Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 13, 1882, Page 3, Image 3

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BIO Furnlmm , bat , Olh and loth Streets
TiniMS or sunscuii'TioN.
n cony 1 ycartn n1vanc ( posituld ) . JlO.OO
( months " " . . . 6.00
month " " 8.00
Leave Omh Pisucnger Ko. S , 8:80 : * . m. Ac
commodation No. 4,1:0 : ( p. m.
AtmeOnuhii Piuwcnrcr No. 1,6:20 : p. m.
Accommodation No. 8,10:60 : ft. m.
0. , U. k O. ; :40 : a. in. 3:10 : p. m.
0. & N. W. . 7 : 0 . m. 8:40 : p. m.
0. , R , I. & i > ; :40 a. m. 3:40 p. m.
K. C. , St. J. i C. 3. , IO&TCI t 8 a. m. and 8:80 :
p. m. Arrives at St. touts at 6:80 : ft. m. nd 6:6 : !
P. m.
m.W. , St. I * & P. , lonvc * nt 8 . m. and 8 : 0 p.
Arrhei a Bt. Uuli at 6:40 : a. m. and 7:30 :
WfflT OR ( OOT1IWR8T * .
B. 4 M. In Net ) . , Through Fjprcw , 8:60 * . m ,
B. & M. Lincoln Kxr > r (1:20 : p. tn.
0 P. Overland Exprow , 12:16 : p. m.
O , & II. V. ( or Lincoln , 11:46 : a. m.
O. A 11 V. ( or Osccola , 0:40 : a. tn.
D. P frclitht No. 6 , 6:30 a. in.
U. P ' tclght No. B , 8:20 : tv. m.
U. P. freight No. 18 , 2:601 : > . in. '
U. P. fright No. 7 , 6:10 : p. m. emigrant.
- . P. Denver oxprcis , 7:36 : p. tn.
O. P. freight No It , 11:30 : p. m.
U , P , Dcmcr freight , 8:25 : p. m.
U U. i O b.OO a. m. 7:26 : p ir.
, k N. W. , 0:45 : a. m. 7:26 : p. m.
0. R , I. & P. . 0:45 : a. m. 9:05 : p. m.
K. C. , Bt. Joe & 0 tt , 7:40 : a. ui. 0:46 : r
O. k 1U V. from Lincoln 1.03 p. in.
0. P. Pacific nxpicsfj 3:25 p. m.
D k 11. In Nob. , ThrotiRh Express 1:16 : p Die
B , & U. Lincoln Kxvrco 0:40 : a ni.
U. P. Denver oxiircss , 7:36 n. m.
U. P. Froljfht No. 14-2M : p. ro.
U. P. So. 6 6:20 : a. m. Emigrant.
U. P. freight No. 14,12:15 p. m. .
U. P. No. 8 9.00 p. in.
TJ. P. No. 12 1:45 : a. m.
' tar U , P. Denver freight , 1:10 : a. in.
O. As R. V. mixed , ar. 4:46 : p. rr.
LaiTfi Omaha at 3:00 : , 9:00 : , 10:00 : and 11:00
'm. : 1:0 : 2:00 , 8:00 : , 4:00 : and 6:00 : p. nit
Leave Council BluOs at 8:25 : , 0:26. : 10:26 : and
1:26 a. in. ) H26 , 2:25 : , 8:26 : , 4:25 : and 6:26 : p. m.
BunJavB The dummy leaves Omaha at 9:00 :
and 11:00 : a. m.j 2:00,1:00 : : and 6:00 : p. m. leaves
Council Bluffs at 9:25 and 11:26 a. m. ; 2:25 , 4:25
and 6:26 p. m.
Through and local passenger trains between
Omaha anil Council Dlufls. Loa > o Omaha 6:16 : ,
1:46 , 8:60 : a. in. ; 3:40 : , 6:45 : , 0:00 : p. in. Arrive
Omaha 7:40,11:35,11:45 : a. m. ; 6:40 : , 7:05 : , 7:15 : ,
140 . m.
p. _ _ _ _ _
Opening nn < l Closing of Mallt.
a. m. p. m. > in. p. in.
Ohlcago&N. W 11.00 " 9.00 6:30 2:40 :
Ohliaco , K I. ft Pacific. 11:00 9:00 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Chicago , 1) . & Q 11:00 9:00 : 5:30 : 2:40 :
Wabosh ! 12:30 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Sioux City and Pacific. . 9:00 : 6:30 : 2:40 :
Union Pacific 4:00 : 11:40 :
Omaha & U. V 4:00 11:40
B.fcM. InNcb 4:00 : 8:10 :
Omaha & Sioux City. . . . 6:00 : 7:80 :
B. & M. Lincoln 10:30 6:00 :
O. P. Lincoln , Sunday. . . 1:30 11:00
D. P. Deliver Exp 0:00 6:30 :
O. , Sioux City & St. P. . . 11:00 : 2:40 :
Local mails ( or State ol Iowa leave but once a
day , vie : 6:30 : a , m.
