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The Da ilyBee.
Monday Morning , Jan. 1.
J. Mueller's PftlacoIMnulo Hall.
-Old papers for sale at Tim BHIJ offic
t 23 cenUporhnndrtd.
There wore only two lodgers at the
calabooio 8nturd y night.
John Hozos complalnn of John Me
Cartliy for a s nltlng him.
There have been dutlnj the past ycai
thirty alarms of fire in tbo city.
Dishes , glMRwaro , lannw , etc. , at 30 :
Broadway. Howe ft Son.
Imported and Key West cigars con.
tantly on bund at LuU & LaDRe's.
Ilev. Dr. Klrkwood , of Wo-jster , O. ,
again occupied Uio Presbyterian pnlpll
ye tord y.
The Rojal Arcanum had a ploasanl
social reunion at their elegant hall Frld j
evening last.
The cltlrcns' bank will probably mnv <
Into its new and elegant quarters in Shu
gart's block to-day ,
The postofiico windows will bo opor
tfl-doy from 10:30 : to 11:30 ft. m. and froir
G to 8 o'clock p. tn.
Ilnrlo McICuno & Co. , wholcsalo and
retail druggls'c ' , did a buslneMi thla yooi
amounting to f'JOO.OOO ,
Subsctlbo for newspapers and periodl
cols at H. E. Seaman's book store.
LnU & Lange have now opened ft re
tall store In connection with their whole-
B&lo cstftblUhment In Shugort's now block ,
Conrad Gelso has brewed tills yeai
15,000 barrels of beer , and claims for hlscs
tftblisbmont new the rank of the largest It
Among Saturday night's drunks wen
and Totn Cole
W. McPhesraon ,
who will bo adjusted In the police cour
this morning.
Jndgo Aylesworth h vlnc ROQO tc
, Kansas City , and to bo absent until TueB
d y , Justice Abbott is sitting on tbo woo
sack M a substitute.
Furniture of all kinds repaired b ;
Howe & 8on , 303 Broadway
Lutt & Lnngo's fine selection of nm
bsr , meerschaum and smokers' Kondaof thi
best grades IB supplying the holiday do
miind In that lino.
This evening the Council Bluff. ) Cnth
olio boys' baud Is to glvo Rraml bal
tjBlet > m & Nixon's hall whlel
promlies to bo an event of much en jay
The city council Is to meet In roguU
senlon this evenlntf , but owing to UH be
ing New Year * * night tbp aldermca wll
probably do llttlo bufUitBS and adisuri
early. * *
The board of trade wlll i j. In rerftila c'VenitH , to elect cfllcore
nrt tra.niftct'othor hhifuesii ti Importance
wblqh Slrevld call. brr - * mil attendance o
Louven was or.
A man m nod Van
tested P 'urday for assaulting hl wife
being claimed that ho pointed a revolve
her. She has taken a chance ol vcnu
from Judge Aylesworth to Juutlco Ab
Mrs. Caroline Bllec , who lately 1m
f& . Mrs. Martin fined for assaulting her , hn
now been adjudged Insane nnd taken to th
Mt. Pleasant nnylum. She has lived her
tot years aud w&u known as a fortuu
The Chicago & Northwestern rallwa
company was complained of Saturday bi
fore Judge Aylesworth for obittuctin
Thlrlccuth street by allowing cars t
Blond upon tbo name. The coco wai cot
tlnued until next Saturd&y.
Judge lleod has decided the CUBO <
ThllllpB vs. the city , In favor ol the oil ;
Mr. Phillips' complaint was that tbo clt
w s Illegally culling down the grade <
the street by his houBO , thereby damafclti
his property , and be got out onlnjuncttoi
fl'he cwo was argued some days Dg'o , m
ii now decided in favor of the city.
Arrangements have been made f
opening the coming fair for the benefit i
Bt. Francis academy , with the pretent
tion of a muilcal chorftda entitled ' Qiioc
of the Blrdi , " which will be pirtiolpati
In by a number of the children , and whli
promises to bo very enjoyable. This w
bo given on'.the evening of the 22d.
The Datiebo society gave ita first a
oual ball Saturday evening at Bloom
ftlxcn'u ball , aud It proved a grand u
cess every way. It wan a turprieo to B
tbat there were no many young Irluh pc
pie In this city , and they all teemed mer
indeed. The hall waa beautlfuly dect
a ted , andTbeodoro Lund , the pioslder
node a brief and fitting addrcta.
