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Vary Little Business Transacted
in Congress ,
'Tho Most Important Being a
Bill to Reinstate au &rmy
'The President Will Appoint
ExrSeorotnry Tzschuck
and Val. Gets Loft.
The Senate Not to be So Very
Unanimous on the Beading
Olork Proposition.
.MitoBllnnoou * Notoi of n National
nnl A ) octait.-il I'ronB.
D. C. , February 10.
Mr. Teller introduced a bill to give
the wife and daughter of the late In
dian Agent Meeker each a quarter
section of public land on payment of
land ollice fees.
Mr. Maxey argued in favor of not
only allowing the arrears of pensions
net to stand , but also applying its
provisions to suryivors of the Mexi
can war.
Mr. Windom offered a resolution
directing the secretary of thu treasury
to report to the senate the results of
the commission appointed to investi
gate thu existence of pluuro-pnou-
inonia among cattle.
Mr. Sherman reported favorably the
bill authorizing the erection of a
statue to Chief Justice Marshall.
Mr. Beck argued that some limit
should bo fixed in the business of
granting pensions.
Unfinished business was laid aside
to allow Mr. Fryo to deliver a sot
speech on the turitT , in which he
argued protection was nectssary in
this country for the encouragement of
capital and protection of labor.
Mr. Fryo spoke until ; i:30 : , p. in.
Air Lapham introduced a bill to
establish a United States mint at Now
At 3:40 : the senate went into execu
tive session , and at 4 p. m. adjourned
until Monday.
The senate in executive session
confirmed Jolin G. Flynn , of Chicago ,
consul at Chemnitz.
The hous-j went into committee of
thu whole on the private calendar and
took up the bill to remove the disabil
ities of Gen. S. T. Kirby , giving per-
tni&sion to the president to appoint
him captain in the regular army , and
'apuiit nearly the whole afternoon in
s Ks"i'conBicJeitUu"n.- . -Kirby had
been court martialod on charges of
drunkenness and insulting the wife of
an officer and the bill h for the re
moval of disabilities imposed by the
judgment of the court martial. The
bill has been before congress several
times. During its discussion in the
house a message was received from
the senate announcing the passage of
the same bill. The bill was linally
passed by a vote of 97 to C3
Mr. Smith (111. ( ) sent to tlio
speaker's desk for publication in thu
Record letters and documents from
Paris , Franco , favoring the introduc
tion into this country of a system of
inoculation to prevent plouro pneumo
nia and other diseases among cattle.
Hills were presented to grant a
charter to the Little Rock & Albu
querque railway , to cross Indian
reservations , and authorizing the
purchase of the IMack Hills & Chey
enne telegraph line for military use.
A communication was received
from the secretary of the treasury ,
giving the names of internal revenue
employes killed and wounded in the
service. The number killed , according -
ing to the record , is 29 ; number
wounded , 50.
Adjourned until Monday.
'National Aa odato < l I'rons.
. WASHINGTON' , February 10. The
president this morning agreed to ap
point Bruno' Tzschuck , of Nebraska ,
consul at Ver.i Crux. Txschusk has
boon supported lor this appointment
by both Nobra ka senators , but was
opposed by Representative Valentino ,
of that state , who stands here as rep
resenting the stalwart element. The
, president promised positively to ap
point Tzschuck and the senators re
gard this as an indication that he
does not intend to iavor stalwarts
more than others.
K tlan&l AesocIatoJ I'reBB.
WAHiiijioToN , February 10. Louis
Gorsbaucr lias boon appointed store
keeper for the Sixth district of Kentucky -
tucky , T. M. Reed , Jr. , ganger for
"Washington Territory , and Hamilton
White , gaugcr anl storekeeper for
the Fourth district of Maryland.
A largo delegation from Dakota
alled on the president this morning
to pay their respects and present the
claims of Dakota to bo admitted as a
state. , .
Representative Marsh , of Illinois ,
was before the bank and currency
committee to-day to advocate Jus bill ,
which provides that legal tender notes
shall bo liable to state taxation on
equality with b'lld aml B'lvcr ' coi"
during the time they continue redeemable -
doomablo in coin by the treasury and
no longer. Ho was assured under the
existing law there was a practice
of converting property into green
backs just prior to an assessment , anil
repurchasing after assessment , thus es
caping taxation. He instances a case
where property to the extent of 100-
000 had thus boon converted and re-
purchased within a few days. The
committee took no action.
Thu house committee on postotlices
to-day aareed to report the general
bill declaring all public roads and
highways postal routes.
