Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 31, 1881, Page 2, Image 2

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Plymouth , N , 0 , , Captured h
Armed Mob ,
Who Have Already Wout
Four Whites and Will
Not Allow Them
Medical Holp.
Three Companies of Mi
Sent by the Governor 1
Quell the Disturbance
"With Order * to HBO Grnpo
National AuocUtdl 1'rfM.
HALEIOH , December "O. At
mouth , X. C. , oil nrmod mob o !
groes have token posscsflion of
towa nnd threaten to tear down
jnil anil rescue Jnko Stinger , n col
politician. The nhcrifV nnd n IIOBS
guarding the jail and troopi have
Mkcd of the governor.
IU LEI on , N. 0. , December DO.
In test information from.Plymouth
Bccnoof the negro tiot , indicates
the rioters do not intend to dis (
until forced to do so and they ,
obtained an old cannon and form
.barricade across one of the atreo
the town. The lender of the part ;
heavy young negro named Dick I !
ITIB , who has boon generally rogai
an a lawless and dangerous charai
The more peaceful negrooa have 1
intimidated by the loaders of
riot and given to understand
they have got to lend their hoi
the fight , should a conflict bo broi
on.Tho town in one of the oldos' '
the state. It in on the Plym <
sound , about thirty miles from a I
graph line on the railroad. The
that il is remotely located p
the negrooa , who are Inr ;
in the majority , confidence
their abilty to copu with
whites. In respond ) to appeals of
mayor and other leading citizen )
Plymouth , the governor has ordi
three companies of ntoto militia to
Hccno of the impending i
These trwops will leave 1
And other portions of the s
rut soon ns they can make arrai
mcnta to do so. They will be ui
command of an old ux-confcdci
diticcr , whose experience and ci
ago are relied upon to n
the disorder without bloods !
If the negroes cannot bo dispel
< | uickly tlio troops will have no B
plo about firing into them. I
white men have already been woun
nnd the blacks will not permit
physicians to attend them.
Aas lnation In Arizona-
Nation * ! Associated 1'rcsj.
SAN FliAXClsco , December 31
A determined attempt to ossassti
Deputy United States Marshal 1
was made at Tombstone , Ari/.i
laat nigh. Ho was fired u
with double-barrelled ahotg
loaded with buckshot by three i
concealed in au unfinished built
and was wounded' in the elbow
groin. His condition is very c
col. Judge Srficor , Marshfu
Hams , Wyutt Karp , Itecabaugh
others to whom the cow-boys li
Bent anonymous letters bidding tl
leave , arc in danger of asaoNsinati
No attempt to capture the nasus
has yet been made.
Robbery of Street Car *
National Associated Press.
TOLEDO , 0. , December 80. An
ganizod gang of banditti seem to h
made a plan for a general raid u
the street cars last night. Abut
o'clock the "highwaymen preson
their cocked revolvers before a dri
of the .Erie street cars and deman
hiu money box , which ho cm
ly gave up. About , 10 ocl
a bandj perhaps the s :
one , carried elf the money box <
Summit Hill ntreet car in a sini
manner. Later in the evening a
attempt upon the Moropolitan
was frustrated by the presence t
number of men in the car.
Dr Boyntou and Gnrflold-
National I'ri'in.
Toi'KKA , December ! ! 0. Uoplj
to the sUteuient of Marshal Ilci
as telegraphed fioni Washington c
corning the expenses incident to
illness of the late President Garft
Dr. S. K. Boynton sayu ho nc
mudo any charges during the pi
dent's sickness He had boon (
field's physician in Ohio , and by
quest , attended Mm. Garflelu
Washington. When ho left Garl
gave him u check for 91,000 , wl
ho returned , Baying that ho vis
Washington as a friend and dus
no remuneration for his services.
Murdered In HU Hallway
Nation * ! Awoclatod 1'nv * .
NKW YOUK , December HO. Li
Hiner , aged 40 , a saloon-keeper
144 Wett-Twenty-sixth street ,
murdered at 2 o'clock this mornin
the hallway of iiis house by ionic
known persons , supposed to have 1
thieves. Hiner. who slept over
saloon/ won aroused by hcnrit
noisu in the store- and Blurted d
stairs to ascertain the cause. In
dark hallway ho came upon the
traders , who shot and killed him
escaped before the occupants of
house were Aroused. The police
itearching tor the murderers.
