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    TH > 1 OivJAnA DAILY BElil : TUESDAY JFMERUAJttt 28 , 1882 ,
Graphic Description of the
Perils of a Family pf
353 migrants.
A Race Wltn the Flames A Miracu
lous Escnpo.
Stockton Cor. IifuiKM City Journul
Tlio curly risers of this city worn
surprised the ether morning nt thu
npponranco of nn emigrant wagon that
drove up to tlio public well. What
first attracted attention wns the many
luiod covering of the wagon ; plaid nnd
atriped shawls , calico dresses nnd
blankets composed the fantastic make.
From the blackened bows hung tattered -
torod fragments of the original cover ,
which , when touched , would crumble
under the fingers. The wa on bed was
scorched as were the wheel nnd rn'.ui-
ing goati The horses were badly burn
ed , the hair being singed oil' in Inrgu
patches , and the 111,1110 nnd tail hair
of both animals bur.icd almost en
tirely nw y. The harness was intact
with the exception of thu lines , which
wore composed of pieces of assorted
rope. Taken altogether , it was the
moat novel mode of transportation
imaginable , and thu few who had
gathered around indulged in n laugh
at the comical appoarnnco of animal. )
nnd wngon. Their merriment was
short-livod , however , for the driver ,
having completed the task of water
ing his horses , advanced toward them ,
ana lifting a pair of bandaged hands
to a bandaged head , addressed the
mou iu a solemnly , impressive man
ner. '
"Gentlemen , " said ho , "had you my
experience of the past week you would
.look upon those horses with duo rovor-
onco. If you know the bravery of my
12-year old boy , now lying in this
wagon with terrible burns , you as well
as I would bo proud of him , for ho is
-a horo. "
The Journal correspondent had
meanwhile introduced himself , and
had persuaded the gentleman to put
him in possession of his story. After
.somo hesitation he agreed to do so ,
provided the reporter would accom
pany him on his course a few miles ,
when ho would stop and breakfast.
"To this the correspondent eagerly
.agreed , and an hour later we halted
while Mrs. Tumor for such her name
proved to bo cooked the breakfast
over the camp fire and her husband
.related one of the most startling ex
periences it has boon the writer's lot
to chronicle.
My name is Robert J. Turner. It
was in the year 1873 that I left a good
farm in Saline county , Mo. , to take
up my abode in the west , and during
my eight years' residence in Kansas
And Colorado I have had nothing but
ill-luck ; I have never prospered. I
loft the mountains in Colorado three
weeks ago , with the avowed intention
of returning to the old homo. The
weather was bright and warm , nnd
the prairies smooth nnd dry , all of
which made traveling endurable , if
not pleasant to us , accustomed , as wo
are , to raughing it. For two weeks
we progressed finely , and one week
a o to-night crossed , the Kansas line
and pitched our camp on the Repub
lican river in Cheyenne county.
About 2 o'clock in the morning I
was awakened by a sense of oppression ,
and found my lungs filled with smoko.
My first thought was that the wind
had shifted , and was blowing the
smoke toward us from our dying
camp fire. A second glance , however ,
convinced me of my error ; our tire
was east of us. Turning my head to
the westward , I beheld an appalling
sight. The heavens were illuminated
with a dark rod glare , while appar
ently not more than two miles distant
was a prairie fire sweeping toward us.
Personal experience taught mo with
what danger such fixes were fraught ,
but I almost lost aU .control of my rea
son , awaking as I did from * a sound
sleep , and it WM as in a dream that I
awakened my boy and commenced
getting up the lioraos. They were
very restive , and wo had hard work
hitching them to the wagon. The
jcreams of my little girl , dia not help
matters any , but at last , in what tome
mo Boomed an age , we wore started.
The horses took their own course and
It .vas at a ford where the stream was
narrow and 'shallow. They gained
the opposite bank and started on a
dead run for the open prairie to the
eastward. 1 know not where to guide
them and was quite willing that they
fllipuld choose their own courso. I
knew that wo could not outrun the
fire , and was thinking how wo should
escape , when the boy oskod me why I
didn't stop and "back fire , " or fire
the grass at our foot and follow in its
courso. Fool that I was , the
thought never entered my brain be
fore , and I pulled on the lines to
stop tbp team. To my horror the
lines slipped from the rings of the
backhand and full useless on the dou
bletree. In my haste I had neglected
to buckle thorn to the bridle bits.
Now I had given up all hope of escape
uavo by out running the fire , and tills
T know was impossible. To jump out
would have been folly ; wo were eoing
at breakneck spued.Vo were about
a miles from the river , and the smoke
was growing thicker. The nif was hot
and suffocating ; looking back I snw the
fire sweeping over ourcamping ground.
