Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 03, 1881, Page 7, Image 7

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010 Farnhnm , bet. Oth and 10th Streets.
Ono cony 1 j car , In vli Alice ( | i 'stiviUl ) - $10.00
6 months " " 6.0 >
month S.CO
Leave Omahfi PftS'ctiRcr No. S , 7:50 : a. in. Ac
commodation No. 4 , 1:00 : p. In.
Air eOmaha VMrenifcr No. 1 , 8:10 : p.m.
Accommodation No , 3,10:50 : a. m.
C. , 1) . ft Q. 7:40 : a , m. 3:10 : p. m.
C. & N. W. , 7:40 : i. m. 3:40 : n. in.
C.H. I. &P. . 7:10 : a. m. 3:40 : p. tn.
K. C. , St. J. i 0. 'J. , len > ci nt 8 a. in. a"d fl:30 :
p. m. AirUcaatSt. Louis at 0:30 : a. m. and 6:52 :
p. m.
m.W , Bt , L. ft P. , Ic.-UMatS a. in. ami S'40p.
m. Arrlxcs lit St. Louis nt 0:10 : a. m. ami 7:30 :
n. & 1 ! . In NoK , Through Kxprcss , 8tO : a. tn.
II. & M. Lincoln KxprcHi-G 2J p. in.
U P. Oierhml Kxprim , 12:16 : p. m.
O. A U. V. ( or Lincoln , 11:45 ft. m.
O. A11. V. for Oaccota. U.40 ft. in.
U. P. freight No. 6 , 6:30 : a. in.
U. P. frclizht No. 9 , 8.10 a. in.
U. I1 , frelsht No. 13 , 20 : p. m.
U. P. frclirht No. 7 , 0:10 : p. in. emigrant.
. . P. Denver c\prcs , 7:3,1 : p. m.
U.'P. trolirht Nn 11 , 11 SO u. 111.
U. P. Dciixcr frelKhtE:26p. : in.
a B. ft O 6:00 : . in. 7:25 : p ra.
C. & N. w. , 9:45 : n. in , 7:25 : p. nu
C. R. I. A1',9:15 : a. m. 0:05 : p. in.
K. C. , SI. Joe &C 11. , 7:40 : n. m. 8:48 : p.m.
0. ft I ! . V. from Lincoln 1.03 p. m.
U. P. 1'ftCiflo Kxprc- 3:25 : p. in.
D & II. In Ncli. , Through Kxpruns 4l6 ! p. m ,
B. fe M. Lincoln i\prcn-D : 40 a in.
U. I1. Dcnxcr uNprusf , 7:3& : n. in.
n. I' . Freight No. 11-2 60 p. in ,
U. P. So. 6 6:10 : a. in. Emigrant.
U. P. freight No. 14 , IJ : C p. in.
V. V , No. u-0.00 p. in.
U. 1' . No. 12-1:45 : a. m.
U. P. Denver freight , 1:10 : a. in.
0. & K. V. tnlxctl , ar. 4:4) : p. ir.
Leave Omaha at 3:00 : , 9:00 : , lr:00 : anil 11:00 :
. tn. ; 1:0 : 2:00 : , 3:00 : , 4:00 : ami 6oop. : m.
Leave Council DlulTn at 8:25 : , 9:25. : 10.25 anil
11S5 a. tn. ; 1:25 : , 2:25 : , 8:25 : , 4:25 : anil t:26 : p. m.
SunJajs Tlie dummy ICAVCS Omaha at 9:00 :
nd 11:00 : a. re. ; 2:00 : , 4:00 : and 6:00 : p. m. Leaves
Council Bluffs at 0:26 : and 11:26 a. m. ; 2:25 : , 4:25 :
and 5:25 : p. m.
Through and local paRsciiRcr trains licton
Omaha and CoU'i 11 lllulla.\c Ouuha 5:50 : ,
7:00 , 7:45 : and 8W : ) a. in. Leave Councjl IlliiDi )
7:25 : , 11:20 : and 11:30 : a. in. ; 5:20 : , eEO : and 7:00 :
p. in.
