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Thursday Morning , Peb D ,
Wcnther Report.
( The following observations Are taken nt
the gatpomoinont i.l time At nil the stn-
tionannmcd. )
W DirARtMim , U. H , fll < J At , HtRTICR , I
OKAIIA , February 8 , 1382. (1:46 ( : p. m. ) (
All trains were on time ymtcrdiy.
The thermometer 8howo < l 54 ° nboro
zero yesterday.
No additional nmmll | > ox CSBOII were re
ported yesterday.
A rink for roller Hkatw nil ! be opened
in Central hall next week.
Two car loada of orangM from Now
Orleans arrived in Omaha Tuctday.
Church noclablo nt the I'roshyterinn
ehnrch parloin to-nl 'lit.
Confidence men nro Betting in their
work pretty often In the vicinity of the U
P. transfer doKt. |
Tlio crcditore of Klchnrd Sirmnn arc
looking up the r cordH in the county clerk'H
The Mahn Oper/i company will
the public HomcthlnK worth hearing In
their operas.
The liUHine H done by the caiitern
ronilrt , the U. , H. R ( J. In i articular , IIAH
been very hravy dining the pnnt month.
Fir h Hiipply of Thurbcin No. 5 , C for
25 cent * nt Sulir .tor Ac Borht'H , one door
north of Hnyil'n i > , urn hiiune. fcH-fit
FOB SAIK Klfjht thmixun'l foot of Imn-
bor , principally pliuetintf. Knriuiru of J.
J. Phllbin nt Wliltno/K uhoo Btore , Dourf-
laat fltrect.
Thu Yotinjf IVnple'it nfuwci ttion of the
Lutheran rlniK' i will ( , 'lvti an oyntur nnp-
per in the Kill in Ijyilu'x block on Kriilay
The fin-t of : i Beric.t of lectures ut the
Unitarinn church u'lll l > c given ou Kriilay
evening , when I'rof , Chinch will xpeak cm
"Fox and tht Anr' ln ue. "
Among thu appllcantH for admlHslon
tothulurof thuHtatunt this term of the
d ! it rid court in Omaha , Is ux-Utiitcd
States Attorney [ , , G. Northrop , nt South
Car -lina.
T..r ladies of the I'rcnliv tor-inn church
will ffive a sociable Thnnulay cloning in
thu parlnm of the church. Novel tin I
plt'i * nt cntcrtalnmei t v > 111 bo p cHcnted'
For.n plpimnnt noci.'il timed not forget to
LoaTOn the wuit wMo of Fifteenth
utr ct , between lodn'o ) nnd Fiirnnni , or on
the norlh bid of Fiinnnn btitwcen IfiHi
: ml 9th Htr ot * , iiHinuli K"lil onicilix. The
tinder wl 1 bo rewurdcd by returning li to
THK BEK office.
The Omaha Glee club heldnmoHt Hat-
Isfuctory rehear * * ! at HoHpo'H hall
Tuesday. Home Hplondld lilbograpliH of
Miin Fannie Kellogg have been received to
bo lUxplnyed before the date of the con-
The work of contraction on the
Hniirtcom park ntrcct car line , abandoned
at a point near St. Mary'H avenue nnd
Twentieth ntrevt , at the beginning of cold
weather , will be rmumod by the first of
next month if | H mlblc.
A. J. Maitland , the man arrcHtrd by
Pat Ford on Saturday night in thu act of
burglarizing Mm. JahnV h ui > c , waived
examination yoHlvrday and wax hold in
( TiOOIxmds to await the notion of the grand
Mr , Hamiicl Ijticax , Uncle Tom of the
Smith company , wan presented yextcnlay
afternoon with a pair of diamond nleevc-
buttons by Don MointM friend * , and TUH-
day on the Htagu with gel
c'tnu , alxo from Den Moines acitinintancu ] ,
Th contract for wluting and placing
thu iron nnd tin upon the roof and cornicoH
of Tiinity cathedral w.ox let on jM outlay
night to C. .Spi'clil , thu manufactuier of
thiii city. The idatu usitl will be ted und
blue , an I the cornicu material galvanized
iron. Mr. Specht comiiencfd | operatlon <
yestenbiy afternoon ,
The membcTH of St. iFnhu'it 1/xlgu No.
2.r , Alf. & M. , will meet ut Miwimio hull
on Thursday , 1'ebruary tlth , 1881' , at 1
o'clock p. m. , to attend the funeral of ur
deceased bnitlier , John Cameron. A full
ftttcndancu in rxpcckil. Mi-mlnM * of the
onlcr itio generally iinit l to meet uitb UH.
K. H. UAHTHI , W. M.
At tliu regular meeting held Tm-wlny
evening , Fobitmry 7th , the boyx of Kngiiio
company No , 1 had another of their enter-
talnmentx , toguthur with a lunch and it big
time. The"lligFoiir'Mr. Fred. Pick.
enH , Dulos Bcanl , Joint Turtle nnd Thomivs
BUsrrecktr , entertained the boj-H In fine
ityle. Dolcw ] ! eanl hung bin now wing
entitled "Tho lioune that .lack liuilt , "
which wax immense. . Mr. Crager nung
"Over the Uarden Wall. " Mr. KhivliU iiiul
Charles Plckum then gave the "Cobblo
Duut , " Hiul Mr , Sam Funuworth , Hob
Naib , DeloB llcaru nnd ( ieorga ShirldH ,
followwl with "Wuy down upon the
Bwaneo Kiver. " Suveral nicmbeni favortxl
the crowd with choice Helectionn , and alto
gether the boyii had a big time , The party
separated at u l.itu hour.
The Ainvrican Kqirenn o inpiny bail
Inaugurutud the. money order Hyi > teui for
tranmulttlng money for Its i atronsliikto def
of tending uinuuy In packufex , A lift i f
the | > } ing ofliccM ] i Into 1 on the face of
the order in ludex 00 towuu in lllinoU , 7'
in New Yurk , ueiirly .10 In v.w\i \ of th
ntnt s I-'wa , Wiiconm n , Michigan ,
ludlunn , Venn nt ; about U5 in Mucna.
chuHottn , 30 it ) New Hampshire , 20 in
Maine , 23 In Ohio , and 20 In MluuesoU ,
1 In Ml > u > ourl , rnly ti In JVnunylvnnlu ,
4 in iMkota , 3 tach in N w Jmiey nnd
Nebraska , 1 in Krutuoky ( Iou nvlllr ) , and
1 in Kama * ( Atchliuu ) . lu Nebranka ,
Onuha will ba the iirincipil c-fllce , and
one or the other two otlio.'x in thin itat
will be in Lincoln.
