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Proceedings of Both Houses o
Congress Yesterday ,
"The Movement ProgroesinK tc
Take the Committee Pow
er from the Speaker.
-How the List of Vacant Foreign
oign Offices Will Probably
bo Pilled.
"Miioollnuooim Notes From thn Nn-
tlonnl Capital.
Nktton&l AssocUtod I'rrm.
NVASHINUTON , January 17. Thofol
lowing bills were introduced :
By Mr. D.xvis (111. ( ) , to permit Uni
ted States Justice Ward to retire.
By Mr. Blair , to pension Mrs. Gnr-
fiold. Referred.
By Mr. Conger , to provide for n
commission on the liquor traflic. Laid
on the table until a aeli'ct committee
is appointed.
At 1:20 : p. rn. , the 3 per cent fund
ing bill came up aa unfinished busi
ness. Mr. Plumb took the floor on
his amendment.
Mr. Plumb was followed by Mr.
Pugh , advocating further amendment
to Mr. Vest's amendment , Mr. Teller
in favor of a silver standard , Mr.
'Saundurs in support of the general
features of the bill , and Mr. Pondle-
tonwho , favored n compulsory amend
ment. Without disposing of the bill ,
the senate at 4 p. m. wont into execu
tive session , and soon after adjourned.
The senate , in executive session to
day , confirmed a number of nomina
tions for postmasters.
Mr. Ilutchins , discussing the re
port of the committee on rules in
creasing the membership of commit
tees , criticised the formation of sev
eral of the committees and said that
ho would favor thu election of com
mittees by the house and not permit
the speaker to dictate the legislation
of the whole country in thu appoint
ment of committees.
Mr. Kosson said that there was no
need for increasing the size of the
committees. Small committees ac
complish more than largo ones. Ho
argued that the election of commit
tees would be no reflection on the
'speaker , and would at the aamo time
do away with the opportunities the
present system oilers for the use of
the promise of committee place for
support for speaker.
' Mr. Orth offered as a substitute
that the house after or
ganization at the commencement
of each congress shall elect eleven
members , whose duty it will be to re
port to joint standing coni-
.ditieos , tlio latter to bo ooloctod'in
the order of length of service in con
gress , and the committoeathus consti
tuted be permanent committees dur
ing such oongroas. In offering the
substitute Mr. Orth contended the
present system was a one-man power ,
a power always dangerous , and one
which the American people will not
accept. He did not make any criti
cism upon the committees as appoint
ed. His object was for above that.
By the plan embodied in his substi
tute thu majority will control the
committees but the minority will have
proper representation.
Mr. Heed atrreed with his commit
tee in full regarding the enlargement
of committees , as ho doubted the pro
priety of making the increase sug
gestion , but should not antagonize
the report.
Mr. Kelley WAS opposed to the re
port increasing the membership of
committees. The larger a committee
has grown the loss work has been
dono. Ho moved to lay the report
of thu committee and the substitute
and the amendment on the table.
Lost ; yeas , 107 ; nays , 140.
Adjourned nt 4:45 p. m.
WASHINGTON , January 17. It is
believed Kirkwood is to bo tendered
a foreign mission when his successor
is appointed. There is nn doubt that
the president's intention now i.s to
appoint Mr , Sargent of California
.secretary of the interior. Mr.
'Kirkwood will bo offered Berliner
or Vienna , as it is said upon the
-authority of Senator Harrison that
John 0. New is to go to St. Peters
burg to succeed Colonel Foster. John
Baker is to go to Chili to take the
place of thu late Kilpatrick , and Pit-
Vkin , of Louisiana , is to bo sent to
Mexico. U. A. Sheridan is talked ,
of for the consul general"
ship at Montreal. Judge Den
ny , who is now at Shanghai ,
China , is to bo promoted to Pekin ,
; and Mosby promoted from Hong
Kong to Denny's place. Gen. Bur-
bridge a friends are now pushing him
for the Belgian mission. There ia
talk also of sending Badeau back to
London nnd giving Morrittsome other
place equally good. It U understood
that Cramer , now in Switzerland , maybe
bo promoted to tlio Portugese mis
sion and Staunton , consul general
at St. Petersburg , it ia said , will be
eont further south , owing to failing
health in that rit'oroua climate. It ia
announced that the president has de
termined to otlor Chauncey I. Filloy a
Aret-clo&s foreign appointment , but his
frioBds say that ho will not accept.
It is also rumored Arthur may find
this a convenient way of disposing of
Secretary Hunt when ho makea up hia
mind to appoint a now man in the
navy department who will piobably
be William E. Chandler. It is believed -
lioved a change will bo made , at Ha
vana , Hall , the consul general there ,
being rather too advanced in life to
11 the position much longer , It ii
believer General Strother will con-
tinuo consul general nt the City o
Nitlonil AttocUtrJ 1'rciK.