Opening an' ! Closing of Mrlli.
n. in. p. m. a. ni. p. m
Chlca'eo&N. W 11.00 9.00 0:30" : 2:40 :
Cnlcago , U I. & Pacinc.ll:00 : BCO : 0-SO 2:40 :
Chicago , I ) . & ( J 11:00 : 9:00 : 0:30 : 2:40 :
W bash ! 12:30 : 0:30 : 2:40 :
S oux City nnd Pacific. . 0.00 0:30 : 2:40 :
Union Pacific 4:00 : 11:40 :
Omaha fcll. V 40 11:40 :
B. &M. In Neb 4:00 : 8:10 :
Omahafc Sioux City. . . . t.OO 7.3D
B. &M. Lincoln lu:30 : C:00 :
U. P. Lincoln , Sunday. . . 1:30 : 11:00
U. P. Dem ir K\i > P:00 : 0:30 :
O.SiouxCltj &St. P. llco : iIO : :
Local mi\IK tor .Stat ot lo a leave but ouco a
day , viz : 0.30 a. in.
Office open Sundajs from 12 m. to 1 p. m.
Abstract and Real bstatc.
JOHN L. JIcCAQUE , opiioslto Tout Office.
W. K. BARTLKTT 317 South 13th Street.
Architect ! .
Room Crclghton Block.
A. T. LARGE Jr. , Room 2. Ciclzhton Block.
Boots and Shoes.
Fine Boots and Shoes. A pocd assortment of
home work on hand , corner 12th and Hartley.
THOS. ERICKSON , S. E. cor. 16th and Douglaa.
ittcetrhianuTntlurcS to order good work
kt fair prices. Repairing done.
Bed Spring * .
J. t. LARRIMER Manufacturer. 1617 DoudMtt.
Books , News and Otatlonory.
J. I. FRUEHAUF 1016 Farnham Street.
Butter and Eggs.
MoSHANE & SCHROEDEIl. the oldest B. and E.
house In Nebraska cetahllKhcd 1876 Omaha.
toathwest corner 16thand Dodge.
Best Board for uio Money.
Satisfaction Ouarantccd.
Ueab it all Hours.
Board by the Day , Week or Month.
Good Terms for Cash.
rnrnUhfd Rnnmg Supplied. _
Carriages and Road Wagons.
WM SNVDER,14tii and Harncy Streets.
Jew * c.'s.
JOHN BAUMER 1314 Farnham Street.
IT. BEP.THOLP , Rags and Metal.
Lumbsr , Lime and Cement.
FOSTER & OR \ \ ' corner Bill and Douglas Sis.
Lamps and Glassware.
J. BONNER 1309 Douglas St. Good Variety.
Merchant Tailors.
One of our most popular Merchant Tallora Is re
ceiving the latvtit dcxlitn for Rprlng nnd Suninirr
Goods for KtiJtlcimn'a v.u\r , Stjllth , duraldo ,
and prices low as ever 216 13th bet ,
MRS. C. A. RINGER , Wholrbalo and Retail , Fancy -
cy Goods In grcnt \ nricty , Xcplij rs , Card Uoaril ) ,
Hosiery , Gloxcs , C'oriotH , &u. Cheapest Housa in
the West , 1'urchisiri br.\o ZO per cunt. Orlrr
by Mall. 116 Fifteenth Street.
JOHN WEAHNE & SONS , cor. 14th & Jncknonsf
Hour and Feed ,
OMAHA CITY MILLS , 8th and Farnham HH. ,
Welthans Bros. , proprieton.
Z. STEVENS , 21st betnecn Cumin ) ; and lar
T. A. McSHANE , Corn. 23d and Cumlnir Utreets.
rlarawdie , Iron and Steel ,
OLAN & LANaWORTIIY. Wholesale , 110 am'
112 16th street
A. HOLMES corner Ifith and California
Harness. Baddies , &c.
B. WEI8T 20 18th St. bet FarnHarncy. .
. ANFIELD HOUSE , Ceo. Canfleld.Qth & Farnham
DORAN HOUSE , P H. Cary , 813 FaniharaSt.
SLAVEN'S HOTEL. K. 8Ia\en , 10th St.
Southern Hotel , Giis. Hamel Oth &Lia > cnwortb
Clothing Bought.
