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On the Hudson River Eailros
Last Night ,
An Unusually Lengthy Tra
Containing Senators
and Assemblymen
Detained on the Track by tl
Failure of the Locomo
tives to Pull It ,
Is Run Into by an Express ar
a Number Killad and
State Senator Wagner , the Pi
ace Car Inventor , Burn
ed to. Death.
Probability that the Tammai
Crowd is Materially Less
ened by the Accident.
As the Oar They Occupied
Telescoped by the One
Behind It.
Fait Particulars of the Drond !
NatlonM Aii-oclatwl I'rcss.
NKW YORK , January 1J. ! A frig ]
ful collision occurred thia evening
the New York Central and Iluda
Ilivur railroad at Spuyten Duyvil ,
small villngo at the head of ti
island. Six persons , and porlu
more , were killed , among them bei
State Senator Wagner , the invun
und owner of thu Wagner palacu ci
A number of senators and aasumb
men were returning from Albany
Now York , the legislature having i
journed till Monday. The weate
express took on tittcun cars ntAlbai
and at least 500 passengers were
the train. The horrors of the ac
dent were increased by the two n
cars of the Albany train taking f
immediately after the accident. Soi
of the occupants were roast
to death in sight of hundreds w
were unable to rescue them. T
people of Spuyton Duyvil went to t
wreck and tried to quench the Han
but their efforts were useless. T1
women were seen clasped in en
other's arms between the framewc
of a car and the colliding engines , t
flames wrapped around them , a
amidst the groans of the spoctati
they died.
The \V stern express from Chicn
to New York reached Albany 23 m
ute * Lite. Owing to the crowd
legislators and others , fifteen ci
( eight of them palace coaches ) wt
added to the train and two extra c
ginea were attached. In the cars we
all the notables of thu republican ai
democratic parties interested at 1
bany. Tammany men wore in t
rear car. At East Albany anoth
ar was attached in which were abe
ten passengers. Tlio train ran rapid
to make up lost time , but owi
to Us length some diflicul
was experienced and there seemed
be something wrong with the f
brake. Just after turning the cur
at Spuyten Duyvil the train stoppc
as thu engines could not pull h
' 1 ahead. The trainmen examined tl
air bnikes. Senator Wagner starti
for the rear car to see a friend , i
he stepped on the platform a whist
startled everybody and instantly tl
Tarrytown train crashed into the rei
car of the Albany train. The rei
car telescoped the car in front of
and men wore sent tumbling over eat
other. SeToral men were unclosed i
the telescoped portion. The , roof f *
and flames broke out. The engine
the Tarrytown train had forced i
way into the center of the rear ca
The men in the telescope were cut 01
with axes , but the party hi
to be dragged out throng
the windows. Two ladies were re
cued in this way. The cries that fo
lowed were appalling. Men at ;
women rushed about , many shriekin
with the pain of injuries , others lool
ing for friends. The cars bunu
rapidly , and at tirjt it was not know
who wan H.ife.
The most intense excitement pn
vailed when the news reached th
city. It waa known many leghlatoi
were on the train. Only inno of tl :
New York delegation remained i
The length of tbo train caused
block on i ho New York Central. Th
Tarrytown train crashing into th
rear cars , wrecked throe of tlion
leavinu.tho others free to coino int
thu Grand Central dupol at Nui
York Tlio Hudson River road remain
cd open and thu western express cim
in on that roadlat 10:30thirty : minute
late. Superintendent liissel , of th
New Haven road , loft for the ecen
with a wrecking train as soon an tli
news reached the depot. The acciden
waa between 7 and 7:30 : p. m. , am
occumd between Spuyten Duyvilaiu
King's Bridge. Thu occupants of tin
forward cars woroall inoro or less in
hired by the force of the collision
The ' Idlowild , " the last car , con
taincd Senator Wagner , who wai
crushed and then burned ; in this cai
were also Mr. and Airs. P.irk Valentine
tine , who wont married in Troy 01
Thursday night , and who were ei ;
route to Florida. They were in <
slnntly killed. Tlio father of tin
bride had gone forward and was saved ,
Two unknown women were also lojl
in this car. Ambulance * were sen !
from Helluvuo nnd other Now Yorli
hospitals ,
Alderman Haws , who wai aiiion
the pausengerd in the forward car unci
i who was only slightly hurt , said : "II
bwas an awful moment , I can toll you.
