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H 1 EE.
For Sale By
No , 2J8 , Pull lot fenced and with Rtn.ill build
iiiK on Capitol Avenue near 25th ttrcct , $700.
No , 257 , Lar o lot or block 10.1 ! by 270 feet on
Hamilton , near Irene street , $ -00.
No.'d , Full ( .orncr lot on Joni'v , near Utfc
street , # 3,000.
No. 258 , Two lota OH Center street , near Cum
Inp Btreet , S9GO.
No. 242 , Lot on Spruce street , near Oth street
No. 2 , * > 1 , Two loti on Seward , near Klnp street.
S350. . ,
No. 261 j. Lot on Scwant , near Klnjf street ,
No. 349 , Half lot on Dodge , near Hth street
& > 100.
No.47 , F ur beantlful rcsldenca lots , near
frelghtou Collcifoor will sell separate ) , * 3,000.
No. 210 , Two lota on C'batles , near Cumin ; ;
ktrcet , MOO each.
No.4"0 } , Lot on Idaho , near Cimiing street , .
No. 245 , One aero lot on Cuuilng- , near Button
street , ? 7M >
No. V44 , Lot on Farnhatn , near ISth street ,
* 4,000. |
No. 213 , Lotffl by 133 feet on Collcgo street , :
near St. Marj's Avinuc , $550. .
No. 212 , Lot on Douglas , near ' 'Ctli street ,
- 4376.No
No 241 , Lot on Farnhnin , near 26th slrcct ,
1750.No. ,
No. 240 Lot CO ( -
, (13-99 feet on South At time ,
near .Mason street , 550.
No. 239 , Corner If t on Hur , near 2-M street. W.
No. 23S , 120x132 feet on llarnct , near 24th
atrco ( will cut it up ) , * 2,400.
No. 235 , " 1x310 feet on Sherman Avenue
( lOtli street ) , near Grace , * 1,000.
No. 'G4 , Lot on Douglas utrett , ncar2Jd 8760.
No. 232 , Lot on I'icr sircet , near , $500.
No. 531 , Lot40zGO feet , near C pitol Avenue
and 2M ; street , SI,000.
No. 227 , Two jots on Dccatur , niarlrcncstreut , {
$200 and tf 175 each.
No. 22J , I ot 14 : ! 30-110by 441 feet on Sherman
Avenue ( lJth strict ) , near Grace , 82,400.
No. 220 , Lot 23iji ( feet on Dodge , near ISth ;
street , make nn oiler. ,
1 No. 217 , Lot on 21d street , near Clark , S.WO.
No 210 , Lot on Hamilton , nearKinir , ? bOO. a
_ No. 209 , Lot oil ISth , near Nicholas etieet ,
No. 207 , Two lots on 10'h , near I'aclflcstrect , of
No. 203 , Two lota on Castellar , nemrlOth street , of
No. 204 , beautiful residence lot on Dhlsion the
ttrect , near Cuiniii , $ j50.
No. 203 , Lot tn Blunders , near Hamilton
Btreet , * S50. .o
No.lIWj , Lot ISth street , near Tailnc , $500. of
No. lObi , Thriii : k > U on Saundcrj ntroct. aua
Sowanl , $1,300.
No. 1U3J , Lot on 20th street , near Sherman
No. 104 J , TM-O loin on 22J , near Grace street ial
tCOOe ch. .
No. 101J , two lots on Kinp , near Hamllt ;
Street , Jl.200.
Ko. 1V21 , two lota on 17th street , near White
Lead Works , ? 1,050.
No. 1SSI , one full Mock , ten lots , near tlio bar.
radio , $400.
No. 1D1 , lot on Parker , near Irene street , $300.
No. Iti3 , two lota on Cass , near 21st direct ,
J ( tfilt uhre , ) 88,1,00.
No. 181 , lot on Center , near Cumin ? street.
5300.No. . ISO , lot on I'icr. noir Seward street , S050. day
No. 175 , lot on Sherman avenue , near Izard the
Street , < :1,4'0. : '
No. 174J , lot on Cain , near 14th , $1,000. ing.
No. 17V , lot on 1'aciflc , near 14th utrctt ; make
No. ICO , ei\- lots on Fan-ham , near 24th street ailed
$1.15Jto2,000 each. this :
No. 1V3 , full blocl : on ,2Gth street , nea tion
race courbe , and thrio lota in Glue's addition
near Saunuera a'nl ( 'ussl\is btrccts , $2,000. tied
No. 129 , lo * on California street , near Crelgh is
ton collev ( , 8425.
! \o. 127 , acre lot , near the head of St. Mary's in
avenue , 3,000. must
No. 12 ; > , .bout two acres , near the head of St.
Mary'H avenue , $1,0) . wmr
No. 120 , lot on ISth street , near White Lead Jt
Works , . * 525.
No. 124 , sixteen lots , near bhot toucr on thu goner ;
Bcllo nu road , 75 per ot. gonert
No. 122 , 13213feet (2 ( lots ) on ISth btrcct ,
near ro ) > iileton'n , SICOO. cause :
No. HII , thirty half-acre lots In Mlllard and had
CaldwclPx additions on .Sherman avenue , Spring
and Siratnxa streets , near the end of green by
street rar track , syOi to gl,200 each. mand
No. b'J , lot on Chicago , nuir 22d ntrect , tl,500' been
No. bb' , lot on Calduuil , near Sauuderu street
$600. court
$600.No. . W ) , corner lot on Cliarlo , nuir Eaundcni eport
street , flOO.
