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We hnvo often been asked why wo
commenced the manufacture of Cigar-
ottos. Because our attention had
bocn called to the fact by numerous
articles written by medical and scien
tific men that opium and other drugs
were being largely used in Cigarettes ,
and that the paper used for wrapping
was made from the filthy scrapings of
ragpickers , bleached with lime and
other substances , which seriously af
fected the membranes ot the throat
nnd nose , and were the prime cause of
the throat nnd nasal troubles which
followed cigarette smoking , nnd they
prophesied incalculable damage to
health unless these troubles could bo
Feeling that the time was ripe for ,
nnd that the trade would appreciate ,
a perfectly pure cigarette , and know
ing the advantages wo enjoyed of se
curing the very finest pickings of the
crops ( our factory being locatml in
Durham and the Dukes 'having been
planters , handlers and manufacturers
of tobacco all their lives , nnd one of
them being on Hio market every day ) ,
wo concluded to add this now depart
ment to our already extensive smok
ing tobacco trndo , and make only a
pure Cigarette , free of all drugs ,
wrapped with the finest imported
French rico paper , upon the merit of
which wo would stake our reputation.
Such nn article is the DUKE OF
DURHAM Cigarette , nnd wo intend
to keep it so. Rico paper is consid
ered less injurious than anything that
can bo used for wrapping Cigarettes ;
but as it is very Mxpensivo all do not
use it who claim to.
The following is an exact copy of a
latter , now in our possession , from
ouo of the largest importers of rico
paper in the United States , through
whom wo import the rico paper for
the Duke of Durham Cigarettes :
Importers of French Cigarette Paper ,
and Solo Agents in the United
States for the Celebrated French
Gambler Clay Pipes.
NKW IOUK , Sept. 3 , 1881.
Messrs. W. Duke , Sons & Co. , Dur
ham , N. C. :
GKNTLKMES In reply to your favor UGtVi
ult. , we have t ntate that tne paper we
furniBh you , "KIS SUl'UUFINK" ( Su
perfine Ilice ) , is the i urest rice paper
which can be made , mid we claim that
NOWHKRE and for NO MONEY , you
could have it as good. Our paper 1m *
been recognized to i e the bent of all , anil
contains nothing which can injuie the
Lealth. Yours respect fully ,
The e DUKE OF DUKHAM Cigarettes -
ettes are for HJO by nil leading tobacco
nists and grocers in the city.
How Mark TwaU Failed.
National Associated Prow.
OTTAWA , Ontario , December 20.
Mark Twain's unsuccessful attempt fc >
secure a Canadian copyright for his
new work , "Prince and Pauper , " has
created considerable interest among
Canadian publishers. Air. Tache ,
deputy minister of agriculture , is
authority for the statement that the
refusal of the application for a copy
right was on account of Twain's neg
lect to state positively that his domi
cile at the time the application was
made was in the Dominion of Canada
aa required by law.
North-west Indians 'Whipped.
Nntlona Associated 1'rcwi
OTTAWA , Out. , December 20. In
dians report buffalo very numerous
"between Cyprrss Hills and the South
brunch of the Saskatchewan and that
they are traveling inland. A great
many are being killed , and hunters
are saving every pound of meat.
News from the Northwest territory
says , some time r go a war party of
: X ) Blnckfeet and 300 Crees left for
Ijow river on ho war path across the
line against the Crows. A large num
ber is said to have been killed.
Marion Intelligence-
National Associated Press ,
NKW YOKK , December 20. Sailed
The Alaska for Liverpool.
Arrived The Circassian from Glas
IloTTKiiiiAM , December 20. Sailed
On the 18th , the Rotterdam for
Now York.
LOUNK , December 20. Sailed On
the 10th , the State of Alabama for
Now York.
National Associated J'rtBa.
CHICAGO , December 20. A great
cocking main took place at Oakland ,
Wis. , lust night between Chicago and
Milwaukee birds. Eloyon battles
were fought , Chicago chickens win
ning seven of them. Milwaukee
sports bet heavily and lost largo sums
of money. The battles were fought
in the upper story of the village hotel.
Death of a California Pioneer * .
National Associated Frew.
SAX FRANCISCO , December 20.
Daniel II. Haskell , a pioneer of the
tatti , formerly head of the banking
firm of Adams it Co. , after being ar
rested tliis morning for bogging , was
sent to the ulinshouse , where ho died
an hour afterwards , (55 ( years old.
