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Testimony That Kopfc Duitoau on
. tlio Continual Howl ,
What the Vulgar Brute Throw
Up to a Man Who Had Be
friended Him.
Sensa'ional Testimony of a
Partner Law Aeeociato of
Ho Declared to Him Hie Jnten-
tioa of Imitutiiig Wilkea
Booth , if Necessary.
Whloh Drnwn Out Gult inu' Vllo
An > ocintia
W.viiiiNOTo.v , December 8. There
was the buzz of incitement when
Quitoiut was luhered in court this
morning , ilu had a alight altercation
\rith Scovillo as to wliicli way the case
should progress , but calmed down
when liU counsel said "keep quiet" or
hu would retire from thu case.
Dr. MuArthnr ag.iiu on the
stand. Scovillu said much testimony
of thin witness was irrelevant and not
in resptmtu to questions.
Thu primmer interrupted and snid
bis convolution with the witness uas
in thy nature of a confession and it
was vrrong to diyulgo them publicly.
The court said it was evidently the
intention of the prosecution to provo
the prisoner was not actuated by
moral insanity but by depravity. In
view of such fact , the testimony ap
peared competent.
Witness stated ho never saw any in
dication of insanity about the pii-i-
omr llliil | to put himself out of
thu way to loa Guiteau the money.
Pritii.iier I know you did and I
appreciate your kindness. You are a
good ftlljw. A fiioud told me the
doctor's wife was getting babiea as
fast us slio couldaud he needed money
for expanse * .
Corkhill moved that the interrup
tions of the prisoner tdiould bu stop
ped , ,
Prisoner If your record was looked
into , Corkhill. it would show worse
than mine You are going to bu re
lieved as soon aa President Arthur
gets time to attend to your case.
Corkhill Some restriction should
bu put on the piisoner.
Prisoner I want the absolute trutli
In this ease , whether it hurtH mo or
The Court The prisoner must ba
kept quiet.
Scovillo asked thu witness how many
private interviews ho had with the
prison or.
Witness I met him a number of
times on the atroet , and he asked uie
for money.
Prisoner That's falao.
Sctiville objected to this kind o !
testimony. Common laborer ) appear
ed to understand questions and yet
hero was a doctor of divinity who ap
peared not to understand them.
St.itemnirs were made by thu prose
cution which were calculated to preju
dice the jiny i-.iul had nothing to dci
with the case Couuael witmcd tint
class of frideiice excluded ; for in-
ttance , the ch'iigo pasaed upon by the
church committee waa surely not ad-
Stephen English of The Insurance
Times , said ( Suite. ui attempted to
Bwindlo him nut ot $300.
Prisoner You were in Ludlow
street j til at that timu and you pain
mo § 3UO to gut you out and thuu KUCCJ
to recover it.
Witness said Guiteaii' " actions WOK
thoBe of iv depiaved , unprincipled
man.Guitcui became unuamilly excitet
at tlm point and called English a lim
and swindler wh < > in ho could havt
nont to .Sing Sing for several year * .
Eug'i'h said ho receivpd about ICC
letti-irt front the prlaunor.
"That'H ft Jir , you old scoundrel , '
' broke in Guito.iu. "I would not pil
on you in thu streut. "
Iveadiiig < if the luttoM which pwsrt
between them excited the priauuci
again , who interrujitcd loveral times.
\Vituu R never had any doubt of hit
sanity. Hu was n nhrowd , active am
inteltig'jnt lawyer.
In the cross-examination witnosi
admitted ho got out of jail on a bui
bond pecured by Guiteau.
Warren G. Brown , of Now York
waa ihu next witness.
Thu prisoner shouted : "Browi
got mo divorced from my wife. "
g.wo him the facts and ho could not
huvrt got it but for my assiBtarico. "
WnneBs raw lioihing in the pris
onor'B conduct at the timu which ug.
gvBted ins.iiiity.
Tlios. D-ulingron , of New "iork
ttBtit'ud lie entered suit agaiiut tin
priiniior with loferunco to thu traus
action with English. Hu appeared u
his own defense and acted perfectl ;
rational ,
Witnosi ntated the prisoner di.i
cussed hia projjiccta with him fre
Dr. C.ildwell , of Frcojjort , toatifici
the prisoner's father died of live
csrnplainr. . bur before his death h
only uitiiifoitol thu ii'inl i-ymptom
of duliriun * conneuted with the case
Geo. M. Pluinmer tcstifnd Guiteai
had desk. room in the ollico of th
witness' firm , Ho believed nothin
in the prisuner's conduct indicated in
Judge Hones , of Now York , dc
prmjd the prisoner desk-room i
Ilia ofibo years ago and alway
acted liku a sanu mm.
Pris'iuer ' I ewe the witnea
floviuiiy-livi3 dollars for oflico rout
This { 4 all ho knows about mo. Tiii
cue isgoinijto cost four million dollars
lars the way in which Corkhill u con
duct'ug ' it. I coiuidor it nil outrage
on the tax-payers of thu country.
After recess Guiteau a ked Cork-
hill how many moro witnesses ho
mcAiit to cill.
Corkhill replied that hu couldn't toll
and roiumod Ins ro.idint ; ol the papcn
in the cape of Ihiulish vs. Guiteau.
