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    ft T11E oaiAHADALLi BEJ4 : FRIDAY JAJN uAR'f 27 ,
Manager Council Bluirs Circulation , COUNCIL BLUFFS AND IOWA NEWS. By Carrier , - 20 Cents per Wook.
COUNCIL BUJKFS , IOWA By Mall , $10.00 per Yonr.
OSoo : Room Five , Evorott's Block ,
U. W. TIIVTON , City Editor.
Kronen and Juliet to-night.
The loeincn nrc Macklng up on work ,
flnm booto were In much demand yen-
Tbc QumUn In ect fora
I > estto ! tlio otnrni yesterday tlio trains
tniaxscil to K t in on time.
A mluntrel troui > o i 1 ehu organized
\m U tUit out Boon on tlio road.
Th r wcro Ihrco * ly fellows trying to
work Uio town yesterday on rne tricks
that ro dnrk , Imt they met with little
The tnutccH of tlio library association
vnct to have met ycitcnlay afternoon ,
Imt ooncludoil to postpone thu same until
next Moml > y afternoon at1 o clock.
- A. number of teams from hero were
ntnl acnuw tlio river yesterday , to ho
atrVl * l from Omaha , to polnlH nn the H.
& M. railway to l > o Hot at work in con-
Many point * nro looking to Coum.ll
janffn for their nuptly ; of Ice for next i < oa-
am. If. If. Liunti , an Ice dealer at Kort
So tt , lias been here for n few days , trylnir
ftvunmge for a supply.
An oynlcr mippcr an ! plcnBlng cntor-
tnhitocat wax given lant evening at the
xvoUcneo of Mm. V. Uailolct , on Onklnnd
-BVTBU * , nnder the auspices of St. Paul's
.tx2d- Among ether plejnlng fcatiiren
vu jktinmm drill , given liy n company of
Jiang IndleH in continue' , who executed
with the
'i 01 movements
Tlir i > ccilrelltflonn ! cervices lielng
Ibdlnt UioMetliodlHt chnrch and the union
nerri-c-iat the Uaptixt clmrch are lii'iiig
nrore largely attended than meetlngo of
Dice mtu'O liavo been In the pant , and tlio
foUrett HCOtnR on tlio Increate. Hov. Mr.
ffijTX preached in th latter church on
TrVAneaday night. tiiu church folks having
ttaVen advantage of IIIN prcnence hero on o
riul tn iwcurc lilx amiliitanco In thu meet-
ibp , he Wing an uhlo and cuccemful
George 1'hillipx , the colored man ar-
lotted by Officer Sterling for Inrcony , wan
Itcconlcr llnrko ycHterdny , nnd
guilty to Htcallng a coat from
Cmy 4 Menu's livery Htahlo , nlHii HOIIHJ
from a laundry. He wax HO drunk
be wan rim in that ha could not ta 1
& : > pwn name , und wh n ho got nohcrcd
: anJ wat clmrgod with Htcallng the cloth-
xiefnij ho couldn't t-11 how ho Impvoned
fto have them , but thought from past ox-
Unrtunce that ho inudt have utoltn thorn-
Ho will now upend one and twenty days
aajan. ample time for reflection.
One tigning himself ' 'A. O. " hand )
tfiiui P KK n commnnlcntion which gives
vace to cn'it plaint which can bu given
Sn Cewcr wonln tlnn those used by him ,
BteiUiut that last Sunday h visited thu
jtl ad Uiere found thrvo boyn , rach norv-
MS a acotunco of three months for violnt-
3si l' * revenue law by selling cigars with-
< mt * licence. Ho thinks it hardly a fair
iunA when there are from eighty to one
Smired places in this city in which divine
azriimnan law nro violated daily with
topnrity. The stringency In enforcing
Jfcetrrenue law on cigars and tobacco and
xity in letting low places of all sort'
business are in too strong.
oualcait and the writer of the communlca-
Sjo cian s the | > eoplo themselves as being
ttlnnafponsiblo ones. Ho for ono wants to
. ut | &lio Bentlment braced up BO that
jjtwtiEO may be moro evenly dealt out , and
SaUiH want flnds many nymiathzors | ! ,
Tko iiroposltlon of llvo capitalists to
attarta w ( ( on and carriage factory hero Is
831 awaiting the nctfon of the citizens.
