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    PUR < WAH A DAILY R-RK. TrniRsruY 12 1882
Thursday Morning. Jan 12.
Wonthor llooort-
( The following obicrvatlons arc Ukcn nl
< o mine moment lit liino at all the eta-
ni named. )
W UfPARtMUfT , U. R. 8lO AL 8'KVir * , 1
- .Utitiiry 11 , 18S2. (4:15 : p. m. ) F
Klvcr above low waUjr mark , five feet
"La Mtucotlo' nnd tlio "Cobblo"
duct at Unyd's Opera Houno to-night.
The Odd TcllowV excursion to Hl 5r
tonight will le n dcllhtfnl ( { alfalr.
1'rcMi Vncclno Virus with full dircc-
linns for ing , just rcccll l nt Kcnnanl
UrothcfH. JH-lf
llnvcrly'n Mastodons on ( Monday
night nt Hoyil'd. 'Jhemilonf caU
T-'ilday morniiiK.
The hcconil Hoclnblc of tin
rlan church will he held In the church
l > .irlor thVi evening.
The county coniinimlnnorH nt tholr
meeting Tiiu'ilay npiKiltitud C'upt. J. J.
Xellgh constnhle for the Third ward.
There wore three plnln drunks Ixjfore
.IuJgu 1'cnckc ycHlerclay. All wctc
fino'l ' anil no paM , while Iho other two
gn\c good security fur Ilia nmnunl.
The Wibnnh : coiniianj' IIIIH iinloaikil n
larjjo qnnntlty of the innturial nttho Trans
fer lo bo u pl ( In the conitturtion of the
iran he < ln for that company.
- The Omaha Ilarbi-d AVlro Co. , Imvo
junt pnrchnHed fifty carlniih of wire and
ha\e orders enough ahead to cnnmmio tlio
entire amount.
A whopmnn , who wan crazy ilnink ,
roiiHcd the whole lower part of town TIICH-
day by his dcni'inluu yt'lla on the river
front. Ho was run down anil captured by
Odiuer McCime.
Information hiril ecu recchcd in thin
city of Iho death of M .f. K Cuinu , wife
of Ih'j ( Jruii'l Master nf MaHimHofNo-
bias' ft. She died nt I'lilh City lant Mon
day afternoon.
Dr. Ayrcn accomplished yrslcnlay Ihu
greatest feat of vacclnatiun on record ,
intloutilating 'I.Sil jiornonH wltli the \irim.
Small pox will hnvo hut llttlo chniicu in
Omaha if tliinntylo of vncciiuition In kepi
ilj ) .
The j ry In Iho caio of Sleelo , Johnson -
son it Co. vs. Hninaii , Tnujdaygavo tha
pli.lntiirii n judgment for the amount
clnimcd , S200. A suit for ? ir)0 hn been
< tommcnccd by the nmo part lew ogalnnt
.J.S. McCormlclc. Jan2l"A
The rehearsal of tlio I'ltlloniathean
lub at iTuliug Meyer'H ruom Tuesday
gave prom is o for Homo charming n.uslo at
the grand concert nncl hall of the Hebrew
Bcivjir < } I nt soc'ely at Standard hall ,
* Ey "lJay evening noxt.
During the month of laiml or there
pa cd both w y over tlie Union Pacific
bridge ot thin point Jiift 7,801 loaded corn
of freight. At the rate of ? 10 per cor , this
Bhowsa revenue of $78,010. ThU Is out-
HlJo of the passenger buslncsH.
The rnlo now In for every lady to have
her go Indicated on her hat brim. Kvcry
Inch of width rcpro cnU three ycaw. ryis
ten Inch brim menim that the lady is 1
thirty yearn ohl ; a twenty inoh btlm Hhows
that lie IK sixty , and so ou.
The third paity of the Tcrimlchoroan
Club WIIH hold at Ktntiilard hall Tnemlay
About 40 couiilca were present , The
programme embraced u charming order of
dances and with the ninplo refreshments
ami mimio Ihooceanlon wan a most delight
ful ono
- The report of Iho killing of John Hull
byUrn Hush , In Denver , proved not tn i bo
entirely o Treat. There won a dlniculty
iKstween them on Vrlday morning , In
which Hull w.m Hliotin the foot , aeclilont-
nlly It Is claimed. llu h "can toll 11 fiom
JJuH'n foot" now , ure.
At a meeting of the Miunnerchor HO-
eletv Titattday llurman HoHvuz'Auig
' wan elected prekldent , Kil. Wlrth necre-
tary and John ] > miner trcumirer.
committees were appointed to iirraujjo i for
and filperinteuil the grnnd maHUo | hall
to bo ghcd by the society n'xt week ,
Mnt. Dninoy Shannon , who \v. ur
rented on the charge of fflllng Hnut run
Huud y was roleawtMl on her own rccogni-
/.uiiixln the HUH of 820(1. ( The nu > e will
I m lieard .Tun. oht. Hnrney ulalMH that
eighteen other HiilooiH uero opt u on Sim-
day anil that he ta brliu ptMhcciitfil.
1 * . K. I'liHlenan , ouu of Max Meyer K
Bro'i workmen , wnn ntoppod Tin'wluj'
while going lo hU home near the end of
the red itrect car Una. Two men jumpcil
over a fence and accused him , but ho
thlnlm that the preieiioi < > f u nulghbor'n
larjo dog dlHiuaded thi'in from their pur-
U. H , Marahul ( . '' , of Idaho , who
IM now In Omaha ou n few d.iyn visit ,
wears tin uuluo ] vcarf pin wh cli he says
contains thu coat of arms nf hU territory.
It Is the picture of a wi'ltary jack rabbit
gazing -In mwHtUlvo louliniwi at a di i ,
of about one inch away , which i nippoued
' to rejircsent the moon. The uxpUnalli'ii
of thedeylce U , iiccordlng In Die marshal
that ( hero U nothing else for thu jack rab-
lit to look ut cxwpt the IUOOD.
