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Yesterday's Proceedings in the
Senate and House * . . * .
The Fundiu * Bill Still
Fuuimered. U on in the
Wbllo the Low r Body Spends
the Day , aa Usual , in Intro-
Now Bille.
MiM llMie < ma News Front tba No
tional Capital.
rif > CBtniitOK IN TUK
Edmunds reported from the ju UcUry
cotnmittou the bill stabliahing the
court of commissioners on the Qonovn
award and to distribute the amount
remaining tothoovtnora of vessels do-
atroyed by the exculpated cruisers.
Mr. Hour offered an amendment to
cover 1 < MCS by the same owners and
including war premium men.
The funding bill came up , tut un-
tinished business. Mr. Slierman
argued thnt ttui ro enactment of cec-
tiona 6159 and 5160 reported by Mr.
Vest would compel cloven banks in
New York doing bubineea without
circulation to at once withdraw $10 ,
000,000 from commcrciaL purpoaea
and invest in thrau bondri , causing
much commercial derangement.
The senate discussed Mr. Yost's '
pro | OBed amendment to the funding
bill without action. An attack and a
defense of national ban IB wire tliu
principal features of the discussion.
At 3:50 : p. m. the senate wont into
executive session and BOOU after ad-
In executive session , the sonata
confirmed a number of postmasters ,
among them being Paul Schmiiiku , of
Nebraska Ciiy.
Mr. Cubbtiered a > bill providing
for the unit ) of lands herotoforujjrantod
railroad companies and unearned by
thorn and appropriating the funds
thereof only to rchool purposes.
Bills were introduced aa followa :
By Mr. Carlisle , permitting the
importatinn of iron ores from Canada
frooofduty. *
By Mr. Robertson , giving the
Mississippi couimmsion powers of con
demnation of property for rivur im
Bv Mr. Van Horn , appropriating
250,000 for an outl t of the Missis-
7 aippi river into Laku Borguo , the
tnonoy to bo paid John Camden on
the construction of such outlet half a
mite wide , carrying 200 cubic feet of
water per second at high water.
By Mr. Hardonburg , removing the
duty on mtwgpapore and periodicals.
By Mr. Pottibone , limiting thotime
within which to begin prosecution for
violation of the revenue laws
By Mr. Ainslee , providing for the
admission of Idaho ; requiring mail
oars be heated by steam to avoid fire ;
fixing the term of internal revenue
collectors at four years.
By Mr. Robeson , a joint resolution
directing the president to confer with
the Government ofthe Hawaiian
Islands regarding the creation of a
union treaty , providing for the ad
mission of American goods there free
of duty.
The appropriations committee re
ported the consular and diplomatic
appropriations bill , which appro
priates $1,198,530 , being § 11,025 less
than lost year.
A resolution was adopted calling for
derisions of the secretary of the inte
rior , attorney general and others
reg.krdinp th'e Northern Pacific rail
road lands , tit3 to which hid been
forfu ted and afterward reaffirmed.
The bill to'rednco letter p stage to
ona cent was adversely reported on by
the committee.
The bill rouulating the importation
of Chinese labor was fuvor.ibly
reported by the committee , and made
special order for * February 7.
The bill for a comiiiusioji on the
liquor traffic vai favorably reported.
A resolution asking if thetirift"
consular rates have been revmed as
requested. by the last congress was
National Astotlatod 1'rmi
WASHINGTON , January 110. Two of
the seven mouths usually allotted as
the duration of the long session of
congress have nassod , and only one
appropriation bill hai passed the
house , and that ( the fortification bil )
is with the senate committee on ap
propriate , i , Formerly there wore
twelve of the general appropriation
Mils , but lately the agricultural and
District of Columbia have 'won ' added ,
und it ia now urged that the Missis-
ippi river improvement appropriation
bo made a bill by itself.
There are many contested election
eases that will develop u good deal of
acrimonious debate , and there is a
fooling that the prorent session will bo
noted mainly for the number of bille
introduced and the small number dis
posed of ,
In the senate Sherman's funding
bill is still the order of bu inesn , and
may occupy two or three days more
When the funding bill hua bon ilia-
posed or rejected probably , but possibly -
sibly amended so aa to pass there
will bo a struggle for the floor. In-
galls will insist on consideration of
his resolution declaring the arrears of
pension net ought not to bo re
pealed , and Horrill will urge consid
eration of his tariff cornum
sion bill. Both these subjects have
been partially discussed.
Edmunds has a bill on the calen
dar for the suppression of polygamy
which ho hus given notice he will
prii s.
The senate has consented to the
nominations of I'naiclon' , Vnhurtuih
great unanimity. The rejection of a
Doftmuster whoso nomination was ad
versely reported from the postnflice
committee and two army nomina
tion' ! , action on which is suspended
on pnrely technical points through
sune informality , were the only
hi oh os that have occurred thus fur.
