Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 14, 1882, Page 3, Image 3

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Mother Shlpton'a Successor Starts In
New York Sun.
The world ohull conio to nn end 'tN true
In ISA1.
The world itself Minll no lunger bo ,
The world itself Minll be no mow ,
lii 1SS1.
The world itself thall not survive ,
In 18S.i.
The world thall vanish into nix ,
In 1SSO.
The world ( shall bum in fire from heaven
In 187.
The world shall end as utro n fate ,
In 1SS8.
The world sh. ll end , if rhyme is a ckni ,
In liSl. !
The world can't possibly conio to an cm
in 18'JU , for tlieru ia no ihyniu to let it ill
ISut cortrviiily to an end 'twill run , >
Only RO nuich thu II-PS
One h art 1ms fallen nway
It took tin liu'lit fru n th- sun ,
Xo splendor out of the d.iy. ,
The MliuhlnutiveliH the HUIIIO ,
And the opal tiuti mi the MVI ,
And ilia ( 'iildi'ii-r- ' yell w ll.iuie ,
Vet M'tiielhliijh.ngniio ' faun in ? .
Ono licart , one heart the ICHU !
When I nu no tlun.unvsuf my fiictuls
One lov h t was bom to hlei.s
In a mirage of fi rulmo i e.-iln.
The Min Inn , , tee n * tla > s ime ,
And the op 1 juts on he H < 'II ,
And tlieftnlditi'iod'ri jtllow Hume ,
Yet hoinothiiii ; h.s (50110 ( fwin me.
[ * lnry C'lcmincr.
How the Dlvlno Song-Blrd PIVSPOS tilt
Day IIorDllla of Paronnd Con
cert Costume.
From The Clilaivto llernM.
IMiidiiiuu rises at ! ) o'clock , anil dur
ing her toilet uxurciaoa hur voice 01
thu chromatic , or indiilgca in bits o
fnvorito uriiiH , with Signor Xicolin
runniiij ( ! an opposition concert in tht
ndjninin < ! unite' . A lunch m survud ii
thuir dining-rooni ut 10 o'clock , will
n inutiu ol eg s , toast , fruit , I'mh , tut
and wine , lireukfnot followo at lii
liaro iKiitorlioiisj , cut extra thick
chops , Iruit , coll'eo , wino , huckwhuii
ciikua aiid lottnco auhid niako lip tin
bill of faro , which is aurvod , like ul
her niuiils , in ccttrscs. For diniiLT
turtle Houp ami biacuit3Bpicudtuiki < y
roast bcut , u couple of sUnds , fruits
anil thri.-o kinila of wine , sustain lift
until ten o'clock , when a very litjh
supper of entrees and coarse broad is
taken with winea.hon aim siiifiB ,
dinner is taken at 3 instead of 7 p. in.
and aftur the opura , not later than
1J:1K : ) , bouillion coup , a pair of chick
ens , baked potatoes , sahul with Fruncl
dressiia' , cltirut , Roiiuutort clieosu ant
crackers , with French iiruiu-s. The
Spanish beauty is as.fastidious an tal
ented , aiut will suil'er iiothini ; but the
choiee&t viands served in lirst-clasi
style. Solid silver , cut i lasp , and the
tineat hand painted Prench china
furniah her table. A center picco and
individual buitqnels of froah llowora
are supplied by Alien at every meal.
Two private waiters servo her , and ,
like the two sentinels who uuuril hur
door , are uttircd in black broadcloth
with swallow tail coata , white vests
and a.itin tiea.
Her manners are those of apoliahet
laily. All ruipjeats to servants anc
niuin.H are prefaced with ' 'if you
ploaou , " nor ia the cherry "iniiny
thanks" ever forgotten. Little coffee
is consumed by the fair diva and her
prolix , excepting an occasional after
nuor. cup. lie/ore fioing to the opera
two cupa of Btiviig En liah breakfast
tea are taken. She entertains the
strongest antipathy to desert ( save
lemon icu ) aud elevators. Her hotei
expenses uiuount to § 05 per day ,
which include f ur servants , wines
and carriages , which the warbler pays
without ttiu slightest heHitancy , as
the same accoinodatioiis were never
attained in Europe for less than § 100
per day.
For an hour preceding the opera
last evening the ladies' promenade
rang with the melodies escaping from
purlora 5 ami 7. At 7-15 : Almo. Gas- c.imo tripping duwn thu utnira ,
I1 'J wmpped in a charming mantle of
white Uuasiuu tweed , Uer head was
covered witn a gillet of Sjianish point
lace , and her drosa of ivory brocaded
satin , cut a la Pompadour , hud pointed
paniery drapery garnished with cut
crystal mid laco. Ten minutes later
the cuok omerired with a porter , who
zeuloti.ily eyed the canvas covered
trunk marked < A. P. " that occupied
his trunk. Sigimr Nicolini popped
his liL'.ul out ot the door , and hia vul-
ot was Been wild y ges leulating with
a little Frenchman wuh very small
nedula onguifed by a pair ot yawning
umnonuonablea. Tlio two maidsohot
icross the hall and then shot back
ag.iin ; was a giatmg of door
kiiob-i , a sijti akiug ol doors , and the
lovely sungatress omeruud , followed
by Hoven , a in f.tultlohs oveniiiH
suns. A pair of tun eyes and
the pmkcut choelt.s wi-ru loliuvt d by a
daituj hiHi'iii.itor of OIVKIII > Hill ; Int-u.
