Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 03, 1882, Page 8, Image 8

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Tuesday Mornintr. Jnn 3.
lktt rt < on wliM CKIH ! .
IkmilHSr.UiS Farm. . .
Donne. > 1liiMi > Hf.tlr.r
Ifitxlerkk Iwllni ? Hntter.
lkraUSEIT S Wild Lund * .
Olovca nt Uio W ) c nt utore.
IlemU BKLljB HOUKCH nnil
WlnUsr cn | > cht-B | > kt Frederick' * .
nomln SKLI.S Snum.Mii I'rotwtty.
Remix .SKI.I. ll'fldcnriM Mid 1/ot * .
I5 ralii 8KLLS City Mni * nt lOc cnoh
A. P. Johnnt'iti , Ientlf > t , Incoli'slilock
I'HlflT CUM Iti-pf nt
HUNTS HouHtu , 1-poU , Ki
3tuft , Ac.
Niw Ycnir Ctrd , jimt recchwl ui
IlONNl'Il'S for HUP FuMiiturr nm
3to . i12Gtf
Kiihn Ac Oo will Mill rt-inaMcr nl
ytMAny C3 oodn nt co t. il2.Hf'ty of I'rencripti 'im nt O | . r
JLouHo i. hnrinncy Sthrot.T& 1't-cht. oc''i'tl
8e FJ renco llurbeit ii "I. nit nnil
"Won , " Monday in filing , Jun. .M , at pup-
.mJar nricei.
Illuftratcd supp.rm ntH of Tllf. liKl
.ran In h < c1 nt tlin ro.inli.r of Tillni : ] !
rvffico for ten edit * .
Trin HtiretH were AH ipilct Innt pvtnili ( (
OTMI a nicinticr nf tlin "Inw and order
tominitt c ' ould with fur.
The il imtrattd HilppleintJlit of Tim
cm lie lirvl at tlie counter of TlU
fur ten cintH cn li.
1 Lo Ktck iKlmid train frnin the rast
n two liourn Into yenlcrduy All
the r trninH were Hourly nn tiinu.
Ml Kmtnn Hnuitui njcd ( V2 died A es
itonlny nt her rccidenc , corner of lOtl
ndl'uific directs. Funiral to-dny.
The III-WH b y * truck their annun
bominziinthu ilhiHtrateil Hiipplcnicnt ol
T K IlJs "li'cli went iiif liio hot cakiH or
ilio Hlrcelft nt - . " ct-um.
The Ui ion I'ncilic coinpnny nm put
iinff lialdwin locou iitivux on tlin K.vllni
iTMion , The unRini > IH of the ncwttyli
Mid in cnlled the liuldwio CoriHol dnted.
The pol co furconre lmviii tlieir pic
tureH taken nt the Hco Hive tihnt ( < gr.ti I
pillerj- . The p'ctuieM will ho air.iiKCi
with Judge Bcnolie'u in thu ucntur am
"kauiili-oriio y framed.
Ko er iil HwnU forFlnrumo Herbert ,
-ill the Acndcrnv of Mudc In "I/out nru
Won , " on Monday eveiiint ; , nt popu'n
jMiofH nt Kdlio'rn v KricliHon'x. U. member
bor roHerved fccatH 50 cent * .
The L'reUel hall iven by thu Ornahi
Sitlurduy evtniiiK , wan ;
in ntt ndatict nnd in fun
Miia Chrlx io < Ir wtlio t ! t prize , n c mtor
Mrs. ITftRcdorn drmv tlin Pecond pri/e , (
'batter dish ; MIHH Mnry Lomi'h drew tin
nTcrnn [ > kin rinj ; , nnd Mi s NalliL' Let
WM the lucky no who Imd the winning
pretool for the clock.
Th inembem of th'i choir of St. 1'hil
\ pnn'a i/'athed al , nnd a fuw friends
vliken in all , were tendered n receptioi
. nd upp r by Hevr. Vicir General lUor
< faB , at the Crrlghtun Konge Sunday
At lht o'clock the party Bat down to i
tabla loaded with the frulti of u'ttnyclimn
v.irlt-ty of HubHtantlaU nerved It
it tempting nhapo. The Itov. Katho
i oliarmlnR entertainer , free and open
laaited , and hN choriiUjrH will duubtlen
ioo0 cherish hU libera ity.
Yo &ro elck ; well , there IB junt one remu
< tj that will cure you beyond potudbility o :
doubt. If U'B Livfr or Kidney trouble
Uoniumptlon , Dy iKiHin | , Debility
' WoH'u Heultb Kcti''wcr" H your hope
. * L Drureliit Deiot , 0. F. ( ioodiimn
Omaha. _ _ ( ! )
Mrs. Col. ClKiao.
The frieiulB of Ex-Mayor Chnso'i
Taniily will lie plnanud to know thu
Mrn. Chare , who hue sulFored the pun
juuuth from a iiiAligimut cnncur , un
lierwvnt n nucecuKful opurntion yesterday
day noon , in which it was ruinuvud
"Tho phjBi'cmim in attundnnco wun
Coifinun , Thoinpkonlurcur , ] \ ,
xii d Luiaunrinu' .
It. M. Jennin e , of Lincoln , i
t thu Occidental hotfl.
A. J. Chute , Jr. , of thu IS. & M.
3led Cloud , in amoiij ; the nui'Ktu at the DC
Dr. Amelia iHirrounhB , Withnul
lIouBU , Tuesdays and Fridnyu , 10 n
m. to 4 p , in. tf
A Pleasant Attain
Quito aiiloiuwntliUIoclmmpngnoBUi
iff.r was given in Juliua Moyor's root
jn Saturday uvoning last. It was got
tnupin'lionor of Mr. Knufmann's re
, Mut lunrriago. Anion thosu prut
tttitwuro noticed Messrs. Henry an
Sam liaswitz , floulSilvorHluin , Pun
Ty , Martin Calm , Andruw Hosuwatu
and Prof. Sauur. Durinir thu uviinin
Prof. Siiiu-r and JnliuH Muyur addu
io thu cnjo ) inont with Hoinu capiti
initruinuntal puifiiriiianci'H , and a !
priBL-nt ] Hiit u very unjovatilo cvun
wg. Thu juirty broku up at a vur
loasoimblu hour.
An Important Notlco.
