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Very Brief ProcoGflinga in tlio
Senate Yesterday ,
Progress of the Fight for the
Possession of the Council
BlufTt ) Fostoffloe.
How the Chairmanships of the
House Committees Will
Probably be Distributed ,
Formal Occupation of the Ren
ovated White House by
President Arthur.
Long thy Undent of MlnoolltinoonH
Notes From the Capital-
National An ochtcJ 1'rc-is.
WAHIIINOTOK , December 7. The
morning hour was occupied with the
prosecution of executive business , reception
ception of communications and pot I
tioni and thu introduction of bills.
Nothing of public importance in either
WASIIINOTON , December 7. The
introduction of bills occupied the time
of the senate until half past 1.
Mr. Hoar offered a resolution for a
select committee on woman suffrage.
Contrary to expectation , Mr. Merrill -
rill , whowas to address the senate on
his tariff commifsion bill , did not do
aobut instead moved to adjourn
which was at 1:45 : p. m. agreed to.
The house met at 12 o'clock. Iho
territorial delegates were all sworn iu
save Mr. Cannon , of Utah , whoso
credentials were objected to. A dis
cussion followed , sharply participate !
in by Mossro. Haskoll , of Kansas
Cox , of Now York and Randall , o
Pending the question the message
of the president was road.
After the reading of the message ,
McKinley , of Ohio , introduced u resolution
elution that a committee of ono from
each state bo appointed to act with a
senate committee to provide proper
recognition of the the president's
At 6:30 : p. m. the house adjournoc
until Friday noon.
National Associated Proes.
CHICAGO , December 7. . A . .Wash
ington special says there is quite an
interesting fight -over two prominen
offices in Iowa. The first is that p :
the United States district attorney ship
for that state. 'James T. Lane , pres
ent incumbent , who hM
for reappointment ; his commissioi
expired on the 8th of Nsvomber one
he has been holding over
since that date. His most prominen
rival is John Runnells , of Dos Sfoines.
There arc several other minor candi
dates in the field. A meeting of the
Iowa delegation in congress failed to
agree on any ono to recommend to the
president and adjourned over ono
week , when the matter will again bo
discussed. Rourescntative Hepburn
' ' ! was for a Mr. Anderson , but Air.
? I Anderson withdrew Irut night and
Mr. Hepburn's support will probably
go to Mr. Ruiinollp. Should this bo
the case , and Senator McDill also vote
for Ruunolls , it ia considered mos
likely that Mr. Runnolls will bo ap
The other fight is over the p stmas-
toratiip of Council Bluffs. Tlio pres
ent incumbent is Mrs. Jane Baldwin.
Her commission expired some time
ago and she was reappointed by Mr.
if Arthur. Representative Hepburn , in
whoso district the postonico is situ
ated , did not happen to be consulted
1 ! about the matter and has consequently
felt very much aggrieved. Ho , in
conjunction with United States
Marshal Chapman , who is hero , ia
working to have Mrs. Baldwin dis
placed and a man named Armour ap
pointed to the position. Armour was
first led to seek the place because his
wife's mother was the first cousin of
President Garfield , and when Oarfield
was alive ho saw him in reference-
getting the place. Mrs. Baldwin is
endorsed by Secretary Kirkwood ,
Senators McDill and Allison , and a
majority of the people at Council
XnUonal Amoclatccl Pre ' .
WASHINGTON , December 7. Since
the senate committees were formally
reorganized changes have been neces
sitated by the retirement of Senators
Conkling and Platt , the death ot
Burnsido and the admission of Sena
tor Windom to succeed Edgerton.
The republicans , although they have
passed a resolution continuing the
\ \ committees , are not altogether satis
fied with them as now constituted ,
When vacancies occurred they were
tilled by putting the now man on the
same committee as his predecessor ,
but at the bottom of the republican
list ! Thus New York lost the
chairmanship of the com
merce committee and the
foreign relations committee passed
from ( joner.U Biirnside ( by Lapham
who auccet'dod Conkling ) to Kdmunds ,
who also holds the chairmanship oi
the judiciary committee. Mr. Me-
Millan , who was chairman of the re
vision of lawn , by the retirement of
Conkling got the commerce , giving
him also two committees. There are
but thirty-nine committees , standing
and select. Had Windom remained
iu the senate ho would have boon en
titled to the appropriations committee
and a place on the railroads and trans
portation routes to the seaboard ; as
to Edcerton ho amis to tin-
Foot of the Hat of republicans
on pensions , patents , and edu
cation and labor , his former
standing coing for _ naught.