A change about was made in the ( rail
force yesterday. Olilccra Clough a
Cutlck are placed on day duty , and tether
other * on night. Oflicer Brooks Is
take weit Broadway , Edt > r CeutrolBrot
w y , Morse , Middle Broadway , Sterllr
Hontb Main street , and Barhyto , the Kl
ward. Officer Ty on bos been omigned
the transfer , and maiobed down there
lull force yesterday with hl utar gluitnl
like a headlight. He yill doubtless mt
it decidedly Interesting If any oonOaoi
men or iharka hover about there while
b on duty.
Omaha returned the compliment S
urday and eont over here-aloDg etrinu
leiglu. containing a merry party of la"
and gentlemen , most of whom made
trip Bucccwfully , though some were not
fortunate , nd ft few wrccktd rigiiw
Bcattered along the route. The party \
accompanied by a b ud , which gave
cellent muilc , an l all were mott heart
welcomed here , though no f onnal and v
planned reception was given them. Si
-vislta tre ( 'ocldedly eBJoyable , both to i
excHrelonUti and to the cltfeena thun h
orcd. They tend to cement the frlendrl
of the two cities. The promlte ii mi
that another and er n larger party fr
Oinaba will vhlt thii side about the
die of the week , accompanied by \
Union Twine nd Fourth Infantry ben
They may be sure of A welcome. In the
meantime , Council BlnfTi should show
Again what It cnn do ,
As h pretty Rencrally conceded now
throughout the country , Council BlulTs U
one. o ( the bent distributing paint * , and tin
heavy Agricultural Implement nnd machin
ery houtcs are therefore all cstnbllshlnK
dopartmeati hero , As n mtnplo of how
the btnln ( . s (9 ( booming In thit line It
may bo aUted that the Keystone Mnnu-
fncluring company sold latt year from
here forty cor loads ot tholr goodn , and this
wts their first year here , Thcao goodn
were Ml sent out ou bona fide tales , none
being commlnnloncd.
The nowii of the death of Mrs. W. J.
Davenport , at Burlington , has caused
much pain to the many frlomln ) of that o * .
t ! in able woman , Mm. Davenport wan
ngod about S3 years , and tvan married to
Mr , Divcnport some year * ago , v.'hilo ho
was railway ngont at Corning , Ho hai
risen rapidly ulnco then , and occupied a
prominent position hero for a long litno.
during which both gained a strong hold
upon the Gutioin and bdectlon of thU com *
munity. Mrs. Davenport's romalns will
bo taken from Burlington tn her former
home lu Lanark for interment.
Jingle , jingle , jingle. Ilcro comoa
Omaha 1
The roll of the dram , prancing ol
horai-n , waving of plumes and lUgs ,
the merry laugh and the lunty about
and the old-time enemy of Council
BlulFn , our former rival for the Union
Pacilia terminus power and prestige ,
waa on our streets with at loaat a hun
dred horaon. Wo greeted them cor
dially ns be co in on neighboring aiatcro.
Wo are frhnda now , and BO may wo
always roiniln. The dawn of a now
era nf poae and pronporlty for both
cltloo la , wo truer , foroahiidowud by
this communion via the icy bridge ,
which will , no doubt , ore long be sup
plemented by a permanent structure
with such tolls us to inako communi
cation practically free. A return of
the friendly raid will bo a matter of
course , and it remains to bo aeon
whether Omaha or Council Blufla IB
ahead in the matter of Gnu horne flesh ,
nobby cutters and the crowd that can
in a pinch hitch nnmothing to tome
kind of u slider. Let the fun goon ,
and Council Bluffs once moro to the
broach 1 And ore another week goci
by your prancing stnodo will by thr
hundreds acattor the ioo and nnow on
the streets of Omaha. Whoop la I laj
on MacDalF 1
An Interesting Turn lu tu Trial of u
On e.