O .SHAW will pay holiest Cub price ( or ( ccond
band clothlnr. Corner 10th and Varnham.
Dentists ,
DR. PAUL , William * ' Block , Cor. 16th & Dodge.
Drugs , Paints ana Oils.
Fhannaclits , Fine vanc Goods , Cor. 16th and
Doiifli * ttrecU
W. J. WHITEIIOUrK , Wholesale & Retail , Uthst.
C , FIELD , 2022 North Slcio Cumlng Street.
PAHH , Drutretst , lOto and Howard Street * .
Dry Qoods Notions , Etc ,
K w Vork Dry Gooils Store , 1310 and 1312 Farn.
him struct.
L.C. Encwold also boota and shoct 7thir clflc.
huruiture ,
A r. GROSS , New and Suond lUnil Furniture
od Stotci , 1114 Douzlaa. Hlghett cakh price
aid fnr Kcond hand iroO'iB.
BONNEH 1300 Donrla it , Fine eooJi , A.c.
f-ence Works ,
OUST , FRIf3&CO.,1213HarnfyRt.1 Improto-
'A Ice Boxnion and Wool Fence * ,
lU'JInce , Counters of I'lne and Walnut ,
Olgnrs nnd Tobacco.
R'F.ST A FR1TSCHER , manufacturers ol C1fr r ,
t \VtioIo-wle IH-aler In Totncctw , 1S05 Pou la .
ff. . lxm.ES7.Ry mtniihetnret 1410Ki > rnh m
A. Don cline , plants , cut flower * , tcrdf ,
et . N. W. cor. Idth an J Pandas street ! .
Civil Engineers nnd Surveyors ,
ANDREW 11OSKWATKB , Crelphton Block ,
Town Surtcyi , Grade and Sewcrajto Sstcm a
Uommltslon Merchants.
JOHN O. WIL L1S.1414 Dodpo Strett.
D n. llKKXir.R. For details tee larto sthcttlw-
raent In IHIIv anil Weekly.
Cornice Works.
Western Cornice Vorks , Manufacturers Iron
Cornice , Tin , Iron and Stale Roodlnc. Orders
from any locality promptly executed In the beat
manner. Factory and Ofl'co 1213 Harncy St.
C. Sl'ECHT , Proprietor.
Galvanized Iron Cornlcis , Window Caps , etc. ,
mnnufactund nnd put up In any part of the
country. T. SIN1IOLU 410 Thirteenth street
CrocVory ,
J. BONNKR 1309 Doug las street. Good lino.
Clothing and Kurnlshlng Qoods ,
OEO. II. 1T.TF.USON. Also Hats , Caps , Boots ,
Shoes , Notions and Cutlery , 04 S. 10th street.
Refrigerators , Canfleld's Patent ,
C. F. GOODMAN llth St. bet. Farn. A Harnoy.
Show Case Manufactory. ]
Manufacturer and Dealer In all klmls of Show
Cases , Upright Cases , A ' . , 1317 Cass St.
FRANK L. GKIUIAKD , proprietor Omaha
Show Case manufactory , blS South IGth street ,
beturcn Loa\cm\orth and Marey. All good )
warranted tlrst-clo.'W.
10th St. . hot. far ft Har
Stoves aim Tinware.
Dealer In Stoves and Tin are , anJ Manufacturer
of Tin Roofj and all kinds of llullillnif Work ,
Odd Fcllous'Block.
J. BONNEK. 1309 Douelas St. Oocxl and Cheap.
J. EVANS , Wholesale nnd Retail Seed Drills and
Cultivators , Odd Fellows Hall.
Physicians and Surgeons.
W. S. GIBB3 , M. D. , Rsom No 4 , Crelghton
Block , 16th Street ,
P. S. LEISENR1NG , it. D. Masonic Block.
C. L. HART , M. D. . Kyc and Ear , opp. poitoffluo
Oculist and Aurist. S. W 16th and Farnham Bt
Grand Central Gallery ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
near Masonic Hall. First-class Work and Prompt-
noes guarantee ! )
Plumbing , Gas and Steam Fitting.
