Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 17, 1881, Page 4, Image 4

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The Omaha Bee.
I'uMMied tvcry morning , except Sundny.
Tnc only MomUy inoniliig dally ,
Onc You 510.00 I Three MonthsS3.00
Six Month * . MX ) | One . . 1.00
EMU WEEKLY BKK , pulillohcd ev-
Ono Year $2.00 I Tl.rcoMonths. . . M
Six Mouth * . . . . 1.00 | One . .JO
COHllKSI'ONDKNOl' All Comniunl-
itloni riOatlnt ; In Nuwi" and Kditorlnl mat
ters should lie addressed to the Kniion or
LBTTEUS-AH Biirfne ; .
ninl HeintUanrM xhould bo ad
dressed loTim OMAHA I'ci.umiiso . COMPANY -
PANY , OMAHA. Drafts , Check * ntidrost.
aTu-c OrdeiK to bo nude payable to the
rdcr of the Comany. |
E.nOSE\VATER. Editor. bilh were introduced in
the lower house of congress yeutortlny
and it wasn't a very uncommon uliow-
cr eUlior. .
TUB lirat cMl of states in the liiat
congress brought forth 1:100 : bills.
This time the number will reach 1,200.
Congressmen nro better at presenting
hills than paying them. ,
KVKIIY insin is presumed to bu innocent -
nocont until ho is found guilty , and
neither popular excitement or per-
sunal prejudice are eullieient UXCUBI'H
for the perversion of justici' .
TUB Now York Suit says Hint iit the
jirusotit rate of eonl coiiHUtiiptiiin an-
thracitu will soon become a high
priced luxury. It IH evident that the
odjlor of the Sun hns never spent u
winter in Omaha.
THK nuinagers of renderleas nuwnpa-
pern in theno purta exhibit an uncom
mon concern suddenly about the
money squandered by applicants for
liquor nnd drupgiatit' liceiiBOB , in nd-
vcrtising in Tun DKB.
YOHK a kH for about tuirty
millions of dollars to run tliuuity government -
ornment during tliu coming year
Tweed's stoalinga and Tweed's inllti-
encu still make tlioinselvos felt in New
York municipal politic * .
TIIK frank admission of The lloiald
thut it has "lied and
, upologi/ed ro-
tractod" more through its columna
than it will over. , do again shows
what the visit oF Whittle and Mo-
Granaghnn can accomplish umong thu
editorial fraternity.
HKNATOU VAN\VYIK : hai presented a
number of petitions from his Nebras
ka constituents demanding legislation
by congress to prohibit discrimination
and extortion by railway corporations.
It is to bo hoped the petition may have
the desired efloot. For the moat part
these appeals are pigucm-liolcd and ig
EVKUV western representative and
senator will have an opportunity dur
ing the present session of coiiprosa to
place their views regarding the trans
portation question on public record.
Thu urgent and popular demand for
'legislation on this subject is bound to
nuke itself felt , and mammoth
petitions from ten different states
.have .already been presented anking
.for the regulation of railroad trann-
porlntion by national authority.
THK surplus earning of the pro
ducers of the country are largely ab
sorbed to pay dividends on watered
clocks held or controlled by railway
kings such us Gould , Dillon , Vanderbilt -
bilt nnd Villard. These pampered
favorites of stock gambling are sur
passing European aristocrats in luxn-
riousnosH und wanton waste , Henry
Villard is about to expend # 1,000,000
in the eroction-nf a residence on Mad
ison avenue , near Fifteenth street ,
and Sidney Diliou is building u man-
( don which in to throw Yanderbilt in
the Hlmdo. It U an iiitorcHliiitr ques
tion who pays for them.
definitely Announced his intention ol
retirim ; from the cabinet on .Inuum- }
1st to enter upon his duties im pros !
ilont of the Lincoln national hunk oi
New York. Mr. Jainea' record in
postmaster general has been the btwi
in the historj' of the government. Ht
introduced system and economy when
both were previously lacking and mutli
war upon extravagance and fmtu
wherever found. Ho was the mai
above all others for the place ami then
will be universal regret that he feel
compelled to vacate a position fo
which IH > wus so eminently fitted ,
T nomination of Jleiijtiiiiin H
Itrewster for the attorney guiiunilshi ;
will meet with ganerul approval. Mi
BrewBtor ia ft lawyer of learning , 01
periouce , and more than all , of sterlin
honesty. Hin connection with th
star route cascu has given him a thoi
rough insight into the plans and pnu
ticca of Brady , Doraoy & Co. , nnd h
may bo confidently depended upon t
push the prosecution regardless i
threats , bribe ? or any outside ii
flueivccs. In pending in Mr. Urowi
tor's 'name to the senate , Prcaidui
'Arthur has consulted the bust intei
cats of his administration , no lessthn
the welfare of the country at largo ,
August Amdt nought to recover
homestead from which he wns ejected
by that great land-grabber , the Union
Pacific. Ho was at once spotted ns a
dangerous desperado. In these days
the most dangerous desperadoes are
Russians , so August A null was billed
a Russian. Every Hnssmii must of
course bo a nihilist , su Amdt was
booked us a nihilist. Jlut August
A null is by birth a Gorman nnd there
fore ho was also classed as a socialist ,
In his hopeless struggle with a giant
corporation Arndt wns badly jammed.
