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5he Senate Alreafly Proceofling
in Its Sedate Course ,
Heifer Elected Speaker of tbe
Honoo by the Poll Party
All the Other Republican Norn-
ineos Successfully Placed
in Position.
The Moesage to bo Delivered
to OouRroHB at Noon
Nqtosirrom the Nix-
tlonnl Capital.
'IfatlonaJ AtMoclatcd Pro * .
D. C. , December fi.
At the opening the ncnatu was not as
fall as usual , but tilled up soon after
by the overflow from the house . The
senate was called to order at 12
o'clock. Senator Windom's creden
tials were presented and ho was sworn
The usual committees to notify the
liouso and the president were ap
A largo number of hills , miinly
those which failed in the last con-
grewB , were introduced and laid on
the fable to bo referred when the
committees arc appointed.
At 1:10 p. m. the aonato tank a re
cess until 2:30. :
The most interesting and only in
cident of political interest in the pro
ceedings was during the three minutes
the senate was in session after recess.
Edmunds offered resolutions review
ing and continuing the committees as
they existed at thu close of
.the last session , and asked that
Alley Ho over under the rules.
Pugh wa ready with another reso
lution intended as a substitute , leav-
iud it to bo divided by the president
pro tern , whether the committees
should be equally decided between
the two parties , and if ho so decided
them to designate which of the com-
urittoes shall be constituted with a
majority of members democrats , and
which , with a majority of republicans ,
and that thu senate proceed to the
election of committees on the basis in
klio usual way.
Edmunds made a point of orc'erthat
this rosoulution was not in accordance
, \ . with the rules of the senate.
Without decision , both resolutions
and the point of order went over until
to-morrow and thu senate adjourned.
The house proceeded to organize by
vfcho election of oilicen. Mr. Keifer
vwaa elected speakerthu ballot being
as follows ; ' Whole number cast 285 ,
necessary to a choice 143 , of which
Keiler received 148 , Randall li0 ! ,
Ford 8.
Mr. Kelly , senior member , admin
istered the oath.
Mr. Keifer , on takincr the chair ,
returned the usual thanks. Ho said
that neither parly hud a majority in
cither house over all oth
ers , a tiling which had not ex
isted since thu period before Lincoln's
. rst term. There had not been dur
ing the interval so few vital questions
of national importance left unsettled
to dr.iw party lines upon as now. In
purely party mattcis ho would alwajs
bo found a republican ; in all otheiH ,
"impartial. As the prosperity at proH-
ent w s greater than ever before iu
tlio country , bo hoped the present
congress would bo a purely business
Objection wrts made to the aweiiring
in of Messrs. Wheeler from Alabama ,
Van VoorhU and Wads worth from
Now York , and Chalmers from Miss
issippi. The fit nt and last named
woru by rule ut thu clnir made to
atand aside temporarily an I thu
swearing in of the otlier momb rs w.ia
.proceeded with. Noirly two hours
were consumed in swearing in | iiem-
One of the most interestinz features
was the retaliation of Mr. Brags ( of
Wisc-tnsin ) to Mooro's ( of Tonnesi'e , )
objection to Chalmers ( of Mississippi )
being sworn , imitating Mooro's pom
pous manner.
Mr. Hrajri ; appealed in the name of
humanity to the great American people
ple and to the memory of his de
feated friend , Casey Youni ; , against
the present Hwenriug in of Mr.
Finally , however , those cases were
all disposed nf and all members except
Scales , if North Carolina ; Morse , of
Massachusetts , and Ducstur ; of Wis-
eonsin , who were absent , were sworn
iu ,
The house proceeded to the com-
nletion of its ion by the
election of clerk Mr. Kasson nomi
nated Mr. Edward MoPhoMon , of
Pennsylvania ; Mr. House nominated
Hon. George M. Adams , ex-clerk ;
Mr. Murch nominated Hon. Gilbert
DoLiMutyr , of Indiana , The ballot
was as follows : Whole number of
votes , 280 ; necessary fora choice , 144 ,
of which McPh'imon ' received 118 ,
Adams 12 , > id DoUMatyr I , Mr
HoPhorBuii was then sworn in , 15r-
rett nnd liingham , of I'oniui lvania ,
did not vote.
( Joorge Hooker of Vermont , John
F. Thompson of Ohio , and Leo
dall of the District ot Columbia wore
nominated for sorgeaiit-at-arnm ; Waiter -
tor P. Hrownlow of Tonnewjui' , Cluu.
W. Field of Georgia , II. 11. Wil-
lianu of Missouri , and II , Sherwood
of Michigan , for doorkeepers ; 0 , W.
O. Knowlin of Florida , and W. C.
Mboro of Pennsylvania , for postmas
ter.Mr. . Hooker was uloctodas sergeant-
at-arms , Mr. Brownlow as doorkeeper ,
and Mr. Sherwood as postmaster ,
Thu following nominations for chaplain -
lain were made : Nov. F. D. Power
of the District of Columbia , by Mr.