No. at , lot on Izard , near 21st , with two Bin
to , be
No. S3 , tuo lota on 10th , near Tierce street , !
No , 78 , three lots on Hartley , near 19th street , subje
$2,0 .0.
No. 70 , 00x132 feet on 9th street , near Leaven-
orti street , ? 3,000. ing
No , 7 , CU\i2 feet , on Paclllc , near 8th btrcet , thority
* ! , ' < " witho
No. tri , w\132 : feet , on Douglas street , near
lot Ii , # 2,600. coinn
No , DO , eighteen lots on 21st , 22.1 , 23d and occur
Summers ttreets , near Uracuand .S.uinilcrs struct
br'dn. .slOOeach. lull such
Nu. n , unu fourth block (180x135cot ( ) , nearulat dent
i.'oiiunt uf Ivor Claire on Hamilton street , nro mand
tliutml uf u-il 'r u car track , tS50.
No. 6 , In on iluiiy , nearBth ktreet , J1.200. has
Nol : , lot ni L'jiiiiruUi , near 21st , $1GW. ( In
NoJ lut on Cui" , near 2id Blrift , ft.IiOO.
No. 1 , 1 j > n Ilarnuy , near Ibth , ir.,000. was
l.oi H i llarliach's first and second additions , specie
also In Turkcr's , Slilnn'H , tti'lsonV , Terrucu , K. discrc
V. hiiiltirn , Kodkk's , Olhc's. Luke's , mid all other
addition * , at any prices and terms. court
3n2 lots In llanseom I'lacc , near Hanscom ago.
Park ; jnUvs iroin ? 300 to $ MOcach ,
Onu hundred and flfty.nlno beautiful reel. that
dince lot * , located on Hamilton street , half way crctio
between the turn table of the red street car line laws
and thuHftUirworkirescrvIar uJ addition , uid
just ue t of the Convent of the Outers Poor the
Claire In Shhm'n ailultlnn. Prices lange from who
176 to 3100 each , and will be told on vaiiy terms ,
Tracts of 6. 10 , 15 , U , 40 or bO tcrus , with Whitl .
building ! and other Improvement * , and adjoining not
thecity.atallprlcwi. who
3 00 of the best residence lots In the city of
Omaha any location you de Ire north , c , t , the
south or wtwt. nd at bed-rock prices. wan
220 cliolcu buine89 lots In all thu principal
i * streets of Omaha , varying ( < om dcfeni
57,000 uoch. court
T o hundred houses ; and lots ranging from West
$500 to $16,000 , and located In c\ery part of the
| uestion
Lorso number of excellent faniw In Douglas , marti
fiarjij , Huundcru , UodKu.VMhlnjston' , Hurt , and lecided
other tfood eountlcH In > intern Ncbra > ka.
12,000 acres best land * In Douglas , 7,000 acrf s Hter
beet lands In "arjiy eounty , and hr c tracts in Whitl
all the lu-tirn tiers otcoiaititH
O\er WW.OOO acre * tl the bvtt UiiJ * I" juestion
J > a or sale bv this e eiit'j irowstor
. TH ( ! * i
Bemi At tl
Howe (
about .
wards (
16th and DC ij'.a ' Street ,
Farther Damaging Evidence
Against Shopman ,
Being Disclosed in the Investi
gation Sot on Foot by the
Bounced Pitney.
The House Committee on El
ections to Take up the
Utah Contest Monday.
Mio lln.neonfl NoteiFrom the Na
tional Capital.
CHICAOO , January . ' ( . The Tri
bune's Washington special says : The
suimto committee investigating the
expenditure < of the continent fund in
the treasury department will rcsumo
tlicir ! daily sessions to-day. Since the
last mooting of the committ > o Senator
Cockroll has , at the request of his col
leagues , been scanning tlio testimony
nlready introduced with a viow'to
familiarizing : himself with the routine
of treasury purchasing business in
order to properly and intelligently
conduct the further examination of
witnesses. One result of tlto aonn-
tor's review of testimony thus
far presented has been to
develop numerous questions of
veracity between witness , but ho has
also obtained such a knoivledgo of the
purchasing business of the depart in
ment as will , ho claims , enable the
committee : to prevent the covering up
of a frauds heretofore committed
in connection with the disbursing of
the contingent < fund. All the import-
.vnt witnesses who have heretofore
been before the
committee will bo re
called for further examination. This
proceeding will bo repeated until the
omniittce lias gone to the bottom of
.hu matter.
WANIIINT.TON , January Ii. The
committee investigating the expend- !
uro of the treasury contingent fund
eassembjod to-day and examined L.
. Vail,1who \ conducted the \Vash-
ngton World , a Sherman campaign his
organ , prior to the Chicago convon-
ion. It is charged that the typo for
hat establishment was obtained with last
out payment ] therefor from the govor-
neni printing oflico , and sinecure and
overnment appointments given to
miployes on the paper. Mr Vail
loldi n position as special agent of
the treasury I department , one son a
clerkship and another , a more lad ,
mcssongership. of
Mr. : Paul Jones , who was foreman
the treasury cabinet , was the next
witness , and submitted a memoranda
work done at different times during shoo
year 1881 upon Secretary Sher- "
nan's house , stable , etc. , and charged
toth different bureaus and divisions
the : department. The data ia very
explicit , giving the date of all the
work done , the time occupied , mate- a
used , and the branch of the
.reasury department io which it was stran
harged > with the amount charged. a
WASHINGTON , January 3. Mr. '
lowe . will qualify to-morrow and as- repor
nine control of the department Thurs- ycste
morning. Mr. Howe called on a ,
secretary nf the state this morn
at the department of justice
morning , and after the introduc aniini
of clerks and subordinates , sot- ton
down to work at his desk. Ho social
preparing for active participation of
the s'ar route cases , and says'they _ .
bo vigorously pushed.
