral
ized. No damage or loss of life is
yet reported.
Traffic between Winnipeg and St.
Paul has assumed such dimensions
that two express trains daily each way
are now to be put on the line.
. , Princeton College Matter.
National Ab ocUted I'rew.
TUENTON , N. J. , March 0 , It is
stated hero on good authority that
investigation will bo made into the
recent loose management of the col
lege of Now Jersey at Princeton ,
which will seriously reflect on , the
proaidont , Dr. McCosh. There has
boon for some time an undercurrent
of opposition to the president , and
much of the responsibilities for stu
dent outbreaks is attributed to him.
The party which is opposed to Dr.
McCosh is in favor of the selection of
Rev. Dr. John Hall , of Now York ,
who a short time since refused the
chancellorship of the university ol
Now York. It is regarded as certain
that should Dr. McCosh go out hit
place will bo offered to Dr. Hall. It
is hinted that Dr. Hall's refusal ol
the chancellorship was duo to the
already existing probability that lit
would bo offered the presidency o !
The Apparition that is Paralyz
ing Troy , HY ,
It Appears Every Afternoon a
Precisely Five
And is Now Accompanied bj
the Letters "I. H. S. "
and a Cross.
The Ocoapanta of the Hous <
Firm in the Belief of a
Heavenly Visitor.
\Willa Skeptic * Believe It Almoi
TROY , N. Y.March G. The strange
phenomenon at the Jones house ii
South Troy continues to CAUSO excitement
citomont in that section of the city
and is every where arousing an intense
desire to see the cause , either iiatura
or supernatural , demonstrated for the
alleged apparition of the Virgin
Mary and child. So intense is the
desire to get a clear solution of the
mystery that the houao is in danger
of being torn down , partly from the
curiosity of many who disbelieve iu
the alleged apparition phenom
enon. On this accnunt the oc
cupants of the house "desiro to
prevent the entrance members of
the press andBothers , and refuse to
aid them in their search for informa
tion. There are persons who claim to
have soon yesterday afternoon at the
appointed hour , the figure of the Vir
gin in a blaze of light with the letters
"I. H. S. " and a cross. This cross
was pointed out to the writer by Mary
Tobin on Saturday. The writer saw
it distinctly , "but ho docs not say but
that it may have boon made by the
drying of the mortar when it wits first
put on. Other newspaper mon
now distinguish the loiters "I.
H. S. , " but their vision may
have boon intensified by excitement
at the moment , perhaps. Others ,
who had ample opportunities of ob
servation allege there was no appa.i
tion at 5 or any other hour yesterday
and the non-appearance was caused
by the clouds which prevented the
sunlight from making the picture on
the wall. Not so with the Jones
family , who ever agree they saw it
then as they have every day hereto
fore sincn February 17. Father MacDonald -
Donald gave orders this afternoon
that no ono should be admitted to the
houso. Rportors representing the
Troy Times and _ Standard
who applied for admittance were as
saulted by ono Nosey Fjtzgibbons and
and a crowd of troughs known as the
track gang. They then secured an
escort of policii and returned hortly
after 5 o'clock , Subsequently'a dooi
was opened and these wiHin diaclared
they had seen the Virgin with the
babe in her arms at precisely 5 o'clock
this evening , -u > present at the time
being engaciin their devotions.
Father LsyeuiiJ of SL Joseph' * church ,
in whoso parish those-wonders occur ,
refused to talk about.them , and oth
ers , including Father McDonald , do.
cline to make any statement
pending official investigation.
Snow la Minnesota.
National Associated Preaa '
ST. PAUL , March 6. The following
dispatches show the prevailing blizzard
in Minnesota :
BRAINARD , March G. The snow haa
ceased falling and is now nine inches
n depth. Lumberman will got in
some extra work on the now snow.
AUSTIN , March 6. There is a strong
west wind and indications of a bliz
zard. Thermometer , 20 ° above.
commenced falling Saturday noon and
turned into a blizzard ; six inches fell
and drifted badly. Trains started
out an hour lato.
GLENUOE , March G. A terrific
jstorm ; several inches of snow fell ,
which blockades our country roads
the worst ot the season.
OUTONVILLE , March G. A storm
commenced on Saturday with sleet
and snow ; yesterday it was snowing
and blowing quite freely. To-day the
snow is blowing , but it is not cold.