No More Hard Tinin *
If you will atop amending so much
* # * on line clothes ; rich food nnd style
buy liood , healthy food , cheaper and
btttor clothing ; get inoro real and
substantial things of lifo every way
and especially stop the foolish habit
of employing expensive , quack doc
tors or UHID so much of the vile huni'
bug medicine that does you onlj
harm , but put your trust in that t aim
pie , pure remedy , JJou Bittern ; thai
cures alwaya at a trifling cost : , and
you will sco good itiinoa and have
good health.Chronicle. . Jan2-l"
Ho Declares thnt Col. Watson
B. Smith wna Brutally
And that Arndt ia Perfectly
Iiinocent of the Crime.
The Latter Allowed to RO to
the Depot Alono.
Ho la Not Only WllllJitf But Anxioua
for HlH Trlnl.
Tueflday morning , as was pro-
viouHly announced , August Arndl , the
much-persecuted farmer , and the al
most impotent victim of prejudice on
Iho part of the U. 1' . railroad , wan
taken to Lincoln to be tried on in
dictment for having thiealoned the
lifo of .ludgo Dundy. The train upon
which the unfortunate mini was taken
to the place of trial , left over the 11.
& M. at 8 10 o'clock , in the morning.
It had been expected by those who
had given the matter any attention ,
that , in view of the barbarous ;
instincts of the man , and the cm r-
mity ( ? ) of hm paat lifo , mid lliu cli.i-
bolical ( ' ) naluro of n certain crime
which it is nought to lay at his door ,
nH tried lo bo proved by the mercen
ary scribblcra of the U. I' , road ; that
the prisoner , Ardnt , would bo con
voyed to the depot , with the closest
watch nnd tlio strongest gintnl which
il in possible for the government lo
ixorciso and give under those ciicum-
HtnnccM. Tin : HII : : , however , ituii-
formed that iinthint ; of the kind
wim donu , and that , in fuel , Arndt ,
withoii * . mannclcfl , without anyporson
to conducl him , walked td the depot
to lake the tiuin to the place whoio
ho is to account for the charges alleged
ngainst him. It is true , however ,
that another prinouor waa taken to
tlio Bamo train , to bo convoyed to
Lincoln also , and this prisoner was in
lliti cuatody of Mr. .1. J. Noliuh , u-
poaiitonnciil of the Western
Detective Agency , and with
whom , hn walked nearly a block be
hind Arndt. AH there wan Homo-
thing mysterious in all this , Tun llr.r.
reporter diitorininod to invontigato.
So , Tucflilay nftornoon hn ferotted
out Mr. Neligh and naked for an ex
Reporter. I understand yon took
Arndl lo the train yesterday.
Mr. Nolit-li. Yea.
Hup. How came you to do so ?
Mr. N. 1 WHH rciiiotod | last night
by Deputy Marshal Stevenson , ow
ing to the sickness of Mr. Hiorbowor ,
as also to thu absence of the doputioH ,
to take him to the train , and to dele
gate somebody to take charge of him
nnd another prisoner , while on the
road to Lincoln.
Hop. Why did you allow him to
walk alone , and unguarded to the
depot I t
N. Mr. Sanders , who was appoint
ed to watch them to Lincoln , and
myself , were rather late in getting to
the jail.Thoro was barely time then
to make the train , and Sanders having "
loft his bitggago on Purnani street ,
started to got it , leaving mo to escort
the prisonem , Garoy and Arndt , down
Harnoy and Tenth streets to the de
pot. I walked beside Garoy , who was
carrying aomo heavy baggage , while
Arndt walked some distance ahead U ?
Rep. Wore you not afraid of his
escaping I
N. No , I would have trusted him
to go nlono.
Hep. Doesn't that show too innoh
carlesmiess for and confidence in a i
man suspected of the murder of Col.
Smith !
N. Why , my dear friend that poor (
old crank , " although possibly guilty
of threatening the lifo of .Judge
Dundy and that of other T. S ollicors ,
and ulthouith cranky on many other
matters , had no moro to do with the
murder of Col. Smith than you or mo ;
Hop. Then you attach no import-
anoo to the case made out against him
by the Republican !
N. No , I do not. Ho has made
contuulictory statements , it is true ,
both before and after his arrest as i to
his whereabout * on the night of the
murder of Smith. Hut it is easy to
account for h'm contradictions. Tlioy
do not , hott-over , inculpate him in my
mind , nor do they in the minds of
District Attoinoy LambortBon and
Mr. Cowin , with both of whom I have
been associated in Iho matter. In
fact , any statement ho might make ,
oven though ho wore to confess the
murder , would not alter the facts as
to his whereabouts that night.
And , inasmuch as , n whorl time
after the minder , I know of
his whoienboutB on thu night i
of thu homicide bntxmtii tli" In HUH of
Sand II o'chcl. , I did not eo t to
look m'o ' the nmtUr iu conneotion
with the B9.iFsination of Colonel [
Rtp. 1X > you bi'Hovo Coloni ! Smi'l-
\\it muidttiull
N. I do. Thuio ia nbuud.inci < . of
proof to show that it wax a biutal and
diabolical murder.
Hep. IB thuio anything being done
xi poruro the guilty purtie.s ?
N. There him been eousidoinblu
iionoy expended by the committee ,
taken from the fund raini'd ' by thu
citfccim , but the amount subscribed , 1
understand , will not loaoh ipiito
$11,000 , of which 85,000 are
held intact for thu lomml
ollored , leaving not enough
to follow up clues in thu systematic
manner in which it Hhoultl bo done.
The probabilities are that the murder
, will always remain n mystery unless
- jts perpetrator is discovered by acci
dent , or the committee is jaovided
with u largely increased working fund.