At n caucus this morning it was
proposed but not generally favored
nd a committee was appointed to
consider the subject , and it is quite
probable some voluntary changes will
bo made on the republican side to AC-
cmmodato existing circumstances.
Another caucus will bo hold in a few
110UBK tomilTTKKH.
Speaker Keifor is'hard at work on
the housecommittees. . The chair
manship state is nut materially chang
ed since yesterday , though nothing
dclinitu can bo stated ,
njwclal to Cincinnati Comincrchl.
The announcement of standing
committees of 'the house by the
speaker will not bo made for a week.
There are eighty-eight republicans
re elected , and sixty or seventy who
have been members in previous con
grosses. There are forly-two stand
ing committees , three joint and five
select committees , so that only about
one-half of the old members can bo
provided with chairmanships. Reed ,
of iMiiinu , would probably bo as
signed totlioclmirinansliipoii elections
were it not that his own seat is con
tested by Anderson , democrat. His
preference would J > e be judiciary , of
which ho was a niferabcr lost session.
There are four equally prominent re
publicans who sek the sumo honor ,
Robinson , of Massachusetts ; McKinley -
loy , of Ohio ; Williams , of Wisconsin ,
and Willits , of Michigan.
Tlio committee dn rejections will be
a very important committee to the re
publicans of this cdn rcss , there being
seventeen contested election cases ,
fifteen of which ore , from the southern
states , and involvoltho scats of demo
cratic members. \
The chairmatiBhip of the ways and
means committee will bo given , it is
said , to W. D. Kelley , of Pennsyl
vania ; appropriations to Frank His-
cock , of Now York ; banking and cur
rency to A. W. CrapoJ of Massachu
setts ; Pacific railroads to Benj. But-
torworth , of Ohio ; claims , Richard
Crowley , of Newj York ; commerce ,
Mark Ii. Dunnell , of Minnesota ;
Dunnoll is chairman of the Missis
sippi river c < mmisaion ; public lands ,
John H. Ketchum , of New
York ; post oilicos and railroads ,
Joseph G. Cannon , of Illinois ; dis
trict of Columbia , Henry S. Nual , of
Ohio ; war claims , C. 0. Carpenter -
tor , of Iowa ; public expenditures ,
Romual Do Pacheco , of California ; ag
ricultural , Edward K. Valentine , el
Nebraska ; Indian affairs , Russell Er-
rett , of Pensylvanid ; military affairs ,
Anson G. McCook , of New York ;
naval affairs , Goorcro M. Robeson , ol
New Jersey ; foreign affairs , John A.
KasRon , of .Iowa } unless Kasaon
should prefer to bemamed second on
the committee on ways and means ,
when W : W. Rice , of Massachusetts ,
would probably . .cxppct the appoint
ment. - "
, Thomas L. YouBf/oflOhio , haa the
choice of' Urnto'ri * B < JjJublio build-
Tennessee , railways' and canals ; James
B. Belford , of Colorado , mines and
mining ; Horace F. Page , of Califor
nia , education and labor ; A. Herr
Smith , of Pennsylvania , accounts ;
George R. Davis , of Illinois , invalid
pensions ; Jay A. Hubbell , of Michi
gan , pensions.
Of course the list is subject to
change , as mombor.s themselvuH may
agree upon positions sought.
The joint committee on census will
bo an important committee this sua
sion , having in charge the apportion
ment bill and will probably bo ton-
tendered B. F. Harris , of Massachu
setts , Orth , of Indiana , is spoken offer
for the elections committee , and Julius
C. Burrows , of Michigan , for paivate
land claims. These are the important
committees , but there are still twenty
more chairmanships to bu provided
for. It is usual for the upcakor to
consult with the members who are
prominent in the party before making
his final assignments. Thu labor of
forming the committees will bo un
usually irksome this Benson , and most
of the republicans will bo obliged to
serve on three or four different com
WAHIIINOTON , December 7. The
republican senators hold a caucus
this morning to determine changes in
the committees made necessary by the
succession of Mr. Edgorton by Mr.
Windom. No important changes were
M\U.0\ .
Two cases of ninallpo.have up
peared hero.
The decision in the Whittakcr case
haa been completed by Judge Advo-
catr General Swaim , after u careful
review of the facts , and is now being
written out by his clerks for trans
mission to Secretary Lincoln.
A party of iron and steel manufac
turers and importers are bcforo the
secretary of the treasury to-day argu
ing against the old slot 1 bloom c.uo.
