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    1 DAILY EE.
May's Procooilhigs in tlio Trial
oftlio Assassiu of
Barflald ,
Mr. Robinson , One of the Couu-
sel , Retires Prom
the Case.
Quiteau Given Permission by
the Court to Talk to
the Jury.
Attorney Scoville's Addre-s to
the Jury Yesterday
The General Impression is Thnt
His Ai gument Thus Far
is Effective.
Jonee , Who Attempted to Kill
Guiteau Fully Iden
Robeson Declines to be a Can
didate for the Spoakerfihip
of the House.
Porsoimls , AppolutiuontN and Other
Interesting Miscellaneous
Capital Nows.
Natloiml Associated 11093.
WASHINGTON , November 21.
Guiteau had u Eullicient escort this
morning , no loss than eight mounted
police being detailed to guard him on
the way to the court. Ito arrived at
the court house as early as 7 o'clock
but at that hour the crowd , number
ing . " 00 people , had assembled. When
lie decended from the van ho showed
evident nervousness. As ho was pro
ceeding up the long opening , lined on
ecah side with people , his teeth chat
tered with iear. llo sped along at an
increased pace , desirous to get out of
the crowd as quickly ia possible.
Arriving within tlio walls of the build
ing , ho uavo a , sii li of relief and aa
hurried up the stairs to await the
assembly of the court , which was
called to cuder at 10:08 : o'clock. There
was a , larger crowd than usual outside
and the sonta were all taken within.
The prisoner waa ushered into court
at 10:12 a. in. Ho looked paler than
usual and like ono who had not slept
well. When ho shook hands with
. -sfc Tra. ScftYillo , nUo naked liim itOW ItU
folt. "I feel well , " said he. Ho
then took up some paper ho had
brought with him and began to read
when the roll of jurors had boon called ,
Mr. llobiiison rose , addressing the
court , and said that an article in yes
terday's Washington Post made it
necessary for him to makea. ptatemcnt
in court. Ho then renewed his as
signment by the court to assist in the
defense , his asking for two weekstime
for prepaiMtKm and his understand
ing that the time was not granted be
cause Mr. Scovillo himself objected to
t. Thia action of Mr. Scovillo had
him to think it best to get an assis
tant counsel , who would not try to
undo privately what ho had sought to
have done publicly. Tin's ho sought
to do , but in vain. But notwithstaii 1-
ing this , ho tried to put up with Mr.
Scovillo'a insults until last evening.
Then ho saw the article referred to ,
which said that Mr. Scovillo had said :
"Ho ( Robinson ) , had been making up
the malpractice pica , against his uisli ,
and that ono or tlio other would have
Icavo case to-day , unless this plou
waa abandoned atonco. " Mr. Uob-
iiiBon said Mr. Scovillo had
talked to him on the subject and had
been informed weeks ago that ho
( Robinson ) to w.iivo no defense possi
ble , but to have all facta brought out
and then adapt or abandon as the
facts , the law and the situation of the
case may warrant. It waa on this
theory that the crosa-examination of
Dr. Blisa was conducted on Saturday
and it wia a legal examination. Mr.
Scovillo made no objection to hia
two hours' examination of this wit-
iics3 , but ho had even promised sumo
questions. Mr. Robinson had not
been in the habit of learning thu ob [
ject of an ns > omto counsel through )
the press , llo c mid no longer HPKJ
ciate with atich a man an 1 a lud to be
relieved. No animadvuiaiuii could
have caused him 11 maku Iho rcquebt
believing that Mr. Sonvillo win abso
lutely necessary fur thy vr.tP.
"I want HY moi'o TJ'jbinaou ' in my
caao , " said Quiteau. At this point
Mr. Seovillo tried to induce him to
keep atill. Guilelu continued , how
ever : "That is mi nblo npevcli , and T
agree with nm&t of it. " Mr , Szovillo
tnen said ho wanted to any u. word or .
two. Ciiiitoau a'/iiin iiitoiitipleil : " 1
side with Mi. Jt-ibinson on this mal ;
practice question ; not wi'.h you" Mr.
Scoviiio. "
' 'Wait until you lioar my speech1 ,
said Mr. Scnvillo. Mr. Scovillo then
review eel Mr. l' < d > inson's action on
the case , and said h < j thought it W.'IB ;
at the least unwise , Mr. Scovillo
said that ho had nothing more to aay
except that ho had not fully made up
hia mind that either ho or
Mr. Ilubinson mint Icavo the
case. The diU'erenco in the torn-
poramontfl made the trouble.
Judge Cox said ho appreciated the
prompt sacrifice uiado by Mr. Robinson -
son when ho was asHi'giied to the cute.
Ho recognized the diEadvantagca
Itobinson had labored under , and par
ticularly since Mr , Scovillo aeomed lo
have mastered the case , Hogavo Mr.
fix Robinson a very honorable discharge
from the caao. Mr , Robinaon then
took a back seat.
