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    O OMAHA DAILY B15K : TilUJiSDAY. DECEMBER , 2 ! ) 1881.
A Tragedy in Kansas with
Seine Extraordinary
Ono of ttn Mast DnllTiprftto nud
Carefully Plnnnmt MnriluM
on Hccnrtl.
N > w York WorM.
A romarkixblo story of attempfed
swindling , involving n cold-blooded
murder , was told to a World reporter
yesterday at the olllco of the Mutual
' Lifo Insur.tiKio Company. The prm- actor in it has not yet btun ap-
' nrohcndfd , but the tlotcctivea are on
'his track and it is expected that ho
will bo captured very coon. All the
documents in this oaring aclieme , the
photographs of the adorn and 'heir
victim , the letters which his and they
wrote , are in the pojseettion of the
company and wercaoen yesterday by
the reporter. The story , briefly told ,
'is as follows :
In December , 1878 , John AV. Hill
man made applications for insurance
on his lifo , at Law ranee , Kansas , in
the offices of the Mutual , the New
York and Connecticut Mutual Life
Inauranco Companies. The applica
tions were forwarded to the home of-
.ficea , and in the same month ho was
insured for $25,000 810,000 in each
ot the Now York companion , and
$5,000 in thu Connecticut
Ho paid the first quarterly premium
to thu three companies , and thun
started for the far cattle ranch. A
companion started with him , named
John II. Brown. While crossing the
prairies they mot a young man named
Frederick A. Waltrtrs , whom Hiliman
hired to accompany them to tend cattle
tlo on the ranch. On the evening of
March 10th , 1879 , the party camped
n few miles outsidoof Medicine Lodge ,
Barbour County , Kansas. The fol
lowing morning Brown came into the
villiige ! and announced that IIH | friend
Ilillman had buon accidentally chot
while removing some goods from their
wngon. A coroner's jury was impan
elled and Vent out to the camping
ground , when Brown narrated the
story of the shooting. Ho nnid that
Hiliman and himeelf bad boon travel
ing together , without any companion ,
in search of a cattle ranch. A verdict
o'f accidental death was rendered , and
the body WIH buried in the cL'inotery
Of Medicine Lodgo. Valteis had dis
appeared , and nothing waa hoard of
When the news of llillman'a death
was brought to his friondu in Law
rence they refused to believe the
story of accidental shooting , arid had
the body exhumed and brought home.
Another inquest was hold , and an ex
amination of the body revealed the
fact that it Has not that of Ilillman.
The insurance companies agreed to
act together , and sift the matter lethe
the bottom. They believe that Hill-
irian was still alive , and that he and
Brown had procured thu corpse for
the purpose of securing the insurance.
The dead man was not not like Hillman -
man ; his hair was curly , and came
down around bin face , while Hillman's
was quite straight , and was brushed *
back from his forehead. The dead
man hud1 the usual number of teeth ,
while Hiliman was known to have ono
mitsing. The dead man had rocontlv
been vaccinated , and the scar on hfs
arm was quite- fresh and sore. Hillman -
man had alno boon vaccinated just be
fore starting OH hia trip , but the doc
tors certified that the scar on Hill-
man's body must have become cica
trized by that time. The dead body
was taller than Hillmnn's , and it
remembered that Hiliman had tried
to 'get his height falsified while under
going the medical examination in the
insurance companies' ofiicea. The fatal -
tal- wound also -waa one which could
hardly have been intlicted in the man
ner described by Brown , and thu lat
ter had become very much confusud
at the inquest in narrating the details
of the occuranco. Altogether it was
evident that thu dead man was not
Hiliman , but who he was remained a
A photograph of the corpse was tak
en and Bunt to various placoe. It WOH
firat recognized nt Fort Madiaon ,
Iowa , u.i that o * Frederick A , Wal
ters , the man who joined Brown and
Hiliman on their supposed search
for u cnttlo ranch. When the photo
graph waa shown to Walters' father
bo at once rououii'zod thu features as
thosu ot his son. Ho took it homo
with himunduuuidontully dropping it
from his pocket , it waff seen by his
wife and daughter , who at once burat
into tears. Several letters of Walters
woru also found. Ono to his RWtiut-
heart , in Fort Madinou , whom ho ad-
drusHud us "Dearoat Alvlri , " stated