iWo wcro all happy and cotucrainy
[ pleasantly , not dreaming of danger ,
when the collicion took pl\co like
Hash. I was fortunate in being at on
end of the forward en. and 1 manage
to got out. The roar cars were a
ready burning and people were rut
ning around frantically. No one coal
tell who were killed , but soon the bodii
of two women wore taken from tli
wreck. I saw Mr. Van Allen , of tli
Seventh assembly district , Hori
pretty badly scalded. GoorgoWilliai
Curtis was also on board , but ho wr
not hurt. "
Alderman Levi , another pasaongt
on the train , said ho was sitting i
the car "Kmorald , " toward the fo
ward part of it , talking to a frioiu
"Whon the collision occurod , I foun
myself all of n heap not many yarc
away with class and timber flying n
around , Picking myself up i
quickly n possibly , I saw I hnd o
caped much bolter than many other
I was badly shaken up , but not othe
wise injured. "Wo got out of the ca
after helping out several who wo
crushed in butweon timbers , nnd 1
that time the cars were on fire. Sen
tor Wagner hnd passed through tl
car , and entered the rear car about
minute before the accident took plac
It was an awful time , and I witnessi
Bomo scones which 1 wouldn't care
look on again. "
In thu excitement of the city is i
ported Senator Gradyfand ox-Sontit
WagstafF were terribly injured , b
the rumor is not continued. Ti
Grand Central depot affords litl
news , as it is closed to > reporters.
Chauncey M. Depow , counsel for ti
Central railroad , was seen , but d
clinud to give any i
formation. It is ascort > ain <
that two wrecking j-trains ha' '
boon sent up , and that the passengo
were brought to this city in n sped
on the Hudson river. Many poop
visited Senator Wagner's residonc
but nothing watt to bo learned ther
The loss of life is variously cstimati
at from six to sixteen. The passengo
say that the sight was oiTo of the mo
horriblu ever witnessed while the tv
cars were burning.
ALIIANY , January Kt.Thu fir
rumors of the accident on the lludsi
llivtr railroad reached this city at
o'jlock , when Mr. Lolund , of tlio Dt
av.xn house , received a tuluphoi
message asking for particulars. Nea
ly all of the legislators have left tl
city , and therefore no messages Inn
been received. The only senators ;
Albany aru Messrs. Grady , lioyd at
Treanor. The aascmblymon hero ai
Messrs. Costullo and Green , and son
others who ooard in private house
A dispatch was received here by Mr
John F. Smith , stating her busbar
was safe. A great numbur of poop
assembled at the depot to meet tl
10:20 : train , but that had jwisst
Spuyten Duyvil before the acctdei
occurred. Central railroad omployi
and telegraph operators refused to a
swer any questions.
The first news of the accident r
ceived here was in the shapd of a di
patch fron John F. Smith' to his wi
stating that Senator Wagner w
badly burned , a later dispatch a :
nouncing his death. Great conate
nation ensued , which was intensilu
by the rumor of Senator Kornau
death. The source from which tl
information was expected was
to all inquiries , out the conductor i
the10 : train , who came up on tl
10:25 train , was heard to cay 1
had seen four bodies in the ruins.
According to thu report of the pi
lice captain in charge of the wrocl
nine bodies have been recovcriu
Twelve are supposed to have bee
killed. Mr. George Williams was o
thu train , and is reported killed. 0
the train were Police Coinniissiom
Nichols , Edward Kearney , Senate
Browning , Assemblymen Culler
Sheohy , llobb , Costolloand MeMan"i
and cx-Assomblyman F. M. ilalorai
Assemblyman Levy , Commissionc
Ulrich , Assemblyman Chapin , <
Brooklyn , H. F. Pinnoy , A. Abel (
rupprtur ) , Joseph Doyle and tw
ladies of Albany , names unknown
Commissioner Herbert O. Thompson
ox-Assemblyman Keeiian , Senate
Fitzgerald , Senatoia Daly , Kernini
Jacobs , Kovert , Assemblymen Mur
phy , Meagher , Mel n tyro , A hern , Pat
ten , Itobb , Gideon , Cooper , Morrison
Cullen , Costello , Slioohy of No\
York , and Assemblymen Shanley
Nichols and Kearney , were badly
though not dangerously bruised. Sen
ator Wagner and son were killed ; alsi
Mary Daniels , used . ' )8 ) , of Troy ; Parl
Valentine , aged 21 , oj nennington
Vt. , and Mtuy Valentino , his wife
ii''ed , 21 ; A. ICellogif , a'/ed III , o
Spring V.iliey. Onu or two othori
nee supposed to have been killed
Two more were family injured. A
H'cond report BHVH M.iry Uiniuls was
not killed , lair , Herionxly injured ,
four bodies wcro bnriie.l to u eii-ip ,
[ tv.n a t-pucial tram and not tin
ivestern expictii that HU tiered the no'
iident. am ns usual conlliotina storiet
IB to thu catino of ld ; ifHpoiiHihilil.y
'or thu accnlunf. Geun.'tt lluidford ,
: onduct < ir nt the Alhuny train , nu > e
hat when the train rounded thu
urve and came to a sMiid Htill lie told
. brakunian to go back on the track
vith danger signals to warn any coni
ng truin not to advance. Some say
10 did not leave the train at all ,
'hilo others claim he went back only
short distance , and that he remained
n this aidu of thu curve so that thu
looming train could not see his uig-
al until it was too late to avert u col-
Marie B Tutolligonco-
atlonal Auoclatod 1'rcs * .
NHW Vouk , January I ! ! . Arrived
'ho ' Elysia from M arseilles , tlio Jason
om Amsterdam.
