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    8 THEOMATrA ! DAliY BE ft : SATURDAY , DECEMBER 31 , 1881 ,
Saturday Morning , Dec , St.
iTIi- following observation * ntc taken at
tli- -11110 moment of. Urns at nil the sta
tion , named. )
I l > * rWMR5T , t. S. BlO A . SUITICK , )
OmiH.DeccmlHr SO , ISM. (4:001 ( : . m. ) f
W.30 W llri.U iCIoudv
Chojenne. . . 80.B2 VtViHIgh | C ourtjr
n tto. 30.21 0 oudy
Omaha 30.18 VW.I'rwih Clourlr
Yankton . . . S0.18 NW.l'rnih Cloud/
De Jlolnn. H.17 " " ' F efh Fair
M.B I r llrNk Fair
Frenh Pair
tit. Louis . . M.OO Cloudr
Moorhewl. . . 3018 Kalr
Vincent. . . . 80.10 S Krerfi Fair
TUcrarck. . .
Btiford. . . . .
Custer. . . . . .
Dradnofld. ,
Amlnlbolnc ,
River above low water mark , tl\e feet
and troicn. ,
Now Yoar'rt Call1) .
TIIK HER rcquesta .ill ladles who "will
receive * ' on Monday next to Rend in liclr
names for publication in Saturday even ,
ing's paper , when uo hnpo to present a
complete lint of all who will "keep open
houno" in thi * city on Now Veat-'s.
Tlu new Northwestern I'ullman can
nre < laii < tefl.
Salisbury'H Troubadoun appear at
Jtoyd's Opera House Monday night ,
A largo amount of travel Is westward
bound this week , but comparatively llttlo
oa twnrtl.
All parties desiring to6le "fremou-
ntrances agnlnst liccniini ; H.iloont mutt do
HO before to. night , '
Two giddy , giddy girN were taken in
! > V the copi Innt cvcnltijr , en the charge of
disorderly cqmlact ,
The finest and most complete line of
Kew Years Calling Cnnls , at Cotter' * ,
131 J Douglas street.
A fight at the Military triilge yi-ater
lUy afternoon , was broken up by the police
who captured one of * he offendera.
New Year Culling Cnrdn , printedvat
l' * tnor & Son's , corner Tuelfth and
Farnhnm , the largest nnd most elegant ns-
portmcnt in the city.
. The different fiocietio-t nnint send in
' the uamcH o ? their ofllcora and nociotlca at
once , IT'lh/ expect ti Iw represented in
tlie illustnfcd etipplement thin year.
* -'Three disturberu of the peace paid
, ; Hher$3 ! aid costs apiece and departed in
/ peace , yisterday at the pullce court.
Quite a n-'aceful atTair un the whole.
Choi. Do Oroat will probablv be
taken to Lincoln to-day. In the mean
time liigcounscl are preparing a hill of ex
ception to take this case to the supreme
court.Acionlhig V } an order inined by Aa-
HtKtantQoneral Manager Kimbnll , of the
Union I'aci So 'railroad , all pasnes and half-
fare -.vrtnlU terminating December 31 arc
extended to January 15 ,
lonj. Johnson and Tilda Nclaou were
marred by Judge Bcnokc at the jiollce
court yesterday afternoon. An iuterpor-
nit } 'o.s employed nnd overythini ; pawed
.iitTVn : othly and pleasantly.
-Among those whom the contractor
' 'VViiKlt , i alleged to ha > e wiudled to a
th.v widow lady of Went Davenport ,
forwhomhe was.bulldluK A . house ,
Utid who ii a loner to the extent of about
$500 on his account.
The question of Woman's KiyhU waa
cliacuBsed at considerable length at the
meeting of Lake's Addition Lyceum Thurs
day Sumo intereotiog Hpeochet ) , wer *
made. , Among tfiose who took port were
1'obtmustor Hall , MOBHH. Smith , Knot ,
I'cppcr and Scars , The decision of the
dobuto waa poatponorl until next wetk.
It Is Htated that a peculiar suit ban
Wii brought in thlu city recently in
whicli the pnrtiea nre HoniHlcln , the
clothier ; anil Jim Fair. The gnlt is to re
cover an alleged outlawed claim , anil the
place of trlalis plncrd at Klkhorn. This
xtylo of fixing the venue of a unit at tomei
illitauco from the place wlicro n debt is
created ia called "tho Chicago stylo" mid
ia done to make thn defendant either net-
tloormako an cxpcnRUo trip. The II1U
nok legislature lost year paused a lapro *
hlhlting croilitors from luing tliii fcnn of
legal coercion.
Mr. J. U , Kitchen , of Kitchen llroa. ,
arrived from St. Joe Tlmruday in com
pany with Mr. Oenrgo It , Mann , thu Archi
tect of the now Grand Central hotel build
ing. The work on tl in important tttruc-
turo liaH buon pinlied right along and n
largo force will remain at work during
the entire winter , when the weather is nt
all favontblo. Mr. Kitcheu'fl en-ami here
now U to finally determine whether II
tiliall be live Htorlen high , and hiR t'xpreks'i'
hlmunlf vury favorably dfoposetl in that ro
Kurd , Over $15,000 having alu-tuly b 01
expended upon the hotej. Wliwi "IT
p'tte * ! it will contain nearly 1W3 IIHHUI jni
the to'ul cott will be o\er 12\000.
What a Hotel Clerk Snyn.
Oct. 2 , 1881.-H. II. WAIINKII A : Co.
Sin I have used your Safe Kidno ;
and Liver Ouro for kidney disease-
and found it very beneficial.
25-lw GKOKQK A. Coiin ,
Dr. Amoli * Tlurrounlyi , Wlthnol
House , Tuesday * and Fridays , 10 n
m. to 4 p. m. tf
An Important Notlco.