Senator Muhono having returned the
naino of Str.vtha m for poetmnstei at
Lynchburg , it will bo reported teen
and lend to notno partisan debate , but
no protracted delay , in confirmation
of appointees ia expected.
( Congressman Warner , of Tennes
see' , having been iuipfosnod with the
necessity for reducing the salaries of
office holders , 1m introduced into the
house a bill to accomplish his put-
pose. Ho propose * that the president
hereafter shall draw $30,000 instead
of SoO.OOO. She salaries of the sev
en members of the cabinet ho pro
poses to reduoo to $7,000 par annum
rein $8,000. His bill providoa that
he assistant secretary o.t state and
Uie asBiHtAnt secretaty of thn in-
rior shall each ncoive S3 000
md the ik'sisiatit secretary of the
reasury1 000 per annum. Tht-
itv'ary ' of the Bpeaker of the 'homo ho
would reduce from $8,000 to $7,000
per annum. * The compensation of
eunatora , inerunorn and dole iitos in
oongresalie thinks should bo$4,000in-
stead of $5 000. Ho proposes to cut
down the Btiurtoa of the ujaocluto jtn
ticea of rho supreme court from $10 ,
000 to $9,000 oaoh , and the Bolary of
thechinf justice from 810,000 to $0-
500. Ho in particular , however , that
the act shall not apply to the milnagc
of Donators and repro ontatives , IUTIO
the $125 for stationery , nor tq the
franking privilege as now tiiOd by
law , but to the annual salaries alone ,
James Oleghbrn has boon appointed
stxiro keeper in th ; First district of
The postnflico department has ordered
dored all mails for IVni to be sent to
Payta , a northwoatern port , still it :
the possession of Pern.
Mr. Berrv Introduced in the himso
to-day a bill mating the president in
eligible for a second term , and giving
him an annual pension of 90,000 after
the first term.
To facilitate the withdrawal ot mn
tilled coin from circulation , superin
tMiclontfl of uiintB are authorized tr
pnruhasn United tJtatnB nilver coin of
B'nndard fineness in sums of 3 and
upwards without melting and ami ) a
paying t the rate of ono dollar per
ounce for standard silver contained.
Un account of the rect-nt xppoint-
merit rff a new aeaociatu justice , the
following supreme rcnsficnmonts are
announced : For .the First circuit ,
Horace Gr y , associate ; for the Second
end circuit , S.jJ. Field , asFocitto
justice ; for the Third , circuit , Joseph
P. Bradley , associate juu icR ; for the
Fourth circuitMorrison B . Waite ,
rhief justice ; for the Fiffh circuit ,
Stan'ej ' Matthews , associate justice ; for
the Seventh circuit. John M. Harlan ,
nHsociate justice ; for the EtL'hth cir
cuit , Samuel F. Miller , assr ciato justice -
tico ; for the Ninth circuit , Stephen J.
Field , osociato justice. In consequence
quence of the resignation of Justice
liunt , Juatico Fio'd ' has boon temporarily
arily assigned to the . .Second circuit ,
this assignment to continue until a
successor to Mr. Hunt is appointed.
The entire Missouri delegation , he
signed a memorial which was pre
sented to the president to-day , anking
the appointment of John F. C iliill , of
St. tionis , as minister to Mexico.
The appointment is asked on commer
cial and not political grounds.
Leave of absence has been granted
Gen. Hurlbut , minister to Peru , to
return to this country.
Mexican Matter * .
National Aoortotcd I'reen.
CITY or MKXIOO , January 39. The
state of Fociensco , bordering on Gua
temala , is being rent with internal
troubles , brought on by the boundary
line dispute between Gantcnmla anil
Music > , the population of F cana cn
being one-half Mexicm and the other
half Uuatenulian. Continuid ( lisputcH
ariHO between them , which fiiquont'y '
end in free ligHis a d very often in
bloodshed. This bitter fend 1ms been
carried to such a high pitch of lute
thntURfmimmon is becoming fro-
quttnt , the latest buny that of Timothy
thy Loon , a rich Mtxicnn cofl'oo
planter , who waa allot through a win
dow of his rem'douco , expiring almost
immediately , and there is no clue to
his assHHiin Curloa Grin , another in
fluential Mexican , has notified the au
thorities that unices something is done
to protect Eociety from these marau
ders and to quiet the public mind ho
will dispose uf his property in t lie Btato
and take up liin residence in the Ciiy
of Mexico.
WAfliiiNBTON , January 30.It has
boon ascertained thut Lieut. McDon
ald , recently arrested with a pirty of
Indian scouts atAscenMon by Mexican
authorities , showed thut huh.i'l crofHcd
the frotif.-jr by permission of the town
authorities to purchru.u forage , nnd
were released after U'TO days detention ,
their nnrn and property returned , and
the Mcjlfuuw Thc arrested thoin were
all placed in jail. ,
Fire * .
