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"Tho Dreadful Disaster of Las
Friday Night ,
Full Particulars of the Acoi
dent and List of the Dead
and Injured.
"The Whole Thing Caused ty
the Negligence of the Rear
"Who Hated to Go trw > lFnr fron
His Troln.
National AnpocinUJ 1'roM.
NEW YOUK , January 14. Tin
cnuso of the accident on the Nov
York Central railroad nt Spuytot
Duyvil last night was this : The spccia
"Tarrytown local theater passengc ;
train , nt full speed , ran into the rea
of the throujjh western express t <
New York , which had stopped in t
-deep cut just previous to crossiii |
Harlem river to Manhattan island , because
-causo of Bomo accident to the ai
brakes. The brakeman on the ex
prees failed to go back and pu
up the danger signals , and a
the cut is a very sharp curve
and ut a point where stops tire tioye
made , thu engineer had no means o
knowing the danger ahead until with
in a few feet of the express. Ho wn :
going so fust that his engine cut clea
through the rear coach of the expres ;
-and drove most of its timbcis throngl
the couch immediately ahead.
Both coaches were filled with pas
acngors , und stoves and lamps upset
oil nnd coal scattered , and both o
the wrecked coaches took fire ant
were almost instantly a mass o
flames. The cut being through solii
rock , which .stands clone to the tracl
on both sides and ver ;
high , it was almost impossible fo
the passengers to escape nnd entirely
in-possible for assistance to roacl
them. The locality of the nccidon
is about mid way between where tin
track leaves the Hudson river ant
where they cross Harlem river am
enter the city limits and about eigln
miles from the Forty-second street do
Young Valentine , who was killei
together with his bride , nee Mis :
Louise Gaylord , of North Adams ,
Mass. , was married on Tuesday niglit ,
They were crushed , and burned in tht
fire which followed. Lieutenant
Governor Barston , of Vermont , ww
with the bridal party , but wont
forward as tlio train stopped ,
-and escaped uninjured. Park Valentino
tine , Sr. , also with Valentino , was on
the platform of the rear car and jump
ed off , escaping uninjured.
The unknown woman whose bed )
"waa recovered from under the stove
in the same car is supposed to bo Mrs ,
Maude Brown , of this city. Miss Maj
Daniels , on her way from Troy to visit
friends in New York , was rescued
alive. She suffered contusions anc
burns but will recover. Olivoi
Kelley , a stove manufacturer ol
Spring City , Pa. , was taken oul
through a window in a dying condi
tion , his right arm was burned oil
nearly to the shoulder , and ho was in
ternally injured. He was 38 yean
old. His doing words were directions
to send to his wife. The body of a
man of largo stature , the face burned
past recognition , was next taken from
iho wreck. Then came a body ap
parently that of a negro supposed to
b ono of the palace car employees.
Then two more charred nud blacken
ed trunks of humnu forms were lifted
out upon blanketsby the five men. Ono
of them was the body of n man. On
other , it was conjectured , was that of
a woman. It was some time before
more bodies were found and then
fragments only lemained of them. It
was impossible to toll whether they
were parts of ono , two or more hu
man beings. Up to midnight the to
tal number of dead was 8 and badly
wounded 2. The wreck of ono car
only , the rear car , had been searched.
'The express train on Fridays dur
ing the session of the legislature
has generally added to itat Al
bany a number of palace coaches
to accommodate members going south
to spend Saturday and Sunday nt
home , the assembly generally ad
journing from Friday noon to Mon
day , as it did yesterday. The train
leaves Albany at " :40 : p. m. and is duo
in New York at 7 p. m , , making the
150 miles withbuttwo stops. Yesterday -
-day it did not leave until 3:20 : p. m.
It consisted of fourteen cars , being
two mails , two bagpate , three passengers -
sengers and six paluco coaches , the
latter in the following order from the
rear : Idlowild , Empire , Minnchaha ,
Vanderbilt , Sharon and Rod Jacket.
'Thi'.ao coaches were all Wagner cars ,
very heavy and strong , closely and
stiffly coupled nnd packed with people
ple , a majority of whom were assoni-
'blymon from Now York and Brook
lyn and politicians and reporters who
had boon engaged in the political
deadlock at Albany. Most of the re
porters were in thoEmpire.whero State
Senators Wagner , Jacobs , Browning
and Koiran , Assemblymen Chapin ,
Monk , Robert Vnn Allen , Costello ,
McManus and Shoehoy , Emmigration
'Commissioner Urlich and others wore
discussing the deadlock when the
train stopped in the cut. It did so
gradually nnd the pause caused no
alarm. Mr. Valentino sr. , whoso son
and his bride were in a compartment
on the Idlowild when thu train had
stopped , wont on the rear plat
form and looked out to see what
was the matter. Another passenger ,
* a slim man , joined him. Valentino
K hoard the shrill whistle of the Tarry-
L town oxpref-s , approaching at a speed
of torty-tive miles an hour , all trains
whistling on the approach to warn the
trackmen. He looked back up the
W cut , and at two hundred feet away
saw a headlight coming. Ho sprang
off the platform and climbed up
the side of the cut and escaped. The
mall man turned and ran back into
the car and must luivo been instruitlj
killed. Pork Valentine nnd hisbrid
were otidcutly not killed by the col
Union , but were burned to death
Their charred bodies wore found clos
Valentino , senior , cays thnt whc
ho sii w iho headlight the ninn wit
a rod and \vliito light , who hat
been sent back to signal ih
Tarrytown train , wn standin
waving hid lantern not tnn feet fron
the roar of the platform of the Idle
wild. The tram had stopped tw
minutes before the collision nnd h
could have got up the track far onaug !