Omalia , Nob.t Doc , 28 , 1881 , ]
An ordinance providing for the ii
iiuauco of license under tlio Sloouiu
Liquor Law , and making it the dut
i of the mayor to enforce the pr <
; visions thereof , takes ulfci
January 1 , IflSa. . . Tli t day boin
Sunday all saloons ' must roinai
closed , and ont nd ( after Mondaj
January 2d , no portion or pornons wi
l > o pormUt.ed to'sellat retail intox
catiiiL' liquor without a I ice us o. ' .
will bo the duty of the inainlml an
police foroe of the city to arrest ar
and all persona who fail to coinpl
* with the Jaw. JAMES E. HOVD ,
, dSB-.Ut ' Mayor of Omaha.
Wo are prepared to furnlih in tl
' very best condition by pccial arrun
'I wonta all suoh articlct aa are dvsirab
for Now Ywr-B Ublu. FLEMING ,
& CO. , grocera.
Mlufflod , Not With The Golden
Apples of Hosporidos ,
But With Golden Embloma of
Afloction and Esteem For
Colonel and Mrs W.
P. Sapp.
On the Ocaaaion of the Twenty-
Fifth Anniversary of
The Ogden Uoono H Bltvzo of Light
and Bonuty.
Never , perhaps , in her previous his
tory has society in Council Bluffs been
no brilliantly gay and happy as upon
last evening , when it really scorned
aa H all the refined and cultured people
ple in the state , with many guests
from abroad , had turned out en
masse with their hearts full of love
and their arms full of treasure to do
honor to Col. W. F. Sapp and his
beautiful and accomplished wife on
the occasion of the twenty-fifth until
\ < rsary of their wedding day. Wo
take this opportunity to present a
short skitch of th < > lives of this illus
trious couple with whom old Father
Time has dealt host leniently , and to
offer our congratulations accompanied
with a host of kind wishes from per
sons all over the western country.
Mrs. Mary 0. Sapp , nee Brown , is
the daughter of Capt. H. M. Brown , a
gontlonuin who made nn enviable rep
utation for gallantry during the war
of 18112 , between this country and
Great Britain. She was born in
Mount Vernon , Ohio , where she
passed her childhood , since which
time a sketch of the Colonel's career
will also embrace an outline idea of
his wife's , for , with the Poet Laureate ,
oho resolved and has illustrated by
her life that
"Over the hills nml far away ,
Beyond their utmost purple rim ,
Beyond the night , across the day.
Thro' all the world she followed him. "
Colonel William F. Sapp was born
in Danville , Knox county , Ohio ,
son of John and Elizabeth Sapp ,
early settlers of that state. Colonel
Sapp's father died when ho was ton
years old. Leaving homo at this
early period to shift not only for him
self but others , ho worked on a
farm and attended school at intervals ,
as his labors would permit , until ho
was prepared to enter an institution
of learning at Martinsburg , Knox
county , Ohio , where in a few years
ho graduated with high honors.
After leaving the institution ho cn-
tored the oflico of Dolnao & Sapp , at
Mt. Vernon in the spring of 1847.
She senior member of the firm being
the Hon. Columbus Delano , whoso
name has for many years been identi
fied with national politics. Hero young
Sopp remained until admitted to the
bar in Juno 1850 , at Mt. Vernon ,
and soon after located there in the
practice ot his chosou profesion Ho
acquired during the ton years ho was
there an extensive pracMce. Ho was
elected prosecuting attorney for Knox
county as whig candidate in 1854 , and
filled thn office with such success that
he was re-elected to the same position
in 1850.
During the year 1860 the colonel ,
like a gsoat many others , was taken
with a fever. It ran high , and was
what is known as the western fever.
Nothing could induce him to remain
in his native state , and in the spring
of 1800 ho bade- adieu to the land of
his birth and the scones of his child
hood , came to Omaha , Nebraska , was
soon after his arrival commissioned
adjutant-general of the territory by
Alvin Sauiulers , governor at that
time ; elected to thu legislative council
in the fall of 1801 } was commissioned
lieutenant colonel of the Seventh Ne
braska cavalry , and served with dis
tinction until his regiment was mus
tered put. At thin time the colonel ,
believing that Council Blulls was dis-
tincd to bo a largo and important city ,
made up his mind to rocross the big
muddy and locate permanently in that
oity , whore ho huii since resided.
PosscaHing these characteristics
which naturally clrou men
around him , the colono
was not long in introducing himself ,
not only to the business men of this
city but ho became known throughout
the county a ? a social and genial gen
tleman. Soon after locating hero ho
formed a co-partnership with , at that
period , the leading lawyer ot thn
northwest/ . S.umiol Clinton , wlm
AV.IS oigod ) ; ; in aury oitoiihivo mid
lucrative practice tied who \nvt eloitoil
to ihn slate li 'ishturu in tlio fall < if
' 115 , was appointed United States dh <
triot attorney for the ntatu of low. by
I'rosMoiit Grant in 'tif > , which iinpor <
taut iiomlton he hold during the u < l
ministration , performing the duties ol
the ofllco with marked succcsf.
He elected to the 45th congress
gross from the eighth dish let of Town
and ro-olected to the -Kith two yean
laror. During the four vcnrn ho rup
rvBoutuil his district at Washington In
gave full satisfaction to hii coimtit
uencv and would have been roturuoi
by them had their not boon shari
practice in the nominating convontioi
by a personal enemy.