The Oharaos Against the Mar
shal and His Deputy ,
They Collect Blood
Mopoy Prom Proatitutoe ,
Favor Certain Saloons ,
And Iry and Acquit Certain
Prisoners Without the Aid
of the Police Judge.
Evidently Something ii'.Rotton 1st
the Court Hondo Noiuh-
Thu prcforring of chor ca
thu city marshal nnd liia duputy , whicl
wnnJonoby Councilnion ilurnburgor
nnd O'Kuufu ' Tuesday wna not alto *
Author a Burpriao. Thuru Imvn boon
trom time to titno charges nmdo by
dilForont pnrtiug but none of thorn
were ever pushed to an nn invettiga
Thro 3 weeks ngo Tuondny night
n ftpucinl committco nf four was
appointed by President Dniloy , on
niotiun of Mr. Uornborpor , to Jnvcsti-
untu thu police force. Thin committee -
too hold two or throe meetings , ex
amined nnd compared tlio records
kept nt tlio jnilor's oflico , nnd at-tho
police court , nnd nindu sumu discov
eries which nt first wore
conoidcred startling. At a
siibsviiuunt meeting , however ,
the police juclgo nmdo aomo cxplnn-
ations which , while not entirely re
moving the suspicious in one quarter ,
moderated the tiling considerably.
Of uourau no report lias been nuulu
oven verbally by this committee and
as thoj * are not inclined to fjivo up
the results of their investigation noth
ing oflicinl can bo stated. In general ,
however , it is bplieved that the
find object of thu investigating com
mittee wns to ascertain if the Hat of
arruots as recorded at the county jail ,
whore each prisoner is registered on his
arrival , would correspond with the lint
of prisoners brought before Judge
Hmuiko. During the period from December -
comber 1st to January 18th thu dia-
crupimcv , as at first discovered , win
found to bu no less than ICjj pi r
cent , or in other words
thu police juilgo's record follnhort one-
sixth thu number registered on the
jailor's books , which sixth were sup
posed to havu been disposed of at tliu
city jail.
Sec. 1 , chnp 24 , p. 48 , Hovisod Or
dinances , defines tlio duty of thu mar- us to the cnru and custody of
prisoners , making him ro.iponaiblo on
his bond lorlhuir safukeepint ; . Sec. 1 ,
elmu. 8 , imikcH it unlawful fornnyoflicor
of the city uxcopt the ] > obcu judgu
to rocuivo bail r security froni u pris
oner , or to permit a { irisonur in ens-
today to uscapu , u finu and imprisdii-
munt both boiiit : provided for such an
olFense. Sec. 2 , provides Unit any of-
Hour violating the provisions of Sue. 1
shall bo removed from oflice.
As will be Huenthu lawiu this respect
is vury strict and as there in no lugal
way of getting out of custody except
through thu police court , nnd ns thuiu
is supposed to bu largu shortage , it
would look as if somebody must have
out up bail at thu city jail to thu mar
shal or duputy. In fact , this is sumo-
thing thu otHcera themselves will
probably not dispute. Tlio number
may bu greatly lessened , ns they have
diacovurod ulroady sovural names
iiUHsed in the first look , but there
will still bo u hole luft.
Another charge against the ofiicerH
wns that they were permitting thu
Gorman theater to run without a li
cense while thu other throe theaters
all paid up.
One of thu principal charges madu
against thorn is that they Imvu boon
in the habit of collecting fines from
thn sporting women nnd that there
was sumo irregularity in reporting
thu Hiino. Taking the list of
prostitutus reported to thu
pnlicn judge from the month of December -
comber to thu mouth of January it
will bo found that thu total number
gradually increases from month to
mouth , while the proportion of those
nho pay fines ducn-aBed , until last
month hvD-oigliihx of thu reported
prostitutes p.ud lines , thu rest report
ing sick or not paid. This of course
might be easily explained but thu col
lection by any ollicur t f a line or pun-
ally under this ordinance is madu pun-
ishablu by " "
It is elainutd Unit not o nly did thu
mitishnl and duputy collect tines , hut
that the deputy marshal notified the
girls not to pay their tinen to thu
pohcu judgu but to pay to him ,
Theru nru numerous other charges
with ruspect to thu conduct of things
nt thu jail and about thu city. Thu
escape of Muniiy last wuek ,
a most important primmer , is alleged
to havu boon from carolufesnesd in al
lowing him to go for u bucket of wat
er aUiiui. The conduct uf somu of
thu men on their heatH and of otliora
in not being on them , and the refusal
of thu innrahnl to dual with
thu parties or his indiUbronco nnd
inactivity in the matter all are mat
ters compliiiiiud of from many ijimr-
tors , as wull an thu alleged partiality
shown to curtain liiiuor houses in
town which run at pluaauru without
The invuitiuacion now demanded
and the bold und uiiinistakablo char
acter of thu charges brought , should
moot with u ruaponsu on thu part of
thu committuu Unit will suttlo thu
( ( iiestion thoroughly. liy nil means
lei thi > matter bit sifted to thu but
American Legion of Honor.
Deputy Hupronui commander K. D
Titus completed hut uvuning thu or
giniziition f a local council of thu
Amuricaii Legion of Honor , consisting
of about thirty charter mumboru , with
olti-ora us follows , viz : Thoi , J.Staley ,
past coinmaiidi'r ; Oeo. W. Dickenaon
eummanUur ; L. F. Mnginn , vico-com
mundur ; K , M. Btonburg , aoerttary
D , A. 1'iorcy , treaiurur ; John O
Morflo , collectors ; 0. P. Ohubb , orator
tor ; L. 0. Knuwold , chnpluin
Trustees- , K , Hiimmond , Job ,
A , Edson and 1' . II. Johnson.