A m.inii.l.v of bla'ik t'ilk velvet ,
burtlurid with a btnp of Siberian er-
minii ei ht inches wide , pnrtiaily con
cealed one ot the mont niiiginficent
dreaaea that over c.imu from thu studio
of iMmo. Rodeiigiie , ol 1'arm. A
long , flowing robu of B.UIII . < lu Lyon ,
of the must lovely limpidis bluIMU , \ \
soft Hliell plaiting ruinung thu entire
circuit ot the court train and formed a
frieze for four overlapping rulllea of
Maltese point lace , barely perceptible
at the too. The train hung perfectly
plain from the pouf , littod overa faint
tournuroof hair cloih. The paniers
were embroidered to a semi-tablier ,
which originated at the shoulder
shield , following the pointed bodice ,
and falling over the petticoat in deep
ly cleft rosettes. On reaching the
knee the tabher receded latterly , and
paneled the entire base of the 'skirt.
This tabher was a pinco of Japanese
embroidery wnuight in gold mid ail.
ver on a foundation of gold cloth shot
with iridescent passementerie. Egyptian -
tian lilies , convolvuli and magnolia
roses wen ; in bns relief , the hand-work
of a skillful ait embroiderer. The
union of the limit with the panels of
the train was covered by cascades of
old point luce. Over tl'o ' left hip an
anglo of luce farmed a must inviting
receptacle for tin elongated bouijuotof
crushed pink rosea. Thu Josephine
hodico was ( supplemented by a Hoi-do-
Homo niif , and the acute corsage ,
faced with a trio ot lacu ruflles , waa
garnished with roses screened with
Juco , Marguerite sleeves of embroid-
cry lined with satin ami Ineo facing
which barely covered the t'lbow , am
n | ) itruf ! iiiotuquctniro nnglnzod kill
of mnothyst ti\n covered tlio aims. Al
her juwi'is were loft in nbualvo Cin
cinnnti , and the | > nrgemis tinbroiilor "
1mA no rnditnci : with which to divid"
envoi * . Finally , lur iiotticoats wcr
of silk embroidered French thiuiv
and Irish linuii , heavy with thn-ai
Inco and woven llouncos of insortio
and embroidery.
Nlblo's Harden Theatre tn to be tor
down oiio year from tieit May.
lloticIcAttlt INN IIPKIdoltiK nn rnnrinnt
busin-m In tlui Col It * Iu\Mi ! , nt tin ) lei !
ton Mtiiutim.
All accounts aRree tlmt Madam ? 1'nttl
BUCCPM in Clilcwo collided t\eu lior tr
nmiilin In tbo ra t.
Mr. Jn i'ili | Jefferson hrw clo eil hl fct
"n , nnil retire * to MA liouMunu p'ntiti
tion fur thrto months ,
lilU UtHitll , n riovclatut soprano , I
another yuan * Anu-ricnu tfirl who Is on tli
iii.ul to fuliii In Italy ,
( . 'iirinvn , with M ' c. Hoult , Cauimnh |
niul Del I'liento , wns tingreat' ' at 'iicci-i
of tliu opera cnuiiiany In linntuu l.ut wcel
McKuo Kankhi lirn bought it new jiln
for SI , 000 from Kdu.tnl .l.SwuiU , > joni
imlUtof I'liiladi'liihrn U in u \\w\v\
jiliiy , andu > aitlul''Tho Annul. "
Mill ) . ICuL'enlo LeiirauJ , u > 'rrnc
netted * , who I'm , it > sidd , uiiMtci d 1C ti
IMi , ii ; Klviiife'ii'irfiitimvuceaof Caiiilll
with Mr. llnorgo Kuwct'tt lluwo'i ) c ! !
Xuvliir Scbnrweukit , fiuu > n as a jiianu
. .nil known to imttonr * in thi * country n
a loinp "er uf nxrudeut part" , lias buroni
til" ho A uf a privuto cuumirvaturv u
music ut Purlin.
Fanny Davenport lnw been pret'y nevcri
ly criticised by tlio New York pren dm
iii tliD ] ia > .t wt-fk but ha * jiU > t-d to lure
uuiliui c H. Him will nsii for Jiiiglaiul til
liiht week of Junoiifxt.
MihH Alary Anilorsou wan me-iented b ;
Mr < i. ( ion Shurinau , nut ing her en uKc
niont in Washington , with a v&luikblu an
tiiiio | candlet'ck. . ID curry in tlio bleep
idkiu i sctuo in Lady Macbeth.
Sir UBS hai nrnducpit nn I'poratta a
Vienun , on itl.d "Uer hustl u Kneg' '
( The Jovial War ) , which HH
with f'Uiitic applause. OHM of the inelo
ili-H , n wait ? , hud to be repeated titfh
Mine. Alban' took pait in a IVlyulo
operatic po furuinnco on the Tth nit. , thi
oui ahioii of her tint ajiperanc * at the liar
lin Opera Ilon i\ . - > in > ntijj in Italial
wh lo the re.-t i-aiijj in < ! i rnian. Tim Kin
peror , tlio liinpr.siiul tins crown Prim *
Wl'IO plUM'tlt.
