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Wednesday Morning. Fob 8.
Wnnthnr Hoport
( Tha following oWrvntlotn are taken fit
the same moment ! limp at nil the itii-
lions nnuicd. )
WW DnTAIlTVMT , tJ. 8. SIO'AI , HlRVICr , )
OMAHA , Ftlirmry 7 , 18S2. (1:45 ( : i > . m. ) I
Maxkcil kill of tlio Omnlm Ttinivcricn
nt Turner * ' Hall SatunUy ovonliiR.
The KoHcra CMO hai been tnkon up
hy the jfrand jury for Investigation.
Onu plain drunk wan on tlio niHirncrn' (
In'iich ycHtcrday , and the Judge fired
him out of tnwn ,
, lii t twcnty-tlirco trA\ellln ( { men nr
rived on lant nlghl'it train from Oinaliii.
[ I.lncfiln Journnl.
-Frcnh HUpply of Tliurbero No. 5 , 0 for
25 cenU at .Stliroter & Hecht's , ono door
north of Ioyu"n ) oiera , lioiiie. fcH-fit
Ja'iicn M. Kogons a railroad boy , U
tin- happy parent of u liomichiK lui'iy ' lioy
yj ] i iiindii. Smoke 1
The ImlldlniM xtniidiiiK on tha loU
eondeinncil by the H & M. 11. U. 0 ' . , will
Hhnrtly be ollored for wlw and removal.
Krtwli Htipply of Tluir ) IT'H No 5 ,
fur'25 cciitrt nt Hchroter & 1 $ cht'n , onu
tloor n rth of Iloyil'H c pcra homo. f7-r > t
.lamoK Moore , nrrrstwl for r
fxpliilned liU nituition nnd williiignuHN to
work If lit1 could find anything to do anil
W.IH di'sclinrKi'd.
Koit SAI.K - ' 1'ht , thiiimaml fcot of luin-
ber , prlncipilh' fhectlng. Kniulro' | .1.
J. 1'nilbln nt Whitney' hoe store , Doug-
la t ntrc .t ,
Lawrence Kliinchnn , an i-tuployu nt the
U. 1' . trannfcr depot , sustained a pilnful
injury MiiiilkV. ( ; An irmi Klmfl
HomoMO pmn < ln rulleil on lil foot
Thu find .uiniinl Bill nnd
foil of Um dm hodgv RnnhtliH ! . f 1'ytUns ,
No. U. 1) . , "illt e plicunt Centiiil Hall
tbin c din. ; nn 1 will bu a line af
The caio of miiall pox n-purtod in
Ninth Onmlia proven to bu > ynmi | ; 1'ruitt ,
wliono roihvracU ax assistant Hi'xton
of I'rospeot Hill , from which hu lUod with
liU father only .i'out a block dUtnnt.
LoiTOn the w ! tt xiilo of Kiftt uiith
Btreet , between Dink'n and Karnnni , or on
thu north fid < of Pnrimm between IHMi
and Oth Htr et , aHiirtl gold cnidlix. Tlie
finder wi I be rewarded hy returning it to
TUB UKK ollice.
It Hcenm that Charluy Mc ( ! rvey lias
joins down to Dinaha with theduBi n of
depopulatiiiK Nebraska to the extent of ono
of her fair iliuiKhtorH , and inciensinp ; thu
population of Wyoming by one. Time
lll tell. lOhuycnno Sun , nth.
Mr , iTuliux TrcItHchke , liolviala
dealer in Wlnui , Ijiqura and C arx , 1110
South Fifteenth Htreut , is thu HOO ! agent
for liudwelHcr Duor , which In put up in
casc-H of one-half dozen and do/cn bottles
for family use , The lliulueher in the HDNH
. Ueer. Free ) delivery to any part of the
John Cameron , who liax been in the
niploy of I ) . T. Mount and latterly hi )
miccensor Mr. Welty , in Imrne-n making ,
died at St. Joncph'd hospital yeatenlay.
Ho wax a Mason , nnd bin body m belli ) ;
hel.l hy that order until word can bo re
ceived from the brother of the deceatted ,
who renlile In St. Joseph , Mo.
Thirty-seven new member * wore r -
ceivfd Int > the Presbyterian church on
Sunday morn UK last , Ucnly-m hy letter
from other churches and cloven upon pro
fession of faith , AIIIOII the Ictlrrx were
noine from Hcotlnnc ) , Conno. . tlctit , Now
York , Now Jeri-ey , West Vhvinia , Michi
gan , Illinolp , Minne'o'n , Iowa , anil placcH
in Nvbraukn.
Judgu Heiieke yesterday pret nledcarh
member of the fur , u with a ImmUome pir-
ture. H In n pliolo inpli taken l > y | ) . S ,
Mitchell , of the lite Hive fctmllo. Upon
the can ) , In Iho c < ntur , IH u view of the
police livailiiuiHen , City Hull , uilli
Judge HciH'lio ' on the light < uid Mamhal
Angeli on the I/ft. Oroupcd about them
are tlio fourteen tnemberH ot the police
force in uniform , cipi nnd all. It In tie-
gantly _ fini hed and thu piclurui iir if
murkuble llkunecHUH of the origin 1 * .
