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A Massachusetts Mail Pond oi
Human Flesh ,
Sovouty Years Old uiid Hoe
Killed Three Persons and
Eaten Their Remains.
Attempt of a Penney Ivan iau to
Kill Two Ladies and His
Subsequent Suicide.
* -
Swindlers Fleecing the .Cana
dians on a Land Boom in the
Northwest Territory.
Deeds oi' Numeron *
WE.STI-JEI.U , Alans. , January 28.-
OlHcors have just discovered Ihal
Beckwilh , the supposed Berkshire
cannibal , who murdered Simon Van-
deroook at Austorlib , X. Y. ' , t'wo
weeks ago , pas-scd through Westtiold
last , Tuesday night. Ho was in a half
fro/.en condition when ho reached the
house of George Uathbono , , on the
Holyoke road , nt midnight. Hath-
bone was n former acquaintance 'of
Beckwith , and recognized him , but
feared to inform the officers 'of his
presence. Thu murderer said ho had
been in a charcoal camp. Ho left in
the morning , saying ho was going to
Holyoko. Telegrams have 'been aont
in ail directions , hoping ti apprehend
Beckwith , for whom rewards of 87 < iO
have been olliired by the Governor
of > "ow York and Columbia county.
Bockwith is 70 years old , nnd is sup
posed to have murdered two portions
besides A'andurcooknnd to have feast
ed on their hodioe.
Pirr.snt'Kii , January 'J8. Vcater-
day afternoon a young man named
Lto , living in West Middlesex , But
ler county , wont on ti hunting expe
dition , ind before nightfall had wan
dered into Wosf Deer township , Allegheny
gheny county , sixteen miles from
PiUsburg. While walking through
the woods he mot two young lady ac
quaintances , ono named Allison , the
olhoi unknown. Lee raised his shot
gun and fired at them , wounding both
ladies who ran homo covered with
blood. A party of mon started in
pursuit of Leo and oil their approach
the latter placed the gun under hia
chin and pulled the trigger , blowing
his whole head off. No cause ia as
signed for the act. Lee had nuvor
shown any symptoms of insanity.
OTTAWA , Ont. , January 2UThe. ( .
boom in northwestern land it is al
leged has afforded bogus land agents
splendid opportunities for disposing
of paper towns and town lots at- good
prices. It is said the victims of .these
agents may already 'be ' counted by
hundreds nnd before 'they are thor
oughly exposed many more will un
doubtedly fall victims to the clever
land operators. Purchasers are
warned against investing one dollar
before fftlly satisfying themselves of
' "the oxlutcnco'Ht' tLu7projnitynHOioti "
and the power to give title by the
agent placing it on the market.
DKTitoir , Alich. , January 28.Tho
arrert of Dr. William Cox and Harriet
Schneider last night for the murder
of Alartha Wills , ia a renewed justifi
cation of the course pursued by
the Alorninit News and the Post and
Tribune , in"accusing Hugh S. Peoples
of the murder. To-day the News declares -
. clares that the article on which Peoples c
ples sued for § 50,000 libel damages
did refer to Dr. Cox as the abortion
ist and Airs. Schneider at whoso assig
nation house Alartha i < alleged to
have died , as well as t Hugh Peoples
ples himself. This nurning Peoples
was admitted to bail ii 5,000 with
sureties. '
Four WAVSK , Ind , January L'8.
Harrj 'Maxwell , a Boiling character , ia
whl'o drinking vith Jeff Aforris , a
gattbler , in a CaUoun street saloon
Uia forenoon , wa > struck on the head imAi
* ith a boor glass by the latter , break
ing Ins skull. ftfaxwoll will die. A
friend of Alaiwoll's attempted to th
shoot Alorris > hilo he was being taken th
to jail. th > 'i ! < ; , Ivy. , January L'8 - of
The 1031111103' * of Airs. Thomas in the ofon
trial of Gjifts , ono of the Ashland 'IV
uiurdoior&was very damaging to the he
defundantlo-day. Airs. Ellis on thn v/i
stand spHtantiatfd her hiuband'n roi
confess ! * ) * ! < looks dark for Crafts.
Loui' " ' ' .K ) Ky. . Jitmiarj L'8. - fo'i
Goo. gpvall shot and killed Lee Ed- ( '
ringtoi " wealthy former , near Paducah - PC
cah , & ' . , last night. Kdrington leaves I/I
a l&rf family. ho
XA QIUAV- : ; > , January -H - < w iui
ing > frequent of
cases tarroting ro-
poi1' ' , the streets are now patrolcd mt
ni ly l y a committee of s.-ifoty , who of
hio a force of one hundred and fifty en
diied with shot-guns. odr , Texas , January L".i U dr
io Grande City , Texas , Cirraco any
{ < ; nhondez , convicted of the murder coi
.if Prof. J. B. Lindsay , waa sentenced usi
to be hanged. Hit
. At Hermosillo , Alexico
, un American
can named Yates and a Aloxican wore
both sentenced to death for murder apj
in the same town. cla
Yoqui , an Indian , was yesterday this
publicly shot to death for murder - . to . . , .
