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Yesterday's Proceedings iu the
( _ The First BUI Passed Qivos the
Franking Privilege to
Mrs. Garflold.
'VPro'posed Changes in the Cabi
net the Prevailing Sub
ject of Rumor.
Senate Oomrrittee Chairmanship -
( ship Still in Unsettled
Notes from the Na
tional Capital-
National Arooclatctl Tivss.
WABIH.NOTON , December 8. On
motion of Mr. Cameron , the senate
voted to adjourn to next Monday nt
the close ot to-day's session.
_ Ptmdleton introduced n bill to pro
vide scats on tlie tloor of the senate
for the executive oflicora of the sen
ate and house , and moved its refer
ence to a select committee of ton.
.YcBi'a bill toiiuako wives witnesses
in'cost'Bof * bigamy in the territories
was referred. '
Mnxey's b'ill V ° rogiilnto th'o ealnrics
of persons iu tho'railway miiil service
wuo referred.
Davis' ( of W Va. ) bill to relieve
'tho treasurer- from certain amounts
now charged to him as loaned to the
states-is intended to make formal the
donations to states made in IS.'ib' .
At 12:50 : o'clock Mr. Merrill called
ap his bill for a tariff commission nnd
proceeded to address thereon. He
said that yesterday lip was so dis
couraged by the avalanche of bills in
tended to draw money from the treas
ury that ho began to think that in
stead of roduciug thu duties they
should devote their attention to the
modes of raising more revenues , but
on reflecting that out of over 10-
000 .bills introduced at the
last session only from 000 to
700 bncamo a law , ho felt
encouraged to qa on. At the conclu
sion of Merrill's speech , which occu
pied two hours nnd a half and wns
devoted to the advocacy of a protec
tive tariff , Mr. Garland obtained the
floor to speak upon his tnrilf commis
sion bill. He , however , yielded to n
motion to adjourn , pending which ho
introduced a bill which provided for
filling the oflice of president in the
eventof , death or disability of the
president and vice-president on which
- ho will speak hereafter. _ ,
* - " ' '
V&rrne-es"'introduced a'retolutidn
referring so much of the president's
message as related to the silver ques
tion to the finance committee , as a
text for a speech on that subject.
Ferry , from the committee on post-
offices and post roads , submitted a
unanimous report.
The Ingalls' bill extending the frank-
iu' , ' privilege to Lucrotia 11. Garlield ,
was unanimously passed , the first bill
to pass the senate in this congress.
The president pro torn. , inn brief
speech , complimented Assistant Ser-
Isaac Bassott the
goit-nt-Arms , oa
completion of his fiftieth year of ser
vice in the senate , wishing him health
and happiness , nnd lit 30p. : m. the
soimto adjourned to Monday.
i V1C
WASHINGTON ; December 8. A
committee of eight , including the
Now England 'senators and Congress-
Paul' and Fulkorson ( of Virginia )
hav < 3 called on the president in rela
tion to the election of a senator in
Virginia on the twentieth , and asked
if the present use of his naino
in Richmond in favor of the readjnst-
-era' candidate instead of n re
publican is by authority , nnd
old that Mnhonu waa helping the
movement. Arthur showed perfect
familiarity with Virginia politics , said
ho thought the republicans were
entitled to a senator and thought
'Mtthpne would support n republican
candidate. The committee sent a
special messenger to Richmond to con
voy the words of the president to Ma-
hone. Pauland Fulkoraon insist that the
logic of the recent campaign in Vir
ginia is tha * Lieutenant Goyernor-
Elt-ct John F. Lewis , republican , is
entitled to bi elected senator and that
iho consideration promised the repub
licans for joining the roadjiuters was
they should have the senator.
n.\7X HUNT.
It is now said 'that a change will
eon bu made in the head of the navy
department. Rumor gives the place
to Boutwcll , and in the light of this
report the fsot that Hunt and Bout-
well were closeted yesterday for two
houn at the department ia looked
upon as significant.
The president has signed a postal
convention for the exchange of money
orders between the United States and
the colony of Now Zealand ; also one
between the United States and the
colony of Now South Wales. Both
conventions take effect January 1 ,
The committee on privileges and
elections this morning considered the
objecting memormla in regard to the
election of the Now York senators ,
but arrived nt no cunclusicn.
There were two hundred callers at
the White House to-day , none of
whom were denied admittance.
Among the number were Senator *
Cameron , Plntt , Logan , Windom ,
Garland , Miller , HorrUon , Walker ,
Aldrich and Heck , and n number of
monibera of the house.