The snow will help Wisconsin lumber
men if it stays.
Maine Laoal Election ! .
Rational Associated I'rcM ,
SACO , Mo , , March G. The republi
cans elected the mayor to-day by 101
majority and carry five out of the
seven wards. Last year their ma
jority was 388 and they carried every
LEWISTON , Mo. , March 0. David
Tarrar , republican , was elected mayor ,
receiving 1,348 votes. W. M , Qarco-
on , democrat , received OOP ,
The Panama Canal.
National Associated 1'retc
PANAMA , February 25. On the
10th instant the Panama Canal com-
3any awarded to Messrs. Ilueme ,
Haven & Lynch , of San Francisco ,
; ho contract for the excavation of six
million cubic metres from Colon to
3dtuna , a distance of about eight
miles ; thoprico agreed to being "H
: rancs per cubic metre. The duration
of the work is to bo three years ,
Booohor Playing Out.
National Asioclatod I'ress.
OHIOAOO , March G. This ovonini , '
an.immense audience gathered in
Central Music liali to hear the lee-
; uro by Rev. Henry Ward Mocoher.
When half through the discourse
Mr. Beoclier suddenly stopped , st.ig-
gured and was helped to u sofa. Thu
fainting fit only lusted a moment , but
the speaker was unable to proceed ,
and was unanimously excused by the
audionco. The illnois resulted fron
a bad cold and chill , but is nol
thought to bo dangerous. Ho i& rest
ing well at the Grand PaclGa hotel a
Railway Earning * .
National Ano Ut d l"r *
The report of the Pennsylvanian rail
road company for 1881 has boon com
pleted for presentation at the annual
mooting of the stockholders on March
14. I1 shows the cross earnings ol
the main line and branches from
PitUburg to Philadelphia to bo $27-
047,000 ; expenses , $15,408.409 ; not
earnings from operation , $12,179,540 ,
to which add interests on investments
in cash $3,211,400 and sundry other
items $512lGO-nn agnrcgato cf $3-
723G2Gt making the total not earn
ings $15,002,156 ; deduct rent ol
branch roada , the interest on the
bonded debt , car trusts and state
taxes , $5,770,448 , which loixvos a not
income for the Pennsylvania division
of $10,137,718.
The United Now Jersey Railroad
Canal company reports gross onrninqe
at $13,022,885 ; expenses , ? 8,811-
281 ; net earnings from operating ,
$4,211,584 ; to this should bo added
interest on investment * in cash ,
$210,830 , which makes the total not
earnings , $4,492,420 ; from this is to
bp deducted payments on account of
dividends and interest on equipments ,
$1,725,285 , which ohows a not loss in
operating of $302,805 , which deducted
from the not income of the Pennsyl
vania railroad divisions loaves n bal
ance of $9.828853.
The Philadelphia & Erie railroad
shows gross earnings of $3,454.309 ;
expenses , $2,430,000 ; not earnings ,
$1,024,249 ; from which deduct inter
est on equipment and extraordinary
expenses , $300,024 , which loaves a
balancoof $723,625.
Stabbed to Death.
Nation * ! Associated 1'rcss ,
HAMUBN , O. , March G. David
Sands , in a druukon row , yesterday * ,
stabbud Charles Murray to death.
Both are married men. Sands is in
jail , and says ho was born in Now
York state.
Alleged. Attempt to S win ill o aa In
surance Company *
National Assoilitrd Prom.
OSHKOSH , Wis , March 0. Interest
lias boon awakened hero by the report
that ono Wiskow , a farmer , who two
years ago as it was uupijoaod , com
mitted suicide after kMing his wife ,
ranking an attempt on thu Hfo of his
daughter sind setting fire to the prom
ises , is still alive. Portions of re
mains supposed to bo those _ of Wis
kow , were found in fche ruins after
; ho fire. Facts have come out now
when an attempt is made to force the
nsuranco company to settle the in-
puranco. A neighbor offers to pro
duce Wiskow for $500.
Protesting Against Porter' * Relief
National Associated Press.
CINCINNATI , March 0. Petitions
are in circulation here protesting
against the passage of any bill for the
relief of Fitz-John Porter. The
movement waa started by the ox-
Army and Navy society after listen
ing to a paper against Porter by Gen.
J. D. Cox.
National Associated Proas.