The house judiciary committee will
on Monday report a general bill mak
ing the date at which final judgments
against the United States bear in-
lerest , to bo from the date of
notice I'iven the secretary ot the tress-
nry of such judgment without re
gard to whether the supreme court
b has delivered nn opinion upon the
same. The bill restores tlie law of
180K , which was changed by inadvert
ence , the word "and" having been
substituted for the word "or"
Representative Smith , of Illinois ,
lately received a proposition from
Paris , Franco , in reference to the in
troduction of Pwtouror's method of
inoculation of animals for the preven
tion of such diseases as plonro-pneu
inonia and hog cholera. Thu secre
tary of the national board of health
replies to inquiries made regarding
this matter , that the process is public
property and no person bus any right
to claim it as personal. Those papers
together with responses from the
agricultural department , Mr. Smith
had referred to thu committee un
agriculture of the house for their in
formation. }
A bill was presented to thu com
mittee to audit expenses attending thu
illness and burial of President Uir-
field by R. S. Jennings , inventor of
tbo cooling apparatus so much talked
about during the illness of the late
president. ! Iho bill is for $5,000 for
the use of the apparatus , andanitem-
i/.ud bill of incidental expenses ,
amounting to a few hundred dollars.
The sub-committee of the ways and
means committee to consider the re
funding rrsohitidn is to be composed
of Messrs. KollyjIMeKinley , llubbell ,
Randall and Ciirljale.
A caucus of republican senators was
held immediately after executive ses
sion to day , which decided to give a
solid party vote in favor of Johnson ,
of Minnesota , for reading clerk of tlio
senate , in case the democrats bring
up tlio lesolution to elect Neil S.
Hrown , late reading clerk of the
hoime , to a like position in the senate.
FLW republicans looked with favor
on the democratic proposition.
The attempt to raise money to rebuild
build the Chiiatian church bore , which
begun when Prosidt nt Garliuld was
elected , luu been successful. Wink
wilt begin at once as § 40,000 have
boon raised.
Another \igorous effort is making
to increase tbo duty on malt.
Guitcau has bought new clothes
from the sale of Iis { uutogtaplis. llu
says ho expects the court in b.uio to
turn him out and hu wants to look re
The president has obtained from
Now York the nimes of those con
nected with Sbophcrd'sPeruvian mil-
way company and will cend them in
soon. They may create bomo.sur-
nriso. ' , . , . , ,
Wisconsin Legislature.
National . \i-ociatud 1'ruiu.
MADISON , Wis. , February 10. To
day being the last day for the intro
duction of new business , a perfect
avalanche of bills were presented 51
in the senate and 300 in the assembly
a largo proportion of which were
dead heads and llio balance of minor
importance. Each house he.d sessions
this evening for the introduction of
bills , and adjourned until Monday
evening. Onu Ii i introduced in the
assembly was to remove the capital to
Milwaukee and to change the present
Capitol building into an institution
for chronic insane , and another hill
making soduc ion of girls under 10
years of ago a felony , punished by
from two to ton years' imprisonment
in the penitentiary.
'ioiial'AiHottatud I'run .
DKH MOIMS : , February 10.In the
senate the session was devoted to per
fecting the bill regulating the practice
of dentistry. It provides that each
dentist shall have certificates fiom the
state boaid of examiners and some
dental college. Thu bill will pass.
In the bouse the committee re
ported in favor of thu bill to protect
railroad paaauugors from rowdyism entrains
trains ; also to authorize the directors
of independent school distticts to in
sure school property. A roiolutii.n
declaring tint railroad commissioner
law a failuru and instructing the rail
road cjinmittu to pn pare and repot t
a bill for the repeal of the law and
establishing a railroad tariff law , was
on teat vote referred to the railroad
committeo-rycas , 74 , nays , 21i.
Cincinnati Art Museum.
National Annutiutul I'ttfn.
CINCINNATI , February 10Tho first
collections for the now art museum
were viewed by the public this even
ing. During the opening exorcises C.
W. West , who has already given § 150-
000 to the niusnum , made it another
present of 8100,000 and handed this
amount to the directors.
A Very Remarkable Caie.
National Aiioclattd I'rotR.
WOOSTKU , O. , February 10. A remarkable -
markablo case of somnambulism oc
curred on iv train near this city , A
girl ten years old got up from a seat ,
walked to the platform and fell be *
tweon the cais. Tlio train was
stopped as soon as possible and backed
to the eceno of the accident , when the
girl was found walking along * tin
track , her olothus torn and the back of
her head badly bruised. Her eyes
were open , but she was asleep .tnd ut
terly unconscious.
A. O. U. W.
National AtwocUUd 1'rvu
GKIMH RAIMD.S , la. , February 10 ,
The grand lodge of the Ancient
Order of United Workmen adjourned
last nit'ht to meet in Davenport two
years hence. The committee report
in regard to the relief law which was
adopted by a vote of 237 to 15. This
action is virtually a secession of the
order in Iowa from the supreme ledge
and is a step of great importance.
