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'Jho ' Fnthoi1 of the Liquor Law
Corralled by n "Boo"
Reporter ,
And Induced to Say Something
Interesting Concerning the
S atuto.
\Vknt HoThiiikft of Col WntsouB.
Smith's Mnrdor-/
Hon. 0. U. Slocinnb , of Fairbury ,
thu framur and father of thu so-called
Blocumb liquor law , was found nl the
MotropolitaiihotoljiRterday , M hero ho
is plopping while in attendance upon
United States court. Mr. Slociimb is
looking quite ht'.irty and very kindly
gave thu questioner munu opinions
And statement' ' ! concerning the present
Mid future outlook for the statute
which boars his natiu > .
Aftcrafuw unimportant questions
ho w.-n asked , "What is thu present
condition of affairs throughout the
fltato , from your standpoint , regard
ing the siicucta of the law ? "
"Well , " said Mr. Slocinnb , "thatis
,1 pretty broad question to answer.
Still , biicily , I think that the success
of the enforcement of the law is as
sured. The bettor class of liquor
men throughout the state aru desirous
of complying with its regulations , und
in many places they are doing so. "
"How is it in Omaha. "
"Well , J think that htro thu bolter
of liquor men nro anxious and
willing to obey the law. Hut , you
have IIITO this trouble , 0.1 you well
kuow , to contend with nnd that is ,
lliat a largo number of thu saloonkeepers -
keepers have no capital or properly
and depend entirely on their daily
profits for n livelihood. These moii
know that they are shut out by tin
proYinions of thu statute and consequently
quently are bitter against ita onfoieo-
jnont. "
"What is your opinion of the wis
dom of the action ot the city council ? "
"Tho city council Imvo taken us
many steps , perhaps , as they could
coiiBiati'iiily. They probably look at
this thing from the eqnily side of it ,
nnd 1 Ihuik thoriis MJIK < jnsfico in
fliLs , niy olf. Xmx of ihi-
t rouj-hont the state have oll'ered the
Aon , who took out licenses previous
to the decision by the supreme court
upon the eonslibitionality of the htw ,
to deduct the amount thus paid from
the $1,000 deiuiuded under the
prortont statute. ' 1'ho majority of de
cisions in other stales are
to the ellect that parties ] iro-
curing licoimea do HO tmbjoct
to whatever future legislation may he
unacted. Still there are fun no decis
ions contrary to this , which contend
that the holder of n license should bo
' ozempt from now legialution until his
Hoonno oxpirea. I think , however ,
that the Dupremo court of this stale
will invariably follow the first ruling.
Certainly the men who renewed old
lioonao * flfter the prusant law Locarno
in fgra iayo no 0CU80 , for they were
mioroby defying the statutes ol tliu
tato. "
' Which do you consider befit , the
gradual or immediate enforcement of
the lawl"
In moat radical changes gradual
adoption secures the beat results. I
am therefore Bntisflod with the scorn-
inijly alow enforcement of this law.
The object of the statute ia in nowise
prohibition , because 1 do not believe
that possible. It ia to put the liquor
business entirely into the hands of the
more respectable dealers , if that bo
poaaiblo , "and to close up the "dives"
irhich infest Omaha and many other
smaller places.
"It baa boon claimed , Mr. Slocumb ,
that Judge Maxwell and others in
judicial station in the state were
really the trainers of this statute
which boars your name. What i
Uioro in this rumor ? "
"Absolutely nothing. I was chair
man of the committee to which in
1670 nn imperfect license bill was re
ferred. The committee framed the
present law substantially , and reported
it aw a substitute. In the house some
amendments were made and the bill
passed. AH you know , it died in
thu senate , through filibustering.
Last year I introduced thu earno
bill , in almost the exact form
in which it passed the previous
house It became a law , and
under the circumstances , I don't BOO
how the supreme court could have
taken any other action than it did.
