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    mm ? n At AHA TIATT.Vw.v. \ . oo.
An Iiumonso Oommission HoiiiJB to
Soon Open ,
A Great Addition to the City's
Numerous Spicy Items of n Rond-
nblo Nnturo'
Thnt Council lilnffs is donlincd to
1)0 n largo city no person with nn
ounce of biains can for a single tun-
incut doubt. AH straws often toll
which way tlu wind is blowing , RO
the nets of business men arc sometimes -
times pretty good evidence ni to wliich
way n cily is tending. Some inunwill
live in n city that is on the verge of
decay , bo happy nnd rot with it , wliilo
there uro others who object to being
amongst those who live in : t cily Hint
is not marching in the front r.itik of
the column of busy , progressive citicn.
Probably no throoineti ever located
in Council Hindi who possessed n
keener cyo for biisinefs than Thomas
Uowninn , George I1' . Wright and M.
'P. liolircr. They nro inoii whoso
vciy n ; tiiro would revolt a .iinst liv
ing in a city tint they dicl not believe
wai adv.Hieing instead of going into
decline. JIou of oxpzrioncj who have
w.itched tlio growth of western cities
are not nstwllyapt to loc.ito a business
in a dee xying cjty on so largo a scale.
Their commission nnd slor.igo house
rncontly opanod on north Pearl street ,
without doubt , is the largest in the
northwest , ocsupying the entire
building recently vac.ited by the Mil-
burn wagon company. Thia branch
of business is something very
jnuch iiLodod in thia city. Thousands "
of tons of freight are nnmmlly left in
the dopols of the eight or nine rail
roads wliich center hero unclaimed , n
largo percentage of which is house-
b lil furniture nont by those neoldtig
western homes , , \nd for EOIIID miion
left on the coinpanius' hanih , The
rule of the ron-ls , and wo believe th
IHT i. , that on receipt of any fruipht
they nhall immediately notify thu
consignee. After this ( buy are en
titled storage no long as tlio gond.i rennin -
nnin on thtir hand.i. The Jaw re
quires that the unclaimed meiehan-
< \i'/o \ , iinlcs.i perJMhablo , hall be Ici-jiL
one year and then Huld to pay charges. of
Tlioro is no doubt but that nil the
railroad buaincas in this direction
will co to the new titonigo
iirm and it will be no mall item. of
The member. ! of the new lirm are nral
well known in this community ; n men
of intcgritj and of the liigboat busi
ness capacity. For yearn treasurer of will
I'ottuwaltamio county , Mr , Jtomnan
has made a linnncial record that will
at once commend him to the favora
ble consideration of nil business men
of the west. Hon. CSoo. V. Wright is
a man of p.xaltcd business character ,
for years ono of our leading altornoyn
and at present a member of the upper ing
bouao in the genera' assembly. Mr.
F. Kohror is a young man whoso
business interests have for several
.years beef identified with Council nue
Blull'd. Ilo has acted as
agent for some of the leading \
insurance companies in the country
and for Bovoral years iillnd the portion
tion of city clerk for this city. With
such mon guarding nnd directing any for
enterprise , it can not fail to succeed , hia
and TJIB BKK bespeaks for the com can
mission and storage bouse of Dow-
iiian'Wriiht ( , Rohror & Co. , a long and
prosperous career.
The following communication has over
been sun to the foreman of each
department in the Nonpareil building : dear
DJUK Sin : I have decided , nick or duty
well , to quit work. 1 desire to thank
you for the many courtesies shown mo
wliilo I have been in charge of tbo
ollico. Mr. O. S. Loll'erts will become
business nmmiger , nnd I hunt that she
_ you will show him the same respect nro
that you have shown mo. the
( Signed ) SruKUKii SMITH.
It will bo seen by the above that by
Mr. Smith , so lung business mnnnger
of our morning contemporary , bus re
tired from any further connection with
that paper as manager. This will
certainly bo a sad event in the history ter
of that papor. Through the untiring
exertions of its retiring manager it haa Evmi
Advanced through nil the stages of n kept
tottering existence until it haa been the
placed upon n financial foundation ixod
Hocoiul to no puper of its size in tlnx mo
atato. Unco before Air. S. believed pnco
"that the work mjd confinement of
ollico was telling too percuptably upon able
his constitution and ho had Thu
made uj ) hia mind to retire , but hia
lovp for an institute of which ho had Those
become im it were , part and parcel , ling
induced him tontill remain and work
for its interest and advancement , JIo hens
lias become convinced , however , that bu
his health will not longer permit him
to remain. will
Mr. LoHerls , who nuccecdH Mr. fested
fimith is young in yearn , but has been orcise
on the Nonpareil nlalf long enough , BO
no doubt to bo well versed in the ,
duties of buHinecH ninniigor. Mr. L. have
is a very pleasant gentleman , nnd al cob.