Office open Sunday' from 12 m. to 1 p. m.
Business Directory ,
Abstract and Real fcttate.
JOHN L. McCAOUE , opposite Post Office.
W. B. BAP.TLETT 817 South 18th Street.
Room 14 Crclghton Block.
A. T. LARGE Jr. , Room 2. Ciclchton Block.
Boot * and Shoes.
fine Boots and Shoes. A fc'ood aasortment of
home work on band , corner 12th and Harnoy.
TU08. EHICKSON , S. E. cor. 10th and Douglas.
6C610th street , manufactures to order good work
at fair prices. Repairing done.
Bed Springs.
I. F. LAIUUMER Manufacturer. 1617 Dowlan Bt.
Books , News and Stationery.
J. I. FRUEUAUF 1016 Farnham Street.
Butter and Eggs.
MoSHANE & SCIIROEDER , the oldest B. and E.
House In Nebraska ontabUnhed 1876 Omaha.
"Uthwot corner lOthand Dodee.
Beat Board ( or the Money.
ffetlefactlon Ouaranteed ,
Meals at ail Hours.
Board by Che Day , Week or Jlciith.
Good Terms ( or Cash ,
FnrnUhml llnnms BuppIIod.
OorrlnRei and Road WaROns.
BNYDER , 14th and Harney StrooU.
Clothing Bought.
J. HARRIS will pay hlghcatCaeh price tor second
baud clothlnr. Corucr 10th and Farnham.
uowe ers.
JOHN 1JAUMER 1314 Farnham Street.
D. BERTHOLD , Rafrs and Metal.
Lumber , Lime and Cement.
FOSTER & Ga.iV corner Bth and Douelaa Bts.
Lamp * and Qlassware.
i. BONNER 1809 Doiulas St. Good Variety.
Merchant Tailors.
One ol our most popular Merchant Tailors is re
ceiving the latest designs ( or Spring and Summer
Goods ( or gentlemen's wear. Styllili , durable ,
and prices low as over 21618th bet. DOUV. & Fani.
UBS. 0. A. R1NOER , Wholesale and Retail , Fan.
cy floods In great variety , Zephyrs , Card Boards ,
Hosier } ' , Gloves , Corsets , &c. Cheapest House la
the West. Purchasers save SO per cent. Order
by Hail. 115 FUtceuth Street.
JOHN WEARNK & SONS , cor. 14 th ft Jackson ets
( lour and Feed.
OMAHA CITY MILLS , 8th and Karohim 8ta. ,
Welsbans Bros. , proprietors.
t UTKVKN8 , 21et bctwocu Cumlng and Irar
T. A. McaitANE , Cora. 23d and Coming Htreets.
Hardware , Iren and Steel.
OLAN & LANOWORTUY , Wholesaje , 110 tot
A. HOLMES corner Iflth and CalUornla.
Harness , Saddles , &o.
B. WEI8T JO 18th St. bet Faro- Harney.
, ANFIELD HOUSE , Qeo. Canfleld.Bth A Farnham
DORAN BOUSE , P. II. Gary , 918 Farnham St.
BLAVEN'S HOTEL. F. Slaven , 10th St
onihern Hotel Qua. Hamel Oth A Loavenwortb
Drugs , Paints and Oils.
ratmuclsts , Floe "ano Uoods , Cor. litn and
DOQJIM ktreeta
W. J. WHITEHOUf K , Wholeeale & UeUll , Iflth st.
0. FIELD , 2022 North Side Cumlng Street.
PARR , Druggist. IQtn and Howard Streets
DR. PAUL , Williams1 Block Cor. Uth & Dodge.
Dry Goods Notions , Etc.
New York Dry Goods Store , 1810 and 1812 Farn.
htm ttrcet.
b. 0. EEC weld also boots and shoea 7th k Pacific.
* r. GROSS , Now and Suand Hand Furniture
ad States , 1114 Pcuziis. Highest cash prlco
aid ( or second bind zoous.
BONNER 1B09 Dowla st. Fine good * , 4o.
r tree Works.
eUBT , y IEdCO ISIS Ilarnej St ,
d Ice Boxes , licr and Wood Feacei , Offlc
B Uloci , Ooooldi rue aud Walnut. *
OlRars and Tobacco.
ffKST & FR1TSC1) ) KR , rnanufacturtri ol Clirara ,
and Wholpoale Dealcrsl n Tobaccos , 1306 Poulas. |
JV. F. LORKN7.KN manulacturcr 1418 Fornham
A. Donitihud , plant ) , cut Rowers , K dl , ooqaets
etc , N. W. cor. 10th and Dowlas streets.