No one , except the members of the
committee , had anything to do with
the framing of the bill. "
"I suppose you were deeply shocked
by the death of Colonel Smith. "
"I was , indeed , I had known of
throats being made against him , 111
they woio also made against me , but
I did not consider them of any im >
port. "
"Then you think it a murder ? "
"I most certainly do. Thu theory
of accident wont hold water. Ho was
foully and detestably assassinated. "
"How far do you consider thu
liquor men responsible for thu mur
der ? "
"I don't consider the liquor nu'ii as
a whole at all responsible for it. In
fact , I am hopeful that Investiga
tion of the case will develop
some other re.uon for the crime than
that attributed to the liquor excite
h J ment. I hold that Col. Smith , in ac
tively insisting on thu enforcement of
thu law , was carrying out the part of
I4 a good citiison. Hut ] hesitate to say
that ho died a martyr to the cause , for
the reason that I do not think the hot *
tor and larger element of liquor deal-
era would have given even tacit con-
out to the commission of such a
crime. As I said before , 1 am hopeful
that further investigation may discover
| l another motive for the assassination.
: At the same time , however , I am very
i anxious that the real criminals be dis-
coTored and punished summarily. "
"What do you think of the future
of the liquor statute ? "
"I think it will be enforced next
year as generally and completely as
any license law can bo enforced. T lie
next legislature will not repeal -
peal or cripple it , in my
( opinion , but will rather strengthen
vf otilod i
some of its weak points an.l
further for its enforcement. "
"Will jou ben o.uidtdato for re
election ? "
"No , * ir. T am not n third-termer.
1 opposed the re-nomination of ( Jrniit
on that ground , and in'otul to bo as
consistent in 1113' humble personal ac
tion * as I would -wish others to be. "
Wishing Mr. SloiMimb a good day
andn ] iloasnnt trip holm1 , thu re
porter witidrow.
NolitLlior nnd Rival MllHonatrcn
Vow lorkSwi.
Hy the way , your folks should
know something about that Webster
\\agnur nd'air. I think n recital tif
the thing would give Now Yorkers n
better idea of what the ring
m the smiftto u-.illy is than thuy havu
nmv. This WnguCf 1 used to know
when hu was n aution agent at Pala-
line bridge , thirty odd yeais ago. liu
was a stuady-gomg , mow , Mohawk
vahuy Dutchman , of whum no onu ux-
" nilthing. Well , out of his
dull brain mining the idea
of berths in a car. He invented a
sleeper , and , unlike the run of in-
vuntota , undo millions out of his in
vention. Ho got thu political fuvcr ,
and bought an election to thu assum *
bly ten yearn ngo from Mont
gomery county , then an old Dutch
nlrongliuld of Democracy. Next year
ho got a senate nomination nnd was
uieulud , JIo hai sat ill the senate
uversinco , All thu while hu lias been
accumulating millions , has built a
magnificent palace < > f a huusu , puts
huur on tap for his tenants , and plays
thu feudal baron as Sir William .John-
ion did in that neighborhood n cen
tury nnd over ago , liu has onu
.rouble ; John II. Stnrin , up in Fill-
.on , the nuxt county , also has his mil-
ions and u mudiiuval temperament ,
ind ho wants to play feudal baron ,
.00 , Now , there isn't room for two
jarons ia thu same district. A m-
dry has been growing up between
beau two bullion lords for years ,
'eople luvebeun watching itand wait-
ng with cotton in their cats tor the ux-
ilosion. It looked a month ago us if
hu timu for it had about arrived.
Hu in is a stalwart , nndVagnur U n
nilf-breed. Starin thinks that if i
iVngncr had gonu in for him in 187 ! ) 1
lu could have buun nominated at SarI I
toga instead of Cornell. Well , this i
ear btarin gave thu wink to the demil
era In that if thuy would name a good
lan for senator ngiiinst WatjnoT he
otild seu to it that hu was elected , j
hu democrats went and put up a
, wyer named Billiard in Saratoga
lunty , knowing that hu would dii-
inu. Hu did decline. Then they
ropusod to let the thing go by < lu-
ult. But Statin stirred somu ot
loin up to nominating his neighbor , v
dwartl VVemplu , of Fultonvillo , one.c
thu finest men in the dis- j ,
ict. A committee asked Wornc
u if hu would accept , and hu said ,
Vus. " Then thuy called thu district
invention kyuthor. The couvon-
jn decided -or a majority did not
i nominate any one and broke up in
row. Dr. L. M. Arnold , of Ams-
rdam was subsequently nominated
a slump democrat and will gut
me votes not many. The whole
immietion revealed this : Wobiter
'agner has no debauched that d is
let that it is thu rottoncst borough
the United States. He has a mort-
, go on thu souls of about ana-half
x voters of the district. He ia not
ily ablu to get six consecutive notn
ations for the scnatu from his own
irty , with nil thu decent republican
ipors in thu state crying out lu/ainst
, but lie is ablu to control the demo-
atie organization , too , and prevent
i nominating a man , oven wheu that
an'a election wus pledged by out-
jers. Now Yorkuis thinks Aster's ,
strict is rotten. Tell 'em about
The Iinrgost Prison in Europe.