This order is becoming very popu
lar aud is growing rapidly , having
doubled its membership throughout
the United States nnd Canada during
\ the past twelve months. Its popular ! *
' ty nnd rnjiid growth is dun imiinly ,
First To its thorough nnd com
plete nrgAiiizition.
.Second To the wide rnngoof in-
sur.inco , including any amount from
er.oo.oo to sr.,000.00 ,
-Itsccminrnicitl feature which
onnblcs its members to c.irry insiir-
Aiicu nt n nomii'iil ' or coat price which
amounts to butn trillo compared with
the price charged by life nsiirnnco
companies. Theru nro eight
councils of this order in this stntu
and nbout ( iftoon moro are to bo or-
gnnized during the coining nooson ,
The Phllomathoan Concert ,
The nttur.danco nt thu opening con-
curt of the second scries given by tlio
I'liilomathcnn club nt Max Moycr &
Co.'shall Tuesday must have been
gratifying to ovcry friend of thu club.
All the seating capacity of thu pleasant
littlu music hall wns calloil into requi
sition nnd was supplemented by n
number of extra chairs. Thu pro-
gramme , which wns perhaps hotter
than any of the excellent ones ottered
by the club in their first uorins , was
ns follows :
Quartet. Op. C JUcethoven
n. Andanto. b. Allegro.
'Thou nttlikiinntoaflower".UubitiHtciu
Aiifr ! Ijlzzio 1'enncll.
tjuartel ( ] vii o I Ifaydn
1'oco Atlnglo cantabilo.
Andante and ir'clierzo David
CJco , K. Saner.
Qnlntot. Op.II Rchdnmnn
n. In Mouod'unaMarcia. b Allegro mn
non tropHi. |
"ler KiKclicr"violin ( ohligatiO.Hauptmann
MUs Uzziu 1'ennell.
Herotiadu , No. 2 Vollunann
n. Allegro mode rat o. b. Allegrtt o
The opening quartet WAR an excul-
lent selection for atudy. It is one of
thu most charnctonstic of Ueuthovuii'i *
uarliur cnmpoaitions writtuti ut
a time when thu great master was still
under the inlluencu of his predeces
sors liny dun mid Mozart , but progrc's-
ing with grant strides towards inde-
pendunco of thoughtnnd artistic powor.
Far inferior to thosu inarvelloiis ( ( trir
tots of his later dajs , opera 127 , I'M ,
132 and 1 < )5. ) it is in every way suited
for n light programme of chamber
music , and was rendered hut evening
by thu Philomiethuan club with ox-
pressioi ) nnd excellent execution.
The "Kaiser" quartut of Haydu
was wull ruceivud by thu audi
ence. Its theme has already
becomu familiar through our church
hymnals , but thu beautiful instru
muntation is lost entirely in thu tran
scriptions nmdo for thu organ. Among
thu uighty-thruu string quartutts
which Haydn wrote anil published ,
thu "Knsiur" quartet will always tiku
n front rank. It possuascu at thu
siime limu high historic value. The
icknowled father of the symphony ,
lixing its musical form and giving to it
sonsistuncy of development , Haydn's
lorvicuB in duvulopin thu quartette
iveru no less valuablu. Thu lucid und
harmonious trtatnumt nf thu thomu
nul thu symmetrical structure of thu
uovements aru particularly noliccablu
n the numbers played Tuesday
evening. Schumman'a quartette
> pus 44 , WHS another of the
loroltius presented Tuesday evening ,
jy thu I'liiloinathoan club nnd wns
leard for the first timu in Omaha. It
jpona with h march movement in a
ninor kuy , in which the attention is
ittactod both by thu sweetness of the
thoino and the beauty of thu instru
mentation. The allegro following is
in happy contrast to thu slow nnd
lolemn strains of the funeral march
uovomoiit which prucodus it. Thu
rvork of the club perhaps showed itself
U its best in this selection , which wns
rendered with ducp feeling and fault
less precision of execution , Mr. May-
; rs excellent handling of the piano
being particularly worthy of mention.
Volkniaiiu's ' lovely serenade No. 2
closed thu concerted portion of the
Miss Lizzio 1'onnoil nppenrcd for
thu first timu before an Omaha aiuli-
jnco in llubenstuin's "Thou art like
unto a llowur. " Thu lady possesses
i rich mezzo soprano voice , s unuwhat
limited in range nnd compass but
iwuut and wull modulated. Shu was
jviduntly suffering n littlu from stngu
jmlmrraBfliuontbutuiivo a pleasing und
irtistic rendering of thu nuinbur und
iinuloiivoryfiivorablo impression on the
iiudioncu which wns deepened by her
L'xcollent purforiimncu of "Dor
Fiachor" by ilnuptmann , n selection
wull suited to bur resources and which
was given witii moro coniiduiico and
greater effect. Mr. Oeo. F , Savior
itppoarud only once during thu uvun-
ing , giving as his contribution to thu
programme an "Andantuand Schurzo"
by D.ivid , An enthusiastic encore fol
lowed to which , in nccordnncu with
thu ruli's of thu club , ho respondud
inly with a bow.
A fonr concluding words may not
bu out of place. Thu Philoinathfnn
jlub has coiuu to wtiiy in our midst.
\iiil ili'fiO v and should ructivo a but
ler support from our citizens They
iru nn educating iniluonce in Omalu ,
nnd only need to bo hoard in order to
buuppreciatud. Kucha progrnmniuiis
that givun Tuesday ovtminu it rnroly
xurpassud in New York or Boston and
it in to the credit of the I'hilomatheun
club that they wore able to present it
in the manner in which they did. It
will bu equally io the credit of our
citizens if they show by their nttou-
dnncu at thu remaining two concerts
of thu series tltut they nru ready to
support really good music and to ap
preciate it when they hear it ,
Although opunud only two months
ago , tliu Opera liousu Clothing store
is rapidly gaining popularity by low
prices and good goods , i'ho stock is
entirely new , and sold for cash at
strict'y ' one price. "Marked in plain
figures" on every article. Call and
examine before going ulaawheru.
J , I' . LUM > ,
217 S. 15 th street , Omulm.
Two Urunui.
llvgulutu first thu stomach , second
thu liver ; especially thu first , so us to
perform their functions perfectly , and
will remove at least niiieteou-twonti'
otlu ut till thu ills that mankind u
heir to , in this or any other climuto.