The controversy grows out of the fact
that a rate per pound is charged at the
custom house on the stool blooms un
der GOO pounds , while thu rnto fixed
iy thu tariff regulations on GOO pound
blooms is 45 per cunt , ad valorem ,
making a largo discrimination in favor
of certain importers. The argument
will take all the afternoon.
A delegation of southern represen
tatives called on the president to-day
to ask the appointment of a southern
man in the cabinet. President Ar
thur said he would consider the mat
ter and promised i concilatory policy
towards the south.
It was rumored to-day that Secreta
ry Blaine had insisted on being re
leased from the portfolio of state at
once and that the name of his success
or would bo sent to the senate to.
morrow. Mr. Blame said his resig
nation had been in the hands of the
prov'dont for somn time with the tin-
dcrstandini ; that ho would accept it at
lis convenience.
President Arthur stated to-night
ihat the resignation of Secretary
Blftino had not been accepted and ho
could not say when any cabinet nom
inations would be sent to the senate ,
[ t is Raid , however , that the now at
torney general and secretary of state
would bo nominated within ten days ;
that Hunt will remain till January ,
James will stay till next June ,
Lincoln will be given a prominent
foreign mission and Emory Storrs
will then bo appointed attorney general
oral , replacing the temporary appointee
to the department of justice.
President Arthur dined at the white
house this evening , accompanied by
his secretaries , Heed , Phillips and
Drown , and having as guests John
D.xvis , son of Bancroft D.ivi * , and
Howard Carroll. The president's
personal etl'ects , books , papers , office
desks , etc. , were removed from tlio
Jones mansion. The president's bud
chamber will bo the "Nellie Grant
Chamber. " The white house in its
now dross is greatly improved. The
main lobby has been kalsomined in
light shades and the chairs , lounges ,
etc , Imvo beenro-covercd in light silk
shade. In the east room the furniture
tureis rich , the woodwork is all ebon-
ized , the upholstery is of old gold
with golden brocade window curtains
The green room is tinted a Nile green
und is more beautiful than before.
The blue parlor remains as it was.
The red parlor lias boon elaborately
renovated , the velvet carpet is ren
dered brighter with a filigree crimson
wool mat , the woodwork is rosewood ,
and the furniture ia in crimson plush.
The halls and stairways have all been
rccarpotod in velvet. Upstai'H all
the rooms have been made comforta
ble and cheerful.
Senator Merrill gavanotico Monday
that ho would address the senate to
day on his bill proposing tariff com
mission. Routine business consumed
nearly two hours and Merrill declined
to begin his speech. He will probab y
deliver ii to-morrow.
The sub-committee of the senate
judiciary having in charge the subject
of the bankrupt laws have prepared a
report to submit to the full committee
at its next meeting. The members
hope a bill for a permanent bankrupt
law will be perfected and reported to
the senate before the holidays.
DBTUOIT , Mich. , December 7. The
Canada Southern railroad bridge be
tween Trenton , Mich. , and Gross Isle ,
is a veritable man-trap through which
half a dozen people have fallen to the
river and drowned within the past
year. The latest fatalities are the
.tlrowning'of Jay Smith , a Gross Isle
farmer , Monday night , and a German
employed at the stock yards on the
island hut' ovemiig , 'the parties in
.each case being in the'act of crossing
tothoii hombvwhcn tl icy fell through.
DETROIT , Mich. , December 7. The
schooners Cosaack , of this port , and
the H. H. Baldwin , of Cleveland , at
2 o'clock this morning , while trying
to get in , went on the rocku. Both
are in great peril and thu crows Imvo
not been rescued , as the wind is blow
ing 'M miles an hour with heavy seas
bacaking over thorn. The Cossack
ia owned by Capt. S , B. Grummond ,
of this city , and thu insurance expired
yesterday noon. The Baldwin in
owned by Peter Smith , of Cleveland.
Montreal's Infernal Machine.
National Associated 1'rem.
MO.NTUKAL , December 7. Another
infernal machine has been discovered
concealed at the north wall of the
court house , the location being the
same as the first ono. It was similar
to the ono which caused thu excitement -
mont on Sunday. J. B. Rouillard ,
mining oiuincor , and John Finn ,
chemist , have examined the contents
of the explosive boxes and have dis
covered them to bo onginoaof d us trac
tion far more terrible than expected.
Under the direction of the police to
day , they will not give any more in
formation other than they have found
them to be not only intended for dm-
truction of property , but aimed direct
ly at taking human life. The expla
nation of the dynamite not exploding
in ths second box when thu powder
charge went off is tiniple ; dynamite
will not explode when frozen and that
in .tho boxes wan congealed at the
time and in still in that condition.