Guiteau then made n short speech
h in regard to hia expectation of conn- '
Bel to como , concluding ; ( < 1 am hero
representing the Deity. JIo Imi
taken good care of mo thus far ami 1
am willing to trust Him. " Barnes was then
called. He said ho had been in at
tendance until September 7th ; also in
nttendanbo nt the autopsy. The
wound was mortal from tlio Ant and
was the causeof the death of tl o
Dr. Woodtv'ard was then called.
He also was nri-seitt at the autopsj
In his opinion | ho urosident'a wouit
was mortal from the first and was tli
cause of the president's do.Uh. Tl
same idea was oxprosied by D
Lamb who m.ido the atttoposy , and h
nlso paid ho had never heard of sue
wound proving otherwise than fata
Mr. Scoville asked the gentlomo
no questions ,
Col. Corkhill said thrro wo enl ,
two points remaining , duo waa thu
Klheron wns in Monmouth county N
J. , and the depot whcro tlio ahootin
took place waa on ground helongin
lo the United Static government
Mr. Scovillo admitted those points ; i
facts in the caao. ' ' Col. Corkhill the
slid , "lour honor , the ( jovermen
rests. "
At the rrquest of Mr. Scovill , th
prisoner was bore given permission t
address the jury. Ouitcitii began t
talk aa ho sat in hia chair. Mr. Sco
villo asked him to rise , "Thank you
I don't cire to ttiudup'saidGinteau
" 1 am notbnmd ; to , however , hut
have only ( a moment to talk. 1 du
not expect to bo naked to make
speech to-day. I have no sot speed
prepared , and I don't care to mak
one. I have ono word to say , how
ever , in regard to malpractice ,
only want to have it shown that a
certain times the doctors anid that th
wound won not fatal and that ho wa
out of danger , and that therefore if i
was fatal afterwards tha
the doctors were to blame
I want an intelligent statnmen
of the caso. As my own counsel in tin
case , T shall held the right to maki
corrections when T please and sue !
corrections should bo made while tin
matter is hof. I shall take care tosei
it done , and have , therefore , nospeecl
to make. I am obliged to the court
and counsel for this privilege. I have
no more to pry. "
Mr. Scovillo then rose and said h
should begin his argument , but , afte
reaching a certain point , ho wouh
sk an adjournment. With thia un
del-standing he bu an. Ho rose bofon
tlio jury and addressed them in a con
vocational tone. Ho said , amonj
other things , that ho thought thu de
fense had put in much evidence thai
night well have been left out and the
eloquent speech ot the district attorney
noy had covered much unnecessary
ground. ' 'For instance , " said he ,
"you are not here to try the long suf
ferings of the president or the sorrow
ing widow and children ho loft bo
hind. Wo all feel alike on that ( pies
tion. Wo all know the deep and wide
spread grief. "
At this point Mrs. Scovillo wns
overcome with weeping , and manj
other oyej wore dimmed with tears
Mr. Scovillo went on to say tha
tlio case should be tried as if the
president had been nothing but a la
borer. The only question was whether
the man was murdered by the pris
oner. It makes no matter who held
the president's or who dressoii
the wounda. The position of the
jury was a difficult ono indeed , but
their duty was plain and direct. Ho
then went into an explanation of tin
kind of testimony that might have
been expected as to the responsibility
of the prisoner. Mr. Scovillc
stated to the jury that th-jro
was no doubt that insanity
exports would bo called on
both aides , and m/ doubt dilferont
opinions would bo expressed , but the
question of motive must bo consider
ed in this tiling. Surely experts for
thu defense would not hold their rep
utation much by testifying that they
thought thu prisoner irresponsible and
insane at thu time of thu shooting ;
that the chances wore that when they
go homo they will find some of their
patients going to other hands Surely ,
too , aiich witnesses for the defense
could not bo infiucnccd by the 81.25
per day which the government allowB
them. He had aubp < unaed exports ho
had never seen , and ho inn the
chances of their testifying in the pris
oner's favor. Sonic of them would
no doubt disappoint him. Ho look-
that chance. Mr. Scovillo said that
tha case ouylit to have been postponed
for some time , but ho know it was use
less to ask that , llo was therefore
Joing the best ho coulO. llo called
the attention of the jury to tli . dis-
> .irity of his forces and those of the
pposito side. He asked no favors ,
itut desired it understood that lie was
lot responsible for the failure to gel L
idequato counsel. Hq WA.S mt 1I111B | ,
f a l.iwyur liim > if , while Iho prose-
jution Inn nil hhillod practitioner- * ,
> Ut In of fivt : lie ! i KoJ no odds ,
If Iho jury did their duty ho was sure
Lhoy woitid rocojuiisj an irreiiitibln
iv.ill in the defense. He would fo.l
iecuru in Ihoir judgment. Ho Ihtiii
isked Iho court to adjourn until to-
narrow. Tlu case was then ad
journed , but the audience kept in
.heir Ho.iU for the entrance oftlio
r.ind jury on another c.iao.