A VAtnriut Stnrvluu ; .
National Amounted l'rfi.
I'llitiADKM'iiiA , February 10. Mnj
Gen. Rial Niles was found dying from
starvation in this city to-day and his
wife , worn out with constant watching
and want nf firml , wns by Jiis side in
an exhausted condition. Niles served
with the Ninth and Tenth Indiana
corps during the uiirnmlwna wounded
at Laurel Hill , at Winchi'ster , at Pitts-
burg Landing and at Chickannuiga.
llu lost a fortune during the Chtcngo
lire and afterwards followed the minis ,
try till hi * health failed in this city
last November while on a visit , He
was found by a member of the Grand
Army of the Republic , weak trom un
old wound in the left lung and fam
ished with hunger , in a squalid room
in West Philadelphia , attended by his
Marino Intolllaenon.
National 1'rcnH Association.
NKW YOKK , February 10. Sailed
Thu Acnpulco , for Aspinuall.
Arrived Thu Dovoma from Glai-
cow , the Egyptian Monarch from
London , the France from Havre , the
Adchoria from ( Jlascow.
QUKKN.STOWN , February 10.--Sail
ed The liritiinnic for New York.
LtVKurooL , February 10. Arrived
The Kevada from New York.
ANTWKUI- Sailed On the IHh , the
Partyn for Now York ,
Nutloi.M AiMuclntcil 1'
LIMA , ( ) . , February 10.- The store
of . ) . A. Slunimons Ar Co. , and thu
postollico burned at Westminster.
Loss , $0.000.
VINOENNES , Ind. , February 10.
Peter P. O'Noil's block burned yes
terday. Loss , § 2,000.
PHILADELPHIA , February 10. A lire
to-night at the extensive cotton and
woolen mills of SchotioldatManayunk
.lamngiid tbo picking and drying do-
pirtmcntto the e.xtont of § 30,000 ,
tully insured. It uas with consider
able difficulty that tbo main building ,
which is six stories in height , was
HOHTOX , February 10. A lire broke
out early to-night in thu basement of
a six-stoiy granite building , 577 and
570 Washington street , occupied us a
furnitiiiu anil upholstering house by
Dee it Ilunnenell. Tbobiiildiiigcon-
tained a large amount of valuable fur
niture , mirrors and line goods , velvet
and satin coverings , etc. The loss
will probably exceed $1C,000 ; insur
ance heavy.
POUT JKHVIS , February 10.--Tho
residence of U. Van Stoinburg in
Goshen , v.dued at § 15,000 , was total
ly destroyed by tire to-day. Fully
covered by insurance.
LOUISVII.LK , Februaiy 10. Uinch-
tor's large chair factory and a heavy
stock of cha'rs was burned to-day.
Loss , § 20,000.
No Extra Seisian.
National Ansoclatud 1'r.Mi.
Torr.KA , Kas , February 10. It in
understood Gov. St. John has relin
quished his purpose of calling an cx-
tr.i session ot the legislature. As thu
appoitionmont bill has not yet paiscd
congress there will bo no necessity for
an extra session.
Hoj ; Moats in Minnesota.
National Associated 1'renn.
ST PAUL , February 10. The state
ind local boards of health have for
bidden thu sale of pork until after it )
inspection. The board baa examined
i large quantity and found many spec
imens titled with encyatod trichinae.
Donth of the Oldest Mason.
Nation .1 Afbociatuil 1'ruan
CAI.PWKI.L , O. , February 10. Win.
Miller , the oldest known Mason in the
world , died yesterday , aged 0 ! ) .
National Atwoclatut 1'ruan.
I'liibAiiKM'HiA , Februaiy 10..T. . H
Mitchell , inanagmi : paitnur of .1. P.
Lippincott & Co. , is dead.
DunuyuK , la. , February 10 , Geo.
Stephens , a prominent citi/.on , died
last night , aged 30. Ho was secre
tary und treasurer of the Norwegian
Plow company.
ComplaiiitNAgaiiiRt Labor.
Nation ' AHtoilatrd I tuna
OTTAWA , February 10. British
Columbia newspapers arc making bitter -
tor complaints against the dominion
government fur not inserting a clanue
in the Pacific railway contracts auainst
the employment of Chinese labor
National Annoclatoil Trim.
CHICAGO , February 10. Frank
Field t Co. , manufacturing confec
tioner , failed this morning. Liabilities ,
Paddy Ryan.
National Axaociatod tutu
CINCINNATI , February 10. Paddy
Ryan arrived in this city at noon to
day und is resting at a hotel. Ho
leaves for the east to-night.
Heavy Snow Storm.
atioiml AosociaUil l-ruiu.