Wife MuwUrer HM * d.
National Associated 1'rcw
Sr. LOUIK , December 510. Erb ,
wife murderer , wait hanged here
A olclock this morning. Ho urosi
4:15 a. in. , uaked for a drinl
whisky , chatted pleasantly about
approaching hanging , profeuod all
a willinj-neas to die aa n projier 03
tion of thu crime , ascended thu i
fold firmly , and died game ,
Coohise Main.
National AutOcuUcd i'liuw ,
JANCA > "r > : u , Ohio , December Ji
A cocking innin lusting all day
fou ht ycsteitlay for § 1,000 a i
Forty birds were left dead in thu
Struck A Pier.
J > ' Akhoclatoj I'/ciM.
December J)0. Jl
the steamer I3os
struck n pier of the Newport rni
bridge , tearing ofTone side o { thi
sel. The danmgo is over § 5.000.
or three pneacngcrs jumped int
river but nil wcro rescued.
Low corsages are { xilntcd ,
New tralni are richly trimmed.
Hrldes wear Ioo e wriitcd Klovcu.
StyllOi tilntcru are of green clotli.
I.RCO flccves arc RninR nut of ctyle.
Slhcrcd tulle ! § cd for bftll drc i
1'lii'h vacfUci | Are wornnt lunch pa
Shrimp pink i-unuch tmcil for ev
Xccklncw nt gold btadg nre chose
young ladici" .
Crape pufTn trim the neik nnd wii
rich drcfci.
.Tetted bonnet * reapjif nr M the fin
black bonnctK ,
Ortrich fenthcru loop the drajei
evening drcsres.
Small ilohe < and fhade arc pro
fur wax catnllf.
Chandrnn or copper color f the
red-brown nhndc.
New bodiccn are trftiflit nsroos the
and pointed behind ,
Cut onyx beixtlH are worn ai hracelc
ladiM in niotirnlnf * ,
White , and tialo pink bonncU are
wonint leceitllont.
Young ladicn abroad carry r\t \
cliony canes with heads.
Antlim | licail" , with jewelled cyei
Hie claipt for lirncclctf.
Oatrich feather hodici-1 nre preferr
those of fur on i ich clonkx ,
A Hyrncune girl [ laid n man -525 to
her how tn play draw poker ,
It In averted that nbont 'iOO Di
ludleii operate nt utock'boardii. *
Diamond collar bnttoim nro prcfcrrt
iro.icliiH for l.iJlott' linen colhtrH.
Tambourines decorated with hcwl p
ii ( ' arc lined for h'ii > bon lioxen.
Lndiea' ring's have the xtoncs net flr
.he iiiiftcr , iiifttcad of lengthwiac.
' RimV in then
Ve'\et with the llowem
n the favorite material for trains.
Low necked dreitcn nro more worn
him they have been for many ncMoni
Itono blue and green are combined
Iher ficuren on tulla fur ball costume
AVhltc dreasoH are not 10 popular
vintcr for children an they were last ;
Ludieii in mourning wear entire dr
if crape with cut jet beads for garni
Hattn with lace flouncen Is the fail
kble blnck toilet fur dlnnern and r <
lonn. '
BleovcH dllghlly gathered Into the
loin arc mure htylish thsn those i
I'ltli pulTn.
ISlackloven ( , black Ktuckinga and I
lirpcrH nro worn with white Bntin c
ng drexaeH ,
White uun's veiling drcsse * for
> 'cnr icccptloiiH arc to be worn by h
ti mourning ,
Slender Venetian clinini nre the
old clinhitt now worn around the
alii pendant * .
A faHhiiinahlc belle wiHldng tn be
crcnc on a rival xnld the only thing
va n't falne abo\it her was tliu holu ft
A lialtiinnre phyniciau My > t that
iceU cause the calf of the leg to ilwl
tway to Icnnn-tH of decripll ngo nut
ome n thin , Hhapelerm htiank.
A new washing machine advertise !
ias a cut representing nicely do
'oimg I ulicB crowding around the
hiiic , all nparently [ eager for the \
ego of doing the fjinlly wofildng.
One of the allegationn made in n L
illo wife'H bill of divorce Is that her
land , to euro her of jealousy , comp
ler to kins the woman of whom aho
ealouK , having brought the latter ti
louto for the purpose.
