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The Season of Gayety Already
Well Under Way ,
Social Partioe Thanksfjiviug1
Dinners New Year's
Calls ! , Etc.
Theatrical.Personal anil Mntrhun-
nlnl Noted of the Wooh-
C rrc ) Xmtencc ol The Hto.
LtNioi.x , Nub , , December 1. Lin
coln promises to bo very gay this win
ter , and he society people nro. antici
pating many pleasant tunes in the
coming months. Hardly an evening
passes without some social event in
which somebody's homo is made the
rendezvous for joyous hearts nnd smil
ing faces , who pass a few hours in
social talk and dance. On the
evening of November1 20 Miss
Clove Limb nnd Miss 1'nnnio
Metcalf received their friends to the
number of forty couples or moro nnd
everybody unites in saying a more enjoyable
joyable atl'nir was never hold in the
city. Among the visitors present were
Miss Mamie Lake nnd Mr. Paul llor-
bach , of Omaha , Miss Vansycle , ot
Newton , Now Jersey , and Miss Mans
field , of I'eoria , Ills. A very notable
feature of the evening was thu num
ber of elegant costumes of the ladies ,
among the number being three bridal
Another noticeable party of the
week was one given by Miss S. lloutx
on D nud 21st streets. A number
wore present nud passed n most de
lightful oAcning.
The party given by tlio Pleasant
Hours club on evening
was the most enjoyable ono of the
season ; about thirty couples were
present and a moro congenial company
would bp difficult to find. Their next
dance will be held on the 8th , which
is to bo followed by a "German"
during the holidays.
The ladies are making quite exten
sive preparations for receiving New
Year's in making up their parties to
receive and arranging decorations for
their rooms. The young men , on the
other hand , are making up their sets
and ordering cards.
Thanksgiving Day was well cele
brated in Lincoln this year. Many
pleasant parties wore formed for de
molishing turkey , both at private
homes and hotels. Services were hold
at all the churches , whore food of a
different nature dealt out.
Prof. Piniioy , of Omaha , is meet
ing with splendid success with his
dancing school here , and everybody
speaks of his teaching in tlio highest )
terms. His dance , given at thu close
of the first half term , was attended by
the best people of Lincoln.
Clara Louise Kellogg has created
quite an excitement among theatre-
going people , who anxiously
await her coming ; already the
sale of tickets amounts to over
one thousand dollars and from appear
ances it will bo safe to predict her a
fifteen hundred dollar house.
Mrs. Ola Barnes , of Plattsmouth , is
visiting Miss Huttie Funko for a few
days. Misa flattie F. expects to
spend the holidays in Plattsmouth.
Miss Lu Ballard , of Hastings , Neb. ;
is in the city , the guests of Miss Cora
Miss Fannie Newman will receive
calls Now Year's day in Denver , and
Miss Eva O'Pelt , in Sioux City , lowu.
The wedding of Miss Ada Invin to
Hon. II. M. Atkin on , of Santa
Fo , New Mexico , on the 30th inst. ,
was ono of the most notable events
of the season. The bride has been n
resident of Lincoln for some years , n
valuable member of'Lincoln society , a
lady of unusual ability as was evinced
by her c.uecr in the university of
' which she is a graduate. The groom
\ is surveyor-general of New Mexico and
n ireiilleiuan of hit h social standing.
After u. short tour east they return to
Santa Fo , their fiitiuo home.
Prof , ilnrfz the magician has been
drawing crowded houses every night
this week. The presents work ad
mirably in drawing crowds and Oi cry-
body seems perfectly aa isfied with
the manner in which the drawing is
Notwithstanding the predictions
of many that tlio Herdics would not
prove a paying investment , Mr.
O'Pelt has found that his business
required two more and has added
them , thus accommodating many who
wore not by the previous arrange
Prof. Fnirbrotlier , who hasgiven such
general satisfaction as director of the
Philharmonic society for the past
year , tendered his resignation at the
last meeting of the club. Business
moro important requires his at
Miss Nellie Garrnns , while riding
with Mr. Charles Smith a few even-
inga since , was thrown from the car
riage and severely injured. Mr. Smith
was uninjured.