NKW YOHK , January 30. Freddy
Robinson , a little son of U. I ) . Rob
inson , amused himself by playing with
matches in his father's apartments in
Florence Flats and caused ? 8,000
NEWARK , January 30. Hnbbard's
watch factory at Host Newark burned
to-day. The loss is estimated at 812-
BIIOOKLYN , January 30. The fire
marahul'd report atatca that there were
483 fires during the year and a total
los of $ 27 , 143 ; total insurance ,
82,002,820. Fifty nine lire * were oc
casioned by koroiuno lamps and fifty-
ais by defective fluea.
v r.i. _ 1 , , | L , , , l
New X'baHo of Ocorclu Politics
AIL..U > T > , G.I. , Janmry 30. The
-U-Appeil to-day publihhta the
lofcolutnm adopted by thu republican
state executive cotnrnitteu oiiportiiig |
nnd t'lidorung the lihcrdl party in ( his
Oroofceflness of the Kansas Oity
Tax Oolloctor ,
Baooat Developments in the
Infamous Pooploh1 Oaeo in
The Ohicnpo Grand Jury Invoe-
the Whoa4 : Corner
of August Last.
Miioellant > onii Oriminal U vn of
KANSAH CITY , January 30. Tax
payers are considerably exercised over
the dHoovery of a systematically
planned scheme to rob them. The
allegation ) * are that Comity Collector
Greene ban bi un increasing thu vnlu\
tion from $1,000 , to 810,000 , and when
taxea were paid pocketing iho differ
ctico. Thu increased v.'duaMon in
Kansna City alone id about $1,000,000.
It is impossible to determine without
investigation how much money has
boon fraudulently made.
Thn gravest implications exist in
the otli.'O of the collector of taxes for
this county , and the excitement over
the condition of aiTiirs has not in the
cast abtted. Collector Greene now
admits that there have been many or-
rbr made , and probibly frauds com-
mit'ed by his clerkr. Although the
cnamination of tax receipts has only
been commenced by the people ,
scores of inst mces have already boon
found where assessments have been
railed and oxccsaivo amounts col
lected. The collector has abked the
county court , to make in investiga
tion , but Judge White , of the circuit
c urt , has doomed the matter
of sufficient importance to order a
special grand jury to meet to-morrow
to make a 'thorough investigation of
the silTair * of the collector's oflicu. U
ii biirmifod that systematic c rooked-
lias been going on m this office
for many yuare , not only in the col
lection of licenses from merchants
and hunincsH men irentrnliy , but there
are the bist reasons for believng
that tlie treasury has been defrauded
out of several thousand dollars. The
county atpcsanr is also thought to be
implicated , and a large petition has
boin sent to the county court de
manding his removal.
ST. Louis Jauutry 30. Mrs. Gon.
Geo. P. D.irris , a member of a well
known and aristocratic family living
on King's Highvay and Oiivo streets ,
waa found murdered yesterday. All
thu evidence points to her grandson
named Ru's II Brown as the murder
er. He called the lady into a room on
the pretext of wishing to npuak to hur
privately. Whnn discovered there
.wcru fnwer matks on her throat and
other evidences of a struggle , Part
of the old lady's jewelry is missing.
KANKAKEB , Jauuar30. . The iafo
in the poatoffice was blown open by
burglars last night , who secured $1-
000 worth of stumps.
NEW OULBANH , Januriry 30. Chas.
Paul ( coloru I ) attacked Eve Thomson ,
a young c "lured woman , on a street in
Ascension Pariah yesterday and
stabbed her to * death. Jealousy was
the cause.
NKW YORK , January 30. The
grand jury to-day bi'gan * an inquiry
into the Spuyten Duyvil disaster by
examine Conductor Hartford , of the
wn cued train
CAILKTTSUUKQ , Ky. , January 30.
In tlie Crafts murder case to-day uov-
eral witnosais were exttnined for
the state , all giving testimony damag
ing to the defendant.
Dirriiorr , Mich. , January 30 Dr.
Holly-vood ciuid before a police jus-
ticti tliirt nioining anrl swore tlnir in
thfi first week in January , 1870 , K
woman immud Martha Whiiltt c.iint
to him for an abort inn. She lud n < i
money , but did luvo a note ftoni
William Peopled , upon which HIU !
expec'ed tu collect homo money.
Alnmt a week afierw.trdu he was called
to eXHinino a pttiunt of Dr. Cox , at
Mm. Schri'Her'rt houao. The wonian't
boweln were leveiish nnd bloated. Hi
told Dr. Cox it uns a dangerous CIIBO.
