Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 25, 1882, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Bee
I'ubliohed every morning , cicoptSundny ,
The only Monday morning lUlly ,
Ono You . 510.00 I Three Months. ? 3.00
Six Months. r..OaOno | . . 1.00
TUB WEEKLY KEE , pubH.licd ov-
TORMS : TOST rAi : -
One $2.00 I ThrcoMonths. . 60
Six Months. . . 1.00 | One . . 20
intion * relating to > cw nnd KdlUrinl mnt-
lars should bo rutdrewcd to the Kunon w
THK Hr.F *
BUSINESS IiEtTEnS All 15ttaliic <
Letters and llcinltt.viM riionld bo wl-
PANT , OMAHA. Draftn , Checkn niid Tost-
otTico Ordeifl to 1 * iniulo ( layablo to the
order of the Company.
OMAHA PUBLISHING 00 , , Prop'rs '
Et ROSEWATER , Editor.
OMAHA wants no lulf wny
in ensures.
Tuts is the ice man's holiday and
the coal dcnlorn' frolic.
TUB country IB nt peace , but since
the small pox scaru all the doctors are
in nnns.
SEVKN applicants nro wrestling for
thu Cincinnati postoflico. Six aru
certain to bo left.
AH A leader of the republican ma
jority Mr. Jlobeaon c.innot be consid
ered "n howling success. "
MK. KAK.SON ia naid to lose no opportunity -
portunity in knifing Speaker Keifer
on the llnor of thu houso.
THK winter season is the fanners'
thought harvest , and Nebraska farm-
on , who arc a reading and thinking
clans , take advantage of the fact.
I'OSTMAHTBK .TAJIKSsays ho was glad
to got out of the administration.
There is a prevailing belief that the
happiness wasn't altogether nn one
- appoint
ment as secretary of thu interior ntill
hangs fire. The country is beginning
to hope that the charge hus boon with
THK lilair Republican compliments
THK "Hun upon its daily "Tale of Two
Cities. " The Republican evidently
gives Tin : BKI : credit for raising thu
0 > "K thousand men are reported at
work on the 1'amuna canal. When the
next iissRsament on atockholdora is
called the number will probably bo
materially reduced.
GUITIIAU talks n great deal about
the inspiration of providence. It is
to bo hoped that providence has in-
upirod the jury to bring in a prompt
verdict of conviction.
THK public school * of Kan Diego
county , California , liavo boon closed
for live months. The school authori
ties are Mid to be compelled to this
course because the Southern Pacific
railroad persistently refuses to pay iln
EVKIIV foot of the ground in Oma-
lia needed for railroad facilities should
bo as free to one company to another.
This city cannot afford to give n mon
opoly of her gateways to commerce to
any single corporation at the expense
oi others.
Ouu bogus aoldiorH nro the most ex
pensive kind. From $7,000 to $10-
000 a day is paid out by the govern
ment to men who received severe
wounds on railroads or who wore dan
gerously shot while being Huppurtud
by aped parents.
THK Chicago Times says ; "Mr.
Speaker Keifer is daily acting us if he
found that the mischievous boys ol
the houHo were putting bent pins in
the chuir to which Don Cameron invi
ted him. It is nn unhappy situation
for the man with the gavel. "
THE war on the "bobtail" car is
xprcadlng. A Iloboken jury has de
clared them dangerous to life and
limb and recommended their aboli
tion. It also censured the company
for not providing all its cars with con
ductors. And now if thd agttatioi
' would only strike Omaha.
I NKAIILY $7,000 wore fonvmlet
from tbo United States to Paris las
I week to support the Irish agitation
Hi As Air. Eayan remarks America in i
gold mine worth tapping , A gre.i
many Irishmen and friends of Irelaiu
would like to know whether there i
Any chocic on the melt who hand !
iho funds , and what they do with it
I'm ; pioHpccta ut DCS Moiiies for
jiliort session of the lawn legialatiir
are said to be favorable , unless th
temperance loadnra protract it b
forciutfun immediate vote on the cot
ititutionul amendment , securing
special election in February for a vet
of the people and holding the legiila
turo to pas * strict lawn for its enforce
ment. It is believed that the inaur
anco laws of the state will bo mutori
Ally emended ttt the pro-sent uctjsion
The Nebraska Farmers Alliance
meets to-day at Hastings in special
session for the purpose of discussing
the interests of the producers of this
ntato and the dangers which threaten
their property and development.
Chief among the topics which will bo
considered is the transportation qtics
tion. Our farmers will endeavor to
discover why Nebraska monopolies
are enabled to ohargo from twenty-five
to fifty per cent , more for the trans
portation of freight and paisongors
than the railroads of Iowa , who are
responsible for the plain evasions of
the railroad law of the state , why the
railroads nro practically exempt from
taxation and on what grounds the
monopoly nmnngors refuse to take out
patents for their unsold lands ,
Those subjects afford ample field
for discussion. They are the most
mporfnnt nllecting the producers of
ho state. Kvory farmer who sells or
iuys , who ships a load of corn or
inrchascs a pound of proviftions is
itally interested in their debate ,
Vlien half the earnings of our pro-
lucent is extorted for making those
'arningi available , it becomes sheer
onfiscation. Cheap transportation at
iresent I'D the most vital necessity to
) ur producers. How to obtain it
s the great ipiOHtion. Our legislature
las nfllrmcd its right to regulate the
ailroads of this state by passing the
) < iano law. That law properly in-
erproted and appl icd is n long step in
10 right direction and in its osson-
lal features embodies tha resu'ta ' of
' 10 best and most effective lawn on the
abject in other states. The attempts
f the monopolies to mnko its opera-
ion obnoxious to our people will cor-
, ainly not result in its repeal or pro-
out the producers of this state from
urthcr legislation which will secure
o them nmplo protection from corpo-
ate greed. What Nebraska needs
a thorough awakening throughout
or farmer clement to the necessity
taking nn active interest in politics ,
'his the Alliance is rapidly bringing
ut. And just as soon ns every pro-
iicer in this state refuses to cast his
ote for any man who is not known
> bo in sympathy with hia views , the
attlo will bo quickly decided.