Tim plan of the new hotel to hu erect
ed on Kainain nnd lOtli ttreetH IIUH boon
received and nliown upuHplendld live story
hotel with 151 fcut fiont e unit 132 ftt
in depth. Abiotic of btureiequilln height
and Hlinilar indenlgu ta the new h > tel will
be addetl by thu Lowe estate , completely
filling the block on Karmim 'from 10th to
9th HtreiU. It Is htuted that Mr. Hnmlln
bM contracted for fie prewtd brick and
lumber to bo used , and In alnitit negott it-
ing for the stone , while , MoKlfatrirk iV
Son aru p eparhig the workiug plaiu
The funeral of I'inkoitky , the man
who WUH k'llleil on Sunday luot , took pla c
at 1 u'clo k yeiiterdny from the rtddence ol
Frank Koutirey , hU brothrr-in-law , on
ICth bttw-ten 1'ierw and WIlHuuw. heat
deceased wa < a member of Si , John'i
Uenevolent Society and wn * buried iimlfi
their auM let * , the nervlced taking at
thoChuich of St. ViucihluiiH , on 1IHI
btreet. There wiu a Urge proceanlun of
carrlagoi mid thu iiiemberH of the Miciet ;
turned out in force , accompanied by ill
Jiotioiiiian baud ,
Thu body , | ) ken uf rtcently ua huv
ing been iichl at the Union I'aifio train
fer depot for over u week for want of tinti'
porttt' ' Ion charge * , U utill held there. On
the box containing the colllo appeart the
followiui { : "J3ody of Wu . O. Mulvu )
care of Jamei Kagtrlj , Forty-third utreel !
New York City. " The Nonpareil a\i
j We are authorized to btato that the xly
will be taken ( imrge of to-day by the Uy
authorlt'en , when the same will be prt
i > erly Interred ID the 1'otter'n Geld ,
The Young People's AM I | tlon "f the
Lutheran church will give n oyster jinp.
er In the hull In Lytlo'n Wock on FrMny
The nlc-tincr City of Merlin , In which
General Mnmlernoti ntul ulfo Killed for
Italy , Arrived wifely nt Liverpool yealcr-
ilny , nftcr n run of eight dnys.
Tim HKK li rvqueiledbyneoral Indict
to Migrfoiit tci i'n | > l. Marsh llml ho Instruct
thodrlicrof H reel cur No. 2 , to attend
IIUTB cloioly to hli hiHlncfM ntul not upend
no much of hli time In leering .it Indies on
the street.
The nm < < qiitradu ! of the Imperial Club
to I e given February ICtli nt M isonli Hall
pri nli > c < to ha n grand atf dr. An elegant
upper will lie Horved , nnii the chil < have
pared no expense or labor to make it n
urccHS. Friends of member * will he ml *
milled by ptociiriil ) ; tickets from the com
mittee. Ticket * or any Information cnn
IM ) obtained at A. Ho pn'n Ar Osllerv
Mr. John L. Lanktrce , of the U. I' .
| jrifideparlnunt ! ! , resiling nt thoconicrof
Bill and I'nclllo fired * , Mon 'ay rccelveil
a dispatch from his brother , Mr. Wit i mi
Lanktrco , Hnperintondent of Hedges on
the Oregon Hli > rt Line , announcing th < t
death of hit wife , which occurred nt Hunt-
Ingtoii , Canudft , at 1 p. in. Hnndiiy. The
deceased formerly rculded with her him-
band in thin city and wan nlio at ono time
a reHlilont of 1'nplllion , being well known
In both plnceH. She had gone back to her
old homo on n vltlt when nlie wan taken
with the nines' ! which Droved fatal.
Tlio American Kxpresx company him
Inaugurated the money order system for
transmitting money foritt patrotminnteul
of Bending morioy in packmen. A list < f
the pij'ing oflictH pihitcd on the face of
tlio order Im hides 00 towns hi Illinois , 75
in Now York , nearly -10 in each of the
Ht&ten : 1'iwa , WlncoiiHon , Michigan ,
Indiana , Vermont ; about 25 in Manna.
chtiHotts , 30 in Now Hampshire , 20 in
Maine , 20 in Ohio , and 20 in Minnesota ,
11 In Missouri , only " > in IVnimylvnnia ,
4 in Dakota , ! i in New .1 rnoy nnd
Ncbranka , 1 in Kentucky ( Ijoiifsvillp ) , and
1 in Krnmi ( AtchlKon ) , In Nu'irnskn ' ,
Oinnlm will lid the principal ulllce , nnd
one or thu other two ollic'H in this xtAto
uill bo in Lincoln ,
An Omuhn Man Comes to the Front
With iv Curious OHor.
A HBK reporter yusterJay learned of
very patriotic proposition which him
boon Hindu by a woll-knowii citi/.on t
U. S. Mttralml Iluiiry , of the District
of Columbia. A tow days ago n lot
tur wns sent him offering
$100 tn bu given to tlio
poor of Washington City , for thu
privilege ) of hanging'Ouitcau on the
JlOth of Juno nnd also ollbniig to fur
nish the rope nnd other little etcete
ras required for nothing and pay his
own traveling expense * from Oinuliu
to Washington City and return.
A little inquiry developed the
fact that the report WHO true
and that the citizen who ninde
it is eminently tit to swing
the LToat-iiRHnssin into eternity , 'tie
in the well known shoemaker , Mr.
Edward Kulil , who works OH the east
side of Tenth street , l > otweon Farnam
and llarney.
Mr. Kulil is the descendant of n
family of hangmen , nil of whom have
boon public executioners in the old
country MIICO the year 1417. lie is
the seventh son of the seventh son of
the illustrious family nnd lias
had some experience himself
nt he business having hunp
his Inst two men twenty-five years
ago next June. Air. Kuhl's skill
nnd anciently derived right , o
the exorcise of the profession of break
ing the necks of villinns like Quitenu ,
should entitle his proposition to n re
spectful consideration. It is to be
hoped his oll'er will be accepted.
Preparation ! * for Celebrating1 ft Double
Annlvoraury on Fob. 21st.