. , - , . , ainiiu
/ < -
Iti rumored Gon. bwain , advocate ] jmm
cneral , has decided in Whittakor's jj. .
the court martial was illegal bo- _ , \ \lbor ly
of thu fact that the president
no authority to call one , except
the request of the department com-
nnnder , and as no such request had . .vaiioiu
made the wJiolo work of the
martial is thrown aside. This T > j
comes from high ( juarters , and , 'atlon
thoup by no means official , is believed ously
founded on fact.
fJeneral Swaim's j jjiku |
deciainn is the j'jjc
of considerable comment this ille
iveiiing in army circles. His hold- under
that the girl
president no au '
to orgam/.o n court martial
vithont requuat of the department
jommander within whoso jurisdiction run
, is questioned by many. That liuvo
is the prerogative of the presi- ave
of the United States as com-
nandor-in-chicf of tlio army and navy
not been questioned in the past ,
the navy , however , this question PKS
considered so doubtful that a obrati
act granting individual the
liscrction to the president to order vitlidi
martial was passed a few years made
The opinion.of Gononl Swaim mono
the I president has no such dis- Protei
in the army , under tlio present
is i opposed to former decisions on
subject made by his predecessors , Nitlona
held that hu had. The AM
.Vhittaker court martial was ate or
called for by the general govon
at that time commanded An
department of West Point , but forme
the t result of a request of the ily re
, when the findings of the opolie
of inquiry , which was held at The
Point were made known. The irobably
: of illegality of the court The
; will have to be eceived
by Attorney General Urows-
before any further Hteps in the
iVhittaker case are taken That
will bu referred to Mr.
in n few dayu. Nation . ,
, wfis a Inn bourn' cabinet HUltl'l
to-day. Hieuiitm1 attended. der
the ciot-o I'liitmastvr General |
called and had an informal talk
th i tur mute O ; M-H. After , Nation
J.iinub hu i a lout ; confoiunco _ . .
the i proaid-int ,
Secretary Lincoln returned his du > from
jtnd fi
ties this morning.
The general of the army has do-
cidcd that the Uice trowel bayonet is
no longer a part of the soldier's equip-
Tlio gnuid jury before which the
star route CMOS will bo presented , WAI
convened to-day.
The debt statement for the month
juat issued shows n decrease of 311- !
793,020.56 for the month and since
June _ of 575,107,01)4 , ) 89.
The rojiorts of coolno&a between the
president / and Secretary Folger nro
positively denied.
The house committee on the Utah
contest will make it one of their first
considerations. It will bu taken up
next Monday.
Ono of the special prosecutors for
the government in the star route
cast stated to-day that they would
commence their work before the
grand jury in about two weeks , fjo
said they have their evidence in satis
factory shape and feel confident of
its sulHcicncy to secure indictments.
While not yet decided which case they
will start with , still it is their im
pression now that they will lead oil'
with Senator Dorsey and his connec
tion with the star route service.
Speaker Koifer arrived hero to-day.
Ho states no changes will be made
Elootrlo Briefs-
National Astoclatcil Presa.
The national board of health
reports for the week ending 1
December HI : Two cases of
small pox in Jioaton , 4 in Louisville ,
ICy. , ! ) deaths in Now York , and 2H
in Philadelphia. Latest reports from
Pittsburij show 70 cases and 25 deatha of
the : week.
Oscar Wilde arrived in Now York
Robert Lystor Smith , the well
known democratic politician of Phila
delphia ! , has been hold in § 5,000 on
the chargoof shooting Samuel Josephs ,
ono of i the loaders of the democratic
party in that part of Pennsylvania ,
while returning from a convention in
October last.
John Drown , proprietor of a Phil.v
delplua ] livery _ stable , . deliberately
threw himself into the Sehuykill river
from a ferry boat yesterday. Melancholia of - -
clioli , superinduced by thu death of do
wife , was the cause.
At n meeting yesterday in Now de
York of the successful competitors in the
week's walk , it was announced
that John Ennio was a loner to the
amount : of § D,500.
The sub-treasury ollicea in Now
York are the scene of much activity ,
occasioned by the presence of the
committee : appointed by Secretary
Folgi to examine into the accounts by l
ofth oflice.
L. W. Miller , who escaped from the
Pittsburg penitentiary by riding in n was
box , was recaptured yesterday at over
Toronto : , Canada , and is on his way until
"back been
Delegates , of the fish and. game association mana
ciatic , from fifteen , ! countiev.mot Jn son
Indianapolis yesterday and organized
state association. suppt
The Allan steamship Moravian , now forei
stranded off Nova Scotia , has become the
total wreck. and
Tin cold weather of the last few warra
has been favorable to the rapid thu
jpread of small-pox in Pittsburg. thu
Then were thirty-eight new cases Doasil
reported in that city and Alloglmiiy bo !
yesterday. The disease is assuming ing
more malignant typo. must
Another Now JorsoyDofaultor. Lynal
Nation AiwoclatoJ Press. mayoi
CAMHK.V : , N. J. , January ! { . Ex- aloadi
imination of the books of the New- tainet
Township liuilding and Loan as-
ociation shows that the total default vara
its late secretary , Mr. tiifbni
Honu Ilammcl , amounts to
WiilijOOO. further deficiencies may . .Vatlour
discovered when the books are ox
.mined by an export accountant , Tntelli
lammol , who has been surrendered
his j bondsman , State .Senator saysl chief
. . . . Merrill , continues in a critical missin
pnditioii. ;
A RiiHcnlly Doctor. ben
AsiDd.'iteil 1'rcss.