, January ! { { . Sailed
ho Uohonzollorn for JJremoii. '
Coi'KNHAOKN , January -Sailed
- J ho Griser tor New York.
GI.ASOOW , January l.'l. Arrived
ho Furnosaia from Now York.
SorTiiAMiTo.v , January Kt. Ar-
ved The Leipzig from Ualtimore
> r liremeii ,
LIVKUI-OOI , , January -Arrived
-The Like Nopigon from Now York.
QUKK.SHTOWK , January 12 , Sailed
-Tho City of Boston /or New York.
Daviilgo Closes Ilia Oponii
to the Jury ,
A.nd Picking Up Thread I
Thread tbo Line of Da-
fonao Disposes or It.
Io the Great Wrath of the A
sasBin and Discomfiture
of His Couusol.
Rood Expect * to FiiiiftlxHU Spoo
Thin Aftornoou-
N/itlonM / Associated l're < .
\VASIIINOTOM , l : nimry lfl.--As seas
as court wan opened Giiito\u ; HHSIIT
thu umliencu that ho mistaken in t
opinion hu yesterday expressed
Mr. IJavidge , Tlio expressions wi
based upon a letter about t
lawyer which ho luul received , but
now buliuvud Mr. D.ividgu was
high-toned Christian gentium :
"But 1 still have a very poor opiui
of Corkhill. [ Laughter. ] I am ti
I am right on Corkhill but wrong
Davidge. "
Davidge , resuming bin nrgnmoi
recapitulated tlio points of yestord
and di posed of Mrs. Scovillu'a tes
inony by remarking it could bo on
ly accounted for by any ono wlio :
nlized how blood was thicker th
water. Thu fact tbat Jo
W. Guitoau , brother of tlio prison
testified hu was convinced by anint
yiuw with tbo assassin in the jail tl
thu latter hadbucomu iimiu > , ulthou
before that thu witness h
always considered him as nai
.should bo remembered in connect i
with thu fact that the witness wai
brother with a brother's natural c
sin ; towards his blood and of ahiol
ing the fat.iily name. While all t
prisoner's family were willing to shii
him and ward oll'tho family disgracu
claiming ho was mentally irruspunsib
every one of tlium when pressed i
luctantly admitti'd his entire lifo 1) )
buen one of evil and wickednc ;
Rather than cut oil from tlio faun
tree this rotten limb and cast it in
the lire , they naturally preferred
shield him.
"That's all said for money , " int <
ruptcd Guitoau.
_ Proceeding to comment on the tt
timony of the assassin , D.ividge BI :
his perception was keen a :
acute , his logic was got
was considerably above t
average man in intellectual abilii
ho was capable of writing ; lectures ;
was ft lawyer ; ho practiced law , tri
cases ; he went lecturing to ma
money. "
"That's false , " cried the prison. .
"I went inte it to serve the Lord. "
When it was intimated that
wished to work in Uio ame field wi
Moody , Guitc-au cried : "I wasdilFi
out from Moody , lie was an eva
gi'list. I was a theologian. "
Duviduo said : "It was not un
the law claimed him as a sacrifice i
the altar of justice that wo heard
his insanity.T' < ere is no , doubt tli
Guiteau is sulliciontly responsible
bo hanged. "
Davidgo hero referred to the pr
oner's declared intention to oinula
Wilkes Booth to gain notoriety , ai
said ho had the ambition
the wretch who tired the Ephoaii
dome and outlived in fact the pie
Fool who built it. The assassin w
iftor immortality , and ho has aocun
to himself an evil eminence ai
in evil immortality. In regard
he Inter-Ocean project 01
if the witnesses said that there w. .
lothing wild about it , and that carta
lortions thereof had been subsequen
y adopted. "
' 'Tis,1 aaid Guiteau , "they a
tinning that paper on my brain now
The fondness of the assassin f
ihurch services was next describe
louiisol remarking Guiteau knew tl
'aluo ' ot stealing the livery of hoavc
0 serve the devil in. |
"That's very pretty , " was the pri
mor'a sneering comment.
The evidence of Mrs. Dunmiro wi
oinniontod on as that of a witno
flio ought , from her intimate associi
ion with Guitoau , know of win
ho waa speaking when she poaitiyel
leclared him aano.
Mrs. Scoyillo , who had boon res
JPH during the entire morning an
rhisporod remarks uncompHnientar
i ) D.ividgo when ho made a particulu
oint against the piinonur , but lau he
tevury _ remark of her brother , n
Ilia point npoku out loudly and us
itodly , Raying : "If she said tliatwh
1 a liar " [ Sensation. ]
Davidge then called attontio
j the evidence of Spilnka , wh
renounced Cuitenu a morn
loiistrosity but admitted that h
new the dilluTi'iico between right am
rong , It liad buen mated by thi
itneas that the prisoner had a one
dod head. The ono-aidodnesf wa
i his soul ,
"I have a square aoul , " oxclaimo <
uiteau. "If you have as good i
10 Davidgo you are all right. "
Duvidgo pronounced Spitka's test !
ony a miserably monstrous effort tt
nld up a wretchedly rotten case.