Omaha , Nob. , Duo. ii8 , 1881 J
An ordiimncu providing for thu i
uuncu of HCUIIBU uiuler tliu Slocuni
Liquor Law , and making it thu dul
of thu mayor to unforcu thu pr
visions tlu'ruof , takea uiu.1
January 1 , 1882. That day bcii
Sunday all BUOOIIB ! umat ruma
cloBod , and on and uftor Monda
January 2d , no pureon or ponsons w
bo punnittod to full at rulail into :
cAUnjj litjuor without n liconso.
will bu thu duty of thu murahal ai
police force of the city to arroat ai
and all pumona who fail to com }
trith thu law. , ! AMKH E. UOVD ,
d28-0t Jlayor of Omaha.
0. 0. Cook & Co. , Council Hlul
Iowa , general u 'onts for Ji , D. Kim !
Golden Euglo Klour for Omaha , Nt
Ordura eolicitod by tulvphonu or otln
' docl'J-lia *
w'iso. -
BONNER'3 the Cliuapoat place
town. dcc20tl
A Beautiful Day to Observe
the Plofumnt Cuatom of
The City Dopartmonta Hnnd.
fcomoly Received at Mayor
Open HOUBOH and Open IlourU
The official firat day of the ycai
oputtud with a crisp , clear atmosphcri
andu bright amilitiKBUn , wh ch noutnoc
to chuurily wish thu world n happj
Now Ynar. The public ofliccB won
Kcnurally cloned and busitioBS mm
pundud Moat of the alorcn kupt opor
until thu afturnoon and then thu orri'
liloyt'H were allowed the remainder ol
thu day for recreation and pluasuru.
Thu uxclmngo of mutual greetings ant !
well wiHhus for thu futuru woruuni'
vorsal and everyone seamed to hi
liappy in thu consciousness that younjj
1882 had como with nparkling oyw
and dimpling cheeka and n uluur pigu
of record upon which good resolution ?
might bu inscribed.
Many open doors are invitingly
spread wide apart to wolcomu callers.
Thu mayor , especially , did the
handnornu , and his spaciouH c'diflcu on
the corner of Niuutu nth and Chica
go Rtreutn was thronged witli
ri > itora nincu thu firnt hour of reccp'
tion , eluven o'clock yeaterdav
At that hour thu city olliciuln , police
department niid flru dupartmunt re
sponded to the npucial invitation
of Mr. Hoyd , and calkd upon him in
a body. The mansion was darkunod
and the inturiorhrilliiintlyilluminated
Around each glittering chanduhor
were tiimmed bunchen of holly , with
glowing burriea. The largn double
, irlorn wuru vury handsomely draped
ml trimmed. Uvur thuBpncioimfoId <
ug doorAin , immortelleB , wia : a hand <
omo floral inscription"Welcome , "
The Mayor \va gracefully sup.
iortud in receiving guestn bj
IB two charming dauuhtoru ,
se1) M.irgarut and Nora lioyd , and
ilrw. 0. O. Clarke , Mias Thompkim
nd Mrs. 0. T. Taylor. The ladies
'uru all moat elegantly attired , thuii
oautifiil coatumi'H being act oil'by tin
andaomu illuminalion of thu rooms ,
When the police department anc
re dupartnit'iit arrived , headud b )
udgu liuiiL'cko. they wore most cor
ially welcomed by the mayor in a fuw
ppropriato romitrka. Judiu Duuucku ,
ii buhnlf of both depart-
uintH , liandHomuly res [ > ended , and
/iahed Mr. Jioyd many happy
ottirns of the Now Year. Thu guest"
uro then ushered into the adjoining
arlor wlioru a mngmticont table wax
pruad , and invited to considur tliom-
elves at homo. The duliaicios apread
leforu them would delight the palate
if thu moHt cpicureiiu of epicures ,
iftur partaking of thu bounteous re-
.aat , tno Visitors wore invited to par-
ako of a delightful bowl of "Now
ears rofreahmont , " nud it ia needless
o ay that the officials and boys all
oilied heartily in drinking to the
f ftlth of our worthy mayor.
At ) the gueats were departing Mr.
oyd presented the marshal and each
member of the police force with n
'landsomo silk acarf. No present
ould have been nioro acceptable tc
ho officers who arc obliged to face the
old of the nights. Euchof thosallen
oft a handsomu card and departed ,
lulling thu mayor a most happy and
irosperoua future.
A Happy fceitoration >
POHTLAND , Mich. , Aug. 24,1881.
Il > II. WAIINKK & Co. : Wiin 1
mot heartily recommend your Safu
Cidney.and Liver Cure , to all BUH'LT
TH from urinary difficulties. I owt
y prottent oxistunco to itn usu.
j2-lw. J. 8. MATIIEWH.
Qroat SUCCOHH of'Alwlno Hoynold Ii
Thoruuiv Kronou Lust Rvonlnff.
Alwino Hoynold mudu hoi
hird appearance at thu Gormai
Irealru Sunday night am
t wan unanimously agreed by al
reaent that alto eclipHed all her forinoi
) orformancua in Omaha. Thu plaj
eprostintud was untitled Thuruat
[ ( ronua nnd from the nature o !
ho piocu it gavu lu > r excel
ent opportunities for di plaiii (
lur guuuinu abilities aa a h'gitimuti
ictrcss , Although ahu waa very drol
n Boinu ot thu auts , ahu never atoopei
D the M.ighteat lingo of vulgarity ,
Mr , llauck at Cartori acted in hii ulluctive atylu and Mr. Kuustoi
'n thu role of Buvru was imiuonsu. Mr
.jindum.inn a * uaiinl uuHUinud tin
tinny character of Kornthuuur
n IUH telling way and hi
, vaa rupuatedly greeted with buratu o
aughtur fiom the audience.
Alms Thioflson an lluloiao , a dan-
uuse , acted in a fascinating aiu
charming nninnrr. and Mrn. Gross
uailo an uxcellent Krau llurost. Mr
irossriiar , in thu character of Fuidi
land Itaimund , wax a grand BUCCCHH
nnd ho drovv a largo amoun
> f apilaUHU | , Ho waa altogethu
irreaiatibly funny. Mr. Molehill a
Leopold , a painter , was uxcullenl
and thu aame may bu said of thu rue
of the attorn , who played thu mine :
parts. Littlu Minna and Kntin
liraiult purformu I their parts vur
efficiently , and they \\uro vociferousl
At tho'concluaior. of thu play thei
waa a ball , in which all present toe
Steinliauaur's orchestra discourat
uwuot inuaic during thu evening.