Hop Bitters ia the only thing that
will give perfectly -healthy natural
actions in those two organs , Maine
i * ariuer , . -1-15 f
The Bmnll I'ox ; ClalmH n Fourth Vic
tim nttho Post liousu.
An order WAS received at Under
taker Jacobs' room this morning fora
coflln in which to bury the body of n
patient nt the pest housn , who died
last night. The victim is supposed
to bo the man whn was fikon from
Molz Itrowory. but his imino could
not bo definitely nseortnined as Dr.
Leisenrii'g was not to bo found.
No additional ease * are roportod.
The daughter uf the ( Surmnn minister
who wnu taken , is thought to
bu in n hopeful condition.
The nmti Trtston , who wns taken
to tlio punt housp fium Tenth street
on Saturdny m'ghiwns , pr-niouneed
by n physician who saw him Sunday
to hnvu only a casu of moailes. Dr.
Luisining , however , pronounces the
man's disease small pox and claims
that ho w B taken out of the city just
in timo.
The cisc of P.-eston's has given ri o
to Bovcrnl cnui s for difference be-
t.woan Dr. Li'isenrinK and Deputy
Mninhal McCluro. The Inttur at
tributes the complaint madu by ttio
board of hoiltli , wliiclt is reported in
another column , at the council meet
ing last uveniug to Dr. Leisunring ,
nnd says in reply that thoronrd n good I
many things he might toll which
wouldn't sound well. Jlo says that
ho refused to obey the request of
the city physician 'hat he go to thu
depot nnd tnke charge ot Preston
who wns supposed to ho broken out
uith tlio disease , for self evident rea
sons. Ho states that Dr. Lisonring
asked to have Preston put in the
city jnil ever night , wlu < : li ho also
lefused to obey. Ho claims that ho
rodu out to the pist house and as
quickly as possiblu brought Houck
tvith a wagon in which Pruston was
put ,
Boouimo There Wiis No Corpse The
Florence. Cut-Off Affair.
It win rupoited in this city on MonJJ
day uvuinug that an Englishman had
beun killed while at work in thu
Florence ) cut-oil" , eleven and a half
miles above the city , by the caving in
of n bank and that a companion badly
injured wns brought in and placed in
thu hospital on the hill.
At the time the messenger was aunt
for Dr. CufTmun it wan supposed th.vt
the Englishman vas dead , but it now
appears that ho was the least hurt
mini of the two. Dr. Cotfmin ; attended
to him nnd ho was carried to the
shanty at the cnnip and put to bed ,
where ho remained unconscious until
Tuiulay alteruo n.
Lih injuries wiruthon found not to
bo ns serious as at first anticipated
ana ho was fueling fust-ratu josti r Jay.
These particulars uru learnedifrom
Mr. James P. Vincent who has charge
of thu out iru work of constructing the
Florence cut-oil.
A Very Pleasant Surprise Party to the
Messrs. Browster
One of thu moat pleasant events of
tlio season wns thu surprise party given
last evening to Messrs. S. H. ami E.
P. IJrowstor by about twenty couple
of their many friends. They took
possession of their homo and made
merry until they were forcibly re
minded of the dawn of another day
when they turned reluctantly home
ward with thu pleasant memory of
their royal entertainment. Mr. Los-
onfero , an accomplished musician , was
in attendance , and his music was high
ly enjoyed by the guy company The
supper included thu dulicacius
of tlio season , and in quality was in
dued n hanquut. It was presided ever
by Mrs. 0. D. Jirowator , assisted by
Mrs. JumtsH. Kynor. . Among those
prcsimt were : Mr.V. . J. Tousluy
and Miss Milliu Mnthieson , Mr. K.
S. Cluistie and Miss Molliu Hazard ,
Mr. F. L. Pulton and Miss Jennie
Patrick , Mr. C. W. Tousloy and Miss
Fannie Green , Mr. James Urown and
Miss Ada Smith , Mr. Jurur Purtel
nnd Mist Kmnri Purtul , Missoi Alien
Ilustin , Juim ClmVio and Klla Au-
mock. COOKOO.
Boal Emuto Transfers.
Tin1 following nro nil tlio fora
of ru.vl ostnto rucnrdud ut the county
clerk's ofliou during Siturtlay and
Moiuluy , us reported by John L.
McOaguu , roul oatato agent und con-
voyancor :
Richard Siviuoii and wito to Ed.
Mauror , tliu north 5 acres fronting on
Sixteenth atreot ; wd. , $285.
Addition Honda to Justus Sohu , the
undivided h.ilf of thu uw. i of m > o.
31 , tp. 10 , u 12 , cast ; qcd , 837.
W. N. ulcCundlUh and witotoChus.
F. Siminonda , lota 26 and 27 , Mo-
Oandlish Place , \V. D.j 8700.
Churchill Parker and wife to Mol-
Ho llorlwcli , lota 15 and 10 , block 5 ,
Ilorback'a addition , W. D. ; 8800.
Qoo , ArnuUrong und wife to Albert
II. Siviulvr , lot 14 , block 4 , Arm-
BtroiiK'a 1st ndditionV. . D'j ? 83G.
Eiluu J. Hoyden to John L. Mo-
Cajiio , lots 1 und 2 , blouk 14 , Shinn'a
addition , W. U ; $1,400.
John McGorniick to Olara K. Mat.
toaoii , lot 0 , block 10 , McCorinicV's
udd j w. -8350 ,
W , W. Li-wo und wifu to Sarah J.
Donccker , tonucruaon iMurcor uveuuu ;
w. d , SL',000.
St.itoof Nubraskikto S.iuuiol VUKV , ,
the BW I of the n w $ of tliu aw J oi BUO
10 , town 10. raimo 13 cad ; deed
? 95.
August Dull and wife to Jos. Met ;
stock , lot 12 , block 2 , KonuUo'fl 3d
udd. ; w d. 8885.
George P. Bonus nml wife to Ole
T. UoBuuprln. The w j lot 8 block
3 , Credit Fonder , w d $300.
Michael Haiin&han to Joseph R n-
[ nalmn , The a c Jf i w i and the a
i of o | of sec 0 , town 15 , nvngtj 15 ,
iiaflt w d 8100.