though ho inny not bo able to fully They
( ill the place of Iiii predecessor , yet food
guided by the light of thu formeiu plenty
experience , ho will bo acceptable to comes
the paper and its patrons. which
Rov. Lemon , pftHtor of thu Baptist
church , preached a very intori-Hiing or
discourse last Sabkith evening from
iirst Peter , 21et VCINO , Leaving the they
text ho took consuionco a * the sub no
ject of his thought. In a very logi the
cal msnnur hodrow the distinction hu- by
tweontho inindot man and conscience. earo
"It in the
mind with * wliich rcamm
lias to do , The mind i thu court , the
reason the jury nnd tlio conscience and
the judge. Reason decides what to nnd
do ; mind tlio manner of doing ; the
conscience approves or disapproves
the act , " The discourse waa of the .
psycho logical order , Wo understand
that Mr.i will conclude hia discourse - time lliilfalo
course next Sabbath ovonii'ig. All i'\ery
nro invited to attend , millliitt
JT UJ1. ntliMt
A young inun by the nome of Smith It
has been in the habit of borrow uno
ing an overcoat from Harry Iniuan , liwul I
Finally ho hornmod it BO long thut IMee
IJarry mistrusted that ho might have
concluded thnt it tit him ( o > tmich
to give it up , .So Harry called the lit-
Icntion if Officer Sterling to fho mat
ter. The young overcoat Iwtrowor
wna arrested in Ncola nnd brought
back to Council IJlttli's whore it uni
sntisf.ictorily arranged between all
Mollie Wnllncc , a daughter of Tlnm ,
who stipiilioa lii h at wholesale nnd
retail on one of our principal street ,
lmd two ovi'i-conts , two waiftt coats
and a circular stolen by a palo face
by tlio 11,11110 of Crowoll. She reported
ported the cise to Oflicer Sterling , wh
immediately arrested Uruwe'll. Tin
nrliclos ivero partially recovered. Tin
case w.w called in llurko's court ycstct
day and Croivell wai sentenced to fif
teen day in jail ,
liny * , Mueller noils Itichla harpi fo
IH ccntfl.
Morton S. Pickwon , crmsin of Mrs
Ii 8. PlattuT , mrivod in this cit
from his homo in Dakota , wherehi
has resided for the lut twelve years
Ho in on his way to visit friondn nil1'
lelnivcn in Illinois.
Our board of education have had thereof
roof of the Dloomer school building
fenced in.
The Hurdici , wo nro infornied , wil
start again to-morrow , weather per
A man came on I of ono of our
Broadway nit loom under tbo iiilliirnc <
ol liiptor the other evening , and n
tlio prt'senco and he.iring of Indies ,
used language that for vulgarity would
| iuf , ono of our vile tongiiod alloy girla
! o shame. .
Tlio trial of Mason \Viso for nHsanlt-
"X ( Jy D.mforth some time ago , near
.ho Metropolitan hotel , on lower
Uro.idwny , wan commenced yesterday
n Justice Fniiney's court. Jacob .
Sims for the stiito and John N. llalJ-
vin for the defendant.
In the case of the .itato of Iowa \ \ .
Allison Wise , for nssnultonSiD.infortli ,
"mfolo Justice I'Y.iiney ' , Wise was
'omul guilty and lined ST > and costs.
The case of the Hta'.o ' of Jutrn v.s ,
ClnirloH Ladgale , the juryman JJar-
> ar who undo an assinlt on J. J.
Good on Sunday mornim ; with n razor
called in .Indue Imrko's court and
vas taken before Justice Kraiuoy on
of venue. < j
T/io / turn table in front of the Og- 1 > , '
den hotel was taken up ycHterday for (
Mr. A. W. Sealey , who has been
located here for aonio time an a buyer I
stock for a firm in Chicago lias
moved with hi * family to the latter
Win , M. Wololi , who for n number '
years haa been engaged in the gon-
grocery bu inoss on Fifthaveimo , .
corner of Tenth street , him ealnb-
liahed , in addition , : i coal yard , which Van
ho a great convoiiionco for that
part of the city. Mr. Welch Ima recently -
contly put in his premiiiod a sot of
Bcalci ) of the most impro.-od pattern.
