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The Omaha Bee.
Pubtlched every morning , except Bnnd y.
Th only .Monday morning daily ,
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Six l..itths. r..OOOno | . . 1.00
TllK WEEKLY BEE , pwbl ! hed or.
One Year. $2.00 I Three Months. , K
Bit Months. . . . 1.00 I Ono " . . 'X
eMions lelalinu to News nnd Editorial mat
ters ohould bo aildrcsscd to the ElHTon or
. .
Letters and Remittances should be ml-
drcs-cdtoTiir. OMAHA PonusJiiNo COM-
FANT , OxtAHA. Drafts , Checks and Post-
office Ordem to bo made payable to the
order of the Company.
ALL excessive railroad freights are
.paid by the producer.
Mn. ULAINK'S private life is likely
to bo of considerable public interest.
No congressman will leave Washing
ton this winter without learning what
the anti-monopoly issue is.
IT would take a good many shotguns
to reorganize the Sprague estate. It
owes $3,070,411 inoro than its assota.
THE ghost of the slaughtered Holly ,
Gushing-Miller swindle still haunts
the dreams of the editor of the
THE labor market has never boon
in such an excellent condition aa far
as supply and demand and good wages
arc concerned as it is at present.
CAITAIX EAKH asks for government
&id in his ship railway scheme as soon
ns ho has demonstrated its practica-
bility and raised $75,000,000. It is
pretty safe to say that the government
trill never bo called on.
DENVER is longing for the entry of
the Burlington road into that city ,
and the Denver papers are calling
upon the city council not to permit
the Union Pacific to throw any ob
stacles in the way of that greatly to bo
desired end.
SKVEKTY thousand Irish tenants
have applied to the land courts for a
reduction of rent. Mr Herbert Glad
stone reports that the condition of
Ireland is very seriously exaggerated
"by the English press and that time
will remedy the existing ovils.
Bi'u AKUH KKII-KR is discovering { hat
the arranging of committees is a har
der job than a canvass for the speaker-
ship. Every merchant in congress
wants to bo chairman of the ways and
moans committee and every lawyer
fools a peculiar fitness ser the commit
tee on judiciary.
A NEW political * party has boon
started in St. Louis , which calls itsblf
"The People's Protection Perty. "
Jore Black is suggested as president ,
and Benjamin H. 13risto\r as vice
president. An eighty-six page pamph
let sots forth the party platform.
Even Joro Black couldn't stand on an
eighty-six page platform. It will fall
of its own weight.
THK plan for the relief of the U. 8
supreme court which moots with most
favor from the bar , contemplates the
creation of an intermediary court to
take jurisdiction of all cases which do
not involve constitutional construe
tion , questions between states or those
involving the rights of ambassadors.
By this means the work of the supreme
premo court , which is already three
years in arrears , would bo reduced
nearly one-half. It is probable that a
bill looking 'to this end will drafted
for presentation to congress.
A LKTTKII received at thisollico from
ono of our subscribers at Crete con
tains the following statement : "An
agent of the Omaha Evening Tdvyram
was hero ycs'erday soliciting subscrip
tions to that paper , stating it was pub
lished by THK BKK , and on the
strength of your reputation secured a
number of subscribers. " This method
of procuring patronage under false pre
tenses is in keeping with the character
of the publishers of the Tde f ' < "n ,
who are merely playing stoolpigcon
for certain parties who are trying in
an underhanded way to accomplish
what the brass collared railroad or
gans have failed to achieve in open
TUB moral element that takea stock
in Mr. John B. Finch as a great tem
perance agitator should remind that
eminent reformer that threshing onu ,
two , or oven a dozen editors will no
vindicate his moral character us
against specific charges of Beechorism.
Buch brutal conduct would not oven
vindicate thomostgentlo whisky toper.
We have had some experience wit ]
bullies who Imvo Bought vindicatioi
with the fiat and bludgeon. Some o
them achieved costly notoriety ; others
were sent to the penitentiary ; bu
none of them were sent out to teacl
and preach the doctrines of Christiai
submission and the cubllmo virtue o
According to the ofllcial estimate i
of the bureau of railways the dona-
ions of public lauds to aid in the
xiilding of railroads aggregate 1W- !
421,800 acres. Of this vast empire ,
comprising nearly two hundred mil-
ion acres of the public domain , less
tlmn one fifth , forty millions Imvo as
yet been patented to the land grant
Three of those land grant roads
the Union Pacific , Central Pacific and
Kansas Pacific , which hold grants
covering ' -'C.OOO.OOO acres- have taken
out patents for less than 5,000,000
acres. The Northern Pacific , with a
grant of 47,000,000 has taken certifi
cates for only about 11,500,000 acres.
M the last session of congress attcn-
ion was directed to the fact
hat some of the subsidized railroads
md forfeited their land grant by tail-
nt ; to build the roads in accordance
vith their charters , while others , nota-
) ly the Union Pacific , Kansas Pacific
md Central Pacific wore not taking
out patents for their lands in order to
vado local taxation.