The record that Hon. W. F. Sapi
ha * nude since ho settled in Counci
Bluff * is a part of her history ; witl
her .growth and prosperity his nam
has boon identified. It was throug
hit untiring exertions that the fouu
dation was laid , by a bill introduce !
by him in conisreu upon which ooul
bo btsod nuntUmus proceedings com
pelting Uie Union P citio rallroa
company to recognize Council Blufi
as their eastern terminus. 'Ho als
introduced and had passed by cot :
grevi a bill providing for the huldin
of a tenu of the U. 8. circuit court t
Council Bluffs , Uubmiuo and Kookul
During nil those years that tli
colonel and hit accomplished wil
have climbed the hill of life togotho :
Thu shadow of death has twice crousc
their path , having lost two ctiildrei
The VIMYB they each made ono to tl
other at the altar twenty-five yon
ago have been racrodly kept. The
life ha * been , ns it were , ono of min
gled joy mid bllm , which Tin : HUB
hopi'i will follow on down the other
side until they pass at a ripe old ago
through the shadow into a bright and
( ndlcsi autifthiiio ,
A lack of spnco forbids a full do
scriptioii of the magnificent array of
presents nnd wo shall therefore con-
line ourselves to a simple enumeration
of those inoit remarkable for their in
trinsic and artistic worth and beauty.
First on thn list conies a magnificent
cnso of California laurel inlaid with
mahogany , containing forty-three
piecosof sterling silverware , embrac
ing complete services of solid table
spoons , dwwert and teaspoon * , dinner
forks and oyster forks , anils , cream
and berry spoors , butter knife , sylhv
bub ladle and supr spoons. This ser-
tico Li engraved in the highest style
of the art and is the gift of the Hon ,
George W. Brown , of Denver , Col.
A brother of Mrs. Sapp's , a well-
known millionaire , noted for his
generosity. Next comes an elegant
souvenir of esteem , presented to the
Colonel by the bench and bar of
Council Bluffc. It 11 a case of laurel ,
inlaid with mahogany , lined with
cherry satin , very similar to the * ono
described above , with the exception
that in place of oyster forks are sots of
pearl-handled dinner and tea knives.
A truly elegant and appropriate offer
A silver and crystal card receiver ,
from Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. Odell.
An exquisite silver jewel case , from
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. DoHhvcn.
A case of beautifully engraved
spoons , from Mr. and Mrs. Pinnoy.
An elegant- pickle fork , from the
Itev. Dr. Webb and wife , of St. Paul's
A very beautiful shrine , mounted
in silver with ivory typo , from Mrs.
General Gilbert , St. Paul , Minn.
An elegant gold and silver butter
knife from Mr. G. L. Finn , of Bedford -
ford , Iowa.
A full cose of silver nut picks and
nut crackers from the Misses Walker.
A splendidly mounted and finished
carving sot , pearl handled , from J. M.
und N. 0. Phillips , "v
A full set of gold lined silver spoons
u'ith congratulations of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry llobinson and Mr. Wm.
A largo" naiad fork mbossed and en
graved in charming style , part cold
and part silver , from Mr. and Mrs.
Horace Everett.
A gold and silver ice cream slice
from Mr. Henry Eiseman , very beau
A massive berry spoon , charmingly
engraved , composed of silver , gold
lined , with solid gold handle , from
Mrs. Joel L. Stewart.
A rich and heavy coin .silver , gold
lined , soup ladle , from Mrs. Than. J.
A lovely berry ludle , daintily en
graved , from Judge and MM. Mc-
A silver and gold sugar sieve , , from
Mr. and Mrs. George Gcrnor.
Gold and silver cream ladle- from
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Motcalf.
A beautiful gold and silver sroam
ladle from the Misses Nealy and
Carrie Stevens , daughters of Sir. S.
B. Stevens , of the Jlock Island sail-
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Smith , a silver
and gold wrought creamer.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cory , ' * old
creamer with wrought handle ,
Mrs. Dr. Macrae , gold fruit spoon ,
finely chased.
Henry 0. Brown , Denver , Obi. , a
superb set of after dinner coffee spoons
of gold , ornamented in the highest
style of the art.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Pusoy , a
gold berry spoon with silver handle
wrought and chased artistically.
Thos , Bowman , county treasurer ,
very handaomo berry ladle , silven-aud
Gold aixl silver card case charaiing-
ly wrought and engraved with , com
pliments of Mrs. W. H. Pusoy.
Silver and crystal bouquet holder ,
Mi s Kate E. Pusey.
Silver and gold tulip vaoe from
Lira. John F. Baldwin.
C. D. Kasson , of Corning , Iowa-
syllabub ludlo , silver and gold ,
Thos. L. Kimball , silvcrsyrnppitch-
r nnd plate.
Uold and silver jewel case , BIr. and
Ira. Browater.
Silver card receiver , gold lined , Mr ,
ml Miss Dowling.
Gold and silver card receiver , Mr.
, nd Mrs. J. P. Connor.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. DoHavou , ex-
uisito silver jewel case.
/ . T. Lindsoy , silver ornament ;
d oaken bucket.
Silver and majolica olive case , Mr.
, nd Mm. L. C. Baldwin.
Mauror & Craig , silver sugar bowl
, nd creamer.
Capt. and Mrs. D. J. O'Niol , silver
ml gold lined nut tatikftvory fine.
Mayor Vaughn and wife , silver ink
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Bobbington , ail-
or Bohemian glaw card receiver.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A , J. Gritumden , n
an of crystal and silver vases , vorv
Colonel and Mrs. L. W , Tulloyi
nd Thomas * M. Gowdy , a beautiful
ilvcr and majolica epergne ,
Airs .lohn N. Baldwin , a blue
utin I'uml'puintod table acarf , will
> Mrii > uud cninilo fringe.
Mrs. Jane Baldwino , a case of sil
i't r pearl handled dessert knives.
A brilliant Moral parterrefron
Ali.n Evorrett , daughter of Hon ,
Horace Evorrott.
Words and space are inadequate tc
tloscribo a room full of other offering !
from ladies and gentlemen when
names appoarbelow.