In the district c art on Saturday ,
the trial of the f. > .so of Daniel Owens
iras contluvi 7 , lie with ono George
Boiillcv t/otU briikumon on the 0. B ,
& Q ware charged with having ob
tniueU a pay oheok for eighty dollar !
dtfo Wu < IVTcOnon , and getting il
'oinhod ' for choir own benefit. As thoj
demanded a aopcrato trial , Owens wai
first put to the rack. Savcrnl wltnoaaci
we're examined , aud to the enrpriao o
all , hla partner , Bentley , was placet
on the stand by the prosecution
Bentley avowed that Owens * go
McOucn's pay chock of the paymaato
by representing himself as McOuon
and then tried to cash it at the bank
but could not , ou aoconti
of hla falling to bi
Identified. lie then gotBmitloy t <
try it , and the two wont to Furinau'i
store , whom they bought a pair o
puJM , and Bentley got the balance o
chock in c th , which ho gave ti
Oiroun , the pants being his pay fo
passing the check , This now turn ii
the tmuo gave u freah bit of aplco to it
and the trial la to bo continued nnc
probably concluded to-morrow , ti
which time adjournment was taken.
There sctnim to have boon oomo mis
apprehension us to the figure whlol
McCuon cuts in the case. IIo i
simply n vrltnena , the pay check b ;
rights belonging to him , and ho bcln
In no way charged or suspected o
any thing wrong in tlio mattor.
Ohlldron'i ) heavy school hose D
Ilarknoao , Orcutt & CO.'B.
Save your money by buying hora
I blankets nnd lap robes at C. J. Book
mau'a ' , 335 Broadway.
Ollico Opening.
To the Attorneys , Editors , BUB !
ncsa Men and Citizens ; My juitlco ol
fioo , rooms 3 and 4 , over the Saving
bank , or in Odd Fellows block , wi !
bo open for Now Year callers from 1
b , m. to 8 p , in , on Monday ,
Is doing a Vila bualnoas.
Delicacies of a thousand kinds. Th
choicest variety in the city ,
T. 0 , Alboo Notion to saloon koo ]
era Do not lot thla T. 0. Alboo ha\
no more drink ,
Tno Qorman Band.
to Tbo Editor ol Tin Ilu.
BLUFKH , Iowa , Doe. 30.-
The article in Saturday's Globe r
garding the Gorman band intondli
to leave Council Blufla for Germai
la false lu every particular , nnd f
the information of the public I wi
to atato that wo have made arranj :
monts to Increase our number
thirteen this coming epring.
Luadoi of "That Llttlo Germ
Bsnd. "
At the door a saoV , full aud plum
"How is this ? " "What la it ? " "Lo
" " " "Wi
BOO. "Dyuanilto pcrhapj.
I'll chance it. " "Hollo , here's
card , " "Oomplimonta of Holl'inaj
& Co , , City Roller Mills. " Fan
Patent Extra Family Flour. T
result Finest biacuit over placed
the table of the scribbling acribe. A
are your'a truly. Come again.
Now Years Is the time to ma
preeonta , and Kirkland's ia the pit
to get them , 820 Broadway ,
How Business Has Boomed Hera
During tlio 01tlYoar , ,
Some Snmplo PiRurcH Indicat
ing Council Bluli'a'
TboWcw Yenr Pifmiliiei Still Morn.
TIIR BKE In itn last Issue gave In do-
tnll tliu facto nnd figures concornlnp
the building Improvements undo here
during the past } oar , nhoranj ; that
of inlHion dollars
fully throe-quartera n
lars had baou expanded In thnt di
rection , a ahuwing which mast cause
the doubtful unuB , if there bo tticli , to
ttkn a frcah grip on the hope that
Council BlnfTa la bound to enlarge Its
borders nnd Increase ita wualth until
It bocomca OHO of the foremost cities
in the land.
Aside from building improvement ! ]
tlioro are other facto pointing to the
same hope. A haaty whirl among
Bomo of the business men resulted In
the capture ot a nuinbor of facto and
figures which Tin ; BEE uivea nut M a
complete choiring by any means ol
the whole busiiittsa done lioro , but as
aamplvn , by which emu may [ gain nome
Idea of what the butlncsu moa are do-
The Empklo hardware company , for
Instance , atnoo onturitig lute poaius-
al'in of their new block , find tholr
buninuea tunning nt the rate of $300-
000 a year.
The Shugart implement company
handled this year over $500,000 worth
of farm machinery , implements and
other uooda hi their line.
The well known wholoaala houoo of
Porogoy & Mnoro hna handled tbc
past year over 7 000,000 cigarr.