Even ai I looked a huge tongue of
flame shot out nnd leaped over tlio
river , instantly igniting the brush nnd
gross on our sido. It appeared
to gain fresh momentum from
its temporary obstruction , and
came down upon ua with terrible
* piSuddenly ' the horses swerved
811111 * / to rhe lelr , mid ran in n counio
imol'tti to t'.e tuo. kVuh puvuu , ,
cries of alarm my wife implored mo
io change their COUMO , and I was just
venturing onto the wagon tongue to
make the effort , whan the "swish ,
swish ! " of the grass suddenly ceased ,
and the horses wore running on bare
ground. Before I could collect my
thoughts they dropped to tlio ground
and sent mo flying through the air
over their heads. Luckily I was not
injured , and gaining my foot , saw that
the horses nnd wagon were in the
middle of a small pool of water , nnd I
had boon pitched high and dry to thu
bank. The water was only eight or
ton inches deep , yet I fervently
5Y tjiankod Qed for imparting to dumb
brutes such powerful instinct.
even now , if wo wore to eacapn , and ,
_ ± A
grabbing n bucket from the wagon , I
began dashinR wntcr over the canvas.
My boy followed mo with another
bucket , and in a few momenta wo had
the watron cover Mid bed clothing
thoroughly saturated. I called to him
to c imb into the wagon and get under
the blankets , but ho God bless him
answered , "mother first 1" nnd con
tinued his work. The smoke rolled
over us sq thiofc wo could scarcely see
the wngon or each other , nnd the hunt
wns so great , while the flames wore
yet a quarter of n milo nwny , that my
fnco felt as if ono solid blistur. Nearer
came the fire nnd faster wo throw thu
wntor. Onl enl the great 'wnll of
llamo sped , and I thought wo wore
tlono for. The side of the wagon
cover burst into u iliuno , and the hey ,
in trying to extinguish it , had his cent
fired. I held a bucket of water in my
hand nnd throw it over him , but in
my haste nnd excitement the most of
it missed him , Catching him in my
firms , I threw him headlong into the
water and extinguished the cover my-
so.f. The flames were now
nnd it kept mo busy putting out the
wngon cover as fast as it would catch.
My fnco and hands uoro blistered ,
nnd my whiskers burned from mj
face. 1 thought the fire would conic
on over the bare ground and devour
us anyhow. I wns too weak to lift
the bucket , and oeoing the fire sud
denly divide in front of us , I fell in
sensible into the wator. After that
al < is blank to mo. The remainder ia
as the boy tolls it. My throwing him
into the water had put out
the fire on his clotliintr , and ho
recovered his senses in time to sou me
loao mine. When I fell the boy turned
me over in the wntor , nnd catching up
a pail , put out the bed clothing , which
was burning. The wagon cover had
burned off entirely. When I recov
ered consciousness I could just manage -
ago to roach the wngon and pull awny
the wet blankets from my wife and
girl , and to my joy found them alive
and uninjured , save my wile , who , in
endeavoring to shield the girl , had ex
posed her head and neck , and they
were slightly blistered. The fire had
loft us and was raging to the east
ward. Wo bandaged up our wounds
as best we could and waited for day
light There was no thought of sleep
for us , and wo silently sat and shiv
ered in our wet clothing for four loutj ,
weary hours. The horses were lying
quietly in the water , but were badly
burned. I paid but little attention to
them. A number of antelope
and ether smaller animals were
lying around us , some dead
and others dyinjr. When day broke I
succeeded in getting the horses on
their feet nnd continued on my route ,
in the track of the fire. Wo went
four or five miles , and found that tlio
fire had changed its course and left
the ground in our direction untouched.
Wo halted , built a fire , dried our
clothes and cocked our breakfast ,
after which wo all knelt down and
offered up our thanks to God for our
miraculous preservation.
Yes , I'm going back now , and that
poor wife of mine , who has stuck to
me through ull our trials , will bo con
tent in the old home.
Mr. Turner is badly burned. His
son , Martin , is compelled to remain in
the wagon from his injuries. They
have enough money to carry them
through , and will make the entire trip
by wagon.
A Short Road to Health.
To all who are suffering from boils , ul
cers , scrofula , carbuncles , or other obsti
nate diseases of the blood nnd akin , a
be found to be "a furo road to health. "
Price 8100. trial size 10 cents.
Too much cannot be said of the
over faithful wife and mother , con
stantly watching and caring for her
dear ones , never , neglecting a single
duty in their behalf. When they are
assailed by disease , and the system
should have a thorough cleansing , the
stornifjch and bowola regulated , blood
purified , malarial poison exterminated ,
she must know that Electric Bitters
are the only sure remedy. They nr
the best And purest medicine in the
world , aod only cost fitty cents. Sold
by Ish & McMahon. (4) ( )
For the past two years the publish
ers of this paper have given to the
subscribers of THU WEEKLY BEK the
best line of premiums as inducements
to subscription which have over been
offered by any newspaper in the coun
try. The plan has proved a success.