P. W. TARPY & CO. . 21012th bL , bet Farnham
and Douglas. WorK promptly attended to.
D. FITZPATHICK. 1409 Douslas Street.
Painting nn nper ringing.
HENRY A. KOSTK1XS. 141 Oodgo Street.
Phillip Lane , 1320 Farnham st. bet. 13th & 14th.
Second Hand Qtoro.
PERKINS & LEAR. 1410 Doujlas St. . New and
Soconil Hand Furniture , House FurnUhing
&c. . hnticht and sold on narrow man'lns.
In the nun brick block on Douglas Street , has
Just opened a most elegant Heel Hall.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
o\cry day.
"fialcdonia"J FALCONER B7B inth Street.
CHAS. RIEWE , lOia Farnham bet. 10th & lltd.
00 Cent Stores.
P. C BACKUS. 1205 Farnham St. , Fancv Qnoil"
Positively Cured.
All sufferers from th's disease that nro anxious
to be cured thould try DR. KISSNER'S Cele
brated Consumptive Powders. Thcso Pow
ders ate the only prcpa'atioti known that will
cure Consumption and all distascs ol the Throat
and Luncs indeed , FO ttron i < our faith In
them , nnd also to com ince ) on tlmt tlicv arc no
humbujfc will forwaid to every sufferer , by
icail , postpaid , n free Trial Box.
We don't want your money until jou arc per
fectly tatiMlcd of their curative povvcrs If jour
life is vvorth saving , don't delay In civliiK thesu
Powders a trial , as they will surely cure jou.
Price , for lar u box. S3 00 , Rent to mi ) pait of
the United Slates or Canada , by mall nn receipt
of price. Addrths , ASH & llOUItlNS ,
nlldly 300 Fulton bt. , UrorLIxn. K. Y.
s 9
ILER & CO. .
Sole Manufacturers. OM 4HA.
To Nervojs Sufterers
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Specific
It Is a po | tiiocuro forBpcrmatOirhco , 8cmln
Wi-akiic . luipotaiicy , and nil dlsuaseu rreultlnR
from Solf.Almso , an Mental An\lat > , I/w
Memory , Palng In the Hack or Side , and illwasc *
that lead to
insanity an J
The fi | > cciflc
Medicine Is
being used
with wonder
ful miccctw.
- - - * " * - " " > -i
\i \ Pamphlet *
sent free to all. Write for them and L'et full par
Price , Specific , 91.00 per package , or six pack-
tgc for ( .00. AdJrutf all orders to
Nos. 104 and 106 Main Bt Buffalo , N. Y.
Sold In Omaha by C. F. Goodman , J. W. Bell.
/ , K leh , and all ifrugKliUeverrwhom.
John G , Jacobs ,
( Formerly of Olshft Jacobs , )
No. 1417 Farnham St. , Old Stand of acob RU.
tWOrdeiH nv Telxvranh Bnllcitod 97
1220FamhamSt. ,
Desires to announce to his
friends and the Get oral public
that ho has resolved to reduce
his prices to the lowest notch
consistent with tha principle of
"live and let live. " Gentlemen
desiring a first-class Suit of
Glothee , in all respects equal
to any and second to none , will
do well to { jive Mr. Martina
call. Good Business Suits to
orker , $25. Fine Pantaloons ,
$6 and upwards. nldJni
Know the Gntnit-
"My 'Queen , ' " salt li ; . "I'd like 'two
With you. " The fair inaM Wiflio.l ,
And naKl : "Now , .luck , 1M 'boat' you
tin-re ,
Tor , dnti'v. you see , I'm Iliiilicd ? "
"Mat that ain't ' ' "
'Mraixht , replied her
" .lack ; "
( Tlmt "hninl. i " dlmtiifd liUltMcr ) :
"tiuch 'iil.iy1 ( on wonU ) you know 1
And tlicn ho "douli'o Imupil" her.
naiiio the < lav : I would Meal
To oven 'hoard' your
1 vo 'tnbl stcrt R' Vive uio 11 siyht'
Slmll 1 'order card * ' or shan't IV
The "IJnceii" aid yu , nnd now , JM-O\VII
boKI ,
"They dr.iw" their enrtiaKO wicker :
On nft in mis you'l ' fco" tliein sir Ji
lt ' hold * up n littla klcktr ! "
Or , How Slio IIolpoil Mo Out of It.