Mo/.trt s Don Juan wasHately revived a
tlio 1'arinml ( opera with LasHolle ac
D.FII J i.ui , Kr.i'Hi an 1) ) na Anna , am
Mi < ( iiis-vniii a.1 /-iliiit. li" ( ( ! rn
wiiM credit-'d with anotliu ,
H - ' I > UUCVKS
und the mounting of the opuiit i < H id ti
have been upuii llio iijiist ina niliceii
The Cincinnnli Mu-ical club , e > niipii' > t (
of professional ami nm iteiir nnisie anx , ha :
adopted a plan of : > vvanliii prizes ior tin
l > cciiiipositioi.H l > y r. silent inil'-iciiiiifl
Itecently its ir > t piize , fo' the lient iii.n |
let of rit.riligH , wan iiw.irdeii Char
tens , foimerly lirnt viili of Tlieoilon
'rhoiiniH1 ' nrchustrn.
In t o the 'tern ut rnnich npbcxto't ' clotl
in iiKud for th .scenery ; the iron cnrtuii
is itrnppcil after every ptrforinan e , inn
so never allowed to ru t nor pi > t out o
near ; each portion _ of the auditorium i
liceiiHed for u certain number of people
and no mora aiu admitted , and no iwi
partH of the house debouch in the saini
pa' v.tgo.
The Chrhtnut atrett theater hau fo ;
twenty jcars been the leadiiij ; fashionabii
uuiusemeiit housa in Tliiladelphia , yet I
lias niu'er had a pn.fitali.e Hen-oil , eicep
in the centennial uxhibitiun year , and it
iii.'nngern hnv usually brcome tank-upts
' ) he latent lo rr has jmt closed its doorn
Ilu hail hand oinely decorated it , paid tin
rent in advance for the whole season unc
linijnyed i liaoVtock company , but the ro
reipiM were alarmingly light , no matte :
liow good the i erf. nnnnces , aim he i-avi
no p omiite > .f improvemeut.
Speaking of iMillIo. Koi-Hini's grfnt 8uo
3PHn ii Vuleutin.4 in the HuucnoU ( it :
New York lu-t Wednesd.iy , Alan .jei
Majilesou baid : "ItVH - . mi uuparalielci'
[ eat. I ast Sunday tihe didn't Know hei
fiart. iShu'd nt-ver.seeii the opera , and nlu
learned the wren ; ; wonls the liic rd
rerhidii a > d had to uulraru them kid the correct text , anil yet onWi-diiu.s.
Jay nih'htHlietoiik the house ly Btorm. Iv't
never HCCM anything like it. Anil uhe'H hiicli
i trooa actreHK , too. Wny after nhu hn >
iiint ; the part two or tlno time * nho will
be I have nu heHitation in Baying it tin
jreate t of Valentinux. "
A Hensalional druina lias recently been
[ > erf rmoil in the chief theater of Moscow ,
; hu downing situation of the piece b. itig
i combat in a rocky pas < li-twuou a lion
inii an Ar.ib chief. The lion crainlJi ;
jp a Hteep aincrtit , and \ * aliout to pprituj
Tom i' ' upon his f.e when the
nan bring" him down with a wed'ttimed
< hot. Tne part f the lion had lie n MIK-
ained uiMt HIIPCO nfn ly liy n trained pym-
inut named Alnxevitch until about a fort-
lih'lit ago , when that at tint suddenly fell
U , an < l _ i he manager wan compelled to
Tutt his role to an active H'.per ' , who
mdert'.ok it at a few hour' * notice. When
be tiino nr ived for hw debut ho bounded
m the Ht'e with admirable vigor , and
cuttled up th" cliff u ith ( 'reat dexterity.
5nt when the Arab chief discharged li'in
niiHket the ion , utterly thrown off liis
iiiard by the report , ctooil ero..t on IUH
linder IIHWH , croBsed liimnelf devoutly ,
d , exelaimini ; "Heaven help OH ! " hur-
ydchc nded thu elilf , tail ,
the jubilant HIOUIK ! of thu audience.
yi'lie ( ! i > HKr > uationiiIii > t > < umploy lO.'l miii-
io iirii'i n Kuiisis.aiid or am/.ed lu t
e.n tutntj'Fi'Vi'ii uliurchuH. TlipMitnap-
irniiiu d in 1C ' . .indu iiiL' HID , i nr WHS
Of Iifhlxiy-live Lntlmran inU
upliorted dy the o.trd uf oni
it din ( 'in ml .Mioil 1 . t yu.r. nine are in
vanM von in Iowa ami thieo in Xe-
ir i-ka ,
Th-1 iiiihti.ritu 'if tlin Calva y rhiircli ,
Cew orKuth i H iiicn in ui : } \2W \ it
oir , liu * i tun ilrclineil hy thu H v. i an n
/ rmlch''ii'l , of 1 lan.iiion , Canada , to
I'hoin it WIIH olleifd icetiitly.
In the Norway Haptidi- Union there are
hirteen churcheH with ! i"H meaiberH mid
en pantorK. Uno of theno churchen IB at
Promsou , i he mint northerly luptlnt !
much in thu world , beiny abuvu the Ate-
ic Circle.
ThoKO meinborn of thu Cooke church ,
oronto , who Hepurated frm the congre-
ation on aceoui t of the introduction of a
iineiiul iiintrument , have formed them-
elveii into a mcitty called "Tho 1'resby.
eriau Defense asaociatiun ,
The Her. William Mutton , pastor uf the
J'cenwich utreut Presbyterian chiir-h ,
'hiladelphia , has , in the fourteen yi'ar.i > t
ila pastorate , baptised iiOO piTHiniii. re-
eived 38 - to mcmhtrrthip , preaclied 1,1. TJ
ermonB , and made 7,000 paHtoral visitH.