Albert H. Sander nnd wife to Ar
thur P. Wood , o i lot 3 , block 102 ,
w d 80 , COO.
C. 0. Houaul und U. Allun and
wives to H. Knuntzc , the B 40 ft ot n
80 ft of lot 5 , block D , Omaha , qcd
Statu of Nebraska to John Sann-
dcra , the n w | of s o \ of M > O 30 ,
town 1C , range , east duud-L'80.
Still Investigating the Hnmmor Homl
clclo Trial of the Smoltlng Works
The grand jury is still busily en
gaged investigating tho.Hnmmer horn
icido. A largu nuinbur of witnuasoi
have buun uxuminud , but , ns fur as
learned , no additional facts havu boon
exposed. Somu of thu women dolnin
ed to testify have been before the jury
nnd two morn , thu most important , it
is thought will testify to what they
know to-day. Speculation is rife as
to the action of the jury , but it is ex
tremely improbable that anything def
inite will bu known buforo S.v'urday.
Thuro is an amount of ether criminal
business which will probably bo dis
posed of right , on tliu heels of thu
'lomicidu investigation ,
The court proper was occupied all
day on the of thu smutting works
suit , reported yesterday.
The B. Si M. Club HuorganlzoB for the
Coming1 Sotisou.
An oiithusiattic and hugely uttoiu'- '
ed meeting of thu II. & i\l. \ b.iso ball
club was held ai. tiiu hu.uiqu.iruni , > ea-
turday afturnoou. L. J. Jil iko acted
asch.iirnun pro tuin. An election of
officers for thu ensuing year was the
first business and resulted ns follows :
President , Robert M. Taylor ; vico-
preaidunt. Win. Foreman ; secretary
and treasurer , P. A. Warruck ; gen
eral miuiugor und captain , A. W.
In responding to his election as
general mamiucr , which is the active
position in controlling tbu nine , Mr.
Saxo said that he 'hoped the next
season of bauo ball would bo moru
successful than thu last one , nnd it
would bu his purpose to make thu club
tlio bust in thu city.
The following commit too wcrn up
pointed on siii'f ' > : iMf siu. Dm kef ,
Saxo and
Tlio meeting .idjiiuined , aubjtet to a
call of thu president.
A Pleasant Party Given by the Golden
Rule Club.
The Golden Rule Pleasure club
gave u plu'usiint , and select masquerade '
ball at Standard hall lust evening.
About thirty couplus were in attend
ance , handsomely , gorgeously and
tastily masked. Hollman's orchestra
tarnished the music , to whicli thu
company duncud until a late hour.
At twulvo o'clock thu masks were re
moved and a handsome supper was
onjovod. The following are tno offi
cers and floor managers of lust ovon-
"g :
Officers Mrs. T ; S. . Vinegar , presi
dent ; G. 0. Carr , secretary ; . Mrs. J.
W. Mcirian , treasurer. '
Floor Managers G. C. Carr , 0. H.
Reed , and C. C. Gary.
Executive Committee Mrs. J. W.
Morrian , Mrs. T. S. Vinegar , . J. Ifc
King , and \V. H. Warno.
John H. Erck , the popular stove
dealer at NOB. ( il& and ( i7 North
Sixteenth street , has a c.irloa/1 ni
splendid cook stovua and rauues un
thu road. Ho will liavo in u duv nr
two number of thu culubrated Lily
French wrought iron ranges , a now
thing in Omaha , and which mdostinrd
to bu the range of tbu futuro.
K , C , 1'iiof , of Hlair , in in tht > city.
Juilgo Curler , of Ouiali.i , went cant ye-
A , M. Trimblv , of Lincoln , in a at
the Cunfield. '
K , S. Lowe , of Kremont , U a guedt nt
thu Withnell.
A. 8. Stewart , of De&dwood , in in Ouiu-
ha ou i britf vtfit.
Win. Lawrviitx- Siuux City , H
gui'Htut the U itlinull ,
11 M. O.ivei , of HuHtinKb , > ni\ed lu
Omaha yentiTiUy.
J. U. IJoty , of Uavld City , ftrrlvcd in
Omaha last etuuiiig.
K. 8. Godfrey , of Mindcn , Neb , , lu in
thu city , a uueat ut the Withnell.
W. U. Cleuimlna , of St. Paul , in among
the giiestu at thu Creiyhtou hoiwe.
K , 11. lUxter , Dtttion ftK ut t Wihoo ,
U u t itHt ut the Gun Hold boimu.
K. D. Uiley , K i , of OrauiMmul \ , nr-
rlvud lu Omalu lu l VKUUU ; .
Matt Ol > pillo ( TwcuiiiXfU 'N union ; ;
yotUmlay * reKistrie-i at th.i lunlii'ld.
J , l. 11. Bally , nf llvruiun , li. n uoiii ; th
regitterfd at the CiKUiitnu IIHUMI > min-
\Vin. l.awreucv. "f l. inic Cii > > v-1"1
the urriv.vU lnvn tliu 'u > t li
H. H. Chlllborn. ft Wall o arrived iu
Ouiuha Hat Vduiu . \t \ { U itiuiiiiii ; nt
Uw \ \ IthutlL
S. S. lllrch and v'.fe. of .Sioux City , ixr
rlveil in ( Ki.nliu y , . 'rilnY mid registered
t the WflbuoU.
L , & Btevvui , c ni rue tor of the Oregon
Short L'n ? , au'vod in the city from t :
wtBt yo > t rdw'y.
H , C. N tvuian , tuperlntendeut of the
light of way for the Oregon Shoit l.iue ,
arrived I jst t Isht.
A , C'ohon , Kuq. , a nrominent luwjer oi
Ban 'i'raucieco , paaaed through Omaha
yef'terdsy MX hit way oaat.
Capt. Payne returned yeetordajr from
n extended visit tnCftlifomiA. Dnrinj
liii Hay he visited Crtnc of the most im
portnnt points in the grfni coiat t > t.ite.