Thu impression prevails hero that
Secretary' ' "of the , Interior Kirk-
wood will ixtain his position in the
cabinet , received now force by the die-
corory Jo-day , when it was announced
that Kirkwood had renewed the lease
upon his house for n year , that fact
haying been accepted in conclusive
evidence that ho will romnin where ho
The fight for the position of govern
ment printer continues with unabated
vigor on the part of Do Frees , pres
ent incumbent , and Col. E. W. Oys
ter , latu of the Record department in
the government oftico. .Friends of
Colonel Oyster nny that the Pennsyl
vania delegation called , on the preii-
deut i n his interest.
Till ! INAHILITr , KTC' . , HILL.
Senator Garland's bill relative to
Tilling the oflico of president in * the
event of the death , resignation , re
moval or inability of the prcsldimt
and vice president , provides that thu
duties shall bo for the time being , ns
provided for by the constitution , bo
discharged by the secretary of state ,
and in 'case of his , etc. , by rho
secretary of the troaauiy , and in the
event of his death , etc. , by the sec
retary ot war.
The case of the New York senators
was not disposed ! of by thu committee
on privileges anaVelections this morn
ing and an orderwas | made in the sen
ate during the session to refer the 'ad
ditional papers bn file to the comuiit-
Petitions for legislation against dis
criminations by railroads , were
presented in th'o senate to-day by the
chair ntld by'Senntprs Ingalla , Harri
son' , Vest and "Cok's. .
Messrs. Hour. Allison , Edmunds ,
Plumb , Hill , Coke and , Windom , of
the sub-committee of. the republican
caucus committee held a meeting of
over three hours' duration afternd - '
journment to-daV to consider the re
organization of the republican clement
of the standing and select committcec.
Tlioro arc , including M.thonc , 39
senators nnd but 'M committee
chairmanships 'to bo distributed ambng
them. Changes which have occurred
since last organized , Edmunds has two
important committees judiciary nnd
foreign relations McMillan Com
merce nnd revision of laws , nnd Rol
lins public buildings nnd grounds
nnd enrolled bills. White , McDill ,
Miller , ( of California , ) Von Wyck ,
Sowell , Miller , " ( of Now York , ) Lap-
ham , Aldrich and Windom have none.
The Init four are junioia coming in
since the beginning of the session
and under the practice of the senate
the committees go to the older sena
tors. It is understood to assist in
harmonizing matters , Allison , who is
chairman of the appropriation com
mittee , volunteered to * surrender his
place on the finance to Windom. The
democrats may wish to make some
changes on their'bldo of the house. '
will adjourn to Tuesday soon after
coming together to-morrow.
The treasury dor > nrtmenf. hna re
ceived notice that a ? 5 counteifeit note
on the lioylston National bank of
Boston is in circulation. Ths face of
the note IB good , and the pink seal
nud figures excellent , but the green
border and the ends on the back nro
badly engraved. The state nrma and
eaclo in the right oval are badly en
A pen made counterfeit of n § 1 sil
ver certificate IH also atlo-tt.
The secretary. * of thot treasury has
already authorized assistant treasurer
at Now York to rcdeom five million of
bonds of the 100th call in each week
until further orders beginning
with Wednesday next , and to pay in
terest on bonds to maturity January
29 , 1882.
The director of the mint 1ms caused
examination to be made ot accounts
of the United States coinage at the
mints from July 1st , 1878 , to Juno
30th , 1881 , to ascertain" the exact
amount and cost of silver purchased
by the government nnd the profits on
coinage of silver. During thu three
fiscal years named the profits have
been § 9,752,210.54 , which with profits
on hand at the mints July 1st , 1878 ,
( $424 , 725.17) ) and ? 4GOO , 30 profits
on trade dollars nnd surplus
bullion credited to the same ao-
count nude a total of 810,182,490.30 ;
of this amount $774,374.81 have been
deposited in the treasury , $221,124.78
paid for expenses of distribution , and
$84,351.29 piid for mortgage and
losses by the sale of swoops ; leaving
in the mints July , 1 , 1881. $1,101-
645 43 , which was verified by actual
count on the 30th of Juno last by rep
resentatives from the treasury depart
National Hue Ball Zi agu .
Nfctionkl AModUed Prea.
