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    TUJli UMAHA LfA.JH.4i JDUfc : 10 ,
iMondny Morning , Jan 10.
Wfiathcr Report-
( Th followlns ol crratlon are tnken nt
tha namemomcnt ot tlmo at all tlie sta
tions named. )
, U. fl. 9io AL S vicr , )
1882. (4:45 : | i. m.f
'Daa < * r.
Chtjenne. . .
fUtte. . . . .
Yankton . .
Dei llolnn.
Dairenport. .
St. Paul. . .
si. r/ouis . .
Ifoorhpkd. . .
III ! T . .
Htvcr above low water mark , five fee
and trozcn.
City council to-morrow nl ht.
Another cold wave ( truck Iho twn
U'I night.
Sack coati have surxirretled frocks I
t ht , police uniform. |
The iKml linen have ngrted to Imuo n
more panes to nhtppeni.
The Union Catholic Library
1 tlon liclj a binuncpH meeting
Pott No. 7. ( ! . A. H. , will hnlil rcf.tlla.
meeting thin evening ,
KitAKK M. MOOIIK , Commander.
-Money can't be very acarro in Omnha
; from tbo way entertainment * nro
-Woman1 * Christian Tempenuicc > ntot ;
uieo every TliunuLiy nfturnoun , nt t10 |
Hii | tlfUlmrch , nt3p. in.
n Onnha firm Inu jmt inanufnc-
lured n 31011 rind lo ! to IKS i nt to KiitfUnd ,
f nun winch il wan ordered.
Tlio nrticlc * left uncalled for nl tlio
Ublo presided over by Aim. Donovan ,
insy be tailed forat the Creb-hUm IIOUHO.
-Tliu i ink opposite tlio CanlioldhoaHO
tra ilookd.voitenlay , ami if UII'M cold
Minn continues the job may bo a AIICCOHH
thin time ,
Mnry , aged G4 , ilil nt 1'J p.
m. Saturday night. The ftmcral ccctirn
on Tuemlny , at 2 p. in. , from 121U South
Fourteenth html.
Hrnicinbcr Aflleck'n lecture * ? .at the
IWrttM. K. church , Monday ami TUBS-
day evcuimjH. These will do the r.ichont
thing of the ncoHon.
llourtl of trjulo meeting tlii * ovu uing
t4 o' A full attendance \ re-
Mucnttil. The quMtfiin < f paving the
treet will bo iliscu-Hod.
John V. Coots , the court IIOIIHO co n-
tractor , writen that 1m
may poM-llily ei -
Ublish n large wood carunjj , planing ,
door nnd Ha h factory iu Omnlin.
The detachment of tnr > iw Kent In oo
| > ol the H'ttlcra from tlmttoe rcmirvfttlon
lifts rolurnod , InwinR uccomiilialied the
object without itroublo whatever.
i Ma tt.xlm'H will bo
The eutiro
\orty-five inonibain ihna cn-
ield burtiHO.
" " -Tlus funeral of John AmlerHou. the
brobcman who was killed at Vullcy u few
nigbU Ince , took place at 2 p. m. Patur-
d y from the residence on Ttntb nnd
-Jf he revival uieetlnKS which Lave boon
finiroKress at Uie South Omahn Metlio-
.dlht church .have been attendul Cw'tU '
u.vch iuttrtst. y'hey wlllcontlnuo throu b
i the u t week.
\ new tuuo-talila wout Into effect qn
fcbo Burlinglou & Mwmiitri railroad ywt-
.terday. ruiwener lrnlnn leave Ouinha
for the south nt 8&0 a. in. and Ci : p. in.
.They arrive at.llti t . anil 9:40 . in
Dr. Mercer received a dmpatcli from
NapltH , Italy , Huturday , itaylnK tbftl Mm.
.J. 1 > . JJr.iwu , wlio baa been oim < time in
Kurope witb Mrs. Hulat , IH ilangunmiiiy
, ill aiulmitt expected to live. MM. Urowu
tijunntiwfln-law t' > Qon > MondcrHon.
The contract for tbo oumplotlou ol
Uie fifth ktory < n the now ( Jrand Central
hotel wan let l-'riilay afternoon , * * pre
dicted by Tins HKK. The wUlltlonal Hury
will mjko llin hotel tbo luKhcut bulldinx
in the city , The , cent of the hotel will approach
preach 3200,100.
The ConH..liilatvdTank"Line oil COUP
ipany JiaUoutfht suit in tbo dlrtrict
court to enjoin tlio appraiscmculH f the
itwo l' > t occupied by tbem on the ground
dcnird by the H. &M. company , and
now bolus condemned by the Iwanl up-
polntwl bytuAy Chnilwlck.
The number * nf the Moclal Avt clnl
are reiiieBt | l to be In prompt atUtulnnct
.on tin nfternoou of Tne l v , the IHtl
inxl , t Uio home f Mr * . ( > . I. 01 ber
corner KlubUeuth nuil CbIc Ko Htict'U
IluxiiH'srt of Importance demand a fill
mett' " ; .
.V little boy who tried the dcor of Ni <
' 1420 Donalas fctrcet , B ci nfect'onnry , j e
tunlay murnitii ; , wan coiuilderAbly tattle
> whtn i , lur e dog on the inside n | > r ii
though tlr ! window at bun , taVliij nn
and all. ljuite crowd fathered and tli
boy escajwd without injury.
Tlicre ore few department * of the t
A. H which can comparj with that <
Nelraslia for the steady interest ovlnt't
in it by the ineinbera. Onu rt ) n fi
thU ii tlut tome of the and mr
loyal sol IUIM of the late war have t ttl <
in tub btute , and that the ollicorn , asu
aa the rank and Gle , huvj their wlni
heart In the work.
Several of the U < ul | > ulilH | ( were til !
by vietting clerfymeu and laymen yu-ti
day. Ainiini ; there were : The Jtijit
Church , Dr. D , liauki Mclvcnrlv , I ) . 1
North Presbyterian , JUv. .loi-hua Uial.