The prisoner * aid these papers were
a aquaro tfaiivnclion on his part and
knocked on the head thu theory uf hin
dopmvlly ,
Clurli'a Wehlc , a Nuw York lawyer ,
was them called and enid ho met Gui-
te.iu in 1870 and conversed with him
regrding the collection of monov dim
n client of thu witness.
Guiteau collected the money and
used it.
Mr. Scovillo objected again to tcsti
tunny being taken which had no spe
cial bearing on this c.iso , The proau-
cutiou waa evidently trytiitt to provo
criminal conduct on Gnitouu'a part ,
which the defonmj would have no
chance to contradict.
The court said thu answer of thu
witnrss appeared a liltlo more than
reflponsivo of the questions of counsel ,
but its object was to test thu mental
coudi i ion of the prisoner at that timo.
Col. Coiklnll chimed that the evi
dence wits perfectly competent and
the witness WHS allowed to proceed.
The prisoner declared that thu
claims given him to collect by thu
client of the witness were worthless
Ho would not give live cents a bushel
for them. This happened eight ycura
ngo , ho said , and if thu witness was
not careful ho would bu denounced us
a lawyer in public.
Guiteau then had an altercation
with the witness trying to miiko nomu
kind of a settlement. He called the
witness a liar several times and was
with difficulty pacified by the joint
efforts of Scoyillo and the officers.
Scovilfo entered au exception to the
effect that thu evidence ot the witness
was irrelevant.
The witness , in aiiHwor to other
questions , oaid hu regarded the pris
oner a a keen , rational and sound
The prisoner broke in again , gestic
ulating fiercely , and unheeding the
protests of Mrs. Sooville and her hus
band , declared thu witness should
introduce the nott'S given him to col
lect or bo forever declared a. liar.
Hia sister tried ugaiu to quiet him
but he turned around.toward her and
told her to mind her own business ,
"You are too oflicious. Keep still.
This thing makes me mad. Tliii
whole proceeding is an outrage. I
was always straiglit in my profession
al career and I want the American
people to understand that. The
only thing's agiinst mo nre that 1
owed sundry board' bills and commit
ted adultery in order to got a divorce
from my wife. "
The Court You have said all this
"Yes , " answered Guiteau , "but I
am making this u final statement on
this case. "
Scoville asked the witness if ho had
over conversed with the prisoner in re- the matter of religion. '
"No sir,1'nhoutod Guiteau , ' 'Mho
witness i-j a Jew and u dirty onu at
that. "
The witness said ho never noticed
any irrational movements of Guite.ui.
"Havo you over expressed thu opin
ion that thu prisoner ought to be
hung ? " asked Seovillo.
"Not yet , " replied the witness. "I
came here to testify in behalf of jus
tice. It la my belief that any one
who kuo ys anything about the pris
oner ahuuld have no hesitation in di
vulging it for the public good. "
This remark was reco ved with ap
plause , and tlio officcM of the couit
Imd fiumu difliculty in restoring order.
"Did hero " Sco
you coma , proaaud
villu , "for tliu expruss purpose of hav
ing the urisonur convicted / "
'No , " answered the witness , "I
came liure for the purpose of s > jein < j
justicu done. I , however , volunteered
as a witness , and came in response tea
a dispatch from the prosecution. "
Senator liun Harrison , of Indiana ,
was the next witness. Hu stated that
hu knew the prisoner sliglitly , having
met him several ttuii's in Now York
and Washington last Kpring , and had
several conversations with him in re
gard to thu political situation. The
prisoner uluo wanted tliu witness to
uaist him in procuring u
itppointineut and ho declined on the
ground that ho had enough applica
tion ! ) from his own nt.ito tu attend to.
The prisoner also talked about the
deadlock in thu sun.itu and said that
it ought to bu broken. Hu B.UV noth
ing in the condition of Guilt-ail tu in
dicate or suggest insanity.
Prisoner "Allow mo to ask you ,
senator for you aru a good fellow
when that conversation occurred.
Waa it in March or April ? "
Senator ' 'It was. "
Prisoner "Yen , of course , long be
fore I had uny conception of shooting
President G.itiield. "
J. F. Lloyd , of the lifo insurance
company , produced the application ol
the prUontr for insurance , which was
admitted as evidence uhowmgthu con
dition of the priHoner's mind at tin
timu it was made ,
Dr. Gillutt , medical director , and
Charles Pollard , agent of the com
pany , gave testimony regarding tlu
btigiucRS tnmaction with the prinouei
indicating Ida sanity.
M'-'Luan Shaw , a lawyer of Now
York , stated Guiteau rented an ollicc
from him in 1871. Considered hiu :
perfectly Mane. In answer to ques
timia , witnoiti said ho alwajn it'gardeiJ
the prihomr us a vain , etrotisticul mm
with a craving for notoriety.
"That IK falsu , " exclaimed Guiteau
"I never craved notoriety. This wit
nt-BS loves money so well that his judg
ment in warped iigainst mo. "
The witness next stated that 01
one ozcasion Guitpiu said to him thai
the world ovred him a living and hi
intended to have it. "I am bound,1
w.iid thu prisoner at this conversation
"to bu notorious before I diu and if
cannot got notoriety in any other way
I will bhoot ono of our promineu
men. "
Thin statement caused a sonsatioi
in the court. Quituou got up wildl ;
and pounding on the deck , declare'
that ho never said Anything of thu
sort ,
Scovjllo entered an exception tn
thin description of evidence.