'Tfiiof rt-n proiMtsed to put 850,000 Into
Oius enterprise provided tha citizens would
amxr for them the old agricultural ma-
works and the throe lots necen-
to complete the block. To secure
K would nccestltato a subncrlption of
aivai $2GOO. The work of securing thin
been left to about the same
as thnt which secured some
ftine ago a nubicription for a wind-jdll
x&utn'.eovhlch fell through. It U
( lV.n > jbt that many who hlibtcribed to this
ilCTj < i will transfer their mihscriptions
ftcCUinuwonterpri-to. The citizens will ,
bo givvu a chance to oxpruns
in dollars and ccntH by pur-
.imJ Interviews with nuno of thocnmmlt-
Oe auvl it is desired by the men -making
'ilit rnvpoiition that tvlintoverh donu m > y
lUiVxie promptly. They iiromiua to com-
Offocf laj Ing brick so soon iw the btib-
kaiprUon is complotei1. The following
Sura the Kimmlttee : Mayor Vnughan , T ,
ttirin , K. II. Hi | tmaii , K. H. Odell , V ,
31. Orcutt , K. K. HarknuddV. . ! ' . Hush.
mrfl.J. W. llodeffrnnd J. M. Palm r.
THE licit U hfarttly In favor of all
jwtdul public improvements and enter-
BWUU which will help tha city or advance
tftanterestsof its jicople , and in this ru <
: ui wUl take no second placu to any , but
3lE i2atoB e the need of ranking n new
luftd a * amonpr the wants of this city. It
& * ! * ? named a < amou the great wantu
lilulft , but evident y MI nameil
those who desired to give a sly ,
( ling in tatlsfactlou fur a per-
naal pique In which th * cltlze- take m
tsaon. The fact l , this city needs nc
lartitr hotel accomnuxlLtions at \ renent
fit M to bo hoiHxl that it will outgrow tin
giwnii , bu * . that U for the future. Then
i < iuw the Ogden hoHtc , a ( ino and vow
aa& uM building , which ii u credit tn tin
ttfcy. aad which rank < eijual to any hott
in tlu part of tie country. To cry on
ftta&thl * city needs a new lintel In view
lAxtuutence of uch a houao seems Billy
3Vea there Is the 1'aclfio houxe , well con
tSctUd and with ample accommudutloii !
Htfufsh not pretentious , Then there is th
2&N ra IIOUHC , the Mrtropolitati and uthe
maJtur IIOUSUH to mett the wunt. Thl
ltjrLk hoteU enough and some of thui
au 0xx ) enough. Thu motive behind th
nilrfli' feeble call for a new hotel Is palpi
of one who seeks to tliun shot
, ! ujo t too petty for recognition ,
Some Anxloty Among the niifllnosa
Mon to Dot the Plnn Wall Started ,
The rccunt notion of Uio board of
trndo of this city concerning the pro
curing uf n wn on bridge ncross the
river RUUHIB to moot with ( jonoral npJ
provnl and haa incited tlio duniro
ainony thu btisinoBa inun here to Imvo'
the plan pushed alon ns speedily ns
possible. The board of trndo hero
nppointod a committed to confer witli
the Onuha l > onrd of trade , or a com
mittee appointed by that body , and
Hinco then action lias beun pending
seine action on tlic other side Act
ing Secretary J.V. . Haird has now
received nn olllcial letter from
Thomiis Giimon , aecrotnry of the
Omahft board of trndostating that
the presidunt , II 0. Clark , and the
members of the executive committee ,
liad boon appointed to confer with
the committee from this city , nnd
niiugi ! tiii | , ' thnt the conference bo had
at aome da < o after the banquet ivun
by tlio Omaha board of trade , there
being no time for any such conference
sooner. This Omaha committee com
mittee consists of John Evans , Max
Meyer. Joseph Shooloy , J. A. Wake-
field , T. W. T. Ilicharde , J. S. Hrndy ,
and John A. MeShane.
It in to be honed that the conference -
once will bo held at an early date and
that it will result in stops being taken
which will look toward the practical
starting of the plan.