BALTIMORE , Md. , March G. Majoi
L. Lorain , U. S. A. ( while on leave
of absence and visiting hero , died at
the St. James hotel this morning. He
was a profeasor'at West Point , whore
his wife and three children are , 'Ho
was 51 years of ago.
Tbo Female Faster.
National Associated from.
Miss Mary Herrmann is still alive and
bids fair to last until the end of the
week. There is no particular change
in her condition. She still steadily
refuses nourishment and her stomach
refuses to retain water. This is the
fifty-fourth day of her fast.
Postofflco Building Demolished.
National Aasoclatcd 1'rcna.
WAHIIINOTON , March 0. The post
master at Valley Mills , Bosquo county - '
ty , Texas , informs the postoflico de
partment that the postoflico and iiino
jthor buildings have boon dimolishod
) y a eyclono and all the stamps de
Peru and Chili.
National AsBoclatoJ Prom.
LIMA , February 9. The most im
portant engross over assembled in
Ohili has concluded its term and anew
now body has boon elected. The
majority of the congress were strongly
in favor of carrying on the war with
energy and it wosowlnqto the warmth
with which they. supported this idea
that the expedition against Lima was
undertaken It remains to bo soon
whether the now members will bo as
war like. It is reported President
Santa Maria will lend his support if
the government interferes to the can
didate wha supports a peace policy.
Poooo and quiet prevails throughout
Bolivia and great pleasure has boon
winced at the report that tho' pro-
hninary of peace with Ohili will bo
Yellow fever is reported to bo rg-
, ng in Tarejlllo , 70 soldiers of the
Talea batalion have fallen victims to
t. Typhoid fevers are prevalent in
[ quiqui.
Safety of the Missing Steamer.
National Awwciatocl j'rww ,
HOSTON , March G. The Cunard
steamship Atlas , from Liverpool , ar
rived at midnight and reports passing
the steamer Bumaria of the same line
one hundred miles from Boston light ,
towiai , ' ( ho Iimmu line steamship City
if Berlin , for whoso safety grave fears
liave boon oiiturtuined. The Samaria
Full in with Ihu City of Berlin on the
2HthoflaHt month. The Utter had
broken her crunk and was holploas ,
Al Ion hoiuduru well.
Slur Route Ca en ,
National A'ocluted I'rens.
WASUINOTOK , March 0 , Notwith
standing publication that the Mai
router's bail will bo fixed Thursday ,
it is expected all indicted will uppuai
and furnish bonds to-morrow , Tlu
indiotmont of Iojjil conspiracy occu
pius ninety-eight pagoa foolscap.
The Iievooi.
Natlontl Associated Prcm ,
VicKsnuna , March G The love
has broken all along the river am
many persons havo-bcon drowricd.
MKJimiH , Tonn. , March G The
levee at Ucdfork landing in the Ar
kansas river broke last night , and thii
morning at a place three miles bclofl
in Donsha county , the river has com
pletely flooded all houses and at Wat
son station , torty miles back , people
are living on boats , dugouts and rafts.
Many stuck to their houses though
they were driven to the roof. The
break at Rivorton Tuesday last caused
the waters north to go down , and the
cry for help between here and Ilivor-
eon is not now so urgent. A great
change has taken place in the general -
oral aspect in the last throe days.
NKW 0KLEINS , La. , March G.
There were two breaks in the La-
fourcho bayou levees yesterday. In
formation this morning states no
serious damage is feared , as the water
runs into a swamp. Other breaks are
apprehended. The parishes of Point.
Calipee and West Baton Ilougo appeal
for aid from every parish to prevent
a repetition of the disasters of 1874.
Tlieir levees cannot stand much
more pleasure. If they break great
damage will result in several interior
Marino Intelligence.
National AnnoUatcd 1'rciw.
NEW YORK , March 5. Sailed The
Circassia for Glasgow.
Arrived The Gormania from Liver
ANTWKUP , March 5. Sailed On
the 4th , the Rhynland for New York.
UAVHK , March 5. Sailed On the
4th , the Sucvia from Hamburg for
Now York , the St. Laurent , for Now
BHEMEN , March 5. Sailed The
Mosol for Now York.
SOUTHAMPTON. March 5. Sailed
The Kronprinz Wilhem from Bremen
or Now York.
HAMOURO , March 5 Sailed The
Bohemia for Now York.
QUEENHTOWN , March 5.- Sailed
The Catalonia for Now York.