ST , JOHN , N. 15. , February 10.
A very heavy snow storm has prevailed
vailed all day. Tlie snow is drifting
badly und railroads are all blockaded.
Boy SuHocutod
National Anuoeiatuil I'rtBH.
CHICAGO , February 10. A boy
named Daniel Fitzgerald was asphyxi-
cated to-day by foul coal gas in a largo
Binuke stack being repaired at South
Chicago. Several men were overcome ,
but recovered.
National Awoclatcd Ffi .
WAHIUNOTON , February 11. For
the lower Missouri valley : Fair
weather , variable winds , stationary
or lower temperature.
Hoc Cholera in IlllnoU.
National AtaocUtuil Tret * .
GENKKSKK , 111. , Februuyy 10. lion-
ry At well has lost $600 worth of hogs
by cholera ,
Whioli When Found Will Send
Up the Kansas Oity Collector ,
Becau-o She Wouldn't Go Out
with nim , A Ohicngonn
Killed His Girl and
The Alleged Bond Swindling
of a Michigan Mayor Not
aa Bad as Reported
MlncnllnuootiR Now * Of Crhuim null
Criminal * . .
WAHIUNOTON , February 10. A. M.
Soltedo , although still living uiul hulf
conscious , is in n hopeless condition
and cannot live many hours. Iturton
is comfortable ixiul not dangerously
wounded. Chaik-8 Soltodo still iii
CINCINNATI , February JO. Mrs.
Soltoldo , wife of tbo man shot in
Washington , is a daughter of I Inn ,
Cloiniiiits , one of the must prominent
r.iilroad clliciuls in tlio west , and sis-
Lur of Hid. Clements , proprietor of
Songress hall , Saratoga. The ther
' .a now in Florida.
WAHIUNOTON , February 10.A. . C.
soltodo wiiB arranged in tint policy
court nt noon , charged with attempt
: < > kill bis own brother , A. M. Soiet
\o , und with assault on Olnieiico
: on. llu was committedilo u\\ait the
njurics of the wounded num.
FUANKFOKT , Ky. , Fouriury 10
I'liis forum on Cupt. Jerry Leu , com
mander of the nigtit watch , und Ohis.
N'oonan had a street duel ! Five shots
wore lired. Luo was liit twice and
badly wounded in the Ibwor p.ut of
the body. Noonan charges Lm with
intimiioy with the lattcr'i Wife.
Lima : JtiK'K , Ark. , Fobrii.uv' ) . -
The Iron Mountain road jsstillhaving
great trouble \ufh train wreckers ,
both north and south of this plaice.
Last night a freight train was tlmiwn
fiom the truck hut no lives lost ; It
IB said that .lay Gould ami General
Manager Hoxio huvo boon ttirooiied
with personal violence in case they ul-
Lempt to pass over the road.
MAKihON , Ind. , February 10 -
Nuwt. Ruson shot und killed A nun-
du Ilartma.i in bis budroom at Wide-
awaku , Ivy. Ituaon says ho thought
she wan u burglar , Ho- was jailud
without bail.
ADRIAN , Mich , February 10This
city is greatly excited over tlui dis-
covury of a fraudulent inane of $80-
)0'l ) ' worth of water bonda which have
been fl'tittcd ' in Now York by Mayor
Nuvin. The latter has left for parts
NEW OHK , February 10. Post ,
T - ' " f Al ft A.\ * * \f * * '
Marvin it Co , of tliid city , nogo- '
Liatod $150,000 worth of the Adrian
bonds. This linn say to-day that the
money for the sale of the bonds is
now on deposit with the Union Trust
company , and the charges made
Mayor Nuvin are denied. Not a
dollar of the money has been with
drawn , and if there m any irregularity
lone of the purchasers can possibly
UBiooMiNUTOK , Ills. , Fobuary 10.
A MID. linker , wife of a wolj known
jusinoaa man of this city died last
light from fright caused by u burglar
ittempting to enter her house , she
joing alone at the time.
MiNNKAi'OLis , Minn. , February 10.
Seven prisoners at the county jail
: > roko out last night and escaped.
GiLVfcHTo.v , Tex. , February 10. A
Brownvillo dispatch says Uuivini Gai-
tau was hanged here to-day in tlie
presence of a mixed crowd of Ameri
cans and Mexicans. He died gamu ,
llu murdered LuCoutreras ata Mex
ican fandango last summer and waa a
desperate diameter.
CHICAGO , February 10. Goo. Rob
iiiMon , an employe ot the Siiith | Ice
company , had a lover's ( jnarrol with
Ins sweetheart , Mary Baggan , at
1,357 Michigan avenuo. She refused
to go out with him and he shot and
killed her , and then committed sui
cide in the residence where she was
Wn.MiNfi'ioN , Del. , February 10.
