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Is tlio ( intimated production of Cigar
ettes for the present } car. This seems
almost incredible when wo consider
that ton years ngo nn Ainoriran Cicar-
otto was n rare thing. Tliu ( iiiestion ,
then , is not WHETHER wo sliall stuoku ,
or WHAT we shall smoke , as tlio ubovo
answers most emphatically tlmt wo
WILL smoke , and tlmt woMU. . sinoko
Cigarettes. But tlio question is which
brand of Cigarettes shall wo smoke ?
Which is tlio boat , purest and least in
jurious ? Iti deciding this wo would
advise you to try a packugo of the
UUKE OK DUIIUAM , as they tuo nmdo of
a mild , natural loaf tobacco , vrowu
iunnodiatuly around Dm hum , N. C. ,
and wrapped with pure impni ted rico
paper , consequently are as hirmless us
tobacco smoked in any May can be.
Th it the DUKE or Duuit VM Cig.uotto
is AUsoiUTKiiV rum : , and the IIKST on
the market.
That it is tnadu of n mild , old ,
aweot , line cured NORTH OAUOUXA to
bacco , from tin eo to flvo jears old before -
fore woikcd.
That the very BEST imported rico
paper ONLY is only used in n rapping
the in.
That DUKK SONS & Co. have an ex
perience of seventeen years in the
manufacture of smoking tobacco.
That their factory is located in Dur
ham , N. 0 , which is in the heart of
the finest tobacco growing section of
the stato.
That all these Pine tobaccos arc
marketed at Durham , giving them
first choice of the crops.
That the business of DUKK SONS &
Co. has grown rapidly from a small be
ginning to one of the largest smoking
factories in the vorld , proving the
merit of tlieir goods.
That analysis has shown the tobac
cos from which the DUKK of DUKIIAM
Cigarettes are made contain less nicotine -
tine than tobaccos grown in any other
That the trada mark below , in con
nection with the firm name of W.
DnKB Soi < s & Co. , on a packai/o of to-
baco or cigarettes ia an absolute guar
anty of purity and excellence.
Par sale by all dealers.
National Associated Prcii
ST. Louis , December 13 Rose &
Bio.'s packing house and lard render
ing establishment wore entirely de
stroyed by fire last night , which
originated by the bursting -JuJ&rd
tank. Nine hundred hogs and a large
amount of cut meats wore destroyed.
Loss $80,000 ; iuouiou o § 00,000. ,
HALIFAX , N. S. , December 13.
Between 7 and 8 o'clock tire broke out
iu the warehouse of W. H. Moore &
Co. , of North Sidney , Capo Briton ,
and before the flames could be quench
ed had spread to a d destroy
ed a number of buildings adjoining
and on the opposite side of the street ,
causing damages to the extent of over
$100,000. Tlio contl iteration is sup
posed to have ongiiuted by spirks
from .1 stovepipe falling on a pile of
mittriascs in ono of the upper stories
of Mooio's buildmas.
WIIKUJNOV. . V.i. , Decembei 13.
Hobbiidit Paul's wholesale gro
cery , and Edgorton's store , weio pirt-
ly dosttoyud by firu this morning
The Newark Bank-
National As-aclntnl 1'rtfls.
NKWUIK , N. J. , Decumbor l.'J.
Tlio directors of the wrecked Mechan
ics' bank to-day foimiilly signed a
proposition to the depositors and
btocltholdors looking to iosiinptiou.
They will lepayall stookhoIdoiH their
assessment and pay depositors 7i > per
cent , of their claims , excepting bink-
ing and insurance companies and mu
nicipal corporations , before March 1st ,
if all accede to the agreement aiu'
give them in addition the benefit Oi
all the proceeds from all claima made
by the bank against its dobtois , whicl
it is hoped will rnako the payment
nearly 100 per cent.
Republican Mayor of Boston.
Nition&l AmocUtixl l'ri. ,
BOSTON , December 13 Dr. Sail.
Irviu , republican and citizens' candi
date , was elected mayor to-llty over
Albert Palmer , democrat , bv100
majority in a total of about 10,000
The board of iddeiman will piobibly
stand 0 republicans to 'i demouiats. The
democrats have undo Homo uims in
the common council and will h.ivo a
majority. Tlio cituatis voted in favor
of granting license to sell liquor. Anew
now patent ' allot box was tued but
failed of its purpose in many pro-
Rtddlebergnr Nominated-
Notion I Ansocii'til I'resa
IticilMOND , Vn. ' , December 13. The
readjustees' caucus of the legislature
in session to-nighr , nominated H. 11.
Riddloborgor ( Mahono's man ) for the
United State * senate b unanimous
consent. No other candidate was
mentioned in the moetine. Of 92 re-
adjusters in the legislature 80 were
present. Riddloborgor in ulo a Ntirring
speech. The caucus nomination is
opuivalent to olecu'on ,
Bnunlnu'i Funeral.
National Assouatcil I'rcaa.
CINCINNATI , December 13 , The
funeral of General Binning , ox-mum-
bor of congress , took place at 10 u in.
There was a larco attendance of mili
tary and members of the bar.
A Total Lost ,
National Aiwociatul rusn.