Ho faced the soldiers stolidly and mSw'.jj
death without flinching. not
BuiTAf.o , X. Y. , January L'8. tlei
Judge Murker , of the supreme court , jood
has denied the motion of District At ion.
torney Hatch to quash the joint indictment - * ud
dictmont which the grand jury found his
ugainst Orrin ( ' , Thomas arid Edward slnim
Parkur , for murder in connection with ins
the grave yard robbery case , Ho prw
takes the ground that it will bo more trw
, satisfactory to the people , and will trwA
bring out the grave robbers whose tate
namcri are not now known. > ath
IA , Pa. , January L"\ COU
A rtocisioii was rendered in thj su rient
preme court yesterday overruling the , '
application of MM. Alary L. .HcDoir. and
oil , nlinsjlowtho | lady broker , for re
lease upon n habeas corpus. She was
remmmed to prison until discharged
under duo process of law , which wil
require her to enter bond security in
stead of common bail , ns she clannei
her right to do in the suit brought
against her by the six prosecutors.
I'tii A , X. Y. , January L'8. ' - A v. .
of error and Btay of execution wore
granted to-day in the case of Win. H.
patrander , sentenced to bo execulei
in this county on Friday noxt. for thu
murder of t is brother at Camden over
a year ago. Counsel will apply to the
general tern. , which moots in lluches
tor in April , for a now trial on the id
legcd ground of misconduct of the
An M n : , lud. , January tl'.i.Nm
Smith , at rested ill December for burc
s the store of Orr .V : Alurrny ti
the extent of 8(1,000 ( , , was yesterdaj
sentenced to the penitentiary lor tu
years nnd six nmnths. llo un
doubtedly belongs to u iinj ; of sifi
Plain Talk by Mr. Blame En
d Htta Been Bncourag-
NalloiuJ Aswociiit
WAMimiro.v , January L'O.In in
extended intcrviewj'to ' bo pnblialic
in the Washington Post to-morro\
morning , ex-Scerotary Ulainoomphat-
ically denies the the published report
that the diplomatic instructions t <
Trescott , signed by him , have beet
drafted and committed to Tros
cott without the president's know )
edizo. The instructious were not on
ly tnlko.l over at length with the president
idont , but when written were reai
twice to him for criticism and change
"I have 110 original draft in my pos
session , with the modifications dcsirec
by the president clearly notuil. Tt h
inconccivnhlo that nn i Kraordimirj
mission , important enough to be men
tinned in an annual message to con
Kress , could leave the country withou :
the president's knotting the instruc
lions by which its action should bt
governed. Xo frieiujL fif the prcsi
dent could make thatsuggration , am
in his buhulf I repel it. "
Prucecding Air. Hluino bays ho never <
or 8i > nt any important dispatches 01
this subject without consulting cithe
Garliold or Arthur ; he also says
"What possible interest could I have
myself in sending instruction withou
thu full knowludgd of thb ; president
I was to loavoi fhc'dopartmeiit in
fortnight , and would naturally tak
care not to send instruction merely t <
hiu'o it revoked. In addition to otho
considerations , 1 had no desire to sent
Trpscotton a fool's ornmd. "
"Hiw do , yod account for the
change of policy I' ' asked the inter
"That is none of ni/busiricBS1 said
Blaino. "It b tho. undoubted righ
of the president , as it is of a private
citi/.on , to change his mind. "
When"osk'cd whether ho know o
any reason to change his mind ivt to
the wisdom of the course approved bj
both . presidents , ho replied : "I' d (
not , but time and reflection nnd development
volopment of oyont8.hav r.ll.tho mat
"conUrmbd 1110 , and'i feur , " addei
Hlaino , after a short silence , "tha
one result nf the change will be th
utter destruction of the commercia
interests of the I'nitod States on th
South Pacific coast. "
In regard to the rumor that he hai
de.sired to annex Peru to the I'iiitec
States , ho says ; "You might as wol
thinji "f Minexing Terra del Fnogo o
the island of Juan Fernandez to this
country. Christiancy mentioned some
such tiling as desired in Peru , but
never thought it of sufficient oonao
uncnco or importuiu-e to call for an
comment. It was merely tho/lcupair
iiig cry of the down-trodden Peru
vians. My dispatches on the Isthmus
canal question , published by order o. .
the president , disclaimed for the
Tnitod States any desire for territor
ial ! acquisition in Afoxico or Centra'
America. It has never occurred tome
im that the annu.vation of South
American territory calls for a din
laimer. 1 " .
The ox-secretary in the course ol
the interview , says that not only wan
there no attempt madu on the part of
the I'niled States to push the claims
private citi/ons against Peru , but
the contrary was carefully
avoided. tjuoUttioim are mudu from
heretofore published corrcspondonco .
with Air. Hurlbm , Miowing that di
reef cauti m waa given nnd how it
waa Deeded. The particular cases re
ferred to in these i\notations \ are tjio
'uchuit claim and other plans of the
Peruvian company. In regard to the
l/tndri'ju claim , ho says : "The ,
Imuso of icprosontativi.'H in the lust
i.'iiniji'uss unanimously adoptud a reso '
lution re < | iiostiiig the state depart
ment : to use its good olticos on behalf
Landrcauyilh tinPoruviaii gov- t
crnmont. This was a very rare and
exceptional < aoi , and placed the J > uii- of
drcau claim on a ditl'oreat basis frrm
; other. The state department no-
cordingly instructed ( ien , Hurlbut to
his good offices with the Puriivinn
govonnnont to the end that it would
designate ono of its own courts or
tribunals before which Landreaucould
appear and have the justice ol his
claim ; tested. I oxprcHsly stated that
government would not undertake
construe i . a contract or dttcidi upon
i-oinpeiiEiitiim duo LaiuIntiiU , and I to
od that while o/i minister could
make nn official demand for set- : has !