Daquutte , Guilbutt it Co. , in fruits
and confeolionurk'n , huvo donn thin
year a basincsc amounting to 1GO.-
000.Gronowog & Schoontgon , in the
wholesale grocery line , have sold
ubnut $500,000 worth of iooda.
J. Mueller , < f the Palace Music
hall , hao hnndlod , in InatrmnuiitB and
other goodn of tlmt lluo , 570,000 ,
Litidor & Kiel , notwithntanding the
piohibitory vavo which nwopt ovoi
ilio atato , tiavo this year Bold f 125 , .
000 worth of winca and liquors.
liowman , Hohrcr & Co. , boeidoi
tholr oxtonoivo storage huMneuR foi
the railways centering hero , and foi
private partitia , have done in commia
aion and other linoa a business ol
S100.000 , The firm io now puttiuf
up 25,000 tons of ico. A year aijc
11 , QUO tons w.'ro put up , of vrliicl
U50 curs were shipped.
By inuirloa | uiadu of Kuophor
Luchan , Uoyd , Toinploron , Jackson
BookholV , Ilnbor and Lovinu , it ap
pimrn that thoao oifht ; fnctoriun mumi
factured thle year 1,000.000 cigarabo
adca | tholr rot nil buslnoaa.
Slotrnrt BroH. ' big packing houai
IMS been getting a way with about 30 ,
000 hos | ; n month.
Smith & Crittcndon , the wholosnli
dry goods men , report a much large
buaineea this year then over before
amount to eovural hundreds of thou
Wheeler & Harrold ahippod thi
year 40,000 caaoa of coda water am
1.000 carrels of elder , and 2,000 dozei
of Boltzor.
J. M. Phillips handles 350,000 e
boots and shoon.
Latz it Latino , though compare
tivoly young house , handled 4,500,00
clpiun the pant year.
F. 0. Ncwoll , the agent of the Me
Oarmick machined , did a buuinos
huro of 8110,000.
Motcalf Brna , , In hats , capo , an
knit goods , alone Bold $125,000 wort )
11. Stern handled $100,000 wort
of liquors.
Doll it Hall shipped 3,000 barrel
of apples from here , 75 tons c
grapes and 1.000 citsea of borriei
The grapes and berrioa were raised i
this vicinity.
Mr. Tickner , of "Our Wheat Mo :
kot , " reports as killed monthly I :
head of cattle , 100 sheep , 20 culvc
and 35 hogs.
John Epenotor as a raanufactun
of cornices , has not only supplied moi
of the new buildings hero but impor
aut onoB throughout the northwest.
Chamborlaln'a collar factory
among the now matiufaoturora whlc
promltoo some big figures for anothi
year.Winthorlloh Bros , have recently o
tabllshed what few oltiea have , mall
able Iron works , and this promises I
bo a permanent and prosperous lust
Council Blnfls has boon moro wide
advertised the past year than in fo
mor yours. TUB BKK , with UH in
monso circulation , boa caused the d
tails of the city's llfo Into many homo
and as n city llkoan Individual inoroAi
tllo enterprise needs advertising , th
city has received much bonlfit by th
monna , and It is gratifying to kng
that the citizens appreciate the fixe
There has boon several largu Rathe
ings hero during the yo&r , which ha' '
brought to this city hundreds at
thousands of visitors , who have thi
became familiar with its advantages
a creat railway center , and ita grow
and prosperity. Among those even
were the state modioal society nice
Ing , the soldiers' reunion , the groi
lodge of the Knights of Pythias , tl
fair , and the driving park mootliu
It la to bo hoped that Oouucll Blu
will bo ou the alert to got inoro su
gatherings the coming yoar.
Porogoy & Moore have got tholr i
tall atoro hftlf-solod and rovampc
Their caao of holiday pipes and cij
holders is a big attraction and t
best pieces w ill BOOH bo gono. 23'
When you fool out of sorts , ho
the blues , melancholy , etc. , it nu
bo Indigestion that alia you , Browi
Iron Illtteru euros It.
The JSonparell of yesterday moi
ing says the expedition on runners
Omaha wan "a faroo and a fizzle ] t !
the column was a strangling oat
o that a largo part of the a tort era turn
b&oV , " etc. , etc.