Hobospii ! Hov. W , P. Parson o
Georgia , by Mr. llonso ; Hov. lU. .
Ingalls of Iowa , by Mr. Murch. Mr.
Power was oloctdtl.
The speaker appointed Messrs ,
Uiscock , Orth and Kgan to inform the
president that the house was now it
session , and would receive any com
munication ho might mako.
The hoiiao , at 5:20 : , adjourned.
Tbo president's message will , ol
course , bo presented to both houses
to-morroir. " ,
WASHixarox , December fi.Tho
president will remove from the Grey
house to the White House to-day.
The White Llouao is in very good con
dition for bin reception , save that an
odor of paint pruvadcs it and some
minor arrangements are as yet incom
Tim lionornhlu assistant doorkeeper
of tlio aonato , Oantain Isaac Hassott ,
completed his fiftieth year of norvico
in the senate to-day , having onturud
the service us a page oil tlu > rocom-
mondution of D.uiiel Webster , from
Massachusetts , on December fi , 18JJ1.
Thuro were six sonatora who did not
occupy their seats to-dav : Mussrs.
Groomu , Ilumpton , Jones ( Nevada ) ,
McMillan , Van Wyck and Williams.
The question hiving boon submitted
to ComptrollerXawrenco , of the treas
ury , as to whether employes in the
government printing ! ollicea should bo
paid for time lost ' while the depart-
montn wuro closed on account of Ihn
death of President Garlield , ho rendered -
dorod a decision to-day in ellbct thai
they were entitled to pay for the thno
in which the departments were closed
by order of the puUlio printer , but not
nu the clay oHho funeral appointed by
the president * to bu observed as a day
of mourning and humiliation.
All indications now point to a via-
orous onslaught by southern republicans -
licans on the poatollieos throughout
the south. Many of these olliccs are
now filled by democrats and lukewarm
rppublicaim. A move in this direc
tion has already been made by Sena
tor Kellogg , of Louisiana , at whose
request a list has been propitrod of
employes of the postoflico depart
ment , showing the compensation they
receive and the states they hail frcm.
tVn effort will bo made to havw the
ottices of thin department and all
other departments of the government
apportioned out by states , and thus
aocuro fair representation of southern
republicans to oih'co. This pro
gramme 1ms received an impetus by
the success of the southern republic
ans in electing Brownlow as door
keeper of the hoase.
It is conildcntally assorted to-night
that thosonatocoinmittoos will remain
unchanged , and that Kelly will have
the ways and moans chairmanship in
the house , Kaason foreign affairs and
Hiscock privileges ad ] elections.
Supposed Snloldo.
Special l > iip.itcli to Ilio Ilcc.
Smtu.vo , Colo. , December 5.hi. .
J. King , a druggist rf this place , was
FoUnd dead in his store hero
this morning. He and Frank Mar
shall , a carpenter , who hud been
baching together , wont to dinner
about noon. Kina was feeling appar
ently well , but seemed sleepy , and
said he would liu down. Marshall
left him and wont to work. Return
ing about j o'clock , lit'found King on
the floor. Lie Deemed somewhat
sleepy , but was conscious and would
not talk. Marshall wont for assist-
unco and took King to his store , and
pii him to bud , supposing him to bu
under the influence of liquor. The } '
returned about 8 o'clock and found
: uin dead. Ho in supposed by some
to have died under the influence of
some drug.
F t lures
N'ntional AsH'ciituJ I'.tn- .
NKWOIIK , December f > . Isaac
Farwoll v , Co. , m-uiuf.ictiirorH of sow
ing tilk , this city and Jiuston , have
prenfiitod a statement at a mot ting of
creditors held in Boston , showing
their liabilities to bo § 40,088 , und the
nominal assets § 51,911. Kit sotlle-
nient wnx elVcUd ) ) at the meoting.
The Now York creditors of Grain ,
Rising it Co. , boot and shoo manil-
factnrers. Hoston , liavo received notice
of the failure of the firm. * Liabili
ties , upwards of SL'00.000 ; assets
machinery and outstanding accounts
value unknown.
Dispatches received thin afternoon
imnounco the failure of Little iV IMonl-
ton , manufucturers of boots and nhoop ,
Georgetown , Mass. The liabilities
are reported very largo , but no esti
mate has been received.
Baltimore dispatches ntato ( > . II.
Manko & Co , manufacturers of boots
and shoo * , have undo un assignment.
Liabilities , § 70,000.
Canada Kicking-
.Vatlonil AujtocUtoil 1'runs.