A number of state officers , including
the governor , attorney general , audi
tor and treasurer , have moved into
their quarters in the new wing of thu
capital and aru ready for business. It
is a decided improvement over the
"old nrk. "
The Lincoln telephone exchange ,
under the management of Mr. Blou-
doll , 1ms been thoroughly refitted and
compares favorably with any ollico in
the west.
The V. M. 0. A. of Lincoln have a
line suite of four rooms , which nro
finely fitted up , thus furnishing an
excellent place for the young men of
the city to drop in and pass n few
pleasant liours and perhaps receive
advice that will aid them in their
every day life. Dr. B. L. Pnino is
president of the association , and , be
ing very popular amoii' , ' the young
men of the city , aids it very mate
rially !
! Duuoitiu ; u Hoaltbl'ul Exorcise ?
tiew Vorl Hi-Mid ,
A reader of The Herald writes to
complain that a sermon preached last
Sunday upon dancing was contrary to
fact , in that it pronounced dancing an
nnhealthful amusement. Under cer
tain conditions dancing iu undoubtedly
a healthful exercise ; but if the preach
er's remarks were based upon obser
vations made in Now York they wore
in the main correct. Moat dnncini ,
in this city is done in hut , crowded
unventiliUcd pnrlors , and by ven
young people. The waltz , which has
moro adherents than nil other dunces
combined , i.s tlio usual stop , nnd the
hours are extended far beyond tin
proper time for retiring. 'None o
thejo conditions nro conducive ti
health. Any exercise in bad nir in ox
hnnstivc , and so is the custom of re
maining awake during hours Urn
should bo devoted to sleep. As foi
the waits : , there arc but few fathers
and mothers who consider it a health
ful ine.ins of exercise for their d night-
ers through n lorn ? evening. Then
was a time in the social liistory ol
New Yolk when dancing consisted
more of graceful movements and in
terchange of courtesies than of miscel
laneous embtacing. Although the city
was not moro than a quarter as large
as it is now , there \u ro a score 01
moro of large halls or rooms , with
high ceilings end plenty of windows ,
in which select balls ami dancing par-
tics wore enjoyed by old and young ,
the most graceful dancing being gen
erally done by the older people. Such
dancing is as healthful as any exorcise
that can bo taken in n laix'e city , nnd
it is greatly to bo regretted that it
has ' , ' < mo out of fashion.
Kowtko Pyrotechnics fir "Grand
Dtsi > lny."i\ro Mitdo-
A firework factory is not a very im >
[ losing establishment to look nt. Tt
can not very well bo so. It is neces
sary to have almost as many work
shops ns there nro various processes
in the manufacture , and the law re
quires that only a certain amount of
explosive material shall bo accumu
lated in each shop ; that only u certain
number of lint ils shall bo employed
in it ; that the center of each shop shall
bo at least twenty-five yards from the
center of any other shop , nnd tlmt
finished fireworks shall bo stored in
quantities strictly limited and clearly
specified in magazines sunk in the
ground nt least fifty yards from any
jthor magazine or workshop. A largo
lirework factory , therefore , has the
ippearanco of n rather queer looking
little industrial village , the open spaces
of which may perhaps bo piled up with
debris of one sort and another , while
some of the roadways about it are
fringed with a display of iron mortars ,
which , to anyoi'o who should chance
to come upon the place without any
knowledge of its character , might very
probably , suggest the idea that the
licaps of broken frames , rocket-sticks ,
barrels , etc. , were the outcome of n
recent bombardment.
It is not altogether an inviting in-
closure for a stranger to make his way
into. There is a big notice of ' 'Bang
er" in capital letters near the entrance
ind all sorts of notices of pains and
iiennlties and warniug to trespassers.