GHICAQO , December 8. At the
meeting of the base ball league , the
following amendments and rules were
adopted :
That only ono league alliance club
shall bo allowed m erie city , and
league clubs are prohibited from
playing any other than league clubs in
cities whore ono is located. A now
rule was adopted requiring that a
pinyuis" bench with hat racks nt each' '
end bo furnished. New rule 40 was
amended HO that in case of
accident to a player time
shall not be called until the ball beheld
hold by the pitcher. Now rule DO
woe amended so that in case of col
lision between a base runner and n
fielder the umpire shall decide which
fielder was entitled to the ball. Now
rule G9 was adopted giving jurisdiction
to umpires , not subject to appeal , to
impose penalties for such oifencea as
loafing , not taking their places in the
field and pushing or interfering with
fielders ,
A resolution passed authorizing the
president to reconvene the meeting
April l t. 1882.
The following umpires worn elected
for the season of 1882 : Charles Mad-
dock , Cleveland ; John Kelly , New
York ; James Qnian , Cambridgcport ,
Mass. ; Richnrd Penrce , Brooklyn ;
Donovan , Ilostoti ; Richard llipliAin ,
Troy ; Joseph Dimtiigan , Now York ;
Charles llriard , Lawronooburn , Now
York ; William McLean , Philadelphia ;
William Bernie , Urooklyn ; William
ITamcs , Lowell , Mass. ; John Datley ,
Brooklyn , and Nickornon and Cross ,
Providence , R. I. Completion of the
stall'umpires WM deferred until the
next meeting.
Ilotchkiss , Hulburt nnd Winship
were appointed n committee to adopt
uniforms for clubs.
A committee consisting of Hurlbut
nnd Sodftii wns directed to propnro n
schedule for 1882.
It waa decided to hold the noit mi-
nual meeting at the Dorranco House ,
Providence , R. I.
The meeting will reconvene to-mo-
row nt 10 o'clock. of Trndo Banqnot-
DL ivitch toTim HUB.
PLATTSMOUTH , Nob. , December 8.
The grnnd banquet given by the
board of trade , of this city , to-night ,
in just over , nnd waa a brilliant and
successful affair , which would have
done .credit to a city ton times the size
of Plattsmouth. About three hun
dred gncsts sat down to n regal sup
per at the Perkins house , the guests
including Governor Nance , Secretary
Alexander , Judge Dundy and federal
officers , members of the bur of Omnha
and Lincoln and representatives of the
press , including the editors of every
paper in Omaha , Numerous ( toasts
were happily responded to.
The board organized two years ngo ,
with D. H. Wheeler president and
J. B. Stodo secretary. It was nn
event in the history of th'o town ,
which is now assuming metropolitan
airs and appearances * .
What Friction Ban * .
National Associated Prcm.
BOSTON , MASS. , December 8. A
curious and unexpected result of the
new system of gold transaction be
tween Boston banks has just come to
light. Until within three weeks the
Merchants' bank acted as repository
for all others nnd transactions were
carried on by means of certificates ,
but at that time the Merchants' bank
decided to refuse to longer assume the
risk of storing $7,000,000 of gold in
its vaults , ana as no other bank was
willing to undertake the task the ays-
iem was given up and all transactions
since have boon effected by carrying
coin from bank to bank. It has been
found that this transportation of coin
is gradually reducing its weight and
that if the practice is continued the
gold will within less than a month
cease to bo legal tender. It is found
that the average weekly depreciation
of the 87,000,000 is $30 , or at the
rate of $15,000 per year.
John W. Forney Dying.
National Associated 1'rcsB.
PHILADELPHIA , December 8. Hon.
John W. Forney , who has for the
past four days been confined to hia
mansion in Washington square with
Bright's disease of the kidneys , wnn
pronounced by his physician at 10
o'clock to-day to be at the point of
WASHINGTON , December 8. Ex-
Speaker Randall has been summoned
to his death bed to receive some per
sonal communications which the jour
nalist 1ms expressed n wish to make to
him. Mr. Randall has gone on n
specinl train.
THarliio Intelligence ,
National Assoc latcd I'rcas.
Nr.w YORK , December 8. Sailed
The. Dovmna for Glasgow , the Celtic
for Liverpool.
Arrived The Doruytor from Ant
LONDON , December 8. Arrived
The Victoria from Now York.
Sailed The Denmark for New
LIVKKPOOL , December 8. Arrived
The Pennsylvania from Philadel
QUKKNSTOWN , December 8. Sailed
-The Adriatic fiom New York.
Made an Assignment-
Nattcnal Associated I'riBs.