.lenient of thu claim , ho could nso bin in
offices to sccuro its connidora- byte
. Our minister had been author- to
in 187-1 by Secretary Fish fo use nn
good offices in aid of the Laiidreau
, Afterwards Air. Hurlbut waa
iistructcd ! Hint the claim must not be v .
re.ssod to embarrass Pern in her din-
ress. "
Mr. Hlaiiio further wiys that "tho liu
department gave im ironclad All
] thai it would yivo no aid and All
ountenanco ! no counsel or oiicciunigoia
to any other claim whatever to
'amnt Peru duriny my seoretaiyship , ish
to HUH claim to the extent only of nw
that Irfiudrcnu might hnvo tin
, priilego of appearing before n Peru
| vlnn court ami hnvo his rights , whnt-
ever they might bo , decided by Pom
vinn authority. " Air. Hlaino translates
latos Air. Trcscott's official dispatch to
moan tlmt Chili is willing and glad to
accept mediation of the United Statoa
if that mediation can boused 10 induce
Porn to submit quietly to destruction
bill if the United States' special onvov
cannot bo used for that end Chili wil
hnvo no more to do with him nnd In
can pack up nnd come homo in :
meek and lowly frame of mind that
would belli such n returning journey
The demand of Chili is equivalent ti
nothing short of Pom's deilruction ,
Air. Hlnino thinks , for by it Peru is
not left with power to raise 20,000,000
cents. Chili evidently wants ter
ritory : , not money. The 1/ibes island ?
would soil nt auction for Iwico § 20-
000,000 and Chili evidently derive r
very largo amount from their owner
shin. The Aric.i and Labos islands
will bo us completely in her pnsies
sion as Tarnpuca
Air. Hlatn also s.iya that nil instruc
lions sent from the state department
while ho was secretary fully rocog
that Chili was entitled to u wai
indemnity from Porn , and Peru oitg
to have boon allowed to pay it cash in
domnily nnd ought not to bo subjected
od to a destruction of her nationality.
Air Hlaino then proceeded to sun
up the richness of Peru , and to shou
that Chili seeks to take all the rid
slice "Pom was exhausted by her
extravagant outlays on railroads , hai
no navy and a disorganized army ,
Chili got her navy from England
English sympathy , says lie , has stooi :
behind her at every step in her con
quest , and English commercial inter
est received troinomliom aid from tlio
nggrandutiinont oi Chili. While
think tlio resu't ' of this Poru-Chiloan
war destrojs American influence oi
the south Pacific cuat and littorl )
will wipe out American commorciu
interests in that region. I admir
England's ceaseless activity , but I d (
not believe in haviiit ; it oxotciscd a
the expense of the Tinted States
Hsiiocially do I dislike to see
winning great commercial triumphs ii
a field tlmt Ibgitimatoly belongs to tin
United St.itcs , and that the .Unitoi
States could readily coiirraiul if alu
would. England will absorb this trad
aa completely as eho absorbs that <
Portugal or of Egypt , of Australia o :
of Brazil. "
Air. Hlaino continues : "It take :
more gold and silver than wo mint it
all the United States every year t
pay Ihu back balance which Soutl
America brings against the Unitei
States annually , tn other words , w <
buy of them more than wo sell t <
them by a hundred million of dollan
ovcry year. It will bo worao here
after. It waa in our power to inak
it vastly better. " He then declare *
that the United States never intrndoc
to make war on Chili and thinks no
ono was afraid she would make war oi
the United States. The whole talk o
war with Chili he considers to have
been absurd. Air. Vlainc insists tha
his policy , in this matter , instead o
being a now departure , waa directly
in the line of the safest precedent !
laid down by onr moat distinguished
and uonaorvativevecrelaries of state
He refers to the steady intluen ce ox
fife aufliority of Jaurex. in Mexico , th
moral power of the United States bj
which the French were expelled
Alaximilliau overthrown and a republican
lican government with Jaurcz at its
head restored. It would not hayi
required aa great an exertion of th
moral influence of the United States
to save Peru from destruction aim
make Peru and Chili botl
our friends. He does not think ,
however , that il was necessary to t
half 8o fur as Air. Buchanan wont n
the case with Panama , but that the
steady moral pressure ot the LTnito <
States would have saved the nation
nlily of Peru as it did tlmt of Alexico.
Then Hlaino goes further back. Ho
says that Air. Adams , when secretary
of state under President Monroe , unci
Air. Clay , when secretary under Air.