WASIUXOTOS' , Jnnnary 17.1'ron
whut c.ui bu gathered no name ha
been decided upon for assistant sccro
tnry of the treasury. The last mm
introduced is Shopnrd , of Chicago
cage , but it is not gonornlly boliovoc
that his chnncos nro as good ns those
of Giltitlnn's , of Pennsylvania.
All members were present at the
cabinet mooting to-day. Several bills
on Indian affairs proposed by Mr
Kirkwcod wore considered.
, Secretary Folgor noes to Philadel
dolphin to-night to be absent until
until next week.
Army of the Cumberland subscrip
turns lotn Garfield monument are
coming in liberally.
The supreme court , in deciding t
patent case , has laid down the gonern
principle "that while the law author
izes n re-issue when the patentee hni
claimed too much so as to unnblo him
to contract his claim , it does not aim
authorize a ru-issuo in order to ex
pand his claim. " This decision wil
dispose of n jlumber of cases now
icndinp before the patent oltlco.
Stnto Board of Agriculture.
-woliU ( lj ] > iiUh t > the I > ei ! .
LINCOLN , January 17. The state
> oard of agriculture mot this nfter-
loon , a large number of members be-
ng present. No business of import
ance yet. Thu board is nt work on
the premium list. The treasurer's
report shows the society over $0,000
n debt from the receipts of lust fair.
The election of officers occurs to
morrow inorninu.
\ntlouil Aiaociuta I l'ri'fv
ST. PAUL , Minn. , January 17.
[ ho hospital fur the insane at St.
. 'etor'shad a narroweacape last night
rom a repetition of the horror of a
ear mo. The lire cnuijht in one of
ho largo temporary buildings which
ontained lifty p.itients. The dangur
vas discovered just in timu to remove
ho patients and furniture. Loss ,
DANVILLE , 111. , January 17. A fire
t Indianola , this county , destroyed
11 the business houses on thu west
ido of the public squaro. Loss ,
PirrsiiuuG , January 17. A tire
> roko out in the oil warehouse of 11.
0. Emory & Co. , under the Standard
il company's control , at 9 a. in. The
milding had been ueed for storing
il for years and was thoroughly soak-
d , and it burned rapidly. Next door
was the rag and p.tpor warehouse of
tlcCnllouxh & Smith , which was
lightly injured. The powder waro-
louse of A. Kirk was threatened and
Ul combustibles removed. Loss , $50-
00 ; insurance , above 820,000. There
ro was caused by the explosion of a
> arrol of benzine. One man was
> adly burned. ,
* .
; ; * ,
v"rTemiMf eo Debt Cane.
Ulonal Awoclated 1'reas.
NASHVILLE , January 17. The ar-
uments on the state debt case , known
s the 100-.1 bill , commenced to-day ,
'he sitting of the cuurt was occupied
y Mr. Yoatroa , who will finish his
rgumont to-morraw.
loath of ExoQavarnor Ballook.
atlotml Associated 1'ruuo.
WORCESTKH , Mass. , January 17.
Ix-Governor A. II. Bullock dropped
ead in the streets to-day. Ho was
icakorof the housoof representatives
f Massachusetts from 1802 t 1803 ,
ud governor in 1809.
Death Sentence Commuted-
ktlonal Amtoct&tixl I'row.
NEW OiiLEANH , January 17. James
iiidrewB , convicted of murdering
Lenry Johnson at S.irgunt in Tunsnn
Kiriah , and sentenced to death , had
is sentence commuted to-day to im-
risonmont for life itoth murderer
nd victim wore negroes , and the
illing resulted from n. gambling dis-
Died of Heart Disease
atlonkl AMOciMed PIIMH.
BIIYN MAWH , Pa. , January 17. -
jeorgo N. Allen , of the Pluldelphia
ry goods firm of Wood , Bacon &
Jo. , diud suddenly at his country rus-
lonco at 1 o'clock this morning of
eart disouuu. Threu hours buforu hu
ad delivered a vigorous speech before
10 Philadelphia board of trade on'
10 dangeroua sanitary condition of
: iat city. For several years he had
epreaentod the board of trade in the1
atiunal board of trade and was a del-
gate to its coining convention at
Sentenced to lie Hanged.
tlon l AonocutoU 1'tMo.
NKW OHLEANH , January 17. The
overnor has sentenced August DATIS
colored ) to bo haneed hero January
7th for rape , and Ed Belton to bu
langed on the same day at Mansfield
or murder.
Probably Clubbed to Death.
National AiwociaUd Viva.
PHILADELPHIA , January 17. John
Gallagher , a young man , is now lying
t the point of death and ia a maniac
rom the effects of a clubbing admin-
stored by n police.nun on January
th , who arrested him for disorderly
( induct. The policeman is undur ar
es t ,
Killed for a Common Cause
atlonal Auoclated Prt-m.
VioKsuiwo' , Miss , , January 17.