CINCINNATI , December 8. Jamns
S. Burdsall , proprietor of ono of the
largest wholesale drug houses in the
city , hn3 made an assignmnnt for the
benefit of creditors. Liabilities and
assets are unknown , but it is believed
that the failure , however , Li an exceptionably -
tionably honorable ono.
National Base Ball
N&tlonil Associated Press.
CHICAGO , December 8. The morn
ing's session of the national bnso ball
league was occupied by a discussion of
the amendments to rules of the game.
It is probable the meeting will con
tinue over until Saturday.
Nation * ] Antedated Fran.
NKW YORK , December 8. Ex-
Chief Justice Barbour , of the supreme
premo conrt , state of New York ,
died suddenly to-day of heart disease.
Undoubtedly the best shirt in the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. Thu superior
ity of material and workmanship , com
bined with their great improvetnenta
that is , reinforced fronts , reinforced
bucks and reinforced alcoves make
their skirts the most durable nnd beat
fitting garment of thu kind over man
ufactured at the moderate price of
$1.50. Kvery tthirt not our make is
guaranteed first class , and we will re
fund the money if found iiocoasary.
Wo make a specialty of all wool
Shaker nnd Canton flannel , also cho-
mois underwear , mndo up with u view
to comfort , warmth nnd durability.
To invalidH and weak-lunged persons
wo offer special inducements in the
manner those goods are mudu for their
protect ion.
3 1 1207 Fnrnhpti Htr < vn
Ooutinuation of the Testimony
in Rebuttal ,
Much of Which la Objected to
by the Prisoner and
His Oouoaoil.
Quiteau Takes Offense at Hio
Brother and Goes
for Him.
Domoustrationa Qf Appltvuse in
in the Court "Now " Being
An a Vaanit
toiftny When Fired.
National Anoclfttod .
WAHHINOTON , D. 0. ' , Decembers.
There was an unusual croud attend
ing court this morning. AH the prin-
onur catnu in uud thoVhrnidcutta were
taken oir , ho * aid : 'LA crank in Chicago
cage says I tnko withThun in regard ti (
this case. I don't know the man mid
the statement is false ! ! '
Mrs. Julin M. \ ilson , niece of
Abraham Ouitoau , " , who resides nt
Lendvillo , was the Brat ilnoss for the
prosecution. She staled lior mother
uovor showed nny aij ns of insanity ,
Quo of her sisters was operated on by
n mositiuriat in Ann Arbor , Michigan ,
and w.ia BO much nnd : r the iutluenco
that'nny ono could operate upon hor.
Thu witness could stop hur on the
Btreot by simply hold ng up her fin-
One of the jurors ( wio colored man )
complained of indisposition nt thm
point nnd retired to consult n physi
cian , ji
Witness continuing , said : Possi
bly some unmnnncwd boy called her
sister. "Foolish Abbey. She never
saw any irrational conduct on the
part of her mother up to thu timu of
the death. Ono of her Bisters wan in
nn insane asylum in Michigan. Her
father was nfllictod with softening of
the brain before ho died.
The pritoner wns unusually quiet
during this\testimony , only interrupt
ing Judge Porter once when ho was
referred to tat a criminal "that word
does not apply to mo ; I am no crim
inal. I was inspired by God to re
move President Oarfiold. "
During the cross1 examination by
Scovillo , the witness said she did not
remember that her mother had any
objection to going lip'stnira during thu
latter part of her lifoj
John W. Quitoau objected to "lug-
ing in persons" who Had no blood re
lation to the prisoner
Scoville-Bald'ho-ob ictod fitronuoua-
ly to John W. CJuitoau interrupting
the proceeding with a view to nho\v
there waa no insanity.
The prisoner got excited , and jump
ing up and pounding the table , exclaimed -
claimed : " 1 take thu same view. I
wish John W. Guitoan would go back
to Boston. Ho haw entered into this
case to gain a little notoriety. lie
has been a nnisnnco during the whole
trial. Ho in not of the counsel and
has no business to open his head here.
Ho presumes on the fact Unit ho in ot
the same name to make liiiiiHelf con
spicuous hero. "
The prisoner's brother paid no at
tention to his harangue.
Geo. G. Maynard testified ho had
known the family of the iirovious
witness for yours and had never
heard of nny member being insane
After recosa , Prank Bartlett testi
fied ho knew l\lr. n"d Mrs. Scovillu
and the prisoner.
Prisoner The only thing about
this is the witness met ma in the uum-
mer of 1870 at .Scovillo's place , It
cost the government two hundred
dollars to bring this witnosn hero and
itia an outr.igo for thu public funds to
be expended in thin manner.