Evan Hiee , the cashier of the Wil
mington and Hrundywyio National
bank , under sentence of live years'
impriHonjiiont for oinbexxlcmont
amounting to $1)00,000 ) , who was par
doned yesterday by the president ,
wan to-day released from prison.
AUUUHTA , Ga. , February 10. A
Winnsboro ( S. 0.dispatch ) says .Jeeno
K. Harbor was hanged there to-day
for the murder of Mack Perry laal
August. A large crowd of colored
people was in town to witness the
Hanging. Harbor piayod and reac
the bible most of the nijiht , llu
dropped live feet and died easy.
liLOOMimiTON , III. , February 10 ,
George Jackson , a null known farmer
residing in Padua township , returned
home last night in a state of intoxi
cation and commenced a general iilwigo
of his unoffending family. Two of bm
step-sons were terribly stabbed am :
his wife badly cut about the hands
and arms. One son is living in a dan
gerous condition and it ia impoastblo
tor bun to'recovor.
TOIIONTO , Out. , February 10.
Judge Ostur to-day grunted the wri
of habeas corpus in the Miller extra
dition case , returnable on Tuesday.
KANSAS Cm' , February 10. Judge
White sent Kx-Collector ( ireenu t <
jail to-day for failing to produce his
cush book , and his two deputies wil
be locked up to-morrow unless the
book is forthcoming. There is scarce ) ;
a doubt that the collector and hi
deputies fonnnd a ring to defraud th
tax-paycra , and it is confidently expected
pected that one of the deputies n
least will squeal and toll where the
missing cash book is , and all abou
the manner in which thu fraud WB
' carried out. When the cnah book ia
'omul thoio is hardly n doubt that it
rill furnish ample evidence to vend
ho whole gang to the sUto prison.
RnUroiijl Muttom.
s'Mlminl A < woclit ( < il I'rww.
liritMONn , Vs. , February 10
Indgo Wellford to-tiny , in the circuit
iourt , after a hearing of the case of
ho Washington ifc Ohio railroad cam-
uiiy , entered u decieo ordering a re-
ale of the , but allowing the lirst
uirchnsers twenty tliiya within which
o comply > \ ith tbo contract of pur *
base by paying the defaulted lirM
laymont til $50,000 , with interest
lioreon and coat ? .
WiNNKi'Kti , Man. , February 10.--
ho Manitoba Southwestern in
unction case was before the chief
ustice to-day but was postponed until
i'uenday to be argued before the full
) eneh of judges. George M. Cum-
nings liat been elected permanent
ecretary of the board of directors of
his road.
NKKNAII , Wis. , February 10.The
ViRronain Central railroad company
re m.iking preparationn to build an
xtension to their system , The now
nad is to run from this place direct
Milwaukee , passing through Oshkosh ,
MI ml dn Lau and other important
NKW YOUK , February 10. The
taloment connecting Mr. W. U.
Scott , ff Krie , lVnn ylvania , with
n allei > ed echemo for sociiriug
he ndoption by thu common
tinned nl 1' Iplua of certain elu-
ated raihoad plans in pronounced by
lr. Scott a puie fa l > n cation. He
ays he not only knou.s of no founda-
ion for the story , but thai until be
ead it in a newspaper bo was not
\en aware that any elevated railroad
viis piopoaod in I'luliidelphia.
niOAdo , February 10. Recently
lie tinnk lines agreed to return to
lie old rates between Chicago and
' . intern points , and tickets from bore
o New York were to bo raised. The
ut faro , ? ' . ) U5 to § 17 , change could
ml take ell'ect at once , because the
n.'ul.s could not immediately reach all
jentH. It w.mthori' fiire agreed that
lie newly ostahlishui ) lavs should note
) o enforce. } against dm'aut agents un
it Febiuary ITith , hui in Chicago
he limit was fixed fit.- Monday ,
' "ebruary ti. Tim soil ) eii nw their
ppoitunity , anil bonglit np hundreds
if tickets from western ng nts , dated
.head , which they C'lii now sell at
; reatly reduced iiitus. During the
last week the math to the east have
icon carrying passengers virtually at
ho old rates , and will have to do seer
or some time to come at
east , until the scalpers hayo
xhaustod their supply of liuketri.
'hu immense success of ( he trick has
larmed the mana''erH tit thu trunk
ineaand they caused aluttertobu drawn
ip by the u.iPBoneor agents , in which
t is announced that the established
atcs must take tilleut at once , and on
ind after Sunday , Fnbiuary liJ , no
ickets can be bought ot agents any-
vhere for less than regular prices.
Rouf Fell la.
National AtiHOiluUiil l'rons.