that lui xvim going weat with a man
named Ilillman , who owned a largo
cattle ranch , and who hnd agreed to
give him very liberal wages for bis
services. Hu told her to remain con
stant to him and ho would return in a
few months with enough money for
their marriage. Walters' brother de-
Dcribcd thu body before HColng it , and
said thuro waa a mole about thu si/o
of u pua on thu luft lug. Thu body
answered thu doHcrintion , oven to the
small mole. This lott no doubt that
bo had boon -killed by Uillni'tu and
Brown aa a substitute tor the former's
body in order to secure the insurance
Brown was arrested and madu a full
confession in Septouibur , 187' ) , in
'Plat/o / County , Bio. , saying that the
pn'ccodinc wu. < part of a ucliemo ti
defraud the insurance companies ,
He Raid that ho was acquainted witli
all the parties to the cnemo , Thuj
woru Hiliman , Luvi Baldwin Hill
man's father-in-law Mr . Baldwin
and liimaolf. Baldwin furnished tlu
money in the operation. Hillmar
waa to insure his life for 915,000 , and
Brown and he were lo find u body tc
palm off on the insurance companies ,
It was afterward ducidcd to have Hill
man insured for $25,000. "Wo Imc
no definite plan for the finding of i
body , but supposed we could caailj
got QUO. Wo made a trip in thu hitter
tor part of December , 1878 , fron
Wichita to the wcat duiing a heav ;
snow-storm , hoping to find eomu on
fro/eu to death on thu road , but dii
not succeed. Ilillman and I wur
alone oil , the trip. Ou 'tho Oth c
Much o stirlod on ft ocontl trip.
On tins tup wo fell in with Walters ,
whom Hilltium hircil to work on n
ranch. Hillmaii' taul tlml Walters
wqulcl' ' niaKo n peed body for the in-
Humnco cotnpanicfl. I told him the
body wnn not like hia , nnd thnt it
nrould iifit do , nnd I nlw > protested
agaiiiBt Ihu taking of Wallors' lifo as
murder was notpiirt of our agreement.
Ilillmnn liked thu idut , however , mid
p.iitiB iNcro taken that not moro than
I wo of u.i should bo seen around the
wagon. Olio of us wai alwiiya iinhlo.
"Ilillmnn hud been vaccinated bo-
f"ro wo left on this trip , and ono day
ho advihoil Wallers to uct vaccinated ,
at I hero would bu danger of Rinall-pox
in the rtyion whcro wo were ( , 'oin- { {
Wnlti'M consented , and Ilillman vac
cinated him with a penknife , Baking
the matter from his own arm , 'J'his '
was relied upon to help oatahliHh the
identity of Walters ai Uiilinan. Hillman -
man aim ; traded off his clothes with
Walters , llu gave Wallum a lot of
underclothing , and ( bun traded his
outside gannuntfl. Walters was an
onnygoing stupid sort of follow , Ho
imid that bin name was Horkloy or
Burcholl , Wo always called him Joe.
I never madu free with him after Hillman -
man tiad inado his .mind up to kill
him. I did not want to bccomo inti
mate with him. On the evening wo
( , 'ot to camp , on the Kith of March ,
Joe was flitting by the tiro. I was at
the wagon , trying to got out noino
things , when I heard n report , and
saw tlio man was shot. Ilillman
dragged the body to ono aide , and put
ono ot his own books in the dead
man's pocket. Ho then took Joo'a va-
line and went off. Ho was about
to tell mo where he was
going , but I told him I did not
want to know , as I could find
out > eon enough. I have never hoard
of him since. Mm. Hiliman bus paid
to mo flinco then that aim know whcro
he WIIH , I alHo hoard that ho was
travelling undur the name of William
MOHA. Baldwin and his \vifo knew all
about tliiw. "
Subneiiuontly Brown uocapod and
retracted thin confcsmon , saying that
he had bncit induced to make it by
the lawyers for the inauranco compa
nies , who , he said , had told him that
it ho would make it , and is Mrs. Hillman -
man would deliver the policies to the
companion , ho would bo promittcd to
[ ; o free. .Alr.i. Hiliman did nurrundur
the policies , and confessed that she
know her hiiHband was alivo. The
H'aldwitm , Mra. Hiliman and Drown
liavo uinco disappeared , and no trace
: f them have been found. Hiliman
liimself baa been frt'tjuontly soonsinco
thun , and ho in known to bo in HOIIIO
: if the mining camps around Load-
I'illo. The companioa have detectives
mi his track , and they rcooivo reports
pf the progress of the hunt. Hillmati
is said to bo a typical wuotorn bravo ,
and it is sunniascd that thodetootivos
: ire inoro afraid of him than desirous
of gaining the reward for bin capture.