After being pillaged by the railroad
ho was fleeced by the lawyer * , lleing
a man with strong passions ho
became very loud with threats iigaiiifct
law otllcora whom ho conceived to bo
in conspiracy with the corporation
that had ojcotcd him from his home
stead , Ho wns thereupon charged
with contempt of court and jailed to
await the notion of the United States
grand jury. Thai body hns now
presented a bill of indictment against
him for attempting to intimidate a
judge and impede the coutse of jus
This somewhat unusual procedure
is said to have been institi'tcd in or
der to hold Arndt in custody while
the grand jury is investigating the
Wntflon It. Smith murder , of which
he is suspected.
August Arndt m.iy bu guilty of this
fellonioiiH crime , but up to this hour
ho is only legally held to answer for a
August Arndt may bu the most dan
gerous of criminals , but as long n.s ho
in merely suspected he is entitled to
the same treatment which thu laws
of the country accord to any
other man accused , of a mi
nor inisiluiiiojuiur.But / even before -
fore the grand jury had taken no
tion on the charge of threateniii' ' the
court otlioura lie WAS Unottled by the
refusal to allow repot tora of the prwts
to sou hiiii. Thin sinackn altogether
too much of Russian tyranny to unit
our conception of American justice.
Arndt is penniless and friundlcHH and
for that rcinon wo foul impelled to de
mand for him such treatment as would
have been accorded to any man ac
cused of crime who linn plenty of
money and scores of friends. Wo
ask that he should be dealt with , with
at least as much consideration as the
notorious man-burner , Olive , received
who roasted his victims nftjr they
wore shot.
In order to appreciate the merits of
the "direct pressure" part of the
Omaha water works it may bo well to
compare them with the "Holly swin
dle" over in liurlincton , which has
been in operation several years. * *
There wore nine one-inch streams
thrown from n licit-lit above the level
of the river of from 100 to 132 feet
on throe dificront hillx of thu city.
Twelve streams from one inch to one
and one-half inches in diameter wore
thrown at the same time on the low
ground toTm average height of 151
foot above the river. * * * Un
der --0 pounds pressure to the square
inch a three-inch scream of water was
thrown from a point 1)0 ) foot above the
river to a height of 284J. feet. This
was for display. When General Grant
returned fron : California the victims
of the "Holly swindle" in Burlington
allowed the veteran to see the water
works throw a three-inch stream from
the sa'mo level 11071 feet high.
I'artii's who witnessed one of these
dress parade displays at Burlington ,
do not consider the feat as at all
Thu mant'gors had constructed a
main specially ( or this test within
hrue blocks of their engine house and
early on the same level with their
itiinpi. Every other connection with
' , her mains win shut oil' Four
lydrants were connected in-
o one stream , and this
itream was forced through
tandpino especially made for thu dis-
ilny. Tim standpipu was fastened to
platform erected for the exhibition
.ml . from this single atandpipu they
laim that u vertical throe-inch
itrtmm , 'JO'.l ' feut high , was thrown.
Thu hiiilit was niuiiHiirud from the toj :
if thu spruy when there was not a
iiroath of wind stirring.
( tainting that thu Kurlington
works with aUch u , contrivancu did
hrow n tUreu-inch stream 1107 foul
itgh at tliu limo of ( lunoral Grant's
visit , what docs this funt amount to'
What reliance uould be plauod
iipon it for practical olloct it
> i great lite. Hut , after all , Hurling
on is not the only place where wutei
Mill bu forced to great hights by diruc
pressure pumps. Thu Oinalm hipl
school test will more than match thi
Hurlin tou display. The hydntuti
nt'n ? thu high | school amBit f jul
sbovo thu river level und four stream'
were thrown from 1 ] inch no//.lus to i
hight of 140 feet which was n tola
of 42i ; fuel above the river level. Am
thu test required the pumping of th
water through thruu miles of pipe
owing to the circuitous route from th
engine house , while thu Burlingtoi
exhibition was made from a poin
within IONS than u quarter of u mil
from their engine. .Hut there i
really no comparison between th
Burlington und Omuha water worki
Burlington has only 12 miles of we
tor mains , while Omaha has Itl mile ;
Burlington depends entirely upon d
reel pressure , and n bioken main m
at any moment cut oil' her water au ]
ply and duprivo her of all ( ire .protu
lion , Omaha will only use
pressure in an extraordinary emergen
cy. Our reservoirs will nlFord the
most ample lire protection , and what
is fully M important , our system can
bo extended and enlarged just ns rap
idly as lltogrowth of Omaha demands
it. Tt is not to be expected , however ,
that tlio jobbers and water sharks ,
who were BO signally defeated in their
attempt to foist Holly's works upon
us , will over acknowledge that Omaha
has escaped a calamity in refusing to
follow Burlington.
England begins to ro.ilizu that the
United Stales has a foreign policy in
regard to the republics which adjoin
our country on the American conti
nent. The publication of Secretary
Uliiino's dispatch to Minister Lowell
regarding the Clnyton-Hulwor treaty ,
in exciting a good deal of comment
from the London press , In this con
nection Mr. Blainc assorts the Mon
roe doctrine with eloquent emphasis ,
and instructs Minister Lowell that any
canal constructed across the isthmus
will bo considered ni part of the Amer
ican coast line , to bo treated nnc pro *
tcctcd as such by the United States
government. On the part of the
president he askstmch modifications of
the Clay ton-Hulwor treaty as will give
to our government nit unchallenged
protectorate over thu isthmus route.