" " Corkhill "did
"What else , naked ,
the prisoner say in this connection ? "
"Well , " answered the nitncai , "ho
aid : ' ' 1 will imitate Wilkes Uooth if
necessary. ' I suggested ho might get
liting , mid ho remarked : 'Wi-ll , that
ia an alter consideration , I will got
notoriety , ' "
The prisoner again became fun-
oii'ly excited , and pounding the table
willi his clinched list , btwlud to the
witness : "You are a low a dirty ,
a'iuking ' liar. Your stati-mont is
[ also from beginning to end.You
profess to bo a church man , hut 1
will publish you to the world an a
liar. When you go back to Now York ,
you will bu thu laughing Block of
your ft lends , if you have any. "
"When did this conversation oc
cur ! " asked Scovillo in the cross-
"I c n't fix thu date , " answered tlm
witness , "but it wan in my ollice somu
timu in J871 ? . "
"No , ot cuurso you can't fix the
date , you miser.ililo liar , " broku out
the prisoner. "
Other questions were propounded
to thu witness , who , however , per
sisted in the statement that thu pris
oner told him iilmut this de- > ire for
notoriety and hia determination , if
ncct c nry , to secure it tin above stated.
The prisoner could not contain him
self during thm ovideiieo. Ho PRIV
iho impression il made on the audi
ence and tried to counteract its fll'cct
by denouncing the witnecs. Tlio
court , counsel and Mivi. Scovillo tried
to appease hia furious rage , but ho
kept on at every break in the witness'
Tlm witness , when at last ho got a
chuiico to reply to Scoville , said the
conversation was probably ono cause
why ho roquuited the irinouer to look
for another ollicc. The other reasons
were that ho did not pay his runt and
clients came around charging that hu
defrauded thorn out of money *
Scoville Did this conversation ever
recur to your mind until after Presi
dent Gartield w.ii . - < hot (
"I do not know , " replied thu wit
ness. "I'erhapsI would never hnvo
recalled it if thu prisoner had not shot
President Garlield. "
This evidence was attentively lis
tened to , and the prisoner's squitmiiig
antics during ita delivery were ono of
the curiosities of the caae.
Adjourned till Monday at 11 a. m.
National .UxiUi'd 1' rs *
LtTTLi ; UOCK , Ark , December ' . ' . -
Frank Hall , ( colored ) wan hanged hero
this atteriioon for the murder of Paul
Saunders. Tlio execution was pri
vate in thu jail yard. Hall said he
was foigiven and would go to heaven.
WAKIIKN , Ark. . DocemborO. How
ard G. Ed wards was hanged to-diiy
for the murder of hU mster-in-law ,
Miaa Watson , last June.
WAIIHE.V , O. , Docombur 1) ) . A difli
culty occurred at Bristolvillu between
M. D. Phelps and IUH BDU William ,
a' od twenty-six. The father nhot the
son through the heart.
TOI-KKA , December 5) ) - General
Manager Wheeler , of the Atuhiaon ,
Topeka it Santa Fe railway , has suc
ceeded in unearthing the most fji-
gantic frauds in the construction de
partment of that road , whereby it is
estimated the company have boon de
frauded out of about $ ( ) UOOOU. Not
over twenty-live man are implicated ,
but thm number includes some of the
wealthiest and moat influential citi
zens of thi.s place. Operationa were
carried on by a system of bogus time-
checks , property certified to by sec
tion bosses , and ondotaod over to a
third party , who drew the money.
The fraud has been going on for aix
yearn at the rate of § 100,000 per
'NAHIIVII.LK , Dosembur 9. Bun
Smith , of Fi-ntrisa county , , in a npeech
n thu fluniito to-day , denounced John
f. Yorlroes , calling him a liar and
alur.duror , bticnimo Vertroen had ac-
nuaed and'charged Smith with bribery
in voting for the utato debt eettlu-
niont during the ni'Hnion of thu lugin-
l.-iture hist f priii ! . ' . Vortices walked
into thu Maxwell IIOIIHC about 12:30 :
o'clock to-day , and Hcuing Smith druw
pistol and tired three times , onu
nhot taking effect in the left shoulder.
Smith ran as Verlreen lired. Ono ro-
> ort ia that Vertreea spit in Smith's
"ace and Smith drew a pinti ) , but. did
not use it in timn. Smitb'n wound in
not dangerous. Vcrtws was arrested
and gave bail in the ftiim of 810,000. ,
New YIIIIK , D.-combdr I ) . The
lioadquarterA of thu LmimLuu lottery
compaiiy hero were raided by the police -
lice this afternoon on complaint of
Anthony ConiHtock. HUpeiiiitHtidunt , ol
thu society for thosuppru < aioii of vice ,
IS. Frank Moore , genural ) ig > nt. CluiH.
Moore , his HOD , and Harry H , Halnuy ,
his secretary , wuro ; irrcf.tcd. On ur-
raigmiK'nt B Frank Moore WIH ; hu'.d '
for trial in $ t,000 bail on fourchaigi-n
of Helling lottery t'ckotn ' , and Clurlus
Moore and Ha'suy ' in 1,000 each
They furninhrid bail and were roleasec ;
from custody.