Adams , Iwth took a bold stand in
recognizing and aiding the Spanish
American republics when at war with
Spain. At that time we had only ton
millions of people , and our revenue in
a year scarcely so large as wo have
now in a week , but we did not then
say that a contest in South America
was of no interest to the United
States. Air. Adams and ATr. Clay
thought differently and spoke boldly
ind patriotically , and intended
.Iro influence of the United
States in aid of the miller-
ng American republic ) . We can't
afford , in our power to do loss than
ivo our weakness. Air. Hlaine
says he was first induced to USD thu
moral influence of the United States
o Have Peru _ because she made an
earnest appeal' thu United States to
Kavo her. She did not ask military on
'ntorforenuo ; she merely asked tluut
ho I'nitod States stand by her an-
honty and it would save her from de it
struction. She felt that heavy hand
England upon her at every turn.
Mr. Hlaine predicts for Peru after
Chili has taken nil her valuable terri
tory thai she will either fall into an
archy or bo kept in subjection by a
Chilean army of occupation , to be
sxpported from the property which
Peru is despoiled. ithor ro- in
suit will bo sufficiently wretched
and the end will be an absolute domi
nation of English influence in both to
Peru and Chili. Air. Hlaino declines
speak in regard to u congress of
American nations of which so much
boon said , jle saya : "No paper
regard to it has been made public eau
the president and I have no right
speak about any diplomatic jtn'pur
until it is given to the world. "
The Ryan-Sullivan Flu Jit the
s.Uli/niil t A-iOi-iati'il I'n'M.
XKW OKIKANK , January ! ) . - - is
definitely known that the prfco
light will take place on a spot on the
Alobilo river and between Lou and
Midland , in Iho parish of Orleans. It
the intention to sand out two trains
be on the spot by daylight and tin. - '
the tight and return to the city by was
Points of a Now Trial of tlio
The Court Hrnvi in Not Admit
ting "fropor" Eviduuco
for the Dofoneo.
And Agniu Brrod in Admitting
"Improper" Evidence for
the Prosecution
While On Point CouaUta ID -
tirely of Now Fapts ! , Whnt.
ovar They Aro.
Ly the Affidavit i.f
morning were told thoit CM-eptiou
must bo strictli specific. * The ditto
for argument on the motlq1 for a m >
trial is not. fixed , as Scoviljo s.ud ho
could not bo ready on Tuesday , the
day Suovillo wanted. Scoville refused
to niiiku known his grounds. The ru
mor that jurors rend papers during
the trial is not true. Giiitoau has
passed into the eamo morbid state
before thu trial.
Al-li'lo p. m , , Air. Goo. Scoville ,
counsel for Guitoan , accompanied by
John W. Guitoau , entered the clerk's
ollluo of the criminal court nnd filed a
motion for a now trial and reasons
thereof and n bill of exceptions and
aflidnvitf by Cioorgo Scov'illo , JohnW.
Guiteau , Charles.I. Guiteau and Fred.
H. Suyder , of Jersey City , N. .1. Tin1
reasons for a now trial are stated tn
bo twelve , to-wit :
Kirst , By reason of the uncertain
ty of the evidence upon which the
rerdict is founded.
Second. That the verdict docs not
stnto which count the verdict is founded -
od upon.
Third. That trial of the case was
not concluded in the BIIIIIO term 'of
court in which it was begun. ( This is
the point rai ud by Rood. )
Fourth. That the court had no ju
Fifth. That the court erred in overruling
orruling the prayers of the defense.
Sixth. That the court erred in ox-
eluding proper evidence submitted by
the defense.
Seventh. That thu court erred in
permitting improper evidence oll'orcil
by the prosecution.
Eighth. That the court erred in
entering into an agreement with the
prosecution whereby experts wore al
lowed to observe the prisoner.
Ninth. Alisdemoanor of the jury
in reading newspapers.
Tenth. Now facts.
Eleventh' . Verdict contrary to the
Twelfth. Verdict contrary to the
The line of exceptions contain elev
en counts , which are about , identical
.to the reasons assigned for i ± f v trial *
Ohaa. J. Gulloau , in his alliilaVit
asking for u new trial , says he has
been confined to jail and could not
give attention to ascertaining facts
connected with thu case , and had ,
therefore , to rely upon his counsel ,
Air. Scoville , for all information
touching upon the case.
Air. Scovillu in his aliidavit says n
copy of the Evening Critic nf Novem
ber lth ! ) has the names of uovond of
thu jurymen ijpon the margin , to wit :
Thomas , on top of second piiro ; , is in
tht ) handwriting of Thomas . Hcin-
liuo ; that the word Ulicliaol on top _ of
Iho Hume pagu is in the handwriting
of Alichau ! Shcehaii ; that thu name
, ) f IL .F , Hright on the left hand nm1
gin of the second pugr > in in tlio hund-
wriliug of Henry J. Rnght ; that the
two signatures of Ilcinlino at the bottom
tom of the second pngo are in the
handwriting of Tlma , W. lluinlino ;
that the signature of F. W. Ifrandon-
burg at the bottom of the second pace
is in the handwriting of Fred W.