The house of detention which has
ist buun opened in Berlin , and to
hich all thu prisoners , male and
itntilo , who uro awaiting trial have
uen removed , is the largest prison in
luropc. There aru aix diliuront
uildings , the men's prison being four
Lories high , with 73'2 single cells ,
jveval largu rooms , holding in all l'J5
risoners , 40 rooms for the wardens ,
ml sleeping accommodations for 118
thur employes. Each of the culls has
window ten feet high , and an arched
ouf ; the furniture , consisting of a
led and a stool fixed to the wall , and
. washing apparatus There are also
n electric boll , a cupboard , a closet
nd a gas-burner placed above a
mall table. Thu prisoners can ,
F thuy ploaao , road or write
11 nignt long On thu ground lloor
ru twenty-six culls for prisoners
ccuaud of murder , or known to bu-
eng to the criminal class , and in those
.ru plank bods. There nru half a
lozun culls underground for prisoners
* ho aru guilty of breach of discipline ,
md in the infirmary ring there are
line rooms for prisoners of good posi-
.ion in society , which are furnished
ivith somu appioaeh to luxury. There
ire also two or three suites of apart
ments reserved for puisous who nro
iwailing trial for political oll'onses ,
nnd who are to bu allowed io furnish
them for their own tastu. Thu kitchen ,
baths , and heating apparatus are allen
on the area lloor , and the interior of
the building , which is of iron , is so
constructed as to form a faigu hull in
thu center , which reaches up to thu
roof. There is a .tulephonu between
thu prison and thu Assize Court , HO
that prisoners can bo sent there with
out having to wait. Thu prison for
women contaiiuauventy single eellsand
fifteen largo dormitories , there being
accommodation for L'20 women alto
gethur. Tliodormitoriesaro | ) partition
oil oil' , so that each occupant can bu
placed under lock and key for the
night , and thuru are three or four largo
work-rooms in which prisoners will bu
employed in thu daytime , under thu
surveillance of female wardens , As in
thu men's prison , there ia a spacious
exercise-ground nnd separate chapel.
As a rule wo do not recommend
patent medicines , but when wu know
of onu that really is n public benefac
tor , and does positively cure , then wu
contiidur it our duty to Impart that in
formation to all. Electric bitten are
truly a most valuable medicine , mid
will surely cure Billionsness , Fever
und Ague , Stomach , Liver ami Lulney
complaints , even where all others rem
edies fail , Wo know whereof wu
speak , and can freely recommend to
all. [ Ex. Sold tit GO cents a buttle ,
Inh & McMahon. (4) ( )
Stibstnntinl lJvidonco ! of Pros
perity ( very where
The Court Homo n nil School Hotmo
tinil Prcmlutos.
Corrc jj > oti'Jcn ' i ot Tun Ult ,
OrifBUU , Neb. , Nnveinbor 20.
Sometime * there is not space enough
in the brief limits of n correspondent's
article to tell of thu good thina * in
and around n hvo town , and then
agnin wu find half n column n gicat
sullieieiicy , but if I were to paint the
tlark sitlo I could , in somu C.IKO.I , write
a small volnmi ? . However , it is not
my province l hold uj > deformities or
unveil the Hkuletons that I find , butt
cover them with thuinantleof clmrily.
Soiuntiiiies yylien fr.nul or stiipitllty in
ligh places threatens loss or ruin to
the people , thun the correspondent
nay write the wlrilo truth.
With this for a preface f ntn nudy
o sketch Osceola briefly , for tny
imitH are contracted , A magnificent
juilrling is now being erected over
ho iiahu ? of Osccoln'n court house ,
uul tlr last estate of thu Polk comity
vpitol'-'fill bufar hotter than thetirst.
\ school house is also towerini ; sky
ward that will greatly ucM in thu arch
itectural appeiiranco nf this little city.