After recess Davidgo , resuming ,
id hud thin crime happened in con <
nontal Europe the authorities would
ivo crushed tlio prisoner like an in
ct. In this land of law and libertj
o assassin wau allowed to siiminoi :
itncsses ut tlio expense of . the "ijov-
ninent , The prisoner claims hf
mmitted thu crime under divine
cssuro. Where Guitoau used thu
rd "God" if the word "devil" was
Imtitutod his claim could bo allow-
. The Now Testament says : "God
nipts no man to do evil ; that wick-
ness springs from his own heart
d that sin bringoth forth death. "
Guiteau busied himself writing
ion this pm-sago was quoted.
.Some commotion was caused by the
inting of a man in the audience ,
uiteau cried ; "Wo had butter huvu
some more Mr. It is cloao and pe
pie are f Milting away. "
Mr. U/ividgo / wont on to road ' coj
ous extracts from the prisoner's tool
mony , commenting on the striku
passages , GuitoAU interrupting all t
time. Once ho exclaimud : "I nlwn
lived in good style and I always pa
my bills when I had the mono
' Corkhill lUu-j
That's more than -
Some of his remarks were unmiml
blasphemous nml served to shock t :
With regard to the prisoner nnd li
conception of the foul deed , count
said that any Christian who fein
such a thought in bis mind won
have rushed to the nanctunry , rushi
ton friendnnd asked aid to dn
nwny the wicked thought.
"Tlml'n not the way Paul did
shunted the prisoner. "Ho coufnrri
neither with flesh or blood. Keith
did 1. 1 tn.ulo stiro of the Deity at
1 put my life on it. You don't km
anything about thu Deity. Thixt'a tl
trouble with you. llo will probab
know you some day , down below
When his repeated violations of hi
wore tonehod on , ho Raid : "ll <
about those Mormons out in Utnh
[ L'Uiuhter ]
After u long review of thoprhonoi
career , D.ividgo aftid : "In all the
things yon have the outcome of tl
name boundless egotism and tht a-ui
indeecrib ; blo love of notoriety ,
order to gratify his cgntiatn , in ord
to secure u bad audience in the ivor
now and hereafter for n' b
audience was better to In
than none -I say , ns I s
at the beginning , that this man co
ceivod thin infernal idea , the mult
lying element of which was simp
tliat other men were as wiokud
himself , and that the men who shun
be benetlited by it would find son
way to relieve him from the friglrtf
situation in which ho would bo pluc <
by its perpetration. "
"Thu money you get for thia
bawled Guitoau , "will burn in ya
pockets , and God Almighty will cur
you. "
Mr. D.ividgo then discussed t
evidence of General Reynolds , statr
that it was damaging proof of t
prisoner'a sanity at the time of t
shouting of Piesidont Garfield , ni
revcalrd the nafo advancement he e
peeled from the crime.
"Tho milli of the Gods grind slo
ly , " said the prisoner , when roforon
was made to his cominunicuti
to thu American people win
Reynolds suppressed , "bnt tli
grind sure , and will kill Corkh
yeK. " [ Uughtor ]
In closing , Davidgo said : "I to
you in the beginning that I did u
come hero to maku a set speech ,
told you I came to help as far nf
could and help honestly a jury of 11
countrymen in the discharge of :
hnpoitant , und Hnlemn duty. ' I bug ;
my remarks without an exordium ai
close them without perorationvt xce
( and hero the counsel raised hisrvrii
and spoke earnestly ) to s y trt
that your countrymen and christo
dom are waiting for your verdict ,
thank you gentlemen , for your atto
tion. "
"And I tliank you , Mr. Davidgc
said the prisoner. "That is a ve
light speech. I hope Porter will
alow , too. llo bettor see Preside
Arthur before ho talks. I wrote hi
a note on thin the other day. "
Mr. Heed announced he expect
to finish his argument by 1 p. in. t
morrow and cuurt adjourned.
Mrs. lilainu and Gail li.unilti
wore in the court room during t !
Tlio Route Trial-
National AiMociuUtl t'roxH.
WAHIU.NCITON , January lit. - Ti
trial of the Mar route cases was r
( turned befortt .Judge Snoll this afti
noon and counsel for the dofen
made all argument against the adini
sability of the contracts presented 1
Col. Hlias ,
Col. W. A. Cook replied on bohn
of the government , claiming that
conspiracy did exist and citinsr autho
ity to support the opinion hi < ld by tl
prosecution ,
Judge Knoll , in un elaborate opink
in ao an good intent was concurmx
decided that the bids in question , N <
10,173 to 13,100 were admissablo i
cvidenci ) .
Col. Blisa put the bids in as ov
ilonco and tried to make an arrangi
inent with thu defendant's CHUimel t
to details , but Mr. Wilton stated
the defense intended to have all tli
jast'H ( Jt 'lOO ) produced in court an
A disuuHHiiui Hjirung up lietwuuiitli
ounscil an to taking the caxe to th
rand jury 111 il Col UliHH expreaHed
Jojiro Io have it go there.