Hraudonburg ; nnd that other writing
tn the margin of naid newspaper is
Lhaf of others of the jurors. Scovillo
further avers ho has dineovorod two
important witnesses in thu persons of
H. T. Hrangdon , of Frcdoricksburg ,
Ara. , and Jno. W. Green , of Stafford
Uoiirt House , Vn.'who will nwoar
hat in Juno last upon seuin Guiteau
in Layfayolto they pronounced him
nsano. '
' Fred. II. Snyder , of Jersey C'ily in "
u'a affidavit says ho was a giU'st at the
Vational hotel from December 7th to
ho L'Oth iiii-liisivo , his loom was near
ho rooms occupied by the iiiry , and
the llUh day of December while
the jury were absent ho in passing
saw a nowspupor on the table and took
Believing in justice , ho had called
the matter tn the attention of Air. '
Ssoville. 'n
Air. J. W. Guituau makes aliidavit
that he knows all thu jurors and bu-
liuves that the names Brandenburg ,
Ifoinline , Bright nnd Shoejian were
written by the persons bearing these
names respectively. The newspaper
question contains nn account of the .
day H trial , an editorial on Guiteau ,
nnd an account of Bill Jones' attempt of
kill the prisoner.
The motion is set down for argu
ment on Tuesday.
HWAHIIIMJTON , January 2H. - Guit lo
passed the tiny quietly in the jail ,
receiving no visitorfc , Tlio guards re
port tlmt ho has regained his spirits
iiulH with his acoiifitoiiiod appe-
tilo. His sloop is still rintlesn , but on
whole ho is not no nervous as on
day uftur the verdict. Hu is hope
of a new trial on Ihu lo.isons as- ,
signed by Scoville in his motion. H
Mnzlnau Matter-
Nitloiul AHHOcUloJ I'fciw.
f'rrv or MKVICO , January 2 ! ) .
IVesidont ( 'fmlcs has relapsed , up- thu
p-'trontly , into the * aniu condition lib nt
previous to the eocond surgical
oporntiun , nnd the surgeons in attend-
mice think it very probable n thin !
oiR-ration will bo necessary to bring
nfioiit n reaction from his priMcnt
jrntstnited condition. Several lending -
_ ing physicians not in attendance on
the president , judging from the re
ports from the sick room express the
opinion that pyomia hns already net
in nnd that the president's death is
only a matter of sovorad days at the
fnrthuroM , Ex-President Dian , who
is a very intimate friend of President
Goiii'lies , has tulcijraphed from Oxin
he will leave at once for this city.
In case of the death of the uresi-
dent , Senor Vnllnrtn , chief justice of
the supreme court , will be his suc
has been decreed to
William Andride for the establish
ment of a 'line of ateam r on the
Mexican Pacific const.
The Now French Cabinet The
Anti-Semitio Riota Mis-
.S'ntloiul AfMK'latol l'n > l .
PARIS , January 'J' ' . The latest list
montiniu'd of the new ministry is as
follows : M. Leon Say , minister of
titnuioo ; Gon. Ilillot , war ; Admiral
Jeannette , mnriuo ; AI. Ararroy , pub
lic works ; AI. Dnfroyeinet , president
of the council and minister of for
eign atlairs ; AI. Jules Ferryt public
instinctioii ; AI. Goblet , iutorior and
worship ; AI. Humbert , justice ; AL
Tlrard , commerce ; AL Pochory , post
and toh'grapli.
ST. PiTKiKiinto , January - ! ' . Kn-
tinour ; Alolvillo has left Irkutsk with
an expedition to resume the search
in an oustorly direction from south of
the Lena for Lieutenant DoLoug and
parly , llo will take with him a largo
foreolof natives and the search will
contiiuio far into the summer.
VIK.VNA , January Ul. ! - The report
vf the comiii'asion instituted at War
saw to relieve tin- victims of the anti-
Sumitic riots , reveals thn following:1 :
Altosfuthor there wcro 'JOH fumiltos
iniiicd , nuniboring about 10,000
souls. They include U-U pub-
beans j ( , 81 tobacconistH and ether
retail shoikocpers ] ; eating house
keoprn and others engaged in the
supply | of refreshments ; JI18 workmen -
mon and -lll ! omployi'os. During the
riots there wcro demolished 20liipi
shops , TiO.'t eating houxcs , 1 waroliouso
and synagogue , and 39 , ' ) private
lioiisoR , nil the property of Jews.
Ito.MK , January - ' . ' . - The Italian
cabinet conaidorR AL ( laiubottn's fall
ia calculated to lesson thri cordiality
between Italy and Franco
Aa. Anti-Mormon
Ausociiittxl I'rcnn
EHIK , Pa. , January 2 ! ) . Erie had
itt first demonstration in opposition
to ; moriiionisin this evening. A pub
lic meeting wao called al Iho First AL
1' ] , church at tho'instance ' of Hov. Dr.
D. II. alullor. Hon. J. F. Downing
was president.
. Spirited speeches were made by the
chairman , Hon. Goo. A. Alien , J. B.
Gorn and others. The mooting was
very largely attended by all nation
alities * , . < iiiKU > ro plutiox. < ! .dci ounpiiyi
Moriiionisin as n relic of barbarism
were adopted.
\ YA.SIIINIITOJanuary L" ) . Airs.
John Connors , while standing in
front of ii window in her residence
lust night , watt shot in the body , dying
u few hours after. The uflair is surrounded -
rounded in mystery. The watchman
in the neighborhood was arrested on
suspicion ; ho was found in an intovi
cntud condition near the house.
