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Yesterday's ' Proceedings in the
Senate and House.
Very Little Business of In
terest or Note Transacted
in either House.
A iMumber of Land Ofllce
Confirmations , but None of
Them Nobraskians.
Mi < oollanoon Notes From tlin Nn-
tlonnl Cnpltal.
National As oiUtctl 1'ros *
WAHHIXUION , January 2t. Mr.
Edmunds , from the judiciary commit
tee , reported a bill to amend the re
vised statutes for the punishment ol
polygamy and for other purposi'8 ,
with sundry amendments , and gave
notice that an early consideration ol
the bill would bo urged.
Mr. Allison presented the ciedcn-
tials of James F. Wilson , as a senator
from Towa , which were laid on the ta
ble , and Mr. MoUill , electid senatoi
to fill vacancy , was sworn in by the
president pro tain ,
The senate passed the bill for the
relief of the widow of Pros-
dent Lincoln , giving" her _ § 15,000
cash and increasing her pension fron
? 3,000 to 65,000.
Mr. Call then addressed the senate
on the funding bill.
Mr. McPhoraon withdrew his pro
po ? J amendment extending the time
for payment nnd increasing theamoun
to be funded 84,000,000 , , and said hi
would support the funding bill will
Mr. Vest's amendment.
Debate on the funding bill was con
tinuud by Messrs. Bayard , McPhorsoi
and Beck , and at 4 p. in. the sonata
wont into executive session and sooi
after adjourned.
A resolution was passed calling 01
the secretary of the navy for his rcas
pns for refusing to establish a coal
I in ! . ' station at Panama , as directoJ by
i the last house ; calling on the state
department for all correspondence be
tween the department and govern
ments , companies and persons relative
to the Chili-Peru trouble , and asking
the heads of departments for opinions
as to the best way to improve the
merchant marine.
After further discussion the bill ap
propriating 8375,000 for harbor ant
coast defence passed without amend
The report of the cjinmitteo on ac
counts , giving clerks to the various
committees , was taken up. The dum
ocrats opposed the appointment of so
largo a number , and after discussion
the house adjourned at 4:45 : p. m.
WASHINOTOK , January 24. The
star route cases were resumed to-day.
Hazoby , an editor of M rgan county ,
testified that Cabell owned ; 23OU , (
acres of land of n voidable value ol
25 cents per acre and assessed value
of 50 cents per acre in that county ,
and Maxoy , clerk of the Morgan
county court , identified on the map
the plats of the land owned by Cabell
as per record of the court. Nothing
of importance was elicited.
Among the nominations sent to the
senate to-day were Solomon S. Mat
thews , of Michigan , to bo _ United
States marshal of the East district of
Michigan ; Sullivan McCutcheon , of
Michigan , attorney of the United
States for the East district of Michi
gan ; Htnry M. Lewis , of Wisconsin ,
attorney of the United States'for the
West district of Wisconsin ; Samuel
Post , of Michigan , pension agent at
Detroit ; Frederick K. Jones , of
Louisiana , coiner of the mint of the
United States at Now Orleans , La.
The senate in executive session to
day confirmed the nomination of D.
T. Bownton , pension agent at Knoxville -
villo , Teiin. ; C. B. Luco , of Illinois ,
White Earth , Minn. Registers of land
oflice John F. Fisher , at Topeka ,
Kns. ; B. J. F. Elnnna , of Kansas , at
' r Wa-Keeney , Kas ; M. J. Saltcr , of
Kansas , at Independence , Kas. Re
ceivers of public money Henry
Booth , of Kansas , at Larncd , Kns , :
Henry M. Waters , of Kansas , at
Independence , Kas. Postmaster
W. II. D. Noyos , at Carthage , III.
The charges against Oen. Carr by
Wilcox have been laid before the
Secretary Folgor says that ho will
remain in the cabinet until the end
of the presidential term.
All members of the eibinot were
present nt the mooting to-day to con
sider the bills on Indian affairs pre
pared by Secretary Kirkwood. Sev
eral important nominations were dis
Commissioner Rauin heard commit
tees of the National Distillers' ' associa
tion and the Wine and Spirit Traders'
Bosioty on the details of the bill pro.
posed by thorn pro\idingfor n reduc
tion of the tax on whisky to 50 cunts ,
on imported spirits to $1 50 , and
bund extension on bwth.
PropnrluK for Rynn and Sullivan.
National Atnociata ! 1'rcaH.
JACKSIN , Miss. , January 24. The
bill to prevent and punish nrizo fii'ht-
ing in Mississippi passed the senate.
CIIICAOO , January 21 Charles 0.