Mr. Blaine very clearly points out
that since the treaty was signed , thu
remarkable developments of the Uni
ted States on the Pacific coast has
changed the conditions. Tt is abso
lutely insisted that , the highway to the
I'.icific sltnll not bu under the control
of another power , which at some fu-
turu day may menace the peace of our
Tin ; death roll at the Vienna the
atre , as already announced , foots up
fully one thousand lives. The funer
al of the victims the moat impos
ing spectacle over witnessed in
Vienna. Tun thousand devout Cath
olics attended the solemn requiem
mass for the souh of the departed.
After the requiem at St. Stephen's
Cathedral the funeral ceremonies be
gan at thu cemetery. Cavalry , in
fantry and police maintained order on
either Hide of thu.imposiig ) catafalque ,
which was illuminated by several hun
dred candlcH. There wuru seventy
metal coiling , those containing uniden
tified remains being numbered , while
the others boru the names of the oc
cupants. All around wore plants and
wreaths , provided by mourners and
the various corporations.
Many mourner * wcru present. The
funeral procession included all the
member * of the common council ,
many members of the Riochsrath ,
representatives of the various thea
ters and members of the aristocracy.
After tliu service , Burgomaster New-
aid delivered an address , in which ho
spoke of the priof of "Vienna , of Aus
tria and of the world at the terrible
calamity. The coffins * wnro ihon low
ered into H common grave.
s . . . .
Au unsolved problem in tlio Britiah
hou e of commons is how to maki
rules that will prevent malicious filli <
mistering , und at the name time not
interfere with debate. Thu next sea *
sion of parliament will make it a ape
e itl study. Indeed , BO mo goso far tu
to say that this will be the one im
portant matter before thu house. II
\wll prove very perplexing , for , us
liberal paper says , ever since thu Iris ! )
members learned how to ojtrucl
businem , ' "men of great capacity and
.pocial experience have beun undeav-
ring toduvisu a scheme fur a. ruforn :
f thu procoeduro of the house , , which ,
while it shall prevent obstruction ,
hall avoid interference with the lib
rty of debate , and tlioy have all o :
hem failed " In the American con
rem the majority party does not tint
t difficult touinko rules to suit itself
ind trusts to luck never to becomi
he minority party. English con
urvutivus , oik thu other hand , du
nand that no changes .shall bu made
unluH.s they are tu bu perpetuated
rhatovor party ia in power. In HOIIII
uspeota , tooit i more important it
parliament than in congress to havi
very measurd debated.
.Japan wishes for further interconrai
tvith Corua , and has asked that th
xirt of Ninseu ) > u open to her com
nerce , and thu Coruann are dispoaui
o yield ; but a request that Jnpanu.s
[ nurchanU be allowed to travel in th
nturior hni bueu uquarely refused
Jatholtc missionaries hiivu probabl ;
lone as much UH any race of men I
levutu thu intulligencu of thu Coreana
although their work ban beun slow
mirce'it wiis 200 youra ago that thu
tint entered the country. There at
now in Coren about 80,000 Catholici
and nearly all of them belong t
the party of progress. Five mil
sionarioa from France who are in th
country uru said to bo concealed , an
although the government know * c
their presence it does nothing to driv
them out from fear that violence won !
lead France to declare war.
Thu instructions given to ( Jen
Hurlbut and Kilnatriuk last .Ititiu at
iimdo public. They show that tl
chief concern of thu Washington cab
net at ( hat time was for thu renter ;
tion of peacu in South America at i
early a day and on ns equitable ni
stable a basis ns possible , While tl
instructions show profound sympathy
feir Porn , there is no trace in them of
nny feeling other tlinn Unit of the
most perfect friendliness toward Chili.
There is n very evident anxiety , how
ever , that Chili flhp.ll not insist upon
a cession of territory an a basis of no-
tinllon. There is also n distinct in
itiation that nny intermeddling of
uropcan powers will not bo rvg.irdud
ith complacency.
Tlio three ofllcers who have been
ndorgoing trial fur neglect of duty
allowing thu late cxar of Russia to
0 aRsassinaled have each been son-
onccd to Siberia for threu years. A
lost curious fact was diademed during
10 trial that the man Kmilmnoll' , who
ns the first to rush forward and seize
10 wounded emperor and help lift
im into the sleigh , was onu of tlio
ssassins nnd had u bomb concealed
bout his clothing nt the titiio. The
our men wore , it scoins , stationed
flcen yards apart in a line. Euri-
anofT was the last of the four , nnd
ccing that the deadly work had benn
ccomplished did not throw his bomb ,
Vlmt the Russian government Is
eng ! to do with him docs not appear ,
ut ho was certainly as morally guilty
a his associates who were hung.