The preparations for the grand bnl
to bo given by the Kmmot Momnneii
association on the evening of February
21st , at Ivuony's hull , are being
actively pushed , and it will certainly
bo u monumental HIICUI'BS. It is or
the eve of the double auniversaiy o
Washington's ' birth and llonr ;
GraUim'n famous declaration of Iris )
independence , and a fraternal , inter
national spirit will characterize tin
oacattion. The following committee
have been appointed :
Committee of Arrangements
( Veen rosette .l < iin | Rugun , M. .1.
- MoMnlion , 1) ) . McCiini , Richan
1'ierco , John Marom y.
Heci'tion | ) Cominittoo Orange
Thos. Tnllon , 0. M. O'llnon , ,1. I.
Nichnl , Win. ( ii'iitlc'inen , I'utiick
Floor Committee White John
Sheelinii , Michael Lee , James Mo-
Coy , Patrick Heaphy , John Trice.
1 , ( Imiul mtrcli , "Slarimnulol
2. Ouv rlllc.
S. WalU.
I. ( Juiulrllli.
t > . 1'olU.
U. Q mclrllle.
7. J anflors.
l ( . Ctrl Uii Cmlu
10.H. .
I , < lratUn' Marili to Krittlom.
- ' . UtincVVailiiK o ( the llrvon , '
J , Ouacl Illi1
4. Walts
6. ( juiulrlllr.
I ) . ' "
7.K. .
K.U L'lcllUl. Cuilc.
10Vnltt. .
II , ( { iiailtllle.
12. VirtiluU HiI. I.
VI. HiliuttmUio ,
K , Qiifelrille
111. ! ! oiio , HMI
.lohn H , Krck , the popular stovi
dealer at NUB. 010 and 01 ? Nortl
Sixteenth street , hus a carload ol
' splendid cook stoves and ranges 01
, the road. Hu will have in a day or
two u number of thu celebrated Lilj
French wrought iron ranges , u nuv
thing in Omalm , and which isdestinei
to bo the range of thu future ,
The City Fathers Turn Things
Over in Lively
The City Mart hal and Deputy
Get it in the Nock.
The Union Pacific and B. & M.
Fight is u Draw
Telephones Ordered at St. Joa-
oph'H Hospital and the
Pest Houao.
The Mortality Report and
Small Pox Showing.
Opposition to the Appropriation Or
Thu city council mot last night in
regular session , there bring present a
full council , President Dailoy in the
The journal of thu preceding meet
ing was read and approved.
Frum the mayor returning several
ordinances not approved , on account
of imperfect and irregular description
of lands referred to. Filed and or
dinances-referred to thu city engineer
for correction.
Kroin 0. W. Holdrego , general su
perintendent of the 13. & M. in No-
hraska , stating that since the previous
statement made , it had been discov
ered that more ground was needed
for depot and side track purposes than
ul first contemplated , and that con
demnation proceedings had already
been begun on thunoithhulf of blocks
178 auk 17 ! ) Thu road now more
than over needs the privili > < ru ( , | | Uy.
ing the tracks on Jucksonstreet , which
if granted to thu U. 1' . would obstruct
them from access to their own prop
erty. Referred to committee on
streuts and grades.
The city physician's report for the
month of January , 1882 , was filed.
From I * . 0. Backus complaining of
the attempt of the watur works com
pany to gut around thu ordinance by
charging an excessive inspection ratu
and suggesting certain amendments to
the ordinance before an extension of
time is granted. Referred to the
committee on water works and sewer
age.From the city treasurer transmit
ting statement of tax Hales of part ] of
lot f > , block D. Placed on tile and
warrant drawn on special fund.
The bill of the Omaha Publishing
company for printing was referred to
the committee on judiciary.
Thu report of Street Commissioner
Ford for thu month of January was
placed on file.
BFrom Messrs. Hornborgur and
O'KoolFo , preferring charges against
City Marshal Angell and Deputy
Marshal McOluro. This communica
tion reads as follows ,
That lip has neglected his duties
us prescribed by the ordinances of
said city in the following matters , to-
wit ;
1st. In failing to suspend members
of the police force guilty of drunken
ness.2d , In allowing a prisoner to escape
from custody.
ltd. In collecting lines fiom prosti
wo do hereby prefer the fol
lowing charges against L. A McClure ,
deputy marshal of the city of Omaha :
1st. That ho has been guilty of
drunkenness while on duty.
lid. That hu has neglected his du
ties in failing and refusing to obey thu
orders of the city physician regarding
cases of small pox. Referred to com-
mittuu on police for investigation.
TIIK HMAU , rox.
A communication wan received from
Dr. P. S. Luisonring , thu city phy
sician , giving n detailed report of thu
small pox cases siuco the beginning of
ihu disease and the present condition
of thu city in relation thereto.
Hu sas : "Our arrangements atthu
hospital aru as complete and comfort
able as they possibly c.m bu under the
circumstances. Thu Sisters of Char
ity , whouru acting as nurses and at
tendants , huvu and aru still rendering
most uflluiunt sorvice. Thu have cer
tainly placed us under lasting obliga
tions lor thu gratuitous aid thuy aru
giving us. " Placed on file.
The monthly lint of liquor licenses
to dealers and druggists , forFobruary ,
showing sixty-four of thu former and
tvvulvu of the latter , was rofurrud to
thu committee on police.
Thu monthly report oftlio city on-
mnocr on those rvor con t met of'Hugh
Murphy it Co. was approved.
From \V. W. Lowe , proposing to
deed certain alleys to thu city upon oa
fair basis of value without process uf
condemnation. Referred to the com
mittee on judiciary.