"What Alia Henry Wentworth.
National Associated "ress.
CIIKJAOO , December 20. Henry
0. Wentworth , for the past fifteen
years general passenger and ticket
agontoi the Michigan Central railroad ,
is said to bo hopelessly ill with kid-
jioy disease. _
A Hugo Auaooiiila JLooso.
National Associated I'ress.
CINCINNATI , Doc mbor 20. The
liugo anaconda belonging to John
llobinBon's circus has escaped from
its cage. It is supposed to bo crawling -
ing somewhere around the city ,
Hoar's ' Female Suffrage Resolu
tion Having a Hard Time.
The Business Transnctod at
the Sessions of the Son-
nto Yesterday.
Elamo 3nid to bo Booking a
Nomination for President
by the Democrats.
Ex-Senator Howe Confirmed as
Postmaster General.
MIsoollnuooaa Notnn irom the Na
tional Capital.
National An oclatcd 1'rtw.
WAHIIISOTOV , December 20. Nu
merous petitions for legislation in re
gard to railroad and interstate com
merce and for the repeal of the tax on
bank deposits wcro presented in the
senate this morning.
Air. Ingalls , from the cointnmittco
on Indian affairs , reported a bill for
the sale of the Miami Indian lands in
Kansas. Placed on the calendar.
Mr. Bayard , from the finance com
mittee , reported a bill to relieve the
Philadelphia & Heading railroad from
payment of certain taxes. Placed on
the calendar.
Mr. Johnson replied adversely on
the bill authorizing tlio president to
make the necessary arrangements to
carry iuto effect the convention with
Nicarauga in relation to the settle
ment of certain claims. Laid on the
A largo number of bills wcro in
troduced and referred. Among the
bills introduced wcro the following :
By Mr. Rollins Fixing the terms
of collectors of internal revenue.
By Mr. Emerson , ( Pa. ) To pro
vide a construction f"iid for the na
vy and for other purposes.
Mr. Butler introduced a resolution
directing the committee on civil ser
vice to enquire into the advisability
of providing for paying district at
torneys , marshals and other United
States olKccrs a fixed salary , in lieu
of fees. Adopted.
The resolution for a holiday recess
from December 21st to .January fith
was called up by Mr. Dawos and pass
ed yeas 47 , nays 15. '
At 1:30 : Mr. Hoar called up his
resolution for a select committee on
female suffrage and Mr. Morgan spoke
at length against female suffrago. Mr.
Mor n at the close of his remarks )
in order to prevent action on the suf ;
frage resolution moved to go into
executive session. Agreed to.
WASHINGTON , December' 20. A
prominent republican and sagacious
politician makes the startling predic
tion that Blaine will bo the demo
cratic candidate for the presidency in
1884. He says President Arthur
will so manage affairs and administer
his oflico that no other republican
will stand a ghost of a chance in that
year , and Blaine , realizing this , will
seek the fulfillment of his life-long
ambition in the ranks of the demo
cratic party. The gontleinan referred
to as mnking this prediction has al-
vays boon friendly with Blaine and
docs not seem to think that in seek
ing the nomination at the hands of
the democrats , the ex-secretary would
bo guilty of anything meriting con
demnation , or oven sharp , averse
National Aasocbtcd 1'rutm.
WASHINOTON , December 20. Second
end Assistant Postmaster General El
mer denies ho will retire from his po
sition January 1st.
The president leaves for Now York
on Thursday , returning in time for
the reception Now Year's day. It is
expected the wives of some of the
cabinet ministers will assist him in
receiving Now Year's day.
The president to-day signed the
first bills passed by the Forty-eighth
congress , and the first signed by him
as president of the United States.
The first was the act granting the
franking privilege to Mrs. Gartiold ,
and the other making the day follow
ing a legal holiday itself ji holiday
when it falls on Sunday.
was the last that will bo hold this
year. Secretary Lincoln loaves on
Thursday for Chicago , and Secretary
Folger for Geneva , Now York , whence
he will bring his family of two daugh
ters to Washington on his return. Mr.