Piin-Ai > tu'JiiA : , Docornbor 9. Bernard -
nard McMahon , 00 vi'ar of a o , kepi
u grocery atom at Eighth and Wliar
ton htroots. Ho was fond of boustini ,
of the wealth ho possessed On twi
occditioiis within a year hiu placu bun
been entered by burglars. To-mulr
at ( I o'clock a sinter of McMnlioii'ii
heard voicts at thu bauk entrance
uiid loiikiii' ' from n window , naw foil
men entering the hou e. Shu g.ivi
the alarm , and ai Mc.Muhoii riishui
down stairn the burglars took to thei
heels. Hu uavu clmso , when ono o
the gang turned and fired , causinc
iiintaiit death. Late to-night thi
polica arrested Hubert Baerr , a
whoso saloon the burglary win
( ildiuied , and also his wife , who wa
found under bed in an adjoinuu
house. All four rnnn ojudad
The Awful Oatastropho That
Overtook 'the Vienna
Thoatrfl ,
Stnrtiutr on the Stng , th
Flnmoa Muko n , Tomb For
Several Actore.
Ami Thou With a Ftash A pponr
to the Gnzso of the Pmio-
Striokeu Audionco.
* _
Who , to the Nutnbor of Sovou
Hundred , Moot Their Death
in the Seething1 Pit.
CnntmUloD Generally in the Old
null Now
N'jtlnn.O AtK-omted l'rcn ,
Vu'.NNA , December' ) , In. ni.
( onlay was a fete cluy in Vioinin , in
culohiu ion of the fi-Ht of tlu limiucn-
Jnlo Conception , but it ended with si
public cat unity unparalleled in thu
history ot Vienna. A few minute *
X'furo 7 and before the commencement
> f thorociiml poiforiuanooin Vii'iiiiaol
.IHeubacli's latest work , "Lea Conies
.0 Hoffmann , " the Unit , ' theatre ,
ormorlv knoivn as tlioOper.v Comiquo
ni thuSchottonriug , thu RVCO d Hut-it
heatro in the city , opeuml in I87.'l ,
vaa discovered to ba in llames. The
ire quickly spread , and in ton min-
itua all the city for mileu mound thu
heatru was stctipod in ttiu
ivid glow of thu burmng
) ilo. Fortunately the c.ttaetrojihu
lapponed uoniu minutes before 7. Thu
jailor ios wore already crowded , while
> ut few people had appeared in thu
loxes , and only about a acoro of peo-
lie were in thu paiquottu
jittlo can yet bo gathered as
0 iho origin ot thu ci'mtroplie. '
L'he people who escaped h ivu
> tit n dim idea of whnt rually Imp-
iciied and the wildcat ruinom pro-
ailed. Those who were among thu
uidieneo said that 'suddenly the eur-
aiu rained and the fire win discovered
racing ou thu stage and the luual
slrito for life by tlitmu in the
ippor galleries commenced. Jinny
sprang from the Uppermost gulh'ry and
weio killed , wlidls of tluiae who re-
nainud it is impnastbln to say how
iiuuiy lost their HvtH. Death appears
to have been duo to Biifl'm.iti n.
At 11 o'clock the interior of thu
: li outre waa quite putted , only thu
lieautifnl front of thu theatre being left
By U o'clock 1240 bodies had boon
taken out. It ia thought that a liun-
drtd moro are ulill among the ruitm
lleports uu to o'clock were that of
thu dead frgm t-c ) i third gallery alone
ninety - corpsea vo-rc- > found , in one
mam ; the fourtli gallery had not yet
been oearehcd.
It appears that thu men who had
arge uf the iron fturocii which nopa-
ruled the stage from the auditorium ,
and which , when down , completely
severed the Hinge from the nudienco ,
1 iad left it up , and in thu panic
on the Htago it was forgotten or
cut oil from approach by the 11 unuH.
When the lire behind thu drop became enough to bo oeoii through the
[ i.iinted fubrio by the _ audience , they
iiatmally supptviod it the result of
iho ntugo e.tperimcnta with the
calcium light , to he mod during the
lialletand paid no further attention
to it. The II linen attacked thu drop
curtain from all points simultaneously ,
iind it fieemod to iimhxntly disappear
mid the whole auditorium was in a
short time iii the complute granp of
the lire , which upiyad hko one va t
Bheet of lightning. What fol
lowed in indtNesrib.iblc. Tin-
people became demented and
It'll upon one another like wild bimstn.
Some fuw got into thu pa.iHiige.fl , hut
the hall w.-n dark ; both thu gaH and
I ho electric lights were uut off. In the , of all this terror thu noisu of a
tumble oxpioHion Hhowcd thegaH tank
had burHted , and this time thu
tlamoH bunted through thu roof mid
through moat of the window * , and the
entire apace between the wall * of the
largo building was like n vast
furnace in u while heat with
living human bodiea for coals.