It has given universal satisfaction to
the patrons of the paper , and has in
creased the subscription list to a de
gree far above the expectations of its
Many patrons of THE DAILY BEE
liavo asked why wo do not offer them
the same inducements held out to sub
scribers of THE WEEKLY BEE. In re
sponse to the inquiry wo make the
Following offer : Each nubscribor to
THE DAILY BEE who pays his arrears
of subscription and remits prepayment
ment for six months and every now
subscriber who rdmits pro-payment
for six months will bo entitled to ono
of the premiums mentioned in our
1st. These premiums will bo dis
tributed in the
same impartial manner -
nor which marked our first and second
This soliomo was fiiat devised to
collect subscriptions in arrears from
patrons of THE WEEKLY BEE. Its sue-
COSH exceeded our expectations. Wo
Invo ii > iv < i bicK on our
weekly edition , have established the
prepayment system , quadrupled our
circulation and
correspondingly on-
Imncod the value of our advertising
space. A number of subscribers to
THE DAILY BEE mo now in arrears ,
and if by an extension of the same
plan wo can induce them to pay the
amount duo us , wo can well afford to
make this liberal ofli-r. By this
means wo hope to still further increase
the largo list of THE DAILY HEE , and
having established the prepayment
Hyulom wo propose to maintain it ,
an wo are doing with our WoekJy edi'
To those who are not familiar with
our r > Jan of distribution or the manner
.n which the premiums are secured by
, wo append the oxplnnntion made
to our Weekly subscribers , which ap
plies equally to thu subscribers of
Two years ngo the publishers of TIIK
BKK devised a scheme for collecting
back pay from delinquent subscribers ,
securing renewals nnd extending the
circulation of this paper by a distri
bution of valuable premiums. The
success of that experiment , both in
the collection of back p.iy and Jncreaso
f prepaid subscribers was so encour
aging that the publishers ventured
upon the s.iiiio system of premium dis
tributions on n more extensive scale
last year. Tt was demonstrated that
wu couldbottor afford to distribute the
money usually paid to agents , jocal
collectors and attorneys , directly to
our patrons by offering them extra
ordinary inducements to square ac
counts nnd prepay for anotlior year.
By this method wo have succeeded in
two years in quadrupling the circula
tion of TUB WKBKLY UKB and extend
ing its iniUionco far beyond the
boundaries of this state.
During the first year only n portion
of the articles distributed wore pro
cured in exchange for advertising.
When the marked increase in circula
tion became known to merchants nnd
manufacturers last year they willingly
placed their machinery and merchan
dise at our disposal in paying for ad
vertising. That enabled us to do
what seemed incredible namely , fur
nish a metropolitan weekly fur tuo
dollars a year and give our subscribers
premiums that aggregated in value
§ 20,000. And yut it was n paying in
vestment for us , nnd gave general
satisfaction to our patrons.
What grew out ot n desire to collect
back pay has developed into n now
and practical idea. Wo have discov
ered that wo can n fiord to mnko our
subscribers sharers in the income of
the paper from advertising. In other
words wo can afford to divide the nd-
yertising patronage of the paper with
its subscribers , inasmuch as the income
from advertising grows with the in
creased circulation. Advertising space
in THE BEE that was worth ono hun
dred dollars live years ngo will com-
niadd one thousand dollars to-day
This fall more goods and machinery
have boon offered us in exchange for
advertising than wo could accept in
view of the limited space we devote
for that purpose. What wo have con
tracted for makes the grandest and
most varied list that has over boon
offered for distribution by any news
paper , nnd that too without paying u
aollar in monoy. The only outlay in
cash wo expect to incur in connection
with' these premiums will bo for postage -
ago nnd expressive. This explains
exactly how wo proouro our premiums
and why wo can give awny property of
so much value.
All the premiums in our list are
worth at retail just what wo represent
them. In contracting with manufac
turers and wholesale dealers wo accept
them only at wholesale rates , but
that does not lessen their value to
those who receive them
THE BEE has for years stood in the
front rank of newspapers west of the
Mississippi , and to-day circulates
more extensively than any paper west
of Chicago and north of St. Louis. A
largo number of eastern people who
desire to procure a far western paper ,
with a viuw of acquiring reliable in
formation about the resources and de
velopment of the country west of the
Missouri will doubtless avail them
selves of the opportunity now offered
them. Having for more than ten years
been under ono management pursuing
a course that has established for it pub
lic confidence , at homo and a wide
reputation abroad , THE BEE could not
afford to engage in any undertaking
that was not conducted fairly and hon
estly. The distribution in 1880 and
1881 gave general satisfaction to out
subscribers. The coming distribution
will be made in the same impartial
manner , by a committee whom the
subscribers present may select from
their own number , and in nuch man
ner as they think fair and equitable.