SAN FiuhCHCo , Do-jomber 13 , The
Chilean bark Camilla , from Chili fur
Port Townsend , is a total loss in the
passage between Beontenick and Van
PondlBton's ' SpoQoli , on Civil Sor-
vioB Reform ,
Ho Exhorts the Democracy to
Consider Their Ways and
be Wise in Time ,
Or , in Other Words , to Take
Time by the Bangs md
Father the BusinoBB.
The Fbod of Bills Introduced
in the House of Represen
tatives Yesterday.
The New Premier Not Ready
Yhtto Assume the Duties
of the Department.
Notcfl of National Interest From
the Capital.
Natloiiil Aiwoclatcd I'rew ,
WASHINOTON , December 13. Mr.
I'ondlutoii addressed the senate on the
civil service bill. Hotrnid :
All offices , except these involving
the very power and policy of the party
in power are the common property of
the people and not of the managers of
that half happening to bo triumphant
at the polls. Now , these offices are
paid out to hondnncn to enable thorn
to pay themselves for the energies or
money they haTO expended in pirty
services. This policy reaches from
the president down through national ,
state , municipal and lucihillairs to the
very street laborer. This is the spoils
system. Its name implies to oveiy
ono a vision of wrong , injustice , bru
tality , wastefulness , recklessness ,
fraud , speculation and such degrada
tion of person mid of parties as has
driven from American politic il life
much of the cultivated intellect and
refined morality of the country and
filled the most hopeful minds
uith sadness for much in the
piesont and giave anxiety
for the future. The spoils s\stem
wis the real assassin of ( iarfiuld. It
robs the president , cabint'fc ministers ,
senator , congressmen , judges , of the
time needed in the peifoiinanco of
public duties , renders tbnir public ac
tion often pirtisan , pit i ill and un
just , and too frequently hiuriud and
half done. In placu of the spoils sys
tem thorn should be instituted a moral
system which should bo founded on
the idea that public ofhco and public
trusts should bo nrUj/jii Loru4 solely
for the public good. The fittest men
shall administer them till fitter ttwn
bo found. That the offices have to
bo , except tlmt the faithful execution
of the duties attached to them are
nece sary to the public welfare and
maximum of efficiency and minimum
of cost , constitute the only condition
on which they should exist. Vnctui
cies should bo filled with men whom
proper , intelligent comparison , bisod
or comj etition , show to be the fittest
iriospectivo of political influence
or action , and then political
pleasure for pheo would
ccaso If removals weie only for in
efficiency , or unfaithfulness , or be
cause another was shown to bu bjltir
fitted for the place , the scramble for
oflico would ceas-j. Then thomihnr
dinato ci\il service would bo open t <
a'1 ' who choose to aipiro to it. Tin
aoivico would be filled with 11101
pro\on fittest by fair competition
The tone of all aspnautii would
bo ehiti'd by the cfaiscinti'iiit'pB that
they owed nothing t ) pitroii.igo , but
all to moi it. The ttiruee would bj-
como tenfold more ellicient ; public
expenses would be reduced ; piiuciplo
mid not emolument { vould become the
pii/oof pirty stiuL'Kle ; oven if tin1
/ual of party spirit .sliould bo sotiously
moderated , ita dingerous quality
would bo destroyed. Politics would
bo consigned to men of higher asjiira-
tions and nobler uiins. The motives
and tout' of party ttnfo would bo ole
vated. The temper and xeal of pub
lic partisan discussion would be
raised. Tlio tumidity of politics
would bo elimimittd. The pi evident ,
clinnet and cungrcas would have timu
mid heart for their high duties and
merit would acMuvo the highest re
wards , and excellencies would bo
stimiiliited into competition. A
higher grade of intellectual and
political cducatim would be do
nundi d and Btimuhted , and in time
the merit nysteiu which would nc-
coinpliMh nil this nonld reajh the pop-
iilur elections and aflect for the good
of tlio coiinti v , the popular choicti of
tint holders of these offices nhiuh con
trol the national politics. The popu
lar thought beinn' renched , tiins pub
lie opinion uould stimp out nil inter
ference with a free ballot and a fuir
count , whether by fraud , force or in
timidatioii of voters. Political asso
ciations and tlu exppiuhturo of ini-
ineimo sums Jof corruption funds
would bo done away with. Tlio gov-
eminent would becinno ono ofjluw und
co iso to bo ono of men , The political
idea of the meiit system is that when
ever a nuw appointment oriipiomo
tioii ahall bo nmdo in the Riibordmate
civil service , the ofliuo shall be given
to the man best fitted to dHchargu its .
functions , and that this fitness wh ill
bo ascertained by open , honest , impar
tial and competitive examination to
all who choose to present themselves ,
euch iispiiant to bo oxaminul with re
gard to the particular place hu deairci
to ( inter
Pondlelon concluded by appealing
to democrats to ally thomiolvcs to the
iiiovemont of u civil service , IM the
changes nf time would Homier or later
yivo them thu uovornment , when the
previous adheranco to this policy
would nnko firm tlieir popular sup.
| > ort und insure for them a useful
[ uturo disengaged from tlio influences
that now , sooner 01 later , wrecked all
American parties.
Logan's bill to place the name of
General Grant in the army on the retired -
tired list , was placed on the calendar.
Davis ( \ V.n. . ) presented a bill re
quiring the president to report what
frauds were perpetrated in the paj-
meiit of pensions ami what legi'Lvtion
is required.