to stop the Tarry town. The engince
and fireman of the Tarrytown trait
stuck to their posts and did nil ii
their noivor to roverso. Uolh wer
found in the cab in the iniddlo of th
wreck , neither seriously hurt.
When the train wan stopped Sons
tor Wagner arose from his aunt in th
Kmpiro and walked out on the roa
platform of that car where ho wa
standing \vhon the collision occurnul
IIo must have bucn instantly killoi
and afterwards burned , us th for
ward iloor of the Idlowild was trio
scopedjw or the car floor of the Em
piro. fiio roof of the Inlcwild wn
shoved until it lapped completely thii
of thoEmpiio.
PnsM'ncers in both trains \\er
thrown violently from their seats nm
nearly till inoro or loss injured. C5oo
J. Spinney , reporter ot The No\
York Timer , escaped through a win
dow of thu Empire , and hearing n
aged gontlonmn fastened in the sum
car crying For help crawled b.ic
through the s.imo window , oxtiicnte (
him , although the car was blazing a
the time , took oil' Ins own ulster
wrapped it around the old gentleman
extinguished the lire o.i his clothe
and then helped him out to a pl.ico o
safety. After this Spinney gntherct
notes of the wiock and tolographet
The TnncB two columns report of tin
It 1ms boun ascertained that whoi
the train stopped Senator Wagne
went forward and ascertained thu
iho engineer stopped because lie fount
ho could not contiol the air brake ?
while the train wns in motion , ant
wanted the d&focl remedied before hi
took the train throngh.tliocity streets
Wagner then bturted back to see tha
the danger signals were put out ant
was on this mission when killed.
The bodies of all the victims hat
been brought to this city at 11 a. in
The question of responsibility fo
the disaster is now the main topic o
discussion. All railroad otlicials ngrei
that the blame rests entirely will
Mclins , the brake-man , who negluctut
to Hag the Tarrytown train in time tr
prevent the collision , The corone
ordered tlio arrest of Melius thisafter
John M. Townly , general Ruperin
tcndont of thu Hudson River railroad
said this afternoon that the blame o
the disaster rested entirely with Me
lius , the brakeman. When median !
cal expedients are exhauated , it if
found safest to Rend the rear brake
man back to flag any coming train
This is a standing order , and the
brakeman knew he would bo diamissei
if ho violated it. Molius offered nc
excuse , beyond that ho feared tlu
train would .loayo him behind. Experience
porienco proves that recalling a man
back is as dangerous as not to send ai
nil. The conductor is not expected to
see or know his brakemen are out. A
train is too long for a conductor to see
to everything. The rear brakeman is
always selected and supposed to tin
dcrstand the responsibility of his po
sition. The brakeman in this caao
did not do his known duty , and th&
company could not supply foresight
; o know if its employe does his duty ,
superintendent Catlin , in charge of
the brakemen of the Hudson River
and Central railroad , said : "I oxani-
ned the case this morning , and found
: ho cause of stoppage of the train was
; hat one of the plugs of the auxiliary
air reservoir on mail car C78 , of the
L.ako Shore Line , that came through
rein Chicago , gave out , and this re-
roascd the spring brake which caused
stoppage of the car and train. As nir
mst'fl all cars which were connected ,
t thus became necessary to bleed the
lir chamber in which the spring ,
o have the pressure taken oil'so that
ho train could proceed. I understand
Conductor George J. Hanford , in
hargo of the train , who is n very care-
ul man , at once sent back Brakcmun
Melius with a red lantern , to stop any
rain that might como in the rear , and
hen went forward to see what was the
natter. Molina had ampin time to
iavo gonp half a milo , if necessary ,
nd it is likely that there is where the
atal error occurred , as from all oc-
ounts the imn went back a very
hort distance. I understand Melius
as disappeared , and was last hoard of
t Poughkoopsio , where ho lives. "
Coroner Morklo , in whoso district
lie accident took place , and Dr.
Vatorman took a special train to tlio
cone of the collision thia morning.
Dn their arrival they found the bodies
Ircady sent by order of Coroner Knox
o the Grand Central depot. Morklo
elegraphed Superintendent Brissel to
old the bodies until ho got back.