TORONTO , Out. , December fiIt
has bi'en announced that tlin Cana
dian Pacific railway Hyndicato had
dccurod control of the Credit Yidley
railroad , which has obtained the run
ning powers ( > f the Great Western
railway. It causes considerable talk
her. ! . Tlio syndicate aru also reported
to have secured and consolidated
every important line in Ontario , u.\-
cept thu Grand Trunk , thus reducing
the Canadian rail vuy system to tw.i
linei. There in a great outcry in Mil-
way circles , as it is feared the syndi-
cito's immense resource ) will enable
them to compel the Grand Trunk to
amalgamate , thus placing the Doinin-
loa in the power of a giant monopoly.
The Cotton Producer * .
N tlonal Anioclnted I'rtsw.
ATMNTA , Ga. , December fi , This
city is filled with distinguished men
who cotuo to attend the exorcise * of
the planters' and manufacturers' week
at the
Himself and the Spec
tators on the Grin ,
Yoatardny an AmuoirjK Day in
the Amusing Trial of
the Assassin.
Guitoau Prefers to bo Hanged
aa a Man Than to bo Con
sidered a Fool.
A Suggestion to the President
Regarding Reconstruction
of His Cabinet.
The Grant Momlnh From Saratoga
Promptly Snatched.
National A ) ciftt l ( TCM.
NYAHiusc.TON , December o. The
court room was crowded when it
opened at 11 a. m. ( .iuiteau made a
speech , Baying ho wanted the insanity
oxpertn to understand ho claimed to
have been impelled by a pewor bo
could not control to do a certain act.
The ( | iiestion wus whether that was
James IJ. Kiernan , an insanity ex
pert , said heraa editor of The Chicago
cage Medical 1'eview nnd hud studied
mental diseases as a specialty since
1874. In reply to n question by Sco-
villo , ho said if it was tmo that the
prisoner's habits _ were n-ally as de
scribed , if insanity' prevailed in the
family , if many persons had declared
him insane and if it was true ho hud
been dominated by the idea that he
was inspired , that the witness on such
assumption would regard the prisoner
as insane.
Ouiteau looked around approvingly.
lie got excited because Davidge , in a
question , used the word "vulgar , " and
said that there was nothing vulaar in
the caao , but everything waa high-
toned. [ Laughter. ] Ouiteau smiled
approval upon iho laughter.
The witness said a person who be
hoved ho was inspired by God would ,
in acting out the inspiration , act with
his usual peculiarities.
Guitoan here broke out about some
utterance by his ux-wifo , which ho
hud just seen in u paper , and ho
wanted the court to know that it was
all lies. After ono question hoaskoc ,
"Where hereditary insanity exists in
n man , docs ii not have to show itielf
sooner or later upon sufHciont
cause ? "
"Yos , sir , " replied the witness.
"That is all , " said the prisoner.
The subject of emotional insanity ,
inspirational and hereditary insanity ,
was further discussed and Guiteau
broke out with the remark : "Well ,
if the political situation had not been
what it was during last spring there
would have boon no occasion for my
inspiration. " The audience lauched
at this remark and Guiluau looked
around approvingly.
The witness stated that probably
ono person in five are insane. "Ah , "
said Mr. Davidge , "that does not leave
much chance for many of us. "
"No , " fcroko out ( Juitcau , "that
takes you in , judge. "
"Well , " sain Mr. D.ividgo , "if ono
person in five are insane , two of the
juroia in this case are doomud. "
Mr. Scoville "Probably the law-
jorn will tukii their places. "
Tliis mdly was greeted with a loud
peal of laughter. Guiteau grinned
again and patted Scoville IMI the buck
At 1 o'clock a recces was taken for
Inilf an hour.
The first witness after re-cess wan
Col. R. J. Ilinton , of The Washington
G.i/wtte. . Ho remomberjd seeing the
prisoner at lopublican hoadqtmiturit.
Formed the opinion that he w.ia a de
cidedly ill-balanced , cranky egotist.
lie thought thu prisoner's speech a
ridiculous count ruction.
Guitoau interrupted him : "It wan
nothing of the sort ; it wan highly
spoken of by the best men nf the na
tion. You1 to witnot-H , "don't know
what you are talking about. Scovillo
liad no business to put you on thu
stand. I am no fuol. Seville -
villo cannot prove rno tel
l > o a fool. I would rather
bo hung as u man than acquitted UH a
fool. Putting such u man on the
stand i ) an insult to me. If yon
( talking to Scoville ) had not put Davis
on the stand it would have boon bet-
: er. I thought you wuro a smarter
awyer than you are. "
This outburst caused cuiiHiderablo
oxcilimient. The prisoner gesticulated
wildly , and paid no huud to Scovillo's
endeavors to quiet him.
Chnrles II , Nicols , superintendent
of the Blnomingdulo asylum , was then
called. The hypothetical condition
) f the prisoner's mind at thu time of
he assassination wus propound to
iim , and the witness elated ( iuiteau
van a fit subject for u luuntis asylum.