The i reuictu manner in whieh it
Hlarted ia not known. Some of those
who weru on the ntaguut tlm time and
escaped , cay that the lire wan caused
by tlm dropping of an oil l.unp among
the ceonory. Olliots nsuuil that
the Tire came up from the
engine room and was generated
by the engine below the Hinge which
was aupil | > ii/ ) ; llio thcatte with oh c
tiie lights. However it was , when
the ilamt'H made their appearance they
did so so suddenly and were in eucli
al.ii'ming propoitions tin to throw
the hlago people into a
iiibtantitiieoun panic. Thu ritu u hud
but oiio exit to the Btrcet , and for thin
narrow place thu entire 200 riiHhed
Tiie ( limed were between tin ; curtain
and thii door , mid thm fact was tin
caiisu which prevented any one trying
to I'Hcapu to thu body of tin1
hoiiHe. No onu on the slave
wait bold enough to face thu llameH in
that diieotion , and HO the great iiudi'
uncu hud no onu to duly notify them
of the terrible d.iii''er from whiul ;
most of them might huvi
i-BC.ijied , had they been warnei ;
in time. At the utiwo exit lla
actors gob jimmied and the doin
wan liternlly phi"ged up with humni
bodiea and it i b'jliaved mont of llu
nijr/ibor / > ye u burned to death. Jnr
ing all thi tithe thu llameH were hav
ing it all their own way among tin
tinder on thu atagu.
VIKXXA , Dt'cumbcr ! ) , Theru ii
Mill great coiuteriiaticn in thu cih
over thu terriblu fire at tiie King thea
ter last night. The IH.-H of lift
in btill unknown , but it ii fearo (
will rt-aeh the former figuivs. Om
Htat.H that it will b 1,000 , and
fho n
pn-at confiuion. Mentof tho\ictin
wore residents of thi.s eity.
The HOUMO isclosi-djn coiiKtviuence
of the calamity of la t'ni ht.
T'IO ' work of moving hodica from
ho ruinii continues. The city i *
ilunged into thu deopenltif gloom. At
c.ithednil and nil uhurclicn to-morrow
IIIIMOA for Iho souls of the victims
vill bo said. SCOIII-H attending the ro-
ueval of the charred and nmugled
Hidiea tire Uorublo and painful in the
The Hiuht attracted the whole town
0 thu Hcriio and Ihouulitlul people
ook thitherclolhca , ropeo , laddewand
xi i. The great Turners' tire brigade
vi-ru soon at thu thuttro mid auumied
linrgo of ilm life Raving opmatioiif.
\y \ au acttial count it wan ti-n miniite *
rom the tune thu lire had posnt'twiou
if the audiloriuin boforu n ninglu life
vna saved by oiitnidu ansintaiicu and
luring this timu the people within
wore fiilu-r burning up or trampini ;
me another to dentil. Men and wo-
nen , ctnztiduththu prospect before
hum , destroyed thomsulvi'fi by leap-
ng from the front eata of thu m l-
cries into the .seething abyss below.
Tp to this timonono had i' e.ipt'd ex-
opt the few ho got from tlui i > tui'o
ud thu fewer who managed to
tumble out through thu durkunud
iiaiiuio way from the pir to thoatreut ,
ml ihu tow who dropped from
ho windows of thu tirat tluor
liovu the pit into the street.
The Tiirueis b" at unco knock-
tig in the walls around thu exit and
irag' itig out the hodiu.s piled thuro.
n tliis w.iy they saved auvorul lives ,
nit the tliiiu'B BOOH drove them away.
Thu sturdy fellows then organised a
ilanket service and invited those lit
ho windows ou the hiyh first tloor to
limp. Fifty por.ions nnswend thu
all and the Tunu-m caught every one
if thu entire fifty in outatrotohed
ilankoU and saved them without in-
ury. There weru no windows in the
\Mn higher ttiau the fitHt tloor , and
t ia hardly matter of doubt that
> very ocuup.xnt of thu galleries
inrned to ileivth. When the titty
luraons had been rescued by the blan-
; et aur icu the building was a mats
if tlameii , while thu the W\B \ no hot
hat no nearer approach was possible.
Vfter that no human buiug got out-
ido thu walU and thu iiH-iomblcd
crowd , vast in numbers , were coin-
lelled to stand auinnd and witnoin
he numt apijalling and heartrending
ceiui of modern timoa. Dodiea
ottld be hi'un fallim. from the upper
leers into the white tiro.
ViKSSA , Docomhur ! ( noon. The
iru in thu King theatre in mill burn
ng. There tire now 150 wounded
ii-raous l > ing in thu hospitr.lii. All of
licio were rescued from the burning
building limt niuht and many are
fatally injured , and thu greater lunu-
ier wouudi-d are dintiuurud ; for life
The binning ruins alill contain a great
lumber of bodies. Thu theattuat. the
.imu thu lire broke out wan crowded ,
with the exception of the boxen and a
part of thu pit , thu vacant cea'a ' be-
ringing to faahionivblu people , who
alway.s come late in order t > attract
attention. On the stage and in the
dro"BHln { 'TOOhTBthferewiro > SpO people ]
mcmi of thodo were balletgirla , ull o !
whom weru attired in costumcH.
At noon 400 bodies had been
ggi'd from the ruins. A great
number of charred corpses can Btill be
neon lying among the yet ( .till burning
debrS ? .
A subscription for thu bu"efit of the
inilieH of the dead and injured han
Liuen aturted.