It is evident tlmt very earnest cf-
orta will bo nado at * > hi present sea-
ion to recover the forfeited lands for
ho benefit of the homestead sottlera
and compel the Pacific roads to take
out their patents. The first decided
novo in this direction has been made
) y Scimtorjl'luiiib , who has introduced
wo bills in the senate relating to rail-
oad land grants. The first of these
elates to railroads which have not
> eon completed within the time speci
fied in the acts of incorporation. It
irovidcs that whore a grant of public
amis has boon BO made and such road
losnotbecn completed within the time
Described by law , tliu land so granted
or so much thereof ns has not been
wtontod or certified to such company
shall revert to the United States and
hall bo open to settlement as are
other public lands.
This bill is aimed more especially
at the Northern Pacific nnd several of
ho smaller land grant roads in the
outhwost. The duty of Congress is
very plain. They must either grant
xtensions of time whora reasonable
hewing of good tiuth is made or ap-
) ly the remedy provided by Senator
Mumb's bill.
It is urged by the friends of the
Northern Pacific company , and with
omo show of reason , tlmt the exten-
ion of that road under the terms of
ts original charter was rendered nn-
lossiblo by the panic of 1873 , which
hreatenod to bankrupt the corpora-
ion and checked for sovorul years all
ontinuod operations. In a iiuiu-
> cr of other cases , however ,
hero are very strong evidences
hat the largo government subsidies
f land were obtained on falsepro -
OH803 and that stub-tailed roads wore
organized far no othci purpose but to
> leod the government of a portion of
ho national domain. Against such ,
Senator Plumb's bill offers a certain
and equitable remedy.
Senator Plumb's second bill is di-
cctod against a still greater abuse
han. the non-performance of their
jontracts with the government by the
railroads. It affects every land grant
made in the United States that has
icon completed but hnn sought to
ivado its just burdens of the taxation
> y failing to take out patents for its
ands. The bill provides that all lands
granted to the railroads under the
original Pacific railroad act , and under
all acts amendatory thereto , shall bo
subject to ] all legal tuxes imposed
under authority of any stnto or terri
tory to the same extent as if survey
ed , selected and convoyed to the com
[ mnioa. A her furt proviso declares
that prior to tliu payment of the costs
of surveying no taxes shall bo imposed
except in organized counties. This
bill strikes at the root of ono of the
gravest abuses which the people hav
Buffered at the hands of the railroads ,
[ f it becomes a law it will at once
force the land grant companies to
throw millions of acres of lands into
the market at reasonable prices in
stead of holding them for n speculative
rise in value , and meantime robbing
the states and territories of the taxes ,
which a purchaser would bo compelled
to pay. These immense land grants
were donated in the bulinf that they
would bo placed in the market * and
rapidly disposed of by the companies.
If they are at once made taxable the
corporations cannot afford to hold
them. The taxes would soon cat up
the value of unproductive land.
Had the Union Pacilio been com
pelled to pay taxes on their lands irom
the day these roads were completed ,
Nebraska would to-day contain more
than n million inhabitants and the
grand assessment roll of the state in
stead of falling below $100,000,000
would bo above $200,000,000 , with n
corresponding reduction in the ratio
of taxation ,
Senator Plumb's bills or measures
aiming at the same object should b )
all means bu enacted during the pros
out session. They are of vital neces
uity to the people west of the Mis
Bouri in every Btato and territory. I
is to bo rogrctto'l that such bills have
not been pushed through congrcs
years Ago by representatives of thi
utsto. It is to bu hoped our Senator
will give Senator Plumb an .carncs
TiiEBOoner it is understood tha
star chamber methods are out of plac
i our judicial system the bolter for
lie country. Solitary confinement
or alleged contempt of court before
onvlction is n dangerous innovation.
The continued line woatlicr has on-
bled the Sioux City & Pacific to
ush work on their line in northern
Tabrnska. Material for the oxten-
ion from Long I'ino to Port iS'iohrara
nrriving nt llio former point , and
vill bo put in place during tlio winter ,
'lio company is several points ahead
f all competitors in the rnco for the
Hack Hills , and will doubtless main-
ain its- lead , if money and mnsclo
will do it. The efforts of the Milwau
kee company to auctiro control have
lot yet been successful.
Contractor Fitztjcrald IH pushing
ho grade on the 15. it M. to Nema-
a City. The completion of this
ranch will give the company an air
ino from Nomnha City to Denver.
The latest reports from the Denver
xtonsion st ito tlmt seventy-five
nilcs of the road west of Culbortson
mvo been ironed , and 12fi of the 200
niles to Denver graded. The favora-
ilo weather has' enabled contractors
o lay a mile nnd a half of iron n
ny. A construction train hoa been
cut to Denver , where grading has
ilrcndy been begun , and track-lajing
vill commence not later than the 1st
f January. Estimating tlmt twelve
nilcs more ot track will bo laid by
lie end of the year , when work on
ho went end bopins , there will remain
IH miles to be covered with rails.