Davies , "tho Parson , " leaves tomorrow
row morning for New Orleans to ef
fect the concluding arrangements for
the Sullivan-Ryau fight. Ho stated
that the proposed laws prohibiting
prize fighting in thu state of Missis
sippi would probably not bo in force
in time to interfere with the proposed
mill , but should it be , the affair will
tnko plnco in Louisiana , where the
olleiico is a fmo of only $25 on prin
cipals. The report that Mike Mo
Donald is putting up on aullivan is
denied ; it , seems ho is opposed to
Harry Hill ns stakeholder , and for
thntreasinhas not taken an interest
in the light furthnr than to run an
excursion twin to Now Orleans , which
leaves hero February Jld , nnd holding
n bet of n couple of thousand dollars
open on Sullivan , which has not been
taken. Mr. D.ivica estimates that nt
least a huh'drod thouwnd cVlnrs will
change hands ever the ovent.
The State Alllanoo
8v | hliJI patch to The Hio
HAHTIKO'R , Nob. , January 24. One
year | ago this month the Farmers'
Stnto Alliance was orgaiii/ocl at Lin
coln. At the mooting held in Sep
tember llicro wuro 204 subordinate
alliances represented , nil hnving been
organized in loss than nine months.
There nro probably 1150 in the stnto
to-day. To-morrow thu Stale Alliance
moots hero in special session. Mos
of the delegates are already liore
There will probably be an attendance
of 250 delegates and the convonlioi
will doubtless last two days. If tluiho
now in the city nro fair samples of the
membership of the organization , the
time of thu convention will bo dovotoi
strictly to business.
Arnilt ( Jots Ninety Days
8 | > dispatch to Tin1 llkK.
LINCOLN , .lanuary 21. Arndt np
poured in court this morning ant
received n sentence of three months
the county jail of Lancaster county.
Mr. Rodick argucd u motion for a now
trial , which was overruled.
* Fires.
National AiMAi'lutod Tress.
BuAiNKiti ) , Minn. , January 24.
The explosion of a lamp started u tin.
in a saloon on Laurel street , which
soon destroyed the entire block be
tween Fiftjj and Sixth streets. Al
the buildings wore small frame struc
tures , belonging to J. L. Starchor.
Loss , § 0,000.
TEKKK HAWTK , Tnd. , January 24.
A lire in the wholesale notion house
of Havana & Guades caused n loss 01
buildiiiL' of § 2,000. and on stock of
818,000 or 820,000 : fully insured.
AuuoitAull. , January 24 A di
rectors' car valued nt 814,000 , two
smokers , a wrecker and sovora
coaches , valued in all at ? CO,000 , were
burned this morning at the C. B.'A ,
Q. shops. The lire is supposed to bo
NEW YOUK , January 24. This
evening a lire , causing a loss of 815-
000 , occurred in George Tieberg's furniture -
nituro factoryNo. 197 Chrystio street.
The building is in the icnr of the
London theatre , nnd tor a few mo
nionts there was somu pxcitemen
among the audience , butboin nssuroc
by the manager that there was no dan
ger , they loft the theatre in good or
LONO BRANCH , January 24 A fire
hnre to , dfr < - destroyed the cott-ago o
David Kinjf"of Now York. Loss
815,000. The adjacent cottages o
George W. Pullman , John Kooy and
others were saved by the firemen.
Railway Matters
National Associated I'rutw.
PHILADELPHIA , January 24. P.rosi-
dent Gowuii , of the Heading road , it
is announced , will sail for Europe
February lOUi to complete a scheme
for taking tho.road out of the hands
of the receiver , lie expects to BO'
euro the removal BOOH of the injunc
tion deferred bond scheme , to which
ho claims he has already a 8200,000
subscription from ono European bank
ing house.
NEW YOHK , January 24. The
officers of the trunk lines who recent
ly agreed to a partial settlement ot
the railroad war , held a meeting to
day at the ollicu of Commissioner
Fink to perfect the details of the
agreement and also to select an ad
visory commission , The names of the
gentleman to form the commission
are agreed upon but will not be made
known until their acceptance is re
WASHINOTON , January 24.A con
ference of railroad men was hold at
Willard'a to-night , said to have been
brought about by Mcflortun , of Phil-
idulphia , and attended by Cossatt , of
the Pennsylvania ruad and Vail , of
the New York Central , and otlun. It
is repotted that it was decided to in
crease the passenger rate from Now
York to Chicago from 810 to 812 and
; iut first clans freight rates up to 70
H > | h Water in Toiiuestioe-
NASHVILLE , January 24. The river
continues to fall slowly. The damage
done by this rise is estimated at $100-
John Drake ( colored was drowned
last night ; no other lives have been
lost in the city. At noon there was
Ifty-threo feet four inches , showing a
decrease of ono foot eight inches.
This is given up to bu the highest
rise in thu Cumberland in the history
of Nashville. Telegraphic reports
state that theTcnnmico river is rising.