He recoun xvd the patient us the sunn
woman who to his oilicu after an
abortion. On this evidence the chiel
of police dIFored to nutke complainl
against Cox and Schrcidcr for Mai the
Whitlu'fl murder , but the police justice
tico and proseciiiiinattorneywould ] no <
accept the complaint on ( inch llitnsj
evidence. The chief theiuforo had ti
release hin prisoners , who had been
arrus ted on suspicion , The tupidit >
uf the chjof of police is denounced in
a scorching article in the Evening
News , which declares that he waa
drunk when ho had thn arrest made ;
that he m the liabit of gutting drunk
and abusing and assailing peaceable
and well disposed persons.
LKAVOWOUTII , January 30. Chas
Letcher , who dots chorea about stores
and boarding places , attempted a bold
tobbory of n dressmaker , Airs. Par
sons of this city , about 4 o'clock this
afternoon. The lady has rooms in
Laing'fl block and Lvtcher sometimes
brought water for Her , Ho went into
her parlor At ( ho time menlined and
handing her a piece of paper , said ,
"Major Laing sent thia note to
you" She took it to the
window to road. Finding nothing
in the paper she turned to ask wlut
he meant , when uh.o was sei/.cd by the
throat and in spite of her resiatence
strangled to unconaciouHtieHs. Latchor
then ransacked the room , obtained
aboat $19 in money and left , locking
his unconscious victim in the room.
Mica Parsons became conscious in
about two houri } nnd wai retained.
Her friend * apprised the police and in
leas than two hours Lutchur was nab
bed , Much indignation is oxpreescd
at such an a'uault in th < i hnait of the
city , and hu will gethix full ( baeiu.
LoAii.ssi'OUT , Ind. , January 30.
On Saturday afternoon a trump nnmod
William Hte-J , c.illed at Mrs. Kuell'is
house , twelve miles from hero , and
i ked for supper. The fiend then
necked her down and outraged her
or person , The neighbors pur-
uiul and captured the mis-
truant , and strung' ! him up to n
reo until dead. They then piled
inshwood under th dt-ud body and
irod it. The sheriff , arrived from
Vru aiuljtook po g Jonof the corpao
, nd turned U over'to the coroner.
NKLSOJJVH.UB , Texas , January 30.J J
Tliero is proat caciteuicnt over the
ilopomcnt of a bonutiful girl , aged 15 ,
named Pauline Blanks , with a toung
mulatto named Brown. The loving
couple took each a horse from their
parents and fled to the prairies.
GALKtuiUKCi , 111. . January 30.
Thieves plundered thoCatholie chinch
lantnipht of the eommupion sorvite
and valuables. ,
CiiHVAflo , ilanuwy 30. A telegram
wns rccoived at police hradquartern
his morning colling for the arrest of
itrick MuGIen , who left last night
K ithin an hour. An officer was for-
iinato enough to moot McOlen in a
Moon ; he waa personally known and
n.tdu no resistance or attempt at con-
loaling hin identity. The oflicct lodged
lim in the armory to Ariat a requisi
tion from 8t. Louis. McGlen lived
n Chicago about four years ago and
worked as a bartender.4 During his
residence in ( St. Louis he has been
employed in a similar tenacity. He
halt been identified with the criminal
olnsnoB nil his life. He it wanted for
complicity in the murdefc of the old
lady Mrs. Dorria at Rt. loois on Sat
urday night. ft'1
CIUCAUQ , January 3d , The cases
acaintt Franklin and Hon. Way no Mac
Vuagh and others , charged with sell
ing fresh fish without pfoper marks ,
will oome before Justice D. Harry
Hammer Wednesday morning at 9
o'clock , lion. Wayne Jt cVeftgh has
an interest in his brothWa wholesale
grocorj' store and sorvicttwas had on
him. The case attmctB' considerable
CHICAUO , January SO , President
Duuhum , Secretary Kaidolph , George
M. How , Jusiah Protto Jr. , J. B.
Hol > b3 , Archie Fisher and Mr. Hunt ,
of Hunt , Seymour & Go t/bf the board
of trade , Elms Colbert and Guy Magee -
gee , of the Tribune , and L. II. Bis
beu wore before the urand jury to-day
to ttstify in ro.'nrd to the corner on
wheat last August. Thoinvestk-ntion
crows out of a deal between Hunt ,
Seymour it Co and James A. Baker ,
in which the latter lost $90,000 The
whole ma'ter is .now pending in the
ciril courts. Mr. Hunt testified that
ho had Bold ' 'abort" 100,000 bushela
of wheat fur August delivery to men
at the head of the corner , but when
the timo'camo for delivery ho found it
impossible to buy the wheat nnd hia
principal in consequence jipod to lose
890,000. The object of the grand
jury in investigating the August deal
is to find out if the men who managed
it can be brought within the range of
the criminal statute against iho archi
tects of corners.
WASHINGTON , January 30. The
star routes operated by ox-Senator
Dorsey hnvo been the subject of in-
vostiization by the grand jury the past
three days. Among the witnesses
examined about these routes have
been J. W. Coles , of MilcH City ,
Mont ; Jos. Petrel ) , of Junction
City , Mont. ; M. Cain , of Gilbert ,
Mont. , and Joseph Broderick , of
Porcupine , Mont.