In nevcnteen citieH intliK nulh the net
am in Prcnbyterian churches In five
earn ban ! en 1 .285 , or 11 per cent. The
ir eft uicreai-o IH in the eitifM ( Texan ,
ein 07 per cent ; the next , Louisville.
> 0 per cent , and Wilmington , ufi U per
' 1'he ye-ir bonk of the.rnltitian church8
rir ISSUtiviIIH the wholu number of
hurchc * , HII , neven more than f < r . .
In- whole number of ininHtern in101. . Of
M lint for 1881 , fourtcm died the pant
ear ; and amen these some of the mora
rominent , we find a 'arper number than
ir any previuui yeirpasned away. T
' ro graduated from the two divinity
dchoola : sl\ from Cambridge and four ft. n
Meadtillo. The natnrii of four wnmrn an
umoiii ; the lint of tutiiistus.
The Heformi-d KpUcopa1 rhilrch ha
l > cen in rxi'tence liKht jea'i" , beijiuidn
with nine clergymen , including li ho
Cummin * , and twenty laymen. H no *
luiilU ) clorR.vmen anil alniut 7,000 oo-
numlcnnts. It l < ns church propctt
valued at S'JU > ,000 , exclusive of iicnu
U xreinit that inma of the couther
clergy nro n loux way from beint ; "rt
coiiKtrucUnl" no fur * the colors
l'oplo are concerned , A colored mlnlnte
wrw ailmittcii n i member of the M > > mphl
I'redbyterr. This IIIM especially oicito
th llev. lr. lUird , n in-mbcr of thn
body , nnil in holy indignation hAexclnimi
"One of the condition * of ordltmticti i
that niftli Khali lip abl to edlfv th
I'hutch. Now , I ri k nothing in arnprtlti
that no ne to man in the prvKout cond
tlou of the vhntx'h and thu world , c u a1
tain unto thin vHU' iualitii'i ] < tlou foi
the position of a minister amont ; us. " It
our erlinmtiim he "riskx" ( 'reat denl.
The Ksv , DI. ,1. I' . Nuwnrui , who ha
l'iii xiiu'i- been an inlitimto fr end of ( < rn
oral ( iranl , and who was dutinc lirant'
incsiddicy pastor of the Metropolis
NU'thoili-t cbiirch , in WashiiiKtmi , whiei
11 rant and his lamily uttenilc < l , ha
aceepted an kppointment at pa-tni of th
Miidioon avoiiuo Coinrci.itlonal rhureh it
> cw York City. It ( > Kciierally undet
Klood that bis nc'optat'Cii in il
- ' 'f . In
piu-Huati''o ' -n arr.MiKement
wliiih ( Jtiuiral ( Slant isto be tnado pre l
dent of the Hoard of Trusteed of th'
t'huivb , and that Jay lumM , Hliopiuti
Knapi | , aiid other wellknown mnl wi'idthj
nun re to join the clum-h. A commlttei
widted on lr. Nowmait ttvrntly at tin
I'iltli Avetiuo Hotel to Infmm him of h h
apliointmetit. Dr. N'tumanaccepted , aiu
will preach thru1 nn ilannary l"i. Tin
church is heavily in debt , mid Inn tu-vet
been vry huecenufnl tin.inci.vlly. U l
hoped thu then w Mnml to bo Lrou lr
into it undrr Dr. Xewnn 'n miui.itry wil
HOOI put il on a Kuund b.i-ii.
Short Hrcutli.
O. llirtb' , lilanchei-tor , N. Y. , wju
troubloil with asthma for eleven yearn
Had b' en oliluoil to fit up houiutimes tin
or twelve uigh'.n in HUCcosiHlon. I'ouni
imnioiii.uo r liuf from THOMAS'
run. On. , and is now oiitinny cured
Anuiii LoniNO Onry in nix year * oldoi
tli n Mr. Uorillunl , whom ho IH about ti
Th. ' ciunKcmcnt is nnnonnced of l.icnt
Schwntkn , and .Minn Ada I. llraoUet , o
Ifoek Inliinil.
Mis ? Mnry Curolinc Davftiinirt , the ac
trc.i" , wan nurrieil n week nuo Satunliy
lo N. ( ! . CiiniiiiiKli.ini , of Muilimni Siimn |
Mlpn Vnnilorlllln wi'ililiiif ; ilrt'ns Imil i 178 inclitH ncnily " . " > ftet IOIIL'
l.ou ( ; trains nro quite in the line of u tail
way kiiigV daughter.
A. hill-Ion niw.iptii | < r nnjM th'it Htior
lionuv-tiiooiH am trio Bullion now. It i >
IMi'-ntnuil tliu lionvy-tnoon t'liilwlivn tin
l.i-t iinartur is ro lolieil. [ fjuwull Citi/.in.
Mits CHIT H M y , who sensibly HhippM
tliu biliuluiis ISunni'tt , causing thu allu iH
.May-l.unnett ilncl , xvaa nuirriril to .Mr.
\V. .M. Wright , a celebratedIncyc or , twi
wuvlcH ngo.
Citi/.i'iH of \ \ 'aulo.haVi : > < . , nrc agi
Lateil OVIT thu approHuhiiiK niurringo ot :
yoiini ; | , "i'l of Bi.xtctn yoirH to it pioncoi
oilier of tevoiity-threi' . The oxieutnul |
ijriioiii is a wiiiower , with two niarrici
MOIIS , ilm oldest about forty yearn of ao. [
A queer inarriii u uane ix reported fron
lonireal , Canaihi. A couplu of youtif.