Now , if any Omaha paper had si
this The Nonpareil would say it v
false , maliclotu , and designed to ire
load in regard to the real spirit of the
people here , and to porpotualo the an
cient feud between the two cities. The
Nor.pnroll would then bo tolllni ? tbo
exact truth ,
The real trouble with The Nonpa.
roll In that It wan not invited to the
nleighlng carnival , and , back of all
thai , ii a [ desire on Its pnrt to konp
allvo local prejudice , hoping thereby
to regain ita loot ascendancy tivun at
thii expense of the Interest ) ! of Council
H , C , 15 < r no a nnd wife , of Kaclao , nront
the Of-dcn ,
M. N. Graven , cf Atlantic , arrived in
thu city yesterday.
A. 1' . ll\yncr , ono of Fort Dodgo'n
fitany olDclbl ? , Is in the city.
Sherill J. Joncfl , r.nd wife nf DonUnn ,
and City Marshal Urstly and wife of the
BMIIO place spent Sunday In the UlufU.
Mr. and Mrs. Olir.rlcn Andcreon have
returned from it holiday visit to relative *
And fricndu in Den Moiccr.
Itev , J. / ArniBtrnng h\s returned from
hiaenttcru vacation trip , and occupied the
pulpit at the Mothodtat cl urch ycatorday.
He Ii heartily welcomed back ,
Mrn. E. K. Aylcar-'orth , wife of Judge
Aylwwortli of tlio superior court , hiiH
htarted for California with her chlllron , to
visit rolatlro-i there until Hpring ,
MM. Phil Armour , at Council Bluffa ,
nnd lier two children , are spending the
holidays with her fister , Mrs. D. A. Wil
liams , of the City hotel. Hurlan Herald.
Col , Kcitloy has covered his connection
with The Globe , en which he has been
doing editorial work for a year past. Thu
colonel wields tbo pen well and will now
devotu it8 power to literary work of a more
permanent nature , that immediately in
hand being a biography of Stephen Doug-
0. H. Brewer , wha baa been looking of-
tcr ininea in Colrradoin which eovcral of
our citizeniiaro interested , ia epending the
holidays hero.
It , J. Uomblo , ono of the most promi
nent attorueyn of Yankton , spent Sunday
ia thu city on hi * return trip to Wisconsin ,
where 1m has been viaitiut ; hia od home
and many friends.
The following were tlio arrivals at the
O den huueo ye.iterdny : 11. y. Gamble ,
Yanfcton , D. T.j G. L. Furin , Bedford ;
M. A , Lombard , Dej Moincu ; M. A ,
Grave. ' , Atlantic , Ia. ; II. C. liarnoa nnd
wife , llacine , WU ,
Itevero house arrivals , .tint : B. II. Lo
max , Plum Hollow , Ia.H. II. Blanchard ,
Crouton , Ia. ; M. Middlutou , Logan , Ia.
ISIru , Naucy 1'cr.hloy , BiiKhton , Ia. ; S. K. .
Blftkoly , Albany , N. Y. ; Mrs. O. S
lioaglaud , Peru , 111 ,
Itovoro bQUSoarrlvalsSOtb : A.J.Whitrton
Shelby , ! . ; C. Jlobert ? , Vrcmont , Nab.
Tom Smith , Blanchard , la. ; It. M. Kirt
laud , St. Louis , Mo. ; Goo. W. Greene
Omaha ; D. A , Gaff , Providence , K. I. ; F
0. Asbton. Chicago ; W. II. Conu , St
Joseph , Mo , ; John Smith , Cbicago
Hon. J'urdettu Thoyt-r , of Sjjiinij Vul
loy , Minn. , was in the city Saturday , hav
ing jint returned from Colorado , and 01
route for hoino in time to attend the leg
ielaturo , of which body ho is a rnombor.
Uov. 1T. . Webb , having resigned th
roctorEhlp of 31. Paul's Kpiscopl church
hag bidden i < ood-byo to his many friend
hero and started for hU now field of Ube
in Montana : Mrs. Webb and bsr Httl
daughtbr , after rcmiiiniug here a shot
time , will go ta Davenport to remain wit
friends until April , when she will join he
huoband in Montana.