U two miles n day , this gap would be
omplotcd in fifty-six and n half work-
ng dnys , which would bring the "op
posing forces" to n junction by the
st of April. Allowing thirty days
or unforeseen delays , it is reasonable
o expect the completion of the ready
> y the first of May. A letter
rom one of the contractors , dated
December 11 , and published in
'ho Chicago Tribune gives the fol-
owing information : "There woroio-
novod in 78 working days 1,400,000
ubic yards of earth , 20,000 linear
cot of piling driven , 500,000 of tint-
> er put into bridges Wo expect to
each Denver before July 1 , 1882. "
\ slight difilculty was met and over-
omo in Denver nt the outset , in the
udden resurrection of a defunct coin-
lany known as the Denver , Western
[ \nd Pacific. Last summer this com-
inny began proceedings to condemn
ortnin property along the Platte and
hortly after dropped the matter.
When the Burlington company came
ind purchased nnd paid for the right
f way nnd had begun track laying ,
ho defunct awoke nnd commenced
rack laying , tearing up that laid
> y the Burlington. An injunction
noon stopped them and put them to
sleep again. The order will doubtless
> o made permanent , 111 the Burlington
company has purchased the property
to the amount , of $200,000 and secured
Beatrice and Teoumsoh are highly
elated over thn prospect of 'additional
railroad linos. The former expects
, ho Union Pacific short cut to Lin
coln , which is now being surveyed , nt
an early day , nnd the line from Mitn-
mttanvillo to Marysvillo , Kansas ,
would complete the route from Lin
coln to a junction with the Kansas
Pacific nt the former town. Tecumseh
s contldent that the Missouri Pacific
will tup her traffic vaults soon after
.ho completion of the main
ino to Omaha.
The surveyors of the Groc-
ley , Salt Lake and Pacific
Imvo gone into winter quarters.
They completed the survey of the
Laramie , North Park & Pacific on
the 1st. They staked the line through
North Park , Middle ParkElzorin
Park , alid down Boar river to a point
below Steamboat Springs. Five miles
of this line out from Laramie City has
been completed and the graders huvo
reached and crossed the Laramie
river. f
Trains from Omaha cross tliu river
it Sioux City on tha.ico bridge , mak
ing n saving of twelve hours' time in
the transfer of freight.
The rivalry between the U. P. and
B. & M. in the construction of feeders
now transferred to southwestern
Nebraska. The incorporation of the
i.iliim , Kun , , company by Jay Gould ,
mentioned last weak , lias for its object
the construction of n road northeast
from Salina on the Kansas Pacific tea
a junction with the Central branch at
Solomon. The route from this point
ia as yet unknown , but it is probable
that the will cross the B. & M.
near Stromsburg and eventually connect -
noct with the Union Pacilio in the vi
cinity of Julosburg. This would save
hundreds ot miles to St. Louis nnd
Kansas Oity shippers and make the
shortest possible route from those
points to Sin Francisco. The B. &
M. is not idle in the southwest. Sur
veyors are running lines to every im
portant point from the main line. The
short cut froin Hastings to Arapahoe
is a foregone conclusion. Towns it
Thayer county are mystified by the
movements of n largo party of surveyors
voyors , and all efforts to interview
them have boon fruitless. Fairmont
IIubbollOhcstorand Hebron nrcontho
ragged edge of expectation , none know
ing where the lightning will strike.
The Atchison , Topeka and Santa Fo
company reduced the passenger taril
to three cents a milr , some time ngo ,
and the experiment has proved nn
eminently wise nnd profitable one.
The difference ! ! between the Sonorn
railroad company nnd the Mexican
government are settled and work ro-
sumcd on both sides of the boundary ,
The road will form n junction with
the Southern Pacific nt Tucson , Ari
zona. The line parses through n pro
ductive agricultural nnd horticultural
section and close to the finest mines
in the stnto of Sonurn. It is expected
tlmt the rend will bo completed to
GunymoA , on the gulf of California in
eight months ,
The nineteen miles of unironod
rndo on the Norfolk line will receive
, ! io rails some time during the winter ,
mys Superintendent Morford , of the
Nebraska division.
The first onuino on the Missouri
? ncifio crossed the Plntto river bridge
nlo Sarpy county on Friday last ,
'ron has boon laid two miles south of
Louisville , nnd the side tracks are nil
nid in town. Kails are now being
aid with the Union Pacific.
Division Engineer Stone , of the
Sioux City t St. Pnul road , is in
own , and expects to stake out the in-
.oraection of that road with the Union
Pacific at this to-mor
place to-day or -
row. Ho has all the bridges staked
nit on the line between Norfolk and
Wayne except the on9 across the north
'ork of the Elkhorn. Elkhorn Vnlloy
Wilbur IISB three naloons ,
Oakland linn thirteen registered doctor * .
Corn Bella at 05 cents in Xomalia county.
Tlio North Demi Bulletin hna changed
Fremnnten ) h we plnnted n anljnrbi on
.he > i brnra.