No detective of ability will work fui
rowaid without having the expenses
, incidental to his labor provided for.
1 believe that large rewards in eases o
this Kind are really dangeioiis , It
, well known that many people havi
been alieudy suspected and in-fused o
- this minder withoutnnywoll-gumndcH
- cause whatever.
Hup. I lave you any opinion in ro
- tards the patty who > d tin
crime )
.N. In that regard I dcsiro to say
nothing in ono way or the other , bo
Moving it to bo as much the duty of
detective to protect the innocent ns to
dirciTJ the guilty.
The reporter would have pro-
poumied other ( | turieH but for the
utrivalof iMr Nnligh'i mail , which so
cnirrosscd the gentleman's attention
that the reporter was compelled to
An Eloquent Orator Comlntf to
Thu people ot Omaha are to bo fa
vored with a rich treat in two lectures
by W. H. Aflleck , of York , England.
dramatic power of Uoiigli ;
the Anglo-Saxon of Washington Irv
ing , mid the eccentric humor of Hilly
Diwson. His intense earnestness ,
his irresistible wit and burning elo-
iiiiice | ( ! have compelled recognition on
both sides of the Atlantic.
Dr. Frederick R Lens , K. S. A. E. ,
utc , Leeds , England , says : " 1 hnvo
known W. IJ. Alllock many yenrs , nnd
have esteemed him for his high prin
ciple and loved him for bin goodness.
Ho ifl nn original speaker , full of
quaint humor and truo-hurniiii ; elo
quence. I commend him to all my
American friends as a man , a talker ,
n singer. "
F. H. llowmaii , F. S. A. K. , F. 0.
S. , etc. , Halifax , England , lays :
"Fow men unite so many admirable
qualities His style , humor and anec
dotes will always secure for him the
attention , nnd none can listen to him
without amusement and profit. "
S. S. Assembly of the Norll west :
" \Vo secured him for ono of our Ice-
turoa in J881. The popular verdict
declared him to bo the leading card
second to none among n largo roster
of the best Ioctur6rs in the country "
Itov. W. Wiirron Clark , Brooklyn ,
N. Y. : "J never know a lecturer of
greater power Ho combines more
ijualilii'H for the popular lecture field
than sny other man I ever mot. "
Mr. Alllcck is an English orator.
His power nn audience is irresistible.
N. Y. World.
Two of this wondoiful man's ' lec
tures , "Lost for want of a word , " and
'Homo , sweet homo , " will bo de
livered in the First M. K. church on
Monday and Tuesday evenings of next
week. Oomo early that you may get
seats. Lectmes to begin nt 8 o'clock.
Don't f.til to hoar the lirst lecture.
You are sick ; well , Iheio It jml one remedy -
dy that will euro you beyond potability ir
doubt. If H'H Jjivur or Kidney trouble ,
Conininptinn , Uyupcfmia. Debility ,
' Wcll'H Health Jlcnewer" is your hope.
31. Drujaflst Depot , 0. F. GKxlman ( ,
There has been n largo sale of re
served scats for the opening night of
the 0. D. Hess Acme oponi company ,
at Boyd's opera house. It is the
piece with which the Fay Temploton
company opened the house so success
fully , and everybody will want to sea
it again. The Chicago Intor-Occmv
says :
"The engagement of the Hess Op
era troupe at the drand Opera house
for the past two weeks has been i a
very Huccessful ono. The opera , Au-
dran'd 'Mascotte , ' is a delightful
work , full of rollicking and refined
humor and sparkling music , and it is
one of the few works that an audience
seems heartily to enjoy from I ,
beginning to end. The com
pany is composed of the
beat material. I'eakes and Mark
Smith will make their appearance fult
in opera of any kind , whether comic
or grand , and Miss Randall and Miss
Eisner and Mr. Wilkio add : th
to the organi/.ation. The scenery is
pretty , and the continues of the char '
acters very picturosquy and attractive.
Mr. Hess has opened his season un
der thu most auspicious circumstances.
Ho deserves it , too , for ho has , in his
quiet , yet determined way , done a
great deal for the musical taste of the
people in this country.
Army oraora.
Tha latest army orders issued from
the headquarters of the department
of the Platte , Omahii , Neb. , are as
follows :
Leave of absence for ono month is
granted First Lieutenant Charles mL.
Uurley , Sixth infantry.
Second Lieutenant .las. O. Mackay ; ,
Third cavalry , now in this city on
public business , will return to his eta-
" "
Untlor provisloiiB of army ru-'iila- ,
iims 205 , BUillciont ciuiso liuvuij , ' boon
shown for his iimbility to jmy hm own [
uxiuMiHUB , the ( Hinrtorninstcr'a dopart-
niont will furmsh transiiorlHtjiin Jroni
Umnlin , Nob. , U ) Olioyonm1 , W. T. , to
Corporal doriok Post , tronpiL , third
cavalry , a furloughed soldiur , without
moans to rejoin Ilia atntiou.
Tlio troop commnndor will bo noti
fied by the quartermaster furnisliiii } ;
Lho troiiaiwrtation , of the coat thereof ,
o the end that it may bo charged
iigainst the soldiers pay on the next
muster d .y.
A board of survey , to consist of
Captain 0 tis S. Jtoberta , Seven
teenth infa.itry , A. D. 0M First Liou-
toimut Earl D. Tliomaa , Fifth cav
il ry , and' First Lieutenant Dan 0.
luiignmn , corps of eiigineors , will
eonvono at the quartoinviater's depot
in Ihis city to-day , to ascertain mid
report aa to the responsibility for 1 delays
lays in transporting freight between
Sidney and Fort Robinson , Neb. , un
der article 8 , of contract made by the
chief quartermaster of tlio depart
ment with .1. H. I'ratt , dated May
If you wish to uvoid great danger
. nnd trouble , besides a no small I bill
of expense , at this season of the year
yon should tuUo prompt stops to keep
disease from your household , The
system should bo cleansed , blood
purified , stomach and bowels riyul.i-
ted , and prevent and euro disease
- aiising from spring malaria. Wo know
of nothing that will so porfectiy and
surely do this as Electric Kitten , and
at the trilling cost of llfty cent a bet
- tie. - [ Exchange.
a i I Sold by lah & McU ahon. 7
The Treasures of Idftho to be
Poured Into Our Lap.