Vhile sitting at his homo Kind John-
on was shot and killed by Anderson
luntor ( both colored ) , ncarlloaudalu.
he latter was intimate with Job li
on's wife ,
Indication *
National Anodated I'ruw.
WASHINGTON , January 18. For the
ewer Msouri valley : Warmer weather
n the southern portion , couth to west
winds , and lower barometer ,
Increased Activity Among tin
Kansas Roads. .
New Lines Boiug Pushed
Abend to Network
the Stnto.
Gould Figures on n Throuph
Freight L no to Now
Miscellaneous Rnoltot nnil Rat
tling on the liinoi
LKAVKNWOHTII , Kns. , Jnmmry 17.
Surveyors fjr ix branch of the Atchi-
sun , Topekn \ S.inta Fo rnilroad fioni
Chutenu to LoiivcnwDrtharenoiv loon-
titiir a line in this city.
Watervillo and Concordin nro bntli
endeavoring to secure branches of the
Kansas Central Narrow Gunge nil
way , which extends westward fnnn
thu city. The track of the mum HIUI
of tins rend will shortly bo
contplutod to Minneapolis , and it is
stiitud thnt 100 mill's will ; to uddod to
tlio system duriug 188'J. lion. Len
T. Smith , president of the Kansas railway , is just now buying
nil the land ho can obtain in the low
er ] > nrt of the city A company of
capitalists will then build a line union
depot , . "
The track of the Lcavenworth , To-
) okix & Southwestern railroad is buinu
aid down at the ratu of a milo a day.
NKWIUUY , N. Y. , .Tnnuury 17. A
rain from Huston with a special car
containing the officers of the Now
York & Eno railroad arrived here this
afternoon. In the morning they will
> o joinud by railroad ntliuinh from
ho Pennsylvania coal regions nnd of
uthur wosturn roads , nnd in the after-
loon they will go east over the- Now
fork & Now England rnilroad for
ho purpose of inspecting its freight
iicihtios with a vim ? to running last
rcights from Chicago directly to Bos
on nnd other points in Now Eng-
nnd. It irt said to bo a movement of
ruy Gould to give the Now England
11101 cliiuip rnlei by the joint work
f the Eno nnd Noiv York t Now
Snglnnd railroad.
PHILADELPHIA , January 17. At a
neetin ; ' of directors of the I'hiladol-
> hia A ; Heading railroad this afternoon
t was decided that interest upon the
ho general mortgage loan which fell
ue last July , amounting to § 000 , 000 ,
hould bu paid on nnd after Fobrtury
Oth. No notion was taken regarding
ho .January interest.
The Vote for Treasurer of Ponn-
fatlorwl Amoclatod Prcn.
HAKHLSBUKO , PH. , January 17.
? he electoral commission appointed
3y the legislature to compute the vote
or state treasurer mot in the agnate
shamher at noon to-day. The result ,
: otnputinx by counties , is as follows ' :
Bailey , 205,205 ; TS'oble , 257,471' ;
Wolfe , 4 ! > , ! )8t ) ; Jackson , 14,974 ;
Wilson , 4,575 ; scattering , 180.
lomethlng Ifke Unto Oar Own
John B.
'ational Associated 1'rtm. .
PHILADELPHIA , January 17. Daniel
Jigger , preacher of the qospol and a
ihining light in the temp < > ranco move-
nent , who has attracted large audi-
jnces here , is wanted by the police
m the charge of having made an as-
tault on Onrrio Press , a young inva-
id. He has disappeared , leaving a
vife and three children.
A. tT. S Man-of-War Not Hoard
rational Amocutod Prow
WASHINGTON , January 17. Hear
\dmtral Clitz , commanding the
\sintio Bqundron nt Yukolmmu , Japan ,
oports to the navy department that
; he movementa of the Richmond are
inknown , nothing having been hoard
> f hoard of her since she left Yokohama
hama in Julylast. _
A Short Lived Strike-
National Associated I'rutw.
FT. WAYNNE , January 17. The
: oopers in Shruck & tlu' ) Bhops
itruck yesterday nnd look possession
> f the shops. Ollicera were called in
md the men resumed work thin
Too Maoh Coal Being Mine * .
l > oclatc.-d I'rau
PHILADELPHIA , January 17. A
committee of the Schuylkill coal ox-
ihango to-day ordered suspension of
iporationsin all ; oHiorieB on the 19th
nst. and 21st inst.
The Cumberland.
National Amoclatod I'rMB.
NASHVILLE , Tenn , January 17.
Che river continues to rise rapidly
aid the gauge shows to-day CO feet
md 0 inches of water. The river is
ligher now than it was in 1847. A
{ real deal of lumber is still being do-
itroyed by the flood. Four hundred
'ntmliea have been driven from their
lomes. River men say the river will
rise two or throe feet higher. Ser
ous damage is being done to the busi-
loss interests by the stoppage ot
nills , factories , etc. _
Poutofflco Chongon
n Nebraska during the week ending
Fanuary 14 , 1882. Furnished by
William Van Vleck , of the postoflico
lepartinent :
Dorrington , Richardnon county , to
Glongary , Killmoro county , Bum.
t" . Bothwoll.