S'o trains over the Northwest division
as yet , and it will bo several days be
fore they resume. Thu poor fund lum
reached about 812,000.
Oliuohlnc Tlieir Election.
DKH MOINHH , January 21. A bal
lot was again had for United States
senator , resulting in thu election of
.lumen F. Wilson for the long torin
and James W. C. Dill for the short
erm. This was done because of doubt
as to thu legality of thu former elec-
.ion. .
A Bad Man-
Vnt'onal ' 1'reaa ociutlon ,
ST. Loi'ia , January 24. Sylvester
lenderton , nn ash gatherer , fatally
: ut Richard Hindi this evening
[ 'ho crowd put a rope around thu
luck of Henderson and were about
o lynch him when policemen ruahod
lim off to the station ,
Tlio Mercury Skirmishing Around
the Bulb ,
And Paralyzing thu Cold-
Blood jd Deniaens of the
Cold-Bloodod East.
The Satno Kind of Weather
General frotn Hiohmond
to Manitoba ,
Ami Cold Enough to Frcorn the
Urns * Ball * ot a Pawu-
Nitloiml Associated Prew.
ALHA > Y , .Jiinu.iry 24. Thu ther
mometer was between 12 and lit de
grees below vsoro in tliia neighbor
hood ut LO n. in.
WooNsorKET , U. 1. , January 24.
Tlio thermometer was 20 bi'low in
this neighborhood this morning.
During the night it went to ISO below
CiiicAiio , January 21 - The wea.thor
at this point ia moderating rapidly.
At 8 n. in. HID thermometer stood tit
18 degrees above , but by half-past
LI it had risen to 118 above. Clour
and moderating weather ia repoilod
ginor.illy fiom the northwest.
SAU\TOUA , .lanuary 21. The ther
mometer at 8 p in. yesterday was lit
bolnw zero ; at ti n. in. to-day , 32bo -
low. No winds , and the air is cool.
NnwYoiiK , January 24.-Tho ex
traordinary cold snap in this locality
culminated to-day in the fall of the
murcury to two below , which point
was reached at G a. in. , roin.tinin sta
tionary till 10 a. in. , whim it began to
rise , and at 3:30 : p. in. marked ton
above and at midnight eight above.
A number of persons wore frozen in
Brooklyn. Lowest thermometer ono
MONTUKAL , January 24.Voimor ,
the Canadian weather prophet , made
the following prediction to
day : Tii my opinion the
weather will moderate toward thu
25th , 2lith and 27th days and sudden
ly dip again to low readings , possibly
with snow falls on thu 28th , 2'Jth ' anil
30th , the last dip moderating to general -
oral snow falls chii'ily to the west
ward with my almanac , but I must
say T did not look for such aspioad of
the cold wuvo. The mouth of Feb
ruary is likely to follow in the track
of either 1878 or 1881 , which T cin't
yet determine , but in either case the
picture * presented is about thu name ,
namely very cold weather.
MONTHKAI. , January 24. The cold
wave still continues , with slight signs
of abatement , the thermometer rang
ing at various points through this
nrovincy and lake regions from 20 to
40 bulow. "Vennor's success is BO
pronounced ho is about to issue a
monthly bulletin pamphlet.
RICHMOND , Vu. , January 24 The
weather to-day has been colder than
at any time this ye > r. The thermom
eter this morning stood at 12 degrees
above zero ; at noon , 28 , and at G p.
M. , 22 degrees.
At Williamson , on the Richmond
and Allegheny railroad , at 6 r. M. ,
the weather was reported clear and
cold , 18 above , with similar reports
from Lexington and Lynchburg , allen
on the line of the above road.
BO.STON , January 24. The weather
throughout New England has boon
colder to-day than a many yeara.
The thermometer in this city ranged
from 10 to 30 btilow zero tliia morning
and in some sections ot Now England
went to 40 bolow. At G this evening
it was 5 degrees below z-ro hero.
PoTTrtviLLK , Pa. , January 24. Re
ceived here uhow the state of the
thermometer ns fillow-H. Itmford , P.i. ,
24 below zero ; Tilusvillo , li below ;
Eist : Mahonry Junction , 40 below ;
Pottsvillo , ( i below ; Allen'nmi ' , I3olh
lehem , WillianiHpnrt and Sliamokm , 5
below ; Noiiihttiwii , 3 below ; and
Reading I above -/oro. leo in from
9 to 11 inches thick in this vicinity.
WINMPJO : , Minn. , January 24
The weather has been intensely severe
for the i ast four dajs , the tlicrmninu-
tor ranging steadily from 20 to 40 h
low. Tiio mercury is now rising and
it is snowing There is good sleigh
ing but not much done.