Papllllou ; 1'ri'nliyterbii , llev. JK-ury
Paine , Auburn , X. V. } Congrc atlm
Church , Itev. Mnttliew .Stonr , I ) . ]
yiretM. K , Church , Kev. W. II. Allls
York ,
IIou. 8 , K. Jocluou liui
( beautiful renldence locoUoji in "Jdlo W
L'Uce , " North Ouiah * , wluru tin U n
IngH [ very pretty ootUuo. ' Idle \V
Tlat e"l owned by John G. Wilil < , i
.Dodge etrett ccmmUiion merchant , i
contains nlxint eleven acrcn , And wo thinl
It In \cry appropriately named , being a
lovely Mlc , lUlth Ixix-nldcrn nnd mapl
trco < t-ct on cdch idc of the Direct n
proper Intcrvnlr , making it one of tli
tnoft ( lolinlitful hca'thy ' and homo-like
pint-en in the city , "fdlo Wild 1'lnco" I
fi\o or fix blocks directly wett of I1 opplc
tc n 1'lflce.
Addrosa from the Y. M O. A.
To ilioao Who Ilftvo , or Have Doon
Tolhi liiwlncie Men of Om hi :
Wo , tlio Rtibtcribcd coniniittcrt ,
would rcspootliilly call tlio attention
of tlio buatncB.i mun and citiztiiB ol
Omalm to tlio following brief ubito-
incut of the objeclf of the Young
Men's Chrifltiati association :
Considering uvpu generally tlio
aims of lliia na.iuciation , wliicli is tin-
auctarian hi ita principles , tliuy acotn
to us worthy tJm Bynipnthy and sup
port of every ono wlio at all roflarda
tie inornl alatiding of our city. OIK
aim ia to provitlu rooms
niado atlraclivo hy pictures'
pariodicald and booha , wlioro thu
strnngor can nhwiya find a
resting place and the totnptud a
rofugu , TJio design Is to have ono
dour , be.iido thu xaloon , the gambling
liall , nud tlio hrothol , always open
for tlio welcoming of young men. The
luindroda of thoBUin _ curly manhood ,
Boming into our inidnt , aru to ho met
IIH eouii aftur their entrunco into our
city AH possible ; ; the early
of Chri tian hoincH arc to bo dcuponod
upon their mind ; nnd tlusir lives , if
[ loaaiblo , not in the wtrj of permanunt
lionosty and iiHufulnt'HH.
The imjiortuiico of Hiich' an off-net tt
the varied tumptalioiiH of : rapidly
{ rowing and jiruHporons eity aconm to
m Kclf-ovidunL Many fall mto VILVAof
ivory dusofiptionforthu nimplu reason
hat thuy hnvu no con onial placu in
vhioh to Hpuntl their ovonings. The
loinoH of comfort and olognncur nro to
, great ( lugioti oloHcd agaiimt them
hrongb wantuf aoHiiiintanco or other
ausen. The lonohnuns of thu boilrd-
ng houBfl drives thum into the utrootu.
) ur uhnruhcK , nave upon Sabbath and
fovv ovvniuuu iu the week are lnrk , .
ml the tout prut ion ia Htrong to drop
iito | ) lace whore IUUHIU and mirth in-
ito to nun and di < Hmir. If the buni-
IUCH nxiii oS Omaha wc-tild
Hrtint im to plane the association
ipon a firm runi.i ) : uu\ unable up to
ipon and luukn atteictivu roonm that
hall bo crutrn lly louattil , tlio oxr.uao
-which i a re al ono in many a otto
-will bo KOIID , that the young man
ma no moral a nd cumfortiiblo place in
. 'Inch to sjwiJ lii . uvonin a. Tin IPO
f you , who by lionoaty and good
labitH liuvi ) i JBOIV to inlliienct ; and
wealth , .sluiuld eoiwiidur that all the
iituro of xuioi i often depend * upon
bo few years < if turtking manhood and
hould coitirihMto wull and uhoorfully
> an iintit'Jti < m > vi ! < ) ! io object ia to
jrtlior (1inpo lilioim and habits to
'liiuh uiuch.
yjn ow ( i RO
And wlnu v o vinmdur the Rpeoukl
orkii of the t iHsociutiou , ita nocosoity
ml our "Vlijji .tioik to support it p-
car ntill IUOEIJ atruagly.
The ropoiHL of thu. enorul aucrotary
f tli o asiiociu tiorv. ia publinbod alao-
hoi o in this papon It BOOIIIB a
ory ronmrkabiti showing. 'JJhoro
'onji n sttoudauou'upon the various
in/icos of tlio yuan-up wards of 40,000.
' ) fo reading room , , only inodoratoly
njjplied with papore nnd booka , has
ii tertainod Moro than .10,000.
* ' hat miglit iu l bo the in-
lUonco of this ttgoncy in the
ntollectual nnd. moral training
your clerks aad sons , aii k if we
ould plnco tkncu the nuaibor of
oriodicala upon iU aholvoul In somu
eapecta it would accomplish hotter
caults thuu our city library to which
luh gonomiiH donutions have boon
ivon. Uuked with thvv agonoy ,
lore is the Literary aociotiy of the aa
ociation , whoru scores of. young sion
iayo mot for the purpoafeof matching
ntellectual f irco and aud improving
Ono of the special olbjocts of the a -
ociatiou luut boon wuiching with the
ick. Anyone can appreciate the
; mtitndo of u youux muu , sick in a
trungo land , would feel fur such at-
ention , und the uaturul inclination
.hero would bo toward the moral and
JhriBtian ideas of. the watchers. The
inding of suitable employment for
Lho deserving , the sending of young
men to rcspucUu > lo boarding places ,
the encouraging thorn to upend their
ovoninga iu profitable rending ; and ,
ubovo all , the tolling thorn in their
own Imiguugo the story of Him Who
an a young man died to gave these
aru iidinu of the works of the associa
tion diMnmidinu our consideration and
\Vo liavo only Una to add : Wo
have been appointed a committee tu
eolicit enlarged nnbtcriptions to carry
llio work through 188'J. Many of. oui
largest railroul companies nnd manj
of oor filirewil st business nion havi
recognized the advantage of support
ing an association which has for iti
tpcciul jbject the looking after tin
yo' iig inoii wlio curry the keys t (
oflices and know tlio secret
of cafes. Wo aincorely hope th
biisiiH-sa men of Omaha will ac
an advantage and a duty ii
aiding by liberal contribution n wor !