There 'are some fifty workshops and
magazines dotted over about twenty-
one acres of grass land , and the rules
and regulations posted up hero and
.horo about the place convey the idea
quite an erroneous one , no doubt ,
; hat n general blow-up may bo ex
pected at any moment. Every work-
ihop is floored with kamptulicon and
illed with paper. Not u scrap of iron
is employed in their structure all
nails , etc. , being of copper. The people
ple employed in them are compelled
: o wear "over-all boots made specially
'or the purpose without nails , nnd gar
ments of woolen , all pockets' in which
ucifcrs and other contraband articles
night bo brougnt into the place being
strictly forbidden. To insure that this
> rohibition is adhered to , every peraon
s searched before commencing work.
If it is necessary , as it sometimes is at
> usy times , to carry on work after
dark , each workshop must bo lighted
> y a gas-lamp shining through the
vindow from the outside. These reg
dations apply , of course , only to such
jf the woikshops as are devoted to
hat part of the business involving the
iso of explosive subst.uices. One or
wo of the largest buildings are de-
otcd to the manufacture of the ci'us : ,
ind a very pretty manufacture it is to
\ateh. The most interesting feature
uf it , perhaps , i.s the making of cases
) f shells those pyrotechnic oddities
hat spiing into thu air with a bang ,
; o whaling up with n lighted fuse just
ike the bombshell of war , and then
) urst into sta's or cjolJun vain'fioiy
ishcs , or innumerable snakes , Tim
cases are made of brown paper , each
joing formed by neatly hitting togeth
er two hollow hemispheres. To make
hcso hemispheres a boy sits with a
ittlo marble mold before him , and
) astrs in layer after layer of brown
> apcr , just as a cook puts into a basin
he crust of a meat pudding. When
.wo . such hemispheres are dry and
i rd they are neatly trimmed round
vith a lathe and glued together , so as
o form u globe , in which n hole is
oft open for the charge and fuse by
vhich it is to bo ignited. Thesosholls
uro usually discharged fr.un an iron
nortar , just as thn deadly missiles of
war nro thrown. It hao boon found
iracticablo , however , to make paper
nortnrs of sullicient strength to throw
up shells of moduruto size very eil'ect-
voly. The largest of these shells nro
welvu inches in diameter , and areas
soifectly fphorical nnd look to bo ns
lard as common balls.
A visitor to one of these caRc-mak-
ng sheds , in which a good fire may
) o roaring in an open tiro-place , will
lerhaps be rather startled to notice a
lumber of barrels and jars , which ho
, vill bo apt to assume nro filled with
firework-making materials of an ex-
) losivo character , Of com so , they are
lot of this clmrnctcr , or they would
tot be in n building with a fire in it.
rheso receptacles represent the most
modern developments of the pyrotech
nic art. Just take u dip into this bar
rel and bring out n little of its contentH
on the top of u pocket-knifo , and hold
it in the dark part of that gas flame.
It is nisonito of copper ana mil ammo
niac and instantly the broad light of
noon-day is overpowered with u blue
ularo that would have fairly astounded
Friar Bacon , or the heathen Chinee ,
or John Babington , or any other artist
in fire or ancient days.Vo make another -
other dive and bring out a little chlo
rate of baryta , nml a dux./.Iing outburst
of grcon is Uio result when placed in
the tl line. Hero is n barrel of sal am
moniac , which is a. nibined with color
giving substances to give depth and
intensity. Another receptacle holds
chlorate of potash , a uourco of oxygen
gas , without n good supply of which
neither fireworks nor those for whose
enjoyment they aru made nan bo ex
pected to bo very bright. Sorno of
the coloring substances arc very peril
DUB. If , fur instance , n little of n
compound of nit rat o of stroutia and
sulphor nud potash tlio source of the
moat vivid rod color knmvn to chem
ists if n little of this should bo loft
nftor ix display at the Crystal Palace ,
it is always either fired or buried. Tt
is too dangerous to attempt to store ,
All this branch of pyroteclmy is of
quite recent development. Forty or
fifty years ago colored liroworks wore
unkmnui , or nearly so.