Plattimnnth Pointrtrn-
Corrc | Wnlcncu of Tim IlKr.
l'iAiTSMotrrir , Nob. , December 28.
The nnuual ball and auppor of
Plattamcnth Lodge A. F. & A. M.
mm hold hero last evening and pronounced -
nouncod by all a decided success.
rhoRC parties are always looked for
ward to with A great deal of pleasure ,
uid last night wna no exception to the
rule. The exorcises were hold in
MMQIUO block ono side being used
for social enjoyment , the other for
Jancing , mippor was served at the
Perkins house. The invitations were
limited this year , each mason having
Jio privilcgo of inviting ono friend.
The young ladies of the Episcopal
ihurch give a mascjuo ball on the ovo-
lini ; of the liflth at Fitzgerald's hall
, vliich promises to bo the most ro-
ihorchu i > ( fair of the season ,
Plattsmouth has another boom ,
contracts for over $100,000 have boon
lot for improvements the coming
B. L. Davis , of the class of ' 83 of
the state university , has been onghgod
is assistant principal in our high
school and ia giving the boat of Balis-
faction. Mr , 8 , is n young man of
unusual ability and an honor to his
alma , mater.
A number of Plattsmouth young
people are homo for the holidays ,
among thorn being D II. Wheeler ,
Jr. , M. E. Wheeler , 0. N. Parnoll ,
T. P. Livingston , of the state univer
sity ; Misa Mattie Cooper , of Brownoll
Hall ; 0.V. . Spurlock , of the Methodist -
dist school nt York , and I < , S tad el-
man , of the military school of Minne
sota.Dr. . Die Lewis , the noted lecturer
and originator of the Ohio crusade ,
paid Plattamuuth H short visit this
wuuk , thu cuost of ilia cousins , Mr.
and Mra. D. H. Whoolor.
Thu now Perkins Uotiao is meeting
with such Hticccsa that it is thought
ncmmry to enlarge to accommodate
the public. This spe.iks well for
Plattsmouth is to have a now twenty
thousand dollar oper.i house , to bo
ro.uly for occupancy by next fall.
D. H.
A Rixllwny Acoldnut.
The maddoat man in the ntato is i
oigh train conductor on the La
Orosso division. 1.1 in train waa cominj
east , and this side of Now Lisbon the
conductor miaaod one of hia brakomoi
man naniud Gregg. After Icarnin
that ho was not on the train the con
duotor signalled the engineer to stop
and it vras backed up slowly , the boy
looking for the body of their lat
comrade , expecting to find it mashei
up finer than powuor , Two hours th
boys searched in vain for the deceased
and then the train waa lucked im
Now Lisbon and A searching part ,
ordered out. About this time th
brakunmn was seen walking along th
street with a girl on his arm. Ho wai
"mashed , " but not fatally. The cou
ductor borrowed a shot-gun and atari
od for Gregg , but ho took to the wood
across the Lomonwoir river , and i
subaiating on love mid what little stu
the girl carries him in n basket. Ih
conductor waa so mad when ho got t
Portage that ho had a hot box ,
Uncd to nay : "Jloyn , If your blood In ot
of cnler try Uurdock tea1 anil then the
had tn uiB the lluulock nml boll It d w
in kettle/ , making a iunty HinelllnK dococ
tlon. Aowryou et all the ouruthu lirni
cititH pu up In a palatable form in Ifi !
DOCK lltoou Umtitb. 1'rlcc 1 , tilol Hlz
lOoeutu. 25. Jw
The Prosperity of the Farme of
Nodavmy , Brooka nnd
Smithtown , lowft.
Pnrxonnl Mention.
Corrcipondcncfl of Tim ) ) n .
BUOOK.H , Adams county , Ja. , December -
comber 27. Thrco little towns along
the iatorn branch of the Nodaway ,
nay come in for their share of attcn-
Nodaway , live miles east of Yilliaca
sa village of 100 , although its business
nlereslH were somewhat injured by
ire n few years ago.