> liich the safety of many a corporn
ion nnd company may bo concerned
And upon the great principle of holj ;
ng the right to put down the wren
loneaty to overcome the too comino
defalcations , and sobriety to succoo
debauchery , wo confidently appeal (
r'ou all for liberal and willing contr
r'autions. .
Vtiy rcnnocttully ,
1 * . 0. Himobaugh , O. F. Dims ,
M. U. JIcKoon , Jacob Weidensal
iSamnol Ittirns , Lcavitt Ihirnhai
P. L. 1'orine , William Flemin
T , II Luavitt , 0. S. Wood ,
A W. I < 'ullried , Gopruo T. Wnlkc
Myor A Itaapko , the who !
ealo grocers , Imvo removed to N (
1317 und K)10 ) Douglas street. Tin
rapidly increasing bubinosa demai
la cd not ( 'lily moro room but doul
laM the fucilitioa of the old stand.
It is one of our oldest and m <
ct- solid houiica. janl4-OI
lur Bargains at the Ton Store of W.
ud I Bennett & Co ,
Ho Obtnlnn a Continunnco In Hla Cnno
For Nearly ft Month.
The case of the city ngainst Henry
Siort , the manager of the "Douglas
County Farmers' Association" cnnio
up in the police court on Saturday
afternoon. The defendant was ar
rested last week On charge of violat
ing the license law. When Siort was
arraigned ho pleaded not guilty , and
aakcd for a continuance of his cano
until February Gth , on the ground
that I1. M , Dcorson , the president of
tlio association , is n mntorlal witness ,
and nn ho ia abaont in Europe it
would bo nccoBs.iry to await his ro
turn. Sicrt gave bonds in $600 for
hiH appearance. Jiornard Lang and
Julius Schroder signed tlio bonds.
The following is stated to bo the
law according to Wharton , relating
to the sale of liquor under the guise
of nn association , or giving it nway
for n consideration :
"No trick by which a sale is covered
up as a tradp , or as a free drink when
money is paid for admission , or as
prior contribution will bo a defense.
If the liquor is directly or indirectly
ivon nway for a valuable considera
tion it is it sale , but a bona fide gift ia
not n salo. Again , it is no defense
lhat the defendant HIW acting as an
agent for another. Ho is criminally
responsible himself , notwithstanding
micli agency. Nor is it any defense
hat ho Mold liquor without author-
ty. '
Your Neighbor.
When j'oiir friend or neifhhw { > * f labor-
ni { tindur bodily nlll.'cucm , mihVenlon ,
dlioiiHiictct , cunxtlpati n , canned \ > J tin-
iilrity of blood , or tllicrderii fit the kid-
101 H , or liver , don't f il to rucoinnociid
SUIUIOCK Hl.ooi ) l < mEliHriimuo : and Ji.fe
remedy. 1'rico 9100 , trial bottlnV" cents
Otto Kvrett , of Krtmont , iu-iti the ity .
T. M. Junk , of Cheyenne , i irv tlio-
W. K. Paje , of Dcs'T omea , Id in 4Iio
A. Omhan of Auburn in at tlto
O. O. Colcrnin. of T.imoln , in resisterod
O. N. lUuiHey , of HawKn % arrived in
tin city yoMtenlty.
"V. I. SpeiUor.ofSebrjiia ! ( City , apent
iiiadny in > Omii&n.
T. J. I'atton Kid mother nro rojlBtered
John II. Conrad , ot Jlcrtinney , Wy.
F. M. SuithciTremonl , in amonjj.tlie
egttttrifH nt thu Vr'-itlinoll.
D. Andnrnnn and wife , vif ColutrJinn ,
irrivcd in iliocity yehlcnliiy.
, Fam w Wallaceof lUivliiu , Wy. 'JXir. ,
H rcKwtoroliat thfWltbiioil.
1C. B Wood , of lilncol n , ia mnong JM-
orJay'u rcujutrlcvt ab tKo C 'nnC.uld.
WHHm Strole.of Sydney , U In the
: ity. Ho : Htopping at the YFithiicll.
Wallace Ellnn , tlerk o.f tbo City hotel
it Blair , niriycd it-thy ; cil y liwt evening.
T , K. CUihecy , wife and child , of IJilt
linku , are rci ( ; > tere < l' ' < at tbo Metropolitan.
C. W. Cnduijui , o Lincoln , vma
amongst loat evening's arrival * at the Can-
fiold. *
W. II. Co | < Bon , editor nnd proprietor of
Uio Sheroudoah lUueti , In regUlond attire
KInnay Arthuy , ot Untte. , Mi 'C , . ar
rived in the city Saturday , lie U ni Uio
7. .7. Vnndeve3.of Kockfonl ; nrritl In
the ctiy yeuturiiy. He in rngintoritl at
the WUbnell Ho\ue.
A JP. Younjbloo < l , tbola e porklinycr
of. Atlanta , Oa. is aaln iiullio oity , Kl.o- |
plt4 { at tbo Cr lhton. |
T.V. . liowisy , the well ! knowja grain
dealer of Liu coin , is In Uio city. He in
KHllxtercd at the Creibti ; > 3i HOUHO.
The thing , desired fotriil at lint. Anlt
druKK'nt ' f < " "Hunt1 ; ' on KntH. " It clean
out ratu , iidae , roach en , Hiu , bedbvgti ; IT *
boxen , (1) ( )
Ho WlU Muko u Uecoud Ulyuao * . 1
A plucky act WHS that of a little
farmer boy , who wnn driving n load ol
hay up town , nour the Great Western
brewery. As ho jogged slowly nlong
he snw a runaway team turn the cor
ner of Twenty-second street nnd ho
instantly stopped his tcnm nnd run to
ward the runaways to atop them.