VIBINA , December 0.fniNioiiT. ! \ .
The latest e.siimatu of tliu lom ol
life by the dejtriictiou of the King
theatre is 720. Many of the hodin *
ire no horribly burned as to bn beyond
identi eation and they will bo buried
en masse on Suud.iy The attitude ol
the dead H of the tUraugeat character.
Some men were found grasping each
other by their throats , thu imiU ot
1 heir tingiiM being imbedded in tin
' ( cull ; fomo show Ht'lf-inlliuted morti
wound * , while children wuro found ii
the pit that had been Uirown from tin.
illeriea by their frantic mothers. Tei
; aii hmda of corpaes have beet
taken to thu hospitals , whose
Hardens aie filled with wouping rula
IIVTH , acekiug for their missing
frioiida. Up to midnight ' 180 bodies
IKIVU been gotten out and many art
yet HCCII in thu burning Interior.
Among the iiiitii-iiig are three profea
KorHiind a number of students , Conn !
Sicgmund Kfali ies and Jlrrr J'en-
U'ofriky , a mcmbur of Ueichsratli , am
Lin wife. It ia now ascertained thnt
the tire was eaiihud by woikmon net
ting lire to a wing with a npirit lump.
All of the p iformers were Hitvod ex
cept three girln who bulouged to the
The emperor and emprrsB havi
nubhcribed 10,000 , tloriim for the relief
oi thu distressed.
Tiie lower hoiisu of roichsruth d-
journed to-day immediately after an
expretsion oi Hymjathy for the dis
tricted families.
There have been a number of mii
cides canned by grief at thu low o
fu'enda and relatives in the the. Tin
number reported by the police Ha mms
ing IB li0 : ! , Thu fourth gallery hat
not yet liven explored , as it has buei
found impossible , owing to thu tin
which Htdl ruguH , but it m seen to In
urotuled with bodies.
Nntlounl B i o B.ill
Katloiial AntKidatuI I'IHHH.
CilK.'AOO , Dc-cembiT 9. The nu
tioniilbu'u ball league , at it * film
mmioii to-day , adojitod a uniform foi
all ihu club * in the k-tiguu , varying
only in cnlor , to bu worn i'l ' all tlu-ii
eliampioi.aliip panics of 1882.
Thu publication of the lo.iyuohool
wan awaidcd to A , G. Spalding.
Thu aolion of the league meetiii' ' nl
Saratoga in the nntttr of the bl.u-1
lint wai rt'uflirmud.
The following nro thu odiceri
elected : PriKident , W. H. Hinlbut
Chicago ; direutorn , .loiiah Jewell , o
Hull'alo ; W , ( } . Tlioiiip-s-jii , ol Detroit
A , L. Hitchcock , of Troy , and Free
man Drown , of Worcester.
Prebidont Hurlbut waa prc entc' (
with a gold-headed canu ,
Duiing the year 1832 they wil
present the nincn of their respuctiv
- - - in imifnnir' > * * ( ' of th
ollowiug npccilied colors : Catcher ,
carlut aliirt and belt : pitcher , light
) lno ; 1st base , ncarlot and white ; 2nd
tasu , orange and black ; ' ! rd base , blue
ml white ; short ntop , mnroon ; rit'lit
iold , ftraj' ! cuiitro field , red and black ;
eft tiuld , white ; MI Intitule , green ;
ubstitule , brown , All troupers to ho
vhito ; all caps to bo mitmro top ,
ino color nu nhirts. Tin- color of
he ntockitg ) to bn as follow * ; Boston ,
ed ; Chicago , whltu ; Detroit , old
told ; Troy , preen ; DulFnln , gray ;
Cleveland , navy hhiL ; Providence ,
blue ) Worcester , brown.
k'.lnnnl A iH'littixl I'rrm.
101.1.1 Kit V KXH.OSIOX.
HUUS.SKLH , Hol ium , Decciuhcr It.
, terrible i xplosien took placu in thu
Jodkorill e illiery to-day , causing the
oath of lit ! miners.
PiTTsnumi , December U. About C >
'clock this livening a turrilio boilur
xplosion took place at the Kcyilono
oiling mills in this city. The boiler
oem was totally dumolinliud and
inich d.imagu donu to thu main build-
nu. l < nnn , $ ! ' _ ' , ( 00 ; insured. Cor-
lolius Dunn , atlreinau , \ > as instantly
ollt'd , being terribly mutilated .
Vvelvo or thirteen of the emploven
ere injured , some ofhom \ wilt Aie.
'lie ' man waa blown torty feet by Iho
l Aiv.Mttluil I'ri'm.
DtniUN , December n The totm'itn
n thu estates of ( huMiriui | < of Down-
lure , thu Martinis of Droghuda , and
lurds Mivflsdreuuu and Cl < ncurry , in
10 counties of Kildare and NVickiow ,
lavu roaolved to p.vy no rent until thu
uspocta are ruleaied from jail.
C IHK , D.'combur ! ) . The corpora-
nil ol thin city liavuauutn petition
o the government asking for the re-
eaau of the suspccta.
LONDON , Diicombor ! ) The lord
rvyor II.IH consented to head the Kng-
-h movement to assist thu Irish pro-
iory ) defense loaunu.