From property owners of Thirteenth
and Cass streets , fur street lamps in '
that locality. Referred to thu gas
KIltK I'UOTKOTION. citizens of South Omaha , ask
ing for lire protectipn. Referred to
waterworks and eoworago committee ,
From Charles Turner and others to
reduce width of Farnham street to ( id
feet , from city limits onu-half milt
east. Referred streets and grades
From tax payer * of North Omaha ,
for hydrant at curner of Seward and
S.unul-'rs , and for other tire preteo
tiou. Referred waterworks and sow
enigu committee.
The bill of Felix Sluvoufor § 424.l > f
was referred to thu boaul of health
From N. W. Merrill , trustee of tin
South Omaha M , K. church , in rela
tion to certain allowance for filliiij
grade. Referred to committee 01
streets and grades.
The bill of 1 . Windheim for twolvi
nmull pox Hags was allowed.
From county commissioners in re
gard to re-establishment of Farnhai
street grade.
Several bills wore presented and al
lowed or referred.
From Thos. Swiff , ( fiering $2,100 ,
for lot f > , block H. Filed.
Ily O'Kci'fo. To tike up old cross
walks on south side Jacksonnnd Thir
teenth nnd put on * oiili ! imlu Pacific
nnd Thirteenth. Adopted.
Hy Dolloiip To repair cro s walk
on Fifteenth and Dudgu. Adopted.
liy Kaufiii inTo purchase n copy
of rovieod statutfs for clerk's ollice.
Hy Kaiifmun. Authorizing thu
mayor In put a telephone in pest
house. Adopttd ,
Hy Daily. To till up holu in alley
in block 28 , at cost ot S15 , pioperty
owners to fill bxlanco in thirty days.
Several resolutions to lay cross
walks were passed in u rush and all
rescinded on motion of Mr. Knuf
* "
Hy Stull. Directing the marshal to
place a telephone in St. Joseph's hos
pital to bo kept there until further
orders from the council. Adopted.
By Stull. To set aside the appraise
ment of March i. ! > th , 1881 , by Henry
Pumlt , John Burner and Daniel P.
Angell , of damages to property on
Fiirnlium and intersecting streets , by
reason of contemplated change of
grade , and ordering a new appraise
ment. Adopted.
Uy M. A. McN'nniara : Authorizing
the city clerk to advertise in the
official paper of the city for bids for
construction of a newer in the vicinity
of thu North Omaha cieek , according
to plans and specifications in the city
engineer's ollice , being thu route from
thu intersection uf California street
with the river to n point near Thir
teenth nnd Tzard streets nnd thence
on the line of I/.ird streuts to the
bluff * between Fifteenth and Six
Thu suwer iiiefitinn | being thus
brought up u. discussed at sumo at
some length and finally lelerrud to
the commit 'e on waterworks and
suwer.igo to report.
By permission n communication
from thu in iyor w.ia road appointing
J. H. B uckin , Win. AL DA'yorand
W. J. Kennedy the committee to reappraise -
appraise Furnani street damages. Ap
On Judiciary Reporting in favor
of free billiard tables in licensed sa
loons. Adopted.
On Judiciary A majority and nn
nority report on correcting the eiror
in taxing the South Omaha M. E
church pioporty , when said properly
was ot taxable. The majority waste
to the eflect that there was no author
ity for refunding the money , while
the minority report favored the pay
ment as a matter uf right. The ma
jority report was adopted.
On Judiciary-Recommended filing
cert ilka to of judgment favor E. U.
Callahan. Auupted.
On same lU-commendingthu trans-
fur of certain moneys to thu school
fund. Adopted.
On same To refund liquor tix
paid by Felix Slaven. Adopted.
On streuts and grades , reporting in
favor granting thu B. & M. road thu
privilege of grading Eighth street
from Farnam to Jackson and Howuru
and Harnoy cast of Ninth. Adopttd.
On same , granting extension of cul
vert across Twentieth street ; between
Pierce nnd Popploton. Adopted.
On siunu , reporting the filling of approach
preach to military bridge.
On public property and improve
ments , recommending filint ? of J. D.
Ilor's proposition for purchase of lot
5 , block "H"and instructing clerk to
advertise for proposals for same.
On same ; in regard to petition of
, Hass , to rent the hot house in
ecomnumding acceptance of proposi
ion the mayor and city attorney to
xocuto a lease fora term of live years.
.11 improvements nro to bo done un-
er the surorvision of the city en
On fire , recommending the sale of
lie cistern at Thirteenth nnd Califor-
i.x streets to A. Grantnor for 820.
1'lie special committee on the sub
ect of market house and city ollicos ,
eported by recommendation that thu
ity clerk bo authorized to advertise
or twenty days forbids , with detailed
Inns nnd specifications. Adapted.
Thu special committee appointed to
oniui * with the citizens of Nortl
Jmalin in regard to right of way for
ewer , asked for further time and was
ranted it ,
The appropriation ordinance for th
iionth of January wa's presented and
> absiul to a third reading On tin
otu being called , several memburt
oted against its pmsuge. It wa
lowovor , carried by 11 vote of 9 to 3
u. r. vs n. ANI > M.
An ordinance granting n curtain
rig lit of way to the Union Paciti
railway company along Jackson street
was brought up on its third reading.
Mr. Horiibcrgor moved to refu
md Mr. Daily amended to suspem
he rules and read Ihu ordinance a
second ( Line and put on its passage.
Mr. Herman said hu thought thu
council was gutting too hasty in this
matter. 'flu * ' . . ! i. > luu paid out $700- ,
000 to ruilroudn and it
wants to sou soinu prospect ot
remuneration. The citizens of Omnhii
nro deeply intoroatod and we as their
agents here must be careful how we
act in tliia matter. 1'liero is some
thing deeper in this than the inert )
granting of u rtylit of way. Wo must
nut barter uuay the rights of the
people 111 this mutter. We should
wait nnd nee if any other railroad com
pany w.ints to uome in lure. ) To pass
thu ordinance toniuhttould bu pre
mature and he would not favor the
grunting of the right of way to either
company to-night.