A Oruut Suipriuo.
Last Sunday night Uuv. K. .
Fogulatrom , paator of thu Swudi
Lutheran congrugution of this cit
waa complutuly Hiirpiised in hia o\
church. Tliu congregation h
thought of hii hard labor , his u
spurt d diligence , his comparative
imall salary for tliu last year , and t
good people brought him a nice pros
out in caah. Thin vras A great proof
of the pcoplo'n good will to thoit
beloved pastor , In hia rcaponsi ) tc
the Rpccch addressed to him bj
ono of thu parly , the paa <
tor expressed hin nincero joy foi
the gnat lovn and friendship the cnn <
gp'gation entertained towards him ,
moitt un worthy as ho felt he WAS. He
also expressed hia earnest conv'ctioii
that thu great work , thu building of n
now church , the necessity of which ie
felt by every member of the congre
gation , nhould , by the good will ol
thu Lord , the energetic exertions on
thu part of the congregation , thu kind
and free-will asaiatancu of thu Amer
ican brethren and people of thu city ,
bu successfully accomplished dutin
the coming year. And if the Swedish
people of Omaha shall remain , whal
most of them are , a religiout
and law-abiding puoplu , it ia absolutely -
ly necessary that the Swedish Lutheran
oran congregation bu enabled to cruel
a sufficiently largo church , whore tin
thousands of old Sweden's sons ant
daughters can be gathered to hoar tin
word of fled , and taught to fear hin
nnd love their ncighbora. AH an im
partial partaker in the evening's par
ly , I had occanion to wittu-ss that love
between congregation and pastor
which is ao salutary in nil reapects , ai
well as necessary for a vood HUCCUSH ol
thuir mii'ual work. God blu a tin
chur.h and hard working congregatiot
and its pastor.
The High License Law Gee *
Qui tly Into Effect
About Fifty Suloona and Hotel Ban
to Uomaln Opon.
The police were busy ycilordaj
delivering the licenses granted to tin
fortunate applicants , and notifying
them to take down their curtai.iB am
acreena. The following are thu namui
of thu liquor dcalern to whom liccnsoi
were granted :
uquoii UP.ALKK.S.
Adnlina Jahn. Henry Oatholf
Kitchen Bros. , Fred. Lange , A. 11
Glad-done , Herman Meyur , ' Henrj
Kaufman , CharlcB llasmussun ,
Mru Amelia Thumb , Fred ,
Motz , Ed. Wit tig , B P. Madson
Henry Hornborgor , Mnrktl & Swi-bf
Mm. M A. lliuguiHhi8tuBKelHoy , F ,
R. Smith , M. A. Macnamara , . ) . G ,
Nugnnt & Co. . L. II Spencer , Charlei
Pinsch , K. D.illow , 0. Ivilmbach ,
John O'Connoll , I'oler Smith , Schri
nor & Erdmiin , Jacob Kaufman
Thomas C'ollan , Felix Sinin , Jainci
Falconer , John Svauina , F. J\Iaus. \
Sclirootler it Becht , William J ,
Whitohoimc , Kennard Bros. & Co. ,
C. F. Goodman , Edwmd Deitrich
John Dwyer , James Fora , the , J. A
Iloedcr , Charles Kalmant and lah &
The authorities do not expect tha
rnoro than four or five saloon kocpon
will nttumpt to soil without the iitccs
sary papers , and with these they ac
not anticipate serious trouble.
' The condition ot affairs seems to b <
as TUB BKK stated to have botn do
tormlnod by the mayor , that thi
board has granted a license to ever ]
applicant , regardless of his record 01
standing , who haa been able to givi
the bond and pay the money. Tin
only exceptions to this rule are thoat
of Traitachko , against whom the core
nor'ajury in the Hammer homicidt
protested , and that of Dick Currj
against whom a remonstrance hoi
beer Clod. In those cases ull of thosi
making a protest or signing a rnrnon
trance have boon cited to appear uiu
ustily their charges.
Ono man has boon placed on tin
twelfth atruut buat who intends ti
urry nut the law. That ono ia Olli
ur Grady. I-lo made a detour of al
f thu aaloona on hia buat and poatet
"idin as to what they wore oxpcctct
o do. When the clock showed live
linutcfl to 12 last night Grady wai
n the outlook and watched ovorj
ght until it was turned down. Abou
en minutes aftur 12 ho went arounc
> Ed. Mauror's saloon on Furnhun
nd rapped on the door Then1 wa !
o reapoiuu and everything wa :
iglitly closed to prevent anyone look
n % in. Grady climbed onsomu kegs
atiatied himself thuru was a crowt
hero , and then sought the aseistanci
> f Officer McCuno. When thu tw <
tlicera returned and domandud ad
iiittanco the place was opened MK
ho crowd filed out. Some of Maurer'i
rionds intorpoiud objections , bu
Grady shut them up in short order.
Kidney Complaint Cared-
D. Turner , Uochenter , N. Y , , wrlte >
' 1 lm\o brou for over a year Hubiect t
iwrlouH dimrder of the kld'ieyn , and ofte
u bio to attend to IniHinceu ; 1 procure' '
'our lluiiDOCI ) HLOOD HlTTKllH and w m w
ivvd before a half a bottle was used. . '
jitend to continue , as I fuel confident tha
, hny will entirely cum n c. " 1'iico $1
rial BZO | 10 c ntn , --lw
'liolr Prlonda Handsomely Treated-
Inutnllation of the President.
The Chalk club wuro all on deck n
11 early hour yesterday , ready t
ucvivu and treat their Now Year' '
: alleiH. Aa u.kuh friend of thu clu
irrived ho waa taken iiiiutly | into th
roar of thu club rooms and hi
ly , lee Tuhon , who acted tli
; > art of host extraordinary , <
fall to and avail himself of thu lavia
hospitality Hiiruad buforo him. TI
menu of thu banquet was as follows ;
Waba li ailvt'itUlnu cnrdti , fricasaecil.
pictorial Illuatiatlui of tl
Vaii'lulut ' line hcenery.
MUiHHirl nima puru , fdtvied , a laOrnal
water wnrku.
Boiled Htat ue (4UO ( > am old. dug up
JlaiiKciiiii ! purl ( ) a ruru diHli and ve
deliv. > te.