Olvll Entlneers and Surveyors.
ANDREW ROSKWATEU , Crolshton Block ,
Town Survey * , Grade anil Sewerage Syitems a
Commission Merchants.
JOHN 0. WIL L13.1414 Dodge Street.
D B. Iir.KMKR. For details eee largo adtertUo.
ment tn Dallr and Weekly ,
Cornice Works.
Western Comics Works , Manufacturers Iron
Cornice , Tin , Iron and Slate Hooding. Orders
( ram any locality promptly executed In the best
manner , Factory and Omco 1213 Harney St.
C. srECHT , Proprietor.
Oalvanltod Iron Cornices , Window Caps , etc. ,
manufactured and put up In any part ot the
country. T. 31N1IOLD 418 Thirteenth street
Crockery ,
I. DONNCR 1S09 Douglas street. Good line.
Clothing and FurnlthlnR Qoods
( JEO. 11. PETERSON. Also HaU , Car * .
Shoes , Notions and Outlcry , 804 8.10th street.
Refrigerator * , Oanfleld'i Patent.
0. F. QOODMAH llth St. bot. Farn. fc Harmy ,
Show Oaso Manufactory.
0. J. WILDE ,
Manufacturer and Dealer tn alt kinds ol Show
Cages , Upright Cues , tt „ 1317 Case St.
FRANK L. GKIHIAHD , proprietor Omaha
Show CMO manufactory , 818 South 10th street
between Lonvonworth and Marcy , All goods
warranted flrst-claiw.
Pawnbrokers ,
ROSKNFELI ) . 10th St. . bet , far , ft Hat
Utoves ana mwnre.
Dealer In Stoves and Tinware , and Manufacture )
of Tin Roofa and all 'kinds of Building Work
Odd Fellows' Block.
J , BONNER. 1809 Douglas St. Good and Cheap
J. EVANS , Wholesale and Retail Seed Drills an
Cultivators , Odd Fellows Hall.
Physicians and Surgeons.
W. S. GIBBS , M. D. , Room No i , Crclghton
Block , Uth Street.
P. S. LEISENR1NO , M. D. Masonic Block.
0. L. 1IAKT , M. D. , Kye and Ear , opp. postofflc
Oculist and Aurist. S. W Uth and Farnham Bit
Grand Central Oillcrv ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
near Masonic Hall. First-does Work and Prompt *
ness guarantcon
Plumbing , Qas and Steam Fitting ; .
P. W. TARPY & CO. . 210 12th St , bet. Farnham
and Douglas. Work promptly attended to.
D. 7ITZPATRIOK , 1409 Douglas Street.
alntlng an aper
W nENRY A. KOSTKH3,141 DoJKo Street.
Shoo Storci.
f ii jfat .ng . , 1320 Farnham at. bet 13th * 14th
Second Hand Store.
PERKINS & LEAK , 1410 Doufrlas St. Now and
Second Hand Furniture , liouso Furnishing Goods
&c. , bought and sold on narrow marrlne.
In too now brick block on Douglaa Street , hag
Juet opened a most elegant licej Hall.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
every day.
" Caledonia "J FALCONER 679 16th Street.
OHAS. IUEWE , 101 * rarnham bet. 10th & lltd
09 Cent Store * .
P. 0. BACKUS 1206 Farnham St. , Fancy Good
Somolmportanthtntomejota of Wei
Known People "Wholly
In order that the public may fully realize the
genuineness of the statements , a well as the
power and value , of the article of which the ]
speak , we publish herewith the ( oc-slmllo slgnt-
tures of parties whose sincerity Is beyond ques
tion. The Truth of these testimonials Is abso
lute , nor can the ( acts Jlicy announce ' be ig'
nored - - '
OUAHA , XlB. , May 24 , 1881.
H. H. WARMER & Co. :
DEAR SIR : I bare frequently used Warner's
Safe Kidney aud Liver Cure for local affections
attendant upon severe rheumatic attacks , and
havoalnaya derived benefit therefrom. I have
also used the Safe Nervine with satisfactory re
sults. I consider these medicines worthy of
Deputy Treasurer
OMAHA , NUB , Hay 24 , Ib81
H. w 1VARSCR & Co. , Rochester , N. Y. :
GUSTO : I have use lyour Safe Kidney arid
Liver Cure thin spring as a ivDrinvIgorator , and
1 find It the beet remedy I c\er tried , Ihn\t
used 4 bottles , and it has made mo feel better
than ever I did before In the spring.