Edmunds ollorod a resolution which
was aden ed requiring the pn indent
to present comes tif the correspondence -
once with Chili and Peru.
The feature ot to-day's session of
the senate was debate upon the civil
senile. Mr. Pcndlotmi , in addition
to his remarks rcpoitul above , re
viewed the utterances and wtititWH of
Senator DAW as on the Riibject ,
mid inferred from them that Dawes
desired no chance
Mr. D.XWPS followed , mainly to dis-
avoiv the inference drawn by I'endli1-
ton from his remarks. Ho had dif
fered with IVndleton duriiitf the last
congress only on the minor fe.ttuios
of the bill. Ills main oppositi > n waste
to the proposed boird < f examination ,
to whoso \un\s oveiy applicant
wus to nqunro lnmsolf to boupi > ointed.
The difficulty , ho said , was not in the
law , but in its administration. Whu
was needed wus ouiiiipotunt public
opinion to rinko the statutes obsumd.
The need is iho statute should bo
a majority one. If the president wim
in sympathy with the measure pro
posed , it would work well. If not ,
the board treating his creatures would
work out his political purposes.
Strong public euntiiiiont would compel
the presid lit to carry out the law. It
public sentiment was right , machinery
would bo of little consequence.
Ingalls suggested an amendment to
the bill to bu made at the proper time ,
providing that appointments be dis
tributed among the several states , according -
cording to the precodini * census. _
Hill ( On ) siul nobody questioned
the evils of the present system. The
trouble was to find u remedy. Tint
those evils did exist , wns not through
any want of legislation , mid ho could
not BOO how legist ition would rcnuily
them. Everybody pieachtd , but no
body practiced civil service rofonn.
Ho portrajod the death of Pros dent
Garfi'sld who hud scircoly Inoa laid
away , mid while the people were all
neeping , before a fedeial judge soiled
Ins ermine by writing a lo tor to
lim successor , asking his uid to a u >
.Union to seeuio republican elli eis in
the state , and the president , with tlm
mnuining insignii all tuound him ,
and in oveiy nook and uunoi of thu
land , undo the appointment request ,
ed , und betoro thu pen with wliiih he
wiote it was dry ho sat down to wiite
a homily to congress on cixil 8i > r\ict >
reform. Scores of men in the heating
of liiti voice h id lead papuis frmn a
f01 in r president and seciotary of
state for the remouil of tliHiuin
from the Hew York custom house ,
because bo hud made his otlici apolit
ical headquiiiters. llu was removed ,
and next year * was Hindu a aindidate
for vice prusidunt , and supported ny
the very men that had insisted on In *
ri innw l 1hnt wno fvisur \ -
vice reform five years ago. A
trreat clamor was made about
frauds at the ballot box and by re
turning boards. Didn't every man
know that iho o who had been charged
with connection with thosu fraud
had received offices ? Witnesses luu
como before the committee of th
senate and stated under oath the ;
had committed fraudd to obtain olhc
to this day. The sointor fiomI ] \ H
sichii * > etts was ulioct. If peopu
visit their mindjninatioii UDII | Iho
satom or upon the individual or tin
pnty lipholdiiii , ' it , tlio e\lls wouli
etasu. I'hu nioiiient theto was nnj
talk about coiiiiption the membeis 01
thu other side pnckid their eau am
said it wus an attauk on thu lopublic. !
ptityiiml answer if the dDiiioei.i' '
party was in power it would do tin
t.llIM tlllllL'
Beck called up his resol ution in relation
lation to succiHSinu in the event of
tlio death , etc. , of the piesident and
vice president , intending ro .Hiibmit
some lem iikn on it AH Alixoy. who
intioductd alike leaolution , anil ( iai-
liind , who hid introduced a bill on the
Hiibjeot , mid othir sen itoru desned ti
bu heard , dubato was postponed until
Voorhees introduced a joint resolution
tion proposing an umundiiioiit to thu
constitution providing poitniiutuia ,
rovouuo collectors , etc. , bu elected by
the peopluot ihustato where the duties
are to bu collected.
The HUH ity went into executive ses
sion , wheie nomiiiiiuons uont in i )
the proHidi'iit weio lefi uud to appro
pi into c.immitleLH.
The sen ite , at U45 ; p in , adjourned
till to-morrow.
i'iu > uiiimxos : IN Tin : nousn
On thu nieoting of thu huiiHU , Mi.
Taylor ( Ohio ) introduced u D'Hotiition
appiiinuii. a Hpicial comiinttuo of
eltwen mem'iuw with pow > r 10 audit
the oxpeiiueH atteiiilant upon thu Hiik
nc BM und death of thu lutf Pri-bidont
Giirheld and ilutermiiiu if any allow-
imcei or privilu t'H Hl.oiilu bu granted
his wi.Iow and family ; and by Mr.
I'icHjiitt ( .Vew Y.r ! ( ) resolution to
rii-cio 'o ihi' sulect census committed
if the lust congroFs IJoth have passed
the seiiuiu.
Mr. Florr , from the committou on
rulen , rojorleda resoluti'in pioviding
lor a Hulect coinm't'ou ' of He von to
whom ull nmtteiB ruhtiug to female
luffing ) shall bu rufurred. Thu reso
lution wont over on objection by Mr.