The witness said there vviw nothing
in the prisoner B manner to attract
special attention. The prisoner tottk
part in a tub race and conducted him
self as umioly ns the other partim engaged -
gaged in this recreation.
Florence II. Bartlett , wife of the
1'iRt witness , said there was nothing in
Uniteau's notion or demeanor to indi
cate ho was insane.
Howard 0. Dunham , of Boston ,
was called.
"Thm man doesn't know much
about me , " interrupted the primmer.
"Ho thought I was badly cranked
about my book. Ho looked upon it
aa a literary curiosity "
Witness told about the prisoner
engaging an oflice in BoHton , stating
ho would abandon theology lie got
out curds announcing himself as
"Counsellor and attorney at law. "
Theology , the prisoner said to him ,
didn't pay.
Gcoville objected to evidence being
introduced at this ntago an to thu
sanity or insanity of the prisoner ,
and claimed such testimony should
have introduced in the chief exami
The court overruled the objection ,
saying it is not worth while to go into
Scovillu Then I.would like an excep
tion entered to any testimony offered
on the part of the prosecution tending
to uhow the insanity of the prisoner.
The witness did not regard thu
prisoner insane ,
Prisoner The witness was a Meth
odist minister and ho did not like my-
theology. Besides I hnd no money
and ho didn't ' like my style. [ Laugh
ter. ]
Witness , continuingad , | ! ho had a
con vernal ion with John W. Guitcnu ,
who remarked there was no wall au
thenticated case of insanity in thu
Guiteau family.
Prisoner , excitedly My brother
has the miserable opinion that it
would bo a disgrace to the Guitvau
. 11 „ ! „ . T. . . , , . ,1)r ) ( v- , .
insane. Two of my cousins are in a
lunatic asylum and probably 1 will bo
in ono toon. [ Ijuightur. ]
Corkhill presented a communication
from President Arther in answer to
interrogations of the defence. Thn
document was not road but submitted
to Scuvillo for examination.
John Farmer , of Saratoga Springs ,
wan the nrxt witness. Before ho wan
questioned the prisoner snid , "I ewe
this man ton dollars for board. It
cost the government one hundred dollars
lars to bring him here. I might have
admitted this fact and spared this ex
pense to the nation. "
Witness related the difficulty ho
had in collecting a board bill I rum the
Meantime Guitcnu had road Presi
dent Arthur's answers to Scovillo'n
questions nnd declared in nn emphatic
manner they should be publiiihed at
once. The document wai then road
by Senvillo. The first question w < w
"Do jou know the prisoner in the
President Arthur answered in the
nfliimntivo. I lo had seen him tun or
probably twenty times urouml the re
publican headquarters nt the Fifth
Avenue hotel in Now York , but had
no conversation with him except in
ordinary salutations of the day.
"What political service did the
privmor render the republican parly
during the last campaign ? " Wiw the
no A ( interrogation.
"None that I know of , " the preni-
dent wrote in response , "and I do not
know that there was anything in his
relations to myself , General Grant or
Senator Conkling that would entitle
him to believe w would assist him in
bin political prelorompiit. "
PrisonerThat is n matter of
The president added by way of
postscript that ho hud received n hit
ter from the prisoner , asking for n
postponement of the trial , in order
to allow him to prepare bin defense.
Rov. It. 8. Me Arthur , pastor of the
Baptist church of Now York , was
then called. Ho testified that the
prisoner brought a hater of admission
to him from thu Chicago church.
Gnitoau complained of poverty , re-
suiting from thu Chicngo fire , and
witness' heart went out towards him
and ho loaned him ninety-live dollars.
There was nothing in the prisoner's
manner to indicate insanity. Ho explained -
plained thu prisoner's wife represent
ed to him that herself nnd husband
would bu placed on the Ride-walk if
they could not raisu a little money ,
The pri.sonur wns expecting to got a
ministry nt that timo. It was the
Swiss mission. It was expected
that , however , it did , not amount
to much , it wnH only § 5,000 n year.
Witness then stated that thepnsoner
was brought up before the committee
ef the church in regard to certain
immoral conduct. His wife claimed
she supplied him with money which
he spent witn other women.
The prisoner again bccamo excited ,
stating that hia conduct in this regard
was prompted by his deairo to procure
sufficient grounds fur n divorce froii
theAvoman whom ho mftrricd on'toi '
hours' notice.