3n Merklo's return Coroner Knox at
nco turned over jurisdiction in the
aso to him. Merklo examined the
odicH All of thorn identified by
riends will bo taken in charge by
limn. The bodies of the unknown
nan that of the supposed clergyman
fioro taken by Mprritt , undertaker , to
wait identification. Property and
al unities of the victims were given to
detective Shannon of the Grand Con-
ral depot , excepting tliosp kept by
lie coroner for identification. The
roperly of Mr. and Mrs. Valentino
, vore given to Mr. Valentino , Hi ; The
ody of Oliver 15. Koely , of Sjiring
3ity , Pa. , was taken to Morritt's.
lisa Brown's body was left in charge
f friends. Merklo examined General
superintendent Townly and UisHol in
egard to the accident. They knew
tothing personally of the n flair. Had
> eon informed one of the air brakes
f the Chicago express got out of
rdor and that the train wan brought
o H itand and that the accommoda-
ion train tallowing run into it. The
nly reason they could imagine for the
banter was that the flagman had not
gene back far enough to allow th
tr.iin being brought to n stMul.
Bissel telegraphed oulom to Pongh
keopsio , where Brixkemati Melius lives
to have him como donn. Coronu
Mi rklo authorized Sergeant Goodoll
of the Nineteenth sub-precinct , t Mi liim on arrival and lot th
coroner Know of the arrest BO thnt h
could give him u preliminary uxami
The inquest will bo hold in th
early part of next week.
It is now claimed the fire whirl
coiuinned the greater portion of th
wreck was not caused by the stoves
Each car is supplied with about i
dozen Itrd oil lamps. When tlio roof
of two cars en * under each other the ;
were ignited by the lamps which ru
mained in plnco and floors nnd furniture
turo caught fire from the Limps whid
were shuttered.
All passengers who have been inter
viewed unite in dmtouncing thu brake
man , who hsd time unough to havi
gene back a milo and tl.iggod th
second train.
Oliver H. Keoloy , who lived sovow
hours alter being conveyed to a hotel
was conscious to the hut. He reeog
tiizod one of the polieu us a folio *
maaon and told the ollicer hu wns
member of the Spring City Lodge
No. of ) ! ) . "Writo to my wife , " h
said , "and give her my love.1' Tht'i
were his last words. Ono arm wn
burned oil' and the body w.w ftxirli
Mrs. T. W , Drown , who was killed
was returning from a visit to the bed
side of a dying relative. Her bus
hand is a mining stock broker at 5
Broadway. Ho went to the Gram
Central expecting to meet her. Th
first iutiiratiou ho received thnt liter
had boon an accident was the arrivn
of a portion of the express train. On
brakeman told him the remainder o
the cars wore at the scene of the dis
aster. Filled with apprehension o
the worst , Mr. Drown procuied a c r
riago and drove to tlio scone. 11
found the body of his wife. The lad.
was about -10. The remains wor
brought to her late residence on Forty
second street.
The remains of Mr. Daniel L Ran
som were identified. Ho had been
guest at the Hoffman house about tw Ho was ! W years old , uninai
riod , fand from St. Lawrence. Hi
business here was that of a sloe !
TIIK 1 > KA1) .
The following is u correct list of th
dead :
Sonalor W. Wagnpr , Now York.
Park Valentine , IJonnington , Vor
Mrs. Louise Valentine , of Nortl
Adams , Mas" .
Dr. D. L. Ransom , Messina , N. Y
Rev. Father MHroshnl , S. J. , Troy
O. It Keuley , Soring Cttv , Pa.
L. R. Pringle , Philadelphia.
Uriggs , Now Yoik , severe interna
J. W. Browning , senator , of Nov
York , cut in the head and otherwise
badly bruised.
Edward Cahill , Now York C-ty
bruised about the ribs and back.
A. Chapin , assemblyman , Brook
lyn , cut in the head with gloss.
Mary Daniels , Sherwood house
Now York , scalded on the breast tun
Jpiin C. Jacobs , senator , Brooklyn
bruised about the head and shoulders.
Edward Kearney , NHW York City
bruised about the arm ? and body.
Leonard Kollerhouso , Kin sbridgo
severely bruised about the head um :
Robert A. Livingston , assemblyman
Putnam , slightly bruised.
Sydney P. Nicholo , police commis
sioner , Now York City , cut on the
inns and Iocs.
Mra. E. R. Phillipo , White Plains ,
severely bruised on the head tine
Hampton .7. Robb , assemblyman ,
STow York City , bruised on the heail
ind shoulders.
Edward C. Sheohoy , assemblyman ,
Sow York City , severely bruised
.bout the body.
ALIIXNV , January-14. The senate
: hamber has been draped in mourn-
iiy. The desk of the late
Senator Morgan is also draped.
U the meeting of the senate
Monday night arrangements will bo
undo for attending the funeral in a
> ody on Tuesday.