It is largely with the object of per-
ocitim ; their organization that thn
roHont Hcsmon of the Farmers' Alii-
nco has convened. The movement
ogun ncarcoly a year go 1ms spread
itli n rapidity which shows how fully
, in in accord with the sentiments of
ur ngricultutnl clasi. Tt will also bo
trongly supported by thousands of
oters who do not pursue farming for
livelihood , but who Buffer from
lie same class of abuses which our
iirmors have decided to endtiro no
Secretary Kirkwood has drawn up
bill having for its object the im-
rovomont of the Indiana , and the
resident has submitted the mea < iuro
o congress. The bill provides for the
[ ipointment of three commissioners ,
/ho are to bo employed in visiting
itch tribes as the president may dos-
, 'iiiito , to ascertain the si/.o of their
esorvations , and to outer into ngroe-
lents with thu Indians for a rednc-
ion of reservations in all cases where
t may bo to their interest. Wherever
null agreements are made the ceded
ands are to bo surveyed , and , when
old , the money , after deducting the
xpcnsos of survey , is to bo placed to
ho credit of the Indians. Under the
ill the diminished reserves are to bo
ecurud to the Indians by patents ,
luia giving them pormunent owner-
hip , except in cases of allotment in
ovoralty in their tribal capacity ,
'rovisiou \ made for the alblment
if land in severally , and if it in proved
hat the Indian has cultivated the so-
octod ton acres provided by the bill ,
t will bo patented to him , and the
cost of improvements to the extent of
$100 in each case will bo defrayed by
ho government from the price of thu
Hiirrendorod Innds. The proceeds of the
nales of surrendered lands are to be ox-
> ended under the direction of the
lecrotary of the interior in the orec
ion of houses , purchase of hones ,
mrnoss , cattle , farming imrlomonts ,
and in the building of school houses
ind the Hupi/ort of teachers. The
/ill directs the commission , in CASOS
where it is not deemed advisable to
reduce reservations , to enter into an
igroemont for the survey of bounda
ries and of all lands embraced therein ,
and to convoy allottmonts in severally ,
The commisHion is also autliori/ed t <
negotiate for the cession of entire
reservations and the removal of the
Indians to others , and the money for
which such coded reservations nml !
be sold is to bo expanded for the In
dians on their now reserves , Anothe
feature of the bill is to provide bj
treaty for paying Iho Indians within i
limited period after the passage of th
act the principal of all trust fund
now hold by the government on the !
account. Still another feature is th
gradual reduction of annual appn
priatinn for Indians , until in th
neur future , when the tribes shal
become nolf-nupporting , tlu > y wi
wholly cease ,
The bill appealB to have been care
fully drawn , but will doubtless oxcit
considerable diicussion. The powers
with which the conimis ionors ar
lothcd .ire very extensive , and such
) ewers in the hands ol a class of men
ho have heretofore made a hand-
omo livelihood out of the nations
wards could bo turned to even greater
isadvantago so far ns the tribes are
oncerned than under the ( .resent
ystem. Other portions of the bill
ccm to have been prepared RO as to
guard well the rights and interests
portainifig to the Indians.
WHAT could government do for the
mblic advantage , ns to the cost of
transportation , more than has boon
[ one by the railroad managers thorn *
elvprf' Mr. Reagan and other mom *
H.-IS of congress who are anxious to
nako the control of railways by the
ovcrnmcnt the vital and controlling
BBIIO in polities may well consider
his question in the light of reo-nt
vonts. For seven months tbo trunk
inc malingers have been voluntarily
jiving to the public the cheapest rail-
vay transportation ever known. Then
vnr ngaiml each other , which began
line 15 , has involved in greater
r less degree nearly all
ho important connecting lines
mtwecn the North Atlantic and the
'a Hie coasts , and has caused a'urcat
eduction of rnUs on all lines. It is
irobably within bounds to say ( hat
lie charges for transportation , within
.ho past seven months , have bc n nt
cast 8100,000,000 less than tlmy
vould have been at the ates prevail *
ng prior to this eonllict. This is j.
mndsonie present to the producers
nd consumers of the country. Can
t bo supposed that the government ,
ind it the exclusive control of rnil-
ends , would be equally anxious to
nrich the public at its own expense ?
[ Now York Tribune ,
And what guarantee have the patens -
ons of the trunk line roads that the
ow rates caused by the cut-throat war
f the managers will be maintained ?
t is a notorious fact that every war
n rates is followed by n corresponding
ncreaso in the tariff just an soon as
10 managers have patched up a truce ,
'ho argument that railroads unregu-
atod by law fight at intervals and re-
uco their extortionate demands to
omething like reason , and that on
lis account the } ' should not bo ro-
Lricted is the sheerest bosh , Rcgu-
ation of railroads by the gov-
rnment will secure nn equality
i rates on through freiuhts and
upplomented by local regulation in
lie various states will force a uniform
nd low tariff for nil patrons. All the
orces of a legitimate competition on
nterstato commerce will still continue
i operation with the only difference
ml the country at largo will not b'e
eft at the mercy of the whims and
; reed of thu stock gamblers and mo-
opoly kings ,
TUB appearance of small pox in our
ity has been followed by a very gon-
ral vaccination of our citizens. Still ,
ccording to the reports of the vari-
us physicians there are n largo num-
> or who have not taken this very nee-
asary precaution against the spread
f a loathsome and dangerous disease.