The niAVii-rAdo | of tlw Imperial Clul
tol.e glrcn Koh-uary 10th MiI HonlcIIall
proml/tj / t be n grand all .ir. An clfgant
tupper will 1 nerved , and thfl- club hate
i-pa > ed no ripen < ie IT labor to make It n
MI COM. Krlen In of ineinbert vtFA be ad
mitted by piocurln tickets from tha com-
inlttco. TJckeU or any Informaiiun can
be obtained at A. llonpn'a Ar Gallerv ,
eiDe Meyer's
The antidotal theory , now admitted fo bo
the only treatment which -will eradicate Qatar-
rhal Poison.
huv. Chan. H. Taj lor , 140 Nohlo Direct , llroolc-
lyn , N. Y. : 'Ono packauo effected a radical
ciiri : . "
Ilev. Gco. A. Hula , Coblcskl'l , Sohoharlc. Co. ,
N. Y. : 'It restored me to my mlnlsterlall
\nt . "l
Ilev. W K. Sumner , Frederick. Md. : "Kne
retmlts In six cases In iny family. "
liev OPO Jt I'ratt , St. Stephen' * Rectory ,
I'hl a.'Quito : , wonderful ; lot nio distribute
your 'Treat ! e. "
ChM. II. Stanhope Newport , It. I' . : ' I was
too deaf to hoar the chu'ch bella rlnf hearing
tteorw * W. Umbriuh , 73 llldill strict , Haiti-
more , Aid. : ' 0 yean ; perfectly
cund. "
Mm. M. E. Shnvicj , 3 22 Saiah street. St.
I.ouln : "The fln < t u.'ituril bro-th In ft e'ii- "
Xlra. J. W. I'lirccll , ( Jnldcri City , Col ! 'UHml
only i no pa > : Ua o ; entirely urwl ; MilTum ! 24
year * . "
Dr. K. N. Clark , Oertlst , g Hontk'omury.street ,
Bin Krniicln > : " 8u3crud lj } eara ; perfectly
eurod , " etc.
Dr. Wei Do Meyer's Popular "TREATISE"
on CaUr b inalu ! < l frte. Tim gnat Curo-ii de
livered b } Driih'Kiit * , or by D B. Dcvtey St Co , ,
182 Fuiton iitrcet , New York 9for I 00 ,
moi.-wed-frliHat&wcekco1. *
MONEY TO LOAN Call . v la , * tJttcu
L. Thntnix VownH I'rnU'htoi'
M > Ai At 8 per cuntla-
tore t In anm of { 2,600 and
upwarda , for 3 to 6 ycira , ou llrst-cltvet city and
funn proiHirty. HKMIS HKAI > EXTATX ami
iVnK < < CY. lEtli and
' 2r. t-lrlK at Iho Chlntso Terror
Shirt Faitor > , 1114 Fnrrilnni St. L. U :
Hoycr&Co. liO-10
WAN'TKil A ' 01101 , ' man liiun ; ; p
perlcncam the hiHluc uml ncq
n thu chy , nt afuild of hard work.
1U4 8 LK.M1NO s Co , Grocer * .
\\fA.NTKU Al a thor u li kiiowl
\ cdu'utfln fk rr enl If Kltie-n. Xo on
h d IH not < ull.\ \ > < er unil lln * b i-l itn tin ( i
' ' .M.1' l
I \ rANI'nn . ' 0 tfi'N t" uMliimvia'N M'lil- '
\V a C. o-ir lltli ii'i linr > f.i.m in 01-
4 p. ui. 0 - f
\ \r-ANTKl ) -llv r' lirurjrv Uit , Ixuid u d
\ \ room for an wife. Private ftmll.f
r forrid ll'Htof refureiiuUi ( C'1 ' ' " . Atlilio ,
lUllnv tururi , S II. , tliiHOlli'e. 112- ! ) '
lATA TKI ) A eoniputont fvcond sirl li tu
> \ > in ill i rluuu f unity Appy at z4l8 > at-
. .tjstreet. . It ) 0'
IT TANTKD A n an 111 in iffrn-ery tore , miiut
YV b nblv to spiak ( ! cr. . auixi.,1 . rif-li-h uiul
itiiimt nd thueiri'of hurmi ( ! oed ruf rcnv |
'Uuiied ] ; i\c ( nil ii'itiK1 , , rc.sldtiticu and a
VU rw n. II. II , llcuoltixj. US-S *
IX'ANTH ) ) eHliiK-linu-e , b rotitui , Mltl l
V > 2J niiinitosof I' . t , a once. AJdtn * *
ilac. , teuilHcu. ' ( Mt
lylTANTKUMtuation iw clrrk by a yp'ini ;
man. Kxiwrle ccttlnul glu .ud il ubloeii-
jy. Co d rcf rcncci. Ail rn II. S. lo ! < y
ittice. I9 I *
TKD iilri forK eral luuork. . Apr
WA ply it 1714 JockHon. 03-tf
A K0d study boy between 15
WANTED > uani old twuiK in Htorc.
it BCD cilice. 1031)
A good nun. capr.blo of
WANTED { iHtHelll"K&r Ick ; utiall
quired \ \ ( ilie bnH n lionsoi aud prituto
10U808 iii Onuht i.t'etiN thu a'Clclu if ) it IH b -
lomiiiK an .Iwoluto ntce ciiy. Vi. NVUbna ,
janll Id House. fcb7 3
\ \ " ANTKD Iy ) a steady man a permanent
VV eitiution. L'rclunUnda the euro of
lorsea. ( Inod rcfinT.ceM if n < | uired. Audteiu
IlKKrtlice _ y :
KD A few luoro uy bo irderdu i bo
WAN woiiiiiiodutid v-ilh tlrbt clis < tilili-hoardi
it $4.0 < l peruuek , 14 S Capitol .leimc , b t. 14th
md ISth 41-0 > MltS hOJi- . .
- ( III ImnulaUIy , at 170 J-Califor.
ula bt ; mini \la-K' \ oil cook , ua bjr atuli
ironer. None tlher mid apply. Ui-tf
W ANTKD rirnt-oiua coon , ono wi o imdirr
b mult Lookiiu'imwcl atu | lry ; IIOIIQ
jut flrnt clftwi niut ftiiily | Albou K0l "iye .
talt r. Applt utllOfiVirnham t UBI-o dl
\ \ / At > 'IKU fundtiirf bridK'iA'iil ' chuol IKJIIU- .