\ Vhnt the Oregon Short ! Will Ac-
compHsh for the Torrltory nnd
thlH City."n
United States Marshal E. S. Clmso ,
' Idaho , arrived in tke city TucsClm
jny , ] mid was corniled at the Withnell
louse by a BKK reporter. The martial
nlml is looking hearty and robust , nnd
nnounced that he WHS on a low days
rip to > ro his friends in Omaha.
"Of courao , " said he , upon being
iskod how buflineiB WAS in Idaho and
especially iu the Wood river country ,
'everything at present is dull in that
region. When winter approaches
icarly all work in the mines shuts
lawn nnd consequently there is but
little lifo in the camps. 13ut that
country is opening up wonderfully nnd
it gives tl'o greatest promises for the
future. During the past year , 1881 ,
over eighteen hundred locations
have been staked , which make
the total number of locations
about -1,800. Many of these
locations have been sold almost aa
soon ns made. Last week three mines
were sold by the prospectors for the
aggregate sum of § 080,000 , that being
the price obtained by the prospectors
nnd not including what the 'middle
men' mint hnvo made.
"This seems a great deal of money
to pay for mines that have simply
been opened , but in each case the
purchases wore made by parties in the
business who know what they are
about , nnd don't make foolish bar
gains. One thing can be said also for
Iho Wood Jtivor mines which cannot
bo spoken for any other minim : coun
try in the world , nnd that is that no
mine has boon worked to the expense
of a thousand dollars that has not
paid. There are already over ono
hundred and fifty paying mines , and
prospectors have almost a certainty of P
success when they commence a hole.
"Iho that the district
reason is em
braced within what is known properly
as the Wood River country is as full
of mineral as it is poesihln to bo
The clasa of ore is galena and
copper basis , next to the Java
formation. As you go further up it
becomes galena and quarts ledgsa ,
while in the Sawtooth the quart-/
ledges abound and are very rich.
There are 11017 two smelters therewith
two more goingup. .
"The thing , however , which will
most interest Onmhn people , is that
the mineral productions of this whole
country are bound to comer ta you , as is com-
plotod , and in my opinion Omaha in
another year 'will supply all of
that country with merchandise. The
short line is now completed' nearly to
Snake Rivor. .An iron bridge is be-
. . . „ hauled to the River and by spring
will bo in placo. When this road is
completed the Wood Hive ? country
will ship from $ . ' 1,000(000 ( to5,000 , -
000 in bullion annually to your smelt
ing works , if the owners-of tie works
will buy it , and I have but little
doubt concerning that. All of the
residents of Idaho , , and especially
these of Haley , Bowlder , BOJBO Oity
Mid other towns are-anxious for com
pletion of the line from Granger and
will gladly avail themselves of its ad-
great popularity , from ita Intrin
sic value an a rollablc-jnedicino , m curing
lioarsonetw and all Irrltutions of the thrpa ,
( l eaecs of the chest , ate. For these It is
an incomparable pulmonic. 0-lw
- - T ' * - " " - r
A Driver Bndly Bndsod nnd B > Wn on
An exciting runaway occusrod on
North Eleventh street yesterday
The team belonging to 0. F. Goodman '
man , wholesale druggist , was being
driven out of the. gate leading to the
Union Pacific shop yards when they
became frightened , and made a des
perate run for about two blocks. Ilun-
ning toward n corner post , the wagon ;
struck and the terrified , animals toro
themselves loose.
The driver , Ingald Smith- hold
manfully on to the reins
until the ahock came , when
ho was hurled headlong into the mid
dle of the road. Ho was BOOH picked
up and was carried into the shop
y.irdswhoro ho lay for n few minutes
unconscious , and the report spread
that ho had been killed. A physician
ntrivod quickly , and restoratives were
applied. It was then discovered that
the man was badly bruised
and jarred , and his head was
slightly cut , but strange to say ' ho
had not suffered a fracture
of any sort. When ho struck theo
ground it waa upon his shoulders , anil
in such n way that ho bounded like : a
ball. It was surely a miraculous es
cape for him.
The wagon , of the heavy carting
style , was badly demolished , and it
will probably cost u round sum to repair -
- pair it. It IB not known whether the
horses are injured or not.
GaiUyof Wrone.
Some people have a fashion of con
nine excellent remedies with the
- lar o mass ot "patent medicines , " ' among
in "this they are guilty of wrong.
There are some advertised remedies
fully worth all that is asked for them ,
and ono at least wo know of Hop
Hitters The writer has hail occasion
to u'so the Bitters in just such a ch-
mate as < vo have most of the year
in lUy City , and lias a way * found
them first class and reliable , doing all
that is claimed for lliom. Tttbunw. -10
A Fair Contoat.
Among the elegant articles on exhi ' '
- bition at the fair of the united Irish
* societies , now in progress at Masonic
hull , is a lovely silver tea sot , a proa
cut from A. B. Huborman , the jeweler
of Colonel J. J.
- oler , The friends.of
Dickey , superintendent of tolegmp
of the b , V. , n > d H ° - aMo-
Shane , ono of our representa
tives in the state legislature , have
brought them to the front ns
contestants for the pnV.o. Voting was
begun actively Tuesday and will bo
kept up lively nil week. The lucky
man will draw something that ho will
value for a lifo timo. The friend * of
both ! ) ' p.irties are pushing their claims
"n vigorous manner.