Free Delivery in Idaooln-
SprcUl Dispatch to The Roe.
LINCOLN , January 30. A dispatch
has been received from General McBride -
Bride , postmaster hero , who is now in
Washington , that Lincoln will have a
free postal dolivdry after July 1 , 1882.
Foreign Ncwf.
National AtuKM-titted I
LONDON , January 30. Yesterday a
BBungur train collided with a freight
train on thu North London railway.
Ton persons wore kil'cd ' and injured.
It ia rumored that eevoral ragi-
wilts that have bean recruited with
Irinhinun luivn become disatlucted.
A disp.itch from C.ibul aaya that a
reign of terror exists in that cily.
The Amoir ii executing all the load-
e.rH of th" ivcont opposition ( ind cou-
-.eating their estates. He has 1 , 100
political priHoners confined in prisono
awaiting his orders.
PAIUS , January 30. Lullieritw
sentoncud to two months' impriaon-
myiit for ati'assault upon hia old cap-
tiin , M. Hibour , whom lie connider-
ed rcHponeililo for hit ) expulsion from
the French army At the close
of the proceedings a sensational
scene occurred. Sibour publicly
declared to Lullior that hu believed
: him incapable of thu infamous offense
with which ho had been charged by
Paul Caesanac. The prisoner and
prosecutor then shook hands in thn
court , amid great excitement. As he
was being removed to jail Lullior ex
claimed , referring to Cansanac's two
refusnlu to fight him , while ho lay un
der the suspicion of dishonor : "This
shaking of handa given me by my
commandant means a sivord thrust in
CaBsanac's bosom. "
Loon Say has accepted the portfolio
of the minister of finance , but has
coupled acceptance with certain con
dition * that are nut yet made public
General Billet has been given the
ollico of minister of war in the now
VIENNA , January 30. Austrian
Field Marshal Hohenickstein is dead ,
S tlon I Aaicctitod fittn.
WAKUINOTON , January 30. The
morning papcra la-re will to-morrow
state , on diplomatic authority , that
Mr. Goday , member of the Chilean
cabinet , just arrived , and who loft
Santiago directly after General Kil-
Patrick's death , had feared the effect
of Trescott'fl miution and had been
despatched to Washington to c'mnter-
act thu inlliioncu and keep the United
SUtcq floin interfering on behalf of
PI-HI When Mr. Gwday landed in
New i'oil. on _ Friday hoi found , IIDW\
over , his wutk nadull bcun done
for him in tiio revocation of Treacott's
and ho will return homo ,
Ho Wants Money to Conduct the
Ho Etna Put in Pour Menthe *
Time at Qroat Pecuniary
L06R ,
And Cannot A fford to Throw
Away the Two Months
Moro Neoeseary.
Ho Wants Money to Plnoo the
Oaee in the Handa of Other
A d Virtnmlly Thr at ini to LAAT
KiUoiul AjaocUtM Irm.
WAHHINQTON , January ! JO. Mr.
covillo appeared in court this morn-
ng and asked that a comtntathn bo
.ppointcd to examine the names ol
he jurors alleged to bo on the nowa-
ajior proRonted by him as ono of the
reasons for n now trial. Ho stated
ho had uot the least doubt of thu
genuineness of the signature and
asked that exports bo appointed to
compare the signatures presented.
The court said it would sit on Friday
for hotting the motion for a new trial ,
at which'-tiruo ho would have the ju
rors in coirt , whoh they 'could be
lioard und6r oath on to the aigiiaturoa
upon tha newspaper. Scovillo as
senting , Friday -wan agreed upon.
Guitoau puMcd iho night reatleMiy.
Ho woke up with n very noru throat ,
and it hu. 'rowbled him nil X'ny '
Otherwise his houlUi ia good.
A prominent roMiiiuuii knoucrl > < re-
ntatoR that Hayden , vrho rlaiuir n
have discovered that tliu GUiteMi yny
road papers , has recently boasted of u
eqhonie by which ho wan going to se
cure Guiteau'n new trial and his story
is now totally discredited. Sitivillo
says that ho will make the most of it.
He says that hereafter no letters ad
dressed to Guitenu will be opened.