I BY M. ll | .U'l '
"Can J sit \\ith youJ"
"Certainly , sir. "
"Xicu WoaUior. "
"Sploiulid , indeed. "
"Crops yrowiny finely/ / "
"Yes , couldn't do bettor. "
1 was Hitting in u pusson or conch ,
on ti Wisconsin railroad , one day ,
years ago , when \ \ good looking ,
[ ilensant spoken man cniuu along ,
stopped at my seat , and the above
conversation took place , the li\ttorpiul
of it after 1 had given him a p.ul of
my seat.
Now I am regarded as a social man ,
I like a joke , ix good bit ; anil I think
n sour , morose man , who uses hit )
toungo only when obliged to , 13 bound
to die of some terrible disease , and note
to some place of red hoi punishment.
On entering a railroad car I ahvaya
look about for n talkative man , and
then yet as closu to him ns possible ,
and drain him dry , if the journey is
long enough.
And I want to state one thing more.
Loft an orphan before I could realize
the event which had nmdo mo one , 1
got kicked hero and culled there , and
"urew up between folks , " ns they say.
I ought to have had , at the time of
which I write , a pretty thorough
knowledge of human nature , and luivu
been enabled to read in a man's face
if he intended mo evil. I did not
pride myself on being over keen or
extra sharp , but the knocking around
among strangers ought to give ono n
good experience.
Well , the stranger and I fell into
an easy train of conversation as wo
rode on together , and in ten minutes
I began to enjoy his company. Mo
was a well made follow , finely dressed ,
and he wore a line watch nnd a simon
pure diamond ring. I never saw a
man who could talk so easily and so
pleasantly. It seemed that ho had butte
to open his mouth and the words fell
riylit out.
1 had traveled in the south , HO hud
he. I had heard the loud roar of the
Pacific ; ho knew all about it. ] hid
been up in u huloon , down in mine ;
been blown up , smashed up , and re
paired again ; my new friend had ex
perienced all thcsu things ; and was
waiting for something to turn up of a
more startling nature. Wo agreed on
politics , and I had never mut such a
railroad companion.
Did you ever meet a man who ,
thoui > h a stronger to you ten minutes
before , could wicst from you secrets
which you'd sworn to yourself not t <
reveal ? Well , ho was justsu ha man.
It was not long beforj ho commenced
asking mo questions. 11 o did not
seem to be trying to ( jutz or draw mo
out , but ho a kcd mo questions in
such a sly , round-about way , that before -
fore 1 knew it 1 was giving him my
1 was just at that time on the poinl
of being admitted to the bar of Wis
consin as n student of Law it Law , ul
The linn were old lawyers , with a
lucrative practice , and it had been
talked over that in about a month 1
waa to become the "Co. " of the linn.
A year before , an old farmer named
Preston , down about four miles from
Grafton , had died , and his matters luu
boon put into the hands of L'iw & Law
for settlement. Preston hud diet
lich. Ho had money in the bank ,
rail load stocks , mortgages , etc. , ant :
everything was settled up to the satis
faction of the relict and the fatherless.
About a year before his death , bnint ,
short for money and not wmhing It
sell anything at a sacrifice , Preston
had given a mortgage on his farm for
iiri,0)0. : ( ) Wliilo the papers read "ono
year from date , " there wan a vorba
agreement that it should be lifted of
any day when Preston desired , A
month after , when , having the money ,
ho desired to clear oil' the paper , the
old monoy-bags holding it ivtin-ed to
disgorge , wishing to svcutu his inter
est for a year ,
I was on my wnjr to ascurliiin the
date of expiration. A liiu among our
ollico papers had tleetioycd the memo
randa , and T must go down and gel
the date from old Scrip , who liven
smith of Gmfton about live miles.
The stranger had pumped all this out
of mo in ton minutes ; and yet T never
once suspected that ho was receiving
info Dilution ,
"I urn not positive , " I added , "hut
I am pretty surotho time ii the J.'Hh
which would bo Tuesday. "
"And then your folks will send
down the money and discharge the
mortgage , of course ? " lie inquired ,
"Oh , yes. I should most likely
bring it down , " I replied , and it novel
occurred to mo how imprudent I was.