A case of slavery in its most dis-
listing form 1ms come to light in Con-
tnntinoplo. A traveling showman ,
illing himself Hodjali lien Moham
med , bought some time ago in London
wolvo street Arabs , paying from § 8 tu
12 apiece , cash down , to their miscr-
1)1 o parents , and baa since traveled
itb them over a good part of Europe ,
iving sierobatie performances. The
oupo went by the high-sounding
iiino of the "Original and Genuine
'roupo ' of Ucni-OTiig-xong Bedouin
Wabs. " The infants-for they ranged
1 age front three to six years wore
ftcn soundly whipped , and all theme
! mo were half starved. A traveling
iliahman happened to hoar of the
ase , and through the ellbrts of the
onsul general and the interposition of
iord Granville , the children
ere released and sent home. Chari-
ably disposed people have undertaken
euro for nnd educate them , for it
van not thought beat to appeal to
leir unnatural parents. The boys
vero found in a room about fifteen
eet square , in which the only furniture
as a few beixes. They were dirty ,
arcfootud , and clothed only'in baggy
'urkish trousers nnd shirts many
is too big. They had never tasted
ea , coffee or any other luxury , and
voro usually fed from a tin pot on
omo unpalatable stow. They were
over allowed any amusements be-
end the acrobatrc tricks which they
ad to practice aa professionals , and
rero never allowed to go alone out-
ide of their lodging room. There are
ell grounded suspicions that other
ejually sad cases of cruelty and neg-
ect are to be found in various parts
f'Europe. *
The German army ia furnished
liieily with oflicers and men from
Prussia. Tlio oflicial muster roll for
882-3 shows that out of 18,134 offi-
era Prussia supplies 14,008 , as against
,1I7 ! from Saxony , 733 fiom Wur-
emburg , and 2,210 from Bavaria , Of
he minor oillcors , about the same
argo proportion comes from her
)8,591 in a total of 51,581 , as against )
J,28U from Saxony , 2ttl ! from \Vur-
omburg. and 3,3GG from Bavaria ,
? ho men , including minor officers ,
lumber 428,274 , of whom Prussia
contribute * 330,62(1. (
Very satisfactory progress in the
management of the French poatotlico
department lias in late years been
made. Two years ago the net prulita-
ro 2I5,000OOOf. ; in 1880 > they were
25,000,000f. , , and it ia estimated thiU
when the present year is ended re-
urns will bo made of : JM,000OOOf of
let profits , On the 1st of .January
the aavingx banks in connection with
he postolllcti will be opened.
Thu tunnel under the English chan
nel ia making substantial progress.
On thu French side a distance of 1,800
noterd and on the English one of
1,000 , or , ' ) ,400 motors in all , whiuh
ure something more than one-tenth
of the entire distance to be placed. It
is believea that if the required $100-
000,000 can bo raised , the work might )
bo finished in a comparatively short
time. Quo estimate is that the htnnol
could bo made fit far traflio in four
The prospective niarriaqe of thu
Duku of Albany with a German prin
ces brings up the question of the an
nual allowance that will be asked
from parliament. Thu London Truth ,
asks why an English princv cannel
livu on the allowance of ilermui
prince , and thinks that if onu or twc
princes would live in comfort and re
pectability on 500 u year , ranch
good would bo done.
There is a new parliajuontary groug
in the French assembly. It ia callei
thu "Rni'ical ' Loft" andstarta out will
sixty-eight members.
NoHumbaggiiig the American Pee
pie *
You cau't humling the American prople
when they tiu < l a n motly that uult them
ttiuv me It Mul rocoumioml It to thel
friends , .hut exatly tli * ca e with Sl-Bis
DLOSSOH , which Inn become a houaeliol
word all ow the Uuited State * 1'rito W
centi ; trlul bottles 10 cent * , dll-e xllw
Hnrry Wldmcr Is the leader iff
> rchc. tin ,
( Jcncxlevo Ward Ii tu play in French In
Sew OrlentH.
le tfl Itentnr Fremont \vtltinj , ' n piny
' 01 .lolin M
Michael Ktrocroif U ia its elexenth week
it Dm Huston Theatre.
The receipts of the 1'ntU tnntlncc In HIH-
Lon Saturday were $10 00.
HenrletU Hcebo n.inff nt one of there-
cnt Covctit sixnlcii protiienndc concert * .
Str.W new opera , "Tlio Merry W r , "
k in rclicar al nt the theatre on der Wcln ,
Tlio lli- opcr.i ciiniany nrc dulni ? n
xery miccnful rcn-ton In the cail and
It ii Htntcd that M. Gnmmxl Uctivcged
for n tilt co-net opcr.i for the Parln Opera
Snlvlnl will play : i ne.v pic , c called
"Miiaei , ' next neuvm. H ia \ > y the
author of "Salmon , " Ipnllta d'A < tto
The Mndl < < niiRqiiaio throatre IIUUIARC-
ni ntKl t that u | > to the M of December
"IfHzel KIrko" had cleared.1 ? 122 , 000.
IJnlto , the compiiscr of "Mefiitofide , "
ha bci-ti created it cnnuuaniler of the
order of the Italian Crown , by King Hum
Thro' the Ityo is the somewhat
familiar title wliich IVarl I'.ytiiiKu hns
Klvcn tn n new play of her own coinpoii-
lO'Neil will probably head the
company cngajcd I" support Madame
Monjeknnn her return * o the United
States nc.xt soa'-nj.
John McUnlloitgh U abiitil to auicnr in
New York In his new piny culled the
"lloii'lit i an , " founded on the stoiy of
Jack Cade , liy Lewis \Vin fleld.
In the coming revival of Thu Oiphtum
at Booth's , wlt'i the Claxton compnni ,
Kdwin Thorno will pUy the Chevalier nnd
ilamcH O'Neill , 1'ierre Frochnrd. Scenery
is now being painted.
Minnie dimming * and l-'rauk Roche
have been engaged hy Malinger McNenr ,
of the New Haven Opcr.i Home , as lend-
jug people in the sto k coinjjany which he
is lot mini ; for hid theater.
The Gates Opera Company have only
been partially nucce8ful in Ban Francisco.
The homes have not on any ni flit been
Miiall enough tn utterly discourage them ,
nor have they been InnM enough to make
much money.
Mine. Ltelkn Oorster has made a great
hit in Bdtimore in the character of Vio-
letta in U Tinviata. The Strako-ch
Opera company epem to be making a great
furore in thn city , Blanche Roosevelt
joins them at New Orleans.