A gi'iioral impression prevails that
3Cjvillu's argument thu-j far has bouii
m cllectivo one. Guiteiin kept voty
jtiiut during its delivoryantlexpresied
lis thitnks to Mr. Scovillo at the
] yse. The court room was cloficd at >
100 n.
A gtiai'tl of six mounted police nc-
ionipanioil Ouiteau from the court
lousu to the jail. There wus an Un-
isnal crowd at the court houau , but '
10 denuinbti'fition waa made '
Scovillo stated to-night that ho '
vould have additional counsel in a
ow days , but ho declined to
ay who ho expected hia associate
tould be. Ho is busy engaged in
iiaking out Biibpumuca for ex- /
Ksrls , who will teatify in tlio courao of
ho tiial ; but , for prudential reasons ,
aid ho would not now divtilgo their
' "
lamca -
.roNis. : THE AVENGER ,
WABIUNCITON , November L'L Wm , in
Jones , charged with shooting at Gui
teau on Saturday , wns t-iken to the
police court at 0 o'clock this morning.
Judge Snoll was on the bench. J noV
counsel , 11. K. Klhott , was in court.
The charge made against Jones , for
a 'mu It and battuiy with intent to kill
Charles J. Guiteau , was read. Jones
waived an examination and Judge
Sttell fixed his b.iil at § : > ,000 , in
default of which ho committed .lone *
to jail and postponed his trial in
WASIIIN'OTON , November 21. The
police authorities to-ni' ht atatu that
t hero is no doubt of tlio identity of
Jones as the man who shot ( Jtntoau.
llo has been recognized by two of
the three men with the at the
tune of thu shooting and the pol'e >
claim Avitncs ess will bo produced
who will testify to the shooting , ami
trace hin tliglit from the city to the
country. Ono witness will testify to a
conversation had with Jones early
Saturday , when ho said ho would kill
Guiteau before night ami create a
brecxo in the city and tmuulimtt } ; this
country not equalled since tie !
sination of the presuieiO.
Jones is now in jail , but it is proba
ble that ho will be bailed out in a few
days. A number of responsible eiti
? .ens have offered to go on his bond.
Jones is a native of Prince George's
county , Mil , , of English descent , and
is about 20 years of ago ; oeeupttion ,
farmer. Four years ago ho married
Miss Catherine Bates. His wife is
very well oil" Jones is known as one
of the best horsemen in this section
and lias aomu of the fastest running
horses in the District. llo belongs to
an excellent family and has always
borne n fair character.
Guiteau saw Jones at the jail this
afternoon , for the first time , as an ar
tist wns making a pen portrait , of him.
He seemed curious to see what. ho
looked like , and , after seeing him
from head to foot , remarked to u re
porter : "Ho is not very pretty , is
ho. ' "
National A odaU'it I'rc.-w.
"WASHINHTON , November 21. Di
rector IJurchard has returned from
Philadelphia , und is at his desk this
Gen. Drum has returned from Fott
Gun. Sherman ia back from hia
southern trip.
Secretary's IJlaiuo and Kitkwood
are the only cabinet officers in town.
James is south , Lincoln in Now York
and Hunt in New England.
The president will move into the
white house ono week from to-day.
Dixon McGinnis has boon appoint
ed storekeeper of the Fifth district of
The internal receipta to-dny wore
8001,77:5.09 : ; custom receipt" , $ o'0i-
44i.0.f ) ! national bank notes received
for redemption , § 253,000.
The grand jury to-day brought in
; ho following indictments ng.iinst
Dapt. Howgato : September 22 ,
1870 , embezzling § i,500 ; { ; September
1st , 1880. 87,500 ; August 10th , 1880 ,
S'2,000 ; February Rtli , 1889 , Sti.OOO ;
Aiu , ust 21st , 1880 , 817,100 ; May 25th ,
l)7o ! ) , $2,150-all froir the 'United
States ; also for forging the name of
11. D. Sagro to a voucher for ser
vices as assist int clerk of the signal
illico for 82,500 on Juno 24 , 187 .
An aqcurato account of all the
losoa has been made , which gives the
republican organ iz.ttion of the ncx *
muse a clear nnjority of fifteen. Tlio
Iptuccrats have surrendered all claims
) f being able to organixj
Senator Hill , of Georgia , has been
"stirred by his physicians that tlio
rouble experienced in the throat is in
fair way of being cured , and that
to need have no fear from that trou-
ilo again.
WASJII.ST.TOV , November 21. Kx-
Secretary Iloboson slated to-day he '
was not a candidate for the speaker-
ihip , for Iho reason thnt his eyesight
ivas not good enough to recognize
members at sight. "Hut , " ho added ,
"if the east ia to get the apoakerahip ,
t can only succeed by uniting upon
Mr. Rued , of Maine , as ita ( Maine' )
laudidato , 1C. M" . M'avblu , coiiiiuis-
iiodcr of the eemtu , resigned his nosi-
ion to enter upon thu practice of
aw , The president will not appoint
successor immediately.