.f. K , ( jntlium , a notary public
dentitiud ceitiiin paj > ers an inivin
oe sworn in before him by Cabeli
Hinnix and DickHon ,
WilHnn mud tliu testimony olloroi
VHH not uompeteiit ,
Ifo WHB interrupted by Col. JUiBH
vlw Htatnl tint CHMiii inuler cnnsldera
ton worn but a few nf thf 3,200 , O.IHO ;
g.u'nst Cabcll , withMinnix and Dick
on it * sureties.
Col. Totti-n addn'ssedhimiiolf to tin
urBtiou of conspiracy , holding tha
hero was no proven mooting am
once could be no conspiracy.
L. G. Ilini'H continued in the SIIIIK
train and Williaiin cited the law gov
ruing thu cusu under consideration ,
Cup < tiU Notes.
atlniial AH K | iti l I'rru.
WAHHI.VOTON , January 13. The ju.
iciary committen did not meet bo-
lUfiii if the illnuds of Senator J5d-
uindx ,
Only routiuu uutters were din-
usHed in thu cubinet niueting thin
ftoriinoii , with one exception -tho
icretary of presented certain
jcoinmondiitioim regarding hmannual
The house judiciary committee hold
meeting to-diiy and appointed nub-
jmrnittees. That on thu Mormon
ueation it composed of Messrs. WH.
Its , , Taylor , Kiiott and
ulburcnn , On bills relating toDeur-
> rn park , Chicago. Mesaw. Robinson ,
rigHB , Taylor , Knott and Ham-
loud , The coaimitteo decided to r < >
favorably bills for the relief
the First National bank , of ItosU
nnd to establish two district courts
Georgia , nnd also decided to hear p
sons on tlio GOIIOVA nwnrd claims
TuoaiUy , Wodtioadny ami Thtirsd
of luut week.
The comniiftMonor of public Ian
tO'dny appointed the following su
comtnittoos : HomcstwdH nnd pi
otnptions , MU.WS. Uico , Dwight nt
Mutrhler. Swamp and ovortlow
lamh , Messrs. Holiord , Watson ai
Phiater. Lund uranU and forloitun
Meanc. Hepburn , Straight and Mute
lor , Schnol landfi , timber lands ai
trou culture , Messrs Dwight , Ui
and Cobb. Hoservation and niiiii'i
linid , Messrs. Wntsou , llolford ni
Crnvo' a. L.uul otlicoa and survoj
Mossr- . Straight , Hoplmrnand Plii ti
Claitua of states to not procooda of t
s\lo : of pitbliu lamU , MOASM. C > ! > '
Holford , Straight , Cravens and Hi >
The appropriatiuiiH et.nnniUi-odoci
cd to pontpono for thu present t
coniiidoMtion of thu pension approp
ntion bill , and probably at thu ne
meeting tuko up thu consular a :
diplomatic and fortification approp
Htion bills ,
The committee on war claims In
a nii'oting to-day and adopted niuo
other rules onu providing that claii
audited by and reported from u il
paitment of the government or a t
hunid authorized to adjudicate t
aanui will lie reported favorably fn.
the committee where 1111 error is p.
out on thu face of the paporor upoci
eaiiae is shown ag-.kinsl t
same on behalf of t
government. Argument will n
be allowed in any case.
Now York Rntlroud Now-
NatloinU Aiuwcuttutl I'cum.
Nr.vr Y HK , January in , Itv
nlatod on thu authority of Coiniu
Mionur Fink yeaturdny afturnoon tl
thu itnnounceinent will bo made wii
in twonty-four hours that the tru
line trouble him beuii nettled and ra
will bo restored in forty-eight Inn
afterward. It was further report
tit the Windsor last night that
informal meeting i f W. 11. Ari
derbilt , W. 1C. Vimdiirbill , C ,
H'itt , Druxel and Hli H had be
held in the afternoon and anotherei
furence took place at which time
waa expected peace would bo dechu
and it might bo announced
this iiiirninu''s papers. The oxlrac
duntry largo buying of Trunk li
stocks yesterday by thu pricipal brt
ors was regarded ns sullieiently sign
icant of the end of the wi
The general Hentimont v
bulliph last night ut t
Windsor and nt the clul
and a further greater advai
was expected to-day. Hiram Sib ]
said last night that Vanderbilt had
formed him that thu Reading elect !
would go to the courts for decinii
The largest foreign bankers forward
cables to London last night to buy t
Vanderbilt stocks this morning.
Vanderbilt , iu conversation will
Presa .reporter . last night , declared
had made up his mind to do as mt
to restore harmony as any other ; tl
ho would meet other mails half wi
und finally said the Now York Cent
managers would not stand in the w
of an honorable compromise on a
fair terms.