Iclcphono | ) ole3 are ornamenting the
ntrceU of Fremont.
The creamery nt Xnpnneo in paid to be
an assured miccess.
A Falls City girl tapped n till and spent
.ho money in candy.
J'remont'a now poxtoflice ho a been loca
ted in the Tribune block.
Tim Columbus packing company pickled
the first porker last Monday ,
Crete's 50,000 grist mill is completed.
Capacity , 1,000 bushels a day.
Tlio town of Fierce his doubled up in
bnildincs and popu ation in a year.
\ Lincoln family were newlysuirocated
with hard coal KI < ne n'ght last week.
The industrious burglar of Ulnir is S7C
ahead , and Wallace Flynn is out just that
tin tint.
\nderfon 13ail ? , of Falla City , has
obbiinid a judgment of $1,500 against the
David City is bi ding for aSlli.bOO
louring mill , niu ! t.ilk ng of building n
1. , Tones , of I'luni Creek , was killed
on the 8th iti.i' . , by the caving iu of thereof
roof of his house.
A Soivnrd youth > aerificcd a few fingers
to prove thevllic cy of the toy piMol ami
mnrblo time is coming.
Louis Sleppinx , of Xeligh. n youth of
1 ! ) , is no more. He fooled with n pistol
and sleeps nn the hillside ,
Wyinore has bfcn incorporated , and real
estate has advanced 100 per cent. Tlio
Lincoln land coin ) any Is rolling in clover.
L. F. Dulfy , tlie druggist , was run , over
and killed bv the cars at Culbcrtso'n on
the 18th , He leaves n wife and two chil
dren ,
Mr. Spencer , oF [ Sutler county , hasmado
during the sca.finJ2.gnlInn of sorghum
syrup , which he'readily sold at fifty cents
a gallon.
The Union Pacific is buildimr a forty-
stall roundhouse nt North Platte , nnd is
alxo rebuilding the raitioud hotel in ele
gant style.
The Denver express carries a good many
Schuyler people to and from Omaha ; bar
ring the , early starting it is a great con
venience. [ Herald.
There are 20 41-100 miles of the B. t M.
mad in Knuckollu county at-seesed nt
8103,781. The St. Joe & Wcstempays
taxes on S1D.C3I valuation.
Richardson county coal is marketed at
Falls City. Tlio inino is in Shiuser pre
cinct. The v. in is tweuty inches thick ,
and the coal of excellent quality.
Volckman , alias Hartlngton , the sewing
machine defaulter of Plnttiiiioulh , was
captured in Ynnlcton und brought back.
A loose woinnn wai the millstone that
Btoi ped his flight.
A Bijnad of bummers from the dump
dojd-he ded their way froli the state line
to Line 'In. They made themselves so ob
noxious to the company and xettlerj that
they obtained passage in a bunch.
Edmund ( Jrnnt , the boy charged with
the murder of his companion , liichard
Dress , nejr Columbus on the 3rd inst. , has
boon bound over to the . court on
the charge of murder. Ba 1 , § 000.
The Hudden death of Nellie Pierce nt
Xebiankn t'ity , last week , wai mused by
poison administered iu a pudding , anil
circumstance * po'tit to Fnuilc Duraut. Ho
lias bo n arrested und placed in jail
Nrbrmkn ( ity thieves are n t over nice
in their pickin.H , Two of tliein now lan
guish in for rolling away an iron Ily
wheel valiird Ht S17 < 5. They saved it fioiu
the ravages uf rust in n neighbor's yar .
Pherman county is proud of her "tree
corn" preacher , the 15ev. John Cook. He
astonished the citizens of Loup with sam
ples of BtalkH tlsht inches in circumference
ence- , with fifteen enre. An ocie of it will
yield 150 b
A brute , named ICrnan , lins been jailed
at Wet Point fur iittHtupted outrage on n
woman nt SUnton. Kriiin wan drunk nt
tin time , ami wai defeated by the woman's
lit lo dnught r. who hammered bit head
with iv o. ub. He is ripe for the penitun-
t'aiy. '
Alexander Hickey , ex-chief of police
of Xcbrnitkn City , has been ( on-
vi ted of nmnslnughter in the Otou
county dintiict o urt. Hlekey was
wns tried for shooting J.inies McGuire on
thedity of the ( iarlield memorial service.
Sentence was deferred.
Stanton , the man who shot nnd killed
Henrv .Myers in Pawnee county for beliu
too alfectfnnnte with his wile , has been ai-
rcsted in Missouri , and will be brought to
Pnvvnre City this week. 'I he Enterprise
assert' * that it jury cannot be found in the
county to convict him.
'J he U , P , company hove sued out nn
Injunction aaojnst the further building ol
the elevator of S. G. Scott & Son , in Kear
ney , bcoiUBo of lt' 1 uing constructed on
Xebiaska avenue. The fact that theB.
& M. Co. is interested in it has in ro to do
with it than street obstruct ! , n.