We are informed that the Rescue
engine company contemplate giving a
grand ball mid supper on Thanksgiv
evening \ , the L'4th ' inst.
Early yesterday morning death
entered the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey Keller , on Washington avo-
, and i anddonod their hearts by
taking away their little infant son
\Viili. . The babe wa3 only four
months : old.
Aloxaihiria T. Stewart , the "chronic
crank , " was again before Judge Uurko
boinc ; beastly drunk. This being
third appearance in two weeks wo
exclaim i , Well done , good and
fiiithf toper.
Too much cannot bo said of the
faithful wife and mother , con
stantly watching and caring for her tiost
ones , never neglecting a single or : ept
in their behalf. AVliuu they are (
assailed by disease , nnd Iho Byntom Killiout linu
should have a thorough cleansing , the of I
stomach and bou'elu regulated , blood n new
purified , malarial poison exterminated ,
must know that Klectriu liittors LlllllllV
the only sure remedy. They ar 'Vtltlv
best and purest medicine in the nlm
, and only cost filty cents. Sold .hei
] sh & MoMiihon.
Ponltry nutl EKBM < huV \
Those who wish fresh eggs all win ho An
should provide warm , dry and
comfortable quarters for their hens. nit
packed eggs , which like long ; UU
fruit , if ever passable , lese all of &
delicious flavor , which charactcr- IIOTK8
a fresh t-gg. Those who have the '
ins can all'urd to pay almost any
for newly laid eggs. And in this
clinuto this can be had only by suit
quarters and food for the birds.
hen house , if kept warm , will
become infested with hen lice.
can bo kept away by sprink
the roosts with kerosene , and
keop'nm a box of dry ashes for the
to dust tlu-msolvcs in , It would
better if little .
a sulphur was occa.
sioimlly added to the nshes. Hens
not prosper nor lay ojrgs if in SAW
with lice. They nlso want ex
, ( live them their food in straw
that they will have to scratch for For
or the corn in the ear so they will
work to shell it oil' the
. They must have sunshine. It
should have at least one
a day of warm food , and always
of fine w.itcr. It soon be Unuiurl
foul , and the dish or trough in
they nro watered uliouhl not
by emptied but thoroughly
washed every day. Noithorehickenti ,
animals or man can prosper on impure
unhealthy water. By many it ia
considered all sutlicient for the hens if
only have water in their trough ,
matter how impure. The lions on Ininri'ii
farm will have to bo wintered , and aeoldont
adding a little inoru expense and tl n of
they will pay for all , JJy partial
neglect they will pay nothing for the
winter. It pays to keep all the fowls
animals on the farm comfortable
in good condition ,
The Jjouud Unloosed.
rharlcd , MM
1 houitwnii , Franklin btrcet , , . . .
, Haysj "I h.ivu milfo ed for aloni' 1'or th
timevlth cim'tlp.ition , nail tried almost
purgative ailwrlUeil , but milv ru-
In temporaiy lellef , ami after 'con- '
on Htlll inoru ug ravntcil.1 I wax
ubout ymtrKi'iuM ! II.OM.SO ! > I nadtrln
1 can now wy I m enroll , uml tliougl
niouthi hiive cl j ) cil .till remain no ,
Miall , linn-over ,
lwty kc0 | > some 01
In case of nld complaint retnraluK
, 60cmt ! trial bottles lOcenUi ,
H.tnftiniiiK In IWOttlcti ritirinjr tliu v.-ccl
ending November 111 , 1681.
Atlman AV I- ' Andfraon A I *
Andinxm ' Andcreon T
Alvln.l d Audomm 1 * .U
I Hold ( ! Andortflii U
ArinUronc 0 Mincnift WF
I leaver \ \ * Hindi A
s 0 A ] Jwofcenrklj { K U
Hruein Ii J JJurkoti
Hoyil.l 1 , I joker d TJ
Hrowno il r ] 5nirelt ft
Hlol elt IIII lliucn il i )
HremiitmT Citiiu W
( Jii.lck .J U Cnrroll T
Comfort T Ciyilennnn S Av
Collins D UhthUli-cJil Jl J5
Daviox Dunlel ' C !