J. Stanley Brown , private secretary
to the president , loaves for Cleveland
next week to spend the week with the
family of the late president. Secre
tary Hunt and family remain in the
city and will have a quiet family re
union Christinas , at which time his
six sonstwo of whom are in the navy ,
will bo at homo. The cabinet meet
ing to-day was a very brief ono , and
very little business of importance was
The Bonuto , in executive session ,
confirmed the following nominations :
Timothy 0 , IfoWo , of Wisconsin ,
postmaster general ; Horace Gray , of
Massachusetts , to bo associate justice
ot the supreme court ; Thos , 0. Ac
ton , assistant United States treasurer
at Now York ; Win. 11. Trcscott ,
special envoy extraordinary and min
ister plenipotentiary to the republics
of Peru , Chili and Bolivia ; Goo. M ,
Duukin , United States attorney for
the southern district of Alabama ; N.
A. Adams , of Kansas , pension agent
at St. Louis ; Goo , \V. Howe , collector
of customs at Cuyahoga , Ohio ; W. H.
Finch , suryoyor of customs at l < n
Crosse , Wis. , and a number of post
Some of the democratic senators ,
appreciating the necessity of a reading
clerk whoso voice could bo heard in
* 11 parts of the chamber , suggested to
leading republicans the propriety of
dccuring the services of Ncill S.
Brown , Into reading clerk of the
house This led to n short caucus of
republican senators this afternoon to
which the proposition was submitted.
Wliilo Mr. Brown's elocution was ad
mit ed , there was considerable
opposition to adding another
democrat to the roll of senate em
ployees. No action will bo taken be
fore adjournment , which will at least
\rry the subject over till after ro-
cess. The resolution making Mr.
Shobor , present chief clerk , acting
secretary , makes practically u vacancy
which the election of Hrown is in
tended to fill.
The members of the committee in
vestigating the treasury contingent
fund expenditures uro very reticent ,
but it is known nothing startling hns
been developed thus far. To
day's session was devoted ex
clusively to the examination
of . ) . Ii. Adams , the stationer , who
furnished considerable material on
Pitnoy's order. Ho was examined as
to evidence taken by the commission
where his name was connected with
transaction with I'itnoy's office. Ho
did not deny furnishing the goods at
the price named , but said they were
supplied on regular orders from the
department , in a regular business
way. Ho filled the orders as ho
would any others and never
inquired vhothor the department
needed them or not. Ho thought the
officers ci mpetont to judge of that
Pitney will bo recalled to-morrow.
There is n heavy run on the treas
ury for new ton cent pieces to bo used
for "bangles. " All of the coins of
that denomination in the treasury
have been once in circulation.
PHILADELPHIA , December 20. At
torney General Browster said to-day
ho will remain in Philadelphia till
after the holidays , when ho will outer
upon the duties of his now position.
Ho will bo accompanied by his family
and will keep house at the capital.
That'll the Talk.
National AMOciatutl Press.
CIIICAUO , December 1'0. This even
ing the Irish residents of the Third
congressional district held a mass
meeting , its object being to petition
the representatives in congress to
make efforts towards the liberation of
Irish-American citizens now suffering
imprisonment by authority of the
English government. Uov. Thomas
Martin was 'made chairman of the
meeting. Tho' following resolutions
wore adopted without dissent :
Whereas , Several citizens ol
the United States are at present and
have been for months past imprisoned
without trial or investigation by the
government of Great Britain in foul
dungeons , where , according to ro-
liublo statements relating to the pes
tilent and malaria breeding surround
ings , such imprisonment must of ne
cessity send those innocent men to
premature graves , as is the cmc : of M.
P. Boynton ; and
Whereas , We consider the arbit
rary power exercised by the liritiuh
government in the aforesaid arrcstsund
imprisonment a direct violation of the
right of all Americans and contrary to
the letter and spirit of international
laws and all precedent ; therefore bo it
Hi-solved , That we , American citi
zens of the Third Illinois congression
al district , speaking now solely as
Americans interested in maintaining
the dignity of our country , do hereby
declare our emphatic denial of tha
right by which the British govern
ment exercises the aforesaid power ,
and wo ii.dignanlly protest against
thcso arrests and the imprisonment
of the aforesaid American citr/ons by
the British government ns an outrage
upon human lights and liberty ,
deeming it furthermore an insult of
national character to ourselves , and
bo it further
Kcsolvod , That our representative
in congress , Hon. C. B. Farwoll , bo
hereby petitioned to secure the passage -
sago of ii resolution firmly insisting on
the immediate trial of our follow cit
izens now confined in British
prisons on the charges or alle
gations , if any , with which
they stAnd acused , and in the oyentof
that trial or investigation being de
nied them , it is the souse of this
meeting that the president of the
United States bo required to take
such action as will compel England to
open her prison doors , and let free
the American citizens whom she holds
in defiance of international law.