1 Aituivr.f ) .
Cion. Longstreot arrived to-day , OB-
onsiby4 ! about some mailers in con-
icction with the department of just
ice , but ho will take occasion before t
10 leave * to call upon thu preiiUlciit. ii
lo stated to-night thai ho di'Jii't haI
iovn that the bolter class of Hoittheni
opublicciiis would press the aubjoir ,
if a southern man in the cabinet upon
ho president. Ho Kajw his friend1)
tad pushed his claim , although ho had
akun no part in the matter. The
eelin throughout the autith , lie ro- :
narkcil , in referiing to the result of
ho "Vnginia election , was ono of
ncouri < ; eiiiont on thu part of the -
epublicana and of disiuireeablo sur-
rise on the part of the democrat ! ) .
COI.UJIIUA , S , C. , November 21.
'he notorious white outlaw , Frank
i'earco , was killed in Marlboro county
ly T. ( J. Chiiiliolm , a conatuble , who
i'aa endeavoring to arreat him.
Coi.ujiniA , S. C. , November 21. - -
Jishop Wright man , the oldest bishop
f the Methodiat church in the aouth ,
low li B at the puint of death in
/litirlc.Hton ,
YOUNOSTOW.N , 0 , , November 21.
ohn Soefrod , of thia city , who disap-
icarod Sunday morning , was hist night
utiml dead at the bottom of his well. \ "
YouNdsTOWN ) 0 , , November 2L
csso I5aldwin ( the man who WUM
ebbed of his gold , makes a statement
The Evening Nowa of to-day that
iho gold got for bonds recently at tin-
treasury department in Washington
was not stolen. llo says thu amain '
is not nuarly flo large as represented
Ho hud a registered government i
iixiliold bond stolen and believes
confidence man who tried to wor
him in Washington was the loader i
Iho robbers. His the imprewioti her
that Baldwin's h s is as lii-st rcportot
S.'tOK)0. ( )
N.itlnnnl AinnclMvl
OI.ASCIOW , November 21.Arrive
State o Georgia , from New York
LniiNi : , November 21. Sailed
State of Nohr.iHka , for NenVork. .
ll.unti'iui , November 111.Suilot
on the 20lh - Sorvia , for Nv York.
AsTWiiKi'i November 21. Arrivet
Switzerland from New York.
HAVUH , November 21.-- S.u'led 01
the I'.lth Labrasor , for Ntnv York ,
Pi.VMorrit , November 21. Arrive
Anolatid , of New York , fur Ham
tiH.ixsTowx : , November CI. Saile
on the20th-Portia , of New York.
IiiVKiii'oni , , November 21.Arrivei
Paris from Montreal t City of Alon
trenl and Briltiatim , froiu Now York
British , from Plul.idolphia. Sailed 01
the lHlt--St. ! Louis , for New Orleans
Schooiiov Gnpslnail Three Mou
Natlaml AMOcmtixl l'n' ,
HAMKAX , November 21. Tin
schooner Enterprise , Capl. Huston ,
from Windsor , Nova Scotm.itib.illast ,
bound to P.irriaboro , was struck by a
sudden Htiiuill near Part ridge Island ,
just output ) her port of domination ,
yesterday ami capsi/.ed , Tlio three
men on the vessel , took to aninall
they had on board but were semi bj
thee on the shorn to nwam ] before a
doxen strokes of the oar had boon
pulled and all went down. Thu two
men with Cap * . Huston wero.lolm A.
Haws and a Dutchman whojo name is
unknown. The vessel wna iifterwnrd
towed to Parrisboro.
YOHK , Novembur 21.
Flint t Warren , retail dealers in drj
foods , faile.d to-day. Liabilities
82oO)00. ( ) The asscsts consist mainly
of stock.
A despatch ban been iveoived nn
nouneinu the fiiiluro of Solomoi & I'ro , wholesale nnd retail dri
jooda , Wilmington , N. C. Liabili
tie' , SltiO.OOO ; asso.-ts , S7"i,00n.
F. Solnvautaucer , retail dty goods ,
Now York city , failed to-iUy. Lia
bilities , § 20,000 ; assests , 57,000.
National AtsoclatcJ 1'rcss
ATLANTA , Ga. , November 21.
A largo party ot liiiltiinnra mcrchanta
and tnanufautnrvrs are hero t i-day t
see t o exposition. The addrces 'ol
wo'como ' by Qov. Colqtiitt was ro-
apolided to l > y JIayor L itrobc , pf Bal
.tnnyro at the batujuet to dj/lk. Tin
rifle tourii'itnont conniiunccB ncre 01
December jytli , continuing five dnyn
M"any prizes are ollbrod.
Smith it Porkoraon , provision deal
ers , failed to-d.iy.
Tlio Billlnrdlsts.
Nalloiuil -oclatcJ I'tcan.