Sis. Mnjoroni will Btnrt for Paris in a
few ilayn to negotiate with his mint. Mine.
Kistori , for an eng.igcmcnt in this cuiintiy
iuxtw > ai > oii. If "ho comtx , it will ho to
iilny in English. Mr. A. M. Palmer will
bo the financial backer of the enterprise.
The music of thu first net of Wagner's
"I'nrsifal" has been reduced to pianoforte
Hcore by Joseph Unbinsteln , a Bayrenth
mtiticinn who was tin ti'otithpieco ' through
which Wagncr'H detraction of Schumann's
musical character was spoken twi > yearn
ago.By thin time next year there will be
nine , nnd perhaps leu , theaters on Broadway -
way , New York , between Thirteenth nnd
l'ourtotii ! trects D.dy's , Wallac 't Itijou ,
StaiidnrdJAqimriuni , A. M. Palmer's , the
new Cnsino , the National opera house , r nd
the Metropolitan Casino : al > o U'Oyley
Missl'nrgo , the heiress of $ < > ( OCO,000
made by her father in Wei H & Karno'H ex
press was secretly married three months
ago tD Lieutenant H. G HqiiHrcH , U. S. A.
'I ho ceremony was performed at Hampton ,
Md. . by the ilev. Mr. i.ravatt.
The princess of the I'iute Indians of
Nevada , commonly called S-rnh Winiie-
mucca , was married on the evening of thu
5tli iiist , to L. H Hopkins formerly a
folidier of the United States army , whu
a-rived there from A'izona on Nov.3.
Ur. Beers was the officiating minister.
Princes \Vinnemucca Hopkins and Mr.
Hopkins are to come enst at an early date
The princess has lived mainly in Cu won.
Nov. , with her father , the old > hi f Win-
nemucca , who died a few months ago. She
is described as a bright , girl who has had a
i od English edncaii n , and looks more
i ike a Mexican girl than an Indian.
The wedding bells como really * ringing
BOW , and from Blooniington , the home ol
Senator David Davis , it is written that
tbat portly and indupend-nt gentleman ia
shortly to be mnrried The bride to be ,
a fister of his lute wife , is a widow lady ,
residing in Lennox , Mass . and. although
M > datu is yet authorized , the affair is said
to IMJ very nearly hand. Senator Davis it
the flri-tto make a break and establish the
dangerous precedent in this widowcru' d-
ministration , where crape-banded hats
ore quite the insignit of lion r. Mrs ,
Dnv B , who was a slender little shadow of
a women , died over two gint-e , and her big
hiiiiband grieved over her loss in a quiet
poirnw that truly affecting.
Kdward Foe was jilted by Mairgie Sin
ulair in Louisville ten years ago. Hi
qiiitted the city KOOII afterward , and diil
not return until within a month. Mis :
.Sinclair was still unmarried. He told hei
that he hud grown wealthy in Texas , thai
he had ne\er ceased to love her , and that
ho-had ronie to renew his offer of mar
t'ni'M. Tliia time nho cmifiented and the
wedd ng was liel I nt once , Fee suying that
he-could not be him ; absent from his ex-
touxive busine H , Thu pair stay til a we l <
in Now Orleans , on their way , us the
bridu HiippOMed , to her future home it
'IVxiiH. Then her husband deserted her
and hH was not In g in concluding that hi
ha treated her thux for the cake of n
vt-iiK'e. _ _ _ _ _ _
i jonii Itillmgs says that a dog never bite
, iu ttie same pi ice twice. That's ac ordini
tt > which pa t of a man guU over thn fenci
The worst kind of rhtunmtiiiii IK tin
s ( > are ruomatism. Muny an unluki'P.l
fuertt bn" crowded in betwee/i Itn iuj
ibeets and died of it.
A circus pfrformitigjn To\us had rah
on fourteen c nst-ciitivu dayn , luid tin
lown gave up in denpair anil umk a Hit
nation in a giocery ntort- .
Chicago mnktu and devnurs ovt-r S' ,
000 , ( 01 worth of p es every year. i
why you nt'vnr see any nppfe-coies lyinj
mund the Htreets of the ( inrdon City.
Vlfty thousand almanacs wem dlstrib
itod free in Loulnvlllu last week , ami ye *
in three ilays lifter not one man iu n bun
drcd coul I tell when thu moon fulled.
A Chicago driimnier fell th ough i
liridgo ut DCS Mollies and broku Im leg
while trying to tllit with n callcxi dies
flung on a chithes-llne. K\enth maxhe
lias his hour for Mirrow.
Cabbages haven't been so carcu in tK
Kiistern States for the last do/t-u yea. f
but that \v n't lmv any Tearing on domes
tic cigars , Beet and turnip leaves can bi
worked in with the HJine efleet as cabbage
A liulv remoimtrated with a greeu. gli
who haa washed a table ellsh in a vrnxh
basin. Bho nearly convulsed the whol
family by replying : ' 'Well , mum , but
clones the ba-iln agia , afore aaybod ;
A Itiickland man sawudr rtisei ) "a sur
cure for drunkenness. " Ho forwarded th
neccmary dolltr ant ) received by retun
mail , written on a v.vlliable pottal cnnl Ii
beautiful violet I A" , the maxiu worth
"Don't drink. "
An advisement in a New York papc
reads : \Yantod-A compositor ; one wii
use neither tobacco nor rum , " So i
would appear that in some cities compos ]
tors uctu.Uly n e these vile things. ]
doesn't pocnucrtxlible.-Norriiitowu ( Hei
aid ,
Au old lady in Vermont recently sei
I'reuidont Arthur a lux of home-mai
btitteniut candy. AVhen the Illino
mlnce-piei bcRin to nrmc at the White
IIhouse people vho ranxiom for n
chftiigo f AdministrationKhcmldbuy ticket *
for Washington ,
. ! ? , Vrrlntc'1 n' ft M'hcr rcmnrknMe fact
tlmt "WnMiinfiton M body Fcrvunt" w is not
nt the \nrktn\vii Ccntfiinlftl. lli < nb-
ncnco vill nut appear HO ctrniife when it i
explained that the uld nmii was down In
1 exna ctittinc sovcntc n cord of wood n
thfttday , Ho wanted to come , but bu i.