French Uanndiaim of the Human Cntholii
faith went to r 1'iotestant iniiii'ter to IK
married , the parent of the girl Imvin- ; .
fiiLil tin ir content t the titiion. An ac
tion wn Mths uuent'y brought by tlu
parente to annul the m rriu. c , on tin
ground I hat it wan not legal owing to the
celebrant being a 1'rotcitant. In at
elaborate juili.inent itboundini ; in roacarcl
upon the nuliject tieateii of , th Judge ro
fi > rre.l the CUHO tu tliu Honimi Catholic
liixlioj ) of Montreal for hia detixion , undet
an old French law which IH Htill in force.
Baoiiltn Jimioa Salvo.
The beat salvo in the world for outa ,
) ruisus , sores , ulcers , salt rhouni ,
t'uvur Borus , totter , chapped hnnda ,
ihillhlainn , corna anil all kinds ol
skin eruptions. This oalvo is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction in
every case or inonoy ref nndud. Price ,
25c per box. For sale by
T H fk MoMAiioK. Omaha.
An mi-
for Hcmlmi !
Woaknuas ,
rlii'ii , Inipot'
oney , anil all
follow as a
jelf'Alniw ; rw LOSH of Momor ) , Uuttumil LIUIHI-
udu , 1'uln In the Hack , IllninonHol Vlnlon , Pro-
nature OH AKU , and many other Dl i 8 that
euil to InKttnlty or Connumptlon and a rrcma-
uro Grave.
tSTVM particulars In oar pumnhlct , which
we ilesiro to send fruo I r mall to every ono.
XaTTho Bpeclllc WoJIcine ID told by all drUKKlata
t * lp r package , or 0 pack v cn for fD , or will
be Mint free by mall on rec , ptof thu money , by
Uuflalo , K. Y.
or ule bv C Y Ooodr oc7mc-eod
Matter of Application ot C. H , Schroth
torLiiiuor LiconBo.
Notice in hereby given that Clioo. U.
Schroth did , nnon tdo Hi I duy of .Innnary ,
A. I ) . , 1882 , file bin atipllcatlnn to
he Mnynr and C tv 'ontiril of Omnlm.
nr licciiHf to pell Malt. SpintuoiM and
Vininm J.iijit TH , at corni'r of ThiiM
nut 1'ieixo Htrru' , I'iratVnn.l . , Oiim-
IH , Neb , , fioni tliu 17lh day of . ( aim-
rv , ISa'J , ti IhJO I ; iky of April , 1882 ,
If then ) lie no obj utinn , reini'ii Iran u
r protrct lilrd within two wik fni'ii
Tanuary ! ! d , A I ) . , 1K8L' , the wild IIcniuo ,
will be granted ,
THK DAILY DI-K iurvHpapi < r will juiblUh
lie al eve notlcn onro each wei'k f > ir two
v ekH t the uxneme ' f tl'oupiilicant , Thu
yityof Omaha IH not. t' ' be cliarged there-
J. J. 1C. . JKWK'JT ,
J3-21 City Clerk.
A Sure Cure Found at Lastl
No On Need Suffer !
Arorocuro lor Hllnil , IsleuilTnK , ItchliiK ani )
Ulcmtwl I'llui hut t 'n Jlncovcrod ly lit. Wil >
fcm , ( an Indian rcinody.j cMlul Dr. William's
mllun Ointment. A Millie tins hm cureil tl'O
ont chronic nuioHOl H..or 80 > oorn tUniilln . None
no neud miRcr five mlniiti-4 alter njiplyln this
onderdil uoothlnv uiuliclnn , Ixitloim , liibtni-
mmtd rm'l ' i-littniflfH ilu mure lurui than gocxl ,
'lllUm's ' Olnttniiit fcUorl * the tumoru , ollajH
le IntcnBO Itching , ( partlculiuily at night after
tttlnx warm In heil , ) acU OH b poultice , Klvca In.
taut nuil lulnloui ( tiki , and Uiruurui | | | o-ily lor
Him. Itchlrij ; ol the private narU. aiiil ( or tioth
i-jt clue.
Itud liat tlio HOII J U Ccmnbem ol Clovt.
amlfcaviialiout Dr. WIlllam'B liullan I'llo Glut-
ncnt : I ha > o UHcil buon-H ol IMIcn cured , anil It
ffunlH inoii < a urci toeiy that IhitiL never launil
U ) thin ; . ' wl.lrli . KiuiBucli linmtxilatu anil pcrnia-
cut rcllcl a-i Dr. Wll lum'a Indian Olntrnunt
Kur talu by ull druK lbUi or mullvd on rucclnt ci
HEJiBY & CO. ,
Ci.iivn.AM ) . Oina ,
Kor nala liy 0 ( looilman ,
119 South Thirteenth Struct , with
Who Trnnt glossy luxuriant
nnil wvy trossce of nbiindnnt ,
bcuntii il Hnir must nso
decant , chcnp orUcld ulrrnys
mokes tlio Hair cro\v IVocly
nml fkst keeps it ft-oiu foiling
out , arrests nncl cnrwi grny-
neas , roiuovca diuulniff and
itcliing , mnkoB the Hair
strong , giving It a curling
tendency nuti hneplng it In
nny d eired position , llonn-
tsfiil , hoaltJiy llnlr is the sure
result ui'
T < i
llmt ji.ur yitiMU
liorwtiiK. Uu > r
Cl . .mplrlU- l. Uj
let It may
save your
llfo. It line
saved hun-
PL1ITM mm \
. /vrerao
Snfe.vVl *
5 & 2
= s c- t. ' : l Kfe-
H plalU anil preiucs ] toricty ) ono ynnl pel
It plaltM from 1.10 of an Inch to 1 M Inchui In
nliltn In thu coarvent frltM or Uncut xllk .