They Blow Open a Siifo and Secure a
Reward or$13OOO-Tho Cool
ness of the
Davenport Oatetto , 'J5.
Tlio little town of Reynolds , n few
miles south of here , was nil ablaze yes
terday with excitement over a most
successful cafe blowing operation
which was performed there at ono
o'clock in the morning. The work
was done in a masterly Hlylc , and
netted the thieves the h iiidsomo num
of between nineteen hundred and two
thousand dollars
Mr. McLaughlin , the poslmi'stor at
that village , is also engaged in the
keeping of a store for the sale of gen
eral merchandise , his pirtner in thu
concern boini ; Mr. Miller. The store
was plentifully stocked nnd the sifo
was usud as a depository for money
not in use in thu hiiHiness. At one
o'clock yesterday morning , the fami
lies of Messrs. I'augh and Noeeklur ,
who live over the store , wore awaken
ed by the sound of tlio explosion , and
hostmiod out of bud to ascertain thu
cause. They found the store to bo
filled with smoke nnd were unnblo at
first to discover thu c.iuau of it. Hut
soon an investigation was made and it
was discovered that tliu safe had boon
blown open. Analtrm wns given and
within ton minutes fully twenty people
ple were upon the ground.
A more thorough examination re
vealed the fact that thu front door of
the ntoro had been unlocked and that
thu burglars , of whom there wuro ovi
duntly two , had nude an entrance in
that way. A hole had boon bored in
the aide of the safe , near the front ,
and about a foot from the bottom ,
and n heavy charge of powder
had been placed therein. The
subsequent explosion had blown th
safe door bodily , hingoa and all , to a
distance of twenty footjand the charge
had been ao heavy as to entirely
demolish the windows , carrying away
oven the sash. In the safe wore $100
in gold , Bovon 1 hundred in silver , and
Rome paper money , aggregating almost
$2,000. This had all been carried
away , together with a largo rod leather
pocketbook , in which some of the
money had boon kept.
Thu burglars had made ample ar
rangements for escape , as it was after
wards discovered , so that no clue
could bu obtained as to who they were.
They had stolen a horao from Ferdi
nand Sohindlor and a buggy belong
ing to Mr. Millur , one of the firm ,
and had skipped off. The money
bulonged partly to the firm and partly
to the individual member * thereof.
The robbers drove straight to Itock
Island and to thu stablus of thu Itock
Island Lumber company , where they
turned out ono horse to make room
for their stolen animal , leaving the
buggy outside. A receipt belonging
to McLaughlin & Miller and somu
gunpowder found in the buggy , prove
that to bu thu fact.
Every niotns was used to discover
the rascals hut without avail. They
had undo a good haul , and will not
likely bo soon in those partH nguin.
The Reynolds people nro particularly y
anxious to catch the safe blowcia.
Hod Oak was scared by a cuau ol
salt rhuuin
The propriotj ; of Hluimnnting Tip
ton with clotricity is under discus
The other day a woman in Crestoi
waa arroatod nnd fined for promeiwd
ing the ntrcots in nmlu attire.
LioutonUnt Governor 0 , II. Man
ning is S3 years of ago. Ho ia tin
youngest puraon who has hold tint
Small pox ia raging in Olnrinda ami
ono victim haa diud. The town honn
of health have employed Dr , Knliolt
us health ofllcor and pliyaioian , at i
salary of 850por day. Ho will dovoti
hia entire time to the aniiill pox casei
and suppress it.
Judge Love has conctnrod in tin
opinion of Judge IVrcCrary , in the casi
of the Chicago , Milwaukee it St. 1'au
railway company vs. the Sioux City J
St. Paul railroad company , involviiij
the title to over 180,000 acres of lam ,
in northwontcrn Iowa , valued nt alum
§ 1,000,000 , deciding in favor of th
complainant , the Chicago , JlilwnuUt-
it St. J'aul coinp.iny.
The Wan on nrldgo AKltatlon.