nfM is liii lncfs , and the wood had to be
o'll | Norristo\\ii Herald.
In Kplto of the Maine law thu Connecti
cut fnrmor cotitliiuo to tnnkc elder , n"d
nonienf th miti I'alrRold cinititv reiitly
HtorciUtinlln cedoll barrln. Ti. boiling
this oil some preparation of lead Is used ,
nnd hence the rcuklois c uiMiiiietH of Cn -
ncctlcut elder Keen becntno nwnre that they
were victims of lead poNnnlni ; . Look no'
upon the cider vvlicn It Is lend.
See the Man. Mai * Inihliug on to the
Lump 1'oit. How the whul whistles anil
blows. It Uv-ry cold. The Man Is full
ns a boiled owl. If ho enes home will his
Wife greet tin wl h a KU ? No , but clip
will e r , h his clothes for loose change nnd
appear at the Mntineti next Saturday. The
, Mnn knows this and docs nut go home.
Ho prefers the so icty of a Limp 1'os.t to
that of his Wife ? This mnn has n grc.v ,
head ,
Do not males u noise or \ nu will wake
the policeman He is Milting on the door
stop asleep , It is very haul cm him to
have to tleep out doors these cold nh'hts.
There U a b ink being robbed around the
corner end n woman 11 being killed In thu
next block. If the policeman waked up ,
he might find It out nnd nrrcct somebody.
Some people bi > lio\e this i what police
man aie for , but the policemen il > not
think to.
The Right Kind.
in MAium : M. WELSH.
An independent young man ;
A-rich'kiiul-iif-.stutf young innii :
A deep comireheiisiblc | ,
Plain-spoken , xcnslMc ,
Thoroughly self made young man.
A n t-to-ho-beaten young man ;
Ati-np'to-thc-frout young man ;
A genuine , plucky ,
Hnupy-go-lucky ,
Tryit-AKain young mnr.
A knowledge-seeking young man ;
A 'cal wide-awake young man ;
A wnrking-in-Bcafon ,
- - - ,
Not-too-smnrt'to-learn young man.
A look-out-for-others young man ;
A praitice-not-preach young man ;
Kind , Kyinpath-tic ,
Not-all-thi'oictic ,
One-in-n-thousiind young man.
An affable , courteous young man ;
A know-wliat-to-cay young man ;
A knight of true chivalry ,
Frank in delivery ,
Mnking-his-iuark young imin.
A now-a-dayji-scarctf young man ;
A hard-to-be found young man ;
A perfectly-self-possessed
Not-ahvaye-overdressed ,
Kiml-Uuit-I-liko young mun.
Chicago haH fourteen chartered Hebrew
In the last ten jears the number of
hurchi'.s in Chicago has increased from
Hi to 1118.
Them are now about forty Jvp sopnl
wishes in issachusett.i where the sit-
iiigH arc entirely free.
The Society of Friends , in New York ,
epott au increase of one hundred anil
linety-nine members in the last year.
Bon and Llz/iie Joyce , H-year-old twins
if Southern Missouri , are holding very
successful revival meetings in that section.
The Mtthodist Episcopal church pro-
mass to- raise a fund of 325,000 for thn
luilding of chapels in Sweden and Nor-
The Black llier (111. ( ) . Methodist con.
erenco has pledged $ "XOOO for a steam
raoht for she u c of m ssionarics in Cen-
ral China ,
Thorniis-Harrison , the "boy prcache1- . "
H due in Indianapolis oi Christmas. He
will receive intofull , incmb rihip > 44il oC hii
ant wii.te/B comcrta.
Boston spending much immey fni
chu ch music. The na'arics of the musi
cians in a single choir , says n Boston-man
if the old-fasliioao i kind ; would pay half
, dozen country cleigymeni.
According to the Catholiu Heviow there
ire in China forty-one Roman Catholi i
jishops , 684t European and 55fli native
> riests. thirty-four codege , thirty-tour
convents and 1,092,818 worshippers.
A Colorado paper" reports that a Meth
odist. Episcopal preacher In Pueblo adopts
the original ! experiment of having the
choir sing the mornixg hymn' from the
nteps in fron ! , of the churuh in order to at
tract attention. Conducted as some
choirs are , without refereno-- the dig
nity , solemnity , and real objectnf wor
ship , it would not be a bad idea to put
, hem outside the church and- keep them
The H v. Joseph Lehmaui ! , pastor ol
the Baptist church , ofi Berlin , Germany ,
fives n gloomy view of the nr'esent influ-
nee of'.Hvftngelical religion in that ci y.