The reason also why the clock work
of the box first bound was not aot at
work or a cap attached to the nipple ,
was that being placed near the other
it was expt-ctud that when the latter
exploded it would blow up the first
aljio. In the box were pieces of
U'Donovnn Roasa's newspaper , dated
in November last. Eicli box is an
oblong square of galvani/ed iron , -1x4
x9 inches , containing twelve cartridges
of ordinary dynamite , generally known
as giant powder labeled "Atlas. "
A Colored Cadaver.
National Auoelatod 1'ruu.
ATLANTA , Ga. , December 7. When
.ho Georgia railroad train arrived to-
light , a trunk was opened and found
.o contain the body a negro woman.
File trunk was for the Southern Mod-
cal college at this place.
The FrrBcl nt' Brother.
Gnu-Arm , December 7. Major Ar-
hur , of the United States army ,
jrothor of President Arthur , arrived
n thu city this uttonioon from San
Francisco. Ho and party are en
route for Now York.
S'atlor.ttl A oclatid J'rcoH.
WANIIINOTO.V , December ! 8. For
the upper Mississippi and lower Mis-
rouri valleys : Parly cloudy weather ,
local rains , followed by clearing
weather , warmer , south veering to
colder northwest winds , rising preceded -
ceded in the east district by falling
Testimony in Rebuttal to Show
the Fallacy of the Olaim ,
A. Number of Preoport Wit
nesses Who Never Saw it
in the Family.
How Guitoau ia Trodtod by the
Crowda Through Which
Ho Daily PasBos.
Solution of That Ccnuplrnqy Sonsa-
iion Dlnoornrnd ia Chicago.
' 3tl
WASHINGTON , December 7. The
court room was packed at the opening
this morning. The jury were early in
their scats. Guitoau was escorted in
hirty ( ) after 10 o'clock. His hands
were full of papers and lid settled
down to their potusal offer tlio hand.
cuffs hnd been removed. ,
As soon as Judge Cox took his seat.
Guiteau became excited and
said : "Tho American peo-
| ilo do not desire tlmt this
case should bo tried aeojn. Now , 1
am not satisfied with th political sit
uation as developed in this case. Thu
president of the Uiiitod States would
never have been shot if it had not
been for the political situation. I
ask your honor to aubixuna Grant ,
Conkling and Platt. They were so
down on Garfield list spring tlmt they
would not speak to him.
I have a right to show that if yonr
honor does not permit mo to do this , I
think the court iu bane will grunt anew
now trial. I also desire io say I will
make the clossng speech1 for the de
fense after Scovillo baa had his say.
Scovillo says ho baa submitted
six writte i questions to President
Arthur but has received no answer
up to the preapi.t tima. ,1 don't want
President Arthnr dragged into this
case in this way. I think a great deal
of President Arthur.I made him
president and he ! knows it.
Ho in president of the United States ,
and 1 made him B , and I think I
should have something to say in thin
Witter. " i
It was arranged between the coun
sel that the president's answers
should bo put in as evidence at any
sta o of the trial.
Gun. W. T. Sherman was the next
witness. Ho simply recited the or
ders ho had issued for the disposition
of troops at the time of the assassina
Drs. Spitzka , of New York , and
Nettie G. Kudo , of Chicago , wore called
but did not answer. Scoville request
ed that attachments bje issued for
them.The defense her * rested.
In rebutUSTf'tlbneral Sherman was
'the first witness placed ' * n the stand.
him at the time of his arrest on the
shooting of Oar field. A military force
wan ordered out immediately.
"Why was that done ] " asked Cork-
"Well , " added the witness , "the
shooting of Gurfiold under the cir
cumstanced reported gave reason to
apprehend it was part and parcel of a
conspiracy pervading the country. Of
course the military Wits bound to act
promptly to bo ready lor any contin
gency that might possibly arise. "
Prisoner I am obliged to Sherman
for ordering o"ut the troops for my
E. T. Dartou testified that ho knew
the prisoner's father a number ol
years. Ho was under the improasion
if he acted up to the provisions of the
Now Testament ho would live for ever ,
but did not think him insane foi
that. He expressed the opinion all
of Guiteau'u family were of sound
mind * .
A. T. Green , of Froopnrt , Illinoip ,
test ili ed ho know the prisoner's futli-
era number of years ; always regarded
him ao person.
Jardner W. Canada , Dr. Buckley
and Smith D. Atkins , of Fruoport ,
give testimony.
Itecess was taken at 12UO : p. m. for
one hour.
The first witness called after recess
was JUH. Cochran , of Freeport , 111.