V\ II. T. Clark Ili'lluviiu , h-rf
ANTKD At bkCivlKhton lloun' , chauw
/ - . , nu'Uble 'or H ht hou-e-
W/NrKD-3.roouw | IUt ly , li ninut-s uolk
'Oin I' . O. , uniun.iDtKxI. Ad lr. H I' . M. , llov
itHee. 6i-tf
NTKl ) .ehildn n a * l > ankra In ( tt > > ct
W scluwl , at Iflth and California Bt. L. B
.UUMIH 767-
Olt 111V T--Kiuijlhlu < lrooiii , H. K. corn tlllh
I ? and Cum at. 10.-W
OK Itli.VV IV" nli'tt u i.'urnhlud tooniu ,
I ; ll)15. ) l.UuAj st 1100
, > Olt Iti-NT A nicely ( urn'ohm ) a.-i ) front
1 ' Mom , pli. * < lily ! locatoi'f.ith ; or ulthiut
uard. W.'r 16th ani Junta St. lll-ll'
I7IOU II K 'IT NK'-'ly lurnUJioil ro.m. Inquire
; 1CU Jiuk oii M. 117-14
HUNT Unliiiin , u-o , nio.iiu S W. 03r.
IfiUi unJ'I'nvMird. ' Uo-if
VHH [ IlKST K n L-ho I x m ; a e.lrjhlo froi t
tooiu wil i fur iwc hvat , N.V. . rornur lUtb
U20 *
I7IOII ISK KnrnlHlnd with , ot without b ant
1 ; a Iriint room , pint uit > lor tu i un llrbt turf \
at N . 3i > / .S. | nil St. , t * t ld , U't. Pavcntioit.
and Chioik'n Two Ka.tU'iuui > , r man i n
prtfciriii. lixjiilruou jreailiHM , W-t (
ITUm UKNT AKWd houe * of f'lir ro uunt
L1 * iO JUT mcnth. Newly kaUurolned vid
p ) fc.rnl , 12th HI. , l U * n llOMUiiluna JaeV * '
. , ItK.VT-lVnl-bcd roonw I mlrsb ao \
I' citioii. HjivtliHuit oirnur ll'th ' ami l > tn
poit tl. wt"--
. H KNT"Storo , * 2x&0 , milt iblo f31 naloan ,
1.1OII 16 h , Uixtitn fallforuli and * b
t r , No. UH J "
l Oll Itl.NT-Slabk , lf.10 lle anl triO.
L Ir.iiulro of Vf. M t' TO tl.
OU SAI.K In > liiullc > , IOMII , al o nke lre h
tut oral litaruCrectryktorccoriiDr1viitu :
' . *
ami HuAge. i-'tla.lm
I.H/H I IUST Kiirnlf.bcU Ircnt room. h. K. tor.
I. Utbund J.ctwiu. K-t (
UKNT I > OIUJ\MII I'lace , icuthenl of 13th
J71OH . Omiho , kultitilo lortrvta Iu gar.
cl < r , , nfo.aliiu UH tlirlitrrn , flHiT , tc , coed
wi | | iinl Lain , > bearlnt ; cnhinl about tiOO Lear
tin ; gripv tl i , a Urve ADiount f Kooat.l > cry ant )
current tiu ho' , Ac , , & . . for Krms * ul coi Oj.
llnna ppl ) at t c UfDlghtan llomu. 42-U
11ENT Mitly lurnuhcu rooim Vo let ;
rofcri'iicn eichanited ; HIT llownrrt Vit.
OK HUNT KuriUlied room. Inquire UJ $
10H RKXT Room * In . ' * eob ' block.
I DM-lf
UK.VT Iloom partially teih > * h l , Capita
FOR , liet. 17th an'l ' lath , igyh B'lle. 6-t
RKNT NIC ly liunlthvil rcn-Mc , At 1010
EOIl St. n
011 KftlT T o ncreiof , > oii 3 nif
F birn on Cumlnjf Mrret. fcnqulrt of Iki-
Rene O'Neill , ICtli ami llnmtrd ,
' 171011 Ilh.NT Homo of iiKht loonn. Ki'iulre '
I1 J. I'hlptM Hoc , 1512 b. Filth St. 9/7 tl
1J10II UF.NT-Peb. 1st , rornroodioua brick n
Jj dcnce , corner 10th nnd F.irnham Su. Ap-
pl > toMri R A. htiior , Thbor , Frenont Co. ,
lei a. H feroncc i desired. 941-tl
KENT Ono of the b * tetori on i
Foil . Mxil , hv January 1 , 18M. SiiOtf
1.1OH KhiWT K mroianeo roamou
JL' chnnta'Exch ujeN. K ctr. IStti ui t
itreeta. t8 tl
OR TIKNT Nicely fumlBhcit reomi with or
wilhout board. Ilrnnonab/i / prlers. 2018
Caw St. '
iriOll SALE S3 loin In Mtt'ornilck'n addition.
I ; A | ply to John M. Clarku , ooU ocr ntnouth-
\v 9t corner l > ouxli i and 14thSt8 ; loe-10 *
FtIK 3M.H A setol househoM furniture for
small fanill ) . Knqulro ftj trill olllco. 11&-B
FOR SAM ! Splen1 Id bUck wnlnut counter
an ihow me , a.ul shelving. AUtoatoie
for rint In good location Knojnro on prcm-
lam , toull.tatlcor. Ibthand U-avcnworth t.
103 B'
? 0 8ALB-A One family ilrlilnr team , of
hirvesulh now top boggy and harnwi.
LI'H ! ' V > chn'CI ! 'or city property Knnulro Jl C.
iulllott , cotnor lth and , arnty. T-'ll
OIl iMI.K-A Kood second lia d street ii
lu.Ifi' "fnof-1 ttulow Ur Rln. IT f- !
dwarJi , 1109 Kiirnham ftroct , 74 tf
171 H SAIU OB F It I'Ulll.lC Usii Pull
JL ? lllootlcJ Jiiracy bull ! ti Idonce 2,518 Do-
catnr aircet , Nort Omali % , flvo blockn north
west of turn.tnble on Sauiidcrs ttroct , ' Johm
T710II "SAI.K Souerkrouf by thoburcl , chrapr.
Jj r Kal. iOv , at Durh.mi Meat jlurUut , 13th
at. , bet. , OuuKlosaiK ) Iiodgo.