Yesterday ocoured the annu
installation of officers , Hon. Win. j
Paxton being inducted with duo coi
mony into thu presidential chai
Hon. Hanlon , thu rutirii
pu'sidunt , was pieaunted with
costly and beautiful pair of wood
shuea as a mark of thu high catuom
which ho ia held by thu club , and t
impartial manner in which ho linn pi
aidiul over its nieutinga the past yei
I hey Delight Two Pull Grown
Audiences ni Eoyd'a
Opera House.
Sparkling Rendition of the Brook In
the Evening , With Patch-Work
nt the Mntlnoo ,
The gay and jolly Troubadours made
Now Yoar'a day at the opera hwuse
moat pleasant and enjoyable Tim
troupe of real artists , with their spark
ling songs and endlesi fun , drservo
the best that any city can afford
thorn and Omaha surely iravu them
the best nho had , Botli the matineu
and evening performance were greeted
with crowded houses. In thu after-
eon "Patchwoik , " the irresistibly
roll comedy in which ' Hamlet on a
tring" was introducoil , highly pleased
10 largo audicnco.
By 0 o'clock in the evening not a
eat was loft in the parquet , circle
r dress circle and whin the curtain
ese only crowded standing room ro-
nainod. Todoicribu"ihobrook" would
o to paint the ilowuri of a meadow
nuqiiot. It is jirst what it is cilled ,
'Tho Brook , " and contains all the
fo , sparkle and frcihncBB ot the rip-
ling , dashing or babbling stro.unthat
owa out of a mountain doll. The
Imractora in "Thu Brook , " ( which \f
ompoaed nf two parln , a reception
nd a picnic. ) were Col Montroao , by
Ir. N. Salabury ; Percy Montroac , by
Tr. John Webster ; Fcstus Heavy-
ides , by Mr. John Gourlayj Ilm-o
) implecht'ok , by the inimitablu Mies
olly Mclliinry ; and B audio Sylves-
or. by MISA R S imuulp.
E.tch and all of thcso woll-known
rtistoa carried their parts out in thu
most excellent style , and constantly
ntriduccd novelties and ludicrous
itnations , which were of the most
omical nature. Mr. S.ilsbiiry
hin nincini ; , nnd decidedly in bis
liecialty parts , completely captured
tu audioncu. Mias Mcllunry ia not
nly "immense , " but she is unap-
roachablc in many things , nnd as n
iqnant , vnrsatilo artistn of the va-
iety stamp , probably his no superior
n the stage. Shu caught
10 audiuncM from thu atari , and hold
turn captive by her charms until the
liuo. Of Misi ! Samuula it is po sihlu
lao to s ] > eak only in ) r.ii u. Shu haa
fair soprano , with power and
onaidurablo action , and she received
ovural wicorcs. Messrs. Webster
nd Gourlay were at "thu top of the
uap" most of the time in the oa
mation of thu audiunce , and both
tlieir acting mndobig liit. .
All in all , the Troubadours are a
roupo of thu first water talent , with
ipabtlities to please any audience ,
owuvcr fastidious , atid with a cer
ain rollicking freedom and mini , '
reid nn the stngo which m.ikea their
omediea seem like acts of life. Tiiny
an come again to Omaha , and that
ory BOOH.
roupe , at the Academy of Muaio had
oo big opposition to meet in the
"Voubadours to draw very largely last
voning , but they gave a good per-
nrmanco , novortheluss , and indicate
n order of talent which desorvee
andaome re-cognition ,
The great emotional actress known
OH Ada Gray will appear at Boyd's
pcra house next Thursday for the
rst Dorformanco and will give in the
blowing performances many power-
ul dramas , including "East Lynne , "
n which Miss Gray is reported by
ramatin critivB to bo the perfection
f grace and emotional acting. She ia
upporred by a most talented company
nd will doubtless gut a full house.
As a rule wo do not recommoirl
atont medicines , but when wo know
f one that really is a public boru-f.iC'
or , and dooa positively ctiru , thun ut
onaidur it our duty tu impart that in-
> rination to all. Electric bittori an
ruly a moat valuablu mudicinu , anti
ill surely curu Biliousness , Fuvui
nd Aguu , Stomach , Liver and Kuliiuj
omplainta , even where all other rein ,
dies fail. Wo know whereof wt
peak , and can freely recommend k
11. [ Ex. Sold at 50 cents a bottle ,
lah & McMahon. (7) ( )
'ho Governor of Utah Spoaka About
Mormon Troublon.
On board one of thu Pullman can
.ttaihod to the Union P.icitic trail
rriviug from thu west yesterday , wai
Governor Murray , of Utah , who is 01
is way to Washington. A report ei
muted him up and succeeded in gain
ng a very pleasant interview with Im
axcollency in regard to Mormon am
Gentile affairs in general in Utah am
ho present contest between Goo. 0
) annon and Campbell for the scat it
ongrea in particular. Tn answer to i
[ uestion as to what ho thought tin
lutcomo of the contest would bo , hi
replied :
" 1 cannot toll you. It is probabl
hat you have all the information 01
ho information on thu subject wlucl
[ poasi'sa. If you aak me what
hink ought to bo done , 1 can easil
.oil you , I am curtain of ono tiling
and that is , that ia no doubt 11
o thu fact that Cannon is an alien
Under the law no man can hold a
office in thu national government in
less ho is a citizen. 1 fully invest !
iatod ; [ Cannon a claim to citirenehii
and know that ho has no foundatio
for it. I could , with as much consii
tetioy , have issued a cor'titicato to tli
ej\r of Russia as to Cannon. "
In reply to a question as to win
the result would bo if thu wholn mater
tor should bo rufurred back to tli
people of Utah , and neither Caniui
nor Campbell toatod , the govonu
said ;
"It is not probable that , in tin
event , Cannon would bo a Candida !
again. Thuro aio plenty of sain
who think themselves aa titled for tl
place as Cannon , and they will til
advantage of this difficulty by wor
in their own intercuts. This mi
make a row in the camp. The prc
pcctivo legislation this winter may bo
quite valuable and to thu point. "
In relation to his busincas cant.
Governor Murray stated that ho hail
been cited to appear in Washington
to appear before a cotnmi'.teo and
maku a statement M to what legisla
tion is needed for the territory. Ho
intimated that ho would tell aomo pe
culiar truths.