The Illinolx Ritllroad Auootatic
National AxxodaMid Prcvm
CIIIUAIIO , Januiiiy 13. The lllin
Protective Kate association eonclud
its labors for the timu being to-dr
but failed tu accomplish any of t
purposes for which it was called , j
the roiids nipresunted nru ugreed
the coniiiiisHionurs' tan IF , but the : i
sencc. nf many thus negatives it i
forcement. AiKJther olfort will
made to bring all Illinois roads t
guther and wii n this is accomplish
unanimity of action will follow. j
C. Ditthl , of the Indianu , Hliinmingti
it Wusturii , was ulectud preitident f
onuyi'ur ; J. M. Osborn , of tlio W
bash , vice president ; II. 0 , Canliel
socrotaiy , with headquarters at I'onri
TJie association was joined by tl
Jjako Kno & Western. The socruta
'as imtructed to invitu the other ]
l.inuh . r.iilrmuls to join the associatii
and an adjoiirnmi'iit was taken to tl
call of the chairman.
Failure * ThU < Wet > k.
m IHMJ I'rtuw.
NKW YOHK , January 13. Roper
rocuivwl at Drudslruet'a ' Plate that Ut
Failures wore reported in the Uniti
States during thu pant week , tli
argcst iiumlier for any one wt-ok f <
nero limn u year. Thu increase ovi
ist wuc-k in lifiy-oiii ! , and over tl :
; iiruapohding wuok last year twenli
ivo Thm largo 1'icruiMo wnn untiiei
n the wuHtcni and Hutilhoni sl.itui
I'ho nnddlu and Now Jjngland stutt
loth shuvv a docrt'iiHoof f.iilureH. Tli
i.ini H ittlributed for Piust of thci
vi < rt- tint failure of crops in thu soiitl
iir o | iuiijuuo ( , an open wjntur an
igfit irado in other HCctioiiK. Tli
niddlu matca had three fniliirun , No' '
ugl'ind HUVUII , Honthern eixly-livi
a'uturii Hixly-six , California and th
( . rritorti'H fifty eight , Canada four.
ThnPitutiy liivuittuiktion.
'ktlotml AxtuKlktul l'ri M.
WAHirimiTON. January 13 , Th
rt-asuiy investigiitiiig committee ex
mined HOIIIU local traduiiteoplu whi
ad dealings with Pitney whilu. h
a custodian. Nothing was brough
tit The testimony , when published
rill show grave irrogiilaritioiand mi
HO of public money upon thu part o
'itnuy ' and Hiibonlidates , and collu
on with him on thu part nf sevuni
unions who huvo furniHhud artiult'
u his ordur. There will bo nothini
> show that knowledge of the Iran'
ictioim reached Hhurman while hi
'as ' Bocrutury of the treasury.
Tim Readluu Elootloti.
) rK l < oniluiico ul 'I'lir. Jinn ,
Piiu.AHiii.riiiA , January 13Tin
( Milin tailroad election turiiiinutoi
i-day by the HUCCOSH ot Gowen , wh (
elected | iroHJdont by a trillu ovu :
) ,000 uliaros majority. The decid
ig vote wiw cast by Augustun Schull
ho prodtiucd n proxy in thu name o
Hey and Dorrutt for fi.IIOO alutrcH
id other proxiuH , onu from Vander
It , tor 40,000 Bharos , all of whicl
ere cu t for Gowen.
in a Letter to the Public Qoi
orally ,
Replying to Blackburn's Latei
Epistle Intimating He
is a Coward.
Ho Refers to Confederate Ai
thritioa to Sustain His
Anil Acnlii Somlft tbo Coitrc | imn
Xivtlotut AMnrlntix ! I'tivM ,
WASIIINOTO.S , January lit. ( Jenev
Hurbridi > o to-dny furnished the f i
lowiui ; letter for publioition in iq >
to iMr. HliickUiirn'rt of yesterday.
To thu PiiUlc.
" Ir. IMuckbiirn liavinj ; uswiiled n
in an open letter , 1 am compelled I
respond. Dn recuivini ; his letter I
nu > , dated January ! ) , 1 returned it I
him with a fitting endorBement , whic
ho lu\d \ not the inanlineRn to publinl
Ho ] irofennort to tool no intoros.t in in
? oinmuiiicatiniiH , notwithstanding in
otl'ortH to maku them an interesting i
po.iMblo. The detiancu to formulate
clnirgo ( prcnumably against hitusel
an being engngud in the darnimb !