Last year all the premiums gave good
satisfaction , excepting some engrav
ings which wore not appreciated. Thie
year no engravings , maps or pictures
have boon placed among the prem
Our aid patrons need no assurance
from us of the reliability and stability
of THE BEE , nor do wo need to inform
thorn that the principles it advocates ,
and the fearless defense it make in
behalf of the producers , makes it al
most indisponsiblo to tlio industrial
classes of the great west.
No intelligent person would expect
that every subscriber will receive a
? 6'50 threshing machine , a 8500 piano -
ano , a § 300 harvester , or a § 150 or
gan , but all have an equal chance in
the distribution.
Each subscriber that pays up his ar
rears and repays another year , and
every now subscriber that remits prepayment -
payment for ono year , will receive a
premium worth at least Ono Dollar ut
retail. As a matter of , fact , TUB
OMAHA WEEKLY BEE is worth the
subscription price , Two Dollars a
year , to every faamor ; mechanic or
merchant. Without boasting , wo as
sort that no weekly paper , east or
west , can compare with it in variety
and choice selections , general news ,
interesting correspondence , and no
other paper in America contains as
much far western news , ranging from
the Pacific coast to the Mississippi
rivor. With the proof of good faith
and honest dealing before thorn in the
numerous acknowledgments wo pub-
libh , wo can safely enter upon our en
larged undertaking of this year , confidently -
fidently believing that its success will
be mutually satisfactory and advan
tageous. E. ROSKWATEU ,
Managing Editor.
If you nro suffering from n Cough ,
Cold Autumn , Bronchitis , Jlv Fuvor ,
Consumption , loss of voice , n. kinig of
the throat , or any aflucuun of the
Throat or Lungs , use Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption. This is
the great remedy that is causing so
much excitement by its wonderful
cures , curing thousands of hopeless
cas s. Over u million bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery Imvo been used
within the lost year , nnd liavo given
noifect satisfaction in every instance.
Wo can unhesitatingly say that this is
really the only euro euro for throat
and lung affections , and can cheerful
ly recommend it to all. Call and got
a trial bottle free of cost , or a regular
size for gl.OO. Jah & McMnhon , Om-
iw (3) ( )
The following is n description of the
most valuable premiums that nro to
bo nllotod to the patrons of TUB BKE
on March 4 :
which is the most valublo among our
premiums , is from the CHASE PIANO
Co.Mi'AXV. of Richmond , Indiana ,
This company has the reputation of
nmktiig the most durable instruments
iiuulo in America , nnd for tone nnd
tune their Pianos nro second to none.
Possessing fine wntor power nnd n fac
tory built with special reference to the
manufacture of the best instrument nt
the least possible cost , this company
have advantages enjoyed by no eastern
factory. They lm\o nonr nt h.uul in
largo quantities the finest timber in
the world , nnd have nn opportunity to
make the first selection , nnd save
the liigh freights which must be paid
by eastern innnufncturon , nnd conso-
( uiontly can furnish a better piano for
tlio money limn any other makers.
The College of Music at Cincinnati ,
ono of the largest institutions of the
kind in this country , after trying the
pianos of all the best makes discarded
nil others and nto using only the
CHASE , and decided that it possessed
till the qualities necessary to with
stand the hardships if , v genuine mus
ical win fare ThiH spe.iks volumes in
fnvor of those excellent instruments ,
the prpdtict of western enterprise nnd
skill. All disinterested experts ad
mit that these pianos nro nmdo belt r
than these from nny other factory ; \ml
that they are the most amicable.
Tlio piano wo offer is their
. < tylo seven and for elegance ( if
nvnoarnnco , beauty of tone nnd
stolidity qf structure c.miiot be ex
celled. Parties who nro not familiar
with this make of pianos would do
well to wiito to tin1 toctory for nn il
lustrated catalogue.
The other piano on our list is the
8.11110 atylu and quality as the ono wo
iavo lost year , ami will ho nonrociatod
by thop.irty fortunate enough to re
ceive it.
The first ono on the list is from
Puts & Sim's celebrated factory , of
OniCiiL'o , 111. , and haa a reputation for
good woik ever tlu > xvholo country
fliu Cinul Modal TliU'sher is fiom
tlievi I kin IMI thai of Robinson &
Co , Uiv ? i- Inn Tlio llobinson
in luliil.e \ > < iks wuro established in
181'J , and iiioinio o the oldest thri'sh-
iiiLt machine buildeia in the country.
'Iho machines of thia firm nro in use
in ovoiy state from Alnino to Oregon.
Every farmer nnd dealer admits their
superiority. Our contract with the
Robinson machine works is for a com-
plo'to threbhor ready to attach either
horse or steam power , both of which
they manufacture , and under our con
tract they will furnish the party who
receives this machine , either power nt
$50.00 less than their regular prico.
This discount to bo given ii addition
to any cosh or other discounts offered
by the firm.