Cr itanU. )
The question of a wagon liridgo he
twocn Omaha nnd Council Hlulla i
being vigorously agitated in bet :
cities. \ \ hen ono knows the sullorin '
w each place endures on account of th
Union Pacific brid o monopoly , h
will wonder how tlio matter has stood
i in abeyance * o Innir. Those who
have lived in Omulri , however , will
understand it exactly. The Union
Pacific is to Omaha what the 0. , H.
, fc Q is to Creston. Its employes are
j p a grunt factor in the city's business ,
! government and society , and the man
, who cries out aaint the monopoly
J rrcoivpi littlu or no sympathy. TIIK
BKB is thu only newspaper in
i the city which is not subsidized
by the cnnioratinr , dnros to
sjionk its mind , and p fu en all oilers
nt iii'inuy to und'iiHU the course of thu
; Kriiii' ' overland oppressor. It is great
ly through its oflorts that thu ques
tion ot providinu a means of freu com
muiiiiation between the two places
hitft ln-i'ii brought to its present status ,
though at this buay time the need of
a A-nyon bridge is felt moro generally
than at any time in thu history of the
twin cities. Tlie casei of Omaha and
Creaton ate very similar. We , too ,
nr at the mercy of a railroad , but ,
unlike Omaha , have at present no pos
sible means of escape. The A dyer-
It'er , like TIIK HKB , is not subiidizcd
and will agiUto a computing line of
i nil way until the line isKccurcd or the
imp T is suppressed bv public opinion ,
a voiv unlikely occurrence.
Vnluublo C. , B. & Q. Property Burned
at Aurora.
The Chicago , Uurlington it Quincy suffered thu loss of some very
linu and expensive rolling stock nt an
early hour on Tuesday mottling , ac
cording to The Chicago Times. A
fire broke out at ' 2 a. in. Tuesday
morning in the north end of thu dry
liimliiir shed , which soon communi-
Ciiled to the shed nnd a number of
C.UH htaiiding closu by , completely do-
shoving the fine private cir No. 200 ,
lately built by thu Pullman company
'it an expense of about § 15,000 , the
uinint ; car St. Charles , two now and
improved smoking c.irs , coach No. 70 ,
ono box express car , a wrecking car ,
a tool car , and a car loaded with
There were also destroyed coach
No , 2 , mail car No. 3 and way car No.
4 of the Chicago it IOWA railroad.
All this property , together with the
shed and a largu amount of dry linii-
bur , was totally destroyed. It is esti
mated thnt the ions will foot up from
Slfi.OOO to 850,000. Although the
property burned is covered by insur
ance , yet the loss will temporarily
provo n serious inconvenience ) to the
railroad company , especially that of
the dining car St. Charles and the
two fine smoking cars. The origin of
the fire has not yet been located , but
it is believed to be the result of
School Boys' Sculllo.
A week ago Thursday night there
was a lively session at a lycuum hold
in Mindon. Some of the boys from
across the line in Uarrison county
came over in a body , and there being
some feeling between the lads of the
two sections , it broke out in a row at
rocosa timo. Ono of the HarrisHn
county boys , named Tuppor , son of
'Squire ' Tuppor , objected to the way
he was mauled on this occasion , and
caused the arrest of three boys of the
Fuller ! on family. The accused were
brought before Justice Abbott to-day.
Each of them were given a separate
trial , and as a result Ii. F. Fullnrton
and U. H. Fullerton were discharged.
The other brother , II. L. Fullerton ,
commonly called "Link , " was found
to have been the one who thrashed
young Tuppur , and ho was taxed $30 ,
and called on to pay ono-third of the
constable's fees and the witnesses for
the defense.
A Night of tlio Knlffhts.
St. Albnii'a Lodgu No. 17 , Knighln
of Pythias , hold their regular meeting
Tuesday evening , and the following
olHcers were installed by J. D. Nichol
son , deputy district grand commander :
Jos. Spauldiim , P. C. ; Chester Tib-
bets , C. 0. ; J. A. Herald , V. 0. ; F.
3J. Patton , K. of 11. and S. ; J. 11.
Stagg , M. of F.jV. . L. Young , M. of
E.j J. A. Herald , M. of A. ; Thomas
Hull , I. G. ; J. U. Coon. O. G.