Perhaps the most delicate and in
teresting fo.Uuro of modem firowoik
making is the charging of Uonun
candles these colored balls which nro
pulled out softly into the nir ono nfto
the other without any report , am
which nro nlways recognised ns sitcl
it pretty feature r f the Sydcnham dis
plays. The public li' ' o to set ? these
tialis thrown out with exactly nn equa
force , so us to piny juot within the
same sphere. 11 order t1 s cure this
very careful adjustment is necessary.
The liery bulls of color nro little lumps
of composition filled into the case ,
nnd separated from each other by
layer of "dark lire , " a liltlo charge of
gunpowder being just uiideriieatheaeh.
It is this little charge of powder whieh
blows them into the air , nnd if all the
charges were alike , every ball would
bo thrown out n little further than its
predecessor , boc use thu deeper down
in the case nn explosion takes place
the moro violent it ia , the resistance
being greater. To obviate this , the
charge of powder is niinlo to increase
as the tube is tilled tip. The workman
who tills u Uoman candle therefore
has before him u series of little scoops
of ditlerent sixes for measuring the
powder , nnd uses them in succes
sion , the sumllost bning used for the
firat b.ill at the month of the tube.
The "dark tiro" ia n composition which
only smothers , and which , therefore ,
does not burn down to a second ball
until the first has performed its grace
ful progress through the nir. Of nil
fireworks the rocket is perhaps the
most beautiful , and is certainly the
meal curious in its structure. Some
of the best of them nre said to riu tea
a height of mure than n third of n
mile , nnd this ntnimtm power of light
is secured by running in very tightly
into the rocket-cose n composition
which burns fiercely , and generates
gas vary rnpidly when once lighted ,
but which has only n very small vent
for its fury nt the lower end of the
case. The gas generated inside rushes
out with such violence against the air
outside that the rocket is driven up
ward by it , the tail of the coiuot con <
sisting of the sparks of the fire burn
ing within. Uockot-nmking , of course ,
forms n largo part of the work of nny
firework factory. Inonoshed thocnaos
are being made ; hi another building
sticks nro > oing split up and rounded
at the1 head so an to lit into the rocket-
case. In n third all Rorts of curious
burdens nro being prepared for the
liory messengers whoso heads are hoi-
bw chambers capable of holding "tail
stars , " comets , colored stars , golden
rain , floating lightp , nnd n scuro of
other surprises when the rocket can
rise no higher. These floating lights ,
by the way , are well worth a passing
notice. They are produced by little
tubes of color borne aloft by a small
silken parachute , which , together with
the tube , is skillfully packed into the
hend of the rocket. The largest shed
on the grounds is that in which the
famous set pieces of the Crystal Palace -
ace are prepared. This shed is eighty
feet loni ; by forty feet wide. On the
lloor of this a largo frnmo is laid down
the design is marked out in chalk ,
then made in lath and cane , and upon
the laths .ind cuiies "lances" or little
lights are fixed by moans of nails with
out heads , the whole being interlaced
with "quick match , " of which it is
said that before now four miles have
boon used in a single display. Lon
don News.
One of the most rcmnrknbie features
> f uncivilized lifo is the power aavages
show of tr.icking men and bcastH over
iiiiueiiHO distances. Many tr.ivelois
have spoken of this as something al
most miraculous , yet it is only the re
sult of careful observation of certain
well-known signs ; and wo have here
before us a collection of very cominon-
Bcnse hints on the subject. In coun
ties hko ours every trace of foot-print
or wheel-track on roads or putlis it
HDon obliterated or hnpolt'Bily con
fused ; but it is otherwise in the wild-
crnchs , where neither man nor beast
can hia truck. In CaflVelanil ,
when cattle are stolen , if llioir foot
prints nro traced to a village , tlio head
man is responsible for them , unless
ho can show the sumo track going out.