Nr.vv YOUK , November 21. Morris
and Carter played the opening giimc
this afternoon at Cooper Institute ii
cushion curom toiirnamont. Morris
won in 708 innings. Score , 200 tc
K7. In the second gime , between
Heisor and Dion , Dion won. Score ,
200 to 10 ! ) .
Morris and Slosson played their
first game in the billiard tournament
thia evening. Morris run the game
out in thu sixteenth inning. Score :
Morris , 200 ; Slosson , I.'U.
The next game w.ts between Daly
and Wallace. Wii'laeu ' hold his own
to the finish and won by a acoro of
200 to 170 , in the fifty-ninth inning.
The Utah
National ygioclatitl Prcis.
Guiiuno , Nov. 21. A Washington
special pays : The decision of Chief
Justice Hunter in the third district
court of Utah , that the alleged cer
tificate of naturalization under which
George Q. Cannon has had a Heat in
congress an delegate from Utah for
eight ycara was obtained by fraud ,
was fraudulently used , and is void
upon its face , lias put : i now feature
on thu contested flection case of
Campbell va Cannon , or Cannon vs
Campbell , for each has filed a notice
of contest.
Coast News-
National Absoctatoil I'ru&t.
SAN FiiANfisi-'O , November 21. A
largo and enthusiastic meeting of the
land league was held at Napa , C < il. ,
Saturday night. The audience was
mostly Americana.
George H Itowkor , Lite manager of
Iho Western Union telegraph and tel-
uphotio company of Tucson , AnV.onn ,
is dead. He wus formerly of Sun
S'atlotml Associated Tress.
WAKIJISCITO.V , November 22. For
Iho upper Mississippi and lower Mis
souri valleys : Generally f.iir weather
uid slowly rising leni ] > erature ; thu
winds shifting to east and south , fall
ing bui'omotor , The Minaissippi riv-
i-r will rise slowly between Cairo and
Viccksbtirg ,
Ono of Uuitoau'H Itolntlvcs-
S'otionnl AHSoclatcil I'ruxn
GIIANJJ ItAriDH , Mich. , November
21. James C. Guitenu , a coiiHin of
Lhe iiBmsin , and who boars u Htriking
rosomblauco to him , was sentenced to
ten day's iuipiisoiiment for drunken
ness to-day.
The C. B Be. ( I'd
KioKL'K : , In , , November 21. Tlio
uhieagv , Jlurlinglon it Quincy rail
road company will , on January 1st ,
isstimu control of Hie Keoknl ; < t Si ,
Louia line and thu Keolcuk \ : North-
railroad ,
DrMoKonrlo Doud-
\"atonal AtnoclattU I'rcM.
PnirADCU'iiiA , November 21. Dr.
It. ShelUmMcKenzie , thu well-known
luther , died this afternoon , aged 72
rears ,
- - *
Intorostlng Tolograpliio Now
From All Parts of
Yostordny an Unusually Livol }
Day for Crimua and
Christopher Davis I-Iuuft by
Mob at AthotiP , Ohio ,
A Torrillc Dymunlto Explo
in N'b\v York
Chief Justice Hunter Renders
u Decision in the Utah
Dalngatuship Caso.
Terrible Piro in a Georgia Jai
Two Frisouors Bnrn-
od to Doatb.
Irish Land Act Pro vi off
Succoaaful nnd Gain
ing Favor.
A Sclioniior Capsized OIF the Cons1
of Hiillt'nx-Throo Mou
N'nliunal Awoclatutl 1'rowi.
CoM'Mium , 0. , November 21. A
mob caiuo lo the jail at Athena at 2
o'clock this morning , and , on pretense
of having a horao thief whom the }
xvi'ihod to place in jail , gained enliMiico
They aoisied Christopher D.ivie , who
was eonfiucil on the charge of outiag
ing Mrs. Luckey , an old lady , am
taking him to the "ityo over Hockinj ,
river , on the road to' , ho lunatic
asylum , hung him to a bcan'i. , , ,
NKW YOIIK , November 21.WhUo
Mis. Win. U. Morris xnm being driven
from her niHideueo to the Morrisam
depot in her coach , thia morning , the
horses became frightened , throwing
the coach and its occupants down
steep embankment. Mrs. Morris was
picked up in an insoiitublu condition
died shortly afterwards. The driver
was slightly injured , and , while the
coach was demolished , tlio horses
escaped unhurt. . ; , ,
i- . . *
- - * 4ag & - > * aMf
CmcAno , November 21. Thiovce
entered the ftirnituro store of Join
Samuel , -II State street , early this
mornincr , blow open the Halo with guiv
powder , and carrind away § -MO ii
A FOIiniMlY.
PiiiLADKLrniA , Novomhor 21.
The suit of thu government against
Congressman Itarr , of Hurrisburg , to
recover § 5,000 , the iimoiint of ( ho
jond aliened to have boon given by
lim us Riiroly for Jiobort Dales
mrg , i\.t collector of internal revenue
) f the district of TOXIIH , was tried in
, ho United Slates district court to-day.