He turned the conversation into
other channels , and did not once at
tempted to pump mo further. Wo got
to Grafton at half-past ton , and to my
fliirpriao ho announced that ho wuu to
stop in town onbtisinossforafowduyH.
I had not asked his mnno of vocation ,
whilu ho know everything about mo ,
Wo went to the hotel , had dinner ,
and then I secured : i livery team and
aroyo out , getting through with the
business so that I was back to take
the half-part two oxprcsi oust. I\Iy \
friend was on the porch of the hotel
as I drove up , carrying that name
hi in cut , digniiied face ,
"Well , did you lind out'he / in-
ipiirud in his pleasant way ,
"It's on the 1'ith , as I expected , " I
\ \ u had lunch together , and whun
wo shook hands and parted I hud IK.
more idea of seeing him iiguin than 1
have of knowing you , At parting ho
gave mo his raid. U wim a modest
piece of pu&tbourd , and bore the numu
of " ( juo. Haloigh" in script.
Everything at the ollico went on in
isirnl , and the ll'th came nt lonu'th.
Law & Law had atr.vnqed for mo to 150
Utwn with the money , and 1 lookiMl
upon it as n Imsimm of no special im
"Wo know you are all right , " re-
narked the senior partner , as 1 was
ibout to go ; "but \\unlto give you
word of warning , nevertheless.
Don't take any stranger * into your
confidence until you Imvo passed out
ho money , and look out who sits m t
0 jou. "
It was something new for him tn
caution me , nnd I c uld not but won-
iler at It ; but in the bustle of getting
nn board the train 1 forgot vlwt ho
said. Ordinary prudence hud induced
no to place the money , which \\us all
in b.\nk bills , and divided into tlnoo
packages , wheru the deft hand of a
pick-pocket could not roach it.
Interested in n newspaper , tuuo How
by as the train ( low west , and , at
length , the hoarse v'oico of the brakeman -
man warned mo that 1- had reached
Grafton. 1 hud leaped down and was
making my way to the livery stable
when 1 heard n familiar voice , and
looked up to aeo Haleigh , Ho was
se.vted in a buguy , and had , seem
ingly , waited for me to cotnu u | > .
"Don't express your surprisi' , " ho
began , as 1 stopped at the wheel. " 1
did intend to go away , but 1 changed
my mind , and 1 like this section so
well that 1 am goingout to-day to look
at u fmm , with a view of purchasing.
Conic , ride up to the hotel. "
Wo rode up , ordered u lunch , and
while wo were discussing it Jlr. Ual-
li ( Uncovered that the farm ho was
going to sco waa just beyond the
How fortunate ! T could ride out
with him sco the farm , and return in
Ins company , and ho would bo greatly
1 was also pleased. If anyone had
told me , 'as we got into the buggy , that
George Hulpigh meant to return with
my money in his pocket and my blood
upon his hands , I should have bcliev-
ud him a lunatic. And yet George
Raleigh had planned to do that very
Biimo thing.
It was a lovely day in Juno , and the
cool breeze and the sight of meadows
and green groves nmdo my heart grow
My companion was very talkative ,
but ho didn't even hint at my errand.
" 0 , oxciiao mo , " ho exclaimed ,
after wo had passed a milo or so bo-
yonil the village and were among the
farm-houses , "T should Imvo ollercd
you this before. "
Ho drew from his pocket a small
llask of wine and handed it to me.
Now , I was temperate in rcg.ird to
drinks. In fact , I detested the sight
and smell of any thing intoxicating ;
but I had not the moral coura o to
tell him so and hand back the flask
undisturbed. 1 feared to ollond him.
and so 1 drank , perhaps , three good
swallows. Ho called my attention to
the woods on the left , as ho received
back the llask , and when 1 looked
around again ho was just removing it
from his mouth , UK if he had drank
In about five minutes I began to
feel queer. The fences , along the
roucl ucenied to grow higher , and the
trees to grow larger ; something got
into my ours , so that the vattle of the
buu'gy Hounded a lonij way oil' .