Bine Ora at the Exposition-
Nitlonal Associated 1'rtx * .
ATLANTA , December 20. The Ken
tucky legislature and Press association
were formally welcomed in the judges'
hall. The welcome on the part of the
state of Georgia was by J. 0. Black ,
of Augusta , and was responded to by
Lieutenant Governor Curtrid , of Ken
tucky. The address of welcome to
the Press association was by G. II.
Estoll , of the Savannah News , and Ii.
G. Gady , of the Atlanta Coiistution ,
and wax responded to by J , Stoddard
Johnson , president of the Kentucky
Press association. Several other ad
dresses wore made.
National A soclnUd I'li-si ,
DKTHOIT , December 20. Firobroko
out in West Hay City , in the Shepard
& Alpin block , last night , and de
stroyed the entire block. Loss , 280-
National Aaaoclatcd I'rcM.
EAST ST. LOUIH , December 20.
There are right cases of small-pox.
No deaths.
Joyful Intelligence from the
Arctic Expedition ,
The Governor of Siberia Sends
Out a Party Which Finds
the VcuaeL
A Vary Aflooting Scene nt the
Broakftiat Table of Em
peror Francis Joseph.
Lively Times Among the Dub
lin Corporation Over the
Paruell Freedom Motion.
UisooUauetm * Now * Thnt Came
Over the Cablo- ,
LONDON. December 20 The governor -
ornor of Siberia han just issued a
proclamation announcing that the
Arctic voyage ship , "Tho Jeaunotto , "
in Biifo with all on board well ami all
lior equipments in tact. Tlio governor ,
who linn taken for ti long tiino a great
interest in tliu Arctic explorations ,
o. utod nn extraordinary exploring
party to be sent out to hunt for tracks
i > f "Tho Jeannette , " when ho learned
that foam were onterlainod tliat misfortune -
fortune had overtaken her , and that
relief expeditions wore being organ
ized in nor interests by the dillorent
governments. Knowing the delays
incidental to such governmental ac
tion , ho nt once equipped and rent
out on his own account , a party of the
most experienced and reliable ex
plorers at his command , with the
most nmplo powers nnd most positive
instructions. These men at once en
tered into the undertaking with all
their souls and stuck to their work ,
despite the most dangerous obstacles ,
until they found traces of the lost
ship and finally overtook her. The
people aboard The Jeannotto" wore
much astonished when they wore in
formed by the Siberian explorers that
they hud become the object of solici
tude of all the civilized nationx
of the world and that nearly nil
the Christian governments were
preparing to make appropriations to
lit out vessels looking to a general
search for what it wua generally feared
would prove to bo only their remains.
After ascertaining that "Tho .lean-
otto" was absolutely snfe , and that allen
on board wore well and fully provided
for , the Siberians hastened back to
report the good news , for which
the governor had impressed upon them
the whole scientific world was unxious-
ly waiting. The governor of Siberia
nt once dispatched special couriers
with the news to have it gob to Lon
don with all possible spoou 'and it
reached London but a few1 , minutes
ago. '
WAsinNnTON- , December 'iXTho
secretary of state received to-day the
following telegram from the charge
d'affairs of the United States at St.
Petersburg , and it comprises all the
information the government lias on
the subject :
"Tho Jeanette was crushed in ice
on Juno 11 , latitude 77 north , longi
tude 17 east. The crow embarked
in three boats , which wore
separated by wind and fog.
Number U with eleven men , Engineer
Malvillo commanding , reached the
mouth of Lena river September 10th.
Subsequently No. 1 , with Captain
DoLong and twclvo men , reached Le
na in a pitiable condition. Prompt
assistance was sent. Number 12 is
not hoard from. "
In rcnponso to the above the fol
lowing was sent :
"Tender hearty thanks of the pres
ident to all authorities or person ? who
have in any way been instrumental in
assisting the unfortunate survivors
from the Jcannutto , or furnishing in
formation to ihis government. "
Other advices are expected soon ,
but up to a late .hour nothing more
had been received. This govornmor.t
will take no further steps until more
definite information is had.
VIENNA , December 20. Eighteen
Bocial democrats hnvo been arrested
at Prague , charged with distributing
seditious pamphlets , printed in Amer
ica and England.