Dcgolior Davii 11
DoJgo O IJ
r.iH.Yw U i <
1'rl-k Jt
1-YmleiifitooU 11 Powlei A 13
Orimtli J
( illinu I'
liifincy .1 Or w A
( Jreen V Gi.ldaly U K
llnn.iy . ,1 Ji IloytJV
II 111. ] 11 Halay J
" ' A
M."ilier't If A t HaiiMU'
iiUiel.l . III ) llanry Bros
Hiiuun.d 1 , D J )
Jacks it W
Jttramdon JPA A 2
j < yn on J J
1) Kcmu D
KldJ II VV Ruck W
l.ymlnii ' ,1 II I.owls J U
r.'fi .I l.lvlns-itmio W II
l ! ' . b'ick K ( ; LMMU U At
McKcn/iu W 1- " MaLcotl H U
McKcnno.l Me ionlglo.f
Mcl'liall J rtielJoiudd J
ftliu tin T I1 Maloney W l2
.Mi.thow.i r A Mr.ifh U
Mom .1 I ! Mnrry J
MoyctH Her.I W
Noble . J A G I'clci-ion 1'
rry M 1'uar/on liM
1'ur.r . A KobiiHW UV
Kodil'ln C ItL'CtU W
Klvuiwiii S
I'wiiriy O IS .StfphoiM If T
Knilth It 1C SaultiMin f If. r
.Sclimidt A
Kilnl.l r
lewiirt < r HmUli Wll
Taylor WK Trench J
Triinibc-ll W 1'uck W
Taylor. ) H Thierry J
Wilihowor CV ! WorkUT
Wan I J Wall .1 J' ' , '
< Wolilon 1. J
WlVianiH T WiluiorI ( T
Webitor 0 I ! (
Wflch JV Vorku Cl
c : w
I , . ' .
Acker Miss Lena Mrs .
Unmn MM .M .1 Bcntluy .MiMil
Curtley J MM I , Oiivis Al
Diuini .Mrs A fi IDontllcoy Jtis K
'KOM .MI&H. ) L < 5rciii iMni i1 .1
ill Hun .Mr.i M II inley Mill V
Mim M .luhnson Miss .r
Min I. JCutloy .Mr. < Jl
K LuitJry MrsJI
co Mrs 11 AJeUoy Mm V 0
' McyuiMr.i G
Met'a thy .MttiJi' Murali.illMrs M
' Mill I-M.M ; . KIO
Minor M'H li X"nlstroiii iMiM C
I'utcnum .Mrs L ( Jii'iiMrrt ' JJ
Koil'I.H ' Al/H.M ,1 Hum Mr * ME
Ktnuloy Martlm C
.Siiiiragrun Aliss Ij .Sfliiniat-MuryK
Trcplett Mrs 10 TliiinniH Mr.-i S 10
iuklo .MrsA \VilliaiiiK MjsS
Wooilman Mif.i W At'ss ' C
TIIOVAH I'1. ' Postal. aster.
The leading Scientists ol to-day IV.TOU that
illsc.iscn nro cAiiinl by illionlcrnl lililncys
llviT. If , thircforu , the klJiioyn and liver are
In porfix't enl r , puifect licaltli ntlpiatlio
suit. ThlHtnitUliiviMily boon known a short
nnil for } inrn ixoplu BiiITcred Krcat n 'ony
hcliiK 'il'l' ' ' ) to Mud relief. The dUrnvery
Warncr'u Mtfu Kldn > y anil Liter Cure nu-rla a
via I Iliu tre.ttniunt of tlicno IroublcH. porateJ
Ironi n xlinplu tn > plcnl leaf of rnru vuliic. It
niiUli ) jnit thu HnmntH iieccKftary to noiirHli alrlit
Invl 'onitc bolli of tht'hu cri'.it crgnns , anil
icttoro nnil kt'cii tlioin In onlor , ItUn Hlx
'otltlvo Remedy for nil tlic dlmuHca that cauio
IHll the lower part of tlio body for Torpid Uvrmnd
Ucadu'heH Jniiiidlc-o Dizzlnpj.i Gravel
FinerARIIO J.lvcr ntul Urliiurv Or'im ( . rltlcjat
( nan excellent andfafu rcinuuy lur fcmalca
I'rr iianey. It will control Moiihtriiatlon ment
U i In I 'alualilu . '
I.cucorrliaii or I'ulluiof ;
\V > nl > ,
a Illaoil I'lirldiT It IH mir'nuloil , for It curea land
orpiriM thnt inuko the blood. Sell
Thin rciniHly , ulileh hus diinu mich wonder-1. Is
up In tha I.AWIIST W1'/KI ) 1IOTI'IK of nny
nediuinu niioii the nmil.ct , and U Hell by Dnii-
nnd all dcalurH at 91.25 per hottlo , For
DI&beloK. ctuiiilib for WAUN'Kc'd SAFrt U1A-
UUItl ; . It IH r. I'OSl IVE llcinwly.
