Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 09, 1881, Page 4, Image 11

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The Omaha Bee
! The only .Monday inomtnu dally.
Ono Year $10.00 I ThrroMontfw.MJ
Six .Month * . C.OOlOno . . 1.
THE WKKKLY 1JKI' , tiullhhcd c
Onc Year $2.00 I HireoMnnths. .
BltMonthi. . . . 1.00 I Ono " . .
r All Commm
cation * rclntlni ; to New * i\ncl Kdilnrinl nil
tew xlinuld bo addressed to the KniToa <
THE Urn.
Xi ttuti ( and KemtttAnrM should bo n
drtnscxl to Titr. OMAHA I'tmuHHiNfl Co
rANT , OMAHA. Urafu , Chcckn nnd I'oi
office Orcleis to lw in.ulo imynWo to t !
order of the Company.
Edwin Dnvlt , MnntiRor of CH
John If. ricrco la In dnrro ot the Mn
Clrcu itlon of Tin * . DAILY Bin : .
I. 1) . Chamberlain correspondent m
MOUK room in our nshonla in d
iimtulcit of our hoard of education.
Evr.tiv liil > oriii { ; man in Oinnha r
juices over the prospects of a mi
SECUETAUY HUNT seems to h.ivu
sure thing on the imvy depnrtmci
nnd will continue his studios on tl
ultramarine for the next tliroo ycnri
WII.UAV H. ENOUGH lias Hubscribc
$1 towards Uic Garfleld Mounincnt
Fund. William is evidently rocovo
ing from the Directs of the Into cm
pain. _ _ _ _ _ _
Tun farce of "Uox and Cox' * at
continues at Washington , nnd "pen
of laughter" grunt the antics of 11
shamming assassin o ! I'rcsitlotit On
AxoTiii'.K infernal machine has bcc
discovered in Montioal. Tliin o :
plains the dmhiirHOincnt of at lea
$25 of O'Donovau HosBa'a alarmist
ing fund.
NEW YOUK is howling loudly ovi
the defeat of Frank Jliucuck for tl
npcalvorship. Tlio Kinpiro Htato cr
not expect to hold all tlio otlicca. ' .
is time Ohio had a chance.
Axn-MosoroiY is nuking yrc ;
headway among the New Yoik d
mocracy , hut no decided prophecy i
results will hu in order until Viindo
liilt'H railway lobby at Albany In
been fully organised.
EvnitY southern ropr 3cntnti <
cornea up Binilirig at Washington f
the oldjlng and an appropriation , pri
cipully an appropriation. Charlent (
nslcs for a fen * millions in support
her publio schooln.
JUST as soon as the saloon intoro
in this city discovers that ; 01
people can neither bo threatened m
bulldozed into their demands the
will pull in their horns OH quickly i
they thrust them out.
Two red handed murderers we :
acquitted in New York last week ,
will now bo in order for the papers
that Htnto to road the went lectures i
lynch law , and UH demoralizing ollc
upon the community.
utca the failure of the hydrant ten
of the waterworks to an insudicieni
of power in the engine house of tl
company. lie thinks moro steam
all that u needed. By all means 1
us have more steam.
TOM Mmi-iiY , General Grant's o
collector of the port of > ew Yorkh
boon appointed first assistant Unid
Htates treasurer. It is to bo hope
that Thomas will not Kignaluo his a
point men t aa ho did that to his poi
tion in Now York by making ov
three hundred removals.
TIIK Plattamoutn Board of Tra
held their banquet last night at t
1'orkin'H House. A largo number
invited guest * were present from va
iu portions of the state to enjoy t
.hospitality of one of Nebraska's nn
thriving cities. A full account
the proceedings vull be published
to-morrow's BKK.
IT is estimated that under the pn
out law at least 875,000,000 of pi
010118 will bo | wml out to swindle-
ConjrrcHS owes it to the count ly
provide some plan to chock the frau
which now attend the operation
the arrcagO'Of-pensiona net by sect
ing an increased clerical force nnd
more thorough system of oxaminnt !
into claim * .
Tan hill for the compulsory u-li ;
incut of army olllcers after forty-li
years of uutixu Huryico , is excitins di
perate opposition in military circli
It in conitidered a violent atnh at t
system of waiting for ( lend mei
boot , which just begin to cot
around at the time the expectant <
ficw U ihelvud on hilf pay ,
Comptroller Knox , of the troaim
department , has i&sncd hii report <
the npcrnlinni nf the nation.i1 haul
for the pait llscal year. During th ;
time eighty-nix now banks wcro orjrai , with an aggregate authori/ (
capital of $ ' .1,051,050. Hcscrving (1 (
ten per cent required by law , 85,1133
f > SO in nolci wcro issued , incron&ir
the circulating medium of thocounti
by tliii amount. This is otalnd t 1
Dm largest number of batiks otgnnm
in nny ono yoir ninco 1872 , and i
bntUonty-six voluntarily diHcontiinu
operations the total number of the1
institutions wnn increased by i\l
o\or that of last year. Since the e
lablisliincnt of the imtiomil bankii
Rjstoni in 181 ! ! ) , 2,031 linnkn have bo <
organised , and orcry ntato in tl
union except Mississippi possess
Inaucial institutions operating nnd
, lie nationul bauliini ! law. The ontii
nmnber of national banks now i
) ] icr.tion is2l.'UJ , , tlio greatest nun
jor over in operation at any 01
time. The controller calls attetitic
. > the rapid oxpainion of tl
miking businui.s during the liwt yea
and oxpicssoi the opinion that th
great incrcaso is not the result of I
gitimalo hu&lncR'i Irnimctions , but i
venturesome speculation , He rcuun
nends that that the limit for loat
upon Htockijuid bonds he increase
'rom ten to fifteen per cent , tipo
caiiital and Hiirphm , and that son
joimlty be then imposed for violatic
> f thin provision , which would mnl
such loans unprofitable if the penal !