Corkhill said the government in
tended to show that what was claimed
to bo insanity on the part of the pris
oner wan nothing hut outrageous ( le
Thin remark was loudly applauded
by the aiuhoneo and a young man whc
ntnrtcd tlio demonstration was put out
by nn officer.
Witness , in answer to other IJUCB-
tioiiH , said he never lognrdud Gmti-ai
: IH insnne.
Prisoner 1 have boon strictly vir
tuous for six yoara.
Court adjourned at ; i o'clock to tomorrow -
morrow morning when examination ol
Mr. McArthur will bo resumed ,
The HortioulturnlistH
CIIIUACO , December 8. At Hit
third day'ti moating of the State
and Northern Illinois horticultural
sociotieH , the election of ollicew re-
suited ; us follows : Prandoiit , Cnptiiin
Euwnid Ilollintor , of Alton ; vice-
president , Dr. A. ( J , Humphrey , ol
Ua'uflhurg ' ; secretary , O. B. GaliiBin ,
of Moim ; truuHuror , T. G. Minkler.
The annual meeting will begin
on thu the second Tuesday in Decem
ber , 1881. .
Tin ; Northern Illinois nocioty elect
ed ollicors for thu ennnint ; year with
the following renult : President ,
Arthur Bryant , Jr. . of Princeton ;
vice presidents , James Grow , of Crys
tal I ukn , S. Edwards , of Mcndota ,
and Arthur Bryant , Sr. , of Prinootou ;
recording secretary , G. B. Golusha ,
of Moiria ; corresponding Hccretary ,
D. W. Scott , of Galena ; treasurer ,
L. W. Woodward , ofMarengo.
Adjourned. _
Ail Important Suit-
National Auxnclateil I'ruM.
NKW YoiiK , December 8. The
trial of the suit of MM. Julia Arm
strong vs. the Montreal Life insur
ance company , to recover 810,000 ,
the amount of a policy issued upon
thu life of her husband , who was mur
dered by Benj. Ilu.iter , at Camden ,
N. J. , wa * concluded in the Brooklyn
United States court to-day. The jury
gave a verdict for the plaintiff ifor
$10,571. 30 , the full amount of thu
policy with interest.
A Canadian Epidemic-
NMIonal AsuoclaUd ) 'n * .
MONTKHAL , Ducomber 8. Itosi-
dents of the townships of Garthby
and Siiutham , Imvo been thrown into
toriiblo excituinunt < iver the outbroiilc
of an epidemic. The patient is at
tacked HO suddenly as to fall from n
chair and lose consciousness. The
symptoms hear certain resemblance to
thoHo of diphtheria.
The Cottoii PJntitorH.
Witlonal AxfcoUattil 1'rion.
ATLANTA , Ga , , December H. The
National Cotton Planters' nsnuciution
adjourned to-night. Thu next meet
ing will bo held at Little Hock , Ark. ,
commencing October 17 , 1882.
NttlonM AwociiUa 1'rcu.
CINCINNATI , DoceinlMir S. Joseph
NicholaH Clark , aged 18 , committed
suicide in IvJen Park by shooting him-
A Goltl-BloorM Kansas Oity Murderer -
dorer SontonceiL
Frlihtf\il ( Calamity on the St.
Oharlos Briilgo Over
thi ) Missouri.
A Freight Train Gooa Through
a Spnu and is Complete
ly Wrockod.
Criminal niul Cai-
unlty Nuton of the Dny-
NMlonnl ApHoolttml I'n > .
llOMt T1IIKK AKUKHTIU > . : > . ( ) . , December --The
nan who adroitly robbed President
Kllis , of thu Commercial bank , of
bonds to the value of $10,000 has
avrostud at ButVulo. No bonds
w ro recovered , but it is supposed they
are ( ( till in the possession of hia con-
'eilnratcs , who are not yet apprehend
ed. Thu men nro professional bank
CiTY , December 8. The
coroner's jury to-day returned n ver
dict indicting A. J. Wngoner for mur
der in the first degree of Norman
Bauder. The latter had 81,000 , nnd
to obtain this for thin six months on
different occasions Wagoner has been
Hiving Baudor jdruxued whisky , nnd
forcing him to aign checks and drafts
while under the influence of the
wison. Baudur died Thanksgiving.
, December 8. Burke , the
Cleveland bend robber , waa taken
hcnco to Cleveland to-day. Ho i
wanted nt Albany and Cohoes for
forgoriet ) , also.