It doeti all klniln and ut > loof pliiltlns In into.
No lady that UOOH her own ilrcsinuklnK car
Oni to do without ono an nlcu pUltlnK li
n.vcrlout of fauhlon , If eccn It wllii Itiwlf. Foi
Hiichlnw , Circulars or AKWI' ' terms adilreoa
CONQAll t CO. ,
113 A.da iia St. , Chicjkgo , 111.
_ Of-X\r. _ KKNDAMj.Agrnt iniajrn. _
1880. SHORT LINE. 1880 ,
St. Joe & Council Bluffs
Direct Line to ST. LOUIS
From Omaha and the Weat.
Mo change of cars between O.nalia and At.
ad but ono between OMAHA and
Daily Passenger Trams
Thla entlro line Is uquipiwl with Iulhnan'c
'alaco SloopliiK Care , J'alacu ( lay Conchoi ) , HlllcrV
iafcty Platform anil Coupler , and the culobratod
WcatlnKhoiuo Air-brake.
jt'iTHce that your ticket r w ! VIA nANHAS
oo-l , via tit. Joecph and Bt. J/ouls.
Ticket * for oalo at all coin ion etatloiit la thi
Weat. J. K. IIAUNAUn ,
A O. DAWE.S , don. Nnpt. , M Jnwvh. Mn >
Ota. I'am. and TUKu A t. , .11 , J . , . , . , . '
AUDI liouunj , 'lickot AKUIII ,
1020 Karnhaui utrcot.
A. D. IU mui > Ueneral Ak'ent ,
Siflm City & facific
Huns a Holld Train llirouich from
Council BluffH to St. I aul
Without Olmnge Time , Only 17 Hour * .
niliill polntn In Northern lo a. HlnniKviU und
'iikota ' , ITiU line U ( xiuipiuil ith thu linprovwl
VcwtJn hoaw Autcmntlc Air-l.ruXu ind Ullle
latfunn Coupler IMH | llullur : cud for
n uniurpanHtvl. I'nllnuin 1'alu-n rilocplni' Cur
uri tliroiiKli WITHOUT CIIANUK bol.wuon Hull
an City ami at. Paul , via Coundl Illuflu awl
loux City.
TralnM have Union Pacific Traniifcr nt Coun-
I llhiffi , at 7:25 : p , m. dally on ( ir rival of KMIHU.I
Ity. Ht. JoKi-pli and Council HlulN train ( loin
hubuuth. Arriving at .Sioux City 11:86 : p. in. ,
nd at the New Union le\xjt at Ht. Paul at l'Jo :
eon ,
< VItemombcr In taklnx thu Hloiu City Itoutv
ouyit ) Thr u | i Train. The Hhort < t l.lnu ,
10 ( julckiiitTlmii and a Comfurtatlu Hide In tun
'lirouxh * an hotwtcn
lirtiav that jour TlckeU read vl Uic "Hloui
ity anil Parlllo lulhoad.1
Mu | jrlnti'inlont. ( Jcn'l I'AM. AKOII ! .
P. K. KUUWBON , Ans't Uen'l PWM , At"t ,
. , Mlirtourl Valley , Iowa.
; . H. O'HIIYAN , KoiittiHuvtvru Agent ,
CouiK'l HlutTrt , Iowa
latter of Application of Kitchen JJroH.
for J.lqnor Ijlceiue ,
Notice U ticrohv iclvvii that Kllvlicn Ilros. dli |
| wn the IMli d y of Di'tTinbi r , A. I ) . . 1PS1 , | | | , i
if application Ui ti M > or nml ( Jlty Council
I Omaha , for HIXJIIHU (0 Hill Malt , Kplrltuoiw and
IIIMUII M'luori * , ut the Wltlinu'l ' HIHIHO , fourth
\arJ , Omiili , Nub. ( ruin Ihu 10 til day of Jan.
arv , IbW , to Ihu lOU , , iay ol Ajirll , Ibba
Iftherubuno i lijuutlnn , rcnibnitrance or pro-
uit Illixl ulthlntwu wuvkn ( rum Duccnilur Ulh ,
. 1' , , Ibsl , thu uald llci-mow II liu KranUxl.
_ Apiillcank.
Tint JAIIT B B r.e | > aiH-r will1jmhll.h the
l eve notlco oncu i ch wuefc for two week * at the
irtriwol the applia.nt. Tl-u City of Omaha In
ot to ta charged thcnmlUi ,
. i. J. I * 0. JKWtTT ,
J n2. t. city Clerk.
iiuwi uMi r < nB
No Changing Cars
Where tllnvt cotintvctton MO inmln itJi T > Miil
NKW vann , nosrpN ,
riin\tKinn.\ ,
The Short Line via. Peoria
VI U.K. , nn I nil ( i lntii In thn
rnn Mwt MM
Whom illrec * coiiiicctioni urn nuulu in tlio Union
Do | < ot Hltli tlio Tlumigli Slix > iili
for AU , 1'OINTH
Rock Island.