Clm . R. Rodlck Appointed to Oofonci
August Arndt , who was indicted by
the United Status gr.ind jury , in this
city ( , last month , for threatening the
lifo ] of JudgeDimdy , and waa taken
down to Lincoln Tuesday morning
was taken before the court Tuesday
afternoon , and in answer to the ques
tion , "Ilavo you employed COUJIHO ! ? "
answered that ho had not. The
judge then suggested the propriety
of the prisoner procuring coun
sel , when ho replied that ho
had not the meant ) . Thereupon His
Honor asked him to dcsignato aome
member of the bar that ho preferred
an counsel. Ho then stated that ho
considered it an insult to ask any
member of the bar to defend him ; but
if the court was to give him counsel
ho would prefer Mr. Charles lledick" .
Mr. Redick coming into court at this
time and being asked if ho would act
as the prisoner's attomoy , replied in
becoming language , thcietipon His
Honor appointed him Arndt's attor
ney. Tlio trial will probably take
place before Judge Foster about the
A Hnppy Rout oration-
POHTI.AJ.-I > , Mich. , Aug. 24,1881.
H. II.VAii3Kii & Co. : Sir * I
most heartily recommend your Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure , to nil suffer
ers f loin urinary dillicultics. I owe
my present existence to its usir.
jL'-lw. 3. S. MATKKTV.-V
A Wealthy Couple and Their Omaha.
Col. Fvuiik MeLauahlin , the busi
ness agent of Edison , the electric
light man , who passed through the aitf
yesterday improved the opportunity
to buy about 8100 worth of jewelry ,
from Max Meyer & BroCol. . JCo-
Lau hlin h s been a , regular customer
of this firm for four years , buying on
his first visit to Omaha § 800 worth of
goods of them. On anothnr occasion ,
ho purchased bill amounting to ova-j
The colonel carries a fat pocket
book and wean diamonds thnt would
rival these of. New York "boss.'r
His wife wears-a pair of solituiro ia-
inond ear-drops worth § . 1,000 and !
these uro the smallest of them prec
ious atones worn by either husband on ,
vife. They will be a bonanza for
train robbers , if they are ever-o.iught.
Ham S. ir : oof Blair , is In the ty.
J. W. Sweeth ) of Norfolk , is in the city.
7. 8 ; ClaiUgon , of Schuylor , ioin the
.T. S. ( Treeji.of ( rrjenwood. in
the oity.
W. S..Oftssrof' Tutacoln , Is at tho-Motro-
L. J. Snider , of Neiigh. Is nt the Brush-
W..Hyde , ofiSiilnay , | Neb. , m t th
J..W. Duocjna..of Lincoln , is ai , . the
S , B. Galeyr.ofiTJiucoln , wiw in © maha
yiter ! ay.
AV. A. Ruiikles arrived from Siout
llnrney McCftllliw arrived from 3iuus
City , yesterday.
L. Means , oi Oakdale , arrived ia tli
city > \oaterdttV
J AV. Miller of York , arrived in. the
city yesterday ,
C. E. Griffin , , of Uvwrence , IH a guesft at
the Metropolitan.
U. Toiler nutl CJoo. 1 * . Waller , of.
, are in tri&city.
.ThnIIimtr of Sioux Falls' ' , arrK-ocl iu
the city ycfltsrday.
.Tmuos ( Well , of Fiillcrtou , : vrrrcd in
the city yetetdav.
C.V. . Adftinn , of Central Uitjv airivrtl
in the city last e eulnif.
! : . W. Crinsby , of Contial Cityis a
at the Caufield houte.
T. J1' . Hurlco , of Ditto Spring rej'i -
orecl ut the CnnBeld honno.
If. Wilkhiiton , of Deadwoodi. T > . T. , is
a guext at the Withnoll house.
Ohris MatthowBon was arc/in. ; the ar-
ivnls nt the Oanfiold yesterday ,
H'chanl ' Wiolai , of tJnuut Iflanil , is hi
the city , a ( 'iiest at the Croijjliton.
Frank Cuistello' ' anil Joi INiisiitnt , of
Wnir , arri\eil In the city yoiteriluy.
Frank Kondelo and Thi'miiH Killiftii , of
Wnhoo , are nt thu Crellitot ( > hou e.
A. Wllkle anil Mark Smith , of the HCMS
opera company , are at the NV'lthnell.
Cco. ! K. AtwuU-r anil W. .1. Outherwalt ,
of IJocjtur , uro ucflts at the Uieighton.
MorrU.l. .lonus , of lu\id City , WAS
cue of the arrival * on List evening' * traia.
Albert S. Cole , of Nebraska City , U
among the rc Utcr' * ut the Withiiell
Capt , S. 11. McConiUhe , of the
teentli infantry , 1T. S. A. , HtopphiR t the
O , V. MoLean , of Tekameh , arrived in
the city yesterday , He is registered at
the Creighton.
Woods Smith , of Luup City , arrived Iu
Omaha yestcrtlay. He it utopping at the
J. H. High , of bhukfiwit , ldul > , ar-
rhedin the city yetcrd y ami put np [ at
the Wilhnell.