U. P. R. Shops.
OMAHA , Nun. , May 24,1881 ,
SIRS : For more than 15 years I have suffered
much Irvonvenienco from combined kidney and
liver diseases , nnd have been unable to work ,
my urinuy orgins also being affected. I tried a
great many medicines and doctors , but I grow
worse and worto day by day. I was told I had
Bright's Disease , and I wished myself dead If I
could not bare speedy relief. I took your Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure , knowing nothing else
was ever known to euro tha disease , and I have
not been disappointed. The medicine baa cured
mo , and I am pcrfec ly well to-day , entirely
through your Safe Kidney and Liver Cure I
wish you all succ ss In publishing this valuable
remedy through thn world
L' , P. R. It. Shops.
Thousands of equally s'rong endorsements-
many of them In casoi where hope was aban
doned bat o been \ oluntarlly ( riven , thawing the
rcmatkable power of Warner' * Safe Kidney and
Liver Cure , lu all d season of l ! > 4 Iddneyg. liver
o' J" II any ere who reads this
trouble rcrop'nbo ; the greet
Ginning Street.
J , J , PBES.iPropr. .
Fresh and Salt Meats of all
Kinds , Poultry , Fish , &o. ,
in Season ,
To Nervous Sufferers
Dr. J , B , Simpson'p Specific
It la a positive ctiro for HpcnnAtoirnca , flemlnn
rVeokneaa. Impotatiry , ana all diseases resulting
from Self-Abuse , llcnUI Anxiety , Lo&gi
Memory , Fains In the Back or Bide , and diseases
* - Uiat lead to
Insanity an
early grate
"he Spoclflc
Medicine ti
being used
with wonder
( ul uaccoos.
i - J " - - - - i Pamphlets
tent free to all. Write ( or them aud get lull mr
Ucubm ,
Price , Speddc , H.OO per p ck ge , or ilx pact.
iea for 5.00. Address all orders to
h * . 1M and lOfl Main Bt , Butfalo , N. Y.
old In Omaha by 0. F. Ooodniau , J. W. Bell ,
K , lib , ted all drugglttseverywhere.
s S . ( ! *
The Events of n Week in
Omaha Social Circles.
Jotting * From Hall nnd Parlor in
nnd Arotiml the Metropolis.
Social Notoa rvna Pollto Personalities
Carnival aoasort is nearly at hand ,
and will bo colobratucl in Omaha with
nioro gusto than thnt of any preceding
ing .year. All the clubs are nioro or
less aflcctod over the prospect of the
forly days mortification of the llosl
and apparently preposo to compensate
themselves for the Benson of absti
nences by crowding into the ton ilnyf
which precede ,5t enjoyment cnoual
t(5 surfeit themselves until nftor
Enstor. There are rumors of govern
private parties yet to bo given , but
interest of course centers in the
larger masquerades , which will bo
more elaborate in detail and
richer in costume than any whicl
have yet been given in Omaha ,
Sonio disappointment is expressed
that the "Pleasant Hours" have decided <
cided not to add to the list o :
masquerade parties. The genera'
feeling , however , among the Indies
who usually attend is one of sntisfaa
tion , for masques play hnvoc witl
powdpr , frizzes and bangs , mid cos
tumes are troublesome , and often
very expansive aflairs to manage.
The extent of the lusthotic crozo in
Omaha may bo known from the
rumor that sixty "lovo-sick maidens'
had prepared to don the clinging
robes of thn lesthoto , while nt
less thnn twelve "Bunthornos" hac
already begun preparations to make a
Boulfully ecstatic appearance. A few
small private parties will bo given be
fore Ash Wednesday , after whicl
Omaha society will settle down to
meditation music mid card parties for
a few weeks to come.
A number of local social events
have been noted in the city columns
during iho past week , which 1ms beer
well tilled with society happenings ,
All three of our public halls have
been fully occupied with music UHC
the dance , and the local orchestras
have found ready employments cvori
evening. On Tuesday the
gave their fifteenth hop at Sfandan
hall , in which fourteen couples par
ticipatod. Hoffman's orchestra tur
nished the music for a progrnmmu ol
fourteen numbers , which was thor
oughly enjoyed by all present. Messrs ,
John Carrier , S. C. Morgan , W. H.
Wilbur , W. Foster and D. W. Saxo
were the executive committee , into
whoso handa the supervision of the
details were commitcd. Those prcs
'nfc were : Misses Kimball , Vnr
Sickle of Flemington , N. J. , Hoot
of Chicago , liako , Brownson ,
Brady , Etta Wells , Mary anc
Fhilho Morgan , Calderwood , liowo ,
Paddock , Wilson and Ida Sharp , and
Messrs. Kimball-Sweesy , Jno. Ross ,
Ware Foster , Beach , Carpenter ,
Wells , Morgan , Burkley , , Deuel , Car
rier , Tousoy , D. W. and A. W. Saxe.