should bo collected. Attention in d
roctod to the security to depositors a
'ordodj under the present ] systor
.ho average annual loss to crodito
Having been only ? . ' ! 10,000 in the but
ness of corporations having an nvcrn ;
capital of about $450,000,000. Du
ing the sinen years from 1881 to 18 * .
the charters of 1,080 banks with
circulation of $ l)2u81,085\\illoxpir ! )
Seven hundred and twenty-eight wi
lapse in 1885 , and 2)8 ) in the year pn
ceding , Tlio introduction of hills in
congress during the present BCBHU :
'or the extension of their charters wi
undoubtedly bring out a thorou .
discussion of the entire national ban !
ng system and the arguments for an
igainnt its continuance as n pn-tof tl
inaiieial policy of our government.
Comptroller JCnox indicates h
opinion that the people nt largo <
not thoroughly understand the prii
ciple ofjiutional bank taxation and th. .
the burdens homo by the banks moi
than compensate for the privilege
which they g.iin from their dopoa
of bonds and their circulation gnarai
teed by the government.
Thine is a lull in the mining fcv
cast just at the present , and homo
the newspapers are reading their eu
Rcribora lectures upon the wickcdnc
of weitorn mine operators , and t !
flwindling methods by which worthlc
properties are foisted upon innoco
and ignorant purclmseia.Veste
mining oponxtors are certainly , to BI
the least , no more wicked than easto
operators in "arious opcculativo onte
prises. Every mine , until its value
assured by a steady production of tl
precious metals in paying quantiti
is a business speculation. It must 1
considered ay such by the purchase
and ought to bo entered upon \vi
st the same and no more prucnutu
than would bo used in investing in
speculative enterprise in the ca <
There are certainly no icasons wl
mining may not bo carried on just
honorably and just as tuirly as ai
other enterprise operated by a sto
company. The history of this indii
try in the west furnishes n number
examples in proof of tli
position. The great dumber
mining investments , ni in rai
road stock operations , is th
the desire to make money r.ipidly
tracts to it's pursnit unscrupulo
men , whoso only object is to lii
their own pocketa al the expense
their stockholders. If it wcro asoa
to locate a railnud as it is toatakoo
a miiiiii' . ; claim , thereis no doubt th
the number of shorn investors
bogus railroad stocks nould bo ful
as great as these who lament tin
haste in dumping their pockets
some western hole in the ground in
nlpulated by unscrupulous sharpei
It is a singular fact that wo hear a gre
deal of the swindling oneratora of tl
Comstock lode from Iho lips of tl
very w n who ore- silent aa to t
equally 'outrageous steals in Erie a :
Elevated railroad stock , and the meted
od of the
Jlobinson consolidation n
mojtomphaticallydenmineed by parti
who have themselves assisted in llei
ing the "Iambi" in Wubashand Wei
era Union. Let ea3torn capitalii
use the same precautions in niaki ;
investments in western mining ent <
prises that they do in other specu !
tivo operations noaier homo , lot tin
understand that all speculation ii
plies risk , nnd MO shall hear h
howling about ickcdne&s of mini
sharps mid the Hhamcful impositiu
practiced upon credulous stockholde
Tin : telegraph announces the fal
illness of John W. Forney , of Phi
dolphia , editor of the Progress , ni
for many joara n politician and joi
tmlist of high rank and great pron
ncnco. Ho was born in bincasl
county , Pennsylvania , in 1817 ,
from boyhood win connected vui
journalism , editing when only incut
ycam of nco the Lancaster Intoll
gencor , and ten years later bccomir
the proprietor of the Ponnsylvaniai
one of the largest nnd mont inline :
litl of Philadelphia journals , AI
Forney teen became prominent :
national politico. Although idc ;
tified with the democrat
pirly ho wan ntrongly opnost
to the oxtLMision of slavery i
the territories. From 1S51 to 18.
ho wai clerk of the homo of represo :
tativcn , editing at the Kamo time Tl
Washington Union. In 1.SJ7 ho r
turned to Pliiladelphia and fotindi
The Pros ? , which was conducted
the interests of Stephen A. Dougl
ni n for the prcsidonc
The defeat of Mr. Douglas made tl
first breach in the rohtions which AI
Forney bore to the democracy , nnd
1801 , at the outbreak of the rebcllio
lie joined with the lepublican party
uiging on the government a \i
oroiis prosecution of the v > a
From 18il ( to 1SOS ho acted i
clerk of the United Slat
lunate conducting nt tliu fanio tin
ihc WiiBhington Clironiclu , which b
came u daily in 1802. Jn J859 M
Forney traveled in Europe and up <
iis icttirn spent nomc time in Icctu
ng. Ho was sent by Grin
lo Hho Vienna cxpniitiun nnd w. .
argely identified with the centcnni
exposition in 187(5. ( Severing his co :
nection with tlio Philadelphia Pre
in 1877 , Mr. Forney devoted hia n
lontion to politics mid coriespondeif
but his journalintic instincts were ti
strong to permit him to retire fro
active work and in 1880 ho foundt
Fornoy's "Progress" nnd again r
siitnod his connection with the dem
cratic paity , opposing the election
General Garlield and giving a vigoroi
support to Hniicock'n candidacy.
Mr. Forney vvas a man of rare for
of character. His acquaintance wi
[ Hihlic men extended over moro tin
lialf n century of journalistic life ,
great portion of which W.IH spent
thu national capital. AH n journal !
lie was fearless nnd outspoken ,
strong friend and a bitter enemy. 11
editorials wore pungent and forcil
mid r.\roly failed to otriKo the cent
of every question which they discm
ed. His death will ho sincerely r
glutted , and takes from tho. ranks
American journalists one of the fi
remaining men of the old school
journalism of which Greuloy , It lyinoi
and Webb wore types.