On ( ho cill of thn states there WRH
i fuufnl fl iod of billn , fuw or none of wuro of ijo.ier < l inter * st. Per-
nips t'lo ' most notablu was one to
imko Iho trade dcdlar a legil tundur
'or ihu Hiiiiu amount as thuutanduid
The following additional bill * were
ntioduced : ,
Hy Mr Waite ( Conn. ) , a resolu .
ion astieriing thu cuimtitutional pie-
ogitivo of tliu homo to oiijinato rev-
Milieu meiiHures und providing for 4
u\iniou of thu 1.11 ill'
Uy Mr Stujilieiis ( Gi ) . relative to
ho coinage of thu "Htclla" and
Godid" two dollar pieces and fraction
if u dollar.
Uy Mr. Spencer ( Go ) , to utilize
the suiplus waters of the IfolSprings ,
of ArkiuiRif , nnd to iirovont gonornl
Ugishition by means of appropriation
bills.By Mr. Aldrich ( ) cnlablisli
an as ay olllco in Chicago.
lly Mr. Hondorson (111. ( ) , to t-stab-
lish a bo ml of commissioners of inter
state commerce.
Hy Mr. Thomns (111. ( ) , in pqimliro
bounties of soldiers of the rebellion ;
alnu , iniponing a tax on the manufac
ture of oleomargarine.
By Mr. Morrison ( Ill.i ) lo reduce
existing tarilf duties on imported
ends 10 per cent ; Also , a bill pro
viding for improvement of the Mia-
sissii pi river.
By Mr. Springer ( III. ) , n bill to
amend the eoiiBtitutioii prohibiting
R | ociil legislation , nml n bill Rnlling
on ihu poslmuster general for the cur-
rosiiomieiico und reports in the do-
p irtmonts from United States min
isters nnd consuls in roforcnct lo the
workings > f postal talogrnjjti and
postal sa\in s banks in loreign
Uy Shorw in ( Ills ) , propoiin , ; a con-
slitutioiial ainei'ilmunt for the elee-
tion of jiostmastera by the people.
By Mr. Cobb ( luu. ) , to authorire
the st itus of Ohio. Indiium and Illinois
to commeiicti and prosecute milts
agiinst thu United States in the Uni-
tid St it < H HUprumo court.
By Mr. Hepburn ( Iowa ) , appropriat
ini ; monuy for the erection oi n post-
office at Council Bluffs.
Hy Air Cirponter ( Town ) , dividinc ;
thu statu of Iowa into two judicial
districts , and for the protection of
settlers on public lands.
By Mr. Anderson ( Kansas ) , to
shorten the period required in homesteading -
steading public lands to two years ;
also , for thu piymunt by the Pacific
railway companies of coat of surveying
certain lands convoyed to them ; also ,
to reduce thu rate of postage on loiters
und letter matter to two cents ; also ,
to c unpcnsato route agents mid postal
clerks when disabled oy accidents to
railroad trains.
Hy Mr. llaskell ( Kansas ) , to estab
lish an educational fund for the educa
tion of thu people.
By Mr Hyan ( Kansas ) , providing
for 'tho appointment of a Missouri
liver commission.
Hy Mr. Turner ( Ky. ) a bill to abolish
ish tlio du'y ' on agricultural implu-
meiiN ; a'sn ' , to allow tr.hicjbo planters
to sell t diacco tamed on iheir hind
frio tiom internal rovonuoftax.
ByMi.Kuott ( Ky. ) , to repeal all
duti'fi plac d on tobacco raised in the
Unite I States. *
Hy Mr Ellis ( Li ) , to abolish gov
ernment din ctnra of the JDnion Pa-
cilic tailioid ; ulmi , to notify'tho ' gav-
einniuiit of Giuit Britain jifjthe abro-
gitiou of ihu C.aytou-Bulwer . treaty ;
alsu , to establish ocean iniiil strvi1 ube
bo ween cirtiun polls of thu United
Slaten and foielgn natiotiH. ,
By Mr Gibson ( La ) , billa to re
duce tsixiiii-m , to establish' uniform
curiencN , to provide for ) tii income
tuxulso. . u roso'utioii clnfgibriftng a
cmnmerciiil eouyortion feiVoun the
United St.ivus . .ii'dIf. . * ? * * " 4-1-
Uy Blr. KIIIU ( Li j. t * Will for the
appointment of ac mmisaion to in
vesMgato the question of tariff.
By Mr. Heed ( Maine ) , a bill revising <
vising and coniinuine thu Alabima
cl inns co'imiisRion.
By Mr. Murch ( Mnine ) , a joint ion for the enforcement of the
ui lit-hour law und to establish abo.ud
of labor fltitistics.
At 4 ; : ! ( ) p m. , 750 bills bad btui
intmilu. oil. Thu house udjouinei
till Fndi\ , when it was agreed n cil
of H ates fur bills Hhoiild be thu only
oidi r of humne's on that day.
On in tion of Mr. Holii > .on ( N. J. )
till ) fdllciulll Mllfct LOlllllllltuL'H Keil :
leippoinicd f < n iho summon : On eivi
smMOO 10 01 in ; on tlio law respecting
the | r > t-idi'iit und M'IO piesidt-nt ; on
pi.n.out ) of pensions ; on bounties
and hick pay , and on the ulcoho
liqiioi ti.tfhe.