The reputation of the Marsh har
vesters is so well established that no
special description of them is dcomo/
necessary. We will only state that
this is their latest improvement. Tliia
machine was on exhibition at the Ne
braska stato'fair last September , nnd
was admire i by every one , and the
workings of it declared superior to
that of any other harvester made.
This machine stands at the head of
the header family and has met with
most surprising success. The factory
at Hastings , Nebraska is kept busy
the year round , and the past year
has not boon able to make enough to
fill all orders. Thcso headers do more
work with loss power than any other
fitylo of reaper , nnd with loss loss of
grain than by any ether mode of har
which wo offer as premiums are guar
anteed to bo first-class in every respect -
spoct , simple in construction , durable
and easily managed. These mills arc
intended for grinding food and are
valuable to every farmer ; they can bo
adjusted so as to grind meal fine
enough for table uso. The fortunate
farmer who receives ono of these mills
will certainly bo well pleased. The
mills are complete with pulleys , and
can bo attached to any powor. They
ai ( ) manufactured by the American
Grinding Mill Company , Chicago , Ill
These are the name style of Mills
wo gave an premiums last year , and
were appreciated more than any ether
premiums of equal value.
The Sowing Machine which wo give
is premiums are all now and first-
class , manufactured by the Singer
Manufacturing company of Now
York , who Imvo n reputation and do
business in every city and village in
the United States and Europe. Every
body knows the valuoandusefulnuB ) of
these machines , and know that they
ire worth just what wo list thorn.
Their immense sales show how well
thcsoSowing Machines are appreciated.
IB one of their biwt make nnd has ca
pacity to weigh n wngon with its
heaviest load , and will bo n premium
that any ono will appreciate.
which is offered as n premium , is thu
same style as the ono wo gave lant
year and which was considered ono of
Iho finest farm wagons over mado.
These wagons are made by the Kansas
Manufacturing Company , of Leaven-
worth , JCa8. , a western firm with truly
western enterprise. They are making
n first-class wagon and will soon be
supplying the entire trade of the
is the old reliable rotary drop , made
byBoodlo & Kelly , of Troy , Ohio.
Those goods are ns ataplo as white
sugar and are indispensable on every
Avoll regelated farm. We are eafo in
recommending it as the best corn
planter made.
These mills are now and simple ,
separating cockle chaff and all need
from the wheat , is also used as a Bocd
fconarator , This mill works with n cor-
tmnty and rapiditynotnttained by any
grain manipulating device heretofore
placed on tlio nmrkot. It furnishes
its own motive power and needs no
blast or agitation. Every farmer ,
grain dealer and miller should have
0110. The ono on exhibition at the
lor t Nebraska state fair waa acknowl
edged by every ono as a "groat inven
tion. "
Tht > gwh iii this line have boon
geciiini iliroiiuli the jewelry fmn of
Edhdlm liricl < Mn. Thin firm hai
mot wiiu remarkable success in
Omaha. Coming here a fo'V year *
ngo. they have built up n wonderful
trauo , extending through the western
slates nnd lorritories. The Imvo nlso
mndo a reputation for Inmost goods
and fair dcnlint' , nnd tlio fact that
they furnish these goods is siifKciont
guarantee that they nro just as repre
is from the old reliable Carpet HMIM
of J. B. Dotwilor , ho has doiiq busi
ness in Omaha lor yoais , and is \\eil
known laroughout tlio entire state.
The Carpet is the best Uody Brussels ,
'and when Mr. Dotwilor says it is
worth forty-five dollars it represents
just that much monoy.
outiBU von noons.
The order on L. H. Williams ifc
Sons , which wu give ns a premium ,
will buy just ns many goods from that
linn ns would the sumo amount in
cash. L. li. Williams it SOUR is the
oldest Mid largest retail dry goods
store in Omaha , nnd hoai "es dry goods
cmry a 1 u-go stock of boots nnd shoes
and gent's furnishing goods nnd luvo
a merchant tailoring department
They nro n strictly cosh mwo nm' '
hnvon widoroputntion for boiling chonji
and the party who rocoivi-s thin mn
IMIUIM will certntnU lw wull ploasi-ii
1',0'iKr ' ,
Tlio Hooks in ui' li ° i " ' .ill Sinn-
( laid first claw [ ! .K.i n bound ,
ilm.iblo mid good htylo , atultcannot lit
bought anywhere at retail lu.ifl thiui
\\olisttliem. This yeauo give n
mnpH. pictures or engravingsHiid _ nr
jiiRtihod in enyini ; that our list c n
tains the moat varied nnd vnliublo 1 it
of premium * uvu off iodl > > mi ) | np"i
Tlio folloulim iiekmwIoilKrini'iilH wn
rccvlw'il from parties toliimi ilm mint
\ \nltiiihloiircntluini nlloloilln ounlls-
trIDutlon last years
lUHii.nitii , Col. , April II , 'HI.