Wednesday was the' fifth anniver
sary of the wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. E. F. Test , and in the evening a
few of their friends came in , in
formally , to enjoy the occasion with
them at their residence on Dodge
street There were present Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Kennedy , Mr. nnd Mrs.
Webster Snyder , Mrs. George B.
Lake , Mr. and Mrs. N. Shelton ,
Mrs. J. L. Webster , Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Jarvis , and Mrs. Pollack , a
sister of Mrs. Jarvis , Mr. and Mrs.
George P. Bemis and Col. J. J.
The little company broke up at a
late hour with wishes for many
"happy returns" of the anniversary.
A pleasant donrine party was given
on Monday evening at the residence
of Mr. M. H. Goblo , on Chicago and
Nineteenth streets. Irvine's orches
tra furnished the music. The pro
gramme comprised sixteen dances ,
which were not concluded until a late
hour , when a delicious supper was
partaken of. Those present were
Mrs. Barney , Mrs. Bolden , Mrs. No-
son , the Misses Ednoy , of New York ;
Miss Thompson , of Harrisburgh , Pa. ;
Creno and Kitty Lowe , Mamio Am
brose , Lottie Larson , Jennie Sanford ,
Mary and Phillio Morgan , Mollie Al-
en , Mollie Brownson , Mina Baum-
jartner , Libbio Brady , Mattie N oed-
lam , Edith Van Aunam and Messrs.
Ed. Patterson , J. B. Hnynes , Bon. F.
Foil , Bert. Lewis , Arthur Saxo , Chas.
Woodman , Frank Pogno , Will i olden -
den , Harry Vinton , Dr. Nnson , Walt
Sanford , Frank Malboy , Will Place ,
Tronic and Milt Darling.
A novelty in the way of church
sociables was given on Wednesday
evening in the parlors of the Prosby-
orian church on Dodge and Seven-
, eonth streets , when the " /Esthetic
Sidtcrs , " a series of soron tableaux ,
wore presented by a number of ladies
and gentlemen connected with the
congregation. The text , written by a
young lady of prominence in the
ihurch work , was road by Mr. Q. M.
Hitchcock , and' the characters were
taken as follows :
Arti.t , Mr. Will Gurley
Jorlnda. . Jllsa Fannie Wlluon
Jorothea , Mien Mary Wilson
Mother. ( Mrs. G. W. Tibbala
Father Mr. A. HunUngton
The costumes , scenery and group-
ngs were artistic and striking , and an
mthuaiastio encore followed the clos-
ng tableaux , A largo number of the
congregation wore present and a most
enjoyable evening was spent by all in
ittondanco. ,
Great interest is centering in the
coining Mannerchor masquerade ball ,
which will bo the eleventh annual oc
casion of the kind in the 'history of
his prominent organization. It takes
place on February 21st and both Tur-
lor and Motz Hall will ho thrown
open on the occaaion. two orchestras
furnishing the musin. The fun will
sommonco at 9 o'clock sharp , opened
by Prof. Steinhnusor'a grand Slum-
ner-Clior masquerade march , written
especially for the occasion ami dedi
cated to the society by the composer.
In order to promote the nmusomoiU
of all who attend , the spectators as
well as the maskers , the committee
has arranged the following stage
programme : "Tho Hacmor-City Mu
sicians , " by members of the Ma'tnior-
Ohor ; return of the JavoritosVio
nor-Ditmon Orchostcr , ' introducing
selections from "Mnscotto , " "Oli
vette , . " etc. , and grand roprosnitUion
of the Turkish reveille. The grand
spectacular drama , "Around the
World in Eighty Days , " in seventeen
acts , will bo given , fullowed
by "Happy and Unhappy Lovers , "
and two scenes from America's
favorite resort , Long Branch , intro
ducing nmlo and female bathers. The
pantomime , "Don Kntzobub , " the fa
mous rat eater , devouring 02 rats in
six minutes , will bo follnucd by a
grand series of tableaux- . Peter's
Church at Rome , Ship at Sea , Au
tumn , Statuary ( ancient and modern ) ,
Robert the Dovil.
None but maskora will bo allowed
in the hall , and nil the arrangements
and regulations go to make up nn
evening full of fun , frolic nnd enjoy-
A pleasant litllo party was uiven
on Friday evening at the residence
of Gonornl Wilson by the Misses Wil
son. Among thoeo present were the
Misses llorbach , Frnnklyu , Jncobson ,
Lyninn , Cnrrio Brown , lledburn ,
Rcim Ross nnd Shears , nnd Messrs.
Lieut. Bourke , U ( S. A. , Butler ,
HonUricks , Burkluy , Hitchcock ,
Norris , Burley , witzler . , Bradford ,
Robinson , Gurloy , Watson and
The T. E. C. organization gave
their opening party on Thursday even
ing at Standard hall.