They were going nt a fearful gait ,
but he sprang nt them nnd caught
them by the bits. The collision wo *
such as to throw him und * r the vehi
cle , but ho escaped very lightly. Tlio
horses ran to the next corner and into
the high sidewalk , which chocked
them nnd the boy , who had followed
them on a run , not a bit daunted
caught and neld them.
The team nnd wngon belonged to
Johnson , the milkman , and had run
from Uurt street. The wagon wa
completely wrecked and milk cans ,
nd pieces of broken wood were sent'
oreti promiscuously for a distance ol
wo blocks. That i > oy deserves a mo
The "Hebrew Benevolent" Concert
The Brand concert for tbo benefit of tin
Hebrew Uenovolent society at the Stani !
nnl Hull , Tuesday evening , January 17th
will be given with tbo following
lierllcn wit or welnt uud lach , "Over
turo" Conradl
Musical Union Orchestra.
Trio. 1) minor. . . . . MendeW.h .
McfsiB. Cieo. 1' Meyer , C eo. I.
Saur , K. Schneider.
Serenade , V major Volkma
e I'hllomatheau Club.
i.H 1'ianoDuet-Toe and Peauant. . . Supj
i ! Mm. A. IVWck < ! Minn Mattle
d lUithschlld.
il Olivette "elftctlon. . , . . . . . . . Audrii
Miuical Union Orclirntra.
Son ; ; My Love him unu atialllng.Mellc
s MUi LUtlu A. I'eunell ,
( a ) Treumerelt ( \ ) Menuettu ( by r
m- < t ) , . Hchuiuar Hocchore
11. Lelchto CavalerieOverture. . . . . Sup ;
Muaical Union Orchwtr * .
The Pair for Erin Oomoo to a
Successful Olooo.
It Wins Flnnndnlly and Othorwleo.
Masonic hall was crowded to suffoca
tion Saturday night to enjoy the wind
up of the land league fair , which had
been booming all week. The band
which was in attendance during the
early part of Uio evening left after
playing n few pieces as it wa impos
sible to find room to dance nnd excite
ment was such that the hum of con
versation drowned nil other sounds.
The qreat event of the evening was
the award of several leading prizes by
voting nnd when the polls had opened
the contest at once become n lively
one. The first article to bo disposed
of was the magnificent green satin
banner , whoso heavy bullion lace
trimmings nnd tanaols nnd beautiful
painted designs and inscriptions
made it the object of general admira
tion all the weok. This banner was
designed , completed and presented hy
Mr. Charles McDonald , to bo voted to
the most j * > pular Irish organization in
Omaha. The Emmet Monument
Association nnd the Ladies Land
Ixjnguo wen. * rivals fur this honor , but
the ladies , willi infinite tnct , secured
their own defeat nnd the Ktnmet got
liiar banner , at which everybody was
pleased. The vrto stood 6X7 to 517.
The beautiful silver tea sot , pre
sented by A. If. Jluborintttiii , was
voted to Hon. John A. McSlnno , wh > >
received ltlf ! > votes' to 1,112 for Col.
J. J. Dickey.
Hem James Ii Jfeyd , Mnj. J. V.
Fumy and Supt. J. T. Clari were
presented nn claitimtitn for thu elegant
o.isy chair , presentee.1 b/Messrs. Duwey
it Stone , which haw already been
described at length. Iho vote atood :
Fnray , I.IIOO ; JJoyd , 850 ; . Clark , 'ti3 ( ;
the voting being very hot to the clos-
ini ! of thu-polla.
The list of prizes drawn , as far as
it could be learned Saturday night ,
stood as follow * : Florence Fearon ,
silver butterdish ; 0. Woodniaii.priao
iloll ; Uislwp O'Connor , chtir ; W. H.
Kent , lace acar5 ; Mr. .Mills , castor ; .
rhomas Dmin , handsome jhrdiniorc ,
contributed' ' by Mrs. McDonayh ; Thos.
Fallen , camp ohaiir , castor utand nnd
sake b , skeb ; Mr : Jlannej ui , blue
ipira bonnoti contributed by Atkin
son ; Mr. Langan , r/o Iowa ( Ifummur ,
Irow the white opera bonnet con-
rributisd bjf Mlss < Dacoy ; , Patrick
b\ird , jiair t > f"slipitirs ; Chrnttian An-
lorflon , pair of glows ; 1 * . Itionning ,
iilver castor ; . .Janvu Price , hand
[ Minted sofiv pillow , very hanlaomo ,
rtwk of the Sisters oPoor C'lari' .
At the close of the voting IVfe. M.
Donnvan auctioneered 1T the
Bosnia loft over from the fair.
liuwas very witty , and
luoocssful , and th- receipts Tvoro
] U te largo. ItKjuiry aa to the finan
cial success of the ftir developed the
Fact that the entire i.Tponsi-a did not
.ixioed $200 while 'jfio grcxas receipts
will figure up ever § 2,000.
Itmiuld boanunpaizliiuabloomissi > n ,
in albsing the account of this oxc'ted-
ingly intoreating fair , not to mention
the ladies who contributed so larfjely
to its-success. l'romMiont > ninong these
were Mrs. Csenoral ( WBrien , Mrs. 51.
D. Mbran , the Misses Hblan , Mrs. T. .
Caiey and daughter Mrs. Ed Leed-
ur , Mrs. A. H. Gladstone , Miss Stachi
Crowley , Miss Nellie Diflley , Mrs.
Wm. . Uonncssy , A3rs , Dennis CUnningham -
ningham and Mrs. Midiaol McBen-
nidi The Uiroo laot named' ' had th
task of Buperinterjling the refrtsb-
nujnt dopijrtniont , whioh they did
most satisfnctorily. The gentlemen
too , many of thoaii deserve speoial
raontion , but they are naturally > npd >
e t and mrght bo olfbnded ! at
their names in print
If you nro suHoring from n Cough , ,
Cold Asthma , Bronchitis , Hay Favor
Consumption , lois-of voiau , tickling oft
the threat , or any aiibotion ofi the
Throat or Lung ? , use Dr. King' * Now
Discovoey for Consumption. Tliis ia
the great remedy that causing so
much uacitomrdii. by ita wonderful
cures , curing thousaiula of liopclcss
cases. Over n , millioii bottles- < Dr.