Senator Don Cainoron and Simon
2aiiior < m Bwurothat the signature of
ho latter was a forgery , and a verdict
igainst the government wan returned.
MUiiiitin ) : : JN 111:11 : ,
EVA.VSTON , III. , November 21.
Via. II eslo , widower , was found dead
n bed thin morning , with his head
rushed. The houao was evidently
ilundcrcd. The murderer left HOIIUI
f his clothes , from which it is sup-
losod to ho a train ] * HOCK ycsloiday
round town , a German 18 yearn of
go , who spoke broken English.
NBW YOHK , November 21. Early
his morning Peter llengor was shot
nd seriously wounded l > j' Jacob l in-
irinan , a Kill ; dyer , who carrion on
HisincBS in the rear of his residence ,
teen after I/merman opened his shop
lis wife , Caroline , came into the dye
lonso mid immediately her husband
niiiiinmuo'J ' quarrelling with her. In
ho allocation no drew a revolver U
hoot her , whereupon Hunger , an em-
> loy.- , iriug | between them. Liuor-
iiiin t'.u''i turned an I uhot Jlen oin
lie luft bre.inl. MIH. l.aiieniiau J.o-
itied tlie police , wlm found Ileiigur
yiug ii. u pool of blood. Lanonirin )
scaped , uinl two lioura after com-
litted uuicido by blowing hia brains \
Srm.virm.n , 111. , November 21.-
'Jio Hood in the Sanginimn river has '
amiiged property to the extent of ft
iiarter of a million of dollar/ / ) . Two
undred head of stock have been
'ratltll'IC KXri.OSIO.N.
NKW VOIIK , Novembnr 21. About "
o'clock thinaftiTiioonalerrilio exijlo-
lon ocotirred in.Seventy-third street ,
uitwonn Second and Third avcmmi ,
hero a largo number of men
niloyed [ ) blitsting rock for excavation ,
'ho work wiiu under the supervision
f I'at rich Farley , contractor , mid it
s clmigul that ( ho cxplouion AVJIB
iiiscd by thu caroloiimicHi of tlio forc-
iaii , MichaelM onahiin , who , to dry a
: migo of Uynamito , placed ono of ;
10 ourtridges on the steam nij > o
Inch connected with the boil-
r , Oco. 11. JJonnett , son of the
ngineer in oliargo , Haw the paper
unking. llo immediately called
* the worKmen to run for their lives ,
ud save tJicmsolvcs , The explosion
jllowed almost immediately after ,
lit fortunately all men got BOIIIO dia-
nice away and uncaged without any [
urioiiB injury , Opposite on the uvo-
no , about sixty muii were emjloyedf )
ut , loyoad receiving severe shoekfl ,
ere miinjiirod. Binall woo < lon '
striu'tuivs near the plnco worn blown
down , and about sixty houses in the
iiiimi-diato vicimly ( dialitly damujjcd.
Windows WCMO sluxttered for llirco
blocks away , nnd in aomo of tin )
liouees near by the lo-iks wore tornoll
the doors. A largo nolo wn.i torn in
the boiler , nnd a hole two feet deep
blown in the ground near the boiler.
It ia supposed that seven of the car
tridges , each wi'ighin ; ; ' pound , weru
dischaTged. AIIIOIIK the IHIVJOIIS reported -
ported injured are Mrs. Al , ri < aret To-
norandMra. Mc(5arliek. ( Both re
ceived scvoro slmeks. > "i < llii > , aged
two andoni'-lialf yonnt , duughtor of
Mr ? . AK'U.irliek , was * oveii < ly cut in
the hand from broken ghm Mrs.
Schi'iiwombor w.u nlio out in the
hand. ( ! eo. Ik'iinott , onninoor , and
his HOC received slight injuries , and
Patrick McKciuriu wai thmwii down
by the unnoiiB.Mon and slightly in
jured. The losi ia estimated nt SJIO.-
001' ' . Patrick Momilian was arrested
nnd remanded without bail until to
morrow ,
.i.ui. iintNKit piiiso.vnus iirusiiiTo :
MrDoNoniit , On. , November 21.
A tire broke out here hut evening
in the jail , in which a number of pris
oners were confined. It was found
impossible to unlock the doors and it
seemed us if all the prisoners must
perish , Thoiv screams were ho.ut-
rending. The building was a vast
shout of llnmo and part of it fell in ,
when a number of heroic cil i/.ons broke
open the doors with slcdgo hammers
and dragged the unconscious prisoners
out , One died , another is dying and
Iwo are in a critical condition.
fliiANi ) RATIOS , , Mich. , November
21.lly tin accidental powder explo
sion at the plaster qu.irry of Noble V
Co. two men were fatally and two
seriously injured. Win. Mrooks , fore
man , had his skull broken ; M. Mc-
Nam.xra , both logs broken , John
( ! lassnor and .lames McDonald , se
riously injured.