He says : "Berlin lian more need of 'tt-ligioc
than th Congo , lor there , at least , the i-eo.
belief ' .nt-in Berlin
[ > le ha\e sotue religious ,
lin the great mass have none. . Thttru are ,
itU true , nobl exceptions , but , for the
jnost part , the belief in Hud is given up ,
and the Bible has Iwumne n forsaken or.i <
cle. "
Arohhi-hop Tait is 71 yeaisold. He la
.he first Scotchman who has attained ti
the Primacy of theKngllMi ohiircb. He
nay be seen any day walking nliout tin
jtioets of Ijondon , dresned iu the plainest
clerical attire , and perhaps Htaring ii thc
hop win ows. It reijuiies wmieimagi- -
tion to realize that this agt-df inild-1 mKiiig
{ cntioman in gaiters is the first Biltlsli
mbject after the princes of the blood anil
fills the plnco onre filled by llanfranc nm ;
liccket nnd Langtmi , by Cronmer : ini !
Mr , Mm itl v has received iiiostt-urdui
i-lco'iie ' in Ivngland. A writ r there thu' '
explains thot-ecrtt of hisiiuwer : "Jlctall ;
to tbo people to , not I efontlio'ii , andllu
lias thoroughly mastered She subject b- !
talking about , he hns innivehiiis self-jioa
iioi > , imtnraliiMff , Iiimver dH-ells tin
m on one point , his illustiatiom-
iiomely , he usi-s simple Su.xiui wor N hu i
a snan nf one book , lie is , s he sayr , no
merely earno-t , but toijiibly in caoni-st
and he 1ms spiritual poviir , such imly ns :
man can have who ! < filled with thn I lob
Spirit of ( Jodi"
What , erery one shnttld lm\e , ard now1
be without , U TIIOMA.V Kiu-mtui ( i > n. . 1
iit thoroi h und mfuinlU elfecU , prmlu
cin ' the moat wondrcxts cures of jheuma
tlnui , neil al in , InirnB , bruises nniwiuiid
of every kind , dlriHllw
1O16 Faraham Street.
, Chopa and Uamu C' Order.
A 4 Served Under Pertonal Sapervltloci o
Proprietor ,
Orrir Front Hooini ( nu ttalrt ) In IUn com
new brlik bulldluj , N.V. . cornet Krteootli o
John G. Jacobs ,
( Fcrmwlyof Ql n& Junta. )
No. U1T FurchAin St. , Old btand eco \ . HI
For Sale By
Xo,2."iS , full lot fuiccd amiUtli tinnll'lnilld-
g on Cnpltol A\einte nuarsfitli street700.
Wo. 257 , LnrRO lot or block 20. " , by 10 ! fcut on
tamllton , ncarlrcno street , 2,500.
No. 250 , Full earner lot en , l nc , near 16th
trett , * 3,000.
No. 2.W , Two lots on Centir street , near Cniii-
ujr street , SOX ) .
No. 282 , Lot on Spruce street , near Gill street ,
JH ) .
No. 2M , Two lots on Scward , near Kliif street ,
8M.No. . 2MJ , Lot on Sewixrd , near King street ,
350.Mo. . -21(1 , Half lot on Dodge , near lltli street ,
No. 217 , Four beautiful residence lots , near
n-Ighton L'ollcoor ( will sell separate ) , fcS.OOJ.
No. "Jill , Two lots on Ch rlu , near Cumin ?
trcit , * 4K > each.
No. 2IUJ , Lot on Idaho'near Cunilng Btrcct ,
1W.No. . 21. , One acre lot oil Cumlng , ntar Uutton
tnct , * 7f,0
No. 241 , Lot on Knrnhiur , neir titb street ,
No.'JI3. LotlM hy J3U feet on College bit cet ,
car St. llarj's Ai nuu , ? .ri5U.
No. St'J , Lot on DonsUs , near-Jlitb street ,
: ! 74.
74.No , 211 , Lot on Farnlutn , i.tar 20tb B rect ,
7f > 0.
0.No. . 210 , Lot CO by Oil feet on South A\i > nuc. lla on ctrectJSW. .
No. 2,111 , Cornci let on llur' , near ! M treet ,
No'\'iS ! , 120\.in2 f t on lI rniaoar 21tb
tree ( will cut It up ) , S2.400.
No. 211.1 , 71\S10 feet on Slierinari Axeinie
IGth street ) , near Grace , il.OCO. .
No.04 , Lot on DouglM Direct , near23d S7SO.
No.J.'I2 , Lot on Her sluct , near Kctinrd , S."UO.
No. 2.11 , Lot lOzGO feet , near 0 pltol AMJIIUB
ii(122Utruet , llJOO.
No. 2-7 , Two lots on Dccntnr , near Irene street ,
200 anil S17S cncb.
No. 22.1,1 ot 14:1 : 30-110 liy 141 fert on Sherman
\\emic ( Kith Btr.ct ) , nrnr Grace , -,400.
No. 22u , Lot 2a\ot ) feit on DoxlKC , neir I3tb
trect , make nn ofTcr.
No. 217 , liOt on 21d btrcct , nenr Clark , $ ! W > .
No 21B , Lot on Hamilton , near King , iSOO.
Nu. 2ul ) , Lot on Ibtli , Nicholas btteet ,
No. 2j7 , T\vo lots on 10th , niur l'.iclllc street ,
No. 205Two lots on C'astclhr , near 10th street ,
150.No. . 204 , beautiful residence lot on Dh Islon
trect , near Cumlng , * 8M.
No. 203 , Lot on Maunders , near n&mllton
trect , SS.'O.
No.llWl , Lot 15th Btrect , near Paclflc , $500.