His time is too much occupied to at
tend to Itttora sent to the prisonoiv
The counsel gives the following fur
publication to thu American people :
"I have faithfully defended Guitenu
on the plea of insanity to the best of
my ability. Tl o opinion entertained
by me at first that he was the victim
of a controlling delusion Ima grown to
thorough conviction from the evidence
adduced on the trial and f mm my own
intercourse with the prisoner. I know
that such is also the conviction of
many candid , intelligent people , em
bracing judges of courts , members of
congress , lawyers , physicians , and all
classed of society. The question now
arises , What shall bo done. ? The
defense has been niado by mo for
thrco reasons : First , from loyalty to
my wife , his sinter ; second , because I
felt the defense to bo jut and there
fore required by humanity ; third , to
save the nation from the lusting dm-
grace of hanging an insane man to
gratify popular revenge , and at the
same time of placing on the records of
history , through a judicial proceeding ,
the solemn judgment that it was pos
sible for an American citizen of sound
mind to murder the president of the
United States. Had I the means to
carry the defense further , either of
those means would bo amply sufficient
to induce mo to persevere unto the
end , but the first and second buing of
personal nature muat yield to stern
necessity. 1 he last is ono of HUCU
general intenst that I have coino to
the conclusion to submit it to my fel
low citi/.oitB , and their rnplv will de
cide my conduct. Motion for a new
trial has been filed and will IMJ argued
this week before Judge Cox , with a
possibility of its being granted.
If overuled , judgment and Hont'jnuo
will be passed upon the prisoner to
ho executed in the latter pr.rtof .luno.
Several weeku will bo allowed in that
event to rnako up a bill of cxcuptionn
and present the C.IBO on appeal to the
L'cnonil term of couit. In my opinion
there are ample groumlH ft r
of judgment on appeal. The qucr.-
tion of public intercut presented is
whether such appeal shall carneHtly
and ably presented. That cannot be
done without money. Other couiuul
nhould be engaged and paid. Mr.
Hued has ably ( insisted me Boldly
through a laudable motive of humani
ty to save an inn.uio man from thu
gallows , but ia not ublo any more
than I to give further time without
compensation. I hnvo given four
month'a time at a nicrifice in mybit.Hi-
HUBS or at least 5,000 and at nil.ex
pense of 8300 , and have incurred
debts exceeding $300 for the
( lu'pport of my family , in
addition to what has been paid
out for that purpose. Aa an plfset
there has boon received from friends
in all about $250. My aged mother
lies sick , probably in her last illness ,
and requires at least some portion of
my time and resources , In these cir
cumstances I do not feel called upon
as a matter of public intercut alone to
give an additional two montlw' time
to a motion for a now trial before thu
court in bane. My fellow citizimti ,
few or any think that the interests
of justice , the cause of humanity ot
the honor of the country require that
this contest be prolonged , and that no
effort bo spared to secure a verdict
and judgment after passion ahull
have subsided. Lot them manifest it
by providing means and competent
counsel will be secured at once. I ask
for nothing for myself up to this time ,
but for roasonu stated I cannot give
my own services hereafter without
comnoiifiation. At leant $2,000 in
needed. .Should a sufficient amount
not be received the money will ho
refunded on request. Address , until
February-till , George Hcovillo , Wash
ington , D , 0. "
Foreman 1 [ amiin of the Guitoau
juty , mated to niuht that each juror
.vill prcaont an iilll luvit to thu com t
on Friday tlonj ing opcclliuially nud in
tote llio charges Out any of them nl-
lowed thcnmolvrn to bo tampered
* fth or tntlud with their oath in any
form. Judge Cox will nolgh the
affidavits ng4nnt thoooof Sooville and
Tilft M ib nf R 11r ad Laborer * .
NMlotvU AiooiUUJ Plw.
Sr. PAWL , Jmninry 30. RolUblo
advices from B'ipurior ' Junction Htato
that the idle Portnge t Kuperior
workmen , who have funned a mult
for Ruvoral days patt , uro nor ( pro
vided with rations and luuo erased
their riotous demonstrations , They
till demand back pay before re
suming work , but ltw , thought they
will bo pacified and resurno quietly.
Another Wroatlo With the
Subjoot and Now Prop-
Snowing aDiverelty of Opinion
Even Amontf Property
Ownora ,
Moottrur of the Executive Oommlttoa
of the Board of Trodo.
A meeting of the executive commit
tee of the board of trade was held last
evening. Therv wore present Chair
man KVMIP , Brady , McShnUo , Rich-
arils , Shoeloy , and Wakefiold.
The report of J. II. Ilrady , for the
oommittuo oa banquet , wan filed ,
showing disburflemontn on account of
banquet , 85D8 ; receipt * , ? OoO. The
deficiency nan madu up by the oxucu
tlvo committee.
Tho'tvport ' of Mr. Brady was ac
* aoptud , and a veto of tlwnks tendered
Him for hia son'icos.
The report of thu auditing commit
tee " > f the flx-nocretary , and ex
trcaaurel * wnn road , thoMing a balance
on hand \ \ntlutu.trimmin- $2417 ;
that there WK.I duo iA-3ocretary Allen
? t 25 , and that there uaa 102 duo
the li rd from deli.'quout > : vnnibrru.