DticiMiibur 1H.B )
of n UaruuiiiiH gift there was laid
on ihu debk of tacli member of con-
giosi jtHcerday ready for the mooting
* > ( thu hoinu a liundHomuly on-
giavud menu card bearing on
one of its innur folds
Pusiduiit Arthui's mitssigo on poly
gamy piinud i-i letters of gold and on
the othir fold in crimson gilt the ml
mission filed in thi ) pending Utah con-
ttht ; "I , Guo Q Cannon , contes
tant , protoHting that the mil
ler in tins paper contained
in not iiiluvuiit lo the IHBIIO , do admit
that I am u member ol the church of
Jt u < Christ , of Litter Day Saints ,
commonly called Moimonsj that in
accordance ) with the tonuta of
and uhtiruh 1 have taken
plural wives who now live
with mo and have lived with mu
for u luiiilu-r of yuirs and biirne
mu cliildren ; I aho admit tlmt in my
addr-'HHm us u tiachor of my ruligion
in Utah , ] luvu dufuudud said u nets
us boinn , in my belief , a revelation
from God , "
This novel missive is ro'poctfully
dedicated to thu
Forty-seventh con-
bj the woiniin'rt national anti-
aociuty of Utah.
NBWAHK , N. J. , December l.'J.
Jucruturv Fri'liughuyHuu thm morning
left \ViiHhington on thu limited ex
liruss. Ho win alone and gnus to
nako uiraiigoinuntH for the lemoval
i ! hm fiimily to Wintliinitoii ; , where
: Iiuy will ocmipy thu IIOIHU ( ll7l ! I
itiuel ) which ho owns and which hu
) LCiipiud when a senator. Ilia wife ,
laughter mill Hon-in-law will hvu
vith him , whilu IiU nous will coiitiiiuu
.heir law piacticu hero. Kucrutary
[ VelingliuyHen does not know when ho
vill enter upon Ins dutii'H , but will
n iko such armiiuiiiutitit ! with Kucio-
ury Jthinu as will bu Bitisfautary.
The statement that .I. 0. Bancroft
Davis will replace Hilt as first
mt secretary is authoritative , and the
clmngo will bo undo at once on Fie-
coming into otlleu.
WASHINUTO.V , December 1J. ! Lucy
Fowler , formerly c ok in the exocn-
tivo mansion , has entered suit for
slander agnitmt Win. T. Crump , stow.
ard of the lute President Garlield.
She sets out that in hily
hist Crump damaged her reputation
by falsuly representing to Mia. Garfield -
field Unit she had stolen pioviaionn
from the White House larder
and she claims § 10,000 damages
The president to-day granted par
dons to Nellie K. Bant , of Michigan ;
\V. P. Bluikunship , of West Virginia ,
and Edward A Wanner , of Nuw Voik.
i-OMTomiTs ion uhn'iitu'\.v < .
Postollico ollieuds deny the minor.
as fur as that depmtineiil is nllocted ,
that the pros dent h is decided not to
appoint women to ollice. Thm is con-
stiietively tine , but it is well known ,
o\orythiiig else being oqii il , men will
bo given the preference. The policy
of thu dup.irtinunt in this respect will
in a shoit time receive a powerful
impetus , It mutters but little who
it appointed pottmasUT general , us
the piesident has clearly indicated thu
policy to bu nursued by his
poatimiRter general , which will bo
bold and aggressive. It will have for
its object the uik'ing up of the re
publican putty ot thu Rtiuth and to
this und the poatollico department
with its enormous patronage will be
judiciously used to accomplish it.
There are 45,000 fourth clusa post-
offices nnd of these fully 1,500 are in
charge of women. Of the providential
oflicos not over thirty-live have
women and of these the commission
of nineteen have or will expire in thu
next six weekn. It will bu the policy
pt this department to put these offices
in the hands of ropi csuntativo republi
i ITON'S HUtvKssou.
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Upton ictiies from the tronsuiy to
morrow. 1 1 IR resignation was accept
ed to tuku effect on the Itl-tt , but hu
him obtained luaeof ubsoiieo until
thut tutu' . Thu secrotiny of the
tieasurj this afturuoon iucoinmeiultd
to Iho piesulent the name lor a mic-
eessor to Mr Upton ; the will
piobibl1 bu Rent to the HUH itu to-
moi 10 iv. It ia thought it will bu u.\
Uopiesentativu Giltillun , of Peiinsyl-
Chief Niinino to-day hiibmitted to
thu Heciotiuy of thu tieasury alato-
miuits of exports of petioluiim and its
I inducts for October and for the ten months : Nuinbur of uallons
of crndo pulroleuiii exported in the
month , 5,51)8,052 ) , agnitiHt ! ! , 80 1,015
in the corrcapondii'g month hut year ;
gallons of illuminating oil exported
for the , month , 45,058,594. against
26,802,833 ia the sumo month last
ycur ; gulluiis. nf , illuminating oil in
orunontbtf ? 3ir , 48/J22 , afnlnot 21-
5SD.800 N > V
The national board of health is in
session heio , Dr. .1 0 Cobull , of Vir
ginia , presiding. Reports Hhow the
general health about mi average for
this tune of tliu year. Small-pox is
loported epidemic in Pittsbiui ; and
Chicago , and there are many UIRCH in
St. Louis and a number in liiltnnoor
and CniLinti iti , mid not a few
scattered through thu Pinullui
tovMiH of Peuiis > hiiiiin , lllinoiH , In-
diiiii,0ilifornia'ind ! ' Arlcaiisi ) 'I'lu-ro
uru one or two faxes in Washington ,
but the prectutinn-i , it is believed ,
will pruvunt its nprdid Typhoid
fever jireMiiln in thu Month and Hitiith-
wcst , nnd H upiduuiiu at
Whuelng and BOH let fever is
prevailing Nun Kiigliind ,
CAIIIVI r iiax.ons
lie report th it Postmaster Guncral
has tenduied IIIH rt'Hiii.iitioii ; i
denied at the White HOUBO , Ihoiuh
it IM * aiithnr.itivuly Bl.-it. . d it will.bii on
thu rutuin of JiimtH fiom Nuw VoiK ,
to taku elleet January lut Who wi 1
bu his siictoHsor is still muio conjee
turo. C lauiiooy f. Killoy , | of St.