Green Island , Cedar county , John
A. ton ,
Lowell , Kearney county , George
Niobrara , Knox county , J. Clinton
Odoll , Gage county , Perry Wslker.
Saratoga , Holt county , Joseph S.
Oroon Mountain Uoj .
Nation * ! A K > clattdrn w. ,
Cimnoo , January 17. The Illinoi
Association of the Son * of Yunnan
held its tidh annual banquet tin :
evening nt the Pnlmor house H \ fl. .
a brilliant affair. Nearly f > 00 gnoMi
wore in attendance. Letter * and tolr
grams wore received from 1'residonl
Arthur , Senator Logan , Vice Presi.
dent Davis , Senators Kdmnnils ami
Murrill , Gen. Phil. Sheridan , ox-Sec-
rotary EvarU , Hon. Jno. A KOMOII ,
Hon.Vm.F.Yilft8 , QojUruor Sherman -
man of Iowa , Governor Kitrnnm til
Torment , Governor Culluin of Illinois -
nois , and many others. ( .Vngnituln-
tory tulegrams wore recount from
similar associations assemble. ! in ban
quet nt San Francisco , \\.ireostor ,
M.ias. , and DCS Moiiics. A Mimptu-
ous banittct was served in the dining
room of the hotel. The | > i ruinmo
followed was : The invocation by Dr.
( iiMin > o N. Itonrdinnn , nddri * by the
roiiring provident , 0. 1J. l.aviunoo ,
lulilix'ss of the president duct , Nor
man NVilliitms , and tonal' ,
How a Youthful Maidan and
Her Anxious Lover Elude
the Viffilanco of the
Qirl'a Paronta ,
And Decamp Uudor Cov r of tbo
DArkuonH fur 'Whoroaliouti
MatLnnoutli Jaurotl.
John W. Munford , of South Mend ,
was in town to-day in search of his
laughter Caroline , not yet 15 years of
age , and a young man named Alphouso
Jarhng , BOH of Dr. D.irlii : uf that
) lace , who had nmnagod to elude the
igilanue of the > oung lady H fathir
and cacaoe beyond the bound * of the
uld folks coguuinco. Mr , .Munford
old his story , utter much ' solicitation
on the part of the reporter.11 follows ;
Tiie girl had not yet attained her
iftoenth year , but both she and Dar
ing had for some four or live montha
jn badly smitten with each otlior'n
harms. The Munford parents had
lot opposed the blissful dro.uns of the
oung couple , except with the uingio
bjecciun that the girl waa too young ,
'lie mother of the young maiden had
tuted her positive refusal to both of
lieu ) , and had endeavored to roaaon
ivitli tlium , tolling them to unit yet u
ittlo until the girl uua old
nough to marry , and then if
lieir ulTuctious stood thu teat of
elay , she would consent. In spuu
f this , however , the youthful couple
ome time siiuo concocted a scheme
0 run away and achieve the wish of
heir heart. Their scheme was do-
ected nnd foiled by Mr. Mimford ,
nd the young girl was professedly
very penitent , And prumised ti > yield
10 more to the solicitations of her
'oung and ardent lover. Tlio father ,
lotvovcr , placed but little taith in the
jirl's seeming penitence , and had
atoly kept u strict and untiring watch
over her every action , confining her
* t homo'determined not tb'allbwher )
f possible to prevent it , an opportu
nity to have anything to do with the
'ouug ' man , and forbidding the iiu-
jutuoua Alplionso the house.
_ Last evening the girl , in company
with a little sister about six years of
go , stopped out into the yard without
> von a hat , shawl or cloak. In a short
ime the little girl returned , saying
hut Caroline had sent her in with the
iromiso to follow "in a minute. " Li
ess than live minutes Mr. Munford ,
uspectinc something amiss , went out
nd found that aho was gone. Imjuiry
ovoloped the fact that the gay Al-
moiiHo was likewise gone , with a team
nd buggy. Since then nothing him
> een heard of tlio youthful pair , and
uwing to the frozen condition of ( lie
oads they could not be tracked. The
ounir man was Been yenterday uturly.
ng the map , no doubt planning his
uuto. Mr. Munford has come tu the
oncliiMon that they liave headed to
ward MiHHiiiniiiii'l holiiiH tcleuraphi'd
long tile line to have Hum uticioujit-
d. He says the girl has alwuya here-
ofore been a good girl and has borne
1 good name As it m , they will not
> e able , in all probability , to gut a li-
onso unless by perjury. Mr. Mun-
ord nayn that it waH n witll planned
nd well executed maneuver and they
wore probably assisted by a sister of
he young man. If they ride all the
way to Missouri in a bu gy this cold
weather , their hymeneal ardor will bo
omewhat cooled.