Small Pox.
Na Innal As-iocmed 1'rtns.
PINE UUJKK , Ark. , January 24 -
Small pox is mill raging in Hamhur/ !
and the surrounding country. A ho-
lel where three cases have broken out
lias been quarantined.
LAKAyuTTK , Tnd. , January 21
The city authorities are erecting n
small pox hospital here in order to
propiirly treat expected cases of thu
CiiK'Aoo , January 21 , - Eight now
cases of small pox and ton deaths are
reported for yesterday.
Peiir JKKVIH , N Y , January 21.
small pox in spreading fait. There
lave boon G7 cises thus far toportod
and 7 of them fatal.
WASHINGTON , January 21 , The
mtional board of health has had re-
jortod to if. for the week ending the
! lst , 23 deaths from small pox in
'hiladolphia , 1 in Illion , N. Y. , 1 in
Crio , 1 in IndianapoliH , 1 in Moline ,
II , 10 in Allegheny , Pa. , and 2 in
> t. Louis.
WILMINOION , Del. , Jiinnary 24.
I'ho cily is to-day reported t < bo cn-
irely frco from small pox for thu
list time in 10 months. There is not
a ciso in tiio hospital.
J'JULADKMMIIA , January 24.-Dr.
rtalcomb McFurlund , a prominent
West End physician , was fined § 50
y the health board to-day for neglect-
in. to report a case of snull pox
Mrs. Helmboldt , proprietress of n
a-ihionnblo boarding house , wastnkun
II with a malignant typo of the din-
ease and di d in throe days. The
body was kept in the IIOUBO several
lays before the funeral took place ,
.n the building were twenty.five
boardora nnd servants vim were ig
norant of the C.IUKO of her death.
Tliis was followed by the death of ono
of the servants , when the facts be
came known. Three of the boarders
were teachers in the IVunsylvdiiia
Charter school , a private ( junker in
stitution , and in order to yrovout
contagion the school was closed for
three weeks.
St. Lorts , January 21. Four
deaths from umal pox at qturmitinu
and ono now CASU in the city \vai re
ported to-day ; none in Kwt St. Louis
or suburbs.
PiTTsntno , January -Fourteen
now cases of small poi are reported
in the city to-day and 0 in Mloghany.
Efforts to Liberate a Thlof.
National AnMclatnl I'm * .
OTT\WA , Out. , Jnmmry 21.The
friends ot James Carnil alia1 ? Jones ,
of Chicago , confined in the Kingston
penitentiury for complicity m thu col-
ebr.itod § 10,000 robbery , emitiiiuo to
make every effort to sirurohis pardon
and liberation. Hi * brother-in-law
paid a visit to him in 1m cell at Kingv
ton last Friday nnil delivered a mes
sage from the prisoners wife , who , it
nppoara , is well conn ' 'cd She mort
gaged herhouso for S I.MX ) and placed
the money in the hiu ls of Montreal
lawyers to defray the \nensos of got-
tin her husband out On tin-strength
of tliia , the brotlior-iii lnv had crime
to Kingston expecting < very mommit
to receive the necessary p.ipora. llo
had on hia person ? . 000 in bills
which ho was prepare * ! t. . . spend in the
interest of the oonvii-t Me is a small ,
genteel looking man tux ! is siid to bo
very wealthy. Ills ncti. > n in thu matter -
tor is in behalf of his < iatervho is
living at his homo in Chicago.
Riotous Fro limou.
.Vatlotml A .soc atcd I'rc-a.
TiiKNTON , N. J. , January 2t.
The JVlercor county iji.uid jury has
found twenty indictments against
students for malicious mischief. All
the culpritu are frcshiuun of ' 85 , and
their special crime mis smashing
sixteen street Iniuos. Tlmy had per
sistently indulged in other amuse
ment , but not to such extent. Among
thu indicted are youi.g ItiggJ , son of
the Washington banker , and Ilnlsoy ,
nuphuw of Congressman Halsoy.
Ell'ortH will bo nindo to keep their
names quiet , but all will have to
plead to the indictment on Frid.iy.
Marino Intcllicouco.
N'ntlonnl AxnocUtoil Piaw.
NKwYouK , January 24. .Sailed
The Wisconsin for'Liverpool.
PLYMOUTH. January -Arrived
The IJoheinia undJlio Frios.iw from
Now Y'ork to Hamburg.
HEI VOKT , January 24.-Sailed
The Walscottou for , New York.
LivKKi'OOL , January 24. Arrived
The Bavarian from liuatou , and the
British Queen from Philadelphia.
GLASGOW , January 24. - Arrived-
The State of Florida and the State of
Alabama from Now York.
The Conductor Alto Arrested.
N tlem l Aiwoclatod Tree .