_ _
n l'o t Olfice during the week
ending December 31 , 1881.
Allen J W Humes .T O
I5urn J Hunton J W
Brady ' Brown H G
BerKHnp H A ftbcock T H
Marlon H Bales A
B cck > tiii A B s.T
Bftheny 0 Brown T II
Benjamin F .T Bush J S
B.-v longer M Ber hm ' C
CaUi.n V/ ClawjgW
Conner S It Crouch M
Gaiter MO Clark F A
Calven F M Conlcv A
Ci mlv ( ! Coolev K
Claunon 1' D > -e W J
llonl y A I , I ) IB It
UaL'tntiait F Dewaes Ii W
HlllH R Kmery R S
Kekels G Kiick on B
Kretn h J Fenleri S
Kt-tterly J ( Jartvtaon T .1
IS ! bert D O Hough .V
lilffoidDA GimttHG
liutto nrutl 0 II HanspiiV
Hooper T llnrnett M K
HyhUrndMT Hy e G W
llarxeyr Ilofinnnt < r II
Hricr F llayt-H < '
Howard H R llitc en .T
llayefl J B Harding L
Hur.ihl .1 3 H-nnln m HJ H
Hariner K lllldreth F B
H urin nI W .lohrm nI
lohn-on .7 'I' .lu-tm W
JerniiiH H R .Tuinan II
liiily 1) S Kanuon FA
Kitchen W Kelly R
Kelly J Keller
Killpntiick I ) LKCM C
Li'V 8 l.o B J
I/rtpy .1 M Giii.eT
MuKmzy W MoUon.iId A C
icLaiiL'hliii F D Mol'o ' .aid U N
McDeriniitt J I' McGuir P
Manche-ter W Mullt-r M
Mont.'otii-rv U M bier II
AlnnirieM II I. 2 Moibewi J 15
Nielsnu C Norr s K F
Nic oN M .1 Olson N C
OI5iien.lA-2 Poynter R
1' 0 Park- K
PoltrithH Potter ( } W
R ckev W Itenp R
IMIey.TF R.iliiiM.n . C C
KedMi IJ Kimldaw K
Reynold' II R J
S wycr It U Str n K R
Smitli S P Sluvin P F
Hlierinan W Sniit A
Seymour Ii Lunum II K
Sha-.TW S rethmati ( J J
Shaw B S | > . K
Sheruo I K R Jpringer F F
Sackett C ! Simdber-
S Minson U A Tuy U M
Tuillor ! i oilman B
T\8 n K Thulium L U
Wai-em W II 2 W.i bcl C C
Webb P NV'ar.l iv .1
WolburvW Whiti.rCJ . (
Wud Kcbleger F J Ymn.h J
Young F
Anderson Mnrv ] J AnilerM.n .Ntr * O
Biawson Mri OV llradlsy Mi nFII
Ii urelt MiHt i'
Jt.i.-rett Mm E I.Ill ! , MlrHl
' . 'ollal.a- . Mrs C Crawfur.l Mi Ij
C 'ojier ' Miss M lnnnvaii Mina M
Uick Mim G
Daley Mrn M DAMS Aiuudi.i
' l'1-llllll H , MlH A
/hell'MrVc KrHiikliim Mixs C ( r
Flynn IJ'ZZIM G ckert Mrs K
Ho kiiig Minn M Hend'Tnon Mi-B A
Hunter Min H Han-en Mrn A S
Hepner Mrs K II Kn MM O
HendeifonMisB A Huuiiiiii dMrsKAC
Iromnn Mists G Jon a Mrs M E
Jackaim MI'BS L Ktidele F P
Ix > rin.-r Mm 0 A Lyle Mis L-2
L'iwo Mrs M A Lenotd A iin W
McClura Mini. A McCarty Fina
Murphy Mr * K Mtoro MM A V
MattMOii Miss IS N.-retroiu MinsL
Morris Mw M Nienrne > er Mrs AJ
Palmer MnII R
Pickard Air * A Ki hurdu ru Al E
Kamfnlph Mrn E S T' enuy MIHS M
Smith Miss L Smith Mi E
Schiimn- Mi.i < T Sanders Mw W C
8-h eniiner .Mrs L - kanlin Mrs M
S-ott Min J Stewart Mias N D
: iMmM Thomas MIRM G
M8SST | Veela Mini M
' Winkliain MisB L
WniferVli'rA We.bMun.U )
THOMAS F. HAI.L. PoBtmaster.
II. C. Decker & Co.'a Failure.
IK BI.K uf S.vtnrd.iy cuntuincd :
upurt of the fuiluru of the well ,
nown whoU'salu and retail iToccr
ou90 of II. 0. Djckor & Co. ai
ir.ind Idlikiid. Fiirthur i.ifi.nimtu.i
d to thu ull'tict the h.iblhtius i-x
ued the rtssulH by about S20,00i > ,
'lio principal crenitors nro J. P ,
Corimluui , cn-jhior of the Islami
[ uikiiif , ' company ; D. M. Sttilo
( i. , nt St. Junupli ; uiul Stut-lu , John
unit Co. , of tliis city. Thu CMUM
f the Biispension wits n huuvy nn
n the firm inducfd by Dooker'i
VLTiiiMuiMt : hia uccuiint at thu baul
bout 83,000 , and the aubscquoni
rotoat of checks. .
lOULI ) Paxton Goulil , infant son o
Win. II. ami Joilo ( lou d , died J ;
Lit , lifter a brief illneiu of only foil
Fun r. l to. urr ow ( Januarjldfron , )
ho renidenco on Fifteenth t-troi-t , let-tee.
tenter nnd Dorcas gtiet-t" , at 10 'olocl
, . in. All friends invited.
CKM-iKY Cat'ierino ' Kelley , wife of Mr Kelley , died Juuitiiryl \ , at 2:2 :
u in. , aye I10 I yearn.