Tins American theatrical manac
knows his business more , thoiough
than any member of his profession
Europe. Patti'a concert tour v\as
dismal failure until Henry Abb
took charge of the pri ma donna. T
first move was to flood the press \ \ i
notices of the enormous sums U
paid for the singer's services. Tl
waa Hupplcmontcd at Brooklyn by
"popular ovation. " Tlio "uxcit
crowd" who wcio paid twentyA
cents apiece for the acrvice , unh :
nosscd the horsoa from the carria ;
wreathed it in llowcrs and drew t'
singer and Nicolini , her lover , throu
the streets iu triumph to the hot
A full and detailed account of tl
"spontaneous enthusiasm" appear !
in the metropolitan papers the nc
day insured n § 10,000 house. On t
ovenimi following Mr. Abbey count
up his profits and laughed at the gi
libility of his countrymen in swixllo
ing the bait of n very cheap oxpodie
to secure free advertising. Harm ;
used to nay that the Amrrican pcoj
liked to bo hu nbugged , and Patti , 1
this time , must bo pretty well cc
vincod of B.umini's unerring jndgmo
as a nhowman.
IT is over thirty years since N. ]
Uanks , of Manaachusotts , was olcctc
aftoraprotractodfitmgglo , totho spo
erahip in the house of the Thirl
fourth congress , iu the winter of 18E
Mr. .Hanks was the first speaker ov
elected by the republican party. T
speaker of the Thiity-lifth congrt
\vns James G. Orr , of South Carolin
democrat ; that of the Tliirtyixt
William Ponnington , of Now .Icrse
republican ; that of thoThirty-sovent
Galusha A. Grow , of Ponnsylvani
Schuylor Oolfax , of Indiana , w
elected speaker of the Thirty-eigh
congress in 1803 , and held the ofii
for three congresses , until ho w
elected vice-president. Mr. Blai
succeeded him in 1809 , being chos
speaker of the Forty-first congre :
and ulso hold the oflico for three c <
gietses. When tlio democrats cat
into power in 187"i , M. C. Kerr ,
Indiana , was elected speakerbutdi
within a year , and Samuel. ) . Hnnda
of Pennsylvania , waa elected to
thu vacancy , Mr. Randall has In
the position for live > ears and has in
been retired to maka room
A Ni'M 111:11 : of Now York capital !
propose to build and equip a lleet
stool ocean steamers , live hundr
fi-ct in length , and calculated to ma
the trip to England in live days tin
The plan is liloly to end in the proj
sition. General opinion nmongsaih
attributes the acknowledged unsi
worthiness of many of our trans- ,
lantio vesfoU to their great length n
want of width in beam. The con
qucncu of this narrowness in shape
the frequent sweeping of the deck
lic.ivy seas and the necessity < f kcc |
ing up steam during storms i
being able to shorten sail nnd lie I
\s the old packctn wcro nblo to do in
ler Hko circumstances. Speed ia ni
the first cnnsidcra'ionin ocean Voynj
1117. Security is much moro to 1
thought of , a-id the safest nnd not tl
most rapid lines nf steamers nro thoi
which Bcctire the greatest patrotini
Trom the public.
The Unmlni : Conflict'
Yotl , Trltiuno ,
All over the country the pcojilo ni
bo innintr to wake up and brush tl :
dust of blgnttcd prejudice fiom the
eyes. Every county throughout tl
length and breadth "f the great wo
1ms ita earnest and determined worl
uia for cqiml lawn and equal right
There in a content brewing - n politic
contest , not between parlies. Irt b <
twecn people and monopolists , co
| inratiotis and moined aiirtoerac ;
Henry Wnllncr , in the Wintcrsi
( Iowa ) Chronicle , says"There is
conflict coming , and ho ia blind wl
does nol sto it , betwton the poop'
ind the monopolinls that will by i
inuo delcnniiio whetlici thin govcn
iiiunt is a governmi'iit of the peopl
IjV the people , and for the people , (
of tlio monopolies , hy the monopolii
ind for tl'u monopolies , The longi
thu c.inllict ia postponed , the moi
severe it will bo. "
Tlio Snjjar Monopoly.
Sin I'l-ii'l'in Chronicle.
The Pacific coast sugar monopol
sells nngar to merchants in Uenvc
and Ivaimis City , places 1,500 an
2,000 miles from this city , for thrc
cents n pound Jess than they Btll t
merchants in this city. They do th
to catch the tmdo of the cities ntimci
The morchanla would otherwise bu
Irom Chicngo or St. Louin , where tli
rates for sugar mo 2 ] cents per poun
less than these fixed hy the monopol
on this coast.
lot it Piny.
Inc-oln Democrat.
Oilicially , TUB OMUIA BKK has
larger daily circulation than nil tl
Omaha papers combined , Sir IBrool
and our faultless I.ngllah , to the coi
trary notwithstanding. For the sal
of our tape worm friends of The Hi
publican , with such a prelude , wo she
a tear ; : md now let thu music play.
The Dakota iicnitcutiaay bund * hold
51 ( 'H-
The Uap'd C'ity planing mill has eot
mt'iiced c
Thu 15iu n eouiiiv tree ] > lantcrH will ho
their annual in-ctint' the lir&t week in Ja
The griiul jnrv at Vnnkton tins tniin
out nine frch iiulictmoiiti for alleged 1 ui
Work on a Lutheran church , with
ei-plo bovcuty fett Iii0-h , IUM .been bii
at I ant/jii.