ST. JOHNS , N. II. , February 10.
This morning the roof .if a ear shed in
Lbe Inter-Colonial laihvay company's
> ard here lull in with the weight of
now un top of it , dumulmhing nine
cars and doing a dam igi > of § 75,000.
.tlonal . AiBOclatud I'ruH- .
NKW YOKK , Febnrary 10. llrad-
ntroet's reports 1511 failures in thu
Jnited States during thu past week ,
i decrease of ! J5as compared with the
ireceding week , and an increase of I )
) vor the corresponding week last yer. .
Although the failures are numuricilly
ess , their importance was much
greater , particularly among the cotton
mil grain commifruon merchants.
The Now England states had " 8 ; mid-
lie , ! tl ; Hourhurn15 ; western , 15 ;
Colifonna and the territories , ( i ;
Jaiiadu and the piovinct's , 11.
Dispatches from Norfolk , Va. , re
ceived by Hradstrt'iit's to-day aiinounco
the suspension of the Upshur Guano
company. Liabilities large , which are
nutty nearly covered by tlie assets
R. H. AW. . I' . Miixey , general
raders , Itrandon , Miss. , failed and
sold their stock to their coinmissio.i
norchants. Liabilities , t'bout $ > IO ,
Extonnlvo OverUnuo oi' MiiiiitK
National I'tmt
PliiLAiiKM'iiiA , Februaiy 10 An
v'xtuiiaivo itvurissiiu of stock of the
Grand Union mining company , of this
city , of which several thousand sharoa
liuvo been daily handled in thu min
ing exchange tor months past , was
disclosed to-day. The authorized cap
ital is 250,000 shares ot the par value
of $10 , although thu present market
value is about 0cents. . Long ago thu
management of the company put an
expert upon the books whowi trial
balance has revealed the ovorinsuo of
118,000 sliaits during a period
of eleven luontta. It appears
the books wore never posted.
An expert w nt to the ininu and will
report to morrow that the mines ru
valueless. Internal on a Urgu inert-
gage indebtcdn 8& is overdue and un
paid and to con tin no in oiistonci ) thu
concern will have to find other ptop-
orty and authorize a uow isituo ol
stock own with the nbovo overimiu
in order to i.buiin working iu : , i nt
The comimy | is chartered undui UK
law of Colorado and is supposed
to own thu Grand Union , Munro ,
Madiion , Adams , W.ishitigton and
GitvernoD Curtis claims in Cottonwool !
district , Uhalluo amnty , Colorado.
Eiirly Oimnlnii of tlio
Natloitnl A * Jilut > xJ I'rcmi.
Duiitigui' , la. , February 10. All
indications point to the early opening
of navigation. The ice moves daily
and threatens to go out of thu river ,
Tonuomou Bonili.
Nktloni. ) Asooclkto'l I'IDW.
NAHIIVH.I.K , Tonn. , February 10.
The excitement concerning TuimetBeo
bonds continued during the day and
they linally dropped to C'2 ,
Tlio Double tlenilnd Show Next Mon
day uiul Tunsdixy.
On Monday and Tuesday nights
next , C. II. Smith's famous Undo
Tom's Cabin company \\ill appear at
Hoyd'a opera house , with t\\oTonnyn ,
: wo Marks , two donko s and tix
iilood hounds. Thu Fall River ( Mass. )
News says :
"A mammoth house- every seat ,
with the boxes full , and slanders all
iround tlio walls greeted Manngcr
C. H. Smith's mnmmoth double Un
cle Tom's Cabin company last oven-
ng. The entertainment was length
ened some fifteen minutes with up-
Clause. Probably the company is the
.tost over playing the play in Fall
river. So many now feat tires
were introduced that the
old play seuinod like new
Air. Sam Lucai , the celebrated come-
H > n , won repeated recalls in his
scones. The Sherwood Sistew are
little wonders , " and Hlaiicho as
J'opsy No. 1 , Floienco as No. 2 , and
Ijittlo Ronmino as Kvu are almost an
intertainment in llumisolvcs. Tbo
'Double Minks" mudu any amujint
f fun. and thu "Double
Donkeys are beauties. The
bloodhounds are UL'ly-lookiiig animals
ind thu company on thu stage suemeil
willing to lei them have all the room
.hoy wanted. With the many attrac
tions that Manager Smith has in bis
company it ia o.ituly seen why houses
e tilled to overflowing all along the
road. The company would till the
icacdomy ng.iin | next week "
Socontl Successful Nitflit of Mulin' *
Uxcolleiit Opera Troupti.