H. H. WARNER & CO. , Rochejlor , N. Y.
- - - -
Richmond , Ind.
tiSTAIUJSilKS ) 1812 , '
Builders of
From 3 to 25 H. P.
MILLS , For 0 8ma"
all Grains ami Sucdi , Including ; Clover
and Timothy ,
Peed Millu , &c. , &o ,
wiH pny you largely to write , atat-
inj ; what you want and how
you wish to pay. TIN
Indiiccnicntt to Cash Purchaacro.
iui'Jwlf _ _ Richmond. Ind.
Wostoni Homo aim Uattle In-
siirauoo Company , line I am
Capltnl , - - - S100,0M.00
' IIorH'4 , Jluloi unit Caltlo ni'.ilint low by CrcsllM
, dcoonso or theft. AKViideti in all voun-
thu KUUi , Knulfnr olii'xl r
O , F. IVIanderson ,
' i KurnUm S ( .
Commission Merchants ,
the falo nf I'arni I'rolncei 1'otalnoi. Poultry ,
lliutcr , Kgs riH-vltvil tinl on
vonuiilxlon ,
Cnili aJvancc/i nmilo en
Warehouto anil 6tore , 1413 Oodgo Street
Onulia , Nell. _ 'Sto
And Notary Public , 416
tc I. . c < c le | Un. n"Hn
Tlio o'roitlatt'in "f JW * jmjmltr
Is con tintly incrawiinf ; . It con-
tniru nil the | pn > lini { no t tlio l > nHy
Ucralil nnil Jsarrmiieil lit Iminly ilciJif |
nionts. ] 'hs
1'Oiii'iN ; ; KHWS
otalirncoi B'co'nl < ! nj > i lclie4 from nil quar
tern of of the plni'e. Uirltr t ' 0 head of
nro given the Tel. crnliio Dhpntc'in.i ' of llin
xreck fr-m nil | iti nf ti ! Union. Tills
fentiiro nlnnc innkn ,
ilio mn t vnltiiMc olirjniclo In lllo wnrld.
M it ij the chen ; > -'l" I'vety wcuk isglmi
H faithful riinit ) | nf
ctiiliiMfinif cntniilo | mid
tll'p.tlclics fniin WAS txarow , incltidini ;
full l-eiiorls r > f tlic hpponlics nf oniinuiit
pollticmim on Itir ri'icHUmiH nf the hiitir
of TlioV o'xlvHofililifl"o ' th lft'c '
tlioniott inuct CM ! nuyKC'll' ' ! ! lunldls
OtieH rclfttili' ' to t'.o ' lintlisof tlio farmer
fur r. . luitit ; f ' . \rrt.r. , rorrTnv(5uAi.NH
TlllIlS. VldCT.M'MIH , > 10..fC. , Vf til llf'JflM
tloil/i for kcoj iir , ' ' niMiiitfs nnd fnriiiini , '
utensils ill rcpiir. Tliii ii eiiiplouicitti | <
Iiyn. w ll-O'litoil i. pnrttiieiit , widulycopinl ,
under ilio luiul f
uivini ; roc'ptfi fur prnc'ical ' di liec , liiiitn
fnv n.nliin ; , ' cldt'.injj ' nnd liopphij ; up UI fa li : < IIH nt the loiru t ] niocL
Kvory item if .
rnriklnjj or ccnimmy MIS ;
Kc tcll in tin' ' '
js n nctic' lly
tested hy txpcit i before iintiHcniiun , Lot-
tcrs from our Paris n. d Loiidnii corrc-p n-
cutM nn the \oiy l.itodt f. > Hhiin. < . The
Department of 'J'rto V/celtly ITerulil
will wivo tlio li'iiifonifo inoru than one
jilli droil limes the price of t iu p.tper. The
inteic U of
nrc looked aftur , nnd cvnrytliini ; ro'iitiiii ;
to ini'ulmnios nrcl Inlior H iving is c.ufnlly
conlu I. Thfio i.s n payo cluvoto.l t ) all .