II. R. Valentino , father of the
'onnii bridegroom , has returned to
Voy on his w y to his homo in Bing-
lampton. Ho says the story of tlio
) ride clinging to her husband RO that
either could escape in erroneous ,
'hey must have both been killed in-
tantly. Mr. Valentino is himself ut
erly prostrated by the shock.
ALIIANY , January 15. Senator
irady says thu deadlock is not affect-
d by the death of Senator Wagner ,
'lie governor must issue a call for a
[ lecial election to fill the vacancy and
lip election must bo held within
liirty days thereafter. The district
s strongly republican.
Pimu > KU'mA , January 15. Oliver
t. Keoloy , who was one of the vie
ws of the Spuytpn Duyvil disaster ,
ms well known in this city , having
ad an oflico and warehouse on North
econd street. Ho was accompanied
y George Thomas , one of his sales-
neil and a resident of Philadelphia ,
lo has not been heard of ainco and it
s feared he was ono of the victims.
Jo was a ningla man 'i't years of ago.
Extradition BdCnddlo-
atlnnal AtHOcUtcwl [ 'IX-H ,
PITTHIIUKO , January J5 , The case
f Miller , who escaped from the poni-
entiary here in a shoo box , who is
ow in Toronto awaiting oxtridition ,
ids fair to beeomti of national intor-
st. Wardens Wright and Dressier
ro there ready to nab him as noon as
ho Canadian authorities give him ui > ,
vlnch they will not do for HOIIIO time
ot. Miller was arrested on the
liargo of carrying concealed weapons
nd released on his own rccognii-anco ,
nd then arrested on the charge of
ttompting to murder the victims of
lie Catfish ( Ponn. ) robbery , for which
o was originally imprisoned. This
utter charge U made in order to ex >
podito matters. The question nnso
whether there is ny extradition treat1
between the United Slates ixni
Canndix. The ciiso will have to go ti
the Ciiuadix superior court for decision
Brioi T lojjpimn ,
Uioh mineral discoveries have beoi
made near Wlllcox , Arizona. Specimens
imons oforo from the ledges assay fron
StiOO to $12,000. The district hai
boon named Oachho. The excite
innnt has reached Toiub.stono and Do *
Cabezos , Largo numbers are conunj
in from the surrounding districts.
Owing to the lursh north windi
which have prevailed ( or the last few
days the grass has nil dried up in C.d
ifortna Mid sheep raisers nrj gettin ;
so-iiaualy alarmed.
A now trial has boon granted W F
Hums , sentenced to h\ng at Dover
Ark , on next Friday.
Gov. Blackburn selegraphs tha
Major Hicks must limn ; in Covingtot
on next Fridayjxrith > iull pox or not ,
The doctors say ho will prib iblv die
before the time. He is now doliiioim
Tlio mother of tlio Into Gen. Goo. A
Cnster died Saturday morning n
MonroeMich. .
The Detroit Evening Nous is receiving
coiving oongratul ituiii by tolturinn
from nil parts of tlio state , over tin
victoiions tevininatimi of its libel suit
HuL'li S IVoples , lh late plaintiff , i-
still in jail pondiui ; steps for hit * tir
, raujmnont for the inurJur of Mai tin
1 { . L. llood'a dt'tidcitiim as c.iHhii'i
of thu local freiiiht otlico of tlu
Wnbash , at Dotioit , will foot up con
mderahle moro than$10,000. lloh'i <
been gambling and drinking to oxcus-
for months Um present where
abouts ate unknown.
A vein of p'otiolcmu has boon dis
e..vond at Pomeroy , Ktmaas , neai
Chas. P. Joiios , ( we of the shrewd
ustcrooks in the country , escaped jui
at Akron , Ohio , Sijurday niglit , will
the aid of a servant" girl , who also dis
No ws is received'of the death Ivj
suicide of Wm. Garuoy BollodnniK'
of Gloucester county , Now Brims
wick , Saturday , lie ( list attomptei
to cut his throat with an axe ant
failed. Ho went to his barn mid h )
means of a scythe made a fright fn
gash from oar lo oar , which spoedih
terminated his life.
By the fall of two two-story frami
honao.s in the rear of 1011 Princi
street , Brooklyn , N. Y. , 01
Saturday , three hoys , VVillian
Spollan , William Wincholto ant
Thos. Bulo , xvore killed. Two othei
hoys narrowly escaped boinis killed ,
It is rumored that the body of a mm
is still amid the debris.
Auditor Massey holds out in oppo
sition against tin * dictation of the Vir
ginin legislative caucus rule ndoptet
by the readjust era , which provides foi
the appointment by the CIIUCIIH o
clerks in capitol offices.
A bill was introduced in the Vir
ginia legislature on Saturday , provid
ing that nil state , city or county bomb
hereafter issued shall boar on thnii
face the provision iliat they shall hi
taxed nt the saim rft.cras lands.
fibrmUn eitizonsTit licliniond liavi
petitioned the Virginia legislature t (
take action to facilitate immigration ,
Samuel Green fatally stabbed Join
Leffingxvoll , in a drunken row at Vol
untown , Conn. Marital infidelity 01 :
the part of Loflingwoll's wife wan the
cause which led to the crime. Green
was arrested.