Mir.WAfKii , : { , Januniy . ' { . Dr. S. reled
, of llipon , who so mysteri- could
disappeared loavint ; the nnprcH- MoKi.
ho had drowned himself in Green lowed
, has been found in Mechanics- place
, Md. , doing a thriving business with
the name of Harmon. The liiu
witli whom ho eloped is now in then
'amuki. ; The wife whom i'littbn do- carriei
, with a family of small chil- the
, has recently lost her homo by L iitciiH
orecloauro of inortcuge. Olliccrs lothing
for the
gene mused
Coon's Sell Out. diocov
Associated I'icw.
a great
MOINBS , January . ' ! . - The col- taw
barb wire east ) goes over to
Jlurcli term , when it will ho Got
'ithdrawn. A Nottlomont has boun .tloiml
with the Washburn & Moon OKA
lonopoly ] , by which the Farmer ' throe
'rotoctivo association has been foiled. murdu
knap ,
New Yorlt Iiefjiilaturo. fed
Associated Prcsj. ate oil'
AMIANV , January. ! . Thostatowon- iity
orgaiii/.od to-day and notified iho liiu
ovornor it wua ready for biiHincwi , Hhoot
motion to have all committees them
with a view to Imvu tlio mujor- gava ,
represent ] thu people against inon- were
was lost. were
houao has not organized and
will not bo to-day. n
governor's message will not bu atioiul
until both houses are oigan- WAI
nullroad Election. ir roversy
: Amoclated l'rti. m-rV
, , , I ' iilliit
.SAVANNAH da. . „ „ „
, , January { . Thu jjmo .
railroad election yesterday re-
in the election ct tliu AluXan-
I thick
party , defeat ing Wadleigh.
InilioatioiiN. . . .
: AwociaUHj 1'jwa , utiona
, .
WASH i MTON , January 4. tor the mi ilFII
Missouri valley : I'artly cloudy 'he
: , light snow , winds moatly [ lorning
east to south , riling temperature hey '
fulling barometer. I nvest.
N.tlon.\l Associated I'rc *
XKVT YOHK , January it. The Times
to-day contnins nn important contribution -
bution to the Qront-Fitz.John Porter
mnttor. The statement luving been
niado public that don. ( .Irani had
recently concluded tlmt Oon. Porter
greatly injured nun , and tlmt
his conviction mid tlismiml from the
army was an act of tlagraiit
injustice , mid , furlhurmoro ,
that ' ho ( Grant ) hnd addressed
or intended , to address an earnest ap
peal to President Arthur in ( ! on. Por-
tor's * behalf a callm1on
? ' , reporter | Ron.
Grant and asked if the roVrta ) ) were
true "Yos , sir , " answered the general
oral , "thoir statemonta are correct ,
with the exception that I have
not said ntiytning about Gon.
Porter's restoration to Jho army. I
am anxious to sco justice done
to General' Porter's
reputation as a
soldier , but the ( [ UCBtion of his being
restored to the army in scmiothini ;
that T Imvo nothing to do with. "
"How came you to satisfy yo
that injustice hat ) been clone to Gun
eral Porter ? " the reporter asked.
"Wull , as you probably know , "
was the reply , "I hurl
fully made up my mind
tlmt the judgment of the court mar
tial was a just one. Recently , how '
ever , at the requestor Goiierafl'ortcr ,
had read ever all the tostiinony in
the case i and also orders and reports
of t confederate olliciitl.i who were
at the second battle of Bull Run. As
progressed in my rending I be
came very much interested in
the case and found that the
facts were very much different from
what I have luthorto believed , 1 am
the opinion that had all tlio testi
mony ; and documents now available
been brought before the court martial
then would have boon no verdict ! '
itf-ainst don. Porter. The ordera of Ilu
the confederate generals show that
the confeduratato army was just where
Porter ! said it was and not where the
court martial was led to beliovu it was. .
For nineteen i years I have believed the
finding of the court martial wan a just
ono and warranted by the facts , but
now I see that I was in
error ) mid the fact that for
twelve years , when I was general
the army and prcsidout of the
Cniti States , 1 had it in my nowur
Gen. Porter justice and aid not ,
make mo feel under obligations to a
all that T possibly can to remove
odium and disgrace from him
now.1 " .
Lieu Taken Posnossion of by the
Nation ial Associated Press.
PANAMA , January . ' { . The municipality
palitj of Lima has boon BU pprosaud ono
orclnr of Commander Lync : n , of thu ing
Chilean forces. Colonel C/war Car-
revur , the alcado , when tliu order to
sorvcd upon him , refused to turn told
his department to the Chileans
compelled by forco. llo haa said
subjected to no indignity , and
municipal affairs of Lima nro now
nanagcd by the Chileans. , Tlio rca- W.
given J > -CointuanilcJWfjj'ncli for to
iiipprcsaing the Poruviun munici- core :
of Lima was that it harbored Sonat
oruie'ii inturvuntion in thu ufl'aira of of
pronent dilliculty between Chili ( jlliot |
Peru , and that international law Hour
varrunted the nation justly occupying dress
territory ot another pending the talk
final issue of a war , in taking all this
jossiblo stops to prevent the inovita-
injury to itself which the harhor-
of unfriendly foreign intervention David
produce. Mr. Adelfo Guorrero
been 1 : appointed by Commander 'that
aH political chief to act as dangv
nayorof Lima in place of the deposed have
, Cnrrovara. Ouorruro has re- acciiui
most of Carroyara'a under room.
otlicia , and the dupoaitioit of Carru- .1.
hus .so fur resulted in no dis- and
iirbanco. trodii
Chootaw Chief Aasaniinntecl.