"Doccaccio" was thu bill for the boards
it lloyd'n last evening , and attracted a
ino attendaucu. The audience and
he perfornianeo were both superior
o the evening previous. Miss Harry ,
is "lioccaccio , " the novelist and poet ,
von fresh plaudits from her admirers
if Thursday evening and made a de-
ided bit in both singing ami acting.
Mr. Cooper's tenor , too , was as line
ind pleasant as of thu evening before
ml lie appeared the " 1'iotro , prince
> f I'alunno" to thu reality.
All of thu other p.iris were hand
somely sustained and great credit is
lee to the admirable , singing of the
The costumes were mo t elaborate
ind beautiful. Several of I bo drrsses
were as line , if not liner , than those
ever resented on thu opera house
Htago. The stage nettings were uspo-
tally appropriate and in one act truly
To-night Gilbert and Sullivan's
iroat ; luUhotio success "Patience" will
bo presented "to a crowded housef
ThjB'dfternodn will bo given a grand
family maiihio * for which also nibats are
rapidly HollirfB * " " flua ; 1' * ? * *
Iluh I'oHon , of Gallon , in In town ,
L. Croiiimu , of Ituil Oak , IH in thu city ,
( Jeorgo C. Dnlo of Oakluiul , IH In tlio
John Van lloin , of 1'olk couuly , in in
thu city ,
( iuo. Sutliviiiinil cani't up from Hliiir
lust uvuiiln ' .
1 ! . W. Kichard-iiiii , of Lincoln , IN at thu
W. K. While , of Hterlliu , In a KiieHl ate
lliu C'luiriht'in.
.T. liahliilt , of Mill.ird , an i veil in thu
city ytxteriliiy.
It. I ) . Downing , < > f OgilcD , arrived in
tlm city yesterday.
II. W , Kicliar.lson , of Lincoln , ii In thu
city , vinithi fiiumU ,
C , II. Bcntt , of Moiiinoutli , la. , arrivuil
u Omaha ymturduy.
It. K , Stuvoii'im , nf Went Point , in u
, 'iicat at thu Citnliulil ,
1' . 8. liillhiKH and nifi < , of Lincnlii , ait
lit UlU C'ttuilolll llOIIHU.
,1.V. . Ie Kilva ami I1) ) . U. Parni.iliiu , nl
lUrlun , la. , ui > at tbo Cunliehl ,
K. K. Day and wife , of .South Itt-nd ,
rcilfttorcd yustenluy at the Crt'lidltnn ,
I' . A. CLirk IIHM rctiirnud fro mi Hiir-
vuyinj , ' trip rm thu Oregon Short Lino.
( ! co , Ijjliman , of Uohiinbiix , . wan swmiij
I In ) rt'KlnlriuH ut thu Wlthnull yuntcrday.
G. Ij. Mubury and William L. VeaBy.iil
Ctdar Uap'uVi , iireiit thu Cccl htou 1 louno
Win , Lawrence. ' , a heavy jraiu ilnalcr ol
Wyoming In thu city oainmtu I" Hcot
Chat. W. ItUluip , of Utnver , luft for
lunne Thiuwlay aftuniuituavlnlttofriuiidi
In thla city.
( iviiirol Agunt lirowuln of. tin Amu I
can I X | > IVHH Company , left 'I'liiir/iila ;
with MH wife fur the ua-t.
I * . W. Unborn anil U. M. Wllnoy ! , i ,
BUlr , arrived in this city y. nU-rdity line
ro lnturml ut the Withuell.
W. ILHtrickland , inan n ref Hiniirly'
Citltfoinia thuatre , jfdiKed Uiiiiu li Ouialia
tit-iUy on his way to Hun t'lanolxcu ,
Will WiHxIrntr , thu K' ' l h ) kiit | ; aiu )
uuial tntvulliiK aint ; of Mctcalf &
a houru In OIH ! city ruturnoil
duy from ati eAtuailcd ad Hiicrjuxnful buul >
lima trip ,
Mr , ( Juoru ( Kly , nl New York ( Jlty ,
formerly nt lltiuluwitoii ; , N , Y , U in
Onuilia fet u biluf vlult with hlx nuny
frlumlH. Mr , 1'Uy UavuH to-morrow for
Nlohriua , whuro hu will rumuin for a week
or two to transact HOIIIU Important Inui.
IICHH. llu paid TIIK Hi'.i : olliuu a viry
ple uant utll thbi afternoon ,
Win. McUarliisy , H8 Lloyil Htrndt , Uuf-
fulo , > < , Y. , full and Hiirulnud bin ankle ,
lliu employer , 11. AniWim , til Main
Htieet , procured HOIIIU Thoinub' Kcluctrlc
Oil , ami hu uuyn that a fuw applications
eiiablod him to yo to work M usual.
The General News Flashed Over
the Oablo Last Night ,
Olndatono'a Recent Remarks
Conatruod into Siccoptauco
of Home Rule.