Kt-Treasurer Hnunu wun instiMctod
to pay over to Tica-uier Urdatch lhe
balance on hand , 824 ! ? , nnd it wai
ordered that the wecretary iau'io a
warrant of $4 25 in favor of ox-tii-cra-
Ury Allen ; also that the secretary of
thogonoial board be instructedto col
lect the duoa from dolinquei.t mum-
The bond of Ihn trensurpr'vfuifixed
at $2.000 and of the Bi'crutury1 of the
general board at 8'iOO and it nan
agreed that ( hey tile their bonds for
approval at the next meeting of the
board. On motion tin ) executive
board adjourned.
The meotinu of inoiiibora and citi-
swim at the board of trade rooms at 8
o'clock was not so well attended aa
the preceding mooting.
Mesartt Jtickson , Itartlott Bo1 In ,
Mullen and McBhane , of th'e house ,
and Senator Howe , were present , in
vitations having been sout to all the
legislative delegation to attend.
Dr. Miller read a letter received
yesterday frnm General Maudorson ,
Ix aring on the pavement quewtion , in
which the general said that he had
seen a good , cheap pavement on that
morning , which had stood the test ,
und had all the dcairablo qualities for
a pavement. The pavement waa
compreBSfcd asphalt , n small specimen
of which WHO nonf. The company
clninm it ran lay the pavement in
Oinwha at 81.50 per yard and guaran
tee it for five yiuirti. Gdiiouil Man-
derson had onguged to have several
bricks Rent , with such pamphlet in-
fornmtion AH could bu procured.
Dr. Milltr also presented lint ( 'nui-
Ito blockn mint by Col. M. F. P.itrick
f i om Washington , to the bouul of
tilt , N. 11. Falcont.'i1 corrected thu
ntatemunt of < < iiieial ) .Mandutson that
the pavouionl cutild bu laid huro at
§ 1,50 | or yunl , Hu ntntiMl Hint itcnAt
81 50 pur y rd in Kt. Louin and the
coKt , of 1 tying would bu ox'ra.
On motion Mr. W. V. Morno the
consideration of the -Ith , 5h ( and ( iih
eectioitH of the report wan indefinitely
Mr. Morao also moved thu recon-
imlurati < n of eoction 11 and oflercd the
following amundiiiont to tliu Hamo ;
On petition ot the uitizoiui to the
city conncjl auking the paving or ro-
paving of any Ntroot or part of street ,
ot not IcHfl than two ( li ) blnckn ex
tent , oxcupting it bu to adjoin paving
already laid or ordered laid at the
time of petition , the aid council shall
give ton dfiya' nolico through ihu olli-
cial nt'WHpapt * of thu city , notifying
all porHoim owning property in said
district of the filing of the petition.
The notice shall also fltato the mate
rial which the council dccidoa to
for piving said streets , and unlosu
within ten daja after first publication
of eaid notice , prottiotn are filed ,
signed by at least three-fourths of the
owners of all the front font in wiid
district , then thu council ahull have it
in their power to have said street
paved. If the material decided upon
by the council for paving shall bo ob
jectionable , then a similar protest
shall in like manner bo filed , tigncd
by three-quarters of the property
owners in tlio district , us stated before.
Said protest" shall also state thu
pavement desired , and which shall bo
adopted by the council , if requested
by throo-fourtba of thu owtiora of
front feet.
Mr. Barker opposed the reconsider
ation of thia Hcction , which is the one
providing for thu creation of n board
of public works , eta.
Mr , Boyd wild that ho would vote
for anything that would imuro the
paving of the city und prevent the du-
| ual if that object by an irnspoimihlu
majority. Ho Uyorcil making thu
city pay for tlio intL-rsection of tlio
iitroutH and the UIMOJ oppo itu Ihu lit-
II.JM and the propl-ity tnvnurawy \ for
till tlio i"nt. lie uluo favored tliu is-
MM of 200,000 in bonds , running ton
yean iu d. : ton per cent , . 1 * coming
payable each year. Mr. Boyd then
proceeded tu giro some figures on the
suhji-ct to show how the paving could
neciitvd , which were as follow * :
GF.NTLKMP.N : The more I think of
hu pivinu question the more I nru
cuuvinood that the property abutting
* n the street paved nnould pay the ex- ,
pennon , and that the city should pay ,
for paving thu Intersection of the
slr.'ota and the space opposite the
alloys. UnluAS some plan of this kind
is adopted thu people ntll not vote
bonds , because , KB has boon often
stated , the people living in the north
ern , southern and western portions ol
thu city will not vote to issue bonds
unless thu law is such that p > irt ot the
money can be spent in paving in iho
outlying portions of the city. IWi-
mntitig the cost of paving at $3 \ > l
yard and the roadway of our ntnmut
CO fcot wide , it would cost $105 COO
o pnvo one milo of street. The city
engineer informs us that there are ono
hundred miles of street in tha cityK
sixty-six miles of which are in con
stant use. If bonds are tu bo
issued by the city for pav
ing purposes , the people living
m any milo of the mxty-clx iniko
would want their proportion of the
money spent in paving in that par
ticular locality , and , a I say , unlou
the law wan so framed that thuso people -
plo know thu money wouH bo spent
in the \icinlty of their property , they
would vote against and defeat tha
Mind * . The only way , then , seems to
bo to mike thu abutting property pay
for the work and mko the city pay
'or its proportion by bondo , and whop
the people know that the city at larsjo
must pay for what by right it nl ould ]
pay for , the. bonds will bo voted. Let
the law \M \ so amnndud that the city
have power to is no $100 000 , duo in
twenty years , each ymr , if neoesnary ,
nnd in addition issue $200,000 each
year to bo paid for by the property
where the pavinc in done , at the rata
of ten ner cent of thn cost oaqh year.