_ Mr , iuuifmann expressed his oppo
sition to the prupo3dd ordinance aa
, did also Mos&ra , Hornborgor and Oor-
Mr , McGavock explained that the :
committee to which tliia matter ienl !
been referred had nre ° d to ivo'thi
Union Pacific the south side of kth
son street and the U , & M. thu nortl
Mr. llakor stated that hu had beet
ttold by a moiubor that if ho would ad
just the matter as Mr. McGavock had
explained ho would not oppose the
ordinanace. Tlioconcusaion had boon
madu nnd the report inrulo hy the con *
Bunt of nil Iho cotnmittee , nnd now
they took the back track. Thu Union
Pacific didn't r/ut ulnvt it wanted and
the properly owners didn't f nt wJmt
they wanted by thin cuniproiniau.
Jr. Hoiiilt tier thought tliat by
giving thin street up to the two railroads -
roads it would bu doini ( an injustice
to . ' 50,000 citizens of Onmlia.
A motion to adjourn was made by
Mr. ICuufnmnn and seconded by Mr.
Herman. It was lost.
The motion to suspend wan called
for and lost.
On moti in tlio council adjourned.
Undo Tom's Cabin nt Boytl's Next
Wools With a Double
Among thu arrivals in tliia city on
Saturday was Mr. Wm. H. Sherwood ,
the courteous advance agent of C. il.
Smith's mammoth Undo Tom's Cabin
troupe , which appears at Hoyd's opera
house next Monday and Tuesday
evenings. Tlio troupe referred to ia
ono of the strongest on the road , ; .nd
carried artists of true ability nnd
merit. The peculiar fe.Uuru of thu
performance is that there aru two
"Marks , " two "Topsya , " nnd two
donkeys , with six thoroughbred
blood hounds. Thu dr.imatiz.ttion ot
Harriet Beechor Stowe's great novel
has H long been a pupu ar fViituro of
thu Aimrican Lti.L'o it is
mcfauiiry t cuy u unnl in its
favor Much , lio.'oviican bo s.vul
of the company which H soon to ap
pear here , and tin : hist opinion of
their merits c.ui bu foimecl from the
cominenti of thu preH-t elatsliero on
the purforinniiui * . Tinf > ) \ > ia
from the Kvi'iiii Post of
j ; , Spring-
tiuld , 111. , whuro ihuuuiiiiaiiy ( tecently
appeal e 1
" 0 II. Smith's Unclu Tom's Cabin
combination made their first appear
ance ut the opera house last night be
fore a good audience , and succeeded
in niving ono of the most pleasing
and satisfactory performances
that it has been our privilege
to witness this so.ison. Mr.
Sam Lucas as Undo Tom surpassed
by far any actor who has over ap
peared on the boards in this city.
The Sherwood sisters are alone worth
thu price of admission , and all \\lio
attended thu performance last night
will bo willing to admit that they had
never seen a Topsy before , for in that
dillicult character Mint Hlitnchi * Slier
wood , only 11 yu.iib of : igi
stands to ihi.v without j. rival
on the Xiiicricuti st ij > . Mi s
Florence Shiu-rtood a Tomy | No. 2 ,
in her line flpuci.dtie * ni.d her skip
ping rope dixnco was ono of the- most
attractive features of the entertain
meiit , and little llonmino SI'erwood
as Eva , the "Augul Child , " stands
alone in that r.ilo nnd must be seen
to bo fully appreciated. All thu other
chaiactoni in thu are fust-class ,
nd it is one of the few companies on
the road to-day , of which wo can
truly say that there is not a stick or
n weak lealurti in it.
Army Orders.
The latest orders issued from the
headquarters of the department of the
Platte , are as follows :
Leave of absence for ono month is
granted Captain Hamilton S. . Haw
kins , Sixth infantry.
Leave ot absencn for fifteen days is
granted Major Albert S. Tower , pay
Major William T. Gentry , NmU 1
infantry , now in this city on leave o 1t 1f
absence , is relieved from duty at For.
Fettorman , W. T. , and is assigned to
duty at Fort Omaha , Nob.
Recruit Charles Tory , enlisted at
Fort D. A. Ilussoll , M. T. , is assigned
to Troop H , Third cavalry , and will
bo sent to the station of his troop at
the first fa/orablo opportunity
A Novel Machine.
Dr. L. llt Kendrick , whoso head
quartnrs are at the Omaha Merchants'
barn , on Eleventh htreot , between
llarney and Howard streets , has the
horse clipping machine that takes the
cake. A UKK reporter saw it work
yesterday , and it shaved a
horse oil'as clean as a mouse in
ono hour and twenty minutes , which
thu doctor says is thu average time in
which it will do the work right along.
It is the only machine- the kind over
brought to the city and certainly
works like a charm , the horse seeming
to rather enjoy the operation. f4-lw.
Although opened only two months
ago , the Opera UOIIBO Clothing store
is rapidly gainii , ' popularity by low
prices and good goods. 1'ho i-tock is
entirely new , and sold for canli at
strictly one price. "Marked in plain
figures" on every article. Call and
examine before going elsewhere.
J. P. LUM > ,
217 S. 10th street , Omaha.
Industrial Items.
jran A' , " , Keb. 'I.
The Uollaire , Ohio , nail works cash
dividends during thu past year havn
amounted to $115,000. H.-Milt-s this
a number of VIMJ sub < I.IM il build
ings have been oiveti d A l.ugt
brick warohotiBi' , A m-i < k
brick bluing IUXI-IH > < nd tbu fmindaiioi
above high watui murk foi a poei
house. Also an additi < n for fotn
more boiling iurinit . 'bo A holt
amounting to nouy 8 US,000.