HACINK , Wis. , January iJO.Go \ -
erimr Uusk has refused to grant ro
uisition paiors ] for Brown , the Un-
kotii swindler , on the ground that
Hrown has never boon under the jur
isdiction of thi.s state. The ofluiisc
was eommittod in thisstatu , howuvor ,
and the action of the governor is
lunch cuiisnrod. Freeman > V : Sons
lost ! § 2800 , A. 0. Fish's carriage company -
pany § 150 , and L. C. Osborn
The Whitewater waaon company and
the Appluton manufacturing company [
also IOBD. The manufacturers do not
ilaro to go out to Dakota to prosecute ,
as the band of swindlers control the
law and everything
CHICAKO , January 20. The present
grand jury , composed of business
men , ! H making special cllurls to in
vestigate not only gambling as con
ducted at the faro banks , bill also in
other { methods of "freoxuoiil" in oho
diunco ' to thu charge of Judge Bur-
num. Service has boon rendered on
II , W. Durham , president of the board
of trade ; H. Housloy , ox-president ; < ;
Charles Handolph , secretary ; J. W.
Preston , U. W , Hogors , ox-presi
dents , and others. They are wanted
on Monday and will undoubtedly bu
on hand. The tioublu is supposed to
Imvo growfi out of the August corner
Commissioner of Patent-
National Aiwoctafexl 1'n-nn. ly
DKTUOIT , Alich. , January L'8.Ex -
Congressman Jno. W. Stone , of Grand
lijipidfl , Alich. , has rocmved jnformn-
.ion from Washington that his chun-
COB for securing thu coinmissioiiorship
patents made vacant by the roHig- the
mtion of Air , Alurblo. have vanished. il
Marble wants to recall his resignation ,
and if ho does not do so and thus fails
return to the place , it will bu given po
n prominent patent lawyer immnd fii'
Mi'.clioil of Connecticut , pa
Chicago' * Now Street Cnr ago
NutloiMl Awxiclatcil i'riiwj.
G'jniMdo , January 'M , A train of '
seven cars on the new Cable atreul ,
railway made thu first trip over Slate in
streut Ihis afternoon. The street
was lined for miles with intern teit | j
spectators. Tiio cant worullhd / with i
invited guests.
Thu Annual AIusiuoradu | Hall of
Oniahii Tiinivuroin will take i place
Turner hall Satu-tdaiy , Fob. .11 ,
JH8L' . Tickowl.C of
The Brand ( fathering of tlio Bop-
rosontaMvos of the Alliance
at Hastings ,
An Huthu-iuntic nud Hnrmo.
tuouH Convoritiou of the
Tillora of the Soil.
Complete List of the
Pretiont " Palling for thn
Shoro. "
Stirring Spoeohoa by ProsUhmt
Ingortjolhuul Messm. Oator-
buut , Roeowator nud
Dotulloil Report of tlio Klrnt OnyV
< < orri'i' | > oiitliMici'of Tim ItRK.
s , NeJanuary7. \ ) , . Fol
lowing are the remainder of thu pr <
ceodingN of the first day's nosnion of
the Farmers Alliance convention *
. ' . '
of Munich , next addre nod the eon-
vontion. Ho said thai ho saw before
him a clans of men who , in his judg
ment , represented the intelligence us
well as Iho sino.iv of the country. How
can wo best further the interests of
thu anti-monopoly movement ? Ho
would suggest thnln sort of missionary
work IHJ ndoplod in the counties that
were not organi/od in thu interest of
the Alliance , holding mooting * in ( ho
different Incnlitip.i and nildruising thu
people , l.nit fall the issues wore
local hut the .Alliiiiii'o had shown its
hand. In his own county there waa
an monopoly majority of between
six and seven ihous.uid and the Alli
ance men oMiivted defeat there , but
they hold meetings at the school
houses and the roiwll was they had
oluctpd their county clurk and thn
heaviest majority aijninst their enndi-
dnlos was only eighty voted , nnd nftor
the election mon had come to thorn
nnd snid , "Why if wo had known you
had such strength we would have
voted with you too. [ Liughtor. ] Wo
want to enter the field nnd never
leave it until wo are victorious , but
it will cost eflbrt , money and sacri
fice to do this. This fall the election
in this state is n gu iural one , nnd the
Alliance should make its influuneu
bein called for , referred to thu pro
position that had boon made to have
Iho farmers form an independent purty
at this time , or whether it was the
better way for the Alliance to con
fine its endeavors within thu lines of
the existing parties and in that/ way ,
if'possible ' , accomplish the objects for
tVirJOiUiV / AlliuliOiA , " v OS ; yik l/.f d.1 ;
This is a very grave" " subject , and
should bo approached with prudoncu
and discretion. He was in Alabama
in | 18l ! ( ) , whun the ipiestion was
raised as to whether ( he people
should remain in Mm Union
or secede , at which lime duo consid
eration was net iven the < tucstion ,
and disaslur foliowod inuluo husto. ,
Ho | | would ndvi.iu the Alliance to wail
as long us they iitiihl , always takingi
euro lo "keep their powder dry,1' [ ap
plause ] , and bo ready on the firing of
the first gun. Ho looked upon thu
partial success o the Alliance in last
Jail's ' election as a dangerous advnntn
agu in connection with the moro im
portant oleotion of this fall , as il would
have Iho efl'uel of warning the onuiny
ol the places where nioiioy and inllii-
oiicu is needed , and both will liu
promptly furnifihoil. There is no \
doubt but the leaven is here for n resolution
elution ; laboring men , mechanics and
liiisimiHs men nro with you. The im
Kirlniil thing tt organization ; thoru
should bo an Alliance in every school
district. [ Applause. ] The two poli
tical parties liavo through organisation
by means of committuuinun in every
ward and precinct in the land , Sov-
on-oightlm of the 80,000 voters of
Nebraska nro farmers nnd laboring
men ami they oiu'ht to carry thu Slalo
their own interest and not bu'ov -
urnod by corporations loi-itud in Bos
ton nnd Nuw Yorl ; | Applause. | It
hnd bcon asked what would bo the ,
course , of TIIK HII : : in CIIHO an nidopoiid-
nl party were formuil ; Mo wniild sim
ply say it uoiild bo wlicio it has lioun I
heretofore. H did not depend upun
the favor or patronage of any political
party. For nonrly eleven years it had
foiiglit Iho powurti that bu nnd hud I
built up a circulation moro extensive
than that of any other pnpor wust of .1.