Tiic llapid Mica cninpnny nro bu Mil
ustfi to aecnnimoilito the miner. . T
iiiie.i Icclh-es aru reiimk ilily extensive , ar
the mineral of gixxl cguility.
The Hartley Hydraulic company Ins
foico of about m.-ienty ineii-eniiloj | o
nloiiR the line of the various ditchus at
Humes and i.t the tnuipauy's * nw mill.
> rwo luiiulred Indians have left 1'ii
l.idKo for grand bunt. Tlicy a
nocomp-inied by e\cii Unitpcl SUtcH 1
diau pol ce , vvh iso biuiiieM it is to see th
lift ilepiediitioni aiu committed.
Kenle'latc in Green ri\cr is fining u
and dwtlllni ; houtui are in denuuid.
The railrosil men of Laramlo ma d
ciissiiiR w avs an J incnrw to start : \ c
operatix o btore.
The toiritorinl scribes will gather
I iramlu mi the lath to orgsui/c a imitii
admiration kniiety.
The remonotranco aifainit the rc-a
poiu ment of Jmltre lleuc to tlio nape bni
district is beiug nuuicrou'ily hiKiied.
15cn Carter , n wild , untamed cow bu
cleaned out u ccxmi'ivc ' ! in Lnramio wi
hu iruii. Ho waa talcou in and will 0 i
for a month ortuo.
Henry Hortcn.n Laramie nloon keepi
niadon target of himxclf but failed tu 1
the bulls uyc. He bored ft hole in 1
bretmt , hem over , juit for fun.
Cheysnno hiut w city telegraph Kjntei
with fifty-tv/o patrons. ] 5y a , litl
witchlni ; each of their patrons may
plucetl in commuiiicatiun w ith any lurt
the United States.
Burglars cracke t the till f Murrii
ca'oon in Chovcnnc and Hnmpled the cm
< no and clgan. A femulo board ! :
Ea e wiis raided the H.IIIIO evcninj ; and i
inmate robbed of S2" , " ) .
, The Wyoming Staik < ! rowers As ci
t ti at recent meeting at Choji'iin
aHirmed Ibis rule adojited last May , p
hibtinfftheworkini ; c.f . cattle between t
dfttetof Uec.lstandtliatfixcdfortheK in
alr.iund.up of the following sprim : , \CP
for the miri > o o of tzin0' them if in dangc
from ve.ithcr , or to talco up nnd feed
their cunditiou rtmler * it iiecej aiy.
lbuqneniuo bra j that oh' * ro
mimes. i thousand dolluia worth of bo
and whi ky c orj dsy
Cieor ctuwn piys out SL'O.OM PI
mouth tor miners. An i-\cell ut Ahowii
fora comiarati\t''y ) IIUK camp.
The Hoeorro distr.c-t three iniltM est
the city , \ielcN irold , siher , K lcm ai
copper , nnd a nunibsr of thu rarer preclo
I'jnos AltoBtho oldest gold cnmp in tl
territoty , hni iirotlured , itUe timittctl , Ii
twcen two a < nl three million dollan in tl
l > few yearn.
New Mexico i-ro IOIIR will f.i tonii.h t
world in her now hidden wealth. Up
this time little , rAcept pro | > ectmK. h
been goiiiKOn. Sinulter * , reducing wor
nnd ptamp mills are jiut from the ban
of the rec'tor * , icady to nuiiU the IHJ
! iiintninmlrc | | ) octnix. [ J < . V. Opt.c.
( ilcadive1 * $ .V)0 ) tchool hoiua U neat
Mnlicnant fcirlut fever ii still raulm ;
Hitter 1 loot \atley.
Alnntanatrnt about Sl.iXK ) to the O.
field M nuuient Fund at Clcvelard.
Butte hop * * to hftvo the 1ft > h & XoH
ern Koneramhops located within lierli i i
Measlier county i xpt-ctt t kh ! | > M mai
H S',000 rhcoi | tient year to the a U
mutton market.
rreUthtera chaice $14 jK r ton for hat
In ; ; co. l fro-ii tha tunk to Bentoj a d
Innos of : ii jullcs.
Sw rdes and Norwegian- , are largely
the asumlant on the Yell > w tone railro
wotk. Tlicie are nbout COouthoura
above Mile.t City.
Twenty.ineuillllaii ffct of J-aned hn
l > rr will be required ft r th Northein 1'
oittc L'rWrfenlxtwofuTlKiniiuoii1 * rher ai
Uu U , Rdiit n otif 'JIO mile * . ,
Them U no dltguMn , ; tha firt tli
MII illpux ba M.U id . - \ irulent form we
of the rato' , nud that the lcntbi > ouio d ii tpri dinnU | u < ntojion iu nnd 1
yoiul tlu cominunltiu where cases 1m
Apraru ! , Thi U believed to be tmo
to Divide , Unite nn' ' Dei-r Ixid p , In P
orllow nnd Door I , 1 J ouullerf. [ II
lent llcrild.
Tliun w ftll | > 5nnchool in ll nvcr in
ipci c I , i I''i feet In length und Its vvld
I > feet , four , tnrifliiili ,
The Denver Hvcnltit ; 1'rena , after ant
hlcnce of > omc B \ innath ' ( uritinn h
nitpcnded publlcatiiin , nnti Truth VM i
in t tnifbed by fiio nnd water comhine
1' IJulh r , nt Lemlvillo , the ntli
Ity , ntteinpleil to rutr.tio n little i'lrl , h
UMcatiKht btfuie accoin | > liMnK hi1) pi
p "o. A limb m idc n enticlt out of hi ;
lid cent hiui to the lio'pilil.