PigUA , Ohio , December 7. All
the prisoners in the county jail ,
twelve in number , iiiiuUi a dnth for
liberty last night , and succeeded in
making their esc ipe.
FAU , IliVKK , Mass. , December 8.
At midnight hist night Raymond P.
Dennis , an old man , was shot and in
stantly killed by n party of young
men who woio tormenting Dennis by
rapping on the windows of his resi
dence. He went outside armed with
a shot gun nnd drove them away.
Ono young man took the gun from
him and blow his head off ,
Ga. , December 8.
Jno. Moore , of ThomaBvillo , G . , waa
enticed into a thicket near Troy ,
Floridu , by .Tank Bass and ono Boyatt.
Bass held him while Boyan shot him
three times , killing him. Thovilliaiu
then robbed Moore , They Imvo been
arrested. There nro throats of lynch
AUQUBTA , Ga. , Decembers , Then
liaa.beon , a horrible uiurdor iie r/JIo
cow , Lamar county. * "A "crozy liogpc
seized n child of Mrs ; Winchcstoi
Armstrong , who attempted to rescui
it. She was dealt n blow on the heat
with an nxo and killed. The mothei
of Mrs. Armstrong was also killed ,
Mr. Armstrong came up and shot tin
negro dead.
WASHINGTON , December 8. Tin
cane of dipt. Howguto will be called
up on Saturday in thu circuit court
for argument on thu question of suf
ficiency of biiil. CaptIlowgikte ie
still confined in the District jail.
The. cases of Brady , Frunch and
otheiB , alleged to bo implicated in tin
slur route frauds will probably not be
called until thu Guiteau cue ia dia-
UAHHIKIIUUCJ , Pa. , December 8.
Deputy Attorney-General Gilbert ,
representing the state insurance com ,
miHsioner , to-day made application in
court for warrants for the arrests ol
the ollicors of the State Capital Mu <
tual Aid Association of prominent
death-bed companies , on thu charge
of conspiracy. Thu request was made
for the double purpose of prosecuting
the officers criminally and to secure
possession of the books of the com
pany. _
National AiMwiafcxl I'ronv.
KA.NHAH CITY , December 8.
Freight train No. D , oust bounu , in
charge of Conductor Dnrlield , Engi
neer Kirkaby , broke through nn iron
span of the St. Charles , Bio , , bridge
over the Missouri river , 1x15:25 : tint
evening , The engine nnd thirteen
cars foil with the span about eighty
feet. Engineer Kirksby , Fireman
Chamberlain , and a brakeman went
down with the engine ; Kirksby wac
killed by thu fall , but Chamberlain
and the brakeman escaped. The
train consisted of thirteen can ol
stuck and eighteen of freight ; onlj
the stock oars went down ,
The cause of thu accident is not re
ported. Arrangements ore beinjj
made for the transfer of pnssongon
by boats. All telegraph communica
tion cast is cut oil'on account of the
wires going down with the bridge.
It ii two years and one mouth since
thu tame bridge fell.
| { ATLANTA , Ga. , December 8. Ad
ditional particulars of the accident oi
the Air Line railroad at Suwaiiou hut
been received. The men were not
run over. A passenger train ran into
a cabouso of u freight , Conductoi
John P , Dean was discovered nndei
the mail car dead , and Chutlcs Hnrsl
was burned to death in Hie caboose.
At thu boilur explosion of thu gii
IIOUHU of W , Ii. JoiieH , near Ellertoi
to-duy thu head ot Clifford .lonun , i
ycais old , was blown oil' and piukui
up forty yards away. Both nous o ;
\Y. B , JoiH'n killed. Hurvoj
Morrison ( colored ) hud both legs am
anna broken and will die ,
KANHAH CITV , December 8. Fret
Kershnw , n carpenter , wan fouiu
duad in this city this morning , having
fallen , nhilo intoxicated , from i
Chicago tt Alton railroad this morn
ing six miles from this city , Engines
and ears were completely wrecked.
Six tnun wore injured , two of whom
will probably die.
SimioYdAx , Mich. , December 8.
The tug , 0. E. Pemlnll , towing the
schooner Hart , was wrecked yesterday
day eight miles below this port. She
become disabled through the breaking-
of her stern pipojuul abandoning her
tow made for the shore , but grounded
Ivforo reaching it. The crow jumped
overboard , and swam in with great
difficulty , thoto being n heavy sea nt
thi ) time. When last scon the schooner
Hart WAS laboring heavily in thu
[ rough of the son. She has not since
heard from ,
National AmocUtcU I'rvM.