He stated that lie had been well ac
quainted with the prisoner's father
and never noticed any sign of mental
disturbance on hifl part. IIu wns ac
quainted with other members of the
Family and never noticed any nymp-
turns of insanity amo.ig them.
The prisoner asked if the witness
didn't know that his lather wnn
looked upon an a crank on rcligioim
The witness repeated that he did
Prisoner "Well , this witness may
< now about my father's habits in
: > usinoBH matters , hut lie knows noth-
g of hi * social habits. "
Gov. Oiler , of Freeport , had known
the prisoner's father for u long time ,
and never heard his sanity questioned.
A. A. Babcock stated he knew the
iriaonor'a father and family , and never
saw anything indicating insanity in
connection with them.
The prisoner , who had been busy
reading , hero exclaimed : "I am glad
eneral Arthur raps Moriiioiiisin m
lis message , and I hope he will rap
t ngain. I expect General Arthur
will give the nation the finest adininie-
ion it lias ever had. Thu inossiigo
ma the trim ringabout it. " A peul of
aughtcr followed this outburst , and
the prisoner looked at the spectators
ind smiled.
D.vvid Sundorhind , of Freeport ,
was next placed on the stand , He
; ave similar testimony in regard to
he utility of the piiaonur's father and
'iiinily , as also did Horace Tarbox ,
and the court adjotrnetl at 't p. in ,
until 10 a. m , to-iuorruw ,
When Guiteau leaves the court
IOUBO in the van each day there is
more or loss hissing and yelling by the
crowd , and frequently on the way
lown crowds of colored pnopln end
ichool boys jeer at the primi > 'r. In
some instances in residences in thu
t root a through which the van passes
women are seen shaking their lists at
ho prisoner. Guiteau do-'n not , of
sourao , see these demonstrations.
Jinco ho was shot at by Jones ho dors
lot stand in the van , neither doe * hoe
( o to the front part of it , his favorite
lo.iition being n seat near the door.
This morning quito a croud met in the
ioii hborhoou of Eighth street vast ,
with cries of "ahoot him , " "hang
iim"utc. The prisoner undo a jump
rom the rear to the front and hud
liardly recovered from his fright when
lie at rived at the court house.
Prof. J. W. Shivoley , of Satnloga
Springs , who wns arrested here a few
.lays ago and sent to the MIMUIU iwy-
inn , now turns out to he the saino
man who Mas arrested near Ohicng i
ihoutamoiith ago , when , it will bo
romembeti'd , at the time of his arrest
10 represented himself an poaawsed of
Hccrets of a conspiracy to nsRitxsiiiato
( iarlield , in which Conkling , Grant
ind others were alleged to bn implica
Comment on the Momnp v
s'ntlorml Atwomtul Prow.
NKW YORK , December 7. The
Times , in two columns , aproves all
jut the part referring to the star
rou o fraud * . The TimiM says : "Tho
president mttkea somewhat gingerly
UlusioiiR to the star route fr.uids.
It might 1mvo been worth while
.o point out that the great reductions
which have recently been made iu the
exneiiHu of the ntar route service can
.mly bo justified on the theory that
.ho system which rendered necessary
these reductions was both extravagant
and corrupt. "
The Herald has a column and a
half , and says : "Tho message of
President Arthur is admirably written
ton , calm and dignified in style and
tone , and advises congress as it is his
constitutional duty to do so on many
important subjects with a wisdom
and nound judgment which will win
for him the public H confidence and for
his recommendation the attentive con
sideratione of both houses.
The Tribune says : "Tho message is
strongest on foreign rolationn amt
finance , but is not weak any where ,
and it will be generally accepted by
the country as a judicious , moderate
and in most respects a satisfactory
document. On the civil service ques
tion , it shows a disposition to submit
as little as possible to the programmi
of the civil service reformers.
Truth says : "The luenKiigo speaks
too well for itself to need any editoria
comment. "
The Star says : "Tho first message
of President Arthur will bo a great
disappointment to the country , which
has expected so much and will receive
in this message so little of proctica
value and interest. "
The Graphic says : "It is u magnifi
cent production. The phraseology i
perfect , with no vain repetition. The
sentences are clear , cogent and concise
ciso , the production of a scholar ,
statesman , a .isnaf-affairs and r pa
triot. The message is full of subject
worthy of thought and discussion. "
The Post says : "Tho message in , on
the whole , a very creditable paper
The president has contrived to say
something of value on a great man ;
topics mid dismisses others withou
expressing un opinion on them bu
also without great waste of words.-
The Southwestern Railway AMMO
National Anaorintcd I'rctn
CHICAUO , December 7. At the
meeting of the southwestern railwa ;
asHOciution to-day , it was agreed will
the Missouri Hacilic to leave a pottle
ment of the now business to bomljiml
cd between that company and Secro
tury Midgoloy within ninety days , a
the expiration of which time thirty
days' notice must bo given to with
draw from the agreement.