Tekamah takes the chroma for the mean
est iimu He ji.-unod a dime with tvvo
ginnll h'oles on the expres * company , which
was promptly returned from the New York
otlicu for re > emption. Such emphatic dis
couragement of veiul crime will btreugthen
the righteous these wickel days.
Kd. Kelihnr , of North Platte , took in
he town uud finally brought up at a
female "boarding-house. " The inmates
attempted to lira him out. and battero- - .
his skull with A bottle. About this time
he brought out his artillery nnd opened on
the enemy , severely wounding one. He
hnu gent ) east for rest.
On and after tc-morrowtho wag s of al
section men on the B. tc , M. will be re-
duped t'j $1,10 jxr day.Ve think that
tlio company will find it it liani matter to
find ninny men who will he willing to worker
or Hint , for when they were paying SI 25
r day for labor , they were nlwnvn fthort
of section men. [ Nebraska City Prew.
Ouster county Is ] tnt now In the vottox
of n ncbtaUon equal to the Ollvo crime of n
. A "Illuo
cw yeftw ORO. gray-haired
icnrd" nnmotl D.inlols Rcductd lit * two
nieces , need 11 and 10 , and the oldf t I"
ibout to become a mother. "The- old vil-
aln is now being tried for ( he crime. If
10 escape the penitentiary Judge Lynch
will certainly shorten his day * .
The little five-year-old son nf Aaron May
nft killed nt lihgting * . last Tuesday. The
boy , who with a number of companions
were i > la\irig nrounil nn excavation ,
crnw'ed into n largo h"le nnd literally
' pulled the hole after him , " M thn top
caved In killing him Instantly , When
; nkcn out It was found that nltno-t rvety
time In his hody WAR broke a nnd hia head
was completely mnnshcd.
A Masonic ledge i > soon to be InatittiUd
n Vull.
The Ottnniwa land league has Rent § 200
to Ireland ,
Dnbuqm IH again agitating the pontoon
jridgo question.
A Knights of Pythias bdgo Ins been
instituted nt llarlan.
The DCS Moincs Marriage , Dowry niao-
elation ban disbanded.
The Ottuimvn n ttumnlbank , with S100-
X)0 ) , is being organized.
A temperance convention is to bu held
in Midvern on th < ! 21st of December.
Spirit Lake In sure of three railroad *
and has hopes of getting two others.
The Craig coal mines nt Tort Dodge
arc whipping twentycevcn cars a day.
New and extensive deposits of coal Imvo
been found at Lehigh , Webster county.
The Clinton paper mill pays S < > per
tun for oat nnd wheat straw nnd $ S for
It IH expected that the new opota hou o
at Malvcrn will bo completed by Christ-
Gilbert , Perkins & Ileeb i re going to
establish nn extensive creamery nt LC-
Morn. '
Parties offer tr put uti n steam mill nt
Ilnnil ) Idt if the citizens will iJounto
It requires twenty men to do the night
wotk for the railroad companies at Pacific
Junction * .
Des Moires complains that her manu
facturing Interests arc utipplcd by high
rafiroad tariffs.
A creamery Is to bo located at Shenandoah -
doah , if sufficient encouragement Is given
by the citizens.
Fish Commissioner Shaw has received
mm Wa-hinetnn fifteen hundred yearling
carp for disti ibution.
Only twenty-five members attended the
pecrct meeting of the state grange in Des
Moines on the 14 th.
An eff 'ft will bo made to locate the
state lish hatehery nt Spirit Lake. It now
has a branch hatchery.
The DCK Moincs It 1't. Dodge company
liai finished laying i-te l rails on Its line as
far north as Grand Junction.
The Des Moines board of trade has 2tiO
m < mbcrs. On nnd after .Tnmwry 1 next ,
the admission fee will be ? . " 0.
In boring a well -in Porahontas county
the other day. nt n depth of forty feet , the
aii ur ttriick n solid log of wood.
The State Teachers' association will
hold its twenty-sixth annual meeting at
Oskuloosa , December 27 , 28 and 29.
Couway is soon to have a first clans
flouring mill in full operation. The ma
chinery is now being placed in position.
The business men of Hnrjan i-nd Kirk-
mau arc talking of establishing n tele
phone exchange between the two towns.
A n w elevator fo cost 820.0CO to ? .TO- ,
000 will be built at Atlantic to take the
place of the one recently burned there.
It is now authoritatively announced that
a rnilioad from Shenandoah to Lincoln ,
Neb. , vii Hamburg -will be built the c in
ing season.
The new nnd fatal cattle dfceaie that
broke out in the eastern part of the state
tcf ms to bo HI reading , and is causing con
siderablc alaim.
The grape sugar works at Iowa City
consume 1COO bushels of corn d ily. The
capital stuck of the company was lately
increised to 9200,000.
The tot \ \ expenses of carrying on the
state government of Iowa for the pas tw.i
years was $2,242,000. This includes the
payment of the bonds.