Funer d t'-morrow ( January 3d ) , a
0:30 a. in. , from thelrreni >,8 6 Soul
IL-hteenth ntrcet , I elween I eave wort
mil MatoiiH'reo'H Frion ware invited.
eiDe Meyer :
The a tldotal theory , now admitted to t
Iho oid ) tru-itiuunt which will t-nullc-tttu Cftta
rhal Polton. Tulor , HO No'ilii street , llruol
I ) u , J Y 'Ono p-H-kauo tllected radlc
Rc\.OfO A. Ui-Is , Colilmkl'l , Scliolmrle. Cc
S. Y. : 'It ribtond mo to 111) ministerial 1
Rev. W. II , Similar , Frederick , Rid : "F I
rrtulti In six raxe.s in my lainllj. "
lc > ( ii-o E. I'ratt , St. b > iiln' Rector
I'hla : "Quito womlirful ; let no dlitrlbu
jour 'Trial ! e , "
t II-M H. Btaiihopo Ncwjwrt , 11. I ' !
lee dial Jo hear thocliu'ch bills rUg ; hcarli
lliorgV l.amlul.'lr , 7J lild II s'net , Ilili
menMd. . . "bufftrid 0 ycnrii peifuct
* " .Mni. M. E. Shi'imi-y , 3'i23 Sa'ah utrwt , F
l.oul : "Tlie first natur.ilbicitli In 0 yen
Sirs. J.V I'uiccll , tloKU-n Cli > Col : 'Un
nlv no package ; tiitlnl ) und , siiOirnl :
* " ? " F. N Cluk , D < " tint. 8 llontgoii.sry trei
ttin Kranvlico ; "Suairwl la ) wtr ; | i rli.rt
ciirud , " etc.
Dr. Wei Oe Meyer' * Popular "TREATIS !
on h aUixl ( no. Thu gr. . at Cure U U
llvered bj DruirglnU. or by D 0. Dewey & Oi
U2 Fu tuu Ktrn-t , New York [ or I 00 ,
No Moro ll-ptrd Tlmr .
If you will nop ( ftuituiiiif. ; BO inucli
tin Uno olotliimi ricii fooi ! nnd ntylu ,
l > tiy | { i > ' < l | Itonllliy food , Hlicnpor utul
In t tor MitlMiiKi K"1' " ' it"1 roixl nnil
uli trtuH. l liiliiK" of llfo iwory uy ,
nnil rxiu.oii.ill ) lni | Oiu
of ou. | li.t IIIH > v ( > pnnUi' , ijtmok ilno-
torn or imi..t { | no mtu'li of the vllo limn
\n\g \ nun.loliio Dml tliUMi youi. . )
hivriii , lint put yonr luml In'tlmt nini
pi- , pnrn romi.ily , Uoi Ulliom , ( lint
Clllfn t\l ji it ) n .lilldini'nM , mill
you will ci < mvul ihuoK nnil tmvn
good licultli.Utiroiiiolo. . .IniilS I'J
NOTICK Ailvrrlim-inent To Ixwn , KnrNklo
txxit , Found , Wnnu. llo niin , Au , | | | ) , . , „
MrtoJ In thfo column ) once for TKN OKJ(1 ( >
p r line ; c ch nitiiHxiuent ln rtlon , FIVKcilXTT
| > cr line. The flnl Irmertlon never lom ihn
O.NEY TO lOAN-0 llat LawOIHceof D
M boniiw Uootii8Crclihton _ _ HtocV.
C ; "A Art A To loan at from 8 to 10 percent
n5 Jl 1,1 MM Ion tf ( > d r l antatiweurlty. hv
Dlt mACKhWAHO * llOOr'ixrnhamHt.
torcut In sums of W,600 and
upuanls , for 3 to fi > iiu . oti flrst-cln j city and
'arm property. BKMIK URAL KHTATI ttnd LOAN
AOFVCT , ISth and Doelf" "t
-llv a jou loan tltnatlon Inn
L'nc-r-or drt goitn store. Beat refer-
If2l Dodic St. '
inro Knqulruat 817-3'
- irood acunU. Applv IMS Farn-
WANTKD-4 room l . 819 T
WANTKD A girl for ge.n.ral lioutcwork ,
1812 Cumlng St. 660 3
\1' AVTKD-aoTl drl at the Wcst rn House.
' ' on 19 Ii and 1'ierce Ht. Good nasc paid
t a good „ rl. 63B-2-
WANTED- good "tout boy to Ul > o care of
h rcc aiid norli In "tore. Apply S. K.
corner IStli ami i olgo. 8J1-M
PASTED \ laundrc. . ' . ! , at Occidental Hotel
W .mm dla ily E3l-tf
\ \ ANTKl ) Hya nnrrlcd ii an a situation to
* \\orkInaMoruintoHnorcut.try Good
reference .1 Address , It. A. Talc , DuS
7lh ht. , Omihi. 8S.-2'
W NTRII ir-rd Mcady hey to drlvo n
h-rso and do ihircs. Hobt. 1 urvln , 14th
and Do BO. 824-31
ANTED 60 men nt H. , em
W ployment ottlce , llth St. , near Fnrnham
WANTKD Two good girls for housework ,
one mii > t' e goo I coo' ' . Call t 416 N.
20t i St. , bee. Ctuu and Chicago. B20-31'
WASTED Olrl for general home work. An
cxperlcn ed one noue other need apply.
Vtbatcr. b2 31 *
ANTED Good girl for general housework.
Inquire 20 ; 0 Si Marjs nvi.iuc bol-tl
W ANTED hu.idii.bridi.f ; nd school bond * .
II. T. Clark. Itrllevue. 26-tf
WANTED I. Glllniky k Co. hive purchased
the junk .nn.esio. ! H. I ) rtholil , at 10 0
' ougha utr < ct , w cro thtv will lon'lnuo thi
tusln 1-1 and lit fair dtnling and | u\ii > g good
pr'C- ' thev pr | x-u to Icr asc I'm trvie They
Holleitparties whohv\o old iron , rae'e , Jimk and
iiutiil- Ki\i ) the n cat' . 703I1HO
WANTED A situation m biok-kcepi-r by
oiui who th riUpfhly undiretn Ai double
ami tingle ent y i-ialo a > od penman i eet
rt-ferfnc < .8 gl\eu. , C. E. , II o i Iflce.
760 tt
- 4 chlldnnna b ardent In an elect
school , at 10th and California St. L. n.