The "association re-elected the ol <
executive committee J. C. MeMull
-nof the Chicago .t Alton , H. H
Cable of the Hock Islrnd , T. J. Potte
of the Burlington and J. C. Gault o
the Wabash , and the executive committee
mitteo appointed Mr. C. C. Churcl
general agent at Kansas City.
National Bain Ball Xieagno.
Nitlonit Aworlnted I'm ) . '
Ciuc'Auo , December ? . The annua
meeting of the national league of pro
fcssiotml h'JHo ball clubs convened this
morning at the Tromont house , I'reo
ideal W. A. Hulbert in the chair.
The following dolt'giiteii ' were present
A. II. Sodon , Harry Wright , lioslon
\V. A. Hulbert , A. ( ! . Mills , Chicago
J. F. EV.I fl , Cleveland ; H. H. Win-
fillip , Providence ; Freeman Drown ,
Worcester ; Hon. W. G. Thompson ,
Detroit ; .1. H , .Smith , Dufl'.ilo. Aftei
the meeting wu called to order bj
President Hulbert , a number of com
munications were read and the tmua
committees appointed.
Adjourned tiil afternoon.
The HnrtioulturUU.
N.llonal Aiwoclatwl 1'rnn.
CiiK'Ado , December 7. At the second
end day's session of the annual meet
ing of thu State Horticultural socie
ties of Illinois and Wisconsin , 11 ,
M. Smith , of Green Bay , submitted
v report on the crop of strawberries
md other small fiuit , making a favor
able showing.
C. L. Watrous , president of the
Iowa State society , followed in an
encouraging report.
Dr. J. A. Warder , of Ohio , read an
exhaustive paper on uomo evergreens.
oid j n
National Axmrlatud I'reM.
NMV YORK , Drcombur 7. J oiler-
son Davis , iiccuiniianiud by his wife
and daughter , arrived in thu HU'am-
ship Nockur , of thu Itioniun line , this
iftornoon. Davis was found on board
( ho ship conversing with Mrs. Davis.
Ho looks bettor than when ho left
For Kuropo several weeks ago " 1 do
not care to express my opinions in
.ho newspapers , " said ho to a re
porter. < JWo have had a very un
pleasant time at soa. I fool much
jotter than when I left Southampton.
* will loftvo this afternoon for Louii-
illo , where I shall bn able to enjoy
uiot life. " Tho/ibjcet of his trip
was to hi ing homo his daughter , who
md just graduated. II lias been
hargod against liim that his object
i visiting Kngland wat to draw the
noimy from the fund that wns depos
ed there by the confederate govern-
lent ,
Marlnn Intollicnoo. |
atlonkl Auoiiatixl Prnu ,
NKW YOKK , December 7. Sailed
'he Coptic for Liverpool. Arrived--
'ho Luke Wii nipen from liiverpool ,
lie Ijihrndor from Havre , the Servia
'roin ' Liverpool ,
HorrKniiAM , December 7.- Arrived
-Tho Kdinn fiomNowVoik.
GIIASOOW , December 7. Arrived
'he Vurnusiia from Now Yoik.
SuimiAMi-ToN , December 7. Ar-
ivod The Mosellu from Now Yorker
or Hrenicn.
ANTWKIIP , December 7.The A'ad-
i land from Now York.
HAMIUMUI , Decomhur 7. Arrived
'ho Cimbria from New York.
IIAV\NA , December 7. Arrived-
Pho Newport from Now York.
Yi'.HA Uurx. , December 7. Arrived
The of Oily Washington from New
Nivv : YOIIK , December 7. The
iverdue Uromeii steamer Nooknr ar-
ived hero to day , bringing 1,01)1 ) pas-
.oncers. . Her captain reports that
hey hud contimml hurriuanes for six
lays. They lost ono man overboard.
The Parthia , of the Cuniird line ,
ivo days behind , also arrived to-day.
" ikowiao the Lnko Winnepeg , seven
lays belated , and the Lilinulor , of
.ho French line , six days overdue.