The Omaha nailworku tupped fwn
cara last Satunlay f .r ihu Pacifu
Coist , a part of winch go direct to t
China to bu used in the election 01
largo tea warehouses at Hong Kong.
The nail worka urt now in a IIIOA
prosperous condition , and are turnioi
out about 230 kegs pur d.iy , on whki
there is a profit uf over 80c per Ke | .
Two Urtnu >
llegulatu thai the stomach , tvjcMii
thu liver ; especially the first , ao us t
perform their functions perfectly , an
will remove at least nineteen twent
- oths ot all the ills that mankind
- heir to , in this or any other cliinat
Hop Bitters is the only thing tin
will give perfectly healthy natur
actions in these two organs. Mail
fanner , M-16
Opening for Btmlnosn Yoatordiix
Tlio Grand Jury on the Hnm-
mor Cneu.
The District Court began busint'ts
oesterdny by thu ttial of a civil casuof
tlul Omaha Smelting Works Company
against S. C , Abbott nnd others. Thu
first jury in the box is composed of
very intelligent looking men and thu
case will doubtless bo justly disposed
of. It involves n sum of § 2,400 which
certain parties became indebted to the
smelting works company for.
Of course the greatest interest cen
tered in thu grand jury room , into
which a number of witnesses were nt
different times summoned and dig-
missed. The principal testimony ad
duced yesterday wis that given by
the men who weru present nt the
time of the homicide. Un to con
vening of "court at 2 o'clock ycatnr-
day none of the females' recently de
tained as witnesses had been examin
ed. It is probable that the investiga
tion will continue all of to-day nnd n
part of to-morrow.
The prisoners ut the county jail
waiting the action of thu grand jury
are the following :
T.4D. Scott , held on a charge of
perjury in the Garngan case ; L. Levi ,
held on a charge of grand larceny in
the copper stonlnig cases ; Martin
Kearney , held for arson in setting lire
tolioyd's packing houseMilton ; Schnf
er nnd .Inmei Kcba , hold for a high <
way robbery on Thirteenth street ;
Martin Grace , for burglary ; Charles
Wilson , for yrand larceny from Julius
ROBS ; L. Curtis , for housebreaking of
a liquor store. The case * of those
who have given bail to appear or are
to be present for indictment nnd who
are not incarcerated include Charles
Kostors , held on charge of the mur
der of Hammer , and Henry Siert ,
charged with violatii g the Slocumb
@i De Meyer :
The Only Known Rcnl GOTO.
ONKY TO I.OAti ( , 'nllat r.w Ot ! to
I. . Thomiv Uooin H frolehton Hlock.
G ) f A AA/lTO LOAN At B Jiir cont'li-
H5 tU UVH * ti'rittt hi tuniK ot $2MX > uud
upwards , for 3 to h } "iirn 01 Nrn-i'la * " nt } tri
farm property. IIKVIH KI-AL F i i * nd IJ-I N
AOKSOV. 15th and l > oii'li'h Stu
TIH ) A ( .oinintint snondirl ( il a
WA mall | ritate funllj App } a' l'l '
ncj Blnct. SO ! ) '
A n an In a fftoicr } htoru , must
WANTED spc.ik fliT.i an and HfjlNb ami
undcrst'iid tlio care of I HI r KM Rood nftrencc1
required ; ( ; i\o full n.xiiii' , rc idcniu and ape ,
AUjress 11. II. II. , lieu ollico. ! > S-8
" \Tl ANTEU Dwelling hoiw , 0 room , within
Vl 20inliiuti8of I' , e , a once. Address
Mae. , t co ollice. * 00-J
" \T7 ANTC1) Mtuation as clerk b.a . JOIIIK
Yi linn. Kxpcrici iri in si gloandd ubloc-n-
try. ( Jo d ruf runi-es. Ad II. S. le
olllt-u. 9 *
\\7 ANTED-Saleaman , one thoroughly l atei
YV in'ho fane oods ousiuesa. No theme d
apply Addrcm M , lice olBio lul-7
Oirl for ge eral housework. Ap
ply at 1714 Jackton. 03 tf
, \ A ifo-xl fctuuly boj between IE
W\NTKD yean old t > work in ktoru. I
ut Bee ottiuo. 103 0
ANTED AROOJ man. capable of
W no * a > id fmt cdlli'irar'lclt ; mallcipiiaT
nqurcd AI ! ihu bus nts housa , and ] > rivnti
houses In Omaha IIOOMH the article is it U be
comlni ; nn bfolute ruiesfit } W. Wilson
Canll Id House. ( eb7 3t
Use j'odj to rail and * eo the
WANTED - r in operation at hldottt
I'luinbingauil > aa Kitting olhce , corner 14th
and Ilarncy btneti. Kxhibltlons free. f > l-7
\ \ ' ANT1 ! ! > - ! ) } a stead } man a pcrmaiien
V ) Hltiutlon UridcraUnds thn cirn o
her > is. Oood referer.ccH If required. Aadrts :
K , IlKK ollice rVS-O" .
* AN'l'H ) \ Blti ntloli U4u-onil ( j-irl. Ill
* quIn-W-t south Mth Btreitor ixt luliii
TrtltschKi'ii wholi'ialu liquor ttote , Ifit i rcct
KO A tow uioxc ay hoarders KVI b
WAN ciciniiiodatiil with flret clm t ibluhoar
nt , 14US ( 'niiltol aitnue , bet. lltl
Mid 16th 41-U Mllb HOSx
) -l III lm > - cdaklj , at 170 $ Callfor.