Marie , aged 115 , youngest daughter
of the emperor , to-day at breakfast ,
where the royal family assembled for
the purpose of making holiday arrange
ments , when asked what she desired
most as a Christmas present naid she
would like permission to adopt one of
the children made orphan by the Ring
lire. Her request brought tears to
the ayes of all present. Her father
was greatly affected.
The walls of the burning theater
falling , the work of getting out charred -
rod remains has been suspended. It
has boon ascertained that among those
lost in the fire were seven box-keepers
and clerk room attendants , three
members of the orchestra , three stage
carpenters and the leader of the
PAIIIH , December 20. The French
oiilcial returns , made public to-day ,
show tint tint government's rcceipta
during the past financial year oxcced
the expenditures by 200,000,000
francs , and that , after paying all sup
plementary credits , there will remain
available in the treasury 150,000,000
The Parliament nnd Telegraph of
this city both attack Secretary
Jilaino's dispatcho ) on the Panama
canal , and hope that England will dis
play energy in the detenso of Euro
pean rightn.
LONDON , December 20. Sir Stafford -
ford Northceto , in speaking at Exeter ,
to-day , declared that much of the oviln
distressing Ireland were not of native
growth but of foreign importation ,
and that ho would refrain from at
tacking the action of the government.
DUIIUN , December 20. A very
disorderly meeting of the city corpo
ration was hold to-day for the purpose
of taking action on the proposal to
confer the freedom of the city upon
Pftrnoll and Dillon. After much dis
cussion and amid much confusion ,
the motion was dropped under tech
nical objection.
Nation * ! AwofUtcU Trow.
CINCINNATI , December 20. The
case of W. K. Wollman , editor of the
Sunday News , who was arrested on
the charge of blackmail while editor
of the Penny Paper , was dlmmued
NKWPASTLK , PA. , December 20.
Mr. Alexander , an old man , nt East
Hrook lait night , in a family row ,
shot his son through the head nnd
then shot his Tifo through the arm.
The son in defense of his mother ,
then heat the old man's brains out
with n club. The old ian h dying.
The ninthiT and son have been ar
rested ,
l.NWAX.U' , December20. Chn .
< 1. Gregory , who is teaching school at
( iwinn'a Mills , Shelby county , yes
terday sluit at n scholar because- re
fused to write on a slate. The bullet ,
missed the boy , but his fnco was filled
with powder. The teacher has been
arrested nud great excitement pre
LOUIVIM.K , December 20--Goo.M.
Alsoi ) was to-dny convicted of tlui
murder of J , II. Harrison , a consta
ble , who nttomntcd to arrest him in
August last. Ho was sentenced to
the penitentiary for life. Alsop
escaped at the time of the murdnr ,
and was captured in Texas. The
pica for the defense was self defense.
YirKsnmui , December 20. Eugene
Clark , a well connected and respecta
ble man of 30 yonrs , was shot and
killed at ChoaUw , on Sunday night ,
by Ed. Steyonr. The qnnrrol arose
out of a political discussion. Stoveni
has t him far escaped.
1'ini.AimrniA , December 20.
Chas. T. Dohlon , inspector of customs
and representative of a number of in
surance companies , has boon missing
since the 10th.
Hurst , the wholesale druggist , who
ia under bail for defrauding his aon of
$15,000 , has disappeared and it is be
lieved that he has committed suicide.
Vandnrbuilt Soornoil
Pnii.Aiuii.FitiA , December 20. Considerable
sidorablo feeling has boon manifesto ! '
if late among members of the Coin
mercial exchange , concerning the do <
niund of Yanderbuilt that differentia
rates in favor of Now York and Haiti'
more should b * abolished , To-daj
at call of the board of managers
the exchange mot before the tribune
and adopted resolutions declaring
that the course of the Poniisylvanii
railroad in rigidly maintain
ing differential rates to the sea
board him mot with ill
hearty and unqualified endorse
ment ; that the demands of New Yorli
and Now York lines that equal rate :
should bo made to Now York , Philadelphia
dolphia and .Baltimore are simply preposterous
posterous , entirely unreasonable ii
theory , and utterly unjust in applica
tion , and the Exchange most ear
noitly bogs the Pennsylvania railroat
to strictly adhere to their preson
policy of differential rates and ncccp
no terms of settlement with rival line ;
that don't recognize these differentia
State Alllano * at Halting-
Huttings ( lunette Journal ,
The executive committee- tin
State Farmer's Alliance have called i
meeting nt. this city Jan 25th am
20th. This meeting coming at tin
season , when farmers are at leisun
and being called at the center of tin
state should bo largely attended , ami
wo have no doubt but it will bo , ai
the rapid growth of this organization
and the influence already wielded I ) }
it has awakened a deep interest it
some ructions of the utato and on pec
ially in mmio counties in the Soutl
Plafto country. Its deliberations will
no doubt turn to the matter of poll
tica , and tlio political policy of the fit
turo will claim considerable attention ,
This cannot but result in good if il
stirs the farmer and laboring men ur.