I'lii ) captain of the Uiku Wiinu'rn ) ) re-
uirts encountering a hurricane on the
J.'ld of November , in which Chief En-
; ineer Jamor Blair was washed over-
) oard and lost , amt Patrick Coonoy ,
fireman , was killed. The waves
ran mountain high , and frequently
lashed over the decks. For fifteen
days the gale lasted. It was u fearful
Thu steamer Yadorland , hence for
Antwerp , November l8th ! , was ro-
lorted near the mouth of the English
channel to-day. The agent of the
company said : "She's now two days
thead of time. She was i cully blown
over. "
Philadelphia , December 7.--Tho
mystery surrounding the death of thu
young woman whose body wan found
on Monday night in a InMHO on Trotter
tor street under circuin tanciH which
indicated criminal malpractice , was
not cleared up by the coroner's in
vestigation to-dny. Ono witness said
the deceased , whoso nitnio is believer
to luivo been Koto Iliemaim , arrivoc'
hero from Wurtomburg , Germany ,
about six months ago , while another
witness stated the woman came to
{ his city from Ohio or Chicago. The
inquiry is not concluded.
lliciiMONi ) . Ky. , December 7.
James Smith was found guilty a
BoonvillerKy , , of wife.murder.nm
the jury fixed. th6""puuwhYrient'i
death. Ho was removed to jail , and an
hour later was found hanging by th
nock , dead.
WASHINGTON , December ? . In th
cuso of Uernurd , the govornmon
clerk charged with irregularities ii
.securing a pension for ono Morrisoi
and receiving an illegal foe therefor
the commissioner decided to-day tha
the defendant by his own tostimon ;
had taken an exhorbitiint sum , am
held the accused in bail for $2,000 f < >
his appearance at court.
Virginia L uii laturo.
Nntlonnl AMUC Mill I'raw.
RICHMOND , December 7. The leg
islature convened hero to-day , til
offices of both houses being filled b
the election of ruadjiiHter nomincou
Governor Hiilliday sent his message
sago , dealing for the most pait wit !
the state debt. Ho claims the dub
can bo paid in full and says : "Vir
ginia has been accused of ,
the mean crime of repudiation. I
has been charged the federal uovorn
ment or the party directing its dun
tines lian used its patronage anil monoj
to hurry her along to that disropula
bio way. If thin bo true , then i
there be any stigma it has been takci
from our commonwealth and fastenei
on the republic and will bloom on
sooner or later in uiiHpcukablo disas
ter. "
General Miihono is in the city.
Xatlonil AxsucUtid I'ruii
SAKATOOA , N. Y. , December 7.
At a ineelim ; of eleven keepers o
life H'tving Htations , lying botweei
Sandy Hook and Harnomat , at thu
Central hotel to-day , a resolution \viis
Irawn up petitioning congrcHa to in-
ereaso the compt iiiiiitton of lieoperti
and crows. The keepers stated thai
most of their crews are on the poinl
of reigning , and their only retain-
inont in the service was the expecta
tion tlmt congress would enact a law
giving them increased puy. Alteady
ivo station keepers have resigned and
rebellion in threatened which will
: ) rcak up the service. ,
Killed HU Wife.
.N' tlon l Anhoclatcd I'rr .
FA I.I. Hivi'.it , Mans. , December 7.
[ 'rank Charon , 120 years old , this
noniing shot his wife who wan sleep-
ng in bed , inhtuitly killing her. The
couple have three children , thu oldest
iged1 yeara. The murderer gave
linmclf up and in in jail awaiting the
iction of the urand jury. Uum and
lomcHtiu infelicity were the caunes of
thu crime. Charon exhibits no re-
norm ) .
r Cauduotot-H * Association.
l I'rciti.
NKW OULKANH , Dee 7. The Kail-
oad Pasai'iigtr Conductoru' ' Life in-
turance aRsociation meets hero ml
loon , A large number of delegate )
uro present from all parts of thu conn-
ry. All railroads Imvu tendered the
courtesy of travel and arrangomorits
lave been made for several excursions
'rout the city after business in over.
- > - * *
Bxcitoment In St , Potoraburg
Over the Nihilist Trials ,
The Gear Sti onfjly Urffod to at
Ouco Renew the War
With Tuikoy.
tiBoellannou * Foreign Nnwi of the
4llon.\l AwocUtitl 1'roKK.
ST. Pr.TKli.sni'uo , December 7.
More than ordinary excitement was
iroduced by the developments made
n tliu state trials here to-day , The
{ ovoniinent broadly charged that
Jon. Movinsky ami State Counsellors
' 'ursotr imTjiu leir were pnitly
\\itli contributing to the
of Alexander 11. by their
leghgenci in the perfoimancea of ccr-
jtin dutiea.