Upon such THK BKI : urges immediate
accinntion. No person in Omaha
ho has not been vaccinated within
liroo years should delay for a moment
i submitting to the operation. Med-
cal authorities differ as to the length
f time for which vaccina-
ion is operative , but no medical
uthority denies that vaccination
s a certain remedy against the spread
f the small-pox. There are now live
veil defined cases of the disease in
Dinalm. Ono death has already taken
> laco. It is impossible to say how
nnny others will happen within the
loxt few weeks. The National Heart
f Health has declared
small-pox epi-
oniic throughout the country , am
eport the disease as especially viru *
out. While our eily authorities an
aking every precaution to isolate the
nfectod localities , every citizen
hould nuke himself a lurrior against
hesproidof the disease , to protect nol
nly his own life but the lives of his
loighbors. This can only be done bj
poedy vaccination.
( iKx. CiitA.NT may have retired from
lolitics but there are some very sug-
; ostivo indications to the contrary.
In a speech which ho delivered before
.ho California pioneers' banquet at
tfow Yotk last Saturday occurred the
following : " 1 am sorry thaton former
occasions when 1 was invited to meet
this society I was unable to bo pres
ent. Even on this occasion 1 expect
ed to have boon in Washington , to
issist the president in tilling some
: ) ostofHccs , and so on. " The Goner *
il's long political lifo at Washington
seems to have loft some longings for
: hn flesh pots of Egypt.
A IIII.L has been before the census
committee which provides for the
choice at largo in the states of sue )
additional congressmen ns shall bo ns
signed by the now apportionment urn
the choice of all the monibtirs at largi
in those states \vh . , r > prf
shall bo diminibhcd oj .u
tioiiment. The scheme is precise ! )
the Bcrutin do listo of Gambotta
while the district method is tli (
Bcrutin do unomlissemeiil. It is saft
to say that thu proposition will not secure
cure a passage when brought from tin
committee room before the house.
THK Iowa papers declare Governo :
fitnir was the most efficient chief executive
ocutivo ( hat the state over had. I
was his custom to poisonally invest !
gate thd booki and liimnceg of tin
thirty public institutions of the com
moinvealth , . mid satisfy himself o ;
heir condition. When ho retired
rom oflice two weeks ago , he told n
liond that ho was going homo § 5,000
poorer than when ho came lethe
, apital. Governor ( iear is still likely
o bo heard from in Iowa politics.
DEAI ox RtoiiAiiL ) HKXUV SMITH , of
fho Cincinnati Gazette , pronounces n
orgory the published letter claiming
o have been written by Murnt Hal-
load and which referred to Garfield
is having been "up to his neck in cor *
uption. " The Omaha Herald will
mve to look up some now material
or slandering the dead.
- i
STAIIIIINO General darliold's mem *
ry over the back of his old-time
ricnds will never receive the support
f the people of the United States.
After the now co vor , the first "mid
winter issue" of The Century is chiefly
listinguished by its unusual range of
) opular contributors , whose names of
hemsulvea awaken in the reader a
lesiro to see their contributions. Of
heso arc Ralph Waldo Emerson ,
lonry W. Longfellow , the late Dean
Stanley , Mrs. JJnrnett , Mr. Howells ,
Frank R. Stockton , "H. H. , " K. C.
itedman , H. C. IJui.ner , each of
vhom has his special audience. Add
o these attractive names the other
'eatures : a fine frontispiece portrait
if Goo. AV. Cable , author of "Old
Creole Days" and "Tho Grandissi-
nea , " engraved by Cole , with a
iketcli by Col. Waring ; another of the
inique and amusing "Tilo Club"
lapersj illustrated by ten of the mem-
> ors of the club ; the text ( somewhat
abridged ) of Airs. Burnett's play of
'Emeralds , " now running successfully
at a New York theatre ; an illustrated
account of the growing sport of Lawn
Tennis , with fnll direetit-ns ; a review
of "Significant Features of the Atlan-
.a Exposition , " by Edward Atkinson ,
Esq. , who , wo believe , was the prime
never in that enterprise ; and a boau-
.ifully illustrated paper on "Tho Phi- Ago of Sculpture" and it will bo
teen that the number contains rare
elements of popularity
The departments contain a number
live and artic'es ' '
of suggestive 'Top
is of the Timo" includes "Public
Service and 1'rivatu Husints * , " ' 'Tlio
Disappearance of the School-mas'er , "
'Tho Situation in Ireland , " and
'George Eliot and Euiurson. " In a
communication the l ) < i. tuu Exhibition
of Wood-Engraving is roumionted on
by "A.V. . D. ' . ' "The World's Work"
jives descriptions of now processes
and inventions , undrr the following
lieads : "Protection for Workmen. "
"Now Material for Wall Decoration , "
"Mechanical Refrigerator , " "NowG'iR
" "Tho " "Novel
Motor , Hydrometer.
Air and Water Pump , " "Ecjiiomy ol
Heat , " etc. "Bric-a-Ur.ic" gives ac
count of "Maskwell's Compendium'
and its wonderful" results in impro\-
ing the handwriting of the "famous
and infirm ; " and in "A Liter.iry
Success" reveals thi > secret o :
advancement in the profcminn n
THI : International lit vie for February -
ruary will contain a remarkably cleat
and Inwyer-liko presentation of Dr.