From festoons of smilax and evergreen
green depended the marriage boll
composed of rare and beautiful How
era , under which the host and hoatesi
stood Hanked by their bridesmaid ;
and received their guests. The fiv
following named ladies officiated , vie
Mrs. General Gilbert , Mm. < Horao
Everett , Mrs. N. M. Pusoy , Mrs. J
T. Stewart , and Mrt. S , S. Slovene
The bride and hostess was charm
itigly and richly aMirod in a Wortl
coatumo of black Lyons velvet , will
full twin trimmed , with point lace
largo aolitiiro earrings , diamond pai :
sies in her hair and diamond broach
Mrs , General Gilbert (1100 ( Lizzi
Wheeler ) , ono of Mrs. Sapp'a girlhoo
friends , and un old-tiino bullu of th
Buckuyo state , now living in St. Pau
wore an elegant costume of mauv
silk , with black chaiitilly overdrew
and magnificent diamonds and poll
laco. At the afternoon rocoptio
Mrs Gilbert displayed & black vulvi
robe , elaborately trimmed witli poit
dnchcflic , a crcum-colorcil plush hat
with white pinnies , tine diamonds and
heliotrope globes.
Mrs. X. M. Pusey graced nn elegant
robe of blnck satin inarvielleux and
point lar > o.
Mrs. I ( Everett looked grand
iti a costume of black satin worn over
n Ublier of old gold satin brocade.
Mrs. J. T. Stewart , a beautiful toil-
ottu of Blnck royal satin , point lace
and diamonds.
Mrs. S. S. .Stevens , a subdued but
clurming costume of black satin rliad-
anus nnd point d'Alencon. '
Mrs. F. S. Pusoy , a bewitching cos
tume of black satin and old gold polo-
Jlrs. J , N , Baldwin , a dainty cos
tume of pink brocaded satin , hand
pahtcd , chosen with exquisite taato.
Hrs. George A. Kcclino ( the hello
6f the ball ) , a costume of ruby silk
and velvet , harmonizing admirably
with the style of the wcaror.
Bfrs. Wir , ( a niece of Senator
BloineV coftumo of heliotrope silk
and velvet.
Mrs. Fisher , a charming robe of
brovn silk and point laco.
Mrs. J. Y. Fuller , artistic costume
of allies of roRos silk.
Mrs. Dr. Lyman , lemon colored
brocido , ( very pretty ) .
Mrs. Henry Motcalf , rich black
satifibrocado. l
Mss Esther Dowling , light blue
satir , fine Spanish laco. '
Mss Norah Larimer , costume of
blno merino , trimmed with swans-
dowr , graceful and charming.
Mss May Stone , of Chicago , ruby
satin and fine Spanish lace overdress ,
Iresli and winsome.
Oir short hand notes must nufllce
to tell the tnlo already told.
M ss Carrie Stevens was fortunate
enough to secure the ring in the cake ,
ft child not grace a fairer h nd.
Mrs. Phelps deserves the thanks of
the entire company for the grace and
skil'ul management with which she
prciidod over the refreshment room
indhor endeavors to make everybody
Airs. Stevens in her arrangement
of alairs generally and decorations of
toolrooms proved herself the queenly
artiit that she is.
A few of the many present : Mr. and
MrA John Deb any , Mr. nnd Mrs.
Thonas Evans , Mr. W. H. Robinson.
Mr.f and Mrs. Wm. Robinson ,
Mr. ) Edward Dowling and
Miw Dowling , Mr. Finn ,
Mrs Bradbury , Mrs. Judge Page ,
Mri Clark , Rov. T. H. Cleland and
wife Mrs. Fnrnsworth , Dr. Pinney
and'vifo. Mr. Fisher and wife , Mr.
W. H. M. Pusey and wife , Mr. and
Mrsjlieo. Koelmo , Mrs. Kounfre ,
Miss Everett , Rov. Mr. Webb , Mr.
Blotmor , J. N. Baldwin , wife and
sister , Dr. Lyman and wife , Mrs.
3co/ Brown , Mr. Rico and daughter ,
Mr. ; and Mrs. J. Y. Fnller ,
Majo. ' Pease , Miss Laurt Bald
win , Dr. McCuno and lady ,
[ . M. Treynor and wife , JudgoJCeed ,
Mr. Wmms , Mr. Cralle , Mr. and Mrs.
Do { Tel , Dr. Green and wife , Mr
Gieriur , wife and daughter , Mrs. A.
B. Barnard , Miss Smith , of St. Joe ,
I. M.1. Phillips , nnd the Misses Maria
and Hua Phillips , Major Newell , Mr.
and Mrs. Judson.
You .in sick ; well , there is .nut one reme
dy that will cure you beyond possibility or
doubt. > If it'H.Lher or Kidney trouble ,
Consultation , Dyspepsia , Debflhy.
"WelTf Health Renewer" U your hope.
8U .IJ WSM Depot , C. F. Cooctiuan ,
Omahttj (4) ( )
H. Sibttick , of Scribner , U ic.6W city.
J. Wt * Haas , of Sidney , is at the Whh-
nell. i
Huih ; Fulton , of Nebraska City , i ia
town ,
K. M. Correll , of Hebron , Xeb. , I * ia
the ciij ,
H. Ot Bradley , of Cedar 1 Jap ids , is at
tie WHlinell. worth , of J-'remo t , ia t the
Gintielil House.
'G. ' P. Ilronn , of Slher Cliff , Col. , U at
tbe Metropolitan.
| F , I'cttltfrew , of Beatrice , i in tbe city
ot a biulnesi trip ,
' 5ed. Y. Nowcll , of Wei ucr , arrived in
Ouaha last evening.
( . I * . Jleno'ey , of Grand Inland , imived
in the city ycuterdny.
; H. 1) ) . Nuwmun , of Lincolu , arrived in
tin city last evening ,
Mrs. i : . Whitney , of Dakota City , in at
tlu C'reighton Houc.
| G , I. HodgeB , n bimkei of Kndlcott , is
Intho city , vi.itin0' fi lends.