Dr.T. . S. Ncwberry repnrti llilt i
Antliriclte creek , In I'olontdo , are fem
innny thou ind ncrciof nutliricito crt 1
belter quVity than tlmt of IN ini ) Uuii
Itccttit nnnlyMi made nt thu t'Chool
mitic-i , kliow it to contain Ion thnn 1 i
cut of f.ulphur niul II per cent of ah.
The cjiforcfmeutof tho'tftl" Pundavli
lrtcrcaniiii ; the liUMiiiss of thocouit-i ai
Captain , Io rpb Toihmn. of I.akeTnhc
] irii < i'cs tit Dut nn iron > i\cht ontbuthcii
tlful Khcrt of v > aler.
Hi-nry CntHon , of Stewart' * Point , ne
Vctaluinii , imt n hnndfnl of | i vviUr In
hi glo\ , tfic other day , t clean out t
pll > c , but kept the can nndc-r lli arm , a1
the ci tents iyniteil f torn n blii't from t
fctove , 1iluwiii | ; the roof elF the bou
bieaKin ono nrtn , niul probably dcHrnji :
thu 3i0'lit of 01 e of liis eycn.
Another ImninzA ha'J been utrnck lie
th- bite oMUld mountain , iibonta qu-
tur of n mile from tlio city limits In wh
i-i known us thu old. Sell and Mnrtin cluii
Tliri-o levels , t-xi oiins .5 or 00 feet of
two-font vein , hlinw ail the qtinrtr. in nil-
Id bo nciily h ilft. old. The disco ; civ '
Kunuiuu bonan/a of ononiioiiB
Pait Lal o City had forty-one dto'ln '
November , seventeen mncr ten jc.ui )
"Kc.Tho Fiircmo ) comt of Oregon docidi
tbo I'orlland miyoraltv * qiu-Htion in fvv
of the present incumbent , 1) . I' . Them
son.A vein nf coal , of very ( oodqilidity , h
been struck in Dixia valley , not a re
way fiom Klko , Nevada , nnd them Is
Mattel in. : proni ect that n valuable bed
fuel will be dcv eloped.
The WwhhiRton territory IcgWatnran
joiiruud ! > ine die on the Int , nnd we
vconvencd in Hpecinl Region the nc\t da
The nidHt im | > ortant measures paused w
the following : Organizing the county
( inriicld , named in honor of the late pro
dent , by dividing Columbit county ; ux
cmpting mortt , ' ceH fiom taxation ; prat
inj ; city ohartor to coven villages withj
te population of 8,000 ; closi ;
holmes and preventing the > < nlo
tiii liquors on Sunday ; clnn
property , attictctiiforc , will be mbject
taxation ; Teriitori&l tax reduced to
KoliooofSpoolnlMootlnRto IjoHc
nt HnstinRS
Tn lesponso to a yanornl wish u
pressed in many paits of thu etat
ni'd ' for the reason that the regul
council mcotin of thu alliance occn
.tin duto ivhon farmers tuu tCncr.ii !
detained at homo by the urgency
their private aflairs , thu cxccufi
committco have determined to call
special meeting of thu atitc nllianc
to bo held at Hn&ttn s , Adams count
\Vcdncsday , Junuary ' 5 , 1882 , nn
continue u long us may bo necessar
The vvoil , of this evening will 1
to adopt muasuics to extend our c
Sanitations into every county in tl
state , to appoint a general orgdiiih
committco ( ono mombcr for cat
county ) , to work in connection vvi
the ei.ccutiro committee , to discu
and adopt measures by which prccin
organization made bo made moieyc
oral , thoiou h and systematic , and
genor.illy solidify , strengthen and ha
moni/e thu alliances throughout tl
The ratio of representation for tli
meeting will bo thu same as for tl
regular annual mooting , vis. : ono del
gate for each suboidinbto allinnc
and ono delegate for each tvvonty-ti
members or major fraction thereof
the fliiino.
liut in addition to the tegular del
gates to this meeting , all mumbu
of the alliances of the state are u
gently invited to bo present. L
this bo a gr.ind gathering of the boi
and flintnv of the state , repreiontii
its greatest material interest , nnd 1
the muasuies for further organiwitii
w liich it may adopt bo such ita to e
cure beyond pcrudvonluru thoachiev
inont of the objects for which our s
cioty was organised.
liy onler of the executive coi
E. INOKIISOU , , President.
J. lc Knows , Secretary.
JI. C. JJicjtLovv , Oh'n Ex. Com.
State papers please copy.
The EnQllsli Farmers' Alliauoo
Clilciijo Tribune ,
The Farmers' Alliance in Englun
an organization nkiu to the Land Lt
guo in Ireland in curtain wa > s ,
Krovjim : rapidly and reaching that pi
fvction of it * plans where it vsill HO
ask for legislation. As its origin ai
objects are not clearly undciatood
this country , and as it may BOOH coi
prominently into public vioiv , abr
statement of them will bo of interei
Tn 187U there was a feeling of qrc
depression among the English furme
and widespread disappointment v
oxprcstcd becausetlio goveimne
iH'gloctod their interests , This disj
pointmont made itself felt ; but , i
stead of applying any remedial me ;
sures , a Commission of Inquiry w
appointed. Thu two associations th
existing , the Farmers' Club and t
Central Chamber , v\hich wcro und
Conservative control , brought
prctanro to bear upon the govor
ment , but accepted the comnmsio
which had no more idea of grant !