The unnvaloil | Imlucomontn oflorMl liy thl llnu
to travolcru mill tourlKln ru RH follni :
Tlio rrlotintPtl l'lM.UMANlll- l ) 1'AI.AOll
SliKKI'INd C'AUS run only DII thin line 0. , It
h U. I'AUAl'K illAWINQ UODM OAKS , with
llorton'ii Hivllnliiu rimlr . No n\tm d\arm > (01 (
nutUIn UrclliiInK Clmlr.i. Hie ( unions U , U U
( } . 1'nlaco Dlnlni ; l tm. OOIKIXIIH Snioiihi Oit
OtUxl with clt'k'niit hlnh-twckiHl rutUn rcvoUlrx
clinlre , for the oiclunlvo imoot Hr t-cln i j vs.wii
fen.Stofll Truck uril ttirwrlor c < iuliinunt | roinblrn
vltlt their K'lfnt through cur nrr ii | ; < -'inont , tnoKui
Uilfl , ntxivti nil othortf , thu faMitlto routu totnn
KAU { , South anil Soiitlu < iu < t.
Try It , ami you will flml tra\cllii < a luxury ID
stood ol ft illecointort.
ketlo this cilchrntcil line lor ul
at all oillca ) In the Unlttxl Htntet mul CAiuU * .
All nlormatlan ai.oiit rntm of f ri' , Hloo ,
Cur nccoiumoiUtlonii , Tlinu Tublm , ota , wil li
cheerfully given by applying to |
Gtoneral i * ll-auicr Aiti-nt , Chlo o.
t ) < t 'tlnnfu'cr Chlcmro.
Wtwtfor holiiK the most dlruct. iUlcXmt , nri
iwfODt line connccUntf the irroat Metropollii , fill
UAC1O , and the KifltnRN , NOkTii-K * TiiuN , ( c im
ntid SotiTii'KAHTiinN I-INIB , which trnnlnatot horn
with KABBAH CITT , l.mvunwoRTii , ATIIIIIHON
CUITIWI from which radlato
that ponetratm the Continent from the Mbnourl
Hlvur to the Pacinc .Hlopo. Die
IB the only line from Chicago owning ti K Into
Kanaui , or which , by lt o n road , ri < nchua the
nanivil. No TRANuriciui nr CAiinuri.i'
b MUWINO OUNNIWTIOKH ! No tiudillliu In 111.
vcntllatoj or unclean care , ut uvcry ittunnKur la
carrlod In roomy , clean and ventllaiod coocliee
upon Pant KipruHH Trains.
DAT CAKM of unrivaled inafcniflconco , PULLUAN
PA LACK HLKBPINU CAUH. and ournwnworM-r.vnoux
DIMSU CAIUI , limn which inrala are HLTVII ] of tin
HurixiHHud oieullunco , nt the low rate of MHVIINTV.
KINH C MW BACH , with ample time for healthful
Through Cuni between Chlcano , Poorla , Mil
uaukou anil Mlnwiurl Illvur Points ; and closv cnn
noctlaiiH at all pnlnt of Intersection with othur
We ticket ( do not forgot this ) directly to every
place ot IniiwrtrtiH.-u In lianiuui , Niilironka , Illacd
llllls , WyomliiK , UUIi. Idaho , Novula , California ,
Oregon , WanhliiKtou Territory , Colorado , Arlzoni
and New Muxleu.
Aali lieral arran omonta rcjcardlriif hai a e a1
any other line , and ratim of faro aluaiaiil ow M
compotltoru , who furnish but a tltlio-o the corn
fort.DOKII and tacklu of "iwrtsiuen free.
TcKut ! , maiw and fuldora at all prlnclpa
"low in I'm C'nlti l Btaten and 'iilin-ln.
K. It. OAIIU ; , K. ST. JOHN ,
Vlco Prin't & den. Oen. Tkt arid Pani'r AK
r.'hluauo Clilcai , " )
Matter of Application of M. I'urr for
I'ernilt to hell Liquor i a DniKKlft.
Notice is liereliy civen thnt M , I'urr
ilid , upon thu i-'d duy of Jiiniutry ,
A. 1) . , 1KK2 lilo hirt iipiilicati'in ' to tfie
Mayor and City Council of Oniulnt , for
permit to tmll Mult , Hpiritnoiix and Vui in
l.iipiorH , nn u Diu 'u'iHi , fet n edivlinil , me
Iliinic f nrid eheimual purpOHUH only , nt
! ornor Touili mid Howard Htreet , Third , < ) iniili > , Noli. , from the Kith day f
Iiuiiiiiry , IHHt ! . to the IOth day of April ,
IBH/ .
IBHf there ho no oliji-etion , reinoiiHtnuicu
ir protint tiled within two weckH from
I.iiiuary Ud A. U. , 18HL' , the mid piTinit
ivill lid fraiit ; > > d.
M. I'AKII , Apiillciint
Tin : D.MI.V | ! KK nuwnpaiicr will i-iihliNh
.ho uhuve week lor two
rVi'i'lc * . at the cxpi-nne if the applicant.
I'lie uitv of Omaha IH lint to liu cliari'txl
.lieniwith. .1. ,1. L. C. .J KWKTT ,
ja 2t City Olcrk.