W , I * . Toolc , rff Dorchester , is one of
thd arrivals at the 'Metropolitan.
t.E. D. bmltli , of Hunel , in in Omaha ,
rcgtiterril at the Metropolitan ,
" \V. 0. B. Alien , secretary of the board
of trade U hnmo from n visit to Ohio.
Loran Clark , of Albion , arrived in
Uiuaha yentenUy. Ho IH at the Metropoli.
.T. B. Urldoubauuh , of Dakota City , Is
n Oiuaha un a tualnwa trip. lie ri'gintera
it the Confield.
E. P. Vinloe , general freight agent ol
he Union Pacific , returned yesterday
rom t Ip to New York city.
J , Jf , Ohetbrough , ueiLitant general
Kuenjer ascent of the 1'ennaylvanU Short
f.lue , ti in Oaih , vliltiug with hli oil !
GUI Ktllos , Harry Earl , Henry Mtrker ,
Jacar Clarke and .Toe Plorronnet , thi
'B ' g Fir * , " went to Laramie on the nooi
train yesterday.
II , R , Perslnger , formerly publiihor o
the Saturday Evening Timei , of this city
nud now editor of the Mail Car , of D <
Molnerf , is in the city oil a brief visit.
Aa a rule wo do not recommotv
patent medicines , but when wo kno >
of ono tliat really is a public benefactor
tor , and does positively euro , then w
consider it our duty to impart that in
formation to all. Electric bitten ar
truly a most valuable medicine , on
will auroly euro Biliousness , Fovt
and Ague , Stomach , Liver and Kidno
complaints , even where all other rcn
udlua fail. Wo know whereof w
apeak , and can freely recommend t
all. [ Ex. Bold at 50 cents & bottli
LjJi & McMulion. (7) )
"BUACK-DRAUOHT" wakca chill
At a r.Ooodauui ,
v/r /
Two Great Attractions Booked
for the Opera House.
The Troubiwlours With Tholr Kolltck-
Ing Fun. nnd'Ada Orny In Her
Strong Dhinms.
The coining week at Hovd's opera
Jiouso will bo full of attractions. The
jolly , laughing Troubndoura will open
the week by appearing on Monday
afternoon in "Patchwork,1 and Mon
day evening in their unapproachable
entertainment of "Tho Brook. " One
characteristic of this company is that
they are all artists of the first water ,
and each is n "bright particular star"
in hia or her part in the jolly per
formance. The music , vocal and in-
strumcntal , is of an artistic order ,
trhilo the fun is irrepressible and
catching. They have recently re
turned from an extended trio to the
old world , and have received very high
praise from the most conservative of
the Great Britain journals.
The Bath Herald has the following
to remark concerning the Trouba
dours' porforinnnco in that city :
' It is impossible to analy/o the ole-
tnohts of snccpsi in this entertainment
and it is difficult to describe the pleas
ure it affords. Tho/nrincipal element
of success is the heartiness with which
it is presented by Salsbury's Trouba
dours laughter is never forced and
it is never courted by an approach to
vulgarity , but i won by appeals to
that love of fun which is deeply in
grained in the English character. The
company seem to enter completely
into the fun of the tiring and to enjoy
it as much as the audience. The
spirit is unflagging and their percep
tion of the possibilities of" every posi
tion complete. If it be true that a
good hearty laugh saves a man a doc
tor's bill , the Troubadours will enable
every play-jjoor to add a long list of
credits to his medicine account.
thu fivtnona emotional actress , will
open for three nights and matinee on
Thursday. This popular artist is sup
ported by : first-class company , and
as it is her first visit to Omaha she
will doubtless bo well received. The
St. Louis Olobe-Deraocrat speako thus
favorably of Miss Gray's performance
in 'East Lynne , " which she presents
on the opening night at lioyd'ar
"An audience full of sympathy with
the actress greeted. Miss Gray in her
dual role of Lady Isabel and' ' Mmo.
Vine iu 'East ] Lynne. " Mir Gray
last evening- drew tears' from
many eyes by Irjr faithful portraitaro
of character , . In the first act
she looked and acted Lady Isabel to
the life. The delicate by-play with
Mr. Carlyle was full of lights and
shades of comedy of the lirat school ;
the feeling of jealousy that moved her
being and worked her final ruin , was
full of delicate handling. Most ac
tresses rush abruptly toward their own
ruin , painting tire eliect without-suffi
cient cause. M5ss Gray draws the
line with care ; : not until conr
viction forces itself homo that
her husband ia unfaithful , does
nhe surrender hnrsolf to the storru > of
jealousy that hurls her into the arm
of Levison. The interview with
Lord Mount Severn' was tender and !
touching , and her grief quiet' and :
natural ; the outbursts of feeling were
the moans of a heart breaking- with
shame and remorse. . In a scene-with ;
LevLaon , when he-stabs her with the
truth of his duplicity and teaching ,
her force and action were truly won
derful in expressing the feelinga
that moved hor. As Mudamo
Vine , she was powerful , intense ami
soul-harrowing , perfect in dissimula
tion , viewing the character with the
delicate tints of sentiment , moving to
tears by the pewee of feeling. The
action at the death-bed of her child ,
for dramatic intensity and tragic
power s ands unmatched in the entire
range of the drama ; every nerve seemed -
ed unstrung , reason ami judgment
unsettled , her- brain crazed by
grief at her great lues , like a
reed in a storm , her body swayed to
and fro , her whole manner wildly dis
tracted , her speech incoherent and sn
laden with grief that each word
seemed wrung from a tkaolatu heart.
No such picture of intense suffering
lives in our inomoryj throughout the
entire scone the flashes of dramatic
fire illuminated the picture. Miaa
Gray is a great actress , and lights up
the character with the tire of genius.