BOSTON , November 21.-A tire oc
curred I hia evening in the llostuit
'City Hour mills , on Commercial
wharf. Loss on building , 8 0,000 ;
on stock , § 0,000 ; fully insuruii.
National AiwivUtctl 1'riw.t.
Tin ; iitisn IANII QUiisrioN.
jUtmu.v , November 21.-A secret
.warning manifesto is to ba circulated
tlrrtiu'ghuut Ireland among the tenants.
It is 'put forth unanimously ami i.i not
huliftvott o have tlio sanction of the
nuuriftonudrlcnJora of the league. It
sayb Hint if one lonnnt on an oslimiito
paya his rentthe roinaV. Jprot the ten
ants will forfei suppocfcvf Iho land
loaguo. Tlieao hwitn have very little
otl'ect. The people to .5 vftoxriu . , ' '
morn aatiafieil with the. v .t'/iji <
land law and u rconiontft LI. ; , ' dcaiu
lords and tenants jlwithoul R'tHmto
* ii. . * . . * . . 'i . \.f Ji.L'i. TTTrT-i ! - j ij. < iii.3
VIKNNA , November 21. It is offici
ally iiiiounced that Count Kolcony
has been appointed minister of Ana
trian foreign affairs.
Duiu.iN , November 21. A meeting
yesterday of one hundred and thirty
magistratoB assembled and called vis
count Moneck , who is lord-lieutenant
nf the court , to preside. They adapted
resolutions approving the action of thu
government in enforcing the laud bill
and injiiieaaures which have boon taken
to preserve the peace of the country.
Every day gives evidence that the bill
will prove a great success and oppo
sitition to it is now confined to lurlni
lent persona who wish to llamo thu
animosity toward England , light or
wronr , and to agitators who make
trade of stirring up ntiifo.
LONDON , November 2L A court
circular announces the engagement of
Prince Leopold to Priuceaii Helen , of
A dispatch from St. Petersburg
says Russia asha that Iho control of
the revenues at Kroxcromn bo given
to her in order to meet thu Turkish
war indemnity.
TIII : iitisn ritisoNius. :
DUIIMN , N vcmher 21. fho sub
jects In thu Kilinain juil have ofierod
to accept the prison dint in order to
relieve the funds of thu land league.
LONDON , Novomhor 21. A dis
patch from Cairo nays the Kyyplian
irmy of malconlcnla threaten an in-
mrrentioii. The iiisurgonts at Hedges ,
iround Mecca , have aunt notice to the
ligh acherceef of Mecca and Medina
o join the sultan or both pi aeon will
)0 Backed ami dcstrnvod.
\Vtnnul lusoclntcil I'l'.m.
UOSTON , November 21 There WJB
iut little excitement in financial cfr-
ile.i to-day , Thu Central national
iinI ; rcaiimed bimiiu.'ss witlu ut any
'USH or ( lurry and itceoplud the rewig-
lation of Ciihhicr Vouni , ' , who bus
iccommod."ted the manugora of the
I'aeilic national bank contrary to the
mlersof tlio insiiitant b'ltik examiner ,
Jos , W. Derby IH easliior pro torn
"Jno of the diroatora fluid , "Wo are
n Iho fini'fit condition jinssible to-
lay. Wo have puiu out 8200,000 and
aken in about $000,000. " Thu ex-
iinination of the Paciiiu national lunk
j still going on. Diwt nil bunltu coi-
osponding with thu Pactllo have at-
angeu for the payment of their
OMAHA , November 17. T have ro-
eived the now light running DJIUCB-
io newing machine awarded io me in
he late fair diHtrilmtion advertised by
iV. \Vomack , general agent of tlio
lompany'H ollico on the fair grounds
luring the week of the fair received a
lumber ticket in I ho diutrihuti"n.
I'hu ' machine dulivirod to me is Hint-
ilasB in every paiticnlarandl oiler my
jest thunliH to the eomjniy ; f'r their
onoroaity. MusV. . \Vn.iUNH. I } .
N l'-2t. )
Fontliura , Feathers , Feat hers'at Iho
'HcHton Store , "
THE B. & M ,
An Enrnost nt Whut Their Colo-
rndo Polioy Will Be.