LO ( IMIS 7fi7.f
w ANTEOlrl to do houiowork. Enquire
1110 - St 442-tf
KENT CIIKAI' li utory house ; cellar ,
FOR and cistern , mi N. 19th St. B16-8'
KKNT- One un urnlshed room , 8. W ,
corner 16th end Howard. 811-tf
KENT Hoora with board In new bouse ,
FOR t lido 171 a St. , 3 doors north of Douglas ,
849-S *
| 7IO KKNT Small hou e on Jack on St. In-
1 ; quire at the Oarfiold Iliuse , 14th and Jack
son fit 846 3 *
R NT Neat cottage of nix rooms on Pica *
TO a"t ft eet , i.oar t. llary'a avenue Hydrant
nd cistern water In kitchen. Apply to F. D ,
.Bryant , M7 13th bt. , bot. Karnhain and IIrney ,
7011 IlKNrflBoodn..w hnuao" , $15 to $5 (
per month. McCJBiio. Opp. I' O. 832 S
171OR hENT-OnPiiico ( urulbl.ed front ro-m
; No. 1 2 * D URlai t. 610 if
. ItbNT UrBt and aui.o d tlor-i ol new
I.lUlt . . h'U80 for ro t. luqulrt 1416i'hlcag (
t. , bit.-14th and Ifth Si" . 820-4
IfNT A nl ely furnl'hcd ficnt room
FOR Howard . t. , mar the Wlthn. 11.
8i 4'
I71OH RKNT Onerf the bestctonntn ' unilnc
JL1 St. , 20xil , by Jnut ary 1 , 1B.2. f20 tf
10H KKNT Ono ntcu lurnUheJ frunt room
1 No. 17il D.imjl.i.1 . SlU-tr
1011 HKSTKiirnlhd roomn at northucs
1 tornur 18th and - his. 818-2
. n F NT'I he loruc tt.rec-story and haFo
L.1OR bric-t btiUding , il'uitu ' near the cor
H ir the com r of I3tha..d Docile Sts . niltabli
'or a wholmale buslno-x or Horace nnd coinrn s
linn wnruliounepply to Mrs. LOUI-A I1IL
: .IKE , .S. E. i orner I edge and 13th Std. 810-1
RENT Henna of 8 ronma cellar , cl-tcri
FOIl t arn , bhlnn'H 2nd addition. Applt t <
. S. llobb , 612 K. 13th St. 7b8-3l
S I.IT.j iabmi.tbe.sing uiaihlne , almos
FOR ali.ger with all the latest Improve
incuts w H sell cheap. Inquire at 131H F < rnhan
> t. . bet. 13th and 14th. 777-tf
l. ell Hi-NT One nlcily fur Ikhod front riom
12 ono unfurnished room ; cast bide 17th St.
onu door north of Douglas. 774 tf
. U BNT IIOU8C , 4 room. " , south end lOtl
L.lOit 1 . Enquire J L. McCaiiue , oppOBlte I B
illlce. 770 tf
710K I-NT Nicily furninho. ! looms with o
1 l hout board. Kea.ioi.ablo price * SOI
Cass St. -
OR RhNT-flrlek itore , Jacobi' Mock , co
and Capitol a\cnuc. J. 0. JACOBS.
1/OR RENT-Cottaje of 3 roonm , well an
1' clkltrn ; aril and St Mary' * a\iiiuo. ! hi
qulrr o ! M.V Kennedy , 3US 13th St 740 i
, ) UI..ST Hin.Uhetl rooun A. A Oil ;
1,11)11 California , 1'i-t. 14ih and llth. ,
HI.NT-A " "H or tinKle roou s. nlccl
FOU , at N. W. cor. 2Uh am' IMci
liort ,
\ 1R \ KENT A Orst chsii hall forso.kty pu
I' posiB. Centrally located. For partlcula
en n\re \ Kenrnrd llros. , 14th nnd Douglas bti.
, ( - . Furiilttiitl roomii , north sid < >
' California St. , ol 21st. lniuli |
alter 1 p. m. < 3-tl
KKNT Si houeof 7 rooms , 10th ai
FOR . . . Knuulrc E V. Smith. B34-
710U RKNT-2 fiirmshud room-i o\or Ml
4 -'Junto' Kxrh/nUpp-c-.N. / K cor. If'b and Dod
> -O.I UALb.
OR SALK Furituro of a U-room house , ai
L ' lioi' o for ro t Address , C. II. , Bi-o ollk
l lUlt HALK Full lotnnd 3 mmll houi.e.1 lie
1 } I' I' . ile | > ot , WJOO. JUCajjue , Opp. I1. .
b33 tl
PALK A'good pajlng Imiliusi , oier 01
' hundred inruMit. i > relit ; bu Imiis alnu <
ettabhiiheil. will btar full iiivratUation , oum
has otliir buslnc'in , nly nut > oii for ulllni ; . A
drum A. > ! . , thin otllco. bll If
( ( ) SALE One lot bier kcgf , barrtU , tut
< \it , Jiuiuhe r , lariku , Ic , uUi one boll
and inline forte pu < i > | i thafllng g pipAt
at o d iii-jucr , \ llimi brewirj premUux , corn
Uth and I'-itittc. LUSISUEK ilKrciLi' Co
BAl.t. t nU-ucouutir itiid2.ilher plat-
' th > vfaxK , at ( lio. II , Pcteinou's , l > 0 > Sou.
10th Ht. 741-tf
7WR HALE Halfi-Thi ) Ic0 ! pit l n.
I 1 ltc < lm n'i liable * , let * . Bt 85 ! 10
IJ10K "Al.r. . Propon li ! for the purchaiw of the
1 frame bul-dln Trln-
- ? heretofore cxxuplwl as -
ll Cn'li lr l , will be rcccivr-d by the undfrf ! n-
nl lui twint d y d U. The pnrcharor
muni " to remove the building wtlhln thirty
ilv.- * from nwcptanpo of bed , carpoU m ata and
other fiirnlturMtftlnMl nlvu , wltnl iws In chancel
\nd Inmn mipMrl | < i unJ r the building miMt not
n IncliKlid Tim right to rel ct ! rrotrr.
I if. W. YATrfl ,
7S7 17 At PlMt Naton l n\nk.