NKW YORK , January 24. George
T. Uanford , conductor ofthe train
run into mt S ; > u J.u Duyvil on the
13th , was arrested this afternoon and
hold in § 3,000 for trial by order of
Coroner Moikle , who said the evidence -
denco demanded Hanford should be
put on the defense for not strictly
obeying the rules of the company re
quiring him to see the approaching
train was warned , and holding him
equally responsible with thu brakeman -
man Molius.
Wholesale Capture Cof Tr mp
National AusocUUd l'ru < .
ST. Louis , January 21. Oakland ,
a station on thu Missouri Pacific , wna
captured by a gang of trumps who
competed the citi/.oas to supply them
with everything they demanded , The
St. Louis chief of police went on a
special tiain and c.iptuiud the entire
gang and brought them to this city.
I'hey are charged with burglary and
burning fourteen lrciglitoti , and h.ivo
been a terror to the neighboiliood fjr
Huveral weoks.
Moxlcnn MuttcrH
CITV OK Miixn n , .liiuuary 24. The
nsigniiioa of H n ir Xiiaicana , Mex
ican minister t < > Himhington , is at-
tubutcd to the Inwtihty of Miriscil ,
Hecrotary of fureigu relations. The
I ) mo , uoveiniiiL'iit organ , to-diiy de
nies llii.'i report , .mil also the rumor
that Sunor M.ti iac.d will succeed Vi mi-
The piesident IH still nick , nnd will
appoint .1 miniatur to Washington on
hit recoveiy.
Cattln to Canada.
ftatlonrfcl ANHnoi tAtl I'rtn * .
MONTHKAL , January 24. Corres
pondence buiweeii the Canadian inin-
i.stt-r of agriculture and thu votun-
naty duparnncnt of theimpurial pi ivy
council will result in permission being
accorded immediately for the importa
tion of cut llo for feeding purposes
from the United States on tint Hamo
terms a < to qiuiantino as cattle from
Corporation * DodulnuPuyinout.
PHILADKLI-HIA , January 21. Thu
Huuruniu court to diy hoard argument.
in thu 0,1 HO of thu St. Louis gaslight
c.iinpany . and a rnal c'impiny in this
city , urimng on the dei th of Mrn.
3inih Vintuii , UH to which should piy
the income on ono hundred shares of
stock for which tluiy are mutually re
sponsible , DUCII-IUII was reserved.
Ciillnotor itolibod-
Vitlonal AiKOijlntc-j | 'ruH .
OiiiOAOO , J uiuary 21.This after-
loon a collector ot B. F. Murray , a
argo packer , w.w robbed of 81,800.
! left the money in his buggy , ut
he corner of Thirty-fifth street , and
Yurnon avenue , for a moment , when
.hreo young fellows drove up in a
) uggy and s.ole it.
Awful Fute.
National Ai oclatcil Viw .
PnThiiuiui , , Jauuary St.--At the
l'dgar ] Thninpson steel works to-night
a man named Nicholas Moore full into
the blooming null engine and was lit *
erally gcpund to pieces ,
And His Deep Tones Make the
Assassin t Squirm
Aa Ho Depicts iu All Its
BaBouoaa the Vile Docd of
tbo Villain.
Fears Sntortixinod Last Bvou-
inp ; that Quitonu Contein-
plutod Suicido.
ThoJniltroVlll ClmrRo the Jurj-
To-day , ami tiio Jurv Go
Out To-nttli | -
\tlonM As oiiiti'd I'lvi" .
WvsntNtiioN , January 21. ( tiiit-
eau diu'iieit the proceedings by deny
ing the genuineness ot u card published -
ed nver his name , and a warning to
cranks , two of whom ho understood
liinl been nrioMcd thU morning : that
ho was in tbo hands of the couit , and
that any one attempting to do him
harm would be shot down.
Judge Portur resumed hisargnnient
at live tuiimte.s past 10. Ho referred
to the fact that the piisoner , us usual ,
opened court , anil then roitor.itod the
stati'iiuMit of yesterday tlnit the do
feline watt founded upon elutiu , that
tlio disciples of fSuitoauisin wore eon-
lulotit of | ) i rputuating the sham , but
the jmv will probably learn that Giiit-
eau was a li-ir and murderot from the
beginning , and by culture a moral
Further along , Guitenu interrupted
and called Judge Porter a "wine bib-
blor" and asserted that Attorney-
General j\lacAreagh \ did not think him
guilty. "Thou , " said Judge Porter ,
"Whon 1 tell you , gmitlomoii of the
jury , that MacVengh himself tnld mo
his wish and that of the president and
t tie cabinet , you may judge whether
MuoVeagh dipped his hands in Gar-
field's blond. " Porter said if the at
torney general sent him word to stop
the trial heonld bo as dumb as the
dead Garlieldorastmomurdoror would
be when the court hud pronounced
the sentence which would follow the
verdict. Porter referred to ono pub
lic statement of the prisoner , which
Guitean and Seoville claimed contain
ed his lirst declaration of divine in
spiration , and said the document con
tained nothing of the kind.