Kdltorot the Omulm lieu.
DKAU Sin : I ha\o Jmt rocolvcil the
beautiful S70 White sowIHBmachine , Riven
; IH u iircinluiu with your | iipor : , ( orlilch
> acceptmany tlianks from jour nnieh
pleased subscriber. i : SMITH.
SIUNKV , Neb , May 2T , ' 81.
HRNTLRMRX ; You will please aceeptmy
thanks for thu watch 1 receUcd tn-ilay , In
good running order. Von ha\o acted so
( air towards mo Unit I shall inerconllmia
a subscriber to TIIK HKK , which 1 confe1
In Itself li worth mure than the Riibscrlntloi
ami It Is quite oUilent ) im are as pnrtlcnll
In forwarding the awards to siicci 'i"i
drnwers.asif jouworo to receive piuyinenl
for them. Again thanking you nioi'it hcaifr
A. S. tfUGl.AS.
XENiA 'eli. . . ! ! K , ' 81.
Ilccelvcd of the Omnharf > b1WiliiK Co. f
gold watch , as premium , " vth lintpMAiu
WKUKI.V IIKK. The wf itch was nil that ji
was represented In thj premium list , My
worth S7fi. Accent ' my thanks Jo/ the
watch. I consider T HK IIKK wiumorth the
subscription price , Kliout a i sjnluin.
, t , Utah Co. I
/ U.T..Inlvc.81. f
Kli n Sin : I Jcelvcd the sti'in-wlndlni ;
TCKitch nwnrd.Ao ' at your distribution. U
rutd not ro i , is soon as expected. A good
I nsnynancd mo and wanted to know If I
had received the watch awarded me , and
now I say to them , yes , a Rood stem w Inder ,
ns represented In jour valued paper. I
llko your paper Very much , nnd 1 Intend to
continue to take your paper as Ions as It Is
outspoken on monopolies and speaks forth
fiecdom Thu people llko > onrpaper , forlt
ul\es Iho necessary news. I am taklncdlf-
fercnt papers. I llko jour paper fully the
best , and II Is the first paper 1 take up to
look through to hen thu general newx. I
desire to sustain your paper undwlsh you
success Jh kind le anta. ,
.SHEI'llKlU ) 1' . nUTtilllNGS.
Wn.i.ow CitKKK , Montnna , Sept 2081.
Omaha Publishing Co. , Omaha Neb :
( ! i'.v.inll. . . oreeel\ed
isU'in-wlndhig wuteh , and tlvu books ns
premiums wllhTilic DKK for ' 81. Accept
mythanksforNamc. Will take subscrlplloiiH
lor jon , If 1 can make wuues. I'leaso to let
mo know terms , and send premium list as
boon possible. flcspeelfiilly ,
. \voomvAitb. .
IMr. Woodward was awarded Jirowii's
cnltlvator , but Uvlnu In n place whurolf\vaa
of nonso to linn , huwas allowed to select
another premium of equal vuluu. ]
Soi.ON , Neb. , April 25 , ' 81.
Omaha Publishing Co :
( iKNTH : The gold watch awarded mo nt
your second annual distribution of prem
iums Is received , 1 am well pleased with
It I think the paper alonu Is worth thu
money. Iag may TIIK HICK ; continue-
buzz. 0. HKNIMUOKS.
Ki'h . Jiiueao , "SI.
Omaha rubllnliliiK Co. ;
OKNTI.KMKN : The stfi winding sllv t
huntlimeaso watch that 1 reeelveilTu vt
last premium distribution Is at hand , 1
have found It to be a perfect llino-
keeper , and consider U uortli the price
valued at. Your * truly ,
A. K.MOUKl.l , .
KMC OiiovK , Mo..luni'7. 'fit.
Omaha 1'iibllsliliiK Co :
Hllis i Tim .silver it atoll awarded moat
jour dlslrlbiitlon of .premiums camn tn
hand all rlnht It Is u jrood tlmo-li < cp"i ,
and 1 am well pleased with It. I Hilnl ; the
pupcr Usnrlli the money \\ilhoul the
prize . 1 am well satisfied with both.
Yours resU'ltfiilly | ,
lli.un HrntKOH , OtiKoCo. Neb. , )
April iil , 'HI , f
Die AH Bum : TIIK OMAHA DICK prl/o ,
silver watch , Is to baud , fur which receive
my sincere thanks , lieforo receiving It I
WRS.skcptlcal about the worth of the article ,
but 1 am most agreeably surprised , for It li
both a KciiHlna good watch and nil excel
lent time-keeper. I consider jour paper
uoud value for the two dollars Independent-
I ) of the prl7 , for It contains a large
variety of reading matter , besides tlio cur
rent news of tlic week.
I am yours rcspocl fully.