1.1011 HAI.B Or will rich. ji for OrnAhik pro.
1 | > Mj , an hnprovNl mxtioii of land adjoln-
liitf a illation on 1) ) , I' . It. K. 41. DUNHAM , MIS
Fain lutnji t. Omaha. 7.50 Srn
lj OUHAI.I---'r ( trade for city pror-crty. oiT 'X' '
' ' ' " *
M Y. , IhUnlUciJ 722 t'f"
l. Oll HAI.B A KOO < I . o cn.y ar ) ld bom
L1 WurmnM to drive ilngtn or double. En
quire of ( Ir-orge Cantlrld , ( Tanflold houAo.norlStf
HAI.K iUioi ol DoUKlaxMitl Surjiy ema
il r. A. IIOMKWATKH , IMOFirnhmn rtreot
. SiO-tt
PAKKN UI1n > tlio lOth < l y cf Icwml r ,
J ( our Nierp. Owni'r can Ii ve tlin s mo nj
> u-wnnl will bu i ! il for
Bmllli A Wiri-on tf > olu-r , lost fin Inut S -
, Itloitnt tliln olHw. H61.J *
to litttln ) atuhts In KtiruiKi uid , i .
orancwtvlcphuno I'Mont mlowcil In U. 8
ddn-cHfor Interview , U.S. , thl olHco
QTKAYKU-Onlhi ! night of Sunday ,
j l < t , from my premises , corner lOtlinnd
aikKon Rt "nt Horrel hoi > e. a/eil 5 > oam pass-
d.abiut UJ Imnilj niRh , white blazuonfoioh ivd
ilx > ut 6 Irichet lonif , w Ito on upper and lower
Ip , onu wnltc hin i nnklo , hc&vy tall , eajrlos lil
leail high , Kccovcry or lion-o or information
admit tlm'iti will Do suitably re aidoj. I .
E. ilcr , 1112 IlarnovBt. 862-tr
OiT A large sliepurd dog , black and yellow
J legg. Fin cr pltauo kivvu nt A. J. Bltnpson.
837-3 *
7UIINISHKU UOOMH lth or wlthnnl board ,
1 1352 Hth S . , near Dodg- . 844-2 *
AND 1,0001 Nflat thetiailleld ousa
BOAltU 14th and Jackson ! blS 2 *
1710UNI - A b NOTICES.'X'
L soicral arteloi for children. Owner ran
hue name by proving prxinrty and paying for
thlnnotlio. Inquire at oltico. t04-7
riTUNIBHED HOOMS for elncle gentlemen ;
also one front room \\ith piano , Kmthnoat
corner 1-Uh nnd Capital nvinue. ttW-t (
10 LET Nicely fi.rnUhod roomi , with o
T : without board , 1417 Howard ht 781-23
E.MIS1 NBW CITY MAI'b. 10c. MounT..r
B Maps , g0. OhO. I' . I1W1IS.
f I.ACIISTHAS8EK Pa > 8 the highest owh
O. pi ice for second hand b Ward and pool
tables. Call or addrcNW , f-O. ) South 10th > troet ,
maha , Neb. d9 1m'
HAKEN I'PNOTICE Taken upon H'turday
L Dee. 3r3 , two bay horses , ages about G and
I j cars ; fair Kizenml well n atched. Owner can
iavo same by pro-iii ) ; uroperty and I v1n.r
han..eB.VJI KAWIT7.ER , } mlle woatol
ualey'n soap ff > ct ry , I ) Utloh pudmt.
661 vc m it
[ INO CO. . Will paj nth for bornby therar-
oad.delh ered at am railroad di-pot In S oiu City ,
exas "tccr horn preferred Foi cartlculari ) ad-
res , D. U. i < oblo , Bupt. 613-jl
IN < nAYON-Pastilu wid Ol' ' ,
PORTHA1TS painting. J1KS. D. K.
VAIlDNEIt , room 1 , Jacob's Block. t.-42-tf
BK lat | i ge.
HAY At A. H. Sander'a Keod Storel
BALEO Harney St. 819-M
In pure.
haa rattling long UiU of bousen , lot *
BEUIS aijd farm. ) for sale Call anit gtl
NOTICK. Special advertlMmenU , inch u
x > 8t , Found , To Loan , For Sole , To Rent. ,
Wants , Boarding , etc. , will b Innerted In thi *
column at the low raUot TKN CENTS PER
LINE for the Brat Insertion and FIVE CENT8
'EK LINE for each eubscqucnt Insertion.
/ea\o adv ertlacmcnlH at our office , up-ftnlrs ,
. rner Jlroadwa ; and Main streets , Council
liludn.WANTED To buy 100 tons broom com
WANTED addroN. Council liliifl'
Groom Factory , Council Blua > , Iowa. OM-mi
" \TTANTED-A flret-cla ! . , . broom tier. Mayn
W k Co. , Council niulls , Iowa. 500 SO *
SALE -Old pnporH 40c per hundred , al
FOR lieu nllico. Council BluH" . si 27 tf
more of land adjo'nlig the bri k-\ard of & Hal o ' on I'pror Brcailwoy. For
> at titulars apply to ln\ld Halnexort Hunner'i
illk'o at the Heard' f Trade romm , Council liluffa.
77li-di-22 3m
71OK S ALE Firtt-Jam sal. on i J inHaa oa. t i
} city on "Mo quito , " on line of R. I. U. R
iood p ace to make moue/ , Address ,
BKE Office ,
dici-lit uuncli lll.iff.1.
"ANTED Everybody In Council BluSsj late
W to takeTliR Kxtt , 20 conta per week , dc
Uerrd by carriers. Olllio corner Broadway and
ilnin , up stairs , Council Bluffs. e J-tf
' TICKET OFFICE War In railroad
ticket * continues to boom. Un , recolcntwl
ow rate..i to all eastern points. Every ticket
juaranteod. Orders filled by telephone. From
> no to tun dollars saved by purchasing ticket *
of C. A. Potter , succcpssor to Potter & Palmer , No.
40 South Filth utrret , four doors below tha post-
otllco , Council HluffH. Iowa. octl3-tl
ANTED Boy , with i < oiiy , to carry pop
Inquire at Bi office , Council llluui.
TIONALIST , 403 Tenth Street , uetw ten FtruLam
andllainey. Will , with the aid of guardian
spirits , obtain for any one a glance at the pait
ant ) present , and on certain . .onJltiunu iii .L u
turo. lloota and Shoes made t-n order. Porfnc *
Absolutely Pure ,
Hin i owdcr n vcr arles , Amirulol turttr ,
itr iipitnnod wlioltnointiiu * . Morn
than tbe < rdlnirj kind * , ai d cannot I o toM ID
couiutltlrn with the laultltudc ol low u ,
, vort weight , alum or photphate | > c der -
N w Tnk.