the requests of the farmers than t
barnacles of the Circumlocution Cfli
had of satisfying Arthur Clennii
when he attempted hia L'tMiorons i
rand for Daniel Doyce. Under the
circumstances , the moro ardent of t
agricultural 'reformers formed t
Formers' Alliance , an organi/wtion e
tirely kept aloof from politics , ai
bent upon advocating and securing i
forms purely from the tenant-farmoi
standpoint. The program of the al
jinco is thua stated by ono of iti mxn
inent members in the Ixmdon lime
Security for thu capital of tomml
freedom in the cultivation of the si
and the disposal of itj produce , refer
of the game laws , apportionment
rates between owner and occupier , i
adjustment of tithe rent charge , alu
ition of the law of distress , reform
laws relating to ownership and trni
for of land , securing ratepayers tlu
legitimate eharo in county govor
uicnt , watching over the interests
fanners in respect of railway charge
maintenance of oiTcclivo rcgulatiui
in respect of cattle diseases , the bo
tar representation of tenant-faimcra i
The proginm nf the ] ] iurliah farn
era , it will bo observed , not only ii
chides the main poin'A of justit
which have been conceded to the Iris
tenants , Riich as security for their ca ]
ital , which includes their improvi
inont of rales and refoim of the law
relating to ownership and transfer <
lands , but aho many otlier.roforma <
a minor character no compaicd wit
the alwve. 'J'ho allinnco has cvidun
ly been cnuourayod by , if it did m
actually o\vo its origin to the Lati
League , and wo may well believe wi
briny its demands bcfoio P.irliaincr
tvilh oven 1.101 e force and push thn
the Irish Land bill vvai prcsnud , hi
cauao it has moro intelliuuaco atid it
iluenco in its lanka. It is one of Hi
great meaiuros which the Liberal pai
ty will have to father , for , bavin
awarded justice to Irish farmer' , i
part at least , it cannot consistent !
refuse justice to Knglish farmcn
Judging by the steady progress th
alliance is making the Btrugirlo camu
bo far elF , and may only wait the con
pieto settlement of the Irish qucatioii
hcforo it comes to tha front demanc
ing its lights and prepared to iiinKo
stioug and united demand.
Jacob IMnrtzoir , Lancaster , X. "Y. . nj
jour SrniNo lliox-'OM vvotkt well fi
everjthini ; you leeommind it ; mysel
wife , and cblldicu have nil mod it , an
vou c.iu't find n healthier family iu Ne
YorkStJte. Oct. 5. 1SSO. eod-lw
UomoImportantMatomoatsof Wo !
Kiiawxi People Wholly
In ordir lint tin1 public nmj fnllj rpili/o tr
r'cnulncin.B.H ot tliu state ntnt , . .Hcll nit )
) K ) crniulnlue of thu nrtkle of tlu
upcnk.wo ptlblltli htriwithtna s'uullo H'RH '
tuns of parlies ho ° o sincerity U licjonlquo
tton. Hie Tnith of thtjo futlmonlalH ti al
lute , nor ran thu locta tliv ) announce bo I ;
OMMH , Xn : . , Maj 21 , 1SS1.
II. n. VTAn rn&Co. :
IIAK Sm : I Ime frequently uteil VTnrner
S'lfc Klilncy ami Ilcr Cure for local nffectlo
ittcmlnnt tioii eotero rhcunntlc nttackn , At
hft\onUns Oerh cd licnLflt therefrom. I ha' '
aho UHd the Sn'o rvjiio ulth catltfictory r
suits. I conMiler thc u uuxlicltita orliy :
DejiutjTreasurer. .
OMAIIV , Nrn , May 21 , 1'Sl.
II. TT. WARNER & Co. , llochrstcr , N. Y. :
OKVTN : I hvc usuJ jour fcafc Khlnoy ni
U\or Cure this spiliiff a n llvcrin\Iiontor , ai
1 Olid 1 the hist , icmcily I u\ti tried. 1 In
HIM ! I Ijottlei , n < 1 It has undo me till belt
than tncr I c.lil bdfure In the t
r. r. n. shoiw.
, Ntu , .Maj24 , 1SS1 ,
H. H. VWliNriitCo.
Hi" " - , I'ur lunret'iai15 j aril hive stiffen in omimcma from combined Udiuj 41
ImruU'e.i-n , id lute bcci nu bio to wor !
1113 urln 3 or ; , ' ninUo biliyntlec id I ried
tircat man > mcdiilii'-R and doctors but 1 ( in
\ orto nnd uor cilaj bj ilay I .wtoH I ha
Brl.hfn Dwvv , and 1 ulshcJ n'3-ilf deal i (
i-ould not hit u tpt-oU 3nhef. . I took jour Sa
K'iineand I.Ucr cun. , kiinnlni ; nottiini ; cl
\raj e\er T-.noun to euro tin disuw , an 1 1 IIAI
not been di'appointdl Th nitdiclnu hai cur *
me , at.d I tun pirfoc lyul ! toii.inuir l
thro ( , 'h ) our ' a'o Kldnpj and LivvrCuro
wish j on all sine t.,111 ) iubiisiln0thU ! v liuli
rcnicay throu h hu world.
U. I' . II. U. Shop .
Thousands ( f equ lly s'ronjindot cinent3-
many ol tlii'm In c.uui vhera h po Mas abai
donid ba > ebcin\cliiiitanlj lri > n,8ho inK tl
remaikulile poncrof VVarnii's hafo Kidney at :
I.hir Cure , In all d HCUSU-of tliu IddnejH. Hn
or uriuar } oiians If mi- ono vho riads th
ha any phy tal troublt ! riiuenbui tha gre
West for being the most direct , quickest , ai
eifeut line conncctliiK the sreat Uctrox ] > lls , CII
CAOO , and the EADTICKV , NORTH-EAiriRS , Soiri
and 8oiiTii-RsraRH Lihra.wlilih terminate thci
Couvai , llwrrs nnd OMAHA , the COMMHUCI.