M. J. Simpson & Co. have a largo
toro , filled with general merchandise ,
nd have the business of the town.
They are located in n largo ahowy
luilding , and they do not propoao to
ot the trade go away from the town.
Mr. J. H. Shearer , the gentlemanly
Ution audit , i a cunning workman
vith a jack-knife , and baa worked up
uito a trade in violins. Ho has the
imputation of manufacturing a finu
rticlo , and finds sale for them at good
> rices , much faster than ho can make
lium.Wo called to enquire for the young
whowas hot
nan John Amspoker , -was
omo aovon or eight weeks ago , by the
riminal caroloaanoss of another young
nan. Young Amspoker , who ia rep-
eaontod as being a steady boy , was
landing after dark on the steps in
rent of the post oflico , when
ovoral "smart young men" came
long , on their way to attend a "calli-
liumpian entertainment , " or "grand
> ow-wow" around the house of a new-
y married couple , and one of them
rod off his pistol for aport , and young
Amepoker was terribly wounded , the
mil going in just forward and below
lie arm , and in the direction of the
thor shoulder.
The physicians have done all in
loir power , and many join with the
nxious mother in the hope that ho
lay recover.
It seems as though fathers and
nothers would learn that fire arms
ro not lit play things for children or
awless and worthless boys and men ,
nd that these gatherings of rowdyism
ro usually off from thu same cloth
vith highway robberies.
Brooks , ten miles cast of Vi llisca ,
ias about 200 inhabitants , with three
[ lurches , a graded school , live or six
tores , two blacksmith chops , harness
lop , drug store , elevators , lumber
urd , &c.
Dr. J. S. Peregrine and brother
mvo iv good supply of drugs and
landln musical inatrumontH. The
qctor settled bore twenty-six yearn
go , and has been untiring in hia of-
orts to improve the village.
lo ia an excellent physician , \ Cita \
argo practice , a wido-awako business
nan and entertains advanced ideas on
lie questions of the day.
0. 8. Scott , an old citi/.un , but now
loatmaater , hns'his oflico with Henry
lublo , in his grocery storo.
The Tucker Bros have a good stock
f general merchandise , in a largo and
ommodious building , while John \V.
Voller in a small room , is in compoti-
ion in the satno line.
Jacob Haylett , of the blacksmith
nd wagon shop , ia a man of largo
liought and an active live man who
inds use for TUB DAILY BKB. His
argo shop is painted in good style and
isido there is every indication that
aoob In n master workman as well as
ne of the best of neighbors , and a
obor , industrious mau.
It. E. Young has a good stock of
larneaa , whips , blankets , &c. , and has
good trade.
James M. Harvey , the "slender
) lacksinith , " is the owner of 15or 20
warms of bees , some American and
omo Italian. Ho reports that they
ro healthy and prosperous , and ho
) oliovcs the boo culture is a great suc-
oss hero.
H. S. Moore is a stock dealer , and
. Y. Qilmoro has two elevators ,
vhilo Dixon'fl lumber yurd is a marvel
nd covers as much ground as any
ard within fifty union.
The railroad have undertaken to
traighton the Nodaway along this
alloy , so as to keep it on ono
ido of the railroad instead of immn-
oring from side to dido BO often , and
iio earth removed to make a channel
or the stream is being placed near the
rack , and looks as though they in-
ended to make a double track HOIIIO
ay. and they are running an extra
rain from Villisca to llud Oak now ,
o lighten the freight trains , as
his is the heaviest urado on
ho road. Nearly n hundred trains
) ABB over this road daily , and as the
) uaincB8 increanos the company are
mproving the toad , putting in good
stone work and gradintr up to the track
.hrough . the towiiB , and it is expected
> y many knowing ones that within it
rear or two new station IUJUBCX w ill bo
milt all along this line ,
Four or live miles south of Ihooks
s the thriving young village
if Bmithtown , whoio u two
thousand dollar M. K. church i *
juat finished , and some largo and
costly stores nro being erected , and
will bo tilled with full a took it of gen
eral merchandise , and the people are
asking for a daily mail , while the
blacksmith and hotel men and other
shopjion and traders are on the way
to locate there , as THK WKKKLY BBK
has to stay , Buriccvt : .
If you are aiuToring from a Cough ,
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tlm Ihiiuii , nr any nUi-ction of thi
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Kind's Now Discovery liavo been usi-t
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ConductsiD1 tantcrni.