atent ph.'iscx of the '
Crop. ' > , - rtirilintirisl ! , &c. . itc. A vnlti blu
fcntuiu i.-t foiui'l in the spcciully ruportod
ic. ' and cnmlitinlH of
THK 3 J ) ltrcK ) MAUKKT.
roUTiMi NKWM nt homo nnd ntuoad , to
'cthcr with n 'Kroliv every week , a Sir.- :
MON hy BOitio eininfiit divine , I.lTnn.Miv ,
AlL'Mif.M. , DiiAiMTii1 , I'KIISONAI , and tfr.\
N'OTKS. Tlinio H no paper in the wnrkl
which cnntninfl M niucli IICWH matter every
week na the \VrirKi.v : Jlin.\i.n. : which is
pent , post'ij'o fit'p , for One Dollar. You
u.iii fitilfcrljo ! ! ut tiny time.
Tlio How York Heralfl
in a weolily f'inn ,
lilre H.
81 wnBK HERALD ,
Bronilw.-ty uticl Aim Street. "
United States -Depository
- OK OitAHA. -
Cor. 13th aoicl Jarnam Bfcs.
BANKi : ; IvSrAUMnllllf.JJT IS
.SriB'.lSIIKD 1MO.
Orgiufecd s a rational JXinl : Auras' iO , I&63. .
. Kocsrzit , 1'rcsidpnt.
Auoutrfls KO'NTX , Vic
11. W. [
A. J.'rr.Eios , Attornty.
JOUN A. CnjiauTON' .
P. II. DAVIS , Auit.
I'hl bank rocolvoa dcpotiitd without rcganl to
amount * .
fames time ccrtlQcites '
hoarlns Interest. "or
Dravca rtratii on San Kmiiolaco nnd
cltlfsof tlio United Et.ttOfl , ntoo Lei mlnti , Dulilm iOc.
Kilintiitrvh nni ! tbo jirlncljial cities at the contl
o ! Europo.
Svl'Bkbdoncr | tlckctu for cmirrnntfl l > y tbo In
line ni-xvliltf
The OWoat Iflatabliehed
Caldwell , Hamilton & Co. ,
trunjoctcx ! er.inu as thnt cl nn Incfii-
Acconntii kept In curmicyor soldiiubjoct to
check without nctlcu
Ccttticntc9 ( ol depcilt tucil pnvablo la three ,
anil tutli'u Months , jtfarlrii ; liilm-jt , or on
wltho'it lntcrf.t.
Advances nu ! o to ctctflmi't ? nti npprovo-1 Been
mitikctntcaot interest.
Buy nnd cl ! xolJ , Mils of cxcliuijja , govvrn-
, ntatu , county and cily IxjinU.
Draw flpht < lnta ( on KnylinJ , Ircl'intl , Scot-
, and All jvirtn of Kurcix. .
KurcK' | n jnitiKo tlcttcttb
, >
1213 Harriey Street ,
OMAHA , - - - NEB , *
Cornices ,
Dormer Windows , Finials ,
Specht'tj Patent Motilio Sky
Patent Adjustable Ralclift Dnr nnd WR
the Stito AifOiit for the al-ovu
of ioo > U.
IU1.J5NUIXCJ. ! ) .
| ; , Dalustrndoi , Vernndnt.lOlTlce nnd
Bank Railings , Window and Cellar
Guards ; also
Pccrson and Hill Patent Incklu Dllnil ,
novliltf ,
Oaiulies Nuts Fruits Eto. Eto
, , , . , ,
rAnd Confectioneiy !
10th St. , OMAHA , NED.
Within the next sixty days we expect to occupy our new store at
1315 and
1317 Farnham
stock of street , adjoining our present stand , with a
JlAtvt-H IL&C&A4. < * % > & in the \7tf vrf i/j
and meanwhile we desire that all
should take advanfc ve of the
" ' * ver/
JLLajy " HEji'sJJ35sJF3 WW * S ) Si3&S4iLJ.&Jiii ;
_ 1-rep oratory to mqvmsr v/o niter our entire etoos !
prices < we-qttoto , boar in nnnd wo buv nil nt a reat siorifloo. S' tidy cnreluUv the
tfnodabuBineea bottom Obicftqonu.t . aanfranolBoo irooda for ca'3b , do iho Inreoat btrictly rota , ! dry
nil Iho lovpwcos nnd t-xtru , cnbh disoounis , and in : to Kivo om- customs tbo bou * fit of
given .
bv ,
its mani.Fansuw rrt i 5 , , ,
Jo ) . vor Clo.xli's , liandsoinoly trinitnctl
with L'asanicntei-iu and Satin , Silk
VthA , 85.00 to 81.00.
jMlVool ! UunvcvCloiilcB.frotn $8.00
to. 012.CO.