Doth of these buildiugs are of bride ,
ivith stone trirnminga , and they aru
KIW up to th j second story , and the
ichool housa iw nearly finished. Tho1
jourt house ir worth n doxmi of our
Douglas county wat of justice , and
.lie Hchool building willabout i.-iatchthn
N'oitli Oiualiu Mchuol , Osooolais noted
or politicians with mjinu brain ? and a
vonderful ability for keeping on top
io matter how muiiy try to pit1 them
The majority of thrso politTciniiB
ion't lovu Till ! Ht with that urdunt
n'o wliich uhiir.tcSorl/c'j i ho new nhulu
ushund , but it is uj bu hoped that ,
uvcrthuless , the paper will aurvivoias
: a circulation throvn/h thu Osceola
ostoftice daily and weekly will < llv
unit kho ring organs * by u largu ina-
) rity.
Hero-K a niixiip nf religion , whisky ,
L P. , nllinncu , r 'publoanr vruonback
ith a little democracy setting to the
lleligion , ia nonr as Ibnn ascertain ,
'as the f > rincipal issue r/wr vhich thu
iiik'Hiau's ' fought in tint latirstrugvlu
i which hidupuudcnt' cnoulidatcs
iptnred the tifices for which' they ran.
Polk comity is square , antii-tnonop-
ly , and 301110 day she will dc'inon-
rattr that f.icfc to the satisfartLon u !
t'ory achoitior it > ibis anuyo achcin-
clear > r nent and victnrewjrio : Jt is
mwing and nodiyubt it will ith time
sit rid of its .hm.ilts nnd develop into
little city second to none hi. Gcsilral
The grocury store of L A. B' Wzer
iathu place wherul got nearly bait
E the subscription cash I rccaivotl in
iftoeola , hence I hare reason tti think
liat Mr. lklta.'r ; ami his friends ro
jlid on thu anti moni > | Xly goose.
Mr. Kyle , a thoroughly live gentlo-
ion and learned in the law , assioted
10 in my work at Oaceola and did
lu beat man could do , and if Oacuola
aa not two or three columns it ia uo
mlt of his.
An excellent hotel , the Woods-
loiisu , has recently boon taltun by
Ir. W. P. Ellis
Sue ad ertising columns for busi-
ess directory.
Wnyno MnoVoagh'a Future.
blUilulpliln llcioril.
Attorney GonoralMacVeagh arrived
i this city yesterday , with the avowed
urposu ot remaining here , nnd not
stunning his place as a member of the
abinot again. Hu has requested
'resident Arthur to accept his ro ij-
latiou , but thu chief executive is not
atisfied that everything is nil right
oncoming the star route cases hence
m does not proposu to allow Mr. Mac-
fengh to luiwu thu administration iua
nrodicnmont. It is stated by these who
ire on the inside that BO far Mr.
MacYeagh has not been ablu to secure
.ustimony Kuflicient ° to warrant the bo-
io f that he cnuld 'lbtain ) a conviction
> f Brady , Dorsoy und the rest of the
Star Route puople. The I'rosidbnt ,
knowing this , proposes that after Mr.
MnqVeugh has prepared a cnseof his
, iwn he shall either have what benefit
there is to accrue to him from it orolso
lie shall take all thu blame of its fail
ure. This is thu present condition of
itlairs. The Attorney General is anx
ious to return to this city , the Stalwart
lit-about Washington not being so
igroeablu tohimns wtisthoatmospho u
liming thu ( inifiL-ld reign ; but how hu
will bu ablu to do this and at thu samu
time do jttsticu to lunibuif ai.d avoid
thu accusation of deseiting thu J'resi
il-nt is a serious question with him.
There is somu talk of Mr. McYi-asjli
buhil ! thu nominuu of the iiidupundent
republicans next year for governor ,
As yet the boom has only started. It
is found that hu has suiiontt opposition
in thu ranks of thu independents , because -
cause of what may bu termed his
"ijua-eawing" qualities. Ho ia closer
to the Camorons than it is good for nn
independent to bu , and this fact his
had thu effect of making the kickoru
look about them in the hope of nam
ing either Senator Lee or Snnator
jtowar , with thu idea of forcing on
of them upon the regular convuntioi
its its nominee. As far as it appears
now , Mr. MaeVeni-h will return to
tliu practice of the law in a short timu ,
with no direct political proforcomunt
awaiting him in thu near future.