Mr. Field's private masquerade , of
which a detailed account is given else
where , was a genuine SUCCCKK.
The seventh annual masquerade of
the Standard club will take place on
Wednesday evening next. The com-
mittco of nrrnneomcnts is composed of
Julius Meyer , D. R. Silbcrstcin , C.
Shlank , A. Holler , H. Bnswitz , R. N.
The Imperial club masquerade on
Thursday evening nt Mnsonic hall
promises to bo , in every way , a bril
liant nlfair.
The Concordia society will give
subscription masquerade ball at Turn
er hall , Tuesday evening , March 7th.
The committee is composed of the fol
lowing gcntlomon : Julius Meyer ,
chairman ; H. Schwabo , G. E. Stratt-
nian , G. Hnarinan , J. II. Erck , W. F.
Heins , W. Seivors.
The ladies of Trinity Guild are
preparing to give the pantomino of
"Tho Miseltoo Bough , founded on
the old and wierd ballad of that nnme.
Some fifty ladies nnd gentlemen have
boon invited to participate aud a pre
liminary meeting will bo hold on Mon
day evening , at the residence of Mr
John Campbell , on Seventeenth nnd
Dodge streets , to lay out plans for
coming rehearsals. All who have
been notified are requested to bo
The "Entro Nous" Gorman post
poned from lost Wednesday will bo
given on Wednesday evening at the
residence of Mr. W. H. Ijaius.
There are rumors cf a private masquerade
querado in Masonic hall during the
coming week.
Miss Lizzie Isaacs has returned from
a protracted visit among friends in
New York.
Mr. Lyman Richardson loft on
Thursday for a business trip to Texas.
Mr. E. C. Bonsall , Jr. , is spending
a three weeks' vacation with rela
tives in Philadelphia nnd Baltimore.
Mrs. Newman and Miss Newman ,
of Lincoln , are visiting in the city ,
the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Judge
Newt. Barknlow has gone to Now
Mrs. Geo. P. Bcinis has returned
from the oist ,
Miss Cora Donne has returned from
a two months' visit to West Virginia.
Henry Fleming , ngod 23 , to Miss
Alice M. Davis , nged 22 , both of Om
Geo. W. Lewis , aged 22 , to Miss
Dellia J. Hurd , aged 1 ! ) , both of Coun-
sil Bluffs.
Frank Lamcky , aped 20 , to Miss
Annie Myska , nged 1 ! ) , both of Om
John L. Larson , aged 30 , of Omaha ,
bo Miss Mathilda Winstrand , ngod
21 , of Fremont , Iowa.
Geo. H. Goo-dime , aged 22 , of
Whitewater , Wis. , to Miss Nellie
Roekwood , aged 23 , of Shelby , la.
Andreas Wuonz , aged 28 , to Miss
Mary Kahon , aged 18 , both of
Gustavo Wockbach , aged 23'to , Miss
Augusta J. Spollcrborgor , aged 18 ,
joth of Omaha.
Gottlieb Storz , nicd 30 , to Miss
Minnie Buck , ngod 19 , both of
Phillip Swaboda , ngod 3(5 , to Miss
Anna Johanna Krnupa , aued 33 , both
of Omaha.
Robert G. Tort'oy , nged 22 , to Miss
Harriott M. Turtle , aged 18 , both of
Florence , Nebraska.
Prof. 1'ntz. of Beatrice , had discovered
.he philoHtpiierH1 Stone at Crete.
"Bob" Norwnll , the boy preacher , held
ortli nt Wymuro lout week.
There la something new in lllalnfr , A
inlnce plo sociable , at five cants a alc ! ,
lias been perpetrated on the community.
J. J. Keely , of G neper ccu'nty , crossed
the boundary on the 1st and cirpturod
Mis ] iacliel A. Freeman , of Uawnoii
David M. lliller nnd Ada L , Dehnor , of
Norfolk , wore tied nn Urn 3Ut Jn the pren-
cnco of twoeocro friends.
The Knights of Honor of Tecumneh
celebrated their third annlvemary lant
week with n grand promenade of unusual
W.I1 , lliuvldiif , of Johnson county , nnd
MHH ! Corn Kill e look time and Tecumteh
by the top knot , on the -1th , nnd returned
to their homo invented in matrimonial
rovea ,
Mr , and Mm. II. ] ! . Strong , of Johnson
county , celebrated the -10th anniversary
of their marriugo on the 1st , and were
suhbtnntlnlly remembered by their nuinor.
ou frlcnilH In Tecuiimeh and vicinity ,
Mr , and Mre. Louia Klein , of Knunnu ,
ield n family reunion at 1'rlendvlllo on
the VMi , at the residence of Hugh Con *
nell , attended by all relative * within 1mlI-
ng distance and several old friends ,
Society In Nebraska City wag partially
dared hy the 1 rllllnncy of ilio wording o
Mr. Clm . I' . Colt n mid Ml Klin Mil-
Icntlno at the rci > Iiltuco "f Uio bride's
parents ) n-t 'I'linrxluy. Cotigrnlulntlun < i
were numerous nml untly.