CaxTMj from which radiate
that penotritoe the Continent from the MIs-ou
Bit cr to the Pacific Slopo. The
Is the only line from Chicago ownlntt trac * In
Kansas , or vvhlch , by lid own roud , ri-achen ti
polnUnl > o > o tnmcd. No THAstrMu BY CARRIAU
No MIBSINO coMirmovs ! No huddling In 1
t cntllatixl or unclean can , as et cry lawn er
carried In roomy , cliuuj aad tcutllatoil coache
ui > on rust EnprtiH Trains.
DAT CARS ot unrltaled ma nlflconce , ruu.Mi
PAUCK Swunho CAUS. and our own world f&moi
UIHINO CAKJI , upon nhlch nicil are soncd of u
nun ssed excellence , at the low rate of SRVKNT
KLM Ciurre KACII , with ample time for bealthlt
Throiwh Can bet ccn Chicago , Poorla , M
traukN and Missouri Ilher l\lnUi ; and close co
ncctlons at all polnU of Intersection with otb
We ticket ( do not forget this ) directly to evei
place of loiportAiicu In Kansas. Nebnuika , IJIv
Hills , Wtomlni : , Wtali , Idaho , Nexada , Caltlornl
Oregon , Washington I'crrltory , Colorado , Arltoi
and New Mexico.
AsII bcral arran enicnU n irdinif lajrjta e
anj otliir line , and nteiof farcalna B asl oiv
eouiKtltorv , who furnlih but a tithe of the cot
Don and tacklfl of iportnuen free.
Tickfta. in i Mid fnlden at nil princh *
offices In the United BUtci and Oaruda.
11. K. CABLE , K. BT. JOHN ,
Vlcorros'tftOcn. Otn. Tit andlVu'rAt
tlanairer. Chlewo Chicago.
i C'o.vsr C.cfAi , k OKV ;
ciionu : Lou Co.
lune of 50OOO Share * of S10 coo
nt par ,
NVini iio.vun OK 40 ACUKS you KAO
10 hllAUK.S , Kl'.O.M CilOHV. LANDS OF
OIT CK THIRD AM > Cuitrvfr fcTK , I'nit.irr
IIIIIA ; UKOADUAC , N , Y. . HOIHH 111 113 ,
Detailed | > ros , > ctu vtith dicriitvo | ! m i
inniicil to nipHcnntii | njv2tiA30
IEC6F rnhsm Gt. , , , , Omaha , Nebra
AOO , (
Can.ullr KtcctcJ luid In EuUru Nebrukaf.
tale. Great llir lnt Iu Improved farms , at
Omaha cit ) proi > trt ) .
Ut LaodC m'rU.P. & . . .
For Sale By
No. 1 , Vcwhoupc , 7 roomr ,
near baunrferv , $1200.
No. 2. 2 story houw , n room * , well , cistern and
barn , Webster , near 15th street , 32500.
No. 3 , Houeo of 10 rooms , on Ilarney , near
h Btrctt , stoim foundation , S1000.
No. 4 , Large houno of 11 rooms , on WcbeUr
itrctt , near Crcin'hton Collcife , S500.
No. 0 , Hnuso of 7 roomn , on Cess , near 171
street , 3000.
No. 7 , House of S room ; , Slots , on ITthstrett
near Izard. $3 00.
No 8 , llou'c of 5 rocnw , on CaSs , near 14th ,
22X1S2 fco' lot , 81BOO.
Ko. 0 , Hou-,0 of 3 rcxinis , Utchcn , etc. , OP
Can > , nrarlsth at tut , C-jOO.
No. 10 , lloii"0 of 3 roomi wltlt lot 22slS2 feet.
on Ca s , near 14th street , S600.
No. 11 , House of C rooms , on 10th street , neat
Bouglai , 44x00 feet lot , $4000.
No. 12 , Hoiificof 0 roouui , brick fouuditlon , on
Harncy , near 27th btrctt , 81000
No 13 , 1 ( torj nc' houto of 6 rcxima , brick
foundation , off at. Mirj'g nxenue , mar consent ,
No. 14 , House of 5 rooms nnd summt.rI.lU hen
on 20th stieit , mar clarl. , C2500.
Jin. 15 , llou"o c ( S rooms , on Sherman a ; cnuo
( ICth street ) , near Nicholas , .yiJSO. ,
No. 1(1 ( , 1 1 , tor3 house of 4 romi , ctllir ,
itablo , etc , , 011 Da\cnnort , near 22d strci t , 81DOO.
No. 17 , 2 story brick home of (1 rooms , nunr
: n J of red ctreU car turn table , 8 .150.
No. IS , House and'J lots , 4 bloiKa west of Illch
SJiooI , S2WO. '
Nn. 10 , llouso and "lots on rovl to park , near
herd &t. ilar3'j a iime , S-'MO.
No. 20 , IIoiiMi and 11 J loU Le , % ;'d , South
Cm-ill i , S2r.0i ) .
No. 21 , HOUMJ and lot on Daxennjrt street ,
near 10th strict , iJMOO.
No. 22 , 2 ti.rj hou o and I-t 32\CO feet , on
DAvenpcit. near 14th street , J1300.
No. 2. ; . Houto of 4 rooma and 2 lota on 17th
trcct , near Izard , ? 12oO , *
No. 2j , iloiijcand J lot on 10th ttrctt , lira
No. 20 , Hounoand J lot on 10th street , near
Cap tel a\Liiuu , J1450.
N9. 27 , 2 hoiutj und lot on Jicl.fon , near 13th
street , 4JOi ) . ,
No. 29 , Miou-cs nnd 1 lot on CalifornK , near
3th strict , ? 5000.
No. 30 , 1 l-ktory brick houfo of 4 rooms with
lot WK2GO Icct. onbhirnianaicnuo ( ICth street ) ,
mar Izard , StiOOO.