A noted flirt nt Akron , O. , IH inii
iave nil her love totten * bound In aAro'
or her parlor table. It IH n Him-boo
loth long nnd short meet her. If thlt
mo were to be produced to prove tha
inliear-lexH creature , she would hu\
ilcad jllty. | Norrlstuwn Herald.
A now glove hai been brought out
er the Maine of " leighhijf glove. "
ined kid , with n now mndo of fastci
lint In , tliu thumb piece brought U
dge of the glove ana drawn togcthei
trong clastic , BO that It can bo draw
ud on in n minute.
A few younj { ladles In Boeiety have
eared lately with their bhlnlug tresae
angcdnla ( lalnsborough a ntylo
ecoinlng to faces of a certain type ,
crrilily trying to othcrH. Patchex i
he face also appear in conjunction
din lilgh Htnicture , nnd wo presume ,
are not Hay , that powder wax addu
( implcto the ancient royal fashion ,
The fa'hlonnblfl room of thin peiiod
l t of n crowding of chnlrB of vni
lattormi. o ds , H/.CH and upholster
rith tofns , lounges , tete-a-tctcH , ta
asltn , foot-htools , inuslu ntands mill i
ancy furniture of various ntvles ; soft
ictH almost buriea beneath Turkish
> f ugly oriental patterns in uglier or
itid bric-ix-buic ntruwn lavishly o'
It in now the fashion In Kngland
ix'lleH to appear in two different chara
t tha HKIIIO fancy ball. The Oouutci
ioctivn rvcently ntpenrcd | diet an Ma
icotland , and Inter ns n shower of i
t the s.iiio ball Mrx. CornwallU
voro Hint the drcs of the "Com
' nada" In "La Mnscotte. " nud.iftor
hat of the priiices.i In thv "I-
Hiiexts. "
Skirts are giowing xhnrter , aivl it w
uem as if they had now irnched tin
reuiu limit of moderation. It isccrti
cry convenient tt > hive a ikiit
nediiim length for dancing or wall
tut it need not bo shorn of M 1U grac
itther of theno healthful exercluc * . i
nnovatnr , | > rcsiuuably n .Frenchman
list Introduced i\n odd arrangement o
ihort MkirtH , by making it the veriest
ihoiter In tha middle of thu back bre
, lmu at the videe ; thlx it dune b'
uutllest extra forming of a littlu liollc
JIB center of thu plaits attaching t' '
jam ) . Thu difference , U In Bixld , mil
10 ( light an ii' ) t to make the dress ni
k bit shorter ; but the effect to bo prod
s to keep it free from the boot lieeU
dm ) , , and give n little cachet to the
lot othirwlia produced in an ordi
ihort , round skirt.
Tulmage Muyn the use "lly
' ( JiMxlinwu ( iracloiu" lenl to hwea
But It la not convenient for wont
kftor iitittliiK up a ttoverilue , to ( jet li
mlpltaud pranoeand howl.
An JUkanxajiiimn named L dil iho
prlfe u lew day * ; { o because they dlnai
bout a immune In the Ulble. It In i
lunate tiling for the Nevr IVatatueii
tuorn that this ArkaimuH man won i
member of thtlr committee , All the i
inumbenijwould have died with tlielr
mi before reaching the AcU of the 4
lien. [ Norrl t4 > wn IK-rald ,
A biilUou ute od u church in J
l > hU , 'lemi. , walked Iel uiely dowi
main Ulc , anconded the pulnlt
seiK.d the colored preacher n d did n
leave It * liold until It wan beaten to d
\Vo haven't learned the do 'n pruvoca
but no doubt the pi etcher hod ju t
temt upon hU " I.\tluthly" alter pr
\\\K \ lor uulnmr Mid fifteen minutes ,
iuo t any dtf ( , If waiting for its mi
would luue acted thnt way. Norrli
DO\VII In Indiiuia n young lady vu
Jeied the lijfuru of \ > uu umin a tc
nod jirvkciited It to be bold at a el
fulr fur the benefit of the Sunday H
library. A testimonial to the yuiint ; I
ikill IH fiiund. lu the fact that wlic
intitor mid the dcucoiis kaw It
) ! u lieJ , and declared with omplmiii
the pcrten could not be exhibited
hnuld nnt bo nold. Thi § show * tha (
tue ha not entirely deputed from
nun ,
Inhln Iftit Kriclny ercn'tiK lecliiri
HetchcrKild llmt riymnuth church
founded by men who Mad tcrlpt lime
them ojunl lo the amntlut of their c <
ImtinnH , ilrn\vltiK rovcn pcrcint int
so that the contributors "got a very
" mild Mr. lice
diim out of lln church ,
One of thcxo Kcntlcmcn wn * entitles
front neat near the puliit | , but inntc
nvnlHiiR hlinj-clf of the privilege li
back in the rear under the gallery ,
rcawui for lhi was very hard to 1
until In a confidential mood ho "gave
nclf away" to n fellow member by MI ;
"If I sit awny up amonj ; thoce fe
thnt put Mils on tncjilnte I'll have to
lilllp , too ; but when I pet back here li
dari I can pivc a ( iiiartcrnnd nobodj
know the dillercncc. "
The Independent , referring to the
that "tho Jlpiccopal blnhop of Cok
recently dccoiisccr.leJ , ' the old chut
Denver , delivering It over t < nccular u
" In not said ,
iay : "How he did it
hap * he ( aid the prayer-bonk consecn
service backward. On the day that
congregation of HI. Jamen' church ,
Ixmdon , moved Into their ntw church
tmalinn for the day began ; 'O God ,
heathen arc come into thine inherit !