The trustees elect are E , J. Abbott ,
J. A. Herald , and Jos. Spaulding ,
District deputy G. 0. , E. J. Abbott ;
representatives to grand lodge , E. J
Abbott and J. II. Stagg.
It has been decided to hold the an
nual ball Thursday oning , February
1C . The lodge now numben
Hoventy members , and thu roll ia con-
utantly on the increase ,
Torrlblo Fato.
' .iivnport ( Jarctic.
News romea from Dos Moiue.s of i
terrible tragedy having boon enactet
near that place. Henry Clear , i
Norwegian , his wile and two children
Henry i. . . and i William i , both . . small . . chil . .
ilron , livud near tliu city , tlio fntho
buini ; employed in the packiii )
liuusoa which are pituntod about i
( { imrtor of a milo from the housu
About 9 o'clock yesterday moriiiii )
Mrs. Clear went to call on n neighbor
locking the doors and leaving lie
children in the house. During ho
ubaencu the children , it is euppoaed J
bo an to play with the fire , which ro
suited in setting the building on fire j3.
When the neighbors discovered tin
fire it woa breaking through the roof f
and before it could bo quenched tin
building was destroyed. Tlio charroi
remains of the two children wor
taken out of the ruins and the mothu
went nearly wild. The father of tin
children is an lunest , hard workiii i ]
, ' mini , nnd has the sympathy of hii
j I neighbors ,
it I
10 ' A Switchmun Killed.
o ' About 7 o'clock Tuesday ovuniiij
E. K. Morrison , while switching ii
j the Chicago , Uurlini > ton it Quinc
railroad yard in Hurliiigton , la. , wa
struck by a switch engine , knockoi
o- ' down and
, dragged some distanc
along the track , sustaining injurio
from which ho died about two hour
'B iafterwards. . JIo was a young nia\i
u and had boon residing with his parent
10 in Burlington.
Ono Chopper Clmrgod With Tnkinff n
Mouthful of Another Chop
per's Chop.
There was a lively scrimmage night
before lait between eomo moil un-
gagod in chopping wood about two
inilofl from this city. The two moat
concerned wcro William Puckot and
, Ed , I'ncu , and the ditputc arose about
the quantity of wood chopped by the
former , und the p.iy due him , the lat
ter serving M foreman. Words ripen
ed into blows , and the two men
clinched and fell together. In the
row Pucket sot his tooth into Paco's
chin , Ukini ; quito a mouthful of hu
man Ill-all , bufliilos gouging his eye
and inflicting other injuries. Puckot
was arrested , charged with maiming
and is now 1 idgcd in jail , awaiting a
heiriiij ( to-day before Justice Abbott.
On the part of the accunod it is claim
ed that Pace was the nssuiltiti p.itty ,
nud tha' the biting and gougini ; formed
n pirt of a justifiable. ' aatault on Pack
et's part Both num wore nt thu
time of tint in w pretty well sot no
with drink.
Cartliuul ns Camlllo.
Laot evening the C.irtland Murr.iy
company , in acourdanco with the expressed -
pressed desire of many , presented
Camille , in which Mi" Grace Cart-
land won so much favor on her former
appearance in this city. Many who
seen her aa Camille before gladly
availed themselves of the opportunity
of seeing her ng < u'n in thii character ,
and these who seo.i her for the first
time found thuir expectations fully
met. Slu > is indeed wonderful in thin ,
and HO IOSUH herself in the conception
of thu cbtractor that she becnim-H
Ciunillo linrsf'lf The mippott im
excellent , nnd did butter woik than
on any evening yet. This company
has won its way into popular favor
hero by real merit and givint ; enter
tainments which hus proved enjoyable
to the masses of the pcoplo The
increasing attendance which has
greeted them on the evening of their
first visit to this city , and still moro
on their return , shows that the amuse
ment lovers appreciate the effort niado
by the company to please them.
To-night the company will present
Romeo and Juliet.
Changlnpr Hands.
The following transfers of real estate
were reported from the county records
by J. W. Squire it Co. , abstractors of
titles , real estate and loan agents ,
Council Bluils :
Maria Mynstor to J. /Vndorson ,
part so ] sw | 18 , 75 , 43 ; SCO
M. 11. & A. D. Borchers to M. Oeg-
hen , lot 4 , in block 14 , Howard's ad
dition city ; $85.