Scovillo objected to the introduc
tion of the alleged contentsof the doc
ument not in evidence , and was uns
tained by the court. Scovillo also ob
jected to Porter's citation of the de
cision in the Colunan case in Now
York , and Porter handed up the law
to the court.
Porter next paid attention to the
people charged by Guitoau and his
counsel its responsible for the death
of Gariiold , reciting the list , which in
cluded a president , an ox-prosidont
nnd Mrs. Gariiold , Mr. Rlaino nnd
Senator Conkliug , John II. Noyos ,
nnd the president's ' own father and
relatives , and the press of the coun
try. Porter also ridiculed thonti
tempt to drag in the Ohisago conven
tion as the assassin , and said : "The
man whoso blistered tongue inado the
chanzo murdered Gariiold na ho would
a calf. " Porter eulogized the records
of Grant and Conkliug and Arthur as
Porter continued : "Arthur was
not nindo president by Guitoau'n net ,
but by the votes of the poopjo , and he
would have boon president if Gariiold
had troil on an orange peel and fell
and killed himself ; but instead , ho
trod on a rattlesnake and the snaku
marked his destruction. " Porter
ter next miido the atiito-
mnnt that Garfipld had paid
after being shot his murderer was
irresn msiblu because insane , and pro
ceeded to show ho did Bay to Mrs.
Edaon ho could never pardon a man
for such a crimo. He told the jury
hit they had been told they were
empiiroiH and kiiiL's , etc. , nnd eon Id
over-ride n rule of thu court , but it
wai not time.
At 12 recess was taken for half an
After recess Porter commented on
lint conduct of thu prisoner in court ,
and said no man there feared death as
he did.
Giiileau interrupted by saying that
Porter wan " .i liar , and a mean and
low Hconndn 1 , ard God would nond
him below. "
Porter rung the changes on this before -
fore the jury and proceeded to recall
thu ruling of tliu court regarding the
responsibility of thu nssasiin at thu
time of thu shooting , and that if ho
know the dilleronco between right and
wrong , then ho was under thu law
Porter 'vent on. "Ho was a good
man , a thcologimi , but ho did not
want to go to Paradise. Ho spent
nix wouks planning the murder of thu
president and lying plans for his own
lafoty. He neglected no precaution
for his own safety , unless it WAS the
lufuiiBo of insanity , and that did not
larry long. Hcovillo saw him two
lays after the shooting , and since
.lii'ii the press hax been filled with this
den of iniunity , and that without its
leing shown when insanity first bo-
jan. She who could bent tell of his
inentiil condition was uhu who loved
lim. "
"Hut I didn't love her , " said Guit-
' ! UI
UI"Tho woman who married him , "
iontinued Porter.
"I'hiit was Hhain , " said Guiteau.
" I'ho worn in who slept with him , "
wont on Porter ,
"Sometimes she did and sometimes
she did rot , " said Guiteau
"Tho woman who gave money which
10 biuaiidercd | on street prostitutes , "
enid Porter.
"That's a lie , " concludnd Guiteau ,
"Such people , " said Potter , "know
bust about his brain , Shu said ho
w n never insane , and HO said hia own
brother , while his counsel did not
dare to ask his ulster what aho
thought. " llo then argued the testi
mony of the exports vraa in favor of
the prisoner's sanity , and reviewed
the testimony of Mrs. Scovillo , con
tending parts in her statement were
silly evidences of Guitoaifs insanity.
"Admitting , for Mio sake of argu
ment , the innanity of the prisoner , "
said Pertir , "let lunatics learn they
can commit murder with impunity ,
and General Sherman enn't collect
troops ouoiigh to protect us. Hut he
was not insane. 1 don't deny his
claim to bo the most cold blooded
murderer of 0,000 years , 'whoso shed-
doth man's blood , by man so shall his
blood bo shed. " "
"That was two thousand years ago , "
said Guiteau.
"Vou hear the gospel of Guiteau"
wont on PorUr , "nnd ho expects thn
jury to endorse it. " Counsel then
proceeded to point out the fallaoy of
a mun inheriting murderous insanity
from n cnnity that worshipped God
to his dying day. "Tho prisoner's in
finity was moral insanity , begotten of
liis father , the devil. Insanity was a
: liseaso of the brain which in his onse ,
nould hiivo boon cured sooner if an
oppottunity had boon ollorod for him
to put that bull-dog ballot in the back
of the president. "
Judge Porter now expects to con
clude his argument to-morrow in time
for the court to deliver his charge and
the easogo to the jury bpforonight.