Thy holy temple nlsoha\o they deli
etc. The point of application wan
the Unltariam took pni ehfiion cf the
llpincopal chinch on the tame .Sunday
de-consecration tervici
WIIH the only -
record until now. No olfence to oui'
tari.inn friends WHH intended. It won
firtt of the 'iisalmit for the day , ' an
dcHlgncd conlnclilcnc'j but we are inn
thlngii woroe , inntead of better , an u
when one trliv ) to expla'n. "
To a. Skull.
Turn your face thin way ;
I'm not weary of It ;
Kvery hour i f every day
More and more I lovu it ;
( irinnhig in thnt jolly gulne
Of bare bone * and empty eyen.
Wan thin hollow dome ,
Where I tap my finger ,
Once the Hplrit'H narrow home
Where you lo\ed to linger ,
Hiding , anto-diy nre we ,
From the self-same dentiny !
O'er and o'er again
Ha < e I put th query :
Wan cxintenco all in vain
That you look BO cheery ?
Death of such benefit
That you Binild to think nf it ?
Did your throbbing brow
Tire of the flutter
Of such fancyinga a * now
You , nt last , may utter
In that grin id grimly Hunt' '
Only death can Understand J
Han the shallow glee
Of old dreamt of pleasure
f.eft you over wholly free
To float out , at lo.unrc ,
O'er the Rhore'eKx , trackless trimo
Of un oundcd circumstance ?
Only thin I read
In your changeless features ;
You , nt least , huvo gained a meed
Held from living creatures ;
You have naught to ask. lie-mle ,
You do grin to \tisficd !
Kissing on the Stnlrs.
An hour we'd spent in i ambling tlmiu
The atheim-um'H hnllx.
A.III ) gaxing at < he pictures fair
That hung ujron the wnlls.
jwcet dicams of love nnd beauty fnr
Awny drove rill our cares ;
\nd then we blithely went our way
A down the winding stairs.
The echoes from our footsteps rang
Through the pilenccclfo so cliawte ;
or none in sight or hearing wore ;
And then around your waist
Ktole my arm and preyed you close ,
As lover only dares ,
( \nd , while you marveled at my act ,
I kl-ied you on the strvirH.
IIow ro y red your sweet face grew
1 vet recall full well ,
And how you looked to nun that none
Had spied us , darling Nell.
Ah ! sweet the memory of that day
1 took you unawares.
31ose clasped you to my thtobbingbn
And kisjed you on the stntrn ,
\ml well 1 , too , remember , Nell ,
How , peeing none wore nigh ,
\galn you let me press you cloKo ,
And smothered , half a sigh ,
iVhlch waked n memory in my heart
Of half-remembered air.v
( Vnd , OH my iircimure you returned ,
You kissed me on the ( .tan * .
low dear that momentV tranxport B
Still to my memory clingi * ,
\nd to my longing , lonesome heart
A love song ever Hlngu !
' 'orgotten were the plctutes Keen ,
Forgotten all our c ires.
\ < * I kissed you , my darling ; , nnd
You kitscd mo ou the stair * .