Mr. nnd MM. John MoU-wen , of Crete ,
rclehrntrd their fiftieth nuntuwnry of , It WAS an enjoy
able nlfnlr , and the hnpity parent * vero
thn recipient * of rnhlnblo pn-ocnti from
thtlr children.
The rosldtnco of John \Nnrrlck , of
Wellington county , wns the KCPUO of a
double wed il In if on the Int. John A ,
Ymutgklu mid Mtai Susie Wnrrtck , nml
Henry Ki tcr nml L'alllo WArrlck. wtro
solidly paired In the most Appro t ed fttylc
of tlio revised edltit n. The old mnn c n
now inciul his ftnco4 with noino liopo of
II. It. Swing , of St. Holcnii , wnn the
Miccciuful suitor to tlio limul of MM !
Tcrc nA. I'nsclm ) , of Council llluiT * , nnd
nRAuincd the right mid title of n fullllcdgrd
IniRhniul on tlio 7th. Mr. B. wax fortuu *
nto In his choice of n llfo ] i..rtncr , nn c *
Cdiiijil olicil nml wnnn hcnitcd young Indy ,
hose chnrniH iniulo every ncinijl .t nco n
Innthig 11 lend.
JfttiicM cCluux anil MI JfcT.iIu \ > cro
IMIVK nnd K'r'4 ' toother In the Kmornld
Isle , ntul iili nta thulr truth cro they
imrtoil , the former to seek mill secure n
home wliero liuultortU niul ntcliront * nre
inknown. They wire rcunltctl In Crete
on the 'Jfitli. niul now occupy n HUUK fnriu
u the ueiglilMirhooil of tlio town. Their
tidelit.v to each other o > title tliein to n
long lifo of hniiiiliiceK nml prosperity.
Mr. mid Mrs. J. 0 , JOIIM were ten-
tcred n puMlo rccoption by the citUcm of
Ticuiiiii'h on the L'd , piev ioua to their du-
] inituie for Mniiiuii | , [ IllniiU , The recep
tion took plnco In the opcrn houne , nnd
the ixttemlmico of nearly ono hundred
louploa wns nlikc highly complimentary
to Mr , nnd MIH Ji lies nti < l creditnlild to
Tecuimch Hoolety. An n fnriher tcsti-
nionlnl t'nch were pro cuted with nu clo-
gnntold | ; wntuh nml chain.
Juulntn claims the cnoklo for the box *
foot In the State. Hiuing heard of mar-
rlngen by telegraph nnd telephone , do con
ceived the npurkllng idcn of proposing hy
electricity , nnd nccordlngly Kinight tlio nld
of thn telegraph nt thnt plnco to curry hit
decl .ration of lore to the ndorcd ono In
lou-a nnd nt > k her Imnd and heart in mar <
ringo. Tlio incfHigo of love was , ci\i , nml
dcllver'd nt the other cud of tha lino. The
young li.dy in cnicntioii , however , Informed
the opciut > r in IOWA thnt t-ho no
BUcli POPKOII. The love-lorn RWntu'fl pro-
po ul hy telegrnpli cost him $ * > . & ) , nnd then
got "no" ' for lib answer.
Capt. C. H. llryant Is one of the pion
f crs f Tccunneh , n pushing i > rogroi < nivo
citicnlio cngerly watched nnd iddcd
o\ cry ntep from bit th to ripe tmitnrity.
Tuesday , January 31 , w i hln tifty-nlxili
blrthdny nnd nlsn the eve of his departure
for the mineral fii Id * of New Mexico , to
try hia fortune once more in that tempting
Kldorndq. A few of his f i ieiuN Inking nci-
vantage of thi < muptjicd him with n \i < lt ,
and prcxciited Jiim with several tokens of
I'stMoCarty is n solid muti ut hort
Cnlhoun. blensed with n leasonahle. Hhnto
of worldly goods with n blooming bride t
share hia store. Miss Minnie lienbonnok
I > as90 I before 1'nt'n lono'omo gnzo in onrly
nntutnn , on it visit from .Michigan , mid 'oro
ninny weeks went by 1'nt was
"none. " "Pwna Minuiu'H hick to linger
till love icchins' the popping point , nml
then return with 1'nt'a proi oanl in her
vo t pocket. Ho followed shortly nfter
and Inst week returned with his prize.