Ciuiteau brandished his arms fiercely
mil said : "I rest my case on the fact
hat I was inspired by the Deity , 1
will not allow any otlier defense. "
"Had the prisoner , " imkud Scoville
) f the wiuiuiH , "knowledge and men-
al capacity to judge between right
ind wiling , to nnduttjUiid the iiaturu
) f his act ? "
Witness In my opinion , fiuilean
van insane at the time ho shut
ho president.
Dr. Woostor , of Snlem , Mass. , in
regard to the prisoner's insanity , said
10 was a little dubious as to thu oxuct
iicaniug of the word "inspired. "
( iuiteau exclaimed : "Inspiration , in
his case , moaim the interjection of
something into the mind foreign to it. "
A hypothetic case was explained to
: ) rs , Gelding , MoHndo , Chatting and
Finhur , who said , if the- suppositions
were true , Guiteau was imuno at the
imu ho shot Gar field.
Hcovillo said ho expected President
Arthur to testify , but ho was too busy
with his message to congress to attend
court. Ho expected Clifford , of Chicago
cage , to bo prtmont to-morrow. There
were only two or throe ifloro witnesses
for the defense.
Prisoner I want General Grant
and Senator Coukling and other
prominent inon who were engaged in
politics last nprin to chine here. I
don't care for Scotiile'e opinion I
know what I am about , ntid I would
like your honor to nubmeiia thwo
men. I wan to t ll about the politics !
situation. It is very important for
mo to show thin fact , and I want thtvie
men nubptvnaod , and I claim I WHM on
friendly relations with all the promi
nent men of the republican party.
The ntmoval of President Gurtiold wus
iwing to the political situation.
[ Pounding on the tftblo und shouting. ]
It in important that the factn should
come out. Scovillo is a good man ,
but he has n narrow view of the &ise.
Ho is a good lawyer , but a poor poli
Scovillu thought Arthur would bo
fAillicicnt for the purposes of thu de
Prisoner--Oh , no. I want Grant ,
Conkliug , Platt and others who weie
interested in the politics ( if the tune.
I want your honor to K'.INI nu mder
siibpit'iiaing these men. 1 uunt
Storrs , of Chicngo horvsUs" . 1 eon-
uider him one of thu ino t brilliant
men of the bar. Hu linx the true
theory of the business , and ho dniHii't
take any stock in thu idea that 1 am
a fool. Storrs says I am the ablest
lawyer in thin case , nnd X do not quar
rel with him for his ( opinion [ laugh
ter ] , and I want to nay right here that
I would bo pleuood if Arthur would
recognize Storrs' abilities arjd mnko
him attorney general."I make this
announcement publicly. 1 am not
looking for any favors , and 1 think it
would bu nu honor to Arthur if ho
would make Emory Btorrs attorney
gen ral.
Extracts from Guiteau's book ,
"Truth. " were read by Scovillo , and
couit adjourned Until ' 10 a. m. to
morrow. " *
ANOT11K11 AMrfAb [
Prof. J. W. Biiivfll , < f Saratoga
Springs , Now York , % * limited this
morning on the churgjo < being a
crank. Ho claimed to-IJF t true
Messiah to come hero , ii will , .f' r
the purpose of casting out the devil
from Guituau.
SAIUTOOA , December 5. Prof. J.
W. Shivoly , of Saratoga , the grott
Messiah crank , arrested at Wash
ington , D. 0. , to-day , is believed to
be Jonathan W. Shivoly , ot 130
Beoknian otreot , this place. Ho is
down in the directory aa a photograph
er , but his wife nays ho is un oil
painter. While the family makes it"
permanent residence here , ho travels
from place to place in the purtuit of
his profession. Mra. Shivoly says he
lef t home iu September and the last
she heard from him he was in thu west
and she expected a letter from him
from Chicago or Cincinnati. She adds
that a number of years ago ho Buttered
severely with neuralgia ? nd < nt times
when excited would 'conduct him
self in u peculiar but harmless
manner. Thoab portods would
cover two or three days , after which
be would become perfectly rational.
About a month ago , in Cleveland , he
sustained an accident by which his
head was injured , and she feara this
may have caused temporary aberration
or insanity. Mrs. Shively did not
know her husband intended visiting
Washington. Hu is a son of a cler
gyman , and born in Jackson county ,
Virginia. Mrs. Shivoly is u native of
Alexandria , in that state. She is
considerably alarmed about him. Thu
Shivoly family have resided hero for
upwards of tun years , but within u
year or two phssotl the winters in the
Mnrino Nowi ,
tional AM ciatui ! I'ritw.
ISi\v ; YOKK , December ft. Arrived
The Wacslaiul from Antwerp , the
Italy frcm Liverpool , the Saratoga
"IOMI llavanna.
December f--SaiIed-
ANTWKiir , ) - - -
) u the 3rd , the Bolgcnhicd for Now
HAMiUMtu , December 5. Arrived
--Tho Bohemian , from Mow York.