JJoavor . DoIinniiP , liiiidsoinoly Ifiin-
nic.-l with Silk niul FringeJ $8.00 , ot-
with SalinSilk nnd rpssiiiuuturio Due ] )
Fringe , Corded and Tussled , 810.00.
Al SJ5.00 wu oirdi'iiliaiidaDinolj'fur
ttinnnod nil AVuol ] 3iiyonal ; Dolman ,
and nt § 18,00 wo show four btjloi of
Doliiuiiia worth fullv $20.00. Li ht
.Jacl.-ols at SO.CO to 812.00' . In Li ht
DuliiKins wo show ovurlf ) styles , from
§ 15.CO toy5,00 , making snuuial iiricus
at 820.00 and § 25 00.
Kilk Dolmans frnmS-lii.OO to § 75.00 ,
all hiitidsomcly 1 trimnicd witli 1'ur
Lr.dios' Suitings , O'aahmeres ,
Silks and Plaida Novelties.
tO inch JJlack Cashmeres OOc. , 7oc. ,
10 inch Black Cashmeres , Toe. , UOc. .
81.01v. , § 1.25.
We will agruo in all cases to refund
the money i for Cashmere ? should they
not prove satisfactory. Our prices will
bo found 20 to HO pi-r cent lisa than
thoic usually asked for tame qualities ;
wo asked ia comparison.
10 inch French flannel Suitings ,
lOinoh French Silk and AVoolPlaida ,
81.00. (
18 inch French Foullo nnd C.imolH
Flair in cxtr. : heavy weight , 81.05 to
S-.0 ( a yard.
18 inuh Drap doEtoat$1.25. 81.50 ,
51.80 , S2.50.
Ladies' and Chilean's
50 dozen ladies' all Wool Seamless
lose , 40c.
25 dozen Ladies' all Wool Seamless
iofio , extra lieavy , 50o.
25 dozen Ladies' fine Cashmere
Hose , 75c. , worth 5T.OO ,
Children's all Wool Seamless IJose
school wear , all sizes , 2Ec. , worth
. to t 50c. ,
Boys' ; all Wool Gray Mixed School
lose 40c. . worth 50c. to 70c.
] jadins" extra heavy Fleeced Lined
Belbriggins , 50c :
Ladieu" fine Merino Yeats15c. . ,
vortl COc.
Children's : fine Merino Vesta , 25c. $ -
§ 2.00.
Men's ' Soy , Shirts ,
200 Dozen Seamless Fancy Mritial
box 25e.
25 Doxon Mnn's Finn nil Wool Soar-
lot JJalf Hose 50c. ii Vaiv fully worth
25 Dnan : Fine English Merino LIoso
3f c. 3 for $1.00
Soiimlow Unbleached Sox § 2.00dnK.
Extra Fine Unbleached Sox S3.50
Best Quality Linen Collars 51.50
Best Guffa 82.50 doz.
Another invoice of Mi-n's Pique
Sown , Stitched buck Derby Street
Gloves 81.35 pair , nsunlly sold at
$2.00 to $2 50. Every pair warranted
not to break.
Heavy Merino Sbirts or Drawers
Heavy Merino Shirts or Drawers
50c. , worlh § 1.00.
Heavy Merino Shirts or Drawers
$1.00 , worth 81.25.
For $1,25
wo soil n very heavy
Patent JMtrino Shirt or Drawer that
w heretofore sold for SI.50.
Seamless Shirts or Drawers from
$1.50 , formoily $1.75 , up to the best
Cartwrisht nnd Wai-Her's Hand-knit
Scotch Shetland Wool.
OUDEIIS TAKEN for Silk.Under-
SATWS , 8L ! [ < 83 VELVETS.
In this department all goods are of
our own importation at tbo prices
we name. JS'o house west of jS'ow
York can compote with us.
19 inch Black Sittiim , nil beautiful
ustro and well covered. 75c. . Sue. .
95c. , $1.00.
22 inch Black Satin , $1.00 , $1.25.
1.40 , $1.50 , SI.CO , S1.G5.