Now that his end is near , the pris
oner's fiveo bear.s evidence of great
anxiety nnd his interruptions grow
more ami more silly. Gen. Crocker
Hiys an iippeaiiinco of depression in
Guiteau was mine noticeable this
evening than over before. It was so
marked that upon Ins arrival at the
jail nftor adjournment of court , Im
was taken into the private olllce , and
conversed with a long time to en
liven him , as the keeper luul fours of
tins committing suicide. He talked
with him about death ; ho said ho had
no fear of it if ho could only clio
Forol u Mown.
N'utiimul AtHoclatud PICKS.
HKUUS , January 21. A tumultu '
ous discussion ensued in lleicl'istag ,
the occasion being thu thiid reading
of the budget oil royal rescript.
Prinou lUsiuarck , in explaining the
provisions of thu rescript , said it was
not intended to create a now consti
tutional law but simply to prevent obscurities -
scuritios regarding the old , insisting
on Hovereii'ii rights which , ho said ,
wuio apart from ministerial preroga
tives and could in no way be inter
fered with by law.
Doiails of the scene in lloioliAtag
are as follows : Hurr Haunol , pro
gressist , in his speech declared that
the rescript presented pure absolu
tism and is intended to cover the re
sponsibilities of iiiinisturH by the
king's will. Prince Itismarck , facing
the left in replying to the iiboyo , said
"If you buliovo that the ministers in
tend to cover themselves against par
liamentary speeches by the king's
person you err. You overrate your
selves if you reproach mo with cow
ardice after my lone services to my
country and it should bring n blush of
shaino to your face to limko such as
sertion. " Great uproar followed the
princo's speech. Herr Haonol
was protesting that that
wio ricru- fancy of tho\.cliancollor. \
Prince Bismarck retorted , "No. "
Iferr Hnonel denied oven hinting nt
such expression as that made by the
prince , and presumed that the princu
had invented , it. This increased the
disturbance the "Infa
, right crying ,
mous. " Thu princu in great agitation
sprang to the foot of the tribune nnd
nccuHod Ilnunol of having insulted
him , nnd said ho could not redress
the injury by simply denying , and
thereupon left the houso. The debate
Immediately languished , nnd was ad
journed. The tension of all parties
is greatly increased by the nbovo dis
LONKOM , January 24. Numerous
fires in theaters in provincial townn
are reported nnd there is heliovod t <
be an orgamV.ud gang of pickpockets
resorting to incendiarism for the pur
poses of roblwry.
Advices from Vienna state the of
ficial journals say foreign influence in
at thu bottom of the Her/.ogovinian
tronblu and secret Russian aiientH are
at work.
PAIUS , January 24. GainboHa'n
friends profess great confidence in his
success in his contest with the cham
ber of deputies.
There was an explosion of dynamite
in the factory nt 1'ort Vendren Pior-
cus to-day and sixteen persons were
DIMIUN , January 24. The lord
mayor of Dublin headed a deputa
tion of citizens who waited on the
lord lieutenant to usk him to release
thu suspects now imprisoned under
the coercion act. The lord lieuten
ant in replying said he regretted it was
impossible for him to comply.
VIKNNA , January 21. Fifteen edi
tors of thin city have been summoned
iniforo the prefect of police and for
bidden to publish the movements of
Jait Ijllio Spnyton Duyvll.
National Annoclutod I'ruwi.
UociiKSTKK , N. Y. , January 24.
This morning an east bound freight
' .rain on the Now York Central rail
road became stalled two miles east of
Clyde , and n feu minutes later
train following ran into the
caboose , smashing nnd Hot
ting lire to it. The Humes were ex
tinguished before the tire cuminnnica-
lud to other cars. It was then dis
covered that Conductor Jno. Mo *
Mnnus , of the stalled train , was in
the caboosu and burned to dixitli.
Thu lom of property is incoiwidurnblo
and the tracks were clear in an hour ,
it Deems no flugiinin wont back from
the stalled train ,
Ponniylvaulauft to Hau ( ; .
National AHrtoclutuil 1'iutM
HAUUIHIJUKU , Pa. , Jan. 21Gov. .
Hoyt to-day issued death warrants
for thu following , all to bo hangud
March 24lh
Jonathan MoycrSnyder Co.IIunry ;
and Frank Pumburger , Dauphin Co. ;
John W. Nuwlini ! , Olearliold Co , ,
Frank Small , Allegheny Co. audJohi !
Ooylo , YorkOo.
Tlio Foiul Hopes Raised by
the Natives ,
Thinking the United States
Government Was About
to Sldo With Thorn.
But Blnino and Hia Follow
Commissioner Leave Them
No Consolation.