Mutter cf Appllcfttlon of J'Ved ' Wlrth
for i lijnor UceiiHo ,
Notlcu In hereby Klven that Kred Wlrth
lid , IIIKJII thn 7th day of Juntmry ,
\ . I ) , , tH"2 , lilii hirt aioilicuUim to the
Inyin- and 'ilj Council of Oiiiuhn. for
iceiiHe to Hell M .It , Kpliltnotm and VIIIOIH
iliiuorH , lit No. 10021 Tenth ntreet ,
l'i ! rd ward , Oiuah , Nell , , from thu
Mhtduy of .lanuary , 1BW , to thu 10th day
if April , IK81 ! .
If them lie IM olijectlon , remoiiHtrunco
ir piotiwt tiled within two wo-kn from
luniiary 7th , A. I ) , , 188'2 , thu HU ! . .
ICOIIHU will lie grunted ,
rni'.mijuic ( WIIITII ,
TUK UAII.Y HKK newxpaper will pnhllxli
Im uliove nntlcu one each week for two
vuekH ut tli n rxiienu of the applicant.
DID City ot Omuliii In not to he charged
horuwlth ,
J. J. L. 0. .UiWK'IT ,
j'J.Ut City Clerk.
DexterL.Thomas&Bro ,
noDNiuriu Timaiwmi.
Pay TaxoH , Rout Houaea , Etc.
'ir TOU WIST TO tn OP. rjWi
Mil t Offlc * . Boom B , CKlph'OD L'ttJ-i. 0 tuba.
V'T" ' . . . vi. . .mi t M niMni. " ijncslliu Hint fat
it' i > vt ' < > ! vtM V i ro , to * > M ) to > avu 'ift' trafi'ili. ti * i L' i. / < . i - ,
l iiic.ip j.n ! ili-cfthu Prlnciuul Points In the West , Nortn ? .nd Northwf"- . !
.iiiiM'u ' ! * M rliif ; Ui- ! , > ' ; > , , . Tlic PrlnripM I'ltlr.iot thoM'MtrJ , Vnrfliw f ' * , ' . >
' 1' ' l'taliub ; UUa' a'nk" ULV" | ° ' " " "tctlowuiij ihe
! iVri 2"VNPtlmlipl1 ! ! ! | l" < 1 " " > ' 1 M ° l' ' wny dallyftomtwo lo four or more | \IM ,
Ir.itiH. 11 Is luoiib ! \\OAtotClueayniliatu.seallin ; v
The Imperial Palace Dining Cars.
H for Tlc > liil.4 via thl-trond.tiHstiro they irnil over It.nml taVonoin > ot > ci.
J1AKW IIIIUIIJIT , Cen't Mniiier : | ; , Chloaxn. . W , U. blKSSUTT , Uen'l l'i ; : . \jcut ; ' 'n'i ' w-
IIAHUV I1. l > | : , , Tloki't AKint I'.t N. VV KKIWA | > , 14 Mi unit funliiiiii.ttrwtji.
U. K. KIMIIMili , AnsKtont Ti'kot AL'mit 0. * N. W lUllmiy , Utlian < l K lnli > M < ir ct-
J. Itltl.t , . Tli tnl Acwit ' * X W IUll < nr , 11 P. U U. IX-i
BAMK.S I' ( I.AltK Owu-tui Aimit.
The Oldest Wholesale and
in'Omalia. Visitors can here IN T1IK WKSTI
General Agents for the
find all novelties in SIL Finest and Best Pianos and
VER WARE. CLOCKS , Organs manufactured.
Rich and Stylish Jewelry , Our prices are as Low as
any Eastern Manufacturer
Lhc Latest , Most Artistic , and Dealer.
and Choicest Selections in Pianos and Organs sold
PRECIOUS STONES and for cash or installments at
Bottom Prices.
all descriptions of FINE A SPLENDID stock of
WATCHES at as Low Pri Steinway Pianos , Knabe
ces as is compatible with Pianos , vose & Son's Pi
honorable dealers. Call anos , and other makes.
Also Clough & Warren ,
and see our Elegant New
Sterling Imperial Smith
, ,
Store , Tower Building , American Organs , &c. Do
corner llth and Farnham not fail to see us before pur
Streets chasing.
Large Stock Always on Hand.
11. IMcCain Anicriciiti House
II. H. Kirk Grand Central Hotel
rurpi'iiniiii ! Urtm llofitniiriitu
I. iV II. .1. Straight Oonc'rnl Sturo und Dt-nlorH in Grain
15. K. Uuy General Store nnil Deitlur in Grain
i , K. GruunsCato DrngH
" ! u ( > rjti ; Htuwurt , JM. D I'liyaician anil Drui st
luorifu A. Uiiy ifc Co 1 lurtlwaro
lj. II. Siwyur & Son Dry Goods
V. L. Martin Hutcher
1 N Kiildiini Lumber Dealer
i. I'liipnn Livery
. ' . Wnrd & Son Toinporanuo Milliard Dull
1. Monford H ot and Shouinakor
1. (1. McFnrliind I'oatinaatur and TIIR BKE Agunt
J. II. I'hulpH Operator and Station Agent
Special Attention
Is Once More Called to the Fact that
ilank foremostr in jthe Weat in Aaso rtraaut and
Prices of
< eai
Furnishing Goods
Hats and Caps
Vu aroprt'piiril to moot tliu doinnnda of the trudu in regard to Latott Stylei
and I'uttoniH. Fine Morchanl Tailoring in Oonnoctioii
1301-1303 Farnham and 300 to 312 13th 3t
J3.CTXX3XT f *
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
A , L , SRANG , 205 Farnham St , Omahs.