Associated I'rcsH , . ,
LITTI.K HOCK , Ark. , January ; ] . to
ciico from the Choctaw nation
Hon. TJiOmpauii Hllppo
McKinney , late the
of the Choctaw council , wax us- would
iisginatud by Ruben Lucas. For of
yearo a foucl had existed bo-
him and an Indian named llu-
Lucas. On the day of the trag- Ojjoc aueh
they inut ut the storu and ( Miar-
, but were soparattd before it
terminate seriously. VVliun villu
luKinnoy . .started homo Luuaa fol- aid
and waylaid him in n lonuly
o in
, limt knocking him HuiiKdua.s
> ( j !
a : i rock , and nftcrwardH pounding Cor
head into a jolly. Tliu murderer Hiibiui
Rhotildored thu dead
body and tundii
it a considerable distance
up k'hal
road and hid it in brush heap.
then returned to the atoro. IJis
being nmuarud with blood , aHo
niispiuion uml suureh wau Coi
for McKinney and his body was (
iscovTrod. Tlio trat-edy han created afteni
sensation throughout the Choc-
in rpg
All the Th
Liberty y WantciL Ma
A ioclatud Pri"u.
OKAIIAM ' , Tex. , Januiiry , . ' { . The ning.
McDonald , boys , confiuo.i for the ondiict
of a nuiil named Martin Itul- IIIDIlt
broke jail yesterday while huing would
bj , th > ttlieriU'and iniula u clespor-
ellbrt to escupo. They aoized Do- "JI
Shoritr Melton and compelled "Ol
tc run with thorn , threatening to j ; oed
him doud if the citizens fired on ( iniut |
, Two hundred armed citizens Tin
chase i ami the thrco prisonorB in his
shot dead. A number of citi/.onu \VUH
wounded , but none
fatally. or ch
Burbritlijo and
. ! Aewclutcil I'rem. Nation
WAHIII.VOTON , January 'I. General The
lurbridgo , name has been con- orday
in a HonKational with the Hat
way u eon-
' with Uluokburn , of Ken- at
, arrived in the city to-day from Now
'hiladolphia and will remain somu JKIoI
jJo refuses to talk about tlio Thoil
npk'anintncB8 : between himself : vnd of In
iluckburn , torda
Bnulc York
AjiHOclutc l I're-u.
JKIMKY CITV , N. J , January . ' ) , - National
IJurgon . Havings bank olosud this NatlorW
because , us the directors
say , '
Co ( i n
Imvo Slia.COO . which they cannot
. The bunk will pay nil clainw , Now daughter
With the Assassin's Usual Ego
tistical Display ,
Scovillo Flndoiwora to Intro
duce Further Testimony to
Lengthen thoTrinl ,
To Which There ia Dooidod Objection -
joction Mndo by the Gov
ernment Couuaol ,
Monnwhllo Quttonu Toj-n With Hi *
Eye Gln ii nmlFJirU With
the LuiUoi.
WAMIIMITOX , January Jl. Tlio
eighth wcok of the ( iiiiU'iiu trial open
ed this ' iiioriinig with the usual crowd
in attendance. When Guitrau was
brought m hir , brother John wished a
him a happy .Now Your as ho passed
and ( itiitcau tiirnud and scowlingly
replied : "You dry up. " When tlio
prisoner reached the dock ho said ;
" 1 had . a very happy Now Year , gen
tlemen and ladies , and 1 hope every
body else had. 1 hud plenty
of visitors - high IOIILM ! , middle
tone mid low toned. The general
opinion ia that 1 ought not to be liunij
mid 1 have no doubt but tlmt 1 shall by
bo acquitted. "
The eroas.fxaiuination of Dr. Gray
wan resumed by Mr. Soovillo. The
witiuwB stated emphatic-illy that from
personal examinations of the prisoner .
lut found no evidence of insanity , and
that in his mind there WH * mv doubt :
1 ?
Guitoau , during this testimony , of
toyed with his and Ilirted and
with the ladies , who evinced the
usual ; interoht in him. Once he told .he
Dr. Gray ho had bolter get his money v ' ,
and go ; , as his tuHtiinony showed ho Thu
WOH luiii'jiitubly 1 ignorant on the sub .
ject of insanity. '
Scovillo then placed Clark Milln , his
the sculptor who took th cast of Gui-
teau's head , on the stand. The prone-
tuition objected , but tlio court allowed
him to i be sworn. Scovillo thonnmdo .
long argument to show that crani- and
elegy waa valuable in ascertaining
how far certain malformation of the )
head indicated .
The prosecution objected to the in
troduction of eraniology an a test , of
vanity , and the court sustained the
objection and Mills was dismissed.