"How strange ! why , 1 bolicvo I urn
going to bo sick ! " I exclaimed , hold
ing on to the seal with all my might.
"Von do look strange , " ho replied ,
a sickly Hinilo stealinu over Ins face.
" 1 shouldn't wonder if it was ape
plexy. "
I did not suspect the ho hud
played. His words were like an echo ,
and his face seeuied twice as lart'u as
it usually was. My head began to
snap and crack , and I was greatly
"You are badly oil' , " ho continued ,
looking into my fuco. "I will diivo
as fast as possible and get n doctor. "
My tongue was so heavy I could not
reply. I clutched the suut , shut my
eyes and ho put his hoiso at his best
pace. Wo mot a farmer's team , and I
can remember that ono of the occu
pants of the wagon called out to know
what ailed me. llalcigh did not re
ply , but urged the horse forward.
About three milts from Grafton was
a long stretch of forest , and this wo
soon reached. The pain in my head
was not so violent , and T was not so
badly affected with opening my oycs.
1 hud settled into u sort of dumb
stupor , with a brain so bonumhed
that 1 hud to say to myself , "this is u
tree , this is a stump , " etc. , before 1
conl'l inukosuro that I was not wrong.
Half a milo down the loud , after wo
struck the finest , and then Halcigh
turned thu horao into a blind roud
leading luck into the woods. I could
not understand uhut ho intended , J
tried to grapple with thoqtiostion , but
1 could not helve it.
"Well , hero wo are , " oxcluimod
Raleigh , when we had reached a point
forty rods from fcho road.
Ho stopped the hontt' , got out and
fastened him , and then c.nno around
to the whcol.
"Vou don't feel juet right , but 1
guess you will he better BOOH , " ho ro-
mirked ; "come , let mo help you
down. "
Ho reached up his arms , and I let
go of the seat and fell into them. It
Houmed to mo as if 1 weighed n ton ,
but ho carried mo along without an ef
fort and laid mo down within about a
rod of the fence which ran along on
ono side of an old pasture , .lust now
the effect of the drug was wearing off ,
and 1 began to fuel a little hotter , and
1 got u faint suspicion that something
unusual had happened , But I was
powerless tomovoulimb ; the sonsiition
was like that when your foot gou.j to
"Can you spcukf" inquired Haloigh ,
homliit' ; over mo , "because if yon
can , it will save mo some trouble. J
want to know where you have stowed
that monoy. "
Now I begun ( o reah/.o my situa
tion. His tuco looked natural again
and the loud was oil'my tonguo.
"Georgo Kuloigh ! are yon going to
rob mo' < " I asked finding my voice at
"Well , some folks might call it
robbing , but wo divxs up the term a
little by calling it the only correct
financial way of cqiiiili/ing , the float
ing cuirency , so that each ono is pro
vided for , and no ono left out , "
"Von shan't ha/o the '
/ money ; I'll
die lirat' ' " I yollcd rising a little ,
"Ah , I see- you didn't take quite
enough , " ho coolly remarked , "well ,
I linru provided for this. "
Ho wont to the buggy , procuml
ronus and a gag , and knelt down ho-
side mo. I had but little strength jut ,
and ho conquered mo in a moment.
Laying mo on my right side , looking
towards the fence , he lied my lmiul. ,
and then foioed u gag into my mouth.
"There , now , you sco you are nicely
fixed up , nnd all became you ucttd
like a fool , itiHto.xil of a sensible youi'ij
lawyer soon to bo admitted to the
lur. "
\Mrilo ho was spunking indeed
while ho was trying mo 1 had cuuuht
the sight nf the white fnco of n liltlo
girl looking at na between the rails of
the fonco. T could see her uroat blue
oyes. There were rod atnins around
her mouth and on thu little hand rest-
ini ; on the rails , and I know that she
was some farmer's duiU'htor soarohiiig
for sir\\berries. 1 could not wain her
of her danger , nnd 1 feared nho would
bo seen or heaul. While Ruloiuh was
tyinu the last knot , 1 winkud at the
j'irl as hard ns 1 could , hoping should *
\\ould see mo and move away. Hut
ho dip not go.