The cwir has been conforiing with a
uniibur of prominent Pan-Sclavists
vlio have been Hiving upon him the
uiporlniictMif renewing the war with
'urkoy and rufusing to consent to
liplomatic iirrangeinunts which dirt
lot provide for the domination of
Uissians at Constantinople.
The position of Ignatieff daily bn-
: omen more insecure. Ho appears to
nxvo wholly lost the confidence of the
Absolute control of the telegraph
ind postal service of the empire will
, hortly be tninsforrod to the minister
of police. It ia pioposcd to institute
, thorough surveillance over all postal
nd telegraphic communications.
The prince of Montenegro has sent
letter to thu czar complaining of the
iiovemcnts of Austrian lleets in the
Adriatic sea. The remonstrances are
written in very earnest languttiio.
Fifteen nihilists were arrested hero
o-day. They were oilicers' uniforms
and had crosses of the Order of St.
George. Their intention was to at-
ack Gen. IgnatiolVand the czar on St.
George's day.
VIKSNA , December 7.M. . Hatu-
josuno , Koumanian minister at the
Austrian court , in a conference hold
; o-day with Von R alloy , stated that
10 was particnlary inatrucled by his
; ovornment to oxpuHR itH legret that
the Austrian interpretation put upon
the king's speech that ho uttered an
unfriendly sentiment towards Austria.
Ho begged to state officially that
such interpretation did Uouiimiiia in
justice , and that Roumania desired
to hold an perpetuate the friendliest
relations towards Austria.
UOMH , Docembor,7. In the Italian
ohnmbur of deputies I onlay , Signer
Manclimi , foreign nliuister , in a
speech charged Franco , with "acting
most unjustly tn Italy and that Ger-
preserve | > eaco"aiithey'"had' o
objects with Italy which were'leading
to closer relations. The gov-
government , he said , hud refused all
recognition o all nets consummated
at Tunis. [ Cheers. ] France had said
that the occupation of' Tunis was not
permanent , but she w/nild not state
how him ; it would lust. Respecting
ISjypt , Sifriior Manclimi Maid that the
policy of Italy agreed with that of
Itniam , December 7 Bismarck
suggested to deputies to taku a short
holiday , as ho mo.uit to ,111111111011 a
hOBSion of parliament to meet Janu
ary 15.
LONDON , December 8. The gov
ernment | IIH : decided to largely in-
creaeo the police in Ireland and form
night patrols.
TJio Cotton Producer ! .
National Awoclati'il I'IOHH.
ATLANTA , Ga. , December 7. The
national cotton planters' association
continued in session to-day. The old
nlllcei's re-elected follows
were - as :
I'rt'uidunt ' , F. U. Murohead ; treasur
er , George M. Klinesecretary ; , James
N. Gudcn.
Hon. Geo. B. Loring'United States
commissioner of agriculture , deliver
ed an able address before the associa
tion cm "The Mutual Relations of
American IndustrieD. "
Flro R oord >
National AsuoclatvU 1'rcM.
NKW YOHK , Decnmbor 7. A fire
broke ( jut in thu vnrniah room of the
( Jaylord-Watmm .nap publishing com-
ji.iny , top floor , No. Gl Beckman
ntrc'ct , this morning , caused by the
explosion of a vanish vat , and caused
a loss to Watson , John Wutz ( prin-
teni' miterialH ) mid other tenants of
SSG.OOO , and on thu building $3,000.
Biirruolca Sold.
National AxNOcliktvtl Crcwi.
ATI.VNTA , fa. ! , December 7. Me-
I'licrsou lurraeks , the property of the
.government , sold hero to-day for S1U-
S'atlonil AKHOcutcil rrnn.
TOHONTO , Out. , December 7. The
[ tishop of Algonia died in this city
Postoillco changes in Nebraska dur-
ng thu week ending December 0 ,
1881 , furnished by Win. Van Yleck ,
if the pontoflico department :
Kttiiblislied- Burr 0ik , , Otoo coun-
; y , Mrs. Jam ) Cowles , Po.stmistrcss. '
Discontinued Wonlield , Holt coun
Name Changed Avon , Hamilton
county , to Maiquotto , and 0. H.
\Vin-iig , appointed postmaster.
Postmasters Appointed Chelsea ,
Holt county , Frank Ellis ; Geneva ,
Filmoro county , Sherwood Burr ;
Leonard , Hamilton county , Charles
Butts ; Momence , Filmoro county , J.
\V \ , Price ; O'Neil City , Holt county ,
W , D , Matthews ; Pierce , Pierce coun-
ly , Jacob H. Shurot ; Prairie Centre ,
Buffalo county , Wormau Newburg.