Guik'au said ho had a loiter from ;
of ] Garliuld's old friends , sustain All by
his position and ho would rend it. killed
Judge Cox sternly told the prisoner
keep ( quiet , and Marshal H nry wimni
the i guard to keep the prisoner
quiet . In mocking tones Guiteau
ho 1 had got through with hia re
Mr Mills was dismissed and John rott
Guiteau was called to. the stand , came
etutu whothur Jiia brothm ; was ain- pUtoli
or not in writing the letter to retb
senator Cameron , requesting n loan died
8500. The prisoner refused to bo
iiiet , notwithstanding Marshal
tlonry's cd'orls. Uo said : "J ad-
fifty millions of people wlum 1
, Other people are interested in vaiuia
business ) than those here * " arrest
Hucosa wan then taken. killed
Tin trial is BO protracted , "said t.iu
ayidjo ! , in closing a long speech man
again ! the admission of this evidence , be
the health of every mini is on- corone
liuigerod. For myself I may say I guill
no i voice to address your honoron
.ccount of tlio condition of the court
. "
. W. Gtiitoau then le t the stand
Hcovillo said hu inlended to ill- house
rodiico evidence showing the condi- ed 1 a
of the primmer on the 1st of July. amend
Davidg o opposed any reopening of alwolui
case in order to allow the defense tniflic.
introduce cumulative evidence in In
upport of their theory. lie said if rufumi
trial wa.i over to have an end it rtiiiKe
bo only through enforcement
tin rules of law and practice es
nbhshed for cisea of this kind. Ho National
ibjectod | HO any ici > iu > ning under any VH
protensuH. Vaunt
Iteed uaid that tliti iUUHtioii | of court
furthi tcBlimony by ulliduvit of Hco- can
Hhould bo left to the and
court , tle : : ] >
an adjournment xhinild bo agreed ritory
order i that such alliduvil Hhould
pruparud. Sr.
Corkliiil wanted the othoj- aide to iiH.sian
the list of ivihieHHi'H they in tion
to producu , and pointN im to Duriiln
they would testily , Haying thu
iveniment . was willing to Hiibmil the
to thu jury now , and they were the
nxioiiH the trial should close. Alorg
Court adjourned at i. : < 0. intinue
Guitoau WDM very ijinei during thu
fturnoon , Ho ajipuirn very anxious
regard to the verdict , anil > begin- which
to think that III.H duytt will bu hion
on the scatlbld. punnal
Marnhal Henry miiigled among the
outsidu thu court house thisttve- Nutlnnu
. He was very indignant at the
of Guiteau before adjourn- Sherni
and said : "Well , if the judge gard :
allow it , I would Iteop him In ful
"Howawked / a reporter. most
, " said the marshal , "I've got a tilic
still'wrist. . Thuro' a way to abiuu
him if it'n nocesHary. "
, -
marshal wax unusually Hevoro Imo-
demeanor and looked an if hu
uiuiuim for a clianco either toMI
choke ( ( iiiiteau. ' If
Mnrinn Intolliuorioo ,
: Asaotlutud Vn-iu , buy . r.
arrivals of ocoun HteamorH yo * . letlor
Hl , | > 3t.
were IIH followH : ut Glasgow--
Htato of .Nevada friun Now York ; uj | - ) (
I'lymonththo I \Violuiid from ( ) tu
jor ( )
York for Hamburg at Liver-
; - ] , . ,
iooltho Indiana from ' nig
1'Iiiladelphia , , ?
) , ,
J'hodonirtureufioiii : : Lomethu State
Indiana for Now York ; from Hoi- ' '
the Kdum for Now York ; iiiroa
London -the Greece for Now you
. good
Death of Judge DIUou'iWJfo. . You
AwocUtixl 1'ii-tt , dy th
WAHIIINUTON , January , ' ) . Jndiivn Const doubt
'oiniiiiBHioner i Price called
was to "
York to-day by the death ot his $1. "l
, Mr , Judge Dillon , Uma.1'
n Mrntorlou * Mnrdor.
National An-wialo.1 . I'li-m.
PKTIKUT , Mioli , Juinmry : t. The
| irincitiil | topic of discussion hero to-
tiny is the goO.OOO libel suit of Hugh
S. 1'eoples against the Kvenin Nown ,
based on nil nrticlo published in that
paper , 1800 , which uavo the
results of detective work for in
formation regarding the liomt-
ish murder of Martha Whitla ,
a young woman who was bound ,
gagged , tied up in n bag and thrown
into the river alive , and whoso body
had been found floating in thu river
a year previous. The article said that
all the clues pointed to a certain man ,
but did not identify ur give Ins name.
A year after the article was
published Peoplea came into court
with a libel unit and mud the cap fitted
him , that ho wan the person alluded
to in thu article above mentioned , lie
sued the News , the Daily Volksblatt
and the Post and Tribune for
SWUM ) each for publishing the
work iiccompliHhcd by thu detective
and u couple of weeks niio ho brought
fresh libel suit ngaitmt the News for
850,000 , baaed on an editorial which
said thu News would defend itmilf on
the ground of privilege and justifica
tion ; that it had gene into the light of
with itn whole noiil , and proposed , if
possible , to solve the myatury which sur
rounded the horrible death of Martha ud
Whitla. After repeated adjourn
incuts the casu wan finally started to
day and thu evidence given thus far
the plainlilfa own witnesses htm P. I
liurt more than it has helped hint. all
Ono witness , a private detective , not :
mly did not , swear what had been ex- thu
lected of him , but did uny on oath
.hat the plaintiirH lawyer had dur
iriud to bribe him to give
cHtimony favorable to Peoples ; that nil
iho lawyer ollurud to whack up and
give him I 810,000 out of thu proceeds
thu verdict if it should bu obtained ,
ulno that hu exhibited a "
revolver and threatened 60 shoot so"f'
wiliiem and the editor of the one's
News under certain circ.timstaucu.-i >
case will possibly Innt a. couple of wuro
wouki , and may have an outoomu .
quite surpritiiug to Mr. Peoples and
Good Riddnuoa , wish
OKAiiA . < r , Tex. , January ; i , - Yen- Thu
.errtuy ; at the jail , Deputieii Murfrou OllH.