Not For a Fortune ,
"Phew" I wouldn't marry her if she'd t
fortune. Poor irl , the'd bo nil right i :
she took Spring Blossom , the best thing it
the world for offensive breath. Pricu W
cent * , trial bottles 10 cents. 25-lw
, < ' * '
The Herald -yesterday contatnoi
the following ; * ' < > '
"Ayeungman named Elliott , win
was bound for Fort Collins , Col.
purchased a pass of Hbbbie Bros. , th
ticket brokers , in this city , on Tues
day , the pu having been issued : :
fcvor of ono Allyn to Ogden. Hoi
b'ie Bros , assured him that th
pus ( and everybody ia suppose
to know what passes are not sold
was transferable , but the conductc
saw that that the pass was being mil
used , and refused to allow Elliott t
travel upon it. Thereupon Elliol
was obliged to take the next trni
1 back to this city and demand a rotur
of his money from the brokers , whicl
after making much trouble , they die
Elliott was in delicate health an
the inconvenience , delay , and oxpeni
of returning , annoyed him great !
and he expressed hia mind pret1
freely in regard to the brokers' imp
sition. It was not the first case th
had originated from that office , 1\o\ \
oycr , and the brokers ought to knc
better than to bo parties to gottii
travelers in such a fix. "
ilobblo Bro.'a , who are reputal
ticket brokers , deny in toke every
eortiou roado in the above paraira ]
except that they sold Elliott the p&f
When Elliott came to them for
ticket or pass , they gave him his
choice , and told him all the condi
tions under which the pass had been
mndo wit and the liability there
was of its being taVeu up. Elliott
deliberated an hour over the matter ,
and finally concluded to buy the pass ,
for which ho paid $22. When he re
turned , without being able to ride
through on it , the brokers repaid him
his money without deli y or remon
strance. The pass had been sent
them from St. Louis to soil ,
and they had no interest what
ever in its disposal. Elliott was
neither weak nor poor , nor was ho in
"delicate health , " but , on the con
trary , an apparently robust man.
His failure to ride on the pass was
none ot the brokers' fault , but ho took
the chances in buying it at a greatly
reduced price.
BnoJtira jirmoa Solve.
The boat salvo intho world for outs ,
brufocs , sores , ulcers , salt trhoum ,
fever eoros , tetter , chapped hands ,
chillblaina , corns and all kinda of
skin eruptions. This salvo ia guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction in
every case or money refunded. Price ,
25o per box. For solo by
Tow & MoMAnox. Omaha.
Be Buronml RO to HUfiERM ANN'S
now. Everything in the Jewelry
lino. Not only the largest stock can
bo found thcro but the lowest prices
BONNER'S for Fine Furniture and
Stoves. dec2Ctf
Bromptonica the Boss cough Phys
ic. See card in another column.
dec. 2-tf.
NOTICE Advertisement To Loan , For Sale ,
Iiott , Tound , Want * . Boarding ; , Ac. , will bo In
serted In theao coluons once for TEN GENTS
per line ; , each subsequent insertion , FIVE CENTS
per lino. The flrst Insertion never lea ) than
ONEV TO LOAN Call at Law Office of
M It. Thomai Room 8 Crekhton Block.
CjJJ'A AAATo loan at frcm 8 to 10 per cent'
* S > tJ\J\\si' on good real estatcsecurltyby
DR. ISAAC EDWAUDS 1109 Parnhatn St.
LOA * At 8 per contn
$250.000 tereat In f ami of 92,500 and
upward ! , for a to 6 years , on Bret-daw city and
farm property. BRMIS Ri ; AL EaiiT * and LOAN
AOKKCT , ,6th and Douglas Sta. I
A1 good "tout bofo take care at
hone ani'Hork In store. Apply S. E.
corner ISth and Dod e. 3ai-3l
'ANTED A laundress , at Occidental Hotel
W immedla el\\ 8 i-tf
WANTED B > it < marricd mano. situation to
work in a store in town or ccuntrv Uood
references jrhcn , Addres < , U. A. Tale , MS
7th at , Omaha. S3S-2'
A coed steady boy to drive tl
home and do chores. Robf. Ptu\l , llth
and Do'i e. S-M-31
ANTED CO men at 11. JlannwellerB em
w ployment o9)c , Hth St. , ce r Faruhaiu.
VTITANTED Two good girls fop
YY one must be-oad ; cooW. Call at 4IS N.
20th St. , bet. Cess and Chicago. SiO-81 *
" \TTANTKD Girl for general house work. An
VY experienced one non ! need apply.
MIS Webster. 81231 *
C7ANTED ( iood girl for general housework.
V Inquire 2020 ht. llarjsarenue. 8ul-tf
I. Gillnsky IL Co. hart ) purchased
WANTED business of H. Ilerthold , at 1020
Douglas street , wherethev will continue the
bufdnHM. ami by filr dwling and p in r JEP01
pricei they propose to increase the trade. Thev
solicit parties w ho have old iron , rags , junk and
metals to give them a otsll. , 7931mo
A atroation as booK-kecper by
WANTED thoroughly underetands double
and sinxle entry , is also a good penman Best
references given. Addles , C , E. , Hie office.
766 tf
4 children as b'arden in a select
WANTED , at 10th and California St. L. B.
LOOM 18 767-tf
Olrltodo houMwork. Enquire
WANTED Farnham 8L 442-U
Funding bridge aod Khool bonds.
WANTED Clark , Eellevue. Sfl-U
HOK RKNT-6 oed new hou * . : S16 to S55
! per month. McCoptuo , Oppj P. 0. 8J2 2
Olt KENT One nice furnished front room ,
173 ! Diulas tt. 81tf
fjlORRENT A Ilnely furnished , large front
J1 room 01 fltst floor. In a ( peasant locality ;
H. W. coiner 16th and .IOIIIB St. 822-St *
It EXT First and second floorj of now
FOR house tor rB"t. In ui'.ru 1410 Chicago
St. , bet. 14th Mid l&th StB. S23-4
TT\OR \ RENT A nl cly furnished front room , ,
JL' 1421 Howard tt. , near the \ \ ithnell.