No. 31 , Ij-story house and 33x60 feet , on 13th
met , near llonard atrtu * . 4-000.
No. 32 , S.-etory hou"o of 0 rooms and two loU
on Ma on , near Ifith street , ? 3000.
N ° (35 ( , Larjru house ajd full lot on Caplto
MMHio , near 13th street , s 2iOO.
No. 3U , 2 three-story brick housei M 1 lot 44x
13 flit , on Chlcairo. near Ibth street , $5 0 cadi.
o. 37 , llouse of 7 roonniith Ii lot 1'aul
street , near Ibth utrnt , 327'fl.
No 33 , llou e and lot on ISth street , near
Sherman , SI 850.
No. 39 , House of 6 rooms with 44x60 feet lot ,
on ISth street , near California , $2500
No. 42 , House of 8 rooms with lot 160x150 feet ,
on Coburn , near Colfax street , 83DOO.
No. 43 , House and 2 loU ou Chicago , near 20th
street , 875JJ.
No. 45 , Larce hotwa of 7 roonm , closets pantry ,
well and cistern , on Ibth , mar Clirk street , fcJSOU.
No. 4U , Laivu boufu with full block , near new
ihottower , * 2000.
No. 47 House of 9 rooms with J lot , on Padflc ,
near llth street , 3000.
No. 40 , Urlck liousoof 11 rooms , well , cist-era ,
jra.s throughout the liome , teed barn , etc. , oo
Farnhani , near 17th street , HMO ,
No. (0 , Hoiine of 0 rooms , icllar , well , etc. , OQ
19th , nc r Taut street , ,000.
No. U , House of U rooms and cellar , lot 33x132 ,
off St. Mary'a ai enui- , near convent , $1500.
No. 55 , Four hoiiHb andb xl20 feet , on
port , near lUth etnet , 85000.
No W , Hou'O of 8 or 10 rooms , on California ,
no.r2ltt trivt , S5MX ) .
No. f.7 , Houtuoftl room' , mmmcr kitchen ,
cellar , lUUrn , veil , jroocl barn , etc. , near b .
Marj's aMimu and 21ut btrcit , fJixK )
No. 5S , New house of 7 rooms , K ° od barn , on
VV'clwtcr , near 22d strict , S2MX ) .
> o. 5'J , Four houfc-i with J lot , on 12th street ,
neiir Ca-is riSW.
No. 60 , Homo of 3 roou'8 on Dueiiiwrt , near
23rd btreit. fc'.W ) .
No. 01 , Hondo of 0 or 10 rooms , on Hurt street ,
near 22nd ttreit , { 5000 ,
No. (12 , Home of 4 room ? , 1 Btorj , porch , cel
lar , ilsU-rn and \tcll , on Hurnov , ntar lft stnit ,
17 0.
No. 03 , IIoucc of 4 ro'iu1" , cln eti > , harcine-ni
nnd cellar , mnrVVhito I.t .id Works , itltiW.
No. 04 , lluilJlni ; onlii ud lot , on Uodec street ,
neir no"t otlloe , stoiu beluu and r ems abe > c ,
bOO No. OS , 3 Iota with burn and other Improve-
nuiits , mar street car turn table , tf2iHX ) .
No. 61 , Now lion-e of 0 rooms on 17th , near
Cunitiu' street , tlOOO.
No. tJ , Large Unu housuot 12 looms , e\crj-
thlturoinnltfte , on Ibth , near Chleasro , JSIOOO.
No. 70 , lIoURUon Ifith tftriet. near Lta\onport ,
toro belou an I rooms above , barn , etc. , S1WO.
No 71 , lloimi of ! > room * , line cillar , all com
plete , on CAllfornU , near 21et , 87000.
No. 72 , Drirk house , 10 or 11 rooms , on Daven
jxjrt , near 15th. SiOCO.
No. 73 , 1J story house , (1 roonn , rollar , wri
uid cittern , on Jackson , mar 12th , ? lbOO.
No. 74 , llrick house with 2 loto , fruit tree * ,
etc. , ou loth , m-ir Copltol aionue , * 16,000.
No. 75 , Home of 4 rooms , basement , lot ITJx
132fvct , ou Marcj , nrnr 7th075 ,
No. 7U , 1) to house , a rooms , on Cam street ,
near mill street , H.'OO.
No. 77 , 2 torj home , 11 roomn , clotetf , fur-
ec , fruit tri-fn. barn , etc. , on t'arnhaw , Dear
No. 81. 2 hou csilth 1) ) rooms , nu other Ith
room , on c'liieajo. n r I ith itrctt , 13000 ,
No. tZ. IJ-ftorj house , tirixims , or a , f
ind 100-barrel rUtcrn KO > 1 birn , on Hirie tit. ,
near 20th ( nc-iriir government corrall ) , flbOC.
No. W , S-story houfo , tlrooiin , coalihcd , ( rood
well , clitirn , cu } lot , ou Capitol nicjiui , uc&
IVth , 2 00.
No. bl , J ftor ) house , S room * , 4 tjetow and 4
ho > * , 3clo 'li'coiUr , ttell anil riitv'rn , tUi 6
ris urotiihl , ou baundurtntrcit ,
No , S5 , 2 storcn , hon e on lcM < t j lot , I ao
run 2inmtoiu ApiII l t , lasl , oul'aclilc ht. ,
near U , I' , dejiot , tfsOO ,
No. bC , Home , 15 room * , well , cisttrn , itc. ,
near 15tu and llarne > itrmtx , fJOOO.
No. b7 , S tor > house , 3 rooms , well with i 40
feitof water , with Sairikoftround , ouSaundcru
itievt , lu-ar U. b , Uatrii-ki , 000.
Real Estate Exchange
16th nnd Dougl s Street