Milton \ were L'iving the prisoners elf
reakfast. When thu throe brothers
tluDnnalds , of itlartin , weru led out grave
the iron cage to bu fed with two numb .
othur prisoners , the McDonalds aud-
dcnly attacked Deputy Milton and a
him 1 in the hand. Murfroo was to
killed . Thu murderers lied followed1 thu
eiti/.eiiH , a running tire kept up. wuro '
three McDonald's were shot luid the
' . Two or three citbeiiH woru printe
rounded. both
BI n Grnfin Bams.
CYNTIUANA , Ky. , January 't ; At
Jhiysvillo ' , Ky. , yosturdny , John Gtir- n
and : James Raymond' ' , young meiij lie
to blows , both nt laat pulling ;
liatola. 'JKiiymond mlanod brjtGur -
Hhot . him behind the ear. . Itlb jrty
Uma.1'n Garrett is in jliil. ay.
atlonal ABaoclatvd 1'roiw.
ATLA NIA , Ga. , January . ' ! , A
atuiah Hpuoial Bays : OUSuera wont to
Ji > . Lamer , who shot and ALlvu
Elias Harris. Upon ruachini ;
imgro camp they saw lu colored
mimim , ' , and 1 supposing ' liiin. to IMItor
Lanioi ; shot and killed him. I'll ®
miner's jury is divided as to. blio Our
of the ollicors. constai
. , Associated I'ICHH. church
COI.UMIIUS , O. , January 'ii In fcho ' " id '
this afternoon Mr. IVOOIIH ofjfcr- that
resolution for a constitutional school
lundmunt , . giving . . the . . . loginlaturo , r i- these
wolulo power in reslneling lliumutor .
. Ullllcixt
the senalo a joint resolution ) was Mnlvoi
- for the prcHunt-ation uf a , luiit
Htaluu of Gnrliuld to Uigh
AHnoclatcil I'IUHH. inalari
VIIINNA : : , .Januiwy if. - - Cardinal iiinlry
auntuHa i , thu papal nuncioal HUB tllOHO
, Mates that thu papal qiieHtion
only bo Bottled by conceding to adjoin
opu ; the city of IComu with ter- thorn
on the lufl HU far : w Ciotia of the
iV 'i ; ) > . .
Piriusiiriti : : , January . ' ( . The fiuiiliti
jirunH Imvo opened 11 Hiibiicrip-
for thu purpose of .nuking Sarah an-uar
urnlmrdt n handsome prusunt , ivory
TUNI.S , JiinuaryM. ( . . Koimton , purma
L'rcnch ininiHter , in nu addrosH at of : on
yostoaday , Biiid li'rnnco would thu
hut ) Tunisian projects. midst
Dunu.v , . ? jinuaryA ! ! meeting of with
jidlords ! will ohortly bu held , al pound :
they will oxprennUieir HiibmiRr men
tc the land uut and nsk for comr Kollov
jtmation for the reductions. house
No Mora Hu farinoi
! AHMOO ftlrd I'mnn.
Th' )
NYAHIUNUTON , Jammry . ' { . General school
hermau to-day iHsuud an order iiiro- A IMJ
lo t thu abuse of luavo of abaenco , under
future no leave of absunco- for conski [
will bu graiited unless rJtor a imo
careful examination anJ
cor- OH 100
toof the surgeon , because of this Thi
many ollicera Imvu remained
from their commands a ytar at u hat locate
No Miiro Hard Tim * . tuning
you will htoji spondiu < ; so much a , glu
line clothim ; rich footl and style , " nill ' .
good , liouUhy food , cheaper and vould
. clothing ; get iu > ro real and iidi/.vd
uhstantial thiiigH ofifo every way , Tln
lispodally ntop tlio foolish liubil all of
uinpli | > ying expensive , iiiack | doe- as a
or using HO much of the vile hum- rail v
niedicino thui dooa you only of
, , but put your trust in tluit Him- convi
pure remedy , lion liittur.s ; thai Mr.
alwayH ut a trilling coat , and of a
will st'o fjood iJliiuoK and have solid
health.--Chrouiclo. Jan'--lU hand
uro i flcV ; wull , llit-iu ! > . nist ono rcmu- poration
that will euro you buyuiul ponHlblllty < > r summit
. H It's Ijlvi-r or Kidnuy trmihlu , with
L'oiiiuiui'tldii , lysiet. | lii. Uuliility. wiUiM"
JIfaltli ] ( vuew r" ( your hope.
DniK'ldt ( Do | ' t | 0. l'Uoodiium , ' ' -
' ,
J.1 W J VI I
Now Yonr'n nt the Cnpltnl-
Cofr | | > onilcni-fl of Tim linn.