Venerable John M. Boll , oneo .1
prominent citizen of Dayton , Ohio ,
was struck by a D. it M. locomotive
just north of that city and killed on
Col. W. H. Sparks , a noted Geor
gian , died suddenly nt Marietta , O. ,
on Friday night. About the time
South Carolina seceded he was fa
mous for his anti-secession Hi'iitimonts ,
and once when ho made a speech in
Now Orh'nim threats of lynching him
uetu Hindu.
Harry BaHCOin , the actor whoso
feet were fro/.on near Bnciton recont-
'y ' , necessitating amputation , has ap
plied for admission to Forrest's
Ifoinu. The application will bo grant
The largo ocean steamship Queen of
the Pacific , constructed for the Pacific
Joust steamship company , was suc
cessfully launched from thu ship
Cards of Wm Cramp it Sons , Phila-
ielphia , Saturday , thu ceremony of
mristening being performed by Miss
Julia Cole , of Htaton Island. The
vessel has accommodation for l.'iO
irst-chiBB and sovonty-livo steoiago
) BsengorH. Shn will ply between
jan Francisco and Portland , Oregon ,
Lfid will bo ready to leave for herdus-
ination in about n month.
Gooigo Appier , a car examiner on
ho Now York Central A ; Hudson
liver railroad , was crushed hotweon
wo freight cars and instantly killed
estcrday morning at Uio Utica freight
lopot ,
The Bond adhoriats have decided to
abandon the proposed contest and at
loon Saturday the now prouidunt ,
jowen , took posscHsion of the Jtead-
ng road.
On Saturday Gov. Cameron npprov-
id the Riddloborgor bill No. 50.
[ fiown there us the "coupon killer"
> ill , which provides that u court of
ustice or a jury fllmll pass upon the
; oiiuinenesa of such coupons us may
) o offered before they bo accepted by
ho state for taxes.
To-day the r.itos on Hour and grain
rein Chicago to the neaboard will ho
tdvancod by the trunk lines.
The Dominion government an
lounccs in the Canada Official ( ) a/.ette
hey h-jvo disallowed the [ irovincial
ict of iho Manitoba legislature incor-
mrating the Winnepog Houtheastern
ftilroad company.
Notwithstanding the circular re-
lontly issued by the Dominion gov-
irinnent calling on certain banks to
nako return to the government loans
m bank stock , etc. , the monthly bank
itatemont allows advances under thu
lead of louuB , discounts , or advances
for which ntoek , bonds or debenture *
etc , are held as coll.xter.vl , have nv
eroftdfd from $ l,2itMUl ( ) in Novomboi
to $ lUlint : ( ) during the last month
owing to heavy losses itustainml ,
The paid up capital of the Kxchangi
lunk of Yarmouth hixs boon tmpairet
'JO per cent. The directors recom
mend stops bo taken for reducing tin
paid up capital in nil 'M per cent , thin
providing for n ronorvo of about 840 ,
000 and placing the bank in conditioi
to resume busiuoat.
Compliment * of Whltolaw Rolil
NutlonM A V ! tftl Trow.
NKW YOKK , January 16. White
h\v Keid in u pcr/uuml editorial yes-
tordixy referring to the man win
printed in the Herald recently Reid'i
alleged letter of mlvico to ( Jarliold ,
URod the following latiguago'
"Dtttto Messrs. Oonkling v
put him forward , we have t < ot sought n
revival of last summer's warfare. Wt
know that no frioud of the president
has nought itwithhlsapprovaland that
no friend of the republican p.vry (
seeks it. Whoever does seek it will
HpiHidtly learn that the onnential facts
h-ivn not been changed by the bullet
of tlio IUKIUMM. Tlio muunulion of
.1 ml o U ibortnon was eminently lit-
tniur mul iliiilutu did not eliaiiKu tlio
fluiracitor of it. The resignation of
Mosm , Coiikltug ami Plait was an
act of incredible and ehildhlio folly ,
and Guttean Im not changed that.
Tlio M-idict aiiiuat thoin by then own
legiHlaturo wan ovtrwlii-liuing , yt\t \ it
only faintly expressed the condemn i-
t ion of tl'o Htuto nnd conntiy , nud
Gultuau has not changed that. The
' of the country beliovotl in and
ovud Gattiohl , and Ouite.xu has not
changed tint. They count too largely
on Uuiteau'n bullet who think the
the time has already como to attempt
Iho rehabilitation of tlio m-uilonnl
suicides by sl.vndorim ; or belittling the
mart } lud president. "
Heavy Qroonry Futluro.
Kiktlnnul AnnocinUnl 1'tiMS.