, , nia ft ; mu l bo'uod cook , washer AII '
Ironcr None ether ncul apply. - ' * tf
ANTKD riM-class COOK , one wio undir
W btani'bincat lookiinraawcl ft pantr > ; noni
but flrxt clan nicd apjil ) Also u Kood < - > a >
waiter. Appl at 1101 Pjrnhnn t OflJ-oud
Puiidintf tirld p ind noel liuna
WANTED n-u * " - -Jo * " '
. AS'TKD Alt eUielghton House , cluni
V bir al. . . . ! -
\\r N PhD 3 roiims. unltabte lor ll.-ht hou
VV i eepiiiK iiniutdlat I ) , 15 nilnute al
fioin I' . O. , un.ur.wbcd '
: > -4 children an b aiders In niHec
WnNTii luth and California Bt. U B
LOOM IS 767-tf
. IIKST Unfurm heil rooins , SV. . Cor.
1 IMh ml I o ird W-i
" mOU HUNT- ri.UlioI . room ; arcslrablefrni L
J < loom lti fur aci ) heat , N.V. . corner IBtla
olid DousUs Stj -
H 111 ! NT-Kurnlkhcd with or without 1 aixl
a frn.t , room. pk anUy lm t on flr.t ll < wr ,
at No. SIS N. I4ti > .St. , c < ut tide , bet. Uaicnport
r and Chicago To K tlcnio i , , r Jiuti . n lfu
premUci , IHJ-
r pnfi'irtil. Inquire on
HE.ST A uooil hmi't' ol f ur roriinut
ITlOlt < per iiianth. Ntwlj Ual.aii.lii' . l u l
| iiH.n.J ) , 1 'tli M. . I'tt ' A too llo riUii J iK. n
KK.NT--rnrnI.ln.a roouij. Uu , rb u Ic-
cation. 8Utli o.t Timr 10th * > 1 III en
"N'- "
- noilUl'NT- Store , xM , iU-il > lrcr fHjp > ' ,
L < WrtU lUh , Ijuiwem t-illioriun AudWiU
kt r , Ke. Uil _ 1 _
( > H It1 XT Stable , 1610 Howard Mn t ,
I lMUirt | ) of W. M. Uudiiuko. 70 if.
Oil SAliB Vre h milch covtn , No nlic ( rul
butler ftt IUaraGroccr > ' tcTulcorii''r'U-iitl '
HKNT KurniiUtd Itont room , N. li cor
itiis 171011 anil Jackaon. { 2-tl
. 1710K KENT Doitonn | ilace , touth thil ol IStl
J ; trcet. Ouiahs nulUUlo tor 'egtu' le fit
hat ilcn ; > : ooa home with cittern , fllttr.ic. , cow
nil well and barn , k bearing orchani about 600 bear
ino lug Kr pu * 'flta' ' * ' " * " amount > I icoomlwry , nd
currant Dutbe * . Ac. , c. for trruu and coodl
Uoni appljr at the Crelghton llouic. 2-tt
TTlOlt ISl'.NT Nicely turniihtif rooms to let ;
X rckrciiie cxchftiiKCi ! ; 1417 lltvntil St.Oft8.
Foil nKNT-l'nrnlalicil room.
Jir-.on St IJ-tf
IjWIt ItKNT-lloonig in Jacob , block
1.1011 KENT Itoom pnrilall ) turnlnhid , Capita
JL' Menue , bet 17th am Isth , t-uulh > 'd ' . 0 t
1710U HK.ST-.Nic ly furnished rooms , t IDIfl
JL' Chicago St. 17
7T10II I1KNT Two ncrM of ground , hoiife ml
J' barn on Ciimlni , ' strut. Hnnulro of Ku-
KCIIO U'.N'illl , Hitli and llominl Sl-lf
171OK llhNT llouao of ilitbt looinn. Ktniiilre
JL1 J. I'hlpr.9 Hoc , 1612 S. Fifth St. 877-tf
"Ijion HENT-Fcb. 1st , commodious brlcli rwd-
J.1 ilcnou , corner IDth and FAtnlmm St * . Apply -
ply to Mrs K. A. Ittncr , Tabor , Frou out Co ,
ilealrcd. I > 41-tf
171OK HKNT-Ono of the boetetorrs on Cumlng
JL1 St. 20\tl ! , January 1. 1882. 820 If
I.UJh KH.M > mriuitiuo ruoui- over MUI
JL1 cnantu' E > i.b ii i > . E. cor. IClli and Dadg >
Btreetg. 2ii9tf
TJ10H HENT Nlcily furnlnhpil tooros with or
J ; without board , Itoasonablo price ; ) . 201S
Com at. 769 t (
FOH SALK A fine famlt ) ilrlvln ; team of
lior.cswlh ncwto | > buggy nnd harnoie.
Will exchinge for city pro | > prt\ 1 niiilro | J. C.
Hlllott , corner 14th and i arni > . 87-11
TT10IISAI.K A Rood second lia il Direct I ack
Jj for wxlo , at a low bargain , \ > ) Dr.
hilwards , 1109 Farnham 74 tf.
I Dll SAtA OK K U I'l'lII.IC Osi : Full
Jj lllooded Jrrsey bull Uurldcnia 2518 Decatur -
catur itrtet , ort Oinalu , fl\o blockn north-
went of turn-table on baunilira street , John
Tnj lor.