ROTTERDAM , March 5. Sailed
Fho Amsterdam for Now York.
LIVERPOOL , March 5. On the 4th ,
.ho Pennsylvania for Philadelphia.
NEW YORK , March G. Arrived
The Acapulco from Aspinwall.
HAVUE , March 0. Arrived On
, Iic 5th , the Canada from Now York.
LIVEUPOOL , March 0. Arrived
The City of Montreal and the Britan-
lic from Now York.
QUEENBTOWN , March 0. Sailed
Du the 5th , the Alaska for Now York ,
, ho Batavia for Boston.
HAMDURQ , March 0. Arrived The
Vandalia from Now York.
SOUTHAMITON , March G. Arrived
The Elbe from Now York tor Bre
PLYMOUTH , March 7. Arrived
The Leasing from Now York for Ham
LOIINE , March 6. Sailed Ontho
jthj the State of Nebraska for New
Nevada Minor * , .
EUREKA , March G. Manager Pro-
bert , of the Richmond mine , has is
sued an order reducing the percentage
on tribute ore under certain grade ,
Yesterday about ono hundred , tribut
ers marched from Ruby , Hill to tlu
I hmond miuo to BOO jf JProberi
could not bo induced to rescind * the
order. Probert , however , refused tc
withdraw his order , and the minen
concluded to. quit work. This doci
not affect men working at four dollart
in tho. mine. The tribute system' it
very common in the district. . Here
tofore the body of men who quit work
tiavo boon paid 15 per cent , on all ore
assaying $30 a ton and upwards. By
the recent order a reduction of&por
cont. was made on ere below $3& per
ton. The Richmond , being a foreign
company , the reduction is not likely
x > affect tribute work in other mines.
Accidentally Klllod.
National Associated Proas.
DETROIT , Mich. , March G. Julius
Stetzloff was accidentally shot while
cleaning a revolver , in Spring Wells
yesterday , and died soon afterward.
A man named Kelly was run over
and killed by a pony engine in the
Canada Southern yards at Amherst-
jurg this morning. Both hia legs
were cut off.
Indian Engagement.
National Annotated J'lofco.
ST. PAUL , Minn , , March ( X A
special from Glendino , Montana , says :
Charles Staffer returning from the
3rosvontro trading camp reports
[ rout excitement there. Some Sioux
Indiana stole several horses from the
camp , and the Grosvontroa followed
and came up with them on Cracker
Box crook. They succeeded in rocov-
iring the stock and killing three of
; ho thieves , but at a loss to-them
selves of ono dead and three seriously
inrt. Only ono of the Sioux was
Poiu e4 by
National Associated fnw.
RED BANK , N. J. , March G , The
entire family of Aaron Patterson ,
seven in number , who live near Port
Vlonmouth , were poisoned yesterday
by eatinu biscuit * in which onemc
was used instead of cream of tartar.
The usual remedies were administered
and it u believed all are now out oi
danger except the youngest child , G
years old , who will probably die. The
irsouic- had boon purchased for the
> uri * > ao of killing ruto , but it was laid
near u. bottlu of cream of tartar , and
thuu the mistake occurred.
Poatnuuter Short ,
National A * > clat d 1'riiM.
NOUKOLK , Va. . March G. It ii
alleged that John II. Eason , post
muster ut Hartford , N. 0. . U short ii
his accounts $2,100. The amoun
will bu made good by his bondsmen ,
Indication *
National Awtodatixl Ptcaa.
WA'BIIIMITON , March 7. Foe th
lower Missouri valley : Fair weather
north to cast winds , slight fall fol
lowed by slowly rising temperature
rising followed by falling barotnetei
Another Decisive Brafllaugh Yofcs
in tlio Commons ,
More Regarding tbo Roconfc
Utterances of the Belligerent -
ont Russian U-enoral ,
IgnatiofT Revised Hie Speech ,
but Skobeloff Did Not
Heed the Ohaago.
BXiioellaneon * New * tka * Cam *
Over the Cable.
National Associated Item.
LONDON , March 0. In the house of
commons to-day Gladstone spoke in
objection to Sir Stafford Northcoto'a
notion to prevent Mr. Bradhvunh ,
who has ngatn bcon returned by ma
district his'ro-
to parliament despite -
cent expulsion , fr6 taking the oath.