Rnb It lu.
.liicob Idi'ckiiiAiiT ' \ Clinton titicel
UulIaUi , N. Y , , ay hv hnx hvoii u iii |
TIIOIIAH' Mci.itTiuc On , [ or rliumimtUin
Ilu tmil inch u luiue l > ack tlirvt liu could d
nothing ; but ono IxittU entirely ciireilhlin
No. IftOH Faruhum Btroot ,
mc Nor.b tlJo OPD Oucd Ccntul llotol.
Hr , J il RnlwrtAOn , Pltt linrif , Pa. , write * : "I
wm 4iiO rtnt ' * " > " uoii-n > l iklitlltv , nnnt ol ap-
lutllo , count or- " " ' ! , ol , > that II i- HIM ft Imr
lien ; titter HI j llimliel < Illoot Hitters I Iclt bet
ter tlisti for < ara I cannot pnvlsc j our lliltcru
too iniiih. ' '
K. Olbbt. "I ntiffulo , N. Y. , wrIU.i : " > 'our
llnrilock Illc tlltlc-m , in tlironr | < ll roiic of the
blood liter i. -I Milne * ' * . lirt\c leer ) Al jiallv
inirkcd witli < " - lliavo unod ttitm niywff
with livtrcKil'x , for torpidity oftlmllicr mulln
CMCMI ! n frkihl ol niluo nuticrlnj : from tlroiwy ,
the cUcct wa < marvelouj. "
llnwclnnipr , llochnt < r , .V. Y.i\i rites : "J hue
liucn snlijcct to ctrlom dlwrJcr of the kldticyn ,
mid unnlilc to nttcnil to liiKlnc * * : llunlock Elood
Illttcra rrllciul inoliotore half nliottU wan r < wil ,
I feel confident tlmt thcj ; M 111 entirely euro me. "
K < A < KMith ) Hill , lllii lifiinpton , N. Y. , wrltrt
"I surfcrLiI wlllin dull | ulii through mH <
lnnp ami srciiM < r. I.oU my itplrlts , npimtltc
and color , nmhtonW wIth dlnicult > keep up al
il.ij. Tool ; jour M'inlork Illoml Ililtcrs IH dl-
i uitcsl , nnil liit D ta'.t no juilii nliiro llrst week & (
UT nKII | ir them "
Mr. Noah IJatiT , Klniln , N. y , , writes : "About
four ycirn njro I Irvl nntUck of lilllnim fcvor , and
ie cr fully recoff il. > Iy dlncatlvo orRanii
were weakt'iiiilan41'UronliI1 > acO'i > | ilctcly | .ro
tritnl for dan. Alter U't Uo hottk-n ol > our
l inlock Illood Illttortrthc iaiprovctncnt win no
* 1 Iblc tlmt I via n t nhhctf. I iannow. though
01 ftnta of nife , Jon Wr and reasonable day'i )
C. IH-v.l < ot lloblinon , proprlstor of ThoCatiada
rriTHylCTlan , Toronto , out , wrlton : "Korjcam
I miffcrwj orcatlv from oJl'rtcurrin ? heiulntho. I
UNcd your llurdock Illocxf Illttan with h.ippii t
result * , anri I now find invrclf to better linvlth
than ftr TCATS icvst. "
Mrs. Wnllnce , Iluffnlo , N. Y , vrltcs : ' ! hao
Uicil Hot > l < x.k lilood Hitters rnfnnns anil Ml-
lam hcwiikchii' , and uin rccounncn > > l It to anyone
rerpdrliiRacuro lor billlousnesi. "
Mln. Miillhollanil , Alliiny , N. V , rltc :
"Vo o ct ya rn I Imc sudcrod from oit-ru < ; up
rl t' lilllloi'n , dyHi < * ) * , anil com-
pl.OnU ) R' ilUr to in > fax. Hiltru -iiic i Jour
llurdock IJlcod BittirH 1 am cntijslv rHlcM-il. "
Prlw , Sl.00.wr .Tottlo ; Trial Bottl 10 Ct
POSPBEHILBURH&Oair , , Props ,
HOTT-AXO , N. \ .
Hold at wholc-olo by l h & Mcilahrn aiMiO. F.
Ooodnivf. Jo y aoH-rne
O-M > of the
31 life , ft p ctxjrly co"Uc < l meat ! sffords ll'tlo o.