Onirvno , January 15. It will bo n
genuine aurprino to tlio Innings com
munity to-moriow morning to learn
that late on Satutd ly ovi'inug the old
est.iblmhud whok'w.ilo groouiy hou t ;
of Sibley , Dtntloy it Co18 and M
South Water street , miido an assign ,
mont for the bonolit of itn creditors.
HoniyM. Huiupliiy , of the tirm ol
Mosiibook it lluniihry | , who roceutlj
poiformed a similar service forlvon JOH ,
Cloys A' Co. , was made anniijiiee.
The liabilities of the liriu are placet :
by themaolvea at § 225,000 , , and na-
soU at Jf2J5,000. The stock will in
voice about $7f > ,000. The balance it
in accounts , which are widely scat-
torod. Tlio house has boon est.ib
liehod over twenty years and IUIH boon
doing a buniness of n million and n
half u year. Their failure was pre
cipitated by Iho falling duo of
notes to tint amount of $75,000 ,
which the linn had given W. F.
Endicolt , a former partner in the linn
of Sibloy , Endicott & Co. , who wore
succeeded three years ago by Sibloy ,
Dudley & Co. It is understood there
are tx largo number of creditors both
in thu taut and woat , but it is thought
no ono will bo seriously alloctod ,
Fnoiflo Railroad Now-
National AnocUUxl Print ,
Sioux CITY , la. , January 15. In
formation has boon received from
Homi-ollicial sources thnt the Central
Pacific will not build east to the Mis
souri river , but only to the Wyoming
coal fields and send a branch from
there south to the Union I'aeifio line
uomowhero near the Green river and
take piuuengors and freight there.
The simo informant says tlio South
ern Pacific is making contracts for
trannportion of California wheat to
England and Now Orleans at the same
rate iw wan paid for all sea routes.
Wheat cars will bo fitted up to carry
immigrants and a faro of § ! ! ( ) from
eastern points to San Fr.mcisco is
National Association of Atnatonr
Nitloml Aiwoclattil I'mtn
NKW YOKK , January 15. At a
rogul r meeting of the executive com
mittee of the National Association of
Amateur Oarsmen Saturday , it was
lecided to abandon the six-oar hargo at the regatta , and substitute a
'oiir-onied junior race. The commit-
, ee appointed decided Iho IlillHilnle
crow should ho sent to England. A
committee was apnointud to decide
ipoii the time and jil.ieo for the
regatta. The ollicors of the ansocia-
Jon wore then constituted a commit-
eu to devise ways and iiieana for
Bending thu Hillsdalos to England ,
Small Fox-
National Adxoclatuil I'rinfl
HiciiMONii , Vii. , January 15. Car-
ilinu RichingH-Bornaid died in this
city yesterday morning of small pox.
Jer death created great grief hero ,
jhc was buried in Holy wood oeme-
cry , Rov. K. G. Armstrong ofliciat-
There is no noticeable incrraso of
mail pox here and tlio alarm is sub-
PUIIT JKIIVIH , N. Y. , January M.
< "ivo now cases of small pox to-day ,
naking forty-two CUHOH in all.
The Right "Way to Fray.
fatl'inal A ocmt ( l I'roxii.
PiiTrtimiio , .January 15. A Wash-
ngton , Pa , special to the Loader says
[ 'homos Forsyth , who withhmbrother
MoHliao and Wm. Bnrringor brutally
iiurdurod Thos. Foray thnt Monongri-
tola City last April , was found guilty
if murder in thu first dogroo. The
hreo ilefondantH were grunted sonar-
ito trials , Meshao's coinmuiiceu M on
lay , The jury olforod prayer before
aking a vote on the verdict.
The Star KoutoTrial.
National Awoclalol I'reux.
WAHIIINOTOW , January 15 , Soveial
clerks in the contract ollice were put
on the stand yesterday to identify
certain bids as having bucn taken
From the files of that oflice and the
oucHtton of the admiHsability of evidence -
donco was raised by the defense. Thu
cauo was adjourned at 1:40 : at the ro-
queit of the defense until W dneada/ .
Strengthening His Hold on thi
Fronoh QovQrnraont ,
By Attomptluj ; the Bnaotmoni
of Laws that Do Not Suit
the Majority.
The Attempt to Restore Par
neil to Liberty Looked
Upon as a Woaknoaa.
Anil in Vlow of the Clronmitnuco
It Will Not bo Done-
National Antorlfttait 1'nm.