JKIIANON , N. lIHcit | 3/81.
Ilecelvcdof you this day ten books , I am
much pleased wHIi them i think they are
richly worth ten dollar * , Yon make uMlght
mistake In tny first name on thu wrapper ol
my paper , which has sent wmiuof them to
another man , although I found them all at
last. You utIUi It Curios , It should be
Charles 1) ) . llouli. ; ;
Hinti/io.v , Neb , , May U , ' 81.
Editor Jlfo : .
DKAII HIH s My bolt of lonsdalo ( prl/o )
duly received. In < i allty and < | tiuntUy It
exceeds my expectations , 1'lcaso accept
my thanks for full compliance of contract
on award of No. into. As u now reader ol
TIIK HICK , I must say that I am well pleased
wllh tlio choice rt-aolng matter It contains.
Very respectfully yours.
Mll.I.Alin fiT TIOK , Veb Vf\t. \ 28 , ' l ,
To-d.iy I ruLfhcd Iho U ulster's bn-
abrldgeii Dictionary , awarded mo as a
premium with TIIK OMAHA WKKKI.Y JtKK.
Thu dictionary Is thu best made and Is an
irooil as represented. I am yrry much
pleased with It. 1 think TIIK HiticU the
liest paper publlahed In this country
.1.1' . MAHTKN8.
i'KNNIMOKIC. WIs. , May 3 , 'HI.
Omalini'nbllHhliigCo i
HIH : My premium to TIIK Mini
cauiu to hand In good order , eouiiUtlng elemi
emi bolt of lonsdalu muslin , a No 1 article ,
1'lease accept my tlunkx honing that Tun
DKK may conthiuu IU good work of do-
nounchiK thu monoiioly and pooling fr.iud
of the f am Interested In the farm-
luu Interest ol Nebraska , expecting soon to
till soiuo of Its fertile Mill ,
Yours reKiicotfnlly.
DUUAN , Neb , Juuu 3 , 's\ \
Keillor Omaha Dee ;
Your premium for life scholarship duh
received , and amiimchobllgo.
VourM trul
Mas. V. 0.
A * nn Imtncoinent to the trotm of TilKlJKit who nto In orreara for tlielnmtmcrlp
lion in Niimro Ihftir nee m-.t mul nocurn ( ho patronage of parties who iteMro ti > tiocnro
llo tl illy l > fti r which imblMics Ml tin tel grip1iio ( new * of the day tlio fullert mark -
k t roimrt * t MIV Jiimiml In the went , f carles' nnd outspoken in sentiment uml An im
wn\c ilnif id\t nt'i of the right * ol the people n * Axnlmt clMioncut rlnw. An opponent
of corruption In nivy pnrty , tlio puMlnlicni ol TIIK HER li vo dcld * I to offer n Hit of
\nlnnblu I'lcinluwhich nro loba A ! ! itto'l ' and tllittlbutcil smonu the imbscribcrs
who remit pi lor to the l t day o March , 1882.