LIN < XLN , Nub. , January n. The
Indies of Lincoln certainly .virpo.vied
all previous elfortn in celebrating Now
Year's day thin year , in arrangements
of toiloto , the decorations of room *
and elegance of refrc hmcnta. A rcry
noticmblo fact wan thu flocking to
gether of ladieit , there being some
one hundred and sixty receiving nt
not moro Until a down places. AVhilr
this is vury pleasant for the ladies , it-
is somewhat embarrasning for a small
party of gentlemen to step into
jxirlor with twenty or more ladies
to entertain. Thu number ot gentle
men callon , wan unusually largo this
year , and thu bright and sunny day
niiidi everybody in thu bunt of spirits , ,
ami all i agree in saying that a tuoro
pU.tiaant Nuw Year's day wiw-
never p.'iased in Lincoln. The majority
jorit of calls weru made between the
hotirH of I ! and ' . * o'clock , after which
parties were given lit tlio residoneiM
if Mr. T. ICuniiard n < id Mr. S. L.
Llauii , at the latter plauo thu-CapituI
city orcheHtni in full tiniforin furnish-
music during thu entire afternoon
and evening. i Thu only accident of
the day was the falling uf a lighted
uhaiidelierut the residence of Mr. T.
. KcnnardHr thu burning oil ( lyingin
directions and Hutting fire to the
carpe but by thu united ullbrta of
ladies ! was o.xtinyniidied boforo.
iiiuuh damage was done. It ia a won-
thai thu dresses of soiuu of thu
ladies were not ignited as thu oil tluw
over thum. The tables were elu-
aiitly arranged with all the deli-
aaiea of thu season , tuul pyramid/ !
upon pyramids of lion bomi , fruita ,
u. ' presentud l u sight that in itn
would almost appease
' appetite. At thu Com-
murci hotel thu double parlors
beautifully fuatmmud , and nu-
meroi motlous exquisitely prepared
ovured Ihu walla , , while Mrs. J. J.
liuhdj , with the hoiipitality charoc-
teristi only to her , , made one
that Now Year's uamo oftonor.
cards ; of thu gentlemen wuru un-
nually tine and. thu duHiuiia nunier-
. In thin thu Union. Club carried
the palm , with u handsomely un-
ravcd huvullml-edgod card , with thu
namet of Ihuir membor.i , thirty-8ix in
.umber , and in the center their mon-
griini , U. 0. Thin- was oncloaed in
heavy satin onvolopu , and addressed
.vouch lady receiving , At somu of
liousea 1 receiving , thu gentlemen
presented ] with a.badgu . on which
ladies' I names receiving weru
rinted , thus enabling the gentlemen
ith to t remember the -iamen of the
mot and to prcaervo some me-
of the day. Mrs. C. C.
looro and daughtun of Yankee Hill
nnouncod through , the Journal that
account of thu bad condition of
roads they would1 receive calla by.
ulephono. L'rom 3ito > 0 o'clock some-
calls wuro made in this novu )
. I have not learned how thu ru-
eahmonts wero-sorvod.
Llvuly Town-IUj Gmaniorj- ,
Houuu iind.Nnt.UKiO AdvnntUBoa.
. | |
Um&hn Itiw.
heiuitifuL locution for a city ia
instantly attracting atrangera ainoag !
midHt. Uvery Hikbbath our four
en are lilliid with intelligent
appreciative audiences. Now , .
thu Stiuthweatiern Iowa Normal :
ia pornmiKMilly located here
desiringah'tinu in town for thu-
lucution.of thuic children will find' '
alvurn.a duairablu point. The re i-
portion j of iho town ia uj > on a.
elevated plutoau overlooking thu
irrounding country , and free front
ulariiilinH'uctiuiia. Thu surrounding
in Ihu fiweat in thu world , andi
doairing ttvo or ton aero true to
Ijoining town can easily Hocuru
, Thu cwusing of the iiuin linuiv
W. , St. U * P. with thu C. , & .
at this jjlacp makes our. railway
liililiuH. mmwrpiwsed. Our . p.ooplii
by their town" a.m\
maUi in united in > ita
jfinanent growth. Tlio energies
our pwplo have aecurud tho.
locutujg of u croiuiiury in , our
lo bw completed in ninety duya
a i Q jtucity for 'forking 2,500
cf butter pur day , with such
as J. M. Strohivu at itshead. .
ollowLx this ia a pork packing-
, ti > bu built ill the aiunmur ,
S. D. Davis , thu most wealthy
of Milla county , at its head ,
"lAiilding i of u , mammoth , public
atructuro ia in thu near future.
lurjcv1 number oft brick buildings are
contract fur next summer's
instruction , andi we exp ct a gay
for f Malvprri in the budding way
loon aH spriny opens.
There aru nutny othuv outurjirise.i
would pay well foi any ono to
huro. S'UchaHamo-Tuhant , tlour-
mill , a viigon factory , a fruit
ustabliahmunt , a foundry , a
glucoao factory , a pl w and wind-
factory. . Anyof these onterpriut's.
bu'liberally hacked ami HIIU-
l > y our board of trade.
Them ia not u woolen factory iu
w > uthwunturn Iowa. Mulvesu
p' i < ii > t is in diru t connection by
with MJHiouriubraska and all
Jior i own slatu. No i ere
jonvoiiiunt placO ! otild bo B u ht.
1'Mitov ' , if you hear
man i looltiiiK for Hiioh iv location.
him tlm " . < > ' Wo will i'u ' tliu
liaiidsome tliii'U ' > him , Tw.o l > i auti
Silver en--I. 'lows ' through i'ill1 cor
and iiiiesian wlls 'ii the
: of our hilln H'ipjily ' the town
nloiity of ttood waU-r.
"Jlalvern is tlio coiumorciul mid goo-
'i-aphical centra of
Maw COUNT v , Io\v\ ,