HAVKK , December fi. Ariivud
The Onlidn , from New York. Sailed
On the 3rd , tlio Ainerinuu. for New-
PIAMOITH , December --Arrived
--The Cimbriu from Now York , for
LiVKHi-ooL , December 5 Arrived
-The Sarmatiaii from Boston , thu
TOXIIH fro n Mont real , the Spain and
the Germany from Now York. Sailed
- -On the 3rd , the Alaska , for Now
York , direct.
Qi.'Hii.ssTOWN , December fi.Sailed
On the 4th , ' the Scotiu , for Now
LONDON , December fi. - Sailed- -
The State of Georgia , for New York.
GI.AWIOW , December fi , Arrived
The State f Ponnuylvariiu , from Now
LONDON. December fi. Sailed-
On the 3rd , thu Egyptian Monarch ,
for Now York.
QUKRNHTOWN , December fi , - The
German steamer Alamuna , has ] iut
into this pjrt/with her nluft broken.
The Virciuia Lel | latiiro ,
Nttlonal Amndatuil I'rwtK ,
HiciiMDNii December fi--The
, - - lux-
JHlaturo will assemble next Wednes
day. Neaily nil the rca'ljuhtcr mom-
bor.i arrived to-day , but very fmv of
the democrats have put in an appear
ance , and those who are here do not
seem to tike any interent in thu uittn-
lion. Tlio roadju tuts hold their cau
cus to-niMiTow night to iiomina'o '
candidate for np nkur of the
liiiuso , and a canduliitu for United
StatoK Hiuialor. Thuro is no opposi
tion to Fowler , of the Bristol Nowi ,
but Kiddlobor 'or and Masnoy also
have largo backing for the uonatu. A
large number of ftciiaton * from the
HouthwoHt are avowed Massoyiten , but
it is gunurally conceded by disinter
ested persons that Mahono's choice
( Hiddloborger ) will bo elected. AH
the read just era expressed it to-nluht ,
Muhono a organisation will boat Mas-
sey'H popularity.
An Ohio Editor Who Saw the
Royal Bengal , Price 81 , 000 ,
The Brutal Murder Committed
bv n Georgia "Trusty"
Yesterday ,
Uunblo to Moot Ex-
ponnos , a Oliicacco Mnn
bia Family ,
DnyV Collodion fof Crime *
I'mmnltlnii null Firoii.
CRIME. AiKocUdtl I'nw.
AM ( MIIO V.I > IToll VI TIMI.KI > .
NKW YOKK , December fi. Mr.
llarrin , editor of The lUvt'inia ( Ohio ) , who with novunty-livo oth
er editors aru stopping at the Grand
Centnd hotel and "doing" the city ,
aid who wan taken in by confidence
men on Saturday ni ht last , and robbed
r rather lost in gambling nearly
51,000 , lemains in the city mid is now
busily engaged with two detectives
'rum police lioadqunrtiTs in tvarohini ;
for the place whoie the bunko men
relieved him. Superintendent Wal
ling has taken an iiitetVHt in the case.
Mr. Hirrin is certain that it waa iu
thu vicinity of Washington Place. A
confidence man was mrusted yoater-
day mid Mr. Harris positively identi
fied him ivs ono of the men who vie
timizod him. Mr. llarrin in about 05
years of ago. The bunko men re
lieved him of all his money , with the
exception of $4 , but ho dumored BO
loudly for junticu that they at last con
sented to uivo him $20.
December 5. The
firm nf Dunlup tCo. . , Jerm-y Cily ,
N. .1. , UH to-day declared by thu
| niHtmnster general to IH.I it fraudulent
tiiieeiii , a"il matter addieii > < l to it
irderod withheld.
C'KU'Auo. December 5. Frank
Banks , i Gonimn laborer , Kilkxl his
infant BUI ) , > . boautifnl little boy , thin
iiiurniiig , and then cut his own
throat , but will proliably roitivor. Ho
was dcppondcnt on i. " 'unit of liis ina
bility u > meet family hiln > .
A nurrL
ATI.AKTA , ( Sii. , December B. To
day a b'utal killing tiioV phico in
HorilHon county. A convict nuinod
Huttorrel , a "trusty , " waa sent away
from the camps to attend to a nnttor
of businenH. Hu went to thu house of
a rei | njoluhlo farmer and made im-
proptr proi > osals tu the wife of tin
farmer , who was alono.SIio started
to run when ho nhot and killed her.
Low * BiiAM'ii , N. J , December fi.
John Tabor was found dead .last
night at tho1 residence of Miss Nellie
Morri with whom 1m Hvud.i Kvi-
donee adduced points to foul play.
Suspicion rents on the woman , mid a
pout mortem will beheld.
Nounisrow.v , December 5. Thos.