E. 11. it S. P. Ilankins to M. Or -
hon , lot 3 in block 14 , Howard's ' addi
tion , city ; 885.
M. Finorty to H. Fleer , no 32 , 74.
42 ; $3,000.
F. Linden to D. K. Dodeo , part sw
no 25 , Y5 , 44 ; 45.
0. R. I. < t P. R. R. Co. to F. Lenz ,
e i sw and mv , sw 17 , 76 , 40 ; § 840.
N. J. Thompson to L Thompson ,
wj so 0 , 76 , 40 ; $1.
J. Varkhill to H. and J. Campbell ,
se 11 , 75 , 41 ; 84,480.
II. Chrisman to M. Minehan , so no
8 , 7 , 41 ; § 000.
David N Kepley to W. T. Stogsdill ,
so no 8 , 76 , 38 ; $1,200.
0. F. Sluw to 0. Sw rtfau'or , o hf
swand sw sw 8 , 74 , 3j ! ) $1,800.
II. Fleer to H. Stnrtz , nw so and
shfseSO , 74 , 42 ; $3,400.
F. Dunham to F. M. Ball , s hf so
10 and n hf no 15 , 75 , 40 ; $1,000.
L. Fouorhakon to J. Woodworth ,
pt sw na 25 , 75 , 44 ; $500.
J. W. Young , of AVatcrtown , AVis. , la
( topping at tlio Pacific.
H. C. Allison , tlio tallest and jollleut
insurance man in tliu state , dined at thu
Ogilen yenterday.
j H. AV. Maynnrd , agent of the Jolliticn
and CliarleH Phillip' , assistant agent , were
in the city yoitenlay , and Btoppcd at the
Justice ISnird tied a matrimonial kno
which haw joined for life C. 1\ Harrison
of thla city , to Ms ! Mary A. Johnson , o
Uo M Inea. The n-wly wedded ones set
tie down In a hnme hero.
NOTICE. Special luhcrtUciucnta , such ai
lo t , Koiitid , To LOAII , Kor Sale , To llcut ,
Wants , Itoarcllnp , etc. , ulll lie Inserted In till
column at tlio low rate ot TKN C'KNTS I'Ei
LINK for tliu rs Insertion and Kl VK CKNTt
PKll LINK ( or each eulmcKjucntinsertion
IA'AVO a < ertlscmentu at our otllce , Itoora B
K > rttt'i lllock , Uroadwuy.
. K crybody In Council Bluff * Ii
WA.VTKD Tll BK . 20 cent * | r week , do
Ihcrtil by carriers , dllke , Hooni fi , K trctt' ,
HlocK , 11 road *
ANTED To buy 100 toni broom corn
, WAN particulars aJdrctw Council IlluOi
ir Ilroom ftctory , Council JIluT ( , Iowa. 66S-29tf
ir A Ant-clang broom tier. Mkyni
, WANTED Council Illufl * . Iowa. 660.30 *
j- T011 SALE Old patxiru 40o per hundred ,
. X1 The llco oltlco. Council IIluOi. eu27-tl
0f rno lIKlCK-MAKKItS , FOR SAl.K-6 acres o
, _ L more of lanJ ailjo'iilnu tliu brick- ) aril o
10 llanncr & Hal < oi' on tlprar llroailH-ay. r'oi
10d particulars apply to Davlil llalnot ort llanner'
oilicu at tlio iWrJ i ( Trade ronim. Council UluB
o 776-dc22 Dm
ir TICKCT OKKICK-War In rallroai
10 tkkcta contlnuua to boom. Unprucvtlcntci
rate * to all ia tcrn polMta. K\c > ry tlckc
iitivtl , Onloru IHUnl by tolcnhonr. Kroi :
is one to tt > n ilolhirs Mtud by purchaxln ticket
' ' '
ol U. A I'o'tter , nuccuKoor to'l'o'ttor Si rainier , No
40 South Klltli etri'ct , ( our doom Mo * tliu IHDS !
ollloc , Council MutN , lo a. oitlS ti
" \ATANTED Iloy , with ) xjnj , to carry pa pen :
M In'iulro at UKS otllco , Council Ulutl * .