TT10B RENT One of the bed ttorea on Cumlaj
.1 ? St. , 20aBl , by January 1,18S2. SiiO tf
IOK HKN7-CHEAP 1J story house ; cellar ,
F well and cistern , 1221 N. 19th 8t. 815-S1'
I OR HKMT One nice furnished front rcun ,
F No. 1723 Douglas at. 816-H
R RENT Furnlihedi rooms at northwest
F cxirner 18th and Farnham fats tlO-2
RENT The largo throo-stor ) and base-
FOR brick building situate near tb cor.
near tbo cormr of ISthivnd Dodge Sto , suitable
for a wholesale bulnc s or storage and cwiim
sion warehouse , Apply to Jlrs. LOUIsA H1L-
LIKE , H. E. corner Uodfie and 13th 8t . 810-11
8XI.K A hMidt'inc Hoiine o'
1 uaieroainH,1i ndsomi-ly furin ln.H Furnl-
turo for -tale. It. CixJ.if , SlJSruth Ibth street.
T7IOH RENT ll < in of Hiorms icliar , ci-tern
C ami barn , bliliiu'H Jnd addition , /pplv to
J. H. Itobb , CIS S. 13th Ht. 7t8 3 <
HLr. . 1 lubiiutsvnlni ; uiai-jine. sliuout
FH w dlngur with all the la'jxImprme
iiunta w II veil rhtwp. Inquire at JJlH F rntiara
81. , bet. IStlj anil 34th. _ 777-tf
' iv ll .NT Ononlctlj fur Ibhwl front r ere ,
j. ono unfuriilohcd room ; t t iWe 17th Bt. ,
ono door north ol Douglas. 774 U
. . RENT | icu e , 4roomi.wuth end 1
Bt. Kmuilie J L. llcCac.1 * , opposite ptut
bTllce. Wo-tt
IOHCXMT > 'lctlyfurnlshJ tooma with M
E wiihouJ * rd. Reasonable prict * . 2M !
Bt. T6MI
RENT-Brlok itore. Jacob1 blocjutor
FR a d Capitol avcn M J. Q , JACOS3.
739 U
UKNT-Cottaio t S rooms , w tt am
EOR ; 23rd and St. Mar > avenu . to
quire ot M , > Y. Kenned , , 812 8.15th V 7 U-t
KtNT furnlsi * ! rooms at ji. ,
EOll ' , Cwlfornii W * . 14lh and Uth.nin.
TTVr. KENT A BU'A or single jwurs , nice ) .
JC lurnlihed , at N , W. cor. SCth and D yen
pott. ( CO-tf
ll K RENT-A flnt-cl M hall tor ( Ociety pui
posn. Coairally located. For partculsi
uiru KennajJllrod.Hthi U DouflMHta.
. TnOR RENT Fnrnhhed r * n , north 14o c Jj CalltoruU St. . 2d door t'ntt Of 2UL loqull
it alter I p. ja.
rw T710U RENT New houio of 7 rooms , 19th an
r'K Jj Oraco Bta. rnqulre B V. Etnlto ? 684-1
'K ' T10K RENT S fuinulnd roorw ov i ttf
Ij chant * * Exchani c , N. E. < xr , Jllh and Dodi
lea atwoU. -
TT10H SALR Acomplot * itock ot gcnotal inn
4.a _ P cbandU with a foot ) run l cuitom. Ai
a a n
8AM-Kull : Ju mull IIOII H nfir
FOH . v. iii-i > ot , - : < . f , OPJI. y. w
I OIt HAI.KUVc.1 taj. , N.W ) jwf t n. rt
I4 Reilra in' * tMle ? . 10th M. SMO
8AMA K < x l P ) I" * ' ' " ' ' 'if f , owr on *
FOH Mr cent , Jiroflt ; 1mnte *
. ; ( ll boar full linoMliMlon ; owner
ha other > > u lnct , nlj ru on for clllne. Ai-
Uwi A.M. , this office. _ 311-11
.SALH One lot httr ki-r , , Imrrelt , tut ,
EOU at , punchc" ! ! * , t nkii,4r. , . - 1 9 one tiolr !
Mul engine , lorcv | > imiti , ihaHInt ; < | > l | r < , Ac. ,
at o'ij ' fircwef A fiimlt brcwerj h-inlacs , comer
th and fttclflc. I.KiviiMt ilnwu Co.
_ _
H.VLK a litre counters BIH ! J ill ) rr platrel
FOil casc , at Gto. 11. l'ct . o i' . tMM South
10th St. _ 7 l.t (
TjlOH SALK I'fopomU for the purcliiwn of th *
j" ( nine btilldlnjr heretofore CKtuplitl ivTrtn.
Iti Cftthedril , will be recehed by the unJeririsn-
W for twcntv d\j ficm cbte. The pnrch > wer
mut oCTFt to remof e the bulUlnj within thlrtr
d j s from arccptance of b < l , cnrpets , sv , W uvl
other furniture , t&lnMl RlaM , uHmlavi t In chaoceJ
and frame Uparti | tmJcr the bull.llnj ; must note
o Included , The right to relrct bidn Is rewrr *
d. H. > SYATK8 ,
737.17 . At lint .Vitioiul llank.
SALE Or will cxchsnsto for Omaha pro-
pctlf , an Improved octlon of l.uul njfolfl-
injf a BtAtTon on 0. V. 1 It. 31 DUNHAM , 1412
Farnhflm St. . Omaha. _ _ ( 7W8m
OH SALK Or tnxdo for cHy proporton
J 1 pan Of tiorsvs , harness ind wn on , Adilrci ,
S. V. , Ihlsollle. ; 722
SALE Large lnulncm lot on llama/ ,
POK Hholivtalln ; John L. Me
.Cogue , Opp , P. 0. _ Ril-tf
BALK A peed micn-yuir-ohl hone
FOR to drive single or douMd. Eu
quire of Ocorgo ConHctd , ( UuillcU hotno.