HO that they will take an active parl
in politics and sco that only the bcsl
men are chosen to ollico. Heretofore
a few have laid the plans for campaign !
simply because there has been a general
oral apathy on the part of voters who
have not cared to take an active interest
torost in politics. This movement 01
the part of the Alliance will make tin
interest more general , and cause more
irfulncss on the part of existing
parties as to the mon that are nom
inuted for oflice. The farmers am
others in sympathy compose nboul
four-fifths of the voting population ol
the west and there is no reason whi
they cannot control the nomiimtio i
of the existing parties if they BOO fii
to do so. We believe that the organ-
i/.ation of a now party by this sociotj
will ultimate in the defeat of the vorj
measures they are seeking to carrj
into effect. Wo have expressed oui
views on that question before and the
have not changed since the recon
election but are rather strengthened
The mooting * of the Farmer's Alii
anco should bo vnry beneficial hocauxi
discussion increase. * information and i
greater interest will ho taken ininoa *
ures that are of vital importance ti
the farmers and everybody olno ii
this Now West. Only in the matte
of the best method to reach the desired
sired result has thoGA/.nrTK-JouitNAi
differed with the majority of tin
Farmer's Alliances in Adams county
There is , however , a respectable mi
nority of the Alliance that agree wit )
us that the bent and surest way t <
succeed is to do BO within the partiei
us at present organized.
The election of State oflicers , tin
legislature and members of congresi
are of importance , and no fulno step
should bo taknn that may lead to tin
choice of men to these importan
offices who do not represent the in
terests of thin agricultural and stocl
raising state. Wo hope that the up
prouching meeting of the slnto Alii
anco in this city will determineupoi
a wise course to purmia in order t
bring prosperity and plenty to th
pioneers of this now and grand state
Christmas Gloves at Bunco's ,
Donial'of Joe Johnston's Story of
the Missing Moiioy ,
Col. Harrison , Ono of JofTo
Aides , Says There wna
No Such Monoy.
That the Whole Confederacy
Million Dollaro ,
And That , Therefore , Hin Higb-
neoa in Petticoat Couldn't
Got Awny With It.
to Mnutioit Mailo of the Amount
Ho Dili Talco-
Jnfr DAVH Not iiu Emljrtr.lnr.
Nw VOUK , December 20. HtJforo
lis etpturo byjtho Union soldiers , ac
cording to the published statements
if Gun. Joseph E. Johnston , , lelrson !
Davis received over S'J.000,000 lie-
'ouging to the eonfodorato treasury ,
ho main portion of which ho in no
way ever accounted for. A reporter
.o-day . sought Col. llurtou K. Harrison ,
who was with Mr. Davis at the time
if the capture , and asked him what
.ruth there was iu the insinuation of
3cn. Johnston , that the president of
; ho confederacy converted the vast
sum to his own ust > . "Mr. D.ivis
never appropriated a penny belonging
: o the confederacy , replied Harri
son , quite warmly. " 1 have the
iighost personal regard for General
Johnston , but if ho made the state
ment attributed to him ho certainly
lias been misinformed
"I am inclined tojdoubt the accuracy
of the interview. As I was with Mr.
Davis whoa ho was captured , I can
say of my own knowledge that ho
had no specie , which General John
ston is made to cay the money con
sisted of , and in fact , no funds what
ever with him.
"Thoro were several wauona and an
ambulance in the train during the retreat -
treat south The ambulance belonged
to Captain Moody , quartermaster , and
contained his private property. The
wagons were used to convoy the bag
gage of Mrs. Davis and the rest of the
family , hut Geiiural Johnston said thr
specie train followed or preceded the
head of the government of the con
federacy in the retreat. That cer
tainly is not so , and what is me re , the
funds of the confederacy were not
placed iu the bauds of Mr. D.wis.