thu AlisHouri , nnd ifs seventeen thuii-
sand wookliiis dopunded oiitiio- J.
upon thn pooplo. Lot thorn
withdraw their support nnd the paper
would go down. Corporations may
Btihsidizu nawsnapurs , but if those pa J
purs are ruadorloss their subsidies will
soon Im withdrawn ( applaimo ) , and J.
50,000 farmorn of Nobranku have
within their power to render auch
nowflpaporH worthless. [ Applauao. ]
A diBouAHion arisint , ' hero an to the
political coursi ! of the Alliance in thn .1.
futuro-in ' connection with thu two
parti OH , Nfcrotiiry Hurrowti ruad the A.
following ! resolution iidoptod a year
. "Wo , IIH mumbora of thu KarmurH'
lliiincojof Nubraaka , huroby doclaru il.
oiirmilvoH free and indcpundont and
fully absolved from all ] > arty tillugianco
HO far an it conllictH with our intor-
M\H \ and pludgo oumolves to use our
inlluuncit and votcn agaiiml the
monopoly candidutof ) of either part ) ' ,
mippi/rt / only Hitch men IIH wo o
know are ' idontifind with IIH. " [ Ap- J
Su\ard. nuxt uddrctmud thu
> \ ( con-
vention. Ho uuid that thn Alliance U
had bocn oomjMvred by the tlrst
tlrnmn nddrnssiug thorn ( Mr. Root ) tea
a sick man , and the remedy pre
scribed \viw to gather the herbs such
ns old wouum line , and hnug them up
ki dry. [ I aiiRhter. ] Hut nuppoao
while those herbn nro drying and be
coming ready for uno the patient die .
[ AnpLiiiso. ] J\Io \ t of the nponkoM
had hewn a luck of confidunco
in thu integrity and pnrpofen of the
Alliance. Thu poophi of Xubnwka
haiA living issue t" tluht , and it will
remain a living iamir , the corpomt'uins
btvoming ninro and more mj rcssivo
whdo thu ntrcnglh of the people is
wasting away , if a strong stand is not
now mndo in opposition to thonu
tiiiuioiuiliuH. | ] The ntnt )
of Nubrankiv is settled with acldiors ,
no stallin the Tnion linviiig
a larger per onntago of .soldiutii
aiming itn population. " Are those mon
going to smmk to the rear now that
the war ia begun ' . ( Cries of "Mover ! "
"No , novur ! " ) The prosout political
parties are divided there are the
stalwarti and the half-breeds - the
stalwarts who struck I'rcsidont Oar-
liold in the back. There is nothing
to bo gained by delay in the formation -
tion of an inili'pcinloiit pu'tv : ; ousn if
we are defeated once i > r twici > , it. will
not bu Hiich : v dreadful cnlamity. Tim
next election in Nebraska is a most
important matter , and 1 am in favor
of our enlisting right now for the war
and stand and fall with ourprincip'oft.
| Applause ]
i. . r. ri.ovn ,
of Hamilton , was then called upon to
mut ; a auug of ' 'ia own composition ,
which lu did ai follows , 4o the hni % of
"Pull for "
the Shore :
"Iii lit In tin- dink IHW , fnrmom , day is lit
llllllll ,
DM "dimd bofttx'nro titiiulilliiK unw , nt
liilinr'H iliitniuii ) , t
l.iilr { > > iiiN Iru'c rutilnvl IM , bmtliorM , of our
honest toil ,
lt'ml ! ' | > ltYiiu ami iloiiuiorutlo "rluns" \ve
limit Hp.ill.
Pull for i noli ntln'i nnd pull IHIIK ml-
lianl ,
Hood tint niir former loadois ; Htinil ou
your Liiiinl !
Lift ji Alllnnui * lmnuui-4 , Hunt , tlieui on
the b UD/.I' ,
Sooa we'll riilo this hiiiv : | | lui < ) tlu'ii
tnktj our e.'nc.