Mr. W. 1 ? . Thomas , of Omaha , wn
married on the 1M to Mm Lottie K. Kol-
Inr , of I'lnttamouth. The ceremony was
pcrfonnod by Ttcv. II. I ) . Ilnrgesi , nt the
rcHidnnco of the brido'n parontn in that
city. The bride WIIH attired in n drcpH of
wine silk dress , trimmed in Spaninh lace ,
with overdrew of Hainc , trimmed en can-
cndo with Spanish lace , mid frc h nnd
bcnutlful natural flowerH. The groom
apjicnred to ndvantngo in the cuatomnry
unit , of black with buttonicre. The .lonr-
nal paj-H : "Tho contracting parties nro
both esteemed and honored members of
riuttmnouth'B social circle. Mr. Thomas ,
though now n resident in Omaha , has re-
Hided for BOIIIO time In thiM city , where ho
ban been connected with the engineering
corps for the Improvement of tlio Mix-
sonrl liver , nnd where he mode mnny
K'iciid and businexii friends. Uf late he hnw
gone into the eervlco of the B. k. M. nt
their hendipunrtors in Omaha. The hrido
is well known na one of the most dignified ,
intelligent and attractive ucmbers of the
society of thid city. "
Rellerious Matters.
On ! has organized a bible society.
The Congregational aociety of Alum
have decided to build a $3,0 ( 0 church.
The 1'irst Congregational church of
Aurora has secured ground for n church
in thnt town.
The new Congregational college build
ing nt Neligh ia under roof nnd nearly
The Unptist revival nt Lincoln ro-ultod
In bringing into the _ fold twenty pcrsonx ,
mostly heads of fatnillea.
The Mcthodlnts of Lincoln striick nn
uncommonly rich field of elnuerx , nnd i > -
vivnl HerviccR _ of the pant week turned
many from their Miifnl wny .
The Presbyterian revival nt Humboldt
reanlted in many professions of faith nnd
piomised reform.
The tnwteoJ of the 1'resbytorian church
of Mndixnn hnvo SIJSS 80 on hand to
ward building anew church. Besides th'n '
they will receive $500 from the mltaion.
The ladies also hnvo eomo $39 to bo UHed
towards furnishing the ineide.
A niOHt HiieccHHful revival ia just now
being held nt David City by Kov , Itob-
erts , nnd many HOUH ! are being gathered
into the fold. The reverend gentleman ia
n logical , forcible nnd fluent speaker.
The Catholics of Louisville nnd neigh-
iinq piecincts have built tliemselvt'H a
lir.ndsoino little church edifice. It i *
pleasantly tdtnated at the intersection of
the two main wa on niadn In CIIKB county
the rnxd. from Loui-sull- Weeping
\S'oter and the one fri m 11 tlsmonth to
Greenwood. Jov. ! Kathor Linch olllclatoj.
The Congregntlonal chinch nt Xnrfolk
i as bucu thoroughly overhauled nnd pro-
sentH.i handtiomo nppcuianco inside nnd
out ,
Educational Items ,
The board of education in North J'latto
baa ordered two hundred treoa for the
school yard ,
There nre eighty-one pniiila enrolled in
the O Noill City tichbol. Ihls lit u very
large Bchool for ono teacher to manage ,
The ColumbiiH Jnuinul ) irotestH against
the employment of a superintendent at a
salary ol SOOO nnletB compelled to teach a
department. Other "uooduaa expenses"
was Incurred in changing text book * . Home
Slr > 00to 81,8UO taken out oftho pockets of
parentH for the benefit of book peddlers ,
The "color line" hasn't disappeared from
Pawnee county yet. When R colored boy
starts 1 to the public reboot * though the
first nnd only one , a family took nffeiiHO
ind withdrew their children. There ia no
more gentlemanly hid In the nchool. how
ever , than the ono who earned the offense. ,
Ilow otton do wo BUO the hardworking
ing father straining every ncrvo and
muscle , and doing hia utmost to sup.
port Ilia family , Imagine his feelings
when ruturnmg homo from a hard
day's labor , to find his family prts-
trato with disease , conscious of unpaid
doctors' bills and dobta on every hand ,
It must bo enough to drive onu alinoat
crazy. All this unhapninusB coujd bo
avoided by using Eloctrio Bitters ,
which expel every disease from the
Bystuni , bringing joy and happinoHs tn
thousands. Sold at fifty cents n bet
tie. lull & McMahon. (8) ( )
rms NT. * *
> > Vi I
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HI li.n , , intiiriiDJtiKJ.'ni ) . 'JlioTTIiirlpAlOltlM _ < ii _ the Wr.uuiii ? bortnii-- . . , .
innciloti ( !
f § > (7ir ( ? Ofl \ " Bo7 wY'i.unrw , ;
The Imperial Palace DininglCars.
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