They were handled entirely by Goo.
A. Tronholm , the secretary of tin
treasury. There was Homo specie in
Augusta or Washington , Ga. , in
ohargo of the treasury officers , a week
before the capture of Mr. Davis , bul
exactly how much I do not know II
ia sure it did not amount to 9500,000
Why , there-was not $2,500,000 in tht
whole confederacy. The south wai
scooped clean , and I mi ht Hay thai
not a dollar was loft in it , The
United States government secured
what there was. The government
made exhaustive inquiries in thif
country mid Europe , and if there had
been 8100,000 of confederate fund *
about the government would have
found it out. The money qucstioi
was discussed in IHlil , and I cousidei
the reports little better than old wo
man's stories. "
National Associated I'ITRJ.
WASHINGTON , December 20. Tin
Guitoau trial will probably take i
more decided phrenological turn with
in the next few days. John W. Gui
tcau is naid to bo a firm believer it
the pcienco of bumps and depressions
and is anxious to have a cast of tin
aBsasuin's head produced in court and
its configuration descanted upon bj
prominent phrenologists. Tlio dis
trict attorney is receiving letters from
students in phrenology and othon
professing knowledge about the shape
of the head as a dotermiim-
tivo of human character. OIK
man writcn to Colonel Corkhill
that his head had been frcquontlj
measured and was found to bo chang
ing in form every year. The priso
ner brother called upon Sculptoi
Mills to-day and requested to aeo the
cast of Guitcau's ' head , but the rcquesl
was refused an the ground that it wat
not ready for exhibition. The casl
taken for a photographer , who thinki
it will make an attractive feature ii
a reception room. It is understood
that Clark Mills and son will bo Hub
poitiaed by the defense to bring the
cast into court and bo examined as t <
tlio points of difference with the headi
of sound mind and large attain
mcnts , as Mills and his sot
both profess faith in phrenology
strengthened by the practice of thei
art. A reporter called to-day to gel
tiioir views on this phuso of the case
Mills 8r. was not found , but his soi
talked freely on the subject , doclar
\n\e \ \ that ho hold precisely the sami
opinions as his father about Quitcau'i
head , although the Inttor could g <
more into details. "Speaking from i
physical point of view , " Haid Mills
"Guitoau is undoubtedly better look
ing with liis beard oil' . His bean
and moustache gave him n wild , hay
gavd appearance. "
'Does ho ROUIII to you moru Intelli
gent with a clean shaven facoC
'Yes , " was the reply. "Ho hai
rather a line chin and the oxpresaioi
of his mouth with firmly closed lips
which indicated great firmness , "
"Havo you made a special study o
phrenology' ( "
"No , but 1 have picked up a grea
deal by making cantsuf nianyuiflbron
pontons. I find the heiulu of
differ just as much as faces. I hav
never found two ho.iclB alike. Gui
toau'n head is full on ono side and fla
on the other. "
"What doc * that indicate ? "
"To my mind , it is an indication of
liseosed brain. "
"Havo yon scon hends of like un-
iVtMiuoss during your prac'ico J"
"Most of the heads in our colloc-
lou , * hilo of course of diircroni.