Louis , is generally looked upon an tliu
most prominent candidate , though
southern republicans tire working
hard for Ex-Guy. Davis of Texas
Gen Boale is Hiiid to be sure of hav
ing the department.
Brewstei'H name is expected in thu
soniitu thm week foruttornuy general ,
mid no other chnn es are looked for ,
It is slated lo-niuhl that iSco\illu
will imko an clloit to duluy the tntl
by raising the question of the disquil
ifiuitiim of two jurors , ho having ro
cuntly diHuoverud tliuiii to Imvo
been regnl irly employed by tliu United
StatCH gnioniuient HIIIQU tlioflliooting.
Couiittul for thu giivernmtdit do nut the HIICCOSH ot thisHchumu , but
Suovillu HiyH hu jut hopes to de-lay thu
conclusion ot thu trial until public
feeling agiinst Giiiteau is modified.
Infriucamont Suit.
N&tlonilABeoclaUil rruin.
Si. PAUL , Minn , , December 1J ! ,
A test casu of great importancu to
brewers is beitm tried here. George
Alfred , the patentuo of a device for
putting pitch on thu inside of beer
kegs , sues Christian Stahlman for in
fringement of hib patent ,
Re i tinB the Suiidtiy Law.
National Aivoilatcil I'rui.
SAN FIIANCIHOO , December l.'t. A
strong luuguu of fiuidom wax organ-
! /.ud hist night at I os Angeles , Ual. ,
to i oust the Sunday law. Many mini-
Jar ortiuiiitioini ; mu forming throiigli-
ont the Ntatu
National Antodit cl I'rom
WAHII OTON , Dncombor Jl. Fur
the upper Mississippi and lower Mis
souri valleys : Fair wuathur , vuriiibio
windH , Hhiftmg to warmer south , sta
tionary or lowur pressure ,
National Aitoc. tel l'ru .
HOIILKM , Pa. , Docoiuber III. -
Frinklin ( I. Spike , clerk of the market -
kot at South Bolilem , committed
nuicido by hanging iu u gurrut to-day.
The National Fool Has Another
Field Day ,
Everybody With
Hia Not BO Very Senso-
loea Jnrgou.
Spitaku. the Omnk Sharji , Con-
tinnoB His Dofouao of
the A8tmnnin ,
But Piuda a Little Effort n Hia
Own Di'fo HO Almoat u
NooofHitj * .
Emory A , Storra Qivoa the
Opinion That Gmt-wi Will
Saroly bo Couviotod
Tentlmony of SeverAl Wltucmcii
For the Proiiooiitinu.
Niillutml AnmcmUvl 1'rcnn
WASIIINOTON , December 1 ! > . No
incident of note occurred ntthe open
ing of thu trial this morning. Dr.
Spitr.ka'a crosn-uxmninatiun was re-
amnud by Corkhill. Conclusive evi
dence of thu prisoner's niRanithe
Hdid , wan thu appearance of Ins eyes.
Corkhill handed witness a drawing of
n man'a head mid asked : "Supposing
it represented thu formation of Gui-
toAU's head , how does it dill'ur from
the bond of an ordinary person ? "
Prisoner The doctor wmitrd to
take my head this morning , and I
told him he could have it if ho would
get me a new one.
Witness pointed to
features of thu head on the piper
which wuie not found on the ho.idH of
ordinary puoj lo.
"D.i you believe in God ? " asked
V ituesH refused to answer , mid the
com t decided he was not oblijjid to
mwur thu qiies urn.
"Uo you ueliuvo in God , Corkhill ? "
the pimoner tdioulod. "I don't think
jolt do. I huvu been looking up join
it cmd , and it stinkH like old mackerel ,
which in thu stinkeiiust thing in th"
world. "
Corkhill Hiiid if SpUzka dooliiiod
to mmwor th it question , hu hud nolh
ing fin thur to ask.
Scovillu took thu vritiiens and led
him through u mii/o of suppositions
UISCH to provo thu insanity of the
prisoner The witness umphalioilly
declared his belief in this.