King's Now Discovyry have boon tiso < l
within the last year , and have givcni
perfect satisfwtion iu every instance.
Wo. can unliiflituting y say tliat this is
roully the < vuly sure/ cure fee throat
nnd lung affections , aud caix cheerful
ly recommend it to all. Call und got
n trial bottle free ci cost , cc a regular
size for $1.00. IsJi & McMuhoii , Om-
January 13 , 1882. Kddio K. . Ron of M. K.
Vitmurford , of no-irlet fever , ns xl 10
yean and 10 luontliH. Funeral to.inor-
mor morning at half-past ten o'clock ,
from 171W ilackMin street. Ki5nJa of are invited to attend.
TUo Hoaa Acme Opera Company Close
a Successful Sorloa of nn-
The closing ontertainmontH al
Boyd's opera house on Saturday after
noon and evening were very largoTj
attended nnd wore most enjoyaulo it
every respect. The series of operabii
performances given by the IIcss A mi
company last week were probably of i
higher order , musically and otheswiee
than have ever before been presents
to Omaha people , and the continue
and increased attendance domflnstro
ted that they were daily appreciated
For Saturday afternoon matnw
'The Mascotto" was given before
Boloct and largo audience. Its rand
tion was superior in every respect. 1
the evening the romantic , opera b
Aubor , entitled "Fra Diavolo , " wi
performed and gave the highest sati
faction. A very largo and fashionab
audience were in attendance. Mi
Mary Wadaworth appeared for U
first time in the character i
Zorlina. She ] ) osseBacs a very owe
voice and al
mezzo soprano
evinces fine theatrical training S
osnocially won the favor of the aui
once in the nightly prayer scor
where she sang her prayer for Ii
lover'a safety , nnd the. murdere
sweet voico. The 'ollowing was
addition to Miss Wadswortn , t
principal cute , and all of whom
frcah favor in their roles : Lndy All-
cash , Eminn Eisner ; Fro Diavoln ,
. ) nmes Pcakca ; Lorenzo , Alfred Wil-
kio ; Lord Allen * ! ) , Mark Smith ;
Hojipo , Henry Ponkcs ; Oiucomo ,
Walter Allen ; BIftttco , H. F. Fair-
weather ; Roberto , Thoa. Christy :
Fraticoaco Voroni , Mr. Chovoit ; lirst
Cnrblneor , Mr. Connell ; second Cur-
liinccr , Mr. Rood ; third Carbineer ,
Mr. Leone.
The HCHS Acme opera company will
receive a most cordial greeting uix > n
their next visit to this city.
Showiurt What Hna Boon Done by the
Y. M. C. A. for the Peat Ywr.
The following is the report txf the
general secretary of the Young Men's
Christian Association , Mr. George
T. Ilowscr , for the pnok year. It will
be found full of interesting figaroa
nnd in connection with the addissa
published olsowhtro will furnish food
for thought for OUT business mun ovus
Sunday ,
Headers nnd visitors lf > , &lU.
Attendance at weekly . prayer
ineetinca 1,11)7. )
Attendnnco at young nioiv' * gospel
meetings J ,198
Altundance at Saturday evening
aonir aervice 4,417.
Attcndanse nt extra ineoting36,177.
Attendaneu at enterrtiininoiiSh 1,01)5 )
AtCundiinceut Literacy SocJsty ( six
niontha ) , . ' < 7.T.
Attendance at Yoke
Attendance at helpunMvork at' jail ,
Attendance niniodicah'aid practiml
talks , no ;
Attendance at young men's bible
cllSH ; , 10. (
Total , 40,758.
2,717 pipers liavo boon distributed
at tip ) jail and hospitals.
400 ; ! printed invitations d Jstribnted
forfjospul meetings
28 younir men Riven substantial aid. .
82 family-calls wore made.
IL'8 visits made t > niek in itearding
IIOIIBCS nnd Hospitals.
22 nights watched with sick.
20 provided with yerinnnent em
lit provided with' temporary om-
In addition to tlio above , many
young men were diroctsd to respfeta-
blo b ( ardini ; and lcdgi ij raomi , of
which no record was kept lust year ;
An a rulewtr do not rccomnvnrl
patent ni''dicinoa , but when wo know
of onu that realiy in a public benefac
tor , rml does praitively euro , then wo
consider it our duty to impart thai in-
fonnation to all. Electris bitters are
truly a most valuable medicine , and
will snroly cure Biliousness , Fever
and Ague , Stomr.ahVLivenand Kidbey
complaints , even T7hero nil1 other msn-
udica fail. We know whereof wo
speak , nnd can freely resoinmend to
all. [ Ex. Sold at GO cents a botile-
Ish ft McMahco. (73 (
His Me&niflcont Sing-Ing- Rossini's
"C ; tJ , UBJ. Anlnianu"
Mr. Jtlfred Wilfcie , the tenor of 4he
Hess Aeiue o per company , sang Ros
sini's "Cyjas Animnm" during the
offerto73 > at 1 0:30 : > o'clock mass yester
day at the Cathedral of St. Philo-
mena , sosnetr of Ninth and Harnoy
streets. Tl le announcement of His
singing , ha t ] 10 rooming papers , based
upon whiah the gan-
tlematu had acbiuvcd in/consequenoo
of his avtititic aflbrts in oonncciion
with the * c < impnny of which ho ai
mombari. o induced to filling all parts
of the sh > ui ch with an audience of dis-
criminatiqfg musical people desirous
of hencJng his magniticent vpieo in
sacrodi roiiaic aa they had already
hoard it in th opera. It can truth
fully Bo said bhat tha audience was
trcatodito- musicnl foaat to which
they luul long , been etrangera. Mr.