) ocliiou in nu Apponl T.ikou on
Ouo or Coutn U at the .fair-
Iktlonal AmvirUtitil l'r m < .
NK\V Yoiiu , December S ) The
ward of review of the National Trot-
lint ! aMociitiou , held ita ltt > t meeting
if thu Bi-ii'um this afternoon , at thu
' "itth Avenue hotel. Decision in
.wonty casua wore rendered. The
nest important are thu following :
1o. 1,0011 , Edward Tyh' , of Hum-
loldt , Nub. , vs. the Nebrasku state
) o. rd of agriculture , Omahti , Nib. ,
> t al. In this nice Pylu'n
' .M , xio Cobb , ' J. W. J.icobi'
lC.ilor.vdo" and .7. F Kin-
ney's "Alarm" were the only
entries. 1'jlu know Kinnsy owned
'Colorado" but atill computed with
out protest. "Muxio Cobb" won the
irat ai.d BLCOIH ! hint ) ami "Colorado"
won thu third and fouith , in thu
utter of which "Maxio Cobb" was
distanced. 1'yle then protested ngniuat
; ho right of ' ColoradoV u d.f JAIumi'
ing as authority' ulp'U'W'bf '
; ho association. " The jtfdgCB
illnwod thu horses to continue under
, excluding ' 'Cobb , ' ' and "Colo-
ado" won the final heat. Thu board
told that rule must apply to the
case , but as "Cubb" WHS dialanced bu-
'oru the protest ho could nut go on
ind further that Jacobs bo suspended ,
, hut premiuma won by him be ro-
'undid and that "Alarm" bu disiiuuli-
liud.In veyard to about thirty cases of
lUiltmlilication for nuppreasionor fals-
ilication of time in public racun whieh
iiad been left over at thu previous
meeting for further conoid jr.itiou , the
> i > ard ordered that thenu eases ahall be
continued at tint next iiiuutim/ the
board to bu held in Chicago on the 'Jd
of May , 1882 , in order that the buartl
at that meeting may have the
benefit of such advice , inatructioiie
and opinionu na Hhall result from the ;
proceedings of thu congress ol
inomburH of thu association to bu
held in this city on the accond
Wednesday in February. It is
alao the HOIIHU of this board , accord
to ' .ho legal interpretation of the
rules of the usgoci'ttion ' , that portions
or horsuH who have been disipualilied ,
For mipprcasioii or falsitluaiion of time
in public raceii , are entitled to no
lioiieney whatever.
y nlKht , Noceinlicr i-'Htli , I'lauet
> > HIO ? ; , No 4 , tonk itctlou on cau npillca- [
tinu fur rnvmlierrhlp , pmvo I an Iv-ipilif ,
and cloHed to nttvnd to the wurk uf htctlon
J5 , uf the Kridowimnt rank , At tin
[ nilc | ; K > Minn there were nineteen inuinbcn
, end a nphlti'danil Icitfrentlti con
ventiou wa < held.
'J'Mirnd iy nUiit , DecKin' er 1st , Omnhn
U. 1) wim nu y o cuple J with ilio gvnvml
bimiti BX of thu loJuu.
t Momliiy iiiuht 1'larict No.I liail
oiio niiillcittloii | 1 1 roiiHldor ; on fxpilri !
\vns i riivcd , and n knlKht I'hnr cd ,
Wudnt-s luy nlkiht , Nthratka .N'i > . 1 hud un
Intcri'Htiiu ineutillKj itiid wrro visiteil bj
Hrothir Walker , of Ilia I'ythlim Jniirna1 ,
wlio ii'pnrU the crdt-r in Jniliana ml tin
viixtcrn utittew fciiuinlly ; ID n nii > * t Hour
ediulltiiin , miikinir minifriiii' ntid
o I'C'iuUithiiH tu UK nicmlirri-hip ,
Tiu loijc ( { hud under ooiislder- ntliula.
ulitutinii of n now Aim-riu n In l f hi thli
city , whi'li ill" inuinbc'S gt'ner.dlj' ai. |
prove vnd wlihh It U uirJernlooil U to lit
iiji'idlly elfrcted.
1/n.t TliiirHilav n'ght Omaha W.l > . wen
out In fen v. Tlieio wi < re ilve canilldatci
for iho il ( rof-H , tl.reu jn fH wiru .
nnd onu ifipdro was thnn cd rv
Two vl-ltiiiH weru piwnr , nrid thu
imiirchIuly cotif until , Thu binthtr K
uf Jt. & * . of thU I'Klh-d H.I > H that n 11' tl
pi.go urrivi-d at bh lioniu a h'\i ilayn hliui
th .t hu hoiiOH to Btu lu'uniiiii a lnltlil ; , ( n
diAuil with all thoiualltlus | of K I' , k 1) )
lu ( iboiit 'l years.
Amoul.'itul I 'rum.
NNA'II , Duci'aibur J ) . Mrs
Dora li.iyl'iud , thu iiiHunu uoimui v\hi
cut her grnndaim'fl throat in NowYorl
a fuw wecko ngu , committed uuicid
to day. _ „
ATnken Restitutloit.
National /itnoclatod i'rtui.