"Baohupaiba. "
New , quick , complete euro in four d
irlnarv nlTcctiorut , Hiaartlng , fioquen
lllUcuU urination , kidney diHOiu.eH.
Druggist" . Depot at C' . V. GiHxlmuu'i
A nswUw in Kunian frliiU ) any
ted to marry \vithtii six inontlis after
Miring a divorce.
Judge Pratt of Hyracintoxnttor
jenerm of the state , who wni mariiei
Monday , is 70 yearn old.
.Senator CharlcH W. .Inncn , ol Kloi
vill noon marry Minx Mu clv , of an
midly of thnt iiauui nt
At Rotten the n wc t fenturo Is to 1
.he biidu and briilpgrcom ntuud dn
ho ceremony In n floral grotto mail
: hrynaitlienminH , adterx , lillci , pat
lower *
Mr. George A. Hicklcs , of New Y
is'lio has uttulued to the ripu ngu of 81
.he ownerrhiii of ten millions , U jut > t i
rlcd to Mm. Sawyer , hin IIUIHO and hr
Deeper ot the past fifteen or sn
rearn. The invitations declared
'no presents are expected , and i
will be rtceivrdifpent. " Thobrldegro
lou , Cen , Daniel K. SiuUw , war opp
to the wedding and ifecllncd attnndin
Niw YOUK , December L" ' , -The hi
avent of the week has been the man
> f the youngut ami only unmarried da
ter of William H. Vntiderbilt tn
Seward Webb , son of JntneH Watson W
The weddlnc cost Mr. Vandcrbilt
| irenenU and in oxniMuliture , about hi
nllllou doUarn. Mien I.ella , who ban
turned twenty , ban been the cynosu
ill the young men in New York sooiot'
; wu teammi ) , and it it said that her Ml
lavu numbered about three Kcore and
The i age for color develop * itwl
many ways : for instance , nt u church
ding lately tha eight brldemaiiU
dressed in ax many diltVienl uiluiH ,
great deal of careful airuiiKiinient
ueceiaury to produce a haruiouioiu gr
ing ; thu reriidt , however , wan vie )
achieved. Inthemattcrof weddlngapp
incuts ninny old time. honored mica
reoiied to fetter Individual choice. Ace
was glen lately oi a Krnrch bride
wan accompanied to tha ultar by tv
little ultli. nil under ten years of nge ,
iliviwvd llko littln princejiiies. Aw
lady at n large nriBlocrutc wedding
attended by two pages only , ilrcshe
wrurt siilU of pale blue velvet , with
and pinnies to norretpxiud.
< } ' < > . , Mcmlith , Jei ey City , \u
"Iho hi'liiNi ; lli.o.SKOM you sent me
the Jmiplc8t | clfect mi my daughter !
headache unit depletion ot HiiiriU lim
iihed. Khu in iigaln abl to go to bci
and Uni lively na n cricket. I tdiall
taluly recuuuuviid it Ui all my frii
1'ricv : 0 cent * , trlid bottl 10 cents.
II joneufftrrotn Djupofla , 1100
uuitDocK IILOOD nir
II jou are fifllktcd with DIllournrM , u o
II j ou are prostrated Ith nick Iteadarhc , ti
II j eur ttowclsare illsoriltrcd , rfpilAto then
If jour lltoodl ) mpure , purllj It with
IIUIIUOCK iiLooij inn
If ) ouha\c Indlpotlon , j-ou M1 hndan an
If roil are trotilitcd with Bprlng CompUInt
uUcutc them "till DDK DOCK UI.OOI ) HIT ]
It jour I.Ucr Is torplil , restore It to hralUiyi
fith UUItllOCK 1)IXK)1 ) > lim
f jour U\er I * affected , > on Kill Onil am
II jou ha\cany fiMclt-s odUunor or Plmpl
lot to take IIUIIDOCK I1LOOD BlTl
If you hw c any symptom * of Ulecra or Porol
joria , aiurathcri-meilr IU to found In
Tor Imparting itrcngth and < ltality to th
* m , ntthin can equal
'or XmouK and General Debility , tone u
> rlc , 1.00 per nettle ; Trial Bottlts 1C
Sold at whoUulo bj lib fe UcMabon and
Joodmac. J S7 eod
. . . . xt *
In Ho t > of Families
HostcUcr'x Stomach Hitter ) la 09 much rcg
is household ncremlly M HU ar or codec.
rcoaonofthl ) la that ) cars ol experience
irovcJ It to bo iicrfoct'y reliable in those ca
: mcrircnoy whcro a protniit and convenient
: ily It demnnilwl. Constipation , liter comp
J.\sptKl . IndlgCRtion and otlur trouble
nvrcomoby It.