hapcs , are about as full on ono side
M on the other. Wo have not been
o got the heads of criminals to study
! mt part of the subject. Guitoau'a
ead is L'JlA inches in circumference ,
ly father regards it as a curiously
Impod head. D.miel Webster's head
leosurod U5J inches. Notwithstaud-
ig this difference , Guitcau's solf-cs-
join and firnniuss are as largo aa
liown in Webster's head. "
"Does the phrenological appearance
f the assassin's head indiciito popscv
ion of much intellect ? "
"It shows in my opinion that ho
OSHOSSCS a great deal of low cunning ,
lis Bcori'tivoiioss is iniinpnne , but lua
aiitiou is small. His vilativunosn or
> vo of live is also large. "
"What particular bump or series of
umrs , indicate insanity to your
"First , Rclf-esteem and firmness ,
'heso tw t organs predominate. Ilia
elf-esteem is so immense that it
lakes him believe that he is really a
reater or mere important person thane
o is. Ml the advice and talk in the
rorld would not convince him to the
ontrary , His firmness makes him
eon to his opinion. "
"But self-e'steem and fmmiesn do
ot necessarily constitute insanity t'1
"Oh , no , but when a man has morn
mn his share it makes him conceited
ml such generally makes unumica
trough life unless ho has a largo front
ead. It is no good "reasoning with
licit a man. Tholarge reasoning powers
f Daniel Webster for inntnnco , would
ountoract the effects of largo self-
steom and firmness , whereas the in-
ollectual development of Guitcau ia
iot sufficient to counterbalance them. "
"Then his largo self-esteem and
irmnoss , taken in connection with bio
mall intellectual developments , is in-
licativo of Guitoau s insanity } "
"I don't think , speaking exactly ,
hat they indicate insanity. They
rather indicate conceit. Hut still
hero is something odd about him. I
lon't ' know what it is , and would not
iay whether ho is sane or insane. "
"What are the moru prominent or
gans on the flat side of the head I"
"Yitativcnoss is full on both sides ,
conscientiousness is flat ami small ,
ml caution is small ; the flatness is
nero towards the top than the side of
ho head. The first thing noticed
when wo entered the cell to take the
cast was the wild , staring look in his
oycs. His conversation , however ,
was as rational as that of anybody. "
"Do you find in your practice that
phrenological diagnosis of men
agrees with their character i"
"As a general tiling I do. "
"How about Guitoan's veneration i"
"It m about the average , but it
would have no effect on his character ,
owing , as I said , to the great pre
dominance of firmness and self es-
; oom. "
Mr. Mills said that thorp was no in
tention of making a cost in bronze of
the head. Neither himself or father
wished to figure in the trial , but of
course they would have to go if sup-
; xunaod. The measurement of the
issassin's head was taken with an in
strument made especially for that
purpose. Concontrativonoss , 6 ; in-
mbitativoness , Mr philonrogonitivo-
IOSB , 5 { ; amiativonais , 4JI ; deslruct-
iyonuss , OJ ; secretiveness , OJ ; cau-
uoness , 5J ; vitativoness , fijj ; appro-
bativonoHs , very large.
The jurors and a number of bailiffe
attended the funeral of Mrs. Hobba
this morning , Mr. Scovillu will make
effort to exclude the experts dur
ing the hearing of export testimony ,
but Col. Corkhill will make a decided
stand against this.
D. McDonald , it is said , will bo
asked in regard to the professional
record of Dr. Spit/leu. The district
attorney claims to bo able to provo
that both Spit/tka and Kionan , the
two exports for the defense , have no
standing in their profession ,
Caaunltio * ,
National Associated I'mu ,
INDIAHAI-OU.S , December20. Mary
French , who resides near St. Paul ,
Ind , , and is subject to epilepsy , dur-
ng the temporary absence of the fam-
ly fell into the fire and was burned to
EVANSVII.LB , Ind. , December 20.
J'lio steamer John S. Hopkins was
jurned this morning while lying at
the wharf. Persons aboard all es
caped in their night clothes. She was
only a year old , was valued at $40,000
uid was owned by the Cairo and
Evansville Packet company. She is
insured for -25,000.
QIIINOV , December 20. This morn
ing Mrs. Dills , a widow with two
young children to care for , fell down
nn elevator chute at u confectionery.
Her spine is injured. She may re
cover , but will bo a cripple.
Trying to Straighten Up-
National AHHOC atvil 1'rew ) .
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Docombo : 20. It
is rumored hero that N. B. Harwood ,
who a year ago failed for several mil
lion dollars , is in New York trying to
so adjust his affairs that ho will bo re
leased from liability , arrest or harass
ment in any business enterprise ,
Nilloiwl AwocUtod 1'rcm.
INDIANAVOUH , December 20. The
well known trotter , Rod Cloud , died at
tlio stable of his owner , Jivs. Wade ,
at Edinburg yostorday. Seven years
ago ho had a record of 2:18. : Ilia
owner was oll\red ) 1)3,000 ) for him in
Of all the Good Goods in Town ,
for the Least Money , None are Su
perior t those found at the ODe storo.
Standard Tomatoes , 2 throe-pound
cans for 25 cents ; Yarmouth , Moun
tain and Muscatino Corn , 15 cents pec
an ; California layer Raisins , 12J.
ontH per pound ; Chickens , 10 cents ;
Turkeys , I'-'J. cents per pound , at
d20-2t Bixtoontji and Cans streets ,