Make tliu laut S200.000-duoand pay
able $20,000 per year. Tn thia man
ner the direct * in the businesa portion
of the city , and principal stroeto loitd-
ing north and south can bo easily
Every dollar rpont in public im
provements is just so much taken
from the ) 'iiMnrn capital of thooity.
Suppose $300,000 wan npont annually
in paviup , and the city ixmio the bonds
this amount would pave about three
-niles of ti'reots nnd it could bo done
at a c ut to tlio property abutting on
tlio tht < o miirs , not to exceed an
avow go of fA , per year for ten
yc r , ljuj iiaount wtmld ny for ,
the work , i tyiluiorcst'oti th imkbt ,
gpt y A HfJHa iH 'i eaSfc
Who will kuy tmt ! _ almost any , tUreo ,
miles of pryjiurty in the center ot thoj
city cannot iiir6rd't6'pay ' $27,000 por"
your. Three miles is15,840 feet ,
double that would be thoi fiontngu on
thu three miles , ' 31,080 feet , deduct
for thu city'a rharti n > .y ono third and
it would leave 21,720 lineal foot , to
pay , $27,000 , or $1.24 per foot front
frontage per year for ton yeais.
Mr. Biyd | moved aa an amendment
that the adoption of Suctions 2 and 3
bo reconsidered. Carried.
Mr. Morse then moved his amend
ment in regard to the petition for
paving to the city council.
Mr. E. Koauwater aoid ' there
neomod to bo two or three proposi
tion ) ) in this amendment. Ono was
that it required three-fourths of tha
property owners to remonstrate
against paving u atieet ; another that
it required the same proportion to
protest aiminut the material used , and
the thiid that they must doaignato
the material to bo used. Ho pro
ceeded to diHciiBS thu advantage or
disadvantage of the proposed amend
ment and wild it virtually left the
whole thing to the council.
Mr. Boyd expressed hit * intention
of voting uganiBt Mr. Morse's motion
and in favor of. leaving the whole )
thing to thu city council.
Messrs. Barker , Lininger nnd
othur/i / npokuon the piopoBod amend
Mr , ItoKoualnr moved as a nub&ti-
tuto to Mr. MOMO'H iiniciidnu'nt to
ntnl.o out nil thai portion of section
2 , after thu words giving the cguncil
power to pave the utreotii.
Mr Hidn-nn moved ns an amend
ment that thu wordn "Bo.nd of Pub
lic Worl ; " buH'iickili ' out.
Mr. Uoiuw ator'u motion waa car
ried ,
Mr. Boyd moved that the words < >
" tO nor cunt" be stricken out and
that his proposition thai the city pave
thu intersection ot Iho streets and the
Hpiicu opposite thu alleys and loan its
credit to thu property owners aa pro
posed , be substituted.
An uitinritt d discussion of Mr.
Boyd's proposition followed in which
nothing ot paiticulur interest woe
City Engineer Rosewater made a
lengthy speech , in which ho o aimed
that the city tthpuUl not undertuko
to make any public improvement in a
hurry , and gave Eume very convincing
reuHonii , accompanied by statpmmita of
coot in support of his proposition.
A standing vote was taken on tbo
amendment of Mr. Boyd , and it was
curried with only one negative.
It waa BU gcated that a ooinmittoo
of Boven be appqinted tq confer with
rrembers of hplegislature from thin
county , uud'frumo un amendment to
the charter.
Suctions 2 and 3 were adopted ns
Mayor Boyd then moved the ap
pointment of a committee of one , re
questing that hu bu not appointed as
a niuinbjr.
Thu number of tha ooinmittoo , was
changed to three ,
Mr. Ilowu said that he thought
uonio competent attorney ought to
draw up thu amendments in proper
foi m.
Tlie motion to appoint a committee
was piiHHed , and the president an
nounced that hu would appoint the
same to-ilny.
Adji'iiriad ' tu incut r.t the call of
tliu president.
Death ol' Dr. Hollows.
NMV YIIHK , January { JO. Dr. Bel
la SM died ia 11:15 : a. m.