Kor i le by all DruKVlKtaand Dcnlcra , to '
for Ilontcttcr'a Almanac. lor Ib82.
eVrtiol * * of Incorporation of
Mlllara Ffcnuor * ' Clntj.
ArticloH of incorporation inada
ulonted this 2 Jth day of October , /
.881 , by nnd between the undcreigne
luriioratore , as f olio WH , to- wit :
Article I. The name of this club Bhn
, ho Millnrd Fnnnem' club.
Article II. The principal place of
lesa of thin club fihuU be at Millard
,1011 , county of Douglas , Nebraska.
Article III , The general nature of
ictn to bo transacted by thin club i
oiuluct Kcneral literary and nocial '
ICSH and oilier entertaliunenU of a K
Article IV. The amonnt of capital i
> [ this club ahull be two thnuiuiul del
Hrided into shares of one dollar (
which rhall ba laid in the manuer
luribcd by the ultcctorR.
Artic'e V. Thin club Bluill common
ranmct Imninerg nnd exercifuitacoriM
) owern the 29th day of October , 1881 ,
ta powerH clmll ceiuie < > u tha 'J'Jth d.i
Jctolwr , 11IS1.
Article VI. The highcet amount nl
illity or iiulcbtedueex , wblcli tlin
'hull nt any one time subject iUlef , .
> u three hundied d > llnin ,
Article VII. The ollicorK of
: lnb hhull be ronduuted by
iiiivrd of tbiee dlrectorn , who fha
'lected ' from uuumg the stockholtlerf ,
hey nlmll : iiiH ] > int a prcHident nnd
ithor ( illlcorH IIH by law U required ,
.T. ULL-H ,
On thiH 20th day of October , A. 1) . I
xnvuiially , l > cforu me , Ch
: lrande , a notary publio for BJIW cov
lulius Sclimaler. J , Blum , Claiw S
iiuini , W. Oerndorf , to me known 1
hu vi ierH ol the foreRoin article * o
'ororntin , Mid acknowlcilKfd the HIXII
) o tholr voluntary act and deed.
Notary public in and fur Douglas cov
To Nervous Suftere
Dr. J. B , Simpson's Bpet
Tr f IH 1 * Tf f * y jflfBii _
U U MMitlverar * tor SpemuitoirhM , 8
VeokDM * . Impotancjr , and 11 Ulwaaet r * i
row Sell-Alnuo , M UcuUl AnxlttLo
Memory , Vtint In th lUA or Bide , mid dli
JJ ' 'M '
with o
rul eucc
_ _
> ent tro to all , Wilte ( or them and
Price , SperlOc , n.CO per package , or alx
HCCI lor ti.OO. Addrem all orden to
KOI. 104 and 106 Main SU Uufialo , N
Bold la Omaha by 0. V. Ooodmaii , 1 , Vf ,
K lib , and all
BOSFarrrtiam 61. , . , . Omahn , Nebr
400,000 . .
ro.ully nolecwd laniTlD Kaitern Ncbraa
ale. Ureat llaralni | la improved farnu
Jtuaba city proport ) ' ,
Propietor of the
Book Stor (
The Antiquarian's 'Wnrnlnt
Do not trunt him , gent la reader ,
Though his shelve * look trim nnd i
Do not heed the plate glawi window * .
bhlnlnK out upon the street.
Glided backing on the vcilnmc < i
> 'oon will fmle anil be forgot )
Gilded rtfttiH nru oft deceiving-
Gentle render , trust him not.
Header , once there Hxcd a ntudcnt ,
Who lout ; nought for learning mie ,
And ho met Win on the eldowallc ,
And he fnhcly led him there.
And he talked to him of TKADE SAIK
I'OTTKK'B bookB nnd ScilMUCKKtt'H lo
And I met him plodding homeward
With n Immlle to hli door.
Gentle reader , I liriv * waited ,
Nightly I have walked ttio street ,
Lingering for you on the corner ,
And this happy hour wo meet !