CAHH , and
find tliematliabt 1U to 30 per cant. ICM that
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All AreiWelcome , Whether They Wan
Propietor of the
Book Stoz e !
The Antiqnarinn'dVnrninR -
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Hlilnlng out urmii the street.
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Gentlu reader , trust him nut.
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Who long nought fop learning rare ,
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With a bundle to lii door.
Ocntle render , I lav waited ,
Nightly I have walked tl e street ,
Lingering for you on the corner ,
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lire that they mi } prove the truth of thin ns-
> cnloip.
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lie Imiftiiage of Chariot of l.imli ,
"Things in Books' ' Clothing , "
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'people will not lie better than the books t ey
tad,1' lr A. Totter
The Ki-noral under , the lawjtr , the rlaxHical ,
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architect the historical enquirer , llielOMrof
> oetry or fiction , or t'loits who look ( or work In
orclgn language.8 , can be supplied with what la
I hac also a lirue anil w ell nelecto I Block of
Icgant Little Books for Children at home , who
liould be retrmuibere J In this holiday season.
And thoeewho wlh for choice and rldily hound
gift bookH , whose contents will bo found wor.hy
of their external aj pcaranco ' , will do well to call
142O Douglass Stret-t.
o < iy. Anun-
falllntr euro
for Seminal
Weakness ,
rhea , Impotency -
ency , ana all
Diseases that *
follow O9 A
.Self-Abuse ; OH Loss of Memory , Universal Lassl <
tudo , I'aln In the Uack , Dimness of Vision , Premature <
mature Old Age , and many other DUeascs thai
lead to Insanity or Consumption and a Prema
ture Orate , *
jtarKull particulars tn our pamulilot , whlcb
H deslru to send free t . mall to everyone ,
rThe Speclflc Mullclno Is Jold by all drUKKfctt
at 81 per package , or 0 pack ? es for 85 , or will
bo bunt free by mall on ro ? pt of the money , b )
addressing THEGIIA IBDfCINCCO. ,
nuffalo , N. Y.
For nalo bv C. P Ooodr oc7mu-eod
United States Depository
Oor. 13th and Farnam Sta.
arAiiUBiiKu IHM.
Ortcanliod aa a Katlonal lUnlc Augiul 20 , JSdS
KCUMZH , 1'ruiMcnt.
ACOUBTl'8 KOI'MZI , Vice I'KflMl U > .
II , W. YATIU , liuhlnr. '
A. J. rorrumis , Atcorne > .
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Hop Bitter . ue , UM Hop B.
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ared * . A TVrvato , DDL
O. F. Manderson ,
I rarnhaai 8 * , .
E 1 I
Manufacturing Company ,
( M ? Jh C/ *
Finest , Silver Plated Spoons and Forks.
/ ,
The only und ( | Uional plato that
original firm ot\ \ '
is giving for instance -
Rogers Bros.
stance a single
All ou > SjwonB ,
Forks and plated Spoon a
Knives plated triple thiokncHB
with the greatest
plato only on
of care. Each
the a o o t i o a
lot being hung
ou a scnlo wbilo whore expo d
being plated , tc to wear , thereby
insuru n full deposit
making a singlu
posit of silver ot-
pbtted Spoon
them ,
wear as long aa
We would cell
a triple plated
especial attention
tion to
our BCC-
Rival. Orient. Tiwod. - -
All Ordcn la the West nhaald tx AddrcaBod to
Wholesale Jeweler ,
Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
Best Line of Toilet Setts and Odor Gases in the City , Also some
very nice Card , Letter and Cigar Oases , and a fall line of Ladies'
ana Cents' Pocket Books.
. Corner 15th and Farnham Sts.
A Few Handsome Articles Leftl
Dent Buy Anything Until you Look at
Fifteenth and Douglas St.
105 Street S , 5th , WOOLLEY & DAVIS
Stationers , Fapsr dealers aid Enpavers ,
Latest Novelties in Wedding Goods , Menus ,
Visiting and Advertising Cards , BalljProgrammes , &c.
Also , Paper Bags , Flat and Wrapping Paper , Envelops , Bill ,
Letter and Note Ileails ,
Practical Sausage Manufacturer ,
Family orders attended to with despatch , and every
thing promised satisfactory. I invite a call at
No. 210 South Tenth Street.