Thomas' side of the recent heresy
trial , by Prof. Austin Bierbower
who shows the \veakncss and dangers
of the Methodist Church , as well ns
its possibilities and opportunities.
The case of Dr Thomau has forot
itself upon public attention as a ques
tion touching the rights of private in
dividuals and the tendencies of ju
dical invoatiuations. Prof. Biorbower
openly and freely makes the charge
that all the rights secured oven by the
common law and the ordinary right
of any person upon trial were disregarded
garded in the conduct of this case , the
arrangement nf the jury , and the re
lations of the presiding officers who have deemed some elements
in the Methodist Church as tuinlhi ; ,
toward despotism , but who had believed
liovod that this tendency would bi
dormant under our republican insti
tutions , begin to feel a HOUSO of danger
gor lost this grand working ehurcl
shall be cramped and rendered inef
fcctivo by this tendency to exercise al
the despotic powers which its organ !
/.ation renders possible ,
Three millluiiM , Ihu bundled thomnni
ixrnu n of | * raiu wenxhii 1HM' ' fr)1" HmU
KIHU last your.
TlioKliipmenti of iiu > rulmndi'O fron Him
lY.uicUco to Hit ) Sandwich Inlaudn for thee
> o r 1881 were valuolat S2 , WtlUS)3. )
About 18,000,000 fett of lmn > er was cu
in 1881 liv the milU Iwtwut'ii Secrumunt
mid the Summit tin the Central I'uoifit
ntilrnnd ,
PuUlmiui Im a new At ; ( cultural Park
Mid huvaral Uioiunml ilollura aru to ho t > \
luMid tl vury HOOD In iinniovhiK and honu
tifyhii ; it.
l > c ( ilntin f , l.oiii'n , hn : MIIWII I0or (
aci 4 nt ; , " in , iiiulvili nut in IM.OO ) iviu >
more , beniiloa which lie hah vineyiml o
I.OOJ acreii ,
Dim mllu below Downlevlllo , on th
Yuba Ulver , it nnappirciitlv thiifty pin
trt'o about throe fctt la liuiglit , urou'ln
out of u milid rock. U'liat itbou
It U tliH fiuitof iti nuking ni > percuptllili
change in hi/e oinvo it w.n lirst luitlco.
twenty yuAUUKo.
lej < tructlvo hot wiiuU contltmo In th
Southern | > ait of tha .Stit * , tlryliio up th
p.utuio luiuU mill ( urdnt ; stock men t
drlvu to otlier Htutes or lu o overytliiiig
Sheep are dyhi ) * , uml AJ thu lambing fcea
HUM ha just comment c > I nrJiiy thniib.ind
( if the little ( iiiex will liav to I' " killed i
hope * of navIng tie ! Ihej of the motliem
feed ( HO scarce that tlio Inmbu cannot b
Tliu cold Im * U > * n ko intvnoi ) in
City that it .UK bteii iu > cvii .uy to built
t around tlic hydrant * to thaw tbcm
A Rolil nKKcti | worth SOfO , wa * recently
Icked up at Osceola by some Chinamen ,
) nc found in tbe same district in 18" "
clifhcil 81,000 ,
Wcll-lnfonned cattle dealers inform Tlic
Icno Gazette tbat tbc fat bucf cattle now
n Nc\ad and California , i-mt of tbe
maintains , will fall abort of 15,000 bead
Kuieka , l-'Hineralda , Storey and Lander ,
the order named , nre now tbe Urgent ell-
pr producing countries in Nevada. This
i flliown by tbe forth-coming report of the
state Comptroller.
Tin- state of NWda contains 110,700
ipmtc miles. Of thisnrea .15 Hipiare miles
re rivers and smaller streams , and ll.'iO
quart- miles lakes and pond * , making n teal -
al water surface of ! ) ( XHiimro | iniloR and a
otul land mil-face of 1 Oil , " 10 wjuare miles.
The Oar-ion Index , whose editor ift a law-
fraud uK-jud e , my * ; "Tliere arc now
cry few attorneys in OatNini who are not
vruiittcil to practice by tbc Virgin ! * and
'nickte railroad comdnny. The ( irofession
s looking up considerably. The only point
ii which the local road cllnga with mucli
pnacity is upon tbo contiol of the courts ,
"his , hoivi-MT , Isuf trivial Importance. "
The Oa cl > n itou work-H will sonn be a
Klpctrlc light will mperccdn ( , MS in Salt
ik CI y itlti-i the firntnf March.
The mines of 11IK Oottonwood a e look-
ng more prom sing than they lm\e ia the
u > t eight jearf.
The bullion lilpments from Silver Cliff
inro the new year commenced have been
nnsiiaUy heavy.
Mnrdem nre { totting to be altogether too
utneroiisin P.irkUilv , and thbre Is peri-
u talk of organizing n Vigilance Com
The recent discovery of an extcnsivo
i idy of iMod CIM ! tome fourteen miles
oith of Hihcr Cli'lf would seem to settle
IIM question of cheap fuel for the mining
ompanicH nnd the citi/ens of thin city and
Trinidad'.1) Ktrcct railway will soiu be in
> perntion.
Ounnison City's telephone apparatus is
> eing placet !