FOIt SALK House and full lot in Rood loca
tion. cheap. Vrfcc. 81250. Easy terras.
ilfCAOUE , Opp post clBce. 15tf
EOIl SALE Brat building lot IP Shlnn's &d-
d tlon , 142 fost cant front by 120 foot depth.
McCAOUE , Opp..j sti.fflco. 14 U
JTIOH SALE 1 o ml stallion , Clule"dalo ( Hi
J ; yearn old , wil lilnc ICOOpoii.d . * . 1 bla k
Htalllnn , J .Nonnnii.Morgan \ , Sjcaraotd. welah-
liiK I MO pounds , too'.t Mrs premluiii nt Nebraska"
ftuto Fair , 1SSI. 1 Kontu.-ky . Jack. bl < .k , .
tig about CW ) jKJinuls , 4 yia'Hulil , took ; j
premium at N'sbra ka State Fair , 1SSO and )
1S81. liuiuiru of't'hiH Neber , FarnurH llotuoi.
CIIV 93S-tf V ,
FOK SALK OH RS.VT A grocery store and
butclier8liop'coinu ! ( oed business In
quire at this olllco. 012-tf
FOR SALE 2 nice oonutcrs and28ll\er plitol' '
th > w coses , at O.o. II. Petal Mn'a , S04 South
10th St.
FOH SALK Two t2t tr tal cht bupny her os
or will ixcl'ni ' HO far hoa\Hroiie , mitibla ! <
fur farm work , K quirunkN'p. IfilU liouijhBtit.1
KQ-8 *
FOR SALE Or will cxcha go for Omaha pro-
party , an Improved sec on of land adloiu-
in ? a station on U. P. % K. M. DUNHAM. 1418
Farnham St. , Oniahn. . _ _ 720 3ml
POU SALE Or trad * far city property , on
hpan of horses , harness nnd wa on , Addrua
a Y. , ihlaolllc-J 722 tf
5. HALE A K3 ° < stucn-yeir-old horfe
Uiirrinreil to drlvuHiiglo or double Kn
ijiilrt nf ( l.nnri'iinllrM , Oanflold houso.
vi \-cjh.KAii ; : cnaTiniii of MM. it'-io '
J.VI .Sci.miJi , cheapnnd o'cnnf ' llttiSt. , bet -
t ; ni r' .inn 11 triicv. ntxtdojr to I.or-
ensnn fi Co. , merchant tr.i'nr . UH 11
fIANO ANIO < GA-VMimiriictloii by Ml" K.
i. C. 1'arll t , . 20tkrX balxt-Pu-rui. Ili-tf
TTIi h.NISHM ) nil UNUUr.MSIiKD roinis ,
_ ! } nUi. i"it < Jlli nii jjor , a > it , 'icitli.vii. . , .or.
Kith and Cas , St. 11114'
EOhT lied Jlorrocu luat ! ' | .oiKet book ,
J COIIIM li'x nun "f iiiono.v , pip rs , al-o key.
Finder will recuivulllarnl regard by return -
mi ! thu vamu to tliia ollke 100-lu *
I'AUDKN ia.requ 5 l 10 conunun cate \
OWKN or "Ci d his addru.H to bin Jailgblet
lUty , General I'ost O1lw Chle.iK'o , Ills. W-U
mAULE IIOAKD At C011 C)3 ) tre t.
1 80 7' .
A pocketbook couralnin ) ( a raUroad i
LOsT - i'tuinuIJi ' ruder will iciolve
rtwtrd by returnlut'thu Banui to Dr. CofTman.
K SAUNmilS-1205 Fornhara St. .
JOHN ' and Coinmi-u-on. Second hand i
goodtt of all k ndn- bought runl oU. Cash ad
vanced on cons cruient * ' Keal tstnto and lira
i-tock a Hpecla ty.and oui&ile nalos promptlyi
x tended to 77 9
JOHN K. SVUSDEUS 1205 Farnhara Bt. .
Ite Utry fo ithl > uali-of n 1 estate aiitlipor--
aanal | iroprrt } f allkliiJi.e nd\er l-c all ,
jrojicny un II o 14 , aii'l cacooiiuiMiiuii chirii > d.
Men and Homc iniHautof uiui'lujment hould
Hhoulcl tall at Clot. 7C'0.
JU < Hlpiildlfir ill kinds of .ron ,
HIOIIKSTI ravtv by , I. Ctilinaky it Gx , 102
lH > uliifl ( .St. 49-lra.
IDUiaiid th. > enpp.-ttt. KHJ-tf
JL quire at tlo pu' Artltopormm
BtrtHt. WA-U
MANAO exp : iciuid : maa , HmrJl ( alary.
I' , u. ItoxEOJ City. _ 988. tf
Tor.tho next iO day > , we wlil | on than
SHIRTS ol titxcy. tout * , vcniJ to nn ; addrtas , .
-tpiiil , Qc ol o\m uiilanniLrvd dii'HH Shirt * .
I'o itl\rly txlv 0110 Stilt' * em. to nne i.idrtiwi.
Martulllen. 111.
riUKMHIlKI ) HQi JU- Within thtcvblocka I'i
J ; pQMtoifad. . InqnliT ) at lilU Doil e 9'Jt-tf
I UKMHItKUOOMS FDr liiKlVKintleinen ;
L ? al o.ouefront' ' room with plm.e , mjutbvM 'j4
corner IRth ami CauLta ! avtnue. _ bOO-tf
EMI81 NKW C1TV MAPS. lOo. Mount *
2.M * . OKOtV. HKMIB.
> ii
1 CUAkON l Ulo and Ollj.
POIIIRAITM I ! v intlni ; . MltS. I ) . R.
U'AKDKKK. worn 1. Jiuob's Illui. r lii-tf
"KM IS' KKAI , K8TATK nOOll. her lit
.At A. 11. naiuler'n rwil lyr I
BAIiUU Humo.v St. )
R paen.
Absolutely Pure.
ThUpoudel net trx trie * . A in < rulol r * > J'i
utrsnitlhand holeouiene . Moro eooniml * i
than the orOlninktndu , ail tun not Iw ow in
ecu pttlMnn with ttie multltudu of low t t ,
bert welijht , alum ot | > ho ph te pcwiUi
801(1 ( Dnl ) '