Hal o your eye to yonder window ,
whcio olir Htudeot , In the night ,
With a jtage of Scmift'KKii'a hlrtoiy ,
] tiFCup AM pipe to light.
lta'ler , linn not from me coldly ,
The truth only have I told ;
I would mi e theo from the book Mor
Where the customers are " oW. "
I W' uld shlcM thee from aU danger ,
fjhleld thce from the plate glium ma
Shun , ( ) , iimthe gilded counters ,
I have warned thee now UKTVAIII , !
H. Schonfelc
In\ ltd the attention ol the lot era o ( peed
liiKtohli uxt iwl\u and valuable esllcctl
In all ilejNxrtruents of Literature and ficl
Not only arc the niont eatctmMl KnjMlnl ;
Aincrkun norks to be found in hl nhehc.
and the Standard Writer *
Modern Europe are we 1 rcpn-acnU-d.
OwiDK to hli opportunities for securing
Hooks At low prices , be offcru them at 0
which can not be met by any other house li
city. Iurtlc < desiring
Good Books at tow Price
ire requested to oil Uscwhcro licforo re
licro that Uiej uiaroothe truth of thl
DislrlnK to ko pa nock of the \ cry Lent w
I carefully self ct only Mich a * could uiMt tr
prol l of a cultt\atcu taste.
In these days of chtnp literature it Uicry
to lni > for a little monc.i a lurno > tocli of p'r
iimttvr , bound In well glided cot era and pav
Iv termed books , lint nhlUi dceenu the tl1
the languagu of Oliarlca of I/ainb ,
"Things in Books' Clothing ,
It U to be regretted that so iniiny
iritcrato and mercenary , till thtlr ( lichen
llilaBpccliH of nikdlnK niaitur , thus icint
Ihclr storcB Into
Mere Oharnal Houses
For the Kllt'itWd nnil hot-iritMd iniimnv
lorfeottun or uiiliappllyunforKOttoii i-criblu
Ix't tlioM'ilio \ \ ltto \ read books of
r lNSIC VAI.Ui : , Btcp Into m > store nnd
ulll II ml Mhatc\cr they want.
Itcmcmbcr that by tne iliolco ofour )
\ ur character 1 1 judged. It him axiom
"people 111 not be better thin tliu booko
rwiil,1' Dr. A. Potter
The general reader , the lawyer , the das
thcolo Ual or medical Ftudent , the ciiKlnt
architect , the historical cmiulrcr , Ihu lo\
poetry or fiction , or t'.iom who look1 for MO
foreign Inngwajjes , can be supplied with \ > h
1 hae also a larxc and u ell Beleotfl kto >
tlc -ant Little Books for.Ghllarennt home
sliould liu remembered In this holiday ec
And thohcwho wish for chclcc and richly b
Rift book * , whose contents will bo found w-i
of Uiclr cMernat appearance , will do will t <
142O Douglass Street.
cuy. Anun-
falling cure
l for Seminal
Weakness ,
rhca , Impotency -
ency , and nil
' "
BEroilETAKIIia. i"enc" AFTII TAI
Sclf-Abuao ; ru Loss ot Memory , Universal I
tudc , Pain In the Back , Dlmncta ot Vision ,
nature Old Ago , Mid uiany other DIeo on
trad to Insanity or Consumption and a 1'r
; uraGra\e.
farKull particular * In our pamuhUt , T
* e dt olro to rend treu t r mall to ever }
tan'rio Specldc Medicine la told by all dru
it tl per package , or ( I l ick > < cs for t ! ' , or
10 ficiit true by mail on re : pt ol the innuv ]
irfdrm lii | ; T1IKORA IKDIC'INK CO.
lluffalo , N.
For calo by C. K Goodr oc7mo
CnU cr-at ipcciliu vnrea that most 1 oat hi
Whether in it * Primary , Second
or 1'ortiary Stace-
llcmoxtn all traot-Kof J'trcurj from the
tuiu , Curt's Bcrofulit , Olit Sorti , lihiuma
tUm , Kr/cma , Catarrh or any
Cnro * When Hot Spring * Fa !
Malvtrn , Ark. , May , \ &
\Ve liao IIWOH In our tow n who lived ut
prink' ' and \\ITO llnally cured with S. H. H.