A number of milieu nt Cumins are being
actively worked , nntl the camp ia prosper-
Tlie IMU ity as well as the quantity of
un ore in the Breeco Iron mine Is deteri-
A movement is now on foot to build at
Denver a home tor the newsboys and boot-
Colorado has 120 mail routes , the total
eiiRth of which is 3,780 mll-H. Tlie
nnual travel on these routes ia 1,200,840
nilcti ,
Colorado's cattle an * in good condi-
.ioDj as fat as they weru in the fall. There
s more mortality among liortcs tlian
" ( Jold' " iMK e'"i miule of brass or cop
ier , ni' HIINV auttfactuud in Denyt-r
in xniil n ; n ' ' e' ilii-e" to conri'liir t'ti-
U-ifn- .
.1. I ) , aciti/.en of St. T.m , died
uilduiily , it Denver lu-t ee , wh ! t al-
iiwina fockt.iil. That. Koiter uis a
li Ii kickei ,
The ort > . - < tro n thi ! Uaitle m lint i'i
iiiiioat lie ( Jiiir piomiho to play n
mpor ant patt in tlie economic smeltim ;
if lira in IM ( ! ' illf.
A r ck d'slodg ' , d frnn th nioiiirnin , a
liouiand feet auvii the lv--lly lion e , ut
nk * tJity , Utiiie era hiiiK tliron.h tlie
roof canyiug e.-tiuoion with it ,
The Ijittlii Pittu u mil e ut Lo.idvillo
s ( toln ; ; vtr mely well at tli Il e ent
, inie. I be output of the mine ! > about
ISO tons per v.'eek. aveiMmiig ! ? 0 ner ton.
Tlie i i''e of llo'iiiinon stock is ndvanc
.in . ' aluwlv hut. htuidily , fuiii. Tun
weeks ago i : wi-nt bu ( .ins "t o..o dollar
ami nMity ! tuts a slu e. It is now
worth 8'Jfi' ) .
IJnc. Uag.'s , the mon * f mons croo' ,
connd-nco man , nnd cu-rul thief in tliu
Went II.IH liofn up n lii < ol < l tiious vain ,
utid succeeded ia drog"in < ; u until ani-il
s tit Doiivvr and rte.iliiiti fr m li'ii ' ;
SIOCO in drain , liu u'm u.q > t\irod anj
Tlie cii'illti' n of uattl ii the Xmt
| nrk in Hiii-h : is to e iHf tln > bclitf niniiii
cattieicen ihat thu I 'n- will Ii vny ! i tl
if. my. Tlim -w in bo v.ihijv riiii u i >
no p ae < < t ' . - < if . , pr , nt tw--lvi- n
fn itten ineli- . -in ! i- q- ( "Ii , i tli '
tin1 < til.u n o.-'i . , : i i > i ii * f. u. i ci
uca ii.
Tliu Denver & Orleans construction
company II.IH concluded to have a receiver
appointed. Tliis is .nude necex-ury bj
tlie failuie of Governor Kvatii to _ ne > j -
tiate tlio bomls of the ( imipary in thu
e.istcin market. D. H. Molfnt , Jr. . Ins
returned to Denver to accept tlie receiv-
A strike i report d to have been made
a couple of days ago in the Brnclnlia > v tun-
nt-1 , on C'alifo' ni.i gulch. There ia sail
to ho three feet of ore in the face of the
drift known as tlie Lincoln workings , the
whole 8 feet iihows nn average of
ounces in gold and 7 ounces in .lilver ti
the ton.
Tliere is on exhibition ut a Denv
hotel bevernl pounds of native wire goli
taken from tlie Ontario mine. It wa
jtiht as It wits gathered from between the
rocks , With the exception of u littio
runil which c nng to it , the nold was pure
and wan e < tmated ! to lie worth bctweei
5700 and $80 . 'Hie Ontario is probnblj
the richest fine gold yielding mine on the
The town of Itcd ClitTU greatly cxcitet
over a ligh ! between rnilroad men for pos
NeKSiHii of I'.ittlo Mountain canon. ] < as
\veekonnoftboforemen workinj ; for tin
c > ntractorn , in making n deep cut tlirout ; ]
lii.e t.ine , htruek n largu body of carbon
ntes whirh pnanito to .yield largely ii
silver Tlio foremn > i immediately tool
no.-i > esMnn t ked out claims for him
elf and men. Corrigan , o' the contrait
ing linn , heard of thin , and , with armei
force , drove ( be foreman and bis men ou
of the canon nn camped I. on the ground
Both parti * ) have intrenched fornnelge
llrick hell at Kocorro for 820 per thoiis
The Nuw .Mexican railway chenin in n
big tiling. 337,000,000. '
Liu Vegas iiKH arraigned a non-necturUn
libtary and leadiiig loom ,
A lilack H.tngu mine returned an uisay
of 8,000 ouncw to the ton.
The Altec mine , 1'inos Altai district , ha
a tunnel HOC feet deep on a vein of fre
Thu Chinese of Socorro havn hid nnhoot
IIIK racket , t'nfortunatcly then' were m
killing ! ,
A lofty miss of rock , which threw it
idmdnw over Las Vcgax , halt u mile away
Umibli'd into the vwlley la-st week Fivft
to fifteen thousand tons of rock wer
liH > em < d from its foundation by intciu
floM. fnll < v > d bv I'li'isual liont Tin
liiointtulii tovffied 'i 0 ( cot , ibuv tb'
i.iiilllinm river , Tlio earth HUtiiitil to
trt-mble a the mass deiieendetl fteadilv
down thu wide of tbo cl ill , and vvben it
reached tbo bottom nf the canou tlm etlnct
\\ni nmulliug , The moBt rumarkablo
ri > Mtlt of thin tiiitlden nnd v iolent ch.ingo
nmlir nnturo'a direction in found to I e tlio
disclosing at tlio point < > f rupture , high on
the mountain side , of nn eight foot v iln of
copper cirboimttH und Bulpliidnx vvhlcb
WIM promptly located by J'H. . tnrtlu *
dale , who cluluia 1 1 have been the bet
> llinlier and firdt on the vnot , and held
now holding | iU claim wltli n brace f
furty-foutii. Iffilf-way down tbo elite of
the mountain iu the cradle of the aw.ith , a
coal led wan laid bare , which was ulen
pif-empted a n on as dUcovetfil.