Bancroft , a now town on the Toledo
and Northwestern , sixteen u lies north
Algona , fa becoming a place of considera
ble importance us a trading center ,
The Woodbine Twiner say * the Jlasons
of that place ara prepuring to give the
grandest onto tainment , on the 23d inst. ,
ever attempted in II. rrisou county.
Four hay-balling machines just received
t Onawa' cost $450 each , mid have a
united capacity of eight tons a day. ICach
requires two horses and four men to run
It cost ? 1,05 ( > for sunport of the Ann-
inosn penitentiary duriug November.
There was also expended on the w-.ll of
that institution during this same periwd
In the district court at Kldora lust week ,
JuiUo Henderson told a diligent that the
state e 'indered ' ! it worth fl,200 f..r the
privilege of violathiir the whiskey law ns
the aforesaid druggist hud don- .
It is it.itect tviat 150 butter nnd cheese
Factories have been built in Iowa during
1881 , making a total oi150 now in the
utate. There will proba'ily ' be a large ad
dition made to this number next spring.
The city of Dnbuque , the present > env ,
fhowx a real estate valuation of $13,21 ! )
275 , of which nboul § 10.000,000 i * for real
estate ; total city tax Slti'J.OOO hist year.
The incrmR ill-valuation is over 8100,000. ,
The Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad
piopoge.4 to make Fort Dodge a division
termlnm and to crcvt there the necessary
shops and buildings if the town w 11 do-
mite ttfenty acii-s of land und 80,000 , for
the purpose.
The state gives annnually $200 to each
nnd every ag'-icultur Isocetv in'good uiid
regular standing. This yrar 518,000 will
be so distributed. This showd tin exin-
tenu of iiinetv vocieties , or one for every
county In the state except nine ,
The i eorganined Plymouth mills nt Le-
Mnrs Hre ivnout ready to resume grinding.
HeietoforulOO barrels of Hour could be
made every ilay , but with the newmach n
ery the ordinary run will bo 200 bar
rets , and if pushed 250 barrels can be turn
ed out.
Missouri Valley now claims the largest
and boat arranged stock yards between
Council Uluff * and Clinton. They aio ! ! > 2
by IKI2 feet , dhiilcd into seventeen apart-
menU , nnd have a capacity for lifty-nix
ciraof cattle and twelve of hogs. The
yards are supplied with every necessary
couvtnk'iice , buch as sheds , wutcr , etc.
Oar Ejcperienco from Many.
"I had boon sick and miserable BO
long und had caused my husband BO
inuh trouble and expense , no ono
Bcomud to know what ailed mo , tlmt
I was completely disheartened and
discouraged. In this frameof mind
I got n bottle of Hop Bitters and used
.thorn unknown to my family , I soon
began to improve nnd gained BO fast
that my husband and family thought
it etrnngo and unnatural , but when I
told thoin what had holnpd mo , they
said "hurrah for Hop Bitteral long
may they prosper , for they have made
njothe * well and us happy , " The
Mother. [ Homo Journal. dl-lD
Notes of Interest to the Breth
ren The Third Degree
Local Elections ,
An Oltl LodRo-Miicellnnootift Jot-
AN Ott ) J.01X1K.
Marietta has tlio oldest Masonic
Ledge in the west , It was chartered
nt Waterman's tavern , in lloxhnry ,
Mass. , six months bofnru the declara
tion of independence. During the
\rar following it held its meetings
wherever the army happened to be ,
and frequently after a hard day's bat
tle the brethren would assemble
around the mystic altar nnd renew
their pledges of devotion to brother
and country. Washington and La-
Fayctte frequently attended thcso
mocijngs , nnd Lawis Cass was after
ward a member of this lodgo. At the
close of the war most of the members
cnmo to Marietta to found the great
northwest , and the lodge was there
reopened , and linn since been known
as American Union Lodge No. 1 , F.
A. M. They have n number of in
teresting relics , including the bullet-
scarred army chest of General Put
nam , the old charter and records , and
old linen cloth in which the minutes
of the ledge veto carried and sacredly
guarded dny and night during the rev
olutionary war.
T1IK TllIUD lIKOltr.K.
The following paragraph is taken
from Mackey's Encyclopedia of Free
masonry :
"It was the single object of all the
ancion rites and mysteries practiced
in the very bosom of Paean darkness ,
shining as a solitary beacon in all that
surrounding gloom , and cheering the
phil osophcr in his weary pilgrimage
of life , to teach the immortality of the
soul. This is still the great design of
the Third Degree of Masonry , fljiis
is the scope and aim of its
The Master Mason represents men ,
when youth , manhood , old ago , and
lifo itself , have passed away as fleeting
shadows , yet raised from the grave of
iniquity , and quickened into another
and a better existence. J3y its legend
and all its Ritual it is implied that wo
have been redeemed from the death of
sin and the sepulcher of pollution.