'romtnent Tenneiieoun Droirned.
Y .loiu l AjnociaUid Vtuut.
NAHHVII.LK , Tonn. , January 17.
japtuin Daniel Rhea , a proniinwit
itizen , was drowned while crossing H
rook yesterday. The body has not
'et ' been rccuverod.
Pcde tHanUm in the
NAMUVILLH , Tonn. , January 17.
'ho one hundred hour walking
natch , go-os-you-plooHO , commenoud
o-night at 8 o'clock , with O'Loary ,
) obler , Carson and Glenin. Dobler
a ahead , and O'Loary second.
H Abdaotod BeantifU Otrl.
i tlonl AMOcUtod Vivm
DKCATUU , 111. , January 17. Ned
Tathway , thu noted ballooniut , who
as recently arrested for abducting a
> eautiful girl and marrying her , will
> o tried to-morrow. The ( jirl saya
he will continue faithful U him ,
ven if sentenced to ten years.
' i
Jennie Graiaer'a Murderer * .
National Awtoclktod 1'ruui ,
Naw HAVKK , Conn , January 17.
ndictinents were to-day found by thu
rand jury against JameH and Walter
ilnlloy and Hlanche Douglnat for thu
nurder of Jennie Cramer , on
fcth I ant ,
TIIOUAH' JIci.KOTiua On. h > H obUloed
( jreat jjoimlatity , from ltd Intiln.
! o value aii a rellaU * iiiodlcine , ] n cm n
loftrauneiu and all irillutions o ( the Uina * .
dUemort of th chut , etc. Kur thu e It It
an IncouipartUi imluton'c ' , 9-iw
As Sung liy Scovillo in tlio As
sassin's ' Bolialf.
Ho waa Abaolutoly Orazy am
Couldn't Have Known
What Ho Did.
And This Jury Must Never ,
No Never , Hang1 an
luaixuo Man ,
Soovtllo Conoliultm Tdi y nnd
Thou CtiniPM Tor tor-
January 17. Scovillo
an lonuuL'd Guituau had a short nd-
Irt'Ha upon \\\A \ \ right to speak. Sco-
ville hud read it and found nothing ob-
octiuiiiililo in it. No objection being
\iised , Scovillu then read an addresa
to the court , appealing to the court to
charge the juiy that if they believe
that ho believed at the time of the
shooting hovns acting under special
hvinu authority they must acquit on
.he ground of tramsitury mania. CSul- added that if any one man on thu
u ry was in doubt on this and olhut
lointa hift speech pullished ) yesterday
\ probably settle him and up-
lealud to thu eonrt to permit him to
end to the jury. The court said it
uonld t.iko the niattur in cniihidern-
tion and Scovillo resumed bin argu
Scovillo began by attacking the
conduct ot Coi k hill in obtaining by
'also pretotiBi'n statement from the
iriuoiirr , and described an scandalous
.he medical experts who examined
iiiiUuu'a mental condition several
aonths after the shooting , and had no
noans ( if telling what wa the ulate of
us mind on .July 2. Scovillo criti
cised nharpiy the entire coun > o ot thu
mmooiition ut ungentlumanly. They abused the witncases for the do-
ense , but not attacked Dr. Spitr.ku'n
act or theory , lieeanso they could not
uccoHsfully do BJ , but sought tnuyor-
oino the ull'ect of his manly and scien-
ilio .statement by police couit moth-
odp. They adopted the name courmj
oward Dr Ivieiniui Iloth of theau
witnoKium believed theiriHoiiur ] insane ,
md wore ( Uialilictl to pass an opinion
ipon the subjoot which could not bu
controverted by misstuteiiieiit or ridi-
uled. The prosecution objected to
he defense presenting the testimony
f Detective MuHlfresh , the ollicoc
who rode wilh the prisoner to jo-ll
mmcdiately after the Hhooling. Tim
oason for the objection Mas McH-
resh'a evidence would tthow thu con-
ition of the prisoner's mind at the
imo of the shooting. Thu defense
wnntod to show insanity by Dr. Me-
Airland and the ill-ahapod head by
Jlark Mills , Ixit theprosecution object
ed. A letter was read iu evidence from
Guitenu to Cnrkhill , but was mutilated
and if the truth wan known the pos-
sugo cut out was favorable to the pris-
iner. The proaecution's wituess ,
teynoldo , ' had endeavored fo entrap
he prisoner into statuments injurious
, o his cane. The prosecution ulso-ob-
ected to the prisoner addroasiug the
ury in defense of himself.