Wilkia ihot ouly sung the piece , but
he succeeded in distinguishing himself
as a voca list fan beyond thu success o3
his appcaranoo in hie operas. Ilia
rich , dejir , full , round nnd metallic
voico-imvor sounded to bettor advaa-
tage than wneu it roe to I > flat , ill
the aompog don in question. And if
upplauno cauld havu boon loloraiud
the. eilprt would hav been ajiplau/iod /
to iKo echcv
Koilit'inlHicho or bick-iuhc : : for
1 " ' 'nk.WINE OF CAROUI. "
13RAWD1ES , ,
WIN as ,
ALrS ,
ALL iraaiCTLY CI'KK ' , .
At Jl. 11. GLADSTONE'S , 1308aad
Tie lioaton Storit will , on Monday
I inoio an a nounconivnt of n greai
, rini { out Fiile. Their itdvtrtiM *
: ii WCH vecoivwl too. late fur to
I duy'u publication , hut will bo founi
041 the third p ijj * of Monday' isau ?
I The uilvvtisunwiit in u startling one
las tlu > r * < luoioua miuU nru the grc t
I est of Ute ai'imw. EvBrythiug market
down eurly ono-half. Evurythiug ii
the liiitt ot Wintoi guoda are to b
F. W. Oalhofi" , n graduate i
the Imperittl Academy of Iterlin , 1'rui
si-A , ishua to organi/o privatu claxsc
I in Frond , German a d Latin. A [
1 plications will be received at this oih'c
land No , 101 L Davenport atrcct.
> The Most Accurate Wstchwork dor
> f
at ! For Ltttlicb' wvnr , extra quality
10 I'obblo ( ! ( iat in Button nnd Lai
10 Double-solo , good Winter Walkii
li- Shoes ; every pair warranted. Trie
o , low ut Fullriedo'8 , 131'J Dongl
ur I street , botwuon Thirteenth and Fou
: 'B teonth.
lie Everything f'int-Ulass nt HUDE
BO MANN'S , and Price * Low.
A Young Man Becomes rt Thief
from his Employer.
lie Couldn't Stnnil Small Wngca
BO Roplonlahod ula Funds by
Smnll Stealings.
John A. Horkman was arrested on
Saturday evening \ > j Marshal Amill ;
nnd Detective linden on the charge of
stealing at different times goods to
the value of $250 , from his employer ,
Wm. M. Bushman , the dry x ° ods
merchant on Douglas street. Berk-
man was employed nt Bushman's
store about three months1 ngo , on
trial. Ho provoc ? to bo n fairly com
petent salesmen ml wan retained ,
His salary was never agreed upon , he
being allowed to draw during the time
ho was employed fro glffi to $50' per
About two weeks ago' Unahnmn no
ticed Bcrknan dressed1 pretty well
and seemetl'to ' get nlong'in a surpriat.
ing way on ilie zniall salary ho was r
cuiving. This nrousod Bnsliiiuin'i
auapicions nnd ho began watching
3erkmi\n vei chwoly. A"o n result ,
he observed the Inttor upon ono or
two uccasiom * accrete sir.all parcels
under his coat ashe was yaini ; out.
Tliift caused him to notify thu
polios and Ctty DutectiTO Hiwen
tiu' < up the cacu. He mailb Itt-rk-
niiin'a ' acqiiaintanoo and asked' ' li'iu to
wallfuj ) the atraot on n prot&xt that
thero-wcro two ladies there who de
sired to see him to- identify u Bundle
they had lost , and1 which wan sup
posed' to be in the hands of police
ollicors- When Ifuzcn nnd IkTiinmn
arrived nt the jail thu former arcuated
the latt'jrnnd then urged him to con
fess to his thieveries. At first Bbrk-
mnn stoutly denied' everything ; but
after aw'jilo he broke-down nnd owned
up. He gave as un- excuse that ht >
had n wio in DCS Moinus , to whom
ho was obliged to send money , and
that ho had been earning by his wwk
much more than hia * employer h-wl
paid him.
After maciii } < r the confession Berfe-
aian acconiinied ) tho-oflicor to his
room , on CAss street , where ho opunad
his trunk and rovealetlta ( juantity of
fcloves , dry goods of various kinds ?
besides valuable silks -owl laces , the
whole of tlio value of about S2&0. '
The stolen articles WLTO- taken b.icS
to- the store and deliver * * ! to Eiisli-
nn > n. The arro.sted clcds Burkman J
atatud also hi the ofliceraMhat Iio lia J
aunt some ; oods to his wife in lu'
ftr ) incs , but not enough to aim unit t- >
anytlnng. A telegram WUB sent to
thu chief of police in that city to
search Mrs. Berkman's ruiwis and re
cover whatever goods a : > 3-werod the
description c-f'the stolen property.
Thoioailon I < nxioet.
_ T15 London. Lancet nays : "Many a
life ! ta been nved by the nunal courage
of the suiTercr , . ami mnnv tv life liceu
H ive4 by tnkia Ui'XiMR BLCSSOM in case
of bijloim fevcTi indigestion op liver com
plaints.Pricu f,0 cents ; trial bottles 0
ccnta. ll-lw
1ONEY TO LOAN Call at Law Office of D
M L. Thou * * Koom 8 Crolrlltwn Block.
To loan at from &to 10 percent
'on Kcod rcM ( Mtatexeciirity , by
DR. ISAAC KDWAKDS 1100 Fcntham St
GOKA ! AAATO LOA A4 8 per contln-
P/QtU / UUU tcieet In suaasof $2COO and
upwitda , lor 3 to 6 yesrs , on Qrjt-class city and
farm property. URM Riub EJTIII and LOIN
Aoxacrt 10th and DoiuUs Sta
"VW"ANTfcD Men MM ! worn * -fcfvtrywkcre. Hlg ;
VV p-J' Addrcea withBtcjaop , J-P. Devorcf.
Otnnha Neb. SC6-18"
ANTllD-Oood ( Url to a i t in store. Aci
drcaj. wllh 3r/wwice , Merchant. Oioaljn
I'0. 021-H
' Six. need c | icnters. C. II.
WANTJ1I' , IStb-.uid Call I uilii at. 029-14"
ma'i dcelro a posit tai > cr , cjrrk , accountant or t r-
respondent , balrxr not HO much -in ob JeiL. t ,
flret n fJMitlon la a. liouso where fAt'rit nnd In
dustry mil be rexuiicilj Kxccllcnt tcstlnioriaJ * .