1UUK. t'Oll L'Abfc.
B 203-tf ESTAnnooK * OOF.
OOK SALE Map * ol Douglis and Sorpy
J : ties. A. ROSEWATEU , IBSOFarolnai > r - -
X UP On tl-u 10th day of Dt > jcmbor.
JL four MICCJI. Owner c-m ha o the mow oj
rrDtlni ; property and t j Inir charges. OKAH.VM.
y. BROWNE. ssa-r.
"T" OST A largo shrpnwl doj. , MAcle and ycltow
JH legv. I'lti.priilcMo lca > eat A. J. Blmpuon.
NOTICE "On and niter" Jnnuwj
j 1st , 1882 , no wined , II | uors or spirits of'any
descrrption will ba sold fr ui ni } dnie ( tore.
817-30 JOHN W. DKI.n.
TjTOITND A biuibov , on Jlondiy , contalnluir
Ji2 sctral art i Ics for ehlldn-ii , Onn r cam
have oarae by proIn ? proctrt ) and pn ) Inc for
this notice. Inqulra at otlfcy * . t > 04-i.T
pURNlSllKD nOOMS-J'6r single
it Uxo- one front room llh piano ,
come ; isth and Capital .i\onie. SOO-t :
' LETJ Mccly furnished rooms , with o >
without board , 1117 Ho-rard St. 781-2 *
EMIS' NEW CITY MAPS. 10 < x Mounts
B Hape , 83.60. OEO. P. BEMia.
JHACHSTRA88ER Pays the highest cash-i
. price for second hand Uill'ard and pooH
tablcst Call or address , COO Couth 10th ftreet.
OmalA ) Neb. dfl-lm *
mAIiaS UP NOTICE Taken.up on Saturday
I Dec. 3rd ; two bay horses , ages about B and'
0 > cars ) fair cite and well matched. Owner can
ha > e came by protinf ; project ) aad payinu *
charier , WM. UAW1T7.EU , J mile went o <
< 2ual6jr > ' < ; soap ( ctur\ , Douglas precinct.
651 > oinCt
JL INO CO. . Will pay cash for horns bj thecar-
lee > ldrllt ered ab any rail road depot InRioux City.
Textia te rihom preferred Fat Mrtlculars od-
drea , D. C. Hobie , Supt. 61S-J1
S.kino , dcconxthe paintiDg. MRS. D. R.
WARDlfER , room 1 , Jacob's Block. & \2 U
! ) HAY At A. U. Son&r'a Feed Store )
BALK Hame > St. slB-tf
B 1st page.
EMI3 baa rattllnj long lists of DOUWM , low
B lauda and farm ! for ulo Call and I * *
NOT10K- Special advertlaeaenta , such a
Lost ; FoundTo / Loan , For Dale , To Rent.
Wants , Boarding etc. , will be Inserted In thi * .
colun * at the low rate of THN CENTS PER
LINE for tea fast Insertion aial FIA'K CENTO-
PEA LINE for each subsequMit insertion.
Leu e advertisements at our offlco , up-eULre , .
conwri Broadway and Uain otieets , Council :
Bhigs.WANTED To buy 100 teas broom com.
WANTED address- Council Bluffi *
Broom Factor > , Council Bluflu , Itw a. C6S-20t (
ITTANTED A first-class brcom tier. Mayno.
t Co. , G > uncll Bluffs , lowo. MO-30'
T OIi SALE Old papers 40o per hundred , a * /
The lice ofllcc. Council DluCa. ea7-tf fjfi
BltlUKrMAKEIIS. FOR SALE B acre * oc
TO more of land adjo'ninj ; . tlio lirlck-jird of
"ianner & Hal icV on Upp-r BrciuUiaj. For
lartlcuhm apply to Dnvld II id lies ort > llonner'a
UJLC at th&Boardtf Tmde rornm , Council Ulu2. >
77B-de22 3m
First-class saloon miles east"-
jJOIl SAL3 - 1Jmiles -
C city oa "Mo qulto , " onulne of K. I. R. Tt
oed place-to makv money. Addrm ,
BirOttlcu ,
dec9-0t Council Bl.UU.
ITrANTaD E\erjbod > iu Council BluJ . la
YY to < ke TIIK DIE , 20 rents per week , d *
' veredby mrrltn.
ftln , lip stairs , Couni.ll BiulTa. Ou-Mf
tickets continues to boom. Unprc3xlt.ut * < l
ratcj to nil eastern , points. K\i > 3y titkrt
; uarantj d. Orders fllle * ! uj Ulci > hona < Kroin
me to tin dolhra ca > ediby pjrchaala f. tlcluti
if C.A. Vottcr , successoitio Potter A. I'liinun , Ho.
0 Sou * Fifth tr < et , fi/Jr ddord below thu post-
illlee. Council HluftX lew * .
/ loj , ultbijioiiy , to
W/iMED at IlKK olilce , Couml ! Ulutis.
T10NAL18T. 493 Te44h Street , belwoon Vuuham
anillainey. WilU. ulth tbe oil. of iiuardlaa
IpUits , obtain f or aay one a gluna at the past
and present , and en certain coniiUoaj lu the fu-
; u . Boots and Bhoea made U > cider. Perfect.
Absolutely Pure.
Tlili powder ne\r \ tles. A moncl of purltr ,
itreniiui and whokwomcnees. More eeonomlcoi
than the nrdlrur ) kinds , and cannot to sold la
cou-petltlnn tilth the multitude ol lov , t < t.
short volyht , alum or pbc | iht pondtm.
Bold on ) ; ID on * .
N V ( Vwk.