JJo. lUsJ , Three lots on Saumleri Htreet , near
ie ant , $1SUO.
No. 11V5J , Loton 20th ttreet , near Shcnnan ,
No. 1041 " , Tuo lots on 22d , near Grace street ,
* KK >
No. . 11 > 1J , two ] ot9 on King , near Hamilton
rect , } .1,2X ( ) .
No. Wll , two \9tn on 17tli tr et , near White
/ead Works , Sl.CH ) .
> o.18S ) , one full block , ten lots , near the bar.
racks , ? iex ) .
N0..1U1 , lot on'Parker , near I rene street , # 300.
No..lb3 , two lotn 011 Cass , near 21 t street.
1 , .
No. Wl , lot on Center , near Cumlnj ; street ,
SOO. .
No. 180 , lot on Tier , netr Seward street , $660.
No. 175 , lot on Sherman a\enue , ne > r < Itard
trect , * M 0.
No. . 174 } , lot on Casa , near 14th , 91,006.
No. iOrSot on I'acillc , near 14th street ; ninke
ifftrc. .
No. lR6.sIx lots on t'arcbain , near24tb rtreet ,
l,15jto i,000 each.
No. lKi , full block on L2Gth Htroe % near
acu courmt , and three lots in < llse'a addilluti ,
itar Sanm.ttnt a'ul C'aB'.liw streetN , $2,000. .
No. 123 , lot on California street , near t/'relgh
on eoHcBe , . l26.
. -o. 127 , acre lot , near the head of St. Mary'- *
a eime , JOW.
No. VU , bout two acret , near the head arf.St.
ll renu , ifl.Ojo.
No. 1-0 , lot nn Ibth utreet , near Whltt Lead
A'orks , 5525. '
No. 124 , HlUeen lots , near that tower ca the
\ leleuo \ road , p7-r' per ot.
No. 122 , 13J\13i feet (2 ( lots ) on Uth atreet , I'opnteton'H , SI , 600.
No. Ho , thirty halfacru lots in Jlillard. nd
laldwell's additions on .Sherman n\enue , Hprlf > K
ind SiratOKi streets , near the end of xrcen <
itrtet i r tnwk , iOj to 91,200 each.
No. hit , lot on Chicago , near 22d strtet , 61,500 ,
No. SS , loion Ciililwe , ! , Mt'ar Saundcrd atrvet ,
* 00 ,
No. S < i , cocuvr lot on Chailefl , near Sauiulura
Htruut , * 70'Ju.
No. it > , lot on I/aril , near 21st , with two smull
oimvR , 2-UX , ) .
No. 83 , two lot * on 19th , near Pierre street ,
No. 78 , thrt-e lots on Ilarney , ncur
, .
No , t,9'kvl32 ) fi'tton Uth street. near L'ien -
> ru htrut , 5 , UI.
No , ? J , ( * vS2 feet , on 1'aclflc' , ni-iirSth street ,
, .
No. 01) ) , tifl\.132 fret , OH JlouxUi street , ntar
10th , * . ! .500. .
No. ( il ) , ulKhtecn lots on 21st , 22d , 2M : anil
iundi'iTJitreetii , near ordeu and Sauiiilcrn-Mni-t
rultte , . " 400 each.
No. II , ono-Courth liloi-k ( IMAlS.'i ( cet ) , luar the
Content of I'oor Claire nn Hamilton Direst , near
the end ol ri'd ntri-u car tniik , # 310.
No. B , lot on Marty , near ! ) th Bticet , il,200.
No : < , lot on Culllcrnij , near 2lht , * 1JO/ .
No. 2 , iBtwi ( 'a , ne.ir2 d HIIII t , 3tbOO.
SH. 1 , lot n , Ilarncj , near isth , & 2.VW ) .
l.otH in llajluci.-i Mrct und H < cond atilltioim ,
o In I'arkvr'H , ShinnV , AcloonV , TerractK. .
V. hmlth's , UeiHiU'n , U | H'H , Luki-V , und nil other
iicluilloin , ut A'.y pru-rif und tenn- .
302 lot In Haiibcom t'lacc , ntar lUnscoiu
I'.iH. ; prlte * iroin * 300 to Wuo cvieh.
Onu huultvit and IHty-niiio be.uUllul real-
dinto loti > , lofutiilon llainllton utreet , talf u\
lictttcen the turn taMe of the red utirrtvar lint-
and thu uatervorKHiiMTilnr and addition , and
Ji'.ft west < thn Convent of the towUtni I'oor
I'Uxlre tn bhlnii'H udultlon , Priet * taiige from
i-7/i in ijlOOeuih , and will lie told on nxy terma.
Tracnof 5 in , IS , 2J , 40 or M ) crt , with
Idlnx * nd other hnproteiiuntx , raid nJJolnlni :
nulelly , at ftll prices.
S 500 ol the fst rmliluiis lott lu- the clt } ' of
Omaha any locution you du Irivnorth , i-a t ,
noiith or vnt-t , and at biil-rotk prlsv . , ,
22U iM > Uu htmliiFis lots in all , the prlticiX | > l
Inialnvss Htrreti of Omaha , \uryii { fiom * 00u to
S7.000 rai-ll.
T o hundred houws anil lot rkiiglng from
XX > to ( "IS.OOO , and located In cvny pirt of the
Largv number uf excellent fuiim in Douglas.
Harp.i.Saunder * , UodKe. Washington , Bur * and.
other coed countlea In Kjiitcrr. Nekr | lva.
16th and Douglas Street ,