Scovillo then appealed to the jury
f thia was fair treatment in the iater-
unt of justice and whether it indicated
t desire of the proaecutiun for n fair
and impartial trial. Scovillo ssJd ho
tad heard enough of this nonsense
jbuut "fair play. " The reaaun for
he extraordinary conduct of thu
iruBL'cutlon was tlutt the prisoner wan
IIBIIUO and they knew it , but dhd not
vant evidence of it to come befure the
Scoville then argued to the jury
hat Guitenu was insane , or nine he
vould have put on his hat nnd left
court rather tluu stand hi * repeated
nsults which he had born because
iu knew thu prisoner was insane
With Portor'B addiem ho was thrown
ill ub.ick ; his eloiUencu | wait for ubig
eu and he hud prostituted his lulenU
or money by accepting H fee to go to
\Vatliintjtoii to hang an insane man.
f Guiteun should bu hung because of
ho falfio jiwctices of Corkhill , con-
limed Scovillu , Cotklull would bu
iiiunted all Ins life if he had u con-
Hcienue by u black vision Til tlio
KHIXIIIJ. Corkhill was now uttumpt-
ng to ridu the wave i > f popularity ,
JUG would uthuittind luinuolf Htranded
jn popular comtempt.
Sjovillii said Gmteoju has been , insane -
sane since hu reachetl his ninetieth
Eecuso ,
Alter recess ( iuituau eaid hu had
locoivod checks for S fi.OOO , $ COJOO , (
and $75,000 and asked for more.
Scovillo resumed : Uuiteau was hon
est in his belief that he WUH inspired
and he pitied the human belli ) ; who ,
with thu light of thu nineteenth cen
tury of Christianity scowled at inspir
ation. Hcovillo said the theological
career of Guitean was simply that of
a medium. Hu would not have been
refused admitaion to an asylum by
my one of the exports who had eaiti
10 was sane. Guituau'n political
mpirutions were also proof of the un <
soundness of his mind. Scoville LJI-
sist * d his inordinate egotism was 0.110
of the chief characteristics of insanity
md everything in Guituau's career
showed him to be possessed of that
characteristic , but he wait hono&i and
sincere , with thu gibbutt staring him
, n the faco.
Counsel wont on to refer to the
morbid mind of Oniteuu prior to the
uauaiuiiiation and the effect that bitter
iiuwajmper artiules hail upon him.
The fact -vas that the accused lookiwl
upon the political tiituatiou last Junu
UA a great trouble , Itcuiue upon htm
as an overwhelming misfortune just
aa a buaineiw cataatropho or fuuiily
troubles huvu come upon men of good
health and reason und overthrown
their reason. It thu latter causes
were uuHiciunt to upset reason , could
it bo said that it waa impossible that
great public danger and calumit )
should have jxtwer to unsettle tin
reaaon of thu prisoner , The puUtioa
situation was moving thu prisoner t <
bis committing the net under the in
sane delusion , and he had en inn ti
the coneluslon that Onrtiald wn tin
cause of the difficulty in the ropnbli
con party. Tlio same idonwni incut
Ciitod in hundred.of publie jour
nals nnd juon high in positioi
nnd uuthoritv said the blnmn rentei
on the prcaidont. Thurofoiotho jurj
could not visit the accimcd with tin
rcsiwiuibility of organizing it. Will
ucn intlucnocs owMting [ on a wenl
mind , it could be unjlorstond thn
Otiitoati wn aincnrn in believing tin
removal of the president would nnv
Hie country from n great rtlamity
Such an idon was convstmit with hii
past life.
Counsel sketched the condition nl
iteau's mind from the conception
if thu net to its oimmijMion , ariuinu
S every cimnnsiance coniiooteil
vitb it was evidence of nnsmiiulm-R'
> f mind. Ho wont on to enuinonttn
nstanciM where tneano people had
ihown promeditntmn in committing
The court adjourned nt Ut ( > . Sco-
villo wid ho oxpoctwl to finish to-
Aooldout an thn Milirnnhon St. St.
Paul Knilroiul.
Nixtlntnl AwMlnUxl 1'ritw
IjvUiwtwKVis , .Innuarv ll' . -
( lonural Malinger Mornll , of the Clu-
"tigo , MilwnuKeo iV St t'nnl railnmd ,
sayH an accidunt oconriod New
A I lun , at 7 o'clock thin ninriiiiii ; , on
ho lnbiu\uo | Jivinion of the Chicago.
MiltvnnUu ) iV S , I'.iul lailromd to the
t. Loins t'.xproja tr.un , A wheel
iroko nn tSio fotward truck of fcho
smoking car and that car wiui ditched
md thu ladies' ' car pnrtiaMjr over-
Mi'CtUKooii , la. , January Itk.
Vain No. ( ! ) known aa tlio " > 'lying
) utchman , " mot with an aucident at
he biid o near Lansing. An aslu
ii'caiiio overheated and burnt it wheel
if the forward truck of the muoking
, ir , winch wai overturned twica wut
uiily biokun up. It wim tillud with
) a8soiigers , all of whom worn injured.