crime of ! clothing infocto
with yellow fever into the norther
cities during the war was as silly as
would hixvu boon to implicate him i
an accomplice of Ouitean in tl
murder of President Oarfioli
That the corienpondoncu was con
muncod by mu is true , but that tl
present insult was boguii by him
txpially true. In the light of th
correspondence , whii 'i 1 am not nu
priied to find tlmt ho regrets , I ei
well allord to dfopenso with bia goti
opinion. The sop which Mr. Itlauh
burn has thrown to thuHiildiurH of tl
union army comes with a noor yra
from a man who on every occttnii
vililios the holy cause which they re
resented on the battle tioldn und no
disohunw bin intention not to rest u
til ho had wiped every vestige of r
publican war legislation from tl
statute books. To his complaint tin
I preferred to vindicate my joc ;
namu when aspersed by men like hit
Belf tiily by referring people to the c
timation placed on iny Hcrvic
by the only citizens <
my native state whose opii
IOIIH I value those who wo
loyal to her best interests
1 have this to say : If the ailly twat
die about formulating charges to il
plicate him in thu yellow fever pi
could bo suppressed , it is enough
the mock heroics , in which ho atl'ec
to regret that I had not at once calli
him to account for the insulting Jvi
in which ho referred to mo in U
presence of Dr. Onsly. If his pc
risting in the opinion as thorp c :
pressed in shared by Union men in tl
state of Kentucky , after the recoptic
of thu lettorn , written by the mo
eminent Union men in the state , i
whicn his opinion is emphatically cot
tradicted , is satisfactory to himself <
to bin friends , * it' certainly cannot I
to all honorable men. I dismisst
him from any further controversy 1
returning his letters with n
endorsement thereon. A dccot
regard for the opinion of maiikiii
which 1 suppose , in hm estimatioi
means 'the linages by which the guntl
man has buen governed , ' could hav
prompted HOIIIU gentlemen to ruoort I
a method less mild than an open le
ten to Ralvu a wounded here. 1 luu
a higher duty imposed on mo than I
Hond n chikllongo to Mr. Itlackbun
and Hottlu the 'personal phase of tl
issue by a reHort to arms. ' I am ui
gaged in collecting evidence froi
rubnl sources of the atrocious charai
tnr of the iniiii with whom lilackbtir
claims tha' I duult iiihiiinanely mu
wh'i , in thuguiHo of confederate BO
diers , not only dotted hia district , bu
the entire state with th
graven ot Union men. N
threats ot violence or challenges t
test , my courage on the 'field of honoi
nliivll interrupt this most in
portant work , We will there
fore continue the exorcise i
ii few days by reading from Duke' '
history of Morgan - huw , after I di
Coated Morgan's forces , July 1H , 181 ! I
toiiii ) nf hm ninn scattered over Hi
< iaiu and became thiuven and gum
1'illiiH , whoso conduct was abku obnox
HUH to confiideratu noldiurn and citi
' . 'us. The ruhel archives will bu eallei
ip to testify to the charged mad
iL'iiiiiHt these guerrillas byeonfudurnt
illicurs in u iniinand to the provoH
nirHhal general of thu confederat
itates , who , acting on them , orderei
he arrest of John Morgan and hm iu
.urn to Itichmond for trial. This ] > or
ion of confederate hixtory new t <
nest puOilu- ] -is from the original doc
imuntH , and will afford itmplo proof o
hu primu necessity of exterminating
i clusn of men who , having desurtut
nun thi ) confederate Hurvico ; bucauu
irguniKud bands of robbers uiicJ
nurderH. If in the coure of their ex-
erininalion a rebel soldier occasion
lly met his death , it might bu purti <
lent to the occasion to nsk how tin
: iid Holdiur camu to be outside
he enemy's linn and within the dis <
rict whloli I had the honor to coin-
Hand , 1 used all legit imato meaim tu
liHcriiniaatobutweeiiHoldiorHand iier'
illas , but in many ciiseH it was a din-
inction without a lUlle.rciiuo. To
hoiiu who can see in Mr , lil.icklnirn'u
.usault on me no relluction in my
haruuter which could nut hu settled
y a resort to arms , I have nothing to
iiy. If this reply to his letter
j thu public Hhotild ] iro.
uco the impruEBion in the
lindii of my friends that Ire
ro deterred from affording Mr , liluck.
urn this purHoinil satittfaction which
e alfuuts to desire through fear of the
( iiinrqiiunco , 1 Rliall deeply regret it.
t certainly c-innot be egotistical in
iu to uay that it if hardly at this late
ay necussury lor mu to offer proof
hat I urn not a coward. In any case
1 will not jeopardize my lifo until I
have shovrn up in their true colors the
men whose disregard tor all mien of
aiviliznd warfare render them fit sub *
joctn for the hangman ,
( Signed ) " 15ifuuint > o . "
Aw < x-l t\l I'rcM.
Spain , January 13. The
palace bull Insl night waa a great sue-
ce. s.
s.Kow 1'orttigi'Ro believe in the prox
imity of the reixlixation of nny royal
nmrmgo between the sister of Alfonso
and the sou of King Louis , who are
about the Mine iiije. Thy idea of such
a nmrriaKO , they sny , would
not bu popular hero. I'Wignora and
Portugese boliovu that the roynl visit
and the mngulnr regird Miowu for
Senor Sag.xitti by Don Lui * are likely
to lend to closer relations nnd pi < rlmps
to the early advent to ollieu of the
Portugese hlieralu to combine with the
present Spaninh cabinet in n policy of
mutual eomwsioiirt ] niroly in uommer-
mevci rand interior allair.i. All call
attention to thu marked nllmioim of
both kings in their biecelio ] , toists
and privatu eonverrtation to Piirtngese
independence and Spain's deuire to
respect it.