" The practical completion of the Omaha
ystem of waterworks in called to mind
by the resignation of Mr. Chester It. Da
- vis , who shortly after the works wcr
- commenced , has filled the position of engineer
. , gineer in chwjso of their con tr ction. Mr
Davis leaves only becaus * of the comply
- tlon of. the works , and he | K > OJI < th
will of the president and oilier mem-
the company , and their insurance
that tney are satisfied nlth the worl ?
liclng carefully cducAted In hii Drofcssion ,
Mr [ ( DavU had many yean of 1 irpe aid
varied ' prncticnl experience , Jt la hU in-
. .
tentlon to shortly cpenanjolliceln thh city
In , thu , ' practice of civil cnyincrriiiir in ail
its '
The antltfotnl theory , now admitted ( o bo
the only treatment which will eradicate Catar-
rlml Polion.
he * . Chan. II.Tujlor , 110 Nolilo street , liroolc-
lynN. V. : "One | ckai < o effected a radical
Ilc'v. Oeo. A. Uil' , OobUdkl'l ' , Schoharlo , Co. ,
N. V ' It restored mo to my ministerial la-
Her. W H. Htiuintr , Frederick. MA : "P nc
results In six caics hi my lamllj. "
He * . ( ! > K. Pratt , fat. blephcnu Rfctory ,
I'hlnt " ( Julie nonlerlul ; let roe oJatrlbuto
jour 'Trcatl c , ' "
Chas. II. Stanhope , Newport , II. I : ' I was
tooileaf to hear thocbiuch bells rlnjr ; searing
"aeorzn W. Umtirlxh * , 73 lllddl street ,
more , Md. : "Suffered 0 years ; pcr.'cctly
curnl. " . .
.Mr . JI. H. Shcnnc } , 3"22 S ah streeS , St.
Louis : "Tho first natural lircnth In 0 ycnrm- "
Mrs. J. W. I'urccll , Ool&n City. Col : "F ed
onlytno ) iackae ( ; entirely itircd ; nullcrcil 24
V'Ir. V. N. Clark , Dei tUt. 8Montgomery strict ,
San Pram-bio "SuHireiT Ji
: Juara ; pcrfuctly
U '
Dr. WeVoe Meyer's Poplar "TREATISE"
on Catir h nialleil < no. The yn at Cure Is co
llvrred by IlninI tii , or by D D. Dewey & . Cot ,
lb'2 Fu.ton Btrict , New York 3or ( I 00 ,
moncdf ritnat&w eckcow
NOTICE Advertleemeni To I n , Kor Sale ,
l.oat. Found , WaaU , Boardlmr. ftc. , will lie In-
ported ta these column * once f'cr 1EN CUNTS
per line ; tsch iiuncquont In'crtlon , K1VKCKNTS
per lino. The first Insertion r.over less than
ONEY TO LOAN -Call nt I > \T Ollire of D
M L. TaoniM Uoom 8 Crelghtcn Block.
To lMn at lroln * to 10 Pcr " ' " '
on food rial cstatawcurity , by
DR. I AAC EDWAim 1109 FarnliMn St.
TO LOAA At 8 vcr centln-
teiwt In minis oi > WCPO nnd
upwards , for 3 to 6 > ears , on tlrit-clM8 city and
farm proi > erty. Hr.siis HRAI , E TATK and LOAM
AORSCT , Uth and Doiuilnu Sts.
W ANTB" BnmullnUl } , o cook , azflttO liar-
vrrANTI-'D A * srnod Iiou eUeciiir , Oertnan. )
VV H. Jlanim ciler , oniplov input oliice.
tlje ofolilteln aprodiid'comniH-
WANTCD si for n few hears dal . * Ad-
, M. l , I'M. 013-31
_ _
ANTED A partner with one hundied
WA dollirs in n fine paying bu ln. % . Ad-
i J''f > . 0. V. Henley. BDi-12 ! *
\\rANTKD-15iuund wcrotiK'M.rywh're. nlx
VV P J- Address with lnmp.I. I1. Do ore.
Omaha , Nob. SOS W
TO- > to lOacre fara ( near
town. II. llau itr , lltb strcit , i car
Fwnham. '
ANTED HH * teams nd men. Inquire of
W Manrmeitlr , JHh ; newFainuin. 883-llf
< TKB AsTow tabla boarders at 113 , east
WA hide of 17th Ht. , t'jtrev doors no/ih ol
WANTED AVew day IwsrJersan be ac-
cominodftttdwlth llrss-clam table lioardal
n Tcry reanonalla rate. Iii-y : re a1,135 Howard ,
between flth ani lOlh ate. SSM
W ANTED A oed girl o * the Emmet House.
878-12 *
ANTKD Solution as teacher In a country
W chool. Addrcs , l.'tes-Lucy Bonnlfon ,
uro Bee Office. 87C-11 *
'ANTED A good firtt for ( joneral housework -
, , work in afamllj of tnoi Steady employ-
xtcnt and gold wages. Must be good cook. :
2417 Davenport S . 877 if
"ITrANTED A family to adopt i\n Infant. Ad-
1 W drosn , 7i U. 1'ortcn , Arlington Iloue ,
Lincoln , Nob. 8BS-12-
WANTED To rent or hey an improved
farm ot not lens than .80 acres , \vithui8
miles of city. Address , Chr > ea II. H nsman ,
Omaha , Neb. 868-tf
ANTED Funding brld o und school bonds.
H. T. O rk. nellevTiB. 26-t >
I. nillnihy ft Oo. nave purcnawcl
WANTED business o : i : llerthofd , > .1020
Dout'Iofl dtreats where they will contlnuo the
busiiisBS , and.y fair dcallngi and liing Kood
prlci-H they projwMo to Inir .MO the trade Thov
solicit pirtlcB ho ha\Q old bon , tags , Junk . Hide
uictnla to K\\e \ them a call. TOSlrco
A situation M booK-kceporr "by
WANTKD tharou { hlyundcr8ta'idj double ,
nnd slnjflo crlry , Id also a [ rood iwnman lest
roferciaen n'.rcn. Address , C. E. , Hi o ollko.
708 tl
'ANTI-D 4 children ai li-ardcrs in a nolfifr
iuW schcol , at lllth an < ! .California St. L. U.
LOOMIH 7f.7-tt
ANTSI' Tlrl to do house ork. lire
W rarnhani St. 44E'tf
i POK UKNT-Cotta e , ( XS north 18th 8t
854" .