And Depart for Chili to Honr the
Otuor Sldo.
NatlonM AMiodntul 1'rrM.
PANAMA , January 24. The strike
among the laborers on the Isthmus
was brought to a clone. There were
nearly ilOO men who held out for over
a week for inereaso of wages. ' After
mail ) ' days lost CMI either side it was
agreed to pa ) * the laborers 81.CO per
Latest ilut os received from Lima
are to the iifith of December. The
United States oteamorLackawanna ar
rived at Callao oil thq 2fld , bearing
United Status ConlinissioiiorsTrcRcott
and Ulnino on board with their aecro-
tarios. Great plensuro was evinced
by all as it appeared something dotinito
will have been made public during the
commissioners' stay there , but they
jro disappointed. Great prepara
tions had been made by the Peruvians
* .o entertain Trescott nnd lilaine
but they did not appear over-
nleased at the idea of
heing inado the lions of the hour.
They were received on board by rep- _
resoutntlvos of the Chilean authori
ties , and by a committee of Peruvian
gentlemen , ono of whom , Senor Dor-
tciino , ollerud them hia house. This
ollbrwas rejected and the commission
ers selected thu Franco-Angltorro ho
tel for their residence during thnir
stay in Lima. Nothing olliotal soonm
to have taken placo. It is aniil every
uord nttorod by the commissioners was
caught up an indici\tions of the inten
tions of the United States govern
ment , oven the coiuulimoiitary remark -
mark of Mr. Dlnino at lunch in Mr.
Dorteano'fl house , in which ho express
ed the wish that on bin return , in
about throe months , bo would sou the
Hag changed which governed the city.
That was rapidly converted into
meaning that the United States would
at once order the withdrawal
of the Chileans from Peruvian terri
tory. The Luekawanna , with the com
missioners on board , sailed for "Val-
pariso on Christmas day.
There has been an attempt nt
revolution in Tacua , where the cav
alry tried to turn out the colobrntod
prefect Mass. They failed nnd eight
of the men were shot. The move
ment wan made in favor of declaring
Tncna a free town. The TacunnoK
have always boon moro Bolivians than
Peruvians in sympathies and connec
Garcia Caldoron is still in Chili ,
where ho is in controversy with the
newspapers and oven , it ia auscrtod ,
with the government.
A fire occurred in Ciillao on the
25th , causing lossua amounting tto
50,000 ; no insurance.
R llo of the ' 8O Campaign-
Nations ! Adeodutod I'roa * .
will publish an iuturviuw with W. H.
English giving the facts relative to >
the alleged claims of ono Murphy , of
New York , against him on account of
speeches in the late campaign , and.
showing that Murphy was paid in full
by the national committee , accom
panied by a statement of prominent
democrats showing that Mr. English
contributed ovorjP,000 $ : ) to the domo-
crntic campaign fund of 1880 , and
that more money was spent by demo
crats in this state that joar than in
tun campaigns. Democratic defeat in
this slate was owing to the decision of
the supreme couit overthrowing the
constitutional amendments , which
made tins an October state , which de
cision was made in the interests of
Himdricks , ami was earnestly opposed
by Mr. English.
Bolt Among the Road jus tors.
National Asooclatixl Frew )
RICHMOND , Vn. , January 21.
There was a boll among the roadjust-
ors in the senate thin morning. For
the first time during this session all
the HotmtorH wore in their places. Mr.
Riddltiberger noininato'J ; on the part
of the roadjusturs , Mr. S. Drown Al
len for nuditor. Senator Nowbury ,
who is a ruadjiiHter , at once moved to
adjourn , and the motion was carried.
Patent Medloin * Taxe .
National Amocltted I'rum
PIIILAI > KUMIIA , January 21. Tlio
annual mooting of the Philadelphia ,
drug exchange resolved to-day to agi
tate for thu repeal of the internal rev
enue taxes on patent medicines , bank
chucks and matches and n gradual re
duction of taxes on distilled spirits
id tobacco until finiillv and entirely
abolished ; also , favored the appoint
ment of a tariff commission.
Nttlonal AsHocUtod I'reHH.
WASIIINOTON , January 25. For the
lower Missouri valley : Light rain or
snow , and partly cloudy weather ;
finds mostly trom south to west , fall
ing barometer and rising temperature
during the day.
Podtolllco Changes
in Nubraska during the week ending
January 21 , 1882. Furnished by
William Van Vied ; , of the postofllco
department :
Dull Creole , \Vaulnngtou county , to
Arlington ,
' ' ' .
Cloverton , Webster county , W. W.
Howgatu ; Hubbell , Tlmyor county ,
Win , M. Cooluy ; Leonard , Hamilton
county , Chun A. Betz ; Willow-
Grove , llod Willow county , George
White ,