1 Pitts k Son's Threshing Machin . $ 600 00
1" Gold Medal" " . 50000
1 Whilnoy-Mnrsh Twine Binder , . 800 00
1 Lewis Header , . 300 00
monl iintl Corn Shollcr , ; 150 00
I No. 1) ) "American" llorso Power Mill Grinder inJ1
Gob Grimier combined , i 15000
1 No.1 " American' ' Pulley Mill Grinder with bolting
attachment , . OU 00
1 Loach Standard Wind Mill , . . . " . 90 00
1 Standard Mower , . 90 00
1 Farm Wagon , complete , ( Caldwell ) . 90 00
1 No. 8 " American " Power Grinding Mill . _ , . _ 90 00 .
O 1
4 IT O 11 "T-v I * tl „ „ *
INo. 8 Double " 100 00
1 No. 7 80 00
1 No. 5 76 00
INo 4 GO 00
2 No. 88 00
1 No. 1-1 Power and Farm Mill , combined. . 50 00
3 No. 2 American Wind Mill Grinders , . 80 00
INo.l 35 00
1 Farm Wagon , complete , . . . 86 00
1 Hopkins Mower , 80 00
1 No. 2 Triumph Steamer , complete , . 60 00
INo.l " * . 50 00
G Churns from Ovnl Churn Co . 80 00
2 Seta Farm Harness , . 90 00
SSnlky Plows . 19'5 00
10 lU-inch JJeam Plows . 2W ) 00
1 Champion Corn Planter , 50 OU
1 Xo. 2 King , Cockle Mill uiul Sued Separator , 45 00
" " " ll " 05 01
1 No. 3
1 Chnso Grand jUty Piano ' . $700 00
1 Gnuid Sgafae Pill1' . ' . . . . . .i 600 00
1 Grand Farlor OrglH y. 300 00
I Parlo ; Organ , . . . > ' - 150 00
SySneor Sowing Machine \ $1500 00
JFMosstor Bahmann Offic hfe , 250 ° "
F-i Austin llotniy WnshiBg Machines , 80
1 Base Burner Hard.-Joal Steve , 40
Ll Cook Stovo\ 40 , v
II No 3 Kendall s Plaiting Machine , . . . . . , 20
\\BrusselsCarpet \ 30 yards , , , ; . . . . , ' ' . / ° , 45,00
OVw .n L. B. Williams & Sons , . , , # . . . „ , , 25j 00
5 Volts Lonsdalo Muslin , , ,2,5 , 00
1 Life Scholarship Omaha Business College , . . . . ' . ' . . . ' . . . 50 00
26 Residence Lots in Council Bluffs , $5200 00
1 Hunting Case Gold Watch , 100 00
1 " " " " , . . 90 00
I " u " " Ladies , . 75 00
50 Silver Watches , Hunting Case , Stem Winders 1000 00
50 " " " " 1500 00
1 Elegant Silver Tea Set , 00 00
5 Silver Plated Coke Boskati , 50 00
5 Si ta Silor J ab'o Spoons , 50 QQ
3500 Standard British Novels , $5250 00
3000 " American < l 760 00
1500 " " " ' . 1600 00
750 Emlymion , Beucousfiold's Last Work , . . . ' . 1125 00
500 Shakespeare , 625
300 Bricks Without Straw , 376
300 Byron's Works , . . . . 300
300 Life of Edwin Forrest , 300
200 "Nona , " 200
200 The Roman Traitor , 200
250 Arabian Nights , 250 00
250 Robinson Crusoe , 250 ( JO
500 American Popular Dictionaries. 500 00
4300 Poetical WorlcH , Tennyson's , Wordsworth's , ' Long
fellow's , Pope's , &c. , : ' 4300 00
3 Sets Dickon's Works , 60 00
1 Sot Irving's Works , 35 00
2 Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries 22 00
I Invincible Threshing Miichine with single gear 10-
liorse power and everything complete from Rob
erts , Thorp & Co. , Three Rivers , Michigan. . ' $660 00
Deere Rotary Corn Planter 60 00
" Spring Cultivator 32 00
A XX Plow 19 00
ABC " 22 00
AOC " 18 00
14-huh " iroin Deere & Co. , Council Bluiln . . . . 23 00
4-tou Victor Scale 160 00
N J. 4 Duinont Warehouse Scale from Moline Scale
Co 106 00
I 12-foot Croft Power Wmdmill from E. C. Lefiel
& Co. , Springfield , Ohio 130 0
60 Shares of Jeim Mountain Gold nnd Silver Mining
and Milling Co.'s Stock , ( one share premium ) par
value of stock , $26 00. Market value of stock
( $6 60) ) 390 00
1 Buckeye Spring Walking Cultivator < 35 00 w
3 Plain-top COOK Stoves t 76 00
2 Extension-top " , 68 00
2 Sets Wagon.Skeins from Molina Stove Company. . 7 00
I Base Burner Hard Coal Stove , 40 00
600 Elegant Albums , ( $ 2 60) ) 1260 00
6 SeU Dickons' Complete Works 110 OO
5OO Albums 600 OC
6O DO/.OII Kino Parlor Brooms , ( $3 00) ) 160 OO
860 Standard British Novels . - . 1062 60-
1.300 llcst AniPri''iui Novels J.G50 . 0 ® '
1 Bucket Windmill , , . no oo
13 Section Harrow. , . , . . , , . , . 1600
1-2 Suction Harrow . 1O 00
Pair Fine Thorough Berkshire Pics. ; , 100 00
The ilislrtlmtion of tlicho premiums will take place on the 4th day jo March , J8S2 ,
All articles that can be Bent by mall will be forwarded noatpaidto the nubicrlber'u !
dres * . AitlcleH to be thlppod by uxpresa or freight will oe forwarded to their deatina-
tlonwlth freight payable hy the conelfiiee.
The Biibbcrlptlon price ot TUB IMlwr BKE la Ton Dollars per nnnuin.
Direct your ieinltton.o ( to THE OJIAHA ruiiUBiiiNQ Coni-ANVhy money order or
rcKlstuu'd letter , who will fprwanl you a numbered premium receipt , which will be
1 in a premium hook. Knch reiiilttonce should also ejvq explicit direction
to ixMtnttlco addrew. Parties to whom nrtick-B are allotted that ro too bulky
mail will be notified and mniCHted to glvedirectionij how and when shipment ia t <
The dUtiibntiun wilt bo made without discrimination or favoritism , through a coni.
inlttce bflected liy tlio kubecnbeu present at the time the awards are iniule , AH wo
aim a m this echeme IB to collect our back duos and eccuro nayiuente tor the coming
year , nd to extend our circulation over ft greater torrltory-H
OO. ,