1'hu ladies' car was also derailed ami
lamaged and u child of Mrs. ,7V > hn
Xmalmo killed. The following
vure i.ijurude J. A. Jenlcins ,
nperiiituiident of , the DubuiMlo
livision ; . ! , Parrell , l < oreauont , MHniii ;
d. A. U'aleotfc , conductor , of Illinois ;
\lr. Uiuo , malinger of Spraguu'n ChN
: ago minstrels , and muni of thu iiioin-
) urs of the troupu-r John Ileuly , MVis-
ord , loiva ; John Itichnrdnon , liulUilo ,
* f. Y" . The woumlud were taken tt >
jiinsing nnd Dubuque , and will be
arod for.
A FrnnA Puniuliod.
tllonal AH-oclatwl I'nra * .
WAMIIINOTON , Junimry 17. The
uartormastor general him forwncxlud
> the secretary o war the report thai
.ames T. Thornlon of liourbon , "JUIH. " ,
led n claim in the quartermaster
joiioral's otlluo on Decoinbur 3 , l.S7T
or mules , homes and forage valued at
< 9 ( > , : ! 00f alleged to. have b'uon taken
roiu him for the use of the UTnitutl
tales army during tiio lute wan.
Jpon invostigntioii'by thu agent of the
epartmont , the claim was found to
> o without foundation. It waa. disnl-
owed by the ( jjMrturmagtor gonuralt
it wlioso ronnest , the papers were luv *
) ofore the dopaotmcnt of justice for
ironecution of the guilty partieo.
'hornton was brought to. trial , and
nod $1,000 and coats.
An ImmiRration Corporation-
atlunal Amocialcd
ALIIANY , January 17. The Amoii-
an-Kiiropean xchnngu nnd Ltuid
ompany have filed articled of incur-
xiration , with a capital of $25(000- (
100 , Tlioy aru to encourage emiya- ;
ion and develop lands owned by them
n West Virginia and Kentucky.
Alices will bu established in New
'oil ; , LoniU'ii and tbo states named.
Tbo Palnoo Our Companion.
Tutloiinl Autodatud l'rc .
Nr.wYtm , January 17. Thi re
tort that it has boon o'Uitoinpl.iiod to
onn a comhinutioii between the Pull-
nan nnd Wagner palate car companion
nd that lusneoting hml been prepared
vith that view but wax stopped by the
inoxpcctod and snd dJUath ot Senator
Vugner , in denied positively by ( Jen.
IOMUO Jortor , the vice president
if thu I'nllinan palace caa coin-
any den. Porter said that
hero waa to his knowledge riothing
hut looked like a proposition to form
i comluiation ot the companies , and
ID MOO. convinced that the report tu
hat e'J'uct had been manufactured.
otliiin ; of the Uind was mentioned
o him by Mr. Pullman when ha wan
n tlu'fl city _
A Texro War Claim.
MAIIHIIALI , , Texas , Junuary 17. -
tuano Hughes , propriutcr of Hnuhe * '
ipainga , Cass. county , i j this state , it
cousulting counsel wit'.i thu view tu
ictnging suits against Don. David
jtalhunioii , Judge Mabruy , Colluiul
Crawford laid others , the Kast 'jjnu '
ailroud ctnipany uad the United
Uatea government , ft r nn ainouut ug-
gruuating over 82,000,000 , for lossui
; rowing cat of the aeizure arid i > nfm-
cation ot cotton and real
during the
Hotel Menk Conventiaa.
National AuocUtinl Vyuu * .
OiKtiMNATi , January t7. The
third annual convention oj ( the hotel
men's association assembled in Mule
diou hall this laorning , about a hun
dred are preswnt , Business moetit
Ajyeited f cur Rape.
National AwovUt d 1'ruu.
EATON , Ohio , January 17. News
ifroin Knur , ) nd. , says Chun , Baldliolil
| drutiilly outraxed Mary White , aged
14 , Sunday night , nnd upon Uo girl
mukii | ] threats to tell her parents ,
lialdiiuld cut her throat with a pucVei
knifu from ear to ear , killing her.
I'liu murderer has boon traced toCXun.
dun , Ohio.
Chontcd the UaAJowtu
National AuAochted rieu.
lULKiuii , N. 0. , January 17.
Ilicluinl Morgan , in jail hero undo
Roiitenou of death , clod from abucea
of Uih lniuinday ,
By Cardinal Jacobini , Papal
Secretary of State ,
Italy Must Seek New Ciffcitol
and Leave Homo to
the P po.
Wbich She WiU bo Forced to
Do by Reasons of State ,
Public Conscience , Etc ,
Miieellanooni Noun ( that
Over the Cable *
N'ntlcmM Aiwovlatnl 1'rrR.i.