1'JCST House wth : 0 rooms , h ? > I aiul
POK water. In nlru ol Kuoiio ( ; 0 Nelll ,
ictli ami Howard St . OVZ-tt
TTlOIl HUNT Rood ho J o and barn wii/l / 12'lats.
L1 IiiPliIro ol Ktuena O'Neill , IDtli and Howaid
' " " -
brtcet ,
T710II UK.NT CIIBA7 11 i-torj IIOUMJ ; 11 r ,
I ? v ll .Hid iWuin iai North IDtlW.
10U 'll/s r-ltooiu \ lth bo ml , In MOW licMi u ,
viitillulTct. rtthreo il OM une of ' "B'
'T'U ' KKST-CttKAP- Her > II. ir.
liKNl W wi'l > 'uniii-nuJ front room ,
.So. I 2J l > arilai t.
, . lkr. . . J > no rf the bi t. > 3 res til u I'liiK '
St. , 2ivI , Jnnnaiy 1 , l& 'l. - * ' tf
i .lull uhN'3 hu IIUBO ti.ruu-otorj in { 1w
h inontV ick build liU'-l'UfttB ' near tli. ) for-
\lt lhoc < vii ot Uthand JoJ oin , mltiiblo
or a wholi wxle Jm lnc or tor e ami lOiiim
ion arel)8jMAppl ) to tr . LOLI-A lllh-
.IKE. N. K. forncr i Uaanu Ittth 8ti blJ-13
- One iiu'tly lor unwi front roan >
J1OII1U-NT roaii ; east nldo 17th Ht. ,
ono dee notlhof Douglu. " < " . _
ITWIlttKN'l A ulv or binulo rooii'S , nloaly
Jj fambhed , at N. W. co . 2Uh and Dvou.
KKNT-A nr t-ol * hall for Boclctv
FK . t'clitrtiny loiaw . Kor partlr
en ulre KcnnBrdU ei UtliandDoutlaf > U.
tX > itf
7 OU HUNT Intliw Western New i f .r Union
. ' corner 12th &ud llo ard bt . , a Ur/o room
with or without uteim | wer : tultaXii ) for Unlit
u luiulailiirli K ' Job iirlntlnK cilice. Ap ply | on
Uia | > riin < M.
TTlOH HKNT One nice furnlOusJ front room
L1 No. 17'il Hoii las ht. blO-tf
oil HrUS'T ? lurnlsbja loomn over ilui
- F ta' rxch nte1N. K. ccr. 16th and Dodfr-
1OH UKNT Home , * room ) . wnth cml lot
1 ; fat. toqulro J. U. SlcCaiiuo , opixxlU | > oi > '
otllco. _ _ ' 770-tf
' HUNT Nleclj furnUbcd tooiuu with oi
; ullhout board. Ittaionablo priicg. ' . ' 013
- Ca > Ht. 'COtl
T710K RENT rurnUheJ rooms , north side ! o
- .L1 California , Et. , 2J door c t ol 2Ut. Inquire
Kite r 1 p. in. 48Mf
. ,
inOR HKNT Cottjte of S room * , well n
- 1 } ciiU'rn ; 23rd and Bt. Mar > 'iieuue , Kn
quire.o | } l , W. Kennedy , 31 * 8,15th Bt ,
l dlt SM.K A flMt-clsM 'OOK ' ami nt\t onerj
I' butlncM , cnrr > hirf n ( nil linool
tlor.c , zcpuyrii vail piper , noldlnji , In [ tt
crrlhlntr ; ilol'-ir a l.u i CM of 810.UW ft ) car ;
EO'd location , ilicupient , tikw rth a > out
ti.COO , din lie bou ht on c.-w ) tiunbi oed
patty \ \ III fell , nut pot trade. Addr. "
SplOIItf Krcinoiit , bcl > ,
SALE OH IlKNT A Rroccrv stoic mill
liittiicrshop , ilolns r gooJ butlncM. In-
| UlM at thli oBlcc. P12-II
riOH SAM'A nearly new ldit > ar top I
' chei ca.hortlme. Ai rt 9 P. 0. limner
S3 , clt > . Ptf
I rs emf.
DrcwlcnMi.TC Coodaanew. 1. K. lrdr ) ! ) t ,
corner Idtli and Webster , an
T OH SAI.K Iwoiiwclllnir lioii'ciwell locate *
In the thrh In * voiirw to n of Hk Cr.etr ,
on the A. AN 11. IIAl o 40norc ( Wood Inn *
Hutted 1J mllc from the town , t o ) In
rulllrntlon. Tor yortlcu'ors ftrltt to Tom
i'rlch , I5o0 , Klk Or * lc P O. WO-13'
BALK Full lot rxl 3 snull hinuc * near
FR . P. ilcpot , * 22 < XX JUC'ajUO , Off. P. O.
rOlC 3ALfi ! nlco co-.viter and 2 1U t plktcd
thav cnc , at Oto. 11. Pcteirau'i , 8G > South
10th iit , 741-tt
37IOU HMM Ur will exclm go for Omab | > ru
. pony , nil lnniro cd on of land n-JJolrl-
liiK n atnSon on U. P. It. IS , 31. UU.VIIAMI. 1412
FarnharoSt. , Omaha. 7 l > 3rn
Foil SALE Or trndo for fity ptopcrty > on
> pan cf horns , harness etui HACOII. Aa&na
S. V. , ihlssttei ; 722 U
FOIl SAIjK A irooa so * nu-j car-old horse
WarrrfxCctl to drive tiliic'.tr or iloulilo. Ia
quire of Occr e Cantleld , CanCoW houxo.