A wagon _ track in a new country is
practically indelible. "Moro especial
ly , " aay the authors of the "Shifts and
KxpedientH of Camp Life , " " is this
the case if a lire sweeps over the plain
immediately after , or if the wngon
passes during oraftorsiprairiofire. Wo
have known a fellow-traveler recog-
ni/.o in this manner the trucks his
wagon had made seven years before ,
the lines of charred stumps crushed
short down remaining to indicate the
passage of the wheels , though nil
other impressions had been obliter
ated by the rank annual growth of
grass fully 12 foot high Sonjetiincfl
the original soil being disturbed , u
now vegetation will spring tip along
the wagon track , and thus mark out
the road for milcH.
Even on hard rock a mini's bare
foot will leave the dust caked togeth
er by j > rospirntion , so tlmt a practiced
eye will nee it ; and even if there is no
track , u stone will bo disturbed here
mid there , the side of the pebble
which ban lain next to the ground
being turned up , If it it still damp ,
the man or beast that turned it has
panned very recently , If a shower of
rain has fallen , the track will tell
whether it was made before , during
or after the shower ; similar indica
tions can be obtained from the dew ;
and other indication ! ! of the time thai
has elapsed since a man passed by it
tnrnJHhed by the state of the crushed
grass , which will bo moro or lens
withered as the time is longer or
shorter.- Other indications are drawn
from the direction in which the grass
lies ; this tells how the wind wau blow ,
ing at the time the grass was crushed ;
and by noting previous to the wind ,
ono learns the tune at which each part
of the track was made.
Four on Oil. "
L. 1 , Follctt , Marlon , O , status Umt lie
him imod TllouAH'Ka.EOTHie Oil , ( or burn *
luid ha * fi.uuii nothing to equal it In tooth-
! * * * * MMlgir.ngrtlUf , od-lw
Ill llotn Of X'
. . . . . . . . . . . .
lloMtltci'ii Siotnnrh llltlir l rn milch . , .
nn lumvlioM iui n ltj ns Mior or r > lli" Tlu <
rrnvin of till * U tint M\IH of r\ | > rrk'tnhi r
) > rmoil It to l' | iari' t , \ rrllnMu In tlio r tx < iot
rimreoiicN hcron vr iiiit | nnd roinonlrnt run
< il\ li ileinaiitlril. ( 'oiHilp tluliVT \ \ mm ) ' i nt ,
il\ , < | ic | > Kln , IntllKr tloii niul olh r troul > ' < < , u
\r > r oino hv 11
For * 'c b > H DniKRl'Uriml Dralrrn , ( > wloui
ni'l'lj for llmtrttrr'4 Aliuonn forlS1 * " .
Tarrant'a Seltzer Aporiout
Mnj property liornljeil ihe "HrrciiloV'o ! ineill-
elm1 , tor It clmm Nnturu'M aucptn sttlm-i , nml
illoMNthn ivciiionitl\u | ) > o crn ol UIUHIMCIII to
In the MOik ol ri'Morattun to lnuU'i. No lunli
due ( tire ; Nnturo tUono em'Oil Aivrlrnt
opens tlio | > roier suinnd , thu limitICIMHIC | nr
ultteil to re-tuinu their work , nml tlio mtieiit
CiU well.
801.1) UY ALL UltllGC.ISTS
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No Changing Cars
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The Short Line via. Peoria
VII.LK , niul nil inilnU In tlio
f3 oxrrr23c- :
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IIIIH , Wyoming , I'Uh , Idaho , Niivaila , ( Illornla ,
Oregon , \VnHliliiuton Territory , Colorado , Arizona
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, Chicago IJIdcairo.
1880. SKORTJJNE. 1880.
St , Joe & Council Bluffs
Direct Line to ST. LOUIS
Prom Otnahaand the West.
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road , via Ht. Jo oph and Ht. I/ouls.