Downey , engineer of thu Pennsylvania
railroad company , ht > wm : tried at
the last term of the criminal court for
manslaughter in killim. Miss Uutta
of Bryan Maur , by striking her with
his locomotive , withdrew his plea of
not guilty this morning and entered a
plea of guilty. At the former trial
the jury \uno unable to agree. Judge
KOBH sentenced him t > the lightest
penally ho could-- live ilaj in prism
and to pay the eosta nf the prosecu
PiTTMii'iiu , December fi. Thisovo-
ning in a broil in a wdoon , Samuul
Lefdiu was shot and killed by a man
named Abermithy alias "Bloody. "
CiiirAdo , D 'eombor fi. The habeas
corpus ciso of Caldwull and Butler ,
fhiirged with iho jewelry robbery at
Wjandotte , Kaimas , will bu heat d to-
ii drrow. Governor Cullom bus decid
ed not to disturb the warrant.
MoNTitKiit , December 5.-Tlmro
luivo been no further development's re
garding the infernal machine. The
affair caused great excitement , Analy
HIH will bo made of the machine by ox
The thievin who Htolo Muhii
Sinith'tt iteiim lire safe IILTOPH iho bur
do . Mr. Smith ollVrs : i reward of
§ 1,000 for the captnin of tint thieves
and an additional $ , "iOO lor their con
DKIJIOIT , December fi The names
of those abonnt thu ] > ropeller Jane
Miller which has boon mUsing since
her departure from Owen Sound , On
tario , on the 23rd urn ascertained to
be Captain Andruw Port , Iliclmrd
Port , Frederick Port , J. Chriutiiin ,
Alex. Soilos , G , Cornell , and four
deckhands ( mums unknown ) , com
prising the crow ; p sseimorH--J ,
Walker , S. Vader , James Hollock ,
James GilloHpio , L. Bnrthart and
wife , and tun unknown lumber labor-
em. AU the above bolongud to the
city nf Owen Sound and are believed
to ho lost.
Nation > l AitHOcUilml I'ttw.
Till' l.os-ilJh ,
M i.svKAi'OMh , December fi. Thu
lat 'ht Htateinont of IO BOS by tlio great
mill fire of Sunday morning foots up
SllU.fiOO.difttrihutedas follows Pills
bury iV Co.-On "B" mill § 100,000 ,
htock in came Sli.OOO , stock in Kxcel-
r mill STi.OOO , stock in Kmpire mill
, ; 1) . Mormon -Hxculmor mill
' 80 , ( ) ( ! ( ) , on cot'ou mill 810OUO ;
Croaker , Fi k Jv (5n. On Minneapolis
mill. S.OOO ; L K WutHoii-On Km-
| > ire mill , 870,000 ; I ) . II. Barber ACe
Co Onslockfi,00 ( ) ; Sidle , Fletcher ,
Holmes , fc Co--On stock , $11,000 ; II.
Hompkort--0n stock , § 8,000 , ; to railroad -
road property , S'JO.fiOO.
is $207,000 , divided in Hinull amountw
among a number of eastern companies.
At this time it is known that four
inon wrp killod- Neil Frederick
assistant chfcf ongiiutor ol the fire do
pirttmit ; It. K. Itobiiwoti. millwrigh
in the Minnmpolifl mill ; Jdm Tuhcy
nember of the hook aiul Iwldor coai
, mid Alexander Hurkensweopc
SAIIATCOA , N , V. , Docoinit'r fi.
The Milton Centre tannery , owned by
Samuel Haight , of Ballstorti was
burned last night , Loss , $1CO.OOO ;
insurance , ftiO.lKXr Ono hundred and
fifty h.-vndn are tl'rt'wnout of oinjiloj-
ATIANTA , ( Sa. , December 5. Two
heavy tires occurred to-day olu at
Flowery Branch , n small town on tlio
Air Line railroad , by which half iho
place was destroyed ; the other wait a
very heavy lire at Marrotta , dewtroT-
ing bmitiiHS homes lo the amount of
§ 80,000.
CINCINNATI , December P.A special
nays the machine shops * f thu Ten
nessee penitentiary bumed this ovon-
ing. l/cs ) , ? 1 > 0,000. There was
ijri'af consternation among the 744
many of whom escaped.
The Pnolilo Connt.
atlntml Awoolfttixl
SAN FiiA.vnsro , December 5. The
city ollicialrt elect take their seals to
day. Their will bo several contests
in account of otHcitds not lilhig their
iionds in tlio time required by law ,
inincipally for the otlices of shorill' ,
lax collector and treasurer.
The French consular ni > ent at Los
Angeles t'ntertiiined the French visi
tors in a royal way. They leave for
the oust to-day *
The now bo.ird of supervisors
marched into the court room this
morning and took their seats forcibly
and elected John A. Smitb and
J. 11. I. D.xvis lire comuiisstonerH ,
While the now board WHSoting the
old board was holding n caucus in u
committee room. Shortly after they
entered the chamber and finding the
now board in session took seats on the
side. After tlio now board adjourned
the old ono took the desks but the
clerk took away the books nml put
thorn under lock and key. The nor-
gont-at arms refused to act. The
board then adjourned to this evening ,
nfter declaring the position of clerk
and Hergont-at-imns vacant and filling
the vacancies.