" \Vell \ , imiv for the money , " s.iid
R.tlciuh , and bo began searching my
pockets. Ho wont from ono to the
other , removing all the articles , and
finally passed his hand over my
bosom and discovered the monoy.
"Hu ! there it is ! " ho exclaimed ,
drawing out the packages , and he wns
eool enough to go at it and count out
the money. As ho commenced the
girl waved her hund to mo. My heart
wont thumping , for I i\\puctui1 ho
would utter a word or u shout ; but
oho punk down from sight , and 1
caught a glance of her frock as she
passed through thu grass.
"You BOO , my young friend , " re
marked Raleigh , us ho drew oll'oiw of
his boots and deposited some of the
bills in it , "there's nothing like
transacting business as it should be
transacted. Some men would Imvo
shot or stubbed you , but ita only the
apprentices who do such work. All
the gentlemen of our calling do busi
ness ns gentlemen should. "
He drew oil' the other boot and
placed some tiftio * and twenties in it
and then continued :
" 1 have it nil planned hou to deal
\vith you ns soon as 1 get this money
disposed of around my purson. 'l
shall lay you on your back and pour
the balance of this wino down your
throat. There's enough of it to make
you sleep till to.morrow night , and by
that time I shall bo hundreds ot miles
away. As soon as 1 see that the drug
has taken effect I shall untie your
bunds and remove the gag. When
you oomu out of jour sleep if you
over do you hud bettor crawl out to
the road , where jou will bo most
likely to meet with some traveler. I
want to use the horse and buggy ,
olhorw su I would leave tht > m for you.1'
How coolly ho tulked ! llo treated
the matter as if it wns a legulur busi
ness transaction in which I fully no-
qiiicHced. lie had mo a fast prisuior ,
and 1 felt that ho could do just as he
p'eaned ' While I was thinking , 1 Raw
the little white fuco appear between
the pails twain , but in a niomont it
faded away and its pluce Hits taken by
the sunburned phiof u fanner. Ho
looked florn mo to Raleigh and uack
ngain , and 1 winked to him in a wiy
which ho readily understood. UIH
face disappeared , and 1 felt that I
should bo saved.
"No , old Script won't get his tin
to-day , " mused Raleigh , storing away
UK : bills in his pockets. "You will
no back to Law \ Law , fooling put
out and cut up. But they tilioultln't
blame yon it is not your way at , all.
Trim , hud you minded your business
oil the curs and had not boon so frco
with a stranger , this would not have
happened. 1 was on mj' wnj1 to Mil-
waukuo , and hud no thought of such
rich pickings hero. "
"Now , in just about a minute we'll
bo through with this biisinens , " ho remarked -
marked , trying to put the month of
the flask between my jaws.
1 rolled my head to one side and ho
did not succeed. Ho was junmiint.
the flask "ag.iinst my teeth , when 1
caught sound of a sott stop , the crash
of a club , and Raleigh rolled oil * my
body. Ho tried to leap tip , but throe
or four farmers struck him down , and
ono of the blows rendered him sense-
los" . JJoforo ho came to 1 was free of
ropes and gug , and wo hud him nicely
Over beyond the pasluio a farmer
and his humls were raking up hay.
"Littlo blue oj'cn , " only 8 years old ,
hud wandered oil'ufter strawberries ,
and had fortunately witnessed part of
Raleigh's proceedings. She had hur
ried buck to her father nnd told him
that "a man was all tied up there , "
and ho hud returned to thu fence
I'nderHtanding the situation , ho and
his men hud moved around so UH to
secure an advantage. Raleigh's cup-
turo was the result.
U'lu.'n the r.iHcal found his RoiiHcsho
was tenibly taken bad ; , and ho cursor ]
enough for a whole Klundont army.
Wo took him back to Grafton , and
when I hist miw him ho was on his
way to the puniiunti.'uy tic MIITO a
suntcncuof fifteen yeais ,
The mortgage was lifted , aftur all ,
and ( ho gift that Law A Law Rent to
little Katie Gray kept her in druitseti
for many a year.
To PnnoiiM Aliout tn Marry
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