Pacific houas arrivals : A. W. Nitzocl :
MUiourl Valley ; Win. Hall , Des Moinoi
J. S. MoQavon , Missouri Vallny ; W. I
Downud , lUudolph ; 11. A. Ketcham , Der
ver ; George M. Shank , Marion. In. ; A
M. Barrett and son , Sheldon ; F. Bilct
Chicago ; B. K. Elliott , Benton , Mass. ; C
S. Hoogland , Peru , III. ; J. O. Counoi
Neolu , Ia. ; J. D. MoKinnoy , Elmo , Mo
G. II. Hiulci ) , ] - line , Mo. ; JnmcaFalej
ChieiROj L. II. McCnll , Oskalooen , Ia
J. M. Violet , Chlcnpo ; J. H. Dullei
ICmiBan City ; E. A. O'Brien , Omaha ; U
Browning , W. , St. L. k P. railroad ; J. (
Elliott , Omaha ; C. P. Logan , C , , H. I.
P. railway ; II. Ci.nnon , 0. , B. & Q.
Ogden HouHft arrivals December 30.-
D E Dyer , Boston , Mass ; O W Uooi
Colorado : 0 C Biubnell , U B & Q Ily ;
M Lawlor , Miiisouri Valley ; J J HRUUC
Blnghampton. N Y ; P W Mullally , Biof
hamptoi ) , N Y ; Jamoa Smith and ladj
Omaha ; 0 H Hawkinx , Elmyro , N
Frank Brown and wife , Omaba ; H ,
Swift , Dos Moltu-s ; Mrs S M Kellog (
Carroll , Ia ; Thoa G Savaro , Boone , Ia ; '
Lowery , Boom , Ia ; W It MoL'hersoi
Oumhu ; J Matono , Topeka , Kas ; J ]
Boman , Uerwood , It ; Milea Uudorwooi
1'acitio Junction ; M M Burrell , Conne
ton , Wy ; L F Weeks , Chicago ; Ep Smitl
PltUburg , Pa ; Frank H Baor , Chicago ; ,
L Doora , Chicago ; Mrs Libaar , Ouiabi
11 8Field , Chicagoj O S Howe , Chicago ;
B Lyons , Chicago ; John Kennedy , Cre
ton , lu ; N J Ilmld , Hock Island ,
Table linens , napkiiib , doylies , tov
els and crashes cheap at llurknun
Orcutt & Go.'a.
1 Holiday goods at Harkiifsa , Orcu
& Co.'a.
Council BluQs ia fast bocomlni ;
great wholesale nnd manufaoturh
olty , Its linoa of railroads are u
equalled by any other m the state
Its loading Interests are rapidly b
lug developed , and we only need tl
wagon and railway bridge across tl
river to render us independent
What paper can do the moat tovra
forwarding our commercial luterct
in the western market ? Whnt pap
circulates the nioat copies there ] T.
universal answer must bo , Tun BE
The circulation of our compotltc
in that region la not ono to a the
sand In comparison with us.
No\r , if you want the wholesale 1
toruata of thla city heralded where
will do the moat good , advertise
TUB BEE , theu you will inllnonoo t
western trade ,
Call at our ollico , examine o
Bworu circulation statistics , and y
will bo fully raUsficd.
It Beta Proved n Successful Ono ID nil
Whltoloy'a Dramatic comp&ny
closed its week's engagement hero Sat
urday evening with the presentation
of "Colleen Lawn , " ono of the beet
of Irish dramas , In which Ida Lewis
appeared In thn tltlo rolo. AD in the
other characlorn , she showed much
true , artistic power. She Is a charm
ing actress , or great versatility , and
has won jnst plaudits ovonlng after
ovoning. The company nupportlng
her In an excellent ono , and their
repertoire BO cxtonalvo that they are
able to glvo a novr and yet pleasing
and meritorious entertainment each
ovoning. .
Every night thn house has been
filled , nnd the audiences have shown
tholr delight by unthuohstlc applauao.
At the popular prices , which scema to
bo a favorite feature of Mr. White-
ley's management , thu people get
much moro than tholr money's worth.
The company left yoetorday for
Lincoln , whore they will remain for
two wookn.