Dormoiid , the idieriir , retired ouiet-
ly with the rest of municipal ofljcura.
Anothnr Go-An-Yon-Pleiue.
f > ntloiwl AvnocUUil rriiw.
Ciiit'voo , December fi. The twen
ty-six hours go-as-yon-pleaso pedes
trian match for 81,000 a wide , between -
tween Charles Howell , of England ,
and John Dobbler. of Chicago , com
inonccd at 0 o'clock this ovonimj ui
ile.Connick'R ' hull. The men were in
goo.1 condition and kept neck am !
neck -for the first ten miles , which
were malln in one hour , twelve min
utes and tan seconds. Hotting is five
to four on Uo'voll.
At the und of . .ho 15th milo Doblor
claimed ho had L on injured by a
pletod tlioMd mill ) nt 12:1:54. CTho
20th milo waa flubbed Ifj'S } . hours , , ' 5-i
minutes and 4'J acconda by. neck and
neck. Honoll will now win easily ,
Corro pordcnce of TIIK Ilnr.
BI.AIII , December fi. District court
iuin session hero thin week , JudgoSav-
ago presidinr ; with his neiml dispatch
and olliciency. Very little criminal
biiHinesH at thin term. The grand jury
found two indictments against Sutton ,
ono for burglary and ono for Miooting
at an oflioor. He plead guilty to the
charge of burglixiy and was sentenced
to a live year's term by the judge. .
Several important trialnaro being tried
and a number of non-iesident attor
neys are here.
Donavon's TunneHseeeiiiis sang huro
last night to an audience of about
four hundred people.
Last , Satin day J/ike / Koppoll. of
the Kuppell IIOUHO , and Wullaco
Flinn , of the city hotel , had < | iiitoan
alterc.ition at the depot , in regard to
gutting on to the tiaum fnr'pnHiiciigor.i.
Kepiiell asH.inltod Flinu by hittini !
him in thu mouth , whereupon Flinn
struck Koppcll over the head with a
piece of iron , inflicting a very nurioun
wound Koppoll was lined mid Flinu
bound over ID await thu action of Iho
grand jury , but that body failed to
find a bill ugainst him.
Trainmaster A. T. Potter's head
quarters aru now at Norfolk , where
lie spends the most of his timo. Mr.
Potter ban miide many friends here ,
md thu puoplo of Mlair aio sorry to
lose him nu a resident.
The Pilot of thin week notices our
communication in TIIK BHK in rather
t rjiugh-shod manner , stating that by
ligning ourselvuii as "Hi , " wo ai'o try
ng t'o lead the people hereabouts
. < > believe that Hi. Clark JH the cor-
espondent , nnd spouks of our indif-
: orent communication and luck of
learning , etc. In our occasional short
md hasty written coiinnunicatioim
wo Irivu undertakun to give the nou.i
In u gonoial and lir'of ' limn-
ner , without coloring citli r liilc.
Asto trying tohadtiopooplotibeliovo ) ) (
that Mr. Clark is the corrusponde t
wo have to Hiiy that nothing of thu
tfnd was our intention nnd wo aio
somewhat HiirjiriReil that The I'ilot
Hhonld fie ( linpoKcd to notice our inof-
feiiHtvu coniiiuinie.ition. Wo will nay
'urtfior that if wo wore permiit < 'd tu
jivu our view of the cuiuu of The Pl
ot's noticiuu' our communication it
won ) i greatly relieve un anil give na
in immense amount of Hatihfiietinn ,
mt knowing that as a corn bpomluit
vo wiiiild not bo permitted to take up
ho npieo ; of ' 1'iuKI \ \ \ in tliu * way ,
> o will eloHu , Imping in the future
hat our uoinmunicatioii.s will nut at-
r.iot thu iiltenlion of The Pilot in
Kiich a glaring manner , lli\ ,
N.i'.loi.uJ Anbocl tcil I'nun.
WAMIIINOTO.V , December 0. For
ho upper Mississippi and lower Mis-
ouri valleys : Partly cloudy weather ,
opal riiina , south veering to west
winds , stationary or higher toiupora-
urn , followed bv rl iii | [ baromutor ,
Discouraging Features of the
Irish Troubles ,
A British Ship Whipped by
a Blavor Manned by
Mnniuia of Lorno Douioo
the Report That Ho la Kot
Oominc Back.
The French Prohibition of ?
Airn > rican Pork txvbo Coa-
ditiouoIDy EoacmdeiC.
ULiooltmtMKtnii laielllRonoo Via ilhe
l A < wiK.lato < l I
Oi'iiMN , l > ocember f > . It iV goner
, lly bolioveil bore Shot the present *
risin is the most important of thc-
vhole land r ovomeiitr for the people-
ave clinched with the government-
ml have thu. > far succeasfully resisted
11 thu strength of coercion. 11 is a-
tartling fact that two-thirds of the
otita are not being paid and that the
cnatits have no intention of paying *
hem , without a- hearty reduction ,
vliich * landlords refuse.- The land
ourts me so slow that iho act yet i <
10 remedy whatwver for Mm troublu.