It U estimated that COOmllenpf railroad
will bu built Iu Montana thin year.
The total Helena frelb'btn teceived tin
iat ycftr by rail and river atiproximntc to
8,000 ,
The Helena rmstoflica hnndlcd 2(5,770 (
ileces of ninll last yeitr , and tianractcd n
msincM of over $300,00 i.
The totnl sbliiments of bullion from
lelptin ilurinR thi post year has been !
? old , JftlO.n.'Wj silver , $ fll,7IK ) .
The new wnt r company at lluttc
h irucs the city $3.000 per year for water
ii put out fires antl pprinklo ntreets. The
ity c nncll and clllrcns "buck. "
The rattle cm the ranges near licnton
am sutfeiing to i-ome extent fur water ,
iMid a good fall of unow would now be
mlled with delight by stockmen.
Tbo Chcjenne city council Is republi
can by n vote of o-cn to two.
Denver Cohilni'ts arc negotiating to cs-
, ablih gas works In Cheyenne ,
Tracklaylng continues on thu t'nlon
'nciflc branch from l.iuimle 11 the Xort
ulr. .1. T. Kn p , carpenter in tlie
employ of tlie Union Pacific at Kvans-
on , while working on the. roof of a slie.l
at Altny , near Kvunst' n , fell and frnc-
lured his leg badly near thu Juice.
Ib'stnarck's banking lui'i'iess la t year
amounted to $ 'Jt'J,07.0 ! ) ; comine eial
sincBB. $ ,500,000.
The lllack HlilH Times aimnunces the
HCnvery of n fine quality of coal on
LJl.xck cr.'ek near the stage r _ ad.
Tim Yanklon college groumlH uiu now
.be hcei o of iv i u y begiMiing for the com-
iig edifice. Already a huntlre.l wagon
loadx of fttono fr tiie foundation of the
collegihavu been delivered.
The c.xll for n special elec ion has been
nado by the countv c m > mi finncrs for the
inrpoie of voting $10,000 in bond * , duo
in ten year * , to be used in pcniiatiently
locating tbo state univei-hity at Vermil
W. li. Tlioman wants $ "i,000 out nf
Yankton on the score of allowed injinies
suHtaiued by hlniH'lf and wife In consequence
quence nf u defective bridge approach , by
reason of which , antl the jolt , Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas both fell out backwards
'rom their wagon.
Tlie outward and inward tonnage of
I'uget Sound for the year 1881 aggregated
about 1,000,000 tons.
Small p x has entirely disappeared from
Dayton , on the upper Columbia river , and
he schools are once more open.
A catarrhal fever livt broken out among
the horpen in Portland. Or. , fables , and
; wo cases have proved fatal. It takes the
'orm ot influenza , which attac s the nine-
OUH membrane of tbo whole system ami
runs into conge.stion of the lungs.
Tlie following are the statist ! , : of Indus
; ry among tlie Nez Perces Indians at
La wi reservation , Idaho : The popula-
; ion of the tribe ia 12.10 , comprising 257
farmer' . The dwelling place on the re-
'crve co-.njiriuHH 48 frame building , 128 b'g
ion PH and 72 loth , 18kin and 1 m >
o iga.i , Tlieie are 1713 iirrcs in cnlM'ti-
tion. Of domestic aninnils the l > , < i -t M
10 eis 12i'.lfl ( borsi'a , 8 0 CHUM , 1 o\i n ,
100 otber cattle , t7."i ! twine nnd 1,200 d ,
m'xtic fouls 'Ihe Hiliturvi em imdt-i i't <
ieud of nianuf.i turudpr. liuctH MiOO y.mtd
if el h or in itting.
A Grand. Hop nt Tektimtili.
rrraiotiilKiica | of Tins HRR
TUKAMAH , Nob. , January 21 ! . The
most onjtvyable party was given last
Fiid.iy evening by tbo members of
the Pleasant Hours Association of this
placp , Jlr. George James president ,
and it was positively the beat wo have
had for a long timo. At 8:30 : p. M.
tlio programmes was opened by thu be
witching strains from tbo orchestra ,
nlnoh waR under tbo leadership of
l-Vif. E P. Mefisir. of Fort Omaha ,
tuiS'sicd by Mr. Harry Underwood ,
c riii't player , principal musician , J.
Sands , Im * , and Mr. Anderson , sec-
mid violin. The prompting done by
Mr J SanJs was in the highestSPH
t > r the u.rd ii perfect ciijojnient , and
vo i'1 , iudi-brcd 'n the yt-li'loin n nf
. ' in- t ) i > 'iliiv fur tbe exci'llont iru-io
I ' llmv 1 avi ft rni" ! cd for llui c-
caaion. i'rof. Mesair's orchestra is
oiiua ud for the 17th of February for
a grand maequrado ball at this place.