Owliito ) the Immense nucccos cl thu nev
Qetatlna Dronildn Initontanooui Procci
at the Excelsior Gallery , tilth strict , Coun
ell aiulft , the proprietor ilwlroi the o wlslilni
Chlldren'i Picture * to tall between the hoimo
10 and 12 o'clock a. in. , tu owluf to thu Pret
of Builncts ucb arrangeuicnt U iiecvutary t
a\old delay ,
J. DARKE , Proprietor
"Good morning , Mr.
Jones. You seem in
good humor this
morning. "
"Yes , I have been to
nnd find anything nnd evory-
hing I want ,
tell you , I can Snve Money
now out of mv salnry , and Live
i'irst-Olass , too. It pays to go
here. "
"Whore did you eay it was ? "
0 Main St. and 15 Pearl St ,
J31 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , 'la.
202 Broadway , COUNCIL BLUFFS ,
OtMco and Works , Main Street ,
Wo K\O | special attention to
Stamp Mills , Smelting Furnaces
Hill rocohe prompt attontlon A xemral an
DTtmeiit o !
Brass Goods , Baiting , Piping
Foundry , Pig Iron , Ooko , Ooal
/ Rich Outclass , Kino French China ,
Silver Wuro &o. ,
310 IliiOiDttAV , . COU.SCIl , IIU'JTS , IO\VA
Drs. Wobdbury & Son ,
Cor , 1'carl & let A\u , COI'NCIL IlLtTKH.
Attorneys & Oouusellors-at-Law ,
Marble and Granite ,
North Fifth St. , Council Bluff !
IH.A.RN"E : ! s s
Fine Work a Specialty.
K II. SIIKHMAN , Iluslncsa Manager.
WM. CWllSTOl'HEK , Mechanical Manager.
124 South Main Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA.
My Harness are Manufactured from A No.
Oak Tanned Leather.
I Sell My Goods at Bed Rock Prices , Or
ders from abroad receive prompt attention.
Whickering , Weber. Lindetnan , J. Mueller
and other Piano3 , $20O and upward.
Burdett , Western Cottage , Tabor ; and
Paloubet Organs , $50 nnd upward Muai- 3VC
cal Merchandise of every discription.
Italian Strings a specialty ; imported
direct. Music Books , Sheet-Music , i'oys ,
Games , Fancy Goods , Wholesale and Re TJ
tail. Pianos > nd Organs eold for Cash
and on Time. Stock is large , full and coui-
p'ete. ' Musical Journal Ireo on applica S
tion Correspondence Solicited.
Address :
103 South 5th Street. O
Storage and Commission Merchants ,
And Dealers In all kinds ol Produce. ' .
Prompt attention eien to nil cons'gnmcnts.
Cut Flowers , Greenhouse and Vegetable
In their season. Orders promptly lillctl nul ile'Uirul to Kxj ret * ollicc freu of < har-c. Send for
Catiloiruc ,
Buyer and Shipper of Grata and Provisions
Orders solicited in Iowa and Nebraska. REFERENCES. First National
Bank , Stewart Bros. , Council Bluffs ; William P. Harvey & Co. , Culver &
Co. , Chicago ; E. A. Kent & Co. , St. Louis.
Hats , Caps , Straw Goods , and Buck Gloves.
HJS For Sale , Town Lots , Improved and Unimproved , also , Railroad Lands ,
and a number or Well Improved Farms , both in Iowa and Nebraska.
Oflico with W. S. MAY.VB , over Savings Rank , - COU VOIL BLUFFS
Gas Fixtures , Bath Tubs , Marble Slabs , Brass
Goods , Iron and Lead Pipe , Fittings and
Pumps , Kept in Stock.
No. 7 Fourth St. , COUNCIL BLUFFS.
_ _ _ _
We Carry the Largest Stock of FINE
, . ,
Within One Hundred and Fifty Miles of Council Bluffs.
All lail Orders Promptly Attended To and
Highly Appreciated ,
Call and See Our NEW SPRING STOCK , which
has Begun to Arrive ,
ZT . T TWHCiir'V & ' JL &r 6 fifl . ,