'Tho ' ceremonies and the lecture , ' says
Dr. Crucifix , 'beautifully illustrate
this all-engrossinc ; subject : and the
conclusion we arrive at is , that youth ,
properly directed , leads us to honor
able nnd virtuous maturity , and that
the lifo of man , regulated by morality ,
faith and justice , will be rewarded : it
its closing hour by the prospect of
eternal bliss. ' "
The annual election of olliccra for
Covert lodtro No. 11 , took place on
Wednesday evening at Free Masons
hall. The following oflieors were
elected for the ensuing Masonic year :
C. K. Coutant'W. M.
L. F. Maginn. S. W.
Wm. France , J. W.
Gustavo Anderson , secretary.
Harry P. Duel treasurer.
Work in the Scottish Rite in
Omithu continues active. On Thurs
day evening Mt. Moriah Ledge of
Perfection , No. 2 , conferred the four
teenth decree on a class of candidates
with excellent effect. Inspector Gen
eral Robt. Jordan , 33d degree , being
present. The prospects of the
Scottish Rite in Omaha for the com
ing year are unusually bright and ap
plications numerous.
The M. M. degree was worked in
St. John's Ledge No. 25 A. F. and A.
M. , on Thursday evening , the candi
date being a rising young lawyer of
our city.
Deputy Grand Master Pattison , of
Ogdo > i , Utah , visited in the city dur
ing the pasf week.
Found at Iiast
Whit , every one should have , and never
U thorough and s ife in it * eifectd , produ
cing the must womhous cures of rlieunm-
IHUI , iiiiu'nl in , burns , bruises and wounds
of every kind , dlsodlw
o a Fr s §
s 8 feSC f !
8 < rfFT ! S *
' *
3 a 11 | | si
ILEE & C6. .
Sole Manufacturers. ' OMAHA.
DcxtorL.TlioiMS&Bro ,
Pay Taxes , Rent HouseB , Etc.
Oill al Office , Iloam 8 , Ctel itoa Clock , Omaha.
I . u'l l
Bp d J attention gUto to colltctloni la Bull
Lots ,
, ,
For Sale By
No. 2u3 , Full lot fcncc.1 and with small
ItiK on Capitol A\cimo near 25th otrcct , $700.
Wo. 257 , Largo lot or block 293 by 270 feet oiu
Hamilton , near Irene direct , 2GOO. .
No. 260 , Full lorncr lot on Jones , near 15th.
Htrcet , 3,000.
Mo. 21x1 , Two lots OH Center street , near Cum-
Intr Ktrect , $ OUO.
No. 252 , Lot on Spruce street , near Oth street.
SOW ) .
No. 2A1 , Two lots on Scnnrd , near Kin" struct ,
No. 261 } , Lot on Scwml , near King street , .
. )0. *
f No. 240 , Half lot on Dodge , ncnr llth street ,
* 2,10U.
So. 247 , Four beautiful residence lots , near
Crclgliton College ( or will sell s.paratc ) , $3,000.
No. 240 , Two low on Charles , near Cuinlnz
street , $400 caeh.
No. 24U ] , Lot on Idaho , near Cumlng street.
? 100.No.
No. 245 , Ono acre lot on Cumin ; , ' , mar Button
street , $7(0
No. 244 , Lot on Farnliatr , near 18th street.
§ 4.000.
No. 213 , Lot 0(1 ( by 133 feet on College street ,
near St. Marj * s Av nuc , S510.
No. 242 , Let on Douglas , near SGth street ,
No. 241 , Lot on Farnham , 2Cth s rcct ,
No. 240 , Lot CO by 00 feet on South Avenue ,
near Jlapon street , $550.
No. 1KW , Corntr 1ft on Hur' , near 2M street.
82,50 ; ' .
No. 233. 120\I32 feet on Hartley , near 24tli
streo ( will cut It up ) , 82,400.
No. 235 , 71x310 ( cot on Slicrmancnuo
( ICth street ) , near Grace , Sl.OCO.
No. XII , Lot on Douglas street , near 23d $750.
No. 232 , Lot on Flcr slrcct , near Howard , 500.
No. 231 , LotJl'zOO ' feet , near C nitol .avenue
and 22detr t , $1,000.
No. 227 , Two lota on Dceatur , mnr I mm street ,
$200 anil 175 each.
No. 223 , Lot 143 SO-linljy 441 feet on Sherman ,
A\enuo ( ICth str et ) , near Grace , S2.400 ,
No. 22K , Lot 23vt)0 ) fcit on Dodge , near 13th ,
stieet , inaKo an offer.
No. 217 , Lot on 2Jd street , near Club , $500.
No 210 , Lot on Hamilton , near luiitf , isOO.
No. 2uD , Lot on ISth , near .Nicholas tticct ,
$ . ' 00.
-\o. 2/7 , Two lots on 10 h , near Pacific street ,
$ lfOO.
No. 203 , Two lots on Cistclhr , ncarlOth Jtrcet. .
$16' ) .
No. 201 , beautiful residence lot on Division.
btreet , ncnr C.mlnir , $ S50.