Hr. Gladstone &trfcgly urged the do-
out of this mot ion'and the support oC
.ho Majoribanks amendment , which
so niters the law regulating admission
o the house as to allow affirmation as
well as swearing. Mr. Gladstone said
hat the position of the house on.tho
was painful and was overp
ay becoming tnoru so , and the amend-
nont would secure a proper solution
of the difficulty. Notwithstanding
llr. Gladstone's argument , the mo-
ion of Sir Stafford Northcoto was
carried by n vote of 257 to 243i
A telegram Irom Brussels says
hat three 11.011 and two women were <
arrested- yesterday charged with bo
ng concerned in tin ; Hatton Garden
) oatolllco jewelry robbery. The
) rincipal priconor , an E iglish ticket
if leave man , made violent rosis-
ST. PuTEKauuiio , March Gi The
ollowing curious statement is ono ,
lie accuracy of which can bo guaran-
oed , although not obtained from
either of the parties concerned.
Skobolofl's St. Petersburg speech was
written by A. K. Haskoff. Skoboleffi
ubmittod the manuscrint to * Gen.
gnatieff , who- struck out several
> agcs , making , no secret of it at that
imo. Shrewd though Skobeleff. is ,
10 allowed himsoH to bo carried'away
> y champagne and took no account
of the erasures when ho delivered
his speech. This is what led to the I
rumor that ho and Ignatioff were in
collusion. THK WKEN'H THANES. I
Minister Lowell transmitted to the
statu department to-day a copy of * tho-
queen's reply to Secretary JTroliog- Ir
luysen's message of congratulations
which is published by cable and also a.
preparatory note from Ponsonby , prii-
irate secretary of the queen : r i.
"March , 4th I received your telegram -
gram to-day and gave it to the qpoon , ,
who was very much touched by. the
kind feeling , shown. I felt that the >
expression of onox nation to another
was rather too important for mo to-
answer and I therefore gave it to Lord.
Grouvillo with the quoen'a request
that ho would convey her most hearty
thanks for this telegram. "
VIENNA , March 0. The Austrian
soldiers in enforcing martial law in
Bosnia , shot an innkeeper &t Resna
for concealing arms.
GENEVA , March 0. Strong- earth
quake shocks occurred on Saturday
around Belle Insona , in the canton ofi
K !
The Special Orand Jury Baya It Was.
' Murder in tbo First .Degree.
At 10:30 a. m. yesterday the grandj
ury came into court and reported.
hat they had found ono indiotmont.
rVhilo it was supposed to be that iu the
tasters case the con tents of the doc-
nont were not made public until after
noon , when the result was found to bo
the finding of a true bill charging , the
defendant with murder in the first
This finding was a. surprise to-
everyone. The regular , grand jury , !
after weeks of investigation and the
calling in of scores ofi witnossas , hadi
> nly found an indiotmont of murder
n the second degree , and sinoo that
luie the disappearance of several of
ho most important witnesses was.
supposed to have weakened the prose
cution considerably.
The bill is lengthy and Ailed witlb
he usual technical phrases. It of
course includes the charges , ofi delib
eration and premeditation
A motion was. made by Koiters at
torneys to admit the prisoner to bail ,
and was argued * at length , by the coun
wl. The judge said ho would not ro-
ease the prisoner on bail unless the
district attorney would consent toit ,
and aa ho doohned to do BO. Sheriff
ttiller , aboui > G o'clock , hunted Kos.-
; ors up andt took him , in custody. Ha V
was lodgodi in the county jail.whoro ,
10 now is. It is ojpoctod that the/
trial will some up to-morrow.
National Associated I'lca *
Boston , MUM. , March 0 , George
Sweet & Co. , bankora and brokers ,
State street , suspended this morning. i *
Hie Right Sort of General- k
Jacob Smith. Clinton Street , Buffalo , I
ttya ha has uaed Braura BLPBSOM iu his
family a a general medicine for cue * of i 4
ludigeiitlou , blllouineju , bowel and kidney
coroplaiutii , and 'disorder * arising from
Itnimritiea of the blood ; ha speaks nlifhly
of its efficacy. Price 50 oonta , trial bottles
tles 10 cenU. m-7-d-Jw
The thing desired found at latt. Aslc
drujgint for "Hough on 1UU. " It clear
out raU , mice , roachw , filet , b d \ > vyi\ \ \
box * * .