Qornmu Catholics DisBntiefled
With the Proposals Regnrd-
the Mny Laws.
An Auatrinn General Retired
for His Wholesale
Mlnonllnnmmi Now * From the Ea-
rapona CapltnU.
PAIIIH , February 10. The first test
of strength in the senate since the
election , resulted in the rejection of
thu bill against visits anil expulsions
from monasteries , by 157 to 101 ,
showing that thu Jules Simon party
no longer have the casting vote on
such questions.
The nihilist , Savrotl" has been ex
pelled from Franco for publishing an
appeal , under his name , for help for
the widows and families of nihilist
LONDON , February 11.Tim Ameri
can ministers at Paris and Berlin are
urging thu re-opening of the interna
tional monetary conference.
Hr.itUN , February 10. The Gor-
iimnh , the ultramontane organ , of
this city , declares that the Catholics
are dinsntislied with the government
proposals regarding the May laws , and
that the ultramontanes will form an
alliance with the liberals.
LONDON , February 10.Stillman ,
correspondent of The London Times ,
telegraphs from Athens , contradicting
the report of his murder.
In ilin hoimu of commons to-day
Mr. Childors , sectetary of slate for
war , intimated that the government
commission was conuidering the ques
tion of the c.instruction of a channel
tunnel , and stated that the last gov
ernment appioved of the scheme.
Conservative papers commenting
on Mr. Gladstone's remarks yester
day , admitting the necessity develop
ing local self government in Ireland ,
construe them as foreshadowing a
paitial acceptance of homo rule prin
VIIINKA , Fobruiry 10.
Caikos , of the Ansti inn army , has
been plan' d ' ! ) the retired list for
oxecutm , . ' * S t' v'iiian insurgents.
Thu government in I diiectud that
only the loaders of thu insurrection ,
should bo executed ; . Three of the
insurgents were hanged yesterday.
A Narrow Eicnpe.
National ,
terrible accident was Darblyfftvoidod'
about 7 o'clock last ovoring by the-
timely discovery of a rock weighing
over a ton , which had broken loose
and rolled down an embankment to-
the truck of the Wilmington railway
near Uirkboro , just before the arrival
of a well filled p.icsongor train. The
man who made the discovery run over
milo through the snow , and thu ob-
trnction wits removed by the train
anils and pisseniers.
utloiml Amoilntnl I'rw
Rii'HMoNK , Va. , February 10. The
eiulj nster members of the general as-
embly , in caucus hero to-night , rt > -
olvod on next Tuesday night to rc-
cind their action nominating Brown
Mien for auditor in place of Masary ,
mil to take another vote on that anli-
ect. Thin wan done on the assurance
f some of ALi'-Hiiy'tf fiiends that if hu
van not th'jn nominated , they would
ireak the uxUting deadlock by hiip-
iiiriint , ' the faiicus iiomiiuu. . Tlie-
mucus also duebued in favor of the
) ill for twulve judicial circuits in-
dead of eighteen , us now , and thu
senate bill ulK > lisliing uhippint ; for
> utty lurtcny , and for taking front
'udges and conferring on thogovornor-
ho power to appoint co'liniiB.sionorsofr
sale , court accounts , etc.
Alan , February 10. A
joint meeting of delegates of the fun-
tary association anil nity eorporatiiut
was held last evening to disuuas thu
sanitary condition of the city , It _ is ,
imposed to spend at least half a mil-
ion in sewerage next soaaon. A. reso-
ution was unanimously udopbed to
, h/i e/i'ect / that the sunau of the tnuut-
ng was that an eminent sanitary en-
; iauer should be got to visit tlio city
o devise a systei < of draining ; that
M. Chosoboro , of New York , bo ro-
incsitid to come , and failiug to BOCUCO
uiu , some othar equally competent
person be eeleciud to bo called in cim-
suhfttion with the city eagineor.
The Olrtoat UJHtttt Uahed
Oaldwell , Hiimilton & Co , ,
wna u Kul o m Ineor.
. Uuirt In cuuiuiyusclil * ulijcci o
atiit ihuck v.lin'-.u ; LoLw
VtitlflcMta ol diMiOBlt wiu | vttblelti three ,
x aurl twtlio mo\illi , joirlrif h temt , or oa
tltltn * at uiarUct rciut ot luttutt.
Iluy and neil 1'oUi , blltN ot usthkD | ; ,
uioiit , iiUtti , county PJiJ city bondB.
Uruw liiiit Jr&lt * on En Uud , IteUni ) , ScoU t
Umi , uil U | rt of Kuroim. ft
Bell Kuropuau puia(0 tltliDtit
No hcud-acho or back-nche for
- ' - ' " " "