Scovillu then triud t.j elicit u con
versation with the prisoner regarding
Witness Shaw , who testified to the
prisoner's remark about imitating
WilkeS Booth and becoming notorious
at any risk. d
The court could not allowntiin ovi- '
dunco. *
"Well , " excitedly exclaimed Oui
I eau , "we have infoimaiion thatSluw
was convicted of porjuiy in Nuw .lor-
Hiiy , That is the kind of u mini he in
He is one of your mun , Corkhill , and
English was convicted of bastardy in
I re I mil Ho is another of j our mun "
In mmwer to Cnklnll , witness mud
hu bad fuiniHliul souu of thu f.icts
used in thu articlu piihli-hed in thu
New Englind Mudieil .loiirmil
GintLiin iigmn iiitetruptod he hid
btuii mi ling thu moiiiing pipui : ' ' 1
Heu tint ciank Tiilmagu , ol thu IJiook-
lyn tabernacle , bus been doing b wi-
nusH in a Huimitioiml H'ylo ' lie h in
been bufoiu Ihu Hynods Huveral tnno"
foi lying. ( In is i Hurt of tridui foi a
hoimo ot pioH 1'iition in Nu.v Yoik ,
mid ho went to Kuiopunu thu Hlronyth
of that iiijiiHiilioii. 1 h.ivo my OJUH
on two or tluuu cianKn and will gut
down on them noon if they do not look
out. Thu Aiiiencan pioplu mo sol
thnjj quietly down to this iiiattui , but
Homo erink'i keep talking. The iiimni-
mou sopinion of all thu Amuiiuini puu-
plu , Coikliill , in that you mu a eon-
Huminiitu jackass. "
Oorl.hill I want to show that long
befoie this trial begin Spit/ka com-
meiiced writing about thu chaiackr of
thu trial mid dining its piogresn hu
mined thu Mfdiuil Jouinal not only
to ciitici/o thu law oflici'tM but to
throw his filth on medical OXJUTIH
called in thin casu
Prisoner -Thu doctor i onu of thu
mont Hcii ntiliu in thu connliy. To tell
thu I ruth , if your head wan not HO
thick , Corkhill , you would sou that.
\VitneHH HUH ! when uxpoitH went on
the ht.ind ho would bu nilling to cuti-
ci/.o their VIOWH. ExpurlH who mid
thu prm mur wus nine were artful but
not eiert | or not hoiiiHt ,
Guitcml exclaimed that hu thought
the expurlH weiu HIIIUI iu and hu wanted
them to givu him lair treatment.
When court rusiiimd nftui 1 o'clock ,
Spenier ( labelI , an insuimice agent of
New Yoik , wait called by the proseou-
tion. Ho testified to knowing the
piisonerin Now York , when he was
desiioim of soliciting pitman. Hi *
loaned him money HUi'cial times.
'no prisoner , who uppuiml nu
ll uially mixioiiH , fthoutud : "I owe thm
man twenty-five ilollurH , 1 object to
thin tiH'imony ' muldiHiiua ruling on
thm point , " [ Laughter ]
Tlio Court-Lot the witnoim goon
Prisoner ( uxcittdl ) ) Thui lut the
lopoiter note mi uxcujition.
Thu wilni'HH wi nt on to stalu that
Giiituni told him hu was going to
mirry u wealthy lady , and Was going
to obtain thu Austiun musion ami
required 11 loin of00 , Witiuss
didn't accede to Him reqn.Ht. llu re
garded thu priHonui as a man of sound
mental condition mid average ohruwd-
ness in ! - > iimncHs nfl'airs ,
( iiiiteiiu biuke in with bin usual in
teuuptioiiH upon IIIH bori owing
money like 11 geiitkmin , Ho al
ternately read papers , took thu eye
gliiHsos from bis nose and inude run-
niiiX comments on thn testimony
The crow-oxiiminiition did not nfluct
the direct tcHtimony.
Thu next witness was W. I * . Cope-
land , of The Brooklyn ttaglo , who
identified the neniqupur found on the
prisoner's pel-son nftor his nrrcst.
Guiteau iiniviu bniko in with remarks -
marks about his iuspiiuHnn and the
fact thai certain journals vigorously-
denounced General ( ! irtieldbuforu the
dny of the assassiiuiton.
II. C. Ketchmn testified to knowing
Guileau in 187t ! , loaning him sums of
"That is not HO , " liaidOnitoiu , "I
was a high toned lawyer at that time
and could not l rton money from a
poor clerk like this wilius * . I hnd
huger men limn you , my friend , to
uo to if 1 wanted monuy , "
\VitnevB pioeoodmg , Fiiid Guiteaii
uppeired to bo a man of littlu ncusu.
lie would sit in his ollice. to read.
He was violent nhcn opposed in con-
vurBiliou on public tuples
( iuiluui denounced thu witness as
a miserable clerk with whom ho would
not associate ut thu time referred to
Henry Wood , of Philadelphia , was
then cilled to the stand.
"Thin man , ' mid the assassin ,
"knew my divorced wife long before
1 did Y iu can il taw your own inference -
once on thut mibject. "
The witness staled that hu knew
the pu'siHior in 187'His wife at
thut tune hud teceived some assist-
IIMUU from the witntm' family and
Guiteau oallud on him on his way
to Nuw York from Chicai'o to thank
him for that kindness. About n year
afterwards the piisuner cumuto him
for advice and assistance. Subse
quently he culled upon him in Now
\eik and told him of all the charges
his wife hud made against him.
Prisoner She was bonrdiug in a
first-clais place and li\cd better than
ever before in hur life.