It la to bo regretted that during
their stay here the company bad not
the advantage of a suitable hall , otago
room and scenic effect , to enable thorn
to present their jplaya at tholr beat ,
but considering the fact that they
were thus crippled , they did nobly.
li In to bo hoped that they will re
turn after the now opera house la fin-
iehod , an event which amusement
lovers look forward to with much ex
pectation , they having become tired
and impatient , the present hall
affording hardly any conveniences or
To strengthen and build up the sya
torn , n trial will convince you that
Brown's Iran Bittern is the beat medicine -
icino made.
Ladles' and children's wool hoods at
Harkuoas , Orcutt & Co.'s.
Tbo Latch String Out.
The time-honored custom of making
Now Years calls baa not died out here ,
and there are a number of ladles who
to-day have prepared to receive their
The following named ladies will en
tertain at the residence of Hon. W.
H. M. Pusey , No. 527 Willow avenue ,
from 2 to 7 p. in. : Mrs. W. H. M.
and Mra. N. M. Puaoy , Mrs. 0. H.
Pinney and the Miaaus Mollie and
Nellie Larimer , and Mias Kato Pu-
Boy.Mrs. . John Dohany and daughters ,
Mrs.M. Q GriQiu , and BIlcscs Mapiie ; ,
Dell and Julia , assisted by Mrs. Get-
nor and daughters , MIBEOJ Angle and
Kato ; also , Miss Eva B. llailey , of
Weston , Mo. , will entertain calling
frienda nt Mra. Dohony'a ' , 332 Snutu
Second ntroot , from 2 to 7 o'clock.
Miss Lizzie McMahon , assisted by
Mi.vies Lizzio Brown , Carry Atkins ,
Fuuny Walker , Nita Coit , Sao Badol--
lot , mtl Lou.Jones , will entertain their
gentleman frlonds from 2 to 8 o'clock ,
p. m. , at the residence of Mra. S. A.
McMahon , No. 520South Ninthatroot.
Mrs. Capt. O. M. Brown , Miss
Nellie Itobtusou and Miss Virginia
McOonnell will entertain at the resi
dence , of Mrs. 0. M. Brown , corner
of First avenue and Seventh street ,
Mrs. Folaoui , Mia Van Taesell ,
Miss Van Doren , will receive calls
with Mrs. H. 0. Gano , No. 615 Sixth
Bo Carofal nf the Bablog.
If your children ro threatened with
croup or any throat difficulty , apply ft few
drops of Thomas' Eclectric Oil , It is the
tiicebt medicine for the little cues we
know of ,
Harknofis , Orcutt & Co. have still a
few fine cilk dolmaua. Call and BOO
Corrected daily by J. Y , Fuller , mor.
chandtae broker , buyer and shipuer ol
grain and provision ; , ollico board of trade
rooms , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WHKAT-NO. 2 spring , 75e ; No. 3,03 ;
rejected DOc ; treed demand.
Cons 2So to feeders and 27c ta ship ,
pera ; good demand for shipment.
OATS Scarce arid in good demand ; S0g (
32c.HAY 1 00@G 00 per ton.
HYK lOo ; light supply.
COHN MEAL 125per 100 ponnda.
WOOD Good supplyj prices at yards ,
5 P0@0 00.
COAL Delivered , hard , 10 00 per ton.
soft. 5 00 per ton.
BrJTTKU Plenty and In fair demand ;
25o.Eons Scarce and in demand ; SOa pei
LAUD Foirbank'u. wholesaling at ISo ,
POULTKY Firm ; dealers paying 13o pei
pound for turkoya nnd lOo for chickens.
VEQKTABLKH Potatoes , 45c ; onioax , 23u
cabbagco , liJ@ ( lOo per dozeu ; apples , 2 o (
@ ! ! 50 per liariol.
1'l.ouuBest Kansas wheat Hour , 2 3D(5
2 CO ; Minnesota wheat , 2 fiO@3 CO ; bran
70o per 100 pounds ,
BUOOMU 2 00(53 ( 00 per dozen ,
CATTLK 3 00@3 50 ; calves , 5 00@7 CO.
Hoes Estimated receipts , 750 head
good demand at packing houses , pitying it
car lots , for common , -1S@5 55 ; grioi
mixed packtnc ; , 5 G0@5 80 ; heavy packing
5 75@5 l > j ; butchers nnd shippers paymi
( or wagon lota 5 " 5@5 CO.
A General Stampede.