Pretty Good
Jno. Bacon , Lapirte , Ind. , writes
"Your 'SrniN ( ! PI.HSSOM' is all you crack
ed it up to be Mydybpepsm lias al van
ished ; why don't yu adveitine it ? Wha
allowance will you make if I take a , dozei
bottles , Mijtb't ' I could oblige my friends
iiccasiounlly ? " Price 50 cents , trial bet
ties 10 cents. W-lv
i Grea1 English Remedy
Nc\or falls to elite
iN'mom Uubllltj. VI
til i\lauitlon : , KmtH-
I.Ions , Srini"al Weak-
HOOD , and all th
Ul ulTuctH of youth
( ul follits anil cxcfK
ei < . It stops rerun
ilcntly nil winkcnin ;
involuntary IOSH BIX-I
Iralnn upon the )
em , thrlnevitali'e re
. . . . iltof thcfcouMliirao
tkcx , wliK'li Kre nn iltetrnetlvo to mind nnd liodj
anil iunko 1 fu inlforibU' , oiten luadlnj ; to Incanl-
lyanilileitb It u'rciijthciiH tliu Nvrvev , Druln
( invmnr } ( Illooil , .Mii'lo , Pl o'tlvc anil Hcpro
iluctlvu Ori n , ItrcstoreH to ull the organic
fimctl'-iu their former U 'or anil vlUtlrty , nia
Ing llfu ebevrful anil I'l'jojalile. 1'rleo , $ .1 a
bottle , or four tiinoa ttic iiian | Itj J10. Sent by
f x.ucs. ] secure from ovx rvution , to any ulilri'xs
on receipt ot | > rlcu. No , 0. O , 1) . bent , c\tcp
on receipt of $1 OH a ciurantoc. Loiters ru
quebtlntr answers limit Incloao Etamp ,
ADr. Mintie'a Dandelion Pills
arc thu best ami ilicapot ibnp < | nla anil lillllou
cu u In tin' murk t , aulil b } ull dnii' ists. 1'rlt
60 ctinla.
Dn. Jlisnr.'rt KIDXKV HrMKuv , GKI-II/TICI 11 ,
Cures all UtiJof Ktilnn.v anil bladder cooiplalnto
gonorrhea , tlout ; nrd Ivucorreca. For fulc j al
UauL-jr aU : $1 a bottle.
71BUllvuBt , St. LoulD , Mo.
_ Jm25-tv _ _ _
State Gazetteer and Busi
ness Directoy ,
Containing n desciiption and a Hut of al
business men In the state , vill bo issuei
early In 18 2. Price $4.00.
J. M. WOLFF ' , , , . , , , .
South Fourteenth Neb
II' } II. Ni. . M.I v.lltol.f UOtl t I , irUOM 11,1
lj ) of JiLMinlitT , ibsl , tliu C'ountk Jmtk'OOl
Klua Count } , tlrl l > a > IMIUI ! an order ol
attiulimtnt for I ho Bum of < 1UUU In an action
t < cndliir | bffcra lilm "I'eieln 1'arkcr 1' . Clark ,
Urortiu II. Cliik mid I'.liJr.Ii F. Clark , ] rtnur
a * Llark hrns are pIMnt fl , and llci ry II.
\Voolfilffciiilun' . that piopettv bdoi InK
Inwbeunutlacindiinitcr-aid order ; that tai
moiitlnuol to the Hi'tmry. l l , U'rm ol
mUl foiitt , and I hit you arc riij ilred to appear
aiiilainutr b > ttiuOthday if r'ebruaij , lay. .
, Ja > uaiy 14 , 18 JLVAlUi
LVAlUi IlltOS.
! ) > CmiKsriNi HIM. Janlleitati
Mri > .
Real Estate Agency
Kc | i * oonpItU tUfrtct of title to Rcu
Sittte la Om b n Uoui-laj coaatr , nuytf
Lots ,
For Sale By
No. 63 , Full lot fenced and w itli small build
ng on Capitol Au'iiue near 25th htrcet , $700.
No. 257 , I nrgc lot or block 205 by 270 feet on
Hamilton , ncnr Irene street , $2SOO.
No. 2M1 , Full lorncr lot on Jones , near 16th
street , SJ.POO.
No. 203 , Two lots on Center street , near Cum *
UK street , S9CO.
No. 252 , Lot on Spruce street , ncnr 8th street ,
No. 261 , Two lots on Senard , near King street ,
No. 251J , Lot on Seward , near King street ,
No. 249 , Halt lot on Dodge , near llth street
No. 247 , Fenr beautiful resldcnco lots , near
Crelgbtoii College ( or will sell 8 pnrntc,88,000. )
No. 240 , Two lota on Chnrloi , near Cmnlng
street , $400 each.
No. 240J , Lot on Idaho , near Cuinlng street ,
No. 240 , Ono acre lot on Ciiming , near Dutton
street , $760
No. ' 244 , Lot on Farnlmn < , near 18th street ,
No. 213 , I ot GO by 133 feet on College street ,
near St. Mark's Avtnuc , $530.
No. 242 , Lot on DougliK , near CGth street ,
No 241 , Lot on Farnham , near 20th sirect ,
No. 240 , Lot CO by 99 feet on South A > cnue ,
neir Jlnfcon strict , 8560.
No. 23D , Corner Irt on Hurt , near 2M street ,
No. 233 , 120x132 feet on Harncy , near 24th
tree ( w ill cut It up ) , 82,400.
No. 235 , 71x310 feet on Sherman Avenue
(10th ( street ) , near Grace , 81,000.
No.04 , Lot on Douglas street , ncar2Jd 8750.