TltkcU for bale at all couiion utatlons In the
Went. J. K. IIAItNAHU ,
A ( J. DAWKH , ( Int. H'lpt. , Ht. JorMiiili , Mc |
Ota , I'm * , and Tliki-t Axt. , Ht. Jo o ] > ) i , Mo.
I AM > r II'JKLKN , TUkct Audit ,
1020 Karnham ( trcel.
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Azle Grease
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nun.CLARK & WISE , Manuf's ,
OOG Illlnolt Street , Chicago
Clarkson & Hunt ,
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\'icago ' ! .mil . ll of Iho Principal Points In Ihc West , North and Northwest ,
htvtiiilj o airmt > jlils Vnp. Tlio Prlnoliinl ( 'Itl nf tlir Wrunmt N' .vo SlMlon.i
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The Imperial Palace Dining Cars.
Jtcmeinltcr to nsk for Tickets via tliU sure tlioy rend over It.nml take nnno otlioi- .
MAUYIX llfUUITT , Gcn'l Mimaccr , ClilcaKO.V. . II. STKXNKTT , Ueii'l Pass. Apont , tikleag'
HAIIUY 1' . DUEL. Ticket Airont.O. A N. W. IUII i\y. Uthitml Punhfttn itrocta.
n , K. KIMI1AI , ! , , A"UUnt Ticket Au'ont U. A N. W. lUllway , Hth nJ K rnh m alreell !
J. 1IKI.I , . Ticket A ont U. A N. W. Hallway , U. I1. H. 11. lloiwl.
t'l.AHK Cli-nnrol Ayont
Manufacturing Company ,
Finest Silver Plated Spoons and Fork
The only midf ! Uioiml pinto tlmt
original firm of I
is giving for in-
Hog urn Bros.
stnnco a ainglo
All ou > Spoons ,
F o r k a and plated Spoon a
Knives plated triple thioknoHs
with the greatest
plato only on
of cnro. Each
the Boctio s
lot being hung
on a Bcalo while where expo d
being plated , to to wear , thereby
iimuro n full deposit
making n single
posit offlUvoroK
plated Spoon
them.Wo wear as long asa
Wo would call
a triple plated
ospeciul attention
tion to our SL'o-
Rival. Orient. Tinned.
All Ordcmln the Went nhoiiMhcAddrct ] cd to
Wholesale Jeweler ,
jOMAHA - - - - NEB ,
, _ _ _ _ _
Special Attention
Is Once More Called to the Fact that
Rank foremost in the West in Asso rtment and
Prices of
Furnishing Goods
Hats and Caps.
We uro'pnipnred to moot the domandn of the tnido in regard to Latest Stylet
and Patterns. Fine Merchant Tailoring in Connection t
1301-1303 Farnham and 300 to 312 13th St
Jdu Diuauii , Ohost Pains , fiioumonia ,
Blood Spitting , Oohls and Glrills , Phloglim in the Throat
BreathloBBiioBB. OattarrliB , Pains in the Sides ,
Broncliitis , Croup , Pleurisy ,
JJrioniitim ll.BiiItii Utliu LAIUJKST INSTITUTIOXINTllK WOULD of which
thu nl j ct IK thu iiviitmuiit of IUN < ! AND OUHVJ1 D1HKASKH. It Medical Stu
cdiiMhU nf tint MOST K.MINK.NT I'll VSICMANS In London , to whnin wo < iwo this
thu MOST .SrCOKSHFULUKMHUVOKTIlK ACK. In the J5rltlnh Metropolis
ulnnu It hus uiri-ulud imiiu limn IMH,000 ( ) UlMtKK , ad in the trying Winter of 1880 U
credltc < l with lm\inn HAVKU ll UNJUKIjJ OlLl VKS.
Send for Sample Dottle , 35 centt ,
Obtainable only ( in IJottlen § 1.00 jvud COo each ) , from
Poit-omce Uox 002 , DorU-tJ 8. W , Plerca and 20th