PAIUH , January 15. Gambotta's nt
tittido in tlio chamber of deputies 01
ascending the tribune to propose th
revision of thoJWalton eonstitutioi
wns tinner nnd moro conservativothai
over. Ho knew , no doubt , that th
game ho had to play \\.i.s dangorona
and seinned itiito ] resiini ; < d tti stand o
or fall \\ith diunily , A duputation o
the loft hud ondoavoied to as
certiu'n his tinal tlotcrimmition on tin
question of the lovuion of the semti
und of the ncnttiii do Into , but tin
Cis\r had flatly rofitHvd to onlightet
thorn heforo the mooting of Iho eliiun
bt'tH fuitlior tluu by decloriiig that i
it was doleutud on u xoto the o.iliine
would at once resign. This had noi
unnaturally put the radicals , who now
mutter about ono hundred members
into an exceedingly bad temper , am
when the president of the council ho
gin his long and nliihoitito statoinoni
of the motives wlnuh had actuated tin
cabinet in raising the question of revision
vision ut thin particular moment , hi
was received by the more advance !
poition of the chamber with anything
but an oncouriiging manner. Hi ;
usual supporters on the hunches of
the left and left centre meanwhile -
while kept perfect tiilonco , while the
right , having nothing to gain or lost
in the matter , sooniod theiimulvos ut
terly indillorent. AH the reading ol
the document wont on , the attitude ol
the house grow moro and moro chill
in" , and when , nflor an hour and t
half , Gambotta returned to his sen1
on the ministerial bunch , not half t
dozun hands were raised to appltim
LONDON , January 15. Ministerial
ists say Unit there will bo no mori
cabinet councils thia month. Then
1ms boon no addition to the pro nxiniui
already announced , but n final do
cislon bus been taken to domain
cloture , a measure of eiuinl strimoncj
as the American "previous question'
requiring only a bare majority toclosi
a debate. This is deemed the moan :
of restoring legislative efficiency
The suggestion of release of Parnel
und other memboru of parliament excites
cites strong opposition and would hi
regarded alike in Ireland and England
as ix fresh weak attempt at impossible
conciliation. Ireland remains in statti
quo The decision of the central
laud court in the appealed casoH ii
anxiously awaited.
The Indian government roitoratoi
the warning to.tho King of Burma !
against granting nitmcTpolicBin dofianci
of the English treaty.
Dr. Carver defeated Graham yesterday -
torday in ti match shooting oil' twu
kioa. Each shot at 2'2 birds. Carver
won both ties.
BKUMN , January 15. Herr Putt-
kamor , on opening the Prussian diet
yesterday , inferred to the improved
ituto of the government's litmnccH
and railways , they having yielded 2- ! ( ,
000,000 murks surplus and there WUH
i prospective increase of railroad rev
enues during the coming year. Hu
asked a small loan for the establish
ing of productive works in order to
{ ivo greater employment tthu work-
ng classes. Ho also Hiiid ho would
eatly in the session introduce a bill
providing for the enforcement of the
ecclesiastical lawn of July 28th and
line enlarging in its scope thu provis-
mm of the act enacting the law. In
uoncli'sion ho stati.'d the friendly relu-
iona between Prussia and the Vatican
nid been resumed.
'uUonal AHBOclutcd 1'rwu.
WAHIIIMOTON , January 15. A sub-
: ommittoo of thu ways and moans
jommittoo heard an argiimont yeator-
lay morning by Mr.Vooks , editor of
L'ho Iron Ago , on MuKinloy and
AIIIOB Townsoad'u bill to amend Hec-
ion 2,50-i , ruviHcd statutes , by add-
ng a proviso that in no case shall the
luty on any manufactured article bo
oss than the duty iitffcn the material
if chief valua from which it is matin-
acturod. His argument was mate
rially directed to the duty on hoop
ind band iron.
The committee to audit accounts
growing out of the shooting , sickness
, nd burial of President Gariiuld guvo
lotico to-day to claimants to present
heir claims before the 10th of Feb
On Friday the secretary of the
navy , through the United States min
ster at St. Petersburg , sent orders to
jieut. Dovuhauor and Engineer Moll ,
rillu , of the Jojnnetto search oxpodi-
ion , not to leuvo the vicinity where
hey landed until tha remainder of thu
jxnedition had been secured and to
leip in the search by all moaim in
heir power.
The Hi'riculturnl congress is most
arguly attended by southern ami
western farmerH. Cereal crops wort
considered and papers read by Prof ,
Illunt , of Colorado , and Col. Uurlc
man , of the United Stales uignnl scr
vice. Dr. R. L. Brown , of .Indiana
read u paper on the hotter organiza
tion of agricultural woik throughout
thu country.
There huvo already been introduc
ed in the two houses o
congress during the fifteen day ,
actual session , 1150 bills , beside
joint concurrent and aimplo rcsolu
lions and innumerable petitions , nnd
less than fourteen of all have boon dis
cussed. From now to July are 1C { >
days , from which deducting Sundays ,
holidays and days for memorial eor-
vices remain 100 working days. If
no more bills are introduced it would
require each liouso woik off twenty-
six bills , etc. , a day , not considering
thu fourteen general appropriation
bills , nnd every Monday for montha
now bills will pour in so that the
hopolosanesii of thu private claims maybe
bo understood
in a MniltUo-
Tot'EKA , KAN. , January 15. By
the recent decision of thu state supreme
premo court it has boon discovered
that the laws of Kansas since 1875 nro
in a most magnificent muddle . By
thu constitution tif this state the low
er house of the legislature can in no
c.xso consist of moro thnn l'J5 mem
bers , yet in 1877 the number in the
home exceeded thii number ; in 1870
the houflo consisted of III ? members ,
and ih 1881 tlio hotino consisted of
KtB members Hence it follows no-
uording to the decision of oursnpromo
court promulgated on January 5th ,
188' ' , thut all laws passed which only
had n majority by reason of the as
sistance of the illegally voting tncm-
liurs of the house tire simply no hxwn
til till and are absolutely void An
the house und senate journals are
still in the hands of thu punter. It iti
not kmmn at this time what ottoct
this decision will have upon the laws
of a general nature.