WALNUTH , WAI.Nt'TS-Jsinen n. . . . . . . . - . . .
of Montgomery Cltj , Mot , hiu walnut-
lor silo. Thoua who wnnt to J < ant ivn nut-
1 Id write him. Oll-diwlt
FOrvil WotrxVbtoral Shcpl.Tii HOB. In
ijulro .lolin ; i Lebbcrt , t ire miles
olOmalia. 805-11
\KK.V Ct'-Ofi Dei1. 8S , 1SS1 , OIH her < o colt.
1 , bUcK , with i r In forth'ad , ' 4 ( hind foot
white , thodall arfl'uid , nliout ! l > o iiold. can bo
h lnt Illno Hani , Diili ntnttl > j
OIl FALK--IIO1 RL' AN I ) S VI.OON A farm-
F ers' liotil nndi aloon in .N'ebrnIiA doliiRCk
I irpje buHlntHH la o ft.r i for silo on a count of
tine nir litin aliout rradj to mrJru a trip to
'Europe. The hou'o-la In L'ocil niirlr , nnd ata-
bits , etc , In compVtu order. App'Sr at thin y
AIIAKBCAANCK. The well knownSaratoicn
Browry , opixwitofalrB ounds , Is Jor > alcat
tvo\ cash price. E.xrj tiling 111 youl * rnnnlnp
order. Inquire at br iry.
3bir 111'IIAUD SIUION.
TJ3Tl't'CTION'3 f-1' " ' ° ' > P writers ; alto
L michliiM for wi'o. BlUifj i AMES , 1C06
rnmhMuAKcntsKoninton | ( ! Tjpo * * ritarn t
HOOMS Kor ainvlo inSlemen ;
al o ono front roam with piano , southwest
oorrwilth and Capl&i a einic. fcOC tf
klUIIS * NK\V CITY M'AI'S. 10c. Motmte
> Mapa. S2.60. OF.O. 1' . DKMIS.
. . „ UP NOTICE Taken upon Sttturdar
J. Doc. 3rd , t obiM horses , ages aio t 6 and
0 > curs ; fair blzo and well n alchud. Owser can
have t mo by proiinj ! propertj anri pajinpr
clia.-cei. WJ1 HA iV > TZEIl , } mi.ri wont of
Qurlj'8 soap facturj , Douglas prccmctl
051 > < fit
IN I'llAkO.N I'astilo aa < l wil ,
I'D decorative pnintiti ) , ' . MKQi D. K.
Wt ARDNEK , room l.jbcoli's Block. M2-tf
r > KMIS' REALhJsTATE BOOM. See 1st p ge.
BA&KD HAY At A' . II. Sander'H Ibwl Stored
' 1013 Harncy St. s9-U
BiailS' page.
BEMIS has rattling IODK lists of houses , lota
J. lands aud farms for sale Call and get
NOTJICK. Special adt ertUementonuch u
Lost , . Found , To Loan , For Sale , To Rent ,
Wat * * , Boarding , ct , will bo insieted In thto
colunn at the low rate of TEN CEIWS PER
LINK for the firs * insertion and KiVB CENTS
PER LIME for cac ! > Bubsequcn4 iiwcrtlnn.
Lca o adv crtlsemecj * at our ollic .upbtalre ,
con-Mi Broadway and Main Btrcata , Council
Bio * .
\ \ ; ANTED- 11 afe-class llou o ietpar want *
W a position. A Jdre < P. O. Bat. No. 70 - .
Oouccil llluffs. Jpe lanlO-2t ' '
" \TVANTED To buy 100 tons broom cent.
Vv > For partlcu'-an ) address Countil Blufll
Droara Factory , Cc-jnell Bluffn , lova , 6S8-29U
A Eat-clasa broom > tie . Mayn .
WANTED Council Illuffs , Iowa. 0030 *
SALE 01 * > papers 40c iwr- hundred , Ut
F0K llco otHc'v Oouncll Uluna. p27-tt
i morool landiadJo'nliiK tl-j. bra.-k-jard ot
llannur & Hal . ' on Upper Hron'nay. Fct
partkulaw appl to Daid llaliw * or tn Hanncr'a
o.Bfe at the KoftrScJTrado rorrift. rmjjicil DluC3
77S-dc'J 3m
"VKMl SALE 1 - wt-clftas saloon 1J mllua casti1.
P city on "Ma ouito , , " on 1'tio of K. I. K. a
oed plaio to i ftfto money. AUdwiw ,
Hub. Ollice ,
dccO-Ct Gaunuil Illulla.
Kvervkody in. Oouacn lllufla.loi
WANTKU 2 BKK , 20 ( tots per week , da
Ihercd by carrHirs. OHIio ccrncr Jlroadway lei
Main , up tol'-n Council Itluga.
J. tlckita cantinucii to luciui. UnpreceOcotwJ
low rates tc.ajl oautcrn joint * . Kiery ticks *
guaranteed. Orders Dllcd D > Wctihone. Prot *
one to ten cUilL-m Na > e < l purcniulni ; tiaXol *
of 0. A. 1'ott-a1 , BUctohHor to HoMtr 11'alncoNo. .
40 South Fiith street , four dee below tie poai-
olllce , Cour.oll llluffs , lows. QttlB-U
WAS'ran- , ltl 7 carrjt p
Im uilv at linn olKo , Couucll UlJlu.
Tl ONALWT. rJS Tontl.iSt el , Iwtwenn JlLrnbam
anil Ilfrfi J WUth thu ild c guardian
hiirltb..3liuln | lor iii.vono utlincu r.J Die pant
nnil | > irtt nt , intlon cnxaln condltmu In the fa
ture. Broti untl Shuw mudu to order. 1'arfoct
' xrllcn i'ii r tutuixl
Absolutely Pure.
This powder nctor varies. A inanel of purity.
ttrengtn . \\hoUomcne a .More economic * !
Uun the ordiu&ry kliidn , and cannot be told in
competition nlth the multitude of Ion tt ,
thort uulk'ht , alum or ] ihotpbat
Sold only I" fni.