I Address CrclKhtin House , > lty. 932-1 r
TTTAMTED aanufactunns icamn waota a
YY buslnc vmaii In Cmthaaml Inocr illy
( "Ot already Ukvn ) ; A ftiw handrctl 'loVnrs
ne < 'e8cry to py forirooJi on delivery alttr or-
clcrs lu\e litc'ii HI cured for the MUI u ; JlSu p r
niontdprolUxiiarantLCJ. The mobt scrchW
ii ! > nliuatloii olloitid A. H. JLKNOLDCO. . ,
1JS3 Broadway. New York. > .21 *
Flrfct-c ttH la-tndroH OAH set
steadwork at Uio Waihlnj ion I aimdry ,
Thutsenlh tti , bctwennDodKuand Caultol a\o <
IIUL DS8-14'
WANTin ; WORJ. n a younir mu > ho un-
ilcrManJn \ > < h BinjUi and daublecntr }
IwoklioepliK. City r 'crenio. Addtocn I , HWi
! > > dU | lit. 918-13
AN7KD At. thn rrflghton bouse , a nil fi
W .Vb aiied v.oniin totako cart > l a liaby.
rI-b | > OHt hewnJh r J jilano. V
WA b In Kcod oidtt. HICIU K 411 S.Tith
t. Old-1 !
1 hi ) An ARtiit for th Howe K'jtlns
WA Mai hire on innninlKiion w iia'nrv M-
dre-nW. , post oltlc-o Ojawtr Uglily. U > J-tf
\\T ANTk'.l nm > xool hori for tUlivjtrjt wa
V > ifoii. H. \\ILbON , 1MB Oth t. J-U'
A TED A few fabli hfitJiru at IU , cas
W Mv ( if 17 h it. , ihK doom sorili u
A > TKD A lew tlav bo n em > > u be tr
a v ty rmtcnatileiUr. 1 quire a r.'Jllnwuri
UiuudiBtbiuia'e. ' * & * ' '
AArANTEO A good Tirl for RMieral hove
\V ork In family ol t o. Biiadycmploi
menk and itooU wsgui. Muut. ke Rooil quod
2417 Davenjxwt St. 877 U
AUrANTXD Fundlnir brldi | and icbool boiidi
W n.T. ClMk.BtDeYiia. ift-tt
I. OillinVy Co. nno pnwini
WAXTKP liu.liu > ol II , IU-ttlolii nt'
1'ouxUn itntl , wlnro tlmv lll ( OniJim T
liuslmn , and li > l lr duallny untl vvBt > ' < ri > (
iirlcis they prox | > u to Incnmo the tr Ju The
Bollclt i rtlca Mholmvu oU Iron , rugi , junk &ti
Iiut4',8 to Kho tlieuiK call. 7U3lno
A situation a lipoi ; > licc | > f > I
WANTED ho thcroiulily uniltr < ta"U itouli
uiij hliiflu mtiy , U al o a ( , 'CHvl ( ivniiuu Te
rtfarencci ) K' Bn > AUilic , 0. U. , l.t ! office ,
lATANTED-i children an b ardi-jj
W chool , at Ittth and California St. L. 1
ANTED Olrltodo housework. Emm !
W 1110 KarnhATO 81. 412-tl
'l' ' ' o lurnUbed roomii , '
J' room. 603 North U ttntaiMh btrcct , corn
ts of Ckllfornta. OV6-H
r- TTIOU REST.-Store room In l.rlck bulldl
. .4N. . W. Cor 16th and Uinl " t. Ay
| < i"V. . aOOUUAN , 1UU FarnUuiit ;
F I Oil RKM-CotUge , 006 nortb 16th St.
"T7OH JlKNT-floo I hoii'onnd barn with IS lolA
I1 Inquire of Kugene o'Xclll , loth txl ltow itl
KtlCtt , 9 a-if
ITlOn Iir.NT-CllKAI'-lJ Rtrry IIOIKC : fell r.
.L well ami cistern , .221 North IDtlut. bm (
UKM'-Uoom with taiml , In new house ,
ciwt iMo 17th t , three doors cust of Djnr.
! * . S37-1I
| 7 > OR KKNT ClinAV 1) ) etory house ) cellar ,
K " ' nn-i rMern , 1211 N. 18th SI. 616-u'
JJIOII hRNT One nicefurulitcJ front room ,
; Xo. H2. iMMlM St. 816-tf
ITlOlt UKNT-Onorvl Ihe lifetftlrrs en tr.lnjr
JL1 ( . . 20x21 , h ) January 1 , 1832. BOitf
riOK HKNT Ono nlctly fnr < Ithcd trent raoai ,
.1 ; one rsnfnrnliihcil room ; rut tide 1'Ui HI. ,
one door north of Douglas. 774 tf
FOK UKiN7 A suit or Htijfle rooim , nlcclr
furnUAfd , l N. W.or. . 20th nd Divcn-
port COOti
Ell HEN7-A flrat-chw hn for wcfcty pur
| > c re. Centrally located , tor particulars
en ulro Konnwd Dron. , 14th and Dou ! wi St * . \
FOIt I'.KNT lnthoWfiitemNow.p , . , . „ , , , „ „ ,
corner 12th Mil Howard Hts. , l.r n roorm
i with or without Hteim power ; sultujllo for fiybt
j ti.annfacturli g or > > b printing ofllco. Apply o *
tliu yt in'tcn ' MJ > .ti
H HKNT One nlto fnrnlthod fitmt room ,
Kc. 173 ! DoUl. ) rtt.