Never was such a rush made for an ]
Drug stare as U now ut 0. F. Goodman's
for n Trial Bottle of Dr. King's New Dh
covery for Conmuxption , Coughs ant
Cold * . All jer3ous alHioteci with Anthina
Bronchitis , Hoarseness , Sovo'j Oauglu , o
any atlectlou of the Throat and Lung
can get a Trial Bottle of this greatremod ;
rv , hy calling at above ) named Drug
f * # * ' ' 0no man's meat ia anotbo
lau'o poison , " Kidney-Wort expel
the poisonous humors. The fir&t thin ;
to do in the spring la to clean homo
For internal cleansing and renovating
no other medicine is equal U Kiduoy
Wort. lu either dry or liquid fort
it euros headache , bilious atuoks , con
stlpatlun and deranged kidneys ,
Never Give UT > >
If y.iu are guttering with low and d
presrfwl spirits , loss of appetite , gencr
debility , disordered blood , weak constlti
tion , headache , or any diieaso of a biliav
nature , by all means procure a bottle c
Electric Bitten. You will bo surprised t
10 fee the rapid improvement that will follov
you will be Inspired with new llfi
strength and activity will return ; pain nn
ir misery will cease , and henceforth you wi
rejoice in the praise of Electric Bitten
Sold at fifty cents s.bottle , byC. F , Uo : ,
Broadway , and Fonrtli Street ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
ESKS ' ? FE ftfP *
Headquarters For the Cele
A. Weber Pianos
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail.
Address ,
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1.75 and $2.00
Bluff and flow greets , Council Bluffs.
Ordcrj fllleJ In uny partcl the city. Ordore by telephone promptly attcnJed to.
At the Lowest Possible Prices.
That never require crimping , at Mrs. J. J. Ooctl's Hair Store , t pricoo never bctore touched by
ny other hair doftlor. Also a full line ol swltchcp , etc. t jroatly reduced prices. Aleogolif ,
liver and colored nets. W vos mndo Iroin ladles' own hair. Do not I U to call before purchutn ;
ilMwhere. All goojB watrantod M reprosontod. UllS. J. J. GOOD ,
_ V > MMn strnoi. Council Bliigs , loftt.
The finest quality and largest stock woot of Chicago of wooden r.nd motalic casea.
Cnllii attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices.
Our Mr. Morgan him served as undertaker for forty years nnd thoroughly underntanda
hla business. WARKKOOMS , 316 AND 337 BUOADWAY. Upholsterin ? lu
all ita branched promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequin * . 'Tele *
graphic and mall orders mlrd without delay.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa.
I5c9r nnd malt In any quanlltylto suit piirchaoora. IJeer ? 8.00 per li&rrol. 1'rlvtito ( amhlea sup.
piled wltli small keg at $1.00 each , delivered free of charge to any part of the city.
Wholesale Dealer In and SOLE AGENT FOR Joseph Schlltr Brewing
Company's Celebrated
. - * * *
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from the sountry elicited
City orders to families and dealers delivered free.
( Succceeors to Kill ) & DUQUCI7K ) ,
I rttHTn nf I
36 aud 18 Pearl-st. , Council Bluffs , Ia.
No. 529 S Main Street. Council Bluffs.
Our constantly increasing trade ia sufficient proof of our cquare dealing and atten
tion to customers , Good butter always on hand , Prompt delivery of goods.
S. M. CROOKS , 1'ron. N. B. EASTON , Sooy.
J. 0. HOFFMAN , Vice Prea. N. B. MOOHK , Counselor.
[ Incorporated under the Lane of Iowa. ]
Insurance at icinal Cost ,
Insurlnc LIVE STOCK Against Loss by
Unknown or Contingent Event Whatever.
Experienced ngents wanted. Correspondence
tollclted from nil parta of Iowa.
OFFICE : 103 Pearl Street , Council BlulFa , Ia.
TTTTVnR $ i T T &
JK.IlYllSJs.JjLi .
( Succctuori to J P. A J. Nf Citsaily. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
W h ve the only complcU wt o l > etrac book , to all city lct ud lacdi In PotUvrUUml
oountr. Tltlt. eiimtucd md abttraeti luinlehud en thort notice. ieney ! to loan on city and rm
prciwrty , ihort nd Icnz time. In mm * to wit the borrower , iteal cst . tonifbt md lold Offlo.
l lie eli etinl cppoeite co ut