Sulolilnil ill a Churoh-
.Nation il AwucialiPri" ! < l
OTTAWA , Out. , January M. Last
evening , wlnlo the congregation of
the Ciitlioho ehurch were ongngod in
diiviilioii , a report of n pistol was
honid , eiiiaing fioin thu seats in the
euitioi.f the building. A general
nUiiqiedo followed , and U was some
time liofi'io the e.uiso of the report
\\a.s diHcoverod. After nearly everyone
ono had left the church an old man
was found in a kneeling position with
blood Mowing from his riuht temple ,
still holding tx revolver in his hand.
Medical mil was immediately sum
moned , but beloro a doctor arrived
the unfortunate man expired. It
appears that the victim , who was a
str-iugcr in the city , was nnmuil Thos.
Wileh , nnd had n few days since boon
admitted to the homo for the aged.
Temporary insanity was the cause.
Cauailtnn Baiilc Crnolioil-
WyoMiNii , Out. , January 15. A.
safe in Kuucett's banking ollico hero
was blown open Friday niylit and a ,
consiilorablo amount of cash taken.
Entrance to the bank was obtained by
forcing ono of the windows and no
less than three tloors fitted with com
bination locks were blown open be
fore the booty WIIH wecurod. The ex
plosion shattered the front windows
forty feet , iiwny and covered the floor
of the largo vault with a mass of bro
ken iron nnd plaster. Many people
were startled from their sleep by the
noise bif. thought nothing further of
it. The tools , stolen from a black
smith shop near by , and a quantity of
putty were loft behind by the burg
lars. _ _
Tried to Kill Feddler.
National AuoclatoJ 1'rcw * '
HAiiru.siiuuo , Pa. , January 15.
Charles and Augustus Dean , of Mer
cer's Gap , Cumberland county , have
l > eon arrested and lodged in jail at
Now Itloomfield on the charge of at
tempting to murder a peddler. The
man stopped over night at the resi
dence ot Dean and next morning they
waylaid and shot him , nnd suppi sing
lim dead , throw him under a brush
map along the road side , where a man ,
n a biiL'gy found him shortly after
wards. The peddler was taken before
i justice of the peace and told his
story with great difficulty. A consta-
ilo who arrested the Deans found
.hem dividing the victim's money.
danada vs. the Pullman Company.
National AHKOI latixl
MONTUICAI. , Can. , January 15. The
imount of the claim on the part of
tlio customs officials against the Pull-
nan car company for infraction of the
revenue laws in about SHO.OOO. This
amount , it in expected , will bo further
lugmontod by the further claim made
of some $20,000 for repairs made to
car fittings in the United States upon
Canadian built cars which should have
) een done in Canada. It is assorted
hat although the government cannot
collect for infractions of Unit kind bo-
rnnd the last three ye.irs , yet should
heir cuso bo made they can complete
hu amount by the weight of the fine
mposod. _ _
Funny Verdict-
National Annotated 1'roai.
Pnii.ADKi.rniA , January 15. The
nry in the case of Robert Lystor
jmith , charged with shooting Samuel
Josephs in a railroad train while returning -
turning from a democratic convention
it Williatnsport , announced Saturday
uorning they could not agroo. Judge )
DriggH expressed an opinion that the
case was a plain ono and instructed
ho jury they must agree. Later iu
lie day they returned a lengthy ver-
lict to thu filed that the pistol was
irod in a frolic. Smith was released
) ii $5,000 bail until Tuesday , when
.ho court will tlccido if it can enter
judgment under the verdict.
_ _
Hammered a Lawyer-
National A oclatoJ I'rcM
WKHT Ciii'.srKii , Pa. , January 15.
Lust niglit J. D. White , a resident
of Upper township , Custcr county ,
brutally assaulted Charles Ponny7
packer , of this place , The allray ,
which took place in a lawyer's ollico ,
hud its origin in business relations.
The assailant was formerly n client or !
Pt'iinypacker'i. The latter is in a ,
serious condition.
TwelvoHnndrod Men Thrown Out.
National AtwociaUil 1'reu.
" vJ'irrsnoHo , January 16. It is
stated on good authority that thu four
mills of tjto Siemens and Anderson
stool company were hut down yester
day for an indefinite period , throwing -
ing 1,200 men out of , employment ,