KENT i ! fumliliiMl loom * ovur KltJ
FOR nvi' KiclnneN- ( . cor. 10th and Dodg-
JtEirr NlceJy iiinlatHxf room *
FOrt hoard. IteasonaWe prices. MIS-
Ca a3t. 70 > < U
TOOK KKNT FurnWiod rooms , north ldo of
JL ? California St. , 2d door went of 21st. Inquire-
alter 11nu 43tf
POK 111LNT Coftnitf of 3 room * , well atxt' '
clutrm ; S3n ) nn l St. Mufg aTjntie. Kn-
julro of It W Knnc'ilv , 31 ? . " 13th 31. 749-tP
POI ! S I.S A' li'llianl talilo ? n'"flns Apply at
Tim IliR olHcu SJ1-171
I JOIt KALK HotlM , li.irn nnrflMso Inr thrA '
J ; ytntt , ii'lOninn of land 3n Nor h ICth
rrrt. App'y to l T. I'et r'on , real ! i mt
it , S. K. I'orniT l )41i ) and DcujUii utrcct.
FOTSALK Ko-jr' sections of nhel ln > iul I
KU < I'ounlorv \ Inquire nt UfV. .
Optra. House 1 rirmncj < D2r-tf
TTIOIv SMiK A Ol' < t-cljw book I > 1 t\tocrrr
J1 Lnnlnem , cnrrjln \ lull llnucf tof , 110-
tloiH , wptiyr .v H j vor , mold I nit. In fvt
ttooil lui-Htion ; chciip icnt ; Block w rth abcnt
31,009 ; cnn be bought ot easy tTrsHbygowJl
p it > . K'lll'Bcll , tmttiot tado. Allf ( s
Spl 01 V-tf Krcnicut , Nth.
K10U WALK OH UIINT A Rroccry store aiidl
qulrj at thin ollliu. JJ'S-tf
FOUSAUI A ntirly newdilmr top.tbtKy , w
chmp ; cash or tine ; AWrcss P. O. Umwer- '
a3 , city. O04.ti"
171011 SALK-Knll lot and 3 Ktnill hoUKf iic r-
Jt ? L. I' , depot , 82SOO. Jlsi'ajue , Opyi Pi O.
FOU SAIB-2 nicc-countcrs'im ! 2RlhcTilntHl
thnw raweit , at Oto. II. PiHx-.dOn'H , 804 Boulh
IQth St.
_ 7 l-tf _
IriOH KALK Urwincha ( jo for Omaln pro-
1 pony , an ImprOTtil se-j. on it land adjoln-
W. a t.itlon on U. P. , U. 31. DUNH Aili1412
Sth , 'hnalia. 7ttf2iHf
r.1lUtSAI.jU- traOs for cjly proxrt7j ] on
,1 ' [ an o'hora'M , hKcnouaand-wiroii. Addrua
U.-Y. , i' 722M
'I7IOU SAUK A cciHl nei ci ycar-old horae
fcL W.irraatc < l-to ilrl e single 2r iloubla Kn
t/tlrc of Ot > n i > Canlt ! > J'CanlliltihDUHC.
> KICK L'Alih.
> 203-tf L'Alih.ESTAIIROOK & COE.
rpAKKN IIP ) : muru < j. lOtlv r l anc > white-
, L oow , n 'cS o 0 npar8 o ! .white spot on
lOrchcud , c lain aroun nock. Ounur cau ha\e
it by provliif4jrocrtj' ( ] ) and ipaTinj : char > In.
Wire at III cru & Kisl ur'a p&chinghou8e. 933-17 * "
OTItAYEIUd aniwhlto itj q spot.dcow. )
O chain around neik. Fllidtnrwill be l-Jiersllf
runardcd lij ratunilirrto U. t'omy , corner lOtb
308 tl
WAUIUTS Wmes R. nc-V ' ,
of ilontKonvMrj City , .Mo. , 'baa lnut V
far lale. Those w : * . want lo plant
"jTovcs BhcoJd write iim. Ull-ij&wlt \
WIttin three 'Jlocks of
< JJ postofictv In njirc ftt51 > Dod o. 02G-tfi
I Will l > e p-ihl lot an act v lntor t
in \wll tBtabifidied business , lient
niuV nxiulreJ Apply to JNO.
c OSce. 019-17
J i Kilvwlll bo rcdvlrvd unUl 12 o' iKk noon ,
January U , J882 , lor the Mutinn anJ comple
tion of loiildliiK foj the Acadumv of the Sncred i
Heart. Pianu anu'Hpucillaitonn'oii i .fcw at
oflulroo & McaAel
Neb. , bere bldewjll .
rc er\cj to rcjec'jaty or aU bids ,
CHAM a TS well-kna
AllARK , o Mjstte f.Arfc'fOiuidr Js for eolail
a low ash price. E ery Jniu good ruunlutf
order ; . Inituircvat.brtiwury.
TNST/IUCTHJK3 / isl'ca on typo writ r , .ij k
njftchlnos fir , 8nlu. IIKIA i * AMES , 1608
17UNISIIii ; ) KOOM. * bVireiaKid Kl-'ntJtmen ;
alio one front room with > ano , uocdiwoat , j
core r l th uuJ Capital > enu . & 90-tf r
EMI8' NEW MAPS , 10 . IJounte
) . Mann. 32.60. BO. P. B1MI3.
IN C1IAVON 1'aitlle vid Oil , .
. i.lso Oecontivrt | ialnti > K. MltS , D. It.
AUBNEU , room U Jacob's-Bloch. 642-tl'
EM IS * UEAL TATK 1JOOM. bee 1st page. ?
B ALKl ) HAY .it A. H. Sondcr'g l od Sto "t
IBB 1013 Harney Ct. slO-tf
1 at page.
T > EMI3 hasraiUlnKloiif llsti of houses , lota
JL > lands aud faruia for tale Cill and get
TIOIULlr.T 41)3 TctiLb Streett twucn "Fkrnb&M
anil Jlai ney. Will , will tlio iM of gEuanUu *
epliha , ohujn for at > j ono n iuico at thn li
rnuVpr wnS and on ortali > vnditloa lu the til'
till * . HOOM Mul Hbjtm tu'dn tonrdejf. Hcrloot
Absolutely Pure.x
TlilJ powder ue cr varied. A nun-el of patfL
treiiuth and v holwomeawa. More econecilS./
than Uiecrdln-nr kludi , and cannot bo oldltT
corrpetttlou.itli the multitude of bw tort ,
ihort weight , alum or pho uhato povdora.
Bold only In etna.