MrCxuxov A Jit n
UemphU , Menu. , May 12 , Ih
We hate Hold l..IH ! lioflrx of H.H. 8. lu u ,
It hM ulM'ii nnlicrnal NitUtActlon , Kulr ml
| ) hidclaim now rieoinincnd It a po <
ipi'dllc. H. MAittmuj del
IxuU\Ulc , Ky , , Hay 111. IS
H. S. H , him Kivtn better autlilactlon than
tnedlilue I bau vtr Mid , J ,
| ) meiCol. , Maj ' . ' . 18
KMTJ iiurdia irliH' lHln tbu hlxhtut t
) ( S. S. h. L. Mdwt
Itkhoiond. V . , Vlayll , 18
You urn r ler an ) txxly to ui In n irard t
lutritu ol b. S. S. Folk , IHllir i i
ll te ncrt r known tl. H. H. to fill to cure u
} f H ) | > liUU , hca properly takrn ,
ll. L. DcnnarU. lii.r\ i
Tbr iiljom ! j ) ir urru-rntleman
inc. A II
lluvriiinr ol OH P.
. . .
Wrltu for ( > rtlailara and oopj ot
book * Mi niu to the Unfortunate.1'
$1OOO KnWBtd "HI w.ral'
llu'ratut who will IliiU , on atuljaU 100 U
S H. S.ciu > jurltclo of Mercury , lodlile I
klumoraio Uliierut ul tiin.v.
BWlrT Sl'lX'IflC CO. r-ropi.
1'ricu ol ri'iiilftr ! ' nilin-eii to 4I.72K | |
llo Small t'te , Ualillnghalf lliu quantity , ]
Soli ! l > y K1WXA11D i CO. ,
ind Uruiojlits CtiKrnlly
A. G , TROUP ,
E3 ILsT GIB J ± V 13sT G-
While our Work is better , our Prices are Lower
than all others.
I received all of the SIX FIRST PREMIUMS-
offered for Competition in our line
Over All Competitors.
For the Best Watch Work ,
For the Best Jewelry , ( own make. )
For the Best Engraving ,
For the Best Diamonds ( own importation }
Hartal lately enlarged my workahpps and putting In now , jid improve * , t
ihincry , I hope to ttill more improve the quality and finish "f our
ork and fill orders with more promptness than is usual.
My Mctlo has always boon and always will be : "First to gain superior
ties and then advertise the fact not before no wild advertisements
. Seme unprincipled dealers being in the hnbit of c pying my
arnouncomenta , I would beg you , the reader of this , to
draw a line between such copied advertisements
and thoao of Yours very truly ,
r _ . fii
The Reliable Jeweler , Omaha , Neb. .
Sign of thft Striking Tovr
Opera House Clothing Store
217 South 15th St. , Under
" " " "
Large Stock and New Goods ! All Goods Marked ) u Plain
Figures ! Strictly
[ f Honest Goods , Low Prices and Courteous treatment will do
t , all who call and see for themselves will be satisfied that the
3PT3RA. HOUSE CLOTHING STORE is the place to buy. :
A Few Handsome Articles Left !
Dent Buy Anything Until you Look at
KUHN & CO. ,
Fifteenth and Douglas St.
B | C I P"1
Banishes ! Gores Prevents
Bad Breath , Chest Pains , rnemnonia ,
Blood Spitting , Gelds and Chills , .Phleghm in the Throat
Breathlessness , Gattarrhs , I Pains in the Sides ,
Bronchitis , Group , ' Pleurisy ,
Urompton Hotnita i * the LAUOKST .
he object h the treatment nf LUNtt AND CHEST
; KMINKNT PHYSICIAXS in London , to whom w owe this
of the MOST
.heMOSTSUCOK3SFULKEMiDY : : OF THE AOK. In the BritUh Metropolis
done it hill eifected moie than 1,000.000 OU11ES , and in . the trying Winter of 1880 it
: r dited with linvlns WAVED HUNDHED3 OK LIVKS.
, Send for Sample Bottle , 35 cent *
Obtainable only ( in Bottles $1.00 and GOc each ) , from
ADDRESS. tf. 8.W. RESIDENCE Plerc ndlot'-B
Flour , Feed , Grain , Baled Hay.
Winter and Spring Wheat Flour , Rye Flour , Graham ,
Bran , Corn , Oats and Chopped Feed of all Kinds.
Oor. Eighth and Farnham Streets , Omaha ,
0 UecWSni ar |