The Burlington , v Missouri , wlioao
eventual building into Colorado and
to Douvor is earnestly looked for , per
formed an act the other day , through
its general freight ngont , which will
linvo u decided inllueiico upon the
warmth of its welcome to the Centen
nial state. Honesty and justice are
always admired , but when to this
promptness is added a trimuviato of
iUjiness virtues is made ns rare : m it
in uiMtoful to the mercantile com-
Sometime about the middle of last
month J. G. Uoiikli'iiuii , the well
known stock-grower of this vicinity ,
Bhipped to Cliic.iy. seventeen car
loads of Colorado beef c.ittlu. Tlio
shipment was over the Burlington H ;
Missouri , an-l when Iho train reached
u point about ten miles from Culbiirt- accident occurred by which
the train was n recked , asid ' its live
contents either killed or severely
wounded. The telegraph brought the
news , and the Tribune gave publica
tion to the particular ,
Upon the receipt of the information
of the total loss of his consignment ,
r. Huiikelmnn wrote to (
Freight Agent Harris , of the Burling
ton i\l \ Missouri , and laid the eusto be
fore him , and by return mail eamo
the assurance that the road would
purmit of no loss to its patrons. List
Thursday Mr. Harris came to Denver
and examined tliocusouid ; thtmdrow a
cheek for 811,000 and handed it to the
Coloradoshippor. Thisamountis at tlio
rate of Sill ) per head all through the
train , and is in full of all claims , and
to the complete and entire satisfaction
of Mr. lljukolman. The promptness
and completeness of the transaction is
so unusual that Thu Tribune gives the
cane the foregoing prominence. Cer
tainly the Burlington A Missouri will
lirao nothing by Much admirable busi
ness muthoda. Denver Tribuo.
The annual meeting of the X. S. P.
C. A. , at Uoyd's opera house , on Sat
urday evening hist , waa well attended ,
over 1,000 persons being present , and
waa u pleasant and enthusiastic all'iiir.
There were prjaunt among the gentlemen -
tlomen on the stao : Dr. Miller ,
president of thoauciety ; Col. Swilxlor ,
of Missouri ; Itijhop Olarkson , I lev.
A.'F. Sheriill , P. L. Perino , Jno. T.
Hell , Henry 1 Ionian , 0. S. Montgom
ery , Ferdinand Stroitz , and T. II.
Address were made by Dr. MiU
ler , Bishop Clarksoo , Col. SUvitsilor , .
lluV.VA. . Shertill 'r"-
. . If. , Henry
&m2iS j SM
WrtiiirolFoiSBW I
Thbiiyarioi sjL.
gram Were all inlorcatiug ontl Aiot'
with great appreciation/
At the close of the meeting a number
berof now members were received ,
including EJ Wulah , W , F. Erdman ,
Dr. Win. McClelland , Samuel Her
man , C. S. Montgomery , Mra. C. S.
Montgomery , M. H. C.irloton , Mra.
J. E. Hlako , Mrs. S. Harvey , MM.
D. P. yholploy ) Hoaowoll Hmith , Dr.
Appropriate resolutions conceinin
the late Col.Vatson It. Smith , aecro-
tary of the society , were adopted.
Tr/o Grand Balls-Tho Hoolis uud
th'o Iron Moulilors' Union-
Pioneer Hook and Ladder Co , No.
1 , will on Wednesday night next ,
Thanksgiving eve , give their annual
grand ball at Mimonic hall. Tlio boys
have made these balls among the
greatest social events of the year heretofore
toforo , and propcso now to outdo
all former efforts. Those
who dancu will of course
buy tickotB too quick and thou who
don't will invest in them as a matter
nf courtesy to the boys who in heat or
cold , night or day , auiu-hino or storm ,
are always among the foremost to
dash down our utieoto nt the tolling of
the alarm to fave properly from tlio
lluneii , The Hootci are f.imous , they
are great anil O.naha it ) proud of
them. Now the o is a ohaiicj to show
how much they mo appreciated ,
The programs itioii out forthis af
fair are the moit' , el.ibjr.ito and beau
tiful over neon in the city and will
bo highly pri/ud art nouvoniura of the
occasion. Between cardboard covers ,
) f blue and gold em broidery , rrj the
irogr.iin , lint committees , etc. ,
irinted on the Iliiust piper : and in
: lie most ai'tiHlio utyle. Upon
, ! io liront of the cover h
i iiiiifjuo llora.1 de ij-jii representing
in arch two children beneath
'oslooned with flowers. Uy n
simphi cimtrivanco the arch ia thrown
out and the children are left standing
in n pinulino ; of llowoin and trees ,
mumrouB white doves tbtling thruiigh
the boughs of the latter. A prettier
dcBign could hardly be conceived , and
the whol was the work of F. C. Febt-
nor it Ron , the job printers.
The Iron M'ouldeia1 union , No. 1'JO ,
will give a grand ball , also
lin Yednesday evening next ,
at Central hall. The committee
of arrangements includcB Robt. Kai-
eor , Jamua Dunnigan and John Col-
bath. They have gotten out a very
tasly and beautiful card programme ,
fan idiani'd and of rod uml gold colors.
It waa from the aamo house.
\V. F. Kidman , representing 11. K.
& ; F B. Thurbunt Co. , New York
City , New Yoik , The largest grocery -
cory , tea and cigar house in the world ,
will bo ut the Creighton houae for ono
week , from Monday November 28th.
Merchants visiting Omaha please call
and aeo our Bamplea and prices.
i "
Save money ; trade at Kurtz's ' ,
Dov21..2t ,