. 'ho guvorumont < did not expect thin >
lolay , believing ihat aftorn few dcci-
ions the landlortia-and tenants would :
icttlo it between thomselveni The
ictual sigmticanoro of the situation uj >
his : The government baa- employed
ho force demanded by the landlords
xnd the conciliation demanded by thu-
iberals nnd both liavo thus far failed.
Iho people did not wonder at tho-
strength of the land league-while per-
uitted to have its own way , but now
hat. force him beoniuoud the disorder *
continues and the country is experi
encing a "roign of terror. "
LONDON , December fi < A dispatch
from .Xany.ibar , on thn east coast of
frica , says : O.i Saturday lastf Cap
tain Urownrigg , of her majesty's shiu
London appronhed a slave dhow Hying ;
the French colors. Bib fired ! iv gun
across her bow to compel her to > sur
render. The dhow allowed the Lon
don to draw near , and on her coming
to close quarters opened' fire on her.
Thu dhow was manned by on Arab-
crexv , who wore armed with rifle * .
Their fire killed Captain IJro\vnriig ;
and three of his sailors , , and in thu-
confusion that followed the dhow put
up her helm , veorodi around , and es >
cauod out to soa.
The Marquis
eumo hio dulica onrly iir'tlic nyy
[ Io will positively sturii accom-
lunicd by Princess Louiao.
A dispatch from Dunbar Hays the
Transvaal burghers are Boycotting tho-
English , and all enira cment signed ;
n the Transvaal fnrbidi the employ
nent of English trades or settlors.
BIKM : : , December fi\ Comnhim. .
> oen elected prebidont and M. Vigior
ice president of tlio Swiss council of
state. Both are radicals.
PAKIS. Dcoumbor fi.--M > Rouvier ,
miniHter * of commerce , has informed.
hi > French committee on the commer-
iial treaty with the United States ,
hat Fninco would rescind the prohi
bit ian on American salt pork provided
he United Slates government would
n'ivu gii'ir.inlccH of inspection prior to-
PAIUH , December TK Prof. Nor-
lennkjold him written tiv M . D.inball
lirecfor of the school of mines , un-
louncing that ho in preparing for a >
lew expedition to the Arctic.
Now Knimns Railroad.
rUioiiil Antoi > Uti < < l Prt-HH
LKAVKNwniiTH , Kan. , December & .
The charter of the Loavouwortb ,
Jlatno & Southern railroad was filed
t the office of the secretary of state
t Tonoka to-day. The road is to run.
nun Leavonworth to Olathe , crossing-
lie Kansas river at DuSoto , sixteen
oust of Lawrence and from
) lathe into southeastornljlvansas. Tlie
ncorpoi-ators are K. P. Wilson , Joa.
Vhittaker , 11. D. Rush , S. F. Neoly ,
latthow Ryan , J. W Crancer , M.
I. limloy iindT. A. Hani , of Loaveu-
vortli .1. Harris , of Olatho ; Ilenry
lopkins , of Lansing , and T. . " ) .
\nder.-ion , of Topoka.
Pit/ for Sylvo torFraudin Wilson-
atlornl AniocUti-d l'r w < .
J'liii.Aiiiii.i'iiiA , December 0. Two
hundred people responded to-night to
the cidl for a IIHIBH meeting at tin *
BHombly building to protest againnt
10 severe sentence passed last week
n Sylvester F. Wilson , the railroad
ckot broker. Speeches were tnudu
> y John DcMorgun , of New York , and
/ . 13. Vaufjhan , of Virginia , and ics-
lutioiisdunonncini , ' the eentenco were
dopted ,
The Bella of St. Louis Mnrrlocl. AiM'jchtu.l 1'rciis
I'liii.Aln.i.i'iiiA , Dooember fi. At 2
i. m , to-dity Mitts Nellie llir'letino ,
ell known IIH the "Uollo of St.
IIIIIH , " who a couple of Hummers ago
fas rupmtud as butrcthed to S. .1 Til-
en , was married to Mr. Fred. J. Par-
more , a millionaro resident of St.
jouin , Thu coiumuny took place nt
10 in.insion of her aunt , Mm. Klin
Iryaii. llov. Nelson MioVickur oili-
Will Hava to Pouy Up ,
tDil 1'tui ,
Djcumbnr 0. The gen-
r.U term of thu superior court hav-
ng decided that Saratoga county
mat pay 8118,000 on mi alleged
ver issue nf bonds , the auporvisom *
committee on that mutter decided to-
ay to appeal to the higher courts to
etenninu the county's ' liability ami.
U extent iu the prouuHoa. ,