Li > ii ( ; woh'iMi Inboroi ) , cuinrndc-4 , tllt wo
nrc poor ;
Whilitlw railriiuiN buvc
iiiillioiH In Ktou : ;
havn liouplit our load MR , forofllcf !
Anil ilnwn lu I' mnIvunlii liny have
il UK with oil , , ,
Jlouilliolilt'i. ilni't ' tiiXt'K , nuithvr do
iani the bills ti > fmit ami now
Rot tlmnlcit ,
And if our limit h'i ' 0 U not paM they f4 !
ofiV part lily Htoro , '
Anil lonvo our wives and liltlu onus. to
workli nl fur mom.
Cnoiux- l
ItcimblicaiiH huveloiius ,
yoarA of time ,
Will Id Jemoftratfl liavo followed up just
four yours behind ;
Moiiupulfon hnvo liuught thoai both ; they
fidlit o'or tn Hmll | ;
While wo poor "mucixlllH" foot Ui bilN
uiiilUuii o'ur the noil.
Onrvlaa-ieritiWA will-i-hocims fi'o'nKpHHr.'dt
have mn do. M * f-y r'mf ,
All miti-moiiopcili I * will join our jidilli'o ,
Ami lt ) p our baiinem llnatinir o'ir tliu
"laud . "
uf th.-friiii.
The song wan heartily apjilauded ,
and , on motion , Mr. Floyd wan ro-
| iit'8tod i ( o furninh a copy lo be
printed in the proceedingu of iho con
i TO HI\T.S. ;
Th report of ihu committee on
credentials wan pruriunled and adoptud
as followH :
Adams ( Jmiiity II , Ii. AlcOraw ,
A. J. ( Jrondort , O , D. Johnson , W ,
F. K-ller , A. T. Shattock , J. Pallor-
ROII , D.wid lliglow , G. A. Sanger , J.
H. Diirnoll , Ira I ) . Wudiiwiirli'M. ( F.
\\'ullaco , Hoiiry .lowolt , W , 0. Fowler ,
Iloury Funingor , John P. aMurroll ,
Win. Vanmilo , W. liobiiison , It. Ash ,
K. L Salsbury , J. AI. Miller , AI. A.
Iliingleroad , A. W. AluUiirty , C. H.
Power. J. T. Kelley , A. L. Hall , L.
lioyd , Hugh Armstrong , G. Teatmun ,
1) . J. Itoburts , A. 0. .Snowbcrgor , I ) .
H. Hall , W. P. Foster , J. J. lloag-
land , ( / . II. Alu.lUiy , A. F. Powers ,
Jl. M. Piiltnor , F. M. Fnrrabuo , F.
Yoiiiiu , 0. Fiuhor , S. Holman , 0. II.
I'Mgnnon , Win. OotuiiL1V \ V\ ' .
I'hilbo , J. 0. Woodwoilh.
Hnono Win. A. I 'oil ) tor , J. A.
Itrowor. II AlciTii-'n , Flunk Wihnot ,
\ . V. Lung.
Hiillalo - J. 0. .Mdliir. John Me-
Cook , Isaac Hmithorn , Jl. Ktrang , A.
) . Kaiidall , W. .1. Neoloy , It. Hich-
artln , I' . I1' . H. Sahares.
HutlorII. . C. Strykor.
CttN 1C , U , Gilbert , A U. Hardun ,
) . I ) . Johnson.
Clay -Coo. W. Ferry , S. C. Ik-ck ,
. I ) . Troonor , It. P. Htanton. Win.
Hurlbcrt , . AI. Elder , Goo. F. llilf ,
. A. D. vih , W. n. Hoover , W. S.
Wilaoii , Jameii H. Hu/lult , ( J. Hurt , '
H. K. Hicu , J. luBfiingor , A , AI.
Lutlirop , L. L. Joliiison , A. J , Hrown ,
, liariickiiiur , Win. Leu , H. 11.
Hyde , 11. T. Uoyt , 0. II. Woodward ,
. F. Johnson , Win. UuniHey.
Douglas A lion Hoot , 0 , U. l ay-
Fillmore IHJISUJ Mulhollund , H 11.
Gampbul ) , IS , A. Smith , Jan. Walluuo ,
. } ] . Norton , 0. II. Dorothy , Win.
Sterling , .1 , Khuimrd , J. L. ( Uvip , II.
. AliittoHon. Win. OMJiiun , TlioH.
Smith , J. \i \ , l < angsdorf , Truinan
Shiiklin , Win. Waite , Jn , L. 1 $ . KM-
ton , J , A. Jones , John * Koahn , J
. Parish , Thos. Wftlknr , ,1. F. Well
man , ( i. M. Johnson , Nile * Ander
son , F. 0. Hunnult , T. J. llundor , n.
H. Palmer , 0. H Thompson.
Franklin John L. Cook.
Oago--.J. Hurrowa.
Hall-J. H. AndrowH , I ) . Wkitti-
r , Widtor Knntli , H. U. Ilonlluld ,
, 11 , Pnwors.
Hiimilton-S. llobins , T. U. Pullloy ,
II. H , Gnodrioh , JL D. Hull. John
Cook , I ! . A. Hejgm , J. At. fiiuhii'm ,
0. Floyd , .1. Uorolt , A. Wright ,