No. 232 , Lot on 1'lcr sltvct , near Seward , $500.
No. 231 , Lot40zGO feet , near C pltol Avenue
No. 227 , Two lots on Dccatur , near Irene btrcct
200 nnd $175 each.
No. 223 , I ot 143 30-110 by 441 feet on Sncrraan
A\enuolUthstr ct ) , near ( .race , * 2,400.
No. 220 , Lot 23xiti ( feet on Dodge , near 13th
street , make nn offer.
No. 217 , Lot on 23d street , near Clark , S500.
No 210 , Lot on llamlltor , near King , $800.
No. 2uO , Lot on 18th , near Nicholas bticct ,
No. 2j7 , Two lots on 10 h , near 1'aclfle street ,
No. 205Two lots on Castcllar , ncarlOth trcet ,
No. 204 , beautiful residence lot on DIv Islon
street , near Cuiuing , 8850.
No. 203 , Lot on Saundcrs , near Hamilton
struct , $850.
No.lOOS , Lot 15th street , ncnr Paclfl" , S500.
No. 19SJ. Three lots on Siuiudera street , near
Seward , ? 1,300.
No. 193J , Lot on 20th street , nwxr Sherman
15' .
No. 194J , THO lots on 22d , near Grace street
$000 e ch.
No. 101 } , two lots on King , near II ami It
strict , 1,200.
No. 102 } , two lots on 17th street , near White
Lead \VVrks , S1.H60.
No. 1SSJ , one full black , ten lots , near the bar
rack B , $400.
No. 191 , lot on Parker , near Irene street , S300.
No. 1S3 , two lots on Cass , near 21tit btreet ,
( gilt edge , ) $0W > 0.
No. 181 , lot on Center , near Cuinlng street ,
No. ISO , lot on 1'icr , neir Senard street , $650.
No. 175 , lot on Sherman avenue , near Izard-
street , Sl,4ro.
No. 174) ) , lot on Cass , near 14th , 1,100.
No. 170 , lot on Pacific , near 14th street ; make
No. ICO , six Iota on Far-him , near 24th street
SI 451 to $2OCO each.
No. 1U3 , full block on 20th street , nca
race course , and three lota in Glso's addition
near baum en nnd Caesius ttrects , g',000.
No. 129 , lot on California street , ncnr Crclgh
o. 127 , ncro lot , near the hend of St. Mary'a
nvtinie , $ J,000.
No. 123bout two acres , ncnr the head of St.
Mnrj'sammc , 81.0J" .
No. 120 , lot on 16th street , near White Lead
Works , $526.
No. 124 , sixteen lots , near shot tower on the
Ilellctnv road , $75 per ot.
No. 122 , 132xl3i feet (2 ( lots ) on 18th street ,
car 1'oppleton'H , 81tOu.
.No. 110 , thirty tulf-airc lots in Mlllard nud
Caldw til's additions on Sherman au'ime , Spring
.ind Saratoga streets , near the end of green
otri'ct car track , $801 to $1,200 each.
No. 8 ! ) , lot on Chicago , near 22d ttrcrt , $1,500
Nn. bb , lot on Caldwcll , near Sauudcru btrcct
SSOO.No. . Sfl , uorncr lot on Charles , near Saundcro
BtreU , S700.
No. S , lot on Izard , near 21 t , with two fin
IioriHus , J2.-IOO.
No. b3 , two lots on 10th , near 1'iiTiu btree
No. 78 , three lots on Hnrncj , near l ti ! street ,
$2,0i O.
No. 70,90x132 feet on 3th street.near Lenten-
wortu Htreit , * 3WX , ) .
No. 7J , Ii0x82 feet , on Pacific , ncarSth Btreet ,
$3fCO. ,
No. 1)9 ) , C xl32 feet , on Douglas street , near
10th , $2.600.
No. CO , eighteen lots on 21st , 22d , 23d nnd
Saumlcrs strictx , near o race and Saunders streo
br dge , $400 each. bill
No. 0 , one-fourth block (180x135 ( feet ) , neanilae
Convent of roor Claire on Hamilton turn , nro
thu cud of red stri e car track , $360.
No. ti , lol on JIarcy , near Oth street , 81,200.
No 3 , lot on Califcrnia , near 21st , $1,100.
No. 2 , let on Cas , near 22d street , $2,500
No , 1. lot < n Harncy , near ISth , $2,000.
Lots In Harbach'a first and Bocond additions
also In Parker's , Shlnn'a , Nelson'n , Terrace , E.
V. Smith's , Ileill.k's , Oiso's. Lake's , and all other
additions , in u \ jiriccs ana terms.
SU2 1- < f i it , i com I'lacc , near Haiiscom
Park ; piii in r > n , .M1 to 8SOO each.
One liuiidrcil r , , , , ! tlfty.nuio tnautlful reel ,
dtnrolot * , loi- > Hamilton Hreit. half way
bctwcun the t in tu nf thu red strict car line
and the wutoiwor . , or and addition , and
ust west of ill t of , ( le bi.Urs Veer
fitoilOO < uili i. . . i. l.o .old on easy terms.
Tracts of 6. ll 15. 2J , to or N > , cres , with
south or wet. ami at lnkl rock prues
220 chm , e , , , , , , CHH loU In 'all the principal
ffoni I Wto
Two hundred hnuwn and oto ranelnir ' from
5500 to tlB.OC > 0. and located In every "la' of The
Urge number of exullent farms
in Douglas
s"l' ) . Bunder. , I > odre , WMhinston , Hurt ill j
16th and DC agla Street