10 pruHcrlt At ] lymcnt , andmur anb > Hquent tor'
.uro torvcontinueddT > p | > 'lc. Bht when chrnnljf
ndli.'atlniiliieoniliitlt4wltli | ottjtter'aB omacrJ
Jitter' , the food \a \ > a' n ultlrrclto i , anil most
mpnrtarii of a'l ' , la OB'imilatcd if anil nnurlshw
: nu ny lcui. Uae tlili KT < | tornf-nnd correctht-
IHO to rimedy coiH.1 ; > tinii , tillotvncs * , rhvu-
nn iHin , fv r an a <
For ailobjrnll Drui'St I ) lyre generally.
. AJaiin-
falling ciiru
for Seminal
ee. . of AKHB TAKIRB.
iolt AHUM ) , u * l.ow of ftffrnory , L'nhcrail Lawl-
: ud , I'uln In the Hark , Irimnew of Vl'lon , I're
latura Ol jAgo , and imny other Dix-awn that
cad tn Imr.niiy or Coniumptlon uid a I'retna-
ure Grata.
rarFnll p rtlcular io o'ir ptum > hlet , whirl i
dealrit to tend Inv I . - maU toui cry one.
CiTTnc SjuUtc Medicine ii * 4old br ; < all druKt-'l'tt *
t $1 | > er r * i v or B a14 e1 'on 85 , nr will
o fcnt fr IIY ninil ni" ( | itnltt > e money , bv >
iddreiwlii T11EQIW 1UDIGINECO. ,
BuWilo , X. Y.
Kor n' ' by U. K Ooadr ocTme-cod !
If Tnroiinaii1 Jit jounre *
nrikuUu-Bi.ncaL ' i mnn of Ir *
nrilt > rlluBUalii < ir
your irullf-a avoid nltxi-Cwork , to ruff
I'lTi'lUir.Hunil ' uo toio liniUi iit-i venud
Hop Blttora. i Hop Bt
1J yon MM younn n < J
aiwi'tuj or iiujlij I tlon j It wu aro'naf
rlt'd or flneio. ulil n
ini or laiiuultt SB oi ft. ieJ of nick
ivly on H O p Ittur * .
ficl > ] , ' i n Jolly Cr oiu .iu >
you I roi-utot Kldne
that ' nyrti'io
j'our inlSS
nccdw clttunsmtf , ion- > UU aMt tual inl
Inpc 01 lUiniilatlni- . havab niroii-iil < \ .
I by timely 'incol
.nio Hop "ep .ttoi-w
O , I. O.
crui 'i-aryrojn- ii an kUiolvU
| iai tlw'liiio
Vt tlMI 111 * < l tCi * > . HOP i.lo cure fin
tnirttr , Moot ! ,
livr cnifrt'f * ! URO Of UI'OUU ,
You will no t ( uucct , o-
c rod If roil use narcotlca.
Mop Lllttore
iry.unri' t'i <
ply v t1 ti uiu
lotrrplrUdl.tiy NEVER Clliului
it i ( t may 11U1' B1 TU&
a ave your FAIL HTU CO. ,
Ufa. It line
saved hun- llocbeil1
Oracle. .VTVreuto , Out
O > fl :
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" - rm f- ' '
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5ll\O \
CTQa 5
5 ° Sa
ELER & CO. .
Sole Manufacturers. OMAHA.
A. 0. CAMr I.ti
Attorneys -at-Law ,
8 W coil. TH k DOUOUAS 8T8.
i I'l
BASfffi & WELLS ,
Will Remove in a tew
days io
You will do well to
call and examine
our stock of
At 1422 Douglas St , near 15th ,
Which will bo Bold nt Extra
ordinary Low Pricoa Be
fore Moving.
In the latter o-'th Estate of James
Notieo la hereby given that the creditors ol
mlil dcce aitcul , wiH'nicet ' the odmlnlatrix ot s IJ
Estate , before iaa , < County Judge of DsugUu
County , _ Nebrasl < the County Court Room
In wild C ( unity , oirttlftWi day of DcccmbcsylBSl ,
on the fit h day of ftbruary , 1832 , and on th 6th
d&yof A ) iril , 1832-'aMO o'clock a. in. coiHdny ,
forthe pi irpOHO of pruHtntluR their dtUms forcx-
amittatioi i , adjustment aid allowance. Six
moat no ro llow5 l for creditors to present their
claim , t lid ono year for the tulimnistrntTix to
settlteaii 1 estate , Jrom the Oth day of October ,
188V , thil notice \iill be published In Tim OMAHA
WIIIIIII.Y UKR for 'our weeks eucccsslx ely , prior to
the eih d ay of Dcaetnber , 1881.