NKW YOHK , January 111. A very
remarkable manifesto respecting the
relation between the City of Home and
the pope was published in Koine about
a fortnight ago. It was no bold nnd
clear in its statements and carried
with it such an nir of authority that it
was nt once attributed to the pope
linmelf. This lias not boon
illicially denied nor continued
nit the butter opinion is thnt the
nanifesto waa written or inspired by
Jiinlinal Jnuohini , papal secretary nf
state. A transition of the ittivnifeato
undo in Rome for Thu Catholic Re
view , of this cily , wan published to-
lay. The kernel of the wholedocu -
nent , which is dnmi tip with great
skill and is beyond ( [ iientioiinno of the
unit important ntato pujiera of mod
ern timu.i , into bn found in thefllow -
iiff RtMitoiiccu : "Italy will soon bo
ibligod to give back to the pops his
cuptrc , to look out for anoMior
ity where to fix the eapiial ,
eave the pope nm tor of Itomc , and
come to an understandim ; with , the
loly Sue. Shu will bo forced to-do
o by reasons of statuj by public con-
cicnce , by Kuropunn pressure , by nn-
easiness and discontent of thu popula-
ion , and by instinct of nelf-preserva-
ion. Thus a reconciliation between
lie pope and Italy would take plneo
vithout nny hurt , \uthmit any foreign
irmies , without any kind of violenco.
.tnly will by and by diniv luck and
eave the pontill' f roe "
PAULS , January 17. Tn the cham-
> or cf deputies yosterdky Oenural
Jhamprunon proposed u , . bill looking
o a series of military reforms , Thu
chamber decided that the oommitteo
m thu bill should consist , of thinry-
hree members. This iu , an oxcop-
ional nunibur and is considered in
> art n check to the government.
Small Pox-
utlonal Aiwocliitcil ! ' < UIM.
MOI.INK , 111. , January. 1 ? . Out of
ho seven casee of smull pox in this
ity live have terminated fatally ,
Ciui'Aiio , January 17. T. E.
Angel I , manager oft the Wosburn
Jnion company's Palmer ilouso
otllce , died last nighti of small , po .
CIIIOAOO , January 17. The board
of health baa addressed a circulai to
teamboat lines doing business. in the
late to the effect thatiif all boat em-
iloycos nro neb immediately wccin-
tted it will bo neceaiary to enforce
uarantino restrictions' at all river
owns. During thn pint sir. weeks
mall pox has been introduced ! into
hirteen of of the eighteen Mississippi
iver countien-in Illit.oia. In. many
nstunccn thu diiuaso-is traccdldicectly
o Btoambout roustabouts ,
AHIIUUY PAIUC , N Ji , Jnnuany 17.
liocausoof the alarm of smnll pox
n this vicinity 'thu board o health
IIIH ordered that no child not vaccina
ted within ouo year be luUuittod iu
my of thu public , schools , , and only
then upon thu certificate of a physi
cian that thu child. was vacauaatod.
LONO liiiANun , N. J. , Jununry 17.
-There is much excitement hero
> ver the outbreak of a smaUi pox cusu
lenr the Elberon hotel , , and one in ,
he rear of the Mansion house gave
niich alarm for. u week paat , which
was intensified to-day , b James H.
Wooloy , town.oJerk , being taken down
wiUi the loatluomu dioeaso. The
, own authorities ut ! umu tiii | , ' to-day
> nkred thu infected dwellings to be
: > l cod underiiuaruntiuu.
NKW YOIIK , Januasy 17. The
Uivorsidu honpital repuvt submitted
Lo the board of health , to-day showed
74 cases oSiwnuH pox Uieiu on January
14 , an inunvise for the week of 10.
A Jdttn ( < BBt ,
N tlon l Amtoclatoil I'rivta.
JAUKJAN , Miss. , January 17' . , In
Tishonungo county a negro named
Iob ! MoDaniol stole some soda ns ho
thought , bufwhiolb proved , to-be rat
poison. He gave tike ratpainoa to hia ,
wife , and she put it. into thou\ bread
for breakfast , and ! the whole family
were poisoned. The man ( Hod and
thu rwt of the family are m a very
criiioal condition.
M rrid M n Sllpe. with , a Ok *
NiUonal AvocUtod < ta > * .
PiiiLADHl.nuJ * , January 17. Wil
liam B. Stevenson , of 'Jiconah , . has
eloped wJtH Ntttio Btanton , da ghtor
of Major Stan on. Tlx > girl is , 18
years oldi Stevenson has a wife and
owii children. Examination ofhia
hooks aliowa him 4,080 short in. ac
counts. _
On * of tko Ariilamd Max > l rra on
- . . . _ . . .jv Ky. , January 17.
The jury in the case o { Neal , ouo of
the Aahland murdereia , in now Complete -
ploto nnd Iho case was opened by the
prosecution at 1 o'clock. Neal plead
not nuilty. The court was crowded.
Marino Intelligent ) * .
National Autoclatod Proti.
NEW YOHK , Junuaay 17. Arrived
The City of Montreal , from Liver
pool.Sailed Thu Coptic , for Liverpool.
UOTTKKUAM , January 17. Sailed-
The MUM , for Now York.
LivKiti'ooL , January 17. Arrived
The City of Cheiter , ( rota Now York *