IXINIXIK , January 11. ! A dispatch
from Homo Hi\n povural eminuiit phy-
aiciuns nu'ldunly ' loft Naples in a gov
ernment dciip.Uch for thu inland
of Cnprern , on roporls Iniviii ! ! been
received of the serious illnesa of Gen
eral Garibaldi ,
Hon. W. K. Gladstone , in speaking
nt Iladarden in reference to English
land reforms , slid that to bring about
the rviuired | reforms it would
not only require the legal aid
found necuaonry in Ireland , but that
security mint bo given for the unex-
Imuated improvements made by the
tenant and also provisions mndo for
the chi'iip , treu and rapid transfer of
thu land there by enabling tenants in
u rluirt timu to becomu land ownorn.
A Madrid dis ] atch niyn : that 1 1 err
Nocediil , an ultramontane deputy , and Mpaiiish bishops areorgftiiii'.tng.
n iiilgriiunifo to lU-mu , and will nnder-
t.iko to abstain from all political mani
PAIIIS , January lit. Thu French
government , has intimated to the rail
way companies that the statu will fore
go the duties levied on condition that
u largo reduction is madu in paasen-
yer fares and freight rates.
Br. Pi'.Tinismriui , .January l.'t. - The
iifiO portions tliatwarolatoly'iirreHtcd in
> Varnaxv have boon brought to this
city for trial. It is behoved that if
the trials weru hold in Poland it would
sliow their connection with the nihi
M. Tlurgo him been appointed min
ister of finance ill place of M. Vanor-
sky , roaiLMied. _ _
Dnvlltry In the Nation.
National A odatil 1'rcnn
ST. IxtiiH , Mo. , January \ , ' } . A
special from Parsons , Kansas , eaya
conaidorablu apprehension is felt
among railroad men on the Miasouri ,
Kansas A Texas line who run through
Indian territory , becavso of many ob
structions placed on the track of late
of such nature to wreck nny train
coining in contact with them , Hard
ly a night passes that some train is
not stopped. Patrol in on haven
been put on duty , and two of
them mysteriously shot. Abrakomau
named Maynard Coates recently ( IL
through u freight train and wan cut
to pieces. It is now believed hu waa
shot while on top nf his train. Engi
neer Hussol came in from Muskogee
yesterday nnd reports that at II n. in ,
hu saw the flash of a gun on the
prnirio and un umlaut later a bullet
struck thu cab near his window. In
dian turritoiy now uwnrms with cut
throuta and thieves ,
National AKXOI latinl 1'runH.
ST. LoriH , January 13. Tliaddouu
Itaber nnd William Ward ( colored )
worn hanged at 8tO ; : o'clock this morn
ing in the jail yard. Uoth men wore
buoyed upby religious fervor. Neither
had any remarks to make from the
OTTAWA , Out , January 11 ] . The
Frenchman Moreau wan hanged in
the jail yard at Uimonuki at 8'iO : thin'
morning for the murder of liin wife
lost full. Thu fall wan nine feet nnd
luath was instantanuoiis , his neck
being broken and ttio head
learly Hovered from ilio trunk.
Found With H r Throat Cut.
Vitlmiul AKHOciatnl I'ruin.
ALTON , 111. , January I ! ! . Firemen
vho untered tint burning building for
he purpose of extinguishing the fire
'omul Mrs , Aiiniu Garrett , a white
votnaii , on a hud with her throat cut.
iliu wai hiniHo keeper fur Quo , Whitu
colored ) . It is not known whether
hu was murdered or committed mii-
Inotlior CoiiHtruotiou Frnud Ar-
lutlonal AH-toilntiul l'rt > > M.
KANNAH CITV , January Kt. An
ther important arrest has been made
i the CIIHU of the Atuhiuon , Topeka it
anta Fo Uailway building , the party
rro U'd being Kdward lohorty , a
lorokoupor in Wimt Kansas City. It
i claimed he ha.i swindled the road
ut of 820,000 on forced time checks.
Murderer Respited ,
Axtociatvit Vtuta
ATLANTA , Ga. , January ll. ! Jesse
liirhur ( colored ) , Hontenced to bo
aiiL'od at Winiisboro , S. 0. , to-day ,
as respited by Gov. llaygood for
lirty dayu. Ho was convicted of the
lurdur of MoPorry , also colored ,
Ohio Tjf ( ; lnliitiiro.
itlnnal Ai ooUtfd I'n'Mi.
COI.UMIIUK , Jiiuimry lit. Thu logia-
ituro adjoiirneil till Tuesday. In the
IIIIHO , Mr. Ali'kulf introduced a bill
lureuaing thu aid.irirn of supreme
iurt judgtm to 9-ldOO and common
leua to ? : J,000.
Afrnlil of Botuc Lynched.
itlonul AHDoclatcil Vivua
. . . , Ind , , January Kf ,
arrutt , the alleged instigator of the
' anaaHjinution lit St , P.iul , was
urriodty brought here on the expresu
jjt evening for fear of lynching.