Witness Wood said while he was
in New York at the time Giiiteau an
nounced a lecture oil the second
coming of Christ and this struck him
im eo monstrous ho went to hear him.
L'Iiuptinoner puke twenty minutesand
thun announced nis book would bo
published mid would illimtiatu his
Mown A collection was then taken
up nnd the piinonor left the hall.
"Yiu , " nileiruptcd the prisoner , "I
got TiO cell's and Mi. Wood gave 25
coutu , I guess. [ Lmighler. ]
Witness tostifkd hu never saw any
indication of immnimlm sti of mind in
thu piisouei. He appealed to poisesn
ordinmy intelligence but was wanting
in piinciplo
"That's false , " shouted the pris
Tln eross elimination of the wit-
neHH wns Inicf und only interesting on
account of thu rapid excited com-
itientH of the pimoner , who talked
about Ins pimciplen , denounced wit-
niss mid Hindu unfavorable interjec
tion in legurd to his divoivid wife.
S U I'lulps was in.\t uilltd. Ho
was foimerly connected with the Chicago
cage Inter-Oceun. He siidhuknuw
thoiiHoiiui ] ) in that , city nnd went into
details as to Ins Now York Herald
and other newspaper poliom * which
Guiteau explained to him on Hint be
coming acquainted with Guiteau. Ho
wished the witness to enter suit
Bjjninat the Oneida community to re
cover 88,000 or § 0,000 on the ground
that ho'fmirput'r84H)0 ) iiv-nnfT-ti&i
balance was dug him fur norviwa- :
Witnens found the stntumuniB fnfac *
and advised the prisoner ( hat there
was no irround for action , nnd the
suit was not brought
"This niiiii is a liar , " shouted Gui-
tiuu , "He w a mi an cutbitono hro-
ki r now. llu ! H of thu H.IIIIU Ht imp us
ICnglidi and Shaw.
'Ihu pmonoi kupt inturiiipling mid
iiuKinu jierional ictlLctioim on ihu
wilni'FH , who pionouiiLud him of the
( Jot. -Hutu typo but lacking in the
genial iUidiueH | utt ifhed tlniuto His
iiuwspiijur bclienuM uuio aliHiud and
Thu jii is iiiur mi heaung thu uit-
neH < utatii tint , hu v lib t > bu uditoi-in-
oliu fine IHO the Intt-r-Ocoan ] > ioj > 'it
went thiou h , e\eaimid ! : " I hat
Htateiniitil H falHi > . \\\\\.l \ \ \ would 1
want with a follow lil.o joti as editor-/
in-i'hiof , jon dead 1 M4 , ytnt I la !
llii'"nnd ' Gmteiti elitifklud moi o t linn
at m y pel iod dining the tniil.
\\ltlHISS UUH CO ' 1 llli < l pO-B rM'll Illld
gof back ut finite iu bv H.I ) in1' dining
thu erosH examination in hi ) opin
ion thu piisonui had the mo it un
doubtedly nulf dispo'-ilion of any onp
huihid met.
"Ah , " ijaciihitud Guiteiui. "tliat ia
the bust you can do , IM it ? Thut Hiiot
veiy bright " [ Liughter ]
I'lulpfi stilted that hu met the piis-
onur at thu rupiiblican heiidiUarters |
in Now Yoik dining Iho juesuli ntml
imnpaigii. On nieiting linn nftei-
wmdn hu flei'iiiLil fuib'i ' k IIIH BCIVICCH
h id Hicuicd Ihu oltuMnii ol ( . 'aitield.
When lie1 upoku of his di-Hiro for the
Aiixtiian mmtiiiii , VMIIHKH told him
that wan a pi. tty bithin / , mid ad-
viaid him to look a little lower.
( imtoin's conduct dining the after
noon , wlnlu U iiined mi oci-anoiiiil v
Imigli , Hei'imd to ditiL'iiHt I'xurj body.
His interruptions WUIH vuiy fieijiient
and imig monoti i im-ly ( Uithe clian-'iH
of IIIH mental jiatHini' , Iis coiitLinpt
for uitmi'neH mid IIIH deMie that
u\uryihiniHliouId bucoiiduundtqiiaie-
ly , us ho HUH not afiuid of the lesnlt
of thu tiial
C nut iidjounud until to-morrow at
10 u. in.
National AUDI Into.1 I'IIKH
OIIH uio , December ID. Iinory ] A.
Stem , thu well known criminal
lawyer of this city , has returned fiom
Washington SpeuKn g nf thu Gui
teau casu , in which liu ti'stifii'd , ho
HIIJH : "Lookim ; at thu casu in ita
picaent stage , 1 think Guitiuu will bo
convicted Nothing him HI > far ap
peared in thueisu to indicate that ho
diil not ut the time of the msmsina-
tion mid befoie il , mid dining nil the
time Bincu tlun , fully coi.ipiehend the
diU'ere.iicu between li ht mid wrong
mid the cnnHcquoncuii of the act he
committed. I am nssuiod that the
govuriiiiiunt'u case will be overwhelm
ing ag mat tlio plea of iiiHinitv and
will not leave u vestige of that du-
fonse , "
-Nimlull A Krelle , PmcUoal Hftters ,
hu\a roiunved to NT , ] } , corner of 13th and
Kurnhiun utrcots. d3 5t