UOHTON , December 9. Wonka , th
stock broker , to. day paid ? 100,00
into the Pacific bank ,
Appointment of a Barfloli Memorial -
morial Committee in the
Well Authenticated Ramor of
the Appointment of Blaino's
Nothinc New Yet OoncerninK1
the Seiinte and House Committee -
mittoo Chairmanuhips ,
Mlnoollancou No ton from the Na
tional Capital.
S'lXtlonM Aiwoolatoil I'rixn
WAHHINOTO.V , December 0. The
only husiueds transacted was the an
nouncement of a committee on milu-
agu with Smith chairman , aid also a
committee of one from each ntato to
take Htiilabln action on the death of
Oarlield , ThU committeu ia undo U | >
as fidlmva : JIe 8rn. MuKinluy , Pach-
eco , Delford , Wait , Forney , Dunn ,
Martin , Davidson , Stephens ( Uii.t )
Cuinoii ( I.iU. ) , Urth , ICaaaon , Andur-
HOU , Carlisle , Gibson , Dingley , Mo-
1.11110 , Harris , llorr , Dininell , i 'ord ,
Honker , C.nsidy , Hal ) , Hill , Cox
( N. Y } , Vance , ( leorge , O Neil , Chime ,
Aikun , Tucker , TyleV , Wilson , Milla ,
Williamp , I'uttibonu and Valentino.
At 12'JO : p. m. tht ; house adjourned
till Tuesday next.
WAHHINOTOK , DeccmlxT 9. The
republican senate caucus committee
met again at 12 o'clock , and remained
iu Hcmion until nearly 4 o'clock. It
completed tlm outline of thu report to
bu mibmitted to the caucus ou Mou-
Speaker Keifer has made no an
nouncement of thu regular commit
WAHIIINOTON , December 0. It iav
reported on the authority of Secretary
lilaino'a atr.temunt to n personal
friend that thu appointment of Secre
tary Frelinghiiycen aa secretary of
ntntu \ > na made out and Bent to the
neiiato yesterday. It did not reach
thuro , however , in time to bo opened
and acted upon.
\VAhitiNtiTOK , December 9. Thu
ilcrk uf the houno has apiKiiuted Win.
1. Smith , libiarian of thu houao and
Lewis Ileinberg stationery clerk.
oruvian troubles were 'discuBBcicT at,1 ,
jonaiderablu length' , and Solicitor
General Phillips represented the state
department. Secretary Kiikwood waa
liBi'iit. It ia probably that Secretary
Maine will only attend ono moro cub-
nut meeting , ua it in fully curtain that
hu will retiiu next week.
Thonamu of Judge. Tuft-of Ohio ,
s mentioned for attorney general , the
loaition hu held under Grant.
Marino Intolliouco- |
\'attanat AHsoclatcil I'riks.
KuW Yor.K , December 'J. Sailed
The Celtic for Liverpool.
ArrivedThu Anchoria from Glaa-
; ow.
LONDON , December 9. , Arrived
The Greece from New York.
AMSTEUOAM , December 9 Sailed
The Stella for New York.
LiVKiiroon , Docembi'r 9. Arrived
The Gallia and the Wyoming from
Now Yoik.
Railed The Lord Cough for Phila-
ik-lphia. _
Nntlonnl Ananclnteil I'riM.
CINOINNATI , 0. , Dccembur 0. Ea-
olborn it Co. , impurturs and jobbers
if millinery and fancy goods , of
his city , have failed.
ST PAUL , Minn. , December 9. A.
II. Niniugor & Co. , general mor-
iliants and bankers , Miles City , Mon-
failed. Li'ibilitien I'U.OOO
aria , , . ;
asHL-ts , $100,000. Thu linn made au
uBsigninent to Alex , Harding. The
( inn has largo dopoaita in tlio St. Paul
bunk and attachments have been
fuued by creditors.
Certain Cliarei Rufunded.
National AiaocUUxl 1'ruu
J'nii.AiiKLi-niA , Di-ceiiibor -Somo
iiontha ago , when Ihu grain blockade
existed at this port , thu Pennsylvania
road imposed dumuirayo clmrgo of one
dollar pur day on nil earn not unload
ed within a certain time after their
irrivul , which after noino froleatation
was paid by ohippera. To-d y the
raihoad authorities without uolicita-
tion uuiiounced their intention to re
fund thu money thus collected , which
amounts to over $1,000 ,
Pedoatrlau Couteit.
National AaiocUtiil l'rui < i.
MuJii'JHH , TCIUI , , Dicembor9. ! At
9 p. tu. all the pedeatriuna were on
the track ami thu excitement wus in-
teiibe. All were in bplcndid trim ex
cept lliurimanylio nppraia to begetting
getting at ill' . Tliiuia the forly-nintlt
iiour and iho ecoru is as follows :
O'Leary , 19 ! ) mill's18 hours , 43 rnin-
iiteH ; Halt , 209 mih'BIB hours , ! )7 )
minutes ; Hchlct , JOG inileH , 48 lioura ,
49 minutes ; Huninun , 191 miles , 48
houia , H8A minutes. *
Kat'.ortl Afrioclat d i'lvtu.
WAHHINOTOK , 'Docomber 10 , For
the upper Mississippi and lower Mis
souri valleys ; Warmer , fairer weather ,
variable winds , shifting to the south ,
ud lower pressure.