] 7)OH SALK Kouirkront 1 > > the barrel , ch0.1)1 ;
; cr ga40c , at Durham iliat Market , 13th
at. , bet. , Douglas and Uodv. ) ; D4 14
I710H SAI.K Ilotiso nnd full lot In k'oocl locn-
I ? tlon , i hen p. Price , SliiSOKH.IJ terms.
t'l : , opp , post fciiu-c. inti
OOll SALE Hp > t bulldliiR lot IK Shlim's ad-
Jj ditlon , 142 feet irnst front by 120 fiet depth.
.McCAOt'K , Opp postolllce. 14 tf
171011 SALE 1 sirrel Btalllon , Cld sdal , 8
U ji-arsold , wilgblng 10CO vonr.J1 bHi-k
st.iHioti , J Nornun Morgan , & jiaraolil , wcl.'h-
ing HiDO pounds , took Ilr * prctnlum at Nobraoka
Mate Fair , 18bl. 1 KcntULkj Jacli , black ,
wtlghliiK about 1)00 ) pounds , A Jin uoH , . took
first | ircmluin at Ncbra ka State Kalr , ItoOand
1SS1. IiKiuIro of Chaa Neber , FnniKts UOCHC.
FOtt. SALK OH UiMT : A grocery utoro and
butcher shop , doing a good bubnu ! t. In-
( | uirD at tills oillcu. 912-tf
F"oH ALE 2 nice counters nnd 2 11cr pla cd
ehow cases , at Oco. H. rotoiBO.i'n. 8IU South A
10th St. 7-U-tf
SALK Two ttrst rate 1 ght buggy horses
FOIl will cvtbargu for hca\iir ones , MilUble
for firm wjrk. KiqulreatNo. 1&1Q lougl > S ( .
8B-8 *
3ALE Or will cxclm go for Omaha pro-
FOR , an impra cd BCC on of land adjoin
ing a stitfon on U. P. . 11. M. DUNHAM. 1412
Fartiham t.LOmahn. 721' ' 3m t
T7IOR SALK Or trade for city proport } , on
F fpon ol horsti" . harness and wagon. Adilrm
S. Y.thiBOffiCa ; 7gatt
I.1OH SALE A goou oevcn-jear-old hori -
i ; \VarrantedtoJrhoslnglc or dotmlc Kn
qtiln- ( Ou > rge Canlleld , Cnnflctd hou-o.
IIUVll !
Ji h CO
. l'AIl\ ) ) | : is uipiLstcd oconiiiiun utt *
OWH.N or ruml hn addii- to his d-ui
Kity , Central Po-t Olllcu Chkigo , UN U
IANO A > l ) I ) ( ! A > . In truttioii b\ , h I'rtr-
II t , " . 'JOtht. . , t ilo I'icne. 114 t
K UOAUU At Mil Cisi s-Srcot
OiT A iockctlio"k tiiiiTniniiirf a rlioail
J vi B ro Ir M i-llc.d Fiidtrwlll ei\u
In nturnliig tnsimu to Ilr ColTnian.
rOUN K SAUXDBIIS 1505 Farnham St. .
fj Auc'ion ' and Coininl > s nn. Second hand \
goods of ull k nils bought and sold Cash ad-
\anuedon COHH gnmcnts. Heal estate and live \
Htock a specia ty. and outside salei promptly
ttcndcd to 77 tt.
lOIIN K. S VUNDEUS-1205 Farnham St. ,
l llcgistry for tha sale of nal estate and per-
onal proptrtv of all kinds. Ue ad\iri e all
propcrtj until sol' , and no corniniw > lon tlmrgtd.
Men and women in want of employment should
should tall at once. " .
A Buckskin leather purse , co.itainlng
LOST . In money and note for 816.00 , paja-
bleto Mathew- Sampson , HriUt will receive
a liberal reward by eturninj the eamo < to this
TTIOIIESTPKICK paid fjr all kindo-of iron ,
O.inttal and rags , by I. GallnsUy & Co , 102
Douglaa St. 4llm
l.lL'1'wlsllUU ItDOSIS FOIt KKNf-S. W. Cor.
J } lOthand Ducniwrtrt. 0tf
T\WO llospe's Art Emporium , 1613 IXdgr
street. -
MANAO \ty \ experlenctd roan. Small salary.
1' . o. liox 60J City W&M
For the next 30da)8 , w will , on the
SHIKT8 ol Blxt > centu , Bind to anj addreua ,
iiO"tpiid , one of our unlaiindrul djenn Shirts.
Ulthely only one BhW..MtoUWM. .
Otll-lm MantelllCT. 1 .
UKMHIlhl ) KO' ' MS-Within three blocks l
poittolllc-B Inquire at 1619 Pod e 9'B-rf
UOOMS Kor single pfntlcmen ;
alao one front room with piano , aouthweet
corner IRtbjuul Capital avenue. bUO-ti
: NBW CITV MAPS , i-- " " ' " "
BIMIS , Vt.M. OI.O. 1' . I1KM13.
" IK UllAVOA-J-wtile anflI Oil.
Ira drcontltu valntiiijr. Mltb. D.
- ' . .room 1.Jacob's Illock. 642 tf
IlBAL rATK BOOM Set Irft ! > .
11AV At A. 11. haudsr'D Kceil btorcl
t. 9lU-tf
T10NAMST , 4Bii Tenth Stnttb t ton tarnharu
andllaincy. Will , with Ue aid of guardian
SDlritB. obtain for any one glnco at th p *
and preiwnt.and on certain conditions In tha tu
ture. Boots and Bboes made to ; rder. ' '
' \rtlcn pu r itced
. , Absolutely .
ThU powder nexcriarlM. A marvel ol
.tren"rtiBndUM omiii , . Mora .com ml a
- than the rrdln ryHu'l . ' " ' , iann ° J V ° lodLn !
compclfltlon with tha multitude i of low Urt ,
XorV VeteM , > " " > or phosphite pcwdm