VIENNA , December 8. Fire broke
out in the King theatre this evening
just as the curtain ascended on an
opera , There were upwards of U,000
persons in the audience , nnd when tho-
ilnmos burst out around the ntago on
which there were UOO performers , n tre
mendous rush was made for all parta
of tl.o hoimo in order to escape.
Many of the panic stricken people
leaned from windows * , while the shouts
and shrieka of tiiosu who were
unable to make their escape
was heartrending. During the great
est excitement the gas metro con-
nieted with the theatre exploded ,
thereby causing total darkness. At
midnight three hundred dead bodies
liad been recovered ami several hun
dred more were yet loft in the build-
imr , which was yet wrnut in tlamoa.
It m now estimated that the loss of
life iu upwards of 500.
LONDON , December 8. Some of
ficial information from St. Petersburg
ntntes Kusain is preparing to largely
increase her fleet in the Black sea.
Doctor Lamson , son of an American
clergyman , won to-day arrested on the
charge of having poisoned his brother
luring n visit to him atschool at Wim
bledon ,
Six men on Calf Hock , who had oc
cupied n light house which was re
cently washed awny have been res
In consequence of llourk , the Eng-
inh bondholder agent , declaring U >
: ho Turkish finanuial commission that
lie could ncecpt n settlement only un
der the npprovnl of the bondholders ,
negotiations for a settlement , which
Imvo been going on for Home time ,
nro likely to bo broken off without
nny terms for the liquidation of the
debt being arrived nt.
I IIINIIUKO , December 8. Search
for the mon who stole the body of the
earl ol Crawford is being actively
prosecuted. It was suggested that
the trail of the mon might bo dis
covered nnd followed by hounds , and
n lenah of bloodhounds are now being
employed for that purpose , hut there
is great dqubt as to the success of thm
exploit , nnd the cnso is now rendered
still moro mysterious by the report
that the motive of the robbery of the
behind facts so far "ns discovered
there remains a very strange romance.
IloMK , December 8. To-day , in the
presence of IluO ecclesiastics assem
bled iu St. Peter's , Pope Leo XIII.
canonized the monk Laurent , the
pilgrim Sabre , Canon Rossi , and Sister
Clara. The ceremony was conducted
with great pomp.
BKIUJN , December 8. Count Kal-
nnky , Austrian foreign minister , in
conference with Prince Bismarck' ' in
this city to-day , announced it was the
intention of the policy of Count And-
rausy and Baron Haymerlo , his prede
cessor , and wished co-operation and
friendship of Germany.
DUIU.IN , December 8. A circular
has been issued by the government to
the Irish constabulary , instructing
them to use every effort to induce
people to give private information
concerning intended outrages , in re
turn for such information rewards of
from 20 to .I'lOO are promised , nnd
the incognito of the informant guar
National Assocl.itid 1'rciw.
WAHIIINUTO.V , December 9. For
the upper Mississippi and lower Mis
souri valleys : North winds , generally
higher Vnicnitter.
We are much pleased to hear that
the demand for thoroughbred Jersey
Htock is increasing amongst our citizen
neighbors , and gratified as well that
our young friend , Graham P. Browne ,
is reaping solid reward for his nctivo
exertions in bringing many valuable
specimens to Nebraska.
In his last herd , which armed a.
few days ago from the cast , the fol
lowing hove already been sold ;
"Bluebell , " solid dark fawn , 2
years old past , nnd n perfect beauty ,
to Dick Withnull , Etrj.
"Silver Leaf , " oranuo fawn , little
white , daughter of "lU-ception , " sold
hero about ono month ago to Milton
Ilogors , E q ,
"tfoio , " orange fawn , little white ,
coming two years old , a perfect gem
from the fluent butter family in
America , to John McCormick , .Esq. \ !
"Isabella , " a very handsome silver
gray , 4 years old , with fine pedigree
and looks like a deer , is hold by Mr.
Browne to fill an order in this city.
Bo also has in his yard several line
Jerseys , all thoroughbred , and will
receive in January a car load to which
attention will bu called by n future
advertisement in this paper.
Our stock in this line is very com
plete indeed , und embraces u number
of thu very latest and moat elegant
designs ever madi * . We are particu
larly careful in our selections and buy
only from the standard nmnuiacturorti
whoso trade marks are guarantees and
a warrant for durability and genuine
ness. Before buying bo sure and sou
this stock , which for novelty in design
andstorling worth cannot bo surpassed.
Respectively yours ,