No. 203. Lot on Uaundera , near Hamilton
street , &S50.
No. 109) ) , Lot ICth ttrcct , near F.itiflr , $500.
No. 1UJ , Three lots on baunclcrj street , near
Sewnnl , S1,3U' .
No. ll'Jl , Lot on 20th itrcct , near Sherman ,
835' ' .
No. 101 J , Two lo's on 22d , near Grico street , .
t00J e eh.
No. 1'Jlj , two lots on King , near 'Hamilton
btrctt , gl.-JOO.
No. uul , two lots on 17th street , near White.
Lead WVrKe , * l , < i50.
f > o. ISSj , one fill bbck , ten lots , near the bar
racks , 8400.
No. 101 , lot on Parker , near Irene street , $300.
No. Ib3 , two lots ou Cass , near 2Ut street , ,
, , .
No. 1S1 , lot on Center , near Cumlng street ,
No. ISO , lot on Tier , noir Scwnrd street , $ G50.
No. 175 , lot on Sherman me nuc , near Itanl
ttretf , $1,4 0.
No. 174J , lot on Cass , near 14th , $1,000.
No. 170 , lot on Pacific , neur 14th street ; inakc-
No. 103. ei.lota on Farvham , near 24th street , .
$1,45 toS2t/UO / each.
No. 1U3 , full block on k20th street , near -
raio coun-e , and three lots in Gise's addition ,
near Saum era a 'id Catsius btrett * , $ ,000.
No. li'J , loon California street , near C'reigh
ton college , $4 25.
fo. 127 , aero lot , near the head of St. Mary's.
aenue , ? iW ) .
No. 1-d , bout two acres , near the head of St. .
Slarv's a\emie , ; 11OJI' .
No. 120 , lot on 18th street , near White Lead
Works , 8525.
No. 124 , sixteen lots , near thot tower on the
Hellenic road , KOper ot.
No. 122 , ISixlS' feet (2 ( Jots ) on 18th street , .
near Poppleton's , ( ? ltOj.
No. llJ , thirty half turn lot * In Mlllard and
Cnldw ell's additions on Khcrman a\enue , Spring
and KtiutOKa streets , nrar the end of green
strict VAT track , > f6li ( to tl,200 caeh.
No. b'J , lot on Chicago , near 22d street , * 100.
No. bS. lot on Caldncil , near Hauudcn street ,
SOO.No. . SO , corner lot nn Chailes , near Saundcra.
strout , 700.
No. M i , lot on liard , near 21st , with two small
Mo. b3 , two loti on 10th , near Pierce street ,
" 100.
No. 78 , three Iota ox Harney , near lOtli street ,
$2.0 V.
No. 70 , 90U32 feet on Oth btreet , near Lea > eu-
wurt , _ htroa , sOU ; ) , ) .
No. TJ , CUxW feet , on Pacific , near kth street
, .
No. CO , C0\132 feet , on Douglas street , near-
l\o. CO , eighteen lots on 21st , 22d , 23d anil
Saundcnt streets , mar Oracu and .Siundcni street
bridgu , ijlOO each.
No. 0 , olio-fourth block ( IbOvlSS ( tet ) , near the.
Content of Poor Clolro en Hamilton street , near
the end of red strtu car traik , t 50.
No. 6 , lot on Slarcy , near Oth stieet , $1,209.
No 3 , lot on California , near 21st , 1,004 ,
No. 2. lot on C.UH , near 2id street , $ i,500.
No. 1 , lot i n Harney , near 18th , * 2uW.
Lots In llarbacn'ii first and second additions , .
also In Parker's. Shlnn's , .T > elson'ii , Terrain , K.
V. bmlthX UcdlikV , Uleo's. Lake's , and all othci-
addlttont , at a iv pnioi and term * .
Mi lots In llaiiscom Place , near Ilanscom
rarkJlirltcalroin $300 to 800 each.
Ono hundred and Illtj-ninu beautiful real-
duiio lot * , locattil on Hamilton itrctt , tmlf wa >
bctw een the turn table ot the rod street car line
and the waterworks icservior and addition , and
just west of the Coin cut of the bisters Pool
Claire In Shliin'ii n-luIUon , Prices lange from
576 to S100 caeh. and will bo lold on easy terms.
Tracts of 6 1C , 15 , 2J , 40 or W J crvi , with
Itllug * and other Improvements , and adjoining
bul clu.atallurlcei' . , . , , .
500 of the bust residence Iota In the tlty of
Omaha any location you do Ire north , ca.t ,
south or west , and at bid-rock prices.
220 cholio buslntus loU In all the prlnclot | ,
liuslncs * streets of Omaha , vary Ing fiom $500 to
$7,000 taih.
Two hundred houses and lota ranging from.
$500 to 816,000 , and Iccatid In cviry pa t of the
Largo number of excellent farina in Douglas. .
Barny , KjundeM , IWdtfu. Washington , Hurt , andi
othir good counties In Eastern NibrasKn.
16th and Douglas Street ,