A complete line of Colored Satins
at ! )0c. ) , eciual to the $1.25 Satin of
last season.
Black Gros Grain Silk OOc. , 7nc. , $
90c. , $1.00 , all worth 25e. , a yard $
more ,
Cashniero Finish Gioa Grain Silk
from $1.15 to $3.50.
Wo have full lines of our celebrated
brand of
Cashmere Alexandre Silks
Black and Colored Plushes , full 21
inches wide $ , ' 5 50.
19 inch Silk Velvets from $1.25 to
Over 20 qualtics to choose from.
3 Hutton Fisk , Clark &
Gloves , 7Cc.
t Untlon Fisk , Clark , fc Flagg
Ulovca , $1.00.
li Button Fisk , Clark & Flag ! ;
Gloves , $1.25.
The above nro well known in the
east as ono of the best Glovea made.
The makers sold us all they hnd , nnd
we assure our that
patrons tlu-y rank
ns hi ih us any first-class Glove known.
Usniilly selling at $2.00. $2.25 und
$2.50 per pair.
Wo are solo ngonta in Oinnlia for
Courvoisier Kid Gloves.
3 Button Courvoisier Kids , 2.00
4 Button Cotirvoisiir Kids , 2.25
(1 ( Button Coiimiisier Kids , L'.oO
Poster Lnco * ids , nil Lengths.
3 Hutton Koal Kid , Black , only $1.25
4 Button Jleal Kid , Black , only 1.50
When Gone wo cannot replace.
, , ETC.
IJunil or mnchine made all Silk
Spanish , Guipure , t'hintilly and other
now style Lace ? , from one to twelve
inches , Deep Cream or Black.
Spanish L.ico Scarfs from 35c to
$5.00 each.
Wo also add to our.Euck ofTen
, Ten- Gent Ribbons
Many new colois and extr.i widths in
Satin nnd Gros Grain.
Como early this morning.
Our Blanket Stock is tlio largest in
Dinaha , and na our prices will show is
by far the cheapest wo ever oti'ered.
100 Pairs 10-4 White BlanVets $1.50 ,
worth $2.50.
100 P.iirs 10-1 White Blankets $2.00 , V
worth S3.00.
( JO 11-4 White Blankets $2.50 Pair.
00 10-4 White Blankets $ ; j.50 Pair.
CO 11 4 White Blankets $4.50 Pair.
The Bese$5.00 Blankets in tbo West.
50 Pairs Extra Heavy all Wool
Blankets $0.50.
50 Paira 12 4 Extra Heavy Blankets
50 Pairs 11-4 all Wool Blanketa
An Extra Large San .Tnso , California ,
Blanket for $10.00. The Very Best
Bargain in Omaha.
48 Bed Comforts 55e. each , wortb
70s. to 81.00.
48 BedCoinforts 75c. each , worth
48 Bed Comforts , very lurgo and
heavy , at $1.25 each.
Fine French Blankets of our own
importation from $15.00 to $50.00 a
1319 Farnham Street.
swf i
We respectfully request the attention of the Ladies of Nebraska
the announcement ofthe arrival of the largest and most recherche
voice of Fur Lined Promenade Wraps ; Silk , Plush and Embroid-
ed Matelaise Dolman's ever imported west of the Missouri.
rimmed Elaborately -with every Shade of Plush , Satin , Velvet Passementerie.
Suits and Costumes in Innumerable Varieties.
Plain r and Embroidered Dressing Sacques ,
Ki-'M vtantuil for Ufa of
I'rolilont CarlluU. A corn.
laltlilul ' history from cruillo t.i tiravo , l > y
" . 'ncnt blo rinocr , Col. Coinvcll. Hooka
Mtj , iiltnuTy An elegantly Illustratwl
ni' . i.ulor til ulitloii. Mbi'rnl IcrniH.
ti tak onlcni for from SO to Wcojiueil illy.
II * any oilier bouk ten toonc. Art nt never Tim took tflU itaulf , Kx-
ucoiiiit turcMiry. I'ulliircunknown. All
iiiiiiciiuintlU. I'rhnto UTIIH frto.
iiKouas STINSOX & co , ,
iliwlin J1. ttlnd , Van e
al Estate Agency
p K comiiteto atwtnct of title to Real
Jo OuulttAii IKiudu countr. miYtl
O. H. BALLQll ,
$ CT '
Yard and Office 15th and Cumings Street , two blocks
north of