[ A trui i eopy.l A , M. CIIADWIG8 ,
oe9w4 t County Jndge.
Des Moines , Iowa ,
Manufacturers of 8ASH , DOORS , BUNDS ,
Orc J , reduction In ISank Counters , I'lane fur
nlthitl , and wor'rcfnrnishd ! In all klndu ot hnrd
or uolt wood. Counters llnUhcd In oil wh n do-
elrnl Shelving of all kind * furnished ami put
Into bt illilluif rtvxlj ( or | > nint on short notice
O-ir i irkmen tjre the bcit mechanics thaironlie
proem cd. faavi money by Rlviiitf " 3 you' < " >
Stalrr , Newels and Balusters.
Oui forimmn-ln this department was formerly
with Frost Jlaimfacturitijf Co , Chicago ,
11U , anil ha.i clone some ol tha flne t Stair work
in tl
Or dom liv ! ill promptly atti-mM " " 90 n
H a n d s o m.est
For Sale by
521 South Tenth St.
Mining and Milling Company ,
WoiMtifC ( plt I , ISO,000 ) ,
Uitpllnl Htn k , 11,1(0 00.
l' r VnltifoJ M5000.
1)11. ) J ; . THOMAS , 1'rMltle.ltr , Ulimuln * . Wyoming.
\TM I ! TIUO.V , Vlc .t'rfilont , Cuinmlst , Wjomlny.
K. N. IIARVVOOI ) , Sciretixry , Cummin" , Wyoming.
A. (1 ( LUNN , TrcAsujtr , Cummins , Wyomlny.
> r .1. I. Ihoinmi , I.ouN Mlllor \V b Ur.uncl A I ) llunn.
K N. Il.iro < xl. Kri > id 1 eivcns. ( Ico. I1 Fain.
Dr. J. C WatUiH.
Iio2' ' OKIV. . KKMIAI.I. . Aittior zcil KII : ( for Jnle nf Bto k.
On River Bank , Bet. Famham and Douglas Sts , ,
Double Strength White Lime
Lumber Lath Sh
, , ingles ,
Thirteenth and California Streets , OMAHA , - - - NEB *
WaH : Paper and Window Shades.
1304 Farnham St. , Omatia Neb. .ne.iy
1308 and 1310 DOUGLAS STREET. <
OXKE./ & .
The only oxcluaivo wholesale house in this line in the west.
The Only , Exclusive Wholesale Drug House in Nebraska
Jy 18-mo
1213 Farnhsm St. . Omaha , Neb.
We desire to call the special attention ol the trade to om
elegant lines ( at BOTTi'M PRICES ) of Underwear , Cardigan
Jackets and Scarfs , Buck Gloves , Overshirts , Overalls
Hosiery , &c. , now open. Wholesale only.
Corner Fourteenth and Dodge Sts.
Commissson Merchants ,
1121 Faruhatn St. , Omaha , Neb.
Consliimnctits made u * lll rccclxo prompt attention. Uefcrenics : State ltnk , Omaha ; Plait
Co. . llaltlmoru ; 1'ecU & IKiiHher Chlrauro : " u'-'u h ' ' " Cincinnati. '
Banialios ( lures Prevents
Bad Breath , Chest Pains , raeumonia ,
Blood Spitting , Oolds and Chills , Phleghm in the Throat
Breatlilessness , Oatorhs , Pains in the Sides ,
Bronchitis , Croup , Pleurisy ,
. . . . . . . . Metro ] ) !
alone it has effected 111010 than 1,000.000 , CUJIKS , r d in ths trying Winter of 1880 U
credited with havhiK SAVKH HIJNUHKD3 OK I.IVKS.
Send for Sample Bottle , 36 centi.
Obtainable only ( in liottlcs $1.00 and iXc ) each ) , from
X * . XI. 3
Poit-Ofllce DQX 602 , nov6 tf 8. W. Pierce and 20th B